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Western union. (City of Hannibal, Mo.) 1850-1851, October 10, 1850, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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vks'it.i;n uxioN-itANNii'.Ar-, mo., ()("i'oi;i:ij 10
I'dllll ill.' , i
Telegraphic C;gp?.K:li;9.
i:v V(m:i, Oct. 7, r, M. !
Tho (ii'(ii'i.i in i ,, i !,;,,!,! i:,,.
.1 ,1 1 1 1 . r
Cahloriua iii.i'I .. In 1 l .M.,,.,i',. n ......
Ill i l- il I V li'olil CJIlil'-Tes
H UM 11 1
.S!io h;v, 117 pas-tir-crs mul
. . V 1 .
f-"0t),0l' ill
l liaviin.i on tin: 'J I in-I.i
l'l'eviil-i In that rilv.Tlu;
I w. il 1 1 v i' mi ! i i .'l wiili
". i .i
Irom imiii. I he linlitn Were
I LI I (1 IMC V il ' ..' ill V il III I il I llllll II la-
siVIeil on the '.'.II nit. .Much m liquation
win exciled hy the iiiejraeiom ninuer In
which tle-ir nriiH were ieitiircl of them.
A l:l ro ilVioi tio:i of in :lct in cmsc.
tiielicc, were returned to the nrnriry unlit
lor use, having heen dipped in .:ilt water
mid injuied I v vaiioui other liieam. The
eockniles, which once Hih'ilicil tho i.'ilizeii
soldiers, wers .Tppen.lel to t!n: trail of
io!in, oiln.rwiic eoiilenijiiiioiislv treat
ed. Il ii said that upward . of S-'.),);),),')i)i)
per milium were to le mist l for the uppnrt
of additional troop and oilier expenses of
the Island.
Al'ic nch .-teainer of war arrived at
llavaiia on tho 1st. nn 1 eNehaivred salute-
with the town. .No other foreign men ol
war were in port.
I'aiii cmi, Oct.", l-'J 1. M,
The sleniiier Kale I'ieuiin, t'apt. Iuu
'ham, fi'Diii Louisville, for t'ario, hurU I t i
of the liiiilrs on Saturday , olh ins!., ali.iat.
1-2 uYloe!,, at WallhcrN har. She .'lad
lieeii nroiini!, hut had '"t iT, an I had
heen Hi atinjj a shod distnncc, when the
hell rant;, to "u alica l slow," and after
inalunir lew revolnti.iiis, she ciplod 'd
nud burned to the, water's c l;,' ! The
'ause of the ONplo-ioii is su' i'-ieJ lo he a
want of water in the hoilers.
Two Weeks Latn- from Californ'a.
.NiAvjYuiut, Oer. ".
The str am er Clieroki e. arriied this mor
iiu;i, with two wri Ks later m us lioic. Cal
iforuia. She has on hoard I I'l passenger-',
!s,rUtl,(IOU iii i.r.,1,1. 'J'he ilisiiuli.incus in
Saernm-.T.to eiiy, have eeas.d. .'.tier tin'
first oulhii ak Miiiin of tlie lin ;-h adci -i
were lure-led, and ire mtw in prison,
awaiting I rial. I'uiii trs Were cut rent thai
an arn ed hand of lUihic n are in the -ciuiiy
of Wcavei-s'.illc. I'he a i.ilnu itic
havesriit out - i,;s in every din 'li.m.
Alayoi-lii;r;d,iw i-c i.ili eeiil. Properly
holders have siiowi. more, cnnliilelice siicc
ihe arrival of l he p nth-man scut. y .Mr.
Leclu r on a nii-sjiii relative to lau I ti'.h
'J'he exciti luent 'il imu', lieni mines :i;.;a'. .:l
the for.i'.-ne "s ha.l tib-i !e.l, a a I luisiuess
was ii,H ro'.iiiv;.
'J'he new ; i f the death of iVcidcut
Taylor reacliei.' ;.ia Fia.i -i eo on t!i.s "Jl 1
ult., nud was recei , e.l V. i' il every il( inoa
stialioii of .siji'i'ow, iiiul the I'. appn-pri-ute
funeral cen luoiiic-s wen' erlnruie.l.
'J'he Sacaun nlo diiie'lillie : have In-eil
settled hy the ilisper ion of thu nipia IteiM.
'J'he repuit l:i u 4! 1 1 1 iv the I. i t sleaiir'l' of
the liuuiif td' the lily proved 1u he un
luuuded. Ill ihod'll'el'elit melees helvveeil the r'il
i.en;: ami i lie re rioter.--, thehavu heen Ml'ei!
o'l the pail ot the I'm mer, Siiei hi' .'ilelviu
liev ill '..I M- Wood ward wounded, .Mayor
I'.ielew an I (.'apt. I.'iidl'ord. Of the ,:.p-it-ters,
(leorjo. W. I'anshan and MadiMi.i
wit.) lulled. Thu la'cpcrof ihe house from
which the fut .shot was 'ire I, af'. i lu in.'
(Ii lii,rei-'j.i !y wounded, was pur.aietl anil
captured; his wife had heen dangerously
id for some time, and died from excitement
uuriiit; the ali'rav.
J lie h.itikin ' hoii-c ol llelirv .Mclxiiiht
A; Co., and Walo-s Co., of Sacramento
City, liad.-t .'pped iaynienl.
l,olili-a'ly and socially, all seeim i'i:i,'
nil well in Califoriiia. 'I'he aeeotmJ.s iVoin
the gold mines are still more eiiccur:ii;iii,
and we could fill a column wilh placer
news if we had room. We imi-l, hov ever,
he content with a mere .skeleton ah. tract.
W'e arc crcdihly informed that one ii'.an at
one haul tool; a 111 Ih lump of pure !d in
Vuha, fourteen mile.-, from .Marysviilc. The
other n.iuis in the vicinity i f lluml.i.li'n
har, the A!!n Ciiinntiit says, perhaps at
the present time are fully as prolitahle a
' ''"! richc'1 depo its in Caliinruia, known as
. . . . W hi. ' i K t ' N. llllll -
.nnil), -""" 7 c
v;::;il.s. ureal won.
i j'ss. Mill l.'t'VV II
' ""v '
'iiis lire
upeiieil. !
Tin: l'l.soi.i tions oi' Tiir. Iii-..V1,,'1 l:l;i'
IM. on Kwi iMviv .N..i.rr.-'rhe.o. res,....
tinns me scarcelv ilosorviu.t? ol cniicisiu ;
hut some of them, assume uositions so hi
.licrouslv aliMU'l H1 we e:in.iot lo.hear to
,,l iheui up lor the exaniuialioii ol the
puhlic.. T:iKi 'I'" sc,,m,1 !ls a VM"c-'i
It is as follows :
. IfaJral, Tlmt lli tcilimw . elates preci'
.P,,,.' the ovcrtlirow of the "Omnibus lull,
nn-ftliu sooedy iil'H ju '"ifu -s
Xusepiateiy 'fryx
.0,1, proves that .tireetnes. "ll u
' 1 . . i i '.,,',,,,. f.,,11,,;. "-
nd on is iveiier iii.iu '""i''11"".!'" -
"demon trates that iiim-h ruiie
oiise, mul
.1.1 . !. .,....l I 'nil.
a,,,! expense ...i-nv V "
.ssainl expense savc.i io mv-
ft tl,e ::.rui,l.t-lo, wi..,l ;'"; .S"1:;;:'
tci y (VI. r-ento had I ,e ado ' ;
steudol thc policy orc'inatedhy- Mi. 1 oolc
n.l afterwards ti'.'ceded to l.y Mr. I-."'.-
. , . i. I . ni'il .mlll-.it lVl'.milllUMI -
Jul, I.
i. !.' i.'.'-i-inv i:v
nui. in in -
he ires to announce U'.al I . .Mnieri uci
s elected to Cie'iess fioui the. first di -
li-lct Thoi-.nisimaii l liU iVicnds of the
.... . . '. . . ....... I I ....ii, si..
poll liuoli till'.' noiuiiuiy ...ni. i'-'.
lelvnnd i iopurlv reimiieii.
L' So far as lieard i'rmn, Miller has aiiicd
,.i- lOlll) over the election III Aiii'usi.--
Nc.v Yoiiu t'.'.t i '. M.
A.l,.:..,w C. ..in llaiiil.ur''stalc Ihilt on the
. .au iv- :j . i
I'-'tli. llivi llvlA'U'. '"? "i'K' IV'.Vf!'
i he ( i'i i' r ; . .J
Hit little mc,,,(C
(Joveiiior l.'eii J.,
r.on, .
j niovcioeiii, willi tl'.n Intention ill' iitt.icr.iii;.;
llu: lri'l'j;e iH'.ro Ihe SchL's lit .Mescllilcr.
'I'J'hc Dam", wore: driven from their lorlilicil
o -i t ion. tt K ossi'tulni l' ; i it I other place;,
into tlicit I'litrciiohmitit-', iVom which they
ciiiinoi i.i leil the 1 hdsti -iner-i lor
cniiuo'l.l leu .tie i I'.isu iiu-.s m. n i mi
I I .1... 11 1. T ..I f ....
'"'l without i licet. When the liriiijj
. I .... I .1 1 I I . .: I : ...
I'l'llseil, llllll me I I'll-l 'iuv . ' iiiyiti in ii nil,
- dies rclacLd t ie hrid'e, whieli they
had )u'cVioiis!y remove. I, ami eroded Willi
the intention" of harrns-iii:,' the letrealol'
the I loUleincis, Imt loiiiid tiu iii so strong
:h to render it una h i -nhle to press them
elo.ely. ( !eii. Willi-'Oi toi'k iirses.iiii ol'
Iv-kenlord, and elah!i he.l I:h In ail-.uar-ters
lit that lown.iu the al'tcl'iinon, hut wa.-,
!nli cipu'iiily forced to retire, owin to the
piosiinity of the I 'aiii-li ships. 'I'm-army
liivoii.ie.ktd at pninlH somewhat in iiiliitiii'o
of ilicir former n-iiioii, mid on the lol
lowin.; day the Italics still declined to i;ie
kittle. They (I'Viipicil the position which
ih-'V" had occupied previously to the ud
anc.e, end up to the I 1th no further move,
"wilt hail heen ma le. The I Inlsttiueis
io-t I l men, the ).uei a'aout 170.
.r.w Oiii.ius,Oet. o.
ii i . ,
he. Alahania has n.irived from ('litcrr'-s
wilh San I Vanchco dales to tie I si Seplem-; I
her Willi llu pa seiiL'ers.
I'e; ce ha I heen restored in Sacramento
Late ndviivs frniii Tex:i! slale that Co!.
Wil-'oit the. -pedal ines-cn'.'l- had returned. ;
Cue, II intends issuing a proclamation,'
suhjecliu-: to the popular vote the propo-i-linn
of the Oeneial I !iveriini'. nt , iniiueili
alelyon the arrival of Col. Lewis with the
iillicial news of the ia-ae;e of the hill, j
'I'he vote w i'd prohahly he taken about
the first September. j
W SIIIMi l'll Ct. I S '. M. I
I'M ward 0. I'ale has li-en appointed
Treasurer of the I'.S., in place of Col .1. U.
A vonii j l.i.ly died last ni.iriit, I'rom the
elii cl's uf poison. Ah apoiht-.'ary sent her
niorphiiie in-li M'l of iiiiniiie, as prescribed
hv her phv-ii ian.
' V I' loMllllM i: U. I., Oct. I.
'J'he sale ofticket: lor Jenny Lind's lir-t
ciiic'ert on Al o lu'i'V in Nt took place tlii
iniiiiiiii;.', and alt raf.ted a iar.ie ciuwd.
Tin lir-t ticket was put up and si. hi to
C.il. Uiiss of lYiividvufc, for sli.VI.
i:i'ISC()'AI. CO.WI'.N I io.
Civi 'MTi, 0.1. cth.
A iiiemorial was prescn.'ed an I ivl'ene.l,
Il lative to tlie printing ol'a standard eililiou
ol the llililc, as contemplate. by -i resolu
tion of the hist I ieiii nil Convention.
I! Vl.TlVMUC, Oct. i, P. M.
1 lovvc,
1 1 uve rili ii'
electi I li
Will'' (.'en
I ).. iiiicrali 1:
M irvliiu 1 is :
J.'ii)!) iiuijoiity over t'linke, the
I' r .ir I
?i'i..viriiM iiVi 1.
!! -- r.
ii.'. ir
1, 'ii
A 'le.iiul.-n.il, iimiiic unknown, s;iu!i
5 lie loot uf Illii,' dill's, .lissi iiiiiiii rive
lo, iiliiv lii;.,li', tlie Hill iu-l. 'iiie was m en
liy Miuie negroes in. living very ;.lovv pio-;iv.:.-i
1 1 1 i.lieilin, when Miilikhly she Wi lli
ilu .'. 11 , i ill :i liurl Iii i .ill;.; iini se. Ail oji
Imar.l lire niiim-e, lo li.ivc n ri lu'il. The
riviT .'it tluit point is very imrrew, ; 1 1 . t nl
;.:n;'.t ilcptli.
'i:vv Yoi'ivSct t. "Jl, Si
e:ir.'i i!iii l'licilic. nimle the
tlie Alliinlii: in ten iluys iiu I live
lour hours' ouiclier than uuv other
Ana riraii ;stL:inier, mul i iLinlecii mm i
iu:cl,er tjiaii liny Haiti -li Sleanier ever
inaile tlie run I'runi l.iverioii t.j .New
vviii'' t: con iinue l he.'ivv rains the war in
las licell nt :l staiul-sliil. I'iat
re miller w ater, ami in some
placi's to .sii'-li :i ilejiili lli:U only uie rooi.s
.... i .
ol holl ies coul, he seen aoove H. I lie
lleriiians "jeiierally are expressing t;reat
ili-ciilileiit at the ilelav.
I laynau ha: at riveil at Aix la I'hapelle,
uileriuj' Iimiii lh" lloL'ili' reciivcil lioin
the l.onilou ilraviiien. lie was trcatuil
vv uiie pa .-.ill.; lliro..';!i lii t''iuiii, Willi Mli-nl
contempt. Ilo . ue.i!e I mil ol I, on, Ion ami
l'!ii:Clainl as ipiick as po-ih!e. '
Tilt lirst e.i nailer Ihe fiin'itivo tlavo hill,
L-..U1B i.(, ui,, , i . i ' Davison, l.i'vvm,
v .... v ... . .... : I.... i ii,. Jic.t i li 1 1 iii it ii, i it.. ... .
.... . . ..'... , .
11,11, mure, ami lia.l hit im nustrcf. au.iiii ivyo
i...:.r n.i.. -ll..r li,.:irill,r Hill It: til 1111011 V . lit!,
" , - - - ' '
C)tii:ni5iir,ii;r iillthnti.e;l lliu mintrts nr lier It- ;
Kent atl.l altnnu-y, la mat such ri'..oli,ili! I'ureu
nil. I rto.tr.iuit in in i y Iiu tn;ce:iry iitnicr uie
eiri'Uiiis'iiiieuH nl' thu easi!, to tuko mi I rumuve
l;u I'ngiiiva IniuU to the Slain of Mary land,
Til? niiulit llitm inaih: oath that hi! loaruJ uti
mli.'in.t WJ'ild I'e i.ia.'.i) In refruu U.o Muvu
vvlnl.1 on Iiih way i" .uarj ii.iui, -.iu ... "
kiiHini.'iil I'neu wollUI lie (ivcn 10 ,rt'voni ii.
Tl ,!. .iniinr iir,l(ii'e.l tho nl.ivo ititn thu
..n.i...l nftli. I. S. Mar.Uil. with direction!
to liitn to iroviil a uill'uici.t I'ueeo to guard thu (;f ,.;lm., S.
lave on hi vvi) back. Uirceil, M.nlisnii,
i .... oirrar.l, Jninn,
A l..;,ii.si,vn iir.lii.i -'iii'. a..I"mni ,!'!(;r,,lv, W.'.liain,
The liraml Jury of Harris counts, I. cor- (i.t, ;cmtec,
the Uiscliarjru ol those ilnlics unn
ihem io !''!i0 itotife ol nui ances,
Hide a ii'i
hiii lit in
le'i -lat ure
I,,,; for .;.!!;
( ,l,:,t Slale. for inakiir' urovis
iwniiion. Thev llunli sucli
, I,;,,'.
: 1 "o . . . ..
,Ml(.'t ;i,Hv ...ualU-.l r.,r.
I .
jl, 1!rl;ll v a 15
nnd calculated
ie country. liili I.
tain Sidnev Luin having beaten u initio
o.. o i. a. in
,. . . , : 1 1 -. .
: w
.. .i-lii IH., :T 11 llfl'C.llllLlV . nr 'I. ii.n, hi
.j:ttlieVH Co., .via., nis oio.nti,
i iiu, went to hii house to renioiistratu
wiih hi... for cruelty in beiUiii;,' th.i ne-ro.
II . I. ..'.... I,. I...... till VVillllil K lOOt
jiiij ion. " , i,
! luin, nnil niunj up u.m
I ,wn witlmul further words, uml lin.liiyi
; in, nol liiueu in n, ne i i;..j.i,ii..., .. ...
cino tho iiiu..lu u.iiii.t his body sliot ii
iiiii, which caused death in.UaiUly. ( lircut
exeitemelit prevails in Mathews County.
1 1 ,w mil li i i'i sled. Hint is Sill I'OSetl to
hHV9 j.muo nyrtji.
N llii.l:.- .r. till T. I.
II VVMII l , 111 l"l.ll l, IS. I
r.'i-iiiiM i i n
lining in, A f:-a
rlt u-inn in vv 1m
n'lii'i li);!cly. mi'l Mn i' fn.nl m-i'
iillirulC; luii.- rali-inl inira' It'th
i'l. I'ai'nii siili'5 no in I'diw ilr-
i llilihil III il sl r.lil O'lviilirc.
Tli'-p' i-.iii l.i' Ii il iiti impi'iti"-! Unn-.v l.- l.f.? p.iini .!,
as y.-l, in ri-fi-irii. ( In ll.o t'oris M.nl,.-I 111., eoiiiii:
s-i-;l ell, 'i'lu iV'li' -t! "-I'lil'i; -ri 1:1- t.i .. Ileit piii'rs
! V ill npi'M iii iilniMl 1 1 1 1 - villni' lis t.i-l Vi-nr. rllliii n
li'ii-Il-'Iit. I'i'i Iih Iii-i- pill -ul.t 1 1. ive ni'rr lii'leA:
; in mr n :i .sv. ini inn,-puion-i
VVitrir ii ".'I. in it i.
I'll I - '.' : II Si', ' i .III .-.
I'.. -in- 1 1 n IV; nr. nn, l.:tit
rinr...- env I .'.'1, liuiiu v I .'..
I hi 1, mi-. Ih.-Ii 1.11. I.. I.'-. 1 s'n.-il 7:; In III'. .
f ii.in.i -'.A a ''II in il- i'i..t..I.
1 II1.'. I' iff - I". li. 11 niiiiii' I i.
..ii- -.'1 in .1 1 '. Ill r I rripii -it.
I'.i 1 it p. - -J ;i I'l -,V n- ill H.i'i!; : ;r .1 -i; airi'.
run. -.V t.i ii I 1 n .1 1 l.(tialli).
II . m , --l '..null v .1 .ril s.
fu i ki t" -Hill r.
1 Sum- Ii ii I I '. ill ililll.-in-l.
I'l ,-i -'0 n lii'c i'i'.niml In.
Ill!.r II; y Tr . I ill'. II 'I.
Cmi , rv IM t -i In I I i.-i f.n k.
Si i, m r. H I.- ii I "-r l-iiir -I.
Miil,'l----I,,iilil;illi'n. rt'l."il. il lltr Huunr lli-ier, I'.V.
'l'i;,- I'.'.- n '.'.; w Ii .'r.iiliv
I'lii-.i'i.ii:--- tn 'J :'i- M;iiiiiln.
;llt lilis-n li'il. :iiv n .Vl.-; lllnl A . .'.-!, "3 In '"V --
i. Ii j.i Iii T.'r, iii I iIiiikiiiiI iii;'l Ii
!.. I .'IV In
k, liiiiianlin
s,i r- li. V
i t I u-lir'
:.i v ,.i ni,
I.. II.
Tl ,l;;ll- ,l
Win. ... :hi.
I , vl ii k i fl.-iucli'il 'i Ii-S"! n.i-li f.il.-'.'.'.' 1" Mr.
WmniH lil.ifn -vl" Mm n I '.'.i; lul'i 1 .'illii .''ll'l.
Iiims- II... i."l I '.' II p. I II,; ll.ii.il I I '.' n I! I I.-; l!:,r Ir. Sll
. Ilr Sr. Iliill riiillth ll:il' ; I'l"'! I'l"iii:li Siiilm Hr, I'n.l
s'l.-il -..v. . Ui-niinn 'S.V; Cii-jIIi Mil-ti-r Mi . A II ti-rl 1'r; I 'in
lint' il il I V lull, !.:,!. I I -.' n-iilil.
St Lcuis Market
'iiiul' ii i .1 I'hmi I lit' lilt' lli'J'-l'ivi ft M'iill. j
,1nMHY V. KMMi, (('!
ISlIt ' Wo 1t:i ' III pott
HM't'ii'ii':; l'i iciuliJ-.- fur New
() Ic mi; 1if il.iv, mil li.i'h wcin ict'nMi n nl .incitl
inN1-;. T! p iiiHitiH't in p' ice, n well .1- lln i(iipn-i-l
ilily ! ' sliitpti';. Iim! a cry s'ritiu i-llrc! opim tin
Cent ' ill t pri .il ion 4 nl' tin IN'otltict' nui k'l . I'lot 1 r
vvnulil 110' iroto, ;iI'.IkuiIi nltVml lit n . i '!''' ltn
(ti 'InyV' (jiKitiitidii. Sali's less tlii'ii .0V li.ir-
rrt i'ir."'i'l cliii llv in lln r.rcnn(n , cr lo (ill unli-n
tor liu' ( it:t i-.tpt-i fin" nl ?f t 7 a It sit i x'in ? l.'i
n 1 -'. A fair Im-iti !oiir in Whnt and O.ili, huf
lillli in o'ii 1 fir.'in.
of null ddtiP iii I u i.ii'ii-i ;t'nri ics,
a tnl M' in .11 U't c I unit i" ii'por'i-i! lor 'm .il il.u .
U.H'nti ;mhI I itut i'i.i(uitt'l h . I'M iiliirlt-i nl lite 'ol In
n a too i','lit lo i'tlmil ol' I.m.c np'M ,l ion-, tnili;--;
tn H nil'', uliirli ni nut inurii wantnl. Ctt-nr Shlc
.mii p. inn !Iuu!iUTi a-i tco-l in lavor. aii ilci'altlc
llll of
1 .'!.! 11 1 vi illi ii'.iilv ;
lor Sin. 11I In-., I :i I I -.'
1I1 - al lilt' iiio a
, Cl.'.ir Shirs I
lli'iim ? li n '.! iii'i I 111 l'liiui- $1 a I '-' 1 U'lii'.il
i'lli'.l ilii' I 'nl 11. V'l'll'iW, ill'r, sarlis ri'l.n lii-.l Wllilr
.'"'r. .'..icli- iii,-!"i'i-,l - Itvi- iliill nl T"n-Si.ti's i,'
I'.nl.i-r.iiti-. iii';!,lllin Iii. al Hi' I' iini'M.U m-II at in ii
I Ir I'nt.i'.M-. tin il li'"' lli.ini.n ll rt l.'i,- l-'l.i-if'ril
ft :- Ihitrs. . y ll'l,! !i, '.'.io I'ulli'l' I ' I It laV
(i. A. Sallvl '.'." a I :i '.
A List of Lcltcra
lU'in.iii.il in Ilu I'n.l Oilit-n nt 1 laliliil), 1,
r .Mn., Oit.'l.i-r Nt. A. I). 1850 :
1 A KiMitii'v. 'Villi.im,
! AlrViii.iU'r, I irorj;i! M.Kuvvu, Noali,
' A li.li'l'ii"., I'.lias, Ki-lly, .1.
, A ii 1 it "i mi, Mi . Kliz.
j A 111 ii K . lsaai',
All.ll".Mlll, .l.'llll,
! li
Uiurn, .Mrs. Mi'.Jre
; II.. vie.-, WjHii.in
l,fli.l(f, It t:.
l.riolr I', ii - S .rull,
l.nivriu, ili". Miiiy,
l.iittir !r
J.'iiiil., A. IV. 3
l.iu ;li. liiiirije I.
Liktrr, C'liinl,
J.e.ir, S. V.
Miller. Mi- J. A.
"ifeiii'fi n, J.unet J.
Mrltriile. .1.
IMillor, William,
Murrin, Mr.
ISfaiiiiin t C
lilil.t-l;', Unl't.
It, mn t", A.
r.. r.l.!ii, II.
Ualii r, V, illimi,
I It't kiy . Jnliu,
lli'a'iilvl,, Miss J'liz.
Ill 'i-U-.v i ll, J..
Hi, lb, John,
IS.iliir. Cliirli'S
Ilaliir, W.Jr.
H even, !r .. l'lizaO, MrD.mii'l, Cn'.rii'l,
Ihi-i tifi!, Win. '
MoMnliamn, lieason, 'J
I'.iirlinii.m, Arrjuile M.
Ilarr.ti, It. S.
lVivver, Win.
rorrin, Jinn-pli,
ArnAliov, Mr. I.ucio.
MeNi-cIv, .liilill,
" N
NielinU, WiHirun II.
Ncwtnti. Mary L.
Ni'lmin, Armtnr.l M.
Nosmilli, D.iviil,
O'lirine. Henry,
Oahiirn, Moiris,
r.ilriilu'C Win.
piiiiiijis k Hull,
IV.-nlim!. HiMiimniii,
l'lipue, Mm.C. H.
l!ri,!(;i Inril, IMit.
1, , r.j'l .1.
n u nu y ,y v i .rK.iui
("leiiH't.s. S i nt I I..
Ciiniila, Jul. li.
I I'nronriCi, l'.itrieli,
Corr, Mm. Marllia,
Clark. W illiiiin A.
('lion, r, .1. .1.
Carter, Tilaiati,
(v,,,,,,!,. U J,,,ii.
t'nrhlc, D.iviil,
1 ri'.r.uinin, ( . Hill .mine.
Davis, Mr. Mury A. 2(J;ml,y, fr.
liimH, William,
.-....... -
. jr. nrr. jr.. Aim
l,,!.,,,,,. Jl,ti
y ut,r j,,,,.!,!,
Ualin, Holiprt,
lln'.ihins. Win.
tl nil. Mist. iMary S.
Huhrrts, (1. S.
Slinuklrv, J"hn K.
Siiini'rvillp, Maiizy,
."vllW ', l.
j. .( Jull0
j ;m-M',.r
' y'
j,' Uil) nfosl. M.
flf.tini.Iili.l' Williaili.
j l .nter, ivli . 1 .ustalla, Sileail, I po. I
l'rv i'i J"hn K
Smith. .Ti.hn 1.
I l.'.l,..r Mr, M. C
S. It. riiuinchr Cn,t.
Minuet, William,
Skiiwnrtli, Iti'thlen,
Shu Istiili, Mist Jane C,
Salihcrj;. I'hilip,
Tnllv, .T.C. 2
TtiU'y.U. H.
Taltitr.hitll, .Tami't,
Thoinna, Jfr. Matilda,
-ancc, Will n. r.
Vrooinan, Vdd-r,
Whitney, F..j'.ir.
Wii'.er, J imp.
; t;ia;i,clt, S.
ill, Siisatt,
MiL'ier, Jincpli,
iv, A
llil-l.. "l .V
Illll.t, IhlL't'liO J).
n,'i,kiu. r..
Harris, Henry A
Hnekiiis. Henry.
Holliil iy & Huhe,
WiUon, J.. K.
Hark worth, jiinii M. William .Tanin F.
Hi'iiinn, Thmiiii II. While, Mr. F.lizn,
Hatchitt, l.c)', Winn, Joel.
H.uln, Mr. A. Whitaker, S.riih,
llovvanl, Mi t-'o. AnnWhitp, J. S
Wnn.lann, SlirsJmck,
.lohiuon, John, 'J
.llllll)!., J ulm ,
Johnson, Travi-i,
Ivirkpitrie, Alfred,
Wilcox, Mii Inty.
Yuiinir, Mr. K. P.
lernm callins for letter will jdomc en
'lrnni calling lor icmii nn.
,i!vr-rl'nut,'; or Ihey may n "t pel them.
IM. 10th, 1850. A.O. NASH.l'.M.
F'tttt am! ll'lnti r -JsJO.
And ChcnpcBt of the Chonp!!
II AIII'I'MMMi h.. jn-l r.iviw',1 nii''ii.n
'1 i li ii 1 1 1 ; , r n I it full ;e ii W if ir Ci.inl, ln;iliili;;
his inn' .il ll;e iiiii,I I'.impl. ii-'intiiu-iils in ll.ililn
li.ll. II l.irileii'. Ii I Inn i'i- r i I, nil' "t 1 1 f 1 1 (luu II g
il liny.'" nlvv.ns in in.iriii'') ll;,il I;.- i- rn .iMnl In Imir
III" l.i' .'-I .' I Ii' :. i'l l In I V lit I lie l.,w .1 I'llll '-i. Illl.l.
In' is 'li li'i iiiitii-il tn II ln hi-. i Ii mt.ni,,- in Miuiuili it
Il v .hi .ml n'i i ii r N, ill I In- iiumv I pi ii i'--. rail
it .Xn. '.'. Cf'iiiiiii-u-i.ii i;,,n, m-l III
Ni Da rn u in
H'atrh ami locl: ff'.wiifr,
"In il.'iT linllhi'l liiliiti,V li'i'i'il'-1,)
.Main Stre' t. Il.-tui'ibal, .Mo.
'I'll I', iiiiil.-i M-ni'.l uiiiiM ii-.
einuiii ui" i-hii'ik ni iinun'!
1 rml
v irinii v Hi il I Ii.ii up. n.'.t n
y Dm Ii- ha-, up. ii.-,! n'i..i Sf '"j ''5j
lli-l l, wlii'i" l,r . nii-paii'il In i-f i'-'J'.'." '.'i
.ii ;i in o
I'Ciilo ;ii iiiii'n,--- ini.l i,-.n ell ,i!
Isii .l ni' nnik in lin Imi' el !i i-ini'i - Sivh n rlrali
in;r. i -p;i 1 1 i l; ir. r.-:;u!.it ifri. Hint ini'liilini; nil kin.ls of
M iiM-Jies. ( loi'li". initl .lot ( li y, in a r.-n-I'll
aii-i -- I. Irinleil iMnin.IT. l a- lo ;iv,' rvi-rv Pali-- n
linn. I 'I..mIs f.ir thij-,'i:ii ..I' tin. -Hiit M nlC'li."
in limit of Hi., ilimr. ( -! :: ,V li.MtM'M
st,ir:;.ti.YU-.re: if noons.
(ii:o, it. Tin ken,
UAVIXli iu-l iri'r-ivi-.l.i run' iipplv uf Xnv Conitv.
illul lia in:; ili li-nniiiril l,i -i-ll nll'liii Phlin. lo'li.
U illl .1 V'i'lV lii.lllll'r tut-il -, nll.'ls- n I'ninU nl l,i.
sim i.t M' rovMiii.i: tm ti i; ux
( OVI', I'.ill iii, or ) "'I v ill l.ii-s I In-rli.iii,-,. ,,r Sinn,.
nl Ilii" i ln'api.,1 v-imiiU i vit i'lll-n il ill ll.iniiilial.
ivt. :i. ;. n. i;;'.i:.
Willi mi Hawkins
vwt V
DltV (.OODS Kon.lv iiM't.M-li.lli.
iit4f liool-j, Mumn, ui'i'iiMWiii m nthl (trorrri's. i'n
anil ("Vim iiie ur unmis-- v ihiuk mil pri.- il I "till
on !'( :,i. v, II.
Administrator's Uotico,
rO'ri (r. i- hctrliviiivcn !!i;'.t IrtU r- of n-Iiiiinirli n
1 1 I uMi liiiir I' -I'll iMaiitn! in .u alion of Hit ronntv
Cotul lo tin iiimIi'I-iuii'-'I. I'V Hi' pI.m1i of tin ('ninit'v
con il olM.it ion louiiiy, 011 I tn- I'-Ulf o( Allii i t ',
Mills il.Ti-.i-r.l. (l ife Aniii '-Mill. I.'itt. All
(.'"iii ,- it,ilrl:r. to s.i nl i'-l.i'i' iin rt'ph".ti'.l tii m.iki
iiiihii'il Ml 1 p.n ihi'iil, .ill pi- r-ons h.t in cI.iiiih ;i
H.iin-t t.ai.1 .'-.;.!.', a-r ri'pii"il lop; i.-Mit thciii pirpi-r-ly
aiirlii'iith-ati'.l wiiliin our year, iiom tin itutn l' ait
let 'i'l -, or tliry tiniv 1' pn'cl'Hlr.l 1'ioin any hi'iictit of
si'.l i-.l.itt, ami if not pir":itil within thin iai,
llii' will In' loii' vt liarrcil.
tVt. I WM. . MILLS.
iiilu;i! iV i!oii;r.
Comnriisioa and Fcrvarding Mcrchantti
j iiiiix i.eias vm ruoiii 1 1: in; vi i us,
j ,Y o. :: , Ifa I r S t rrrt ,
lluniiilii.l, .Mn.
n ii t :'i 1 1 sniiplv
nf nil
."Hll-i Ol I .,11 III' r jL
W.i 1 1, ii hlliir y . Hl
II U l u"Mt V.I- PC
mil of l.ailii' ,
hni'-i, i'iiitii.ii-iii..
rxi'i-l.-i.ii'-. vlii.iti-i. .v.
r p y nl I'liuitivi. - r tor, ai.,1 ii.-avy iv.-.n . sm-li iih-ii V
l.iiii.ul ilni-li ii.i.its. i'.it.i lli.i.ins. an! i.iai..n'- In-aiy
vi ili'M filin g. In lir Kill, I al !i.i:i.a,'S uiiti..;ii. nl hr I, ii'i
mi II. ii, ml': I. ,,n ;i ' ii. . i;m:i;..
'O'l'ICr is lii-n liv in. n I
I Ilu. imirii"iir-l.nil-
lllilil-ll.llnr nl Illl' ..ll,
'I llii'linis I'.illil-'ili
il, i M. I.itr i, I Aliii.tiii' I'.niiil v, will annlv lit tin- ,n.
V i li l'i r t il In 1,1 I iir .tiimii l'i. ii icy 1 'null, In In- lii-yui,
.Mul In'til al I'tiii,, nu Ilu. In-t Alnirlnv in ,iiii.nl,i'r,
I'M a lin.il i.i'Uli ini'iil uf in v iiiliiiiiiislia'tiiiii nn ku, r...
lair, li In ii an I vt In n. all ,. nil.. ir .Iril ntiiy at-
( II I, il Ilu V .-' '' I'li'l'i-r.
M i,,, i i: llil; v, A.lni'i.
Si I'l -l- Ivv
CoHon Vain ABonty,
)l)(l Taj; nil II lll'l. Illl Mil.' ill SI. I.ullij luiirs
s."t' mn, ni i 11011. ii r. (i. u.
l I' up. ni-,1 a l:ui. nl nl IIOO'I S llllll SllttliM
III illl ll'llltilliV, illlllHl VVllli'll Vl'll Will till, I Silllll'
lii'iitilii,,l.i-i'.Ui'ii kill In , 1'ui tin l.-nlirs at
ti ll. HAWKINS.
VJ IM I! linn li l.iins, Ca-lui.-ii'-, lai-lirs an, I (iini;
O liatii-,.il Hi... iir iutrtii' WM. HAWMNS.
ST!' I in an, I i-.itnii,i' tin
ina,!i. i'l,, tiling at thr :
isr linr I'll iiiiirls, ami Kra.lv
tnu' nl'
Wm. Kan t. his
as (.lau., i l i- ai:im: is mul iu i;s,
nlli' il.ml' 1ml ' Il ni .Mr I Inn a, ill I law U ins. I HI CI I
.V O T B 1 t: .
VI. I. ,rr-niK rnii, ni- I a r ranli'mril (ml In ,ii. .
l i a r 1.111111 Mitl l'illll (? lilt MM). isM.
ni .l.i mil. ism, in liiiiiiii' 1,'iiiiioi,
lair a ililillr ill , ilj't. Hnivr's ( 'nlnpiniy, '.M I II annii. j
a. .. I il,lilir..r.l In l.iln at I f.iliriiltiil. ;l, Saitl VVitiiiint !
Was liaail.it, nllv tal.-h ll'illl :l,.',,.t .illl.'.-at llalilnl.al
al;rl' tlin iti-ii. Ii nt , ii.Ci.i ; ati.l ll l" onrr fas lin-n I
.1-- l;lir., Ilu- a.,i;iiliiriiN illl- lnl'l.r,. ii.j,li,., !
I.'l .ilii.tll'-l IV. II I. Illl III IlL-ll nl ll . j
Kl lAliKI'li I I liNI'.li,
VV Kl.llV I.I III. Hill. li l.N.V I.III.
Ki nloik Hi lulu t ii.l s..ii,i;,v.
I fli.i Alii I"r1 i nil-'lill.llv (HI IiiHiil illl
I I 'ST i.
. I
- ol liinr.-iii-., mii-Ii ;i- Suif.ir, t'nil.T, .MhI.i-i-
U' l' I, ih ;:.ir ;ni l itrt, !"( wliii h I ulli-i
cl,r,i. ( illl .ll Illl' I'l'iijili Stoii'' vlirlf yf ill
;ilu .t) - liii.l IM. Dtihinn-, i. a.!y lu iiil on yut.
M'll .'
T I ' II !', liilii-t in a i Urt u ii.' will In1 iaiil I'iii all I, iinl
.1 nl' pi'.iiliiri'. al llii.-,'lrnili''.s Stnir."
CurpetH! Carpets!
1'ir.li si:l li' V l'l-l n I'i'ivi'il. iilr I V ri V t'l.rii. I'm
Jl sal" l.y L'"'t:'J '''"' : IS I K-N.
Tli" at'i.vr is tin- lilir nf a iirvv Win,: Nriv.si;i,rr,
vvhi'-li lln-nn li t -iin il jnn-iiM.-s In "iMi-li vvi'i-Uv, in
Mir rt'v n llaiiiiili.tl.
tiii.t tn iiiakr it ri,riallv H-rliil, llio rnilnr iv ill I
virlil a lilarr in its rnlilliitis In vv halrvt-r nf liift-M-n1
in s hr may hral'lr In pinrnir, in thv inr -jri.f ,M,iijc.,
hi.-lni y, i;rnr..il III. ..linn-, sr n.i.1"-, nr l,0 (nrcliaim'
'lint ailitifian Will f;ii,l i'., , a rxlrnsivp nml arrn
inlr in. ati-tllict III' ('..,, or,,.. j',, ,,a innrpriliitts, utttt ul
I In- itcliull nl ii., S'a'r l.t'-li-lalinr. as Ihu lil.iitrtl
j -parr l.f ll '.vrrkly nrvv parr will nilltlils Pll'l, limn
; llllll- In limr. sill' tl inlnnnat inn W ill l'r "ivi'll, Uf till'
I. . . . 1 ....... n i .. i:i...... ...
1 . .. l-lalii.ti nl nn. .-lit'l li'ii's, as is iini'i ul nr--'i n.
1 pinvr .!- Ii.l hints In nu. ovvii lri'ihiliirs.
J Tlir lit iiiff will Iiiul in i'V rty .mi. ilirr. ft rrvinvv nl
j lint llainiih.il liiinkrt, in -ilt, ,.11 1 ii- l with u rari-liilly
I rnnri'ti-.l i'i iv f 'urn nl nl i vi'iy arliclr of I'lwlnrp.
'flu' I'rli. lal Ira'lrr Will ht I'Ktrltilllir I Will, tlllt'l,
thunrii, Ihr clilnr Imprs, inl Amu, hi-lnnr.il mul
hi" :iai .Infill tki It l, r, w iHi iinttcrs of Ihr itiM'rviirirs
nf inn, I, -mi -i ii'iirr in iniM'lianii's, n.'.u nlliiir uti.l Hit'
ait s ami vv illl Hit' nmsl plraH inl iimi.-i IkoI our iiioili'in
Tim nlitnr i.t n lit'iroi.';!. Winn, ni.il.of coi.im', liis
piililiial aUirlrs will l'1'.n lliu uniiliiio vVl.iij mninp,
llluiili:linlil. hill liOlll'iil will hr fliilll-il Itl III. I lull Inl
Ihr mil lic. Ihr n iv lal.t-t In vvs, nn ;
II .iihirrls. mul Ii.
lllip.l.l .tl HIS paprl 11 llli;tl urlt-'U Ol lllii-.l iil una u-r-lilllii'its
to rV'rry cin. of rriuit'ia.
II.. .. .. ... ..... IL... In ,.l....in nitlt. rili niint rtsstO. .
y niit'ii. nml 13 ilrirniiuini liial lna liaocr hl.ali iiu well
( u.ut.l'ili-tl.
OltlON CI.I'.Mr.N!".
I'nrkcr & Wcllnr.m,
lilMK' K 1! I K S iV I'UODUOIC
r'" tlx
IViM Val ; '(.W&l' r u
Mam stii'i-l,
H1.1t, M i.
UM' till! ll.-'Clil'.'l' -
llilullil till' I ilU.I'll'
VViilllil I '- i-t I nil V , . ,
.1 ll.llili.li.il ami VI- .' .
mily lllill Iill.i' ,jn-t iri'i'llril, illul will vftsJli
.'iii.itlun In In'i'ili 11 -pli'liillil tr! uf l.'riM-i l ii'-4. I'l
ii iy vii irty, nu. t vr ill -rll lln ln i.-. rln-.ii n m v "!lin
l.i.ii-i in lliri'ity. Wi-.iiri'ltai. li.i rn-li, iiii.ImiII -'-II
vi v lv fur i'H-Ii. lliir flofi' nn alain -' i, rl , in Ihr
nlil' rliuiil (brini-rlv iii'i'iipiiil In' II W -tl.lt. wi.i-in
m mil always I'.- In .ii.l Itriiity ' ilit on
I ilsloiurl .
.. li. C.1-I1 I'iiiil I t all l.in-1- "f (' -riiliv I'iimIi
I'.liki:il i. WKi;i..MAV.
Fall and Winter Dry Otiodi,
iltr.M ti -H..I i:i,.;ii.ti v.,i p,. 1
.1 i'.i-liiiii'i ;. l uir.l ah. I iiljiii. Alp. 11 .is 11
I I,
-nilll' (. ,;-,1
,1 a. ,,l I
!, ..v l
.V I l.l.i IN .
I'tttl ftntl Winter Oonits.
I I'M' 11 ri'in-.l a -iili iiili I ti i.k u! .1 . an I
, tvill
in Hi.-
tl 1.1-11 n l'lli'.li IK uuv tin II. i-r
IK tlliy llnil.i- ran If -if u
nlai'l1. Il ii n-i' il'ir l'i-tv':'l ti il.l tin- li. ' .i-S" ,.
Imt Vii' will -av tn our lili'liil- ill il i ii-ti'll.i I ., that il
tliry will uii li il call. vn will .1,1 i 'ii t- ,t la -l.a.. 1
yon all. Ii- '!" alul r ill at tin- -iii , I lln-
Wheal & Slu'illi
vv 'it ir rln-ai i:
clrs v nn u a,,t
,'! ait'
t.i, .n.-l v i it iv ill In. 1 tin- atti
M01 T'l.TT, II Wi:s, fi Ct.,
.In,.' ( Ill I II IH S l KAM I.
. e'ol'ui.ln -, i Mini, an-i-irnaii , i
J O tll
I'iii' alul Mm nn1 ri-l.s iiniii Ihr in.irl I,,-,, mM -
Irons III Illl i Hill I. novvil l"i. I I "I
I it ..i,, .'.
ll.lltllll'ill, .v.i i'l. . Mil. 1...III II.
i.iidii imi:i; ss
in m:vv
V.IB.ij ,V ni'f.VTSJSt 4O02t
I 1 AVK M i
a ivt-'l iltrri
'I Ii
Ml III" I'a.liiii ( it
ami Win!-, i; ., !
-I'l tn Ham, ,1,;, I, an ij
I i
Irs llli-lr -l.n-k nl Xrvv
V ll it- ll IS Hill' ill Mat llrlrrt t,l,-
llli'V 'li-'lri' tin I'l-'-ltr-. In -a 11 as
I'.I,' il li'.l a Mill,' , l,'.i:,ri'. I'll'
I' a; lllr rl,r.i.
i, Is
liy all nl, I itlnl rvjirlinn'i-.l Ihivi'I'. li.,! tin' -Ivt
iirlji lint ,i'(M' lilt. la-It' nl 111' "-I l.l.liiliiiii ;.
htnrk rnli-l.ls in liart nl Ilu- I'lilmviin; allirlr-.
'I In-.. I
li: I
I llssi llleit's, , I. iiii 1,1.1. 1., hur -1. iii ai. .I I ni'';, , a!
all ,Mi"'s.
Silllillflls, uii-v ii:iM, l.lur ah. I lilark.
Kl'llllll ll .IfilllN.livt'r.ls, r.
I'lllllllt'lK, nil. vvliitr, llVlllr.l ,11.1 yrllniv.
UultLt'l. Iimiii i lia :.',,! ii.iv v I'lnr. 1.,,'V iii.v'. I.
nltVI', It'll illltl ivllllr Marl, lli.ivv, illl llllr-
linr iissiiilfiii-.il ill l'r. I , II Iil.u.k. Is
ml a
l.ill-st', , i-ti.iiiirlinii, iril, l'!i.' aint (iiill
hi-llt nil. ns
(iimlli.llis. .Mauri. ,- In. I'.a.l l.m,
rilnlll llltli; allil tirrnli.l ll'niil lilt,;;
11 Oil-.
A In a'.tiliil ii-iiiitiia'iit ul -viiirii.-.u, ati.i
I :.;. i.
.until ii inu ii.n 1 1 1 .i 1 1 liiniii nil,-' pints, lilur .t.i I t-ian-'r
Jl.tllN il I ini.l I I -.ri'll O'.l rllllil.'.
il.-l tS- I I lirliiti:;-!, ;ill li iii n! - at., I tii.'.lili - i,
M-1 7-S A' I I Inntv li lim-llli-, linili i-,ilinii.ii tn linr.
I 7-S A I-1 li!r;n Iir. I lini.lin-i.
lilr.trl f,l ,n,. lii.ivvti ilollil'.-!..
Taltl" lit ..(.nvrliii..-., ,-s. .. Ci,tl..n U.int , Is.
i W itH.'i 1! -.- I-IMI, L.
i I'laill ami lli;il'i"l I liii lll -i nn I nllii I ll. Ill'-, ,1 r .i i v
!.talrj I'rrlirll alul l'.l:-;ll- il lln I lli.it'-'. tllllirl. .Irnny
l.lltil, anil Cahtnll rlallis, .l.tin all I I tlf'V r,,li)'r. Iii.,,,..
: .If la. nr., it Iiralillinl iinirlr I. a rliil.li. ii's ill.
Tltr tt-'V -'iiti - lia iv I, a lir v iiil,,V I 'i t illul il'iaii.
lilalilii l iin-l Inli liny. rnl. in-1, lain I i ml
ril-llllll-lis, Vl ill. nlli, I v ai i1 t -, Inn lu.liii i - nl-, t
Sil s.
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rollers, t.:ir., rainlnir, --.vl.-s ami linni t 'l::ni. in r
lilies, I'm Ii ll Winliril vo'lal.-, J', cnltinl la- i s. t .1
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litis, Virlntta Livviii, m ill nnill. .'.'.
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lau oiitl lanry ctai.tts, pun- ,.,. . ;;u
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Ill, 1,11, '"it Js -ilk I'l'l
' '..ill. ami Iim- .-ill. An:'."la mnli an,l u-.i ly ami
it. it'll' hills.
ItmiU llllll Sillies.
t Mrn'i, ni) 'fc yu'ttl.'h kip mi l Iim ! flch.
lt"i'.i, ht, '. ami youth'.-, kip ami Hi" ' I'"". .
luu' rail
h,..- Irr, watrr plnnl
thu k thinlili kiilr
llirlalir OVll-hV'S.
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kill lit'-1 li't-iii'...
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Ililltail III tllrl , uunilt'ias, .'.l .
It rll I' WOlllil llipri iitiny Mllilill iiu liirj-r 1 1 1lll I lip
il. Ilivitiiil'al to call ami louk Ih.uugli nu. httii 1. I rliat.
tiii'l.ai.i.'. t'nr itnrii is nn Hi" rtihl siilo ..' ",',,111,
ulici'l, lirlvvi'ri. Il.ll ami llinl tlrvvts. Ami Ihr only
Inn itl town with! "SniNt Cuumns. r-j
S pl. I'.i, 'inl. i;i)I.I.I.N;(4s intrr.i).
CAiisuN , iiraMi,
1 'i ci c-.-sii:-s r 1: vii ni a 11 vnii.ii.i'ii,)
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Hlil'., Nn 'it Wi'i-r, I'i'IvM'i-ii Olur nnil Viim
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I'o If SP'ic, I r. O .
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r ii.
H.nii'.- ,'.i I.
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I'V ' i. iw In ,1 I Ii ,
,iil.i, in m ni , al.
I'l liiillni tin- iC'.aili
li. I.) Oils -iii.l - nl li ii
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i. -t i. i,i thu rat-
tin in Itiat it is
i'l 1 1- a ml up I fci
ii. l !ik wiOi thu
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alli.i ,1 In . ! it a, s
it'll r s i 'Hi , . i !.l;a
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t'. t II, ; -! -; ,!-r Ha
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niiiiiii: nivii. wilh
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ii'v villi senile -
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Itiij M;ie Mi. nils.
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i.-t iiimiih.'.I .Iv I.'-', vv i'l la- lniiii hi I l.y 1 1 to hii l
I.-, al II, i. vny I , Mr I liiirr. 'I Ili'V U ill lifi
'I 1 1 mil nil i, III- t ivnillrli .-.ii.i'V Is. l'i- llii'if ,t
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W III I'l IHiiliil III'
a linni nl tlir i',.iiiilty, ainf
ati.'ii U',1 In. I-'.. i sulr n i
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.vln.li al ' I v
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iin.l at ', li.ll I v
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alum J.
l.i ni i i; : t ' : . 1 1 , i
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ri. i, in r
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y r.t i'ii-
.it . Ali-ot, cor. illa-a-ft.
tjoticil: or a uuimavay elavii.
I !-
Hi: v. n tiitinlir l m lln. i .i 1 1 .,f ih,. ru'inty of
I "HI- l.y IVli r W. .Inllll'l'inr. .: : , ll Jllsliro
ill Ii'i. I rar,. Hi-.liiti ,ii, tin- lln- rniinly nl St. I, Qui,
in ihr l-i .lav nl .1 ul y I-"I. f inii.nv.iv -Vive, micro
iii iii, ivt;. i - t - t na nr i-.1 Vll'.S .m.N'r'.S, nbo.il Ii.l
Vralinl.l. Iivrlit ;i.;i. ii.rln-s ln.;li, nf a .tin I; copper
ri.Int', l.a- l.n.l.v li.ui .'.t at- a inn-tartii, hail on vvhnti
'I'llilllt'.l. V II. 1. an- nanN. I ln','1, ll- Rial ul.t
Ma, 1. 1
-lair 1
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'hall "i,
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'il. ! In ti.al,,. iii.pliralinii hi inu vv illo
i. n ilii- ilatr, pi.:vo .. iprity arotil .
ii. ii;'.'-i ami t.t!,ti linn .m ay, nlliri witte
, Ii.n .".ll. it. iv nl' ..v .'iiil.i-r. I Sill, bp-
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n. , Mat
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a n't In. !. .-I lliat ifay.at tin.
i pl In, it-.-, in Kill city ah,t
nl Wl-inuti, -i ll tltcuaiil lip-
l.lrr 1,11 r .i-, pill l.-Vl.t to tliU
an. I ,H,I i.lr.l.
ii i'.m: v i:. r.Kt.T,
i .V i.l M I .nni- rmility, Mo.
I I .illl
U II I I I 11 I'lllll.'V -V
."til tl l I li lit t Ml' .11.11
. ii:i Mn i !. I laimihal. Mo.
111' M-a-i'lit rr ll.:-: I , ' t i nllv lui-all'il in this l-itlf
ii',,1 !-..!. ir- i-i.i. ir.l I., ivii'air vv ;-.trl. hrokri.
. n a li v. . i'., in '!,r .im 1 v m I. n. ai. I il.r niar.iii'i , mul nn
inn I ir iiaa'.l.. In. I... II.-Ii.i. iii, vv mi I, anil, mul
i-.ia.'an'l-, l",', 'U ll - !i 'inj I lll nl IliP fnirst Mll
iim I la lfiin.il If .l.-ui liy, W.il, liri, l'..,l( , Jtii-., from
I I'"' I" "t lll'l "I'm :' I -r in III - rail. ,4 jlnrklK
Inn-np.t. nl l.v ,t:iv i,tl!,.' linii-n in n cily, ami tlinsi.
ivv In, ;u,.., a .'all will ' ' '.-.l(, vvOl. i,. balilalll.-l
I Hi i
il l , .. 1 M.-..-1I-. -i,tM l.i pntrlianTS.
nl M '.iini a, ..1 Kail i rniltvl ii". Bin il.
n rtlully '
,ll'i . I. ,., .
'i ,1
;i-..' n.r a t all. Sl'jl" on Mqill
ii.at V-t. .ii.''
' III.
, ll
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ttovt, ami
i-i . ".v Yni!; i"i
"i. :-.Jj;t: ,,l f
tltti HOW'
! Cint intuit i fit
hi'iM'tal.t'l. ti.tj-
i;. isr.r.Miis.
..I I.
n -. li ...,- :,;.,1 i tnl.tr n' tci!. Alt
.1- "I tlm- s la tllit l..;ll. J. miisa mi I
l Illl ll '-'I!
, ma li . ...rs-ly tuonlii tril
ril.l-l.l. AtJlW'KIK?.
A F.tiHE CHAMCE.- ll'.I.V'JXO.
ml tl Ni; Ml N lo iiij.vm. :. ;, ejjtr.ty for the
al' nl a ".',ln- r.I. liil ui.k. Enqiiirenf
V. li. Mi M.I 1 1 11, l'n-aiu A.w.f, or ofj. II.
I'l. 1 1 l.lin', ilaiil.ili.il lljfl, lntr. jtjly 4-3m
Keen your luct Lrj.
V pl. tainl hit. i, 1, nn, tivi-i.-lioe lo li! all iii..ti
sui xiu-.fr In. ul.U ami wri fi rl. Wrwilljcll
'Ii m i'i i. til l I.O ,i HiUKlr".
fl. fo!in'!ete Assortment
0I; i'ii kirn's rtii'J qiii'liliej ol t Iiu best and most dc
. iijlla ticx liin li r city . mat li.r ,al,s at tho lw
i.'tt .,.
:a lo .f 1,
I I. a r lii-u i.J a call, iiliJ y vu'll bc-sum not
; c 1 r..C'tlill'.'.
m.i.1.0.1. & ii.itriu.tis.
DC'jra AHD tiHCES.
C I' iii-rivr,', a Li;u and will lulcitcd tocjv,
ntitni ' In- I. I . .1 l',.ln lt III - oitmt,l oi Lkdiss.'
lipp.-is, Iti. -hi. is r val!..l,'i t-tU'C. A,-0 t
I ll.
- . s, ilu;, s tn I Cli'Mirii' Elislis, 01 Wtll
as e. ul.'.
"1 1 1 '.
J i'.lJ'.in -ii cat .jii.ty. lit
" d. it. cnucN's.
r. l in es ill lliu latest fall tilylr jimt weelwd ti
.l inl t alp I')'
4l'J.l.ON Vs HAWlslD,!.

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