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Neva da Pica^ i iieJ
Editor and proprietor.
THIS PAPER P J1 H.-C.l/: IN. v.‘pnj’ff
Ol.AnSTON'K lias come out in a
manifesto favoring the Irish move j
than ever ho did while in oflico.
The Cadadiun out law, Kiel, nn- j
der sentencesd death, says n miri
cle will save him. GaiLcati said
so too.
Attorney - Gknkhai. Garland;
has bought a tasty residence in j
Washington City, and moved his'
family there
Senator IJkhhy ot tins slate,1
and Senator J I; Alcorn of Mis
sissippi, will deliver orations at
the Helena fair, which opens Octo
ber 20tb,
If the pork crop wan as good
proportionate to the corn crop in
this state this year, a good health}
bonfire might be made of farm
Mr. Lamont, it is said, tears up
all verses addressed to President
Cleveland. Here is another great
man who got his start in life as a
printer’s devil.
Thtj Picayitnk acknowledges
with thanks the reception of an in-:
vital ion to attend, (with compli
mentary tickets) the Port Smith
Fair, 13th to 17th insts.
y — ■ ■« .»_■
Sam JoNF.e, the great (leorgia
revivalist is now at St. Joseph,
Mo., carrying on a meeting, lie is
assisted by Sam Small, an ex jour
nalist of Atlanta, (la.
TtfK September report ol the do
portment of agriculture shows that
the cotton crop of Arkansas and
Texas are poorer than in any other
two states in the South.
David Snow ol Camden, has an
nounced himself a candidate for
the Presidency in 1.388, subject to
his own consideration ami rutiflea
tion. Wonder if he is another,
crank, or is only joking.
DkmH'F is a new kind of fever
that is raging to an alarming ex
tent in some of the Southern cities
of Texas. It is estimated that there
li.is been 3000 cases in Austin. The
disease does not seem to be fatal,
Texarkana is happy. In the
election the other ilav, to decide
the location of the county seat of
Howie caurty, Texas, she won it.
The county seat of .Miller county,
this stale, being also located there,
she is the Capital of two counties.
Tuesday’s* Gazette contained a
nice ske ch oftheiiio ofJuIgo L.
A Byrne of this judicial circuit, but
the wood-cut engraving was not n
very good representation of him.
Judge B, makes nn able otlicer.
and is justly becoming quite popu
New York druggists aro discus
sing coloring morphine, to prevent
mistaking it for quinine, or any oth
er harmless medicine. This is a
good idea and should be adopted
at ones, as it would effectually pre
vent many cases of poisoning, with
frequently fatal results.
a. . . . o ■* ■ ..
Working-men of all classes in
Wyoming have determined that
the Chinese must retire. Many of
the Mongolians in the territory
have already been killed and at
Cheyenne notice has been given
them to leave aUonoo. The labor
question caused the trouble.
In another column we give the
ollieial vote in the late Cong-es
sional election. It proves out
just as we said, the week after the
election—it would not vary much
from 5000 majority for lion. T. l'.
McRae. The exact figures are!
fJl.TJ majority over bis opponent.
Judge C. Ik’.Mitch, r.
—■ — ..
Two United Statue vessels, the
Swatara and Yantic, engaged in i
transporting silver from the mint
at New Orleans, to the treasury in
Washington City, at rived there
on the 25th ult., loaded down
with silver. It is estimated that
w ith ttit* labor in the treasury de
partment, it will take two months
to count it.
Tnk boy train robbers who put
, in their work near Hope four.Nears
ago, and were sent to the peniten
tiary wore pardoned by Gov.
Hughes last week, on all indiet
joenta but the first one, and tin v
w ill be turned out ne\t ye ar. It is
Paid Gov. Hughe- made a mist it.<,
as he was iudueiJ to'do so by inis
r« presentation of a petition largeh ,
Signed. • i
i rip * i S'. L'ud ,
ft rip in band, and in company
with Mr, V,', FI. Terry, wo left
Thursday night on a flying business
visit to St. Louis. Toronto we
were interested in scanning coun
try we had not previously passed
o\ i-r. Missouri did not very favor-1
aldy impress us as a very desira
ble country, it being broken and
soil not very fertile.
{Saw some pretty natural scenery
near Arcadia, Mo., in traversing
lengthy valleys along the riv
er hank with mountains on
either side. Just before ar
riving at this place wo passed
over the llogau mountains, and
the heavy locomotive with Uillicnl
ly pulled the eight passenger
conches up the steep grade of four
We found St. Louis, as expect
ed, a live, progressive, solid city.
All was stir and excitement, the
business season having' fully open
ed, and her great Exhibition being
in full blast.
Went through the large estab
lishment of the St. Louis Type
Foundry and saw how type, etc.,
are manufactured, and bought
such ns we needed. Have not
space or time to describe how
types are made.
The Exposition is in a large
building, covering an entire square
in the heart of the city. It. did not
mlicit interest us,having seen ot.hci
expositions. It is quite a success,
ho wever, and an honor to the city,
(iilmore's famous New York hand
of (id pieces, said to bo the best in
Hit world, play daily in music hall.
The music we heard it discourse,
was fully as good, if not better
than that of the Mexican hand al
New Orleans last winter and
Visited the panorama, ‘\Seige of
Paris.-’ and lbr an hour almost
'imagined ourselves actually be
holding the great historical battle
and snige at Paris in 187U, when
the French were forced to capitu
late and the Hermans took the
city. No pencil can well describe
the artistic ami realistic painting
of this world renowned panorama.
Returning homeward, we stop
ped at Little Rock half of Monday,
in the interest of our paper, arriv
ing here Monday afternoon after
an absence of four days and nights.
Me It a * s Majority,
— Gaa-Uc.
Yesterday morning the mails
brought the result of the ejection
for congressman in Little lliver
county. This completes the list.
The dork give.' ns a reason for the
long delay in receiving Ids county
that ho mailed tho returns Septem
ber 11, and they must have been
miscarried. After the receipt of
the returns from Little iiiw r, t!.
governor issued the following:
l*m>01,A V! ATIiiN .
By th" (tityrriMr of th • State of \rkiinrie.
To nil to wtio.n tlicoi pro.-onta roino may
giv. lino.
Know ye that in pursuance of
tin laws of the United States and
of the State of Arkansas, and proc
lamation by me issued, a special
election was held in the counties
composing the Third eongression
nl district in the State of Arkan
sas, on Monday, September 7, lSs.»f
foi the election ot a representa
tive in the congress of the l'nitcd
States from .-mi 1 Third district,
to till the vacancy caused by the
resignation of James k. Jones;
Whereas, on the L‘-!d day of Sep
tember eighteen eighty-li ve, (1 V'7i
the Secretary of the State of Ar
kansas did, in my presence,cast up
all the votes cast for representa
tive in the several enmities of said
election,as sUown’by the votes cast
in tho counties composing said dis
trict, a fuff, tine mid correct ab
stract ot which is e mtwined in tile
following statement, t' -wit;
Till) Ofttvl.il Y ultt.
Colli: tii-S. AJ 3
' • ....: to* mi
Bradley. | ,VM ]l|
Ciilliiniti. 4.;o 2t‘t
Gairk. .. Upi, r.tl
(Vluipbia. ... 12"0 354
I tails-.. 42.| l a
Grew... .; li).lli ago
lh :np.st«m). . ..' 11'2‘i 1 >S‘i
Hot Spring. . lOP 1 IS
!!.•-.> ,r<l. 87:.
I.aKnyolu.1 210 410
Liubt Kivi-r.. 4i- g|s
'till -.. 7;■' j
Nevada. . . 11 iI >' e:'g
Oimehitii .. I '.iv , ,a
i’iki-.. 480 lag
1“ -Ik . :u • 77
s v or.! nr, i 121
l uiua. j 1131 072
Tufa!.‘ i:;87Ti - 7 !
.Mi-U:i"g , lujoriiy ..
Now, therefor.-f I, Simon 1*. \
Hugh*.-, governor of the State of I
Arkan-as. by virtue of the HUthori
tv vested in me, do proclaim that ;
1 lminas Mediae, in the Tliiidi
congressional district 1:1 the State ■
of Arkansas, is dc’y on 1 cotisiitu
tioimlly elected representative in
the Forty-ninth congress of 'die i
Lnited States <>f America from
the Slate ot Arkansas, in jpd out 1
thu iiu> \pired term of James K.
Jones, iv-igiicd.
in testimony whereof i have here
untn b”i my hand and
caused the great mi il of
' i.-»rl state tn 1m* aliixed. Done
** *" " ■ at the city of Little
Week, I In. Lid day of
Sepiemln r \, I). Is .3.
SntuN l*. IIriiHii;1,
linvuiioi o' .\ 1 !valiras.
F 15. Mo< ita., > et letaiy of Stale.
J. M. I OMihH, Editor.
The High School is but an ad-;
junct to our republican torni of;
government. The former is a do- 1
fcn.se of (he latter. IJoth are the
children of the same spirit, and j
both should he dietished by the .
people. They are peculiarly Amor j
If self-government is regarded;
ns the highest, noblest outcome of;
man's social and political tendon-;
eies, wo must not fail to discover
that which is necessary for its per
petuity. Those states which have
good systems of free schools, first
inaugurated tin* primary school,
afterwards tho High School, then j
the University. The actual wants ,
of the people must.determine when :
tho succesion must take place..
One must prepare the way for the
other. It would he unwise to try
to iuake the educational machine
ry of Michigan or Massachusetts, ;
which have been years in adap
ting means to ends, work without
friction in Arkansas,which has not
risen fully to the second stage of
growth. Arkansas needs better
teaching iu her primary and inter- j
mediate schools, and work must
begin there before the High School
can do its quota of work,
We began this article to set forth
especially the work of the High
School, lteason governs man, and
industry and thrift give him hap
piness. When the higher forms
of reason begin to unfold them
selves to consciousness, and the
higher motives and sentiments
begin to assume sway, then begins
j the real formation ot character,
I which is fixed for life. I’erman
i fucy of habits and the trend of
: thoughts and sentiments ; re made
| iu youth. During tiie years ot
j childhood, the time for which the
primary school is designed, the in
j dividual is controlled "by feeling
: and caprice'’ and perception and
j memory arc* mostly exercised. Hut
l ihe yoatliful'perio ! succeeding this
j demands such facts as will load
j the pupil to success in life. lie
j must have self eont rol, recognize
j tiie rights of individuals, and sym
pathize with them, mast believe
jin the verity of (iod’s laws and
must Strive to “fathom the depths”
: of social and political economy.
'Th. se are the results, then, which
should be the aim of a High
J School course of study. Will tim
' usual course bear the test ? Some
04ie lias said, that “Mathemati s
Natural Science, L .nguage, Lit
ter. ittue ami History furnish the
| information necessary for success
' in life, and provide tlie means for
| securing the desired intellectual
'culture and moral growth.’’ We
j a!! know that Mathematics touches
j upon the formal side of reason,
and puts us its possession of facts
j necessary in the comparison of
(inanities and exchange of values.
The natural sciences give us an
! insight into the beautiful working
' of nature’s Ian s and the corrola
I tion of forces, ond thus aid us to
'control to u large extent our
■ physical surroundings. If the
! masses of the people knew more
of natural laws and penalties, and
' had the disposition to obey, the
■ condition of humanity would be
! considerably ameliorated. In the
i study of languige'vvv find m levels
tin every !»:m l. History, poetry,
'morals and customs all pay tribute
to words. ‘‘Nothing in language
is too small, as nothing is too
great, for it to till with its pres
ence. K very where it can make a
shrine for itself, which afterwards,
it Can render translucent and
transparent with its own indwell
iug glory.’’ Hiches an* couched ,
in the v ulgar tongue of the purest
and most ignorant. Trench says
that, to the student, the discovery ,
of tin fact that words arc “living
p mi is. arc the vesture, yea, even
the body, which thoughts weave
fill* themst Ives, has been like the
dropping of scales from In i yes,
like the* ucijuiting of another souse, I
or t'. introduction into a new j
wi ;.• 1. ■ “ InMOt tl t i .'iisurcs o! pa: :•
disc lie under our feet, with tiiei
beauties and their parts hikI
tiap.iiislied.’’ in study of liters
tare and history, the tho!ifr'its of
the best and wisest are appro
printed. The secret springs of
notion, individual and national,)
are’ ascertained, and manners, cus
tumii.au'd habits i f other men and
other times become our educators
Koua unJ permanency arc tfiven to
-\nipathy and lovn , to (he d*>sites
for tr nth in sprit mil things, to ad-'
miration tortile noble in character,1
ai d to the cultivation of the .Ks
tiietieal, TaiiKsaiii thill history line]
been transformed, within a hun
v.* e d »,4 C»e,.*.u,.y \V1 thill
sixty years in France, by the study
nf their literatures. In the study
;>f literature and history, the pupil
steps beyond the compass of ins
awn experience to the broad gen
eralizations of principles which i
should incite to action.
In conclusion is it possible for
pupils who have been properly gov
erned and instructed by a good
teacher in the High School course
an given above, to he other than
self-supporting, noble nnd patriot
ic? If so, such pupils would be
exceptions. Under our form ot
government, is it not requisite, that i
such instruction bo given?
liar Meeting.
—Little Rock Gazette, of Sunday.
A meeting of the Little Rock Lnr wa- led i
at 4 o’clock- p- m., vest-rAiy. at the chan- j
icrv court room f r the purpose oi taking
action and passing resolutions in regard to
r. Ii. Hamby, attorney at law. .1 !C( as 3d.
Jlorr C It Moore was elected < hn'.rman and
Geo. AY. ■Williams, secretary.
The chair appointed the following attor
neys as a committee on resolutions: John \\
If hick wood, I> AY Jones, AY L Basham, R J
Lea and 1! if itcHi", which reported tin- fol
lowing resolutions, and they were adopted .
Whereas, AA'e have received the sad inteili
ligenee oflhe death of our brother, T R Ham
by, who died cm the morning of Sept, - bo,
lS!So, in the city of Little Rock, and desire t‘
manifest our sorrow at the loss ot one who
has heon so suddenly removed from our
mid.-t, while in the vigor of strong young
manhood, and in the zealous pursuit of hw
el'.oseii profession; therefore la- it
Be.aijived. That in the death of our young
brother our prof--.-•‘ion has lost a member
that gave lull promi.-e ot distinction in t:i*
law. Tuathv elo.-i- application to his studies,
he wa-fast nC-juir ; g the knowb-.!ge that
v. old 1 have giv -i Inm ha -. rank i. In m >b
sion. 1’hat as a practitioner, he over kept in
view tin ■:: ' hi f his profess
w ,s always faithful and attentive to tin* l»u*i*
•ids intru te 1 t 'his --ire. That as a trin-o 1
he was true and kind, and in the private
w alks of life unrl lit and just.
Ti lt w ■ syiimithiz.e w:th ids family in
their bereavement and terrier this poor Inn
ate to his many virtues.
JW !fr.\.'kw.- IhtN AS . J nii.s,
Guo. L. Bamh-.m. R. J. L:-:.v,
15. If. B . rTi.u. < lorn.
Tin- . hair nit' 1 G *o Caruth, to l th
ird Sti.t.-s coi;r:. 1> W Jones, attorney gener
al, to chancery coart and r V Coil-mm to
pc. - .1 ti.e re.- dutinns t i the i iie.uit court.
T- ■ eliair then appoi ited from the law
e!nw'uV.i i’ it Hamby w . a member,
v,r: ■ i- - ;. 'S al' . u Te.ry, C f .Vf-ncii.
W A AYcbber, T K Gild...uand lYoscenting
Allorni v R G I. • a- a committee to c-cort
;n maiu.i tn Pres -"It.
Fin* Salt’.
I have o;i my farm eleven miles
sout!i of l’resvott, one full blooded
registered Jersey bull, and several
tmlf-brced calves. Call and see
them, or call on IIup'li Mode.riof,
Prescott, Ark., tor par'icu! .i>.
Dr. A. I). Wu;;s.
:>a yon 1.Ymh*i to Pres rve Yon;
To brio*; health and happiness to
snll’erm; > * men, is the mission <>t
Bradhcld's Female Uegulator. Try
it and yon will be convinced.
Send for our Treatise on Woman.
Moiled free to nn\ address.
!>::\u;*’r.:u> t’*'R C>.,
Atlanta, <i;t
O’. V. Majors, lustp. of Holla, Mo.,
writes: “1 take pier, sure to add
my testimony to that of hundreds
of others, ns to the e.li aey of
Pkm’kia Ash Hitters. 1 have
not only sol 1 here and in Arkan
sas, but have used it myself, and
ns a regulator of the stomach and
bowels, 1 do not think there is
anythin!; latter. Its action on the
li 'wels is free, without t an.•in,;; any
::rii in; or pain whatever.
V tice to H:iu c:«.
From nml after thi* Jute, all person* nr
i’ rl)idd* ii to Pant within mV cite! •snnn.
Sent. 2 H!i. JOHN bit 111 PA
No’ire to Hunters
On an Vafter this date, all per
sons are forbidden to hunt Wilk
in my enclosure*.
(I. A. IIai.k.
Pres jot t, Kept. SOtli, IS,-*..
Notice f«*vr Publication,
Li- II Ot'Kil'K AT<’A\i' K- .
S • j't. 2S;h, 1- i"
ATOTH-K T-t !IKil;-:«V (MYKN ttmt to
jA f"e" ivi. !■■-:: 1 111 -1 >e!ih"' hit- Jii'"t I!"'.
,»t hi. ii.Li.'c .a I,, ii, iki limil pro if in imp
j 1, i * :f i '• hi'. : l n • I tll.lt «ii.t jll'o'ot wilt lie j
K-!',,r« t. (■ Jlkil*l Cl Ni l 1 hi CH-t-ll
Ar!».. at mi N"\ in! -, r Hth, t-'v*". ■
\ I/; Hi nry if K '■•iii'.' , N 'V.rht cmvi-V . 1 hi.
i nlrv N i. tori „t the ■■, IT,
■Ip.'10. 11 J. \Y.
II M im.- t'. foil i ■. '')■* to pron
hi- c oitiru oi n-iik1::, :■ iij'oii. Mini < oltiva
ion ,,|’f „iiii I, \i : W illt.on I, t'oei.e, !
I.,-,,-! ” Hr’. . >!rv:-K M rr-w .'t i t Wil- ;
!:a ii I) Steimrt, of Pre-outt, J,'. nu'u e . '
A ri.an.,
S. \V. M At,'.' 01Y. Il< t'-iv!.
Of Utile Ruek Arl.. e;i« U#kw<l J.ui. Ttf.
!S7i U.e >ri» iran il Oot. 1. 1 >1 B»? Kim- *o vUit
rr tfiU ccA’irtfv for cir< u)hi \ efv:ei:oi*y
el w iv 1 • ci e. A A RO N'jJAI.EH. 1 ‘tvM «Jten u
A valtiahlo mh,*’mvis» farm f»r .-»!**. sitll:\- \
te 4 I ) tut 1 a iinii* iniliM Smith < t’ •<
i !i :r* h m*i ! -v*J. • •! half mite away. TOO at re> i
re<i lam! ;*i Ixui - ,o in i uiii\ atim; muh r -.m i 1
fence. l»iM. 1 i, U.enee and 1 an, n...! ]j>
p’.ied viih go ni itrl.-iah water, from t,vo
in rflovt in'c»• wells. Farm pari of cetiili* oi J
< Lor.. land. uud mu.-t. \> *«,<!.
J I CLf’- >1 AN! *.' ? v‘» I
Eilitoi.. .1 Or)-- t <
Below wo h«n<:l you letter on a grnte
fu'i heart, which ; lit |m and pubh-i. 1
in the Vnimlsfyino, Tevn-'. Knt< .•pri->
without our knowledge a'I.lial-liiel'i, !e:d
v.-e dnrii'o te e'.vc if | tihl. :i It.: '-'.yl »•
\V« ?Jarui‘.stl.v Kntreat Kwry S if
i'criiiff \V< iiuii ■.cnn Sole-1 Bits
to iitail it Cure fully and
’■fi . Edita —"An < mut of prevention i.
h. tier than n | min1 . < nr,'1 s .1 n pe'iiel of
cure i- better than n ship-h aid of argu
ment in youi coi.iini.-s i MS' one - lime
fi-:o an advert!-•: ' i f i in■ m ir -- iidieii
BridfollTs Female Itcguliitoi and the wmi
derful results trom its r,sa: and in my wi.e
had hi.sm a Mi'torer aril invalid for fifteen
\e.ar- from yr. i)i. '■> lid cm !■ -a .1 tie
warn if and ; .. eon lnei.-! rat! , and the .1
io c, :dd do her la • 1, 1 was jiorslI.'iCvai
I . trv the reineiv.' : i 1 * nl ior tw 1 -1 ' i
tlos. an I '. 11' ■ • ill! that she improve ! so
nine’, i M lit feraeote ; a .a:/- die i
now able d bar .am jim 1 <v • an 1
goes libi.ut wnoiv, or a! 0 ple.e e.-. 1 am e'll
(l.leiit she is perma'ii'ently i 'red. i -.• nt for a
lot of tin* non lerliil u d" ;l .abater to
m'H, mid t vi ry bottle that I imve hi-e • ‘ » "1
ba- given eompleti) .-ati-fneliou and the re
sults are in e • ery ease all limt eoilld be de
With thnnl:* to the “Ktiierjuise," wham
(lilirtl iiiV attention t1' it, aim to tile llrabtiehl
Regulator Cm, tie1 p-oprietur of this great
boon, I mu gratefully, vonrs.
J. \V. Davis.
I*. S.—Yon .am publish this or nut, a
vou ?ee tit. 1 ut for the ben i of woiih n, I
hope you wii!.
Anvonc who d.-uht tie' gomii’l'an of
tiHS above cun write to Mr. l)a\is, who will
give all particulars.
"Wo arc constantly receiving such volun
tary testimony.
Send for *ot;r Treatise on Uh ami
hnj'p'me- of Women," umile-l free.
T:ib H.n.M-FrKi.!' Usort non Co.,
llo . - , Atlanta, tin.
This mdlelnc, •?•••? Jr-*: 7u*4
vegetable t* ■ • r»-: <* • ; • '•
<’i:rr-t 1, f . mir *•.»*.«. \\ *• • k ■ »> ..
Impure ali-.m :.t,t v-*
1 ne1. ■ 5 1.
I ft to -u» ut. ..r.ir r-. v •*./ fur Lj.m.
Ji Wuryv* n .* ’ Ft e r.
I it it; In • i (l . * f - » '* • I ' ’ ' 1
I TT’ornon, n:,<l ml \.\ • 1 1 «i< n
ItdoGR not injure the U • h.c ;i:. « he.r • • r
i»rx.ur<» 7ro->» r'h'-iiu«<to.
Itt it:v. ml 1 j> rii:. t r d ""h - '
the opt :it*;- i.y.H » • c a;. ;• c «h uy
tic res Her.rtb'.irn a. i ml< 1;.* -v tvici »■!: a•:,*.! •
ci's the n.ue*h s fliHi T*v.rvfT*.
K«»r In:. rir-'U-nl r . r>. I.r.r: !*. 1. .
Energy. *vc.t it ha* 1 -> tipirl.
j iQ- TiieKcr.i’lne hiwumc. »*trr.eb nark i.r 3
. -ro^cil rcl lis. h wi. w .ui'jw-r. lake iir»nthi 1
I W..U .-I.;. •* * M’VMtrAL «'<}* R*LYI*..UK, HU
John F. Stratton> Celebrated
_ RySSfA« 2t!T Y'rJlfH STRING:'
. The BrronyoBt, i*ost I>*.ru lu
and Rest Ton-.i String in tho
world. Every Htrinff warisntod.
KoStrinjs Soli r*Retail.
lair rter and Vthjl#s.i!o J»•*..»x
la J»IuL.'~,n! Merchandise, M«S'
Loses & Lrana Band lustrurneutH
49 KftMeu Lane, New Fort.
VJSI IJll* V'*’
Unrivalled !n Appearance.
Unparalleled in Simplicity.
Unsurpassed in Construction.
Unprecedented in Durability.
Unexcelled in Economy of Fnei
Undisputed in BROAD CLAIM of feeto, fc
Ever oiToicd to the Public
JttAnn <. : \v by the
Ho*. '232, CM, r.C1' }T, Mam -h
C;ur« Du iousnros. Dyspepsia, 5= k hc-.d.aome,
ach. bao Breath . Vertigo. jAunim » Oyksth y
jyn * oiix r.y.an *fjce, to cent**.
ASK fori1U.KUKAN5 - Tak* UuMltni** MbiMl
i. narnddvtMMirprS&oii. lu ri'an.t*. Su'd I. DnufirMft
ai*4 I'.-r. .*. t «v«jr>'whorn. ' ♦ x.i fur t’ir> a!>»r..
J. F. SMiTH A CO., Bolo t,t. Lcui». Mo
. “ o
W ork to iiiu
Xot of tlso Sum, font of Low PrjCCg
EJry-CJoo:!*, ^niiozis, i'suthiii^, rlc , etc., and
I'2ou;', Xiz:\i. SLard aij«! Wtwricx <«cu<>r;»t^
Astonisliiiisly Xjow Paioca ’’
A complete slock of General merchandise always kept on b;ni,j ai)>
wo propose to meet any competition.
Come and TTest "CTs.
. tr.a ssi'BA', saotjiJr..'93.s*Y & < &
Prescott. ,irk
mvemsmrsresnxim-r-jr^mrjKvn. w^r. r x-jrojrjrjmonaKjmm msmmmmnmmn f
✓ ?
FINE dime IS
mil ill WATCIES,
17 fli’nnoriQP wo?
Clotla.Ira.gr 23!a,ts, dec.
mo v i & i <0 rv h .
essrs. W. Leake and \V. N. Prater, Salesmen, with c. i)i k
!:o\ de in the ollice.
We invite old and a tv customers to come and see us.
m m 1 fii m m 5 *
\i 3 l, w?is .e feats I I
| i . ’ Works#
V, ' VI'F. < // "A''.' • ILIJH I.Y
£3tat uaiTT-,, McraiA moats,
II.SP lies, Cojiii.-t:, Furnit’ac ; i:d i !i;n; ilk; S! A, Tilin'", r-t
, r-s
HiiildR'j W'«rk of evt-y ! •( Fit k ln rr-'T’v i.tmx hi »vk, wlsD-S 1i is no 14
• jvvior. All \v«n I ur? isl i. :ily a!i.l n.i’ily ti-L •Satiaf 1 ctiou ^up.raut. • I. CorrwwU'JoB
■ * C
/TWIT U rfl 4 4'v Pia
1,11 AS. .3., ii 1-u,
nmifact tires ami Dealt rs in
kli, Doors, Blinds, ficlura Frames
Wall P«,por and WDpJo'.v Si3h.
:>3‘ IVtn.l iw IP;ne i'*, niul Illiud*,
and Sant pics of Wall P.i]»er Kuril Mho 1 on a;»p!ie ition. Also sample
Cards of Mixed Paint.
Sole of‘■'•cliool Lunds.

\\ liorvMs tliei’-' Inn a petition • oil
by a majority of the inhabit:!]!*- in tho to'., i -
' ship in wliich -retion (in) low: hip (11;
I South, r»ntie twenty (20) West, i- situ .t.-.t
I jin-anted to Ini' for the sale i f the -elio. I
, lam! in said s -rtiou.
j Notieo is hereby given that I will olf"r f..r
isle at pul dir Mil'ti >11. at tli ■ n*i House
| door, in the tow.i "I t V'-'utt, Nevada e.ion
tv, Arkansas, on tin* nth day of t)>■ 11>'• ■ >*,
1 sHo, it In ilia; the 11 rat day of the in",*' tor u
of tho County Court of said eouutv, the fol
l i. lit; l.-.pd, t "-wit: NK1 ..it’ih Ski of 'eo
; •" I . '' • v n h'p f 1, hi .'ll. Hal '; •!(» Wo :
' Slid - ile to he for i ish in hand. Said land
; to hriujjat said " le at least tlirei'-fourlhil of
I its ufipraised value.
Hii ' ii under my hand this 20th day of
| Ait'-:': If"'’. Osi'ar 1’imii's Shell 11'.
V fl
nf.Ki . T. ('UlnKsTKIl, )
, .. Ark., \iii-. 1. 1K.U-, ,
.; . - i . '.i, , . \ . I . if.i. K „
I i.ntum A y.iu,* Stitnnlu in mv
inti , v I* r mvr u \."ic, l liuVf tfivna i* to
*:' ll>’it* «•«.•» !:■;■ t'n ..in,vii |11.i.
I.'i.l i M,(l. im. ■ r .M Ii hat ,mu i!i»v ii,
■•'■I M ' li .• f • »liijt. mill l,‘vi : |»M',iuuict,tlv.
! 1 i.nru ■■ s .u u .t r. mu1 :,s i inn■ t-i
Vi IT' l. t !l-< ,li^ .1 • , t i sll’iinirr ','11 is to
’. it ivi'mill it' tl.f. J„., p,.. „f t|„. ,1
Si.M. > uorv nv.nri ol sm-;, „ i . ntmly 1>i,>j,,
I.ittli' l!o(i \r!,„ it v-'oiiM ).,• k..iM nut' j.,
trni'i i, It i - < ■.! .ill v tin. . . ■ hi,, t i- -.
fi.r i-tiills on .rt).•
* Vnur • Trolv.
v t. nnor.sTK;:.
I’nl. < lii.lmt, r is kin.vvn llinninlioiit th<>
' "ill Ii ms tin‘. ! • 11 -n t ,mi I it r 11' s t 'Mur" imi
v mi'. : "t' *.l.i*i.itiii
mam ammm am «■ ■ — -
tiourjiAt.i: ham:.
P l iaid to ii ill. J of I.iotta u- . '; o',,'!'" :
bv Will! hi Normanmid hi* who Kli
P, No ,"11 ni. imJ ,,f (bit ■ I bo twoutii tli day uf
April, I-vxJ. >> n-’oiiro i rtiito, indobt ■d'l*'t
■ f - .id William Norniim to inn. and jj'
'vlil-to oi the authority therein pivrn, I
Almidny, November Will, 1HS5,
at t' fro, | door of the court house, in '
■ t l ie.i in Nevada County and SI '
\ idei i,:o, between the Unar.s of Iff " | 1
the forenoon mid !l oYlor k in the iiflei'imo1
■ ■!' aid day. i ll at publie vend le, '■
•liniu I bidder, I t eMail, the todow:1' •
-■•'ribed t ri.ei w p:.r.*.-!.-i of Innil, sit"
said c.onnli' i f Nf'vr.il i via : The »xx’. 11
1. i of III. ■ \ of*,, lion the IV A of «•
■'1 and km] of • ■etloM 21, uml tU<>' ] ol I
,o. j an 1 I,., | I' the n\i j of •• •etioii all 1
I otrie hilt 11 ...nitli, in r in.ye 2! w.vt. *.'*•*
ttniiiiiif ill ail six Jiundred Iiere.r, more or
tl.'i tliii body of land ix situated wfd »
know a it* tli.- William N irntali [>! it t.i.i *T.
It lies about two and one. Unit in*.'"'
.11 to,,ii of t’rosoilt. mill is -aid !
..! ]., ihrii;- *11 N v . int’o'i ty ' -
tho f.dlowiiie: ir.e U or p'arevl' of l,,:'d, s a
i i II i ■ 1 l ’ i i'll ■: ' id a
' -i, i'- .. ’ la** i K • x ! •’
1 sad I o x\-j if the i.'.v] i l
T.i .rilsll'p 1 I ■ nl'. U i ‘ r ill ;'
o;o mu InindroU and - i-1 »' ner* 111'’
1 ks. 'iUifeix also a farm oj i't'1'
Io il-. o land. I",l 11'" 1|. a*1
lUereon ar n l ins^oed re j »tr.
on olioix d |t o, ‘oi.'i in I,: " nil' ’ .
ia \x at is !x : ,xvn lis the >: icioal 1
»- x ■! -id town i f I’rt-- e'l.
x, Uleli tlnj. is a wood il 2.02 hoi • .
del, et, ;, »1 o. Unit part of lot Min
I'M nunioet 2o, in said milmed '
i 1 toe i freutinif OOfeet on vvM Iff" •
an.' '.'I feet o|i \ve t loiiin stria'll •' ";'j
iiiiinbo'e ! .V,i in Hind Heolt - lido *•']'
t Men of fiv-i itt, on Uii Ii i- sitmd |
dxv Uiiiw Uoiiso and . thor improv ' j . .
l!" -xx ! of lot numbered 7 in llh-elc
ed 41* in Isiuedd'orin.i'li 0; Kta '*
to said toivn of Presentl, oil \vUie!' '■
also n small dwell 2 house. ,, ,,
Said Uds and ti'.iei -of bind v. ,11 Ui
pn tint part of tlie illilnl>tedlle-i S ' 1
aid Mi i t.' il' xvliii li 1- unpaid. 1 11 ‘
to id] 111 popmly i. s,,;.,*. "d to 1" ‘"dr
puled. Tin] I'lwlit of o,,prai*eii.e:it a"1' 10
d' >111 1 ■ o, i- xx.i'v ‘il by I lie M'l'li'iiifio
S' plumber, 2dtli . 1 Std.
( U A-ltl.KU C. PI'l’H
Py Moj.t.pouciv ^ u 1.,,li". Id- A:*'.'
Old ]m|i"rs f»r s;ili* at this i lli'®
at UNy cent - ]><■ V luilnll t«1 ■

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