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TERMS: One Dollar, if paid In Advance; if not paid within Six Months, One Dollar and Fifty Cents; if not. paid- within Twelve Months; TWO DOLLARS.
NEW series;
telligenr.c, whose voice in music, and whose "I pray thee, dear lady, unsay those fearful
smile, like lis rainbow of peiice, can charm words. Mock not my misfortune! with audi
iiwity all storms from the heart. Add to all an offer. I am too humble nnd two unworthy
these external grnc.es, a mind lighted by nature to share f lie splendid destinies or thy brother.
with the divine lire of ceum, and stored by cd- jiJioose Mm n bride more suited to hit lurlli, ami
ncalion with the wisdom nnd learning of a sage; more befitting his exalted station."
a heart where every generous and kind emotion " Not. so, Athenais thy beauty, thy virtue,
has found u home; a virtue thai has been tried in j tliy learning, make thee his equal, and render
the fiery ordeal of woe, and found pure ns the thee, in all respects, worthy to be a monnrch'a
shining ore that emerges from the severest test, 'consort. I have willed it, and thou must be
without spot nnd without blemish; n character, Ins bride.
in short, my brother, which, like the sunbeam Then nn expression of the deepest sorrow
of I Ienvcn, must shed universal brightness and passed over the features of the maiden She
gladness around.' went forward and bent lowly at the feet of the
Theodosius hail listened with looks of won- Empress. "Lady, I entreat thy forgiveness,
tiering delight to his sister's glowing description jbut I cannot obey thy bidding. My heart is al-
oi the young Grecian, and when she closed, lie ready united to another
said :
'You have, indeed, dear Puleheria, described
a wondrous being such an one ns only the
brightest day-dreams have ever imaged to my
soul, and my spirit pines to behold her. Hut if
she is all you so brightly picture, she is surely
capable ot feeling nn elevated and noble attach
ment a love founded on pure and divine prin
ciples. Such a love I have long sighed to awa
ken such a trim and sincere kll'uction have I
ardently wished to inspire. Hut, Mirroundi
iy n host ol admiring mends and followers, who
From I he Ladies' Companion.
Of MRS. t. 8. SMITH.
The Eastern Empire was, at that lime, under
the dominion of Puleheria, daughter or A readi
ng and grand-daughter of Theodosius the (Jreat.
She was invested with the sovereign power du
ring the minority of her brother, the younger
Theodosius. Although possessing a high, proud
spirit, she was renowned for the justice and be
nevolence of her character, and Allienais felt,
as she reflected upon what she was about to un
dertake, that the Empress might be awakened
to womanly tenderness and pity for one so des
tAAt at.d unhappy.
As soon as her design was formed, she pro
ceeded to put it in execution. She fortunately
escaped from the house without arousing sus
picion, aud, with no companion but her attend
ant, proceeded on the journey. In due season,
and without obstacle, she reached the palace.
Then, and not 'till then, did she pause and lirs
5i.,i.. -.,,1 il,;lr fonrrnMv ution the ordeal she
"" . ..J. .' . . i i i i n I. i . ir .i :i i.
was about to endure. Mie had been reared in juj'l"""" n.inei .i.m um.t me mc t-t vuc nu
tlie simplest and plainest manner. She was to- mage of interested hearts. I still vainly seek
tatty unacquainted with the forms and rules of .and pine for that unalloyed affection which all
a court, and dreaded to pass those hrtv portals idesire to obtain. The attentions, the praises,
that seemed frowningly to forbid her entrance. the adulations which are paid to my rank, and
lt,,( .,n fhninrht of her" f rirmdloss situation called not to myself, and satisfy me not; as the droop-
l.nek her courage and nerved her to the task. flower thirsts lor the dew, my soul thirsts l
Without difficulty she gained admittance, and,
ere long, was ushered into the presence of the
Empress. Nothing could afford a belter illus
tration of the industry and simplicity of the fe
males ol that day, than the sight which met the
. . , I I .!. . I .,1..!..
eve ot Allienais, as sue etucrm uie iui..;.j
Puleheria received this announcement with
the greatest apparent displeasure.' ' She rc-
. proaclied Athenais for her ingratitude, and
tlireatened her with punishment and persecu
tion, if she did not instantly renounce her love,
i Finding reproaches nnd threats nlike powerless
Ito call forth this renunciation, she tried other
'means. She described her brother handsome,
I wise, valiant nnd noble. She represented the
irrcatness, the pomp, the power Ins
1 'would enjoy the splendors that would surround
her, the luxuries that would minister to her com
fort, nnd pictured all the charms of n regal sta
tion, in their most fascinating colors. Hut to
nil these temptations Athenais seemed insensi
ble, anil when Puleheria had finished, she rose
and with a look of dignity and a voice Usui trem
bled, said :
'Hanish m from your presence send me
for h.mriiM.m nririiihforilntwonUiiriiiirn .lortli lollieworld Jriemllcss and miserable ns
land sincere esteem. If I could woo this young iw'.u'." l. "ought your protection torture inl
and Imtnl.lc individual, might J MMnl wlUl trllcl '"reals and reproaches kill
me, 11 you win, oui uo noi, tiuar inny, jorce me
... ... i i. 't . .
uivirlmptit. A oToun ol maidens were seated
round the room, all engaged on works of em
broidery, and in their midst, portioning out their
respective tasks, and occupying herself, from
time to lime, with the same feminine employ
ment, was the Empress ol the East, the proii i
ambitious woman, who, at the ago of sixteen,
received the lofty title of Augusta, and wielde 1
the sceptre with some of the wisdom, and much
of the spirit that characterized her illustrious
Tiroareuitor, I heoilosuts the lireal.
maiden as a low
1 not win a love thai the favored of fortune sel
dom possess, and that kings often sigh for in
vain ' "
Puleheria approves her brother's sentiments,
aud assures him that his desire can be gratified.
They arrange that, he is In gazo unseen upon the
fair stranger, and then unknown, seek to win
her love. Concealed behind the drapery in his
sister's apartment, he awaits the entrance of i
Athenais, who has been summoned to the pres- j
enee of Puleheria. With what delight he be- '
holds her radiant face, nnd listens to her silvery
voice! His ardent imagination finds the origi-!
nal fairer, if possible, than the picture his sis- i
to renounce my love. It were sacrilege to tear
away the imago that lives in my heart, uhd seek
.to place another in its shrine, lleic, in thy
: palace, I met a youth humble, homeless, friend
Jess as myself. The bond of sympathy united
'us. He spoke kindly to ears that had long been
accustomed to the words and tones of harshness
what wonder lliat in those cars ins voice be
came a music sweeter than all other? What
wonder that, when he breathed the accents of
OrricK Morse Am. TcLr.ce a ru,
St. Louis, Oct. 8, 1852.
Dear Sir : Isaac M. Veitch, President of the
St. Louis and Missouri Telegraph Company, and
John W. Morris, who has been for several years
connected with the St. Louis and New Orleans
Line, and more recently with (he St. Louis &.
Missouri Hiver Line, unnounce to the citizens
of (he various towns nn the route, that they pro
pose to construct a Telegraph Linn from St.
Louis to such towns on and near the Upper Mis
sissippi as will subscribe for an adequate amount
of stock and otherwise encournge the enterprise.
flie route contemplated will embrace the
towns on the west side of the Mississippi riv
er ssy from St. Louis, thence to St. Charles,
Clarkaville, Louisiana, Hannibal, Palmyra, La
Grange, Canton, and Tullyi Alexandra, Keo
kuk, Fort Madison, Hurlingtnn, Muscatine, Da
venport, nnd Dubuque, and such other and inter
mediate points as may evince a disposition to
encourage the enterprise.
The want of a direct line of Telegraph from
these towns to St. Louis has long been felt.
Such a Line, it is believed, will not only be ap
preciated, but be of great service to the rapidly
consort increasing trade of these towns, and must prove
a prohtable investment as a paying line.
1 he Line proposed will be built in the best nnd
most substantial manner, thereby insuring per
manency aud durability, nnd obviating the fre-
quert delays and annoyances to which the branch
Lines, extending over a portion ol the route, has
been subjected.
The proposed Line will connect at St. Louij
with others extending to all sections of the U.
S., insuring prompt dispatch of business coming
frum or destined for any point on the Line.
One of the undersigned will visit the several
towns on the route contemplated during the pres
ent or suocrcding month, and lay before you in
detail the plans for the prosecution of the work;
and we solicit, in advance, the attention of your
iyour business relations with St. Louis and other
parts of the U. Slates, and your own immediate
interests, will prompt you to give to (be enter
prise your favorable consideration nnd support.
We beg you will take immediate : measures to
ascertain what amount of stock can be secured
We clip the following from the table drawer
of 'Old Knick ' i
An esteemed friend sends us the following,
which he sars is 'two e ben Irovalo.' Poor old
Sambo was very pious; and as he became well
stricken in years, flattered himself that tie was
willing and anxious to die. So he used to sit
in his log hut, when his day's task was ever,
alone, with a tallow candle flickering upon the
ground floor; and so he used to work himself in
to his favorite belief. First he sung a hymn,
and then rocking himself backward and forward,
his eyes closed and his mouth open, lie would
ejaculate and repeat :
' Whencber ie angel ob de Lord call, ole Sam
bo ready to go.'
.. .Nqvp this became commonly known among the
young darkies on (he plantation, wdio all had a
grudge against old Sambo, kecause he was a (er
ror to cyil doers. Accordingly, one night, a ne
gro wag crept to the door of the hut, and waited
for old Sambo to begin. First came the hymn,
and at length, with a sigh and a gronn, he be
gan to swsy his body, and out it came
'Whencber da angel ob de Lord shall (.all,
pour o'e Sambo am ready to go.'
lap! lap! (ap! upon (he door.
'Who dar?' shouted Sambo, turning his eyes
until the white alone was visible.
'De angel ob de Lord."
'Who do he want?' gasped Sambo.
'He come for ole Sambo,' was the dreadod re-
rugh I out went the candle at one putr.
'Dar ain't no Sambo here he's gone dead
more'n tree weeks !
'E'ynh! yah! yah!' shouted a chorus from
WLook out for the Old Lumber Yuri.
Kl.,smH Pin Lumber aniteble for all build-,
re purposes, tan (II times ba had at the OM
Hannibal Lumbal Yard, which has been established .
years . 1 he proprietor deems It unnecessary to pnlThi
Lumber to n-ake sell, or to sar a.iv thins- about e-
perienc. iu the business except to those who nerer inr-
chased flora him. , He would remark th.it an experience
ol eight years in (he business gives the decided advan
tage over any other who neve, had svrperieart bis
Limber has bean p-irshswii tot tain, and Heeled with
great care, from the best mills In dha Pinery. , lfr
rhinirs and others wishing te purchase Iimbev wulj.
find it to (heir advantage to call and examine the stock:
of Lamber and. Shingles at the Old Lumbar Yard be.
lore purenssL.; eisewnere. ii yon cannot gel it for a
less price, I will rusrantee yon can ret it as low and a
belter article for the same money, Also, Lumber, bhio
e,le and wiildoweash.
If f Don't forget the big Sign oa the was' side of
Third, between bird and hill streets. Look il fortbe
Sign of THOS. S. MI'J.KR'8'
lb?ntf LUMriR YARD.
A verbatim copy of a letter from a chief ma
gistrate of a certain corporation!
T c xe i . . w j i 'ny iiiiiixnirai lumps, none o
i l ni.-uu iu m, . i ho w long it may h.v existed. II penetrates the flesh
made a Mare, and shall be much obliged to you j0 the seat of disease, dissolving and. removing the
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment'
AMONG the many ditcoveries (hat have nreeei.lty.
been made in the medical science, none claims the
a'leniion of the public moie than McLean's Volcanic
Oil Liniment. . . i j i ,.
The ' Volcanic Oil," which i the twit pf Ibis r!n.
able Liniment, is a production from Nature's own lab
oratory, and when chemically combined, as ia M;
Lean's "Kama oil- Liniment, wit other powerful,
yet soothing and healing leir.ediat agents, nrodueestbl
n osi pericci ann emracious remedy tbat bas ever been
olTrred io the itUicted.- , - ...
It has been tested by thousands, and in not one in
s'anre bas it failed in giving speedy and permanent
lelief. .
It has cured Paralysis, Rheumatism. Weakness iq
the muscles, Ciamns, Numbness, Stiff Join's, Sprains,
bmises. Pains in the Back. Loins and Sides, Ague
Cake. Soreness of Female's Breasts, Scalds. biims,tipU
nal AAVciiona, Neuralgia, Sore throat, Swellings, and
Inflammations, and various other external diseases and
pains. a i . i . . .., ., .
When applied, its soothing influence is alsaost tannest
diately felt, relieving the most severe pains. It will
cleanse and purify (he fonlnst ulcer, and it will remove
any nnnatural lumps, node or tumor no difference
As soon as Athenais beheld the benevolent ;tcr had so vividly drawn, and his youtlilul heart
features of the Kmprcss. her fears were (lis- beats rapidly beneath the (ouch of Love. IK" can
pelled, and, advancing with graceful ease, she scarcely await the fitting season fortlicinlcrvicw,
knelt at her feet. In the khvle--t manner Pill- and longs impatiently lor the appointed hour,
v-hei Li raised i'.o nnmcii, ei.d l.i.c !:rr r.!;c As l.L-led a quirt ".i.d .A-ldded life, it w-.-.irr.-known
her wishes. That she might attract less sy for Theodosius to practice the innocent dc
ibservation, Athenais had arrayed her form in a eeptinn which he had planned, and in a humble
jilain and humble garb her eyes were dimmed garb he was introduced to Athenais as one of
with tears her features wore the languor of the tutors of the young Emperor. Pulcheriik
weariness and the gloom of anxiety, yet, despite daily devised excuses for mi interview between
these disadvantages, her beaut v shore coi.spicii- the young pair, Bn,l , ilUli Ine.uis the lover had
. -fit,. !,'T.t . .
ous and charmed the eyes ol bclioiasrs. mm , urn
a low bit firm voice, she said! jl'y,
'Illustrious So'C re'urn vou sec before you. in stniited in the secret,!
. . n .'. ' . , ' i.. K....1 ... :, .1 ..I.- I... l
the eliacCmr ol a suppliant, an unnappj, ucsn
love, my soul responded in a kindred strain? in your town, at fifty dollars a share,and inform
What wonder (hat, when ho asked my nll'eetion, us at as early a period as practicable. We also
it was given him freely and forever!' With ask your own personal attention to this matter,
st;ch feelings, oh, Sovereign lady, can yon ask and to give us your views on the subject,
line to wed your imperial brother? No: that It will be understood, however, that such
luiiion were misery to us botti. nal is inarri-
if so be, as you will send me cown by the
Coatch, some provisions, fetling for the occa
lion, nnd I am to ax my brother, the old Mare,
and the rest of the lientch. I am. sur, etc.
The above was answered by a wag, into
whose hands it fell, as follows :
Sib In obedience to your orders, nave sent
per coach, two bushels of the best oats; and, as
downs as do not subscribe an adequate amount to
secure the success of the measure, will not, of
'course, be taken into the route.
ttite, and desolate orphan. If one who has no
inheritance but Sorrow no friend but Hope,
nnd no shelter but Heaven can claim your pity,
then, most gracious lady, award that pity to me.
Driven by unnatural kindred from an unhappy
home, and flying from the persecutions of one
who would force me into a union whose liis
were more fearful than death. I come to pleat),
with voice nnd heart, for the boon of your favor
and protection. I am a humble maiden born,
reared, and educated in retirement, 1 know not
the language of a court, and if my freedom of
expression offend your ear, I pray your Majes
ty's pardon; but listen, oh, deign to listen kindly
to my appeal. I know not what words to use,
but 1 feel that the voice of Pity in your own
Li-mmr m-ill nlead elootientlv in mv behalf. I am
necessary opportunities (o carry on Ins plan.
ry one who approached Athenais was m-
md commanded not to
divulge it, thus she had not the most remote
suspicion or the truth. Feeling none of the ti
midity which would have characterized her in
tercourse with him, hail she dreamed of his rank,
and grateful for his respectful attentions, Athe
nais soon extended to the young tutor her con
fidence and regard. It was not long ere a warm
er sentiment sprung up in her heart and lrnt a
new charm to her life. Then indeed, all things
wore a smiling i.spcct, and time sped by on the
w ings of joy.
i Athenais became daily a greater favorite with
the '.in press, and, receiving from her constantly
the most unequivocal marks of regard, she
ceased to feel her dependant situation, and ban
ished from her mind all thoughts of care. She
was grateful and happy Her heart, like a suin
'mer bird, warbled forth incessantly the music
Yours. &c.
nxsT got? from omot
Hurrah for Scott and Graham t
Our telegraphic election returns from Ohio,
thus far, are gratifying beyond nil previous
calculation. Hamilton county, (including Cin-
cause, thereby producing a speedy and permanent cure.
siere i sue t-rour.
Ma. J. IT. McLean, Proprietor; of McLan'a Voir
canic Oil Liniment Sir: I do ant know abetter war
of expressing riiy gratitude for the benefit I have re-
.. -: l l . l. i f , .k . l : I
ici.cw iium iu use vi juur umuiciil, UJau dj uavuix;
I have been grievously afflicted for eighteen years,
with nlcerous sores on both my limbs. At the time t
!nge without affection but a bondage of the most
.sad and insupportable kind i a state of servi
tude that trammels, not only the body, but (he
mind, r.nd destroys even the freedom of thought.
Votl (ell me of (be wealth, (he splendors, (he
honors I should enjoy; oh, these would but gild
j t lie galling chains, and render them heavier still.
(Think not, dear lady, I am insensible to your
j kindness, for while my heart continues to brat,
it will cherish with fervent gratitude the mem
ory of your favors; but the very evil that led me
do supplicate your bounty will drive me again
jl'rom your presence, an outcast alike from your rnnr, and sent three Democratic members to the "i"'
jhome and heait.' j Legislature, by about the same number of votes, j',,,,!,',,'!!! iud"
A Hood ot passionate tears prevented me in- This year (lie Wings linve overcome tins tre
terancc of Athenais, and she could say nu more, uiendous majority, nnd elected a Congress.nan,
iTheodosius, who had been concealed in the alu u their members of the Legislature!
ipartment, during lite interview between his The counties comprising the Third Congres
sisler mil the young maiden, drank in every 'sional District gave last year upward of twelve
jWnrd with eager car and delighted soul. hundred majority for the Democratic candidate
As soon as Athenais was silent, he emerged !f(,r (iovernor. Now, they elect Campbell,
from his place of cuncealinent, and sprang to hor j M'Aiir, to Congress.
feet : The counties composing the Second District
'Here let me kneel,' he said in impassioned gave last year nbont two hundred Democratic
tones, dierc let me kneel and pour forth my inajority. The probability is that a Democrat
gratitude and my love. Know, excellent Athe- j, now "elected to Congress, though by a small
nais. that thy ungel-affeetion is not given lo the .majority.
.humble tutor, but to Theodosius himself, and From the more interior counties we have not
lofty as is bis birth, exalted as is his station, he siiiricient returns upon which lo make any satis.
cointnrno'd using your Liniment, from my knees down
ttrt MID In.l U- . 1 i I HI .1 I I IT .A7Mwl Ufltll mnr-m t k...
you are to treat the Old Mare, have added Some 'tn ,,. tu. most eminent physicimns in Europe.
uran io make a masu. l ours, ac,
Mv son,
and the United Slates they ooiikl heal up the aotcl
diii m a lew nays laey wouni oreax out worse man
eter. 1 nave tried many reinedins ; I used six bottlea
said nn old turbaned Turk, one
day, taking his child by the hand, and pointing ,' tha M-xican Mustai g Liniment, but it did me no
.,t lo him on the r.nr,.ile .ide, a Frenohmn. I?01?- M "hn' M f'nlp adveaed. me to II -J
just imported, in all the elegance of Parisian
costume; 'my son, if ever you come lo lorget
God and his Prophet, you may come to look
like that:
A nrrsnn In Si. Loni., tv the nsntp of McLean, nnVrtlni lo he
nrqiiiiinlt il Midi llic ins rei!M.HUof lliifl celehratrcl nif-liriiM, and
well kmitvn I Its erenl virltiRi, nai alteiirii ein-i inn use
m t-t. iiruritr.it. lie tlmits a .n-rlotta nniMf. nnd m an aroc e
cinnati, nave last year a majority of nearly four lraiiu imnr m nut proi-rini r in- original, in jn ariviu-
., '',';. .1 . . .' ' i; i ,p .. Ili. iiiii in lo day's nnwr willlw fiiuiid llic jK)eol l)r. Ilratx
lliousantl loruie ucnioi-nuiu c.ihuhiuib ior uuv- .,, ,i,i,., i. K,,.rv one will tr with us llmi the Inwii.r
nils Ifllow s prt iru. ions mm ,u,y .m,
ihc- St. IjmiI. sitial, lliat llraes l.nn-
'svrvtil nuiiulurllv. Tlic enure salrs du
ring tlip Ii, Ht yeiir atiiiiuiil lo about on- million huiilii.. All of
ilif in .t iiuust'ii in the rity, ri-riif'y to Its treat eicclleuce. Sa
lem Wnkly AtlviM-ale, St.iy'.'U, IrCri.
See ailv,.rli st-m-nl in snollicr column.
N. B. Since ilie above was sent lo lit for publication, wa
lliid lliM Mi I.EAX' lliat Is tliire spoken nf Is Ihe disenver-r of
No wonder the Muriii men are Irylnf to run liis lioiweat
itiiHii tliey fear lis liicieasinf pputarily. It la certainly a
belter Liniment, because il baa p, rfortned remarkable cures, af
trrMustant Lin'inent Imd fal'ed. Bra ilia advertisement in
another column, and jud;e for yourselves. auU
lioor and miserable, but beneath my humble garb ,of delight. She was surrounded by every com
beats a heart tilled with loyal and generous emo
tions. Grant me the boon I ask, oh, Sovereign,
and the service, the devotion, 1 had almost said
worship of that heart shall be yours. Shield
me with your gracious power, from the loneli
ness and sorrow that oppress my spirit, and life
will be too short to pay the debt of gratitude I
shall thus incur.'
The voice, the words, Ihc manner of Athe
nais, all had a powerful effect over the Empress.
She immediately soothed the suppliant with
Words of kindness, and gave her many assuran-
She ministered to
fort and luxury of life; she loved nnd was he
loved ! What a contrast with her former friend
less condition. With what happy dreams and
anticipations she looked forward to the future.
One day, while indulging this pleasant frame of
mind, she received a message I rnm the Lmpress
bidding her lo an intorv iew. With a light step I
and a liu'liter heart, she entered the presence of
her benefactor. I
Well, my bird of beauty,' said Puleheria, 'art !
thou not happy in thy new bower?'
The maiden's face was radiant with the sun- '
shine of the soul, as she replied :
I 'Not even in the days of innocent childhood
Book and Job Prinin
ces of favor nnd protection
t...H . ,.! c..,i.rl.i 1.,. i-n' crrnlle means to
""' "h'v -v . . . r. . . ' .i i i. -. i i .. . i ..r v.i.
make her forget the ills which sue endured. ;o . ...,. m. s""--
Kvery passing moment added tothc interest she sea, or decked my brow with the flowers of my
bad awakened in the breast of Piilclu'rh, and the d.v.r native pl.ms, did my heart revel more glatl
t..., . i..ii. v, . i i,l,,l,r,. s..rret thouL'hts ily m the ionus scn.-e ol existence. 1 am no
'r..t. I. e ih. ,. ;r. f h.r brother. longer a friendless, houseless exile; for thou,
ti ...;... ...... -t , l, ..i ,,r'i,l nlmni twentv 'dear lady, hast supnlii
vears of nije. Allhoilgh possessing lew ot tlm jKinorco, ami ii
illustrious qualities of his grantllHllicr, uie ciucr
Theodosius, he was a youth of virtuous heart 'Li
and line endowments of mind. His education
had beeaj carefully superintended by hit older Si
more imperial-minded sinler, I'uli herin, ami she
had also scrupulously instructed hin in all the
thn rrrucea and ( iiriiiticB of royalty. ' was
I "I niriF.PT!" Hurli is the line niesniindl Ilia word PEP
HI," or ol Ibe oao Citk vtonls Inuu w-lurh il is derived.
Tins is His sic nuii-ant auil niiroprile tiCaol the Irae lligistiva
Fllinl, or G.islric Juice, n i.ired by Dr. J 8. Hoi uliros, of
l l'liilniletiliia, Iruin Itie louilb sliimawli of Hie Os, for Ilie rura
ol" lntli;esiioii aud liyM..iii. Ii is N'Aiuie'sown remedy IW au
uiilieallliy sio'narll No art or mail ran eijual lis eunilive pow-
feels that he is scarce worthy of the treasure he factory calculations. We have enough now to ihs'iif.ire of the 01. in anuiiier um of ibis fnrt
has obtained, t orgive, dear inaitlen, the strata- confirm if anything had been wanting tho
'gem I used to gain thy heart, and believe me certainty of Ohio's rolling up Tor Scott and
I when I say, my future life shall be a study to Graham a magnificent majority in November.
deserve the precious boon. We congratulate our German fnemls upon
Puleheria shared the happiness of her broth- (l,e noble stand their countrymen have taken in
er, and Athenais, bewildered, yet blest, testified Cincinnati, anil hope we may soon be able to
in smiles and tears, and wondering looks her show as good an account in St. Louis. Intel.
pleasure ami surprise.
The nttptiah were soon after celebrated with j M.vsca cr Mirts. A very pp.!ar preaehr
regal pomp, amid the joyous acclamations of the in South Carolina, and a secessionist withal, bar
people; and thus the world beheld, what seemed angued his hearers on the importance of pcrse
more like a talc of fiction than reality, n humlilo verance and fortitude. He said :
'You that is church members must not lock
back upon Uabylon fSodoml like Paul's wife
ui.iideii elevated by her virtues to the lofty hon
ors of the Imperial throne.
'd the place
What call I
.ist en, mv
I', lection.
A private dispatch, from a well informed source
, receiwd last evening, conveys to us tlielollow
!ing distinct information in reference to the Ohio
j Llccticn :
CoLomts, October 14.
I:i O'.iio, twenty-six countWs show n W'hig
tgain over last year's vole of about seven thou
Uand. Galloway, Whig, indie Columbus dis
count ry,
to Wrvc
lear Allienais; have I not in all
Ihingf studied thv comfort? Have I not given ,rl.., : l,eateii bv Olds, who has a maiorit v of
thee a home that the greatest might envy, and 'fjfiy Vnlrs. Six Whig members of Congress are
domed nice in raiment, inai wings liiigiu near i ..l...!,.! 1 1.irl m. Corwin, I ay lor, JK-II, (..ainu-
ino iriai- on'. Kin' - . ,
flefply imbued with the anblitne apirit of Chria- !""'' hat only the noble can gam
ianit v, (hen fast dispelling the error, of Pagan- 'Yes, my Sovereign, you have done al (In.
ism from Ihc world, and all his acta were guideJ.and more, "a on l.avo wiped the Irar of wo
M,d governed by iisdivinr- precepts. His mil I- lom my eye, and plucked the arrow ol Kru
ni. his benevolence, and his piety caused him
to he respected and btloyed ly all who lurrvund
ti him.
A short fiinc after her fair suppliant's arrival
Ot the palae, Puleheria nought an interview
with Theodosius. lu tone ol' pleasure she aJ
drss04l h'no :
'My brelher, J hm thia Hay
Vrjwith Jtning tirecian maiden, wild ia,
in every respect, worthy to be the wife of the
fnHire F.tnneror of Koine. .Listen Wlu'e I 'r
scribe) a being such us fain
Have I not bestowed attendants to obey
slightest bidding, and sin roumle l thee with lust-
from mv heart. Xou have soothed my wound-
d spirit wilh l!:e voice of consolation, and
whispered peacp when despair Was at hand.
Von hate, converted fear into hope and regret
tnli joy. You have awakened love in trie heart
wheire snrruw before r'iguod supreme, aui
made the life that was fast becoming a burthil,
n blessing and ill-light. All (his you have don,
'dear taily. an 1 now what call I do testify nV
'gratitude f Name biiV (he price, aui though it
wcr life i'self the) vt-ry lift) you have so
bell, and Harrison. 1 wo t ree Soilers are elec
t,.((;i,iiiHrn and Watle. The Lncofoeo State
ticket is elected by frum five to cij-ht thousand
f Lot's 1 done 1 i ou must be a Aevip better than
the world's people lteligiuii is like a battle,
anil Satan are strong! He hates good men, and
wants to kill (hem at tron.vi ! In short, my dear
ly beloved hearers, you must do like Gen. Wash
ington done at the battle of Waterloo . In t,he
heat of (he ikrimmngr his horse was killed by a
lirilish cannon ball. Pid Washington give up
bis sword lo (he enemy ? N't he!. He sung
out at the top of his voice : 'A horse ! a horse !
my kwp'ltim for a horse ! !' A horse was brought
him by Fmnk .Marion, nnd he Jnii (he bloody
lirilish from the field, und thus secured the lib
erty of S'JUth Carolina1.'
A FnrNCiiMan Fast. A Frenchman upon
the road on 'Fast Day,' told a ly (o hold his
horse stent.
I 'Fust, j ou mean, don't you, sir ?' interrogated
.the lad.
i -Tliero goes a fast horse!' exclaimed al'f stands.
, . ... . . i. . i i
er, as a lively ironing nag siri-aaru uy
juired the niton-
y never riclurrd tr. 'cheered jt shall bcacrilWeol for our good.'
in of lofty statins) an.! I '! want no saeril'ifts, Athenais; I am fully re
eatei with all (U warded by stung you tmjjpy, and lo show m
l I a
vMir mina. iinagiue form
- . r..t r,rm,nel iins i,,,.alsiS
P. . . .. ..i. ..a ,l. aetiBe of volir cralilllde, 1 am ahoilt to rotifi-r a1
rnarms ot voiun, yn iin-igio(j mm in -r , . ,
beauty of woinanh.ioil; n brow white ami purr ;tuvor greater ihuii any you have yet receiy.:J.
I UCIIOIilc III PIV lll!li
harms or youin, yrr merging iiito nir ricoci j r
jeauty of womanhooil; n brow white ami iurt favor greater lla.u any you
sI.jb. -s.. ..1 1 in il inn ffjav jfl 1 1 1 o tirfiiiiiif tifi'u .i Aiuat- t urn nbnut 1rt wive vm it. i
III 1110 Illlilll'I'H """W "O-v, .......M .1I.HSI VIV-- I" . - - .
(or look, of the softest feature and richest lua- nil bvotUcr, the joung l .inueror of the Last.
luaioiit v.
i Tins will do. A Locofoco majority of over
pljOOO last year, reduced lo live or eight thou
sand now i he majirity of Cass over Taylor
j reduced from over lti.UOO to b ss than one-half
ithat number of voles this shows that a revolu
tion i in progress in Ohio which will sweep that
ifciate for hi hit and (ia a ham ot the eecoud
I 1 nesdav in euiix-c. i e sn.ui ajaui in inui -How is Zat, nervously ino
day. be ble to welcome Ohio back tolha rank isi,ej Frenchman; 'inre is von. horse fat, and h
nl "Whig States, und her vote e'M be iht efficient ' oel jje zander all ze titiK; afe it my horsw
j means f jri ins? to the Vnitei ftUlte V'hi fic is n.s, too, and he no move.'
jPresiJiiit.J Kapublican. j 'i'M ;s Fast Day iii reality, bj the appear-
1 ii ' iT" i."' . ... ,i, ajice of the road,' said another.
Hong i.nii l.tTfir. lack era are in the ' . , ' , , , , ,i- : f.-i
. . .. ,. , . i ... a i 'Oh. I see. den, said Monsieur, ? dis is fast
m:irii, i ir mi i.wwi Ttnis kiiii cnuisi. biiii 11 in .
mv ; paying 3 per hundred for hogs, aud tjui 50 to
confer a ';4 for cattle. One concern ha purcliasedabout
7,t)0i)head of hogs, to weigh 200 Us, and up
wards, ut S.l per hundred. Beef slaughterinT
beirm to-day, and it the weather
or avtav na.i airTins.
Neatly executed, al Ilie ullue ol Ilia
II A.XMrt.VL Jlll llMAk A.VU VSiON".
CARPS, te,
Printed in eood style, ami upon reasonable terms.
Wholesale and Retail, Southeast foratr or llalai
i lllllre
KITP eon.uotiy on Iis-iU ihe best MltfSOL'Ill ko
V llliilMA TUlni'CU; StNt-KP of all qnnhlleal UMls.
h I NU '1 lilt M i: '. ir.iaise soil lisri) REt.Al.lA, I'RINCII'lt
Mi l.l t snd CUMMCIX I 'IGAKM and ertry srlltla ttally
krot m ilicii low. Apply ai ihe iiviu iha
43 lg snaiaa
Tontttu, t its a its axis Mi'rr,
CIifKisT Hutu Mt nits other hoitx in the niv!
Aud it will Ix li Uia ilin4 of purchtM n lo rnicuibr Ual
Uf hna
No Cigars made by apprentices !
Hill, 4i u Main mtrcl, iiatuubfti, no.
Notice to Country" Merchants.
Mclean's Volcanic (Jd Liniment t 1 told trm DMBiDC
would relieve mi but my grave i ' .
But one of my neighbors, whose angers were drawn
crooked by rheumatism, used .our Linimenl, and 1)
relaxed the muscles, and straightened bis fingers in a
short lime. This induced me to get on bottle. I apt
plieil it, and it removed toe pains. Two bottles snore
healed up tire sores and cured ant entirely, r -
No pen can describe the joy I feel, now I eao walk;
without being tortured to death by such piercing peine,
or the gratitude I feel towards the discoverer Of such sn,
invaluable Liniment. ..... ,
Residence in rear of Pheaix Engine House.'
Messrs, Cemp and Fasold, druggists, 127 Carondelel
avenue, will, at any time, certify to- the above state
treats. The above miraculous nice about -1 prura to
every well governed mind that McLean's Voleanie Oil
Liniment is far- superior to any other Liniment, and
more efficacious than any other remedy that bas eve
j been discovered. In tact it speaks to every man and
.woman, raying, "suffer no longer from local pairs -or
I ' Il will also cure hordes that have the scratches, -6s-.tula,
poll evil, sweeney, wind galls, sore shoulders or
jsaddle galls, bruises, straias, old sores, or any swell
ing. Kead the following - ..!
' Frrtnt a Practising Physician.
Jitr. J. J. , McLean Sr. I wish to add my testimony
.to the great virtue of McLean's Yorranic Oil Liniment.
I I have ased your Lin'ment on sores, bruises, ate, anu
it always cured them sooner than any other rented f
I ever saw. I am using it uow in a case ot erysipelas
and the patimt is doing well. I have usee il est a
j horse that had Ihe sweeney and II Cnred hint in a short
jtime t aUo my saddle horse got Jams from a lump be
tow the hock joint he had else the scratches era
hail. I used the Mexican Mustang Liniment and se
jeral preparations ot my own, but touw uo nun no gosw.
i riiuutu sici.ean's volcanic Uii iiUiuneni. ea diss
twice, and it killed the scratches and seduced, the
swelling. A few more applications cured him entirely.
I advise every FARMER to keep a supply always OB
baud, for it is a Y ALU A BLELI N I M ENTi :
Mascoulah, Ills.
W say to Die public, beware of liniments that are
S'l a'lted. Ask only lor the ti us and genuine Volcano
Oil Liniment. It is in square bottles, with the name
Mclean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, blown in the glass.
Take no other, and you will get a true remedy, aa4
one which can always be relied on. ' I
iy The above Liniment is for sale in Hannibal, by
aiil-2 J. L. MATHEWS, Agent.
final Settlement - . ..
I VTOTirr is hereby fiven n all persona laiereMMt hi AeestaM
l oil IIS al CUUVHimi, acKWS, lais ot (ouwy mt
I Hal a, iliai Ue uiider.ijued, aduiimMralar .will snake apptvaitM
I'al the November term ol the. I'minty Court for amlS ccMMty, Suff
a Sirat seliletseat of kia aduilmstrstina t1 said estate,
asp J 41 W1LX1.SSOM CRAWFoau, Adsa'l.
V..1 f...., ,!. ,, Um irr Inn ItlulerstanJ TIIR ilhser.bera ara a.iw pr.psred In sieeats nrdera tat thla
,n,j,.,,.m... b.," ij mi.uraiea 'U la ' ilouiesiit ecunomy la any quantities, nshiiuj amvsa,
suil ji Him ali.iriest uotii'S
T ihuse oiiu aie unarquainled wiih Its prnpartlea. ws will
inieiely .av llial by (iviii 11 a (ireleienea ever nruinary wmim,
IcIoiIhs can ba waslwil tsuhlialf llur usual labor, au4 al lass
fumed diretllona for m aeenmnnnytnt aea nrac.
A4diaaa VOllIAN fc ll'l.l.l.a.
No. S 11. Charlra airaer. near Tlilnl,
aepS Sat i L""- M-
r s A' r.
ittp rriVTIvi'R In maiitsTaeture. sud keen eon.
l stai.llv on hand, a laree supply of our celebrated L
WM. D. WOOD & CO.,
Importers and Ssalars In Hardware aat Ca&Tf,
(klatsi f lata UoMin Ajavlkl -
No. 21, corner Main and ChesnuttsnSt. Louis,
OFF EH Tor sale, at hutesaH) or retail, te lfr (rMMIi aa4
cusuinirrs. a Wi ll sell c ted .lot rt UndoaVe, eiltletr. anal
variely fomt.. wbleh will ba mild nry tow for-euk. or (un4 fmm
per. itiir stoia coosims i" pa', aitiw ioiiowuis tariatyi
Lncbs; hatrhei.t tuilM bans; iniSH. screws! axeat kasttssM
braces; bins! saw.-ckainsl pumpsj sliovetol aiSR ImstM njas-
lock-i siulliM'uwIni ureas srnr.i pra-uroul sales, c.
HoIsichi balm's, lofer's and eniJerd's nuusrat pea ana! eneaal
bnirea, lu'y bsnSli labia uil:iy lu ania aViansna p banal
loiks) spoon, and kuiur Suites! eckssora aud ausaxal pmauil sad
una knivta, -a.
YarUtj Ooeda. i
rins; neid'es; runi atroiwi cnsub-l keashaal alalaa) anas Una
mirt mouaie.1 loarhie iookiuf alaases? ntirnim; steal rlnasi nn
iy S"S co larsi auutf ana lok cco kiiaeai aWrlia ifna) castinst su
iionsi sawiuf wiaa, pin euaowtM, nai pistols, kowM aam
kuiitt! eiuiui-nia,wa , aa.
tfX an ana caaiuuia wa win as M van anrfaina.
ae,i0 4w. w WM IkWUOD lM. .
An . boston t aimt, easjfr ALt suren
F.. I.atan aailiplwa twsyl osr-kaiMt n nan) al
Hlwiulels pilcia, by iaFtst4-tl.) Z. F. BTZS.!. tt CU.
eieirvlliiiKf is fast o horse zat iroes is
last, ze litirse aut is tiel is fast, entl z folUs
zat eul notUiiis; oxJ eat it slow, U fust. Be gwr,
ot s count re.'
vH pru'.iiihly litni I
tifiunoei au eye tlt rlociticnl ly expresses overy t A
.....i- ..ii.. f K. is,,,,!. ., riarta npnusi.l .n. r, the maiilrit into stolie, she stood, tutle, motion
fires it. .is!i Tron ilie nooniWy simj a tliti-k I Iter liamli chtspe.t, Irr heml lu-nt lorwanl,
where the first . of sprinpf seems to Tmve? Iim -jie lixt'il ilrspiunnly upon the I'.mprt-ss,
nestluti long anil lovingly, nml tinli-rf its roatinp. jiirul lief v holif iippt-iirant iitUint.i'j sl' tu i"4"l
nlm wilh t own ik'tii'oto uiul tn-euiil'Sil Imci a intehsi) iimiirtti?iit(
muiftb tiv r66! it vtc?titi'.eej3tt in I A JeiiU sJw sj.vk ;
il a mylity spill lia'i smliU-nly converted :is f,iwriillf, u beniniiniK will soou be made upon
l B . .' . . -
pork packing, miring uie pusi sttusnu imr u
riuiis ssT.iiij-lit evl njj and tmcUiiij? t-stalilisliments
have rnlaiired thrir buildings; und with greatly
iit.rtitfd frfeilsties, are prepared lo jfive tba
rf-iit-i.t tlisiialili in Ihe rosvcutiuu f .'.fir
i't'iw'.sf , AiyJi Tt.lcjrt-ii .
I T go to sleep eueytfeud swiiiSJ of the Tliila
Aelphia 'weekly putiis.N. Y. Sunday At
U. j To wliicls the PtittacMjuYm wtjukly Post re
joins :
'To giAto tVio devil easy, read Wlie of llio
irJlV? UiffJl SuudaJ" pajHiik,'
Black Horsa" biaud of Whisky as Xur i'ii
and always al as low a price as can be naj in ine mar
ket. I.ie.'1-tl j J. A. INSLEKfcCe.
Z. r". WKTZKLIs Sc CO.,
liuHiteni of, ti"! dratrr m, KorrU'n and 1Vturit D(U, Chtoi-
itLftsAf I U.V, "iss, SjlHIMaCSJt 'fj
u M Main
j'W'Ot'LD rripfetfulijr iiivtie tall t torn mrhnri Ittfoft tajr
f iin (ii it kit sMiipUra t-Iwr a. Tltrjr havf m id) iimt
'a ln'gs? Mirimriti ut ftM.tt, a4Urd io ttttt 'rtMM mf if cu
uMin.titi'7 kiIIiwII at a vny tMitall avaa iia t m-
iiMi'ii'is1 Hin avtiit at alt ituis-a iarriuiar aiii Hiit'N lo Hi
i(u.tlM sti tm tu, parktuf, ) umiiaiM ftic ' loiwsnt-
t J at., tit. twia.
J NY. - . .
While lead iu packages of irons M le i.sj
Red do V do. Si to S.OOO fh,,
Mthsrtt do . d do Ii U J.000 .
Castor Oil. in bartels, kegs, and cans.
Linseed l"l, .'l a .
For sal at Factory wiees br .
I , Z. V. WETZELL at Ca
se!33-4w. 39, Main street, Mt. Loula.
J WDVKS We eannow supply the trad will) all,
urtie'es Iroin these works, on. as goui Urois at the a.e' .
be urofined ill I'lilladeliili a. in small lot
s.ilb-.lw Z.X WJCTKUsaCt

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