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Western union. (City of Hannibal, Mo.) 1850-1851, January 23, 1851, Image 1

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rani ra & ri rnpiiffRi rs C
7 B i'3 v Sjj 3
Jit irae-at 3
. j.
iiitto duo itrlct, iktwkcm tia.it AND maim.
One subscriber, one year, (hi advance,) $2 00
rive subscribers, hi a club, (in advance,) 8 00
Ten subscribers in a clu'.. (in advance,) with
one lolliegeilcr up of Hie club, 19 00
The following are the rates of Advertising In the
Hannibal paper.!
Advktisini. One square, or 12 lines or less, one
million, ono doll,.. m. Ii siibseuileut insertion US
reins, lams not cxcecuing si lines, per year, as...
Une square per year, wilhoul alteration, S 10) one fotirth
ol a column, tli) half a column, $20) a whole col-
umn J(l,
All notice, except inaniogei und deaths, will lc
chatted a adveiliseinenl..
jMuciiiaio Ihe Wi sti:hn l hush" ome l an ex
fd.enlU.lOK AND J. u UKFirE, where alUob,
lnoll.l'uinphlcl, t aid, and other I'lintinu'. IS execulcd
-..I..'. '.....I i,.... .. r. i.i. ......
wt lustiness and tlisimtcli, on fa. oi utile terms
The Mourner's, Lumen!.
Tht night-breeze f.mi my faded cheek,
And lift my damp and flowing hair
And lol me thinks sweet voices sneak,
Like li ji p-sliinH to the viewless air J
While in the skies uumeauircd scroll,
The burning Mart forever r.ill,
Changeless as heaven, and deeply bright
.'air luiblrini or a world of light I
tdi, bathe my temples with thy dew,
Kwtel Kveuing, deaiet parent mild,
And fioin thy cuit.iincl home of blue,
liend calmly o'er thy tearful child I
For, when I feel, so soft and bland,
1 Ik' pressure of thy tender hand,
I dream I re.-t in peace I lie while,
i.'rarlled henna! h my mother's sinilo.
Ti:t to'.'i.
i ' i. r- ;
I -v.-. - .1
.!" .'-. t' t
IK1!' 0(U til
Mit! mow while 'ioiH
b:)som now.
W.ll .
;iil s ia
::.-aii. o. iloivi:?,
i.iu ;'i iinsli 'I, .i.i
Like incense frui.'i e .ioiv .iiriue.
How changed my bv'ingl moments sweep
Port l , the eternul gulf of Time)
And we, like gilded bubbles, keep
Our course amid their waves sublime,
Till, mingled with thefoaui and spray,
We flash our lives of j y away ;
Or, drifting o i tliroi ;h Sorrow's shades,
Sink i gk-a n of starlight fa le.
Alone ! alone ! I'm left alone
A creature born to grieve and die )
But, while upon Night's sapphire throne,
In yonder broad and glorious sky,
I gaze in sadness lu ! I feel
A vision of the fuluie steal
Across my sight, like some faint ray
Thai glimmers from the fount of day I
Coicenot, whe I am dead.
To trample lonnd my fallen head,
And vex (lie iiuhsppy dust thou would.'! not save)
'J here let the wind sweep, and the plovoi cry)
But go thou by.
Child, if it were thine error or thy crime,
I care no longer, be'u g allunblest;
Wed w hom thou wilt; but I am sick of time,
And I desire to rest.
Pass on, weak heart, and leave me where I lie,
Goby go hjl
Alfred Tennyson
Te H'oinier of the El Dorado!
i ja I- vS .limes on I lie. score ul cnurry . r niij.ii.
VViiliderful ! exclaimed one of group of pm.ee. I' i llie re.peutaMe p rti i f Cie e . n
listeners, who wre hanging mi the words ul tiininly he del v r d tli iHrootyp -d history i
inoiisliched, whiaered, out at the tlb ws look-( I'ltiii-r dud in Noiv Orleans, and I'm tr.vel
iu fellow, who hsd aiidfiitly sueu aomething ii Imiiiu to Nic.i Yirk to see me ....' I. r ;
uf the world, tiiough clearly tn no great advati ( Won't you ple.iei;, sir. give um a ditiier" H it
tage In himself - "An large as your I'lsir"' .In iiie, wlmm Iih knew belter, h.i toll a mint
'Ve, sir," replied llie relator. ainusing tula of his adventures. Yankee born,
' Solid gold?" jh had shipped w hilo only f'niirteeu years old,
'Solid and pure as an ingot. Why, I nv a Oii hoard a Huston and Liverpool packet, uiadu
man from one of the diggings on Feulher river, .two or three trips, became disgusted, and tak
witti a raw hide sack that held half a bushel, ing Krenili leave at New Orleans, started to
full of lumps that lie gathered in a little kver walk noross the country to Ne.v York! lie
ten days not one nf which was smaller than a spent his last shilling on the road, nnd aome
vvuln.it." where in Ohio, hired himself to a farmer, who
"You don't say ao!" fell from twe 'or three sent him out on the following morning to break
voices, up a piece of ground. In the o-mrse of an h uy
"It i just what I do lay," dim made h is appearance at the house, verr
' Had yeu any luck in digging? " inquired jinucd flushed in the face, as if ploughing the
one. j earth was rather more tedious a business than
"Certainly 1 had. I tlaid in the digiuL's on jploutrliing the domain of Father Neptune,
ly a month, and came down to Sacrament with 'Wt-ll. Tom,' said the old squatter, 'what's the
over twenty thousand tollala worth ol llie pure
T v.
tv thousand J"
i over."
i!: J yeu do with ) ; ;
, coin-
A lit i k r c.Jo shrugged Lis v
'iddonly hia lips, and e'--
I'Co.i.e easy, gj easy 1" said ! ' It waa
pent in a month after I reached tl.; coast."
'What did yuil do llieii?"
"(Jot a litiiulion at clerk in lUiu nt three
hundred dollar a month."
,iP I I .1.4 f l5.it liyfitl.
- VtVUU WUgCS, SCIIISIAVI4 VIIV Vl ...w ........
'Firat rate. Grand place, that California
A man's a fool to plod out hi life here."'
"So 1 should think, provided you are uot j
roenoing," said one of the company,
"Uoiuaneing!" There' no need to romanoe,
try friend," returned the edventurer. " The
simple truth is wonderful enough. In fact, the
half has never been told. The riches of the
El Dorado are scarcely yet opened. Take my
advice, every one of you, and make all haste after dinner chat after ten, Hid kiss niter
fur this golden region. There it room enough ipiarreliug. all the joy, tho pear s and llie lless
lefl for thousands to worn and secure untold the t-arth can afford slu.ll bo your till the
tiohei," Jgruve cloies ever )ou, and yeur spirit are
Among the listeners was an old lellow named
Uriiiiet, who had said nothing, but who had oo
cesionally let his eye rest uoou the talker with
lialfwoastio, half fomioa, twinkle.
1 Soo here, my friend,' laid California, draw-
;ing up a cnair to me table at winch tin perso-
wa sitting, ind addressing liitn in n fa-
miliar way "vhy don't yuu pull up stakes and
jtravtrl off to this Ijnd of promise? A man'
01 , vegetate in thii tiurt ofthe country, i.ur.
1 i, ...,:. I, i,, .i.'i .... t r ..... .
if . T' 'ei.
. " only to tep across Hie l.lhiiiu. glide up
, liie coast uml fill tin pocket Willi a hundred or
.two thousand of dollars in a few iiif.iitlis.'
"That can easily bo duhe, c.iu ill" uid tli
old fellu.v.
,,, , , , , , ,, . . ,,
Washed ten thousand dull art Pill ..f
few bushels of sand ill a single duv.'
"CeiUinly ! Any body can do it '
"Then why didn't you stay there, my fn-" I?'
Cnlly asked the i tin r.
tVliikrr.in In shru 'ifecl I, is ViiiM-i ..r.-li, ,t
ry,.,f.,,,, .,r,,, ;, ,.,.. .,.. ,.,,. ,
. i . ,. , .
,rv --'li-r dn-iiU nxXi -in.
I Vmi eeiii In lie prtl wi-l. i hi ut the t-l-hoA's,
.ml pretty vell uiii lit the . ci -t,' c.m
tinned ilia otlii r. tVhrrr are nil these heap..
of shining iiild. y 1 1 tdlt o ttuiuli ii'imr?'
I "Cuiiie eas), (.i eu-y,' and Caliliirnia slmitf
(Jed liis s'luuld-'ra mjiri. ' Sp.-it ten tlimisaii I
ilnll irs in Smrainrti'o ei1)' in a firtnil.t. Cie.it
'plane. tl,:,l.'
"Wliy didn't yiu b.irk t the mine-?'
I Di.!u't like Urn coinp ny there I'.irnlile
plare 1'
''U .n! And yet a in nient vinou, you pic
tured il a tlm most denr.i'jlti sput on c.irtli--
'But why didn't you tny in Sacramento city, on
a salary nf tlireo liundred dollars a month eli?
Tell us tiiat, my friend. Vou can't make three
hundred did ars a year, I fancy, in these dig
(,'i'UM !'
you mean to insult me, sir?' exclaimed
(.' 1 iiirmi, t this, rtiwii fierce, and bein
u I in; to linger his liiutistatlie. "I never permit
a iii:iii to insult me.'
I niily lukii.t n very natural question,' cool
y : ; . i li i rr tt ir, illioul inu"ing or
i.i.i.kj i i-i ' ' ' i!ir's face. "You're
i .iliu lii .. :i J ' .-.i Irom the gold re-ui-jti,
w!r ciiii-. -! ai il empty pockets and
lure stories. 1 .i .v.iys aU mich adventurers
;uliy they didn't '--)' there: but have yet to re
'aeive an ar.svvoi to my question. I'rsy, air,
gratify my curi-miyi"
('alil'ornia couldn't s'.and this; the more espe
cially as one a:.d unolher nf tlio group ha had
beeu edifying, repented tlio interrijutijii. So
he to k refuse under a torrent of bad Unungej
ami retired from the company in high indigm
timi. I 'I can tell you why lie loft," aaid one, win
jhad till now been silent.
iVh)?' Why"'" wa repeated all around.
! 'You know him do you no'.r"
'Yes. Turn Hanson.'
I The man drew a Idler from his pocket and
read -
'You remember Tom Hanson, Well he left
i in liie last steamer for Panama, b'hI took with
him some three or four thousand dollars in
dust bel.il. gihg to a friend. He's n b.irl man,
nnd conducted himself sc:ini!nloiisly while here.
Il would Intrdly dn for In in t r-turu '
Hnin!' 'Olio!' 'Aha!' Sm-h wero the I nv
j ICIlUtlOIIS that fllllilWed tills little peve ' ill-
lorination. 'llial exjl,iini hi, t-i ui m hack.
California never nain appe.reil in ih.ii com
pany, nor repeated his largo stories in the- pre
sence of old Crimes.
A iiulicnl Farmer.
We have laughed furtively, as our ere.itest
Aineriniii novelist would sty. ut the full iwinu.
livhioh weunpy from the Knii.-knrh e.er :
; ' tVhilu the cholura was here ... i.mer.
a remarkably sharp apooimeii il V inUee n-n.
in iii.iBi d In keep body and I. il (..,. . r ht f.i
il.ilnrly : teritiu Ihu dnors nf any nl l ,. tun-s
or ,,lh;e., mi I telli'ig hia l iry hi to .in
jmiiOerr How did you get along.'"
Sue's wrecked, sir,' wa the reply.
'Wrecked!' echoed his e nployer; 'why Tom,
what (V y. mean?'
Wiiy. iir,' said Tom, bringing his ban 1 up
to Lis esrioty poll, 'the craft wasn't well bal
lasted, ir, end wouldn't obey the tiller; and
though I held her hard a-port, s'ie lurched nffa
le, and run on the breaker. You'll (ind liar
out yonder, sir, due nor' east, on her beam
ends, wiih her out water hard in a stump, the
jlarbo'd hull on the slarbu'd side, tho starbo'd
hull onllie larbj'd, md the old mare foul o' the
if't'li"'' Tom ivat disolurgcd forthwith.
' . .. .
Let your home bo provided with such camfor'
atiil necutsariet at piety, pickles, potatoes, pot
and kettles, brushes, brooms, beiievoienei , bread
charity, cheese, crackers, fuilh. fl u -, . tlVeiiou,
cider, cincerity; onions, integrity, i .Hr. wine
and w isdom. Have all the- e aKvi.v a on hand,
and haiininess will be with you U.i.'l drink
aiiythii g inloxicuting eat moderately an a
bout business after breakfast louiige a little
. home to a brighter and happier w urlil.
Stopping railroad trains by eltotruity it the
ott Invention innounced in New York.
Love Letter
The lloiuu Journal i publishing returned
love lullcri. Here is uu extract from one.
i Tiiow re l015er reasons, huwevcr, nnd
'now for the st.onge.t and bcst-wliut you.
, . . . i .i . f
'younxilj are, at ten in tlio inoriung tor,
kmnving your hubiUui 1 do, 1 uiuit need
.i.:luro you, in my iuiagin iliou, m I know
you to be-, uiiiid tlio assouiatnun und e:u-
Icy tm uts nf this Ihiji- wht'ii I can must
xlvuiiy us well n must pltiiuialily .cu you.
Tiii: Iiuur it here. Sluill I dosttribe to yuu
She picture in my tiiind'M t f, which 1 acu
ut this moment -which I liiid it no sweot to
'i.mk on Hid vvhi.-.li 1 could nut m:o, at
'HiMir, iiiu-r uild more r.i.nuiiiio (
I v ... ... i . j . .
1 l iie to. Is ul mi ol tiiusu rthiiu uinrnii.n
iu .. .,1,1.1 .Hi ol Huso lui morning
A 'U INK HH'IIC, nil 1 uilli.l uui UOUkS.
c.n., ".ui.,. u-aauvuys wea. ui uiii
Iiuur, und in wiucii you uro loveliust, ur.
which you uro loveliest, an-
dyoursl.ppe.ed leet, the wa-
...itneneoK downwards . JU-J
i0 waist. The moisture ol tlio
i .u.i ' ai't.uu
ving lines t' inn
ilooelv ut tlio
b an xlill darki'im the shade upon the edtre
ol the blood locks divided upon your fore
head, and the litiiniil .soilness ot tlio loving
wulerMill iiciL'lituii tlm lustPo ufthc bright
lips in repose, and ot thu transparent ro-.es
in tlio ci'.euk. There is in t lie drooping lids,
at the sauio time, that, in the eyes them
selves, there is the clear calm of thoughts
all peacefully nt home. Tlio faultless head
is drooped forward us you read, and the
lines of those feu '.u res, of Nature's divinest
chiselling, are in the Ibrgetlul and yet intel
lectual repose in which the celestial type
that they embody is seen most truly. Yon
have slept, and uiigels have been with you,
since the world 1 1 liu profaning world !)
looked on vou. Till noon, 1 know, vou aie
accessible by viewless visitaiils alun", giving
tlio iiioriim.r Hours, to sull'-culture and to
linll ionces in which fashion and life out ofi''xt"' "I""1 a middlo-nged gentleman, who
doors hate no share. Ou those taper and ,la 14 oarpct-b.ig on his lap. The man
dimpled h i.i 1 1 t'leic are no ring's, -lud, from blushed, und stammered out a barely intel-
the veme.l n .is to t lie rosv nai s. evei v
nerve is slumberou-dy inactive, while the
iioslme ol every linger is a model lor sculp
I 'iM .... i '
line. J here is no sound in the room, and
imo ninvemect but the ('.hanging light, and
I the white drapery upon your bosom rises
jiiud falls to the even measure of your
breath, lleautiful ! oh how beautiful f as
jyou st there eucoiisciously, and a'l nlono
i'i ymir lov!iness in loveiiness.it seems to
'me, tliat mu-1 bo delicious compiiiv to itself! ; I
'..-I. .. i
.on Heaven, now clean y I see vou: how
the sight id you p-is,ess me, mind and i1"'
heart, at this iiinuvMit, ail ii.nv passion-I ' 1 ''' ''
utely and impressiblv I worship what I scc!il,l"'M' v' ' 11 ln' '-
All! if intensity of gazing und ionging
would "photogruph," a iicturo upon thu
eye, you might see yourself in mine, when
ii. vl vt'i. mi..! ii-iii,i..,l ..,-., ..i .. :., ,!,
mo. i-.it.jr as no olowinV i.eueil of irtmios
could do, withhall soradie.it a truthful,
1...0. I
ISut it is getting toward the wickeder
; hours. have passed, pen in hand, over
imy picture, till 1 have outwritteu the cling
of that white morning-gown to your waist
'ami, by this time, you are bonneted for a
jdrive. By me, exclusively, seen no lim
ner. I shi'i'.! vou with tlio world. Your
glorious beauty may sun any eye that meets
you, and I inut haste to tliiiik less of you,
that this prodigal lavishing ol my treasure;
m ij be homo mure patiently. Vhat have 1
thev done to deserve lo see vou those
blockheads who will look round ,s vou nsa
uu , rail you beautiful ? .standing tho numberless stones to the con
Too vexed, with this last thought, lo tell 1,ar' wl",d' 'Y". " c'r.clllal,1,l r I"1"
i., ,i, i i ,. a ji. fi. .. rents ure both living in quiet and retirement
' ' ' '
Council Grove.
Frointho years to 1S?7, Air. Goo.
C. S.lil..v.,.f Si .(!!.:. id.,s n.te. M...
. ., r ' , ... .,
" "
.-nguoeu .,, uiesu.ve, o, a loiue irom tne
ivostern frontier of Missouri, to thu con-
'.....a f V.. r..i.. II.. f il., .1
Hies ol .New .Mexico, llo Inrushes the
WisUm Journal, an account of the oiigin
of tho name of "Uoun -.il t,iove."
1 We copy tho fullowiii" extract :
I , , ,- . . r. r-i',s'" ' i.
I Ai.d l.r., as to Council L,,ove-It was
here that the Alex.eau Koad Commissioners,
vy.th their tram ol lortv men, .Surveyors,
oenre uiy, ..uo.p.e e.s, tui.ie.s.oua.u.cic,
met tho chiefs and heard men of the Ouiges
in Council, (agreeably to pi evious arrange'
meut) and concluded and signed a treaty
through the territory claimed by the tribes.
.titer mu completion oi ims lorinauiy, iiim
the Iuiliiins lind departed perfectly content,
(August VI, IS-J3) it was suggested by G.
C. S. to have the iiauio of the place, as in
Alter tho completion ol this lonnalily, and
vei't. d iu the treaty, carved in large and
legible characters on the trunk of u vent
ruble While Oak tree that stood and flour
ished near the entrunce of our council tent,
and also to add the date und distance frxn
Fort Outgo. Colonels Beeves nnd Malhi r
readily assented, and Cupt. S. Cooper was
directed to have it promptly exuculed.
C int. C. employed a young man of the par-
ty known to bo remarkably expert in lit.
t rin" with his pen knife and tomahawk, 1
by name John Walker, commonly called in j
camp ''Bis Joii," in re fore nee to hii gi-j
gantii' siz , who executed the order veiy 1
neatly an I substantially thus "Council
Grove," eiuie to bu th ' name) and do na
tion of tiiu place.
Is not the single fact that tlio human
mind has thought of another world, y."o I
proof that llire is one?
Alt'. Culliouu's manuscripts are to bo pur-
chased for the South Curollua Leiislalurc,
f..r ls...rrs .!' tSt I rt fsfsfl
ivi iiiw kstiii vi ',- t""
Bliti in an Omnibu
; A night or two since, Blue, the renowned
.ventnloqmat and n.aieiaii took seat in an
0'"il""' wuuinln. .even or eipht paaseiigera.
VU CJacU ,,'sJ.,",y, 1roc',IeJl'J, 00P!" of
4"i when the driver heard some oue ex-
j .ujj Up holJ up, I .ay.'
, The horses were stopped, and John looked
around smilingly for the passenger, but none ap
peare.l. With an immodest exclamation, he
it aiiered up hi reins and said 'git up.' Prelly
'" """ cried nut
i ''t'- driver, slop!'
dv "Ifi'" slopped, and linking down
,""e ooauli inquired what was wanting.
, n passenger, eyed each other, as if to a.y.'I
dl.lu l speak.
1 . . . ,1. , 1. . II I I . i .
. " ' " u" r'
I .J ,,,, nt.x, Oorer b heart rendiuu
tn,M, , , DJl,r r.over !- lUi,.tl,T
le, , w ,irtl4, 01lt 0,10 wimitfW-, ,0 .
hid I the death strugiles of the gruntcr, but no
WM to eu. In another minute
some one exclaimed in a gruff voice-
I - "
'Keep off my toes!'
Every one looked around, but in vain, for the
man with the d.uniged toes. The passengers
?w" completely bewiMereJ. Al the next
il.. ......I. l . . I . . ...1. : .. ! I
crossing, the soaoh stopped to lako in in a lady.
Manny Had sue taken tier seat bel-ire alio
'Let me be keep your bonds ofTine!'
The gentleman seated next to her, said very
'I didn't touch you, ina'aiul'
And the driver, looking down, shouted:
'Look-B-liere, in there; if you'ro gentlemen,
I'd thank you not to take improper libertiea
with the lady passengers; it won't do!1
The lady mado an observation, as tlio
coach rolled on, but was not understood.
They had scarcely gone a square further,
when the passengers were startled by the
xnes ol an lulant, Instantly nil eyes wero
"What l!io deuce is nil this about?"
"Let til
out:" screamed a lady
unified a uov on the sici.
. . .. . 9
wililHtliiH i.- I.siir tins .! Ln'stiiv .11 ihostran.
"Wn . t:i! iiu".r!rt thei'e," enquired M'- t'raz-ir wrested the pistol front
the tin,,: I'ini, an I fin lm th-it he could not dis-
"Al iite . iiougn," replied a gentleman, haive it again, cii tstivt l Iuj negr v -evero-"takemv
'. . onto'' this quirlcr." ' The negro pleaded I r meivy, Messrs.
"K'.-ep -n - h i l l out ol my pocket," Frazer, T. S. L'tthaui and Irady at the time
nr. :;?. I i i u .nine one.
Did . i I less m,, sir f uked anoth-
) " i-', d;, u.i one .m.i. , vi... i ,
'' aecu e "
' Again Hie hahy was heard to cry.
. "Sliaine." said sninu one.
' "Who would have believed il," remarked
""'other, while the third, (U'.itz, of course)
Islimik tlm nninih.M with n Ihiish nnirli.
Thiiikin r that In. had had fun enoui'li. the
ventriloquist paid los fare, and jumped out
of the omnibus. Scarcelv hud ho reached
tha sidewalk, before tho drivur heard thu
words hold up," from four quarters, in as
tnanv seconds, but not a passenger could
be discerned. Filled with wonder, he hur-
l'"'11 ":,
Viitciunali Cum.
Blitz is a "real fellow.
Jenny Lind has neither a sister noi a olleneeless victim, poor Chester, tho mild
brother living. Sue lost a sister some years jtisi, and most amiable of gentlemen, never
ago, but never hud a broth-.-, i.oiw.th-
!... i...- i.,.. ..i... 1,1. ..I... I...:....
ill tic. imuig -.ij, uiui-niiuilll, ul l. ..llll
ted by an adequate sum, put aside for that
sjiecilic purpose by their atl'eclionate daiigh-
ter. JellllV Lind's unmilil income from
! i.i. i. i. ii. i .,
i.ironertv which sho laid bv. is less tha.,
,.,,,.,, .,.', I.-
'u.a . ,..... v a..,i s.le u .u,...,:,,,..! ! Paying ou hit violin a timplo .ccoinpauiipeht,
; . ' r r . I without any moody whatever. I stopped and
never to increase it. for everv forth inr oli.- . ... .
! uu i iu mi.iraii! u, mi tveiy lurtniisr oi Imtenetl turn, turn, f.um, turn, went the beggar
her income uud earnings above what she
.expends lor her own personal wauls is do-
voted to charity. The whole of the fun Is
; received from her Amciieau engagement,
.a.e se, asilu for establishment of Coin-
')(M S.0,4 jn -wejen ,, j, is ,)cr itilen
- t() (1(,vot(J her .,t.rJona, se,.vicU(i to
,.vsion nnj inspection of these schools.
1 '
1 he red man's answer to the bigot was a
good 'un. "Why do you not como to the
House of God on the Sabbath and hear me
preach?" said ho once, to a "perverted"
: preach f" said ho once, to a "perverts
! Indian. "Ugh f" replied tho savage, "
!g0 in the woods, Sunday ; troii pret
there I"
Woman's love is a good deal like camo
mile --tho mora it's trod on, the faster it
grows. To given girl "airs," wo now of
no'hing worse) than too ardent attachment.
A Utile water makes some fires burn faster.
lUmr.ii Bittkh. A bachelor's reply
to a yoiiii lady, who significantly sent
hiin.'M prcent, troino wormwood .
I' a ul ad yourgifi is not a-MH
li.eli noise ut'mUt me befall;
The wormwood's bad alone, bill worse
T e warinvvond and the gal (I)."
Viao.M Watui.se to.- Mlniimint.-i In a
letter recently received c un K.iii.i . Um f.dlow-
., .j. -.i . . ,- intuit. ' i,e V r. . W .sIiiiiT
t i...oii.,. nt !
C rv'.rdis i.pn'.r. ., i . r
'in d iM ' il. .ui, mu r i .. ii. r
i,,r lulu i. Oi e t-f hi. .... ' t ii.
Wu.l.,1 M..,.m.,i i. ,.i iii.i.i,.,. II.
,a, taken J'ulrick llei.ry ns his first subject,
land an eaoui.itelv Bracef.il si.tue he hat made
Uf Vir.ini.'.
' i iHiti e ait vmivii
From the Memphis Kjgle.
An Awful Tragedy.
About 2 o'clock p. m. of Wpdnesday, n
negro, accompanied by a white man, culled
at the Mayor' office. The object of the
negro wus to have a paper, which purport
ed to bj n ccrtilicate o! hia l'reedoii from
tl)9 County Clerk of Lincoln County, cottn
tcrsiuod by the Mavor and Kecorder, in
order licit lie might travel upon the river.
Ueoorder Chester ut once discovered thft
renilicate was forged, nnd determined to
have the negro detained in a runaway.
Descending into tlio struct lie called up
Messrs. IVston, Wiildrait nnd Frazer, who
concurred Willi him in his opinion of
the character of the certificate. Air. Fra-
I , i , ,
zur n'a somo l'"" " ie negro aoout
tha ine0r.e.-nea of.i'u m,,rt?nn. Mr
a r7...I' t:
i . , . , " -
1 1" l" XV ?! ', .
in 0" -W'; S" ,e,"rnrf" ,?'d ,,,e":
8ro 10 ? U' ,n, 1 10 'M?01' 4 uiha-
tl.l. .Ill 11 l,(.lll III 111 llln ...... I ...
now adopt ii iiorlbn of the reuorl of our
I... ..1.1 A.-.i "is :
iieiniior ui iiici uuijuiier;
The boy obeyed with alacrity saying.
very well sir dons you wish. He had
ascended half the lliehl if siairs, wliu Mr.
Chester, as if reluctant to bo forced to
h ue him put under arrest, called to him to
slop. The negro ut once, und with appa
rent cheerfulness, returned down utuirs uu J
stopped on tlio second step. Air. Chester
was standing in the doorway, Air. 1 Vision
stood whittling a stick on one side, standing
on the pavement. Air. Chester again, in a
manner most friendly, expostulated with
the negro to tell the ti ll'.!!, und assured him
that ho s'.iottld bo kindly dealt with.
Tne negro's reply was 'I have told ll.e
truth; I am a free man.
Air. Chester then turned to deliver a pa
per to 'Squire Waldran, when the uegio
drew a pistol and fired il at him; the balls
(there wero two, or both barrels wero dis
.charged.) entered his head on the left side,
below this car. Air. C. fell at once, and 'iv
cd only five minutes, without speaking.
Fraucnfc Urady promptly clinched with the
t . ....... i i . . . .i ..
Hotfro, who attempted to use his pistol u
having hold ol lii.n. i 1 was earned up
"ito the Alaym's olhce, and immediately
kiiocked down liv ono of the genlleiirni
gr ..oly e.ti'd mured, and two or ihiee persons stood o
,ver him. An cxc'.tcd crowd at once lushed
in, and one ..I'tlie Ihieo gentlemen last
named strove lo keep tlu.in oil'. Shortly,
Air. Chesier's sou, u lad of seventeen, came
in, crazed with his terrible misfortune, was
furnished with a pistol, and lircd three nlugs
1 fired three ttlugs
Thev inflicted a
"to the negro s back
, mortal WOUIld.
negro was hurried oil to the cnlu-
boose. A crowd eNoited to fieti.y by the
"poi:l :lo ot the dead Chester, lollowed,
compelled the surrender ol the calaboose
L7S. dragged out the negro, and in view
I"' i'"'onse crowd, swung him opto
;"c nearest tree. Ho eonlesse.l that he was
, a runaway, neioro uyuig. uiinin iniriy
'minutes after the commission ol'his horrible
'crime, ho had paid u terrible penalty. His
.spoke alter ho was shot.
The Denlli of Melody.
It is the custom in (jorinany for beggars to
!.! ......I.... ..I..;..;
umn w.aiiu u. uv ki 111 J..1.J iii( -'ii n ii
instrumnet of music, someliines solo, and soino-
j,ilnef " rlio r two or more, and aoliciting
""" "'eysuoea reia.es ui io..o,,,g ,,,u,.
luenl resnectinir one ol these : -
uem '"P""S meso: .uy u teuiio.i
l'"ctJ one day, by a man who wa.
man who wa
'through one niece, and then, after a short m-
lerval, commenced the aamo thing in another
key, and at the conolusion of this, still another.
'Stop, my friend,' said I, 'and tell ma whv it it
that you do not play some air, instead of thi
mere acoompaiiiment?' -Ala. 1 good air,' ..
the reply, 'there were two of us. and u,y om-
paiiiou played the melody and I aoaoii.Lanied
him. He, poor man, died last vveeli, and aa I
do not know the melodies, I am oViigud to play
at I do.'
Active Virtue.
Milton tayt " I cannot nraise a fucilive ind
oloistered virtue, unexeroised and unbreathed,
that never tallie out and tees her adversary,
but slinks out of the raoe, where that immor
tal garland ia to be run for, not without dust
and heal, fin wus the reason why our saca
and eurioua poet, Spenser, describing due
temperance under the person nf Guion, brings
hi in in with his palmer through the cave of
.Mammon and the bower of earthly bliss, that
he might see and know, and yet abstain."
Au Arab proverb lays, by six qualities may
a fool Le kr.own;
Anger without muse, speech will. out profit
change without prifit, inquiry without an ub-
jeot, pulling Irutl iu a stranger, and wanting ua
pacity to discriminate between Irietid and Ice.
A gentleman passing through a pdato patch
observed an Irishman planting potatoes: he jn
quired nf him what kind he had there.
i "Raw onet, lube sure, roplied the inn of E-
j nr.; 'if they were boiled they wouldn't grow,'
i ('actio to fiian Th vouiu men fall on their
'knees br loie you; hit remrtnbei il is hut aslhe inf.-ntiy
f'el'iae ravalry, tiiat thev may i:o.n,iei and kill, or as
i11'1'1 lerwIooBiwrftd k.i takes tan ul his v.rtim.
' Aiiniimn!. rulmaiiideteledbyalljfvry o ie fell
''j'."1 b' l"0'",l":,.' "'row a
,ujmpup.iu genrohuy,an I lie is leganled a Ilia coi.iiujii
a Ilia coi.iiujii
Jnri.Bso.1 Cirr, Jan. 11, 1851.
I After the 11 Ih ballot, Mr. King ifftred a
rt.olution, that after each ballot the cai.didota
receiving th imallcat n umber of vote thould la
Mr. Stewart ttid I wit utiwillinij to (
wallowed up by any iuch resolution, lit)
then proceeded to characterize the preposition
of the member from Hay at not only tyranni
cal and tbturd, but even ridiculous. In tht)
'court of hit remarkt, ha alluded with anima
tion to tha ooiicealed purpoiet of Hit Retold,
'.ion, a brief and searching turvey of the reeeut
course of the Senator for w hoee tpecitl kenef.t
jit was intended. He declared that there wa
'wider diflerence between Dvmoeralt and ltrn
Inn wen, or principle!, than aaiited betu(Hn
jDemocratt and right utinded Wl.igt. He i,,i
,he had come up hereto defeat the to-cleeifi,
of Col. I3nton, and that little partrj banj'uj
friends with whom il wat hi pie. s re to act,
prepared to present an undivided front uot,;i
the end of tha session for th accompli slimi
For one, he proclaimed it here and ha
had Proclaimed th .
, - ,. -nine Kl.HICBt iiime
lint lirt wisitl.l ....... I . ..p. .
iii.ghtagro xvi-.h him in principle; before
die would cast his vote for lknton or any
.of his sinkers. He referred to the declar
utioii of Uenion, that he would prefer the
election of h Whig lu his place to any one
ol his Uemocra'ic opneut5 and alluded,
with ellect, tl,e fase caiul3 which ,he
ini'inbijr rrom K;,y nnj ,)ose w(lom ,lc nc,.
fd made lo the charaoler of a Democrat.
(Mr. Mcwnrt's remarks were well received,
and produced quite a station in a certain
HI9 'Thii tnimat aail.l .h ;:..
iiiau "it th royal African lly.ni, manuring
,IU, uieiip cmiol nit nose loth
end or hit uil and time dittance buck again
makiiii? in all iu ,i,..;i., r. .. ii i
m --- - - -... j t ,t.v, ! vriv ia
the Wooct in the tiiuht
. O "ve.vil, IMJ SB titUJU
being ia distress, and then devour! all I hot
who oomo to hit attittai.ee; a tad instttc ofth
.deprivation of human tiaturel"
When the million applaud jrou, tcriouilf ask
yourself what harm you hat docs; when Ihey
,cusure you, what good,
To Ksit KJO, , ho3 rall thrn wnla
, they aie Iresh. We have tried all kinds of methedt, but
"'ate"" " 10 b' "' 0,1 ' ttitl'
A chaplain was or.ee preaching to a clan f
cdhgians ahoui th furuiatioii uf habit.
I 'Ueiilleineu,' ...id he, 'close your cart againat
bad ditooiirtet. The scholars inwedialely clap
ped their hands Co their ear.
! The omit, iliou id be spartd from soirow as inutb t
piissible. .everdimtliesiinshiueofjoy, ioattol
them wuhoutcven tile memory of its glory.
I , There are fifteen Candidate for the Mew
ally of Pilltburg.
An eccentric felloa, who waa recently it a
jtea table, where (here wera aeveral flu girl
ippin3 (heir twankay, wa atktd whit he
i of cerUin lttJy 'ho 'hen abteot.
l"uh,' replied he "the ia the plaiuett weaian
i "'".' in my lifo-Me prtient tompany rx-
A lady asking a gentleman hot? it wat moil
medical men dressed in black, ha replied;
"The Ineaiiinr it vtrv oln-inna. iK.m ...
ohiefly occupied iu piepariug frore tubjeett."
Kvery body must have something to be proud
of. There it a man in llsltimnsa ik.,
because hi uncle had lived forty year in the
Stale Triton, longer than anv other inhabitant of
the place.
A Norfolk farmur nor Kniitni.l s. la......
i1 e.ier-wriiing, naving lost anew
jhut at a country meeting, and Inquired into it
pottible mistaking, adiretted the folio ing
,grammalcal note to itt supposed pottettor:
l''RI. A. pretents hit eomplimentt to Mr. U.,
I have gut a hut which it not hi, if you have
got a hat which ia not youri, no don'jl Ihey are
the initsiiig one."
A Novel. 1 nc a. The proprietori of the
Asior House, In New York, obtain dailv,
uy megrapn, .,r tl0 benefit of traveler.,
tho slato of tha weather at various point
ul the Union.
It is stated iu the United States eeniuj
returns, that wolf-sculps are received ia
Johnson county, in this State, for Inxei, at
f0 cunts each.
No lady will be admitted le lb neat Wo-
mau a tlight Convention who doet not amok,
jchuw tobtooo, thava and ting bait. Th o fa
cers aru eapeoiea io wear wUlskert.
'Have vou ever broken a har' innnie. t .
'No, nut exactly, but I've broken Mveral u.
Charles Lamb, at a dinner where tha
icouipany had been much annoyed by tha
presence of children, gave as a sentiment
I when called upon, "The mu-niuch ca-ca-
luiuiiiiucu gooa iving itsroai '
The Oregon pnpers begin to trtlk of nria-
,ff-r "out West." Do they refer to Chi
leso typos, or only those in the Sandwich
j Islands? "Down cist" and "out west" aio
jus hard to c itch up with as the horizoa or
;4 kangaroo' tail.
" The Wholi UnaoyAban Coktixhk;
i l he London Illustrated Atmaaae eon.
I tains a portrait of the Chief Magistrate of
I the Uniird Slates, nnd informs the read
that it is a portrait of "Millar. Filmore,
l're i'lcnt of Auisrica !"
1 Cciigress appropriated one million one
! hundred and fifteen thousand dollars to do-
. .
tuny the ux'cnscj of tuition ccntnt

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