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Cmmty pcapn*.
I'kkscott, Auk., Due. 1H, ]KH!t.
Kntcred at the Postoffice, Prescott, Ark., as
Second Class Matter.
St.Louis, Tuo.v Mountain a Soutiir’n
sourmtouNii krom prkscott:
751 Passenger and Mail... .:t:4H a. m.
765 Cannon Ball Fast Mail. .1:17 p. m.
763 Passenger ’and Mail.i',:nn p. m.
762 Passenger and mail. 2:10 a. m.
760 Cannon Hall Fast Mail . 2:21 a. m.
754 Passenger and mail.0:27 p. m.
H. C .Ion ks. Agent
More people suffer from constipa
tion than any other cause. Casca
rine is the only positive cure.
(Jo to Hugh Moncrief’s for ('. C.
Certain Cough Cure. Cures coughs,
colds and all throat and lung dis-j
B. W. Cross has a cough syrup
sold under a positiveguaranlcc if it
don’t relieve, money will he re
funded. Try it.
Call and examine the beautiful
goods at Mrs Kirkland’s before you
buy. You will save money and im
prove your appearance by so doing.
Brooks. Blake A Co will receive in ;
a few days an immense line of men's |
ladies’ misses’ and children’s boots'
and shoes at prices lower than eycr.
Don’t fail to see them.
When you are constipated, have
headache, or loss of appetite, take
Dr. J. H. McLean’s Liver and Kid-,
ney Billets; they are pleasant to!
take and will cure you.
You cannot accomplish any work
or business unless you feel well. If
you feel used up—tired out—take j
l)r. J. II. McLean’s Sarsaparilla, ll (
will give you health, strength and
To allay pains, subdue inllama-'
tion, heal foul sores and ulcers the j
most prompt and satisfactory results
are obtained by using that old relia
ble remedy. Dr. .1. II. McLean’s J
Volcanic <iil Liniment.
‘‘Never put off till to-morrow what!
can be done to-day,” which was of
ten done by bilious persons when I
they bail to take pills, but since the
introduction of Cascarine. the great
est of all liver regulators, delay is
For line Chistmas trix. such as
toy guns, pistols, swords, bedsteads,
tables, chairs, churches, forts, tire
engines, tops, and beautiful vases
of all kinds: at lowest prices, call
on or send to Davies A Sons, 112
.Main street. Little Rock, Ark.
The ‘ Mother’s Friend”
Not only shortens labor and lessons
pain attending it. but greatly dimin
ishes the danger to life of both moth
er and child if used a few months be
fore confinement. Write to the
Hradfield Regulator Co., Ytlanta,
(la., for further particulars. Sold
by Hugh Moncricf.
Are Your Children Sick?
If they are. we know how you are
worrying. For we all love our chil
dren. I ,0\e their innocent ways,
their childish prattle, even their mis
chievous pranks, \\ ithout them the
world would be cheerless indeed.
The more it pains us to see them suf
fer. the more thankful we ought to
he that in 1‘c-rn-nn a medicine has
been discovered that will cum the
ailments to which they arc so gener
ally subject, such as Croup, Colie,
Cholera Infantum, Dysenetry, Scar
let Fever, Whooping Cough. Diph
theria. or that dreadful Catarrhal
Earache. If you will send to the
l’eruna Medicine Co., Columbus, <>..
you will receive free a copy of Dr.
Hartman's “Ills of Life," containing
full directions of the use of l’e-ru-na
in all emergencies and also most sat
isfactory testimonials to its ellieieney.
It also shows what Man-a-liu, the
universal system regulator and rem
edy for constipation can do. l hese
family medicines, which no house
hold can afford to do without, are
aohl everywhere at £1.00 a bottle.
For sale by (Jeo. W . Terry.
Everything in our complete
stock of lirst-elass goods, to
go at a sacrifice. Clothing
and overcoats for a song;
plush wraps at less than
manufacturer's cost; boots,
shoes, hats, dry goods, no
tions. fancy goods and fur
nishings, lower than ever
before known.
All seasonable goods before
the season is over, and to do
this we will sell everything
in our house at lower prices
than other merchants buy
the goods.
Come and see us, we mean lms
iness. Brown & Blakely.
“A clilfP* umang ve, Inkin' notes—
An’ faith lie'll print Via.”
Middling cotton 9Jc.
No paper next week.
A merry Christmas to all!
Correspondence on 2nd page.
See new legal adv, in this issue.
Mr. 1. 1*. Harris visited Texarkana
last week.
Senator J l’ Copeland, of Pike, was
in town yesterday.
Fresh bread, cakes, etc., every
day at Will Deizner’s.
J. J. McLure, of (llenville, will
have a big sale on December 19.
Don’t forget to get your Christ
mas candy at Will Dclzucr’s.
•I. .1. McLure, of (llenville, will
have a big sale on December 19.
Nice fresh oysters can be found at
Will llelzner’s, at all times.
Will ltelzner sells candy and fruit
cheaper than any house in town.
A pleasant call from Mr. ,1. L.
Durham, of Clayton, yesterday.
A beautiful tribute to Jefferson Da
xis. from the Dallas News, elsewhere.
The strange and unaccountable
warm weather has continued another
(Had to add Mr. C. C. Dustin, of
Kosstou, to our list of subscribers
this week.
Mr. Matt Kdmundson. of Texas,
is visiting relatives and friends in
this county.
Miss Mary Harris, of DeAnn,
has been visiting the family of Mr.
•J. II. (yaught.
Mrs. (). It. McDaniell anil child
ren are visiting relatives near Hon
eavillc this week.
Good double slickers, (yellow)
best on earth, at only $1.25, at W.
F. Armstrong & Co.’s.
Goto Hugh Moncriefs at
once and buy your Xmas
presents at cost.
Don’t fail to go to see Allen Bros.,
Hope, Ark., when you go to Hope.
They are selling goods so cheap.
Call and see our goods before you
buy. We can interest you in prices.
Ai.i.kn linos., Hope, Ark.
Mrs. Klla McRae spent Saturday
at Little Rock, visiting her sister,
Mrs. L. K. Hinton.
.Mr. Ira 1’. Rudolph, the Arkadel
phia hardware merchant, spent Sun
day with his family here.
We trust as Christmas approaches
all will determine to properly ob
serve and not desecrate it.
The Wheelers have over IKK) bales
of cotton in warehouse here, they ex
pect to sell today, we learn.
Messrs. .1. T. Brooks and Mill
Cheatham made a business trip to
Sulphur Springs, Texas, last week.
Mr. M . S. McDaniell and wife, of
Honeavilie, spent Monday night with
their son. our popular Deputy Clerk.
Mr. .1. L. Stuart, one of Bough
ton’s good, solid farmers, is one of
our new subscribers, added this week.
Parties wauling u> nuy residence
property in Prescott, would do well
to call on us—we have for sale two
very desirable places.
Gold and silver jewelry, all
kinds, cheap, at Hugh Mon
criet s.
Ladies’ dress goods, men’s cloth
ing, hoots, shoes, hats, caps, ill fact,
everything you want, at Allen ltros.’,
Hope, Ark.
Dio Lewis lias just received at his
old stand a full line of silverware and
jewelry. Call and examine the
Noth m—All parties indebted to
me at Kosston, are requested to
please come forward and settle at
once and oblige.
I>11 AM 11. Mai k.
( apt. George Christopher has had
his resilience remodeled and greatly
improved—is now one of neatest in
Mr. .1. II. Gunter, of Holiver.
Miss., is now keeping hooks for
Hamilton A Dunn. Glad to have
him locate with us.
Messrs. Z. W. Hailey, C. C. Hus
! tin, .1. T. Fincher. Prof. T. K.
Dunn, and others, living near Uoss
t m, were up Monday.
A most pleasant call last week
from Messrs. .1. P. McGough and
;.J \Y Hrooks, two of Lane burg'a very
best farmers and citizens.
From a postal ordering his paper
transferred from Harhani to Chidee
ter, we infer that Dr. J. .1. ("ill has
located at the latter place.
Why will you cough w hen Shiloh’s
Cure will give immediate relief, l’rict
U) cts., 50 cts. and SL For sale by
Geo. W Terry.*
Shiloh's Cure will immediately re
lieve croup, whooping cough am
bronchitis. For sale by Geo. W
•Hlacknietack,” a lasting and fra
• ■runt perfume. Price 25 and ->0 cts
For sale by Geo. W Terry.*
Uheumatism is caused by luctii
acid 111 the blood, which Hood’s
Sarsaparilla neutralizes, and thus
cures rheumatism.
Is the place to buy your drugs, medicines, paints, oils, school
books, cheap and good tobacco, cigars, wines, liquor and alco
hoi. Special attention given to orders for drugs and liquor
HOPE, ARK. When you come to Hope, call and see me, whether or not you
wish to buy goods.
(Had to welcome Mr. .1. M. Cage
to our town. lie comes from Bod
j caw lias bought tlie Aburrow house,
in Bryan's addition to Prescott.
Mrs. Julia Codington will give an
art exhibition at Mrs. Wiley Terry’s,
on Friday and Saturday afternoon.
December 20th and 21st. (ieneral
in vital ion.
Kcv. T. W. Hays has our thanks
for a “mess” of very line turnips.
Some of them were nearly as broad
as a dinner plate, and weighing sev
eral pounds.
I)r. W. C. Wingfield has bought
White’s Hall, corner East Front and
Main streets, and will improve it, so
as to make it a reasonably comforta
ble opera hull.
Mrs. W. H. Terry and wife, and
Mrs. Sidney Parker and her guests,
Mesdamus W. .1. Binley, B. < >.
Flower and — — Cloud, visited
Hope Wednesday.
Wev’ds. A. J. Cheatham, of Hope,
and K. B. Morrow, of this place,
pastors of the Presbyterian churches
in their respective towns, exchanged
pulpits last Sabbath.
Shiloh’s Catarrh Wemedy — a posi
tive cure for catarrh, diptheria and
canker-mouth. For sale by (loo. W
Go to Goo. \V. Terry’s to
buy your toys .and Christmas
presents—laroe stock, low
It you want: something dura
ble for Xmas, go to Hugh
Moncriefs, and get some solid
gold jewelry.
Mr. C. II. I >onie, tlie photographer,
will remain in Prescott awhile longer
-will also run gallery at Texarkana.
He does livst-class work at lowest
prices, and solicits your patronage.
Mrs.Julia Inidiugton, from Indiana,
will open a class in oil painting at
Mrs. Terry’s studio. Persons inter
ested in art will do well to call at once.
She may lie seen at Mr. Howell’s or
Mrs. Terry’s.
We are requested to announce that
l’inev drove church, near Houghton,
will give a musical entertainment and
supper on next Monday night, to as
sist in paying for the church. Every
body invited.
Mr. Reuben Parker, son of Mr.
Matthew Parker, of Howard county,
made 11s a pleasant call Saturday.
He is down to spend the holidays
with friends and relatives in this and
Ouachity county.
Some disturbance and excitement
in town Saturday night and Sunday
caused principally by wliiskv, wi
learn. All regret such oeeurren.'
and every effort should h" made u
prevent a re-occurrence ot me same
Thanks to our friend, l>r I, II Me
Swain, of Kmmet. for complimentary
note written from New Orleans lu
is now taking an additional and fin
ishing course in medicine. (Had u
know that he and wife secured com
fortable quarters in the Crescent City.
With favorable weather and brick
sutticient it is thought the brick work
of the Foster A. Logan lldw. Co.’s
double story, will be completed by
the masons this week, when the roo]
will be put on and completioi
pushed, it will be an ornamental
substautal building.
Our clever friend, Mr. A. T. Hai
ley. of W'illisville, made us an appro
j dated call Thursday. Said he madi
, a line crop of corn -cotton rathe]
poor. Regret to learn through bin
j of the death of Mrs. N. K. Plunkett
which occurred on the Tuesday nigh
previous at her home.
Our neighbor Hill Lewis has ;
sweet little girl baby at his house
I Hill says there is no use in a fellov
getting “stuck up” just because lu
| has a baby, at the same time wi
I think he has taken on a much mort
| important air than before the arriva
jof the little stranger.— ("Hope <ia
| Having purchased the bankrup
1 stock of W’. (J. Harton & Co., a
Kmmet, Mr. W’. F. Armstrong wil
continue to run the same there, am
| all living convenient can buy good
there nt fust cost—big bargains fo
all. Try this Kmmet house and yoi
will bo convinced.
Kvervthing in the toy line, sue!
as toy pianos, telephones, steam-eii
!,riues, wagons, wheelbarrows, veloci
pedes, trunks, dishes, autograph an
picture albums, Hibles, pictur
books, irames—dominoes, checker?
chess, base ball, etc., at. Davies <!
Sons, 412, Main street. Little Rock
1 have just received a full line c
I silverware and solid gold goods b
] Christmas presents. ( all at my ol
I stand and examine the goods.
l)io Lkw is.
Ail appropriate, readable Christ
mas story on our first page, pointed
with a good moral. In our prosper
ity let ns not forget to help thus*
not so fortunate, lest we at the lasl
day receive the rebuke, ‘‘Inasmuel
as ye did it not unto the least of one
of these, my brethren, ye did it not
unto me.”
Thursday night, in a general row.
a young mail from l’ike county wa*
hit on the head with a brick-bat, and
hurt. Next morning the marshal ar
rested several parties, we learn,
among them Ches. Levy, colored,
who resisted arrest, and made his es
cape, though the marshal shot at him
several times as he ran off
Among the most handsome and well
planned residences recently erected
in our town are those of Messrs. P.
C. Hamilton and W. R. White, .Jr.
Mr. -1. 11 (taught, carpenter, built
| them, and he tells us he has under
contract six other re deuces to lie
erected as soon possible. Prescott
is building up in a solid, substantial
1 have twelve head good horses
land mares, from 14] to In] hands
high, live to nine years old. All
well broke and fat. I will sell
cheap. Will have a car of good
Missouri mules here not later than
January loth, to February 1st.
Would advise all in need of mules to
wait and not have to feed through
the winter. Prices will be from 87A
to $125 per head. J. T. Buooks.
! For dyspepsia and liver complaint
you have a printed guarantee on
every bottle of Shiloh’s Vitali/.er. It
never fails to cure. For sa'e l>v (»eo.
W Terry.*
Ho! Christmas goods arc
cheaper than ever before
known, at Geo. W. Terry's,
the druggist. Plush work
boxes,toilet and manicure sets,
oder cases, etc., etc.
My entire lin • of plush
goods at cost, consisting of
dressing cases, manicure sets,
nut crackers, work boxes,
shaving sets, albums, ami
many other drugs.
Hugh Monckikf.
The Methodist, Baptist. Cumber
land Presbyterian ami Christian Sun
day schools will celebrate Christina*
with entertainments and gifts at
their respective churches Christina*
eve some to have plain Christinas
trees, others a chimney and tree,
crosses and tree, etc. Let all tlie
S little folks be nicely provided with
appropriate presents.
t^uitc a number of our friends
have settled their subscriptions tin
past two weeks, for which we thank
them, one and all. Vet there arc s
great many still in arrears. 1 lit
date printed with each man’s naim
shows to what time subscription is
paid. Look and see how you stand
and then don't forget us when yot
come or send to town.
Rev. W. R. Barham bought tin
line farm, steam gin. and grist mill
etc., of Mr. J. C. Daniell. near lion
eaville, and will move thereon soon
Sold his farm in Redland to hi'
brother. Mr. II. (J. Barham. Wt
congratulate our friends at Honea
villc in securing such a true, gout
man to take the place of the estima
ble one who moved away to Texas.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Ed. L
Rtiark, of Little Rock, on Dec. !)tb
a six-pound son—mother and cliih
getting along well. Mrs. R. is i
daughter of l’rof. Levi White, o
this place, and friends here will con
gratulate the mother and father 01
' this happy event—an heir coming b
their home. Mr. Ruark is train dis
patcher of the St. L. 1. M. & S. Ry
■ Mr. .1. C. Daniell and family lef
for Brownwood, Texas, Friday. Fo
I many years he has been one of Ne
vada’s very best citizens, living nca
( lloneaville, and a host of friends bit
i him a tearful farewell, with man
1 heartfelt good wishes for his prosper
I ity in his new home. We commen
II Mr. D. to the good people of Brow
r countv. as well worthy their esteei
and conlidence.
Some ten days since we visited tli
- Clayton neighborhood, and spent tli
■ day pleasantly with friends. Far
* took of the hospitality of Mr. .1. A
Colield at noon; he is a full-lledge
L Georgian, a most clever gentleman
. too we almost feel akin to pet
pie hereabouts from our native Stall
f Messrs. Colield * Goyens run
1 steam gin near Clayton, anti hav
ginned several hundred bales tlii
; season.
Our deter friend, Mr. \V. .1. Hitt
of lloneaville, gave us a pleasant call
Friday, and assisted us in re-arrang
ing postotllees of our lloneaville sub
scribers, as that postoffice has been
discontinued for want of a postmaster
—some we stop at the Prescott of
fice, while the rest go to Roast on.
Wo regret the discontinuance of that
office, but trust our friends will re
ceive the paper regularly, by means
of a club mail.
Rev. T. H. Ware, our new Pre
siding Elder, preached at the Metho
dist church Sunday morning and
evening, to good congregations. He
is a most able and eloquent divine.
The sermon Sunday night, on the
subject of Prayer, was listened to
most attentively, and was highly
praised by all who heard it—was full
of new ideas, most beautifully ex
pressed. Our people have fallen in
love with Pro. Ware. M
No Pack it N i-.vr Wkkk.—As our
next publication day falls on Christ
i mas day. we \\ill issue no paper next
week, and take a week’s rest and
j recreation. It is a time-honored cus
1 tom of the press to thus observe
Christmas, and it is meet and proper,
as the editor and printer get little or
no rest at any other time. While the
farmer, tradesman and mechanic of
ten have a lull in business, and.
therefore, get rest, it is not so with
the editor and printer, as they have
the same labor to perform continu
ally. So our next issue will lie on
January 1st. 1800.
Those who
owe us on subscription,
! are kindly asked
to pay up
while money is plentiful.
Some owe for
3 or 4 years.
We need all that is due us.
It takes
money to run a paper,
so don’t forget us.
Ili >i,i. ok lIoMUt: Among our
friends who settled their subscrip
tions since last week: X W Bailee,
SV .) Hitt, W S MeDaniell, C II Dan
iell, T K Dunn, ltosslon; .1 \V
Brooks. Mrs I .via Daniell, .1 <>
Brooks, .1 1’ Mot lough, Laneburg;
W 1’ Richardson, Wallnceburg; A T
Bailey, A T Thompson, Willisville;
B F Baker, .1 .1 Lee, Boughton ; .1 L
(lodley, Dallas, Texas; X W Smith,
Hope; .1 A Colield, Clayton; (I \\
Armistead, I II Brooks, I* K Bryson,
.1 F Britt, I B Cantley, .1 II (laught,
Dr. .1 C Brown. I’rescott, and others
at a distance. Our best thanks to
each of you. gentlemen.
Photo anti autograph albums,
large and small china wax dolls,
tea-sets--toys of all kinds—
'cheaper than ever, at Geo W.
Terry’s, the druggist.
Extract from a letter not written
for publication, but published by
permiaion : “Little Kock, Nov. 2‘J.
—I have no touch of rheumatism
now. Four bottles of Dr. K.
King’s Koval (Jermatuer cured me.
Before 1 begun to take the (Jeriua
teur, 1 had dispaired of ever getting
. well. It has been four months since
1 stopped taking it, and 1 fell as
well as 1 ever did. 1 give all the
credit to Dr. King’s royal (lermatcur.
(Signed.) Mrs. A. E. Bragg.” It
is needless to state that Mrs. Bragg
I had tried the best medical treatment
possible. Ifoyal (Jermatuer for sale
by Hintou Drug Co., l’rescott, Ark.
“(’. ('. C. Certain Chill Cure,” the
most pleasant to take of all fever
and ague remedies. Warranted to
I! cure chills and fever. Sold bv Hugh
\ Moncrief.
f A Nasal Injector free with eaeli
■ | bottle of Shiloh’s Catarrh Kcinedv.
, 1 Price 50 cents. For sale by < Jeo. "
( Terry.*
We have the goods, we want yout
money, you want the goods; conn
and let us exchange,
t j Ai.i.i n Bitos., Hope, Ark.
J. T. Brooks & Co.
r This house has had an immensi
I clothing trade. They bought this
fall over three thousand dollars'
worth, and received by express oi
yesterday a fresh invoice of neat
I $500. Being late in the season thesi
i goods were bought very cheap am
, will tie sold lower than any of theil
' would lie competitors can buy them
They have a great many remnants
' which they sire selling less than cost
e Call and see them. Front street.
Special to Ladies.
' We have just opened a large am
nice stock of Ladies' Misses’ am
i 1 Children's Cloaks, Wraps am
- Jackets, of all the latest styles of mu
terial and manufacture, and will In
sold for less money than other mcr
chants buy them. Don’t fail to set
'' our line of Plush Wraps, which an
s being sold at unheard of low prices
Bmivvx i.V Bi.aki i.v.
For the Remainder of the Year IH.Sff,
■ j. T. BROOKS K C0.S,
Corner Briek, Front St.
\\ e guarantee the saving of money over all competitor’s
... sales. Remnants, odds and ends will £fo at half price ^
to close out. l est our prices by jjoin^ first to oth- ^
er houses and then come to us and we will undersell them.
20 vein, good brown domestic.
20 yds. lull standard cotton cheeks.
12 yards best gingham cheeks.
12 yard* wool tilling worsted.
I pair men's rubber arctics.
I pair Indie* full slock gloves
(•rain shoe* in pegged or sewed, button or
JO v jin Is full s'niuliirtl prints.
JO yards "ini'tium «■ 11»•:• tv>
IJ \:»i"' lull drills.
H \nrds v nid filling lii,ds«.*\
I Oulirs nillho* 'nr-villuT.
i pounds lioiiisiami sugar.
-» pounds good CmHi'P.
Ipounds lu st cadl’is*.
lilt chs in ions nKi’.umiKvr.
Plain worsted from He. to 10e. Henrietta doth from 20e to $1,00; 84
IlnlliantceiiH from 30c to 73c. to 3 I inches wide.
Ladies doth from 40c to 30c. Fancx worsted from 124c to 20 cents.
1'rico from 30 cents to 73 cts. Velvet surah and morie trimmings to
All wool red hlankcts from 13 els. All wool while blankets from 20 cts.
to 83 cents. to 83 cents.
All wool twilled Manuels from 23c. Part wool I willed llanncL from 124c
to 43 cents. to 22.1 cents.
T'lannd skirl in;,'.. 23 cts. to 30 i Is. Kider down llannel sacqucs from 40c
Fancy colored hlankcts from 73 c. to tin cents,
to $8.(10 per pair. Wed hlankcts, $8.00 to $3.00 a pr.
Plain w hite wool hlankcts from S2.*►<) to fti.OO per pair.
i.aiuks’ i iiii.iiiii.n's a ,n ui n’s i mikkwkau.
We have had large sales in this line, and are making some special low
prices. Our assortment is full and it will pay you to make examination.
( I.OTIIINU, i I.UXKs! i I.OTIIIM., cloaks!
In these two lines wt have had the largest and most complete stock of
anx house in South Arkansas. While we liaxe made large sales and our
stock is Honicxvhnt broken, we yet liaxc a large stock for Prescott, and from
now to .la mi a i\ 1st, will gix c you licavx discounts from our regular marked
prices in fact, the entire lot of ChildMu's. Misses’ and Ladies’ ( loaks.
Hoy's Youth’s and Men's Suits, Overcoat.. Pants, do, must and will he
sold regardless of cost or value.
We buy your cotton, hides, wool, eggs, chickens, butter,
and help sustain your home market. I lave on ha nd a full
stock Plant's Hour, meat, meal, new Louisiana sugar and
'molasses, salt, bagging and ties, rice, tobacco, coffee, snuff,
starch, soda, I'tc. Call and see us.
If von suffer frout tiny affection
caused by impure blood, such as
scrofula, salt rheum, sores, boils,
pimples, tetter, ringworm, take l)r.
.1. II. McLean’s Sarsaparilla.
If you suffer pricking pains on
moving the eves, or cannot bear
bright light, and lind your sight
weak and failing, you should prompt
ly use l)r. .1. II. SlcLean’s Strength
ening Kye Salve. 2n els. a box.
The guaranteed cure for dyspepsia
and indigestion is t'ascarinc; plcas
! ant to take and mild in action.
Yu.i ran lie cheerful ami happy
only when vou are well. If you feel
‘■out of sorts,” take l)r. .1. II.
Mcl,run's Sarsaparilla.
The Ifev. (ieo. II. Thayer, of
Bout lion, link, .-ays: “Both myself
ami wife owe our lives to Shiloh’s
Coiisiimptioii Cure.” For sale by
(ieo. W Terry.*
Are \ on made miserable by indi
gestion. constipation, dizziness, loss
of appetite, yellow skin? Shiloh’s
Vitalizer is a positive cure. For sale
by (ieo. W Terry.*
JRA 33. !/MLoT,-i X f ,JL.IOTST,
Important hih! Wliotanitta ilmlfr* in
Dry Goods, Notions, Boots and Shoes, Etc.
NT. I.IH IS. »l KM I'll IN, Cl VJINI ITI »Nl. S K V I) ll.'ll'll l,l»ICIW OlIFUflATHU
Nos. 224 & 226. Main St.,
Ni'\v York olllcc llrua.lwuy.
Come one, Come all, and buy goods from the great
W. F. Armstrong A Co.
We are Selling Goods Cheaper than other Firms can
Buy Them.
We Lead; Let Those Follow Who Can.
Oar stock of Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing, Hats,
Caps, Boots and Shoes for fall and winter trade just
received. We take pleasure in showing these
gooes. It will be to your interest to call on us.
(iood quality brow it domestic •'» d* per yard.
(ioixl round thread cotton plaid*, .V. per yd.
Print*, prettv dre»* *tvles »<•. to 7* . per yd.
All wool tilling w or*ted, " 1 'let-*, per > aid.
< iood double w idth ca-lnnere. I »per \d.
(iood till wool red uuderdiirt*. pi cent* each,
(iood ail wool ml druwer*, P* cl*, per pair,
(ieiitleinen'* handkorchiet'*, •» ct». to 7a ct*.
I.adie*' lldkt- , tert pretty, 1 *c to *«ic.
, |toy*' -<1111* from » up.
'«iif' l nun .■* * 111*•
l.adi***' lion*, .1 ta ut*.
Mfii'- half lu»*< . > out1*.
Mni1' full Nt«wk bro^an*. 'rtut*.
I.mlh button Si '*» to ’*1
All wool rwl twilUsi ftauuoll. 111-.V.
Ml v.ool rod tinum-l, l.» ivnt*
>•.1' 1, .1 cciita |u*r lb. Soda. I ft*. |«T Ih.
Sti ; 1 , 1 .1. .. r<dta<vo, and tiarrotl'* am! iH-ntal
MiiitT, at lowoat fijpiro*.
py MR. \\ F. AKMSTKONU, the - I proprietor of tin- above linn, is also a
full partner in the large
W a- rai'-.l in the ne r. untile hu'iue—, uinl llierefnie uu.hr t.unls his business- bussuilJ
I sells fur rush.

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