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Thursday, October 1. 1885,
J.iiJ m
Transfer Line.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
t" niul -14 Alamo I'lnza,
tajy-Speclal Attention given to for
warding bodies to nil pnrl" of the t'liltt'tl
States. Telephone connection. Call
attended day nnil night. h-'UHy
OTTO BEltOSTHnvl. T. II. muv.
Livery Staples & Hacks Connectefl
I" It. u. r. I hi.
.hi i it I'liilmltii. t iiint i
d Ilium I ml) White
i Hi) ami Nliitit. T.'l
' Tonsorial Parlor
Opposlto Monger Hotol, Throo
Doora from Poetolflco.
tr Turkish ami it 1 llni I.-. uvn ll.it niul
Colli Water Hall,. . 1111 ti tuut 111 an) ln.ur at
the out staml, corner of ( 111 . e anil A luuin
siretti. ;isi-tr
Real Estate aud Insurance Agents
Tho Great Western Inturanes Co., of Toronto.
Springfield Fire and MarlnstnsuranceCo.,
The Hlbernla, of New Orleans, U.
Tnt Lion, of London.
Tho Eill Tiu, of T)ier,
8--lm Tho Houston Insurance Co,
Under tho inanairomcnt of I.. nara, hanker
DrnuKlta. subject to check. rcctlvul. but int. r
est will ho paid only on tlioo Pepoalis of f 1
ana uj.wur.io nuuumuiji t percent plr
jium. UanklDir hours -tl a. m. to 4 11. n.
unlays a a. in. 10 h p. m., for tlio convenience
or paviujrs nana ircposiiore.
San Antonio Sale Deposit and Truit Co.
Steel lloxes rented In our Miirjr'aMVoof
Btecl-ltncd, Marhle-ctieased Vault. All hoars
protected br a master koy Kont ROu a lnoatb
and upward, aooordlng to size of bol.
t. OAliZA, I'rcjldcut.
Undertakers, Funeral Directors,
The Point! and Itoms Picked Up Here
and There.
duns to hlra at Olimllh Arms Co.
Money It gelling plentiful, the hill
llrtids ray.
Mr. Murgntrujtl I Ihe lut-ft victim
oflhc dengue feer.
Shlrli mailolo order, lit gitnrnnlreil
at IM-OZI. Vol Ml A. Ansolii.
The "Jolly Twelve" lire arranging In
give a itcnt' soon.
Onvernment parade will take place
on (Invert, mcnt hill llils i-vi Mug.
Tin hoxt line' nun onl. cheap, al
F.uiereon . i-u-ir
Tin, "Ji.ilv Twelve" Iilclllo ha been
postponed until Sunday, O. toher II.
Killer Carr, nfllie African .Meliiodlst
Knli-cniml church. In ciillncil to his Iml
by fever.
Trunk am! valise. In great variety
at iM-d-Sl. ii mi A AtiMit 0.
The ilcvelopcmenta of evidence on
either aide In the Ignncla Corle (i:i'f
are llkelt lo he alaNllng.
Vtn. Inn. hcvervilaviWi Inrr w llrt-
chen w Ith lmrs
rnilill-li nt Turin r nun
lri r. Ii-ai-ltn
I he Fashion theatre band have hsd
their tilioloitralih taken in the Imtitl I
Some of Ihe joittig people are
ranging to give a surprise parly lo-tnor-row
Captain Tom llughea miinaged In I e
In attendance at Ihe uiirt-hoii'e llils
morning, hut Is atlll siillV-rlng from
Ihe friends and iiiiiiiitliilinces of
Mr. . I. II. Hold will meet Hi .salt IVdro
park to inorro'v nlghl for b social
The ball to In' given at Salt I'cdio
park next Saturday nlghl h) someofour
Mexican joints gentlemen promises to
he a gala atlalr.
-Mr. William llramll, Ihe Centre
SI red sausage manufacturer, left 11 roll
orthiit article In the I. null olllne this
I inlliers eleniicd, curled and iljeil
lo mnlch mi) shndc at Miss (I'Keelle's,
next to Haas A Oppetihcluier- Com
melee (treat. U-JK-lllI
A hulhlliig prruill has been Is-uul lo
ti. l.nrronl lo erect a lumber ilnelllnif 011
the north side Monlerev street, lift
Ward, to iosI 1:11.
-'IJie Tample Ilelh Kl l.licrary so
clety w 111 hold their semi-annual elec
t'on' of ollleera to-tiiglit at the U'slry
rooms of Ihe I'einple Itellt Kl.
Two Injunction have been llledln
Ihe District court. King & Kotdrnni vs.
Morris A Downing et nls., and Krelherg,
Klein A Co., s. Morris A Downing
et als.
In celebration of the Jewish l east
of CoiicIm-Ioii, there were si r Ices held
last evening at Temple lleth Kl and this
morning at In. The atlendance was
very large.
There will he a grand fesllMil on
Saturday night at the Mount Zlmi lliip
tlst church on Snnclios street, Ihe pro
ceeds of which are to he applied lo Die
debt for Ihe new building.
The Chinese restaurant on Alninu
trcct, closed up yeslerilay ery sudden
ly nnil the proprietor bus skipped, leav
ing tt great many of the boarders In the
lurch for money ndvanicd on board.
Hack iiti, Ihe property of Messrs.
Ilergsirom A Urny. was badly damaged
lust 1 Ighfuhlle Inking 11 feslhc parly
out to Ihe Second mission. The vehicle
litul to he left ami the parly managed lo
run h home about T M this morning.
Kuls. whose wire keepk the old
ISr.nltii hnlel. hit that islltnable Utile
volutin, and she made an atlldalt
irmift him for healiiigamUtrlklng her.
Ihis morning she aitpeareil, and as a
dutl'itl wife, she wllhilrew the charge.
Clonic liussand William McOnwru,
ho were charged with burularv w bile
in the employ or the Tactile Kxprcsa
company here, were yeslerilay afternoon
'llscharged by the grand Jury, the charge
not having any evidence to austnln II.
Tom Muhtoon has reichcd news of
Ins stolen horee. It was been a day or
two ago at Iirenbam, and w as being used
hv two Mexicans who were starling out
on a prospecting tour. Tom Is rejoiced
al the probability of seeing the animal
Messrs. KIioiIIih ,t Teuipsky have
presentril the l.n.in with one nMhtlr
tn w patetit iniislo ImtdtTS. miide In the
torm ora bei ullttil porHolio Ittsvtry
1 ai. simple niul cheap, ami no niti-lc
".1 I, or piano should lie w llhoiit one.
1 lie price Is only 7." cents.
-1'o-ltnnHi r Newcouib sas that at
I end of the past riuaiter. endlnir Scn-
m In r .to, vesterdav, Ihcdecrense In Ihe
1 eipts at this olllce hir postage on Seo
ul chii.s matter has been (ill, or fur
e ver 1. decrease of ncarlt SIKhi. 'I his
011 in 1 .Hint of the reductions of the
(imlllll rates.
An Important lease for an extended
erioil was completed yesterday In this
it, hy which l.oretio Gonzales Tre
ino, of Piirras. Mexico, leased lo Mr.
John Willett and llSfOdates C07.0IXI acres
of hind In Ihe State of Coahiiila, Mexico,
oeuig 111 ine vicinity 01 ine t aruieii
mountains. 011 private terms.
Ihe drowned mull from Handera,
blch was lust Inn mull line hv h.lmr
washed avvav when the stnire was unset
in a recent freshet In a creek which
rosses the llntidern road, was hroiiL'ht
In to our postolllce this morning. 'Ihe
luickiitres of letters and natters nresent h
decidedly drowned appearance.
I'lir opening jfr.n Mode, the fash
ionable millinery and dress-making es
Inbllshtiienl of the city, corner Com
merce nnil Cnslno streels, was crowded
to day. The llnest line or goods ever In
tins city were otiereit. f or n good se
lection, gocnrly. Opening wlllcontlnue
to-morrow and Salnrdav. 10-1-llt.
Ihe liivenlle brass liand nt Kni.
I'ass Is gaii.lng 11 rcptilatlon onnlile Its
wn peculiar neigiiiioriiooii. it consists
f 12 pieces, all of which are 1. error, i,l
hy hovs ranging In ago from S to 12
years. Their reporlolre Is varied, and Its
visit here on the occasion of the Volks
fet will undoubtedly be 11 success.
-Ono or Ihe Klglilh cavalry, nanitil
Hetillng, exemnlllles the truth of tin, r.1,1
tillage, It Is better tn be horn lucky
man rich." lie received recently a lele
irratn Informing hlui that he I1111I ao.OtX)
francs placed lo his credit at Paris. In
receiving this welcome Intelligence he
made an application Tor a furlough oron
days, which has been granted to him,
and ho starts, for the capital of France
School bngs, 10 to 23 cents; wood
covered slate oenclls.tlvH for acuta- tHn
rubber-tipped lead pencils for ft cents;
hound double slates, 21 cents hotlle
muullaite with brush. .'1 cent. 1 1 r,, 1
tablets, 10 cents; 12-pound legnl or mols
cap paper. 20 cents per (itlrej pens. Inks,
blotters, luncli baskets and all school
renulremciits as well asu eoniniei.. ,innL.
or standard groceries at bed rock prices
"" siii.iyiraij.iienr align ncllOOl.
c.fi.i iiiicimiiiiK Bl ll-J-llll
I.ettln Parley, a verv "sassy" yellow
elrl. whose tonirue has been 1..1-1,.
getting her Into n good ileal or trouble,
became Involved, yesterday, In a 0 III
culty with Mrs. Cody, n white woman,
who lives next door across tin. n.,,-
Mrs. Cody, not wishing to have trouble
I wllh the negroes, barricaded the alley
so that Kettle could not pass, niul then
Kettle tore It down, went In antl
"cussed" Mrs. Cody. Kettle was lined
I 111a sum 01 .
Arrival! and Departure! of tho Hotels,
and Other Iteml.
Mr. .1. . I. Chew left llila morning for
I,. C. Manluve, traveling ntulllor for
Ihn Sunset road, arrived In I he city last,
Mrn. .'olin Uarrctt, wire of I he popular
restanranteur, Is seriously III with tlin
C. W. Cost, a prominent merchant
from Fearsnll, arrived In the city last
night ami left this morning for ehlnn.
Mr. Tom McMnllen. nccouuuii.lcd ly
! Mr.Chnrlo lloilgen. vlslleil the eltv ves
tenlnv. mill were welcomed h) all their
old friends. Tom Is ntiold Irternnllnnnl
nndtlrcat Northern eoiiilucior. hut has
rerenllv been lo Arizona and New Mex
ico, anil now comes from Houston.
M.S. DeVan. ;lfe and ihlhl. New
Orleans; Ilmmli I". .Maslerson, Ualvcs-
ton; II. C. Smllli, St. I.oul: S. II. John
son. Austin; Peler Kntisl, New llraiin-
i fels; (1. F. Arnold and wife. Tuns; .1.
Cnhn.M. A. Calm. I.nliiig; II. t.. Herif,
ellv; (Ico. H. Nichols, I,. C. Mnnllv,
llotislon: II. ('. Danes. Inllid .Malta
Army; II. Ilnshcoe. ('. M. Koscowlt7,
New York; Mrs. W. II. llonston, Mrs.
Hugh l.ewi. ,v rs. .11 iinrrai, won
?les; .las
Ilelss. New Orle
M lir.1.1 Mi,nierev. Mexico: Win. Kvan.
St. Kniils; W. i:vans, New limns,
wick, N..I., are at Ihe Mcnger.
I.. M. (lalnes, II. Uoodman, W. I'.,
Kilhl.in. K. W. Atkins, Texns; (). W
Harrison, II. Sllverstone, J. W. Frled
uiati, V. Illrsh, Now York; S. Weller,
Oshkosh, Wis.; C. V. Watts, I'vahle;
John K. Ilurrowi, Louisville; II Chap
man. Chicago; J. K. Smllli. Ilrooklyn;
F. M. Jllllrr. I'lltshurg; C. K. Holmes,
W II. Ca-hlgan, J. Davles, Oalveston;
.1. I l.vons, Houston; F. K. Heed,
Ifocheste'r; M. sliollenbitrg, Karcdo; P.
A. Preston, Clinton, Iowa; Joe Hlover,
Krn, Pa.; F. It. llussell. Hnllaglier'a
ranch; A. I!. Calhoun, St. Kottls; M. K.
F.rwln. I)uhuqiic,;nre registered at the
Dr. C. W. Watt. Mrs. S. II. Nunn,
Uvalde; F. K. I.enson, Kagle Pass; K. IE.
Kane. KaSiille cotinly; Itlclt. Carolhers,
city; W. II. Cox. Illddlevlilc: MIssKou
llnrgti". Polosl. Mo.; W. K. Ilargus, Co
titlln; W. II. Illlck. Covlnglon. Ivy.; Ilen
Darlington. (1. W. Pierce, Tin lor; J.
Johnson. Texas; .1. II. Whlttakcr, Sc.
guln, .1. Wise, St. Kotils; W. II. McCott
nell, New Orleans;.!, Schiimke, Flalonla;
II. Hefner, lloerne; IK Smith, Kerrvlllc;
K II. Ilawlev, tltj; Joseph II. Dwyer,
Jr.. ranch; Tony (Joodrlch. Segitln; T.
MuMiilleti. Houston; K. W. O'NIel. Sun
set route; D. Whllholl'. Karcdo; W. A.
FnrrK Memphis: W. P. Jloores. I'.. W.
l'ierce, Kansas City, are slopping at the
" A Fight.
Jose Maria Cardenas anil Tntiins Her
iiande!! have been enemies for some lime.
It seems, and last night Hernandez,
became full of whisky, and spoke Ills
iiitnd out In meeting to Cardenas at VU
lantieva's comer, and a light ensued,
which resulted In Hernandez getting
the worst of It. llotlt were arrested,
and were carried before the Alcalde, at
tho hat cave. This morning Hernandez
again got the worst of It, for he was
lined $ while Cardenas was dismissed.
Tho Pistol Must Co.
Stili-contrnrti r 0. W, Harrlnglon came
in last night to get some convicts frnm
the county Jail to take out lo the county
ititivlct eiiitip, II miles from here, on the
Clholo. but found he came too late and
would have to wait for his cattle until
morning, and then proceeded to (111 up
on nhltkcy. This kept him lip all
night and this morning he raised a little
ilisliirbiince on Military plaza at a vege
table stand, and Olllcer James Martin
arrested him ami found he carried a pis
tol. He was lined $2.1 hy the Kecoriler
this innriilng.
An Angry Darber.
Kast evening on Knst street a door of
a house was pulled open violently and a
Mexican came out at a break-neck pace,
which he kept up until out of eight.
Soon afler this hurried exit the screams
of a woman were heard and the angry
voice of a man, be evidently beating the
woman severely. None of the neighbors
interfered, hut allowed Ihe man to chas
tise the woman as much as he tho'Jght
lit. It was discovered that the woman
healer vvns'a colored barber, named
Peter halter, who plys the razor on
1 emmcrce street, and the woman was
l'lhel (J.'ircla, Too cause or the quar
rel was ow lug to shafler sudilenlv llnd
Ing his mistress to be unfaithful. No
arrests i re made.
A Charivari.
At Mrs. Kottlsa Jennett's wedding, on
Avenue D and .Seventh street, night be
foiu last, while the guests were sitting
at Ihu bimpiet table, which was spread
out In the )urd,oitie hoys came along
wllh tin cans and gave the nuwlj-mar-ried
couple n charivari. This made the
party very angry, and they telephoned
for llie police and then ordered the boys
away. When the police came all the
liooillittus ran avvny. Wllllo lloefgen, a
neighbor', boy, who had been attracted
to the place by the noise, did not run,
and the otllcer was told to arrest him,
which was done, and ho wus charged
with being disorderly and w as lined $5
by tho Hecorder this inornlug.
All for Ten Dollars.
Mike Jones came In from the West
last night and proceeded to "1111 his
neck" with as icuch whisky as ho could
get for his motley. Ho procured 11 good
deal In this way, and than began n light
nun o ouiik iuuu uameu rant out on
Ihe idaz.a. and was arrested hj Olllcer
smith. He gave bond and then. accom
panied bv a friend, took aback and nrn.
cceilid to 11 1) I nil his Inn. In crossing
Alamo plaza hu thought himself once
more upon his broad, western, free grass
range and gave a whoop that should
have aroused all the eltepers In the
I l.lr.l IV r, I .III..... '.'...,. ... II......
stepped up and arrested I1I111, and he
was carried to the hat cave a second
lime and gave bond. This morning he
innrgeit tu lor 11 la tun, in each
Recorder's Court.
Paul Martin and (J. J. Hone, for being
vagrants, lined $0 or 10 days.
Oeorge Kee, drunk on street, lined $5.
Thomas Davis, healing and striking
ins vvite.jirs, ji. j. Davis, dismissed
CII1V Cook, being disorderly, c
(Jill Cook, carrying a pistol, continued.
Kettle Farley, disturbing the pence
and riulet of Mrs. Codv. lined
Tointis Hernandez, quarreling and
lighting, $3.
Jose Maria Cardenas, quarreling antl
lighting, dismissed.
Mike Jones, being disorderly, two
cases, lined $3 In each,
thas Schmelhelui, drunk on street,
Philip Itnmedas. drunk on street, g.v
0. W. Harrington, carrying a pistol,
Pat Kyitch, drunk, $3,
W llllnm Hocfgen, disorderly, $5.
Cigarette 'smokers pro fcr Operas Pull
cause they do not stlokto the Hps t
Tondorcd to Himself and Family by Major
Oath and Wife.
On Inst evening Ihe splendid residence
or Major I). N. Hash, nt l:ll King Wil
liam tlrcet, wns Ihe occasion or ono of
tho largest and most, select social gath
erings that has occurred In San Antonio
during the present season. The event
being tho reception tendered to Dr K,
C. Scudder, who Is the new paslor of the
Madison Square Preshylerlan church,
anil his family. I he grounds wi re f.lrly
ablaze wllh Chinese lanterns, while
miisln from the Klghlh Cavalry band
gave all n welcome before they reached
the door. At H o clock the guests began
lo arrive, and from that hour until 10
they continued lo come. The arduous,
though pleasant, duly or Introducing tl 0
guests to Dr. Scmhler and Ids esll un dc
wife was charmingly done bv Ihe Major
and Mrs. Hash, niter which Ihe guests
were generally ni'ide to feel that, while
It was a formal occasion, yet all met as
friends, without any or the usunl n
slralnls Imposed by strlet social et -quelle,
Alter Ihe Introduction hi d the
general reception, n most elegant repast
was served lo all.
Dr. Scndder, It will be remeiiihernl,
paid rian Antonio a visit lust February,
and Illicit the pulpit or the Madison
Square church one Sabbath morning,
and also preached the same evening al
Dr. Nell'a F'lret Presbyterian church.
On the fallow log evening he dellv ereil u
most Interesting lecture on India. About
this time Mt. Iluchannti, of the Madison
Square church, having decided upon 11
change of location, Dr. Scudder wns In
duced lo accept the vacancy, n position
he Is quite competent tn till In every
respect, and last week, wllh Ids family,
linked In Ihe city, for the purpose of
taking up the labors nllotted to htm. Ilv
renson of Major and -Mrs. Hash's well
known hospitality and untiring cllorls
Dr. Scudder and family were, on lust
evening, enabled lo form the acquaint
alien ofn large niiiuberor Ihe best people
or the city. Irrespective of denomina
tional creed, anil Ihe ncqualntnticu so
pleasantly begun w 111, no doubt, be con
tinued. Church Supper,
The ladles of Ihe First Baptist church
will give a supper at MIS Knst Houston
Two Days Sport.
Kiull Felllu has Just returned from
liossvllle, Atascosa county, where there
were I vv o days of line sport In racing,
Inst Saturday nnd Sunday. The best
race and the principal one or the meet,
wos mi Saturday, between 11 sorrel horse,
"Htick," owned hy Wright dales, and
a sorrel marc. "Sis," owned hy Charlia
Karnes, for 1.10 yards distance, running,
stakes S."s) a side. Won hy "Ms."
Probate Court.
'1 he Probate court this morning over
ruled Ihe motion In the estate of Charles
P. Orocahcok, and enlarged the powers
of Ihe administrator.
The bond of Ihe administrator In lite
estate of Marcelllno Itoilrlgucz vvas
approvi d.
I he court adjourned until 'MM o'clock
llils veiling, when Ihe estato or Henry
W uglier will occupy Its attention.
"Kick Me Again."
A young matt whoso name begins with
M was seen early yesterday morning
going home on Acequla street, loaded
down pretty well with hug Juice. Ills
clothing was pretty much the worse for
having come In contact with Ihe pave
mcnt and dirty street, and on his hack
was fastened a large placard, printed In
school-hoy letters, "Somebody please
kick me again."
Immediate Delivery.
The 11 ret lelterof the Immediate deliv
ery system In San Antonio was deliv
ered this morning at Ihe corner of
Zavalla anil Vera Cruz street, near the
Catholic cemetery, First ward, by
(ieorge Ulllelalid.
C. F". Kroeger, substitute carrier, has
been appointed as auxiliary carrier.
Davy Jones has also been appointed
ns carrier.
As stated In the I.tnnr several davs
ago, a letter bearing one of these sumps
win he delivered uy a special carrier nt
once. Ihe price of the stamps are 10
ents each, alley are printed In blue
olors. wllh a design of a boyrnnnlngat
full speed and bearing 11 letter In his
bund. The special delivery cities III
Texas are Austin, Iirenbam, Drowns
vllle, Dallas, F'ort Worth. Oalveston,
llonston, .vinrsiiuti, san .vntnnio, Mier
man and Waco
Iteimrtetl expressly for the I.iiiiit by tf. H.
ri0j.1l 4. Co., 21 Holedail strut-
N'r.w Viiiik, October 1 Futures
einlv: October. II aa 'Ml III i N'm ber. IUUU.
r. li.r niti.trJi viifnii. 10 ic'.i.dl 1 1 : Anrll!
!U.I.:t(.lll.lV Mm. lUL'YitltlJAi: June. lUjraTiluat:
Jul)', lU.llTtlu.?iI; Auuust, 10.111
Nl-vv V0111:. Octoticr l.-Stock inarkit:
Nortli'Westcr.i, IKHfc; lleliiwiuc - I.., SI.UIV
,1.. October 1.- Funis. firm :
inlilillhur, a1 I'll Orleans, II ti-lil.1: sales,
iber-Nuveuita-i r..l'lt November
&.)! lleeelnbcr-Jiiiiuarv a.2l:
tlniit tlctube
Jiuiuary-J-ebruary, 8.211.
('iiirtoo. October 1. Wheat. run
NovemliertbT'.o Corn, weak! November, ttlait
Pork, dull! November, ts.t-iji l.nnl, .lullt
November. 1U.UUU. lleceltils.-VVIicat. 4'i.KO
bushels: corn, r.l,'JNl bushels; hoys, t.lHMl
"Cono Down Rod Lano."
This Is what the youngsters aav when
they wish to express the Idea that eata
bles nave oeen uisposeii or, nappy is lie
vv hose stomach can dluest all that coos
down "red lano." Unhappy Is the vic
tim 01 lnuigesiton, vvno cannot eomior
tably dispose of hla food. Aches, pains,
grief and mental suUertng are Ids pnr-
lain. 1 uc cure tor uu una ia Jirnwira
Iron Hitters, the greatest Iron medicine
In the worm. -Mrs. Teldman. of St.
I.ouls. says: "I used Hrovvn's Iron Hit
ters for weak stomach nnd genernl de
bility, and am cured,"
gant switches, wigs, etc. In stock nnd
made to order at Mis O'Keefe'a, Coui-
An opening will bo had on October
1, aim .1, on tue corner 01 vv est com
merce and Casino streets, or a comnleto
line or new fashionable millinery goods.
The best and most stylish slock of goods
ever brought to the city, will be otlered
ai moiierate prices, r.veryootiy invited
U-iEltr -Mrs. K. S. Waitkih.
Wanted Situation.
Ily sober. Industrious man, capable or
lining most any kind or position, but Is
willing to take most anything, Address
11. II. W., care this olllce.
Oldetl Establtihod Bakary, Louli Spahn's
228 Commerce street, Is ut all times sup
plied with fresh, healthy bread, plea,
cakes, confections, etc., besides family
groceries. Orders left nt the bakery will
be promptly Idled. U-15-lui
To Amonl totlton IS Ind 10 ropoal Srcllon 12,
Chaptorlll, Romad Ordinances.
lie It ordained hy the City Council
that Section 12 of Chapter M, revised or
dinance!, be, and the kaine la hereby
repealed, and thai Section 15 he so
amended ns to hereafter read us follows:
St.c. 15. If any person shall fall or re
fuse, to pay the taxes ns Imposed on him
or hla property on or before the 1st day
of March of each jear. the City Collec
tor shall seize nnd levy upon mid sell so
much real or personal properly belong
ing to such person, v lielhcr resident or
noii-rcelderil, as may be mlllcicnt lo pay
his taxes, together wllh all costs ac
cruing thereon, and the said City Col
lector shall, prior to the day of sale, ad
vertise Ihu properly so seized and levied
upon for three successive weeks, giving
In said advertisement such descilptloit
as Is given to tho satnoon the tax rolls
III Ills hands, giving Ihe name of the
owner If known, mid II unknown say
"unknown," together with time, place
a id terms or aide. The costs or such
publication not to exceed 2.1 cents lor
euch tract or parcel or land so adver
tised, to be taxed as other costs
or tale, against such tract or parcel of
land, provided, that the cost of advertis
ing sliult he deducted from tho fees
allowed the Collector for advertising
said sale, to bo tor cash to tho highest
bidder at put, Ho outcry ut Ihu court
house door, between the legal hoiira on
Die llrat Tuesday of IJ10 month, pro
vided, If the salu of all the lutidji adver
tised la not made In ono day, the aale
shall !)- continued from daj 10 day, of
which the Collector shall uiuku proc.a
illation Ht the close of each day; provided
further, that In nil cases where nny deni
er In merchandise, ware, or goods or
any kind subject lo ndvalureiii or occu
pation taxes, or both, under Ihu provis
ions of tho ordinance of the city, who
shall, after the rendition of audi vviircs
or goods for taxation, or alter becoming
liable fur any occupation tux, becomes
bankrupt or makes an assignment of said
ineichaudlse, wares, or goods, then the
Collector of i'axes shall nt onco present
to Ihe receiver or tisnlgnee of said denier
lor payment of the amount due for said
taxia by said dealer, and in can- of lall
ure said receiver or assignee lo at once
pay the amount of said taxes, the said
Collector shall levy upon, oeizo nnd sell
Iruui the aald merchandise, vvares, cr
goods, enough to autlsry Ihe amount of
said taxes; and suld luxes until paid
shall const I lulu a pr,tor lieu on said mer
chandise, wurcs, or good-, In default ol
said taxes.
Passed und approved SepUinber 28,
Attest 1 E. P. Claudon, City Clerk.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never vnrles. A niurvcl of
purity, strenirth and wliolesoinenoBS. More
economical II11111 the ordinary kinds, ami can
not lie sold In competition wllh the tiiultltu.li-s
of low test, short weight, alum or phosphate
pnn.lcrs. Sold only tn cans, ltoyul llaklng
Powder Company, PM Willi street, New York.
4t Commerce St,
ifTn 1 HI r? HI .J .BnvW
Jj V J I
j j il. y
D Oil
PllllllTH mtents M 8HIIIT8
, Hi
1 l 1 1 . j l
hiiki:t8 -T"1T - "HKirrs
rsi cento ur-S M cents
HlllltTS. 1- "IIIIITH.
r 1 1 t"riirz3
Wlicnts U HUIUT3
BlICHTS H illcenta 8IIIUTS
n n
1885 FALL i885
To the Ladles and Gentlemen of
neod the Following, unci Denr
Received fop
rii'ftn.MInclHUwMo. Tartles' CI0II1, all wnol.at . . .Wt'cnln Pit Yanl
Ssio I'icct'it Wliito KlHtim'1, fnun l-IConld tip
! rk'cfH (.ivy KlmiiH't, rnrni
i.'m I'.ihm'h t'ntilpnc.H'il rottnn T nmii't, al. .
hnp rii't'fi IiieiU'liM 11 n I litiUH-acMi-xt Cnttmi Fhuiticl, from ..
Liu I'U'ccij WornU'il DrcM (lixxlg, all c uliirt, al
riiT wry latent Ml ItvM (moOn
irk ami Cnlorcil Canhmeri't, lit iiiiinciiHuijjiiaiitltleR, nt
ill ever before, tun! wo offer 10 Pieces Turkey-Ihil lliiiuiislt, warranted fast color, at 40
itst 411 Piece fionifsl cents uiu list Piece W title nnd lleruo Damask, very cheap: Inn lloa
ARKortc.1 Turkish Crash and llatnask Towels, nil marked wnv tl.isn. Our nuMirt incut or
sr.VPl.t: IIIUIIH cannot be mrpiisso.1. We li
licit 1)1 n k to
mil nrtti
I 1 1 In in-1
il Kill I'a.nhrlc, V
Jut reeelwil. hi rUaen. ityU' aii1 finality wo
lve.latiniernlAaieei. In IlKNI'.i. YnI'lllS', 1KIYH' niul t'HII.DHHN'H CMirtlf.Nfl wu
iirollio Ileal, Newent anil Mint Ht) llh Annortiiiciit In Iho City. It would hu well for every
ily aiitl Kentlemuii lnltlntr our city to ealloii 111,
Frank's AlamoStore
3 1 and 33
The Big Advertisement of
Tho Largost Dry Goods nnd
No. 4 East Commerce Street, will remove
to his new building, No. 262 and 264 East
Commerce Street, and is selling out his
entire stock of Cooking and Heating Stoves
at Cost.
The Bastllo as ItWai.
In lite year Klli'J the Hastlle was built
In order to protect Charles V ngalnst the
Incursions of the Hurgundluns. Among
tho noted prisoners vvas the celebrated
young French physician, Dr. Muunette,
who vvas called from his home hy hired
rulllana who represented that n .itr
woman was blceillngtodentlibutaihort
alliance iivvny. The young man kissed
his pretty wife, hastily picked up his
ease of Instruments and departed on his
errand or mercy. The unfortunate man
was throw n Into a lower dungeon of the
Hastlle and never saw his loved one
aguln, He was dlsoovered by tho mob
who bail broken down the Strom: doors
and overcome tho guards and keepers of
this living tomii in ine year iim. i ne
wrecked man had been Imprisoned 112
years when found, and from a young ac
tive man had become a complete human
wreck. As his liberators burst open
the door of his dungeon, the poor man
cried plteously that they should not
murder him, und as luey gathered
around him he continually begued them
logo away that he wanted to be left
alone, that the light hurt his ejes. The
horrified stieclutors ndtlccd that the
walls were covered with vermin, and In
places red marks which on close sent
run- nroved to he blond. A most horri
ble stench pervaded the place, nnd they
were Hurrying 10 get out wnen one 01
ineiii uiscovereu soiuo ciiHruciers on too
dirt besotted walls. Holding n lantern
so that Its rays rellected brightly on the
letter, inev una iv maoe out tutu r-iuer-
son sold goods cheaper than any other
man In San Antonio, and that Kmerson'a
wus a good place to get money or spend
It. Oood sliver watches warranted at
S2. $11 and tl. Good clocks warranted
from $1 up. Money to loan at low rates
nnd that vvas all.
taTHear In mind that Frank J. Heltel
keeps t, tinners' uaruvvare anu iiimuer, ni
the International and Qreut Northern
depot, P-ll-iy
Far R.nl.
The premises formerly known ns the
Vienna restaurant. For particulars. In
quire of Charles Hummel .t Son, No, 270
uoiuiuerce aireei, o-i-u
Mnnev loaned on collateral securl
tics. Specialty In buying oaBl-oll doth
Imr at hloiieit nrlces. Postal oard or
ders strictly attended to at Aransas Loan
Olllce, corner of Military plazaand South
r lores street. o-i-j-jiu
Coffee, Choeolato and Oysters.
Messrs. llnrnlsch & llacr announce to
Ihe public nnd their patrons that they
are prepared to serve hot ooll'ee. choco
late, and oysters In every style, during
I no season at tneir ice cream parlors, on
commerce street. u-zo-iui.
San Antonio and Vicinity Is,
It In Mind, that Wo Hnvs .lust
the Kail Trade
' .
.5 Cent a Yiim1
. ...TtVlltrl lilt
.fiCentii Per am
ne 0.1 ImmlXVI I'l.ve. Iii.llau llenili IV I Plw
etl. l'lillmlc)ili!ii un.l other itiakcB ut
tlefy nil onniietltlnii. Our (lent' Kurnlnhlmr
Alamo Plaza.
Clothing Houso in Wost Texas.
Special Election
Whereas two vacancies exist 111 the
Honorable Hoard or Aldermen, cnttsetl
by the death of the late Martin Miiench,
Sr., of the Fourth Ward, nnd the resig
nation of Alderman M. F. Corbett, of
tho F'lrst Ward, aald vacancies oc
curring more than nine months prior to
uu election. Section 117 of the City Char
ter provides that the Mayor shall order
an election in said Ward to 1111 such
Now. tiiererore. 1. HitvAN Cai.laoiian.
Maj'or of the City of Sun Antonio, by
virtue or the power conferred on me by
the Charter and Ordinance of the City,
do hereby order and direct that nn elec
tion oe ueiu in ine i irei ami rourtii
Wards of this City on
Saturday, October 24, 1885,
for the election or an Alderman to 1111
said vacancies,
The Polls will ho ooen In tho First
Ward at Police Ileiuiuuartors. and In
tho Fourth Ward at No. 2U7 Alamo
street, near Vlllltu street. .
Presiding Olllccrs: First Ward. W. II.
Smith; Fourth Ward, A. Drels, Sr.
The election will be held nnd returns
made In accordance with "Ah Ordlnunco
Uovernlng Flleotlons."
In testimony whereof I hereunto sign
I . my name und hnve caused tho
I., is. Vseul of the City or San Antonio
(.' . J to he nlllxed this 2tllli day or
September, A. D. 188.1.
Attest I . P. Claudon, City, Clerk.
--Now, ir you of any of your family
are suffering with Chills, liemittent or
Intermittent Fever. Aching of tho
Hones, Dullness, Irritability, Nervous
ness, Jaundice, Hllllottsness, or any
other sympton or malarial poison, wo
easnestly aollolt you to try MOUKKY'S
T-X-S AO OH TONIC, for If used ac
cording to directions we know the re
sult will be success. Sold by F, Knlt-
eyer & Son.
Keynote to Health,
Health It wealth. Wealth means In
dependence. The Keynote Is Dr. Ho
sanko's Cough und LuugSyrup, tho best
Cough Syrup In the world. Cures
Coughs, Colds, Pains In the Chest, Hron
chltia nnd Primary Consumption. One
doae gives relief In every cuse. Take no
other. Price W cents and $1. Samples
Tree. Sold by II. K. Fowler, II. Cohn &
Co., J.D. Devlne, J. Clavlu.

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