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Western union. (City of Hannibal, Mo.) 1850-1851, October 10, 1850, Image 2

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on ami rpni. tiMii.it
IIANMBAtn TUl'USUAV, orrui KR ll. IS'.o.
: J-
Enxi&ra "cu.
Tlio National road, thruiigh this place, i
now thronged will) emigrant facing to.vardt
the setting tun, in search of home and huppi
hs. Hundred have pasted (luting lust
three week, ntul "Ilia try i tlill they come."
They iisu ill kind l' trai.vpnrlnl'uii, from
tliunk'. mny up to n six iri) I'ciinsylvahia
wsgnn, which, when fullyycpiippcd, i liUu n
moving town. Tha majority of the umiirrihl
arii hound tor Iowa omr lor lllilioir, fSnrtli
er ii Iniliutiii, Wiicon tin, Miir nn'n, and Mis
souri. They look, generally, liko pckcel'ul,
htallhy, nlilo bodied persons. We ro lilt'.e ur
no dninkehnc. or ill-beliavinr ainnng litem,
nnd they Mill, no iluiilit ir.sk excellent citizen.
Iniliaiinpuli Journal, Sept. -Ith.
Wo art ploaedlo notice lbs nbnvo attniiti- i
oiution. Wo olticrvo aIho, tlmt considerable i
Agonti for tbo Weatsrn Union.
Win. N. Prim, of I'iwis, M . I:, II. Iltir hntian mul
John A. (JnarlfK, if Hoiitlu) Thomas I'.. Tlioiiison, ol
ItdlltyMn Jsines A. It. I.smplmi , ni New I.oii.Ioti) J.
In Cantubuvy, nl Mexico) Mr. llhikry, of Clinton,
IVoik lloulne, uf Bany, III. and post Master, nt
elliw rdares, ill ldc art M airriits.
Wm. O. YoUNU.of Now I.oiiiIoii, is nnr nn( lioi izcil
!;cut to receive and receipt lor xiilxriplmu, adver
lining, Jul, woik,and all monVj ilua II ' utlice.
lavcVng Agent.
Mr. l,l.l:(i"l.r.x is our authoiird tiaviTuig ngnd,
to receive anJ receipt for stibsctiplioii I o I l.c W i t-
(KM Union." on in
TTT. .. .. . . ., ', emigration is coming by vvutcr. Tho low tngc
Mr I nlTnl' A f Ilia .im i inn. .11. 1 l.v II. gt r
viceofm..y cr Ihe r.ir-nuW llmrit , I announce ...y. "r 01'i', l"'evcr. will. g"t ',,,mi":
elf for the Mayorality, with the intention if the gold for horse St cattle, in ull the State mentioned
cople Confer 011 mo the oflirr, to di.nhn'uo it r duties render the! I.iliil route Inllch lieller for tlio em
iinprtiHy,jiilly n. niillifiilly, iiiicoiitriillcl Ay iiy LVgr this l.y I..I11I, Hot only cull
cliiinc, nml uniiillncHici. I liy si'lli,li ci.iiilrT.il iom. It.:., , . , , 11:1
VM. 1'. HAIir.lSO.W I K ' scarce, Dhd high,
' 1 but Ihcy will tirrive in latler lifii!t!i and con!i-
IIanmihi., frjJcmlrr HiH, IS.VI. ,. ,0 t ,mvt. lie.i.lf.
'nr. r. . t.. . . 1.. ii... .. .11 ..r t t 1 ' 1
' - , . . . . .'. ' ... iho nilvnuiii f t'eiiii; tlm dilluruiit uticlidlia of
Vnfari " in i-tiiir ti:nirr n I lnf ur-i-k. I ii'iiiiinl 11ml 1 1 I n n
the citiKt-im of llDi.mbal jhouhl cm.l. r 01, i t!. nllicr ' "l0 country through I hicli lin y isj Hlid the
of Ci'y Mnrslml, nt the n pionchin:: mnnicipnl rice. f freedom from tlio "dangers i f tlio river," the
lion, it will my pleasure to nccrpt it , nml ilnin" no,1 land rotitiii nro ulao Una cxpuimiv c. Hut llie
I fhall '( my heft eilnrls to merit llie coiilnli iicc llius
rcpo'cil in iim', hy n "diet iiikI itpp.nlinl ili-rliarc of
the dulics of the ofrj,
jn.si:i'ii ihjduim;.
Lcctiuo on Psychology.
Two of course if Lectures on (hit tuhject,
were delivered on luit Moiidiiy and Tuenlny
evctiinus. The first lecture, utlelided by a
very full home, was merely introductory, uud
ilitendi'd to show sonn tliii.g of the nature nf Ihe
itilluenco uhich the mind is cnpuble of exerting
upon the phjiicul system.
Not Milling t) coiiilemn imythiiii; witliniit
good ronton, and dot believing tlmt the essence
of n itdom is disbelief, we attended the second
lecture willi a resolution tit hem impartially.
l'ri.f. I'van stated lliat the oljed of this lec
ture would be tu show tint liuture nf the mind
itself, and the i.'iurai tur uf the iigetit it emptoyt
tu produce physical motion. This fluent he
IlanniLnl and St. Joseph Railrcacl.
The St. Louis Inttllig nccr, commenting on
the lute meeting in this city, reirmrki as follows :
We sincerely hope this Northern Iload may
be put under iiniiicdiute contract. We haw
more tlum unco argued in our paper, elaborate
ly, in hivor ol the IIjIiiiiOuI and at. Jusepn
U.nlroid. We not only think it vvoulJ not in
jure tlio interests nf St. Louis, at all, but, on
ihe conlr.iry, think it vvouui greutiy promote
them. I" it should jetielil us in no other way,
wo are confident the immediate commencement
of thu ll.iMwbiil and St. Joseph Uoail Would
arouse a spirit of emulation here, tlmt would
push on our l'acifio ro.id with n w ardur and
ISi.l. even if tlm culmination of Ihe 1 Lumbal
and St. Joseph IU.nl should be unlcuhilcd In do-
tr.icl from the business ol this city, It wotint he
A Tact with a Moral l-or the
A rolcbiatud artist, in one of Ids nitnlilei, Lines on the EtAth of Afn Ei-'ia
met with a tunt licnutil'iil am! iiilficstiii I
look to bu (At icily. Lll'i cls could bn produced j both bud polii y and iiitrinsically unjust, fur our
It.rnriUr't Oilier, Sri. I'i, '.i'l.
Km low l'ni.-Hs: riiai.kful to jmi for tlm sup-
'im.j irity of tlio emigrant are bolitid for luwn,
sumo for Illinois, Noilhern Indiana, Wisconsin,
Minnesota and M: j-iou; i." Wo h ivu iinthing
In t.iy iiainsl our neighbor Sutc s; but n e think
lo.v.i, Wircotirin and Indiana, li.ivo Lot their
share. Tin y niiil bo full In ovi i llnwiug. Mill
. artificially mi a dead body, by a gulvuliio but
tery, willed hear a close rtsimhlauco to the
muscular n'.lMli of breathing lie! null as
moving the limbs, rolling thu eyes, fie.
r.lectricity lias been coiinnoiily supposed to
bo a Hut 1 ; but, in truth, wo know but li'tlu ol
its nature we have on'y been nblu to oberc
some of it ifltcl. The first step taken to
rt unU an investigation uf its properties, was
by Tlialcs, the jdiiluiophcr, w'nn lived about
six hundred jci.rs before Christ. ILs ohserva
lion du riot appear to have extended much be
yond the mere noting of Ihe fait, lint umber,
rubbed in the dark, will reduce spaiks. l'or
a long time this property wi.s thought to be cju
lined to that subslalice an er .or to u hii h elcc
lili.elis t t brinir any interest to bear against it
It would be bad poli-jy, because wo want friends
mhI favor for our uw ii road, and it would bo
iii.jtit, bcciuso every town i justly entitled to
everything the enital, tho energy, uud the in
ttl'igcln e of ilt clli.ei.s can obtain lor it, in an
open field of fair einnpttition.
If St. Louis is likely to lose anything by the
enterprise of other towns, lit our citizen go to
work, and mako up the Ids by pushing forward
work of their own. TnU will bo fair, maidy,
and ret ublicati. To use a homely illustration.
t'umiliur to lis Wetlern jeople, we will soy that
cliilil. It was thu liucst ami most perfect
child, he thought that ho lu.il ever seen..
"1 will paint thu portrait ol thu child."
siiiil he, "im.l keci il fur my own; fori
iiiny never look iiinn its liko nuin. ' I In
jniiiilctl it; ami when tmuhlu nunc, im I
evil passions nmviil his spirit to reliul, he
guxuil upon the likeness ol the hoy, and
passion lied, and holier thoughts entranced
Ills soul. llcKiiid: "11' I can find a being
that will answer for n perfect contrast to
thu child one in whom is concentrated
everything vile and nj'ly, of which I can
conceive; 1 Will paint Ins portrait iii.so.
Years passed a way, and ho saw noonu suf
licioiitly hideous to answer h'n de:.i;'H. At
lili'lh while Iruvt llin;.; in a ill ..taut land, he
went within a J li. oii's wall .i, and there he
s;iv, stri lchi'd iiiou the lloor of stone, ttie
object which hi; I'anvy hul poili.iyi.'il. A
man who.u mui was stained with lilood,
with ylai'in eyes mul li:i;j;ai'l lace, and
with demoniac rnjie, cuiin;; himself, his
fellow liein's, and blaspheming t!o,l, lay
chained will in that ini.-eralilu aliodu, ami
waiting for the moment -f his execution.
Tin: artist tiansleni'd his likeness to the
it opposite the child
ii should be:-Let every tub stand on j I low fti iking how complete tho oolitra-t !
its own bottom. Lot the longest polo knock 1 liu nngel hoy the lieml man!
down the persiinu.oti. What mut have liceu tin; leelingsot the
, --- - - .. .; nrtiiil, win u upon inouirv, ascertained that
The Voto on . ti Pacific end Hannibal , , , . , ' , , ,
and St. JoocphEa-Troads. ! s!imc individual lu it.,,! Tl. hcamiful, the
In lltn I lntin nf Hiinrnseiit.itives. Sehteibucr . . -i i
' !i,::i.. ,.,. :i i,i.... I . i , ; ,l, riii.,l Irmn i ... . . ," ' .. .. . ' uilloceni ciiilil nan " lowu into tne luileous
l..c.ty .iwes .is mime, heing uiriim irom t u,c 2 lib, Mr. llowlin, Irom tho committee on , . . .,
' i i i i i .: i ... . ... ii i .. i. i ,i... v i.:n .....t:.. 1 '"in im- Muuu lll.lll.
. .... ii . i i . t .. r . t:i.. i f i- . . i ., r . . . 11 i is 01 ii, n i inoir i' iiiiioci . iiuuaic i anus, rrnoricu oiu oeiotiu uiii, ui i"""k
port you Ravanif at the 1.1-1 et. ciioii, lor t il Ih roi- i,i.,, u ar r.urtl , for our liollons of a p ens- ., . ... in., , u . I ,1 i , , r r r tl. ..nLlrnetion
li.t lii fill it,., nt-ice of J S ltiiclnunin. .iuir.-. ho- . i- . . . ... 1 ''is m .tenons nirent pervade nil mallei , lauds and Ihe right ot way, lor the construction
lei, to nil tie I".' "?olJ. s. i.i.ci ...mo, i.i I ' , , The lalitmlu i,r n portion of llin- ., , , n ' ,,, f ! .,f railroad from II itu.ibal to St. Joseph, n i,i1(
tiinc I hat I have i ischarueil mv tbi'v in viol olln l.iilli- . . . ' Its I'l.sem u Iroin our eartll vvntil I bo fullitwei "" "' out w .. t , In tin
I saw nn is.faul .miVin? sweet
I' poll its li'iiiliei.. Uncns.
The mother kinl .cr ''ml'" R lal"''
In o'eiwionxht extacy.
An angel Wi-lrliit fioin 'kie,
ItehcUl I lint elieiiili I'a.le,
Ami Ion hi lot,! Hint: I'.'ir '' f"rm
Within ilsown emliAiire.
Alul send a mps5ci'KCt lo near,
iriMVlsc IICTII':! Iiom lieavril,
V It i It ci.-ii'O'U uoin inai lonu inoineis niiii..,
The iilol it lui'l given,
To lieni il In that worlil ahnve,
Whereall is Ii! i;!ht mi'l l.'ii,
A ol place it in it S.ivior a'ur-,
'I'o ie..t fnievcr tlieie.
A'nl nifi'lier, wnol'l';! thy liiiveiini;a.e,
A'.ainlliy loprl one see'?
I'n paie to meet her in the skies,
Jslieiiniy not come to titer.
Too yiiilne;, too p;oe it lot iltion'rlit,
Ih r lips cuatil nevei ipi,.f,
1'iom life's lit Ite.ive t;cl..t helt',
A;;.iiu the hiiter tliuuli.
Tliouf;li ;a..tetl li;ltly of llu'rop,
Sueet hahe, lint nil! Ihe pain,
l'or thy yoinn Stirit w iji'iionli,
It uoohl not inste itiatn,
It.it ealuily i lion ii'sioest lliy bientli.
la thy Cost inl'iuii'V,
Ami put thisilyiog iiioilal off
l'or iuunoitaliiy.
.Vay'Jlilh, I S.'n I. nve. ,
fully, now oiler myself to J on us a namliihitii
for i
... ...... ...i ... .....iu oi .. imoiii . loiieilit r , , , . , . ,. , .
.... .. . .. uv tiiu iriarv au.i iiiiuimuicu rciL'ii oi siienci
llie Itecunlei't olliee, at the next Novemlier election, lv" "" anil commercial advantage, u ,;,,,.,
and as I havo a larti family to noppoil, lmiin rent to just w hut otiglit to im its emigration. I .... . I lit o h 1 r il
pay,cVc., I need the olliee, ami roii.eipienlly mir i Wo cinniit ty how ehenii laluls can be had . ", . ,' i
support, for which, In, m.ler,..t will ho linoklul. I , Ul , ffi ... j ' suppymg load lor violent metaphysical
Anil be it reiiiemhereit, fellow eili.cns, Hint J am not i . . , ilisputcs, lor Iniiny centuries, lia been thotlgli'
have settled
I.. pc you will all call ,,.. you to the polls In "'. """" riue., inai, in .Mi.tou- , . . , , ,,,.,.,.,, ,u
ml'. Ht.v.
thought il iuipossiblo to coiucivc tho existence
nf an immaterial ihing, That whatever exists
at all, is soMillung: i. o., it must linvo parts,
it mti.-t havo length, breadth and thickness, or it
is n tiling.
I'.lcctricity ha been supposed immaterial. A
microscope, magnify ins; u0,000,000 limes, bus
pay,cVc., I need the oll'ice, ami ron.oipienlly jour t We cannot ty bow clieiip lands can be had , ", . .... , .
support, for which ll ,,..ir.i,,e.l will ho Ii. iiikfiil. , ,,,.. Ul wo bm j -I'l;') l-od lor violent m,
Anil be it reiiifinhereit. fellow eili.ens, that am not i . , . .... . ilisputcs, !or many centuries, ha be
, all.-,lo,.t. I have coino out on my own ho,A , hot j ,,"'" """ l';'"!"' " '. " L, last, quietly nd im.m.vably to 11;
I .ipe you will all c.illniew yoi.ao.o the polls In j nr -mtory, at cheaper rates, tin,,, m Mi..il-1 ,,.,, ; li 10 vicw. lul
vole. That call will suit inu be.-t. I ri! illi near t .vei,!y acre of vacant, unnp. , . ... , , . , ,. ,
jouis, m , j..,.., ,,. propn iie.i land; anil r.ol live ol every U-IU acres,
In olte4ieiife tn the wishes of " Many Voters," as 'mpriivi-d, nf that w hicli is reduced to private
expivsscil in the t'liimi of last week, ami at Ihe urgent : owner ship, in n cntm'ry win te alino.t every
solicitation of many fiii iuU,! nain pieseul myself a uure eilllivable -ro (jtiiret but little calculation
aeai.Ji.lateforll.e Mayoralty ol our city, an.l, h. .lo-1 ,0 ,,rovo inl (imU 11(l je cl.n.,. Of ,he
iitK so, caiuinl reliaiii Irom cxpu vsiii my );ratiliile In .. . , , ,
h . ' ... ,, ,, ,, . , ... ,i eliar.icter autl location of thi vast body if hunt,
my lello.v citizen lor the llalteiins preteieiieu tiny i 3
have shown me the past lw,. yan, ami, sliouhl lliey , ""'y fr Ihn pbuv, l.t least that part in
aira ii c eel me, wil asuttt t hem o my ea.n.nt emlea- "ISorlheril Missouri, wo llilgl.l Co tie it otr-ir:i i. I . . l t i . . .
" ' , ... 1 ... lulled to bring a particle of ilecliic:ty into new ;
...... l.. ......... a., l in ii i.it i.lli. ... in..! iitii.tii.ri v tt I... ..I.... ... il... .1 l.. ..i-r l. n I J '
1 iI i. mum r 1
On iniitiuli id' Mr. Haymnnd, it '.vat laid upon
the table yeas HI, tin) S!.
Mr. Mow liu, from the same committuo, re
ported back the Senate bill, granting land and
Boundary Lino between Missouri aid
The ('oiiiiiiissiuncrs appointed by tlio
lU'opcr authorities of i!ih Stale mi l Mis-
Hemp. jsoiiii to run the line, nf IminHary lielwcuii
llotHe ol represeutalivcs, Sepl. ! the two Slat'-s, have finished their laluus
-I, Mi: Moitr.ucwi moveil to amend tne
bill hy inserting therein the billowing :
"1'iwiiu, That the Secretary of the
Xavy he, and he is heiehv, reuuireil, in
ami preparer! their report so In; presented
lo their re pi clive governments.
The ill reel! i i ipiiies I he comssionct's,
r t' i i . i. .. i.
Al.i. aiiiioi, ol .I I s-itiu i, ;i iii I . i Men-
S O ) - ..I I .1-1 I l .' II.I..M I" , . III A,
thn rinhl of icv for tlio conslrucliou of a rail-1 prncini.i'' Mic- lieni wnicii may lie Herein-: tieisiiou, r.-i .. oi inwa, aiiemie.i ny Aiessr
. . - i ... . . . ...... i . . .
Si. I.fiiiin to tlm W elern limits ol . m
vors to promote the g rul well are ami pro-p-nly selves by referring In the tlliiilsalids of Cidilor
our young city, to the itlmo!
sept. ilti.
if my ahilily.
t;r.o. w. kiiii'.i.ds.
B"Wr are aui Inn ietl In aiiiiouiie! Aiiiiaiiam t'l in s
foi III
ma einigruiits, nnd (heir report. Thu fact, that
a low hundred thousand head of stock, on their
vvav tu California, so cat out tho onm. nat and
" '"' "'''"" ' "y .' ' ,,.iy ri,u t.n,,,ry i;,r ,M! i,lsl tvvn years, as to
nni.riiailioiL' Novelliher election. sp!l i . . ... . .
1 1 a hrill" corn tu il leetila n liillml mi i,il.ri..rl
CJ"tt'c aieauilioiii il In atoi Dimi e I. L. Iloi.r us a
raitiliiUle foi the ollieo of l ily lleeonlei, at Hie up
pioacliittg Noveailier election. sepI Ji
IfUeoigit W. CaplinHer aiel 1'iaiicis Dav is will lie
come canilulales for ciitiucilini n in Ihe l-l Waul, limy
will leeeive a majority of the voters ol Ihe waul.
Ma. Cinroti:
A ni.i only ol the t-ilMi tf tliu lliinl
Waul ate anxioii.H Unit iWisi.h. I'.. , iW,.if.H, il i
I', (in . n, ami llu.li.ini M.i , -Ii mi l he III. .f n p.e-
imitative in the CUy Counetl I ;lh n-xi year.
A VilTKH (If I '. I IIIUI) WAIil).
jbalmce n nicely niljusted, that thu 10,0(JOih
' pari of ii grain would turn tho scale, have been
Used w itlioul delecting weight. All this mere
ly prove that electricity is highly ul'otmated.
If electricity were iminateri.il, it could occupy
nail lilim M. l.OUIS to tlio lyolerll limits Ol 'c n;i im e!-iiij mi ii.ii.ii Jin iiiM.-n, no iiiuiiei, oi .iiommii, iin.i urnej,ti Ulllil,
Missou. i. ' purchase American water-rotted hemp a- j surveyors, in Ihe first place In ascertain
Da motion nf Mr. Hampton, it was laid upon lone, or such other American hemp as thei ll e old north-west corner, inul thence run
thu table yeas 10U, nays G'5. j navy may need, in open market, when- n, parallel o lattilude to the .Missouri riv-
I ever piaclicalde ; J'loridul, The muiiu can er, and Sullivan's old line to be found and
Nothing that occurred during ll o lite sc-1 ,0 in, ( - i :: I ipiality w illi thu best lor-' re-marked from thu coi ner lo thu I )es
sbui of Congress, has caused u more pain, than , j,, 1L,up .,,( .a u pi j,.,. ,,i cxoi.cliu the ' niniues liver.
the nje.lion, in tbo Lower House, ol the up-, .vr.l.,v , ri.,,n ivln,, (,.- jVl.i 'n.e ,.,.,nmission(Ms left lioiue on the lOtll
proprmtion ol lands in aid ol these ..oolo enter- .. - tlh , ' , j.-j,,. uf last April, n,l nfur lindin- the old
prises. Hut, olio ol Ihe must disi'irreeol'lo lea- , ,'. " ,. 1 , ,. .' I ,, , ' , . .i
t1u,e...f.l,..,,ll'air, is to be found in tho fact that vs" rewmA culiacU !..r hemp , in. -jl,. v ( ,t corner, an I aseerla,,,,,,..; the
,. y Western and Southern men were arrayed 'r ' 'u Aiiicri.ra.i navy appi.iv- lattilude lo he :rl,j ,f,r,s, .,, ,
in opposition to these ureal national works. Tu 'l Vl:" :" ,l1'' 1 - A"U rn, J -. ;, iv,U s v.n:, Jor.'j .v r , ., ,-, couinieuce.l sur
Ihe credit of tho Illinid delegation, all who ''"'. J'hal herealter llie Secretary ol lliejveyiil 111 we-l hue, or the t went y-tniirth
wcro present voted for tho rppropriatioii. Hul j -Navy, in adve I li du;,' for material for the of May, and, liiofli re'atly retarded in
the member from Oiiin, Kentucky mid Ten j navy, shall advei li n; for cordage, sail-cloih,! their tiioveiueul:! by uiii'nvii.-.i!i!e weather
nessee, divided in their vi tes seme siistaiiiinp, and ducks iiiunuia.'.'tnred in the I'ni-1 alt. I liad ma. I , ciunphled it on I he twelvtli
iitid oilier opposing the bill. After iliu liberal . ted State -', out of American rotloii or J of July. 'J hey took the Latitude! on tho
grant of lauds In the Cent rul railroul of Illinois, hemp, mid in receiving; bids shall, in all ca-i .Misomi liver, ami e-.!al.li In il the l.iniinn.
we et.um.i coni.cn o wiiii o n nw oi j.orce , ..L. . ,0 . , r, . L. t-1 , t-0 to the A inet icaii ' ol tin- ime tin re. 1 in; s,i, vi y ol Sulivali n
nut same siiacn u-ii'i tur ul us siimu iiino ; nui . or oo us siei.ev. voi cress con u ret use a seriu..r i.... i -r i... .. ...i .... .... v, . ..t- .-
... . i i r .! . , . - j n ; i ii.i ii uiiic i ti i c . j 1'( .in ii , t ne i i.i i in. in; in nii n in . u . ii u .c mi t i m-i.
inns, ma j il ilry nasiii-iMMudlir fertility and .. , e . , , .. r..i,rialion to tlie Missouri road. In i ... .i... . .-. ., ,1. t... i-i.: . n . .... , . . i .. .'.
' IV.." I...U I. .I.I i 1.1 !.,....- tl...! ; I ' I ' i '. "
. . ' . ' , ' i can lie lu'o-iiiied iipuu as "ond terms.' i cooked nun iM iiiii'i'iiii ' aliont two and
virv inaenvliltniui esterii inenitu rs who! ,, 1 .. 1 ,, " . , , . , i ,, ...... i t t, ,
- . . ... . 1 I in 1 1 1 ii : I ii il I it :i d Mill i I . 1 1 . ! i -1 1 1 iiii - i iiiii' I. liiiii I il. litiits. ill i.i'i iiiTi ri. . i. i'ii
di.-covereil and post-:stt in the Inu at dis
joins of I'irj mile.
A heavy ca l-iioii i iilar wai placed ut
ailaplatinli tu grass fi grain; show s but loo well
tho want i.f population, devoted lo the cultiva
tion of tlio soil. The demand for stock, tun.
In supply thu demands of the Iradu and Ihe em
igration to New Mexico, Oregon, and Califor
nia, nl the rate of 150 llmusnnd dead per yea',
divides the nir , and it is '.he rushing together
again of the walls of iho divided atmojphci e.
that produce the repoit we call thunder. !
No man can assign a limit lo tho minuteness!
of particles.
The lecturer supposes tl.nt action i given to
...i. i .i ,i. M:.
vuivii i:v;.iiiii.i inu ti 11 ill i.wi I'I.iiiii ,11 inu i.i i-.n . ; - , .
riu,l i'lu ir n.-iinii. tin. in I'.ill.ivv, ; I jhi.l i Vol e 1 (Kill 11 CS ,tl, lloes 1)1.
Disney, Campbell, Miller. Vinton, Nullum
I'.vaiis, Hunter, Cable und Uoul ; Kentucky; Wcch
W'e (dip tlie follow iii'' iVmu the Wash-
and to inercn.e every year, f,.r an unli.niled L. mniuhn by of t.,(;,rici,y ,,,
period, shows a flattering indiiceinent for on
industrious and nmiicrous population.
sides thu trade, und Iho
ul, thu grci.l iit.joslii!, and ever rolling
Hut bu
: hinted
motion by the will. In exerting power ou r
t'uldnill; Tennessee Johnioii, Jones, (-.en
try, and Harris ; Texas Howard.
1 X," of tho I. dtiirtcro .Vim, gives tlm follow
nuMi'li con esiuiiiilencu
(', id' i-M .t :
The 1 loiie did one rood
f the lialtiiiuue : liie nld inu ih-wc.-l em ner, and at eu-di let -
liiiiius ol Ihe hue, and c.tsi-uou pots eve
iiii'' to dav. r ten miles.
Il voted that thu supply of American hemi
Itnliirlmiy liul.ico.
Tlm m-xl sta'e l meeiins d :. I'l.-hylery of Notili-'I'P'. "'iw-s 20011 miles from north lo south, in.
In the gull, and Iheiice tu Iho uttermost parts
of the world! These are facts worthy of the
attention nf emigrants.
. . . . ... ... .i ... i.. ....... .., . I. .1.. I ... . . i ll... nl...........' .i x i ti. i , . .
ul icrs.l leeiiriel.ls n c ecruiiy L'ooui irom ine '"K -m " " .. m. or i m A.i V. sha u lierca ter uili r it in
pn..ecls j,t hinted ' ,lV C(limilllll nlU will und eon , .! r" "! 11,0 " " u": 1 oi.fii l.ia.kel ii.Mead of "ivi.i. tho luouol
. - -r ... i , ...i I.. 1 1. I... t ... i.inii, r
iiiuiii'! on
ern .Mish.iiiii will he held ul l .i-i.ue;
Fiitlay, Ottilia r I llh at i c. '
.i 'I N l.i'.HiHTCN. S C. 1
Kclirjiou-i Woticc. j
Tl,i Riiitn.il im elm; ol tin- Sy I ot Mi. i (Old
.'.I'liool ) Will he ll'll ill Ihe I'll 'Hal I'll' -by tel i.lli
Church, ill llns nf ,ou i.'-vl 'I'luii-olay, Hie I illi in I ,
at 11 o'clock A. M.. ami w ill lie opened Willi a sn-'
nuiiiby the Mod' iator. The p iblle ant itinled In is t - j
Colonization Addioau.
W. I. Siio.m M l , of llie Mis-mi i Coloiii.al Si
cicty, w ill deliver a dUciuii ,e on the stibjerl of
ran Cidoiiii'liiin, on next S lay evening, Ho'
lust., at :t oMoi k r. .il., in Hi'' I'est I'.eshy
,l" i
I in i u
The lil t llniiiiu;; mill in Al e.-nt.i, il
appi .ii. i from the Cliniuii lc nif ! :;',.7i;', i,
m w in emir. c ol i ii'i'tiou, ali'Hit a half a
mile almvu St. I'.nd.
I'vriiiat M ri!i;w n Sr. I.oi i t. - The
I. ilt My in ( says that the pledge has heen
admilii leied lo "i.'J'dll, t-iucu the yrcat npn.-'-tle'a
I )ooiihi:i:ri:it.- -Wc iiiuh rslaml that Mr.
Ji'll.N K. 1 1 ', M.s, ol Ii. ill i coiinly,
the (lUiiiiii.siuni'is that
ueially unfavorable,
liic.eiitg wilh thu electric fluid in thu iiiagmt
ied sul jt cl, nets upon thu physical organiza
lion, in lepeiidi'iitly uf Iho will, of the Liter.
Thu above is thu subslaiicu of the Lecture.
On Tuesday evening, ihcro were six or seven
subject. Thu ex pcriineiils were extremely
tiiuiiiii as well as cxcitinir. They wire
char fed with ulectricit v as I'mfessor livitn in- i that region
funned in -by a small battery hul l in one hand
I liu v.uious land Iiiuh heloru thu Mouse re
ci ived a severe duck after thu defeat of tho la
rill, and well! lad on tliu t iblo Willi accelerated
v elocity and im reused mouii'litiiin tho friunds
of all thn defl ated measures voting in u body
against I lieu:.
ol this Me iitc.vs lo nlie IjiIIiiij;.:, win
hc( ll li'iiim' uienihcis to lieslow it up
'I'm; I !oi. it MiiiM'.u.vs.- -.1 .v.v-.v ,V'o.v:
I am one of Ihe party lately returned friun
aw llie vein, or r
ohirii-ivu wealth, and our V ii.sh'niioii
d. reached us hist m
on him anil lus co-partners. I he Icuuu'l;y
ami jMissouii hemp j; rowers will now wa
teri'ol their lump, ii. 1 1 ley do in Kusia,nud
the Mipply will be ample.
I!i:movai, nr(!i:. rJ" vi.ou'm Ki;vivis tii
Kiixti i-iv. Wu learn hv the letter tV.-iti ' nl with th
correspondent, which
In, that on the 'Jlth
Ani iieii'ii "IIomi: (i.v.i.i 1 1;." Wo have
1 ' in camliilale lor doorkeeper, liet
In our hurry, last week, wu neglected tu i. Li'.dshiliHe.
receive I several number of this new weekly
literary and family journal. At might be ex
pected from a work under the coiilrjl of T. S.
A in a i' it, il has extraordinary merit. The ed
itor w ill furnish it w ith a scries uf m igin, I nun
'L' I v clcltcs ; and it will also eoldaiu a scries of
"III leiin;; with il
liili il in sulhcieiit li. -ls have since
w ith liidilcn treasure. J i:it.t thu Scnale voted an appropiialion of
Much of the couiitrv tlnoph wliich we lour thonsiuid dollars for the purpo.-e of
Ii iiM lled, is a vast ami ih snlaie wilderness' removing the. rs mains of (!i n. 'l'aylor
of bi iiiing .sand, und ahiio- t ius;.iiahle ; from the Congressional bury iug ground ul
winds. Iiiiiiii asinalile.sand plains sui'ionn-! Wadiingloii lo tho State of Kentucky.
ilcd the spot, . cinching and prn-ti aiimt the t ur coi respoiitleut lurtlier states that Ihe
vv e leai n lium
the weather was
and thev Viele detained on the .odawav
liver thi' e week :, by iuces.aiit rain, and
the greater pail of the I'oiiti- was dcstitulo
of mads, nnd f.liipjied of provi dons by tiie
Califoi ni i eiiiigraliou.
Thus the .-milliem boundary of our Slate
i; at iast setth ii, and no further uncertainty
or (iiiliciilly will he experienced on account
of il. The coiiiiiiissioncrs acted through.
iilmo.-l 1 1 : i m i hi v nnd vnml
Ii cling, uud the lino they have surveyed
will, no doubt, he finally made, hy the)
proper aut horilicM, tint boundary of tl'.u
t'.vo States forever. inea Tel.
We see it stated, til it .Mr. liowvi v.N will
cohlestthe election of .Mr. V. I'. Ilu.i,, in
the l'oui lh Coti 'iessional District, on the
end thu I Viii ur the copy of thu minute of thu
ti I. 1 .....1 O I ...... .1 . lt.iilru.1,1 ineclim'. ii
liuiiinuai n. '. - - c - , . . , .
I.ui cl i.v.111 iv.ii .o r.,ir lei
c.iMoii or unj.,,,,,1 iitiuvclcltu irom thu best writ its hi ' lion n Ivldi. Ihe soil la
ihu ciiuiilrv. Al least une oriL'iniil chiiraviiiir -i i-'i'olltt'y ini'll lul wilh
vv iimlri'er, lihe the iiii;;i I vv iih a ll'iiiiiu removal will lie iiiihk; lu l veen llie 1 :t and giouiiu ui.u a i.uge inimoer oi voies were)
r.vv.'iM 'jiiiiriliti' Ihe "ate tot i:it "eiicra- l.nn oi uciiiuer, ami mat u is llie wish ol ;;ivni im an. him, v pei mn , resuiui in
uiiiiiy ;dae.es is
varioiii alkaline
Mrs. 'J'avhir an I her children that it should ! Ihu territory recently attatehed to tlio
! he done in as tpiiet and iiuosietilalioin a'ki'i! ol luvvii, hy to i dccisii;;; of tho Su-
Wo be
I incuts Iii the Republican, llilelligeucor, nml
mudu out by Ihu iiccielary.
the Coiinc and its leader.
a iv ..." , ,,., ,i... i ",,r ",!"'r '"' CM-Iiimges, for iln-jr U.lt.
S I.OIilvi.l. iIII.ii.ii.ii. .11. .".nut:.., inv , , . , -,r
., ,.. ,, . .ti- .1- lenm; nn ices id the " e .lern I iiiuh "
pastor ol the First l'rcsbjtcnali thurcli.iulliis; . "
cily, i busily engaged in painting thu church. ' Auolhel' linl ucelilly occurred om ho
Hu lias already put olio eu.-.t on Iho cast end. ,( nlral Uailroad, live uiilosta t of l'itls
Wo uiiderstaiid hk ha obtained permission from hui'di.
Ills people 1 1 paint tho W'h.do Churcli uf hu oii'h
riptnsr. NVo have nolieud Mr. lJeniictt very of-1 A correspondent of thu llrpulilieiM says
tun in and about thu edifice, laying down carpets, liial 1000 would not inver thu number of death
bunging window blind putting on shingle, ' this year between thu Missouri liini tho valley
etc. Wu believe bo seek by ihesc iiupiuii-if (he Sacramento. Thu small jiox is omoiig
men's thu g in. I of bit own "fi. ly, mi l lliu credit tlm Sioux.
''")'' I Ji'ns I.i:. i. i ;t..'.i,.:i.-.U!iu ticket salis
We an. glad In sec ll.is I buicli mil ol debt . i( n.,H,n) , ,;r!(, ,iL.k(., wa, l.n.t. ked down
n.l going abusd. "j at IjIjJS, lo Mr. Oisiau K. Hudgo, Voculi.t.
Tub I'ouirrn (uahtiiilv Miltisu of ibuj
M. L Church S mth, closed last Monday night, ! An excilc.n. nl wo recently created in New
with an increase of seven members. j Vork, by a suspicion, supported ly pru'.ly
, ii . strong circiHiol.uiti.il evidence, that the inalruii
Uo l.ud in lite w.W.'4 the bdlovv ...g m fllUllilIf j,,,,!,,,,;,,,, ( West-
deaths ! ported at Fort Larmie, during the j ehvtBf CwAy ll01 i,;l,lm fifty or more iu
Klinillier : 1. V. Johnson, lll.lniv in, lln.,'f ,1,., .,1,1. ,..,ii,,iited to her cl.urirc.
I J ' - "
ilieil ul tiinall pox; Win am lliiuf, semi (,o.,
I'llVM. .. - Thiiii"hs,.n,c:vvl,ul l.il,. in Hi,, incach liin.iberi proii.i.eil. ThoUnns of Ibo , ." "1 ' 1 ""V. . " ;l 01 U,c SU1.'a':c
" I - ! I'll! i t' S.-I1 ll I, . I, I ' L I I'i .11, . . I : ..
omc (.'(.(. arc two (lolbu'i a year, for single I '"'P.' "-.' in near a ; n.uuvei iiac
hi'iii s weight. 1 he vvale;, M, v ,. I ,;ly will probably bo brought out under the such votes were given for Mr. 11 vi.i. ;
' r ial, and washes clolliin;' perlec'Jy without i special chai'"o ul I ol. Jo-cph l avior.
ol lliu ileau criise.l.
,ii ...
iiinie aro two (loiiai'i a year, lor sing
col ics, vvi'.h liberal di dilctioiii in favor of clubs. I
Address T. S. Aiii jii.,, Co,. No. 5, Athe
nian liuilding.i, I'lT'iklill I'l.ilr, 1'l.il.iiic Ipliia.
the H e of soap. .Vli ('ii.'il'niiiiiiii
lu Sotilli Caridiiia il hashi en brought to
grt ill pei'lcclioii, an
lui.-.iiie.ss are
M'.Mamn's Mom l Connir.li. 'litis paper
entered on it twentieth volume, March!), IH'M.
We uru informed by its puspuclus, that the cd
itor but contracted to pay lj
. 1 . . 1..-! il .. ... -
...entry ...ion., ..urtng vuo year. "" j .l,.!;,.,,,,,, ;lVl,,,.d than that imported, lie
uniting utw cuiur.iMiiu,. tiainc., u.u. ... " jt.r jn nil lespecls like that llaili iv t il
inaiiuer as pos.ibic.am v.i'.liottt iiiiyihiivri pitnu; Court of the United Slates. Wo
: Hllllhc ' i'l." i think il nrnli ililn that :l b.r-rn llillnlu-r nl'
- i.'i 'i ' " a i in - i - - - -i-
no III
e r
Iui'oiiTv.vr fiioM Ai itu v.- -Tlio A'i vv
V...I- i' ...ii.u.i i... e n .
i inn ..ii ll ll iv, i tin i.iii'iniji ) tti lull
. I i . . o
ino.se eii','a'4eii in the. !,,. .,.,.. .. i,,,,,,,.
.. I- I.I I . s... HI.-... w . .w.
i caiini'' iiaiinsoitieiv '. .V
U00 for extra'' , ",""'"' l'"'c- is mu ten iiiovin
" ior cna . y , , , i:..i..i i
. IIII iiin.niiiv: vni .... mil .i.i iiii-n f.itlljt ,11111
as tltey voted nra rmr, Ihero wil
dillicully of e.- tiiloi diing the fact.
hy lie. ouimercial house.
Si ku it Lu.ixi: Arnn .v, Aug. 'J, ls"il).
Thr ISrilish liri';aiiliue-of-war liouuelta
iirriveil vesler.lay iroin tho leeward coast
Willis, Fanny IWrcsler, Mr. Ann S. Ste- .vealtliv in Clpna . liie "rami dilleience he. ! ""'I will leauo for Knglnud direct this nf-
pheiis, T. S. Arihur, nnd other distinguiidicd 1 tvvi en the American t-rovvn mi l the imimr. teriioon. with iiilormation that tho King (,f
r ..... , 1 . .. .' Jlt.l 1 1 .!. ' t
Mo., died of lung fever; John ilurliiigler,
Kails county, Mo.; Win. Allen, from Scoit
m.. ,i;,..i ,.r..i.,.t 1,'i.iiv All.,., ..I.
tail... vt , lit.., men .Jl l II.HV I n, wn. . 1 .iwii, I , . .. .. . ,1
A destructive had storm occurred ul l'hila
dclohiii, on tho 7ll. lilt. Viome of the hail
stone aro said to havo passed through iron
wiino place, died of sumo disease; llcnrge
Cheatham, of Saline county, died of chole
ra. Co.nvuntio.N or I'iivsii l vnw. Have the
I'liyhicians ill ihis city I'otgoiti u the Con
vention lo tie in Id in St. I.oni on tho llh
nf November next' We see notice in our
cxchttivgi-'K of meetings to appoint delegates',
being held al Independence and idher pla
ce .
W.vst'.t iniiN, (.Ktober I.
Mr. Webster La iei.1 u . cciul a ctit lo Ni
I'r.iv iiiou has made for a lig!il-'..cuso in t'al
ifornia, by Iho l.ito Coligrcis,
writers. 1 hu ( oi'i n r has, hesiilu its ISouv c
lettcs, nriginid uud weekly letter fn in London
and 1'aii. It is ii gtud laiiiily newspaper.
Terms,' :2 per milium, with concetsion to
Address A mi hew M'Mamx, No. Ill Che
nut street, ubovu Fourth, l'hilajclphia.
Tne l'Hrsini'.scv. A reecnt Michigan Con
vention bus presented tlio name of (ieu. Cass
as a candidate fur tho residency, in LS .":.'
Tho popular vote of Missuuri stands Whin,
.'I0,.')7:i ; imli-Heritor.. t-'l,OI8j Jlent.ui. IS, 157.
So aboiil two thirds of Ihe Statu don't want lien
tun In reprecei.t Ihcin. Louisville Journal.
Old liullion say this is .. Kenton triumph !
Tho Luilisvilln Journal says lliu jiutatoo crop
throughout lliu Wusl is I. total fa'luro.
A small intccl of a bright yellow color, and
about Ilia ti.'.a ol a chc csetii.ti', I iiipposuil hy
I lliu Iris), fariueri to gylier 'lu Ihu putato disease j
" "' "" i has been nsuerlauiud that wherever ll
Unite an iilluii,istiu f.'muit ,nWoi,ir was Itvbl ! .,lea and biles, the slalU blacken and shrive)
up. .
at K.iyiiiiiud, in Hinds fjiliity, Mississippi, on
thu lUlh ult.
Tj- r.'.j A, IliKI L'.'iil! - i' tiil'lll
The liver .Niagara, at Ihe
-.w thM-'.i'is. is -ii i :',.-tt d-
just he-
id, I t-1 n r in the loss ot lliivor oeeasioni'i
Ly lii- sea vova;'o. Latitude :'. I dog. north,
in Al ib ania, t leiiigi i ami orlli Caidina,
proves Iietlef suited for the t'lli I i V I i m of
the plant than any other region,
Minnesota. Tho election nf Mr. Sin
i.i:v as Helegiito to Congress from this new
Territory, is lo ho contested by Col,
MiTriii:i,i,, his opponent. The permission
granted to soldiers to vote, urnl tho voting
of Indians, mo among the grounds of con
lesl. '. jii'!iitiiii.
The Sc'.ioo.ier, I'luriilii, ('apt. Kcnniui'c,
which sailed from New Orleans for Califor
nia, on tho (ith of July 1S1'.), it .supposed
lo have been lost at sou wild all on hoard.
lio touched nt lliu Janeiro on the vJSili of
November, IS I'd. Siuco then nothing has
been heard of her.
Mow; I. ami in MixxnsoTA. t!ov. Uatn
say, and Mr. Tyler of i'enusylvauia, have
been appointed coiiiini-siouer.j lo ileal
with tho Sious Indians for lliiir lauds ly
ing wusl of iho Mississippi. Jli,
'J'iuio is a ship which never auidiors.
Ti.e po illation of Uult'ii,
A Iiuahtii it. Ftiivvkii. A friend preaonted
us, a day or two since, with a curiosity in the
shape of a flower, w hich, wo think, is one of
that cil y ' thu greatest wonder of the Ibtral kingdom wu
n.i vu ever scan, ii . uncut inu size ol a wo:
nut, perfectly white, will. 5 leave resembling
very much indued Ihe wax plant. I'pon tha
bluuming of Ihe flower, in the cup formed by
tho leaves, is the exact image uf a dove, lying
upon it buck, will, it wing extended. The
tuak of Iho bill and the eye nro nluinlv In ha
I hihoinyoiis ordered tho missionaries uud . teen, and a small leaf, bufuru the iluvver arrive
rei'aptvred skives at Fiiilerstovvn to leave al maturity, furiu tho outspread tail, Tl.i loaf
the. country lie lorn tlm I st of ( h-tnlicr. f can bo raised or shut down hy the linger with.
out breaking or apparently injuring it until the
lloivcr roaches it lull bloom, who nil drop
off. Wo regret our inability lo given luchnioal
deioriplinii of this curiosity ut tin time, but
thev do not ho savs that he will lichend
them all, commencing with the missiona
ries. Commander Forbes of the I'onnetta,
had an interview with tho Iving. and the
result was the immediate
vessel for liii''land.
I "'. . , .. Imp to do o shortly, a one has been prum-
departure cd Ihe L'j , Ly ,Jt!ri0IeVl;ra vvay VUiiVJled
writu it. Puimma Utar,
Tho steamboat Financier, one bay la.u Ami it l'uv Comino Wimt. Amir IJey
vveoli luirst hersteaui pipe just bolovv I lavi-n-i "'l!ls " compliiiienied in tliu Senate, by
port, killing tho captain's son ann the uid- i1'1" appropriation of .slO.OOO to udd to tho
niiil ami linlJiancy ot his progress tliidii"h
the States of tho West." It was grassed
by a voto of thirty-live to nineteen. fat.
Mi. Myra Clark (Jaiuns lias o'pp!iod to
ihe Legidiiiure nl'Mis-i sippi for a jiniision,
iu consideration of the military serviuos) of
her lutu hiidiaiid. What n sad icverso for
the lady who, a year or two ago, w'as be
lieved to be tho wealthiest woman in -iiiei'ica
necr, unb M-alding badly six dt ck hands,
(Joveuor John l'. tiaines arrived in Ore
gon on tho (iih of August, after a long
passage round Capo I loi n. (lov. Lane
had resigned ami h it tliu Territory (fur Cal
ifornia) on Iho iSth of June, leaving il
without a (iovernor till Major Claiuu.i ar
rived. IV ji.
The steamers llihernia and Caledonia,
two of the .slowest of iho Cunard line, have
been sold. They are lo bo replaced l.y
iimu ten
two new ones, ol
power its the Asia,
A iubileo i btil.i' I'ot up at Na.livillu to cil-
ij.c l i HjU.OV!). i cbratii tl.u bajiai'u it ll.o cum; rcuua bills,
There is neither a lawyer, nor a dram
simp, in tho nourishing county of Audruir.,
iu this Statu ; and, as a necessary eonsc
(jiience, no county jail for which there is
no U..U and -but ve.iy little mole for llie
f'ciut I loti v, lull I,

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