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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1852-1853, April 01, 1852, Image 1

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fEltMS i -"One llolluy if palJ In Advance"; If not ; pilJ within Six Month, ;0ac Djltir anl 'Fifty.: Cents ; ; if cot p.iiJ nvilhin -Twelve Months, TWO DOLLARS
1 '!.'.
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;;.;;:;;:;:;.aii.ujLkijJ no. 31.
apent U)8 remainder of llie day in private com
munion, and with that firmness ami iloieitm
characteristic of th.e Indian, Dig Thunder gave
her his parting counsel, 1
tiurrit xii.
In the mean time. Harry returned to the vil
lage, , and . found the little inn where
ho Iwlged, m an unusual buttle Iv the
arrival of a party of travelers direct from
the mountains. Curiosity, a well as desire
to puss away trie day as quickly as possible
Imihujiicu iiurry 10 visit me strangers, aim lis
ten to their adventuret. With wonder and ad
miration ha heard them recount their travels,
but with aurpriae and joy did he toon listen to
the sequel of their ttory, niul when he waj pre
sented to the pide and delicate female who ac
companied them, he invohmtnrily exclaimed:
"Great God! it it, it it the mother of my
White Fawnf .
Explanation wai at Iced and given, and at the
reader hat already observed, the bow of hone
had once more appeared to overshadow the
brow ef the happy Emma. They all woited
waiTTt cxractsLT roa
TBI jspbsal Ana iimoi, it mabic.
, (Concluded.)
"Love! omnipotent love! thou reignest su
preme in the human heart, as well in Uie bosom
of lias wild Indian as in our own civilised
2r rules tba aourt, the camp, the Brora,
Aad Bmb below, and Saints above.' "
Thus toliloquiaed Harry Lathrop, aa he sat
in a wild sequestered nook, awaiting the np
peeerance of the White Fawn, who had appoint
ed a meeting in this lonely spot, tiiat they could
express undiscovered their devoted feelings,
1 . 1 . it.- ir i .. . i i
nu jorni uian. or iiw realisation oi uieir uear- r.,i. ... t - i .i j r .
'Willi ftlimnllt fair fill XJia tnnni nF .vtmnirtn
st hepes. Already was the pale-faced hunter jdose upon them, and faithful Joe flardy, who
auspected, and fear began to fill even the breast J was ever on the alert, proposed to go to (he op
ef Big Thunder, for he could not think of giv. tposite shore, Kid there wait the White Fawn a
in Uie child of the !orest to any but some n(i-ttPPac,'i . ' ... , . ' ' '
,, ... ... , "r or there s notellin' what may happca,"
ble chief of his own race. That "true love ne- iaU Iu!) ,., coge oft ,wi .nittcied,tie,,rerab.
yer did run smooth,' is but too true, and liar- ling dove when least expected, and from all
ry felt its truthfulness, when he reflected that ' you say, I don't like that War Eagle you talk
the summer had nearly passed away, and he,a?'1,"
had not yet attained the object of hi. love, for, L "ft &r'w d?rk,' t" Ilamr. aml
' , , J. . . , i i "is friend Charley, who had also returned from
. true to her adopted parent, she still waited, ho- his hunting-tour, repaired to the river, and
ping that some unseen hand would aid her in 'jumping in their little boat, soon crossed the
lissuadi'.ifir Bir Thunder from arivihir her to the I wil(I n(l turbulent stream. The stillness of
great War Eagle, who had returned full of glo
ry from the battle-ground, to claim her for
whom he had fought. She trembled when sftu
heard that he was ut the camp, and resolved, woods; then a scream of apony followed, wliic!
firmlv. to meet him as a sister, and onlv as such brought our heroes to the scene of action. Joe
' j .i...t..i i i
te ever be. That morning, he was holding a
private council with her father, who had prom
ised never to bestow her upon any, without her
own consent, and her grateful heart felt more
lhan ever that she could not forsake him in his
flown to the spirit-land, and she'was nil he !i,A n ,
liad to comfort him. With a sad and beating
Jicart she wandered along until she enme to
their hiding place, whers she was clnnped in
the arms of her betrothed husband, who loved
lier with all the fervor of a first pure sllVviim
ana a was nuiy reciprocaieti by Uie innocent , t, 8tood .. , , j , wllJ d rran,
creature who had awoke so tender a faaling in tic dc ir s,ie ,oon't?c(nere( ller.elf when
Ati. n . .1 .1. tiAitPf Vli . Ln.w 1 1 1 a Ak.lMII,jM nf . 1 . ....
in. i.uu.v .v. r, .... uin,m vi i.i.- r...iri ii.f i., Il.,rrv uilh lior.
the midnight hour reigned, and lent its mvstc
rious power to the scene, as they prowled along
the shore, listening anxiously for the sound of
foot(ers. Suddenly they heard a noise in the
TaixsLATiB raM me ratten,
IT LHt t. wivaia,
cutrtti i,
The Valley of Darnctal. The Poetry of Labor.
17S0. .1 Mjittriou Pertonagf. The young
' Girl. 'Th Bourgeois and tht Mousquctaires
Rotlget, A DvA nnJ a Smile.
Beetii Mont St. Catherine, at the foot, of
which It' would seem as if Rouen Itud concealed
itself through fear of the east wind, winds, like
a beautiful and cool oasis, the little valley. of
Darnct'il. It is one of those picturesque ra
vines Which abound in the country of Rol, wa
tered by a foaming brook, shadowed With pop-
Ian and studded with white houses, which peep
out in every direction among the masses of green
Situated at a hundred leagues from a great
city, in the Pyrcneos on the Jura, the valley of
Darnctal would have been the delight of the
painter and the tourist ; at less than a mile from
Rouen, it makes the fortunes of the industrious.
Everything, even to the smallest blade of grass,
breathes that poesy of labor and of steam which
should be as inspiring to rhyme as the reveries
of our lakixlcs. Among even the most ornate
landscapes of these gentlemen, no more poet in
view could be found, I will answer for it, than
that of the awakening of this valley at day-break.
While the dawn is by degrees lighting up the
summits of the hills, while the sky is yet ob
scure, while the verdure of the trees and mead
ows still seems durk, a light breeze chases a-
dashed onward, while the rest were close upon
Ins tootstcps, and, aided by the darkness of the
night, they were enabled to discover their prey
without bring seen. Harry, recognizing the
direction, and there stood War Engle, brand- log, Here ana uiere appear me roois oi
ishing his tomahawk, still wet with blood, and !h factories, the tall red chimneys, those obc
swearing that she too should die, rather than i!,sk of nuuetry, whence the smoke is already
bo the' white man's bride. But while in his ng, and the verdant and rosy-tinted sum
exultation, a shot was heard in the stillness of .mita of the poplars beside the brook. It is not
the forest, and with his sentence still warm up- 'y "na. llie bcll' w!thL ll,e,r "lYry cf',,
on his lips, the proud and revengeful chief fell ere summoning man to labor, as thoso of the
ililcless at her ieet. The parly tlieu groped on- ...
ward, and there, by the side of Iht murdered 'prayer. Very aoon tliose woi kmcn who are
a i . ...... . 1 l M .M.i..MV
ference when suddenly she blushed and east
down her eyes, '
This emotion did not escape die father who,
feigning to shake the ashes from his cigarette,
turned his; head and perceived, at a little dis
tance, a young mn proudly standing before the
mouqutairt$ rouges.- Saying a few words to
his duughler, in Spanish, that they might not be
understood by the numerous promenaders, he
carelessly approached the young man, ami ar
rived at the moment wliea be was dc lying, in a
voice trembling with anger; these) fine soldiers
of the King. The latter received his words
with bursts of scornful laughter, which (lid not
cease until an epithet, energetically cit)4iKiied,
waa ninrte in 'beir faces. 5y a simultaneous
saoTewent. they drew lsir worda uw their
imWf, At th aigtit ox steel, Uie witnesses
of the quarrel disappeared! but without recoil
ing, though' he had no arms to oppose to them
but a slight stick, the brave young man awaited
his twe adversaries, parried their double attack,
and at the expiration of a few seconds had dis
armed his most violent antagonist. The other,
recovered bis sang Irokl, lowered his sword al
so, and went away with his friend, after having
said these words t "
'You have just proved, sir, that yeu know
how to fight J tf . your birth, permits you tliat
honor, the Baron d' Ambreville and the Vis-
comte de Fontaine will be happy to meet you
at another time and place.'
Lk not reply, murmured some prudent oor
geou with whom the natural reserve of the Nor
man prevailed over anger. , But he to whom
this advice was addressed, seemed not to hear
it: all his faculties were absorbed in the charm
of a smile which he fancied he had surprised on
the rosy lips of the young girl. Stiah was the
joy into which thin illusion plunged him, that on
seeing the door 01 the hotel de JUourglherould, to
the threshold of which he could not help escort
inir her, close behind them, he thought, but in de-
j fiance of his senses, that the glance of the old man
rested on turn without anger, tins was enougn
to keep him standing all night before this. old
wav the mist, whose silver and vapory waves
gently roll towards llie city. As the wind die- YThe Hotel it BoHrgtherouldt, or a chef d' osuvre
of the Renaissance,
tht Proycr-Bodk,
Tht Green Ribbon and
'Because we" dared not look at eack other
What Uppened then?' .
'Will you be at indulgent and as kind to me
aibefortr-'"' - " ' - ' '
Ves speak.' , l"
1 saw, oh opening my book J V n , .l-l
A IcUerl' exclaimed the Spaniard, his eye
already sparkling. ,,:.. ,',4.. ,,
'no, rattier
'What then ? what did yotf e f exclaimed
he in a tone of tlnimleti . . , i - i 1
'A frrasn ribbon, at the ceremony of marri
'Ana inis rionon r
'r 'Here k Is, father V said Paqnerette, Wash- :
ngly drawing it from ber gurd'e.
The old man -chanted' hie tone and the ax-
pressicn cf hit countenance as if by enchant
ment : ..
Well, my" childl keep it yon may keep it.
Pray te the Madonna and those of your mother.
Ooth are in heaven, and wish only your happi
ness!' . .
And after lia.ine touched with his hps the
ingenuous brow of the young girl, the Spaniard
left the room, calmer than when he had en-
The next day, at eight o'clock, he entered the
Palace of Justice. -
(To be Continued.) .
'Wliere shall! find Death, that I may ask him
to restore U me mv little child ?' inquired an un-
hannv mother, on reach ine the abode of Uie
Kmir of Terrors. ...
He has not vet returned,' replied a hoary-
headed old woman, who was wandering to and
fro in Death's conservatory, which she had been
left to euard in his absence.
" - . - 1 A I 1
How didst thou una tny way nere r wno nas
helped thee ?'
Our Lord has helped me,' she anwercd ;
He it merciful, and thou, too wilt be merciful.
Where sliall I find my little child ? .'
I do not know, said the old woman; jana
thou, too, I perceive, canstjjot-sT Many
flowers and trees hive Vrithered during this
nieht, Death will come very soon to transplant
them. Thou must know that every human bc-
Kg has his tree or flower of life, as is appoint
ed for each. They look like common vegeta
bles, but their hearts beat. So be of good cheer,
nrdinnce thou mav'st be able to distinguish the
heart-beat of thy child ; but what wilt thou give
The Hotel de Bourgtheroulde stands on the
corner ui uie hjuuid iii wiiivit aiiw nwi-uckvi , o,
the 30th of May, 1431, disgraced themselves me, if I tell thee what else thou must do?
by burning Joan of Arc. - This -ferincetv man- '1 hv nothing to giv- M ih .weurnt
sion, a monument or the leuiuL'i-jiryanapor.i-
.v.. n . . 'V'.nllf "imilpr
. . mjm
I carry him awsy'lo thaf place which thou
knowestnot'r'i I . ( -
And the mother wrung her hands,f:ll npon
!ier knees, and pryed to Uie All-wise, All-merciful
Father. i ......
"Hear ra: not when I pray for what la not
Thy wilU-Thy will U alwaj a bcstl Hear me
not, Lord, hear me not I"
And her head dropped down upon her breast.
And Death departed, and bore sway her child'
to the ' Unknown Land. TKriin of JIam
Christian Jliuttrscm. . , . (
- - -
Raittle between 'nrnial'a ft'orce nat
Ihe Metifnns, .
Tlie American Flaz or Feb. 2& Buhl'iBhed ai
Drom-nsville, aays: Our town has been the thea
re oi tutense excitement, in reference to a re
cent battle near Camargo, between the forces of
Gen. Carvajal and the Mexicm troops, under
LGcii. Canalcs and Col. Cruai By the arrival of
thesteimcr Tom McK inner, on the 25th in
stant, we are put in possession of the result,
and we are truly rpjoiced to receive the assu
rance mat the loss of life was not so appalling
and disastrous as the Mexican official renort.
received at Malainoras on Monday and Tuesday
led us to aprchend. The report of Canalea ia
to Uie ctrect that the forces under Curve jal were
entirely routed end driven across the rivers San
Juan and Kio liravo in such confusion that an
immense number wee drowned; that forty
eight were found dead on the field, and twenty
four wounded. The account brought down by
those who were engaged in the battle with Car-
vajal differs very widely as to many important
details, but from what wc can gather, the fol
lowing embraces very nearly the facts:
On Friday, 20th, Carvajal crossed the river
a few miles below Rio Grande City, and march
ep slowly on toward Camargo. On Saturday
tiicy were met by the forces under the Mexi
can leaders at this time the forces under Car
vajal amounted to an indefinite number, raneinir
between two hundred and five hundred reports
differ so widely sixteen of whom wero Indi
an: also having a twelve pound gun, and a good
supply of ammunition. The Mexican force
charged on Carvajal with uncommon impetuosi
ty, with two hundred and fifty cavalry. On re
ceiving this first charge a large body oi larva
jal's men broke and fled in great disorder. The
lorce which first commenced the stampede are
said to hnvo composed the command or. Capt.
Nunez, and were mostly, if not all Mexicans
but in their progress they took with them many
Americans. These tied the held ana never dia
iIaw , nu...f.l 4 It j. mnnnffifllnrv. nn1 llit .liiLlrn
who with their little baskets on their arms, fol-
-War Eagle, and she trembled when she thought I UJ reiH,eU her g( of lh ,J ie .low them afar, repeating the .Ingtlus, will have
..f 1... Mv.n(iFnl lnl.ll n nA tli. jla.n r..lmn ..f ... . . ... . . . .0iiinn( lli.ilfl Inn r llmn.rl Whll .ml
- .1 : .1...:. i.l 1. r I..
lorut lino inr air iiiwu uiuu. vuiuiiiiip ui
of his revengeful spirit, and the deep feeling of
Iiate which he bore the whites; and she had re
volved to beg Harry to make his visits less fre
quent, and more guarded, for already was the
xlnrk and vindictive nature of War Eagle arous
ed when he returned and found the White Fawn
unwilling to receive him as her affianced lover.
""Dear Harry," said blie, ''I come to bid you
Tarewefl for the present; a dark and dismal
vprrit -surrounds our path; a cloud has obscured
the bright samshme ef our love, and we must
wadt twe taddrftg et the Great Spirit to dispel
It from mt lpa(1i-way. At this moment the
War Eagle is holding council with my father;
iis jealousy is Cearfal, and already he hates the
pale-face. Vengexme las will have. He has
told me I shall never be flie white man's bride,
and I tremble when I think of his powerful
She had started, accompanied by Biir Thunder,
to meet her lover, who had determined, as the
reader is aware, to give her up with his own
hands to the one whom sho prelcrred, when,
boiling with raged the ill sucoess of his confer
ence with the old chief in the morning, the
treacherous War Eagle hod watched their steps,
and pursuing them to .the forest path', pounced
upon inem, ana Killing ne oiu cuiei wuu one
blow of the tomahawk, had, as he thought, se
cured to himself the White Fawn, when, by
the foresight of Joe Hardy, she was rescued,
"for he could not remain quietly on. their own
"Tiiesi fly with me, dearest. Why linger
... .... ,1. . . T
the wheels of the hydraulic machines will vom
it their sheets ot roam, the arms ot the slumber
ing looms will resume their motion ; and in this
valley an hour before so - calm, at sunrise all
will be noise and activity.
In our days the fever of industry does not
cease except on Monday : seventy years since,
it was quiet the day before. The Sabbath was
then religiously observed ; in the first place be
cause the Norman is born with a reverence for
religious worship ; in the second because gov
ernment then enforced the authority of the
ic ta.le ot
Francis I
mi. Srrn from the lunar'."
ii.: i..j"uo,
nuwi iivtiiiiiv mnipiai
cious tower,
by Guillaumc oalr,C-v4 lord of
Idi, and the Aot wftmU,
- ' .1.- .-3d to the '....
This ...
winch tradi-! mu ' ,UT"T
makes the prison of Joa: "lBl ,a,m. "ts interi
or disnlavs all the charmi .... . ll thear-
i ; ... I :c rcn uis uoai i
ncis 1.
chitectural raagnificencn
puasicrs, auorucu wuu ou- . . juiich i
and Henry VIII., with tl Hstnl mate,coni(rlc
.y . .... . .inofi Hip' .
tion of tins building, a daU' , . ' , tetidus in
f.i -i ... " .i., ins
yem liave folly paid Uie debt of grati
tade yen owe your adopted parent, by your de-
otion and kindness, ami is dui rigui mai yuu
should return to the land of your fathers, and
in ni niih the one vou love. If vou remain, it
Will only involve us in fresh troubles. We
ean soon cross the river, and a few hours will
find us far away to a civilized and happy
'I must see him who has been to me as a
father, snce again. I liave grown, a pale flow
er, nurtured by his love and kindness; he has
fjuided my steps, and shielded me when a help
less child, and the Great Spirit, who sees us,
ad knows all o.ir actions, would never love us
.... .. . r.t &it :r ......
train, U 1 should prove ungraieiui. nu! t"
wish the glory of love to encircle the while
anen'i home you must take the White Fawn
pure and spotless, and not bearing the dark stain
4 ingratitude upon her innocent heart. I must
first see what is to be the reeult, and then I
will follow and obey my husband. Go! stay
n lnn..r hut tn-nii'lit. when all is hushed and
still, be in waiting upon your own shore, and
70U shall sea t he iillie canoe of the While Fawn
ioming to meet yoa. Many are the tiince I
liave crossed that turbid stream, and you need
kave no feats."
Thus they patted; he te wait with fear and
Me embling, the result of hia wild adventure, end
ehe to diacovet the isaprcaeiou made by the War
Eagle uaon Wr father.
A'hea ehe et bias, th old chief caught her
4A lile l.re.it. and ia wotda of tenderness and
love, tdld her his determination, and mi greai
disaleasure at the feelings tne young cniei imu
evinced. "Big Thunder," said he, "will not
prove false to his trust. The Great bpirit, w ho
wave me my little Fawn, would frown upon mc,
nd shut out forever from my pathway the light
u.,irh is to euide me soon through the dark
hinitin-cround. if I were to 1
Vnueath her to one in whose breasl the darkest
passions alainbcr. The War Eagle hos this day
worn vengeance upon the pule-faced hunter.
The voieo of Big ThnJT has grown weak, and
Ids arm powerlese, ad the while man shall
V.v. W,t rights. Sean 1 shall be called away.
ndif von wish to return to the laud of your
fathers. I aill take vou, and with my blessing,
offer yeu to Kim who lea promised to nrotvd you.
You must go forth n more alone, for the War
' IWle awaits his prey, and this night we will
' fly to Uie opposite shore, where 1 mUit leave
forever In this world the child of tnf heart." r
' Tie White Fawn shed tears of bitterness to
think of the separation, but thinking that soon
he must leave her alone and desolat e, and ho
oping to meet him again, she consented to depart,
Jiopjy to do io with lit approbation. They
as the 'ted devils' abound." It was hard to per
suade the affectionate girl to leave the dead body
of her adopted father; but, as necessity urged
it, she at last was carried to the uoat, anu soon
found herse'f in the arms of her long lost mother,
whose existence had ever continued to linger
around her mind like the remembranse of some
sweet dream. But, of her father, she knew
nothing, but instinct taught lier that parental
love which endeared him to her, ana in her lu
tuuM istv, . ni over eigntT men, who
mother, 'but X will go to the end of the world at stood the onset, repulsed the charging party, br
thy bidding.' the discliarge of their gun, double loaded with
'1 want nothing irom tne ena ot me wonu, cannistcr, making great slaughter inrougu tneir
said the old woman; 'but thou-eonet- give- meWranks. The charge was repeated three differ-
thy long black hair. Thou must know well cnt times with like result. After this, the
inai u is very oeauiiiiu, n jjict- mo jmexicau lorce reiircu anu crosseu ne can juan
ingly I Anil thou canst have my white hair in river; also, about this time the remaining force
exchange; even that will be better than none.' 0f Carvajal left in small parlies, it being now"
'Dcsirest thou nothing further ?' returned the eleven or twelve o'clock at night, and quite
mother; '1 will give it tnee rigui wiumgiy.- dark, lu a few hours from that time the battle
And she gave away her beauluui hair, ana jnold was deserted by both contending parties.
received instead the thin snow-white locks of When it became known to the Mexicans that
Ilia nl.l wnmnn. And lllCV entered Death's Vast Pairv.inl KnI IpFt. Ihpv nlnrnl .nil tnnk mh.
1 ' t. ...... 11a.... .ml i.mi nr.w in I - . e . I l : . l .V.! .
wonderful order and variety. There were del- l0pponcnts having left their only gun, ammuni
icate hvacinths nrotected by glasses, and Uion. wagons. &c. The Mexican General re-
I a I 1.1... : Tl. .a u'i(.r ! i 1 1 1 1 1 i . f
plants, some looking quite fresh, some sickly ; Itaken at the same time.
water-snakes were clinging about them, anl I CJ. Ovid F. Johnson, in making his report
black crabs clung fast by the stalks. Here i t r n
JiCi rihn-trees. oaks, and to the Adjutant General of Carvajal forces,
. . .t mien anu uai-rcutTi, a uv umm uunuiiikc lunm in vi vs us. ' .
motives more or less pure, set the example.- . On the fWit it nlantains: vender clustered the humble parsley says:
valley ot . . . i..n : ...,l rr.n.nt il,,m. Not a tree, net a flower. I . .1 i i . . i ....
arnetal, now so noisy, presented, during M..u nia'm . nnY. ,n.
, as I have already slated, all
. . . i ins i;jju-C-- ;.i
gracelul characters in tut . ics w uu
which the walls are embellished-." iii every di
rection the eye rests with increasing admiration
on the escutcheons of the arms of France and
the salamanders of the chevalier-king, on the
Pluenix of Elizabeth of Austria, his second
shore, but foresaw (in hi. own language) the i.'nenl '.n e"" 2 r , Z' wife' ,k1 t,,e ornMnenU which dcoratc tl,c Pl
. ... x . " . 1 . ' j 1 iiipnh atid lkans-fiiiA tli mnn ui nnl nrr i. from ' 1 ... . ......
lieceftsitv of their nresence where such demons r-"i ... ' llaiten hnd bai-relicft. Ihcmnin builuinirrormt
0 r. S ... . Inraai n l9fS A lAatel HUM m.0 YIIH HVinnll f. .
tragic death ot her adopted father.
. ...... U.... ,1 .1 nintur. nf nrnhuiml 111
..LCu.. rT-i.T. -:..: Oriental dci
pose ,0 I. " ' " !r!..i !.:,i!. W" "AI M Ithe South
vards. the ihiiIis bordered by hawthorn
i . . i ....... i . .,.. . .1.. ...
i f c. c 4i. n.i.. .V. r 1 1,. could furnuh of rich and
r i .. i i. " 1 1 .ii i f.,i.... r r,..- lavished on the decorations
Those of the parish St. Maclon, little
Ait into a gallery with lofty arches, in and fragrant thyme. Jot a iree, net a iiower, w,
sh style of Chambord ; and a tower of jbut had its name, each corresponding with a hu- Jm(fn k j
csign, gracefully rises at the left, in man life; the persons whose nametr.ey bore, jmvsejf
western angle. All that llie brilliant lived in all countries and nations on the earth; (of .
. V liirhtncss of La Renaissance could devise of cle- 'one in China, another in Greenland, and so forth. L, '
srance. all that soulpture applied to architecture 'There were some large trees planted in little jutteg an(1 was not irt tie ott;oa Bt alJ. The
miuiiiuciiu- .1..;.. j i .nas-reiieis. r
ture happiness sho sought consolution for the , . . , :.i. c. m .X. 'i:T.i. tails the famous in inter
now to dwell UDon the Dast, poor Werner
cd to leave that spot as soon as possible, and
reach his own na'ive home, for he could not
fell assured that he was once more in posses
sion of all his treasures, until far away from
the scenes of his early trials.
No time was lost, and exchanging her Indian
t ..... 'noise
aiIi aF tA Yliiiimi liil nnf full, mmpfllutpl V
i nuiiu vi ..v. - -1 -
after mass
Cloth of Gold, are
magninceni,nave tieen ;pois, so uiai weir rum. '(;ar,s0 ipics were
of this hotel, f ive irees memseives rcauy 10 ui. v..k fit, but speedily
in their slightest de- pots; on the other Hand, mere : was many a weu- ,-veu(y o lhe
iew of the Field of the jly tiny herb set in rich mouia, wun moss iai 10- first ra-n awa ea
narticular v remnrkab e. Tver its roots: and the mmosi care .nu .,. ..... -
We had,
only two hundred and forty-four men Of
the Mexican squadron was acting a vin-
old Kouen, did not fail, iinmediateiy , - ;.,-', execution would do bestowed upon its preservation. And the grie-
S'K l'i:! . ng mothe7 bcntPdown over( all t tiniest
diligent as they were, they found already on the
velvet lawn the jNorman magistrates anu tne
clerks of the Rue Grand Pont. Agile as kids,
At Ihe hour of our leaving the young adver
... ... i i i l : ... I :
. , . . d.. .u me.e nnirci. were uuiicu i
the young people seemeu 10 nave wings 10 ny ui , ,7 , J 1 .1 . i 1 ...... 'r .1,. 1
lLr.:,g P W'ith what obiect? You would IigM glimmered in the third story of the I
... vat 11
,l.ir.h ,r snsnended garlands of flowers gath- ing down on one side, sickly anu leeuie.
........ r o .... m .t..i. .j K- flnu.r ' ..ui tne ou woman. !. . .;ll
1 -louuuirain. . - - - ., mtaniry, riucmen, auu mnmcrrmcn, wua
'But place thyself here; and when Death shall The Verge number of
J . . : tl..... m.ifYur
come 1 expect mm every iiiiuuic ...
him not to tear up the plant; but threaten to uo
nlanls. in each ono she heard the pulse of hu-
7 .
sary of the nxousqwtairet rousts on the square, man life; and out of a million others sue uisun-
uurieu in ouscurny . a gin3 mo n...
iliere 11 is 1 crieu , imnung -
..... . . n .. 1. 1 -I . ..... I.
nvn . niiin bine crocus iiower wiuuu w ii-i-c-
........ . i , nlllll.cr I 1.1V. IB 1 1 II I . Uliuilll.a M WHIIU w.v. ' - - - .
ii- l,.: il.. nave rcauiiy iiivuieu 11 tumu , mt ran w
ffarb for one more civilizid end becoming, the 1 1 ., : 1..
SVhtie Fawn w.a soon transformed into the P"?, f ; ""xl ,0 8 n ' ' ered in th. green field? of Darnet.l, the young
graceful and beautiful Emma Lathrop, the wor- "" V , " "'.' ' J .,. ' bu,ieat of an old g'rl, P'ously kneeling was repealing her prayers.
Shipped bride ot her husband; and a happy bri- IJb'Sf 3 ?"m ! & in alow voice, mingling with ...em
dal narlv was soon ourneying eastward, to nnu i.- ' ,r. . u.i.. :,i.t some murmured words in a still lower lone, sue
tlitre a home ot quiet and comfort. Harry de
termined that the parents and their child should
never again bo serrated, and consented to leave
thegiyand fashionable city of New lork.
Purchasing a beautiful villa on the borders of
the Hudson, the all retired to the luxury of
domestic bliss. Proud of the natural acquire
ments of his wife, lie employed the best of
teachers to accompany them, and but a few
years had passed away, when the elegant and
accomplished wife of Harry Lathrop could
scarcely inane ner irienu. ucuco nu.
ili Whit Fau n were one and the same. Her
. ....
111 the commencement 01 tna
ran away or skulked. About
second battalion, and four of the
rly in the action; lhifty4wo
rounded, and a considerable
number were secreted in the chapparal under
the river bonk. The number of men actually
engaged in the fighi and by whom the Victory
was gained, very little exceeded fifty. The
number of the enemy, from the most authentic
information 1 could obtain, and upon which I
Ifullv relv. was about 700 men, 300 oF whom
(were civalry and lancers, and ihe remainder be-
L"T",,.f" 5 : S E;. T,::1- and found herself in the presence of her .0 ty . uie '
uoivucr, uii m iiihj J 1 "" ., 1 ... v 1, ..(..! and hllnl r or lie Will nv 10 w
turn., and a cigarette, an object of surprTse and flher, who motioned to 1 her ta be seated, and hunl t or e w before the Al-
a supVrMitiou. fear to the whole population of remained .tun.lmgr befo eh er Wghly ha. riven permission.'
Rouea , but rather that of the young girl who I If (ZV$? IZTmSl i Buddenl, . icf-cold breaU. awe.pt through
aacu.nnied him. and of whom, it was suid, he , nnunced Puquerette.) 'Psquita, enaww me I s 1 p y J JJcglh
Mr at limsl VMI I1U.V IMI1 lUMi UUHV aae. ...
"Weep, stistner, fcra father spille!
From a stg-cosli, and thereby kille
His name John Sykesa insker ofsastenfers,
bUin with Unee ether eutsiJe psisengws."
- il. r..lttAate f.a ir ItslldP Anil M Iw, ivn.itU .lv this the
W IMIKI , .."v ....g r j ,
aflirmed respecting this personage, a strange . fc
and mysterious problem for Norman sagacity. . ',. t m3 w"'ri "e rrpucu, . - j
10 llie exquisiiB uencotT ui iviin w.i.vi. v..-.- o . . , . .,
f Amliil.i.in. the vouiiff here nave you mci i..m r
V7, " " .1 " ""1.::" '.1 ,.. At tha church, mv father.'
girl Ulllieil llie siaiurc, mo w"p'"h rt . . - a,
L-..r.f ,.l ..ir at the women of the Pavs de Caux. 'Has he spoken to you ?
Her sparkling and brilliant glance was truly
the reply
has never
a few mo-
erred, but
young man
we have ae
"i.i. i.-i.:. 9 I...,.;... . .ujr An Anier.
,ul glossy Uwds,. ... - -.-r-: " . !?" c. u. - it.. .t the door, and
lu their admiution, the peopUbad bapusea , m ""'"'J ,irHi 1 do
her after their own fashion, calling her 1 i '! ? "V.!. : k....TJ.t i.ni nn P.lin-Sundav
Pearl of Rouen; and this title, a though not on T I dared
rchinent, woe as nmuspuieu tno cnri ! (- r.S .... . ..... unMltf. This
of Uie Aiarcmoness ot taucarii , j v - . ,r .
.book, as you know, waa Uie oaly relic of my
a I
t . full nmnlv renaldfor all thrOUlfll -
""1'1'J I""" ' . ii i Snanis l. Ihe sweet smne on ner un we. i . . ,,. .., . . .
1. l.,l nn..od. and none felt Droudur .H01" Jl J. v L.:.i.. An almost unintelligible 'yes was
rm iti.ii ais 1 s . iik.t r TVnsmnn tr rainer a a nur'iiiiia iiiesii.i(, lie o .
...,1..;. ...l.i;.,n il.n iheir kind o d frienl ln" " t'"' ', ." :,..: .7.1 1" . .Hw does that hannen. since he
u ...v.. ., Wlether sue wore in ine neius viie uign uvii- -
Joe Hardv, who, in his declining years, would ' b . k inteiubie6grace, ele-' Upokw to yen ?'
take her little one. upon hi. knee. ml tell them try, ,p,red at the village 'My, f,' id Paquita, after
that their pretty mama was once a W., ,e$ fij fc k j men. .; ence, pardon me M have
1 I It .1 J II t. nva w.a - "
Ono of the newspapers, in notoing the death
of a ladv. says; "Providence saw good to en-
- . . .. 1 .1 .
compass her with many sorrows; ana men
goes on to state that she had 10 children, and
72 graud-childrena ' ; ''-- 7 1
Since Louis Najoleon has ordered the Frencli
coins, shall wear a medallion head cf himself ,
it is supposed that lie intends to stand "the
hazard of the die." ' ,
historical arms
vllle. .
Ferhans. twil it been necessary 10 nave ue- ... .
femled her, sword iu hand, Uie young girl might --V'r .' " " w
. . li i i ... itiiiu l.iiiliina' evvav a tear.
have founa more uin one nooie cnampion, . r . - - . . . wh. .
11.. nl...nnl Imts indl u mti ruffles of the soT- muii, mr in, ....-g. j- ., ,
.'. 1 . . - r. a... .1.-. ra..r.s.mduv. l found mv Dmer-oooa
nera auracieu nu more in nuin m . . r:
' . ... . u .
on my
'How hast thou found thy way hither?' asked
he. '1 low couldst thou arrive here more qmca-
ly than IP'
. .... 1 . . ...
1 am a motneri was ner Mn
I will tell the names of the two flowers
which thou wert about to pluck, and thou shall
... rvlMnreit in the well their whole future, the
entire course of their human lives. Thou slialt
see all that thou hast yearned to destroy.
And she gated in the well; and a lovely sight
... in hnw one' of these lives became a
blessing to the whole werld, to see wliat a sun
shine of ioy and happiness it uniuseu aroumi u.
. . . . l-m a Il .11. & I K.a
And she beheld Uie uie ot uie oiaer, -was
sin and jorrw,. mitfortuue and.ut misa-
"Both are God's will" said death. ,
"Which of them is the flower of Unhappi-
nest, and which the blessed and bieig uf
inquired she. , rj.-.v
That t will not ten mrr, - ;
"butUiia slialt thoulcara from
them waa the flower of thine owacy.
hast saeu Uie destiny, the future of thine own
cniuu ....... ...tiu
.1.. 11. .hrivaeil out wuu
shots fired by the enemy was six to our one.
..... ' . . . a a a
It is believed that about three Hundred ana niiy
. . . 1 .t.- .11 1 1 .L
cannon shots were urea on me iieiu uy uum
sides. The battle lasted from two in the after
noon, till half pustfour, wkenJJie enemy broke
and fled, after spiking two of his guns. He
did nit hull an instant iu ihe city of Camargo,
but rushed through the town, and iu such trepi
dation, that I am assured some twenty or Uiirty
of his cavalry were drowueu in ne oau jubu,
as they plunge 1 iu to escape us. The enemy'a
u.ss iu kUled ana wounueu
over a hundred, and among the number were
eight or ten othcers of rank in ine armj.
Then '
the perfumed wig. and gold sntUT-boxea of looVed at the yoilngm.nf '
7wo'mm.ouWeV roufi, euartered tvith 'With er.titu.le, father." ' '
a : t.TT-... .nrii. 1 'Ana DA the ehurch, youf evea again
ding Iheir- toouaUeKeai attd rcei on (he ead- ml? . .- ,. ' -
ows of Darnel., had passed and t-paaaeJaev.;N J .O-
eral titnee. without reus'ni her from ler Indil- 'nnyiiotr .!
0 " ' "
"Which of the two is my ciniar iau . -.
Save ihe innocent, childl Release my child
rwmelllnii wiMryt;. Rather bear it away
. . r. L!.,i,m( Fuieet rav tears;
uear 11 imo jw t -o-.1 v IV . .t...
tV my entreaties, ana an t .
"I do not
Wilt thou, hay thy c
The Telegraph to be Superseded. A wrilar
in the Boston Transcript say. that an invention
ha been perfected, ia that city, for transporting
the mail with almost telegraphic velocity. By
this apparatus, he says, maila of anv weight may
be transported betwe different places New.
V or k to Baltimore say in fifteen minutes . This
dune, the telegraph will be superseded but we ...
wait tor ne" proof. T be editor ot the Transcript
is inclined to put confidence in it- He says
rVe had an opportunity this morning of ex
amining the above named invention, ana we
. . " . 1 I . I ..VI .yt K.
could see no good reason wny 11 eiu.v. .
practically successful. We are not ai uwnjw
lay much upon the subject at present, but the
experiments which we withered were I a
character to inspire confidence in the
the principle, applied even 10 . uie . ww
..:iA .. ' ' R.lt. Patriot.
Ul.C. VI uwv, ' -
The nuptUs of Earl Grosvenor, son te the
Marquis of Westminster, with hia cousin, the
liadf Caroline Levisen Gowr, daughUr of the
itrvalics.and aUthatl luvaone. 1 Duchm, 0f Sutherland, have been
;SS'SlfSck igl shaUlfixad to take VUce .UoiHy afte, Csto. .. .
s I
.-.a - -9
: . t
5 1
A-. '; f
1 1.
i ii t; t
i -
- -r ! 1
3 l
1 V
'I i
.... -
4 V
V.. . "w ' ''""
',' ,
." 'v

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