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Nevada County picayune. (Prescott, Nev. County, Ark.) 1885-1???, May 07, 1891, Image 4

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*'■ - *>*z-ii* 1
for Infants and Children:
“Cant or I a ip sowell adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescripUon
knovrn to me.*' H. A. ARCHER, M. D-,
111 So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Caxtoria cnrcfl Colic, Conwtlpfttlon,
Sour Stournch, Diarrhoea. Eructation,
Kills Worms, gives slurp, and promotes di
Without injurious medication.
Tu* Ckntalr Company, 77 Murray Street, H. Y.
J M Divis.
.1 J McLuhk.
V M Pavi
J. M. Davis Mure $ Go.,
Have in stock a complete line of l N’DhRIAKLkS
GOODS, including
Fine Caskets, Metaiic Cases anil Burial Robes.
Huv Wagons. Stoves. Nail?. Furniture, Sa*h ami l>oors in .-«r •
mill fixture anil mill aupplie-. Arc prepared t- cut an 1 In pip--. K«
carpenter's tools Als • a line lot ..1 saddle*. bruin codar... In •cbm
qttoensware, crock jars. New Home ami Singer Scvm
wo can't mention. Call ami n o us.
! it-. A full line o“
p mechanic’* anp
Machine-. anti
etc., glassware*
many oilier tilings
-w^-X-aXDO, j&jjstz.
Palace Drug Store,
Pure Drugs and Best Patent Medicines.
Druggist’s Notions, Spsotaclss and Jewslry
I^ihmI <*. Ssiydoi*.
\| \ Ml Mil III.I! UK I X I II \ III \ VI
X_,og: ciracl lE^ctrm. agcns,
18 U KS AMI IIKLIl Kiev W lk«\S.
Dealer m lllaeksiuith Coal and Supplies, Harrow*. Double and Single
Plows, etc. Parties wanting a strictl vlirsl-e!n*s It agon,write or call oitine.
ltd iveeu
St. Louis and the southwest
Pali™ Buffet Sir • Car
Direct connection’. i>i -m. 1 -<>ui-- I n-,
ton Depot und Me;:.phis with
through linos to all point- in tin’
ZbT©rUa. <5z
1*. & T’kt. Agt.
St. Louis. Mo. 1
(St. Louis, Ark. t!v l ex. Ky.)'
-KttOM —
Port Worth, Waco
And all Points in
Through Coaches.
°uilman Ruffat Sleepers.
Free R cinnig Chai Cars.)
Connect intr n iiii tli: ou^li trains
to all points iu
A N1 > Til K
Mtl| «, t *m« t:«)(]«* - •. ;t .1 :t" ■ i.!
!>«• cheerfully iurnii*h<’«l on i"ii x• * :my
ugcut of flu- < onijmiiv.
(j.-nl I*n->i»ni»cr A-*ut.
J cKarkuim, Tcxu*.
vv. n . l. w lam; w *•!.
General Jfail:»#• r, (..ill. l’a-. \ 11 t. A.-i.
Si. LoUS, 3!u.
wr /.r: X .. .
■ k » ' *1 »»•■£. J» At
• ..*• 1. A*%N -li ' •
1 r I <: i I 6tK».' i
. > . t.. *rt* Illiit:
•• l*‘* }>•••»«<*» i»>r wwrtk
a Mtkxini;
•i- iftfui, . fi.»
It-.* -
f % (t -.1
0, R,
t.M a
u Jk
Wood & Blacksmith Shop
Will ,|" all kind * <d work in wood mnl iron man*
iil'arturiM : in «*d* d »u t !*!•* mc!ion ; also p»«* i ul n
pairing. IIosm- slim lug a s|>ncinl#y.
Hum- n < i ul I v iahr id bo»h wood and Mark
sniftli simp. and Inn* a g od ~n|»l»ly ofW«dl own*
*oiiod 1 i uiI.ht\ a!-oo( !ior*« and man idmes.
i 'to-i n-Nj.i'ctfully -olid! public patroiiagt-,
^iiai ant* i in - to do iii>t rla * work, audgiw- satis
lartloii. iii-momlM r tin ldan-, \\ r*t Stroud stiv«*t,
i'.* ncad. n.\ O. K K. W II IT I’KN
l \.i - <li- by lltllij' Mum rid.
The Confederate pension hill !
passed by I lie Arkansas Legislature1
provides ns follows: $100 a year to
all ex-Confederates, who, by reason
; of wounds received during the war
are totally incompetent to perform
manual labor; $*5 to those that lost
;i lc£ above the knee, or an arm
: above the elbow ; $50 to those that
have lost a leg below the knee, or an
arm below the elbow ; and $2,> to all
I that lost an eye, and to all indigent
■widows of Confederates remaining
unmarried, ami all other ( onfedor
ate soldiers or sailors who are b_\
reason of wounds unable to perform
1 manu 1 service. The application
for pensions must be tiled in the
County court by first of July in each
year, and the county judge, sheriff
I and county clerk constitute the
county pension board, who forward
the applications to the auditor, and
for which they receive no fees, and
the governor, attorney-general and
auditor constitute the State board.
The act levies a State tax of onc
fourtli of one mill to carry out its
provisions, $10,000 of which fund so
raised shall be applied to the sup
port of the Confederate Home at
Little Rock, where all indigent Con
federates will lie kindly cared for.
The hill makes it a misdemeanor,
subject to a line of $2.> to $200 for
any lawyer or other person found
guilty "f exacting fees from any ben
eficiary in seeking pensions uuder
| this act.
A Kiss Amiss.
One of the sweetest and prettiest
of this year’s debutantes has been
engaged for over a mouth to a well
known society man. Not a night
passes that he does not call to see
her, and she generally meets him at
the door with a kiss and an affection
ate embrace, which he always returns
with interest.
A few nights ago he had a very
disagreeable adventure, lie did not
tell it himself, but the young lady
told a bosom friend, who told anoth
er friend, and so it went until it
finally reached the ears of a town
Talker. The night was cold and
disagreeable, lie had an engage
ment at 8 o’clock, so went to the
home of Ins fiancee earlier than
usual, lie reached the door and j
found that the gas hail not been
The bell was pulled. A light
and an airy step was heard tripping
rapidly down the steps, and his
heart heat rapidly as he thought of
those dear arms that would be around
his neck in a few seconds. The door
was thrown open. Mis arms werej
thrown around her fair neck. He j
placed his hand gently under her
chin, raised it and imprinted several
kisses upon her lips, lie was rather
surprised that his kisses met not
with the usual response.
I'lie door was closed, his overcoat
removed, and he turned, struck a
match and lit the gas. lie then
turned to take his sweetheart again
to his arms, when he was horrified
to see the black house girl instead of
his sweetheart. At the same time a
merry laugh tloated down the steps.
He rushed for the parlor and hid him
self. Ilis lift' is being made misera
ble ever since tb • joke became pub
lic. —[Exchange.
The devil has written the Atchison
(Hobeapoem for publication from
which is taken the following extract:
■■I stand at the gate of a smoul
dering land and bask in its sulphur
ous glow, and I beckon the spirits
with welcoming hands, to the re
gions of torture below. The young
and the old, the rich and the poor,
who live in the palace of sin, 1 beck
on and welcome them all to ni.v door
—l gather, 1 gather them in. The
chump who deserted the town of his
birth, to boom up a place far away,
who’d never invest in the city’s own
earth for fear the move wouldn’t pay,
who groaned of the evils that held
the town down, and never would
squander his tin, as I'm living lie’s
wandered down—I’ll gather, I’ll
j gatiier him in. ”
“The governess was awful cross
to-day,” the children said in the
evening. "Well, mamma, maybe we
were had ; but we soon paeillod her.
I 1 gave her a big rosy apple ; Fanny
gave her a hearty kiss, and Fred gave
her a promise to do better hereaf
ter.” "And what did you give her,
Messier” "1 1 gave her the slip.”
Many of the papers of Southwest
Arkansas are complimenting Senator
Hamby for bis record in the recent
session of the general assembly, and
their expressions would be much
more enthusiastic if he hadn’t
spoiled it al! by voting against an ap
propriation for the World’s Fair.
That was unlike Hamby.- [Arkadel
pliia Siftings.
Chicago Tribune (Ilep.): A bill
uf a few lines, which would meet
with no Democratic opposition,
would do the work. Theic Congress
men say they cannot do it. They
lay great stress on the fools idea of
consistency. If they are going to be
consistent in standing by their folly
will not the people who last fall repu
diated so many of them for it, stand
consistently by that repudiation?
Over fifty House members and a half
dozen Senators have been turned out
because of their identilieation with
the McKinley bill. Probably most
of these rejected ones expi et to gtt
back into public life. Hut do they
think it would be right for the pco-,
pie to be so inconsistent as to let i
them back? If consistency is a vir- j
tue in a Representative, is it not also
one in a constituency? If so, the
lambs who went to the slaughter last
November, bleating out to the last
moment their devotion to the mill
bosses, will never be heard of again,
unless they repent, and that very
Tho Result of Lying.
A negro who was giving evidence
in a Georgia court was reminded by
the judge that lie was to tell tlu*
whole truth.
“Well, yer see, boss,” said the
dusky witness, “I’se skeerd to tell
the whole truth for fear I might tell
a lie.”
Judge (to witness)—“I)o you
know the nature of an oath?”
Judge “Do you understand what
you are to swear to?”
Witness—“Yes, sail; I’m to swear
to tell de truf.”
Judge—“And what will happen if
you do not tell it?”
Witness—“1 ’spects our side’ll
win the case, sah.”
The firtst railway built in the I'nit
cd States was three miles in length,
extending from the granite quarries
at (Quincy, Mass., to the Neponsctt
river. It was commenced in 182<»
and finished in 1827. The guage
was live feet; the rails were pine a
foot thick, covered with hard oak,1
which was in turn strapped with
iron. In .Iannary, 1827, a shoi.eoal
road was completed from the mines '
to Mauch Chunk, !'a. The rails on
this road were also of timber with
flat iron bars. The tirs* locomotive
for use on a railroad was invented by
Richard Previteckin 1801, and first
tried in Wales. Geo. Stephenson
built the first really successful loco
motive in 1 s14, and tested it upon
the Kiiliugwood road in the north of
Kngland. The first locomotive for
actual service constructed in Ameri-,
ca was E. I. Miller’s “Rest Friend,”
built for the South Carolina Railroad
Company in 18:i0; Peter Cooper
built a little experimental locomo
tive early in 18,')o, before the “Best
Friend” was completed. -[Notes for
the Curious, in St. Louis Republic.
Women are not slow to compre
hend. The’re quick. They’re alive,
and yet it was a man who discovered
the one remedy for their peculiar
ailments. The man was Dr Pierce.
The discovery "’as his “Favorite
Prescription,” the boon to delicate
women. Why gw round “with one
foot in the grave,” suffering in si
lence, misunderstood, when there's a
remedy at hand that isn’t an experi
ment, but which is sold under guar-,
autee that if you are disappointed in
any way in it. you can get your mon
ey back by applying to its makers.
We can hardly imagine a woman’s
not trying it. Possibly it may be
true of one or two. but we doubt. If.
Women are ripe for it. Think of a
prescription and nine out of ten
wanting for it. Carry the news to!
The seat of sick head ache is not
in the brain. Regulate the stomach
and you cure it. Dr. Pierce’s Pel
lets are the Little Regulators.
When Baby was sick, wo pave her Oast Arid
When she was a Child, *he cried for Oaslorla.
When she became Miss, she clung to OastoriA.
When she bad Children, she gave them Caatoria
“Hailey's Huatlor,” a splcntlitl
i tobacco, for only '2o cU. per pound,
j at J. II. Kershaw's.
Needing a tonic, or children who want build
ing up, should take
It is pleasant to take, cures Malaria, Indi
gestion, Biliousness autl 14v er Cuanpluint*.
You run no risk. All druggists guurnn
tee Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonie to do all
■ that the manufacturers claim fot it War
ranted, no cure, no pay. There are many
Imitations. To (jet the Genuine. Usk for
Grove's. For *it|e, wholesale and retail, h\
Hut; hMoncrief.
Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria.
CLOCKS! CLOCKS!! Heat clocks
at lowest prices at Hinton l*rng Co.
Call, see ami price.
Cures Dyspepsia, In
digestion & Debility.
Childien Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria. (
Agricultural Paper Free.
ll is with pleasure that we an
nounce to our main patrons that we
have imule arrangements with that
wide-awake, illustrated i'srm maga
zine, the Amkiiu an Faums.k, pub
lishcd at. Fort Wayne, Ind., and j
read by nearly 200d>00 farmers, by '
which that great publication will be I
mailed direct. FKKK, to the address I
of any of our subscribers who will J
come in and pay up all arrearages on |
subscription and one year in ad- j
vance from date, and to any new :
subscriber who will pay one year in
advance. This is a grand opportuni
ty to obtain a lirst-class farm journal
free. The Amiku \n Faiimii: is a
large Mi-page journal, of national
circulation, which ranks among the
leading agricultural papers, the
regular subscription price of
which is SI.00 per year. IT COSTS
YOU NOTHING. From any one
number, ideas can be obtained that
will be worth thrice the subscription
price to you or members of your
household, VKT YOI Iin IT KUI.I . Call
and see sample copy.
A signal service
to weak womankind is the finding
of lost health—tho building-up of
“a run-down” system. Notning
does it so surely as Dr. Pierce’s
Favorite Prescription. It cures all
the derangements, irregularities and
weaknesses peculiar to the sex. It’s
the most perfect of strength-givers,
imparting tone and vigor to tho
whole system. For overworked, de
bilitated teachers, milliners, seam
stresses, “ shop - girls,” nursing
mothers, and feeble women gen
erally, it is the greatest earthly
boon, being unequaled as an appe
tizing cordial and restorative tonic.
“ Favorite Prescription ” gives
satisfaction in every case, or money
paid for it is promptly refunded.
That’s the way it’s sold; that’s tho
way its makers prove their faith
in it. Contains no alcohol to ine
briate ; no syrup or sugar to de
range digestion ; a legitimate medi
cine, not a beverage. Purely vege
table and perfectly harmless in any
condition of the system. World’s
Dispensary Medical Association,
Propr’s, 0G3 Main St., Buffalo, N.Y.
Blcfc noelaelio nurt a lie.' nits (net*
dent to a Ma un •■•m. i uoh nM
DUrincss, Nu.is.-a, In foM »««»
eatim:. Pain In tba 8i. . i • Wl lie Unit ? .jtf
reiuarkublo buccosa h:is b shown iu curing (
Jleaflacbo, yet Carter*!* LHt!o 7 Iver Pfltt ftp®
equally valuable in Co nuti pa« r.iri:,: aud pro
venting 1 fWW
, ‘ »
liver and regulate tixebosveU. Lv nil Luvy ouljf
Acbalbfrw- uldbealraoetpri' ! -vito !h '<?cwh’J
Buffer fmmth - . tr< .• in^- ■ :-*i 1 but fortu
nately theirg ’ . " • •*»*. t« i! V. • re,and time®
▼rho once try tl in will find the* •• lilt! pillHvalu
Abio in bo many ways that ♦boy •>..! n« be wil
ling to tlo without them. Jiut afUr -iilbick ho&ti
•la the l ane of go ir.iny liv?* that »ero!g*-hdr®
Vre make our great boast, v-ri Ucuroitwliil®
Other a do not.
Cartei-’h Little Liver Pilln aro • ry tmaU ana
▼cry ea*y to t bite. Oi lortvopi iai a eadoM.
They arc* • etly . Ubl m ho i t , : »pe or
fuirge, but by U.-ir t • • '.Ion t .• ] ' . nil wh«j
n lut f '• dohl
by druggiata everywhere, ent by lu&U
CARTER WtOlClNL CO,t Nc a York.
Tax Assessing.
I will I"' at tin fi■!
Uhv- speeili 'I ln n-iii.
lowing pliio
for the pill pi
tng a list of tlm n ill and pi
of ouch resident of •aid town
per dipita tnof sueli us are
the same:
Forest Hill, A11-mi \ tnwti-l
Harmony, 11 “
Lanebur", “
Hoiieaville, (Jeoririn
llodcnw eimrrb, Parker “
Bodeaw 1*. <)., “ “
Kalcon, Ala)*,Una
'I "IT.
lleill ell'.
Iii’nel t\ elilll'l
< 1 lorn iii*-.
itiiMiton. t aii. \
Y on i u’s Store,
Until \ 's Store.
/.ai mi, (nii
111 nil City,
Finland Sp' lb
Whip - Ferry,
Funnel. Kliliie :
Hmiiihtoi., I!,, i"li
Present!, .'I:
All persons are
Tux leeeipt.- "i
Sr 111 ail i >i1 l il t.
saving trouble ai,
\ lor
,I ark si ill
July 2 ■
■d t
lull pro
11iI>, um
liable to
l>, *Jlino
on the
of tak
e 8.
il, 12.
1(1, IT.
IS, l!l.
IDS. 21.
• :(*..!nl I.
to Alls
, ''.•I.
tin ir
April doth, poyi.
ret | lies
Deeds, and number
Attriid promptly, thereby
d pi i.ultv.
J. I!. K. MAY,
- >• *r N, 11,da e. Ark.
Pllt r
outmi in
ni i i« : \v. n ,
tiir«ct, ln-i.r.v.i f .
Mill'1 ililii » l,i>> •
Wit I.
chaijft*. < >ur fVr nut
^ ■ * ’ ’ * * I, ait«l ail I’m
l‘“ '' *1 i >Im|»| u \ i |; |. j. j..s.
v "i*! \'"i n i . **. r \ 11 \ rs
u 11 ’ *u’’ " ’>« aM busiiu‘4*
MS J ft,..
‘ in !»•
Mil!, UU‘
ti j atru'
wit h rt
A bv,ok, “How t'lMli'uin Patent
face to iiMual h, voiir Siu
ow u *«*nt IV*<•. A<l.l;v
C. A. SM ->W f CO.
I at* ill I nil,, . \\ a - liin^l <•»«, I). (
Now is the time for all to procure a Business Education at a
discount of 75 per cent, on College rates.
OPEIT ^.2<riD
Over Dr. Wingfield’s Draff Store.
Course includes Hook-keepiujf, lVnnmiiship Shorthand, Commission In
tori st. Discount, Fractions, IYi ceiilngc. I’rolil ami loss, Kxchaiige, Partial
l’:i\ incuts. Partnership Agreements and Dissolution Partnership. ,|(ljnl
Stock Company and Dumber Hooks a Specially.
NO text books USED. |
Indorsed by merchants, bankers and practical book-keepers all over the
South. Wo will be here till the 1st of November. Cal! on us and we are !
sure you will be well pleased. <>ur doors arc open at all hours to visitors I
but when you call please treat us with the respect that is due us. :
C. F. Cl.AltKK.
MAM I M II liKKS 111'
Rough and Dressed Lumber,
Prescott, - - Ark.
We are prepared to supply, on demand, lumber for build
ing and all other purposes, at reasonable rates.
Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Finishing
and Dimension Lumber.
All orders promptly filled. Will sell to the local trade or
ship to any point desired. Prices and terms made known on
Office for the present at 1\. L. Powers’ real estate
and loan office, on East Front street.
W. G. Harrington, Manager.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Hardware, Furniture, Sash, Doors $ Blinds,
Haydock & Bro/s Buggies, Tennessee Wagons.
Winship Gina, Queen and Gem of the South Grist
Mills, Superior and Mohawk Stoves, best in
the market, Avery & Son’s and John Deere Plows.
()nr slock is lar^e and complete. We pay no rent, and
can’t be undersold.
f irst class tin shop in connection with business.
West Main St., PRESCOTT, ARK.
(iotliiii”: and Shoes a specialty
Will |>:iy tl. 11i.'I,<■'t ni:trl,rt pnr, |..r . niton. llmi.ll.. Flour, Corn wml Mont, in
nr lot*, uml -aill t{iv.. low pr: •* •>» - i ll. Full of 0«neml Mnrohahdii*
nlwuys on lmml, nml v, i soil iu choip tin. ilioiipo.W . It. WALl.KR
Wall Paper, Window Shades. Picture Frames,
Hope. - - -jSi.il:arisas.
TX't. A. :?. TVTc* Ys T . LION
L_ r
Importers urn!
& BRO.,
\\ hoh'Milr ilralcra in
Bools and Shoes, Etc
i. !.oi!>, 'i i; ii rii i s, i.iviiwa r i vnu \mv uiti.ii \ \s ritniKs uuri.inArKii
Nos. 224 & 225, Main St.,
N(‘\v \ ork olili't* IIwuy.
John Shrieves,
ricori.'iK ion
Lliery, feed and Sale Stable,
'i.i n\i> -1i.Ti r.
ill furi:iwI» rx|itiieneod "l‘**e
drivers. (tnod to unis und safe
\oliiolvs, at |i«ij>ular jirioos.

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