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Dealers in
dry coods, clothing,
Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, etc.
°„r Ihn.iiali Iho f,,H, will In* ton ml as complete as any m this
part <>f the State. \V e cull especial attention to intr slock of
Wr "I <" Kivc n« a tri.il and be made Imp,,,-. -m
Dry Goods Groceries Bools ail sloes.
ClottLing' Ha/ts, 6zc.
Messrs. Albert Milner ami Win. Purr, Salesmen, with Mr. Leake
in the office.
We in' ito old and new customers to come and see ns.
west front street,
Hope, - Arkansas,
Keeps a complete stock of
> and
Especially suitable for medicinal purposes. When
in Hope, be sure to call on him, on Elm street.
gtt'AiU (tcunty girapnf.
f’lKsr’orr. Auk.. Sept. 8. ihs7.
Intar*4 Hi lb* l,o«tortlo«'. l’n-«rott. Arl... n«
Sacoiid t’liw Matter.
•01 r»«»«njcT. ..to* ». »l.
AOS P««.»'’jvi.5:15 P. M.
CM k'aat Mail.12:57 r. m.
■ •CTWaol'Mi AHUM I'RKMruTT:
•02 PaMaager. ....10:17 a.u.
CM .0:0K r. M.
C0« Fin Mail..8:18 r. m.
K. <5. IIert. Auent
FKKKI ’O i'T M \ l< k K I S.
R*Tiaad nnil corrected weekly l*.'
Ilntle\ A
lined middling...
Lew Middling ...
*1 to !tl
h) toOl
sj to 85
7J to 7}
8RN k.11 VI MAKKKT8.
«Cka*t. .
I>riad jvaarha* (unpoalfd)..
** ** (|>0Hle<l) ....
IrUh p«»tHto«**.
Baaouiu .
lamn *i<l**».
Rulk »ido.
Fu^ar turn! hump.
Flour par M»l..
Fait, par Mil. .
Ft nip N. O.
“ Hwmlium.
tiugar Hmwii.
“ Wlilto.
Sol* InutlllT.
Uidae dry.
" tcreen.
15 r 20
$1 00
SI 00
0 1
SI 85
12 to 15
10 to 101
it.} to 10'
4 to S5|
SI 05
40 to 00
40 to 00
0 to H
50 to 75
15 to 20
SI to
4(1 to 50
to to 1J
\ l Yllv'TCDC * your Chill*, antifre
i{ J J . U ^ I t "u vent tneir return l*rice H)c
We are-closing out our stock of
M|iriiio uit«l slimmer goods, to make
room fur tall ant) winter stock,
(’min* puiek, amt secure bargains,
Bkookh. III.aki: & t’i>.
War, |iestilene<* anil famine de
stroy* counties* tlimisamls lint
indigestion, i|ys|ie|»sia, deiange
inenl of tlie liver mol stoinaeli are
I'owerlul Iocs to tin* Itnman race
■Morris’ Casearme will ilefeal tlicii
Notice to Hunters.
Notice is hereby {riven til it all
lieraiMiH m-a forliiililen trespassing
or hitntiftg nil my In mis. anil all
ettult violations will In* prosecuted.
Ai.Kitm AiiiMtKnw.
1 hereby give notice that all per
»oijh are forliiililen to bunt or oth
erwise ties pas.son my farm.
\V. 'll. Tayi.ok.
A ear load of new cook in** and
heating stoves, just received.- •
* all and examine and price.
J. M. Dknman & Utto.
New Clothing. — A tiran nt*w lot
"I the lines! received to day.
.Iso. H. I’oitrjrt.
I1'hOL’ R! PLOT It!! hMsOCIt !!
Our special brands, warranted to
{lire pei feet satisfaction a id c.lieup
• r than ever before.
W, |{. Wiiitk Jk Co.
A New Bank.
For tlie benefit of Sidney 15.
Wood anil the |»eO|»le I have open
ed a Bank for the purpose of buy
ing and aud selling Exchange and
.doing aud a general Exchange bus
! incss at Hope Ark, My cash cap
ital at present is limited hut if all
things work well we will change
On dan. 1st From a private bank
to a National Bank. In the mean
time I will do the best I can for
those who wish to patronize the
peoples Bank.
Yours to command.
SlllNKY B. Wool).
I*. S. —1 have a large lot of
mules and horses which 1 will sell
on time, payable Oct 1st 18X8. It
you need a team come aud see
me. Yours truly,
Sip.nky 15. Wood.
Having been in the picture bus
iness since 18m! I unhesitatingly
say that the work of Mr E. Little*
field is tirst class. I am not inter
ested with him, and idler this tes
timonial ot my own accord.
d. M. Si'MMEltS.
Hope, Ark.
We notice that Hugh
Moncrief is selling some
large wholesale bills. Low
prices will tell.
Constipation superinduces the
agony of that disease so prevalent,
known as Files. This can he cur
ed and prevented by taking Mor
i is't 'nscariue.
Goldbergs Eye water cures any
ease nl nrdiiv ry sore eyes in 2 or
.5 d,i\s. Sold by Hinton Drug Co.
.")— tint
Ex-Govenor Hubbard Says
At si i nTkxak, March !5, 1882.
Mr. A K. Hawkes: Dear sit—
I am iintcli pleased with the pnnti
seopie. glasses you so perfect I \
adapted to my eyes; with them 1
hiii enabled to rend, us in my youth,
the finest print with the greatest
ease I cheerfully recommend
tin in to the public. Respectfully,
R. 15. Hviihako.
(Ex Governor ofTexas) Minister
to dapau.
For sab* by Hugh Moncrief & Rio.,
Druggists and Opticians, Prescott
Votive, Pushing ami Itellable.
.1 no. M Milburn can always be
relied upon to carry in stock the
purest and hest.goods and sustains
the reputation of being active,
pushing ami reliable, by reeoin
mcitding articles with well estab
lislicd merit and such as are popu
lar. Having the agency for the
celebrated l)r. King’s New Dis
no very for Consumption, Colds
and Coughs, will sell it on a posi
tive guarantee. It "ill surely
cure any and every affection ot
throat, lungs or chest and in order
to prove our claim, we ask you to
mill and gel it trial bottle free. 1
Svve<*t is the taste, ami wonder
fnl the effect of Hugh’s Flux Cot
dial, only at Hugh Moncrief
it lfro’s.
.)umbo Liniment is as true as
steel and as unerring as the mart!*
net’s compass, on all tin* pains and
aches of matt. Sold by Hinton
Drug Co. 5—# 11,0
AGjc BUSTERfc Vr.rv!jSS
■ -N ■. r*“
JO- » ■
CV :#•*
Is the place to buy your Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils,
School Books, cheap and good Tobacco, Cigars, Wines,
Liquor and Alcohol. Special attention given to orders for
Drugs and Liquor. When you come to Hope, call and see me,
whether or not you wish to buy goods.
For sale by
"A clilrlV mutui# y«\ Inkin' note*—
Ah' faith prcnt Vni.”
No rain yet.
Push our school.
Pay for your paper.
One more pull for a factory.
Fresh pickles at B. L. Harwood.
Mr .1. H. (laught is on the sick
Mr. H. Logan visited Hope yes
Mr IsIihiii Mack was in town
Mr. Cal Jones is quite sick with
slow fever.
Turnip seed for sale by John E.
Try Hinton Drug Co., for cheap
Pure Apple vinegar,2oc per gal
Ion, at B. L. Harwood's.
Mr. M. Smith visited Arkadel
plna Saturday.
Monroe Demnaii went o\er to
Okolotia Saturday.
Johnnie Ferguson will buy cot
ton here again this fall.
Cotton baskets for sale by John
K. 1’ortis.
Foster & Logan Hdw. Co. is
headquarters for hardware.
W. R. White & Co’s for choice
groceries of all kinds.
For the West 5c. cigar in town,
call on 11. L. Hal wood.
Saturday Prescott received
twenty-seven bales otcotton.
Sorry to learn that Mrs. O. K. F
Whitten is very sick with slow fe
The railroad authorities have
been repairing our cotton plat
Hunters have not been very
successful so far, and venison is
Mrs. T. C. McRae is visiting her
sister. Mrs. E. M. Cheatham at
Mr W. 'I'. Fincher, one of the
( lever Rosstou merchants, was in
town Tuesday.
Fresh Oysters—of best brands
always on hand; give me a call.
B. L. Harwood.
Foster & Logan Hdw. Co. is
the place to get the new Pilot
The celebrated Star Whittaker
ham, for sale at
Brooks, Bi.akk & Co.
Trunks.—A new lot of all Linds
iast received.
Mr. VV. L. Connevey »utl wifi1,
of liewisville, Imve been \ isitiiijj
relative* here.
Mr. J. B. Crossland returi 1 to
Hear City Monday to look iter
mining interest.
Quite warm weather this week.
The mercury has risen ns high as
!»t decrees, several days.
Mr. Neal Smith one of ltodcaw’s
enterprising farmers, was up Sat
in day, and gave us a call.
Flour.—A car of the old stand
by “Moss Hone,” flesh Irom the
mill. Jko. K. Portik.
Buy the Bluff City stove. It is
the Best. For sale by
J. M. I)KNMAN & Bun.
I have moved into the ice house
and keep choice goods as cheap
as the cheapest. J. 11. Adams.
Mr. Giles and wife leave to-day
for Decatur, Ala. He will clerk
lor Mr. K. S. Johnson.
Mrs. J. M. Montgomery and
son. Bee, left Tuesday, to visit
j friends at Lewisville.
Quite a number of our business
men start to St Louis in a tew
I days, to lay in more goods.
Mr. Jeriv Pittman, one »l Ne.
' vads’s best farmers, gave ns a cull
and contribution Saturday.
l)r. Larkin Weaver left tor
Louisville, Ivy. Monday, to com
plete hits medical education.
Jolly ‘•Caz” Faster is back from
I Kansas; at his old place with Mr.
! Alf. A burrow, in the meat market
YVe sympathize . wil-li Mr. and
Mrs. J. C4. Carrington, One of
their twin children died Friday.
Mr. R. CJ. Moore is aide te l*
out on the utreets some, though
still troubled with something like
pa I’iil \
Read Mr. Arthur A. Gibson’s
niinniiucemeut at top of. this page.
He wauts your trade, when yqu
go to Hope.
Misses J.cnuie Brown and' Lizzie
Hensley have returned to Camden,
and left aching hearts behind, from
what we ean learn.
Little Bennie Johnson, who lias
been suffering from a large and
painful abscess under his shoulder
1 blade, is getting;better.
About a dozen new stibscribers
added this week. Come on, ever
ybody! The Pk'Ayu.vk has more
subscribers now than ever before.
Last week M. Alfred Abnrrow
again took clinrge of his meat in nr
ket. He keeps good meats, and
| deserves the nig patronage he gets.
New fall aud winter goods of all
j descriptions, will commeuce ar
riving daily at
Brooks, Bi.akk & Co.
Jeans.—All grades aud prices,
just opened.
Jno. E. Portis,
YY’e have another car lot of
those celebrated and unequalled
Studebaker Wagons.
J. M. Denman & Bun.
Superior, Mohawk, Alamo, New
Pilot, Ivy. Belle, Echo, Bluff City,
On Time, Prairie and Farmer’s
Pride, cooking stove*, for sale by
Foster and Logon Ildw. Co.
I Mr. P. C. Hayes, a clever, hard
working youug farmer from down
near Bluff City, w$s up visiting
his father, Rev. T. \\’. Hayes Sun
We ask our readers to carefully
peruse our advertising columns,
and give those merchants herein
soliciting your patronage a fair
trial, .
Miss Mattie Owen passed down
the road Sunday,to Texarkana,
where she takes a situation the
public schools, with Miss Minnie
(liycn away to every purchaser
of one pound of camly, oue Japa
nese napkin or handkerchief, for
the next thirty days at J. H. Ker
shaw’s. Sept. T, 18K7.
Miss Snllic Featherston a most
accomplished young lady, of Mew
nan Georgia, is here visiting rela
tives, the family -of Mrs. B. I).
Cotton is opening quite rapidly,
and farmers think it can all he
gathered inside of eight weeks.
The crop is very short-cut oft' by
the August drouth.
“Hello central.” Call at the
post office store and see the mag
nificent line of new goods just re
cieved; cheap, cheaper, cheapest.
Cheapest Drugs and
Books to be had at Hugh
Those who are inclined to bil
iousness, will ttnd Morris’ Casca-|
rim-an unfailing remedy for itsj
Claude Hinton, of tlie Hinton
Drug Co., keeps one of the neatest
houses and goods well arranged.
Besides a full stock of drugs, this 1
firm handles choice groceries etc,
at low prices.
Mrs. A. K. Orr, of Dottyville.
and daughter and son, Miss Annie
and master Sammie, have been
over visiting relatives. Mrs. H.
II. I.ogan and Mrs. C. F. Wingtielil
are daughter* of Mrs. Orr.
Mrs. Baseome has moved into
the Lotourefle building opposite
the depot, Hast Main street, and
will run a boarding house. Site is
a nice laity and we trust will re
ceive the liberal patronage she de
Misses Mattie and (ieorgia Belle
Moore, of Three Creeks Union
county, have been visiting their
(■ranppa, M- <1. L- Godley. Miss
Mattie goes on to college at Tem
ple Texas, and her sister will live
with •‘Grandpa.”
The new grocery store, of White
& (To., is being just packed full of
every thing good to eat, and the
prettiest line of glass-ware you ev
er saw. Call and see for your
Every body come to see the
new goods I am receiving.
.Ixo. K. Fount*.
Parties wanting machinery will
do well to see .1. M. Denman &
Bro. as they are selling cheaper
than any one else.
i Those ready mixed
paints, lead and oil, at
Hugh Moncrief’s, are the
Thursday Messrs Otis MoUcrief,
\V. .1. Fomby and this editor spent
fishing on Red lake, with only
moderate success, (.'might enough
for eating, and Mr. Vonerief fried
them. As a cook he is a success.
Our enterprising farmers espe
cially, as well ns everybody else,
are invited to turn out, at the court
house next Thursday night, to con
sider tie question of establishing
a cotton factory at Prescott.
Mr. F, K. Snodgrass, an inde
pendent, industrious farmer from
near Bough ton, gave us n pleasant
call Thursday. He takes the Pic
nyune in his youngest son’s name
; C. L. Snodgrass. This is a good
' Way to eeouragc children.
Wednesday of last week Mr.
Jno. J. Duvall lost nearly one
hundred thousand feet of lumber,
by tire out at his mill. Hut for
his pump failing to work, water
could have been thrown on the
tire, and the lumber saved.
Mr. N. T. Richmond has been on
a business trip to Omaha. Nebras
ka, and other western cities. He
also went over to Little River
county, to accompany Mrs. It.
home—she having been there for
some time visiting her parents.
Hy referenc to another column,
it will seem that Mr. Sid Wood,
the peoples’ man of Hope, has
started a new hank there. Mr
Wood is a liberal hearted, enter
prising and public spirited gentle
man, and his many friends wish
him success in his new business.
He will not extortion on the pen
pie or crush them in misfortune,
Hope and all other towns, need
more such men as Mr. Wood.
Hy the order of the Probate
court of Nevada county, I was ap
pointed executrix of the estate of
my husband, Patrick Cassidy. All
persons indebted to the estate,
will be expected to settle in lull
their account this fall.
\Ve learn from Mr. R. M. Bryant
of Hope, that his brother, Mr. W.
II. Bryant, of Clayton, and Miss
Zee Haynes, daughter of Mr. T. J.
Haynes of Shover springs, were
married on Wednesday of last
week, the dlst, of August. The
IVaytnk extends to the liappy
couple its best wishes and congrat
illations, and trusts their married
life will lie full ot happiness and
i | M M M
We have not asked our reailers
for money on subscription in a
long time. The expense of run-1
ningthis newspaper is heavy, and
we have been forced to borrow
money to tide over the dull spring
anil summer mouths. Now, is it
too much to ask, that our farmer
friends throughout the county,
come to our relief, and pay up
promptly their subscriptions. Do
not put us off, but settle out of
your tirst cotton money, and great
oblige us.
I i i k c t i i
Mr. W. .1. Tompkins, one of
Falcon's good tanners, has some
thing to say of tlie Dispatch edi
tor’s insult, espec ially applicable
to the farming class. Itememhcr
his words in commenting on the
alleged Ottawn(f) traHie in young
girls, were exactly these: 44We are
putting on the same system that
Knglond and Canada have been
using, the European pine. Mark
my words: You cannot escape the
inevitable effect which you see cm
London and Ottawa. 1’oor, dispir
ited. starving parents have no re
dress, no money to indict and must
submit ” And: “Extreme wealth
forces poverty to yield up her vir
tue.” 1‘ass this to your neighbor,
and let him sect the miserable, rot
ton, falsehoods, and direct Insult
to our people. Ilis exact words
should bt> memorized, and remem
bered by every man, woman and
child in the county, so as they can
l»c used in flu- future.
The business of Mr. I*. Cassidy,
deceased, will be earned on at the
old stand, in my name. Thanking
triends and patrons for past favors
and soliciting a continuance of the
I am very respectfully,
Mattik C. Cassidy.
To the many friends ami custom
era, who favored me with their
patronage, a few years ago at Hope,
1 would say I can now be found
behind the counters of W. C. Jones
l’reseotl, Ark., who carries a full
line of everything, which lie has
bought at low cash figures, and is
making war against high prices.
Come and price, and you will be
It. A. W,vun
ity virtue of Hie last will and
testament and also by order ol
I’robate Court, I was appointed
executrix of the estate of my hus
band, John Hawkins deceased. I
will therefore expect all persons
indebted to the estate to settle
their accounts in full this fall.
Mus. St's an Hawkins.
Asa Hawkins Agi.
Shall Prescott Have a Factory?
As we have been uske<l to an
nounce another meeting of citizens,
to take place at the Court House
next Thursday night, the loth ilist.,
the above question is quite perti
nent. Another question, will our
people ait idly by and ace the Mat
lock factory located elsewhere,
like they did a few years since,
when Prescott lost the Camden
branch of the Iron Mountain, by
juat such want of public spirit and
Everybody feeling an interest in
the welfare of the town and coun
ty are arked to meet once more at
the court house next Tuesday
Arkadelphia has held two pub
lic meetings, and Saturday sent a
committee, accompanied by Hon.
T. C. McRae, over to examine the
machinery of the Matlock cotton
factory. Hope aud Washington
arc also at work trying to secure
it. As Messrs McRae, Ueppy,
Jones vfc Co., who bought in the
property, have since also bought
the right of redemption of same,
they can give good title, immedi
ately on making sale. Will sell the
whole property including about
800 acres of land, or will sell the
machinery alone.
Consider the great advantages,
ami let merchants, doctors, far
mers aim all go to work, and we’ll
get the factory.
Contributed h,\ tile Special Cor*
poiHlciits of the Picayune.
Kintiicl etchings.
Garden trash done gone.
Col S. L. I’.raey and wife of Hope
was up Sunday.
Miss Narsie Gill, of Prescott,
was down last Sunday.
Mr John <>ill, who has been
teaching school here, has closed
his school and gone home.
hd llood goes over to Hickory
Grove often now. He is studying
Net work, I think.
Catch on better, friend “Hard
Luck;” Sykes lias you tooled. He
went to Hickory Grove to see his
best girl.
Mill Law is now fixing np the
bridge on the. Carouse. He will
put it in good order, so the hoys
can cross in safety. Bnt those
had dogs arc there yet.
I had the pleasure of meeting
with ‘‘Hard Luck,” of Houghton,
not long since. Find him a very
affable gentleman. Would like to
meet with some more of the scrib.
If you find any mistakes this
time, please excuse me I helped
some young ladies upon their
horses last Sunday. Did not know
that my other half saw me. hot
know it now. Only one ear sore.
Will help them up again though.
Mr U. T. Holmes sou of llev. 1).
T. Holmes, who has been nff at
tending the Naval school at. An
uapolis Md , is at home on a leave
of absence, visiting his father.
Hope his short stay will be a ptens
ent one. He is one fTnele Sam’s
boys now. Damon.
Itoiiglilnii lliilililings.
K. L. Aaron is on a pleasure hip
south, this week.
l)r .1. S Camion anil .1 R. New
ton, Innl tiusiness in IVeaentt Sun
Sorry to hear of the death of Mr
N. Thompkins’ little oliilil, which
oe.cured at his resilience Sniniu.r
Miss Fannie Wilson, one of Hope
sweetest young ladies, spent last
Saturday with friends and relatives
at this place.
Miss Anna Martin, one of I'res
eott’s best young Indies, attended
the meeting at Shady drove last
week, and was a welcome xi-itoi
to our town during the time.
Mr. J. L. Callaway and Miss
Kulola Itohinson were married at
the residence of the hrides father.
Mr. T. N. Uohinsnu Sunday evening
Eld, \V. It. Barham officiated.
Know all hunters by tlms- pr --
sents that a certain gentleman
living in Houghton whose name is
.]. T Mayes did actually shoot and
insti iitly kill two very nice and
inocent deer while hunting Iasi
Saturday and 1 did verilly help eat
them- IIardJLick.
Itmlenw lilts.
Dry and warm.
Health remains good.
It will take hut a short time to
gather cotton in this neighborhood
—one third crop.
Miss Willie Nance dosed her
school until the first of November,
so the children could gather cot
ton, and then slm will open up her
scliool for two months or longer
Tne hoys made some heavy ef
forts to kiTl some of the hacks
around Boileaw, on the first day
of September, hut made a failure,
it being ton ilrv for the dogs to
trail them. Auk Div
|PIIC DHCTCDC For Chills. No headaches,
AUUL DUO I LnO deafness ot^nausea. 50cts.
Albany .Siftings.
No rain hereabouts in five weeks.
Hut few have sown any turnips,
as yet.
The pen and potatoe crop will
necessarily lie light.
Watermelons have about played
Prof. Halbert’s school, at Lane
burn, will close Friday, with a pic
nic to follow next day.
Hurrah for Lanehurg. It is to
lie a cotton market this fall--.Mr.
Lane is going to be in lhe market.
Itoy. .1. W. Erwin's meeting at
BlufT Spring, was attended with
great success. A large number
professed a change from nature to
grace, and I do hope they will re
main faithful unto the end.
Mr. James P. Hendrix’s many
friends about here, greatly sympa
thise with him in his trouble, re
sulting from the loss of his prop
erty. Mr. II. is a whole scaled,
generous hearted man.
The manufacture of sorghum
syrup has been occupying the at
tention of a great many of our citi
zens, lately. There seems to have
been an unusual amount of sor
ghum planted this year, which is
proving to lm the most profitable
crop of tin* season.
I wa< indeed glad to hear that
my old triend and clmm, Hdiie
Hryant, with whom I have associ
ated a great deal in by gone days,
decide! at last to desert the bach
elor brotherhood and take unto
himself a wife. 1 wish you much
happiness Millie, and sincerely
hope you may never have any
cause to regret the step you lone
taken. (iooi) Luck.
Friendship I'lidgings.
Oil. till* beautiful, beautiful 11 list.
Tin* “melaiiclmh duxwill soon
In* here.
Master Cal llriglit left this week,
tor Mttle Itork. where he goes to
enter school.
Evenbody cordially invited to
attend the picnic at Mmeburg next
Salnrdav the 10th, and take some
tliiny good to eat.
Most of the cotton is open and
would lie greatly damaged by a
Mustering rain, as milch of it hangs
loosly in the hulls.
The good people of Ml. Moriah,
spread a magnificent dinner before
the large crowd, that remained on
the grounds between services Inst
.Sunday. Those people are noted
for their hospitality.
I listened to t w o excellent ser
mons last Sunday at Mr. Moriah,
Itev. ,1. 11. IScnuctt, of Ouachita
College, Arkadclplna. Mr. lien
nett is another young man of rare
abilities, who w ill make his mark
in the world. He is an earnest,
consecrated minister and is accom
plishing much good, which is no
ticed with great pleasure by his
host of old triends in this county
The farmers‘...f this section are
giving but little attention to poli
ties now. They extend the rant
ing politician a cordial invitation
to stay at houu and mind his own
business while they quietly earn
their living by “the sweat of the
brow ’’ VVii,tz.
dloildule <•«»■>»• i )».
A «entleiniin l>y tin* inline of
Slight h is purehased a part inter
est in Mr. t'aulder's saw mill.
Kujjene Norman is so elated
over the arrival of liis now hoy,
that lie rnltnot tell the truth for lie
says the boy weighs forty live
A revival meeting has been field
at IlieU ny drove the past week,
tinder the supervision of parson
Holmes, with some interest mani
Misses Hattie Haves and Fannie
Ito-eberrv, of Kininet, have tieen
enjoy illjf themselves here, with
their many friends lot the last few
I ho. Wilt/., between you and the
weather clerk we had a few days
v ery enjoy able weather thankful
for small favors will be phased it
i he | roper time to call for wren tar
Married, at Williams i,‘Impel on
Thursday evening September I-t,
by Parson I.owdv rniill-. Mr. .John
l.owiietimlk lo Miss t'ora MeMilli
an. The emit moling parties are
residents of dletidale ami we join
with their many friends in wishing
them a long, prosperous and use
ful life. May Ihev realize that,
“life is rent life is earnest” and
that if is their privilege as well as
duty to act well their part in the
great drama of life. And “still
there’s more to follow.”
Piiioki.v Asa IJrrTmis is an unfailing
cure fur ml i!.si-s originating in biliary
derangement s caused liy the malaria af
miasmatic eoanliie.-. No other medicine
now on sale will so effectually remove the
disturbing elements, amt at lie-same time
tone up the whole system. It is sure amt
safe in its uctiou.
• Olir OIICTCBP Knlirely 1 .c-.Cele.-s ; 1'cP
AuUt DUoltnO- Italy lUimloy "SJCtt.

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