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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1852-1853, July 15, 1852, Image 2

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1 r- . ..
l Ld.HItK) Killlntf mxttl FxnpT-l. tor.
II A K f I T A I.:
THURSDAY, j j.. "iTTTjUl.T .
rorTrcsldfiit, ..
f . For Vice Trrsldonf,
For (Vrtrrevj VnMnVf,
rrotu District, i
TAirJ District,
: , .1'. '
i'Wt. ";WfA District,
.1: For Gnrritrr '
or BlthTOI tocntv.."' '' 1 ' ' ' :
-: t. "'- Fur lAnitenmd Goivrrior, -1 ' '
-.: . .r i.cn .. '"
For Secretary of Slab, ' ' . ?
, ricncu v. uka tu, or si. Louis, i
.'! j." '.. - For Tnantua; , , ..
t . t", JCSOS U. tOnUELL, Of Cols..;
; "For. Auditor,' y V!i
.HHIAHI H..MAUEK, Of Cole. , .
' 1 ' ' For Heauier of Lands, ' " ', '' ".
EMMOXS, Jnn., Of St. Charles,
.... For Attornen General,
': f nia cou.i rifKorniXATioxs;
' '""'. For fie Legislature, ' "' ,
' R. W. MOSS, of Hannibal; '." '.
- i R. C. MARTIN, of Palmyra. V : ,' ',
1 ' For Sfierir. - "
A. MADDOX, of Tabids Towliship.
i. : For the Leaisla fare-llnl 7r Cbtmy,''
U-.. .. . . . i .. .i ..I . i -i . i .I
i . ' 'f. tMllt AjOEJT..r.,i.i ))':'
, - ' AV, & SWyMMEK, ,,,.,
eenrt newspaper 'tad tilve'rtuinf; seiit."'idrtier of
fcent nd Chectnut streets, (oyer tlie Pt Olfice.)
St. Louis, Mo. i. -, (.-. ;' ' ':.:- ' - - i' .-"'J
t th SLluis Evening Dispatch. . t . , ' ,
We are authorized to ''announce Mr.
ALFRED WARNER; of South River Town-
hip, e a candidate for the otlice or County
Court Jcsticb of Munon county, t the nest
Agut election.' .'. t jc24-tlt2
T3- We are authorized to announce W. D.
MARMADUKE. a candidate for Suehitf of
Marion county at tlie ensuing - August election.
'25 We are authorized to annouiico JAMES
W.' LEAR a a candidate for r-tdcctioii fo'the
office of Assebsob of 3Iarivn,"pounly jcHtdV
' :aS We are authorized to jinnounce TIIOS.
McMURRY, Esq., as a candidate for County
Court Jodoe, at Ihe ensuing August electioiu ' '
' TS'We are eutlwmzcd to annouiico JPSLPII
DUDD1NG a candidate fon the. ptliue: of Con-
TABtE, at the ensuing August olecUou. . ;.
'-: "L-. I 1 H t
AppotntmenU to Speak by A. W. Lamb, Ei., , ,
Union, Franklin county, ' " Monday, June 5".
Wuiiington, Franklin county, '' Tuesday, June 2'J.
Warrraton, Wirran county, - .- Friday, July 2.
St. Cbarlcs, St. Charles county, ... JMonday, July S.
Troy, Lincoln county, . Thursday, July 8.
H-lii'l5 Green, Tike county, . Monday, July 12.
Middlelown, Montpoinery comity, Wednesday, July 14.
Tk. twill. arntilMA.iMipv ...it.ltr Vriilnu .Tiilv 11
Fulion, Callaway county, -Mexico,
Audrain county, .
w 1imlon, Ralls county, -Palmyra,
Marion county,
Jianuibal, Marion county, -
iy, July
Thursday, July 22.
Monday, July 26.
Thursday, July 29.
Saturday, July 31.
roLmcAL riscDsacox . .
- Messrs. Pnits and Nr.vn.Ann will ad
ike people of Ralls county as follows, at 2 o'cfoi;
eacu day : ...
Mrs. Nel'a, in Clay Township,.
Cincinnati, - . ., ,
Capt. Abbey's,
Madiaooville, , . .
New London, - ' - ' '
Brirk aehool House, in Central
"Township, 'v
8avrUint . : . -,
Monday, July 12. , '
Tucadav, July 13.
Wttliiek.tt.iy, July 14.
Thursday, July 5.
Friday, July 16.
Saturday, July IT.
. . i " 24.
'' IXV. T. C. HA&KIS, Principal of the Columbia
Female Aecademy, will deliver addrejses on Female
Kducation aud tlia advantaeea to b enjnyej at Ihe
Aeaoroy in Cvluuibia, Mo., at tu folivming time
rid places:
Mexico, Audrain county, Thursday night, Juiy 15 j
Fulton, Callaway county, Kridny iiight, July 16 ;
Daavilte, Monigomrry eounty, Saturday night, July 17 ;
Troy, Lincoln co., Monday, July lit, IU o'clock, A. M
Auburn, -, ; 4 o'ctcck, l'.,M.;
Prairievilla, Pike CO., T'iedy, July 2(1, to o'clock A M.:
J'ayneaville, " . . 4 clock, P.' M.j
Clarksville, ' WeJneidayj July 21, 10 oelock, A. M ;
Louisiana, .; i ' . 4 p IkIc, V, M.-
Howling (Vrcan, Thursday, July 22, 10 o'ctock, A. M ;
Athley, Pike ro.. . . 4 o'clock, P. M.s
'ew London, it nils co., F( iJay, July 2 4 o'clock P. M i
Palmyra.Maiioiico., Saturday, July 24. lilo'clocW a.m
Hannibal, J t4 h, f night. ;
Pans. Monma efc. Monday. Juljr fititnv at nit
AliddJufitoie, JSoiiioe co,, Vvdiesday, July 4 P. At
, tf It it'hopeiltUa friend uf J'mule I'Miicatwii, and
eciauy thK having daughters to cducata, will be
.rompt aud (aue'.al iu atteujauca at each of tin points
named. ' ' -' ' ' '
2.. . Ilotco.
, Th Directors of tlie Hannibal and St. Joseph Rail
road are hereby notified fo me'?t at the town of St. Jo
epti on Wednesday, tit llth dav of AurusI, lio2.
n.jyeMd - It M. STr.WAKT, 1'ietidout.
J3h"rhe youths of the town are ruisiug a
military company. We entrust the boys to the
fostering car of the 4Carruit Bag's' great hero,
"Ensiun Jehicl Sttbbitijrfj S ho, we believe, is
.now u independent ihfldiito for the Presiden
cy; and if he fails fo obtain tliis high office at the
hands of hia ciuntry men, he will immediately
ipott tip his n,nn'' Ar the constablebip Fof
' Spunkville, hi ,jwiv plaeo.. We belive the
Crpet Bi gXnnerivrn a pirrait of h;m to
tho wnrld. '-TlrMi'&Si!(i be uVrnfl-wDr s p?.
diny-, ..
Tdiat nimble-footed Censor, the St. Louis
Times, proriuiiris Mr. Winston a milliner. How,
gnoit olrl Democracy,' always dreamed the had
on only son : but ha recently discovered, that
he rucurrs brace of bawling, ;ouarrels9ino
(wins. Ana the limes it to much elated at
dug m whole boy and not a mulaty, (hut he hot
icundcd into XYtC Baby -jumper and s wi iis way
lustily on his own responsibility. Hut have a
enre Mr. Times, lest you bump yourihead
flpttnttnherwling'.-- Mr:W.,-like-all truly
patriotic citizens, it a State Rights' man, in the
sense, that he could resist any unconstitutional
enactment of the Federal Government, o tie-
clared by the Supreme Judicial Tribunal of the
Union : at the tame time, rendering a ready obe
dience to any law until thus tested and decided
void. This helms publicly and privately avowed
and no other nosilion pan ho nssiimn. mnintninincr
1 ' 1
at once, a proper tcgard for State sovereignly,
and Federal power and dignity. Very dillcrcnt,
the Timet well knows, is the creed cf secession
traitors, whose touch-stone of constitutionality
is their whims and who found the .war tocsin
whenever their partizan intrigue ore defeated,
or their sectional interests invndeil.' Hut Mr.'
W, is most assuredly a State Rights' man, in
that he believes Legislatures-: much better
employod in firing tip tlio iron-fiirtiriccs of their
constituents, and in building scliool-house and
Railroads than in constructing braggart Reso
lutions and twilling, to the detriment of the
rubhe. Treasury, , ,......,.., . . ..
How rJoeV-Mr. Vm. Priest, the Democratic
caudidale toi the Le'ilu'urc fnini Ralls county
stand affected towards the subject ot Internal
Improvements? We hope Mr. Newland will
attend to this, and tneke him come out freely and
Hilly; cither get oft the rotten platfornTof his
party, or frankly confess his opposition to In
ternal Improvements. No ; dodging -no more
doilging, gentlemen. Under present circum
stances we cannot afford to pay men to neglect
or legislate oiir State out of ' her just rights.
We should be careful to tend v.higs to. the
Legislature; for with one exception, all opposi
tion to the loon of the Stnto't credit came from
the, Democrats, Some of O'em1 were violent in'
thcijf opposition. .The Icntoh men were more
favorable; to , the 'jneasure jlion' the Anlicsy
tlie House evry whig voted for it, and in the
Soiiate "only one whig against it. And Mr.
Priest hat never unfolded his views' at to the
great, iron, highwuy to St. Joseph. The gentle
man will please furnish an exposition. . . ., -.'.
'': ! ''; nemo vs. bhaitroit. 1
-The exterminator Of the Cfey Devils, alias
Old Malignants, in swinging hundred-sided
club, has bestowed a small, tap upon our lugt4-
ier Litcrarvnu " Hut the Mugistcr frownt proud
disdain upon the Toe., Qiil'tli he: " '"' :'"
-1 scorn with' inoflable contempt the foul charge
of conspiracy in tlie premises, either ns aimed at
the Curators or myself. If it could even be
proved (and who can believe it?) that the Cu
rators were base enough- one anil ull, Jiennm
meii iitclnded, lo form so vic a consiiij-i'CJ'vl vv.a!
the last, man on earth out of whom they could
havAonyj-aUonid hope of manufacturing cither
a,rW ot.i toady, 4 UiH.'iii 'i i ' Vi
We have only to say what wo learned from
our ancient' friend : ' . "' ' ; 1 ' '; ': . ,
t " .'"Ju'slum'ac toaccm. " ' , " ' '
" '' i:i " Vmim, &e. ! ' ''
For the Juveniles will be held, on the Hill,1
where the White Flag is flying, this evening, at
six oclock. Admitttnnce for childred under 12
years of age, ten cents. O vet. 12, fifteen cents.
On to-morrow the citizens of Hannibal cele
brate the obsequies of the Nation's Pride. Judge
Cooke delivers an oration. Who will not give
a tear to the memory of Henry Clay.
Some of the Locofoco news-mongers brand
Win field Scott a coward; and some "insinuute
darkly.". . We have oply to say, after the man
ner of his gallant Kentucky namesake, when re-,
fusing to fight a duel, " Post Scott a coward and
post yourselves !lVrs'J" ' ' ' '' "" -t
' The sketch of Gen. Scott's life on our first
page,' from the Campaign Times, is much more
full and complete itian 'any of ihe necessarily
brief sketches, we have seen in newspapers. It
gives many interesting . jmi'lioulars entirely
unnoticed in the others, and everything ele
more fully.
Correction. Unfortunately, last week,
there were in the article of M., on tho Union
Fire Company, one or two provoking errors. It
was spoken ot as a private company whereas in
the manuscript, it was juotnile campany," . !
We call attention to the advertisements in ano
ther column, under this head. .'
Hoarding. See advertis ment of Mrs. Har
ris....,,,,;.. .,' , .. , ;. ." T ' ' .
'' JJ" Ycstcj-day "morning was uncdinfortably
cool,, ., , ' , , '
XfTwo concerts were 'given ut Benton Hall
last week.' A first-rate 'circus Will la, here on
the 2!)th.
. JJ'Bad news from the Pluins. Severul em
igrants from this place are reported lo have been
Liken and killed by the Indians. Ii was also re
ported several days since, that Mr. Ballard, the
Dagucrrean artist, who left for California some
time in the spring, had died of cholera.
This has since brei denied.
' O'Scveral cases of flux have oocurred in our
eiiy recently. '
About one hundred hands ure at work oij
the Hannibal and New London Plank Ruad.
Rails is tho Banner temperance couo'y d
Missouri,. NotPJie vicensc J grog klvp einli
within her lordi s. tg)
Mr. I'DiToa : The following correspondence
is submitted fr publication hi VoUt. paper. I.ub-
Join, a is my rigid, my respons'cto Mr. Strong's
(hird letter, but wish tha- fewer lo understand
that, I will haveiui newspaper cpnlrovorscy'will;
Mr. Strong: 1: 1 1 ' : ' ,!' U
Tl r.7 -HiNRiaai., Juno 28, 1S32.I'
Rev. W. M. Rum
, - Dear Sir; I nm, aiithonzej by tin
Rev. E..ManfofJ, Vnivtsalirl, g(J. Iniis, U
dudlnligu y uU. ta-iiuict hiia hi muni siiitabU place
in this pily, between tlie twentieth ot July, and
the first of August, iii public debate, and discuss
the following propositions : ' ' , . .
1. Do tlio tierinturet leach that the endless
destiny of maiikinu is depeiident ' on the charac-
tcr they form in tiiit vatt, JSl ijiiora will uwrin
thoy do not. - ", ' ' ,
V. Do the Scriptures' teach that the coming ot
Christ to Indue the wVrld is fmuro ? Manl ord
will denv. ?-:
o t- r.i.-. . l. t
anil liot)Diness of ull mankind f AluiUorU will
uffinn. ' ' ' ,
4. Do tlie Scriptures loach that thoso who
die in disobedienco to the Gospel will sutler
endless punishment? Manford will deuv.
As the above propositions cover the principle
grounds in dispute between yourself ond the
Univcrsaluts, mysell, together many other citi
zen and friends, would be much pleased to wit
ness and hear a thorough scriptural investigar
lion ot these propositions, Ijy both parlies, as
they are ot vital importance to us ull. It you
accept the above challenge, I am authorized lo
represent Mr. Manford in arranging the prelim
inaries necessary preparatory, to the .debate.-
'Crusting and hoping (hut ific'aboyo . will . incel
with a favorable consideration upon your part,
we will aw'ait patiently un early answer Irom
you, which is respectfully solicited.'' , y .
Yours Respeu'lully,
' " ' V ', O.'G. STUOlS'u.",
1 ' .Haxxibal1,' June 20, 1832. :.
Mr. O. , G. St'boxo ' ' ' ;; ,
" '' ' " Dear Sir: I ant in rocoipt of v'our
note of the 28lh inst, in which ymi say 'you ore
authorized by 'the Kev. L. Maiuord, Universal
list,' of St. Louis, to challenge me to discuss
certain propositions which you detail. In rely
10 your very .especiaii note i nave to say .,
1. That when in a very unobtrusive manner,
from my own pulpit, and to the congregation 'of
which I have pastoral care, I delivered a series
of discourses upon the doctrine or future punish
ment; 1 llttld expected to stir up the great udvo
catc and' defender of modern Universalisin in the
West, nud cull from him a challenge for. a regu
lar pitched battle in religious controversy,
, 2. 1 am not a man of war, have never held
a public religious dincussion, nor, have I much
confidence in the ultimate religious tendency, of
such controversies; Mr. Manford is a veteran,
in religious controversy, and it is lobe presumed,
is thoroughly schooled, iu the tactics of debate,
and prepared ingeniously to Jlake, advantage of.
liny ucuciuncy in ins cuinpeiupr in mis respect,
3. Waiving any objection to meet Mr. 'Man
ford in debate from the last consideration. I have
J.to say of.the challenge, lhat.it.is a extraordina
ry one, , Mr, Manford fixes up to suit himsell
the whole substance of the debate time, nhicsi
and ull, and then,' forsooth, I may, 'with yourself,'
agree upon the preliminaries -.la tins o speein'
men of Mr. Manl'ord'a tactie's?,' If so, for once!
challenge Mr. Manford, I certainly
itfbr'him'td propose tlie time and place; haf
Mr. M. extended this courtesy to me, I shouk
have proposed St. Loitis as the place, 'rind frot
the fiiteenth to the. twenty-fifth of, August 's tht
time." Ir should have proposed St. Lcuiii, and l
ken'it to Mr. M.'s own congregation, becaui
his'ahxiely for debate wotihf indicato that !r
cause needed it, which is not tlie caso withmif
in llannibhl.' I would have proposed the tut!
I mention above, because such re my prc-cl-
giigemcnts, that I could not uttend to itatii
earlier date. . - ! 1 : ' ' '
4. I cannot consent to discuss the propositus
presented, because of their tautology. Thi'e
out of four, at least, present mainly the s:jc
issue, ana were 1 to drive nun from his positln
in the first proposition, he might assume te
same position in the third, and again iit the fdurh
propositions, so that the iliscussion would e
without system, a mere child's play, a throwf j
of dust into each other's eyes. The main ise
between us is made up in the following prop
sition which is in nearly the same words as M.
Maniord s third: -Do
the Scriptures teach that all mankind vt'.l
be finally holy and happy? I will deny. ?
As the challenged party I hm thrown itpn
the defensive, and where thero is but one prr,-
. . ... , i , . . 1
nsuioii, me nrguiive properly Deiongs 10 me
Mr. Manfcrd can have a debate upon the tojns
above indicated, which I think perfectly fair.
'5. You express for yourself and many 'of cr
Citizens a desire to hear such a diseinsjon. 'iid
I should be glad to gratify you in (his reSrkt,
but there are ns great, or perhaps a ereater um
ber, who, from Mr. Manford course, art of
opinion that he is exceedingly anxious to obtiin
some notoriety in this city, to give to himse? a
prominence here which will enable him to Jis
scmiuate his peculiar doctrines, and belieJng
his doctrines to be destructive to the souliof
men, they are unwilling that he should cnoy
that prominence in the pulpit or upon the alar
of the Methodist Cliureh. No such objeefon
can be urged by Mr. M.'s congregation, for, ns
univorsnlists, they do not believe my doetrhes
destructive to the souls of men.
, You wilkfleass inferm me at an early period
whether or not Mr. M. will agree to the abuve
terms.' ' ' '' ' V- ' : 1
' Very rcspeclful'y yours, "
; ' ' ' V. m. rush.
' Hasnibal, Juno' 30th, 1S52.
Rrv. W. M. Rrsii
' Dear Sir; Yours of the 2Dth inst. is received
which I hasten to answer in as brief a manner
as 1 possibly can. In vour first vo.i sav that
"when In a very unobtrusive manner I delivered
a series of discourses upon the doctrine 6f future
punishment," &c. Here you appear to infer
a complaint for thus being noticed in Mr.
Manrord s challenge for tho above' unobtrusive
course you pursued. Now, my dear frier.d, I
will nsk you, in the name of ull honesty and can
dor, were your lectures, and nartiouTarli vour
urai, usoBTiiiisivi loivards tlio U.NIVERSAJ.ISTS?
I will leavo.thn answer to th' cofisciences of
yourself ami those of your citizens' who heard
you on that occasion, to decide. '
2nd. We think that those who" live" in glass
houses shouldn't east (he ftrst Voni, especially
if t!y W4- went thr!r castle demolished;
Stiih, however, is uol the case with Mr. Man-
' ' '
... i . j
I....I ffill I In (lint Till, rtonli,,,. .... I 1 . Ill fit llfll H ' () V SO T fl r ' tl S" r I't.lt I'H til t lf lT I 1" "
' " ' T . ' ' i. , . J 7 ........ ,y . n.t ,1,,., nntncl r
iia,iu iMiiuui.111. ua iii. Liiuai, uuu pi i iiui.il i;a -r -w.. - .. .i....... . . . ,
..' nliliniinnl A ' n .. n..i,l ., M I 1 -4 k . . T .. . .1 I II I 1 1 1 it f 1 1 SK 1 1 1 1 .1 flVW I U-l'L 1 T 1, , 4 tfl. ,1.. irt 1 1 il .- , , ....... P . ...
, l: li. ...,! -l...-. '..,. n..rr.,l Wrt.,li r- l,r.,r..,l 1. 1... I. a uu uims uiut mi, my cn
.Mim;,,,!... f ,h ',r,;,.".fn;,' V T , .Med-'ine i' rt'imh in (lishnsion: T annr-nr l,ii" l"oisnmuui was .UOIiVe
llllll IIIW Ul,'LCl, llllli:, I'litCU, UIHl llllt. 1.'-:' M-,-"J U "-u,i- y .'iiniii'iv ii.in Liiiu-l p j -i . ii-
i,,w"" ...v, ---v'. v . o. - i- - - i'" i i.i k. l t
ford and hid c inset hislmildiiisr is truth aiflliis
wciijtons tlie Word, (Scnplurcs ,) wfiidh is.rep-
X?rr fi Jiritw tliH svvmd rf the Spirit, lil(.'h
is well calculated tn, and feirally d uUfia,
terrify and put to f.ii'ht, all (counter thereto)
Who deiiOud litton other deftnees, and ttch cen-
cr;Jly try te cll'tji t their escape through by-pwhi,
Motheif retaeal will be unobserved, hi thej'thlnli.
i' oil conmlain of Mr. Manroros propositions,
and say that three of tlieut .ire to lautuWiial
.1.- I i Uf. ,.l.:ui. .J.... m
.lid nvniu u aanv - t J
NiWn"iv,dw friend, Jnal! good Jrlr
iig prjd ciiruor, id Voi(w'erc,eeru iii Uiat you jiaq
to law and testimony lo sustain voa ia.lhoau
propositions, would you . complain of tautology
in them? We think not, but would be found
battling the enemy, and advocating your master'
cause on nil such occasions. lint I will take
Ihe responsibility for Mr. Manford, and modify
the propositions so as lo give him one etrcino
nffinnatioii m uccordanco with his tcachingf,and
yourself one c.tlrctno alfirnialion in vccord.iueo
with jour teachings, They aro as follows:
1. Do the scriptures ti'aeh the final hy!incs
and hanniness uf all uiankiud ? M. uftrms;
2. Do the scrijjfnrfis leavh' that any jmrl id
mankind will suffer endless ptinishmciit i 11.
afTirms,' ', , ' ,
' 1C vou aeeciil the ubovc, they now stand,
Mr. M. will uoeqit uf your time in August.
Now, friend Rush; us you have 'taken occasion
lo Uenounce na sugmaiue wic v. niverMiusis in
tliis cmnniunity, we el.iun' jhe same rights which
all courts of jusiicehold in reserve for criminals,
that in, a fair trial,, aud when that is the ease,
and the law ond the testimony aro found to be
against us,' then, and not "lillthcn will wc Burr
rentier, ami acknowledge, as you say, inatjour
doctrines are " ilestrnelive to the souls ol men.
Lastly; yoii here infer, in language so plain that
it cannot bo mi-understood, that your members
would consider it a desecration of the Methodist
altar", to' permit a Univcrsalist preauln'r, in a
discusstun" with yourself,' to thoroughly iuvestir
the scriptures lor truth. ' ' Well, if such bo
the'fuct. tho'v arc more iirciudiecd than oilier:
in this city., ftut Mr.' Munl'ord.has not asked
them yet for join- church to hold the debate' in,
vou will recollect. , But' I will pledire my word
that Mr. Manford will, provided you accept of
Ms. challenge upon' fair grounds, procure, in
this city i ut good a house, nud as conlforlablc a
one cs there. is ui Tlio city, lor tlio tlebalc to ue
held in,' outsije of tlie Methodist church. Now
friend Rush, what .excuse, next? for you must
acknowledge that :yotl threw' the first stono.
Tlie Universalists in this city have no il.jection
to your bringin;' all of your artillery to bear up
on them, provided you are disposed to give (hem
a fair chance for defence, but unless you show
by your acts a disposition fo act fairly, and meet
thtyn upon honorable grounds, they wil consider
yonrjinprovcked attack upon them as' 'unjust,
unmanly, and cowardly. ' Now my friend, I am
in hopes, in my plain talk, that I have said noth
in2 that will give you the least offence; for. hi
assured, tha,: what I have.s.iid has been done iu
the best of leeling. An early 'answer is res
pcctfully solicited.' ;
' ' ' !i Very respectfully vour,' ! ' '
- i n :r .1., ' 0.0. strong;
! . . , tn.' " , . . . '. . , .'
m'NNIBAL, Jltly
Dear' ft tr: 1 am in receipt of Tours
of the HOth lt which, although jmt couched in
as respectful language as it might be, shall re-
eeive proper niiennon;
You rcplj to tlie closing enquiry of my for-
the privilcfp of fixihtr to" his likintv Ihe' terms
the discussim, leaving' the to arrange with your-
self, the ptdiminaries: ' I'mWtt, with propfie -
fy, have prvscd such a ' clinllenge' unnoticed, but
persomdrriard for "yourself intittecd me to trive
it a respectful attention. : As h party, liow ever,"
1, ,i;.o."Ia .-if ..t . fi ..., u...
me to surrinder my rights in the premises. As
the challenged jiarty, 1 claim the privilege of na
ming the tine anl place lor the discussion. You
accept for Mr. Manford -thc tiine, but not the
prnce. Yoi complain of my carrying the dis
cussion to ?t. Louis; you say thai as iny series
of discoursis on future punishment was deliver
ed here, th debate should be here.' Now, sir,
if it can b made appear that Mr. Manford
has rrevor jveached or lectured to his congrega
tion in St. mollis on the doctrine of future pun-'
ishment, orthe final holiness and happiness of
all men, I vill meet Mr. Manford in the city
of ll.mnibiV But if he has lectured thereupon
those subjits, I shall maintain my right to carry
the disctfioji there.
You subuit two propositions for discussion, viz:
. "l. Dn ic scriptures teach the final holiness
and hnppirrss of all mankind? - M. affirms.
''2. Do he scriptures teach that any part or
mankind filL suffer endless punishment? R.
I have ,wo crood and sufficient obicalions to
v. i,',. i-,,ii,jiij .,i.ii-i.-iii.i.i, uuiu iiuu unuiv
.i . -." . . .
pnr-osilioiis. 1. The first, proposition
liiitull jiiankiiid may and sJwidJ be holy
ccucniiy uappy. jjut. ipe queslion is
tetch that all mankind will be ludy and
I so worded tlie Iironosilion in mv for-
fi a toxoid llitit quibble, 2. I object
piopoMiions because tlicy involve Hie
sue. This is. contrary, to nil rules of de
If .1r. Ji'uiford should sustain the affirm.
the Jirsjt proposition,; tliere cvnild be no
i y i't tusoussinguie second. .,
idlusion'to class houses, and .Vr. Man'.
itilding of trutli, is as if the inushroom
ang up durinjr a night should exalt itself
tho lorest oak or a century's growth.
at my series of discourses on future
cut. were delivered in uu vnublrwiive
I did not thrust myself upon a coinniuni
which I was not identified and ottiick the
of others; but from mv own pulpit, I
d those discourses to tint congregation
ii I have pastoral care. Is Mr. Maii-
ivn course challensinirine, lavinordown
of the debate, and thrusting it, upon
innjuity, instead of taking it to his own,
uuoblritsive? ' I leave it for tho candid
v I think the general impression is that
nford is exceedingly anxious to obtrude
into tins city,
r. rimford wi
filllford WlsllCS a deb:ifn ' linlii, lh
.viic.uvn iu my lormer note, lie can have
ie declines, while backing out, let him be
1 cover his retreat bv orvinjr cou-ard. .
. It...... l : , . .
terms ure accepted, you will please in-
'iyour e.uiicsi convenienoe; if they
accepled, I tjiall coiihider this cones
e now closed, ami tdndlcluim the privi.
UU 1M 1 r ii.
assur,uieesof personal regard, . .
1 remain yours, ,
w. .Ukisii.
.1....N1 i i, 9 unuii ,llr fif-iMf.,!-,! ,r.,rrl..,l (V. I,;,.lr I Ul-U9lll, HUIU :0C JIUrC. 1
9J1UU1U liaiTIl .-.-.-,.v. ..... ...uiiivm m.i,Si,ni
- r
5, J85:
! ! 0
sJlAHfciBit, July yi:,;i.
Rsv W. M. Rrsii, j )
; tyar Sit : Yenrt-f hn. 2d inst.
has been received. In your concluding" remarks
you virtually -cutoff ny fiMfll.erMrrpmlenre
between ourselves iu relation to lljis great nnd
important' suhji'ct In edntrevcrsy unless Mr.
Manford will submit to unjust ond unreasonable
requirement made by yourself, Such, howev
,.r uilt ia lm the ease. You 'claim for your
self extraordinary privilege, ate ,iiing 4lic
suhjoyt, time Ind place for holding the discus
sion.' Now" lr-t us examine the real grounds vou
t.ind Upon, Mid'sce whether J olt nfC "JiTstly cTiTi-
deiltonll vou clafm or not : V oti will recollect
that some two weeks beforo you commenced
your series of lectures upon future punishment
fif such thev rnnV be culled), veil announced
that you wo lid deliver such a series of lectures
publicly. On the day Appointed, many went lo
hear your first (but disappointed they were)
and what was it but loud assertions in tho way
of denouncing and sii-inalizing the Universal
doctrine, nnd UnivcssUlists eendrully? Here,
my dear sir, you accused them of many things ;
and UiKlerloolc to try ami oonuemn ttietn uinore
this rontmunitv." with one-sided evidence andas-
srrtion. Alter this we ' came btft and chal
lenged yon to moct us upon honorable and fair
jrromvls, und go into a thorough invC'iiiration of
this subject, i My dear Sir, yottarethe"hrcss-
or in this controversy and there is n justice in
giving you such extraordinary privileges ns you
claim. Sir, yousiiy you ncWpt Mr. Manford's
challenge, but don't acea-pt nf his conditions, or
niivtliintr inhis challeiiircbut the word chaUenxt.
Now, if you throw all composing his challenge
aside, what do J'Otl ticcept the w'ord chullcngo to
do.-1 This looks vrry muclt like you wnro al raid
to meet Mr. Manford beforo. this community,
for fear he might expose some of your loud ns.
sertions which you made use (if in" 1 hat fmiiu
triul wlui h jV havefTmrryniued to. . iow.
my dear Sir and friend, if you aro deterniinod
to rrtrcat,ylii e.aii'dn so under whatever cover
ing you.hnve (hosrti for yo.irsell', in 'this. our
friendly correspondence -ami if you chooso to
have our correspondence published, ou can do
so; hut if you publish part nil must come, and
let an unprejudiced commuiiity judge wlia.of
tho tv partitiH has taken a beck scat. .' , .i '.
' "cry respectfully vmirs,
' - i i . O. G., 'tTltuNG. ..
f .
Mn. O.
IIansiual, July (jih, 1S52.
Srco.io, ; - i -
Dent 'Sir.: Yours of tho 3d inst.
was not received until, this iiioitiiiig.-
In uiy note of the 2d inst., I staled that unless
t.ie terms of discussion indicated were accepled.
1 hhould consider, our correspondence closed.
This ..yen.. refuse, and Send me unolher letter.
Tliis-1 think very slrungc, , It. evms- lb'4 Mr.
Manfprd and I can have no discussion, but your
conceptions of fairness require that you should
have the hist us well as the first letter in the
correspondence,' or that tlie correspondence
should be continued ad ihUn 'd'im. , . .
,Yut);say I Uiaku. unjust and, unreasonable re-,
quireuiwit oMf. Muui'ord, :. Tliis I deny, awl
submit ihy puse tua.rJndid fair miidud uuf in
tcllii'iil coinuiunily fur a yerdict. ( ...
1. lie time. 1 proposed Irom tne ijth to
otnv, ...
, . ,t. . r I., i:
sion.; ttus there anything unjust or unreasona
ble in this? If so you never intimated il in your
acceptance. ..-. ;
2. The place. 1 proposed St. Louis as the
place Jur the discussion,
unreasonable in
s ol discourses
red here, the
consented, if it
of!coul - u un--m.a," aPPCi"- AlaniorU had
, , , , . ,
i !lul Pca.w,cl or i-'c'l""ya to his congregation
! 'P ' ol:l:i lll'0'.1 rL".u,c r"-shraunt,-or upon
laJ,,n!t1,u:Mj!T"a' ""u!,!,. " "ll mc'; l" J,'jc
1 ..ii ...ii. .u KKiiuiiuti.1, uut ai iiv nan iccuu un up-
j oil those subjects in St. Louis, I deemed it fair
i ""i"'ose,KU ,-!'-'
'to take tho dis.
scussion there, especially as I was
.1 1 11 l
iiio viiuuengcir jv.iriy.
3. Tn: propositions,
Mr, Manford laid down
four propositions, three of which involved the
same in un issue. I ask was this fair? Was
there ever a public, .controversy .in which the
propositions thus mingled? Whoever saw such
a controversy? . W'e will take tlie celebrated
controversy between Campbell and Rice as an
example. They discussed sis propositions, but
tlie issue of , eauli was cepurate from the others.
I would not consent to discuss Mr, Mauford's
propositions as presented, but 'selected one of
them, which presented tlie main issue, and with
u mure verbal alteration, to cut oil nil quibbling,
I proposed to discuss it... Next I was presented
two propositions, presenting tlie same issne; this !
i regarded as more trilling. . .,..
To show Unit ihe proposition I was willing to
ditiuss with, Mr. Maniord was a. fair, one, 1
will present it by tlio sine of ihe one discussed
by Messrs. Waller nnd Pingree.. . My proposi
tion v as(: " J)u. .Sir :jt tins hack thai all man
kind u'ili U fundi ij Ihilij vnd linj'i'it"
limulc wliss and iuhulwuof ull ,.((
iiiiurs was: iiu .Vt;iit - the xd-
. a u im- m uicso jnoposiiions is ma same:
tlie final-holiness, and happiness of ull mankind.
M e sjs . W a.Ucr iiiul J'ii ig ree t hougl 1 1 it j us t u nd
reasonablp to Jtsciif s ; tiiia tuonositioii, but it
'pi. .. : - - .i
wuul,l be very unjust and unrcaaonabjo for Mr,
Manford nnd i)yscl to di.-.us it J
JNow 1 simuiit it tu the t-undid. if iu nil tins 1
treated, Mr, Manford unjusUy, iiiireasnnably,or
pvci unfiU'J?.,, The proposition that I r.grccd
to ilueiiss wiUlhiin was, m subbtuilce, uesent-
eu uy iumseii,, attd Jus, been rcgardeil ,by Wis
dcbidants on Jus, side pi the question us prcsciit
lns fair! v the maiii issue belweon ns.
.- But tlie uluee: l)h' llin nhinnt Af- .r.'r.J
had fixed Ins heart upon cominsj lo Hannibal to
., i " ----- -J , iin 'piIVlU
agitate Ins doctrine; und lo bo disappointed O,
bow cruel! How unjust for me to carry tho
War into Africa; to, uccept hi challenge and
meet him in Ids own congregation ! . '
Mr. Manford reminds mo of some school boys
that I hav e known, who would pouueo upon an
other boy, and taking till under holds, would en
deavoi to trip him. up; but if tho other boy
claimed equal rights, ho would immediately re
treat, crying foul play.
Yuii can assure Mr. Manford of my high
consideration, nud inform hiiu that, as he lias
tints backed out, I ciuinot consent foduUte wijh
hiu uudcr any cirouinstunces,
. ,, Yours respectfully,
. . .
Tho Cincinnati Gazette, in rovirwing Hie
record of more than forty ymrs' public services
of Gen.' Scott:
"We find that Scult has been ciiu-atred in
three wars, has been victorious in ten tattles,,
1 .1 . r i . .
na nirqu nines nueriereii 10 piescrve peace
and lias written several volumes mi mililry .jj
stitules, le'a frunce, und various topics of'ptb
IieintcWst." , .
i Tt i
(Kon tnn JoraNAi.. j '
. wuvaf CT. AT.
A Naton nfturiil her pursst patriot ded
.. , .... ui. ....... t,. rrw nail is iprcad.
A,knpp, thou tree ol mt-'ancmny Siv.,
n... .-'..-It irr-ntlv o'er Jibi tionor'd tomb 1
... I .1
tu 'soothhg pce thy fntrd braschel ipt-4, j
And l,allo"d gimid the sod, green o'er liii ties-i. ,
Thou can'st no more tho spirit formed to soar,
Denude of earth, IiaMi pass'd the cliryslal do?
To that npyreaiijaalm whose light supreme, .
No earth-eloeVJ Ihoiulit may fancy Uwsira.
t v,,;.,.. ...... il.v .l..tli. 11 icd Haavn-stsiia ,1
Hut tfonpW enrih-wiite threnh rsrlt eeeiirsi,
Thy livins coun-c s still shall e er rcvem, i i
Tdl wearied Time itiall wing lus latest year, j , r
Thou ha not lived ui vain tliy wanting oi
lljtli tluico thy prril'd country mailo rejoice,
Am', prompt the hideous dangor e'er assuagot,
When ai pry Discoid o'er her councils ragevj j
And hko the slender rods that bound,
Iu Union urged, could s!rengtb alone be fourij ;
Ah, long niny memory, of thy crowning act i
P., main, to bind our Nation's great compact! j f
Our Country's falh-ir and her noblest son, j j
The patriot Cloy, th iminoital WsihiDgWi f
The clisplet wreath a single chain fhould id
To link the names who made, who saed tki'e
Ah, cm e'er be one daughter of them all, i
Of these bli-sl Slales so recreant shall fall t
As viiw the vu:f that eldier r.ame illurff,
Nor claim an intercit, in their honorM tit)sj,
From the St. Ijfcis Jicva-
Ti e f11nrit-.r neeniml. is rriveu oJa ponlOU 01
. . . . .
thn i-r.x-n-dinirs iii the Cincinnati jnalincaiiius
- o o .
Meeting. Wu may mention that ihe event in
Gen. Scott's life there turned to sch Jmpdsomo
account, was brought out at our meeting last
night by Maj. Uriel Wright with startling anil
'.TT.Wous effect. JL'Jircrs lon2 fnd loud hailed
IS ltClll-ry. I illC lllll ni'uawi v n
Isle" that will vote against Gen. Scott!
Sri; sen. or an Iimsuman. The lartff polit-
ie;d gathering seen in Cincinnati since tlfmemo
raMii year of IS-10, iiiet in that city otld SOlIt
nil., to ratify the noitilnntloh of Scott aniSraham'.
The tires of 1S40 were fairly rc-kind, and
the utmost enthusiasm prevailed. Apig tha
briel records of the specclios madtin tho
occasion, i the following , c , r
M r. Gibbons, an Irishman,, and wiuall an
Irishmuu's fervor iu the cause he espoif s, was
the next speaker. , Ho proceeded togive his
reasons for tho. supporl of Scott and (-ahain in
jireferencc lo the nominees of the Irpocratio
.irty, to called. Scott, though a staich 1 ro-
trstaiit, was a Catholic man Cathol , in lh.it '
his soul was larric enough to tolerate lery form
of honestly entertained religious bcUV (Ap
plause, and cries of snrc, and ain't well going
for him?".) When the ; corrupt THpcrjurtd
English Government Would, with chacteristio
cowardice in crushing a fallen foe, hatshot the
Irish prisoners taken in the last warmth that
country, Gen. Scott stood up on theqter deck
of an English man-of-war d'ye niindial lioys?
on an 'English man-of-war an"?oltl tha
ciwulclted liireruns of th;st damnubl g'overn
I THE DUST 1 " ( Enthusiastic amlpnjt ' con
tinued cheers for Scott.) ' Th.-.Tdat'irKs bcarirJg v
saved my countrymen. And can Jprgct tho 1
m :g:i ii;iivi"us actions' of the conquefof Mexi
co, who secured to u vanquished pe sll the
right of property niid and more tlflthis all
the right., and privileges of free and (restrict ecf
worship? Never 1 Gentlemen, iy father
fought under Gi;n. Scott on the batt'Iidd-; and, -if
it plciijis God, I am going to fighfir him in ,
tliis 'political o.aiopaifi;n. (Cheers. ' ' ' '
Mr. Gibbons alluded to tlie clauA tho Co."'
sti'.ution of New Il.mipsliire -tlt State
which Gen. Pierce is said to hiij bo.
leadiiw po'.ittciaii disl'ranchisinir adflii i
and declared Dial the arch enemies .'his
beloved Ireland Lord LyndhursfJiisscs'
i.ora t. larcndon ( groans) or the lie ol
iingtun should as soon receive hifipte as this
Franklin Pidree.
From a letter dated
Fon r Laiiaiiie, June III, 1852.
The general health of the cmigkin between
Fort Kearney and this place isBry good. I
have seen no sickness at all, umUil few fresh
graves. At Fort Kearney, the umbers who
had passed from the 1st of May June 1 at.
were stated in round numbers ui,100 wagons,
13.000 iiion, 1,G00 women, 2,50tiliildren, 43,
000 head or cuttle, 3,200 or hors.4350 of mules,
1,200 of shei;p, 120 carts. SiiiijTJiat time w
have passed GOO or 700 wagoi' mortly with
droves and horse teams, peggintrtit from over
driving, logiiiher with all the 2P0 sheep, in
one large (lock. Great as the lures appear,
many probably passed without Ifg registered,
and the numbers north of thrlatte exceed
those upon our route. Grass ifelenty as yet.
Since we started we have mafhut two Dad
camp grounds on this account. I ''" .'
Ihe notorious .whcil-barrovJinn has been
out-Cu'sar d this year, Bcsid
veral pcdci-
ttijiis, stiifTiu 1 ajij, (and ludct
thc full' as
l.cyvlly ns old honest Cristian,
bom we have
met upon our pnigressive pilj
iag6, a hanj
earl erawn by one lame liorse.
nu!h the sway of three propri
bending be-
s; a family of
nvc persons wnose eiirthly
trnnsporlcd in peart drawn ,b
jflessious wcrq
ne ox: ano; a
peiTect baltiilioij of onc-hor
o-oarts, havp
been anions the notabilities oe wnvsido,
Baggage cars similar to those d by our ho
tels in Hannibal are ulsc) seemiy especial, fa
vorites, and highly in vogue f
" " " . m .11 Vivid nliil
(rain are now
about the ford of the South PH
,'sbout a week
behind us; Col. Ayres is nb.
73 miles back,
i of nine wsg-
and this morning we passed a
ons from Marion City and vi'
r. 1 his is all
I know of unv one from our t of the world.
Bloomer costumes ore all tsjfashion among
the fur dames or tlie Pluins. I .. , ''",'.'
At the meeting iu New Y Lieut. IVowt
(New. York Volunteers sailo spoke of Gen.
Scott ns one wtio huo! follow? 'ha on ftle fleW
of battle,'and he looked upi dm as the chief
who was to lead (hem to a pi ter victory. It
was tho blarkest lie to guy t Winflcld Scott
was unpopular in the army, j man would have
born torn to pieces U such nW'ma had been ut
tered aii-ong tho ranks. Hfld his Ren that
they lad been baptized in bf or:! every man
wuuic have died to serv-f "n- Une of hi
first r.cts after oxinqueiTng tj Mexican cities,
iu vsmoiisu juiuiio sif"" no demo
crat io part of the army dee$ h when Frank
tn Pierco was nominated A would leave hi
lanner and e-o to that nf Vfflicld Scott. I.t
him be borne into the PresW'al chair over tha
wave. uLw overwhelming wority, - J
The EdiluP is ubsctit, If will relurnoon.

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