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Nevada Picayune.
Prescott, Auk., Oct. 1,1885.
Entered at the Pnstnfliro, Pri'-cott, Ark., as
Second Olasa Matter.
,1 column, one year,.$100.
, ‘ 65.
i 03
Professional < «r U, 1 square. !-•
Business Cards, 1 ,, 1J.
Job Work Neatly executed.
kailboau time card.
Sr.Louis, Iron Mountain a Southr’n
601 Passenger.Ci** A- M
603 Passenger..COM u. u.
602 Passenger. 10:21 A. ’
601 Passenger...0:o2 p. >s. ;
W. B. lUurt", Agent- j

- —o
Cotton S 3 4 cents.
Go to Dan Ward’s for best 5c
The refreshing shower of Tues
day did much good.
Shooting hats late in the after-i
noon is getting popular.
Finest brands of whiskies,wines j
and cigars at Ran Ward s.
Hon. T. C. McRae visited Little ;
Rock the first of the week.
Rest 5c cigar in town at
Geo. CYossnoe’s.
Twenty-two new pupils enrolled
in Prescott school last Monday.
Good pastures, for cattle, for
rcI,t. J.T. Brooks.
Richmond & Steele want mill
hands. “*•
Full line of canned goods, etc.,
cheap for cash. Geo. Crosnoe.
Rev. Joseph Baker is carrying
on an interesting meeting at Gui -
The PlCAYUIfK ami the Amen
can Farmer one year lor the price
of one—$1.30.
“Interview Monoriof A Bros.,
the live Drug men, they keep 'Sn
tanta Remedies’.”
Wo are pleased to learn that
friend Frank Rudolph, is doing
well at Nashville, Ark.
Woodbery, Fortis & Terry say
they have got the lead on meat
and'Hour and intend to keep it.
Frosh Oyster* and l A*l w Trout
nt the icB house every Thursday.
George Crosnoe.
I have a lot of the famous “Jer
sev Red’’ pigs lor mle.
J. T. BbooKs.
Just received by Stahit<*n & V •
gwkin nt Finnn t. oito carload of
salt, which they wllfself cheap
Automatic and all kinds <>f sow
ing machines repaired. All work
guaranteed. Joe Kershaw.
Go to J. O. Howell's for School
Books, School Supplies and all
Kinds of Stationery.
Don't pass J. M. Price & P-ro.
] tough ton, they keep til l the ‘An
hint a Remedies.”
The largest stock of goods in
Arkansas at Sidney P. Wood s,
20—4t Hope, Ark.
Fresh Stick and Fancy Con
di e* always on band at.
Geo. Crosnoe'*.
Woodbery, Port is & Terry have
bought more cotton so far. than
any firm doing business in lies
Taylor’s double strength Baking
Powder—money in every pound
box—for sale at J. H. Kershaw &
Sugar, entire, nu nt and grocer
ies, uli sold at the very lowest pri
ces, at Staintoh * McSwnin's, F.m
inet, Ark.
Mr. Smith has christened his
narrow guago railroad to Okolouu,
the Southwest Arkansas & Indian
Territory lt’y.
Mr. J. R. Hodge of Nashville, is
visiting our town this week. He
lias a good situation there with
Mr. Ike Lowenstein.
Engines, Hollers and all kinds oj
machinery re|iaireil at the foundry
and machine shops of K. L. Cobh
i Co., Little Hock, Aik.
Ttie celebrated Nnw IIomk anil
Wnm: Sewing machines, at S. W.
AVhitk’s the JEwET,Ktt,IIope, Afk.
Write for lowest prices.
Mr. J. J Gaston has bought out
Mr. Ira 1*. Rudolph, and is now
funning a nice .confectionery ahd
fancy grocery, at »amc stand.
We arc requested hi announce
that communion service- will be
held at the Cumberland Presbyte
rian church next Sablulh mqtvjdug
ut-il o’ clock. \
Mr. Alf. A burrow left Mojidav
for St. l/ouis, to.meet his Wife and
bubo, who are on their way boms
from Europe Mrs A, has bcfp
nwnv keyeral mouths, visitlpg J/^r
imrents in England. \y'
■\V"X>'ci£D — EvcjyJjody^To Vptwv
that we sell gooils us cheap :a any
house this side of Little Rock.
Si ai>ruN A- M< Swain.
Emmet, Aik.
l’ev. M. Traylor is assisting in
tlie meeting now going on at Gur
Tli o new stock of '’holf groceries
at Woodbery, Portia & Terry's
ntako a pretty show,
I defy competition from r.vy part
of the world. Sidney T>. Wood.
L’O—it Hope, Ark.
Woodbery, 1’ortis Terry are
again at the front with a splendid
stock of new drygoods & grocer
ies. j
fitainton & McSwain at Emm^t. j
are constantly receiving new goods j
which they arc offering at the low-:
eet prices. J
Cotton is coining in at the rate j
of thirty to forty bales daily. A- j
bout .100 Dales received here up to j
date, this season.
Engines, Raw Mills. Corn Mills'
Cotton Gins and Presses -It. L
Cobb & Co., 120 East Markham St.,
Ltttle Rock, Ark.
Friend I’edeu Blake ( of Littlo
Rock, spout Sunday in town. Wo
arc glad to know he is doing well
at Quinn <fr Gray’s big establish
Meeting (kis been going on out |
at Midway church the past week, |
and sonic of our young folks have
attended some of t ie evening sor
Just received by Stainton A' Mc
Swain of Min mot, a oar load of
fresh Hour of the best brands,
which they are selling at rock bot
om prices,
Messrs J. \V. Wilson and B. H. j
Butcher and Kider Hitt of Bough- ;
ten, attended the lied River Bap1
tist Association at Ai kadelphia, as
Dr. J. A. Pipkin traded for some
valuable town property at Abilene, |
Texas, during his late visit out j
West, He also bought a valuable!
farm near there.
Mr. Pet Hoi Ionian made a busi
ness ' it.it to Camden j esterday. |
He also visited his father in Ouaeli- j
ita county last woek, and report!
crops good thore.
Wo ,-eo from the Hope Mercury
that Mr. John Weber, the tailor,
formerly at this place, lies located
there, lie has many friends here,
who wish him success. /
Prices on dry goods and groetrt"
ie£ are lower than ever for a g/od
article. Womlbery. Portis & Ber
ry say they will not be under.-ldd
land want it distinctly under d mil.
Mrs. Batouretto and daughter,
, Miss Ida, we uic pleased to lenriV.
have decided to remain in Pr.*s-i
colt, at their present home. Missi s j
Minnie Coimcveyaml Mattie Owen
wiil lodge with tlijem,
T/»f 'Pirtiifttuetf/ib QUifc
tr i If tf t: i*'i fit /<’ S.iit fr floeI:
n.ttf St. Bjvr.is inter';.
8l*ork tlonr iiree!!*;.
l'or bargains in Shoes, go to;
! .Stainton it M. S.vaiu’s, Rniinct, ■
Ark. They keep a complete stock
! of Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.’s cel
ebrated boots, and shoes, which
* they selling cheap for cash.
Messrs, \V. K. Atkinson, O. B.
Moneriof. O. S. Jpnes and Rev. T.
.1. Butcher, attended the Red Riv
er Baptist Association, which met
at Arkadelphi i Friday. They went
ns corresponding messengers from
this, Union Association.
All those who want any thing in
the Jrwki.kv line, can And no bet
ter place to trade than at S. W.
White's. Hope, Ark. He keeps a
j good stork, and pays prompt atlen
' tinn to all orders entrusted to bis
j care. Send him your orders.
We are requested to announce
that the Nevada County Medical
; Society will meet bore next Tues
I day, the Gtli iust. It will hold its
session in Rudolph’s Hall. Physi
cians of the comity and Assoeia
! tioti generally, are cordially invit
j ed to attend.
We saw a beautiful crazy quilt
Monday afternoon. It was made
of silk, embroidered and painted^
by Mrs. W, II. Terry. She makes
lior sister in St. Louis a pro sent of
it. She will enter it for prize at the
Exposition there, and wo doubt
not will receive the award.
Mr. Sid Wood, the mammoth dry
goods merchant of Hope has some
i thing to any to onr readers this
I week. A p.Vrt of the trade from
'the lower portinu of tills county
goes to that place, and we advise
jail who do, to go to see Mr Sidney
1 Wood, for he will sHlgorrrt*alienp.
i We arc mtlch pleased to know
j our friend W. tf. Terry will open
: a banking house in Prescott, hav
iThg succeeded Driggs & Co.'s bank
| by purchase. The new bank will
bo called the “Nevada Comity
' Bank,” and will temporarily do
. business in the merekautile house
j of Woodbery, Portia & Terry on
| Front St. 'Mr. Terry, the cashier,
is jTgehtloinan of tine busiiVi S tal
i perfectly honest and r. liable.
We wtsk Ul‘u if eat suseesr*. See
card ciaewhere.
Miss Ilettie Ilinton returned
from ArkadelphiA Tuesday.
Mrs Vanglin and daughter, Miss
Queen, have been visiting at Em
met this week.
We are glad to see Mr, I) U
Madden convalescing and able to
be out a little, after Lis protracted
spell of fever.
We have loss short locals this
week, but have,other matter quite
as interesting, \re t'ms't. Our cor
respondents, and tributes to the
di ad tit! up considerable space.
Messrs. Quinn & Gray, the big
wholesale and retail dry goods
merchants of Little Hock* have an
announcement in this i«snc. Their
regular ‘hid” will appear next
week. Look out for it.
While iu Little Rock Monday we -
went through the splendid eommer-1
eial college. It is complete in ev
ery department, admirably arrang
ed, ami doing finely under the live
President-, .Mr. Aaron Sales. Young
men can get a fine business train
ing here.
I am selling goods for the great
anti-oppression merchant, Sidney
Ii. Wood, Hope, Ark,, you can buy
goods of us cheaper than any
house iu the State. My friends it
will do you good to price oar
goods. Yours truly,
2(5—2t, James L. White.
George Beard, colored, who was
scut to the penitentiary from here
last fall lor stealing meatetc,, from
Mr. J. T. Brooks, has written him
an importunate letter uskiug him
to try. and secure his pardon. He
said he had learned a lessou. Mr.
Brooks under all the circumstances
can do nothing. Let this serve as
a warning to other darkies.
We had a pleasant call yesterday
from ■ Mr. John Rchinnerer, who,
with his bride 1ms just arrived
from Riiey, Indiana. He is a son
of Mr. Christopher,'Rchinnerer. and
thinks of locating on his father’s
line farm out near Mr. W. II. Fran
cisco’s. Mr. S. is a very plcasaut
young gentleman, and we extend
to him a waijM-wrb*mTiTT; UTHTTntsii
he wijddTc highly pleased here,
^r-^r. V. K. Hamby died at Little
Rock Saturday and was buried here
Sunday morning. Rev. R. M.
Traylor preached the funeral ser
mon atK a. in. Mr. II. was a ris
ing young attorney. Wo sympa
thize with Ids ‘brother hero and
other lclatives in their atll.etion.
Iu another place we publish the
proceedings of the Little Rock bar.
lSeliad a pleasant call Tuesday
froinatfrwu^.. E. S. Cook^ajid-''' AV.
T. Jobe from iTtOT rToneavillo.
They showed us one of the paws
ct the large bear killed on Big
Cauoy crook Monday, an account
of which appears in our correspon
dence from Heiieaville. We were
glad to add Mr# Jobe's name to cm
list of subscribers, accompanied by
the cash, and also to receive' what
was Une us from Mr. Cook.
Messrs. F. It. 1! union of Troy, N.
Y„ and Peter l’eyuolds, of Iowa,
wlio liavo been prospecting in tlii
section, have formed a copartner
ship and will build and run si saw
mill on ‘lie railroad near Bough
ton, this county. They will also
manufacture shingle?, Mr. Barnes
lias returned north,and will move
his family to this place. We wel
come them and wish them suc
During the past two weeks, the
following gentleman have subscrib
ed for or settled for subscription
due the Picayune: J LGodley for
daughter, Miss Ida at Nashville,
Teuin; Peter Durant, John
Shrievcs, Wm. Ilnrgus and S T
Boyd, Prescot I; J L Satterwhite,
Z \V Baily. and E S Cook, Bour
laml’sStori; J L Ilarhison, Tex
as; Harmon Schwind >, Ind.; ) G
Hill, BlutrCity; Juo A Cook, Fal
con. \\rc have prr hably omitted
the names of some.
I now have the largestand most
I complete line of the Latest Styles
Dress Goods, Ladies .Jersey.'. Ne w
Market wraps, Hoots and Shoes,
Huts, Groceries Ae., that was ever
brought to the State, that I am
selling at. prices never known he*
fore in Arkansas. If you want a
big price for your cotton and goods
cheaper than you can get them atotli
er places, cal! on the anti-mooopo
plist nt Hoe,
2d—2t. Sidney L». Wood.
Democratic Mass Meeting,
A mass meeting of the Demo
crats of Nevada county is hereby
called to be held at the court
house in l’rescott, on Saturday,
thu 10th diiy of October, 18*f>, to
appoint delegates from said coun
ty to a Democratic Stale Conven
tion to be held in Little Itock, on
tiuORud day of October, l '';o, ior
tire purpose of nominating a camli
date tor Judge of the Supreme'
Court. A. 1>. Wnr.N,
Chiu’n Dem. Co. Cell. Com.
beptembc" IS So. i
A New Dral.
The new editor and proprietor
of the Picayune expects to make
a number of changes in the appear
ance and general get up ot the pa
per, iu other words to have a new
deal. To this end he left for St.
Louis Thursday night last, and laid j
in a supply of newest and prettiest
job typo, disply typo etc., and a
bran new heading and dash mles,
the whole costing near $100.
Lust week an ‘'Educational Do
pastment” was introduced, which
will be continued, as at present j
under editorial chaige of Prof. J - .
\V. (Jonger
Tho “Agricultural” department |
will be kept up as heretofore on
fourth page. 'Contributions for it
are respectfully solicited from any
of our farmer friends.
As stated heretofore, special at
tention will be given to local news,
transpiring in Nevada and contig
uous counties. We already have
spi -y and good correspondents at
Hope, Hotieavilio and Emmet, and
will be glad to have weekly news
from other post offices.
Other improvements will bo
made. Next week will use, our
new heading, etc. Onward aud
upward shall be our watchword.
Now,while we arc making this now
deal, which costs more painstaking
labor as well as expense, we want
our patrons to come forward to
our assistance financially. Wo are
always glad to receivo kind words
of praise, showing that our work
is appreciated, jet it takes money
to run cv en a country newspaper,
and we are fully as much, if not
more pleased, to receive money
due us. We hope our many sub
scribers in arrears, will respond
promptly to this call.
Yloueai i I It* Happenings.
Fanners are gathering corn.
The health of this community is
generally good.
Crops arc shorter than was ex
pected some time ago.
Ilonoa and O It McDaniel
hfcyc opened up their f ill stock of
SoWy to hoar that Mi A I’Green
and fi^nily are ljiug so low with
fever, j 1 hope they will soon ho j
bet ten and up again.
1 nil sorry for A II Hick—afraid j
he’s/olton to„ aid to marry, bu* j
! tho/i is some chance vet as there
1 J et some widows in tho neigh
bul hood,
lion. K. Mitchel, tho muchly
defeated candidate for Congn.-s
it ii> said, has routed Mr. D 1* Sat
tcrwliite’s farm, ami wants to work
it on shares.
F. W. Burdett has completed hi
new house. The girls’ bait took
! well, though he still crosses the
Big Branch. I think ho will bring
some some girl to a new home bo
tore long.
There is a new postoUieo at Iloir
oaviile Sonic of tho hoys have
nicknamed US •’Slocuin,” 1 hope
the gcople will get out their mail
regularly from now on. Everybody
that wants to got their mail chang
ed, must order it to iloncaviltc.
Early Monday morning Messrs
O-lJ McDaniel, W T Jobe, Sylves
ter Ilonoa, Green I’dake and oth
ers, went out bear hunting. Sever
er a I wore jumped near the Edmon
son crossing and Esq. Cook’s pluce,
and Grroen B. killed one of them.
O. K M; D shot and k> Jti a tine
buck. The hoys whooped for joy.
I There has been signs of t hree hears
i in the neighborhood for some time,
j 1 have one of the fore feet of hear
; at “.Slocum,’Mn show for itself.—
j Have just eaten a fine mess bf the
| incut. • Bla Eve.
Km met Rtoll lugs.
1 Om farmers ard very busy gatli*
j ering and hauling off their cotton.
Prof. J. W. Faust, of Little Dock,
is still hero, as jovial and lovely a
a spring rose.
The young folks had a v ery tine
time at the sociable last Monday
I night, at Father Garlands,”
i Mr. Albert Praton and his sister
! . liss Lola of Magnolia are visiting
trieuds and relatives at this place.
Mr. llafe Alsobrook, and Miss
| Mattie Daily were married this,,
Tuesday ufternoon by Uev Duo W
j Logan.
The singing society still booms,
and will tuuiah music for all tlmt
desires, except not to shig **Twi
! light musiilgs/'l
It is thought Dr. MoSwaiii and
others have concluded to move to
Texas, since the Mississippi doc
tor made his appearance, and the
leaving of the 40I100I mistress.
A certain young doctor, frcGi
from the Mississippi bottom has
i just made his appearance hero,and
i broke down Little Itbck, Mugno
■ iia and Kldonulo, Verily, some
! body wants to hang him.
j O. V. i
1885 Fall Opening. 1885
Little Rock, Ark.
! ZESegrnlsur std.. in. tlaJLs space noart
; -woolfe. X^ool* out for it.
Kays of IImim' .
Hope lias shipped about .'150bales
nf cotton tdneo Sept 1 :, ISJ,5.
I)r. Daily. accompanied by bis
son. was in town last Tuesday.
Mrs. !). G. 1 licks, of Batesville
is visiting ber mother, Mrs, Mack,
Carey Gates is ‘'on his pegs”
again nftor his severe billions at
Our farmers report ‘‘more bog
and hominy” for another year than
Sidney P. Wood has purchased
j over 100 bales of cotton this sea
The Baptist State Convention
;■ civein’s .it ii pc, the latter part
of Oc toiler.
J. F. Martin paid 8 B 4c for cot
ton this week, and is wanting more
at the same price.
j Will Oates, of the firm of Mitch
ell Oates it Co., lias his •'headquar
ters in the saddle,” now.
Mrs. Trimble, of Spti:ig;ield, O.,
j retuniod with her daughter Mrs.
I Meadows, and will spend the win*
| ter in Arkansas.
The United States marshal came
‘down la.-f Monday and puttliojew
! els of his office on ono lien Davis,
| who lives near Pulton. l'oit is
wanting by Uncle Sam on the
charge of perjury. When Walker
Ferguson, colored, wanted to make
bis bond as postmaster at Fulton,
Ben went to his rescue and swore
be was worth £U,01K), over and
above exemptions and liabilities,
but when Walker Ferguson’s ac
count with the government proved
to be several hundred dollars short
in cash, lien said ‘‘1 h’aint, strati
Tribute ot Uespert*
Whereas, our Heavenly Father
in the dispensation of His provi
dence has taken from our Sunday
j school and church circles, the
i cheerful presence and sweet iullu
Jenoeef our aged Brother, I). L.
, i Latourette,
, Therefore, Be it resolved, that
' the Sabbath school children have
sustained an irreparable loss ia
I him a. a friendly counsellor and an
I exemplary adviser. That the
'1 church has lost an humhle and de
vout follower of the Master in all
things pertaiuing to the spiritual
: and material upbuilding of Christ's
; Kingdom.
That the community at large
j has been deprived of the usefu’ness
i of a loved and valued citizen, and
that Ids family circle has lost its
center of love and affection,
i Resolved that we ail wreath about
| our heati':« shrine the beautiful and
fragrant flowers of his example.
| words and living kindues <tss, and
1 also tender our deepest sympathy
11 to Ilia stricken family with inekiud
i admonition.-g;veu by Law 1 to inn
: sou Solomon, “iiirvu me Ciuil of
! thy Fathers,”
i Resolved, also, that these reso
i lotions be spread upon the miu*
j iites of our Sunday school, and
i published ia our tow.. pupeto.
... , .1. I
Wore lividence.
Judge L. C. Lincoln, ex-county
judge of i uulknoi comity, Arkan
sas, and one of Conway’s most
prominent attorneys, testitiefv
Office of Louis C, Lincoln. )
Attorney at Law,
Conway, Auk., Aug. *15, 1885. \
Satantn .Medicine Company, Little
Rock, Ark.
Cunts—Kver.v ono who is ac
quainted with mo is aware of the
fact that I am of an exceedingly
Lilians temperament, and as a con
sequence have Bult'ere i a great deal
v.nh 'low fevers. About two
month', ago 1 had a protracted at
taek 1 f these slow, hardly percept
ible, yet daeadful bad-feeling fevers.
They would come on about 4
o’clock in the afternoon and last
until bed time. 1 took quinine for
fourteen days, but to no purpose,
! then took sihty drops of' Stai.ta-’
aboitt the time the fever came on,
then thirty drops the next morn
ing, and since then 1 have been en
tirely clear of fever. Now, when I
feel bad, I take from tlurty to six
ty drops of “Hfitauta” about the
time the fever carao on, then thir
ty drops the next morning, and ii
braces me up. It is simply im
mense and 1 tako pleasure in rec
ommending it. L. C. Lincoln.
For sale by Moiicriof it Jtro.
Prescott Ark. J. M. Price & llro.
Slir.h’DAN, Sept. 1, 1885.
Satantn Medicine Co.— i’ll is is
to certify that my chickens had
cholera. I gave Abie's Blue
(Ira's Condition Powers and lost
no more. It. T. Reuse.
“They Who Live ill (tins. Houses
.Should Mind How They Oust Stone ., '
•‘The wicked Ji. ctli w in it no moll pcrKiuth.’4
It is Hiiiuain" to seo liow tenth v
footed certain blood iciiuv.lv prop
rietors- have become ot lab*. They
make much ndo about ‘‘rr.eK and
iinitatoJ w ia-ii n ine ’.pin -iy; it.
The |tio;i|ietorjj ]; ]’>, would
sa.v Most e upb '.cally that then
IVIlle.iV s!;U* , Upon ils illVil met i».
Should w Attempt to imitate, it
would .it be those \v!io do not
lU'd m-sbtlid the ni l.Ills operaildi ol
' t'kttf which th.ey otl'er. Our own
I loiifj experience in tin- profession
j pi ed ados such an idea. The tieid
tor blood runic lies is lar^e and
I broad rsfFoi-.liinniplt* room foi
all present aspirants. We do not
desire to dose the door apy.iiusi
others, neilhwr shall it im closed
against ns. i> It. JJ. i.i the <j;ich
est remedy, does u it con*.hi
mineral or vegetable poison, does
not inmate, and is in the field as
an liniiomhlc competitor for public
favor, ami tu» miui. without a
For twle by Milner eS; Milbirti.
1 si scotr Aik ,
Sub 'l il.o i ll- the lv:eAVU«K
Only l.bO a year.
Testimony of Judge C. F. I.ynell
I was a sufferer for twenty years
with tetter, it covering my entire
person. It was exceedingly pain*
till and annoying. I tried every
known remedy within reach, but
to no permanent profit. My health
became wrecked. The doctors
could In-Ip me. nut could not cure
me, and'under the old time trdet*
mont the disease continued lo grow
worse and the itching became al
most unbearable. I read tlit*
statement of Mr. Lewis Lee as to
what Swift’s Specific had doue
for hint in a case of tetter, and E
concluded that it might help ate.
J continsnced its use; tho Bores
have nil dried up. and the skin of
my body has smoothed off, and E
am in better health than t over
was, and there is not a vestige of
the disease left, save a few splotch
es on one of my hands, and thoy ate
rapidly disappearing. Swift’s
tipecfic is the greatest modiciue in
the world. It has brought me re
lief.after twenty years of Buffering.
It is the best blood purifier E have
over used, and E most cheerfully
commend it to the suffering.
Dawson, Gj., May 22,1884.
For sale by ali druggists.
Treatise on blood and Skin Dis
eases mailed free.
Tnr. Svv 1 it’s Specific Co.,
Drawer .‘1, Atlanta, Ga.
N. Y., ff'7 W. Mil tit.
Leads the Van.
It is a pleasure for us to bo able
to say that, of all patent medicine
enterprises, the .Satanta Medicine
Company to' Little ltock, leads tho
van. \Vhen we think of the great
good they are doing both Tor their
hundreds of workmen and the mil
lions ot sick people, we come to
the conclusion that they an real
benefactors, it is certified to tlmt
only one dose of their Satanta will
cure the chills. Those allliotod
with this tormenting malaria troub
le-should come a ‘Turnon’ to our
druggist for the medicine. As far
as we are concerned wb hope the
medicine will reidan MI others of
their kind. b< cause the money this
home firm makes out of it will re
dound to the pecuniary interest of
every citizen of Arkansas.—Tho
Alma Leader, Friday, August 14,
Mr. G. T. Wells, a prominent
| merchant at Jum t, Grant Go.,
Ark., writes tinder dale May 14,
1885: Votir “Satanta Liniment” is
simply wonderful curing eases of
‘‘itheumatism”in 24 hours, 1 guar
antee it, and have not hud any re
luru. Again on the 11th of Juno
lib w rites: I have hoard ot but four
eases of chills since I commenced
selling ‘‘Satanta”—one was near
and the others Ihe to twenty miles
—I have sold 1 bottles, curing im
many eases. i can rcccotninend
nothing as a surer cure for chills.
For sale by Monerief it Bro.,
Prescott, Ark., and .J. M. Price «Nj
llro., Houghton, Ark.
No. 2.—Mr. Joliu Scluiap, nil
old citizen of Little ltock, says:
‘‘Satanta liniment” cured him of a
bad ease of rheumatism of 1 mg
Good for 1 Ito Child
Tin* ailments of dtildlioo I need
e.aroful attention and wise treat
ment. Some people think •‘any
thing is good eaoitg'l for a child,
and there ain’t much tln< matter
with it anyhow.” Hut judicious
m<-thers know hotter, and do us
I Mrs. W. 11. lYrry, of Uielnuomf,
Va., does. She says: ‘‘I lake
Hrown’s Iron Hitters and give it to
children with the ir.ost sallsfaeto -
’ ry l .suits. Sold everywhere.
Nevada County Bank,
W, H. TERRY, Cashier,
intiiNtorr, - - ink.
Will do a general !iankinjf+>nsines». f4j“e
einl attention giyrn to dollei ting.
0*# “l Mtiie tempo rarlally in dry goods
►ton- of Woodbury, l’orti* A. Terry. 2d,
Th# i*Nt *•■»» w* gaiVr»d ftcin y tree of the uic* mm,
(IWWttg wlooit tNo ••ayll »tr*yi i« In U»# M<mlh«r
eon:yl«* y ■t»n»ulyi>uic txpayt ratt pt-tc.<*ipig that 1< <wi
tt»« pii|t|it rrwta •»< th* ?arl» •tarafar <*t-ygt« y**1 *»♦«*»•
iy.u« th« ehit*l ht throw ■•IT the fwlw* iwwmhrwte R> row;, u>i
wh *opVun <'«'uwU. oamMaed with th* hcyllnir wtucl
taglnoua prlncio.* In aha I- ly i»fm»t of thy oi l * 44#. pr*
K' t*lnT*vu»H« ht«« » or *'*im Qr# •*»
Ml'LtliN tt.w (IneM « »o»a nmmAf Omagh», Ofowp,
M h«-><',>liig-C'vi»ch yni ('•BM>qa(f»a . #n4 *w |i>Whlhi mof
•hltd 1« ( l»*aw4 «•> t*4*» It 4«k *o»i !riy3l*» r't l«. Pr>\
S5j nyjr ALTEH A T A YLCH, Atlanta, 9«.
Uaa |ir. it h!.t k,v.;y r*uM iaL fat
C'arrti v* l». tvuiri r yj«4 ChiMrcu U* hlwj Far Mia If
% lnj<oa.
your county j:o
oer *5L be huppv.

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