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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1852-1853, February 26, 1852, Image 3

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the re-lriction ot (he nil of land (0 a,ctai sottldr, lb
limited quantities, may retard Ihe salr-a, and Indoee th
Government to reaort to (he uie of Itf eredit, while re
taining the land at ita own disposal, but if friondi cm
pt obtained for the bill in this way, let It be done,
Th morning hour expired before any disposition tu
tnade or the bill, end it will come tip to-morrow, as
th unfinished ttisiness. Messrs. Hall and PhElm
eem deeply interested in the fate of Ihii project, end I
know tlul llihy will be heartily lupported by Messrs.
Porter end Miller, in ell eirorti to secure iu passage,
when the time for ct ion cornea.
Mr. Smart, of Maine, renewed Mi attempt lo brincln
r Nil in relation to the printing of the lawa of the Uni.
ted Main. Hit position ia to rive the printing of the
lw, nblic advertisements, c.,to the two papera in
bach Congressional District having the greatest num
ber of inhicnbeta or circulation. He made t apeech
In favor of the measure. No one can doubt that tltia
is the proper motie ofsecuring a general circulation ol
the lews all over Ihe Cuioi.. It may coat more than
the present plan, but it benefit arc 10 great aa not to
be put in comparison with it.
Id the Senate, Mr. Clemen, or Alabama, made a
brilliant reply to the advocate or Intervention, and a
gfcintt the policy or that measuie.
trotted btatee Senate.
rV ' Monday, Feb. 2, 1832.
Mr. Johnson of Tennessee. I ask the unan
iinom conacnt of the Houae for the introduction
iif - the following joint reofution, proposing
amendments to the Constitution of the United
State, viz:
WaHe.,riiat ft'C iollowina? amendment
to the Constitution of the United State be pro
posed to the Lcgislat tres of the several Suites,
which- when ratified by the Legislatures of
three fourths of the State, shall be valid to all
intent and purposes, as part of the Constitu
tion: Thut hereafter the President and Vice Presi
dent of the United States shall be chosen by the
people of the respective' Stales, in the mannor
following; Each State shall be divided by the
Legislature thereof, into districts, equal in iium
Ler o the whole number of Senutors and Rep
resentatives to which such State may be enti
tled in the Congress of the United Slates; the
said districts to be composed of contiguous ter
ritory, and to contain, as nearly as may be, an
equal number of persons entitled to be rep
resented under the Coustilutiou, and to be laid
off for the first time, immedialely after the rat
ification of this amendment, and afterwards at
the session of the Legislature next ensuing- the
apportionment of representatives by the Con
gress of the United States; that, on the first
Thursday in August, in the year eighteen iVun
"dred und fifty-six. and on the same day every
lourin year uiereaitcr, tne citizens of each State
who possess the quuliliuntiuns requisite for elec
tors of the most numerous branch of the Slate
Legislatures, shall meet within their respective
district, and vote for a President and Vice Pre
sident of the United States, one of whom at least
shall not bo an inhabitant of the same State with
themselves; and the person receiving the great
est number of votes for President, and the one
receiving the greatest number of votes for Vice
President in each district, shall be holden to
iiave received one vote; which fact shall be im
mediately sertified by the Governor of the State,
to each of the Senators in Congress from such
f!?, and to the President f the Senate and
the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
The Congress of the United States shall be in
Session on the second Monday in October in the
year eighteen hundred and fifty-six, ami on tlie
same 1y on cvrry fourth yeiir thereafter; and
the Prefidnl of Hie Semite, in the presence of
the Senate and the House of Representatives,
shall open all the certificates, and the votes shall
then be counted. The person having the great
est number of votes for President, shall be
President, if such number be equal to a majority
of the . whole number of votes given; but if no
person have such majority, then a second elec
tion shall be held iu the month of December
then next ensuing, between the persons having
the two highest numbers toi the olhce of Presi
dent; which second election shall be conducted,
the result certified; and the votes counted, in the
tame manner as in the first; and the person hav
ing the greatest number of votes for President,
shall be President, But if two or more shall
liave received the greatest, and an equal number
of vote, at the second election, then the person
who shall have received the greatest number of
votes in the greatest number of States, shall be
President. The person having the greatest
number of votes, for Vice President, at the first
tilection, shall be Vice President, if such num
ber be equal to amajDrity of the whole number
of votes given; and if no person have such ma
jority, then a second election shall take place be
tween the persons having the two highest num
berson the same day that the second election is
held for President; and the person having the
highest number of the votes for Vice President,
shall be Vice President. But if there should
hannnn to be an eaualitv of volet between the
persons to voted for at the second election, then
the person having the greatest number of votes
in the greatest number of States shall be Vice
i . i i i : . V . n
President. iU wnen a secouu nwm
dt necessary in the case of Vice President, and
riot necessary in the case of President, then the
fcenate shall choose a Vice President from the
persons having the two highest numbers in the
Tint election, as it now prescribed in the Coii
ttitution. :
Sec. 2. Jlndbe it further Resolved, That art i
fcle one, tection three, be amended by striking
sUture." and insertmir in lieu
thereof the following words, viz: "persons qual
ified to vote for .the most numerous bianch of
i.. lOTiJninr" n os to make the third section
ht said article, when ratified by three-fourths of
the States, read as follows, to wit:
The Semite of the United States tlull be
composed ot two senators iroiu bum -i
sen by me persona uauum - - -
t .i - ....-I r.0,1 iA.rii r- iiia mnsi
i i im mill brunch of the Legi
- i f j i . ... i ..t ii n trinfAAi i nr
ins urancn oi iuu juckibiusm'o
six years, and each Senator shall have one vote,
Sic. 4. -Iix I hi it further Resolved, Ihutyirlicl c
three, section one,
h. bo amended hy striking aut
the words "good behavior," and inserting the
following words, viz: "the term of twelve
iid uriit'lu and
k A ii i furl u-r. tliul sa
thereto, viz: "and it shall i.e uie u-y -President
or the United States, within twelve
months after the rutiGc.il.un of U amendment
by Hip fourths of all lh Slate, M provide,
hv the Constitution of the Uuied States, to d
..fj-.u. ..,1,-u t.nmtipr nf lu lires, as near as
mav be practicable, into throe cUes. The
seats of the first class of j u-lges sliatl oe vaci.C;.
ded, will read a follow:
The article a omen
. ricis) fu. ' r,
vi i ..... tl Ilnt1d
Kecrion 1. I1tewir" .p-"
T b one Snnrem Court.
. . , , ,....(. in Cimorress irwn
tie re.tea in otw
t..;. .,t ns Congress Irwn
rr" ..t.-. ..r.Ulu ani establish, five
it the eipirauon oii iuuiwy . led one ot ancicni uuys.
clasvlfication; of the second class at the expira-j in;inuscr-,nt having
tion of the eighth year; anJ of the Ma m more
..--..!,,.. int. of the twelfth year, that on: i.;KV,.li
'"--l ..".l. ... ll,ianr. IIIO fllBUSliaV Will"""
third may be ctio&eu uvcij
shall hold their office during theterm of twelve
year, eml shall, at Muted time, receive for
their service a comnensation. which ahull nn
be diminished during their continuance ill 0f
fioe. And it shall be the duty of the President
of the United States, within twelve month af
ter the ratification of thi amendment by three
fourth of all the Statet at provided by the Con
tention of the United States, to. divide the
whole nnmbcr of iuoVcs, nt near"n mnv 1
practicable, into three elaases. The teatt of the
judge of the first class shall be vacated at the
expiration or the fourth year from such classifi
cation; of the second class at the expiration of
the eighth year; and of the third class at the
tpitation of fce twelfth year, to that one third
may be chosen every forh-th year thereafter.
uujciHiun wu iiinua iu iia introduction.
Mr. loh nson moved a suspension of the rules
for the purpose indicated by him; which motion
upon a division, was agreed to tyes fa), noes
The joint resolution was read a firsl and sec
ond time by its title, referred to ihe Committee
on the Judiciary, and ordered to bo printed.
Tuesday, Teh. 3, 1852.
Mf. Dodge, of Iowa, presented a document
in favor of the construction of a line of riulrnada
I from Lafayette, through Pmaria. and Burtiesm,
me missuuri nverj wnicn wa ret erred to the
f !n n..n- w ,
vAnnmiitee en i uuiic Jumas.
Freneatatiaa ot Medal to Mr. CUf.
The friends of Mr. Clay, in the City of New
York, recently presented him Kith a splendid
gold meduL The following is Mr. Clay re
ply to the address of the Committee appointed
to deliver the present :
Gentlemen t Tint is among the most inter
esting and gratifying days of my life, although
I have been confined to these rooms for a long
time b a tedious and doubtful illness. You have
come here, the representatives of a large and en
lightened body of ardent and devoted friends of
mine in the city of New York, to present to me
a beautiful and costly gold medal, intended to
commemorate my public life. On one face of
it is engraved all Ihe great publio measures a
dopted in the National Councils in which I was
supposed to have had any conspicuous agency,
and on the other a remarkable and accurate like
ness of me. The time and the place of presen
tation, and the friends who have contributed this
splendid testimonial, give to it an inestimable
value. The time is when I am about to retire
forever from public life, and when I cannot ex
ptct much longer to linger here below; the place
is tt.T Pity of Washington, the principal theatre
of tho3 publio services which have commended
themselves to your approbation. Throughout
my public life J have been blessed, everywhere
in the United Stales, with more or fewer true
friends, to whom I ai7 bound by the strongest
sentiments of gratitude; .'"ut no where have they
surpassed those in the city New York in zeal,
constancy, and fidelity, and iu .distinguished and
various demonstrations of their affection and at
tachment. Whilst one is in the ardent pursuit
of public life, and i lid J up for it Lights! hon
ors, it is not practicable always to discriminate,
among his supporters, between those w'10 D'
stow their suffrages from pure, patriotic dis
kiterested motives, and those who are acvJtaJed
by selfish ends; but on this occasion no such dlf-
liculty exists. You have come, at much per
sonal inconvenience, to the bed of a sick and af
flicted friend, to present to him, in your names
and in the name of a numerous body of his per
sonal and political firiends, whom you represent,
a most precious token of your esteem and affec
tionate regard. That friend has not now, and
never will have, any public patronage to dis
pense. The high and honorable and disinteres
ted character of your motives cannot, therefore,
be questioned.
Gentlemen, I request you to accept yourselves,
and to communicate to my absent friends whom
you represent, my cordial and heartfelt thanks,
and my grateful profound acknowledgments, for
this rich tribute to the sentiments which they
do me the honor to entertain towards me. I
should have been most happy to express my
great obligations to all of them personally, if it
had been in my power.
I shall soon pass from the jurisdiction of my
contemporaries and of the present generation to
that of history and posterity, if the one shall
deem me worthy of any record on its pages, or
tradition shall transmit any recollection of me
to the other.
It is not within my legitimate province to ex
press any opinion of my own publio career or
fublic deeds. That office belongs to them, and
consider my future fame fortunate if it shall
be regarded by them with a small proportion of
the favor with which the partiality of yourselves
and vour associate mow contemplate it,
I shall soon appear before a higher and more
holy tribunal than any earthly one, which can
unerringly judge of tne motives as well at the
acts of man. To that tribunal I look forward
with composure and confidence that I shall be
acquitted of bavin? ever been prompted, in the
discharge of my public duties, by any mean or
sordid or selfish ends, or beet animated by any
other purpdso than to promote the honor, the
prosperity, and glory of our common country.
Medals are generally ttruck by the authority
and paid for out of the public treasury of the
Government, and most frequently are intended
to reward and signalize the triumphs achieved
in war. But that which vou now so kindly ten
der to my acceptance is the spontaneous olloring
of private citizens, from their private purse, for
nulilin servir-M exclusively in the civil depart-
tnptir I .hull fondlv and eratefully cherish and
iri,rvo it wliilt lif endures, and transmit it
- - -.--j .
... - o .. ..
to my descendents under tho hope thut they will
receive and carefully guard it, with emotions of
receive anil careruuy guaru u, wwi
lively gratitude lo my New York friends, as
the proudest and richest legacy that I could leave
the prou
During the delivery of this beautiful 'and ap
,v,;,.i r...lir ili a most uerfect silence werva
n ! tied the chamber 5 every eye was nxeu on uie
r,"f""""i"i t - i -
tall and commanding form so long known to ine
public, but respect and admiration were mingled
with a tender regret on witacasing the evident
slrugglo between the unimpaired Igor or the
mind and the feebleness of its now emaciated
and shaken tenement.
Yet tho eye sun guuer-
,.d wi,il unsulam.a lustre, and at times the tones
, ,. f0if) iul0 uu ..han wUicii reininu-
been laid aside, Mr.'
luinu'e examination of
I. nrevious to replying,
cursorily glanced. It is of pure Uai.rori.ia go.u,
mLivand weighty, and I. enclosed a .lv
.i.i . i. ii inn", irt the manner
i" ch? Otbe?aco of the medal
t f : 1,1 of Mr. a.,, most Mn..
likene.sM.nd convey, the clmrac "i.tw imp -sion
of hi features in a higher degree than a y
of the b4iti or wlMlfn usually seen. The
relief it very higlit and must have required a
pressure of immerse power to give ita fulness,
sharpness, and delicacy ot Outline. The reverse
exhibits the following inscription : o
o Senate,
Speaker 181 1,
War of 1812 with Great Britain.
Ghent 1814.
Spanish America 1822.
Missouri Compromise 1821.
America System 1824.
Greece 1824.
Sccretiry ot State 1823.
Panama Instructions 18&
o Tariff Compromise
Public Domain 1833-1841.
.;) Peace with France Preserved 1835.
Compromise 1850.
The line are supported on either hand by
;Ful wreaths, in which tbe ti chief Ameri-1 law -uinorizing the election or appointment of
staples wheat, corn, cn ton, tob rjce two public printers to Congrets, one Democrat
hemp, are very Kanpily inter wined. ' 'and one a Whig.
V . '1 .,r . . ..I Alan 1 . ! 9 J 1. . . -
On the silvc; case i represented on one side
a view of the Capitol, (with it contemplated
additional wings fully displayed;) and on the
other, in two distinct compartments above, an
elevation of the great commemorative Monument
& tA OswiWsnaTia roaaj baow, view of Ah
land and it mansion.
Mr. Clay expressed a favorable opinion of
the head, as giving his features witn great truth
fulness, but playfully remarked that he did not
know before that his nose was quite eo promi
nent; and then added, in allusion to the great
intrinsic value of the medal from its material,
"Who can tell, but fifty or a hundred yetrs
hence, tome Goth may get hold of thit and say
the nose of this old dead fellow will serve to buy
me a great many things that I want, and may
carry it off? However, it is a capital likeness,
I think." The artists, said Mr. C, have not
generally succeeded well in taking my features,
but that has been in a great measure, my own
fault; for my face never retains long the same
expreasion, und, especially when I am under any
excitement, it changes every moment. John
Randolph once paid me a high compliment, not
intentionally for he seldom complimented any
man but, without intending it, he paid me what
I esteem one of the highest compliments I ever
received. He said that whenever a debate is
coming on, if I could get a sight of Mr. Clay's
face, I can always tell which tide he is going to
This transition from the grave to the gay is
so characteristic of Mr. Clay that no one who
has seen him in his hours of confidence,' can fail
to be reminded bv it of many an association that,
while it kindles a smile, will be followed but
too soon bv a surh
The medal does the highest honor to the tal
ents and skill of the artist, who, we understand,
is Mr. Wright, of New York.
Cura&ciait a,baa wsDHttPAV Bream.
Tbe weather for the put few days bas been remarka
bly fine, and business very lively. The packets have
resumed their regular trips. .Bacon sells readily at tbe
figures given below, but it is thought these rates canuot
0,'C! be maintained. It win not pay,ai present pi ices
either to St. Louis or New Orleans.
to iu'P
FLOUR. , ' , !
$4 10f 4 25
Otvj 07
07 08
07 Of)
0y$ 06
0 45
$2 25fo,$l 5o
2 50f3i$3 00
SO 65
2$ 33
18'ji "2
f 37
80 90l
BACON- hC -u"u .
Sides, '
Hama, '
APHLES Dried, - r
HAY.Vewt., .
80 90
80'tl 50
7yl 00
bUT I En. -
10 It
07 07
86 28
1 25Ai.fl 50
06 08
40 44
V dozen, -EGGS,
SALT Kaaewna,
G. A., - - -I-
B., -
Gieen, -LEAD,
MOLASSES Plantation,
8. House,
SUGAR Brown, -
Crushed, -
TOBACCO Lugi. JO0 !b.
Good Leaf,
WHWY-" Black Horse,"
tl 70
92 00
) 50$3 75
061 07
05 051
30 33
40 43
064 07
UU, 101
$1 00
9T90$3 00
sa 30
Corrected every Tuesday Evening, by
orriTf, iriLLWBi.i. ca,
CeeaaalMeSem taliMta,
T. LOUIS, mo.
!ROVIIOaV-Mes Poik, . $13 MS
:s 62
Prime " . 11 00
Sumps, 10 (Xxqi
3tom Sidea. . 7 50
Shoulders, - 50
Hams. - 8 00
7 75
8 50
htUt MMl-Sides, - 6 50
Hims, - 7 00
blionldera, . 051 05 3-8
lardVitmnd Lets, No. 1, 072
H , Vil'9
GRAIN Whtat Prime, - - 78
Uood to Fair, IW
luferior, - - 60
e Cons Pure White, ia new
,-Mixed, in second
baud gunnies,
Oati -
Barlty Prime, -
HEMP Prune U. U.,
Goo4 to Fair,
Interior lo Common, -TOBACCO
Good Shipping, -i
Lugs, -FLOUR
Good Country Brands,
HAY Prime Timothy,
SEEDS-F1s Seed, - -
Hemp " - -
- 90 00''9
- ho oo'4 5 oo
. J no a 74 oo
. 3 00 4 00
. i oo v oo
. 2 00'$ 2 50
3 6M4 ' H
. S t'4
. 1 004
. I to t
. w
60 4 75
. t tb i to
03 031
K4 )
Timothy teed,
HIDF.S-Dry Film,
Greea aud salted,
BUT1 Ktt Fresli,
WOOL Common, .
Full Blood. ...
Half Blood, -GROCERIES
CoJT Prime, in lot
from Levee to the trade,
From tore, -
Sufitc Frs Lve, Pruue,
m tttore, .
Good to Fair, -Mo'ium
Plantation,floa Mvee,
Froea Store, -
U. 9. House of Representative,
Monday, Feb. 2, 18&.
rcstio aiiTtso omct,
Mr. Doty, by Unanimous conht, introduced
k bill, ot which a previout notice had been given
entitled "A bill to establish a public printing of
fice, and to provide for the appointment of a Su
perintendent of Publio Printing;" which was
referred to the Committee of the Whole House,
and ordered to be printed.
The following petitions were referred to the
appropriate committee: ,
By Mr. Porter: A memorLl signed by J. K.
Sheeleyrand four other) commissioner of the
Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb, recently es
tablished by the State of Missouri, at Fulton,
in said State, asking a donation of publio lu
for the use and benefit of said asvlni. '
By Mr.Churchwe!?,.T'.iemem- Ul f P TV.l.
son, of Tennessee , praying for the passage of a
Also, a memorial, pravinir for the tassne-e of
the homestead bill.
Also memorial, praying to have the act of
3d March, 1851 so amended as to have one uni
form rate of postage throughout the Uu-'ed
Stales and Territories.
By Mr. Moore, of Pennsylvania: The memo
rial of John S. Littell. askintr for ner diem.
mileage, etc., for contesting the eat of J. Rob
bins, Jr., in the 31st Congress.
By Mr. Chandler: The memorial of sundrv
citizens of Illinois, asking for a grant of public
land to aid in the construction of a railroad from
Burlington, on the Mississippi, to the Missouri.
Meetings have been held in Howard. Cole.
Boone, Monroe, Randolph, Macon and Scotland.
in thi Congressional District, and the proceed
ings of all harmonise with each other, with the
exception of Cole. The Jefferson Inquirer, how
ever, says the democracy or that county will be
satisfied with the action of a majority of their
brethren. Monroe, Macon, and Scotland have
instructed their delegates to vote for Mr. Green;
Cole has instructed for Mr. Lusk, of the Inqui
rer. The other counties left their delegates un
instructedi Canton Reporter.
fTime of holding the Sprine Term of the
several Circuit Courts in the 3d Judicial Circuit
for the year 1852, with names of the sheriff and
clerk of each court:
JjrttieReY B Davlva formrrlyof Bi-ar Creek, Mr.'l-w he.
Dunlin, of Marlon Co., lo MUa Lncjr A. Munfron,! of ,Kiioi
In WmMntton City. O. C, the 18th oil., Martantll Peyton,
damliier of the late Col. W'm. C. Elin, of Dili e lly, ased 5 years,
Within Hie lax elfhteen nonlhi, mother, fathof and dti:iler
havebeea called from time to eternity.
COHEN has just received a lot of Cufl" Pins. Breast
pins, Earnngi, and Silver Spssns, which he of
fers to tell tow for cash. feb26-2t
os MAiit itft, i ths crxTSE or
THIS well known (land, which was formerly atept
by Withers, and also by Goggin & Brolherford,
having changed hands, is now kept by the subscriber,
wiiuuu puicuaaea tne inori property lanes una meth
od to inform hia friends snd tne public generally, that he
is prepared to accomodate all who may favor hi in with
a call and to furnish his table at all times with tbe
beat the market and country affords, and to spare no
pains to make bis guests eomtoitab'e while they may
make their stay with him. He deems it unnecessary
to say any thing in recommendation of bis manner of
Keeping a puunc neuse, navini naa several years expe
rience in the business, is satisfied to leave that to those
who have or may faereaDer patronite htm.
ti The 8tages for Glasgow and Hannibal leave bis
house every other day.
rf There is attached to the above House a Ai at rate
Stable, which is previded with Hacks, Buggies and Ri
ding Horses, of tne beat, for the accomodation of all
w.io may wiab to use them for pleasure or otherwise.
t.nt W. G. RUBY.
kHu:Uv:le, Feb. 18, 1852. feb26-3t
Hoe and Live t
Tift AND SHEET IRON Jhn'ifetory
Stove Warehouse, Wholesale and Retail.
P. A. HICKMAN, co oer of Main and .Bird
streets, ha recently bought out S. Goodwin h. Son,
and ha now on hand a large assortment of Cook
Stoves, Heatiug Stovea. and every variety of tin
wart, a supply of which wilt be kept constantly
on hand, by additions, a occasion may require.
Among bis assortment are the following Caok
51 ok a:
Queen ef Ihe Prairie.
The Empire State. , .
Irvine a:' Tight, (manufactured in Quincy,
Irving Air Tight; (manufactured iu Saint
Star of the Went.
The best Premium, (Pittsburgh.)
California Prenrium,((iiiinry.)
St. Louis Premiums.
Anrl nlli.r. nnl m.ntinneH.
Also A lot of Copper Ware, and Tin and Sheet
Iron Ware. All which are offered at reduced
prices for rrady pay. Country merchanta and
people generally, will find it the ir interest to ca t
here before purchaaing elsewhere, for I will sell
lower than any other bouse of the kind in the city
Old Copper taken in exchange for work.
Jobbing, of every variety, ia Tin, Copper and
Sheet Iron, done at the abortest notice.
febS6 6m P. A. HICKMAN.
""Look out for the Old Lumber Yard.
WELL seasoned Pine Lumber suitable for all build
ing purposes, can all times be bad at the Old
Hannibal Lumber Yard, which has been established 8
year. Tb proprietor deems it unnecessary to puff bis
Lumber to make it sell, or to say aay thing about ex
perience in the easiness except to those who never par
chased fiombim. He would remark that an experieuc
of eight years in the business gives the decided edvsn
lege over any other who never had xpriace bis
Lumber ha been purchased for cash and selected with
rare, from the beat mills in tb Pinery. Me-
.k.nia and other wishing to purchase Lumber would
r,A it in their ad vantaen to call and examine tne etoca
of Lumber and Shingles at the Old Lumber Yard be
rr nnrehaai.ie elsewhere. If you cannot get it for a
pic, I OS Btefai.taayiBl oaa get u aveuw aim e
belter artioje tor tue same money. ,ii.iu,nuiiiui,eui.
. n.t wniilAW aaah. -
e - , . t . .u 1.;. e:n ih. wm nf
IJ- ioir l luiari iiiv vik 'fs " wm
Third . between Bird and Hill atreels. ax out ior i
Sienol TtlOS. S. MltltR'S
VKA.wm1H HSA.lU9 Ho.
vaHiAiuiiiflii AU
Commission Merchants, and Wkclesala
Uewlere In Mquor.
A attnerior article of Double Keetified ni
XX wnialir w tu celebrated oiaca
U.inui Brand alwavR dn hand. ,
AIHO AgenU for Sails es Green ClariCed Cid
Vinegar. mjt
Tat Sale.
mACBEB fvliiMa eliv pio.nr will he aul ''
. Thai .'.ll.y. M .f IMUBi hllBWI l ihl S1
Ilia elly rf Hauaitial. aa out kil Nu. a. aoanwlh, Ita acru. aad
uu kkk era Uw aktlmt4 TiNieaue aiMSea Ae
ii. uxa& i.aii iu i - er.i.ait.B.
N. B. ra aauie will be eithanfe IU small dwainjn w aay
pari f HMlir- .....
26. 1852.
1851 Sprint Trad. . 1851
wiixun Noam. . . scott.
Wholesale Dealer In
BaoU, Shoes, llati, Caps and Boanats.
Malta Street, St. Loml. He.
RS9PECTFDLLY invite the attention of Merchants
visiting St. Lnuis, for their Spring and Summer
supplies, to their Extensive. Block of Boots, Shoe and
Brogans. Most of whieh have been Manufactured
to order, and Pnrehased of the Manufacturer direct
anti for eaah at very reduced priee. Also, to their as
sortment of Fashionable Hets, Cap and Bonnet, en-
uracing every variety a no jr-rice, 01 melr respective
Kinds. All beinr telt eled with Great Car, will be of.
rered te the trade, at ur usual Low Prieee for casta .of.
to Pronipt Men on the usual time. Tb assortment
-ill be foud wonhy an examination.
uer will command prompt anil Special attention.
St, Lovis, Feb. 81, 1S52. feb26-St
cAsino. Maariir. 1852. fwai. n. mati5
in nm at , s. Loi.., .
Ai fovcr f ricci than evct before offered.
Thi Pnrlnr we are receivinr the ierreaf and the ti
usorted Stock of Clothing ever offeredia thi marks f.
Our Goods thi season have been bought and manufac
tured wilb tbe greatest of care.
II . .i'! im .'
niiriiu 111 ii npnug running on a targe amount 01
.y.oiuuij at Tery email piom. Ana w are SatisAed
that we can offer greater inducements than ary other
house possibly can.
r we are determined to tell lower then any other.
No. 113 Broadway ) . C No. 118 Mam'atreet,
New York. J St. Louie, Mo.
Notice To Contractors. "
Plank Road from Hanmbal to JVew London,
"DROPOSALS will be received bv the underaiimed
J7 for the graduation, superstructure and bridging of
ma imuuiuui ana new ixnaon fiana Koan, until me
first Monday in April next, when it ia proposed to as
sign the work to the bidder or bidders, whose proposals
may oe approved ana most lavoraDle to trie company.
The length of tue.'Road will be about ten mile.
A bridge will be erected across Salt Biver, which
River is about 300 teat wide at low water mark .
Plana of tbe woik will be ready for inspection, at
me cuy 01 namiiDai, mo., oy in xuin oi Marco next,
Tbe Company desire that tbe Road and Bridge shall
be completed at as earlv a dav aa nraeticahle.
The directors rese rve the priviiree of declininc anr
and all bids, if in their discretion the interest of tbe
Company requires it.
Communications to be ad lrcssed. to the underslened.
aiine cuy ci naunmai, Missouri.
wm. f. SaMutL, Frest.
M26-6t H. & N. L. P. It., k. B. Co.
Successors to N. E. JANNEY at. CO., wholesale and
retail dealers in China, Glass and Earthenware, No,
34, Main Street, between Chesnat and Pin Streets,
St. Louis, Missooai,
rPRE subscribers once m ore call the attention of their
-a. Iriends, and all wbo are in want oi goods in tlietr
line, to the fact that thev are prepared to receive them
on the moat liberal and accommodating terms, and bave
u iiaini, and now arriving, a very large and well assort
ed stock of goods, ordered expressly for this market,
comprising the uaual varieties, and many articles not
to be met with elsewhere in thi city.
The long experience of our principal (having'beeei
thirty year an impoiter of Earthenware,) enable us
to oner unusual inducemementa as to variety and qual
ity of stock. Their stock conaiata in part of
C. C , blue edged, dipt, painted, printed, whit gran
ite, flown, blue and mulberry, earthenware
Pure white, enamelled, lustre, blue figured arid gold
band, English china; white, gold band, and decorated
French do.
All the varieties of American, eat, plain and press
ed glassware, of Eastern and Western manufacture.
German and Bohemian Glassware, a great variety.
English T. D. pipes; American pipes and pipe
A large assoitment of looking glasses, elegant ja
panned tea trays, of our own importation;
Brittannia coffee and tea pots, casters, pitchers, tc,
a great variety, of first rate quality.
A large and elegant assortment of Cornelius Jt Co.'s
eelebiated solar lard lamps, chandeliers, girandoles,
etc., gilt, olive and damajk.
Together with a great variety of articles, not usually
imported lor this market.
We are prepaied to offer a targe stock of goods, or
dered expressly for tbe Santa F tradr, on Unusally
favorable terms.
Assorted crates packed for the country trade, in the
best manner, krnt constantly on band.
Our goods are put up in the best manner, by careful
and experienced paeKers, and may De transported any
distance by wagon or otherwia. without ink or
breakage. We take pride in reletting to our old cus-
iOUK", as to our packing and tb good condition in
which o2r good at generally received. iaii and ai
26-2t B- U. MILLER CO.
We, the nnder3!nl having atd the St. Lonls
Kiw. mni,r.-tnr.rt 1,7 G. F. Fillev. of St. Louis.
and sold by Carter W. Bryan, at Hannibal, Mo., take
pleasure in recommending mem to me puonc, a supe
rior in point of draft, durability, eeono ny, conveni
ence and ease of regulation, to any stoves wuic h w
bave ever used :
John I. Ellet,
Geo. C. Foster,
Clias. W. Mills,
Henry Utterback,
Wm. Hawkins,
A. Ingraliam,
Thos. Coverdull,
P. A. Hickman,
Jesse Wright,
W. F. Kercheval,
T. R. Selmei,
John B. Chesley,
lVm. Eddy,
Cyrri Waiters,
T. R. Spencer,
Geo. A. Shortridge,
Bloomington, Mo.
J. C. Ogden,
R. Gnnter,
D. W. Wliite,
John McGlaughlin,
Hiram Blanchard,
Doctor N. Nelson,
B. K. Bryan.
Wm. Loean,
Israel Johnson,
John Fogan,
St. Lonla stove store! Carter W. Bryan,
Move dealer, sheet iron worker, coppersmith and
tinner, two doors North ot Brady House. Hannibal,
Mo., setts at wholesale and retail, stove and iin war.
at St. Louis prices.
I invite particular attention to tne rnxe r-remium
Cook stove, which has given universal satiafaclioa to
all who have used it. I warrant all my stoves for
twelve months, and if any of the plate bieak during
lhat time. I lumun new onea iree ot cnarce.
As I design remaining permanently in tuie place ,
tue public are aate in taxing my guarantee tor in gou
perlormane ot in stoves Kept D
fciiuiuiuv ai uw .ivi.o ..in
All my .love are manufactured of Miisoari Moun-
ain Iron, aud for goodnes of metal and beauty of
I. n.
they el any stoves mad in tb Weeteiaj
count r.. " '
I have constantly on hand, a aunply of TIN
WAKV- liiahirh I nartieularl iuvite the attantioa
of the eaunlrv traJa. aa the Quality of m war, and
tb prices, (ball g suca a to ushks iucw v u
ma min '
Uv m a cell, if you please, ana i win u my
' .... i ,,i
best lo render aiifaclion.
ja!il5tl CARTER W. BKI ACT.
Paloayra Avenue, llemnibal, Bio.
MANUFACTURERS or Engine, Few and
flouring Mill Machinery of every de-
ar-intion, Turaing Ialhes, (hors power), Ave.
Alt kind of repairing and Job worai eon iu braae or
iron. All tbt above work will be executed witn nia-
patch aud on as accommodating tstuiu can be
In the western country. -
the t'ogudiy. , . , , t- t'4
TDissclntioo of CopartoerstUjJt
HE copartnership heretofore existing HnAmi l
style of Bryan k Hummars, between Carter fr,
Bryan and Robt. W. Summers, is thit day dissolved hf
muttml consent. The bnalnsM will be eodocte4 in frt
tute by C. W. Bryan, who alone te authorised
settlements ol Ibe debt da to th above eoneenu
Camiss W. Bavsau
Feb. (lib, IBM.
DISSOLUTION. The eopartnerabip bereiror a'
istinj under the firm of Honevataa av Wllr.k
thi day dissolved by mutual consent. fell-lt
ft. v, lioHSTSiae.
Feb. B, lSSt. T J. Wneoat.
HOlSK WANTED. Wanted te rett,a eomrortaw
ble dwellinz house. Anv hereon bavinr etie sm,
cant between now and 8pring. will pleas inform tbe
uDKrinn. Aiso.wanieu lo Hire, a good negro uirs..
jsnltf i. A. Ikslss ) Co.
final Settlement
ALL ered ilors and other interested lo (be estate
G tor j Shuh'.t, deceased, are hereby notified thai.
I intend la main final settlement of at fctmimitratioel
of said estate, at the next regular term of the Shelby
uotiniy conn, io o ocgua ana neia at the court bono
ia tho town of Shelby ville, in the said county of hel- -'
by and filatt of Missouri,on the first Monday in Asrilt .
lebll-4w JAS. C. HAWKIM.ii"alort-
Final Settlement
A LL ereditors, sjid others, iorprejtetf.Jr. tht !( e
1 Jam a B. M'Cerd, deeeased, are hereby notited
that 1 intend to make final settlement of my administrat
'.ion of saiJ estate, at the next regular term of tbe
Shelby county court, to be begun and held at the eovrt
house in the town of Shelbyvtll, In the said county M
Shelby, and State of Mir eon ri, on (he first Monday isi
II 1 U. IVk I 1 1AO m. rDWru A .1
Ko TlTiriilmgery ! ; " ''"
TB. STEVENS, opposila the City Hotel, bas jaet
. received, in addition lo hi former itork, ltd
lergcm aciniiii!t i jawairy ever brougia to Manns,
bal. Ho iuvite hi euatemers to eah at I be abov
establUbment, wlier they will always find tb ricbeet
and most exlnsive aortment ot Watche and Jew
elry, Silver ai.d Plated War, consisting in pert of Gel4
and Silver Lerwr Watches, Braastnin, Karrincs, Fin-i
get Rings, Pencils, lckele, Gold Fob, Vest and Guard
cuaioa, srsceieia, uoid end Mlver bpec'.aclaa. Cent
Case, Silver Combe, Tea Pola, Castors, Caudle Stick
Accordeons, Guns, Shot Bas and Pouches.
Et" Good Watches of every description carefully re
paired and warranted lo keep time if well used or th
money returned. ... . marSOtf
THE eubscriber would return hi thanks to hi
friendii and the public generally, for the liberal pat--,
ronage heretofore extended to him, and trusts to merit -a
continuance of their lavorby car and promptness iar
filling aU orders for articles in hi line of business.
West main, between hill aud bird streets, Hannibal.
liovaT-'Sl D.J. GARTH.
A Splendid r&rm for Sale.
AN excellent opportunity, on accomodating terms, for
any on who wishes a bead torn nuUiene and a
good farm in a very healthy end respectable neighbor
hood, situated near West fcly Prairie, eight and a half
mile west of Hannibal, sontaining 3fl acre, SM ef
which is ia s high state of ultivaliaB, the rest 1 welt '
supplied villi fine limber, sueu e tbe various kind ef
ak, elm, kaekbarry, wild herry and papaw. A good
portion of thi land ia first rat hemp laud. The resi
dence, or farm house, ia on of the best planned and
best proportioned (a the neighborhood, although not
entirely finished.
Tb land i titaated oa tb mainly travelled road
leading to Pari and Centrevill, and there can be m
doubt tbat it is as good a location as aay in Marie,
arv-l rmf r.n a ;J
or George Scbrotei Esq., of Hannibal Missouri. '
TCSt. Louis Republican pleas copy weekly !hrV
times and lend bill to this office. ocJUT
Smith & Dick's New Family Grocery,
on Market street
THEY take this method of informing the citizen
of Hannibal and vicinity, that they have opened
a new family gtocerr store oa Market atreat. immadi.
ately north of the market bouse, where they intend
keeping all kinds of Groceries suited to the retail trade.
We intend keeping on band all kinds of marketing, and
will be pleased to see our friends at any time when they
want anything in our line. We have, and will cor.ti.
nue to keep Fresh Meats on hand during tb win tee
season, as we nave tbe best opportunity of purcha
aing Fowla, Vegetables, Ac, it will be to every man'
intereat to call and examine, before purchasing else
where, as we will have ererytfaing that can bg obA
taiued at the maiket house during the day.
. Bov27tf SMITH & DICK.
QUINCY FLOCR,tUbet and rarest always k
onhsodby T.R.8KLMKS. '
Wm. tL Hesser, M. XX
OFFERS his professional services to the citizens ef .
Palroyra and tbe public in general. Dr. H. solic
its prae ice in chronic disease. Hie extensive aequaia-Z
tance with Physiology and Pathology, and Ihe laws
and means of health, in connection with the best and '
moat satisfactory medical agent known to the prof
aion, enable him to furnish t the diseased superior
aid. These department of medicine receive hi pai- -ticular
study and practice. .
Dr. II. will keep constantly for sale, wholesale and
retail, Botanic iedicines, consisting of Select Pow
ders, Conserves, Oil, Tinctures, Baissma, Gum, Syr
ops, Ague Pills, Rheumatic I jniments, and , best of all:
vvmciniBicu .ficuicinvi, tue most popular ana rnctni
remedial meant ever offered to poor suffering humanity.
jvtfiucuce, nieiuoaist rarsouag, on Bradley street;
one door north of Mr. Lwi Btieby'i
jans em
Notice to the Stockholders in the Xla
nibal and 6t Joseph Rail Road.
NOTICE is ben by given that the Diieetera of aai4
Company have crdeied a tali to be maae ior five pey -cent,
of the stork subscribed, to be paid on the first
day of March, KsS2, at the otfice of R. F. Lakenaa, la
the cify nl tlJtiuibii, and at lhrpctiv Court Hoq
ses in the following counties, vis: Shelby, Maeon,
Utvtngston, uiun, Urunily, t;lilweU, irevi, V
Kalh, Clinton and Buchanan.
Dotte by order of tt Hoarl ef Directors, at their
meeting ia the city of Hannibal, on Ihe eiii day of No
vember, A. D. 1851. W. JOMCS, Secretary;
November "6, 1S3I. ,ir
Nora. This is the second ealt mad by tb Dirt.
tors. Those who have not paid the first call, ai r-
quested to do so immediately, to prevent the necessity
of instituting legal proceeding to collect tie aatouuL
Facts for the People I
THI. Apothecary will tell you where to get Rostrty a
lor tb cur of all manner f diseae 1 tb dry
goods tuerciiaut and tb Jeweler wheie to get all tr Jag
gaudy and gay, to adorn and beautify the ovtss na
The (irocer and confectioner will tell yod where , a
: . .L. ... ji: . . 6 '
mauriva aim uviutica iv paiiaij iiiv mvfli unii;ai laal
ine wine mercnaui win ten juu wnere 10 geir omehfr
that will rival Ihe palmiest day of Bacchus .that will '
make tb cripple caper, the lawyer bur h boka
light beada heavy, and heavy bead light yti aaak
millionaire el oegsari, neroa I cowat j, tnj ftr.
nam mere crave nut u ia my pieaaur a irIVI
.i ... Ik. iv. L... I r. . I -
I "tH. IH ,M lUlliK IWUlttl IW .MI,I1.H
i . . , . . , . . . . .' uu , wna
"! 4 "P b,,.lh' lh?. """ " . en I Th 8 ef
JVf-?0 omM 1t.oth "U M'1' Illour Dert M
,T .. TfTi - t - aoar W"Tb eer
- Ja 4 .itsaun.
A Farm tor SaleT '
rpiIK nnirn " Jt t public .ale, ti tk,
J. Court Home door, th J ,,r 1 " .
Rait, county, Miouri; to h.Mw7S
nrat niooaav oi iviarrp ,i .k--r.u t. : -
. . . .. iu. i. i aJiowa lataa ma. '
mwrlv m euniM hw r - . f . - lataa roe-
five mile west of f
'" - - joui eixiilT ai-r.. in .i.:.n . i
meadow. 1 b '.eoaiud.r orth, tract k Jll ZX. V
I there is a gooi. hewn Log Lfth .k"t'Ll'b?',,.
so all neeaseurr out bJii.fi. T.r"" ,0 I
fading Sr a,,,'. .td.ad,d"X pT. XTI
trees, y4 tj,er fruit tree ofdiir.r.,,t l 7..V.
abn 100
. tr u.i.i.i., " . - .'.ii. .
Ill C. Job. J, Yr ?, wbV . m ,''
... wi.. .ho. i, ,0 tojr-r
aud '
Un here i
. t. . good n-n t;huwi;. '
Poasesaion will V,
aale. oue-h!f ca.k P j Immediately. ri-rfar
badl snou'hs. TU - .a hand, the 'uaiaoce la twl
iTilteiudi- .ed wUen. 'a bmcbase woeey ' i4.
M uiaiiu. hbs-3M
. -WILUAM T. tiUlCJGS, tat.
ef Uosaar Bairwa, lo'd.
! t
1 1
. i
; l-
" f :.
X ;
Whof the r,pe,ne and
a. - - .w
- r .

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