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Rocolvod frotjh Evory Wook.
Volume V. Number 270.
Only $5 a Year.
The San A
Ourtn'HOLS'ratYllIlPAltTMr.NT Is im.wlwr rnpl.llr. and sales ill thchit ri-wnn
hare boon Increasing n much ns to onoiiiirniro us to lay In now 11 lilltlon every ciln, rile
rapidly dovolnpliiir taste tor homo dminillnn In this city In" doubtless ciintrllniKil I" this In
mi.iiinll iU'xriV. VVocnrry nown new and mil lino or 1 U I i: r.-. such in liurrnln.Tiiestry,
llndy llruol, etc. our (roods nru fresh, om pattern solottloin lortiiiiate, and price tho
lowest. Wo sew and lily Carpets to suit our cu dinners.
Wo have the Lanrest Assortment, nml ran diow ul present uiiont selection or Furniture,
Frta. XIA W: OFFF.lt IIAllfl.VlNS.
J. H. KAMPMASfl, Preslflent.
Main and Military Plans, San Antonio, Texas,
Convenient to business center, with bent ncrommodatlmig. 04-l
ritorniKTt ur Tim
No. I 7 Soledad Street, Opposite Courthouse.
tVA t3i,(s)u stock of Custom work to sclett from, consisting of tho lluost nml hira-cst
etocknf CIIOOL-llOV S1I0F.S AND (lAITllltS ever !n In this market, and It Mill Loot In
terest forbo)Siindouthstoscoliio. Hand-m.ldo CALF (LACK AM) llUrroN)SII(ll:SANl
OAITF.IIS, 1IAI.M0UAI. (LACF. AMI nUTTON) OAtTFIb, OIL (IllAIN dace and button).
Finn sewed work n specialty 111 nil branches. A flno lot of lawo-slzc loots lor men, to ho soM
at reduced rates. Thcso irooils must lio seen lo ho appreciated.
Alamo Oement Co,,
Alamo, Portland and Roman Comonts, Coment Walks and Groy Limo
Hydraulic Limo and Building Stono, also Dealors in Imported
nml ttomcstlo Comonts, White Mine, Hair, Pliistrrilnd Chimney Flues. Our Cement Is used
In tho Construction or the Now State Capital,
nT'Omco nnd Warehouses, Njh.SVT and tluli Acequlu Street. Works mid Quarry near
head of ltlvcr.
Oysters, Fish
Riverside Cafe Restaurant.
Scholz'o Hall, Corner of Commerce and Losoya Streets.
Opposite the Passenger Depot, on Austin Street.
Constantly on hand, a good supply of Flno Imported Itml Domestic Liquors,
Wines and Cigars, I 'oil to and nttentlvn barkeepers. Kverythlng llrst-clnss In
all branches.
JOHN GUHMANN, Proprietor.
The Clothier
(Lato with ltlce, Horn & Co., Now Orleans, I.u.)
Hardware, Paints, 0ils,Oass, Etc.
Stoves, Tinware, House Furnishing Goods.
... IBOIX AGENTS TOll .. .
Plant Stoves and
Now York Uiamcl Point Company's JIUod Paints, Host In tho market,
I Jirtfo Uuo of Ileutluir Stores at Ixiw Prices.
33 and 35 West Commerce Street.
drop in And see us when you ahe in town.
OTTO KOEHLER. SecHtary and Jfanr
:c , 101 una 20s s. alamo st.. cob. villita,
We are VVholosalo and lli tnll Dealers In Austin
Whlio Lime. Host brands of Dark llonoiidiilo nml
Iinporlcd nuirllsh Portland Contents, 1'lnster of
Paris, and Lonir nont Jlalr, and would ask vou to
call, 01- write us, for priced before purchasing else
where Plcnso mention this paper.
A. iia.mpi:i..
and. Game.
Ranges, the Best on Earth,
Oyer60 Dlockt ol Buildings Destroyed,
and 6000 People Houseless.
At l:l 'this morning the com
nicnctincnt uf uno of the greatest and
tuot serious catastrophes that ever ha
pened to Galveston, occurred nt n sum 1
foundry on the north side or iStrtinl
street, near the cornti nf r-lxt en h
street. J A flrt'liroko out, mid under tho
Influence ol n sharp north r that was
blow Inn, the longius of llamo licked a I
Jolnltig building until the- were de
molished, one of which was a dwelling
nml the other a large grocery store,
llcfore the tire department ctiuld reach
the scrnp, the tire had extended across
the Strand and embraced In Its des
tructive grasp two large residences, thn
Imitates of which scarcely suc
ceeded In rscnping. I he wind, as
If In league wuli tho lire king,
shortly utter Increased In vlolcswe
mid carried nivtlads or spam
south waul ami sliiiiillminut'v lilnui.es
burst Into flames From this time tho
cciitliigrntloii increnved iiiomi nturllv.
I hi' Fire Department being totally un
able to control It, owing tu the dense
and suffocating smoke, tho wind el III
assisted the tout In unllv spreading ot ih
lire, gradually consuming Hie ehllruenst
end of Ihu city, tlre.it vxc lenient p'e-
vaieu on inesireeis. inconoevcrprtieiit
fenr being thut the business portion i t
ecity inigiit no vntiangereti. fcigttu
ed women nnd erlno: Liiildrt n uru to
be seen everywhere this morning, aid
many neon a half distracted at be nir
homeless and ruined, are walking thn
streets bareheaded. Heports nro 11 lug
about that several lives have been lost.
11:30 o'clock this tuornlnir a
dispatch was rrcelved slating that the
lire was still burning with unnhiited
fury, W blocks having been desirutid
MiiNuOu people homeless. 'lhuilliec
lion 01 me lire at mat tun . g .if
wnrd' A later dlriiatch. tlund 1 1
gave tho Inloriuatlon I lint I lie lite was at
length under control, in) block having
been laid low nnd over oOtKj pirph r"ii
dered houseless. The tire depar(itinis
of Houston, Waco and llrelihuin arrived
at Ualvcstnn this morning early to as
sist In extinguishing the Haines. It la
rumored thnt one of the nngtni s placod
on .Sixteenth street was caught In the
llro before the engineers were ible to
extricate It, nnd that sevetnl lltcinen
wcreseverely burned In the utteuit t to
rescue It. One thing Is loriunnte that
tne wind tmi tint lie in the direction or
the business centre of the city, other
wise the damnge would have Lcen Incal
culable. The portion destroyed has
been conllned chiefly to residence. Tho
damnge It Is Impossible at the present
time to estimate.
Ceath of a Cheyenne Chief.
Wichita, Ka.,Xovembe. l2. Aspecl il
to the Kagle from the Cantonment an
nounces tho death of the noted cruel
Cheycnno chief, Stone Calf, who died
yesterday nt bis camp near Cantonment,
of spinal meningitis. Stono Calf was
widely known nml influential wlili the
tribe of which hn was the prKilpnl
hlef. He was a lender In the trnibua
of last spring, always livid In remote
pnrts or tne retervntion and never
obejed the ngenl If he could help It. IIh
was u terror to the eatllemeu, and, pre
vious to the minullinir of ttie Lrniss
leases, regularly ridded the herds with
his band. He led In the outbreak of
1871, at which time he captured two
white girls named (ierinaln, who, It will
be remembered, were afterwards deliv
ered to the United States authorities,
suffer nir even nos b 0 lndliniltv
nt the hands of the red whelp, who Is
now it good Indian.
A Grant Monument.
IL'IsVlli ICy., November 12. The
Kvcnlng Times of this city contains the
following editorial proposition this even
ing : "Seeing that the people for whom
he fought have virtually refused to tret
a monument to the memory of Orant,
suppose the South, against "hum he
fought only to be n friend nnd protector
In the hour of defeat and sorest need,
puts her hand In her pnrso and eon
tributes the money to build 11 pile to the
memory of a hero whose homm con
tained a heurt that felt for her woes.
The Times will freely contribute losuoh
a fund. Let's hear from the bors who
wore tho grey, and, If the thing U fensl
ble, then let's take atop to set It proper
ly 011 foot. What say you, .lolilinle
An Intorvlew With Ford.
Nkw Om.KA.Nf, November 12.-In an
Interview, ex-Ilecordcr Thomas J. Ford,
now In the penitentiary, confesses that
he, and not his brother, I'ntrlck I'ord
killed Police Captnlu Murphy. Heferr
lug to his brother' confession, Ford
said: "1'ntrlck on the trial acknowl
edged the killing becruse be saw what
bitter feeling there was ngiunst me,"
Ford said he made a confession because
the Hoard of I'ardona had refused to
commute the death sentence of 1'at nnd
Murnhr. He said jliirnhv knew noth
ing of the ullalr nnd was not armed at
tne time, i.onciiuungue sauti "II III ey
War Declared,
ItANdoo.N, November 12. King The
baw has issued a proclamation declaring
that he will not accept the nbsurd pro
posals of tho Indian Government, und
tliereforo declares war. lie promises to
Cersonally lead his troops, calls upon
Is subjects tu fight for defense of the
country ami Knnttoon, Europeans are
not to be molested until the Invaders
oroBS tho frontier, when all are to be
slain. Many Europeans are leaving
jiauuniay nniiiniiereii. i ue Italian con
sul will remain for the nrrsent. All the
members of the llurmese Cabinet signed
Thanking the President.
Nkw Vomc, November 12. Chinese
merchants of this city have sent an ad
dress to President Cleveland, thanking
him most heartily for his Proclamation
protecting their countrymen on tho I'a
clflo slope, and exuressW a hlirh annro-
elation of his fearlessness and sense of
Mrs. Walkup.
Kansas City, November 12. Mrs. J,
It. Walkup arrived in the ulty to-night
from Kinporln, In company with Mrs.
Wallace, her mother, She remained at
the Union Dennt hotel, and will lenvn
I to-morrow morning for New Orleans,
Deterlptlon of Tlllotson In.titute-Tho '
Pearson Trial Other Notes.
ftlltor Ken Antonio Light.
AcnTix, November 11. That excel
lent Institution, the Tlllotson Institute,
ft r the education of tho colored youth of
Texas, was established alxuit four years
ago. It Is situated In Kaat Austin, on a
very prominent elevation, commanding
one of Hie most beautiful views In the
Capital City. The light and ventilation
ol the establishment Is llrst-clf , as nte
also nil other arrangements for the coin-
fort and convenience or scholars. Your
correspondent visited this Institution fo
lia), and was highly pleased with every
thing he saw. The behavior of I lie stu
dents Is excellent, and the management
Is such ns to Insure for It a splendid sue-
There are 1 rooms for bov sand
21 fur girls, divided by a brick wall
building Is supplied by wnttr In
nhtindance, there lielngllre hose In every
room. There are also two good cis
terns. The course of learning Is first-
class academic.
Mrs. Virginia I'.. Anderson, fnrui-rlv
f San Antonio, but of Into jears a leni
ent of this cltv. has been appointed
distributing clerk by I'oai master John-
vice jirs. I'll warns resigneii. Jirs.
Anderson Is well-known here In social
circles, anil her appointment Is grallf,
o her many trlends.
is testimony in the I'enrsnu murder
trial closed to-day, nnd Attorneva are
now arguing for thn State. The Im
pression la that Pearson will lie con-
iciiii 01 iiiuri er inttiu llrst desree. as
the State has made out a strong ease.
1 he hpeclal Committee of the ( Itv
Council appointed some time since to In-
vestiiratp the cnarues made against city
11111 i.ee. uiucers .loiinson. Connors
nnd the Houston Detective, House ac
company their report with the sworn
statements or several witnesses rather
amnging to tho Marshal nnd others,
he testimony nf Ales Mack anil other
wus a reeltal of the heretofore pub
lished outrages upon Murk by Marshal
anil ouiers lor inn tmrnone 01 ex
torting evidence from Mack of what he
knew about the late outrages upon ser
vant girls In Austin. The whole sub
ject matter was recommitted lo the
council nmiu tne names 01 passion.
Dr. M. halm s a candidate Tor abler-
man of the First Ward It Is safe, verv
safe, to say that he will be snowed
John Williams, nllas "Monkey John,"
a negro about 18 years of age. was ar
rested several days ago on n charge or
burglarizing the Haymouil House and
tne noti.es or several cninameii, lie
alved an examination nnd was ttlaced
under a $300 bond to await the action or
the Urn ml Jury.
Candidates lor City Marshal are as
thick as hops. Carv.vcaiii'a,
Wages Roduccd.
lirAWNn, Tu., November 12. The
wages or all employees r the Colbrook-
dale Iron works were reduced jestenlsy
HI per cent. A number of Iron ore mines
11 1 dm: the linst rennsylvanin ltullroad,
,vhlch have been worked steadily during
lie past season, nro preparing to close
lowii. Tills will throw several hundred
men out of employment for the winter.
neso men work ni is) cents pert ay dur
ing the summer, with no work In winter
Ceorgo Wnihington In Iowa.
few days ago, snjs tho New York
Sun, a stranger stopped for the night at
a village hotel In Iowa, and as he wrote
Oeorge Washington" 011
the register he remarked to the land
Y'011 have probably heard of me?"
N o n, can't say that I haves"
What! Never heard of Washing
No. I know lots of folks, but thev
nro named Jones, Itrowu, Smith, or
something or thai bort. What's your
particular layr"
n uv, 1111 uie miner 01 my country."
Y'ea? Well, that's nil rliiht. and Her
ri ctly respeetiiDlc, I suppose. Ourrales
are 11 dollar 11 day, and jou won't find
any bugs In the bed."
.Next morning as tne stranger went to
settle his bill, tho landlord seemed a bit
embarrassed, and said:
"i vvaBu-teuttig me iiimuy last night
that you win Oeorge Washington. My
boy said us how he read about j 011 in
his school tooks."
"Yes, l'uithe man."
"I went and hunted up n reader, and 1
see that you lit the llrlllsh."
"1 did."
"And finally licked 'em?"
"Yes. sir."
"Wall, that- was real good In you.
About a mile up the road I've got t lie
nicest lot ol turnips in the State or
lowa. 11 tne stage will stop lor 1
vouenn pull nil you can eat, but If you
knock any rails off the fence please put
'em back again, Ueorge Washington,
elil I'll wrlio that name down so as to
remember it,"
A Delightful Commission Young Mr
Smvlhu was passionately enamored ol
Miss llro w ne. und was squirming In bis
chnlr preparatory to a proposal when
the young Indy said: "Mr. Smytlic, you
pass Mr. Thlnplate, (he Jeweler's, on
your way home, do you not?" "Yea,"
he said huskily. "Weil, would you mind
doing me a little favor?" "Mind ! dear
Miss llrowne," ho replied, with a look
of unutterable repoaeh; "vnu have hut
to name It I" "Thanks! Will you kindly
ask Mr. Thliuplate IT lie has tightened
tne selling or my engagement ring
which Mr. George Simpson left with
hiin yesterday?" Harper's llazar.
Reported expressly for tuo I.lilllT by f. 1
Floyd & Co., 31 goletlad stroott
riiicinn, November 1.1. Whoat steady;
Ilcoctnlior 8-'.. lorn weak; Ilcocuiber, 411.
Ills VVhent.n.ii
K. No
lllddllna. U a-lrt: snles. :ci baft... .
tines barely slemlyi N'oveuihor, us mill 10: l)o
cemlier, UMUHMt January, U.47UH.4S; Pob
ruarj, OJVIKtUfai; March, .70ft(i.; April, U.S3
1: May,tl.wwu.tl June, lo.Wiio.irt; July,
10 H AiikusI, liUt.ftlU.ai..
Llt-Kiit-noL, November l&-fipots stoudi ;
ralddllnir, at,di Oileans, 6",d. Bales, 10.IUI
Pali's I receipts, tLISXI bales. Futures, stoudy:
Nnvtmher-lltccuiber, 5.07: Deooinbcr Janu
ary, 6.01; January-February, MO.
New Vouk, Noveratier 13. Btoek market;
Northwestern, llltii lieluware ami Laoka
wanDa,12U.i St. Pau. tws.
Kvery llrst class dealer sells Onera
1'iiiis oigarcttes Avoid injurious 1ml-
Business) Men Dissatisfied, and Knhjhts
Jubilant oor the Result.
Ott.vwiTo, November 12. A canvass
or the labor situation tn-day demon
strates that last night's finding of the
Arbitration Committee, will he aoeepted
by both parties, and thn fears 0r I1111110
dlatr labor troubles on the Mallory
wharf or elsewhere In Ualvestnn, am
disiielled. Knlgbls of Uhor are wel
pleased with the onlcoine. and n o
Hiileily elatuilng an lii-.orlant vlelurv
by reason of the eonctsalon contnlmd
In the reiHimendator) clause ot the Ai
bltrallon I'nmmlllee'a llnillng, which
alwilinrly prohibits the Mnllory from
employing a single onlored mail In ad
dition tu (hose employed, nnd tlo
Knights are using this important fait
among the nnorgatilimd laboring men of
the ulty as an Inducement why tiny
should loin the order. The pay-roll of
the Mallory Company Is at the maxi
mum now, nnd there la no prospeot tf
their being coniielled tu Increase their
force, heiiew the rtuicesslon Is of no
lirnetlenl vnlue lo the Knights, except
In point or principle, and they are mak
ing use or It as such.
The business men of the elty were
loud In their boasts that the hovrottori
were entirely wrong In their demands,
and not a hair's breadth should bo con
ceded to the Knights. In fact, they
were going to Inillut aurh a blow on the
organisation that It would cease to
exist. Their chagrin- wn. therefore.
great lo-dnv when Ihev read In the
olllelal report of the Arbitration C'om-
iniiiee, signed by Ihree or their promi
nent merchants, "that. In consideration
of the fnet that the strike originated In
I'onseiiiieiice of mutual inisiinderataiiri.
Ing. we recommend." etc.: but. while
the business coiiiinniilty Is roundly abus
ing Ita three delegates who nlgned this
mutual misunderstanding settlement,
nothing will 001110 of their dissatisfac
tion, as Ihev all admit the damage Is
1I1 ne and ihey must ah do the resu't
that strengthens an already strong or-
Adjulnnt-Ueneral King Is still In tho
lly pursuing his Investigations.
In an interview this evening Agent
IWIsr Ilfl l,e wnnl.l rlt. fl.. ll.l.
lory reply to tho "recommendation" ns
soon aa he had olllelal notice or same,
The Free Traders,
Ciiii Afio, November 12. At the open
ing of the afternoon session the Commit
tee on Nolo I lint ions reKrle d the follow
ing nnmed gentlemen, who were elected
otllners of the Free Trade league for the
ensuing year: President, David A
Wells, and n roll corps of Vice Presi
dents; Lantern Secretary, II. J, Phllll-
pot, of Iowa; Central Secretary, Lewis
llewland, or Indiana; Treasurer, George
T. Peabody. The following resolutions
were then adopted:
That the Chairman of the Kxerutlvo
Committee be the Chairman or the Na
tional Committee.
That the memberaor the couimlllen
from various States shall be Chairmtii
ftir tho various State Committees, mid
thoy be vested with authority lo uall
Slate conventions and form Slate or
ganizations. That the Lxecllllve Committee be au
thorized to complete the National Com
mittee by nppoliitlngiiiember by Stntes
not Included In the report.
I he report of the Committee on Ilesn.
liitlons was subjected to much discus
sion. Only minor amendments, how
ever, were made. It begins with a very
long preamble and oloaes ns follows:
H e urge upon Congress for notion at
the civufng si salon:
That under no pretense shall any coun-
teunnio whatever be given to any at
tempt to increase tne protective tiutlea.
That uttliies which are at tho founda
tion of tbegreat Industries should, In thu
Interest ot Tabor and com merce, be Treed
from duty, whether Ihey lie crude, ma
terials or partly manufactured.
That on products from sinh articles
duties shall; nt least, be correspondingly
reduced, so Hint Ihe protection, real anil
nominal, to manufacturers shall not be
Inureased, and that the uonsuiiiers shall
have tho Immediate benefit of the re
duel ion.
We urge thut any steps In tnrlll' re
form would simplify Ihe present i-Oiil-plicalid
classification, and should do
uvvuy with mixed duties, replaolng them
by ad valorem rates instead or tpeclllo
duties, which are most burdensome to
low-priced goods consumed by tin
great body of the people.
We demand free shins and tho aboli
Hon ofour restrictive naval laws, which
togemer wiin tne luriii law, unve unveil
our flag from the sens; and we oppose
Wo ttrire revenue reformers to i
only for such Congressional candidates
as oppose n tnrlll for protection, and to
take steps to nominate Independent can
didates when all Ihe party candidates
opposo tarlfl reform, preparing for that
step by (Utilising sound, economic, liter
ature nnd promoting organization, espe
cially in ciuse congressional districts.
A minority report win submitted by
Mr. Harper, of Kansas, demanding an
Immediate reduction or all protective
tariffs to a purely revenue basis.
We believe that all Indirect taxation
should eventually be abolished; that the
expenses of the Government should be
norne uy property instead ol inutviuu
The majority report, as finally
uuopiou, snows me sense 01 tuo conven
Will Ho Doubt Hang.
Nkw Y'oiik, November 12. A Montreal
special to tho Post says: It Is known
that u special messenger Is on his way
tolteglnn with an official document from
the Gove rnor-Ocneral ordering Sheriff
Chapleau to proceed with the execution
or Kiel. Meanwhile, according to
communication received by Illshop
Groiidln, Kiel passes the greater portion
of his time lu prayer and meditation.
He has written farewell enlstlcs to his
wife und children and to a sister who re
sides In this city. Within tho last few
days oxtra precautions have beon taken
to prevent any surprise. The truards
I have been doubled, a mounted patrol Is
always on uuty unci none out me priests,
the commanding olllcer of the mounted
police and the suigeon are permitted
within tho cell. The cell ho occupies Is
0 feet 4 Inches by 4, the only urtlo.es of
furnlturo being n small Iron bed and
low chnlr. He Is an early riser, and la
Invariably up and dressed before reveille
at 0 o'clock. He scarcely completes his
toilet, when he sinks down on his knees
besldo his bed ni il remains transttxed,
like u statue, for hours at a time,
-The most popular olgarettea are tho
i IroraJ.'uUs at popular price. tf
& SAMUELS. - - - -
Thgrsflay, Friday, Satnrflay, anil Snnfla. November 12,13,14 & 15
KiitoHalninont will t
Patrick Mai II), n
Manila Mitr, i), in,
Pat.,.) lliiiraii.il n
Katlierllia rlarlty
QUitT Omr.iHt'r
ie lie an-, whor Why the Hon .Viiiuiilo favorites, returned once tne
oriitinai -i. iiiuy saeieh. "Tit ror Tat,
The Groat
11 ""' without douM Ihe ta-st
I Inch-it lit, -njlnit. mi.f I.
Atcrptctv of Irlth comedy.
irnl -
vv hluh ha. won ror thein a mo.t enviable reputation.
Senator TIM STAR IN. in
Third Weekend Illif lilt,
nii'iiitr Hotutt nt uiTiirtmt nrlmiUI JuiofMnif
lut, mt.i ninny i.Km t new n4 nurd fenu.
Once more, - VESTVALI, - In a roDortoiro of soncs
Overture, -
Tlio whole to conclude with Muse N. Mnnran In Ids rknsutlonal llack-Wnod Ilraina,
Brockv Morrrnn.
j.vHpp.ii .
til AltlllNK
Mlpt. Mlllli.W
Hit' ...
The Great May Pole Dance 1
I ne Koalistic Mortal Knife Combat!
The Trained Trick Donkey "Calamity.
Opening on Novombor 10th
HARRY MACARTHY, The Arkansaw Comedian
This Estahlisriment la now Deplete wltn All tho Novelties lor tho
Fnn ontl winter Season.
Fall and Winter Silks and Satins
Can bo seen In ISIaok and Colored, Plain and Ilrooaded. Cassimeres (black
and coloretl). Tricots, Diagonals, Serges, etc Camel Hair and Wool Sat
eens. Velvets and Velveteens In all colors, plain and brocaded. Silk
Pongees, Dress Fluids In single und doublo widths, and
(SyT'rlmmlngs to suit all Dress Goods.'Vjiji
Gloves, Laces,fcand FancyGoods.
Ho Is now showing the largest stock of
u,., v.,.,.u.o.. o.o. fiuiiniu iu our buy, in oiik Hosiery
he has nu endless variety and cannot be undersold.
All the latest
Ostrich PI
Flaiinels, Blankets, Linens, Cotton Goods,
Toweling, Domestic Prints, Ginghams. Alpacas, Comforters, Canton Flan
nels and Hosiery. Among the other things which were very extensively
purchased by his agents was the most magnlllcent stock or Dress
Goods of nil kinds ever seen In any dry goods house In Texas.
Kspeclal attention wns given to purchasing Fall and Winter
bilks, and can he also give the greatest bargains In
Clothing, Boots, Shoes and Hats
Ills st'i'jk of Fall and Winter Clothlnir Is tno largest ovor brouirht to Texas, and em
braces, lu tuo latest patterns, Prlnoo Albert. Cutaway. Frock and Hack Snlts.
A very lariro and complete stock or Ladles', Misses', Men's and Hoys'
Hhues and llouls. A full lino or Stetson Soft and stiff Hats,
Also a full stock of (lontlouion's Furnishing Goods.
Illi Kurnlturo Dopurt insnt In oo.njiloto trttli U luiehoM QnoH, ancj ha will mlt ovorybojy
In ttiU lino. Ainmjotli'ir tro-ii wo rtii 1 liush I'.irior Hults, Mohalf IMrlor ftulti, Walnut and
AtU UiilrtMjrn Hulls. .VarvJrotwj, Olmlra, Utili- tiimaeU aut lnjfram Carpets, Huirs. MattlQjr.
Ciirtatiia, Window Him 1m, Bio. Cttimtr tulor4 UiloU promntly tin4 latla faction iruarauteiH..
tiouti (uriaiuplua.
Main Plaza
Neat Job Printing
HtKT DllirCTtlH
or OnciuEsTitA
srllh Donnelly and lliow's laughable Irish
enlllli .!
l- i)m t'iViiV'iiy"
.Annie HuttitrU
In Sorio-comic Soloctions
or two Crunka, "Inlmludng sonis, dances
Particular atleiitloii Is celled tu the stylo i
In Songs and Dances
one of his original specialty
intention It called toher Mariilllclcnt Wndrotie.
and DREW,
Irish Viill,t nnd llnneers now lim the
bout u Hot i iU h. ilsUiciriir with thn titiii.t
talik'. TUcy will H'iKHir tlitu wcvk In tlulr
one of his funny specialties
n songs and dancos
of tho Ureal and nidi-.
Imii't fall l
sorio comic
- Flores de Elsois Waltz
- Huse N. Morgan
W)t. II. QUlNNl.TTi:
i.Aiuiv iKHii.nv
j.mi:s iiiti:w
. .. W.M. WIL'TKIt
." "
LOU BAKER, Comedian
Kid Glove, Mlts, Laces and FancyGoods
and Winter Millinery
Fall and Winter styles nnd makes of Ilonncts and llati,
nines, Tips, ltlbbons and Trimmings will bo round
This department Is under llrst-class artistes,
and Acequia Street

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