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TlttnSD AV, i t f j i V APHIJ. B, I8C3.
JJ"Tlic Hunnilml and KeW London flunk
Itoail and Jlriilg Company lias Jet (he contract
r building the Bridge over Salt River to Mr.
G. IlAnatsoir, t )Jil3,500. Tho bridge and
ronti are to uc completed nt farthest by the lOtli
of December. . ,
Political Whirligig.
"I would rotl.cf nt in council , with tlic six
thousand dead, who died of chdiera' in St. Louis,
han with audi a gang of Scotnps and Itottcns'.
Benton. . ' , i
i 1 " " r . - 1 1 - . . !
'I am personally and politically the friend
of Col. Bontpn; I am opposed to the Jackson
resolutions; I denounce those Democrats who
voted for GVyer; I approve the Resolution on
llic Might 'of Instruction, us drawn up by the
JFranlfln eouiity Benton Dcmocrncy.- Buy. .
"Woo""' never lupport Benton under shy
circumstances" Courier of lot! fall.
In the face of thin solemn declaration, the
Vurier of lust week '"unhesitatingly" and nn
Gdtisliingly "pledget Ids support to Bay." We
presume lie thus pledges his support to Benton
through this satellite, because his Bible teaches
liim to love his tntmiet; for Benton hat not
changed hit principles or ceased, or modified, or
lessened the violence and malignity of his ha
tred and abuse of the Antics. We congratulate
the Democracy on this new evidence published
In their organ, of tenacity for rmn ir-Li; Tor,
upon what occasion have tho Antics neglected to
declare that they were separated from tho Ben
ton wmg by principle? who is now breaking
down this partition wall of principle? They
blazon it abroad that tho Whigs have no princi
ples, and proclaim lo idly that the Democrats
Jilone have such things; yet when the glitter or
office comes in view, all their boasted principles
vanish like mist under tho sun.
Below we give a synopsis of several import
:ant Ordinances, passed by our city Council and
-approved last week:
An Ordinance to prevent the erection or wood
en buildings on the space between Ruck and
tChurch street, mid between the river and Fourth
street. The penalty for violation of this ordi
nance Is fixed at not less than $50 or more than
$150. And a furtiier sum of 20 for every
day more than ten that such bnilding or part of
building shall be suffered to remain after the
builder shall be convicted of erecting the
An Ordinance authorizing tho Mayor to bor
row $25,000 at six per cent., on not less than
ten, or more than twenty years time.
An Ordinance authorising tho Mayor to pur
chase fojr hundred slwres in the Hannibal nn.l
New London Plank Road and Bridge Company
An ordinance to levy a special tax of one
'fourth of one per cent, on the real estate of the
city of Hannibal, for the purpose of subscribing
to and improving roads leading into the city.
An ordinance making it the duty of the City
Engineer to let out contracts for improving, gra
ding, curbing or paving, as may be directed by
the city council, and nfttr the work shall have
been completed, lo apportion (he costs among
the owners of the lots bordering upon the street,
lane, avenue or aUcy, so improved.
. An Ordinance to provide for removing the
obstructions in Palmyra Avenue.
An Ordinance to provide for (he guttering,
curbing, grading and paving of the west side of
.Fourth street, between Hill street and Palmyra
Frcro the St. Louis Intelligencer's Telegraphic Dis
, ' - patches.
Jirrtaso.f Citv, April 5.
The Democratic State Convention met at 10
o'clock, a. Mi, at the Cupitol. About sixty
counties represented at the convention, organ
ized temporarily by the appointment of Mc
Dcurmon.from Cooper county, as President, and
Uravcs as Secretary. Alter calling me coun
ties and receiving the names of delegates, con'
yentibn adjourned until afternoon.
P. M. Session. The convention permanent
ly organized with the following officers: John
VV. Kelly, of Holt county, President; Gustavus
M. Bovver and A'rs Hudspeth, Vice Presidents;
Henry A, Clover pud Win. B, Stark, Sccrcla-
The foregoing officers were unanimously se
looted by a committee of Hcnton and Anti-RiMi
ton men, and their report unanimously accept
On motion, a committee of two from each dec
Joral district was appointed by (he President to
report upon the credentials of delegates, and al
so a like committee to adjust and report a b"is
f representationion which the votes of tho del
egates from the several couulies should be
The above committees, composed of fourteen
each, were constituted equally of Benton and
Anti-llcnton men. An excellent feeling pre
vails, and harmony will probably result. Con
vention adjourned.
A heavy snow storm in the morning. In the
evening the clouds ..cleared and tho skies arc
. r
; ift ft. Jntfulrer, ,
Hurrah for Keunett and luipro vciuent!
M Ills Ticket TriHiupUuul!!),
We have the grftat satisfaction t announce
Uiis inoruluir, tho triiiiniihant success of our city
liokot. with one siuelo exception. Our returns
are compete and olllolnl, except from the Frst
yVaril tu return from wlucu it was iinpossi
Llo for us to obtain, up to the hour of our eo'inr
to press this moruingai We kept tlie paper back
until fully satisfied Hut we could not possibly
Ket them for this morning's issue. From tlie
, . - ..i.i r.. ,-
UCl inioriiiaiiun no t""iu piuvurc, vjkii. tot-
wtt't majority iu the First Ward is ubout eight
hundred, This, with the returns given in next
coluwt, rc-clcofs Afayor Keskett by about six
"iiundrcd majority.
Tho Council, It will be seen, is equally divi
ded in Luth bunches. Although this is oruc-
what to be regrolled, yet the great pfmcfjJi in
yolved in the late contest is conclusively settled
in the handsome and decided nwjorty given to
ir. mxNETT. annuity Is now fullv commit
ted, by the Vote of lirf rMtUrjl.s,"tot,no wise and
oeiicnccni aysiem ui improvements with which
the tiome of her chief executive officer is iden
tified, Tho Bross slanders and perversions
WhMl have been so rutlilnxlv rlimntml r-.,:,.i
i.... ....... .. . .. ' ..
mm imiiviuunny, ootn personally and as the
"embodiment" of that tvstcm. have received
Just rebuke in tho majority given to him, which
so far exceeds (hat of every other candidate.
The limitod number of votes received by Mr.
Cmi.ti prcclinh-s tlio- supposition thai Mr.
Kkhwett ewes his large majority to the fact of
that gentleman's Leing a candidate. Indeed, it
will be seen, that Gen. C'okwat ran far behind
his ticket in every ward. ' , ' ',,
We regret to add; that Mr. Recorder Dro
hertt is evidently defeated. A meritorious
oflioi r has been omitted from tlie list of thesuo
ccifnl candidulcs; for what reason,, we ore (o
(ally tinublo (o say.
0"Wc received yesterday a private letter,
which, os is the oaso generally, when ladies
write, is much taken up with gossip about the
fashions. Wc don't know anything about these
matters, and therefore take the liberty of pub
lishing extracts from it, for the entertainment of
our female friends, to whom wc are sure it will
bo interesting :
Saist Lofts, Sunday Night,
' - - April 4lh, 1852.
I have concluded, among other things to
write you a letter, to assist me in getting
through the day, (it being a rainy one as usual,)
but do not flatter yourself it is for your amuse
ment, for I assuro you it is entirely self-interest.
I sec your paper weekly, ond read it with
much interest, and among other contributors find
"Crux" one of the best, and as he gives you all
the public news and gossip of our city, I, for
your own private use, that you may render
yourself as agreeable as possible to your lady
acquaintances, will enter into the difficult but
important explanation of our summer fashions,
that, you know, being as interesting a subject to
us, as a horrible murder, or an elopement among
the uppcr-tendom would be to you. You so
seldom have time to visit, that you slioirld make
yourself very ogreeablc which is more than
gentlemen always do. I know youtobe (with
out exception) one of the most absent persons
in existence, but nevertheless, taking it for
granted that you know one article ef dress from
another, I will at a venture endeavor to enlight
en you with regard to the fashions : Open straw
bonnets arc almost entirely worn, trimmed to
suit the wearer; summer silks, with a very small
check or stripe, made open-waist and flowing
sleeves, with handsome under sleeves ond chem
isette. The mantles are very small, and deep
fringe is wcrn altogether. Novr, I have no
more idea than tht man in the moon, that you un
derstand what flowing dctve and open wait!
means ; but do you store your memory with it.
It will flatter any lady to think a gentleman no
liccs her dress, particularly if she is very neat.
I see by the papers the arrival of several per
sons from your city, and among them Captain
Robards, who, I suppose, has come to purchase
furniture for the Brady House, which I expect
will be a well kept house whilst under his direc
tions, and in his hands. There was a most ter
rible steamboat explosion at our wharf list
night. The steamer Glencoe, a five boiler boat-
just hnding, on her return from New Orleans,
with some two or three hundred passengers a
board, burst two or her boilers, wounding and
killing a great many persons. I will not cr.tcr
intoany particulars, as "Crux' will detail them
to you for the benefit of the public, and this be
ing a private letter, I merely mention them.
To-morrow is election day for mayor; tee whig
arc pretty confident that Kcnnct will be re
elected, uui oi mat also "Unix will give you
an account. I was sorry to hear of the large
fire you have hod, but expect two or three more
such will enable you all to sec the necessity of
having more engines in your city.
I want you to tell mo who wrote the "White
Fawn," if you please, and also who "Anne Wil
bur" is.
was clown, but did not come to see
me. I did not care in the least, but thought
more men than he have new wives, and he need
not put on airs.
Froi the St. Louis Republican.
Dreadful Explosion and Loss of Life '
Wc are called on to record a most tcriVole ca
tastrophe the explosion of ths steamer Glen
coe, and tho dcstructi.cii of a large number of
hiunan bein It canuot be nseerlained lmw
manv, ffie history of iliia dreadful event, as
Well as wc could nscrrtain it during the prevail
ing intense excitement, is ubout :is follow! : .
The steamer Gluncoo hud just arrived, on
Saturday evening, between seven and eight
o'clock, from New Orleans, heavily laden, ond
was endeavoring to effect a landing between
l'ina and Chestnut streets.
Tho steamers Aleck Scott, Georgia, Cataract,
and Western World were lying, one beside the
other, nt tlmt point, and the Olencoo was at
tempting an entranco between the Cataract and
Georgia. She lay with her bows a little above
tlie stern f the Georgia, when two or more of
her boilers ex ploded, spreading death and dc
i'.TWtivrt is every &fS3!iatbJt ker.
From a young gentleman, who, during the
upward trip of tho Glencoe, acted as her assis
tant clrk, we learn that sho carried eighty deck
passengers, more or less, and from twenty to
twenty-five cabin posscngeri.
We give the names of both cabin and deck
passenger in another place. The boat had
touched at several adjacent steamers sufliciently
long time to allow many persons from shore to
board Ucr, swelling her numbers considerably.
The explosion was, us wt have intimated a
tremendous one. The entire upper works of
tlie Glenooc, forward of tho pilot house iinfor
tnnutelv tho iart where the majority of liasien-
ger hud rathercd to witness the landing were
torn awiij. Chimneys, boilers, timbers and
freight were scattered about with many hiunan
buns iu every curcaiou. .
;jquenal ;and " union-hannibal, mom ArniLrs; 852.
The work of destruction was not convince) to
the Glencoe, The after upper - works of the
rtnract, which lay close by, taking io tho whole
of the ladiu s cabin, was destroyed. Other
boats near by were visited, but tea less extent
by the calamity. )'- ' ' i ' i I ' ! ' ,
Shortly after tho explosion, (he boat wai'dfs
covered to be on fire, and simultaneously with
the discovery commenced floating down. The
full extent of the ruin presented itself a she
passed Uown. ' ' -!,
The cabin forward of the wheel house was
gone. A portion or it Jiod been thrown on the
freight piled at the forecastle, this mass rising
as nigrvas me auer nurrioane a ecu. in names
were burning fienscly about where the boilers
had been, and spreading rapidly to all sides.
F rom tho shore, many human beings, men,. wo
men and children, could be descried hurrying
from one side to the other, desperately seeking
some piHce oi escape.
One or two poor fellows who had been scald
ed and afterwards caught in the falling timbers,
were seen motioning and heard crying wildly
for assistance, as tho flames reached sn 1 envel
oped them. The scene was a most horrible one.
As the boat continued to (time down, her vawl
became filled with her surviving passengers.
The yawls of some other boats also were pushed
out and succeeded in savinr others We can
make no correct estimate of the number of per
sons lost by scalding and drowning. It is sup
posed that from sixty to seventy were saved.
Allowing this estimate to be correct, from thir
ty to forty, er even more,' lives have been lost.
The scenes witnessed immediately after the
occurrence of the catastrophe are of the most
heart-rending description. We noticed several
men, their faces blackened, and their clothes
wet and soiled with ashes, hurrying 'along the
levee and crying for relief. One body on the
Cataract had the head blown entirely ofT. We
saw also the legs of a boy or girl, the body hav
ing lodged in some other direction. A number
of physicians were in attendance and rendered
every service which lay in their power.
The bo ly of a lady, so horribly mangled that
it scarcely held together, was taken from the
ruins of the Cataract's ladies' cabin. She was
not, of course, identified. It was thought that
she had been blown from the ill-fated Glencoe.
A little girl, aged about thirteen, was also nick
ed up on the Cataract, and it wis for awhile be
lieved th'at sho could be saved. But a closer
examination by the physicians revealed one or
two fatal wounds, which induced the opinion
that she would not survive until morning.
The burning Glencoe lodged at first about the
foot of Spruce street, where some of the survi
vors who had not escaped by the yawls succeed
ed in gaining the wood boats atid thence reaching
shore. Alterward, she swung round and float
ed until within a few blocks of the gas works,
where she permanently lodged and burned to
the water's edge. The fire was communicated to
the wood-boats she had passed, seven of which
were destroyed.
Five oilier empty wood-boats were also con
sumed. The flames spread next to the corded
wood on shore. It is estimated that from 250
to 300 cords of this wood were consumed. For
tunately the fire did hot spread to the buildings
on the Levee.
In our statement of the injuries to the stenm
ci lying near the Glcnccc when she csploded,
we failed to give all the particulars. One of
her chimneys, wc are informed, struck the after
cabin of the steamer Georgia, demolishing it
euiuplcloly. Tho starboard forward guard of
the Cataract was greatly damaged.
From tbt St. Louis Republican.
Wasiii KGTor March 26.
The Railroad bills have been in abeyance for
some days. Those which have passed the Sen
ate are ly ing on the S peaker's table of the House.
there arc oilier bills yet pending in the senate.
bills forcrants or land to about liFlecn roads
have reoeivod the favorable action of House Com
mittee of Public Lands, and have been, or soon
will be, reported. Within a few days, propo
sitions orcompromisc between theOldand I"iew
States, o this Land question, have ' been agita
ted, and it is possible that somlhing may grow
out of it. The most acceptable plan seems to
bb one which selects and grants land f to the
most meritorious of the many Railroad projects
say the number reported upon favorably by
Committee of Public Lands in (he House.
Grants having tkus been made for the benefit of
the companics,(probably absorbing ten millions
of acrei)it is proposed, as a sop for the old States,
to distribute among all tlij Sinks, say 100,000
acres of land tor each Representative in Con
gress the proceeds to be applied to schools and
tor the Insane and lilind. the old Mates arc
not to make selections of lands at all, but are
to receive, in lieu thereof, Laqd Scrip say for
ltU acres, which they may dispose ol m such
manner as they please. When assigned to in
dividuals, (hey may locate it wherever it suits
them. The ell'cct of this plan is to give the
land States a omit of all thelandt granted for
the benefit of Railroad 't. It will encourage emi
gration to them, as the old States will be eager
to sell the Laud Scrip, even at low prices; and
the only injurious effect will bo to depress the
value of laud, by throwing immense quantities
of the Scrip into rr.jy Ket. Hut this will only
be temporary, and the1 increased emigration und
settlement will add to the real wealth of the State.
Some compromise of this kind mut be made,
and as tlie lands haft to go, this seems au equi
table distribution of them. The States interes
ted in grant of land for Railroad purposes, are
in a minority iu the House and tliey have no al
tentative but to make terms with those who
oppose them. If the details can be properly ad
justed, ft bill may be brought forward next
A new cugino has been built ut. New York,
which threatens a complete revolution in this
kind of machinery. It has been patented by
Kricson. the inventor of tiio Ericson propeller.
The engine has been built, and tried, and works
well and uses only W lbs. ol coal per clay.
Boilers are dispensed with nltoijethcr and you
can well imagine what a revolution it will effect
111 trie ocean Mourn itmnm tec iha urgt
vessels carry 000 to 1,000 tons of coal for each
voyage. There will be no danger of explosions,
or anything of that sort. Th engine now built
is intended for a large sea steamer, in course of
construction at New York, and the whoU will
cost over half a million of dollars. Men of cap
ital would not be likely to invest such sum of
money upon a doubtful experiment, and you
inuy receive this information with a reasonable
assurance of its correctness. This engine con
be applied to our boats, and lr your priming ma
chines, and to every thirur of the kind. 'Wash
ington Cor. llepubt
' rV'lNtNfc-lOOba
Patis jul received and for salt
low by
aprl-Jtt o Y IL.L.IAM lJUiM-ll,
N II south Mala t'reet, Su Louis, Mo.
Ma ox, 'April 1st.
Forty datcgnte appointed by; Jh Southern
Rights Convention to the Baltimore oonvention.
No preference for any candidate was expressed,
but the' convention was believed to be largely
in favor of Buchanan
Oa lb Ma.br D. T. Morton, llr. WILLIS BtllT, Cu
MUl MARV TATTtnSHALI, rtnf (lihehr. ,
On tlx Im Inn., In Pit count y, tf E'llftr A., D. Mnrfrm
Mr. WM. P. TAPLEf, lo SW il. I. TESI.X, all of
FtOUIt, J '-. . ...
BACON Hog Bound,
ft M)'Ul 25
16 0?j
1-7 t (r,
ill (17,
OS j) Wi.
40 0 to
(2 uuu$2 V,
Yi .'XI n3 Oj
bO 'f 63
7 uu
70 j) uo
tWj) B.'J
I r$2 do
... bij.i, . ; .
tlsini, -
Klioukler. -
AfFLKS Uned, . - ,
I'KACHKS Uried, : - . . .
WHKAT, " - - . 1 .
- . :
HAV.VcwI., . . -
IHJ't'ATOES, , . - .
is $
KIT T IKK, ....
LARD, - . . .
TAALOW, . . .
BK.KSWAX, . ... ,.
LEATHKK. - ...
CHICKENS, V doztn, .
K(J(J8, -.
SALT Kanawha,
l 2:V'. $l 00
06 5 07
35'jl 4u
$1 CJ'$I 7u
$ 00
$3 00'f $3 60
05 '$ Oi J
3UV8 Xt
4(1 '9 43
05 ') OBJ
Ui'$ 10
60i I 00
$2 60t3 OU
l. A.,
1. B. .
HEMP. .-- .
HIDES -Dry, : ...
oieen, -. . .
LEAD, ...
8. House, .
SUGAR Brown, ...
Crushed. - .
TOBACCO Liig-; V 100 It.
. Uocil Lital, . ..
WHISKEY Black Hone"
28 a
" Black Uooster,"
, Corrected every Tuesday Evening, by
CominUsioa Hercliaala,
1ST. LOl lfl, MO.
$15 25 JJ 50
it rs u 2.?
12 H
8 75V) 9 00
7 2.V-i
7 0 "4 ' 8 00
8 50 4 9 00
lit) 7'
7 2i'4 7 5o
() t 50
Mi, -
or.f) 7j
7(i ho !
65 70
6' 1 Cli
1'rime "
Bacon Sides, clear, -.
libbed, .
Hams, e otmtrr,
" city,
Bulk Aral-Sidei,
Shoulders, .
Lard I'ouud Lots, No. I,
u it o
GRAIN H'Aeof Strictly Prime,
uood lo f air, .
Inferior, .
. U VeHnw,'
Mixed, in second
band canities,
Oatt (sacl s included) -Barley
- -
00 ii)
00 -i
40 vo
1 4 a
FLOUR Good Cuiiiilry Brands,
HAV Prime Timothy, -HIDES
Dry Flint, -
3hy Sailed, ...
Gieen and Salted.
TALLOW Prime, - -
rtt lKltS Ueer Skins,
BUTTER Fresh, - - . -WOOL
Common, ....
Full Blood. . . .
Half Blood, . . .
GROCERILS Coee Prime, from
Levee, . .
From store, -'
Svgar Prime frem Levee,
" Store,'
Good lo Fair, . -
5 00
75 00
Mouici Plantation, from ccvee, 2'i)
From fctore, - - 2i i
Fennenting, - 25''
Sugar Houte, N. O., - 33'D
HEMP Prime new crop D. H., . 70 K '
Good to Fair, .- - - 60 OoC'O 70 00
Inferior to Common, - - 50 Oo'-g OD 00
TOBACCO Good Shipping, . .3 (X)'i 4 00
Refused, - . . 2 0O'i
Lugs, - . - 1 655')
DRIED FRUIT Dull Peaches, - 2 00 4
Apples, . . I 75''
SEEDS-Flax Seed, - . . . I 204
Clover . . . -6 ( 0n
Hemp " - . . -J .)
Timothy seed, - - . 2 00
ii 00
2 5
2 25
6 50
Freights to New Orleans
Are eaiier Bacou and lard, 20c; flour, 35'40c pork,
bO'sbSc oaU and bran, 25&S0c; tobacco, $1 $t 50 V
hogshead; hemp, $7 "P tou.
CAFT. A. 8. ROBARDS, formerly cf
the State of Kentickv. hivilil taven
the Bradv House in the CilfcS Hannibal.
Mo., lor a terra 01 v'ars, woulil respect- dViS.
fullv solicit a liberal share of Public patronage. Ho
would not mak any extraordinary promises, but lie
wisb so to conduct the House, as to make it deserve
the patronage which he hope it will reeciv. Having
a general acquaintance through this and the tojoii'iiiK
States, he will take ploasuie m coinmuuicatin such
Infiii imtiou to titvelfi at thev may d ie; Hannibal
being the point of einbarcalion, fur a Uie portion of
Die travel to auil lioin luo couiury uoiuering on me
Missouri River.
ty He will at all timet be piepared to accommo late
the travelers with horses, carriages ami wagont, iic,
as meant of conveyance to any distant-point.
April 7tb, IM?. (aprft-tf)
Furniture- Store.
JCOFFM AN, would inform his old rustumert snd
the nub'lir.. Ugt tioce the "great fire" he ha open
ed a Shop on HU! street, a few door Kast or Mr.
Setuies' stop, v. tier he is prepared to fill all onleis in
bittltie. a
April Ttfr 18M'. (sprS ?f)
C A L I F 0 11 N I A !
TU8T KKCEIVED, a, further supply of INDIA
Ovtr Coats and Cloaks, with Sleeresi Oil
Cloth Coats, &c, occ.
Suitable for the Cslifoiuia emigrant and 'others ex
p0kU t this aiibl t Innate ol oure. Call eaily, or
ton may b too lata, as lhy go oiT fust, for tah
i'i.. i
McltigV ('Asa ii
.1.-AI. 'L .... I'l.ji,;,.., iUr n,.. j nmiivir
V.VMI.Ift ,- 'J i t
Hahuibal, April 3d, mi.
rilll M mm Nn. S Bui S l U " !
" ' ' ,n i i. l.l'U'll
JTttula Maiattreatt (. UK No
ft - iii win lane pisc nnwruay ! -
3 le nn. next, at eVIcek. Th r'jtzt
MMiU-iar requested la meet t (he CITV HALL
i " nonr. a fprcisi ineenng nss sma open onif reti
lo talc place th samo f renins at .3 o'clock, tor th
ptiriiote uf trnrtinr, ItiporUut busiit.
toiof one I Come all !! (spiS-lll
By otdcr of Ibf PrMiilctit
11. S. BUCHANAN. Sec'v.
JJost Cooking Stoves,
PERSONS si-Miineto buy ijiarei, would do well to
giv us a call, and see our
. improved wnercer usuc
CookiV Stove 1 jtit Pjter.'ed by G. F. Filley, SI
Louis. A'ot juil'receUfi'l a Isre lot of th Celebra
te,,"PRr2E pnraunT' cook stoves!
rt At the ST. LOCiS STOVE S TOHE. .
Main treet,4 doors Kotlh or BradV ioiiM.
(prt-lf) CAHTEIt YT. BtlYAX.
SHOOT 6 DAVIS, liave taken the 8TA- ft ,( '
BLE on Palmyra Avenue, and are pre- JtuSTf
parerf lo lk chite of Horses for Iheir JLLZjL.
piu cnnomers, and the public generally. They ate
also reaily lo accemmoiate their cutlomen with Horsei,
Lrnage, oug?iei, ie. (
A continuance of the patronage heretofore extended
to them. U respectfully solicited. , . ,
O" All per-orn indebted lo Ihem, are urgently' re
quested to mil anil settle their accounts, ai they ere jtly
need every do'lar due them. CTJI
One of tlie par!iier may at all times be found at
the STARf.K.
April 7th, 13 3. " ; (aprS-31)
O On I I ill ttredfew doors above Levx. JJ
rAi THE nndetiigned have just established Sfl '
r & ein)elve in 4li city of Hannibal in t.
V be above bmineit, ahtl are prepared te fumiMi
eustoinets with every atticle in the r line at die sho t
notice. Of Lariie)', Mie', and Childien', wearot
all description, made to order, at St. Lxiia price. We
hn-e on hand at this time a good supply of Ladie
Gaiters and half Gaiters, also all other r'aacy colored
thoes worn by tlie Laities all colored woik which
we can tell a reduced price, both Ladies and Misto.
We also have a good tick of colored shoe whicb
we can sell very low. Ciildren' shoes will be kept aw
hand and made lo order at all timet.
We ini'i'c all persuni visiting the city, as well a our
own citizens to call on ns h) we asure them we will
liiruUh all work in our line at . . .
Gentlemen') wear, mad to order, Boots and Shoe
botu hue and eoaree and will mend all rips or bursts
out. Our house is on Hill street between Main aud
Front, (01 posit e Mum, Inslee fc C-o's, store.) 1
Hannibal, Mo., Match 17, 1852. mM8-ly
THE subscriber ha received
in part his Spring assort
ment of Clothing not large, but
very complete, and will consist
in part as ioiiow 1
ll'.lr. ntinlitv Rlab- ilmi mnA
frock cloth l
Medium ditto t Black, Blue, Brown
and Olive cloth lack and half tack ditto ; ditto Loose
rack do; Satinet and Tweed Cassimere do; Black Gro
dcta do; Fancy and Black Cassimere Pant'; Satinet,
Tweed and domestic Jeans Pants; Bangup cord do; Super
and Medium quality Black satin Vest Figured and
Plain Black Italian cloth Vests t Fancy tilk and cash
mere Vests ; Cassimere and buff linen ditto; fine linen
buiaai ihirt ; fancy linen bwom elien itt. UieW
ory and check ditto: red flannel and canton flannel ditto;
Gauze net, merino, and cotton net undershirt.'; silk do;
latliet,' gauze vest; linen bosoms and collars; olaeK Ital
ian and fancy tilk cravats; 4-4 yellow bandanna hdkfs:
pongee ditto; carpel bags and tiuuks; Ko.-tsuth, rough
ami reaur, DiacK. wnite. Drown and pean nais, lasnion-
I able mole skin bat, men and bors' Palm, leehom and
. I Panama litis; tilk oil cloth caps; berlii audj buck
I giovri ; gum onu oil cioin coats ana cioas,:; ooys'
i coals, pants and vest?;ic, &.C., &c.
Jly loom is small, consequently small rem; ao part
ners or expensive clerkr; I can and will tell as low as
the lowest, where busiuefs is done Fairly. I wish it
distinctly understood, I have but one price, and do a
strictly CASH business; one and all are invited to call
and examine my goods before purchasing.
1. H. McVEIGH,
by - -
Hannibal, March 26, 1?52.
Hiram 1rVeigh respectfully iuvltes his old friends
and the public gencially. lo call and see him at tlie
store of bis son, immediately opposite the Messrs. Brit-tinsliiim-,'
Drug Store, and next done lo the Rev. Mr.
McKlioy't Book Jilore, where he will give their goods
cheap. He believes in the old adage, kA nimbi pen
ny i- better than a slow shilling'' aud will act npou it.
Look Here! More Cheap .Goods!
At taiita Fc, Mo.
TH R mbscribers respectfully iuform the citizens of
Santa Ke, of Monroe and Audrain connties, that
they are now receiving and opening io Santa rt a
very gcneiol assort mni ol
sprint; uooas,
such M "'
Quctnsirare, Ittrdvart, GeorerUt, Baolt, SJtocj,
Hits, Bonndt; Rwly-Mrle Clothing, .
NOTIONS! In short, almost EVERYTHING usual
ly kept in a Country s:ore;atl of which we can and
will toll as low as they can be bought north of St.
Good fiends, we have, ('-if w-l say it our-sc!vei,'-)
Good Goods, Cheap Gorls. and good that
will wear. From our fiiends,the public generally, ami
the 'rest of mankind, we solicit a early a rail a! con
venient. Come all re that want to bur, and examine
our tiock before purchwingj elsewhere, as we know we
can no yon goou. wur mono is,
"Ouick Sales and Small Pofits."
We will exchange c"ods foraluioU averything tbsfar-
m,r ha& to sell, ut lioral nriret.
CT N. B. We return sincere thanks to our many
kind frien.is, Tor past favors, and hope by strict alleu
lionlo business, and an eflbit to plae, to secur a
liberal share of patroiia2 in future. W again invite
all to eetneajid see lor yotirselve, as it it no IroubWto
show our zood. Don't forcet to bring along your
"Dimes," and Trade, at our terms ar positively
Catli aud Trade. W bop our Irienus, win Dar mi
fact in mind, and not ask us to do what w cannot af-
foid lo do. Our meaus are loo limited, t do a credit
business. ''-...
Santa Fe, March, ISoi. (pr8-3m)
The '-People's Store,"
once Mown
I WISH veiy boly aud my ld Friends Particular
ly, lo betr iu iniud that 1 am Now Keceiviiig a
New Stork of
ar.d a I cannot ay is much about then her, as I
like, I with you to call at the abuv Store, which U
Comnlerclai R6W1 -
..... ... -. ."-, I t 1..V--
and i opposit IJ tne "aincbi auu t wkb
great deal of pains to expla a, how ajiprOprrat tby
(whkh I can prove Iheie.belier Ihtu i paper, for ii
is th e,ict thing in th world, lo nak gaodt cheap
bn PAi'kK,) and also many other things, to tedious to
mention, in lllit plac.
Kvraember the "People's Stof' Commercial Row?,
Hannibal. Mo.
NuffCel. W.M, p. KERCHEVAL
- .....
THF. ondertirrf I lkv p4 nUnr In lnfroiii's;
kis humerouc fiifiUs bis old RnstooMn, an4 tn
public In cenersl, lh.it li ht just reiro) from fh
Kastfrn eiii., whet h pjirehaed a ! stock of
Drugs, Chciulcala. Fan, 0l!, rytutu?
Ulasa, Gut ware, &e.
' Part f hi viuck h1 horn received, f4 tk kstar
will be Iter by Hie cnMldl of April. Ci'y d trntr
try Drnrv4ts, r!ivkin.e , will eopmll ikeif inter
I by giving birn a call, as be Is prrpMed ( effVr, I
punctual men, unnsually gnol breius. Hi fsiliiira
for buy Inn;, In connection with ki)lofigsna1 jnt"l'
quiiilnee with I he Butinms, will a gunrante lh4
nan bnt Die tmrttf articles will b sold. He hop4t
receive sen in. a rhar ol the pstronare, so li bet iIt b.
slowed on bint in former )r. .
f.jrl-21 yr 11,1.1 AM pfEXCH. '
No 7 sorrth Main street, S. Ma.
QODA ASH 65 cask Livi pool, a ttreng srtie?,
O receiif 4 Per Aleck Scott Slid Isabel, aud fof sal
low by
aprl-2t VILLIASI lAJiClI, i
No 37 south Main street. 81. 1-oui. Mo.
' IHKiMlCAiH Ciornef, red piecipille. rorrotite,
ioine,lnn rdrautile, oitnha'e and acetate of ar.
pLIne, triclinia, sk , Jtut rrtfjvtd, per express ami for
Nt) 37 K-uthMin tlreet , M. iouit, Uo.
TPA YLO R'S shavinge ream and eyttaljoe w ballv
JL nnerior artlrie. jutl reeied and forfe Pts by
aorl-2t WILLIAM 1XENC1I,
No 37 routh Main stn-L St. Louts, Mo. -
each in (toco and for sate by
No 37 south Malu street, St. Louis, Mo.
WINDOW GLASS; 300 boxes, asMrted siaee
Pittsburgh brands, just received and fof sal
low by
oprl-2t - WILLIAM DCENCtt,
No 37 tooth Main street, St. Loui, Mo.
Cl LASSW ARE 1 a general aortmert, received yr
T uteamert Taris aud North Kiver, and ior taW very
aprl-2t WILLIAM ULtlNUll,
No 37 tomb Main street, fcL Louis, No.
GOLD LEAF; 50 packs. Kemp's superior, all
shades, just received snd for sal low by
K. 37 vmlk Mala mm, It. Loto, Moi
Harmg remcred Iheir Wholkiai.it aud Bmrtn.
ESTABLISHMENT from the Comar of Bird fl
Levee street, lo the comer known a tht)
Takf this occasion to offer their thanks to their eM
patron for th very liberal patronsg wkith tkey
have extended them, sine their eomtnnrefn9t, fn4
alto lo inform all thor who have not called rrpon Ihent,
that if they wish GOOD LIQUORS, at low PRICES,
to rati hereafter at th well kaown WILD CAT COR
NER," Sign of the
W bar added to our exttnsiv tablittiniiap.
Business, by which w bop lo meet th wanta 4T
"KVl-'rlY nuPT ANO Ml FAMILT."
Cera and see." - anar25-tf
Paris Mercury copy.
Blootninglon Gazett copy. tf.
Trustees' Sale of Real Estate in Han
nibal. .
WHEREAS, on the ninth day of December, IS47,
William P. Owdey, by hi certain deed of treat,
of that eVe, sold and conveyed to Robert F. Lakma)
and Charles W. Ltverimr, TwoLot of gnuni in tho
city ot Harm tori m 6i m iinnuuit i whi i'mm "
Iwo lot known as Lots BumbercH srn and eight, im
Block numbered Ihirty-seve. ha said city; n4 a by
laid deed they, th laid Lakenaa and Lvrmg, wer
authorised to sell saM lot af groand at In sh1 esty, to
the bighes! aai best bidder, for cash, m ease th sit '
Owsley did not tt lb lime pay ecitait) note named la
aid deed became doe, r within sixty days lherenr.
pay off and discharge lb sane said nott being gircny
by said Owsley lo Jamison Samuel and a befotw fttr
undersigned could sell said property by th toraw of
said deed, they wer by th tame required t giv t trea
ty day public moliet of the lime, terms and prac sjf
said Sale, and of thl property to be sold, In totne: aarsrt
paper printed in Hannibal,
All which xvlii appear by the Reeon) of id deed,
the same, having been filed for record in th oUicc C
Kecorder lor Marion county, Missouri, en the IXth
day ef December, 1847. and being of Kd to said
office in Book N, for recording conveyances, lie-, p
3j3and3oU And at said Owsley did not pay of or
discbarge said notes, or any of them, f any partef them.
at they seveialiybecame due, or wiiein siy tysaii
they orai.y Item becam aVw and aa lb assign
and holder or sanl notes baa riitre tn MMieraignM to
sell the aforeiaiit lot, for the payment of said Bates,
authorised by said deed. Now, this is to grr nottc,
tha'. in pursuance of said deed, and ef th pruitt,w.
lb undnvgned, will on lh I7lh day of Asit, IK,
between lh hoars of 11 o'clock in tfc tore noon and
o'r'wli in Ihe-aftaroM' thai day, before lb Brad
House- dr, in lh saiii rtt f Hannibal, atswbli New
du. exooi to tale to th biehett mt bst biddaw, fo
ctit in hk all th light, Ittht, internl Sod wtnt,
lh said William V. Oat sle, in and to lb two lot mt
pieces of laud, wilb M w?!prveaenl VBereoo, icnowai
as Lolt seven and eight, in Block N. Thirty-owvvn,
in said ci'y of Hannibal, aceording to th plat r ptaat
of sehl any.- lb purchaaor al said sale to rivj
ftout th undersigned a deed, in pqrsaanc of lh nay
tliority vest d in them by the deel fittt .V DaU 1
llaimiba', i co. za, itat.
GUIl. LOT'S STi:X iEKS-A milium af Uwtel
fau: , )M racaiv anj tur sale kr
No. 37 soBih Uaia Urvat, Sr. Loalt, Mo. ,
THE nndenigned, Adrnlihralor of the tt f
JAMES IV.&K. dtce.eJ,.will sell at poblin
rfctiob, al lh late residei ce of lb aaid dtxent, k
New Aik, Knox county, Mo., on tatuNayX4tnikiyr
April, next, Ik following personal property beoauf
to the estate of said deceased, lo wit:,
AU tho Household arid Kitchen Fur
niture, a rtumbeif of Jlof scs, and
Cows, about 20 h5ad of Beef Cattle,
Several yoke of Oxert, Wagons, and
Cafriage, ancl mahy othf articles. '
- Ther will alto be lorn SLAVES hired on that day ,
if not previously hired privately.
Term of 8al. For all turns tf Bv dollar nivl on
der, cosh will be required. On all mm over for dol
lar!, larelr months' credit will be given, th porcbawr
eiving bond with approved teenrtty. Terms of uh ts
be eamplied with Wur th property it snvod.
Sale lo commence at 9 o'clock, 4. H.
Wt will also Kit privately, on that day, lo soot Mr
ton who will carry oa the business, a laign
Sto6k tt Goods,
well selected, with a Sufficient variety for k coaatr
town. A Large Stock is also 0 th wa. a-vl w '.i a
riv shortly from the Kst, which ht beea sciecl.!
with great ear, and n favorable terjis; r.aich we wisb
Jo sot) wm, ,he ttoeb en hand. All of fisch wif
be ohl on such term as h O-ty Court may dir.
Th tow-h oT Newark it io . rtc), fcitiHims; co
try. arrd is Cis situat fof MT oa dr.iro.it ef
pging n th mer 'aets. Tb sm tf
House BeloniEin- ,h- km mImI
lnu n f L k u
ttisif a w. Lfc;
PVUINCY txtra tupertin
flour, just rectv,r"
cheap by i
nr. J' '''
v splendid lot tr sal
Cagr, Cigars" Cigtun ,
Attentijnt y bvr of th Fragrant
chived iku dtf. i i:hi.). !ihliiel
iooaeco and Cigar Depot, a lr
Choice Havana Curr
direct torn th Custom Htn lh i '"IT'
and M lucibugl 1 noAl ,
l iiv
I 'V
. V
f ; V i
A i t.
a r
;) '
V 1 I
" V
i i
; H
i r
- ;
f . . I

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