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Nevada County picayune. (Prescott, Nev. County, Ark.) 1885-1???, November 13, 1890, Image 3

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You must oat! So come to my store for something nice. All kinds of fine canned goods, and
fruits and vegetables of every variety. Am now receiving daily, some very fine California Fruit,
and will sell as cheap as the cheapest. Yours truly,
The Leading Confectioner, B. L. HARWOOD.
gtada Cmmtij gtapjw,
pHKSr »TT, A I! K., N<IV. 13, I8l)0.
Kntorpil nt tlic IVstoflice, Pnwiit*^ Ark., »f
Second Cluss Mutter.
Sr.fiouis, Iron Mountain .v Southh’n
761 Pause nger aw) Mail.6:11 a. »l.
"66 Cniiiion Hall Fast Mail.12:46 i>. M.
763 Passenger . 6:84 P. M.
762 Passenger. 9:28 a. m.
7611 Cannon Hall Fast Mail . 2:24 r. M.
761 Passenger and mail. 9:63 p. M.
II. Vow. Agent
Revised and corrupted weekly.
Hood middling..
Low Middling.
•fcg*. .
Oats. .
Pens. .
Dried peaches (unpenled).
*• “ (pealed).
Irirdi potatoes.
Chickens. .
Beeswax .
Bacon sides..
Bulk sides..
Sugar cured hams.
Flour per bbl.
Salt, per bbl.
Molasses ...
Syrup N. O.
“ Sorghum..
Sugar Brown..
C< dli-e.
Ties. .
Side leather.
Hides ilry.
“ green.
9$ to in
$1 60
$1 00
$1 60
16 to 20
12}to 14
. 8 to 10
$6}tO$ 1
. |l 80
40 to 60
40 to 60
25 to 86
6 to 8
7 to 10
60 to 76
19 to 26
71 to 8
ail 66
40 to 60
t«> 7

Stainton & McSwain,
Our stock of general merchandise
is full end complete, and we propose
to sell at prices as low as the lowest.
Live and let live is our motto. No
use to make a long trip to Prescott
or Hope and lose time for nothing,
when goods can be bought of us just
as cheap. Will give you first-class
goods and deal squarely.
And we feel confident we can give
you as much for a dollar as any oth
er merchant. Will be glad to serve
our farmer friends and the public
generally. Mr W G llarton is now
witli us, and will be pleased to see
his friends.
Drugs and Medicines.
We also keep an assorted stock of
pure, standard drugs and patent med
eines. Respectfully,
Prescott, Ark.
The above warehouse and
yard is now opened for bus
We also make advances on
cotton it desired.
We have a new, clean and
commodious wagon yard in
which you can keep your
wagon and team dry C hurges
per night, 20 cents.
Prices for Handling Cotton:
Weighing cotton. - - -. 10< per halo.
Weighing, sampling and shipping, b><- pr II.
Weighing, snmp'g, fhip’g and Ins. 26c pr 11.
G. W. L. KANAWAll,
Ilocation next block hack of \\ idler s store.
Bucklen’s Arnica Salvo.
The best salve in the world f«»r
cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt
rlieurn, fever sores, tetter, chapped
hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin
eruptions, and positively cures piles,
or no pay required. It is guarantee,'
to give perfect satisfaction, or mono.
refunded, Price ‘-'a ets. per box.
For sale by Hugh Moncrief.
1 now occupy the
.* Mrs. Matt White
boarding house, and will take in
boarders at reasonable rates. Call
and see me. People coming to town
from the country, or attending loitrl
here, will be accommodated at $1.00
per day. Mns. 1. \V. Johnson.
The most popular liniment, is tin
old reliable, Dr. J. II McLean's
Volcanic Oil Liniment.
“A chil l’* uniting ye, tnkin’ notes—
An' faith he’ll print ’em."
Middling Cotton He.
Pay for your paper.
See program Clover Club.
Take the Pk ayi nk for all the news
Some damp cold weather this week.
White Bros, have a line trade on
The editor made a business trip to
Hope Saturday.
Felt hats, 50 ets. : straw hats, 25
Cts., at Mrs. Shankle’s.
Mr. Robert Adams, of Arkadel
phia, was down Sunday.
Fresh bread, (baked daily) on
sale at B. L. Harwood’s.
Rev. C. I). McSwain, of Lonoke,
was in the city Tuesday.
Trade is quite brisk now and our
merchants are kept busy.
Prof. Dwight Blake, of Arkadel
pliia, spent several days here last
For nicest bread, freshest bread,
(baked daily) call on B. L. Har
It is thought Circuit court will be
in session most, tf not all, of next
Master Fay C'rossett, of Hope,
made our growing city a visit Sat
The bad weather this week is a set
back to the mill men as well as to the
Clad to add Mr. J. C. Barr, one
of Redlaud tp’s best citizens, to our
list of subscribers.
Mr. J. It. Newton, of Boughton
tp., made a business trip to Colum
bia county, last week.
The Democratic jubilee and torch
light procession, set for Monday
night, was rained out.
Mr. J. D. Pelt, the clever Falcon
merchant, was up Monday, and
made us a pleasant call.
Mrs. V. E. Shanklc and daughter,
Miss Edna, visited Mr. W. G. Lewis’ i
family, at Hope, Sunday.
We want o' )0 bundles good fodder
at once. Will pay market price.
Apply at l’h AYt SK office.
We need some wood. Parties who
have promised to bring us in some,
will please do so at once.
New subscribers keep coining in,
we add from six to thirty new ones
to our list every week now.
Miss llestcrly Johnson is assisting
her mother, Mrs. I. W. Johnson, in
the millncrv business at Gordon.
Quite a number of our subscribers
have renewed for their papers, the
past week, and we thank each one
Mr. J. K. Russell, of Bodcaw,
moves this week to Buckner on the
Cotton Belt railroad. Wish him
Farmers have been very bus}’ har
vesting their cotton. A short crop
and declining market is truly dis
Dr. 1>. Q. Sims, of Joshua, Texas,
writes us: Everything Democratic
here, too; not over a half crop here
this season.
SHOES.—“The best made.” Our
line is fullest and we have the largest
variety of styles and lowest pricest,
at R. L. Blakely’s.
Bob Langford, the barber, will do
your hair cutting, shaving, etc., in
the best style. Call on him and he
will give you satisfaction.
Leading authoritives say the only
proper way to treat catarrh is to take
a constitutional remedy, like Hood’s
Allen Bros., Hope, Ark., will pay
the highest market price for wool,
washed or unwashed. When you go
to Hope carry them your wool.
We arc requested to state that
Rev. R. 1L Morrow will hold services
at the Presbyterian church next Sat
urday and Sunday.
Mr. Fletcher White and wife, of
Texas, are here visiting his brother,
Capt. W. R. White. They are on
their way home from Mississippi.
Trust our farmer friends will not
remain idle, l>ut secure white lalior
thut is reliable, now that opportunity
is presented in our emigration society.
Mr. J. M. Wells, one of the school
directors in district No. o, ltedland
tp., (six miles east of Prescott) tells
us they want a good male teacher at
Mr. John Weber, the elever Hope
tailor was up Monday. We also no
ticed on our streets Dr. Saner and
Mr. John Atkinson, from the same
Uovd*. John McLaughlin of Arka
delphia, 11. W. Brooks of Hope, and
K. L. Heard of Wallaceburg, were in
town Tuesday, visiting Uev. J. K
Mrs Shankle’s is the best and
cheapest place to buy ladies’ and
children’s cloaks, jackets, under
f vests, gossamers, gloves and hosiery,
i Price her goods for yourself.
Hon. 'l'hos. C. McRae, by special
invitation, attended the Democratic
jollification at Arkadelphin Friday
night, and made one of his good
Migratory birds are now daily go
ing South. This is said to be a sure
sign of cold weather close at hand.
Weather prophets predict that we
will have an unusually severe winter.
Mr. W. E. Sutton, of Lancburg.
left Thursday for Grenada, Miss.,
where he is to wed to-day Miss
Emma Stevens. We wish our worthy
young friend all happiness and pros
Circuit court adjourned Saturday
at noon and re-convened Monday
at 10 o’clock. Judge Mitchel spent
Sunday at home at Texarkana, and
Prosecuting Attorney McCollum at
home in Hope.
Mr. J. L. Gurley, of Carouse, one
of our best citizens, died on Wednes
day night, Nov. 5th. lie was a
member of the Baptist church, and a
good Christian. We sympathize
with the afflicted relatives.
The December Delineator, pub
lished by Butterick Publishing Com
pany, New York, is upon our table.
It contains the latest fashion plates
and styles. No lady should be with
out it. Price $1.00 per year.
It is a fact worthy of your consid
eration that Mrs. Shankle carries the
most stylish and cheapest line of
ladies’ hats and bonnets of any
house in Prescott. If you value
money,price her goods before buying.
Only a little over five weeks until
Christmas. What a nice time the
little folks will then have. Let us
do all in our power to make them en
joy themselves, remembering we,
too, were children not many years
We have quite a number of colored
subscribers, who are well-to-do ami
intelligent. Among the new ones
added lately are: Spencer, W. L.,
J. E. and J. W. Gulley and C. H.
Fields, Zama. and W. N. Hendrix,
On our first page we put iu print
for the first time a very fine poem,
entitled “Compensation,” from the
gifted pen of our literary friend,
Judge (1. P. Smoote. It is worthy
of thoughtful, careful perusal, as a
true gem.
If the U. L. leaders want to leave
this county because Democrats car
ried it, where will they go to avoid
them, as they will evidently soon
control the nation. Guess they can
go to Africa, if they possess means
There are no Hies on Prescott.
With an inland railroad, one or
more big lumber concerns, a cream
ery and cheese factor}’, a large fur
niture factory, and other new enter
prises, she yet will be the queen city
of Southwest Arkansas.
An interesting letter on this page
from Capt. J. A. Ansley, of Montc
sauo, Wash., giving account of his
trip, and first impressions of that new
State. The Captain has many
friends in this county, who will be
pleased to thus hear from him.
A number of our subscribers have
paid for their paper the past week,
among them: N. J. Price, Hough
ton; J. 1>. Pelt, Falcon; J. II.
Stephens, Wallacclnirg; W. M.
Font by, Caney; A. T. Thompson.
Willisvillc; John H Vaughn and oth
ers, Prescott. Thanks to you, one
and all.
As Mr. (). I.. Moncrief was carry
ing Holt McFaddin, colored, up to the
Arkadelphia jail Sunday, the latter
jumped from a closet window and
escaped, near Smithton. Otis
jumped after him from the steps,
and, we learn, turned two or more
summersaults, the train being in mo
tion at the time, but was uninjured.
No country paper in the State is
better equipped than the Pioayi nk.
With power press, paper cutter,
Peerless jobber, mailing machine,
new type throughout, costing about
$3,000, it is no trouble to get out a
well printed, neat and interesting
paper, second to no country weekly
in the State. Its merit in this re
spect is acknowledged wherever it is
Notwithstanding the very iuclem
cnt weather Tuesday night, the sup
per, gotten up by the ladies of the
Methodist church, was eminently a
success iu every particular. Edibles
were very line, toothsome, and a
bountiful supply. Evening’s re
ceipts amounted to over flit). It af
forded an opportunity for social re
union, as well as a line repast. All
honor to the ladies for their uoblc
Lkttkus Aovkutiski*.—The fol
lowing letters remained uncalled for
in the postolllce at Prescott, week
ending November 10th. (In calling
for them say advertised): labetha
\ustin, llama Adams, Hob Boyd.
I nv. (i. Higgs, W. G. Baggs, John
' East and, Mon Ilolmon, C. P. Micks,
Julia Moore, Jake McCathem, A. J.
Nelson, J. H. Phillips, E. E. Haynes,
James E. Steele, F. K. Snodgrass,
I Jimmie Topscott, J. " ■ ' ,cke[f’ * ’
A. Walker, Doctor Williams, Willie
Wilson, Willie ^ oung.
Our job outfit is'4he best and most
complete, new, cost ovei $1,100. We
will duplicate StLouisand Little Rock
I in both style and prices. Conte see us.
Letter from Captain J. A. Ansloy.
Montbsano. Wash., Nov. 1st.
Editor l’lc vvrxK:—Your issue of .
Oct. reached us Oct. 30th.
First news from home. Thanks for
notice of our departure. The local
columns eagerly read by us all.
Such quick transit of mail makes us
feel that we are not so far away.
It took some time to allay the emo
tions produced in parting with so i
many kind friends at Prescott. Our
trip was made delightful by balmy
weather and beautiful scenery. The
Pacific Slope, arrayed in a dense
growth of evergreen grass, trees and
vines, is in strong contrast with the
long stretch of treeless and grassless
plains and mountains of Kansas,
Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and
eastern Oregon. It seems to be a
land of perpetual springtime.
The Columbia valley is grand. We
crossed at Kalama, in transfer hoat.
Western Washington, from Kalama
to Tacoma, seems to be an unbroken
forest of fir and spruce. The towns
are all new and the back lots are full
of stumps and logs.
Tacoma is a great city. The sound
country is very rich. Log booms,
containing hundreds of acres of logs,
give us an idea of the extent of the
lumber trade. Yet the forests seem
untouched. 1 lie water is thick with
Agriculture is behind, because
farmers have not yet come here to
develop this industry. The soil is
very rich and especially adapted to
fruits and gardens.
We have been only a week at
Montesano. Have pleasant rooms
that overlook the city. Lots here at
from S100 to $ 1,000 per lot. Terms,
in some cases, to suit the purchaser:
by monthly, quarterly, semi-annual
or annual payments. The grass and
clover are rich and green. Cows are
giving full milk, Hi to 20 quarts per
day. (treat dairy country. Beef
and mutton very fat. Beats Cali
fornia for honey.
I saw the mill handle a log 7 feet
in diameter. It is easily done, all by
steam power. The log is lirst made
eight sided; then run down to six.
etc. There are many of these big
logs. They are Hosted down the
streams to the mill boom. This is
the place for lumbermen.
John A. Ansi.ky.
Vote of Nevada County.
For the information of our readers
we give the vote of this county, in the
Congressional election, by town
ships. As said last week, there was
no opposition to Mr. McRae, and he
carried every township in the coun
ty, as shown below:
McRae’s inaj.
Moltae. White
45 22
128 1
50 18
78 12
48 0
66 4
39 0
20 0
248 30
64 3
32 18
!I8 48
26 0
*.142 156
Clover Club.
(’lover Club will meet at l)r. R.
L. Hinton’s, November 21, 181NJ.
The following program was submit
ted by the committee:
Answer to roll call, (Quotations.
Vocal solo. Miss Helen Davis.
Select reading, Mrs. B. H. I^ogan.
Instrumental solo, Mrs. Klla McRae.
Recitation, Mrs. J. C. Young.
Spelling Bee, conducted by Miss
Connevey; champions, Messrs.
Terry and Sugg.
Klla Aiinoi.i>, Sec’y.
How’s This?
We olTi'rOiif llunilml hollars reward lor any
caw of catarrh that cannot he cured hy taking
Mull'* Catarrh Cure. ►*. J. Ciikny k To.,
Toledo, Ohio. Proprietors.
We, the undersigned, have known K. .1. Cheuey
for the hint 1ft years, and believe him perfectly hon
orable in all bu*ltio** transaction*, and linancially
able to carry out any obligation made hy their firm.
Went k Triiax, Wholesale l>rnggi*t*, Toledo, O.
Waldin, Kinnan k Marvin, Wholesale Druggift*,
Toledo, < Milo.
Mali** Catarrh Cure in taken internally, acting
directly ujam the blood and mucous surface* of
the system. Testimonial* sent free. Price 7ft cts.
per bottle. Sold by all druggist
Live merchants always advertise,
when they can do so in a live news
poper. The Picaylnk otters the
best medium of reaching the people
of any paper in South Arkansas.
Fall cometh on apace, and soon will the
granger he engaged in his animal struggle
with chills and fever. Take time bv the
forelock and lay in a supply of Cheatham’s
Tasteless Chill 'Tonic that your days in the
land mav he many. For sale by Hugh
No liniment is in better repute or
more widely known than Dr. J. H.
McLean’s Volcanic Oil Liniment. It
is a wonderful remedy.
Prices guaranteed lower than all
eometitors. 1‘olite and careful atten
tion given everybody. Remember the
place ' R. Is. Blakkly.
1 >ress goods, fancy goods, hosiery,
gloves, ladies’ furnishing goods, etc.,
a complete line at lowest prices at
R. L. Blakely’s.
Foie Salk oit Rknt.—A tine 10
acre prairie farm, two miles from
Prescott; fenced and good residence.
I Apply to
Mits. Mauoauith Baltknsi'kuuku.
If taken in time “C. C. C. Certain
Cough Cure” never fails to cure
coughs and colds. Sold by Hugh
You are out nothing if you get a
bottle of “C. C. C. Certain Chill
Cure” from Hugh Moncrief and it
does not cure your chills and fever.
It is guaranteed.
Sleep does not always visit those
racked with a cough unless the great
remedy ”C. C. C. Certain Cougd
Cure” is taken and the cough cure.li
Sold by Hugh Moncrief.
We have a good horse, eight years
old and about sixteen hands high,
which we will sell cheap for cash.
Call at office and see us, if you want
a good horse.
Don’t use bitter and nauseous mix
tures when you can get ‘‘C. C. C.
Certain Chili Cure.” Pleasant to
take, and guaranteed to cure chills
and fever. Sold by H. Moncrief.
We have a nice stock of cloaks,
wraps and jackets, in cloth and
plush, which will be sold lifty cents
on the dollar, while the goods lost.
Don’t miss this sale.
If. \j. Bi.vkki.v.
II. L. Blakely begs to ask his
friends, customers and the trade
generally, to call and examine his
superb stock of dry goods, dress
goods, clothing for mer. and boys,
men's furnishing goods, lints, and
the best stock of shoes in Arkansas.
See our great Premium Offers on
fourth page, of Dickens Works, a
cyclopedia, etc, asa premiums to new
subscribers, or to old subscribers
who pay up and a year in advance.
Think of it! 82.25 secures the Pn.y
yi xk one year, and Dickens, (ireat
est offer ever made! Head it.
We predict for ('heatham's Tasteless Chill
Tonic an unprecedented success. The well
known reputation of its manufacturers is, of
itself, an ample guarantee of its superior
merits. For sale bv Hugh Moncrief.
Lockhart, Tkxas. Oct 15, lHS'.i.
Messrs. Paris Medicine Co., Paris, Tcnn.:
Dear Sirs —Ship us as soon as possible 2
gross (irove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic. My
customers want (trove’s Tasteless Chill
Tonic and will not have any other. In our
experience of over 20 years in the drug bus
iness. wo have never sold any medicine
which give such universal satisfaction.
Yours respectfully.
J. S. Brown k & Co
For sale, wholesale and retail, by Hugh
Kkklfoot, Tknv., Oct. 20, 18HX,
Pari* Medicine Co.:
Gents—Plenso send us six dozen Grove’s
Tests'less Chili Tonic. We have sold twelve
dozen of vour tonic in last four months. It
gives entire satisfaction. We can sell no
other when we have Grove's Tasteless Chill
Tonic. Truly, vour friends,
Harris & Aloik.
For sale, wholesale and retail, by Hugh
1 have a lot of good mules and
horses I will sell, or trade for cattle.
Come sec me, if you want a good
animal. Alfkkd Ahi hhow.
Fresh bread, (baked daily) on
sale at 1$. L. Harwood’s.
You Are in a Bad Fix
But wo will cure you if you will nnv us.
Men who an' woak, nervous and debilitated,
suffering from nervous debilitv, seminal
weakness, and all the effect* of early evil
habits, or later indiscretions, which lead to
premature decay, consumption or insanity,
should send for and read tne “Book of Life.’’
giving particulars of a homo enre. Sent
(scaled) tree, by addressing Dr. Parker's
Medical and Surgical Institute, lot North
Spruce St., Nashville, Term They guaran
tee a cure or no pay—[The Sunday Morning.
The Queen Fays all Expenses.
The Queen's lust * Free Trip to
Europe” having excited such uni
versal interest, the publishers of that
popular magazine offer another and
$200 for expenses to the person send
ing them the largest list of English
words constructed from letters con
tained in the three words, “British
North America.” Additional prizes
consisting of silver tea sets, china
dinner sets, gold watches, French
music boxes, Portiere curtains, silk
dresses, mantel clocks, and many
other useful and valuable articles
will also be awarded in order of
merit. A special prize of a seal skin
jacket to the lady, and handsome
Shetland pony to girl or boy (deliv
ered free in Canada or United Slates)
sending the largest lists. Everyone
sending a list of not less than twen
ty words will recive a present. Send
six 1’. S. two-cent stamps for com
plete rules, illustrated catalogue of
prizes, and sample number of The
Queen. Address The Canadian
Queen, Toronto, Canada.
That Littlo Tickling
In your throat, which makes you
cough once iu a while ami keeps you
constantly clearing your throat,
arises from catarrh, ami as catarrh
is a constitutional disease the ordina
ry cough remedies all fail to hit the
spot. What you need is a constitu
tional remedy like Hood's Sarsapa
rilla. Many who have taken this
medicine for scrofula, dyspepsia,
loss of appetite, aud other troubles,
have been sui prised that it should
cure this troublesome cough. lint
to know the actual cause of the
cough is to solve the mystery. Many
cases of consumption can be traced
back to the neglect of some such
slight affection as this. Consump
tion can be controlled iu its early
stages, and the effect of Hood’s Sar
saparilla in purifying the blood,
building up tin1 general health, and
expelling the scrofulous taint which
is the cause of catarrh and consump
tion, has restored to perfect health
tnanv persons on whom this dreaded
disease seems to have a Urm hold.
In New Quarters!
Wo now occupy our large new
brick, on Elm and East Main streets,
fronting W. B. Waller. New goods ar
riving daily, in all lines, and will be sold
as cheap as over. We offer special in
ducements in
New Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing, Shoes,
Hats, and Groceries of ail Kinds.
Don’t fail to call and inspect our large
stock, when you want any of these
goods, for we propose to save you
✓ 1 1 ' 1 ' -
For the convenience of ourselves and
benefit of our customers, we have differ
ent departments for different classes of
goods. Have a house for dry goods,
etc., and another for groceries, canned
goods, feed stuffs, etc. In the first room
are five or six departments, dry goods
and notions, boots and shoes, clothing,
gent’s furnishing goods, hats and caps,
carpets, etc. Grocery room is liicewise
arranged for different goods.
Come and see us in our nice new quarters. A corp
of polite salesmen will always be ready to serve you.
Farmers, Attention!
The above game chickens are not interested in politics,
but are crowing over the victory achieved by a farmer, who
understands the wants and needs of the tillers of the soil.—
After following the plow for many years, B. T. LANE, of
LANEBURG, ARK., concluded he would undertake to help
his fellow farmers, by opening a store and selling them goods
at the smallest possible profit. This he did several years ago
at place named above, and he kept his vow, and has since
gradually built up an immense trade, until now he buys car
loads, where he at first bought wagon loads of goods. In the
past few weeks he has received
Car Loads of Bran New Goods,
of every kind, and proposes to sell cheaper than ever. Will
not allow Prescott or Hope to undersell me. Just try me—
can suit you in any kind of goods, in both style and prices.
1 will buy your cotton and produce, giving highest market
price therefor. No need to to take a long trip to Prescott or
Hope—1 guarantee to do as well by you, pay as good price
for your cotton, and sell you goods as low as either place.
A cordial invitation given to everybody, to call and inspect
my new goods. Respectfully,
Oct. 15, .'*.)<). B. T. LANE, Laneburg, Ark.
- -
Tlieaucctfe* of Mrs. Annie M. ileum, of Me
Keesport, I'ii., in the treatment of di
arrluca in her children, will undoubtedly he
of interest to many mothers. She says : “l
spent several weeks in .Johnstown. I*a., after
the great flood, on account of my husband
Wins employed there. We had several
children with us, two of whom took the di
arrhoea very badly. 1 got some o| ('ham*
herlain’s (’ollc, Cholera and Diarrlm a Uem
edv from Hev. Mr. Chapman. It eurwd both
of them. 1 know of several other e ises
where it was equally suceesful. I think it
cannot ho excelled, and cheerfully recom
mend it.'* 25 and 60 cent bottles for sale by
.J. O. Howell.
Remember £2.25 pays for the l*tr
\yi si. a year with a complete set of
Dii’krits’ \V orkn, 12 .separate vol
, mm.>. Set our meat premium oiler*
i on opposite page.
A Prominent Virginia Physician.
I purchased of Mr. James K.
Scott a pair of eye glasses and a pair
of spectacles, made hy A. K.
ilawkes, which 1 have no hesitation
in s:ivine give me more comfort in
reieiini;, less weariness from long
online I use and greater clearness
of vision than any 1 ever used. 1
feel sure this will lie the experience
of every one who uses them.
It. I*. \VALTON, M. i>.,
Norfolk, Virginia.
All eyes lifted and lit guaranteed
at Hugh Monerief's drug store.
1 roll mackerel and keg pickles ul
Sam l. Whitt' A ('o. s.

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