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Nevada County picayune. (Prescott, Nev. County, Ark.) 1885-1???, February 05, 1891, Image 1

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A Bill to Amend the Election Laws
and Prescribe the Form of Elec
tion Ballots, and tlie Manner of
Holding Elections in this State,
and Other Purposes.
Beit Eenacted by the (tenoral As
sembly of the State of Arkansas:
Section I. All election ballots
used in any presidential, congress
ional, stale, district, county, town
ship or municipal election, in this
State, either general or special, shall
be provided at county expense by
the County Clerks of the counties in
which they are used, respectively:
except the ballots used exclusively in
municipal elections, which shall be
provided by the County Clerks at
the expense of the cities and incor
porated towns in which they arc j
used, respectively.
."(’c. i nc e ounty t lerk oi cacii
(.•onnty in the State shall, in due
time for each general or special elec
tion, provide for each election pre
cinct, and each ward of a city or in
corporated town in his county, two
hundred printed ballots for each
fifty or fraction of fifty electors vot
ing thereat at the last preceding gen
eral 'election ; and no ballot shall be
received or counted in any election
to which this act applies, except it
be provided by the County Clerk, as
herein described.
Sec. 3. All election ballots pro
vided by the County ('lerk of any
county in this Slate for any election
shall be alike, and shall be printed
in plain type; and shall contain in
the proper place the name of every
candidate whose nomination for any
office to be filled at that election has
been certified to the said Clerk, as
provided in this act, and shall not
contain the name of any candidate or
person which has not been so certi
fied. The names of all the candi
dates nominated by each political
party shall be grouped together in
one place on the ballots under the
name of the party by which they are
nominated and certified, in the usual
form of election tickets. All nomi
nations certified by electors shall
likewise be grouped together in one
place on the ballots, under the head
of “Nominations by Electors.” lie
low the names of the candidates for
each ollicc nominated by the organ
ized parties, as well as those nomi
nated by electors, shall be left a
blank space largo enough to contain
as many names in writing as there |
arc otllees to be tilled.
Sec. I- The nominationsof canili
ilate.s shall he certified in the follow- j
ilie manner: Uy the Chairman ami
Secretary of any convention of dele
gates, or of the canvassing hoard of
any primary election, held by author
ity of any organized political party
which shall have east at least three 1
per cent, of the entire vote polled at j
the last proceeding general election
in the State, or subdivision thereof
in which such convention or primary j
election is held ; and, also, by elec
tors to a number equal to one per
cent, of the entire vote cast at the
last preceding general election in the .
State, district, county, township, i
ward of a city, or incorporated town,
for which the nomination is made:
I’roridul, That the number of sign#
lures so required shall not ho less
than fifty, nor more than one thou
sand. All certificates of nomination
made by chairman and secretaries of
conventions, or of canvassing boards!
of primary elections, shall he duly
j acknowledged before till olllccr au
thorized by law to take acknowlctlg
; incuts.
Sec. •">. All certificates of the nom
ination of candidates for presidential
electors and members of Congress,
and for State, judicial and district
officers, cither by convention, prima
ry election, or electors, shall lie filed
with the Secretary of State; and all
certificates of the nomination of can- j
didates for county, township and
municipal olllecrs shall he filed with
the Clerk of the county in which they
are to lie voted for.
See.fi. Cct tiliealos of nomina
tion required by this act to he tiled
with the Secretary of Slate shall he !
filed not more than sixty days and
not U S'than twenty days before the
day fixed by law for the election of
persons in nomination. Certificates
of nomination herein directed to he
tiled with the County Clerks shall he
tiled not more than sixty days and
not less than fifteen days before tin
election : Provided. That in ease o
any vacancy occurring in any nonii
nation by declination, withdrawal
death or otherwise, the central corn
mittee, or a convention called foi
that purpose, of the party on wliosi
ticket such vacancy may be, may sc
lect and certify to the Secretary ol
State, or proper County Clerk, tin
name of the candidal'* to fill such va
Sec. 7. Not less than eighteen
days before each election the Secre
tary of State shall certify to all tin
County Clerks full lists of all candi
dates to be voted for in their coun
ties, respectively, as the nominations
have been certified to him.
See. 8. The Secretary of State
shall not certify the name of any can
didate whose cirtitieate of nomination
shall have been filed in his office,
who shall have notified him in wri
ting, acknowledged before an officei
authorized by law to take acknowl
edgements, that he will not accept
the nomination specified in the certif
icate of nomination. And the Coun
ty Clerk shall not include in the pub
lication to be made by him, as here
inafter provided, the name of any
candidate whose certificate of nomi
nation shall have been tiled in his
office, who shall have notified him in
like manner, that he will not accept
the nomination, nor shall the names
of such persons be printed on the
ballots provided by the Clerk.
Sec. it. Whenever, a proposed
amendment to the Constitution, or
other question, is to be submitted to
a vote of the people, the Secretary
of Stale shall, not less than eighteen
days before the election, duly certi
fy the same to the Clerk of each
county in the State, and the Clerks
shall include the same in the publica
tion which they are by this act re
quired to make, and also print the
same on the ballots.
Sec. 10. The Clerk of each coun
ty shall make publication of all nom
inations tiled in his office, and all
nominations certified to him by the
Secretary of State, and also all pro
posed amendments to the Constitu
tion and other questions certified to
him by the Secretary of State, or re
quired by law to be submitted to the
electors at any election, as follows:
lly insertion in the two last editions
before the election, of each of two
weekly newspapers published in his
county, if there be two weekly news
papers puplished in his county, and
if there be only one newspaper pub
lished in his county, then in that
one: but if there be no weekly
newspaper published in his county,
then by printed hand bills posted in
his oHice, and at throe or more pub
lic places in each township in his
county. The lists of nominations
and constitutional amendments and
other questions to be voted on shall
he arranged for such publication by
the clerks in the order and form in
which they will he printed on the
ballots, and for the purposes of this
act proposed amendments to the
Constitution shall be published only
by number and title.
See. 11. At least seven days be
fore each election the Clerk of each
countv shall deliver to tin- Sheriff ol
his county two hundred ballots for
each fifty, or fraction of fifty, elec
tors in each township or ward of a
city or incorporated town in the
Sec. 12. The Sheriff shall, in
person, or by duly and regularly ap
pointed sworn deputy, deliver each
quota of ballots so delivered to him
by the Clerk to the judges of elec
tion of the several townships ami
wards of cities and incorporated
towns, respectively, at the opening
of the polls on the morning of the
Sec. Id. AH ottleers upon whom
the law imposes the duty of designa
ting polling places shall provide In
each room designated by them as n
[lolling place one booth or compart
ment for each one hundred elector*
voting thereat at the last proceeding
general election. Kaeli such booth
or compartment shall be furnished
with all ueeessary convenience* to
enable each voter to cuter thoreln
and prepare his ballot free from the
observation or interference of any
person whomsoever. And no person
shall be permitted, under any pre
text whatever, to come nearer than
ten feet of any door or window o!
any polling room from the opening
of the [lolls until the completion of
' the count of the ballots and certifi
' cation of the returns, except as here
in provided.
See. 14. Except as the electors
! are admitted and pass in, one at a
time, to vote, no person shall, under
any pretext whatever, he permitted
in the polling room from the opening
of the polls until the completion of
the count of the ballots and certifi
| cation of the returns, except the
Sheriff or deputy Sheriff, the judges
and clerks of the election, and the
■‘witnesses of election,” who may be
selected and sworn as such, as here
inafter provided. No elector enter
j ing the polling room for the purpose
! of voting shall be permitted to re
| main therein longer than live min
See. lo. Kach elector upon enter
inf; the polling room shall be giver
one ballot by the judges. Hcforc de
livering a ballot to an elector at leas’
one of the judges shall write his
name or initials on the back thereof
within two inches of the top. Nt
ballot shall be so endorsed except at
it is handed to an elector. On re
ceiving his ballot the elector shall
forthwith, and without leaving the
polling room, retire alone to one ol
the booths provided for that pur
pose, and there prepare his ballot.
He shall cross out the names of all
candidates except those for whom he
wishes to vote, and write in the name
of any person for whom he may wish
to vote whose name is not printed
where he would have it, or not print
ed on the ballot at all. In the cast
of a constitutional amendment oi
other questions, as, for instance,
‘•for license” or ‘‘against license,”
which the County Clerk shall cause
to be printed on the ballots whcncvei
the question of liquor license is to
be voted on, the elector shall cross
out parts of his ballot in such a man
ner that the remaining parts shall be
as he wishes to vote. After thus pre
paring his ballot the elector shal
fold the same so as to conceal the
face1 thereof, and show the name or
initials of the judge on the back,
and hand it to the receiving judge,
who shall call out the name of the
elector, the number of the ballot,
and then deposit it in the ballot box
in the sight of the elector, who shall
then immediately leave the room.
Sec. Hi. Any voter who shall by
accident or mistake spoil any ballot,
so that he cannot conveniently ot
safely vote the same, may return it
to the judges and receive another in
the place thereof. In no case shall
any person be permitted to carry i
ballot outside of the polling room.
See. 17. Anv elector who shal
ttn me juugcs 111;■ i nc cannot read 01
write, Dr that by reason of physics
1 disability he is unable to mark hi;
^ ballot, may dcelare his choice of tin
j candidates to the judges, who, in tin
presence of the elector and the wit
nesses, shall prepare his ballot foi
him as he wishes to vote it. llut be
fore any such elector shall be re
! ipiired or permitted to tell how lit
wishes his ballot made up, or foi
J whom he wishes to vote, all othei
| electors, including those in the
booths, shall be required to leavi
J the polling room.
Sec. 1H. No ballot shall be re
! ceived from any elector, or deposi
ted in the ballot box which docs no
have the name or initials of at leas
one of the judges indorsed on tin.
back of it.
Sec. 11*. Any person taking 01
carrying any ballot obtained fron
any Judge of election outside of tin
polling room, or having in his posses
! sion outside of the polling room be
fore the closing of the polls, any bal
■ lot provided b}- any County Clerk
as prescribed in this act, or any pa
per purporting to he such a ballot
shall be deemed guilty of a tnisde
incauor, and, upon conviction there
of, shall he lined not less than twen
| ty-live dollars nor more than om
hundred dollars, and imprisonmen
in the county jail not less than om
1 month nor more than six months.
See. 2b. The chairman of tin
county central committee of each po
litical party in every county in whiel
; such parly has any candidates ii
nomination at any election may np
point one “witness of election” foi
| each polling place in the county. A1
such appointments shall be in writ
i ing, and acknowledged before an of
(leer authorized by law to take ac
knowledgments. All such witnesses
I upon presenting their writs of ap
1 poiutmeut to the judges of the poll
ing places (or which they have heci
appointed, respectively, shall be fur
nishecTteats at or near the judges'
table in the polling room, where the)
may sec and hear all that transpires
therein, including the counting ol
; the ballots and the certification oi
; the returns. Upon entering the poll
ing room every such witness shall
take oath, in writing, to never dis
close the vote of any elector, unless
required to do so as a witness in :i
judicial proceeding.
Sec. 21. No witness of election
shall take any part in the conduct of
any election, or obstruct or interfere
with the judges or clerks in the per
formance of their duties. Hut any
such witness may call the attention
of the judges to any person propos
ing to vote whom he does not believe
to be a qualified elector, and may
keep a written memorandum of the
names of all persons voting whom lie
does not believe to be qualified elec
tor. He may also keep a memoran
dum of any other proceeding or con
duct on the part of the judges or
clerks, or the Sheriff or deputy Sher
iff, or any other person, which may
appear to him to be unlawful or ir
Sec. 22. The judges and clerks
shall not separate, or leave the poll
ing room, or permit the ballot-box
to be taken therefrom, until they
haye counted all the ballots and du
ly certified the returns, and pro
claimed the result at the door.
Sec. 23. Every person who shall
falsely make or fraudulently destroy
any certificate of nomination, or any
part thereof, or file any certificate
of nomination, knowing the same, or
any part thereof, to be false; or sup
press any nomination which has been
duly filed, or any part thereof; or
forge or falsely write the name or in
itials of any judge of election on bal
lot, shall be deemed guilty of a felo
ny, and on conviction thereof, pun
ished by confinement at hard labor
in the penitentiary not less than one
j year or more than five years.
I Sec. 24. Every public otliccr, up
! on whom any duty is imposed by
' this act, who shall wilfully neglect or
omit to perform such duty, or who
' shall do anything which is by this
act forbidden, other than the things
specifically enumerated in section 23
hereof, shall be deemed guilty of a
| misdemeanor, and. upon conviction
thereof, shall lie punished by remov
al from olllcc, and imprisonment in
the county jail not less than six
months nor more than twelve months,
or by fine of not less than one hun
dred dollars nor more than five hun
dred dollars, or by both such fine
and imprisonment.
Sec. 2.>. No officer of election or
witness of election shall ever disclose
the vote of any elector, except as a
| witness in a judicial proceeding.
Each violation of this section shall
l>e deemed a misdemeanor, and shall
be punishable by a line of not less
: than fifty nor more than two hundred
i dollars, and imprisonment in the
\ county jail not less than ten days
j nor more than three months.
, Sec. 26. No officer of election
,! shall do any electioneering on elee
! lion day. No person whomsoever
shall do any electioneering in any
polling room, or within one hundred
feet of any polling room on election
| day.
Sec 27. Whenever it shall appear
1 by affidavit that an error or omission
! has occurred in the publication of
\ the names or description of ttic can
didates nominated for office, or in
1 the printing of the ballots, the Cir
cuit Court of any county, or the
Judge thereof in vacation, or if the
Circuit Judge be then absent from
j the county, the Judge of the County
| Court shall, upon the application of
any elector, by order, require the
County Clerk to immediately correct
1 such error or omission, or show
I cause why the same should not lie
Sec. 2K. The lists of nominations
to be published by the County
Clerks, and the ballots to lie pro
vided by them, under this act, shall
be arrung'"! the following form,
OFFH I V f. HAIJ,OT—KUn-tlon .litiumry 1.‘, Im*I.
l>KMorn.vn«‘, Kkithi.h \n,
Fur (jovc*rn«r» For (lovt*rnor,
John Smith. Tliotmt* Rot'cr*.
I NI»*N L VKOK. XmMIN \TIOX* ItV Kl.r.t inks.
For <»ov«*i uor,
\N illinm .loin
For t m»\ eruor,
Henry Ithick.
things required by this act to lie done,
except the publication of municipal
nominations alone, and the printing
of ballots to be used ^exclusively in
municipial elections, shall be at the
expense of the several counties in
which they shall hc'done, respective
ly, and shall be defrayed in the same
manner as other county general ex
penses are defrayed, Sheriffs and
Clerks being allowed the same fees
for services performed hereunder as
for similar services for which fees
are fixed by law.
Sec. 30. Any election 'officer or
other person whomsoever who shall
wilfully make a false count of any
election ballots, or falsely or fraudu
lently certify the returns of any elec
tion, or steal, destroy, secrete, or
otherwise fraudulently make way
with any election ballot, tally sheet,
poll-book, or ballot-box, either be
fore or after the closing of the polls,
shall be deemed guilty of a felony,
and, on conviction thereof, punished
by imprisonment at hard labor in the
penitentiary not less than two years
nor more than seven years.
Sec. 31. Any violation of this act
by any election officer, or other per
son whomsoever, except a State or
county officer, for which no punish
ment is elsewhere specifically pre
scribed in this act, shall be deemed
a misdemeanor, and punishable as
other misdemeanors.
Sec. 02. Sections 1721, 1854 and
I SO.) of Mansfield’s Digest are here
by repealed.
See. 03. It is not intended by the
passage of this act to repeal any por
tion of existing laws in relation to
elections, except such as may be
plainly in conflict with any of the
provisions of this act.
Sec. 04. As soon as practicable
after the passage of this act the Sec
retary of State shall digest or codify
all the laws of this State relating to
elections and the elective franchise
in convenient form under proper
sub-lieads, and with complete index,
and cause to be printed and distrib
uted to the several County Clerks a
sulllcient number of copies thereof
in pamphlet form to furnish ten cop
ies to each election precinct or ward
of a city in this State.
Sec. 05. The clerk of the County
Court of each county shall cause to
be printed in large type, on cards,
instructions for the guidance of elec
tors preparing their ballots. Ho
shall furnish twelve such cards to
the judges of election in each elec
tion district, at the same time and
in the same manner as the printed
ballots. The judges of election shall
post not less than one of such cards
in each place or compartment pro
vided for the preparation of ballots,
and not less than three of such
cards elsewhere in and about the
polling place, upon the day of elec
tion. Said cards shall be printed in
large, clear type, and shall coutaiu
full instructions'to the voters as to
what should be done: First, to ob
tain ballots for voting; second, to
prepare the ballots for deposit in the
ballot-boxes; third, to obtain a new
ballot in place of one accidentally
spoiled ; also a copy of sections 1!',
22 and 23.
Sec. 36. All laws or parts of laws
in conllict with any provision of this
act are hereby repealed, and this act
shall take effect and lie in force from
and after its passage.
Si. vim: , of Lafayette.
Wmitk, of Nevada.
Have a Good Cry.
It may comfort some nervous and
emotioual women to know that a
French physician lias declared in fa
vor of a “good cry.” lie encourag
es groaning and crying during sur
gical operations, and is of opinion
that such patients as yield to their
emotions and let nature’s grand out
lets for allaying pain he uuchoked
recover more quickly than those who,
i from a feeling that it is weak to ut
i ter groans and cries, restrain them.
He cites a case of a man who brought
his pulse down sixty beats by giving
himself up noisily to his strained and
nervous condition for two hours. So
| cry, good sisters, if you want to, and
j rest in the belief that science sauc
| lions it.—[New York Times.
Little Nellie: Mama, 1 know what
| makes the hail and snow. Mania:
What, darling? Little Nellie: It's
the people up in heaven sweeping
off their sidowalk.
“Willie,” said the teacher, ' how
did electricity tir-d come from tb ■
clouds?” “It came a-kiting.”
J. W. Warren, M. D.,
Rosston, Arkansas,
Tender* his professional services to the
people of Kofsston and Nevada countj.
Respectfully tenders his service! to the
citizens of I’rcscolt mifl surrounding vicinity.
OFFICK on Main Street, in ft. It. Gee's
grocery store.
(ftticce-sor to ftmoote, McHacsV Arnold.)
\\ ill practice in both State and Fedo.al
courts. Ofllcc at the court house.
W. 7. Tjopiiss,
Kotirp Public
H W. tnun
Tc ,pkins & Grceson,
Real Estate and Loan Agents.
Will practice in till Courts, both State
and FcdiMui. Business attended to promptly.
Prescott, - Arkansas.
fl/j i>KKH I. at s,111, T. Wlilt. & ro.’s, Writ
R. L. Montgomery,
New Lewisville, Ark.
U ill practice in all court*. Prompt and
diligent attention given nil btuilios#. Also
attenil to collecting atnl insurance.
OfBce upstair, over the railroad store
Prescott, - Arkansas.
Will visit families when notified. Perfect
tit. of plates guaranteed.
Office at l»r. Thonmsson’s old place #n
Wot Main Street.
All work guaranteed to give satisfaction.
OFFICb at Dr. Wingfield’s drug store.
Watchmaker oho Jeweler,
-Dealer in
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Optical
Goods and Sowing Machines.
Itepalrlnif promptly mid neatly dene, on «li«rt
noli.i . ;r lioifoni pric. ■». All work Kiinnint^ed.
npilt r - n « .*Im .1 by mail. < |*ui«l for old fold
Mud idlver. rail at tin- l»io Lewi* old etand.
\V L Gained.
J W Gainei
V. L. Gaines & Sen,
PRESCOTT. - - - - ARK.
Repairing of watches, clocks nnd jewelry
linin' iii work manlike style, anil with di»
patch. Will also repair sewing muchiiif*
, Work guaranteed Hrst-class.
I keep on liaiiil, for >ale, watches, cloekt
anil all kinds of sewing machine needle*
Money saved by calling on me.
ifxHT 1‘laee of business, W. H. Daniel’s old
stand. West Main street.
Manufacturer’s Local Agent.
Organs, Pianos, Books, Novelties,
-Ami all kinds of-—
Musical Instruments, Sewing Machines ant)
Supplies, School and Church Furniture and
Supplies. Marble Monuments, Tomb Stonw,
Ktc., Etc.
■ -'I K .'la iV'ii J. -
Wo oil Sc Blacksmith Shop
W ill do till kilt'!' <d \\<>ik in wood and iron mail
til'ni taring u«« -1. .( thi ... « ; j.ui aUo j'liorul rr
pairing. IIoi m di >< t. *. j,trial‘v.
Il.tU' lioMllI) • li' II | U<o.| and Idiwk
niUlt and ln\- a •*,»,! Mipph nfwtdlftcK
»*u«*d iinila r; al«o o| li• »rand mult* hIkm,«.
it Mo • t* | t' l jniMn |*irnitAjft>,
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