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Basinet people, Sports and polilics oil
the JsonUMmt.
The grcnl event uf the Stale oC Texas of lli
present year hat been the late air held at Cor
pus Christ!. Ai it presents a very graphic pic
ture of the manners and custom, ciipobition
and amusements of the people of that great,
and growing young Gulf State, we take the fol
lowing account of the Fair from the correspon
dence of e New Orleans Delta, somewhat
condensed for our tolumns : St. Louis Daily
' - i
, . Corpus Christi, May 9, 1852.
The exhibition is held in the larjrc wore room
rf Judge Webb's brick store, and is principally
filled with Mexican manufactures, such ns sad
dles, bridles, spurs, blankets, quilts, embroid
ery work, &e. Mr. Win. Dinn, formerly the
seedsman of New Orleans, has bought himself
a farm here, and is exhibit ing his agricultural
productions, in the shape of the finest vegetables
I ctfcr" saw. Not as many Mexicans hare come
in as was expected on account of foolish ru
' mors having been spread abroad, that their stock
of joods would hV seized by (Jen. Carvnjal, who
arrived here licit week, and, it is said, intends to
address the people here. The town is very
luileh crowded. It is estimated that there ore
2.500 strangers here. Considering that this is
thp first fair held in Texas, I think it a remark
ably good showing, and could the people havs
been more strongly convinced that it was to be
a fair in reality, und not a filibuster movement
nore people from the South and North would
have attended it. Col. Kinney deserves the
highest credit for his laudable wUorls in getting
it un. The amount of silver-ware to be distrib
uted for premiums cost $2,700, and all the pre
parations for the fair have been gotten up at his
own personal expense.
The principal amusement hero is II. A. Jlal
thy's Circus, nt which Madnino Klla Nunn is
displaying her grace and skill in horsemanship.
The arena is nightly crowded, und I cannot do
belter than give you a description of the audi
ence in order to give you an idea of the most
singular combinations of people here. On the
reserved sits are to be seen elegantly dressed
American and Mexican ladies, ilirting their funs
with the same coquetry 'that they would at an op
era officers of the army, umong whom I recog
nized Gen Harney and Capt. Jones fashiona
ble gentlemen in white kids fronlicrmcn of
Texas, with their five-shooters in their belts,
und the handle of a bowie-knife peeping from
their bosoms friendly Cymuiiche and Li pan
Indians Mexican rancheros, and a f air spriuk
Ijnjr pf darkies 1
' AVImt is remarkable here is, that all the men
front the frontier and interor of Texas go'nrined
through the crowded streets, and yet, with the
exception of a fisticuff row in a drinking shop,
. I have .not -yet Jieard of a ingle quarrel. 1 must
-'vthat, under all circumstances, they ore the
Whereupouiet and orderly set of people 1 ever saw.
to a committee second letter.
ler acted as. Fweck of the Fair Great Sales of Stock
On moti id Lands Interesting Description of fht Sports
eight was fftht Week Address of Gen. CarvajalSptcch
a basis of ' Gen. AkLioJ, etc., etc. ,
The foil Cofcr'us Christi, May I t, 1852.
mittee to- ' has been decidedly tho most "exciting
Dr Kib 4 l'ie a'r a 8rca manv "'ore people have
n n y come am' we nre Ilow m u" blast.
"ri have had large sales of stock and binds,
J. Genti h went off at extremely low prices. Cat
John El old at $5 per head, and a thousand head
H. G FeV0'1 'n onc orscs the '"""ang
tv" rr- ronght $20, mares from $6 to $13, and
Vr. lipton, tom to $32. Town lots sold nt
Dr. BajJo( onj laujs from $1 to $3 tier acre. The
stock sold for cash, and the land one-fourth
cash, and the balance on time. Many persons
came here to buy farms, and are well pleased
with their purchases.
The sports of the week commenced with a
buil-fisrht, Camarena, the celebrated htill-iWhter
of the city of Mexico, taking the field. There
was a large crowd to witness tno coniesr. i ne
first two fights the bulls were badly wounded,
but when they let in the little red biill "Colora
do," which I suppose was the same that "came
down from the mountain," Camarena found his
match, and came near twice being gored to
death. The little red bull was too much for liim,
and it was accordingly decided to make it a
drawn ftiiht.
On Wednesday,
14th, the cattle show look
placo, an, the premiums were wc i. conicsieu
I'... T .. 4)ia .iflr.vnnnn n niu'l'l villi lit Kill rame.
lui. m ...v. u '
off, which would have been a rare sight in the
' "while settlements," a contest for superior
horsemanship. The first feat of agility consis
ted in throwing a bull down, while running at
full speed. This was accomplished in this
wise : A bull was let out of the pen and started
down the road, when a competitor would dash
after him, and coming up, catch him by tho tail,
aud, by a sudden turn, us the animal would rise
on his foro legs, he would be thrown rolling ou
the vrnund. Shouts of laughter followed the ac-
complisinnent of this feat. Hut sometimes the
bull would make a sudden lolt from the road,
just as tho rider would be reaching Tor Ihe bull's
tail, and before he could recover himself, would
measure his own length on the ground, to the
; great merriment of the crowd.
Another feat of horsemanship was to pick up
n dollar from ofT the ground, under a lull run.
This feat created great sport, and loud cheers
greeted the victor.
The next feat of dexterity was that of riding
" a wild bull, and the little red bull "Colorado,"
was turned looso for the occasion. The feat is
effected by a sudden spring from tho ground,
and many a hard fall did the competitors receive
before any met with success. At last, bowev.
er, a Mexican triumphed, nnd such running,
roaring and pitching as followed, even made the
mules laugh.
Iii the evening, Dr. Ashcl Smith, the Presi
dent of the Fair, delivered an agricultural ad
dress, after which the premiums were distribu
ted.' . .
Tfcstcrfltij't seconding 4o iiK-viaus notice ,!cii.
Catvaj-.il, oUlie Liberating Army of Mexico,
delivered a written address before the people at
the Circus, which was crowded to overflowing,
r, lie was presented t the audience by Dr. Smith,
,,who bespoke for him a parent hearing, in a
. eluoit suA remarkably distinct Voice he pro
ceeded to set fourth his cause, and that of the
people of Tamaulipas, and the wrongs inflicted
upon them by the tyranny and oppression of the
Mexican Government, lloccruiinlv made out
a strong and very oggravatcd case. 1 lis address
was written with great f orco and beauty of lan
guage, and lus appeals were voy eloquent, lit
was warmly'-1 applauded- throughout. The ad
dfC4S oeottp'M.sisUveJi pages, aud jyill be jub
lUlied. .:
Loud calls weio Ihcii nude for Genoial Mo
Lcod, who then addressed the audience. life
hoped that the cloqucr.t and forcible address of
the distinguished stranger might receive that
consideration which it so juilly mcriluj. lie
believed that the causes set forth by Gen. Cnr
vajal, for throwing off the schncklcs of the
priest-ridden Government of Mexico, were far
greater than those which induced eur forefath
ers in tho revolution, to declare themselves free.
And although his own private affairs prevented
him from taking any part in the Muse, yet all
his sympathies were enlisted for it.
lie reviewed the nets of the PresTdcnt of the
United States towards General Lopez and Gov.
Kossuth, and pointed out their inconsistencies.
He considered the claims of Carvajal on the
sympathies of our people far greater than those
of Kossuth, whom the government had taken to
its arms, and banqueted, while, at the same time
it had issued order to arrest the former, al
though be was far less guilty tlsnn Kossuth in
violating our laws. Gcn. McLeod was most
happy, und spoke at length, in tho most eloquent
strain. In concluding, he said that, as a good
citizen, lie should ever obey and respest the laws
of his country, while at the same time, as the
friend of universal liberty, his warmest sympar
tides should ever be 'enlisted for an oppressed
people, struggling to be free, lid was most en
ihusiastically cheered, and, on taking bis scat,
Gen. Carvnjal shook him warmly by (he hand.
The meeting then adjourned. Carvtijul is tcr
lainly a man or extraordinary talent, and with
his indomitable will, he must eventually suc
ceed, i
I send this l y the steamer Major A. Harris,
which leaves to-day for Indianola. There has
uq regular mail left here for the hist two weeks.
From the I'liilaitrlpliia Sat. Gazette.
Slarrafion of a Captain aud Crew.
The following melancholy narrative is taken
fromuprivalo letter, written February 2ith,
1Sj2, at ulparaiso, on board II. M. S. Di
Wc orrived at 'Valparaiso on the 10th tilt.
we should havo been here much sooner had we
not delayed so much time looking lifter Captain
Gardiner, a gentleman of fortune, who had
joined the ralagoiiiau Missionary Society, and
had gone to some small barren islands off tin
Horn, to enlighten the inhabitants, wild as they
were... Wc received intelligence from llio that
we were to look utter Capt. Gardiner nt the
Falkland Islands, where we proceeded, and hear
ing there that a.' vessel had left provisions and
clolhiug for him, expecting he would call for
them, we resumed our search for him to Staten,
a small, uninhabited island; thero wc found
nothing that could lead to his discovery, but a
large boat moored to a tree, and on the hill was
a llag-staff, with a piece of bed-tick for a flag.
Wc cut the name of our ship on several trees,
and got under way the next morning. , We an
chored ut Gilbert's Cove, about two or three
days' sail; there we sent boats ashore, and cut
in a tree was this inscription :
"Dig deep; vndcr this spot you will find a hotlle."
We dug, and found it, und in it a note as fol
lows: "W. Gardiner, yen izillfir.d, is at Famish
, Jlarbor, al a distance of about CO miles
i from this place.'" ,
We proceeded (hat nlaee the next morninr.
after speaking to two canoes of strange-looking
human beings, quite naked; they were painted,
and colored shells hung round them,
There were several other canoes of this de
scription of humanity in its worst form; they
caught fish and ate them raw, und subsisted on
wild herbs and roots of trees. How they could
bear the cold I cannot tell, for ten mouths out
of twelve it is intensely cold. Wc happened to
ect there in the summer. We gave them a few
articles of clothing, but they would not wear
them. Wc left them ami resumed our search
after Capt. Gardiner. We arrived at Spanish
Harbor the same evening, and sent boats on
shore as soon as we dropt anchor, and then 1 be
held a siyht which I trust I shall never witness
again. Strewed in different parts of the beach
were Capt. G. and two of his party. The first
we saw was Capt. G. in a state of decomposi
tion. Wt supposed it to be him, by their being
a watch hanging to his skeleton form, und some
distance from him there was another. We pro
ceeded some distance to a cave with a lantern;
when we entered there was a deadly smell ut
the end of the cave, where we found the re
mains of the-others, lhere was furniture and
kin , iU fts Uum u u ,luJ ,ivcJ lhm
.... ' . . " J .
some tune. Iho boats crews were allowed to
have the clothes, &c, as they found a large chest
conlaiiunir books and ctotliing; and on the lid o
it was nailed his will, slating that the first ship
that found them should have them. We buried
them with the honors of war. Aud cut on the
wall was this inscription :
''Proceed on the beach about a mile and a half
you tWi7 find three more do not delay, for vx
are tttarmng"
W made tti'c best of , haste, and found them
dead.! It' appeared they bad been shunned by
(ho natives, ami had starved to death.
We had a ruughuh passage from ltio here, as
is- generally the case rotutu the Horn.
The Hulwuiauii ( orrcspondt ncc.
Wc find in the New York Herald a transla
tion, ns follows, of tho note addressed by Chov-
alicr Hulscniuun, to the Secretary of Stale, with
the reply of the State Department a pretty
court corrospondciice,' on both sides:
'7 if ft .Yale addressed ly.ity llitlseiiiann,tu
v . , . .. ,. ur...lilcr, dated at
! , W'ASUI.NO-rON, I
.April Lfhh, 1852.
Oh my TceXMit return from Havana, I found
that the mi'inent hud arrived to fulfill the iuteii
lions of my Government relative to my oflii-iul
connections with tho Government of the United
Suites. . ,
Tho Secretary of Slate has not judged fit to
reply to tlc note which 1 considered it my duty
to address to Mm, aatdU the. iJtli ot Uecember
in relation to the reception and the military hon
ors londercd to Kossuth by the federal iutbori-
lies. . .. ..
The Secretary of StSto had 'led me to hope
that rny interviews wilh him iu the Slate De
partment, would bo no longer commented upon
aud accompaiiiei by derisive remarki in certain
journahi.ot llaltimoro and l'liiladelpbic. These
assurances, wni' ll were even given to me in
writing, have been immoiSiatcly burlesqued in
the same journals, and have only led to more
virulont attacks, which were continued in one
widely circulated journal of New Orleans.
Anit,' on niy ;Missxii iiioVL:a iisi. tatv, I hat
I been, the object ol very disagreeable demonstra-
tions. I considered it IriV duty nt that time
"1st of November to inform the President of
those annoyances, so singularly patronized I and
thereupon the Secretary of State declared
to me 2Slh November that thenceforth his
relations with mo should only be' had in wri
ting ,
On the 7th of January,' the Secretary of State
judged fit to pronounce publicly, and in the
presence of Kossuth, a revolutionary speech, In
which he strenuously encouraged Hungary to a
new rebellion, and formally proposed a senti
ment to the speedy emancipation of that king
dom. This demonstration was of such a slranc
character was so contrary to the simplest in-
ternationai courtesy, as well as to the positive
promises which you had given me in the De
partment of State that 1 considered it rtiv duty
to address myself to the highest -authority of the
republic, to be assured whether this discourse
was tho expression of the sentiments of the gov
ernment of the United Slates.
I esteem it a happiness to be enabled to say
that the Imperial Government, approving my
course, hos rendered justice to the declaration
which the President considered it proper to
make to me on the 12lh of January, with the
design of maintaining tho good connections ex
isting between Austria and the United States.
These verbal assurances have not given place
since to any proceeding of the Secretary of
Slate to corroborate oUicinlly the declaration of
the President, and to produce a satisfactory re
After having determined, with much dclibera
lion, as to the hostile proceedings of the Secrc
lary'of State and after having experienced the
false and disagreeable position which had result
ed thrrcfrom, I believed it to be my duty to de
clare, for very evident motives of propriety, that
my Government would no longer permit me to
remain here, and conlinuo ollicial relations with
the principal promoter of the Kossuth episode,
so very much to bo regretted.
I profit by this . occasion to express to the
President my respectful thanks for his invaria
bly obliging conduct toward me.
Mr. lJehnont, Consul General of Austria, at
New York,' will continue his functions until
further orders. Receive, Mr. Secretary of
State, tho expression of my high cousidcra-
AnsKtr of the Secretary of Stale to JIr. JIuhe
Department or State,
Washington, May 3, 1852,
Mn : i our communication to the Secretary
of State, of the SJDth ultimo, announcing your
intention to leave the United States, and stating
Unit Mr. Auguste Helmonl, the Consul General
of Austria, at Jcw York, will continue in the
discharge of his functions until further orders,
has been received.
In reply, 1 have the honor to inform you that
as Mr. lSclinont is well known to the Secretary
of Slate as a gentleman of muchTcspectability,
any communication which it may be proper for
him to address to the Department in his official
Lcharaoter, wilj be received with entire respect.
1 avail mysell ol this occasion to oiler you,
sir, the ussuraiice of my high consideration.
W. HUNTER, Acting Secretary. ,
' A clergyman in Massachusetts told me thai
he once had a man in his congregation, whom he
always prized. He was not a member of his
"'""rl" vet ho ulaced much confidence in him.
Hut his parihluoncr liau one lauu no ptuaieivu
in drinking wine. He was never drunk far
from it but ho would take the beverage him
self, and provide it for his visitors. His minis
ter called on kim one afternoon and found him
in silting with a beautiful boy on his knee.-
That little son was his father's pride und hope.
Ihe clergyman, alter some conversation, allu
ded to tho custom of wine drinking, and expos
tulated wilh his bearer. Hut it was in vain;
with an air of offended pride, he said, "This is
a matter that concerns me alone. In the city
of New York, tho merchants with whom I have
always associated, use wine in their families;
and 1 have a perfect right to consult my own
wishes, and il 1 please, follow their example.
"Hut," said the minister you surely would do
nothing to harm your family nothing to injure
that boy on your knee." "Injure him, replied
the fond father, gazing on the cherub face of
his child; "no, God forbid!" All arguments,
however, proved fruitless, nnd the minister left
unable to accomplish his object. Six weeks from
that time, a gentleman caine from New York
to see, his friend. Together they took a ride of
some dozen miles to make a purchase, and they
closed a good bargain. Fhited al this, they took
dinner at a hotel, and tho New Yorker drank
with bis friend until he was drunk! When
they returned home, he left him at a neighbor
ing hotel, and drove away. As the father ap
proached his own door, that little boy he loved
so fondly came out, clapping Ins hands and
homing, "rather has come! lather has come!
The father &eizcd that, little one in his fil of
drunken frenzy; he raised him aloft, and then
lushed hun upon the stone beucatli his led!
A'he boy was dead; hi auburn locks were mat.
ted, and his ruddy cheek was besmeared wilh
blood; there only remained a corpse oi man
gled gore! For many hours the father rcmuin-
1 in an unconscious state; but ut length he
sprang up and wildly exclaimed, "My boyl my
boy! Where is he! I hud a terrible dream: 1
thought I hud killed my son; but no no, it could
not lie: 1 could not lay violent hands ou my uur
ing boy; wliei'o is her "Come aud sec, said
tho broken hearted wife; Ihe father was led in
to tho room where his child lay, cold in ilejlli
11c looked long and earnestly ou the mangled
corpse, and as he gazed he seemed to turn into
stone. At last he rushed lroin tho room; he
had gone mad raving mud I He-never rccov
red. Three months from that time his wile
died, and ho soon followed her. And one year
from that lima when the minister exH)stiilatcd
with bun, is) his parlor, lather, mother and buy
were all sleeping in the same jjrave. (lough's
TTic Rejiubliean jmhlislies the Aiw'iger'rf ar-
tii le in which the uumu o Cut, Benton is hoist
ed for tAiiigresa. The Rcpulnican says:
In this manifesto, as in (Jol. Uenton's speetli
al Jaekson, tlio Jefferson City eonvciition is re
ferred to in terms of freat bitterness, and il is
churired tluit Ihe Hentofi men "' re Jireiiv."
Solliey Were, doubtless, but they went there to
cheat the other party, audit they were beaten at
their own game, they deserve no pity. Certain
it is, iioV(lhut the lieuton men intend to holt
from tho nominations mado al Jutferson City,
and there is to be in this districl tlie sumo array
of luti'tics as has existed foj yeuvs past.
: Nr.w Yokk, May '2$.
Moahrr, Hie Irish patriot, has arrived ut
N Voik, Lavias j53c;)cd from Vu Djemeu'i
I Laud. o
' ; i Grafting Composition. '-.
Tho following com position for p-rnftinrr pur
poses is from '-Cok'i American Fruit Hook."
llsvinz used it myself, Bftd 'fo'md it. to be all
that is claimed for it, 1 lm'0 copied Jf, tliiirCing
it might, perhaps, bone fit some one of the throng
of rural readers all of whom 'are no ctaibt lov
ers of gooi fruit.'- Commtm rosin; if clean from
dirt, will answer every purpose wheniils not.
convenient to grt the wli.rte., --..
. "One part ot good Pcct tallQWj two parts or
beeswax, four pari of while transparent f osin;
melt all together, turn iiito cijH .water, and
i. -.i ....ii : i.. : ...O .. ...i,n....i..'.
mil turn film niui u'i'yj riuiiuuitvi
wax. This composition is not so soft as to melt
in warm weather, nor , so' hiWd-os. to ty-nck in
cold weather; but it. gives as fhe tree .pro,-. It
is of ereat importance to have it the right tent"
pernturc, and well applied, else it Will fed off
in colli weather. TV hue warm, it should bo
pressed closely to all the wounded part of slock
and scion, When used in cold weather it should
be kept in warm' water when it is very warm
keep the composition In cool water. In work
ing and opplymtr it, the hands should be slightly
creased to prevent its sticking." '. ;
If you want eompositipn cloth for splice graft,
incr. melt a portion of the .comiHisiliou in a disht
then dip therein strips of tjiiiv worn cloth," which'
press anu nraw wiwrniwo iicks io remove
the superfluous matter. ; These strips may be
torn and cut to suit the convenience of the user
For splice grafting, and r.vcu for budding, there
can be nothing better, ns the cloth, if somewhat
old,will yield to the growth of tho lunb, while
if it be properly put on, it will exclude the nir
and moisture as effectually ns the composition
itself, while it does more by holding un-1 bind
ing the part s togcth r.
Fabius Township Meeting.
According to previous notice, a portion of
the Whigs of Fabius Township tnct at Ttiylor's
Mills, on the lfilh of May, 1S52.
On motion, John Mays was appointed Chair
man, and Robt. F. Towlcr, Sec'y.
The Chairman then explained the object or
the meeting; whereupon the inccliii(? scloctcd;c
... . ... - ... ,i .....
1IVC Ut'lnuiia a iiiuri'iiiej iu uic i wiiii ;usi-v
tiontobc hsldiu Palmyra on the 5th of June.e
Tho following persons compose said dclega-,,
lion, viz: Thomas Holmes, Nelson Lovelace,'!? tacts as to the killing of his brother-in-
" . m l T" 1 war w w
Jeptha Lake, Geo. Gardner, and Kobcrt
The meeting then adjonrryv,
II. F. Towleii, Sec'y. r
FLOUR, ...
BACON Hog Round, .
Hams, -Shoulders,
91 00ij)$l 23
05fVi 07
4(Xii) 45
$2 (KI6.S2 50
$2 Mt&l 00 1
,200 '2.")
. - .' 8(K' 1 00
. '. i mi,$2 &o
ONIONS .......
mi?!' : :
CHICKENS, V dozen,
G. A., tack
U B., - -
HIDES Dry, - . -
- T 11.
... .
- . . C'T
$1 SiiHfi
$1 6(1H$I 10
$ 2 00
$3 0OS $3 60
05C.T) OM
Green. - -
LEAD, ...
MOLASSES Plantation,
9K. 35
B. House,
419 43
05Jfii) Ofil
SUGAR Prown, -
Ulfm 10
TOBACCO Good to fine manufacturlug. $3 Oiyji tj 00
" " auijipllig, i J.iviJ as
Seconds, - - 1 25-. 2 2o
Lugs from 50 cents to $1, as in quality,
WHISKEY" Black Horse,"
"Black Rooster,"
Corrected every Tuesday Eveuilig, by
ComiulbMlo n Mf rc li a n I a,
3 10 50
uco Si' m J," itnj,
i c V " ' nln.e.1, .
fl - A. Hams, touutiy, -i
' city, -
i.i IV
b I'd 4
J 7
Mess Puiki -
'Zurii Konud Iots, NoJt.in;
i ttailvJs auCkJiiv 9 Ott'd
H' -0 fl
. - v.,. in ! -..,V ....r.
Cvr VitM, iiivl i.lvJ, 31 0
V l'i,i Ci'lte and ) wv , W. ?
Ottlt (tdeks ini-l(di.-d
DtV'l 65
4.V' 5(1
. Ti ttVD 7H l.il
- I..) IKK.u lit (MJ
. till IHr) (jj UO
110 HO J)
HEMP Prune 1). K
Fair to Oood,
Water Uutled, uwne aelliug.
HAY Priiuu Tiiucthy,
HllES-lry Flint, . - .
Diy Salted, - -
Oiceit and Salted, -
UF.FSWA - - -
PEANS 1'iiine Vhite, -
FI.Ol'H i5iiierliire, (rounlry)
wi a
3 iriKiil
3 Mf.il
1, V"
i, -j-y-n
4 --.,
2 nil
3 (SI
1 bo
lleer Skias, 1"' i
BUTTER Fresh, (dull,) -
07 H
I. litis
TOIJACCO-L.; - 1 !X 1
inirniir aim tuuiuiuu icji,
Good to hue hipiiii,
SEEDS Flax Srd, -
I'linuttiy wed. - - -
2 m it
1 Mi'
1 ?b3
TALLOW 1'iinie, -
WOOL 1 omnion uiuvasnra, -
- washed, - -J
blood, -
Full blood, ' - -
FULT l Hiied Peaches, -
" Andes,
2 (H)
2 00
UKOCEKILS iiu- Tuiue . O.,
fiuui Laice,. OJj'iJ
Do lioui store, Oj 4
Fair to ggd, Ot'v
lnlerioi and void., 04 '4
Co. FituieRio, r . I1'.')
Soil li. A. (bit ached ack,)l - ,
XlolotKf Prime . (., - l"i
N. O. ui;di hou.o, 3 4
St.umis " . - 40j
1 oO
Freifihli to New Oilinus. Flour U cts., Folk S4
its. V Uriel; Bacon and Lard Mi it. V 100 lh., Std
Hemp $4 M B ton; Tobacco ti V bogibeadj ud vth.
,r articles in propgrtton, tonnage j leiitjr.
i-V". . ,.,.'.. all V itldeceaJed, Wiii'i; date Maicli itth. lSji!. .. . .
THOMPSON' I'OSTKP, b-inn opimsa-inVof
llie'mot beautiful liine-slome tjnirri(a' IbJt
e-f tieen seen in the Wattern country, l milM-Kotnli
of lh city of Hannibal, are niw burning lime that tlVy'
most poi(irely rt is finer, white i, aiid w ill turn
mit or weiuli mors to the bmhel than an otherl me
Miurni on tiie Mismiisippi river, Irom IVew Oileans I
hi. ram ; ma in addition to its superior wnitenesa an
Uneneaa it works cool and without to much chip crack
ing as is niuai Willi onicr nine.
tVelrave s Lime Iftfu in a convenient part of the
city, from which we will either bip or deliver tlimu!i.:
oui ine enure tehson, at moderate prrres. we pliiige
ourselves l.'-.il it is equal 10 any lima burnt iu tin-
Wcrld. . - ......
UT Adilress TUompton & Foster, Har,ttil.al, Mo.,
or fall on Alt. Mp4ra Krnilh Jr. l)trlr- rnnipr
.Third and Market streets, cpoile ths Market Home,
iVaunruai, 10.
Double-Entry Book-Keeping,
Louis, itnectl'iillir informs the a-lies anH
F St
Centlfmrn of This place, that he has J.petwJ
rooms fr the reception of thone who wih inlrnlin
in Trie adorn branches, or cither cf them, at 15
TON It AI.., for a short time.
From many years' experience as a Teacher of the
above branches, (in St. Louis), Mr. I,, flatten himself
that In? patronage should be unlimited ; havinf; had, io
that time, the best attended clashes kuown in the city.
I"7 Terms made known at the room.
If Private Lessous given to Latin's at tlieir svsi
dences, if dyiicd. -
f J" Visit irre cards marked to Older. ' '
Hannibal, Juris Sa, 1852. (3-tf)
FP' mrgnr ue laitntui to duty, but when
enthusiasm would sicze on nil; the examnle
l'PsL r . J
'VT?1." jvorth more to the
peror than the defection of ten armies."
of tl
1 . i . ' o-" " - m
vpi. uuncan, Dy ivir. iiannegan, are al
iy wmeiv known. Mr. lUnneiran has Wen Uri
. v. . m rr n . n lit . n n . . .1 .I'll 1 . 1. I .
LJ from Bouibon County Kent or kv Also. Five
Barrels Old Mononsahela Whisky, torn firit hattdd.
jiut received aud tor sale by S. i.r.h at b(Ji, .
StcHorTitt "Grasd Oriestai, Buck Koostkb."
June 3d, 1852. . (J3-U)
At the Long Narrow Room next door
to the Rev. Dir. WcElroy's Sook Store.
an THE subscriber has .
'3h' JU91 ICbVIITCU tllllU Ol.
sived from St. jff"y
i very geueral A N
pntof .. VX
"Tr.. louis, a
assortment of
which adJrd to the
.Stock- nurchaaed
few weeks since, Mkes the variety as ereat as any
ouir.r in me cnyj riqcaoitr mora u. ..in.i iuisi
oi inrpcwiuc k. nw win ut w m u.....
publish to tbe World what DO sensible nan 'will be
lieve, that he -vit! sell 25 per cent.' lower than any other
Hon-e in Missouri; but this ranch be will say, his , in
uniiun w m sell l Ihe smallest possibU piolit, and do
a fuirupnglil business. The stock will csusist vl "ve
ry variety of cloth, tweed, satinet, bfk alpacca, Mok
lerey cord, pro. de ta, brows linen and eottouade roats;
ditto pauls; bl'k satin, bl'k bombazine, and bl'k Ital
ian ciom vesis. ilats, (of every variety) men's and
boys' abirls, ol ttmy kiJ, linen collars and bosoms,
silk stocks, fancy silk cravats; ladies' eauze ana suit
vets, piens' silk and frauze under aliir"; red flannel
shirts, leather trunks, iron and leather, and wood frame,
lrom l to 10 each. Hand trunk, saddle ospi,
carpet bags, &c, he; in fact, one of the best and
most iWsirable stocks of clothing and furuUhuig goods,
hi all this section of country. is '
U" fjome one, come all, and judge for yourselves.
Hannibal, May lTtb, 1862. (mySO-tf)
W"The Paris Mercury please publish tbe above, to
the value of two dollars, aud send paper containing
the first advertisement to Jl. McVElGH.
ATOTIOE is hiweby eiven that the iindersiined has
4. obtained from the county court of Ralls county,
letleasof adminiUation with the will annexed, upon the
estate of STEPHEN T. SMITHS deceased, bearing
dale M;iv 3d. ISj2. "
All iii-rsons haiinf? claiirrs aziinst said e'Sfale are
hertby notified 0 exhibit tti, duly autheiiticated ar-
coruiiiK to law, Willi m oue year 'rom uie uaio oi aiu
lettis. or thev mav be precluded from any benefit in
saul estate, and if not presented within three years
fioiil tho date ot sua letters, mry win un iuitut
baned. JOHN l. SMITH,'.
My 20, 1852-31. . . , -dru'r.
M 0T4O' is Ueruby Kien that the und rsigiicd I
i .rl.i ;TT."i-.l fnnii Ihu I'l.-ik of the county court
Utilin rannfv. iii t-ication. letters of adiniiiHTjlion with
i . ........... . . . ..
JThe. wilUin,exed.Ul)Oiitheetatot MARI BUIUSU.
Ii All iu-iAhs liivinir claims a"ii'-t sain estate are
I hereby JHfliu.!d to extnbil llioin, .liny a'iir--iiiicdi.i
i 1 pflTiVg to law, within one year frouj the date of said
U tters, or they may be precluded frorrt tny Iwnt-tit io
said estate, and if nut presented wimui tm-ee years
from tho data of said letters, they will be forever
May 20, lSi)2-3t. ' Adra'r.
Carriano JManufactory
J I Ml l.'.n.ilnrv. l.-l l hir.l llnvt. between t ll
iVaiid Pine, buoii laud, and i making and leceiv-
intf a very ejiUnsiv stock of carrirti, comprising
' ioachet.,Bockwiv,barou. h. s,bnp;ics, gis; jerey,
ralit'iii, fjnta Fe and SjU Lake woroii; all of
Mbirhwill be euld ou mil reasonanie lecini. .u
and see. myJ7 Ciulir U. T. CAUl.
61 Thud sticet, St. Louis, Mo.
Important To Jhbtors.
riMtE uiideriigrmi, would axain and fr the last lime
X- .thicunUthe Newaiiiei s.call the attention of thoe
ituiwiit wlio are indebted to the lale fmu of MILLER
K llOVVKK, that they must come forward and pay up,
us liirlher iu.tulgence cannot and Mill uut be gieu, uf
t:r I lie tit st day ut Juuc invt.
IU ould also say to Iborte who are indebted to him
...lit'iiluiii ' H that lie is ift need ol all lint is due Aim,
5 and tbervloi hopes hi fiiruda will auswer Ibis re
i4'w,i auj immedisiely nay elf. bis demand PgimM
1HIH. (unblf) -JIIU S MlM.-UiU
Haunibal, May J, JS62, . . '0. 3 LL ti.. .,
Me-i'f''f picas copy-
T HJIIOBS. Ac We have inst received a laree and
ljeeneral evsor! merit ot superior lio,ioi, wines, fcc,
oiis'iin ot 'pure old reiicn oranuiws, iionaeu urn,
Jamaica spirits, ech brandy, ap)de biandy, Kai.ta
Cms funijClieiry Dianay,vi ovwtu mimjiuw ii
nuiuialiela, uiou.iUiu dew aiid Bouibou wbiW i 4rc,
o fcile ty dTl J. A. Co.
V1NC V extra unrliue floui, juat received '!.1
a uplcii.ld M foril cheap by W'ZjL
I 1 W.. . v,ry .arge
fn.h Worked foliar UJ
:'tri;V.S43KiH.,'.f.. ,3... i. . ' "
- Iilammoth- ' Sieve-. !- -A
T.J. ni)f;"jVAV U fit'ji t-
.Ul)litlmir,nt. J kep . t ... ;
i: rpi.V-Asn BHFET IRO.V
Stuve WstdioiiM, Wroi
. A. lllLKMAN.emr.er
fHrHf. Iimiio' on htil a lora ? .-. , ,
7.' 8'evw, lipafmr; Klovra, ariM unt ' .w
ware,-s np)ly of whic h will .. 'n: r; i
5 on haiul, by yil ition. as ot..M iu- .
r; mom Jus '.-srmenl are J e lui.wA...'
J iev.. . . . . ;
"2 f, ."reen of l!le Traitwrs..
- 'rj iif ';"') 'riiiHijc.u:ra I ,
hrUV . nL i'..-TU,(i, ..r., ' .
. -m v f Wis wt. ' '
S - . . 'l ire best I'remirim, (.plt'jbnnr'l". ) .
:2 .. . '.CalitnnrU frrtaia.-(Viurr. '
."' ti'iiPrenfiums. ::'
'AliUlA at f -t-nr.il .j Ttl. -.Hi " ' "
i- Iron Ware.. AU ,uci'fce u&ir r
X ptitcs fur "n t;Vr- jsy.v -Ccja trf ii.vai:.: -' . -
K poril.pVnej ally, Mill tin it mt'j:-Zi"iL'Zl
L hen? Hois imulia?iir el.wir .i, ' i .f ft
if. lotreV.tbjh aiif ethfr e.Kiiisvl mi
X. Tiyvvjpp(T, laura id rxtmoge n;,- ivf'.'r.
3: J.f'ijit, C e,very aiSety, ly.N t. .
? fct fion; dt.,c a;li.ifeottisstfc,ti-- -
H TiNviorpfT, laura in rxtimigi-
TJEk5H).N3 Wishing to bny Stoves, should gi-.
X call. nJ uxaiiiiiie otrr new PnMrin
"Charter Oak" Cook 8tovc3v
IFavirg Icrurpil Iho AeencJ- of Ihem for thin ei(v. V. is"
Stove possesses S'tysuuge over common Stove', jrt
thickness of tlie I'late, ai J iinp,oveinl,t in tfivL1. '''.
It it piven up by all Stove dealers, anj omntii.-t 'frie s,
to be tlie best Fattern tor a denccndin?; ill; ot k-y
Stove Now Diaiie East or West, " '
U" Call and examine for yoiirvlf. jf f
CAUTEU.. W. Wii'AN. .
isn ipRixH pREPIHT, cook stovsj
Jtuin street, 'i doora Norlh of "RrailvH -' . 1
lapr(-li; 1 . CAHIif.ll i. HP- i.".
s, lee & son;'-;
ILivinsr rerrtrtved llieir WiioiEsai b aj:
IeXAKLISHMEN f from (Be Con..T 'of U. d -.. !
J-J Liei
I.iVce streets, to the entner known s "
Take this occasion to oiler their tliatk. ta'.I.' i'
patron lor Ihe very liberal patrons: nh-.'-l' .. :
have extended them, since tlx-ir eomnmi.f tZi.f.X. '-. ,
also to in Tor m all Ihoee who have not cilir 1 - -i - n
that ir Ihey wish GOOD LIQUOK!. t iW r-:- '
to call hereafter at the wR kjiowo W ILi) CAT
BiElL" Sipn of lh .....
eGKANDORlfiSTAL B.AfK ItCieyil'P." .
WeJave iici to our cxUuaiie tutabti':t.i-;! t a
ral "" ,
" ' Business, by which wt hone to meet th rn'$ c5i
Come and see." , . marSS-U' .
Paris Mercury eopy '.
AM now nrenartd to grind An for
or I v,-M
pr.tr ca-a lor all lue ajellea corn, ceuvered nt iry
vt ir
Mill io Hannibal.
The Cheapest ever Offered
J. P. It A-YBUHN. -
WE aie sellinir oar (roods oil at such prices as wnl
enable persons wanting oods tobuy eaoie gootis
for less money than was ever done before m lLiuuiL J.
Our stock of Koods is complete, in .,
common io uses and wants of every person. AH
way ia call to cooriuce the people of Oiese facts. I
pStVUate my goods (ut cash, aud at very low ra'e;,
wuicQ will euable m to
Our stock consists in articles as tpilows: , ., .
Hoots and bhoo, all kinds; ...
Hardware assorted; ' ':-
Quecnswarc-vcry lato styles;
Clolliinu cut to fit;
of all kinds and vai ietiesj
l"asb-pald for Wheat to,i of the market.
OurTustomerS will always find WAf. 1. OWf-LEV
ready to wait on them. " ' li
Kenwirber (he etote, J. P. RAlr BUH.S. CtmtW:t il
Ilow, (opposHe the Bisdy House.) (uijtt-li'J
re'polti'Iy announce to their I'i. mis and
riiiblie ceneTally, that they ii opened their
....... , AT ' :. -' .
.o. Commercial ltow.llannibal, SIo
(ilw house lormerly opcopicd by . K. 4Laej k, Co.) . .
We uiot eaineslly fjlKit and cull the aitetitiiti r
all thos who wi'h to purchase HUpi. iuacj.i'iy
(j'uois, llutt, Cii$ - BotlM booi-i ai SUi. Unu
a4 HMtwt-wrt nnd Urocei kt, to call M examme-our
stock, (as it hal Iwi Very carrtully Selectf.l by rue uf
t!ie firm, who is n extwriruecd buyer.) hel rtictly
assured In savin? that we can and 'Will, fifoc mi l.ttj.
lwlucuieutas any btare io unr cily. For tbe aa'is
fuction of our triends we will eutuiKilte a yortiuu if
uc. etockt '- "' ''-- r..
, tlLKS ,
Faney fcured; I FoularU ,.
fbaiiceable; ' J Kick blackj . ..
Silk Usuej euit'd. I- . I .
Beiege ajid bereje de lame; 1
plain jacoucts and cn-
brics; '
Stupid and barred Ho;
Fine French woik collars;
Si.s e.'gings and iaser-
tirsr '
J.tcom t ' da do;
l.-ejieh, Eglill -ni A-
moriciill rnlllt.:
Silk , thread eolo laee-t
l.adir' btnek w&ita and
eolored kid gloves, a;ii
Silk gloves aisl it'J,
plain and fifju'ed; :
H.'s'ery, of tcrnf dtrip-
liuri; - "'
lHDabi ' - ' '
I!mwn und btcbd imvl'nt,
bet btand j . ,
Table cMh, bro a id
bK-a.-htv!; .
aconeis au i.itoj;
. ' II
i ..(... Iiiir. utraar aud I VJauutk do:
braid liouiir) ' I B!ch.th.,etii, 14. 1 U
Miim dot ... ... I Uu.aitlt'!vtii'g, ti-l;
iiri.KH. 1 .. v.
Rinl Fit-. Scotch and Huiai I NanUiii; ;
TicllrcJilarre a'sertmen'i I
Cntle.ie .
English 'i4 We-AttauH;Ui
(ilatJt aud Umwi.,
Urewu aud while Frewll
T';-" n'? ll'"tl
Cloth and esimers.
bluck red and Unry; I
NunWiiit. plaiu or ktiifwd
iWjCfu-hsd.ciarilWd aud
browu suam;
Exlia u;i'u- io--j , '
aud piai'i;
fyrop, S. H., end riautatiaB; . '
ii.;BJ ..sA boots and I La-iiea' weir, ull Viud.i;
shoes, veiy 'i!e-'cnp:iou M' jul i Ini.li'VS in",
PriiL-iptitude and the emueeasiafacbou 'A tu -i, 4 .ri.
are i Ii ir tuottoa. '
t3-Xok f-r lUenaiae.aJAWLS & ARMSrtiO.NO,
ou the door pot. M) )
A XI:G(J i.lL OR MTV-IH-V-'.
Uiai IS If, - L. a'e-Wi Orjice.

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