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— U-iltltlI/1IIML
ir — ..
m and Garden Work for October.
October wmk tells for all winter.
The filial harvests of the year arc
often the most important, and
where so large a breadth of grain
is sowed as is the case in some sec
tions, the farmers have a busy
time. The forehanded ones, will,
however, make lime for a play
spell, for all hands to go to the
fairs, for which the long list in our
September number, offers the op
portunity within easy reach of al
most everyone.
Early husking of t he corn crop,
should he pushed ahead in the
colder parts of lhe country. This
is the most important, because Oc
tober weather is favorable to the
laying on of fiesl), and soft corn
and nubbins, go as far now, as hard
corn will next month. We cannot
have the soft corn, until wo arc
pretty well ahead with the luisk
Do not forget the value of char
coal in the ration of fattening ani
mals - cattle, pigs and poultry es
pecially. Even sheep and horses
are benefited by it. Not that it is,;
properly considered, fattening food,!
but it aids digestion, keeps the j
stomach and bowels in prime or- j
der, and is not expensive. An :
ounce of prevention is worth a j
pound of cure, and on this princi- I
pie, an ounce of charcoal is often
worth a bushel of hard corn.
Breeding and laying stock needs
exercise; refer to an article on this
topic in the September number, it
is well to go over the harvest and
see just what stock it is to winter
well, and sell the rest, no mutter
at what sacrifice, unless you are
willing to buy feed.
This year at the Must, ami along
railway lines, hay is going to he
high. It is so now, hence there is
going to he a great deal of stock
for sale cheap.
It will he a good time to buy
sheep—thin ewes, which will raise
March and April lambs, if served
at once, and well cared for.
Hull calves, thoroughbreds, will
he almost given away, and many ot
these will he ready for service in
April, though mere calves now.
So the two and three-year-old
may better he sent to the butcher,
than wintered.
Never use a male of anv kind
which is not of pure blood. This
injection can hardly he too often
repeated. The mail who does oth
erwise, takes ten times the risk of
disappointment that is necessary.
Take care that the pumpkins are
not frosted; have the roots in pits
or cellars before the ground freez
es; do not cover pits too much be
fore cold weather; have earth ready
to cover them with as thick a coat
ingas they need when it comes on
cold. It is well to protect the
earth alongside the pits with tops,
or potato vines, swamp hay or corn
stalks, to keep it from freezin; sol
id. The freezing line begins to
move southward along our north
ern liue in October and often
moves rapidly. Many a farmer
will he caught with his root pits
half protected, and the ground fro
zen solid six inches deep, before lie
thinks it is possible.
Fail plowing is done at but little
more than half the cost of spring
plowing. It is preferable for all
kinds of soils, except the very j
light, friable, sandy and gravelly
ones, containing sm.-dl quantities
•if vegetable mold; and it is better
for all crops, except Indian cone
Turn lap furrows, and take care
that good watei furrows are drawn,
to carry off excess of water This
may oftou be preferably led entire'
)> away from plowed land.
Hillsides, which are liable to
wa.h, can be plowed in the ,u
ilium, unless early enough, not on
l.v to get grain sowed, hut to have
the ground well covered with the
fall growth. It is now too late in
many sections,
Assoonns tho leaves begin to
fall, timber may be cut to advan
tage, ami w ill be better seasoned,
if required for spring use, than if
eut later.
Draining, if the season proven a
dry one, may advantageously form
a steady job, from now, to severe
winter weather.
If brush is cut, in swamps, or by
the roadsides, cut just as close to
flu* ground as possible. The young
gpmlh which will start in the
Spring, ingy then lie cut with the
y.oiuuion grass scythe. If stumps
rrnm two to six inches high be left,
jt will ho necessary pi ns** the
pea\y brush scythe, ot brush hu. fc,
Involving double tho labor.— A iner
tial! Agriculturist lot October.
Preparations for Fnll Wheat.
Seine ol the exchanges have
been emphasizing the importance
of thorough preparation for fall
wheat seeding, and discussing the
essential points to bo observed.
A thorough pulverization of the
soil is very properly advocated,
as much of the seed will fail to
germinate in lumpy and coarse
soil, and e\c i a considerable por
tion of that which succeeds in
making its appearance will be un
able to find plant food in the prop
er condition fur assimilation. If
in fine particles, the necessary ele
ments will be readily taken up by
the young rootlets and moisture
will bo readily secured.
To make sure of putting the soil
in good condition, plow early and
to good depth, and make the sin
face even as possible. It is veiy
important that the ground be free
from weeds and clear of trash, and
if these arc well turned underat
tire early plowing, they will decom
posed, furnishing a fertilizer in
themselves. Stir the surface fre
quently to prevent any new growth
of weeds, and to keep it well pul
verized. The field must not be
infested with insect eggs; if insects
were in last season’s harvest, do
not think of sowing the same
ground to wheat this year. It is
the safest way to follow some
other crop of the same season.
T ie treatment proscribed for,wheat
stubble where insects have operat
ed, is te plow it soon after harvest
and Jlien replow it two or three
times before winter, and sow oats
or rye on it in spring, or rye and
orchard glass. Exterminate the
pest if possible, and rs soon as
possible, and keep the wheat away
from land having the slightest
trace of eggs or larvae.—Tribune
and Farmer._
A sensation was caused in police
circles here to-day by' ttio discov
ery that one of tho prisoners in the
■city jail, who was attired as a man,
was a woman. The name of the
prisancr is Henrietta Ilix. Her
husband deserted her in Boston a
few months ago. Learning that he
had come to Richmond, the wife
donned male attire and shipped on
board of a vessel at Boston as a
cook about twelve weeks ago. Up
on reaching this city Mrs. Ilix dis
covered that her husband bad been
arrested and committed to jail for
robbery. Determined to gain ac
cess to him and share his prison
cell, the woman stole a small
amount of money. She was ar
rested, and without arousing the
suspicions ot the authorities as to
her sex she was placed iu the same
cell with Ilix. The ruse was dis
covered to-da.v and the husband
and wife were placed in separate
cells. Ilix confirms the woman’s
story and says they were married
in Boston about two years ago. It
is probable that Mrs. Ilix will bp
pardoned by the governor. She is
young and good looking.—Rich
mond (Va.) Dispatch.
WllC.lt Sowing.
Isanti desined to lie sown to
wheat this fall should be broken as
early as possible, and allowed to
remain in that condition until sow
ing time. It should then he thor
oughly harrowed and cross-liar
rowed, before the drilling of the
seed. It sown broad cast, one liar
rowing will be suflicient before
sowing. After which the liarrow
ing and cross harrowing should he
done ; s spin dily as possible. Thin
uplands should receive a rop dress
ing ot manure after plowing, as
the harrowing, will then aid in dis
tributing tiny m mure more evenly
over the field. A crop of wheat
carefully pinl in will, as a rule
nearly double the yield over the
old bull tongue and brush method.
Our fanner friends should ever
hare in inhid that in slighting the
crop at sowing nr planting they
are simply preparing for a crop ot
tares, s. e., a partial far In le of the
crop of noxious weeds and grasses,
"to bout.’’—It oral and Workman.
1‘rnf. T ,t. lhin ill, wboh-w* made
a special study of pear tree Id glit,
and who believe*it is caused by
bacteria, that may l«? carried from
tree to tree by saws ftr knives used
in pruniiing the trees, urges or
cliurdi.-ts to examine closely for
the tlrst appearance of blight,
which is indicated by the leaves
turning suddenly brownish black,
and to cut away all diseased parts,
being careful to cut enough to es
cape cutting into the diseased wood.
It the same tools aie used for both
operations, he would passed them
through the 11.une of a lamp or in
to some litjuid that w mid destroy
the haeteri. He has repeatedly
,'itfried the disease to healthy trees
t v run- ,dat:on with the sap from a
blighted »rce. yiiclpg;m ['aimer.
Our Picayunes.
— New Orleans Picayune.
The silver question—“Have yon
change for a dollar?”
The footprints hi the sands of
time are tracks made for eternity.
Texas cattlemen must he fenced
in, and every man made to cat his
own grass.
John Sherman is at the head o
what he tinks is a Republican Sal
vation Army.
Mediums take no interest in the
Treasury Regulations concerning
bonded spirits.
There is nothing quite like a
syndicate. It takes money from
many and make it for a few.
Hog cholera is good enough for
this country. No one sighs for
the Asiatic brand for huinans.
It is useless to say New Orleans
lias no drainage system. The drai
nage of the city treasury is perfei t
The young man who is in the
habit of shooting his mouth off
should always know when it is
The Sherman vote in Ohio lias
been secured to the Republicans;
but the vote of the Herman is still
A terrible cyclone followed John
I Sherman’s speech in Ohio. Real
ly the old gentleman ought to be
choked off.
Jubal Karly isa late riser.—[Bos
I ton Post.] He was up soon
I enough for the Yankee cavalry
I every time.
The Knobloch on tlie pardon
bureau may keep the place closed
until a few men have been punish
ed for crime.
Some one advocates making a
national garden for the purpose of
raising vegetables and seeds for
A menu man might as well lay
up treasures in Heaven as to lay
: them up hero where no one can
1 protit by them.
The only frank thing about tlie
i average politiican in Congress is
tbe frank he imposes on the Post
, Oft'tee Department.
The Mexican editors who came
i to this country on an excursion
j left fear of dungeons behind them,
and enjoyed themselves hugely.
If there is such a thing as an
“anxious seat,” often spoken of in
connection with camp meetings, it
1 is a seat that is anxious about tbo
| coming of a fat man
An hoiioijt man can speak for
(himself. A rascal always wants
I to consult a lawyer betore lie
makes a statement, and then he
will not be found telling the truth.
There is no objection against
starting a wa'king match in New
Orleans if the tramps who get up
such things will only walk away
when they start and not come
J When England comes to claim
tlie Caroline Islands things will
j seem more natural. It docs not
seem right for any other nation to
,have anything that does not be
long to it.
It is rumored that Parson
Newman will lecture, and that
photographs of the breakfast lie
was eating while Grant was dying,
will be given away at the door as
Women voting in Boston'will in
future prevent ignorant saloon
keepers, notoriously disreputable
men and hoodlum politician** from
I icing elected to places oiV the
seliool hoard.
Hen Butler says he will no more
lend himself to political machines.
It is possible that no one wants to
borrow, and it may be that he
wants to mi»ke a sale of himself
instead of a loan.
The latest ballads in ham-fat
circles are, ‘‘Don’t Forget Your
Mother, T> in, when fFie ltobins
Nest Again.’’ ni.d ‘"See that My
<»rave i♦ Kept(!roen when Father’s
Pants Fit Your Brother.”
The English sloop cutter-yacht
was not ucenstomed ti> Aineiiean
wind In her own atmosphere,
with different breeze* and judges,
: she would have made a better
showing on the turn a*, a matter ot
! course-.
The National Tanners and the
Hide and Leather Associations are
; down on the barbed wire fences.
Those interests, in addition to
Duiid Davis, who is also opposed
to barbed fences, are sutlicient to
form a new national party.
Lord Bandolpb Churchill’s dot -
tor has ordered him to stop all
public speaking. If lie succeeds
in shutting him up, this insignifi
cant little pill man will show him
self ably to do moie than all Eng
.laud and part of Ireland can do.
A Michigan Concern Enjoined.
Tin* following injunction has linen ol>
tained by the llop Hitters Company, o
Rochester, N. Y., against Coilntinus D. \\ ar
ner of Heading, Michigan, prohibiting him
from iniimifaeturing or selling “Herman
Hop Bitters."
The President of the United States of
A merica to CoUatmus I). Warner, oj
Beadiny, Mich., his servants; tcori'men,
salesmen and ayentf, and catch and every
of them:
Whereas, it has hoen represented unto the
Justices of our Circuit Court, the lion. Stan
ley Matt hews, and the Hon. Henry B.Brown,
at Detroit, within and for said District, sit
ting ns a Court of Chancery that you, Col
latinus l> W arner, are manufacturing and
selling a medicine named German Hop Hit
ters, in fraudulent imitation of the Hop Bit- j
te.is made and sold by complainant; your
said medicine being devised, calculated and
intended ta mislead the. public into pur
chasing such counterfeit goods as the man
ufacturer of the complinnnt.
We therefore. In consideration of the prem
ises, do slriekly enjoin you, the said Collati
ons D. Warner, and nil and every the per
soiis ataive named, from usiity the. vords
“Hap Bitters" on any fluids contained in
bottles so ns to induce the belief that such
fluids are made by complainant; and further.
! from manufacturing, selling or ottering for
sale any hitters or other fluids in the bottles
and with the labels, and in the general f nil
in which you were manufacturing and s 1 ing
the hitters railed by you German Hop Bitter
on the tilling of the bill; or in any other bot
tles, or with any other labels contrived or
designed to represent or induce the belief
that the hitters or fluids sold by you arc the
goods of the complainant, until the further
order ot the Court. * * *
Tub IIon. Morrison R. Waite,
Chief Justice of the United States.
At Detroit, this fifteenth day of July, 1K85.
[l.< s.] Walter S. Harshu, Clerk.
Posceute tlie Swindlers ! ! t
If when you call for Hop Bitters (see
t/recii cluster of Hops on the lithel) thedrugs
; gist hands out tiny stulf called C. I). AVtir
I ner's Herman Hop Bitters or with other
| "Hop" name, refuse it and shun that drug
I gist as you would a viper, and if he has
i taken your money for the stuff indict him
j for the fraud and >tte him for the damage
I lot the swindle and we will award you liber
ally for the conviction.
See t*. S, Court injunction against (’. T).
1 Warner, Heading, Midi., and all his sales
{ men, agents, druggists, and all otlier imita
An Exploded Boom.
A long, lank, lean and chronic Anti-Pot
ash Boom met the new, fat and snuev At
lanta Big Bold Boom, on a hot, suitrv day
"Who arc you ?’’ asked the It. It. It. Boom.
“lam the'old Anti-Potash Boom,” was
the sad reply, ns the perspiration rolled
down and it lerned heavily on the B. B. It.
Boom for snppoit.
"Don’t lean on me," said the 11. B. It.
Boom. *'! mav look strong, hut I am quit.)
young—onlv 11 months old, a in growing
rapid!v, and am mighty weak in the knees.
: t am doing the work which you have failed
j to do, although you are VI years old. You
are old, .Hid tough, and rich, and don’t re
| quire a support. But what cause* you to
j look so thin ot late?”
“Well, 1 hnrdlv know," n plied the Anti
; Potash Boom. My physicians tell me that
' my abilities have been over-rated, and that
! while trying to whip out all opposition bv
j boast and brag, that 1 have proven niv abili
! tv. Old tig*-1- also ceeping on me—having
1 fought near 50 years la-tore any one knew 1
j was living—and now 1 am unable to perform
' feats that others are doing I am collapsed:
| my friends lime turned against me and call
! me names, and oh Is'I'd\, how sick I become
I at tin- sight of B. B. It. Hold my head while
j ^ *^'L"
(\>mparcd to other remedies, II lj. B. is
the radiant sunbeam of middad, tliiii^inir it.#
1 •'littering glare to saddened heart.*, while
other# are inde moonbeams. pushing along
through misty medics of durkm>s, in search
! of something they can euro.
It i iiri'* Mood Distwi's ae*d Poison#, ('a- |
| tarrh. Old L* leers, Scrofula, l*heninati#in,
i Skin I):> as»**, Kikney trouble*, etc*, and we :
| bold a “.‘J page hook fullofevideiio**—Atlanta I
i evidence—that cannot be doubted, proving!
all we claim. Our certificate*# are not phan
tasir’rtgoricul, i.or far-fetched, but are vol- i
vntary outburst? of men and women of At- !
Warning Order.
In Ncrada Circuit Court.
Ctirolitic W. Irwin Pi'll’, t
against - Warning Order. ;
Hisirgc Irwin Deft. ^ I
The Defendant Heurge Irwin is warned to !
np|M-ar in tH, Court within thirty days and
>ii—ci .* tin- complaint of the Plaintitl, Curo
1 line W. Irwi i.
This Augt -t 25th, 1H8.1.
GKO. W. TKKRY. Clerk.
100 per
Arkansas t

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00 99
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■ I——— w 3 flilngtho sklllodohf.
1'l.tOF* W m "'icinn*, result front
TV a TJTJTC1 U I Jjouthtul Inill-crwlon,
JuUUviUx? $ 2 /loo freo Indulgence, oe
— __ VV overtrain work. Avoid
YjfV fb Imposition of preUu
VvV^ AWk**!. Ifl^ti IIS remedies fur thee*
bVftlBBvevM troubles. Get err Frc#
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Arkansas Sc Teias.
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iMUtroMipent of di»«M»ee forvbtafe ***** !
<y« H (mMUrMI, fl
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