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The San Antonio Light
Rocolvod frosh Evory Wook.
Volume V. Number 269.
Only $5 a Year.
Oilrl'l'IIOISTKItYDnrAHTMIlNT l irrowlllir riipl.ll-. mi.1 sales III llio licit tcvr J f ; r
have licco liiereaslnir so much as tti encouniire us to lay In new inlillilun cierj season, i in
TBtilJ lyTl "vi l...l ill tup for I in decoration In this clfjr has .hml.tli- coutrlbiilc.1 to till; In
no small deL-lTO We carry now a new ami mil line or I '.Ml I '17 I S. such in lnraln,T"ilrjr.
Il.lr llniwls. etc. Our irooils Hm fresh, m-r
est. We sew ami lay Cartfl I
r customers.
Wo have the l.arif(t Assortment, anil ran show al tcsclll a ni'al selection ol Fiiriillim.
lSi,V1lmrKll .lAltCU.NS.
J. H. KAMPMAHN, President. OTTO KOEllLER. Sacrctary .md iaa
Main and Military Plos, San Antonio, Texas,
Convenient to business cenli r. with best Boeoinmnilations. M l)
I'ltniRik-ri.n or tiik
No. 1 7 Soledad Street. Opposite Courthouse.
VA f:lo,TOO .lock l Custom work to s 'leet from, consisting of the llncst niul htrircst
Hock ol BC1IO0L-1I0V BIIOKS AN II OAITKII i ever mil In this market, nn.l It will to ol In
Iciest for hojs unit souths to see llio. Ilaml ni ulo CAI.KI,ACT. AND IHTTOS) Bill MM ASI)
(lAlTKIIS. ItAI.MOltAl, (LACK ANIl IIUTi't N) OAITEIM, Oil. flltAIN (luce anil liuttonl.
Flnu sewed work n specialty In all branches. A lino lot ol Inriro-sUc hoots lor men, to ho soM
at reduced rates. These goods must to seen to to appreciated.
President. Secretiry. Supt. Manager.
Alamo Cement Co.,
Alamo, Portland and Roman Cemonts, Cemont Walks and Groy Lime
Hydraulic Limo and Building Slono, also Dealers in Imported
nd Domestlo Cements. White I.lmo. llair. i
111 the Construction ol the
'chouses, Njs.207 anilari
Cement I
Oystera, Fislt and Game,
-Riverside Cafe Restaurant.
Bcholz'a Hall, Corner of Commerce and Losoya Streets.
Opposite the Passenger Depot, on Austin Street.
Constantly on band, a gooil supply of Fine Imported unci Domestla Liquors,
Wines and Cigars, I'oilto and attentlvu barkeepers. Everything tlrst-class In
all branches.
JOHN GUHMANN, Proprietor.
The Clo
NO 41 COMMKllCr, STltnRT,
(IJlto with ltlco, Horn . Co., Now Orleans. La.)
Hardware, Paints, OilsjGlass, Etc.
Stoves, Tinware, House Furnishing Goods.
... SOLE AOF.NT8 FOIt ..
Plant Stoves and
35 and 35 West Commerce Street.
pattern selections inriunate. nun t-rn
iiisteratiit i iiinincy i lues, our Lctiieni is useu
New StatoC'apltul.
i unil Quarry noar
f. v. McAllister & bro.
We aro Wholesalo unit Itctatl Dealers in Austin
White T.line, llest llrumls ol Hark Uohetitlalo unit
Impor'.oil Kiip-Hsb Portland CeinentH, Plaster ol
Paris, ami Lonir Ooat Hair, ami-would ask ou to
call, or wrlto us, lor prices bclorn puruliasliitf oldo
where. I'lcaso mention this paper.
wir.t, I'OSTriVI'.I.Y SUM, you
Ranges, the Best on Earth,
Unsatisfactory Scttlomentlol the Great!
Strike at Oalvetton.
UAi.vr.iTo.v. November II. Tim Joint
I Cntiiuiltlco of Arbitration appointed tu
settle tb din'errhccs between the
Knights of Labor and tbe Mslinry
Stt-aiii'lilp Company, com hided Its la
bors Ibis, evening by adopting, on mo
. tlon of Julius Itiinge, of tbe Cll'f-ns'
Committee, the following preamble and
Whereas, It Is the sense ol tbe Com
mittee of Arbitration, that In the em-plo.i-tiient
of lnln r there should be no
illserlmlnallnti against any one on ac
count or race, color or orgahl..tti.'h, as
Is maintained by ibe Knights or Labor,
and recognised by ( Hlitaln BHWytr of
tills date; tberefore. be It
Itesu.lcd, 'lbat In i:oliUl'Tiill.ni of
tbe fact that tbe strike orlcliiHt.il in
consequence of n mutual inUuntler
stundliiK. no rccummelid nnd renilest
Captain Sawjit ""-nt of tbe M. bory
Company, that whenever be heeds labor
In mldllloii to Hi" number of men on the
pay rolls till, d.i), th.it be Kite pi t for
eni.e to the men who v.tro at nork on
tbn wharf, lit tbe t'ln" i f tbe strike, ()o
tobr mill.
'I lilt resolution passed by n vole of H
to Mestrs. MdihI) mid Miller, of Ibe
Cltlzent' Committee, vetlng aKalnst Us
adoption. It will bn nb'erved lbat tbe
langmiKe oMbe ri solution Is merely rec
ommendatory, iui.I nut In any seusu
inaudatory upon tbn Jlallory Couipnny.
The result Is unsatisfactory to all par
ties, and Is looked upon ns an uxctue on
tbe part of tbe .Won nil Ion C mmltteu
to enable It to disband nnd thereby get
rid of a bad Job. They must tnko sumo
report to the wnltlnK public, so ttiey
adopt tbls watery riso'utlon. I.eadinu;
Knights of Labor claim tbe result of the
arbitration in n victory for tbeKnl;bls.
They claim that tbo Journal o' the
tirbltrallon eoiuniittee slius Die Mill
Inrys arc bound by the plr-dgeoftbe
Citizens committee to einplo) .be lute
white strikers whenever the litlreto
Increase their present fnree or supply
vuannclcs. III oilier words, ho lulored
men are to be tllstbiirtred by the Al 1
lorjs, but each side Is luriiitned with a
pay roll of the prcent laborers mid of
tbe strlklnu loii(;ahoreiueii on (b-loticr
K, and lbat whenever the M .ill Tyn went
a now man they inii-t Inl.e blui front
that pay roll. Ily this meant the Knights
claim tuev will gam posnesslou ol the
wbarf In n fuv inonibs. An viil.iuon
ortbeiinderslandlnc;, a iv the Knigbts,
will result In Immediate tiouble
Avent tiawjer, on the other band, It Is
reliably reported to nlftht. do' 1101 In
terpret tbe result of arbitration at li-Hig
at all binding on his compati). Ilubujs
IT tbe commlltce meant It to be binding
they would have said so Mini not used tbe
words "recommend and lpqucal." in
asmuch as Agent Sawyer tacitly stood
bv George tialej's pledge In bis name
to nbldo tbe result of arbitration. It
would seem that the committee bad full
power to use stronger nnd more binding
laDguaeo bad they seen lit to do so.
Tbe result of meetings of laborers Is
not generally known on the streets to
night nnd. thetefore, the effect of Ibe
.Scotch verdict upon tbu gruit budy of
Knights and colored workmen can not
be glvcu, but every Indlc.itlnn points tu
Intense dissatisfaction
Under the auspices of tbe cltlens of
the city, n committee of six prominent
business men has been permanently or
ganized and empowered to Increase Its
membership to 1U0 for tho protection of
theooiumercoof theolty should occasion
require. Tills committee bat been In
close consultnlloii with Adjutant Gen
eral King to-day, who posted them on
tbo law and apprised tbeiii ut Just what
point tho military (ould and would In
llt:ow.N3Vil.iK.N'ine . brr II Tbeeele
bratedoutlaw, Koustlne Vein, was seen
about the streets last nlht, but molded
llKi.iov, November II. J. It. dorrls
was arrested here tlilsnfli ruooiicbnrgtd
wlih poisoning n Colnaman by giving
him beer with strjebntuo In It.
LoxnviKw, November II. -A drunken
negro named Mill lllley attacked .1. II.
Clark with nu nx this morning near
Lnyrnne's chapel. Clark ehot him In
the arm with a six-shooter.
Iloxi.v Giiovk, November 11 Lint
nlirht seven prisoners conllned In tbe
Jail escaped by cutting tbrotn;li tlie
a case knlle, with which they suwed
through the Mooring, nn Inch thick.
Allen, November 11. The safe of
Cook & Love, hardware dealers, was
blown open nt 5:30 this morning. The
noise was heatd by the passengers at the
depot, who gave the alarm, and the rob
bers run, leaving the contents of tho
snfo Intact.
Mixkola, November 11. Willie Shlll
berger was killed ut his father's mill,
three miles east of here, yesterday. He
was helping to feed tho saw, was caught
In the belt and horribly mangled.
Dr. V. Vbart's residence burned here
to-day at noou. It caught from n defec
tive Iluo In the kitchen. Most of the
furniture was saved. No Insurance,.
Austin-, November IL The Comptrol
ler received to-day the assessment rolls
ofMllam county, showing S1J:)7I In
crease In taxable values.
The testimony In the case of Tom
Pearson, on trial for the murder of Dr.
J.C. Stovall, 0:1 the night or ilurch 1(1,
was concluded this evening andlhenr-
foment opened for the mute by James
1. Uoberlson, tbe District Attorney.
A young Urrmau named John Weber,
charged w lib the burglary of Mr. Locke's
residence ut Man Antonio, was arrested
here to day by Sergeant Cbcnnevlllo.
A Reformer in Prison.
I.oniion, November 11. Stead, the
convicted editor of the l'nll Mall Gazette,
was interviewed In the old Hath Field
piison to-day. Ills warden was present
at tbe Interview. Tho visitors were not
allowed to shake hands with the prison
er. Stead wus In the prison garb of
uiengarry cap, loose lilting, yellow, col
lailess Jacket, stamped on the lelt breast
with "Clrclo H S, Stroke 8," baggy,
coarse, yellow pants, bearing the gov
ernment brand and over-sized, patched
boots. Ills hair was cropped short.
Stead appeared to be sutlerlng severely
from cold, bis hands being tucked In his
caoaolout sleeves for warmth. Mo Is In
fairly good spirits, however. Ho Is al
lowed a Illblo In tils cell, but the light is
not sulllclent to enable him to lead It.
His breakfast consists of thin porridge
and brown bread; dinner, suet pudding:
supper, porridge and brown bread. He
sees nobody between 0 p. ui. and 6 a. in.
Dieau s uany iusk is to pick one pound
ofoakum. Ordinary p;lsnners have to
pick three pounds. Sentences of all the
prisoners commence on the Prat day of
the session of tun court, which this year
was on October ID, Stead will, there
fore, be released January 19,
A Large Meeting In Chicago.-A Social
ist's Pertinent Question.
Ciiicaiio. November 1. A large audi
ence, containing a fair sprinkling of
ladles, assembltd In Central Mutlo 1 1 nil
to-night, for tho purpose of listening lo
fire irnde speeches, nnnouiiced to be de
livered by Henry Watersun. I. Sterling
Morton, r rank Herd, and others. A tel
egram was read from Mr. Wuttorson,
expntslng disappointment that nt the
Inst moment lie found himself unable to
be present. Lx-Uovi rnor Morton In tbo
course of a siiort address stBted Hist
t blcagi), by special act of Congress niter
the ureal lire, was exempted from duties
on everything but luiuljcr. I'he people
of the city only wanted the right lo bur
where they could buy the cheapest. If
this was 11 good tiling for Cliieai(o, why
not for Netiruskii and the whole west
ern country? Continuing, he snld, ne
groes In the soitili were once deprived
of all their earnings. The farmer was
now compelled to pay a tax of 23 tier
cent, und only laoks itVper cent, of being
n slave. Itenjnmin lleese, of Toledo,
said ho luil under blm 2WUmliiera In tbe
Hocking Valley starving lor wnnt of
com, and Iowa was burning corn for
fuel. Hud there been u proper method
of exchonge between the United Sta.es
nnd foreign countries, Iowa would bavo
sold her corn, nnd with tbu money
bouuht Ohio coal, and Ohio miners
would have money nnd wages to buy
-. l)oic,.in, of South Carolina, and
rat William Trumbull, of Chicago,
'1 ne concluding speech of the
en big
was inailo 11) rrntiK mini, 01 loieiio,
woo in eloquent words declared: '-Whoever
ow-ns inv labor owns me. Whoever
controls Hie wages of my toll Is my mas
ter. Lverv dolbirof Increase of price on
account of protection meant 11 day of
slavery for me. user 1,500.000 men.lt
Is said by Grand .Master I'onderly, of
the Knights of Labor, nro able to work
nnd witling lo work, but urooutofe -nlovmenl
In the United Slales, Uiv?
liecMiiseour mills are Idle on account of
no demand, the result of so-called over
production. That word is another term
lor no market caused by ubrenoe of free
dom for trade and by the Ignnrnnt sel
fishness ol protected manufacturers."
At this point tho anarchist, Corauch,
or Ibis city, who had taken 11 sent among
tbu ile'egntes arose, nnd, declaring him
self u freo trader, ilumuiiled permission
to nsk Mr. Iliml 11 question. The audi
ence, Ignorant nfthe Interrogator's Iden
tltv. seconded him in bis ellurts.
"Why," bo shouted In stentorian
tones, "don't these 1,600.000 men or
ganize an Industry for themselves
against tbo protected luanulaeturersy
'Flint Is tho question of the socialist,"
The restot bis remarks were drowned
In hisses, and tbe audience quickly left
the hall.
Meiican Matters,
Cnvor Msxioo. November II. Tbe
Commlttte ot Congress, known ns the
grand Jury nre sllll diillberutlng on their
report on the Impeachment nf Kx
I'rcslileiit Gonzales. The Liberal oppo
sition delimits are urging haute In the
Hint tor. Tbn Supremo Court has de
cided advernely on the appeal of tbe
few remaining political prltinrrn, and
condemned Cliavlrcr. of the Monitor
Kepubllcuun, and Cnrrlllo, of tho Correo
do l.unes, each to foui- 1110111118' Impris
onment. President Diaz, nnd tbe Min
isters of the I'ubllo Works, Treasury
anu interior, navu inniie u visit 01 in
spection of tliu route proposed for the
sewer for the drainage ol the Valley of
Mexico. The plan Involves n canal
from Lnko Sexcoco to Lako Xempengo.
Then the water Is to puss through n
tunnel 0 miles long. Tho estimated
expense is 1,000,110. Local Mihlturluha
estimate that the drain ige of the valley
will reduce tbe dentil rate one half.
An English Opinion,
Loxiio.v, November 11. 'Ibe Times
commenting on the nnil-t'hinese cru
sade, on the l'aclllo coast of tbo United
States, says that If the Chinese Immigra
tion Into Hie United States were
thoroughly blocked lor 11 peiiod, the
Chinese might tueet with favorable op
portttnitles ut borne, nnd tludr Immigra
tion Into the United Stales bo alto
gether diverted. The attempt to turn
back tho tide of foreign colored labor by
Ibe mentis resorted to by the mobs In
the western part of tho United States, Is
obvious and the Injustice done the China
men In tbn recent attacks on them Is nn
net of spoliation committed against tbo
world ut largCj
Iteporteil oxprossly fur tho I ioiit by H. g.
Floyd Si Co., 31 Solnhut street:
CUK'liin, NoviinUor U.- Wlicnt neakj
December S7V Coin weak: Ileecinber, SO',.
Jauuurr. l,.l;U. Ite. tu,' 1 wliei
idiu steaoy:
els: corn. '..'.,0 bustle's; hoiti. 6u.li
Shipments -V, licnl, 10.WSJ llislioE nil
New Voiik. Noici
Spots steady:
iildililii)r u ! n: sn'ea. In? b.ili . t'ntu
steauj: .-.ovemlicr, a ' &:'. 31; Ueuetnlier, !..u
&1I.&; January, tl.fi igu..'1: February, W..V4fi
ILiSI: March, lailUI.M: Aer I. tf.iii&:i.tJ: Slav.
t1.1113t1.tu; .in ue, iujiki mi.i'I; July, lu.i'a
I.lVKlti'iiot., November
mliMllnir, ft1, it; Oilcans,
haicst ricelpts. IT.txiu lia'i
Nuicmtiei-Ii.-cenibcr, 6x11
ary, 6.UI; Jauiinry.l'i'brj.11
At Last.
Tho Texas Democrotlo papers aro 10
Joiclng nt the removal, by Cleveland, of
Jnck Fvnns, a very oC'enslve partisan,
who baa been holding an olllce for n long
lime. Ills removal hits been expected
ever slnco Cleveland look his seat, and
the Detuourats feel aboil It pretty much
as the little Sunday-sehool boy.
Sunday-School Teacher This Sundty
we will have the dentil of Moses.
Overjoyed Pupil Then ho died nt
Inst, did lie r '' Texns Slftlngs.
Poultry Patience,
One of our farmers drove In last Satur
day with a basketful of eggs. Taking
his horso out In Shine's cotton-yard, he
reached under the seat of his buggy for
his basket of eggs, and, behold! his wlfo's
old speckled hen that he had been try
ing to break upforslx weeks was sitting
on tbe basket of eggs and doing her level
best to hatch hem out. He threw the
old hen out in the yard, sold his eggs to
Saxon A Co., and (pent the day attend
ing lo business in tbo city. When he
started out late In the afternoon he
looked under the scat of his hue-irv nnd
there wns Hie old speckled hen again,
patiently silting on two small nubbins
I and the buggy wrench. Tnllabusse
I (t'la.) Tullabussen,
A New Southorn Pacific Drldgo -Sunset
Receipts Tho Aransas Pats.
The Southern I'solHc Company has
Just finished a snbslatitlsl bridge across
tho Salinas river, between Cnstrovlllo
und Monterey. The structure IsSlO feet
long and la built ol three spans. All tho
approaches are built after Ibe plan
ailoptid for bridge building over llio I'o,
In Iluly. l'llea are driven live fett apail
along the banks, and the Intervening
space Is lllled with willows. This ar
rangement, It Is expected, will cfloctu
nlly prevent washouts during high
I he bridge of tho Southern I'aolllo
railway across Hie Colorado river at
unia, uhluh was recently burned, has
been replaced by a temporary structure,
and trains are now crossing the river on
regular lime. The bridge will bn
si rengt belied tu withstand the high
water or the coining whiter, and In tbo
spring a permanent structure will be
erected 10 oust (.lou.uai.
I be report of the Galveston. Hnrrls-
burg and San Antonio railroad (Stitisit
line) shows receipts for the year ending
October 1 1 of $3.u77,u.k"), an litorense of
j.si.isjo over the prev Ions ) ear.
'I l.n Kansns City Times, referring edi
torially to the Kansas City, Texas and
Aranaas 1'nss rond, says: " Tho peoplo
of Texas continue, lobe greatly Inter-
sled lit tbo propose,! Knusns City,
lexas and Aransas I'ass railroad.
'Towns and cities along tbe contem
plated route are enthtisluttlu In their ad
vocacy of 1 1 . They nro oven nnxloits to
subscribe to the stock ot tbo rond. to
give bonuses, depot grounds, right-of-
way, eio. ine line wouiii run iiirougn
one of the best portions of Texas and
would not be near nor parallel with any
other roud. It would cross tho
three main roads of I he Statu nnd con
nect Willi the Aransas l'ns railroad at
San Antonio. The entire route would
be through a splendldstock and agricul
tural country, and would have from the
start an In mense business In tho ship
ment of slock, wool, cotton, hides, etc ,
and would open an excellent and grow
ing market lor the products nnd tner-
clianillBHofKiiiisas Cltv. It would also
give Kansas ( Ily tbe shortest lino tu the
rich commercial Ileitis of Mexico and
South America. 'There Is 1111 doubt that
the road, If built, would be of Immense
and even Incalculable henellt to Knnsas
Lily. And It would seem Hint now It
the time to tnko earnest hold of tbu en
terprise. 'The people of Texas want the
road and they will do even more than
Kansas City to aecure It. All that Is
needed is for Hie business men of this
city to start the ball rolling. The loca
tion nun construction or the ronii could
bo ncooiiipllshed without any heavy ex
pense, and tLu peotile of 'Texas are eager
to denste money, lands nnd other val
uable aid to advance the projeit.
About the San Pedro Park.
r..'itr Man Antonio l.lirhl
Allow inu to nnswer your remarks
ostcrdny In regard to the Mayor's veto
In the San l'edro I'urk mutter, the ap
pointment of 11 I'nrk Inspector, and llio
lease of Mr. Kerblc, so that the public
may have 11 correct knowledge of tbo
Mr. K. Jenny submitted to the Coun
cil n proposition to Improve the park
according to a plan, and otleis, for a sal
ary of iS per month, to plant within
thenext live yenrB 1,000 trees, shrubs
and lion ers, ns per list, lay out wnlks,
nnd furnish one cur und man for hauling
gravel. Fur nil tices, shrubs and dow
ers and their planting, Mr. Jenny pro
poses to pay for from Ids salary, so that
tho city will have nu other expense
whatever, nnd will In the future have a
pnrk worthy of menttoa
This proposition wus accepted by the
Council, alier n careful Investigation by
the Park and Finance Committee, but
the .Mayor placed ills veto 011 It, bcllev
lug that Mr. Kerbel, the present lessee
should do this work. 'This Is not Hi
caie. however, and Mr. Kerblo has don
more than bis contract calls for. 'The
proposition of Mr. Jermy Is quite dlfler
cnt.und with tbe contract of Mr. Kerblo
before them, the committee wns satis
fied and recommended the acceptance
of Mr. Jenny's proposition.
Tbo park, containing Ml ncres. Is city
property, una 1110 council snouiii 1
something to Improve nnd make It
1 e sort fortbe public.
Tbo plan, when onrried out, would
make the nark an ornament to the oltr.
and something of which our citizens
Ullgill ue prouu.
Whoever has 11 knowledge of planting
trees unit suruos nnu its cn.i, win appre
elate the Proposition of Mr. Jertnv at
fair and acceptable, unil ns other cities
ure Improving their parks, our city
ongnt not to retnru its progress.
Installation of Officers.
The following clllcers were Installed
at Krlsch's hall last night In tho order
ofO. U.O. ofO. No. 21 IS. Iter. Mack
Ilensnn delivered tbo adtlnss:
Albert I'.lehmdson, J. G.
A. Morse, W.
W. II. Mitchell, U.S. toN. O.
L. Taylor, L. S. lo N. O.
L. Ilulnes, II. 8. to V. G.
L.Hamlin, L. S. to V. G.
M. N. Drown, 1'.. S.
W. Itlvers, V. G.
G. Daniels, C.
.lanies Martin. Jr.. P. S.
A. Matthews, W.T.
W. W. Grimes, N. G.
George Williams, X. F.
J.K. Tonsall. l'.N. F.
Also the following oflloers In the
Household of Uutti. No. IIOTi:
Itight Junior Stewart, Mrs. Jane Van
dross; Left Junior Stewatt, Mrs. lliiiina
Miller; lilght Senior Stewart Mrs. C.
Secret; Left Senior Stewart, Mrs. llellu
ivittiums; itouio uoveruor, ;urs. i.tzzic
Berry; lilght Noble Governor; Miss 11
Hlnrs: Most Noble Governor. Miss Mob
lie Carey; Past Most Noble Governor,
Mrs. Caroline Weeins: Worthy Prelate,
.Mrs. Fmuiii Carson; Worthy Treasurer,
Mis. ; Itosa Irwin; Worthy Chaplain,
Miss M. Vandross: Wortliv Usher: Mrs,
.1. Jones; Worthy Itecorder, Mrs. Florida
Seymoro; Worthy Shepherd, Mrs. Lizzie
Didn't Count 'Em,
Man How many fish have you caught,
uui) r
llov Oh. 1 couldn't count 'em.
Man Why, you haven't oruight any,
yon wretcu.
llov That's whv I oan't count 'em
Philadelphia News,
Tho most popular cigarettes are the
vporaruus at popular price.
S- VIM" ANTONIO. . . . .
III IK V Wi 11.11 AM
May, May, Satnrdaand
The Eve-i
l nierlaliiiiii iii mil cmiinciid with Dunnelly and Drew's laughable Irish
Cnmul, , entitle.) :
'Ulrica tVrli,- In. I. i.i,n
i- i hm . i,- wii tin-San Antonio ruvorilos, n turiu-d once, more.
The Croat
.iieiiar.-is.tiio.il 4..IIW tho list
himi iiM.ir ,tiT ... d . . J.-, . , .
niasl. niliwol lii.tir-iimii..
Wblhi has won r.-r ih in ii iMi.tOTrliWi
Senator TIM STARIN.in
J1III.8. Utltl llitl' , uo
Om'e in i ,
Tin l ,il, i ,,.,i
m.,-?,?!fy1,,iyisS,'Kan' Huse N.Morgan
FIIW urn V sir 1 W5L " Ub'INSIiTTI!
I iJi-i. ''VN1' ""I' MAHrlll'H
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The Trained Trick Donkey "Calamity."
Oponlntf on Novombor I
HARRY MACARTHY, The Arkansaw Comedian
This Establishment, la now
I-all nnci winter Season,
Fall and Winter Silks and Satins
Can be seen In 11 lack and Colored, Plain and llrooaded. Casstmeres (black
nnd colored), Tricots, Diagonals, Serges, etc. Camel Hair and Wool Sat
eens. Velvets and Velveteens In all colors, plain and brocaded. Silk
Pongees, Dress Plaids In single and double widths, and
loyTrlmiiilngs to suit all Dress Goods.ntga
Gloves, Laces, and FancyGoods.
Ho Is now showing the largest stock of
he has an endless variety and cannot be undersold.
Fall and Winter Millinery
All the latest Fall and Winter styles and makes of Itonnets and Hats,
Osirlch Plumes, Tips, Ribbons and Trimmings will be found
there This department Is under tlrst-class artistes,
who will please tho tastes of all.
Flannels, Blankets, Linens, Cotton Goods,
Towellngs, Domestla Prints, Ginghams, Alpacas, Comforters, Canton Flan
nels und Hosiery. Among the other things which were very extensively
purchased by Ids agents was the most tnagnlllcent stock of Dress
Goods of nil kinds ever seen lu any dry goods liouso In Texas.
Especial attention was given to purchasing Fall and Winter
bilks, and can he also give the greatest bargains In
Clothing, Boots, Slioes and Hats
Ills st iuk of Full anil Wln'or Clothing Is tho largest over bniutrht to Texas, and cm
braces. In tho latest patterns, Prlnou Albert. Cutaway. Frock ami Back Bnlts.
A very luriro illul complete i stiaik ol Usdles', Misses'. Men's anil Hoys'
Shoos uii.l Itiiots. A lull lino ot stetson Sort ami stiff Hats.
Also a lull stock ol (lentloinun's Furulsklnit Uoo.li.
Win KurnUuro Doivirtmout t
In tills Iluo. Aiiiiniif (itlinr imo1
Alh llinlroniu Salt. Vur.Inihd. Chair. Ilnlv
CtirtHltm, Window titi ml ui. Clo. Uuuutr
Main Plaza and Acequia Street
Neat Job Printing
Snnfla, Noveito 12, 13, 14 & 15
UllANIt JlAltCIl
hf lli.Minpnnr.
In Serio-comic Soloctions
In Songs and Dances
one of his original specialty
attention Is csllo.1 to her Miitnlllciciit WiblrotM.
and DREW,
lil-h V.ieallttt ami Dancers now upon llio
" "",n"""- " uiciiia- won tua utmost com.
' "" ' "'" "w"r ""V "Wk In their
una of his funny spcflaltlos
i sortfti Jlntl dances
serio comic
In a roportoiro of songs
Flores de Elsols Waltz
until Itnck-WiHuU Drainu,
W.M. M)LTl':il
LOU BAKER, Comedian
It.-plete with All tna Novelties for tho
Kid Gloves, Mlts, Laoes and FancyQooda
iiiloto with f miotioM Qiotli, ant! ho will suit ovorrbody
ttn 1 1'luih rrlor Hulu. Molmlr I'arlor 8utt, Walnut hqU
orJcr4 dtloJ iroia,tlr huJ naturuotlon yuardiitcco!
iuvruia;urpcu,uu4TS, Muttltur,

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