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To the Memory of Daniel Wsbtter.
Lnst Friday, tho citizens of St. Louis cele
brated the day when the lute Daniel WsBsrr.a
yvas to be consigned to tho tomb at Marshfiold,
Massachusetts, by a funeral procession, com
posed uf tlic City Authorities , Officers, civil anil
military,, of the State and National Govern
ments, the Military and Fire Companies, nr.d
all other public bodies, societies, end citizens,
disposed to unite, formed at hulf-nst ten o'clock
a. m., and moved, under tho direction of a
Cliicf Marshall, to the place of the delivery of
the eulogy, by Cn as. D. Drake, Esq.
The following gentlemen were appointed
pall bearers: Hon. Thomas II. Denton, Judges
Hamilton R. Gamble, Ry!a,nd, Scott, Hamilton,
Treat, Colt, Ferguson, llowlin, Kruin ; Honor
ablcs'H. S. Coyer, Ed. Mates, W. V. N. Bay,
II. A. Garland, F. M. Haight, John OTullon,
James II. Lucas, Edward Walsh, Wayman
Crow, Andrew Elliott, William Ilisley, Sen.,
J. B. Brant, W. G. Ptttus, VI. Xing, George
Mnguire, II. Von Plml, Trustcn Polk, Robert
Simpson, and Sullivan Blood, P'sqs.
We make room for the following extract from
Mr. Drake's oration, as reported in the Repub
lican: Mr. Webster's career as a legislator pre
sents a portion of his life which future genera
tions will study with profound interest. It ex
tended, with occasional intirmisi-ioiis, through 2
period of thirty-seven years. His field of action
was in the Councils of the Nation, which he en
tered without any previous training in the halls
of State legislation, but, as hi first clfort, to
which wc have referred, evinced, entered fully
armed, and fully equal to the exigencies of his
new position, lie commanded from the first,
the unqualified respect of the body in which he
sal; but when, in lhol), in the great debate in
the Senate on Foot's resolution, lie met opposing
champions of power, on a question lilted to
Round, as it were, with a deep sea-line, the ut
termost depths of his mind, lie astonished the
Senate and the country with a display of lucid
argument, of brilliant imagination, of overpow
ering intellectual grandeur, such as the histori
an endeavors to describe in vain. It lives in the
memory of those who witnessed it, Mid with
them will die; for no where else can its true
character be impressed.
Says one, writing.o this occasion "Seldom,
if ever, has a speaker in this or any other coun
try had more powerful incentives, to exertion; a
subject, the determination of which involved the
most important interests, and even duration, of
the republic; competitors, unequalled in reputa
tion, ability, or position; a name to m;ikc still
more glorious, or lose forever; and an audience,
comprising not only persons of this country
most eminent in intellectual greatness, but rep
resentatives of other nations, where the art of
eloquence had flourished tor ages. All the aul
dier seeks in opportunity was here.
Mr. Webster perceived, and felt equal to,
the destinies of the moment. The very great
ness of the haZi.nl rxhiliraled him. He awaited
the time of onset will) a stern and impatient joy.
He felt like the war horse of the scriptures,
who pawelh in the valley and reioiceth in his
strength : who guelh on to meet the armed men,
who saith mining the trumpets, II.i, h.i! anil
who smcllcth the battle afar oil', the thunder of
the captains and the shouting.
"A confidence in his own resources, spring
ing from no vain estimate ol his own power,
but the legitimate ollVpring of previous severe
mental discipline, sustained and excited him.
He had gauged his opponents, his subject, and
"He never rose on an ordinary occasion to
address an ordinary audience, more self-possessed.
There was no treinulousness in his voice
nor manner; nothing hurried, nothing simulated.
The calmness of superior strength was visible
everywhere; in countenance, voice and bearing.
A deep-seated conviction of the extraordinary
character of the emergency, and of his ability to
control it, seemed to possess him wholly.
"Those who had doubted Mr. Webster's
ability to cope with mid overcome his opponents,
were fully satisfied of their error, before he
had nroceeded far in his speech. Their fears
soon took another direction. lien they heard
Iiis sentences of powerful thought, towering in i
Accumulative grandeur, one above the other, as
if ihi. orator slrovc. Titan-like, to reach the ve-i
rv heavens themselves, thev were giddy wilh
nappiclir.riionth::the wxil-l break down in his j
flight. They larea nol believe inai genius,
learning, and intellectual endowments, however
uncommon, that was simply mortal, could sus
tain itself long in a career seemingly so perilous.
They feared an Icarian fall.
"The exulting rush of feeling wilh which he
. ., , .1 .!
went llirougn mc peroration, uircw u giow over
his counleiHince like inspiration. I'ye, brow, ,
aini.li fcntiire. everv line of the face, seemed i
touched, as with a celestial lire.
"The swell and roll of his voice struck upon
the e:irs of his spell-bound audience, in lep
and melodious cmlenco, an waves upon the shore
of the fur-resounding sea. The Miltonic gran
.lonr nf hia words was the fit emresMiill of his
thoiiL'ht. and raised bis hearers up to his theme.
His voice, exerted toils utmost power, penetra-1
ted cery recess or corner of the Senate- pen-j
ctrated even the ante-rooms and stairways as
he pronounced in deepest tones of pathos, these
Aords of solemn significance. 'When my eyes
shall be turned to behold, for the last time, the
sun in heaven, may I tiot see him shining on
he broken and dishonored fragments of a onefc
crlorioua Union on Slates dissevered, discord-
f it bel ige ent;on a hind rent with civil feuds,
or drenched,' i may be, in fraternal blood'.-
or urcni-ix-i , j , ..I.,,,,.. ,.,,t.
.i i i-
er behold the rorc:eotis ensign oi me re niutu-,
t. .T" S l.nnre.l hrouMiout the earth,
,. , . , .. i ........ r..ni,;.
Still lull ingu aiivaiicu.t, ... .......
streaming m tHeir original nisire, uoi u ni.
erased or polluted, nor a single star obscured,
...... i 1..
. . 1
bearing for its inollo no sunn iinseraoie lim ing
atory as 'What is nil this worthr"' or those otlu !
, i . ,. - ir..tt.. .t;i,..i.. di-.t n,i,l
n.iic i iii.iiivii, n mi i iiiiiv. i.ii. i.t .it '
T'ninn nftr-rw.trJa.' but even where,
' ' . ,
,,t-lV.M M
ever m oharaeters tl living light, bl-zlng on all
its atiiplo folds as thoy flout over the sea and ovrr
the land, and in every wind under the whole
heavens, that other sen'imen', dear to every
American heart: 'Lmrarif Unioh. sow
juD routvtR, out AND lNl:r)KABLl;.
II U emected that fr. Ciiltinden, A".,
a-. i I- ..i.-ri r. Wiiiilii-r.,. r fr .chn
salts, will be pi.nointi'd lo succeed Mr, Websier.
Py ORellly's tins,
BoTO!r, October 2fl, r. m.
The Courier 1ms received official inform:.! ion
tlmt the President does nol attend the funeral
of Mr. Webster.
A post mortem examination has been made
Mr. Webster died of a disease of tho liver, al
though tho immediate cause of his death was
lietr.iniirrhage of the stomach and bowels, owing
to tho morbid situation of the blood in conse
quence of the ubove disease; also dropsy of the
A public meeting will be held on Wednesday
lo take mensures for the erection of a eollossal
statue t, Mr. Webster in Boston. E. Everett
lipids the call.
The family of Abbott Lawrence requested
that the demonstration in honor of Mr, Webster
be postponed.
Tho Webster Coininitte adjourned last night
to this evening, when a plan of action will be
Wo learn at the Courier ofTice that (he Hon.
C. M. Conrad is acting Secretary of State.
Worth Kxowi.no. A young lady while in
me csuntry some years ago, stepped on a rusty
nail, which run through her shoo and into the
foot. The inllamation and pain were of course
very great, and lockjaw apprehended. A
friend of the family, recommended the applica
tion of a beet, taken fresh from the garden and
pounded fine, to the wound. It was soon done,
and the clfect was beneficial. Soon the inflam
mation began to subside ; and by keeping on the
crushed beet, changing it for a fresh one as its
virtue seemed to become impaired, a speedy
cure was efl'ucted. Simple but effectual reme
dies like this should be known to every one.
Philadfi.puia, October 27th.
The City Council held a meeting last evening
nnd passed a resolution recommending that Fri
day, the day of Mr. Webster's Funeral, be ob
served by a suspension of all business.
A similar movement has been made in Balti
mure. The gale of the i)th ult. seems to have been
far more destructive in Florida, than it was eith
er in South Carolina or Georgia.
In Talhdmr.se, almost every store from tha
Capitol to the Court House, is said to have been
more or less injured. "The accounts from the
bounlry," says the Tallahassee Floridian, " arc
awful and appalling. We have not heard from
a solitary plantation whieh has not s tillered to
the amount of thousands. Some planters have
lost their entire crop of cotton. Gin houses arc
down, and of course all the cotton which was
stored in them, not ginned or packed, has been;
scattered and destroyed. All the cotton not yet j SALT Kanawha,
picked, has been blown out and is lost. Thei U. A., sack
fields, on Saturday morning, were ripe unto the u j. jp .
harvest, but at this hour nothing is to be seen in, iujjii.s Dry,
them but the stalk and empty bolls. Wc sup- Uieen, -pose
that in this county alone, half a million has l-KAD,
be en lost in cotton, to say nothing of the negro j MOLASSES-Planiation,
houses blown down, the fences prostrated, and . sUfiAIl Brown - '-
the timber destroyed.
From Jefferson. Leon, and Gadsden counties, '
we continue to receive most disastrous accounts
Mr. P.ilmer, living near Motiticcllo, in Jeffer
son county, had his negro quarters blown down,
i V O llfc 1 ut a iv.
nr,n l.rnkc. and I
two mules killed. Mrs. Mural s gin house and
negro quarters destroyed, killing one of her nc
groes r.ii.l wounding another. As faras we have
heard from the s:ivroii:idir.g country, much dam
arre has lin n dune to the cotton crop. From
the cotton growing portion of our own ccun'y,
we learn tin.', tho portion of the crop which re
maine 1 unpicked was nearly all destroyed.
Cul. Richardson's gin house was blown down.
A gentleman from Jefferson gives it as his
opinion, that from lA Is w 1 1 it'll have not been
picked, there cannot be obtained one bale
ol j
col ton l roir. ten acres
We arc told tii
.at on the. turpentine plantations ;
, , , 1 1 . ,i ,
ecs blown down is greater than ,
the number of tr
was ever blown down by any storm which has
ever visited this section of country.
'cniNoFi ci.i), Mass. , Oct. SO.
The express train from New York for Boston
in passing over thecunul at Windsor locks, one
of the rails broke, precipitating the car into the
l i , i r i ... ii-
car, which floated for a short time, enabling ma-
ny to reach the shore, finally It sank in twenty!
feet w ater. I lie lioilies uf two brothers, lust
re'unicil from California, were found one lady ! " N. Our Flviir is sold nowhere ele but at the
5. mlinn.. ..ml it is feared several went down in'1".' ','iy '' "! barrel is branded with our name
Despair is the offspring of fear, laziness, and
He i:r Packing C.immk.nckd. We learn that
between forty and liltv head of cattle were
slaughtered at Hisley'a Pork House, in the
southern part of the city yesterday,
anil were
ociug cm up io-u.;y
1 nis is me in at iViovcTr.cnt
lor piictoing jiitrjiosc:
s this season. It is also said
lll..t 5 1. .u
woiiKi eoinmenco io-iiav ai
ii x t ,
........ v. ...w..r..Uw..wv..wU. ............
A iiim: ..ii I i f iittu.w lo i:li tu Ine r rir. lli'.
srs. Uisley . lutler, wc learn have contracted
lor uiniul uu lie.ij oi cuttle, rsoiiiuig none in
linns vet. Prices imiil for cattle raiiire from
.fU 00 In $ 1 Ol), nltbouuh we believe c lew have
been bought at slhrhtlv higher rales. Hogs are
tiboul !;5'00 per 100 llei. St. Louis News.
Alw..i:..in I. .e... it is said, been made to
the nroorietors of the dillerent liluces ol eiuei
tainmeut in London, from whence balloon ns
ccnts take place, by an individual who wishes
, . mixie nn ascent suspended 'M feet below the
c;iri i,y m:iarnetic uttraction. The method by
wi;L,)i le jniiposcs to accomplish the feat is litis:
,0 j,ossr,t.H a magnet, the attractive power of
j whicli will sustain' a weight of 150 lbs; this is to
be mu,, Dy ;jo Vet below the car; round
j j,;, jjy js -lxtli ,in jrm Zl)l)0) whie!i on being
brought near the magnet, firmly attaches itself
are sorry to lean, hut Mr. Wm. Lilly,
residing tui Dry ILver, in tins county, occuleu-
t . W K i.it . imc of bis own children on Momlav
. -v . , - , , -
eveinng last. Hie particulars, aa tlie, have
been ltivcii lo us, are as loiiuws: .iir.iiiiiv was
- ,
and whieh, wiJuut his knowledge, had been
returned loaded, lie had
taken o!T the. lot k,
and was seated in the midst of his family will
. t he L'lin in las tian
when en running a splinter
ii.: il, .'i,,' it I....M. I'M .-, V ill
identally dis-
.... iioi.r,.,
i llllll luniii-.iu.t. .w .. ...
inr.n'i . an. l ie e.mlf r.ls. a loa.t or mat, longeu
in the bead tn l brains uf an infant child, JO
uiontl.s ul.l, scu'ed upon tho llior. Strange to
say, the li-.t'.c iuiioeent was not insUmlly killed!
bill lived several hour aflcf receiving the fuial
shot. O
Tiic dis'.rf-si of Mr. Lilly rm his family can
m-vlbo in. g'.n-i.l but nil di.seribe.l. They have
- i alucore ..i.d cr.lul synipatliy of ull who know
i inem. i I'icir p-.i
.f'.f bereavcineut. Ilairioti-
Tn LaaortT Hog is me Woatn. There
is now on exhibition in this city, a hog which
stands seven f-t fix inches hiph and girts six
feet eight Inches, and weighs twelve. hundred
pounds. It is one year on J six months old. If
this hog was fat be would weigh fourteen hun
dred pounds. Calais (Maine) Advertiser.
Dreadful S&ipwreek, and loss of Seventy -two Htm I
We record the loss of the Ship Mobile, from
Liverpool to New Orleans, on board of which
f essel sever.ly-lwo souls perished.
We regret to have to record the tott loss of
the Ship Mobile, copt. Tarbox, of and for New
Orleans, from Liverpool, the 27ih ult., with a
crew of twenty-three hands and sixty passen
gers all of whom, with tho exception of nine,
perished. The Mobile sailed from the Mersey
on Tuesday morning, with a fair wind, and
made a rapid rate throughout Hie day. At mid-
night tho captain went below, leaving the scj
conn muie incnurge, wun orders to steer west-south-went:
and to call liim (the capt.) at 2
o'clock, or sooner, if the weather became threat
ening. At midnight the wind was blowing a
fresh breeze from east-north-east, with a heavy
sea, which soon increased to a violent gale. On
the capt. coming on deck at 2 o'clock, he found
the ship on a lee shore, from which it was im
possible to extricate her the second mute hav
ing, it is said, mistaken his orders, and kept the
ship on a west-north-west course.
At 2 1-2 she struck heavily on Arklow
Bank, ond shortly afterwards began to break
rosnr.cTED r.vtnv WF.DNESPAY Evrwis-n.
$i ()-i$3 75
l)iri 09
40'3 50
fU 85
2 itoi.$3 no
.Wo 1.0
2.V-i 40
lr so
W (Ml
70 90
4(1 -j) 60
BACON Hon nomiil,
A V, V cu t.,
V dozen,
KbYn.t2 SO
$1 2.V.$
$1 GXafl 70
$ 2 no
$3 0013 50
05 05J
40'") 45
Obrft (Mil
TOBACCO Good to tint mnnularluritig, f 3 Kn8 00
twpio 10
sliimiiiie. - 2 '2a'i3 25
Seconds, 1 25Ci2 25
Lugs from 50 centf Jo $l,as in quality.
WOOL. - iy,u oft
WHISKEY "Black HorasV' - is
iiincK Kuosleiy' - IS
WANT TO Hinn A NEGItO BOY, between
iwene aim iiuei'ii years oi ag.
Excli;!iip and Banking House
IaCH.VNUE lor sale, and collections made on all
-Li the principal cities; silil and time bills, rer
jcd1e,aml loreign bank notes purchased.
for correspondents, without charge, at current
rates tor Kxrlianec.
Laml Warral,ts boiieht and sold. fnovllfl
Flour! Flour! Flour!
Arrcna Mill.
-- lllUil with the inlention of ael lintf wheat and buy
i"K Hour, would do well to call and see us before tell-
or p'.iia.ih? ,.le,lh(.re. R(,mmb,r u,e fcig9ton,
Mill on Bird, between Main and Tiird streets. Give
' us a call. A. S. KO BARDS Si. SON
on it :
$100 Reward.
r) ANAWAY from tlie subscriber in Randolph
t roimtv, on the ISth inst., a YELLOW HOY
named JIM. This boy is 19 vears old, a light mulatto
with duty, sunburnt hair inclined to be straight. He
is 5 fri t 7 milieu high, and sillily madr. lie had on
when lie left, a black cloth cup, black rloth panta
!..ui,i, i phi:!--! -"k '', (mm ahirt. and broaTaii
hoes. One liundred dollars reward will be paid for
. Miu roriaru nl lliaa ahova floarrihal iaii if innAuai.n
' . .. . . . " '""r"
... ' J . .
.Wil. Mr.
. novt
Tost Oilice, Huntbullf, Mo.
ll.it and Cup More No. 1.
On Main street, between llird and Hill,Harnibal. Mo.
T I'SPKCTl'L LhY reminds geiitlnman in search cf
It l.islutriiablu and (.erviceatile llau ami Caps, that
lie 11 pr-rurFil to ruriiisli articles in that line, fur l.ill
ntid winter use, which cannot be lurpasscd in this city,
iui a u;mt '
A purliuu of his stock is manufactured in his
own shop, of I tie best omteriuU asd by competent
woikuien. His aelectior.s of hats and caps fur men
ami boys have been made with unusual care, and he is
coi.fi lent Hint his facilities for purchasing and mimi
lae I iir i tig will enable him to selllower than they con be
bought el-ewbere in the city.
lie will muuutarlure to order men's anil no) 'a oiler,
bcawr, neutria, Russia, rouyh and ready, lijuth and
wool hats.
Halt repaired neatly and at short notice.
lie will supply country merchants, with tho cost
of lraiis)orlatioii added the same articles as low as
they can be purchased in St. Louis. novt ly
T)Y VIRTUE of an order of the County Court of
J. J Marion county, Ml, I will sell at private sale,
when nn opportunity otfers, the following property,
mi : Part of Lots Nos. 7 and 8, of Block No. 15,
con mnnly known as the Rem property, on winch is a
n.Ki.l Tvro-Slorv Hiiek House. Wrli liniahed and in good
it-pair; oi Lots 11 and 12. in South Hannilssl,on which
I'ortable Olio. Storv Br ick Home. For terms
I'P 7 " the .ii,d.-i,g,,ed, or to WIUIAMI-hs,
U. i.ic in i vi, i tiiuiri n. .Jt.. w .... f
nuvt tt.
Executor of the F.stnle of A. Davis.
JUST received direct from Baltimore, a large
supply of Cove Oysters warranletl fresh.
Oct. 21, "52 tf "J. A. INSLEE & Co.
til .'. t mi I IT H'liil. S till I ll a)la t'niUaCff a r llalu audi
Mill Streets
II.I.I.I.H 6. AltHOJ iST.
KrTer-mi. v ni. tintul the rrrr Stlr'SOt'M AMI
IH'IIMA l unil't'll; H Nl'l'r" of ail ....iliti I t-Mil.
K i N.I TuaAt'.: V r .ar. ana Surjl 1IK.;M.U l lNt'i a
MV.I.K.K at-ai l)MH)N ( lUAKn-anri aet aim It lttjll
k. lu lliell line. Ai'l'W at Uf 'r,n ul IU
NOVEMBER 4, 1852.
ir fiffar and Tobacco S(orr !
LEEH & ARBOGAST are liappy to Inform their
fiicr.ds and th tMir nrll lhat thev have a,
cured a room in SHOOT fc DAVl.i' new" building;,
(and will pn In a lew days) for the purpose? of e
lahliahinft a BasncH of their business, where Ihfjrwill
lie prepared to fill all orders in th'ir line, as cheap. If
not cheaper, thm any other hone in the city. They
have just received, per stesmer Pspl, eholre se
lection of Tobacco, Cigan.SiiuHs, ripes,fcc., Jte.t and
they can truly say their stock of pomls is the latprest,
besfaud most complete atortmeiit ivcrofTered In tian
liil.nl. Hi follnwh n compripe a part of their Biandst
10,000 El So! eg,iiSi
1,000 La Union Ho.
& (SK) La I'alon do.
6.000 La Normas)
' JO.OOO Justo Sam I'lincipesj
5,(XX) Cazadoras;
2.000 Plantation)
15,(100 Comnion Il'RaliaS)
10,000 Half Spanish;
20,(XKJ Melees
Virginia Chewing Tobacco.
Wm. Hare's, Jepie Ban's, James Tboiuas', and Setb
Ilalsey's Tobacco.
Missouri Tobacco.
D.J. Garth's No. 1) Henlrion's No. 1 Bucknet'i
No. I; Jmiru' No. I; Dansmau'a Cherry Juice Ha.
Ij Moffett Karris' 5 Lump.
AH of which we will sell low for cash.
Received A nw lot of Imperial Cigars. '
Ucspcctfully informs the ladies of Ilan-
jfci) nibai and vicinity, that she has just received and
opened a new and beautiful assortment of the very la
test styles of Fashionable BON:iET8, ami other Mil
linery gnods, which she U prepared to sell on tliemost
reasonable terms, llcr stock consists in part of
Satin and velvet bonnets, emb'd gimp, plain and fi'd
ditto, plumes, feathers, fluted linings, bloomer batf,
tig'd satin lustrings, ribbons, veils, emb'd tinder-sleeves
and Chemisettes, laces, all kinds and colors, gloves,
false curls, bugle head dreisei, belts and buckles, band
And a variety or flowers of the most fashionable
kinds. Mrs. K. invites ladies to call and examine her
atock;she isaure they will be pleaed. Hergoodsmay
be seen for the present at her residence on Palmyra Av
enue, near Main street. ocH
The Largest SJcaniboat
HAS not yet made its appearance at Hannibal, but
(he subscriber has just completed and is now oc
cupying the largest Saddlers' shop in noithern Misaoa
ri, and in liappy to say to his numerous customers, and
to every body that cornea to Hanni bal, or that may come
to our little city, desiring to purchase any article in hia
line, that he has never had a better stoek of Saddles,
Bridles, Carriaee and Waeon Harness of every de
scription, Shoes and Boots, and all other articles in his
line, than he has at this lime; all of which he will sell
at as low prices as they are sold in the place, and will
take in exchange, Wheat, lorn, usis, I'oru, usei
Hides, (dry or green.) Linsey, Janes, Toe Linen, and
even Caaa will not be refused I
For the liberal patronage heretofore bestowed, bis
most hearty thanks are tendered. He can assure the
community that he keeps the very best of workmen
employed, and will not employ any oiner Kind. Mr.
Dallas is still superintending the Shoe department,
whose name is sullicient to ensure patronage in the way
of Boots and Shoes. He is universally known as be-
in; a first rate wnrkman, and strictly punctual in his
promises. focl4 JONATHAN GORE.
Fresh Arrival of A
The first of the season just received by
,.uu www r r mrr irtfiw
liAWJSS X. AKMrsTK'.'iNti.
We are pleased to announce to our friends,
customers, and the public generally, that we
are just opening one of the largest and most
beaut it ul stocks ol goods, direct from the liaal
ern Cilirs, ever brought to this market, to which
we very respectfully call your attention.
Our stock, in a few days, will be complete,
consisting of I'l'k English, German, and French
cloths; 151k and fancy cassiineres and satinets;
worsted silk ond satin vestings, bl'k and col'd;
jeans and tweeds; blankets and blanket coats;
red, yellow, green, blue, and white flannels;
spotted do; table towels and bird's eyo diapers;
Russia, huckaback, and Scotch diapers; Extra
bl'k and bro. table linens and cloths; crashes and
Splendid assortment of ladies ' dress goods;
plain and fig'd bl'k alpucas; pl.iin, changeable
and fig'd do; plain Englih and French merinos;
llgVl do; beautiful patterns of all wool delaines;
plain do; rich fig'd and plain brocade silks
bl'k and fancy colors; plain, changeable and fan
cy lined silks; British, French and American
prin sj brown and bl k inualin., all grades; do: tle hist yeir, been shaping my plans to this
do sheet ingj Beautiful French piano and table j e(ruct) ,ri which imal hava liwde arrange
covers; do double damask do do do; plain and j ments wilh the , t ilnportw llimscs in St.
buried svviss muslins; plain and fcnrred jaconets Louista ,urp!y Ke wit)l t)1B mostam.roved make
and cambrics; white and col d tarletons; white of Rt a ' fmM a,,v.ulce 0,Vi,nnrtation,
:imi rnl t rr:irii ami nMnH lnic I irman lUrirro e I . . .' .b. i .1
and col'd crapes and crape leisse; Green Berage
bl'k lace veils; demi do; fancy col'd do, bl'k
white and col'd kid gloves, for ladies and gents;
Ladies silk gloves (kid finish); bl'k net mitts,
every description; silk, woollen and cotton ho
siery. A large and beautiful lot of bonnet,
talhta, and satin Kibbons, together with a great n
variety ol notions to which the attention of lhc-'tu
LADIES is solicited. Ladies, Tuisscs uiiuic.
Children s goat, calf and kip shoes, line last
ing nnd kid gaiters and half-gaiters. Boots,
buskins nnd slippers. Men's and boy'a boots
and shoes of every quality.
Glass and Queensware, Groceries &c, all of
which we arc offering very low, and will try to
make it to your interest to trade with us. Give
us a call before purchasing. 'Tis a pleasure,
and not a task, to show goods.
Yours resncetfullv.
. ij.
sey, woolen socks, ueeswax, l earners, uacou,
lard, tlry hides, rag carpeting, &c. II. & A.
ap22 1j-sep29
Administrator's Notice.
"tyTOTfrK is biieiiv iven that I he tindersicned has
i oblained from the Clerk of the County Court of
Kails county, in vacation, letteraof administration up
on the estate or HENRY SM ELS Ell, deceased, bear
ing oats Oct. 14th, ltoi.
All persons having claims acainst said estate are
hereby notified to exhibit lhein,du!y authenticated, ac
cording to law, within one year from he date of saiJ
letters, or lliey mav be precluded from any beuefit in
said esta', and if not presented within fhtee years
from the aate of said letters, they will be forever bar
red. oc21-3t JOSEPH BMEL3ER, Adin'r.
T.nnlr nnt for tha Old Lumber Yard.
WKLL seasoned Pine Lumber suitable for all build
in numovi. can all times be had at the Old
Hanni bal I.iin.ber Yard. which has been established 8
years. The proprietor deems it unnecessary to purl' Ins
Lumber to make it sell, or to say a.iy tbitiK about ex
perience in the business except to Ihose who never pur
chased flora him. He would reinailc th.it an experience
ul eii.ht vean iii the business eives the itecnlil advan
tage over any other who never bad tyeritiu-his
Lumber lias been purchased for rash and selected with
ereat care, from the best mills in the Pinery. Me-
(-hanics and others wishiim to iiuichase Lumber wosMd
lind U to their advauUgi) to call and examine the stock
of 1-uiuhrtr and Mil imles t the Old Lumber "Yard be-
lure nun-hsaii.tr elMwhrrer If voil cantt"t U't it lor a
leas pi tee, I w ill fiuaraiiiee you cau an ii lum "
better article lor the same money. Also, Lumber, Nnn-
ulea at.d window sish. . .
.J I),... 'I i'o... the Sicn on the wes s.da
'l laid. Ii.tufeu bird and Vtll st-ssets. l.oft jilt forth.
bum ol THOS. & Ml. J.KK'8
k W,t LlMBt-R JfAttO
Steam Baw and Grint Mill Tor Salo
MMIE UNDER9IGMF.il, Mi.f de.irow. of mevinj
X South, oiler for salt tli'ir Saw and G'ist Mill,
sit ja'ed at Speneersbutg. In I'ike eoenty. Mo. The
machinery is eompnrnlivly r.er at.J la "r pi!b
order. lhoe wi'hirg to' purchase are rei'iested tu
call anfl examine for Ibemstlves.
(sgS-4m pd) JJIlYAIf St OGLE.
glienceitburg, August 1,
Cheap Goods I
fifty r-F.n rrtr. i f-a ruAtf -- t attiik rniAP
nti.i.ur yTAiBn.
fPHR ilTeirRIBFR h lr. n4 w.-0 oron-ni
X ir Kmicjr Dry (.(Klt, Lnitlrs' aiil Mip Ktortrrrtt rMp
n"r, B.wnt and lmf ..-lh, iih tint II 1.4 of Rmrfy
Made (.'liMhlnf. Alt nf whirl, I cun ad will prll chair Ilia
lit ctieaixiit rrer told In Itannllml. 'i'tuii,ne, ennia all "
and be convinced nl Ihff fact dial von enn lava finui 3.) In fill ir
cni. la bnyim foiir Sumnirr and Fall Oo), while r-m
nrrninp arn 10 w nan, na t ini-na CHMinf (mi nty nr' Mtal Mnrk
rif uiarclmiidlaa for each, at 33 per cnt. Icm than New Vork
VVIionIc Filer, (l.-nllrmen aitl l.i.di. frnm tha eotmtrr,
vlalllfiff llaiiltiSal. will ta tail and rsamlnr bit MAch neftifr
purchaiilnf ahMtwIiere, na ii.a ifidu-ltiinUi airarcd ara nol to bt
ntet with arery day. H .plnj lo mrrit a lilirlal Hronafr, 1
will be atwava at mr nniii (Hi,ndara escrinrd), ready to wait
on thrnm lliat will ha an kind aa lo Ian me III, a rail. I
hara alao a In! or prlnia, Inwna, Irrmyrp, tirrnee arnrfit. boonrt,
cap and ailk nilta, parllall rlamai.il, wlilcb 1 will tell nt prlrea
to aim iiurciiaaera. aiiiUDui n. M lUUUKai.
CUBA tTsaiid rtCOALIA CIGAR, for sale by
July 8 J. A. l.NSLKE sr. CO.
TS prepared to accommodate a eentleman and his wife
JL Willi ooariluip, and also a lew day buartters. .
Resiileuee on llili, between Main and Tbird streets.
Erofrn Stout.
JUST received, a furlber supply of Byars' LON
DON POKIER " For sale by
oc7 J. A. INSI.EE CO.
Mat airect, Hannibal, JIa
. Wm. Mc Daniel,
RESrECTFULLY inform friends and
the public generally that he has nuwonhand
and will continue to receive a full supply of
nearly every article appertaining to his line of
business. My confectionary department con
fists in all the finest varieties of
Candy, Nuts, Raisins, Prunes, Dates, Figs,
Currants, Citron, Fig Paste,
Jellys, Preserves
and many other articles too tedious to mention,
all of winch will be tola at tlie lowest price.
Sundries assorted Pickles, Oysters, Sardines,
Lobsters, Clams, Pepper Sauce, Catsup,
Spices, Star Candles, Tallow do, Fine
Sugar, and a large lot of Fins
Segars, &c., &c.
My Fancy Department
consists in a reat variety of English, French
and German tancy Goods, musical instruments,
Toys, Perfumery, Fine Toilet and Shaving Soap,
Miaving Uream, Colognes, I ine J en Knives,
Pocket do, Razors, Strops, Shaving lirushes,
Hair do, Cloth do, Blacking do, Combs, Fine
Tucking, Riding, Side and Pocket Combs fine
ivory, Thimbles, Pins, Needles, Work Boxes,
Toilet do. Flower Vases, Mantle Ornaments,
Fishing Tackle of all kinds, Clocks, tlurty-sii
hour, and eight day, very low, a large assort
ment of low price Jewelry, and many other ar
ticles 'hat are usually kept in a fancy goods
store, all of which are offered very low at w hole-
h!e or retail: and last, but not least, 1 would call
special attention to my very large and splendid
assortment ol
Iliflesantl Shot Guns, -
which is decidedly the largest and best selected
stock Unit lias ever been brought to tins market
all of which he will sell at a small advance on
cost, as he has found by experience that "Quick
Sales ami Small Prois" are best. My stock
of Shot Guns and Ritles embraces all the diil'cr
ent kinds and prices, nnd adupted to all kinds
of game. Since our attention has been turned
to this branch of our trade, we have been con
vinced that the supply has never been equal to
the demand, and that the locality of our city be
ing in a game country and our citizens fond ol
hunting, at least I can speak for one, makes this
a point for the establishment of a "Gun Em
porium," on a large scale, in which may be
louiul runs suitable lor all kinds of game, in ev
ery variety of size, style and price. Bcliveving
sucli an assortment, sold at low rales, would
command the patronage of the citizens of Ilan-
rtit.nl nnrl flice tr-i.litiir nt llwa nninl 1 linva f nr
thereby enabling me to sell them as low as they
onn be had in any market. All persons in want
of guns will please call and cxamii.e my stock
before purchasing elsewhere, as I am certain 1
can please them as to quality und price. I have
also all the necessary accompaniments, such as
'Oki hams, shot belts, game bags, rod cutters,
Be v?
: wrenches, screwdrivers, powder, shot, lead,
at. y i . - v... .
r Notice
To the Stockholders in the Hannibal 4 St. Joseph
Railroad Company.
TAKE Notice, that at a meeting or the Board
of Directors of said Company held in the
Clly of St. Josenli, commencing on tho 11th day
of August, A. L)., 1852, the following resolu
tion was iiusse.l, viz:
"llexolixd, That an additional call of ten per
cent of the Stock subscribed, be made, payable
ihii'knicol'krftKiiyiUJiber. A.D., 1S52, at
-llml. in the count v of Marion; and at the Court
Houses in tha following counties respectively,
viz; Buchanan. De Kalb, Clinton, Caldwell,
Daviess. Grundv. Livingston, Linn, Macon,
and Slielbyj and Uial notice oe given in iuo jmo
lin news naners nublished in the counties
through which tlie road is to pass, in the man
ner prescribed in tho cnarter. uouo oy oruer
- .. . . ., , . , i n t . . 1
of the Board.
August 13, A. D. 1852.
Note. This Is the third call, Risking alto
gether twenty per cent called for up to this time
Stockholders who shall not have paid the first
I under the
rhnrter. to vote at the election for dii
T . amei rule will exclude Uolinlies WHO nave
. ... . . . , i
not isued bonds, er made payments, according
to the contracts with the Company, u will lie
imiinriunt that ihis matter he atleinleil to by
atoekholders and County Courts who wish to
vote for Directors. sepm-ui
1 A l enueasee. is esiH-cled 'O reach ll.'ts Vlaro with
his fun.ily iu a lew itays. Ht comes wlh lli hops
bring able to built U a firnt vUiS 11 til hcliuol tor
rVmalts. if lite eoi.le of ll.itBibal al.ad m.'i.ile! any
a.-sue lo f.itttier Ins plans. He ill wn St hfyl iuthe
jaK-m-'til kbtiy of tin. Ctrtaliati Ci'i.cli.i' I will
! not ire, by lviili.'.n-'i'. oJ' ohih: nai I
Ductiii 'st'tu ails apali of hua in tits h '''e''-t i ,n ',
tieitiK qiul'Ue.l in every stay to tL cudi( of a I wit
Claae reiuala School. (ocdHIJ
Ton u o, iu4iii a.vu Kcrr,
(.irafirr than .it any olhar hnn In tna etty I
TriSia.l-o AT THE M A NU T Ar.TISkH'i farCatt
An4 U will W t (he a'Taainf of parebmre f taaaaaaaaa mm
XIo Cicars inal by iT)prntIc !
.fwil n, Dixie-oata rtnor himw She en las
imii, mn nmim srtrceit Hanaiaal, fa.
Notlca to Country Mercbtuilj,
riMIR rtikarrlWa ara anw prrinr in aiwn'e mrim r rtile
eevir arttrl f aatii acauonf a"f eaaMltlaaa
and at lh almrteal nutlre.
thnae who ara nnnrii'iatntr whh ! mmmmrtm. W fHH
m-rr.r ear inai wr airina n BrrTefrara ftvetf arlnart
that If flrln, a a prrfrrrnrt Orur nllnart aaapa,
be wal.a won hair III aaoal i4 mm
PrlniMl Jlreetlfna foraaa aerrmpanrlnt eafh w-fmm.
Ho. IH. C'Marlas aira, aar TIHrs
l. Loo'i. M.
wvuuats stot.i.k.a.
arp Sra
Arrcna Mill.
New Flour and Fresh coin meal always aa ban4 as
ran be bad low for cash. ' No diferen'e ia tb rata
and wholesale price. Wheat wanted. . '
au4-S2-tf. A.S ro8Aitr.8orf.
rPHE SUBSCRIBER, will keep constantly all ban
X freh nrnel Liea. Ur sale at tha ene f UU1
and Sixth Streets. . , . '
U Those in want of a gaoi arlltle of Lisa wnld
do well to call on J. J. W?JLS-
Hannibal, August 6th, 1W2-IT
TOlUSt. ' "
The Store House on th cwfnor t FiAOt and
Bird streets. Apply to
Aug. 17, 'C2. faul9tf
Improvement in A ntagvV Dcntistrr ,
DU. S. II. ANDERSON would re-.pectfulTy '
inform the citizens of Ilinnibal and country
tsptcially, that he is inserting teeth on an im
proved plan, which, lor its adaptation to ma
functions of mastication, nnnot bo surpassed. ,
Dr. A. will guarantee to any person who wants
a set of teeth lHt their jaws be ever so irreg
ular or badly deformed from the loss of teeth
and absorption that he will make them a sat
that will antagonize or shut together aa regular-
ly and as perfectly the first time they are put in
the mouth, without any grinding or Altering, aa
their natural teeth ever did. Any person Sviih
ing evidence of this, if they will call on Dr. A.
he will show litem several entire upper and
lower sets rurht here in the city, and let them
judge for themselves. Particular attention
given to the treatment or all diseases ol in
mouth, and the mal-posilion of the teeth.
All operations warranted, and cliarges reason
able. ' . t
N. B. Persons from the country wanting
work done, and being unacquainted with that
true mtrilt and $kill of the Dentists in this city,
would do well to inquire here in the oily, whera
they are both known.
Oifiee over Brittingham'a Drug Store.
aulfjtf -
(Sign of the Grand. Oriental Black Rooster,)
HAY E jtitt received, per steamers Regulator and
John Simpson, a large and fresh iinportatioa of
Groceries and liquors as follow i
New Orleans S'lear,
Belcher's S. H. Molasses,
.Belcher's Clarified do,
Brlcher's Crushed do,
Powdered Sugar,
Rio Coffee,
Impel ial Tea,
- - A
Ke-Douea piaotaiian ao,
New Orleans da.
Belcher's G. Syrup,
supm rittiMllea.
Gunpowder do.
Star da.
Card Brandy,
Jamaica Run,
TJ. P. Vineyard do,
Rastau do,
Morcau do,
A. Seicnette do,
Port Wine,
Santa Cras do,
Hem England do,
reach Brandy,
Madeira Wine,
Bhcrrv do.
Malaga do,
Holland Oia.
All of which we will sell at wholesale or retail, and
very low for Cash I
Hannibal, Aujnat 26th, 52. a3tf
f Fillf y s lelebralf d Slores !
FOR f.LK AT Tilt 8T. LUt'19 STOVE aTOIaT.
rpHE SUBSCRIBER takes this method of inform
L in; his friends and the publie in funeral, that ha
has the largest stock and greatest variel v of Stoves aver
brought to Hannibal, which be is determined to sail
lor fur Cash. Persons wanting Stoves would do w si
to call and examine bis stock, particularly bis new
patterns or Parlor blovrs, among which ara We Gre
cian Parlor ami Mound Parlor.
Xf His motto is Quitk Sales and Small Profits.
Main Street, Two Doors North of Ike Br4y
Jloilae. llannlhal. Me).
r?Iammotii Stove store.;,
T. J. R IDG IV AY is employed to tarry on this1'
establishment. 1 keep none but tha best of bands.''
rr IN JLND SHEET IRON Manufactory and
JL Stove Warehoii-e, Wholesale and Retail.
P. A. HICKMAN, comer of Main and Bird
streets, has now on hand a large assortment of Cook -
p. btoves, lleatins; Moves, and everv variety of lia :
want, a uin.;, uT Mc wiS tc -Ti e-!..i,l :
X on hand, by additions, as occasion may require.
Anions; nis auottineut are tte louowing uoos
A. COMSTOCK tt CO's celebrated Prairie ;
X State Cook btoves, which 1 will warrant for fire :
years ; and Irvine Air ligDi, i manutacturta ia X
J tiuiucy, III.)
a. a.uui. ) . . -
. Star or the West.
The best Premium, (Pittsburgh.) '
California Prenritim. (Quincy.) '
St. Louis Pieiniums. .
And others, not mentioned.
Also A lot of Copper Ware, and Tin and Sheet
nrtces iui ,..v dJ.k ... ,.ir...l t m.i.i. v
T.C .......1 i.ralli. wilt sitirl it lhair liitareil to ca.i X
lower than any other kuse of the kind in the city.
.h.i I i.,,n im afrkaura for work. 4
Jobbing, of every variety, iuTin, Coppar aral
Shm-t l.un. dune al the shortest notice. S
febUfi bin P. A. UlCKilAN. S
I want Evenbodr to Read This.
I WILL merely aay now jf-'VrTK
that 1 hava moved my J"-tg. .
Family Grocery and ilowr rJiiJ
fh-not to South-west corner of Main andBi'i
streets, where 1 shall be pleased to sea y old
friends, new customers, little clnWren, lauiea,
'una the rest of mankind. 1 have a fffeai many
vsesary things to sell for the comfort and conve
nience ot lallen numnntiy, suon aa ft" "i
spices, wash tubs, wash boards, sorubbing
brushes, brooms, aoap, candle, and Url together
with a great many tilings 1 do' sj"1 '
1 is0 krep butter, epg nJ TOrn we,a' wnU
theV sra to ba hatlj but I alwaya hava tha re-
.,.nJ Eaifle Milt TLOUa acknowledged
bil in fact, 'it cant be beat.' Everybody call
and see ine; I'm in a hurry this morning -n
l;ma to talk. Good bye till we meet. -auliKlJ
BRAN l)t CUCRRIEba i ,.;., mT ri
.Ritltimorp Surj, t 0 )

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