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Western union. (City of Hannibal, Mo.) 1850-1851, August 28, 1851, Image 3

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Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun.
Authentic Fuels nialivj to the Cubtta lltpc
ditionTte dcxirlurc of 'the Pampero
'Loytdigof the Troops Jmithir race prolxt-
'flic tyi;
Washington, Aug. II, 1S31.
Our information m lo Cuban utlltirs, ia
augmented by oine few fuels' of cuii.iidur
ublu interest, it u now known tli.il the
l'umpero wns tquippeil, and sailed, with
the knowledge of the ('tliccrs of the l!ov
eminent in New Orleans, but without any
hindrance from them. The Pumpero was
not cleared at tlm Custom House, though
iier sailing und the object ol her expedition
must have been known to the Collector.
Uusides t liis it appears that Uenerul Twiggs,
some weeks before the l'unipero Hailed, no
tilled the collector that nu expedition was
on foot, but the Collector replied tktt it
must be a mistake. After the l'umpero
hud sailed, lie wrote to Gun. Twiggs and
protested his ignorunce of the expedition.
(Jen. Twiggs, aii commander of the South
ern Military District, was under instruc
tions to keep his eye on the Fillibuslers.
But, it the Government ollicers, and the
most popular and influential presses and
politicians in New Orleans are Filibusters,
it is quite idle to make any opposition to
their projects. The United States Mar-
snuu, tor me new vneans uisinci, is nere;
and the District Attorney, Mr. Ilimtuil, I
Consul at liavanna is ulso here; und thus
. . . . - - - -1 1 1 -
'the Government, t. c. the small purl of it
'now at the Seal of Government, must be
well advised as to the state and prospect of
Cuban affairs.
The members of the Cabinet here have,
'it is .aid, received information which has
'rely upon the infidelity of the Spanish army
"in Cuba, They have been represented at
20,000 strong, well disciplined, well paid,
well fed and well clad, and perfectly loyal.
If this be true and the representation is
from the most reliable sources thu result
cannot be long protracted.
r...A ,i.n. rt i.1:!!!!... ...........
The Creoles are intimidated trom rising
l,i tlm il,,-mt nf tlm I'.intnln I IhiihimI lo
liberate and arm their slaves. But this '
threat has been so often repeated, and to
' . . 1 .1 1 .1 w
American officers, and through the Span-
ish minister here, that it 1 considered as
intended to deter the people ot our slave-
holding states from co-operating with the ,
insurgents and invaders. It is not proba
ble that this menace will be executed until
after the state of afiYirs shall be desperate,
and the revolution be certain of success,
and then it will be too late. The threat
mny serve us a preventive, but its exe
cution will not be a cure of a revolution.
But if the Governor and Captain General
will issue his abolition decree at once, it is
probable that he will have the sympathies
of our abolitionists and their aid also.
If the Spanish army and the Spanish in
habitants remain loyal, they can make an
etl'cctual resistance to any revolutionary
movements, whether from within or with
out at least for the present juncture.
It now appert that no advice could have
been sent to Havana of the intended Lo
pez expedition, in time to put the author
ities on their guard against it. As to the
vessel dispatched by the Spanish Censu'
from New Orleans, she will be behind the
l'umpero three or four days, and it is even
surmised that Lopez would make a prize of
In all probability, Lopez effected his
landing, but was afraid to send the Pampe
ro back for any more Fillibustero freight,
as he had promised to do. He probably
reinembeis his interesting race with the
Creole, when he was chased into Key West,
with only a few fathoms length between
him and the yard arm of the Pizano. He
will detain the l'umpero for another race.
New Yobk, August 22, t. m.
Acoounts by the Cherokee from Havana to
the 16th, state that Lopez' force had a welled ti
1100, and that be had fought battle with Hit
Spanish forces, killing and wounding 800. 1'
ia atated that 78 mounted Spanish had beei.
brought into Havana, who reported that Lopez
had out off all communication between Havaua,
nd the troopa sent against him.
Letters from Havana by tho Cherokee throw
doubti on the report that Col. Crittenden, in
stead of Clendenin, waa among the prisoner,
shot. The Amerioan Consul waa refuted any
information, and denied all intercourse with the
The papers by the Cherokee give lengthy ao
counts in relation to the Lopez expediton. It
appears that Lopez landed on the 12th, with a
bout 1200 men: several engagements look place
in which the patriots come off victorious. Lo
pez with hia force, finally attempted to reim
hark, but waa prevented by Ihe Spanish foroe
nd waa completely routed. The patriots took
refuge in the mountains; some of them took to
their boata and Ibeae were captured by the
Spanish fleet, carried into Havana and there
The amount of gold brought by the Cherokee
ia but $10-1,000 on freight and ftlb'5,000 in the
Manas or passengers.
Mail Agent. Mr. William Carson has
accepted the appointment ofapecial Mail Agent,
nd will enter upon hia duties as soon as his
instructions are received. He will, we hear
rive his particular attention to the mail routes
nd offiaet in this State, and as he is a man of
determination and integrity, we took for cen
eral and wholesome reform in the Department
in this State. If Ihose who are at present en-
gaffed in this service, cannot or will not per
form their duties, he will not be long in finding
those who will, or in making iuUi reports as
will oaute their discharge from employment.
The cannon and small arms for the
wouid-be Republic of South Carolina have
'been manufactured at Cabotville, Mass.
These guns, if ever used against the United
Mateo, win ie apt Jo reimunu ana kick incir
owner over,
-The iS'itsli-
vi lie Whig of Tuesday says:
We luive received returns reported and
official, of the vote for liovernor in every
county in the State. Lien. Ciimpbed is
elected by n majority of between 1,530 and
l.liOO oles.
In the State Senate, 10 Whigs to 0 Dem
ocrats Whig majority 7. Whig majori
ty two years ago 3. In the House, 39
Whigs to 30 Democrats Whig majority
3. Democratic majority two yenrs ago 3.
In the first Congressional district An
derson Johnson (Democrat) is elected over
l.ai;gdiin C. Uaynes (Democrat). In the
Knoxville Congressional district the race
is close between Churchill (Democrat) and
Anderson (Whig).
Tits News -rom Cuba. Telegraphic dis
patcher apptared cm Saturday, and in llii morn
ilia's paper, which it will nuzzle any roan,
however furuiliar he may be wild the Bituiri of
Cuba, to solve, rirst, we had an account ol
t he capture of fifty Patriots, unarmed, a it
aid, in open boat., by a Spanish (jot eminent
vessel, their beiiin taken lo Havana, and (lie im
mediate execution of the whole of them. Next
came tlm news of landing of the American
force under Lopez, nt Cardenas, forly milei
from Havana; the atory that the number liud
been increaied to 1 100, that he had fungi: I a
'jallla with the Spanish troops, killing and
wounding 800 of I hem; and that, after being
,1.... victorious, in several triuraccmetits.
several engagements, he
jfijay attempted to re-embark, but wni prevent
ed by the Spanish force, and vvas completely
routed. Some of his uitn are eaid tu have
taken refuge in the mountain others look to
their boaia and were captured, carried into
Havana, and there executed.
We suppose the truth of these dispatches to
be, that a landing hat been t fleeted on tlm Ia-
!"nJ f Cuba by the force, under Lopez; that
they have been defeated and diapened; dial a
part of Ilium took to aea in open boats, badly
armed, if tinned at all; and thrt they were cap
lured by Spanish vessels, taken to Havana,
and executed, at men levying war against the
Spanish Government. Lopez had sent iT the
Pampero, the steamer in which he landed; and
hia men were forced to put lo aea in such ves
sels at they could find,
This is our interpretation of the news, and if
" be correct, the second expedition projected by
! brainless Cuban is at end, and valuable
l,v" ,h"' l,een "' 10 "V .ul
a project which he had neither the ability, (he
J, (jr (h- 0 6 ,o execut)i , faw
d wa hiva le llew,nl,pcr aocounis,
. , (i1B . ki..u ...,,, lu .its the truth
froM the vast amount of misrepresentation and
error witn which both parties have contrived
lo embarrass this question. Republican.
An old Woman. There is a female now
reiiduit in Clark county, Georgia, says the Sa
vann h News, who ia one bundred and thirty
three years of age. She is quite active, lively
and cheerful converses fluently, reads wen
without the use of glasses, she says the does
not feel the effect of her age, except as regards
her hearing: she ia slightly deaf. This loo is
partly the result of an accident, She has now
living within one mile of her retidunee, grand
children to the third and fourth generation.
Scenes v. The extract given below, we
take from n book entitled ''Essays written iu
the intervale of Butineas." It contains a true
principle, which, ifoftoncr remembered and
acted upon, would save the shipwreck of many
a friendship: Home Journal.
" For once thul teoretv is formally imposed
upon you, it is implied a hundred times by the
concurrent circumstances. All that your irieud
says to you, as to his friend, is entrusted lo you
only. Much of what a man tells you iu the
houi of atlliction, in sudden anger, or iu any
outpouring of his heart, should be sacred. In
hit craving for tymjiathy, he has spoken to you
as to his own soul.
To repeat what you have heard iu social in
tercourse is sometimes a aad treachery ; and
when it It not treacherous it is often foolish.
For you commonly relate but a pari of what has
happened, and even if you are able lo relate
that part with fairness, it is still as likely tu be
misconstrued as a word of many meanings, in a
foreign tongue, without Ihe context.
There are few conversations which do not imply
some degree of mutual confidence, however slight.
And iu addition to that which is said iu confi
dence, there ia generally something which is
peculiar, though uot confidential; which is ad
dressed to the present company alone, though
not confided lo their aeoresy. It ia meant for
them, or for persons like them, and they are
expected to understand it rightly. So that,
when a man hss no scruple in repeating all that
he bears lo anybody that he meets, he pays but
a poor compliment to himself; for he seems to
take it tor granted that what was said in his
presence would have been said, in the same words,
at any time, aloud, ana tn me mama place, tn
short, that he is the average man oj mankiiut;
which 1 doubt much whether any man would
like to consider himself."
Judge Douglas, of Illinois, ia pulling all the
strings he knows how, to get a nomination for
the Presidency from the Looofocos. Just now
he is paying bis court to New York. He is
there iu person, at Ihe watering places, and
mixing with Ihe politicians, whose favor he
wants of course. It is given out, that he has
been seleoted to deliver the address at the Slate
Agricultural Fair iu Buffalo next September.
Gov. Cata aeemt tu be out managing Mr.
Buchanan in his own State. At a late meeting
of Ihe Looofocos ut Huntingdon, IV, delegates
were elected to ihe general convention lo be
held Ihe 4th of March next. They were in
structed to vote for Cuss 49 to 3.
Kentucky Election. All the returns are
in, eaoept from two counties, and Powell's
majority is 270. His majority will be under
400 in Ibe State.
On Thursday, 21st ins!., at the residence of Hiram
(ilascock, by Klder 0. T. Motion, Mr. John S.
Tolberl, lo Miss Mattha Jane (jlascock.
On the same day, by the same, iu the city of Hanni
bal, Mr. Thomas Wood, to Mist Minerva J. Itaydeu.
T We call attention to the Prices Current of T. F,
Vriltinghain k. Sous, in another column. These prices
will be altered from time to time, as they will be gov
erned by the rise, and fall iu the St, Louis niatket.
Tun Kiat i.r.iJt Tknmbsskk,
ttX Anullirr Prlcliline Wnnilrr! Prpiin, III. True IHil-iUn
fluid or Un.lrle Jutco! A ari-nt ty.iH'iMlu L'uriT, prrpsrvd
rioni Rennet, nr llicr.rilrlll alainsili uf llmnl.anir illlrclloni
3f Damn l.icliit. tli trcnt rity.iuluglcal riivml.t hy J. S. Iluuxli
M, i., Nu, II Nurth Kigluli .irrci, riillriili'liliis, Pa. Tlii. I.
s truly ttiimtririit remedy for lmhte.llitn, l'y..Uf Ha, Jum
lli-e..lver CuMuilaliil, Con.ll,allt,ii, and lli-bllliy, rutins nHer
nature', u a im iImhI, by .Nature's nq agent, the Ua.lnc Juice
r aiherll.enicnt in nnotlii-r colum
HVirirtiriy Keening, August
i'HOVISIONS-Hncon Sides per lb
" Sliouhli'H per lb
" Harris per lb
I.anl No. I wr lb
" Interior per lb
Butter per lb
V-W per dozen
Hour per bll
Meal per tins
VKUKTA III. liS Potatoes per hits
Onions per bin
TOD ACID Leal per Hi
II K MP Dew Uolled per cwl
II AY Per UK) Hi
HKKSWAX l'er lb
IIIDHS-Diy per lb
I i rren per lb
FEATIIEns Prime Grose per lb
Interior an, I runt eii per lo
KKl'l T Dried Apples per bus
Dried I'eacliea per bus
lireeli Pearlies per bus
lireen Apples per bus
UKOl'KIMKs-Sugar per lb
t'ollee per lb
MoUtaes N. (. per gal
" S. II. per gal
Tepper per lb
Alhpice per lb
W!nky'rg;i lectilieil.
Window (jlass, tier box x 1(1
" " " " loxl'i
Kaisina er box
baleratur per lb
alt per .aetc
.Vill per bus
Hire per lb
Cheese per lb
Candy per box
CKAI.N tVlieat per bus
Corn per bus
Oat per bus
Heaiis .ier bus
SEKD.N l'luxseeil per bus
Timothy per bus
lllue (irass per bus
Cloversced per bus
27, lj.
10 a U
a ft
4 IX) a 4 5n
7.i,i 811
4 a U
li a ::
A oli.il
:u a ;(.)
'.'U a 25
I 2o
1 (Ml
'I a7l
a I.'
O' 1 a 40
J a Ail
IU all
Ua li
3 7!i a I im,
4 ta 4 oJ
3 M 3 5il
I I'm
37 1
r v a
7a III
3 Oil a inn
t)i a 70
IS a ;il
i 1 hi
(H'nmSr. Lot is Intki.i.iui;m ku
Monday Evening, Aug. (i p. .11,
The supplies uf pruducu were qui to libe
ral, but tiie bulk not being discharged un
til lutu in the day, but few sales of incut
transpired. No chaugo in Tobacco I letup
or Lead. Flour market ttiiut. Wheat ti
shade lower. 15ul little done in corn und
oiitf. Oilier urliclesns last ipioli-d.
Tobacco Sales ut thu State wai'ehnnsu
of 11 hhds, incltiilint; ti hhds lin-s at $3 10
ttt3ljl, '2 ol seconds at 1 5000 1 SI I, 'Jot!
sliippinr leal ut 5 10Q. 15, 1 of miinufuc
lining ut S. At the l'lanter's, 17 hhds
were bid off, including '2 hhds of seconds
ut a ?.", 11 of shipping leaf 5 (.Vd7 (it),
1 of manufacturing ut 7 OjtUS 00 100
Hump sales of 7S bales fair at 3f; 150
ut SO and IHi bales good ut SS ton.
Flour Sales ciuilined to less than (KM)
bbls, iucludidg li bbls Hope Mills, 50 of
Jones' 50 of Winchester, (il of I'uncv, und
Il'J of liuincys at I; 1','S James at II 874;
und 75 of Planet, first brand city, at 1 '25
Wheat Receipts since Saturday near
lG.OtK) sacks; sales assorted of sacks;
including inferior spring to piiinu fall sam
ples, at from 17 to- 80s, sacks returned;
about 8,000 sacks unsold; market drooping.
0 L 1 V 11, BENNETT & CO.,
Boots, Shoes, Hats unci Cups,
No. 101, Main street, St Louis Missouri,
ARK now receiving their fall supplies of Hie a aoa
bove goods, embracing a greater variety of "a
qualities and styles than they have ever before offered.
Many of tlieirgoods have been manufactured totheir
order, and especially lor the St. Loins market in which
special attention lias been paid to sizes, as well as qual
ities. II is their design, at all times lo have the most com
plete stuck in the market, and sell lo prompt men on
the most accommodating terms, Itatleiing themselves
that they can oiler inducements lo Western buyers, e
ipial to that of an F.aslern market.
Their arrangement with a very large eastern manu
facturing company, fora heavy stock of Mini's, Ladies',
and Miss's Rubbers, will enable llicin tu sell at the
very loweit prices.
Purchasers will certainly find it for their interest to
give our stuck an examination.
P. S. Special attention paid lo orders. au28-tit
I.. V. TOMTM.Ya, $Y
No. 158, Main street, St Louis, Mo.,
HAVE iu sloie, and are constantly receiving- their
l ew and elegant slock ol Carpeting., Oil Cloths,
&c, consisting in pail of the following varieties;
Royal Velvets, Wiltons, Tapestries, Brussels, Impe
rial Three Ply's, Fine and Superfine Ingrains, Scotch
and Venetian.
Oil Cloths, Mtugn, SV.
Every variety and style of Floor Oil Cloths, from
3 to 25 feel wide) Chenelle Itugs, Velvet and Till tail
do, Mats, Floor Kochings, Table and I'iatto Covers,
Stair Hods, le.
We would also cell the attention of merchants tn our
large stock of Wall Papers, Window Curtain Papers,
1,000 pairs transparent Window Shades
Which we oiler at WllOleMlle at extremely low
Having imported and puichased our goods from the
most t'l'lt'brntt'll Faclorit'H, and being of the
most improved styles, our friends & strangers visiting the
city will find it greaily to their advantage lo examine
our goods before purchasing.
augw-ut I.. 1. 1 wi-i-i.ij, at 1 ii.
Attorney at Law,
HAVING located himself at IIANNIDAL, Mo.,
will practice in the Court of Common Pleas, at
Hannibal, Ilia Circuit Courts held at I'almyia, Pans,
new l.ondon and Howling tireeu;iii inc. eiupreine t.ouri
of Hit State, and iu the United Slates Circuit Court.
rj"(illice on east side of Main, between Bird and
Centre sheets.
Hannibal, Aug. SSth, 1851. aug2lf
QUEENSWARK, glassware, sugar, coiTee, lea,fvfy
comwinou and sugar house molasaes, rice, sa. V
laralus, indigo, uiaduer,s;ea, for sale at III lowest 7m
ticca aud warranted good, by laprJIvl
For Rent!
Ip HE Store IIoIIM.' at the corner of
j- from and nun streets, in me city 01 fTJ.t
Hannibal, will be tor rent on the tilt It bay I
next month. Apply to iSsVUl.
Hannibal, Aus;. SH, ISjI. . auji'-'stf
No. 95, Main nt, St. Louis, Mo.,
HA 8 just rrreived by rerent arrivals, and now
in store, a large and desirable stock ot
goods in the above line, well adopted to Ihe fall
and winter trade, embracing all the new and fashionable
it) Irs, to wlticb con-taut addition will be made during
the season, all ol' which have been selected with great
caie and will he ottered In the trade at a very small ad
vance un manufacturers' prices.
A largo assortment of Itiibher tioods, consisting of
Mi r.'s, (.allies', and Misses' Overshoes, Hoots, lluikius,
and Sandiils,
Merchants visiting the city are respectfully solicited
to an examination of my stork before purchasing, as I
am dolerniiiied to sell very low , and feel confident that
li "Mi the variety and completeness of mv assortment, I
will be able to oiler greater than usual inducements,
Aug. ill, IS.M. augJS.lil
IHO.M llaiiiiibal.ou the mght of
Thursday, the I till lust , a
It on H , flare,
six years old, Willi heavy inline ar.d tail,
and somewhat pigeon Iced, and ivceutly
shod before. !She had Willi liar a
Strawberry Roan Mare Colt,
about lluee months old. tilic had round her neck a
snort piece ot rope.
Any person taking up said inarn anil coll, and deliv
ering them at the llia.lv lloue M.ilile, or eivius nielli
formation concerning thetn at I'l tladelphia. in Ibis
L-ouiny,so 1n.11 1 can gel litem, snail ue iineialiy com
pensated for any trouble and expense they may be at.
Philadelphia, Aug. 2H, ISM. oug'J,s.'2i.p,,i,
I'alinyru Atemie, llaiitiibal, no.
JI T ANUFAfTlMIKItS of Kngines, av and
aw ami il
ry do- f
t), c. 4
lis. Homing .Mill iMtu'hiuciy ot ever
scriptiou, Tinning Lathes, (horse power
All kinds of repairing and job wnrK done in rass or
iron. All tho above work will be executed w til dis
patch and on as acroininod.iting terms as can bo had
lit the we.tern country.
I TN. It Old cait iroi., eonpor, and brass bought ait
the Foundry. eugJHtf
(IG 111 IM) TOIildO STOKE!
riHK subsciibers would le-pect-L
fully inform the citizens of
Hannibal and country incrclnuts
doing business thioui:li Hannibal.
that they have opened a whole-ale and letau Toharco
and Cigar establishment 011 Hill st.eet, opposite In
slee & C.'s 1. iiim. r sloie. They will ensure those
who will favor Ihem with their patronage good bar
gains, lor can, anil 111 every rase will give salislarlnry
returns if the article bought does not suit them. They
will keep on hand a variety of fancy articles, such as
snulf boxes, cigar cases, pipes and every other thing
belonging to audi an establi-hmeiit. They will have
imported as well as American cigars; and also, the best
brands of
Chewing and Smoking Tobacco.
"AII orders will bo attended to if Ihe money is
sent by mail or otherwise.
NEW jEE stoke.
r"Plir. subscriber would call the attention of his for-
JL trier customers, and the nulilic, lu his lame and
well selected stocK of dry goods, boots and shoes, hats
anil caps ami groceries, wlurli lie is now receiving ami
opening at his old stand, the l.'reat Western, well
known lo the public iu its former days for good and
cheap goods, and solicit a share of custom,
augastf M. A. I.INDSLF.Y.
F. WF.TZKLL, At CO., No. Pine strretlf-sj
between Main and Second stieets, are now
rece iviiigand opening an entile new and fresh stock ol
Dings, Paints, Oils, Dypstitll's, Variiihes, Spices,
Chemicals, Window tlass,(lassware. Instruments, &.C,
embracing all the aiticlcs usually kept in a Drug House,-
allot which Have been purchased wi'ltin inn last two
months, ditect from the importers and manufacturers,
and as we anticipate remaining in our present location
but a short time, will he sold much below the usual
rales. We kurrant all Ihe goods that wa sell to plca.c
the purchaser, both in piice and quality, otherwise to
be returned and the money will lis refunded. Petsous
visiting thu city with the intention of puichasing goods
in our line, will find it to their interest la give us a call
before purchasing elsewhere, and those wishing lo pur
chase hy order, can have our price current sent tiiein
by forwarding their address. We hope by close atten
tion to business, promptness in the execution of orders,
dealing iu nothing but fresh and pure article, and sell
ing at a very small advance on eastern prices, to receive
a liberal shaie of trado.
augiK-ll . F. WKTZKLL, 4 CO.
6 J. B. S1CKLI5S, & CO.,
No. 144, Main street, St Louis, Ms., op
posite the Bank.
Saddles, Harness, Trunks,
Carpet liu;s, Buil'ulo Shoes, Saddle
Irees, tvc. Also,
Fine lot of (i inghains for sale onreasonable terms
apr24y by COLLINS li liKKKI).
A FINK assortment of spring adn euinmer Bonne
Ribbons, also, Satin and Mantua Ribbons for salt
aprJIy by COLLINS 6t 1IKKK1).
JUST opened a tine lot of HOOTS mid rillOKN
of all iiualitius, among which you will liud some
beautiful excelsior kid lies for the I .allies ot
i'l'tP iu and examine those flue Blankets, and Ready
O made clothing at the store of
-u m..jmmi M.muj9L.mJ9 Mo.
Commission Merchants, and Wholesalo
Dvuler iu l.iiioia.
A superior article of Double Rectified AAMi Ti
Wllir.kt'1'i of the celebrated 'Black l3Wej,'
Horse Brand' alwavson hand.
AlitU Agents for Sell i 4i II recti's Clarified Cider
Vinegar. my'j
RANDY a very superior aiticle on hand and for
saieuy iiov.ty u i At t.i.M.r.ii
AUF.NTS oflhe 4 Ol.tl.MUl'H INt'ltAM R
t 'OltlFAKV, Coliinihi's, Ohio, are piepared lo
take Fire aud Murine risks upon I lie. most favorable
terns ill this well known and popular ollice.
Hannibal, Sept. 36th, IhoO-lf,
Smith S. Allen,
Attorney a I I. u w ,
11 'ILL promptly attend to all professional business
li cutiusted to his care in the counties of Marlon,
Halls snd Pike. He will give paiticul.it attention to
the securing and collection of debts in any part of the
Male. I J-OMice on Bird stteet, lout doois above Ihe
comer of Bitd and .Mam, ia liont of Ihe Maisbal and
Recorder's ollice.
F.RAGF. Dea Laities, a new style of goods for la
mes' uitsst'S, anr-'ry
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICK i. hereby given lo all persons interested in
the estate of ooinon Locus, dec', I, that letleis of
administration have been granted In the iindei signed,
by the Ralls county rouit, bearing date Aug. 41 h, A.I) ,
SiOI. All persons Inning ilaiuis again! said estate
are requested to pieseut them for allowance witliiu
twelve mouths, or they may be precluded fioin at)
benefit of said estate, and if not pieseuted w ithin three
yeais, will bo force r barred.
uug 14 JOHN M. JOHNSON, Adtn'r.
A Splendid lot of Diess Silks. Call befote they are
iLih 'i'. Fur sale by anrily
I )rs. AI i:ili:i )TI I At 1 1 AW K 1 S
UAVK AMtuMuU'.t thpiiielvr ia Ihopiurticr of Mol
irin. I N liir eitiirr. M iheir uifirc, un Miitn
tvrt ortr the atorc uf E. if li. Itp. Iliwkitu, will be
(tcntlt'tl tu Hi ull hours. jt I'.llf
fpllOSE know iii 11 tliciiiTlvC) intli'lti to At el Inn V
X HnwkiiiB cither hy note nr ccounl, hiJ iifflo
come lurwartlfttiii pay up intitiiili.i(k1y, an I am tlie only
out Mthori.etl ti ipri-ive and rrreipt lor the ftiiiie.
Hannibal May ItiOI. KLUAU HAWKINS.
Win. IhnrhiiiH
AS owned his C illl'KT mail UV US.
one iloor uorlh of Mellon ami Hawkins. I oct:i
HMDS is the largest and best room for Balls, Public
L Shows, lectures, Political and other Meetings iu
Hannibal. To rent by the day or week. F.mpiire of
jy 17 T. R. SKLMKS.
r. IMI.r' IIMIUI'.I.HOF lll'.HT fill M K HI'llAR IIOlnK
0l MOI.AHr I.H, ju.l iic lvrU and lor sale low l,v
ma).1 T II r-KI.MM
To "KfrftbotlH" HrrrHiig!
Jl'sT lil'.CI'.l Vl'.l), a large and vaiious supply of
Wall piper. Do Wiuduiv l',tier.
la'l everybody" call see and go not away dissat
isfied. J'".'J J. II. (ilvSPai CO
SALT 200 sacks li A Salt in store and for sale by
nov.'y li W CAI'LIMiF.lt.
NO I iVacfcen-l, the bet ever brought tn Hannibal,
just received direct hum Muslim in barrels, half
barrels and kilts for sale by 'IV It M'.l.tlXN.
')t ttt bitshi'ls ol O.tls wai
f, IV r cash will be paid b
anted for which the
ocl ZIJ
l II. S'-.LMF.S
I'Kr.NSWAUr. pul up in packaL'es to suit tbeliade
jus! received Dy ocl' ly I . II. SI.X..MI.S.
NF.W store and new Fashionable Ready made
Clothing. Come and sec how we can beat the
Yankees. Oct -Ml T. li. SE1.MF.S.
Final Settlement.
VI. I. rrvditors and others interested in Ibe estate of
Stephen P. Cook, deceived, aie hereby notified
that I intend rn make final settlement of my ailtninislra
tinu of said estate, at the August adjourned term ol tho
Ralls county mint, lo be begun and held at the court
hniiso in the toau of New London, in the raid county
of Ralls and Sluln of Missouri, on the first Monday iii
September next, or as soon thereafter a I can be heard.
jy3l -It BRANCH IIAl'CHI'.R, Adm'r.
A Lot of Ready-Mado Clothing.
A lot of lleaily-Madc Spring and Summer Clothing
of the latent st vies, lust received and for sale chean.
Fiupia Buildings. iiiy.''Jy J, II. fJKSTJt CO.
Ql'INt'V extra superfine Hour, iust v,, ,jj A,'
a splendid lot lor sale cheap by ismB
uichJ7 y T. It. BKI.m;i.
WHISKKY,5II bbls best Cincinnati brands just re
ceived per s b Fleetwood and for sale by novl
1) DPI'. Manilla Rope, Bed Cnrda, plough lines, ac
V iu sloie and lor sae(V (i.W. CAI'I.INt.FK.
IlKI'l1 Kit A larae lol f einiilitl ami s I lieenei r.ir sale,
li. IV. I a'I.ini;i.h
II N F.N Checks, Brown Linens, Table Linens and
J Toweliugs, Collonades and Drillings suitable lor
i;-lit's wear, lor sale at ( apiv ly )
1) A N A M A , straw, leghorn, palm leaf, silk, f
rough ami ready, Jenny Liud, Kossulh and
other new sti les ol llats for sain by nprlMy
t'OI.I.I.NSi. BIU'.K.I).
lltiAR III hhds prime N O Sugar, jus) receivcdpei
IO Kate Kearney, and lor sole by uov'.'ly
Shoes & Gaiters.
(1ST received, a Imae lot of Ladies'
fine Kid Jenny Liud F.xcelsiur Tics; Lar,
Plain and Fancy (Jailers for Ladies, at apr jly
I'llI, 1. INS & BKKF.D'S.
1) AKASOLS A very large assoitiueut from the low
est price lo the finest, which we are selling lemaik
lyiheap. apnMy COLMNSir, BRKF.U.
DIRKCT fioin the Importers, a new supply of thus,
line old lltaiidies, among which are choice Seii.
hclle. La Rochelle. I'astillou It Co's, and Otard Brands.
Cherry Bounce, Wild Cherry, anil rum reach llran.
dies. I'ure old I'ort Wines, vintage ol IHI.', lor me
iliciual or other purposes. Also, Claiel, Maderia, audy
Swcot Malaga, ul Ilia lirst quaiiiv, ami ai low price
uy a. f. v v j
HannHial.July 21th, IH.il.
Hannibal Stove and Tin Store
aln Street, Hannibal, Mo.
The tinders igned would lespectlully call the atten
tion of the public iu geneial aud hisolilfiieuds and cus
loineisin particular, lo his well selected , well assorted
slockol'Cook Stoves, and especially the
Empire State,
which is tho same pattern of the
Prairie State,
(if not the otigitial) which has been sovety highly and
deservedly recommended by some of out most respect,
able and wuilliy citions, and ulso to the Heavy Furnace-Made.
Pieuiiiim Cook Move, at least one-third
heavier than any stove ottered on the Mississippi, and
will last as loin! us two ol many uf the light loundry-
made stoves. 'I bis is no jest it i i downright sober
truth and should be interesting tu those wishing lo pur
chase a stove lor service. His stock ol tin ware isroin
plele and w ill be furnished to dealersat St. Louis prices,
and he will have ulso in season a line lot of l'atlor,
Box, Coal and Ten Plate stoves, all of which will be
so'dusluw as anv olliei lioil.e can ulfurd tlicui.
But while so much issaid about stoves, fcc, the fine
slock ol
Iron, Steel and Hollow Ware
Must not be overlooked, lo be louud at the
old stand on Water sheet. Do not lorget
the llllliliibul Mt'l Mlltl Till
More, Next dooi to Block's Clothing Store. Alain t
J. I'. WAt'lill,
myS'J Successor to Waitgh ai Poguc.
New Goods!!
riMIF. lamest and bust assorted stork of Fashionable
I (ioods of every description ever brought lo Han
nibal, now opening at the notion Wholesale ware
house. Walk up Ladies and (if ntleineii, we are ready
and nappy to snow our goons. on n
T. lt.SKL.Mr-.
N AdminiBtratrijt ai Notice.
O I ICL is hereby given lo all persons interested ia
tiie estste of James Shahoney , deceased, thai 11
ters o administration upon said estate have bean (rant
ed to the andersigiied by Ihe Clerk ol the Ralls County
Court III vatatioii, bearing date August U. 8ft. All
persons iiidebi., ( said r-tate are requested to atsk
payinenl iintnedniely, and all persons having claims a
gainst said estate are ,f ,J
erly aiitlienlicaled. w.ih,,, ,, JJJ,
.'.""i JTh.'," "d"!"" l--"1'd within Ibiee yean
they w ill be loiever barred '
ani!.'l-3t FANNY sHHnXI,:Yt Aim,n:
WanteA '
1 ()()() BUSIIF.I.Sof good TONf.cOAU for
J ,UW winch we will payth. higliNt m?rket
price in Irsde. 0,1'Altl.KS CALUHFLI
Ut of Letteni
JEMAIMNO in the Post Ollice at Man nibs), Mo.
W August lllth, luil : .
Bishop Vince',1
Blaue Jos
Bncklaiid J
Burnett lieo W
Wester Mark
Hlain Rnsannah
Bunch Hamilton
Bowling Hannah
Brown Julia I)
Blown Maty A
Baibrr It R
Cox MaithaJ
Cliue John
Cowscr Joseph
Cuoper Joseidi J
Chapman J I.
Carv Ur John C
Colburu John
Carver Thori.sbiiry
Calhoon John
(Mack Jane
Cliue John W
farter Ttlinau
llilkes W II
F.ldiidge F.iuaiiuel
Finch John
Fiti mn Ric'J J C J
(,eo Adaei
(aiduer Margaret I
raves Rotiett
Hancock U F
Hay Jos B
ILggius Thus M
llav Abiaui
Huskill Win a
llainhoiigh Mr
Hare Hu'h
Hudsoti Agnes
lliirnback .lames
llarier Pior J D
Howard Thus J
Hall It W
Jones Uinphrey
Layman John
Lanhaui Jessa
Mom Judge
Miller Isaac
Mayhall J A
Newman Joseph
Neale John
Onslut Joshua
Ryan James
Rhodes at Smith
Stockton Madision K
Stears Joliu
Strode Kliu
Stout Ira
Stockton Kdward
Smith John
Samuels Michael
Swill J F
St uver F. B
Shambling Miss Roiensi
Web Mr
Wooden R II
Wilhrow Samuel
Williams Wui F
Weavers John
llavduu Beveily
Willis Miss Sarah F.
Persons calling for advertised letleis will please ask
for AovtcaTisKn lelters. A. O. NASH, H. M.
Hannibal, August 13, HM. augl4-3t
FF.W good saddle and harness HOit-
a. MIN wauled, in line order between
tins and Ihe 101 h uf September.
fang 1 1 3t
Cash for Negroes
ITAKK this im thud of iiiloiiuiug lbs
ieuple that I am prepared at all
tunes to pay the highest oa-li prices lor
,vi;a ttoi:s,
and can at all limes be found at the
stable of Shoot .V Davis.
llannili.il, August II, lM.il.
augl4 it.
Most Hlili- of Mala at., iii the lioiiae fori
iierly nrcuplril by II. Wlokmham.
'pilF. iiiiilersigneil have perchased frnm Mr. ti.
1 Wickershiiin his entire stock of s roVF.Sand TIN
W ARK, and in toliira intend rniistaullv to keen 011
baud a well selected stock of COOK1NU and HEAT
IN (i Sloire.
Our stuck consists in pari of Ihe following articles:
Pri. Premium, Conk's Delight, Bucks' Double Oven;
Kmpire Stale. Ohio Premium, Irvine's Air-Ti-ht. and
I'HAIRIK STACK Cook stoves. S ",ari
We will also have, in lime for the fall trade, a good
assortment of the latest Und most spnroved styles of
I'ARLOR and Heating Stoves. '
inanv of our citizens are now using the Prairit Stat
Conk Stove, and all agree In its stiwrior advantage
over all others in point of durability aud speed and ex
cellence in cooking.
We have on hand and will continue In Manufacture
all kinds of wares belonging to the Tin Business.
which we sell at Wu II noai asi Hit ail
J'.l'ri'S. We nr ureliatpil In iln all bin.U nf T, U 1)1 U
SMi rillNli. Persona wauling work done in that line,
will.lo well to give us a call, as they can savtthe
double and expense of going loSt. Louis.
S.I.I l'i I ... ...
t.ei isiuves, xiti aim iupper ware repaired at Ins
ihortest notico.
N. B. Old Stoves lakett iu pari pay for new onas.
ill A ltl.KS it CALDWELL.
Hannibal, August Dili IH.,1.
On main, ut'iir tor. Hill alrcel,
MAltMAUUlvlJ ft HANC13;
'PHIS well known House having recently been re
X painted and thnrouglily renovated, is now ready lo
render comfort and satislaction lo the traveling public.
And Ihe I'ropiielora would lake this method of re
luming their thanks to Ihe community in geueral, tor1
tneir pairouaue, uereioioro uesioweu, ami nope, oy
strict attention lo business and the wants of their
guests, In merit a continuance of the same.
July in, mat. jyio
nn tnv r nniTci.-
uiiWR atasjhkaaast siwsjki,
I'lirucr uf Mutii ami Centre Bircett.'
r"piir. Piotuietor of the Braify House takes pleasiin
in notifyiuu his former natrons aud Ihe traveling
public, geneially, that he has leased the above Hons
fur a tcr.ii of years, and re fitted and re-furnished it
entiicly, in all its depaituieuta.
hriou bis increased luciiities, ailvantageons location
his long experience in Hotel keenine. he trusts, by
diligent personal attention lo the comfort of his guests,'
to mem a continuance ol uie iioeral patronage nereio
foie given him.
P. S The ollic of the Ureal Western Stag Com
pany is at the Brady House.
Hannibal, June 'S, I HA I. jel9tf
ACON, Lard and all kinds ol Pioduce wanted at
tlie highest cash prices, ti. W. U AI'MIVOKK. . .
QUINCV FLOUR, the best and purest always
band by T. It. SKLMK8.
GOINfi olT fast, aud for sale iinsiially low by
sprSly COLLI. Nb Ir. BREED.
fpKAS a large and well selected artiela ol
i oi
X teas, such as I. on Powder, Imperial, Yo
Hyson and Black Teas in store and for sal
teas, such as (iun Powder, Imperial, Voung K I
irovSly ti. W. CAPUHOEK.

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