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Nevada County picayune. (Prescott, Nev. County, Ark.) 1885-1???, January 14, 1892, Image 4

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for *nfan*s and
“ Cast or t nip so well adapted to children that.
I recomtnoad it a* superior to any prescription
known to nu " H. A. ARCnxn, M. I).,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
I Cantoris* cures Colic, Constipation,
S- wr Stomach. Iharrliaa. true tat ion,
Kii.s W-,ru. five's sleep, and promotes
Without injurious medication.
—. wt_V V
1 IIn v I* V »*' «, • ■ “ — —J ..
Txxi E- 35v£cM:ilHorL.
[injvtrti’rs and \\ holrsale ik-alcrs in
ST. LOT IS, Ml-:'I THIS, T I NCIN N V Tl V Ml W.XV OKI.:: \\s TKM’TS l)l’l,Mr.lTl:l>
Nos. 224 & 225, Main St.,
New York otllce—k-'i'.l Broadway.
Li M
r o
O O ' , J
O - «»
4V* CJ
«-i to « <r /
cc as ff
< * ^
X g » tj. j
^r- ° H
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ns 5 •
W UJ «s® f.
Y~j— cc ***> J
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t?-^‘ jlt r
to W r
/}* ? ►-*
^ “ « f
<*. 3 I > f
<53 i
C:-> 2 W f
^ -2 2 w f
^ I i 1
O' fc
00 *
1,000 Cenulno Tyler Curtain Desks $21 ami
$24 Net Spot Cash.
No. 1007 Antique ' htk -r '• ml T\ Ivr »
4n din. lonu i»\ :ir» oin. "
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lined Curia ; l*«'h « . W - *
Mer I n k. one t »<k *• HI di .
card bo uni !■ il mu H '1
Finished lin k; I ' '
toil |i». Price » •.» »’ .. . m i. •
Also 1,000 Anti A' D
No. 400*. > • '
Antique Ash. k >i • - • " • *• 1 - '
Price T O II •»« I" t * <■ I ’ * * *1
from <>ur India) :*|* - t
solely by ibc TYLER DESK CO.. St. Louis, Mo.
ISO Catali'Kiu- : : • n - « o ' I ■ • IG , U, Ci. :
fl D • . t • \ < r c i -
Hot ween
St. Louis and the southwest
V n d
Pal bin 9a:: t SI-; - Car
)irect eonnei tifiii' in St. |n
ion Depot nii.l Memphi> with
through line- c nil points in the
^Tortlx 6z
It. C. row NSKXI).
<i. P. |V. T’kt. Agl.
St. LouU. Mo.
Warning Order.
Liiw*>n Mill. r. 1
v**". - In Vi va'la (*ir*• uit '
Sa'li. Mill.-r. | .
Tile iti'f'i'ii'l'inl. Sail Mill. I, i> r. ' \
Wnrie'.l l" ... 1 11 : art . ■»III> tl.'r
t v 'la \ 1 . * ■ I | •
Uitv iif llr pl'inliti. I.aa a Sf.ll.-r.
Wit• i■ \ lee. ' :11. i1 11
HW1. .ISO. K. J'OKTIs. < erl-.
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13uy No Other.
' • \ k r
■ I . l'A . Mil} . 1 Nltf
r.\ ,1 7. who
ii.f in. ji .jr.ot, write*
r- suffered from
ha ai. s srn (1
I* K -flilt’s
* iy
t •in rr.s’i ps to finch
11 1 t mi > anil
Y-»• : rrn Tit ii. sol • ral
ns /r»w only
r usinn sen-nil
z - Nervi* Tome he
1 1. . been v> .1 Mini
A ValunMo x»l. on Nenoui
l>ist*i»»e , < •*» t< • . nv luhtr ••«>*,
<* i•oor i i - 1 obtain
tills imiiu" .n i>f « iinrife.
i \v ii- ly the Hover
•li t ’. ' t Since 1H7A
* -b»r*Ui . ebon by the
( EMC MED. C . Chicago, III.
■oh, : i>ni;;:»sts ; , r r Hot tie. 6 for
J . 0 Si*e, f 1.7 #. 1> >tliem tor Hth
I"A A ' Ii l>IsM ffirea
mutant relief and t* an in
* in o tor lkll<*M.
*'• ^ l. liy I>• uggiKta or
mfmtt I
•What have you got there?” que
ried Mrs. Bowaer, aa her liege lord
made * display of a small package
when lie came home the other even
‘•Mrs. Bowaer,” aa he eat down
and carefully handled thn package.;
“did von read of that eaee ia Troy
where a barber cut a easterner
slightly on the cheek and he died of
blood poisoning.”
“No. Say ! you’ve gone aid got;
another shaving outfit!”
“Another? When did levarkave
“You got one two or three year*
ago in Detroit, and how did you
come out with it? Mr. Bowaer, you
do the most foolish things ef any
1 man 1 ever heard ef in all my life?"
“I do, eh? Is it foolish for mi to
want to avoid blood poisoning hy
shaving myself, to saj nothing of
the enormous saving of money? Trs,
I did get an outfit in Detroit, but I
had a hoil on my arm and. .couldn't
handle the razor. That was a cheap
outfit, just as an experiment.”
“And you cut yourself and
pranced around and whooped nntil
the neighbors thought wo had a Are.
How much did this onfcAtcoet!”
“Only $10.”
“Ten dollars thrown right away!”
“Is it? Let'* see about that'
Having my own oatAt I can shave
daily. That’s 70 eents a week, or
$2.81) per month. Seems to me that
$84 per year ia worth eaving. la the
twenty years I have keen shaving 1
'could have saved tha trile of $780.
1 Where are you now, Mr*. Bowser?”
“.Just where I waa before. Ton'll,
j shave once and that'll end it.”
'"ill it.' If that s roar opinion
I have a great surprise in store for
you. 1’tc been taking lessons of a
barber on how to handle the ranor,
and I can shave clean ioescaetly four
minutes. Kasiest thing ia the world
when you know how. Just think of
the $7ho i luiTs thrown away!”
“Well' I suppose you’ll try it ia
spite of anything 1 san say, bnt I
shall decline to he held responsible
for any trouble.”
“Responsible! Trouble! How
could I hold you responsible? And'
what trouble can there be?”
“Why, that time in Detroit you
almost tore the bouse down because
you cut your ear.”
“I’ooh! 1 was probably Joking.
Don’t remember n thing about it.
I,d look pretty blaming yon for vhnt
I did, wouldn't I? After dinner I’ll
take a little slisve. and if yon don’t
say it’s a better sue than any barber ’
lias ever given me I’ll pat the ranor
up for good.”
After dinner Mr. Bowser took a
i bowl of hot water and started up
stairs, saying to Mrs. Hawser a« he
•'Hotter time me *y the eloek. I |
; may be six or seven minutes this
! time, but I’ll be right |on tick to
morrow night.”
lie went into the bedroom and
locked the door. Then be took off
! his coat, vest, necktie and collar. He
I looked down at his shoos for a
moment and then decided to take
I them off also.
‘ Let’s see!” he mused as h« spell
ed the box and stood before the
glass. “The first thing is to lather,
of course. That’s easy as rolling off
a log. This is something like com
fort, this is. Hanged if I don’t be
lieve 1 shall want to share twice a
Mr. Bowser decided to pat on
plenty of lather. He put it oa his
chin, cheeks, noae forehead, care and
throat, and more or loss fell on the
carpet. When he had lathered uatil
both arms ached, and no more would
stick on him. he picked up the razor
and chuckled:
“1 just hold it with three Angers,
this way, and lay it on my cheek
this wav. and move it gently down.
A child three \ curs old eonld do that, i
I’ll show Mrs. Bogser a trick or two
before I'm through. Good woman,
but she thinks she knows it all. Razor
just slides—!”
Mr. Bowser gave a jump and at
the same instant he saw the lather
stained with blood.
“Don’t amount to anything just
the head of a pimple 1’’ he whispered
to himself. "Barber told me to keep |
my arm stiff, and I forgot. Can’t
expect to get the hang of it in one
minute, you know. A little more
He lathered away until it began to
drop off, and then picked up the
razor again.
“The idea of my throwing away
$78(1 to the barbers!” lie muttered
as he laid the Hat of the razor on liis
cheek. “Well, better late than
never. No particular hurry about
this, however. Keller wants to give
himself time to get. the hang of it.
l’erhaps I d better begin oil my chin
first. Don’t suppose it makes any 1
rreat difference whether I shave up
>r down, so long as I-!”
“Mr. Bowser, what’s the matter?”
called Mrs. Bowser, as she kicked
■)o the door.
“Nothing!” k* answered.
“Then what are jon jumping
around so for? I thought ton’d
shake the chandeliers down !”
“The blamed thing must hare
slipped on me!” he growled as he
returned to the glass to survey the
silt. “Probably didn’t hold it exact
ly right. Ah! that’s more like the
way the barber told me to hold it.
Now, then, take it easy till you get
the hang of it. May he ten minutes
this time but on the next occasion
“Mr. Bowser, open this door!”
Bailed Mrs. Bowser from the hall.
“W-what do you w-wrnt?” he
“I want to know what all this
swearing anti kicking over the chairs
means! Didn’t 1 tell yon how you
would come out!”
“You go away! I’m all right! It
was the man next door yon heard!”
He heard her go away after a kit,
and he went back to the glass to
“I’ll be hanged if I haven’t pretty
near cut my old chin ofT! What in
Texas ails the old thing, anyhow!
I’ll get the hang of it if it cuts my
head off! I didn’t have lather
lie lathered some more, then lie
picked up the razor and carefully
examined both sides and the edge
and back. Then he laid the flat of
the blade on hie chin and smiled
sweetly and Whispered:
“Probably a little nervoas, being
the first time. I'll jnst get to it by
degrees. That's the way to do it!
No barber ever slid a razor over my
chia any richer than that. The idea
of Mrs. Bowser calling it 810 thrown
right away! That’s the way with a
woman. If they can save a cent litre
they will waste a dollar there. I’ll—’’
Mrs. Bowser heard a yell and
started for the stairs. She met M r.
Bowser half way up. The lather was
flying about and the blood streaming
dowa on his shirt bosom, and bis
«yea were as big as onions.
“Well, didn’t I say so!" she
Her words broaght Mr. Hawser to
himself. He turned hack, beckoned
for her to follow, and as they enter
ed the bedroom he silently pointed.
The razor lay on the loor, the bowl
was broken in three pieces, and there
was lather everywhere.
“Well?" sho queried, as she
picked up three towels aod plaeed
two ehairs oa their legs aguia.
“Woman !“ ho hoarsely whispered,
“this is too mack!”
“Why, what have I done?"
“Sure! Done! Look at mo!”
“Tea, hut you tried to shave your
“But who dragged me iato it?"
“Mr. Bowser, yoo certainly can't
blame me. 1 told yoa befare you—’’
“That’s ouongh! This is the
limit! 1 understand it all, sad can
see just bow you planned it! It is
not your fault that I did not out ray
throat, and that you are not now a
widow! Mrs. Bowser, leavu mo to
mvself? I have some papwrs to look
over before consulting a lawyer to
morrow !’’
Little Curious Things.
The first vessel launched by the
early American colonists was the
Blessing of the Bay launched in
Massachusetts bay, July 4, 1831.
The term “tabby cat" is derived
from Atab, a famous street in Bag
dad, inhabited by the manufacturers
of silken stuffs called alahi, or
taffety. This stuff is wovou with
waved markiugs of watered silk, re
sembling a • tabby" uat's coat.
As far as is knswn at tha present
time thsre are but sine words which
end in “dous.” They are Tremen
dous, amphibodous, nazardous, apo
ilous. pteropodous, cephalodous,
gastcropodous, stupendous, and gas
The greatest eold on record was
at Jakantask, Siberia. January 27>,
182t>, when tested spirits thermom
etere ran down to 7.8 degrees below
the zero point of Fahrenheit.
It has been estimated that 18,000,
[>00 cubic feet of water passes over
Niagara Falls every miniOe. Allow
ing *524 pounds to the cubic foot,
lh.) water which (lows over the falls
every hour weighs not less than 82,
27)0,000 tons.
Naturalists have enumerated f>7>7
different species of reptiles. Of this
number 400 are as harmless as rab
Coaltai, formerly considered a
waste and a regular nuisance to gas
workers, is now utilized n» one of
the most valuable colorprodneers.
Chemists have extracted from it
,iv I cell shades of blue, sixteen of
fellow, twelve of orange, nine of
, joint, besides shades of other
•olors loo numerous U) mention.
iO»V«fCHT 1990
In the train
of diseases that follow a tor
pid liver and impure blood,
nothing can take the place
of I)r. Pierce’s Golden Med
ical Discovery. Nothing will,
after you have seen what it
does. It prevents and cures
by removing the cause. It
invigorates the liver, purifies
and enriches the blood, sharp
ens the appetite, improves di
gestion, and builds up both
strength and flesh, when re
duced below the standard
of health. For Dyspepsia,
" Liver Complaint,” Scrofula,
or any blood-taint it’s a posi
tive remedy. It acts as no
other medicine docs. For that
reason, it's sold as no other
medicine is. It’s guaranteed
to benefit or cure, or the
money is refunded.
Hot Equality but trut Superiority over
all other Blood Remedies
Mercurv enters itito the composition of
gaany blood medicines, while with others
lpdiae of potasn it the principal ingre
dient. Both these substanc es are poisons,
and while in some instances thev lessen
tb« severity of the ravages of blood
poison, their use in the-a nd are more
lurtful than otherwise Bear in mind Dr
Jonh Bull's Sarsaparilla is strictly a veg
etable compound, vet its eftec t on blood
fllUd with poisonous germ matter is like
tottr on the forked tongues of a flaming
ife. U subdues the evil instantly, even
Jbtp Other medicines have failed. Again,
Bull's Sarsaparilla is frequently used after
tne system lias become poisoned by the
ase of mercury and potash. It quiikly
eliminates these mineral poisons from tho
lystern, thus preventing and curing mer
curial rheumatism, potash sores etc. In
all syphilitic and scrofulous affection!,
Bull i Sarsaparilla is a true pana< '•a. The
laqueln! of blooil |iois n, such as salt
rheum, eczema, king’s evil scald head,
bolls, carbuncles, it' h, sores, rheumatism,
neuralgia, etc., all permanently disappear
B the use of Bull - | . .- con- j
unued a suflieient length of time.
W. A. Smith, Paducah. Ky., writes;
“I wn down sick with malarial fever for
over a month. The doctor gave me tob
much calomel ami mercury, and when I
Began to got better rheumatism set Ip and
mf left toe was mude cr«'<-ked. I thought 1
would be A crippl* for life, but an Arqfini t
XCoe got me to usa Buil'nsarnapanlla.which
gave me strength and cured my rhe ma*
fUm. end no\f my leg U n«;yrl\ straight
and I walk on it %• ry readily.”
R. 13. Walton, t/airo, IB., write*: t ex
perienced the horror* of blood poison for
four long years. I hud three running s-ret
ofi my body a* large as my hand that would
i#v«r h°al, an l over a 0<>/cn smaller on of.
My hair and eyebrows and whiskers all
Cam* out and I looked like a p* rfeet scare
crow I became discouraged trying medl*
rlno, but as a last hope trc'il Bull's Sarsapa
rilla. I he us - of Jk b*»tib> made me well,
but there are scars on my body that look
like they had been burns.”
•^“Children like I»r .Jo!;Tt f ull’s Wnrm
Destroyers. Tin > taste t •• • ! >.r m •» r fall
to remove w >rm* if then » cany. Price 25
rents. Try t hem.
”Thc di'inun 1 for smith'* Tonic Syrup
Is uneaualb 1 by any mi r iblll medicine
mad* >ly sales are iintm-nic.” P-J Dreher,
Iksesburg, 111.
John D. Park & Sons, M7< V aU Aacnti,
*77 aud I7U Sycatnor. si., *. incinnati, O.
C. B. MOON, Proprietor.
West Main Sir t, l’UKSCOTT, AUK.
Good tennis in I «afc vehicle.- nt popular |
prices. Will fun :-li .■ \p. ri.■:.• . I driver*. (
Sent by expre** or mail, char «r< * paid, to any I
addn-*n us follow -
Mat<iii.kh.s *, i - s \Vt»Ki • Wap a
double iiia]> lx i bet in si/. «*n roller*, t •oitahiiiijr
2/» maps in one etdh t ii 'll, al*o pive-the New I « n
aw. the six new state*, «‘klah ’iiia. new surve\ s j
and change*. . $•,». ’
Niw HAll M \P* Vi.' "Tate colored. \ur
nUhed and on roll. : - .\M-;fect. AI
Iniv ii:* M Vi i \* <■ ini \V < * i; i i. <*jy..
U\ 14 liu he*, w« i^hf •pound- l! . i^n.ufn. * »• *
prttfe*. cloth hound. Nt w ‘ . n*u« « dit• • r. * : •
M\r« nil-" **i 1.11 *«, si Nr .v m imiii Vive*
— '*< lot h Map*. ' f<- free t- I * 11(1 I •. *i'||ttit|
M V It HI.K-**' M I III **• It • • | M i' * 1 IN pi
Cloth Mounted Ma|.. ll N *pi ua roller*, in
elegant dll*f proof I! It. - a-. I• k ta.l k* ' - .'<•
Him K KI A I > I I * M VI* <0 I’M I - || N I- 4 lift ll
Mounted on rollers. \'l ;f.et.
l>e*rripti'» circular* t r. •• i unva**er* wanted.
Address, II ill \ IX i\ , l*ubli*her.
Jacksonville, III. j
, . ^TTAonMertTs,.
_ ...7/ A, w-aowoRK
•tiNtw [kwc §Q;r>G MQ’tfir.f:o.o^hge.^/>
Vsicasc 75 'JNIOH SQUARE. H. Y *»«»•»*<Mo
_ * A i 0OSTCN.M«S& , • #NT*fcA . ‘ *k
We are .■<»n-t1111 \ a<I<Iii■ <j>; new
mi hwri hers to «»11r li-t. which crrnvs
ateadilv. I’hc p.M»|•!«' in tin country
appreciate a live, newsy and well
printed paper like the !’u vn m
Wholesale and Rei.i?! £ a!er? if,
Hardware, Furniture., ML, Mrs $ Blinds,
Hajdock Si Bro.’s Baggies, Tennessee Wagons.
Winship Gins, Queen and Gem of the South Grist
Mills, Superior and Mohawk Stov best in
•he market, Avery & Son’s n- ;.n v.-re Plow*
Walking mi Riding Cultivators, Sslting, Iroa, Hails, Its.
Our stock is large and complete. We pay no rent aid
:an’t be undersold.
First-class tin shop in connection with business.
West Main St., PRESCOTT, ARK.
J. W. Marsha!!, Mi r. and Dealer,
Prescott, - - Ark.
I am now fully equipped, having one of the finest and
jest brick machines, that will, when run at full capacity, turn
jut 36 brick per minute. Will furnish hard or soft brick oh
demand, at reasonable prices.
TfcSD* Will give special figures on large orders, by the kiln.
Address or call on me at Prescott, Ark.
TjsSCW ard at Eastern end of Elm street,where I may L«
found when not at residence J. \\ . MARSHALL.
Our mill and planer, located 3 miles west ot town, can sup
I>1 \ the public with Rough or Dressed Lumber ot all kinda.
Can also furnish best all heart or sap Shingles. Prices Rea
sonable. Don’t fail to see us, before placing an order for
anything in our line. Call on us at the mill, or one of the
firm may be seen in town on Saturdays. \\ e guarantee sat
isfaction. W M PR'INGLE.
C. A. WELLER, Proprietor.
Satisfact ion Guaranteed.
Correspondence solicited,
(Nothing and Nhors a specialty
Will pay tho highest market price for cotton. llarnllo Flour, Corn and M.»t, to
.-ar lots, and will I'ive 1 ■ ■ w prions on shiiic for, is ti. Kull stork of General Mercl
always on hand, and wi sell as cheap as the cheapest. W. B. WALL
J M Davis. .1 .1 McLckk. V M luvn
J. M- Davis McLure 5 Co.,
Have in stock a complete line of UNDERTAKERS'
GOODS, including
Fine Caskets, Metalic Cases and Burial Robes.
Bu\ Wagons, Stove*. Nail*, Furniture, Sash and Poor* in cur load lota. A fUllUnaa"
mill fixture* and mill supplies. Are prepared t<» cutund fit pipe. Keep mechanic**
carpenter^ tool* Also a line lot of saddles, bridles collars, breeching, etc., gluMwar#*
queeneware, crock jar*. New Home and Si *! md many otBwr ibiug*
we can't mention. (’all and see us.
—-----■ xs
Dfinif-iHTPiNn nS^to'pa
k Bar B 0 BV *•$ 8 trjs'" c.italo^ue free. Write to
Superior Hygiene.
Ifill ITfcDV Salt Baths- °‘h*
IV! IL11 An 1 *lMtr,%T L,‘e h>.
-■■■■! ■■ wiim.1, St> im Heat. Ad
C. **•% J f«r10KdV .]r, S3 liM.lt *4R
? F‘ ^ liJMKK, SWEET
*. •- 3 3 8PK.'N0J, I£0.
or- . ..
CiiYMit*, nn limit- Marks "Maiimd. nnd
foi IfOOKKATK t l '■-"V
m i;nma: siHTnsin: r. s. I’ATKM"
()!• K|( 1 W < lun’ mi 'til* hki-ii* i* nil l>il#lm,il
hurt. Inin* < in trim-ad nahiit l»usiin-*»s ill I**1**
tinn ;unl at I-Kss ((isT tlmn those remote from
VViwblnjjton. ,
Si ml modtl. ill aw in/. «*i |dmto. with
linn \\ ■ mix i *■ i |i,n« iiial'li i*i not. tree of
i.nig* On. « i din* I' 11*11«*lit i' s»*<nr* «|.
\ I »«•.«. k. II" X tuolnniii I uti-nts," With rrlrr
i lire In in lual Hit'll! in y*»ur >tutr, county <r
<ixx ii pt'iit .1 *•<•. Addrt >*

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