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Nevada County picayune. (Prescott, Nev. County, Ark.) 1885-1???, August 11, 1887, Image 2

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I'.un'oii \m> I’Rorun-.TOK.
Eat^s for Advertising:
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2 Inch
3 Inch,
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A Col.,
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SV15SI IliniON, 1.7.0 PEI. YEAII.
Job Work Nentlv oxocuI<«l.
l.ooal notice. 10e per line etiob inscrtlolv -
6e per line lo regulate mlvertUer. who run
h«*m nil tin* 1 inn*.
I-P' All ailvcrlwiin; payable inonlhlv oi
qonrlerlv. unle.. . 4 iierw i-e ;eacell on. A*h
dre.. nil eoimnunieiition- to
Pr -sentt. Ark.
Tin* agony is over mid Texan
went liKl.iKli) majority against pr«
liiliition. Il seems (lie prohis gni
badly left.
Tint Stale Wheel r< (used lo »()
into polios or endorse any party
plattnnn. Now will the leaders,
who bad (lie Nevada County \\ heel
to endorse the union labor party
platform, recede from this unwise
action and unronstitnlioual mens
'file I icinnerats carried Kentucky
by -J0,(KI0 majority, with a repuhli
can and tilso union labor ticket in
the field Phe grand old party el
the people will long nmain “solid"
in the South, in spile of scheming
ottice seeking politicians, who seed;
its hefeat by getting up a third
('apt. Ansley lias his likeness (ti
gen in tlu* Dispati li again this
week. Ho also runs the virtue bus
iness, to deceive and prejudice, at
tri tinting the acts of low \ ilia ins, to
the “European plan of slavery.’’
There will ever he violators of law.
How loti" w ill our people hear with
such stuff from this man?
An official statement of the Treas
ury shows that on August I, lsS7
there were *l.:il,1.S7.'{,lS.‘i in cireu
lation as against *1,2.5.'! 7f>6,05(> on
July 1, 1880, or an increase sU8.
167,129. There are now outstand
ing #18,915,712 mare in gold coin,
818,945,712 in gold eertitieates and
i?50,OI9,91t>, in silver eertitieates.
Steps Taken to Have Nevada
7 County Properly Represented.
The State of Arkansas will have
a grand Industiial Exposition, to
convene at Little Hock on the25th
of October to continuethree weeks.
As can he seen below, steps have
been taken to have our county
properli represented. Let our
people go to work at once in this
important matter, and get up an
appropriate and extensive collec
tion of our products and minerals.
Head President Atkinson's ad
dress, and preeeedings of the
meeting of Friday, below:
'A ti have eoucluded to join our
sister enmities in an Exposition to
he held at Little Hock, this fall,
lor the purpose ot comparing the
various products ul our soil, of our
skilled labor and handicraft, and
samples of our crude minerals,anti
lor the lurthei purpose ot confirm
ing the public mind in their al
ready well-formed conviction of
the superior advantages of climate
and soil which Arkansas otters to
industrious and intelligent labor.
We have accordingly effected an
■ •11 m.,i ,1, hi nmi
<*«>iDinit it'cs appointed lor tin sev
eral townships, to iudnee the se
lection, collection and transmis
sion of exhibits to our receiving
ami forwarding committee at Pres
cott. It is to-be Imped Unit our
l"‘"|)li will tullv appreciate and
improve thiso|»j>->rtittiit\' to adver
tise our natural advantages, and
tlie many evidences of our pros
perii\ Whenever our limbers
and itmieiais and tin- various fruits
of our agriculture and horticulture
liav • been placed in juxtaposition
with those ot other states, Alkali
sas has carried off the honors.
I his should appeal to our patriot
ism and personal pride and en
list every lover of our proud
young State in this new and lieiili
cent movement, not alone for the
prospect ot a desirable immigra
tioiii hut to awaken in citizens a
eonsciousm ss of our advantages
and eupaeities for developnient
and improvement, and a favorable
and uohle emulation for excellence
and superiority. We cordially in
v ite an I solicit I lie earnest eoope -
ration of all. Let our motto he
“excelsior,” and we little <101111)
that such will lie our aeeoiuplisii
ment. Let us labor for the ■ *|jrst
honors” for \rkan-n-iu the o„|
iv v ot Sovereign States, and loi
Nevada • ount.v in tin sisterho >d
ol counties, and “To uiirinuie fort-1
line’s smiles. Assiduous unit, n]toii
lier.” . 1C. ATKIN.KiN.
( ’lluil'IIMII * '(Mllll \ ' nil).
Pkkscott, Auk., Aug. 4. LSS7.
Col. .Inn Tom Sion leprosonliug
the Little Hock Exposition met the
citizens of this place on the n mve
tin\ mid selected the following*
iiHtued geutlemi n us Hit executive
committee of the Imposition lor
Nevada county, to wit:
,1 no. A. Aosle.N, **\. II. Terry,
•Ino. M. l’ittman, .). 1C. Portis, \V,
L. Atkinson, I.’, L. Powers, J. VV.
(iuidiier, .1. T. Ferguson, •). C.
Young, T. C. McRae. \V. It. Wal
I ler, Win. Oee, 0. W. Leake, W.
R. White St.. O. S. Jones, \. A.
(ienernlly, and a meeting ol the
said gentlemen was li.i I at the ol
tire ol Atkinson & Tompkins at
!t o’clock a. in. ol said day and the
following proceedings had—to-wit:
Hon. T. IM Hem; was elected tem
porary chairman. Col. Story sta
ted o eject of the organi/ation —
and iiermaneiii organization was
had liy the election of the follow
ing officers:
\V. K. Atkinson, Chairman, \\ .
II. Terry, Secretary, W. I!- V\ al
ter, Treasurer.
The following e.immittees were
appointed: On minerals—.1 T
Ferguson, A A Generally. Live
Stock—(IS.)ones, T C MeI{ ie.
On Fruits and Vegetables J K
Pm Us, C w Leake. On manufac
tured at tides and fancy woili—J
M Pittman, W I! Waller On Tim
bers—K L Powers, .1 (J Young.
On Schools and school exhibits—
.1 A A ns ley, .) \V (larduer. On
('dials and other farm products—
Win (lee, W I* W hite.
Committees were appointed to
gather up and for,card the exliitt
its from their respective town
ships, viz: Alabama -.! A Cook,
Dr D 0 Nichols, W I! Nam e. Al
: ban} A 11 Wreuti, L C Purtle,
W It (iarrett. Houghton—T .1
. Simpson, J J Mays, G W (iatlin.
Caney 1> N\' Bourland, .Ino Grant
\V S McDaniel. ICmmet—Fred
Chambers, Dr LJ Gilli-pie, It 1!
Garland. Ceorgia— 1) J Neill,
John llom-a, O It McDaniel.
Jackson Elmore May . \Y E Marsh
D I. Young. Leake—J P lingers.
I. I 1 | MV ill. 1 I * 11 I \ i I t I I I'll
sottri— XV 11 Taylor. Allen Frau
cisco, XV B Hawkins, T .1 Laven
i tier, .lames C Brown, I. XV Brower,
T W Hays, XV XV Edwards, O I.
Motterief. Barker—A B Luck
John Barker, XV B Uasden. Bed
j Land—S A Keppy, .1 K Lowder
milk, B N .XIeNeely. Taylor—-T
.1 Watts, Alex Brown, John F
Wallis. Union—C M Norwood,
James llill, BO DeXX’oody.
The following memhers of the
hoard were appointed a commit
tee to receive the exhibits at Bros
eott, and to forward them to Lit
tle Book, to wit: John .XI Bitt
iiian, XV B Waller. J H Bortis, XX’m
t i 00.
The store house of Joint .XI Bitt
iiiitn was selected as the deposito
ry, ami the township committees
are requested to forward all selec
tions to this place. The otlieers of
the committee are made a commit
tee on linance. Theregulai meet
lings of the Executive committee
will be had every Friday at <S
o'clock tt. in., at the otliee of At
kinson & Tompkitis.
XV. E. Atkinson. Chin.
XV. 11. Tkkry, .Sec.
Information Wanted.
Editor Bicayim:. —I wish to
ask the “Ctth” of the Dispatch,
some questions regarding his state
ments in a recent article, lie as
sumes as a basis for criticism ot
some remarks of Mr. McHar, that
the volume ol money in circulation
in 1 Mill, was *i,«nMl.tJST,?70, and
that the volume in eirculation now
is about SHOO,tXH1,000. I write to
ask his authority for claiming this
reduction. In criticising a gentle
man, whose endorsement by the
people at two elections, entitle
Ids statement to some respect, es
pecially when they are made in
open discussion. XX’ould it not
have been in better taste to have
cited some atithoriu than to have
opposed it In the bate and unsup
ported statement of the critic?
Leal tied criticism is not thus
conducted, and critics seldom
draw upon their reputation so free
ly as to openly contradict the
statements of a gentlem in, with
oat doing so upon some citation of
autliorit.t 1 believe many broad
slatcni'Mits ot facts, and main reck
less, unwarranted charges against
private character, which pass in
some of our ntodi-rn journalism
with a class, as containing the
properties ol sell authentication,
would be witheld or withdrawn it
this course was adopted.
1N qr i rick.
ipiir DIICTCDC Curry :r C ' :!lx .u I
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line eontains the remedy lor all
such complaints.
Ml. li.
Viin-it liilior. Libor ovi'rroim's
nil tilings. This means when «li
reeled by wisdom anil prudence,
and is in keeping with the law’s ot
nature, and nature’s (tod. Labor
is honoranle, and the little that the
poor man hath, is better than much
that tlie rteh man hath. Tilt} poor
man has more promises, and great
er assurances ot (tod’s blessings
in the hereafter, than does the
tifli man. Soon alter God created
man. and placed him in the garden
of Kdcn, the devil under the guise
ot a serpent, appeared unto Kve in
the garden of paradise, and '’said
unto the woman:” (Jnd is robbing
you of a part of your liberty, and
if von and Adam don’t get up a
grand strike at once, you and your
children will become ‘’peon’s and
slaves.” tiod knows, says llie
dev il “y e shall mil surely die.”
The devil says, God is deceiving
von. for lie doth ku ivv that, in the
day ye eat of the fruit of the tree
which is in the midst .if the gar
den, ye shall not surely die, hut
vour eyes shall he opened and ye
shall lie like gods knowing good
and evil.” So 15vs harkened unto
the voice of the dev il, and did eat
of the fruit of the garden, thereby
sowing the seed of death ami de
struction to all the posterity of
Adam’s race. Now, if the devil
could approach Kve,in the garden
of Kden, where she was surrouded
with every tree that was pleasant
to the sight and good for food and
the fumes ol fragrant (lowers, and
the grandest and most sublime
scenery that ever surrounded man
-where lie wanted lor nothing —
and caused Kve to feel so mean
and miserable, that she put forth
her hand and partook of the for
bidden fruit, bringing and entail
ing misery and death upon the
whole human family, how much
more shall such agitators, and
throwers of firebrands as Mr.
Harper is, accomplish? “Where no
word is, there the file goetli out,:
so when there is no talebearer,!
tlie strile ceasetb.”
Harper mis noen I'anou an ap
posite of liberty. The Lord save ;
the mark, If the country is going I
to the devil as in' says it is, and 1
better men than lie is, can't be
found to save it—then she is gone,
world without end—Amen. Mr
Harper reviews the history of the
late war, in which he was an ac- \
live participant, and we are glad
to know that he was on the side ol
the go yet n men t and for his country
in that great struggle. Vet nearly
twenty live years after that period,
lie gets his back up and proposes
to go back on the very record that
he helped to make during the war,
and which has since ’been accep
ted bj tlie great mass of the A
merican people and is to a large 1
extent being carried out by the
present administration in carrying
on the government In other,
words, Mr. Harper, anil his follow
ers seem to he greatly incensed
because the two and the only two
great parties of the country don't
keep up the bloody shirt cry and
the rebel yell. One moment he
will tell his hearers, that the two
old parties its he is pleased lo de
nominate them, arc just the same.
Forgetting himself a few minutes
later later, lie will tell you that
they are still er.sing bloody shirt!
bloody shirt! rebel! rebel! About
this time he is trying to make
some one think that lie represents |
a third party when the fact is, he;
simply represents a faction of mal
contents, who have nothing to lose
and all to gain, by joining such a
complex combination A man
who boasts of havingtold his story
more than four thousand times,
and cant ti ll it, so as to at least en
tertain ami tickle his many unso
phisticated hearers, would certain
ly he very dull indeed. Mr. Har
per's buboonry, biitloonery and
moiikc,\ shines, may he taken by
some people for lessons of w isdom
amt statesmanship, hut among
thinkers ami men of any consider
aide information tln-v will go as
the chaff before the wind. He
pretends to come as a representa
tive and champion of the laboring
mau. Did he tell us where he had
labored! Did he show us by his
calloused hands, that he procured
his "bread in the sweat of his
face?” According to his own
statement, lie has been in the fo.
I mil KM III1'! i * I IIIII l lllll 1} years
ami has always been among I lit*
first tojoin in any new tangled en
terprise. 1 n other words to sum
Uni whole miilti'f ii|», lie lias been
jack ol iill trades.(except to work
or labor with his hands) and lie
lias retrograded from a IT years
practice as a lawyer in the Su
preme court of tie l nited States,
which is one ot the most sublime
and learned tribunals in the world)
to a vulgar and prolane politician
of low degree making speeches for
what ever he can ring out of the
poor farmers, who gets his bread '
in the sweat of his face. Oh ye
sun burned sons of toil, why will
you harken unto the voice ot such
a manf lie is as well calculated i
to deceive and mislead you as the i
serpent was to deceive and mis ,
lead Kve.
The laboring man's cause is a I
just one, and it should he entrus
ted to its own and known friends, j
and not to polilieal ad\ cuturers and ,
demagogues. Labor clears the for
est, drains the morass and makes j
the “wilderness rejoice and blos
som ns the rose.'’ W'liat will ten ]
thousand such speeches as liar ,
pels' I’reseott tirade tlo'* He i< sim |
ply sowing the seeds ol discontent.
It has a tendency to make men
feel miserable, who (only tor the
leaching of such damnable doctrine
ns limpet advocates ) would be j
happy ami contented. The idea
dial lio n lvamres th it by sonic
magical legislation. or by the
adoption of .some unsolved, and
unsolvealde financial policy^ that
all tlie ills of htitnaii faiuily will Ire
avoided and (hat. their wmt< will
lie fully supplied, is about as lil ely
to happen, as the .Missippi Uiver
is to change its course, and run
from the (lull of Mexico into the
A redo sen. Labor find unceasing
toil w ill bring all that is necessary
for «ur eomtort and happiness. ’
Knit tine smiles on those who roll
up their sleeves and put their slot
iilders to the wheel. Mr If rpei
says that during the Iasi ti n \ os
lie has | ;a \ i led mole than .'••”)()(> 10
miles and made more Ilian lour
tImusanil speeches Is this the
kind of labor that make two spears
of grass grow where but one grew
bel'oie? Speech making is all right |
proper, and beneficial if made by ;
the right kind of a man r.t the right
place and on a proper subject. Hut
we submit, that Mr Harper is not a
true representative or exponent
of the laboring man. The no
blest thing in the world is boa 1
esl labor. Wise labor brings order !
out of chaos: just what existed all
over this country twenty years ago.:
Labor rears cities, it adorns the
earth with architectural monum
ents; ii whitens the sea with the
white wings of commerce; it hinds
continents together with the fast
holding bands of railroads mil tel
egraphs; it produces mighty works
of genius in prose anil verse, which
make glad the hearts of man for
ever. Work, therefore, with pride
and gladness, for thereby you will
be united by a common bond with
all the best and noblest who have
lived, who are now liviyg, or who
shall ever he born. All of Mr
Harper’s elforts go to array labor
against capital and to impress Ins
hearers, as well as lie can that they
ought to get along without work
or labor—that the bond holder,
government, or somebody else is
robbing them of a large share of
their inalienable rights- Fellow
tillers of ttie soil, so long as you
fail to look to your own interest,
and, expect relief through the
medium of some long - winded
preamble, or the high - sounding
stiitl meaningless phrases of political
platform, put forth so sis to face
to the four corners of the globe —
then you are gone world without
end —Amen. No mail has the right
to expect to good fortune unless
lie go work and deserve it.—
The lucky man is the one who gets
up at Jive every morning and does
a good days work every day in the
week. This kind of labor will ride
in a eliariotVlrawn by the breathless
tileless horse. Said a brother of
the distinguished Edmund ilurk,
“I have been wondering how Ned
has contrived to monopolize all
the talents of the family but then
I remember when we were at play
he was always at work.” The la
bors of such men as Mr. Harper
out among the toiling masses, is
the prime cause of the numerous
strikes in this and other countries
which is resulting so disasterously
to both labor and capital. We
say nwaj with all such falsifiers of
truth and history. The man who
is so reekless, and fanatical as to
stand up in the afternoon of the
nineteenth century, and more than
twenty years after the close of the
great rebellion in this country,and
tell an enlightened people that we
are in a worse condition socially
morally, and financially than we
were at the end of the war is so
absolutely absurd and false that
no sane man will believe it. When
we take an extended view over the
state and territories of the I’nited
States to day, we see more solid
firm, costly, and substantial im
provements going on, than ever
existed at any time in the former
history of the country. There is a
large increase in net earnings of
all the leading trades and profes
sions and nninufactoring enterpri
ses in the I’nited States over any
former year’s business. How
much better :t would he for Mr
Harper to speak words to Ins
fellow creatures, that would look
ike “apples of gold in pictures of
diver " Omnia Vincit.
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landied in my 20years’e\|ierieiice
s Electric Hitlers.” Thousands
if others have added their testi
nony, so that the verdict is unani
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I S87.
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ri;.\< "I'm \i. and i’i lni;i M (111 mi.mmijm i\i. sciluoi,.*
I’li.t'-. .1. .1. Ami. 1-1,11. A. Mo I.. 15. Will. I • M \ (.. \. \ ,, i.. \|. \„ lnutrm-tnr*.
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A Tli A I N I N'(. H'ltOOL IN' III K KNi.l,|s|| ItUAXCIIKS.
. \.s;7'"" i'1’"" V ' In ■' . O'. Tuition
‘"'I ,""‘nl l"r 12 *«'l> tf'wi-w.lml I,t Kor parti,
i. i. \M >i>\.
No. 296 and 298 Front St„ No. , |6Sjuth Main street,
Bin:, Fscacr: d Condeuen,
All the Lnti t Improvements, Stocl Shafts,
Durable, Simple, Kurt Lirht, Gin Fast, Cl**"
S <1 G> o-l Sample, Handsome Finish.
UINNIIIP irn'ml I’llKSSKS “r*
' Nirony, ( uiiM'iiioiif *« i»il
WriUi for C licrtlaiH nml l’rice#.

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