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The San Antonio light. (San Antonio, Tex.) 1883-1886, January 02, 1886, Image 2

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A. w. OirroKD", Tuns. n. Join rurt.
M'i IMtnl'ltlhTOIUl.
I! Iubllahed ilallr. teeilHuhls, alllO East
Commerce street. Ilellvcre.1 li) carrlfre
A Ihruyhotitthtoltr. llti.rle cooics for tale liv
.iowi tK)im . tit. Hiil.fcrl'tlon, ht year
rilK(miH)K) VAW
Ppecml rutin irlvcn on larrcr piu-fntid lour
time tu'vcrtliPincnt.
Lrjral ndvcrtlseiiieiiU f 1 ti jut Itn h first In
sertion 75 cent! per Inch vvt nulmtHjurnt In
sort Ion Trust-' sale t mr Inch first in
trrtlon SW cents iwli lnriion HtU vrtrtU,
Heading matter, ed.torlnl mtt . 'i wills per
Ino each Insertion, ah
first Insertion,- lucent flrft "n k, ft it-ntsnTter
first week. H..flul rah ri M and Phi urns
runnlnir Tor mouth.
Homo adertlM-meni pit)tilili on flrt if
each month Trnnnlcnt ailwrllsliijrpH) able tit
advance Only metal vuu rlniti.
All contract! must be apprm tt by the Itusl
ticss Manager
t)utnrriter nut rewhltiK their pnpT will
pleitsu inttko eompliilMt to ttiu OlTUc. Sub
scribers arn warned nut t pay their subscrlp
lion execpl iij Kin present nt tun of n properly
receipted I. Ill from thin inliw.
i tier
nri iui.I Collet t.-rn fur
I their receipt, imavi'iit. will
iirnlrttl, Mr. Koemrr will Iiii.p
livery of tho city subs! Hplloti
til complaints ami not lie (r
either of the. ilium-, or li ft
promptly attended to.
.'ostoMcc nt Sun Antnnlu.Teins,
Salurnav. January 2 1S86.
Tiik people of San Alilcirilo danced
tl,e OM Year out nml llio .New Vear In.
There Mere no lets llinn ten bails on
Christina live.
Ymtfiiiuy wn the liltf paving tiny on
tlie ftreela nl" slirnl. It la not Known
whether the paving material (i;notl in
tentions) was more nlniiulant than usual.
Tiik l'rt'slileitra New Year's reeeption
was one of the meet hrllllnnt Hint ever
took place nt UiiuJVMlo -House. An nn
entertainer Grover In n success, Ifnlfns
n bouncer.
Tintniiicti-cipeotcil ullzanl pretllclril
by the New Jersey vvenllier prophet (Mil
hft make Its, nppenrunce on the gulf
coast or Iexns, or, In rucf, unynhcro In
this portion of the Southwest.
Tiik rt'KUlar neekly inurilrrnt Aiullu
did not full, iilthntiKh the hollilasare
supposed to teml to soflen Instead of
harden the hearts of men. This lime Ii
Is n nch'ro child, found near the city
limits. Austin news become stale and
Hat If there Is not a murder In It.
A JULriMoim rector, In a volume of
published sermons, says : "What Is the
Uospsl but a record of Ills ministry to
the poor and needy; to tho Samaritan
and the Canaanlle; the publican and
the harlot: tothe leper nnO the possessed
of devils," What Is knoun as "moral
Impurity" Is the saddest and most terrl
bio curse of any people, A Cutlmllo
lllshop lu the South declared, In a
llsheil sermon, that such thing's would
bringdown the curse of heaven upon
people like unto the lira licit brimstone
that desolated the cities of the plain
Turn: Is probably no institution, or
rattier Institutions, more needed
Texas than reformatory schools or
houses of correction. With all InlellU
gent, patriotic and well ilesposed per
sons, argument Is unnecessary on this
subject. It Is only short-slgbtedncsH
nnu parsimony that stands In the way.
A youth could be arrested In his Hrst
downward step, learned a Rood trade
and given a practical education and re
turned to the ranks of respectable cltl
zenshlp, while If allowed to graduate In
crime he must be expensively tried by
the courts and Imprisoned or hurts:, be.
sides the incalculable harm that his per
nlclous Inllueneo does to society cem
erally. Jtefonnntory schools and houses
of correction are more necessary than
penitentiaries, and will In a very largo
do away with the necessity ol such
prisons. Let every good citizen and
Journal In Texas labor till every County
In the State hat such an Institution.
"Your average statetuiHii Just now Is
extremely solicitous," says Austin, the
Washington correspondent of the Cin
cinnati Times-Star, "with reference to
the selection and occupancy of a com
fortable .home for 'til family, Most of
those who have not their families 1
rendy with them are preparing to bring
them arter the holidays. Those who
have families Indicate a solicitude for
their welfare ijulle as great a that ob
served In any other walk of lire. Jlr
Handall is seldom to bo found elsewhere
than at Ills home, outside of t La hours
be devotes to his olllclal dJtlei. Sena
tor Cockrell, of illuourl, has hit wife
and half a dozeo children about hi in In
lilt comfortab'e home In the northwest
ern pirt of iae city. Speaker Carlisle,
yao Jives at the itlggs Home marches
fegularly downstairs every evening and
malls a letter or a package of papers to
lilt sons In the west. Your correspond
ent wat standing at the desk of one of
the prominent hotels here a day or two
ago, when Senator Coke, of Texas, came
along with a bundle of letters to mall.
It wai very wrong for the correspondent
aforesaid to look In that direction while
ilt. Coke wat putting oiv the stamps,
but he couldn't help noticing that of all
the bundle of letter! the biggest and fat
test wat addressed to Mrt. Mary A.
Colte, Waco, Texaa."
l...h .... I no's hin t Him
Tun l.liillT, nn
Billy imi
i r i in i i
Tiik IVnnsjIvanla coal miners have
returned to work at the old price. What
has been gained vtlth nil the loss of Mm"
and money ?
I'iik "Hire Devil-" ol Ihe West are lit
work ngnln,aiid the pasture fence of Mr,
lolui Withers, In Uvalde County, hna
been rut and n notice stuok up giving u
warning Hint it should not again bo re
paired, A Ferdinand Nlggll Is very
much needed In that section. 1 1 ml the
legislature put the omViisi- of lence cut
ting and Illegal Inclosing of lands on lh
same looting equally punishable, one
oiild not now bu openly delving Ihe
authorities and the other would not be
making midnight mills.
Tiik ( hrlstlan Preacher, pobllshtd nt
Dallas, Texas, Is a monthly inagii.liio,
Just revived, In I e beginning of lis
Introduction It savs: " ine i;iiristinn
I'reniher, like Ihe fubliil I'hernlr,
springs from Its ashes into life again. It
comes up from the grave like the good
old Samuel, lo rebuke Ihe madness of
the would-be lenders of Israel " It Is In
be hoped Hint Ihe editors miij not prove
examples of Ihe mildness they rebuke.
There Is n wide Held for fenrli ss i llorl
on Ihe part oniie Inllliful of every fnllli
In the Interest of truth nndtoiind mnrnl
lly, Tenr Ihe innsk from hvpocrlsy, .Mr.
Tut: llnlveslou News Is opposed lo
Ihe old plan of having ministers or am
bassadors at foreign courts, thinking
that consular ngenls are sulllclent, un
lets In spfi'iul emergencies when un-der-tierelnrle"
from Ihe Slate Depart
ment might be sent as reprtseiitatlven
of Hie (irent Itcpuhliu lo fonigu courts.
The News tii) : "When capitals were
not connected by wire the nmbnisndor
lind nil exciite for his being, bill now
there is no reason why the foreign seo
ntary of one government should not
rommiinlcntu directly with Ihe foreign
secretory of another government. Of
coutse, countries Hist tolerate kings
might bo expected to lolersls anil ap
prove the niitbiialeil llumiuery uf diplo
macy, but a republic should bs represeii
Inllve of progress mid common seme,
not only In lis home ntlulrs but In Its
relnllons with other governments. The
fact Is, American ministers abroad havu
no duties that can not be ordinarily
performed by consular agents." One of
Ihe reasons ntslgned by the .News Is:
"American mltiltlirs tire looked upon
ns awkward and obsequious Imltnlors
of n system which I foreign to Hie
genius of our government nml the spirit
of our people." ITnder-teeretnrles of
Hie Statu Department would hardly lit
bitter iiinlilled tlnin nmbiissadors, up'
pointed for their competent, legal, lit'
ernry and tuterniitioiiid knowledge for
their position. The News surely
could not have iiienut n sly lilt nt
Hiu gallant, whole-souled and action
pllshed Texan, ut tho Court of Japan,
man vvlio onon illicit Ihe high olllce '
Oovornor of Texas. If lilxher or deeper
learning Is needed In our rountiy, or
more courtly manners, or whatever the
dellclcncy. It might be remedied by a
school nt Washington city for Instruc
tion In dlplomnuy, as "known In
Ilurope," if It should be settled that that
Is the standard or culminating excel
lence In tills mysterious and sublime
science or art, Tlie United Stales aro
fortunate In being at peaeo with forelnu
governments. The importance and util
ity of preserving this relation with
those power, are considerations of
State, at least equal to American man
ners, or what may be thought of, the
"awkwardness of American ministers
In royal Kuropeau circles. Tho present
system has manifest advantages In the
respert exhibited for Hie niitloiiiilllles
of Hie Old World and of tho Western
Continent, south of our Union. Tlie In
terests nud honor of our ttng, at the
Courts of Foreign powers should lie
steadily and vlgllnully loeked alter, by
some of our ablest and most accom
plished men. If the hint of the News
should contribute to the Improvement
of American statesmen In acquiring tho
hlstorlo magnetism of manners that dis
tinguished the great orator of the West,
the Immortal Cluy, Its thunder or am
munition will not have been wasted.
Ot u vicinity lo Mexico, and her per
slitent struggle, amid great ditllculty
partly from the ambition of aspiring
chieftains and politicians, to establish a
liepublle, modeled after the United
Slates, give hr peculiar claims upon
our national and indlvidunl sympathy.
Her lofty spirit rises superior lo adver
sity: "lib Indomitable hope and energy,
III keeping with Ihe spirit of the nge,
she is laboring lo build up the cause of
general education, and has a National
Normal School nt the Capital of the lie
public. The following Is a list of the
product! ol this most remarkable coun
try: "Sugar, coll'ee, cotton, hemp, to
bacco, cooon, cochineal, pimento, ludlgo,
wheat, corn, grapes and olives all tint
genial climates In this magnlllcent coun
try, and when well cultivated Ihe yield
Is enormous. On the plains of Mtxlco
vlolett are In bloom, strawberries are
ripe, and green peas In season all the
year. The india-rubber tree, vanilla
bean, licorice, sarsaparllla and Jalap, so
called from the city of Jnlapn, where It
grows wild, nourish In that land, to
highly favored by nature. The mngiiey
plant is peculiar to Mexico, it Is now
called the Mexican aloe, mid furnishes
from Its juice the Hue national beverage
known at pulque. The two lofty moun
tains near the Capital City, as two
giant ecntlnels itnnd side by side, bind
ing glory to the landscape, while they
Imprest and charm the beholder, In
the cllmet of perpetual summer, Ihe
tight of enow-cltd mountains Is Indes
cribably grateful, The Spanish are still
the dominant race there, and their lan
guage It the language of the country,
and their religion It Its religion. Span
ish It the language most generally
spoken In all parts of America south of
the United States. The religion of all
the countries once Spanish colo
nies, it Roman Catholic. ' Thcu
halt not covet anything Hint Is
thy neighbor's,' Is obligatory alike
on nationt and Individuals. The
great American Hepubllo Is lu duty and
honor bound to extend genuine tyiupn-
lhrandnld In line vminirrr nml nnhle.
uiyanuniu to her younger and nobly
tirugfriiDij inter Jtepuuuo on her bor-
lers. 'Ihe Monroe doelrlne applies In
nil Its force In this cose. International,
friendly and commercial relations should
bo sedulously rulllvnlid betwien the
two North-American republics; and be-
tween Ihelndlvldual citizens of both na
tions. It will be lolhe Interest of San
Antonio lo keep her ejet wide open In
brightening tho golden chain of friend
ship and butlness Intercourse with Hint
country, so abundant In the llntst and
most valuable natural products, vigi
lance It here needed to watch rivals for
the Mexican Irnde. Advnnlngea ornnt
ural location from proximity and other
causes, often provo deceptive before Ihe
power of railroads and other appliances.
The prosperity of tho Alamo City may
be much more largely built up In the fu
ture than has hitherto been thought of
ny utilizing In Ihe fullest the maaiilll
cent opportunities ollered to her in tills
direction Is unnecessary lo refer to the
practical advantage of a knowledge of
Ihe Spanish language; n language more
alike the noble old llomun tongue than
that ol any other or Hie Southern Kuri -penn
tuitions who owe lo the Latin the
root and origin of their severnl vernacti-
That la what the old Saxons called It.
They meant what wo call lienllh.
Iliiggid and sturdy old fellows they
were. Wenro hardly up to their stun
dard of health, because our style of liv
ing lias Introduced many unwholesome
habits. Hut we can resist the debili
tating ellects or our manner or living by
taking llrown'a Iron lllltera. It con
quers Indigestion, regulates Hie bowels
cures wenknesa, malarln, etc.
The Vlsnns Rc-'.iiirjlit
Has removed to ail Knst Houston street,
next door to Charles (Jreen, mid will bo
ready for business Monday morning, De
cember 7th. Tho table will be llrst class
In every respect, nml we shall pay par
ticular attention to special orders. Wit
shall keep fresh llsh nml u) alert, game,
etc., conslnntly on hand, and will bo
happy lo see all our old customer! ns
well as new ones.
la-.Vif t rux KiihOKMii'in.. Prop.
Advice to Mothers.
Mrs. Wlnslovv'! Soothing Syrup
should always bo used for children
teething. It tooths Ihn child, softens
Ihe gums, alleys nil pain, cure! wind
colic, and Is the best remedy for dlnr
rhien. -A" cent! n liottlo. 7-22-lyr.
Hepalonne Purines Ihe Blood snil Is specific
for Chronic Liver Coniplitnlt,
Tlie sltr. of tlie liter nml Ihe Inn")' lmsulnul
results Hull lilK'ieil rivim Its action make It
I'llhhi to mlictil ilelimireiiif
-of the live
,,l I null
liitr. I
islliitutiitlnir ftssl. tlie lisirnsnieiil I
or Illinois
i,l to iinsliiee liilln
1 nir n
i-ltc lieiil tins a peculiar tlithl-
t hl's uhuiit makes 11 liiinliiiihle its u llti
lliiulienlll relieve tills llnulilc.
ur lhcr IU1-W i! I.mlc this h'U eill
iltltr istuills Till, Ill's llel'illoiilie.
ilrinrKl-t lor It.
Special lo Artists.
,. i,r tin. llni-l i'.IiiI.II-Imii' tits Unit Sun
tonlo. If n.,l 'fetus, run Ism.ls.r I- Hit, Ait
llallerj- ol f. II. Mueller, nl,-0 lotiliu
in-, I, mill 111 mi i tidiest vitrii Iv.
nones, iiioiiltlltiirs toi'l untie rlnlt lor
id slirn piilntfiur In Inrire vnrlelle
riiiltil tlccornlln
it-It esillreel front Isetoi It'slmiie tlilj tsnf
lutlnts, tills tiltil oilier liltitellitl III nml line, t
Kevnote lo Health,
Health Is wealth. VVenltli Itteillis ludetiellil
eme. 'Die Ketliote Is llr. Ilnsiotko's I'ousll
toi'l l.tliurlsyrnp. Ilielssl ri'tiuli svrtiplu tlie
rhesl. Ilnineliltlsii
nose irnes renei in every eti-e m-eni
r. I'llf u:si eelits mid SI. t-ilinplcs life
lu ll. I. I'owler, It. Colin A (., J. I). II,
Mr. A. K". Iliiwk.-s: Hen
'itiiliilsi',1 I mill you nil.
el uiijHiliur I hr . J 1 1 I
'hey etmlile me to rend
ill lirni lit Ihn t'jes limn n
iillllliKtliillndils I
I.I I .sweet tni'illll. II) lisliik'HIIIIHINIII
in I eel li nn. 1 1 nuns too kepi tti per ten t
,,l ,. li,in,,,t I..,', llli uoiiii-l. Iliilv .VI (
Ikiv. I.l.ptl.l mid Powder. For tulo liy I'.
I'll. -
II, IHIISInir the 1,111 U-Ilt to
h, infection of llio kiiliiev
liuihijf oiirniis. Al times symptoms ot tiid!
Kt-sthilt tiro pteselil, llallllf ncy, uneil-lltess ol
the stiitltnch, 1 If. A inoMuif, like liersplnl
lion, prtHliiuinr n very- illsitirreenhtt' llelitni
utter ircltlnir wnrtn. is n eoiiiuiiiit iltleli.liint
llllnd. tlhsslliiir, llll'l III hlnir files yield Ilt
lleinisly, which nils .lilt city iipini lite purl
ntrcileil, tilixirhlmr the Tumors, 'llhltlnu; III
II. I 'nil n. Co.,.l. II. He-
vine, J, rittvln.
Save Your Eyes.
It is tlinidy woiiiletriil. the reiiiilntli
llilwkes' spectacles nml ey e.irlii-seH Inn o it
tallied tliiotiirlintit thu llttitisl Mutes: they in
known mini III" .Mlil""c In Ihe I'aelllc, ill
the leptltnlhill Is htlltt Itpolt leal merit. T'e
tlinotttitls from the
I IiyCrllrer llitis., Jeweler
Optlcliint, Mulu I'laza.
In ni.iy it'itul
r(. r all itut'i
tho tlinmt, in-
luiiirM. Iiroililiicat or u-tliinalli' alii
l(i.-aiit ami en lulu I'liu1, It )i-uuuit(8
lit kH Ii. I'nr nulu by F. KtilU'j cr ft.
r tiiWilllaniH A ltiiM-ll)
42 Commorco St.t San Antonio.
I K AM) II kt 1 Is I
Wall .Paper
Pictures and Picture Mouldings, Artist
Materials, Paints, Glass, Etc.
H. W, John's Asbestos Liquid Paints,
Averlll rtcndy-Mlxoti Paints,
I . ,r"t'etiriltlnir ami flesllfllinif 111 the I.allft
I AriMleMlcs by skittiul workimu. l'letuie
iruming- usiwciaiir
Ctimblalni I HUM ttllh ri'RK TCflKTAttLE
TII-IIH. o.lrklj end roteplrUIr CLVU5SI.S
sad l:.1IM(IIKS THIS I1LOOI). Oslrktae
Ike srtloaofthe Liter sad Klde-is. Ifrsrelhe
Pbslcttne and UracglrU eterwliere reeommend it.
Itn N 8 rtciHil.rs. ff tlirVm, Hss . ssrst "I
c-iimn. llrown'e Icm BltUrj M ttl.isl.ls t.ili
jrenrkblnsttM UoihI. and rviuottn' all dapntla
rtnpt.'tnt ltd'ian4barttblt.tb.M
II- II M lirru,lWniJ.ls, Ind. ears! -j
bite n-M Hr.wn' Insi Ulllra In ol
am-tnlt and I.I l dioasn a wh-n a iue
MaW IITnosMSI MattNOrl.sns.U,
.,'" Ilr.stn'a Irrni lllllrt t-llsvwl me In a ea
.1 I.I.--I nns.lns and 1 beartilr cmnnsnd It t.1
I'll Hsnmne lias Trade Matk and cmssJ rd liiwe
nr...i-r Take no elbrr. Madenalrhr
urs' llann Unoa. usnfatandaltrmrtl-e.eno
,e lt.t f .riis l..r twli-w, lnl..rmatl.si atHSil
"lo arm aav lr all iWlnn, in mmlluln-, Mg
i I n. ' -.Llnswob nweifti.lSo ataup.
Contagious !
I iimn unlive of diitlmid.nii.l w title 1 was In
Him tsiillitrr I isittlrnt'tlsi it terrll'tu lilissl
IHilsott, nil.! for two Jfiira was itiider Iri'itl.
li-,.lti,l. r.inrliiiid.tiut was not tured. I stir-
tere.l Dm most nirniilrliiir pnlns lu my Ihui.'s,
I'ro'iimlflclr lost nil hope
In Hint country, nml sullisl Tor Aitierleil, nit'I
ns Irenlttl nt lUMiseveti, iiunis enj, us we i
1 liy n piiililllieltt pliislehltl in New Vork
iivlnir mi oiiitici't Inn Willi Ihe liospltnls.
I saw Hut nd cert lecliicnt or Swill's Ppcclflc,
I., t i .1.1..,.., 1 1 1 ulvi. It ii trial, t took tlx
I ...tiles iui.I I tun sny Willi limit Joy Hint they
Imvo cured mo entirely, I am in sound nml
l' " ' I,. I'ltKI) IIAI.rutll).
New York (Ttv. June li. Issj.
(Issll I
1ikh1 poixn
: Into thohor-iiltal then fo
uiiitlBin at tho Panic tlnm. 1 H1 not in-t will
under tho treatment Hutu, imrwas I cun-d hy
anyofthounualuiran? I lunu now taken
wti Iiottlof or Swirfu Hccltlo and am sound
nud well. It dnno thu iHilnon out tlirointli
iHdlsoiillioBklii. DAN UI.WIV.
Trt-atlnuonllloixlandHkln Difciidca malted
-r.,t. nuntatikcii-ifiCii . Ilnivvf-ri AfJrtlilrt
(la., N.V., IW W.tfM Ht
Tlli:ilt:.I.TItl't!I. ANll Nin itlTlllUrt
Baking Powder.
i-ipilieil I.y tho -lyitlem. N
ther Itaklnir Tt
Home Testimony
George H. Kaltcyer
I itiuhaHe In thin illy a i-ackiiKCor I'lof.
llixsroid'B HetMlalHhiK llrend t'lipuratloti
.1 putniiilted It to u ulieiuleat i'xtiiiihnitlon,
iuil til id that thu pamu In t-oinpoeed of pu
tid uou-poUfiuouii chemical.
Thu Idea tf I'rof. Iloiiford was Indeed
Krand one lu BunplautliiK thu Indtitestllilu tar-
taratuof sodiitUhleh Is ulwaj 8 tho end result
f all Italilnjr I'owdert eoinpohes ofCietun
Tartar ami Hodn, by tho boluldo phoMphato
liino and mhIii, thu wry nutiltUu aiiIiio
liretul, und thu iHine-piiNiuchiK' eteintnts of
U In tertalnly Ihe lict and imM lieallhy
lni'iid raiBliiK 1'iejniintloii eur oirered to tho
puMlc.aud every mother that lnu I ho lu-alth
of licr children ut hcait isliould line noolhi
1 can only Join hi thu endorsement nlen by
tho lalu cu.chrtited chcniUt, I'rof. Huron V,
Mclilir, to this preparation lu Baylntr: "I uotv
ttlderthlslmontlon nsono of tho most tisef
Klftu uhleh science hasmuilo to mankind."
Kor Salo by all Grocors. Try It.
Pointer and Kalsominer
206 E. Commorco Stroot,
e et n ttil nt Fhort notice, and
t woik ifiiainiitt'id
tlnkiliC Kael lliitiitoti Ktroi t.
ItCSldt'lKO-llll l'll'SIl SllU't
Onieo Teleuhono-No. UT.
Hi'slilento Tfleplionc Ko, M.
flas and Other tuiralliellce ue-il lu III.
ractl ng Teeth. IJ-lO-liu
SALE A eotleire, 4 rooms: clly wateri
! allmoilernliiiiiroveiiientsi 7 iiilnules walk
irotii oostomcu. jvotiuucucfistiri'QUliil.tal'
clrt-uUrt irl I iij lull liifoiitialiuti, ftddrcM CUif
afflicted with any dlscaso i
"si nml ((tilckest relief and c
Cor, of Houston und St. Mars Sts.,
Which In the wort thorniifrlilr A I If I up, fttij
iU)ii ii wiin .'Ver)UiHijjf iKHt'Mrtry, iiit-iuuiittf
utliihUI Hli'l I'liHTlrtictMHn hiiiilri'tli nf caei-s
ii ti'HIrr who hmo w-en trentoii tbcr) of
r .institution for tho tryntininl of this pdo.
ciHlty m I lie Houth or Went.
Tho foltowlnif aro only a tvw of Iho many
L-rfonti whit Imvo lifcri bpnt-tltttl uihI vurv liy
-aliiinit, atlhiS liifttltutltriit
Fur Cfttnrrh-J. K. l(ot.limn. i-atarrli In
thnat. Han Anlonliti T. II. Johnwin, catarrh In
throat, in nn kit Nan Aninnln l.lthtt K, Kuhn,
t-atarrb or Itio hi-ad, Denver, tpl.t MIhs Mar
KriiBtT, catarrh of thu throat and film, Novu
Hctitla; Frank Newton, catarrh of tho throat
ami ?)., Kan Antonio, MIm H. Unintlphury,
catarrh of tho throat ami bean", Han Antonio.
xne KMTi A. iirt-Bciifr.ttan Ainoniot w,
nutcrt, n.-trii": Jatnci ltvln, Han Antonio
(.t'orire, tm vf W. U. Daiitrhcrty, blu-rlll Krlo
county, I'rariiall.Tox.! W, V, llorry, Kb.)., Ban
Antonio: J H, Murphy, Han Antonio; 1'.. T.
Alli-u. I'ourfrtlli J. II. Juiivs. Major T.T.Tcet.
The Ktbh-K.'h. llrt-cMllnir.'MvnhnrltlBcltla-
rlBt Major T T. Twl, iti-rflunu 11.0. Had-
i. fitrlctiiro larhrrinaliliictii: L. 11 Ijinihert.
(laujf liter, llcnnorrho?nlo conJnnrilvUiPt An-
mii W A, Carnahnn, Irtdn c ctllls,
Maria, tcrtfluni h
Cha?. Deady, M. D., 0. etACfiir,
HurKCiu to thu New York Ophthalinln
pltal. DlHCHr.es ot V.W., I.Alt, TIlltOAT and
NtMi; an eu-luH.o Kpenalty. Itefiactlon
1 1 slid and eorrett glattM s preset Itcd.
ornci.-4oj r Houston htkkkt.
Oillco hours IMol-'m,! n to ft p.m. .N'oolllco
imiK on Siimlav. I ten Id e nee. 42! Itoiimna
tieet, Ofllco 1uU phono 17. Iteeltk-nee. '.m.
I louston, Texas.
Loading Hotel of tho City. Honci-
quartors ol tile uommoroiai
Mou and Tourists.
TIIOS. IS. UAI.K. - riiOl'lMUTOlt.
Barrel and Cistern Factory.
.Muntitattuiirs kinds, if
Hand-made Cisterns and Tanks
or livery lleeeili't Ion.
hi nurl Hr
Gulf Fish, Oysters, Soft Sholl Crabs
and all kinds of Game to Order.
Oysters, Game, Fish and all tlio
Dolicacios of tlio Season
Sorvcd Day and Niglit.
.Vilest Krcnclt Cooks In eltarvu. l'urlurs
for lutlles up stairs.
Wliolt'salo iiikI ltd nil Healer In
Fish and Oysters
Am ntft'tit fur tho fnllowlnir select brun1i ot
Ojiiori: llcrwlck Hay, MutttKonln Uuy, New
Orleans Lukt?(Mobllu Hunt, lillnxt I'ltuit.XXX
Sclitt uti.l Hi'lt-ct. Slirlmp, Owbs, ImrU ami
oft shell. Will deliver goods tonny part of
tho city free ot charuri'. and will promptly
answer nil mall inquiries asloprJcs. Tole
phono No. av.
I am tunetniitty rtcietoir fresh goods by
Kipit sb, fnr root I refer you to Wells l-'Mryo
tVUs Kipuu s siid TiixnsKxpress Co
TMP0HTANT If you deslro city trude, adver
1 tlMntLo Lltrlit, tbe most itenomlty und
paper In tho city.
Tree il'-llvery sj stt in to till iiiiisllih si
its of tint fit). Hist
Hi All Mtflcrn ImpravoiiK
I. Ldlli!
'IKO of Curs of nnr Desert lition. nml flnlp ftn M.,nM i
ChicaRO, Cincinnati, Louisville, Baltimore, Washing
ton, Philadelphia, New York, Boston,
Ami Other l'rlni-l..tt cities In Hie
tiiri'ralKsikfilKiauil fn.i.i nil
K. Linn Ivtaeen I'll I I.Alir.I.I'lll A ami I.IVi:icrtlill ami lite "llllll UTAH" 8 B. Miit, N
lii'en NKVV VllltK, I'llll.AIIKU'illA lltt.l ANTWHIII-. Kt,r mil Information enll on
.1. S. MncNAMARA.
Tlektt Airt tit, SCI Coliltiii'txo Blreel.
I'. A.. lloiieloii.Teir. T. M.,(iiilr slim, Tex
A. T. Hensley & Son
WIidIchiiIo nml ICctnll Ooitlorx In
Colors in Oil and Japan, Plate and Window Glass.
Strictly Pure White Lead,
Boiled and Raw Linseed Oil, Etc.
233 East Houston Street, SAN ANTONIO.
omen hoom i,
Composition -or Gravel Roofing.
Contractors tor Streets and HIdewalk Tavlnir and Ciirldntrs or Oak and any kind of
Material. Make a specialty of FUIIiir ami (J ravel Walks. Work promptly intended to.
Over lockwood & Kampmann's former Bank, Cor. Ytcrrl and Commerce Streets.
Plans, Hpeclllcntlons and all Information ilealreil by those contemplating to
luilltl ftirnlslictl. Wo acknowledge no superior In the profession. Call and see us.
Ijlle with Itlcf, Horn
LiViiSSlV few
ft ur-?s-
dhir lldlllnultJ
I will put up $500 that I can take
And cure any case of Syphilis or
tee a period ana permanent, cure.
Holo AKdit for tlio Ktittu,
Northwest Corner Main Plaza, San Antonio.
ltifiiktii-1 uii'l Diiiiuoiiit in
tiilinl, iMikliltf riril-slU,
Ili'iuKl A wah. Witrc, Hun)
Tin .-'hop itir tlio iiniinir.iu
14 eoniM' tl'i with 111
I'luiiii.tlj HtU iiiliiHo llvhl
uinl ilelunul Iric to any
Xo. !) AVcst Comiiicrto Stroot,
. nu11dlnff.rvnt9tlal "f H khils. Bhposori,-. A urvrnin.irtmontof (I
ucHntrt uiMiiitj in HifiuK. wo itocii oniistmuiy nn hrt'i.niirifo -imntiUcft or tlm tu
paeiicitj, Halsch'a Barb and Fence Wire. wenrfminwHsrui compel
anJifiioU, Co'jjo mi4 bo convlnooil.
B. SMITH & d
Merchant Tal
34 W. Commerce St.
Ki'fp ill way
j'H nu liui.il n flno lino nf ImmtrtoJ Plnths imtl Ti liniulrl
ofclutln'H tonnlor tit New nrk prlui'i. A Ut nml buistvil
The A;
phono to No,
id te i nsr s
ntsTliruiuh I let wee
llnir at lien son w Ih Tlirnturli Kl...,.... o.
laili.ls In I'.llluil'i: t In il.n -.t Mi'iiti' v u
Ticket Airenl I II. N. l)i it.
(I. I'..VT A.,(liilri'sioii.'i,.tns
pomun m.ocir.
Co., N'ew Orleiins, I.l.l
Stoves, Tinwar", House Furnlsbiog Guii.
Cotton Plant Stovos and Ranges
Tllo BEST on Enrth.
Vnrk Kiiniml 1'iilut Comiiniiy's Mite,! l'nliiU
Hi-si in tut. intirKi'i. i.tirirt' lltifor llritlliur
til Unv I'rlee
...i iv .i.i v i.s r t, ti.M.iii;iit:i; mi uui.t .
Scrofula on earth, and guaran
the Niw t'lmrm, tint Turly
Sim Antonio, Tcxntf.
3 W.
VS'-. Itil'llsliiiitiit llrtlers It
x V Ja Ciilnr ClililtS'iil t it In,
tll I'tiil of Hie eilr.

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