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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1852-1853, April 14, 1853, Image 2

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CisnlMl.UMf fV.trSte.
At tae Louis City tiectfen, last Monday,
(net,ftepabticen and Intelligencer's People's
Twket" wat drfsaied, with ingle exception
d lhwgh the .Cento), ticket we euecessfu
weeaWiaeylhtt we are extremely Sorry. Thi
ttvnrprtetoynitiBeiitenTMtf bycoVescirij
wittfclW AMI 14 contrary tie she wishes"? ih.
whole Whig psrly efthis Slate. ,;KcepT Wl
front both parties'' is Ihe universal sentiment.
p fJcatoti mH ba killerf ff without barganinp
milk the Antiea irt him lave. Keep mtCot bad
03paryd,o't as sedate with rotten applet
HlssA'a tbe whole dectrine in a nutshelL- -
We learn from the beat authority, that a
rvrpa 'of Eiialneer are 6 torftmehce the
aurvey of a route for the Pacific IUlttbad
j thi neighborhood, very toon. i
, , It i well known thattheoflfeersoftheAfray
generally, and all thote who have ever travelled
Westward, from thee cart, esv. decidedly, that
t, the only prrlicable route te be feend, must fcaee
it iKtcrCtermmua not many miea either
IWth or South of St. Joseph. -St. Joseph 2a-
sette 30ih lost. , . ,
Connecticut hai gone Democratic by an
lacreesed majority, and all the members ol
Cougrass elected are of the ?ame party, .'
. . Lata newsfiont Franc ears great ei
Mkcmant exiata 'to Turkish affiir. The
treech fleet ha been ordered to the Arch's
pelagov v '' ' "
Bjjti are now. running between Lauiavillr
end Wheeling altho rate of tweqtj-lw m.lt an
much failfiet adv.nc-d Uoi the cruise wfjcalled theJniddleroule. ty which meana the com
f Ji i
j The railrosd bet ween Dunkirk and new York
feeing eoropleted, the trip from St. Louia to New
Vorkeaabe ntide in three liaya end a hulf, it (t
tippefed,by going up to Lisalle and there ta-
Idrajtba eilrea4 t Cliieago. ! 1 '""
t . i '''' 11 .1 '-, .
C Linermore, editor iand proprietor of tlir
"kt'Jotepli 'Adventure, announce that he i
kbeulto aell out. ?
,e f allowing reoliitiur wa ,dopteJ by jthe
lAtj jUouaeiiiaa uoiKUyt r I ! :jr... ,Jv
t J!aofW TUt the contract for grading JMmyri
Avenue jet to George H-rron taat summer, be
Uauafcrred to,M,r. Gary or ome. oilier tnan,
provided eaid party will take the contract at the
erne price nd proceed and do the work; ind
the ilayor ia hereby, arthorized to enter into
emtract for the aaine at tike price entered into
lutoxlcaiion than half iai ovef.
In thl tate he wa4 conducted to li.
hamter a Unm .lolty Gothic, npprtment.
wnn ueusieoo mai met-tned coeval with
the bulding. I any teamed; fr that was by
to means the ca-e; it betn la reality a
nodeib ideca ofstructme. t It rae nf dark
'fnnhiigaDy, with Ih fo-r pots exit nding
completely lo the ceiling of the clinmbtr.
The ord, however was un mote thuo about
two feci fi orn the floor, the better tu enable
he f arty to get iutu it. The tScotthman,
with a ood Ueal of nsaUitr' seas ennn
Jiidiesied, and hud his .boily deposited in
his place of repose. AM the pmiy then
etire 1, wishing him n gool niglu, end re
inning the cundle for t. r l accidents.
H'hen Ih door w clo-rd. I wasfor the
irM time, made acquiiiaied with the si rue.
tore f the bedsie:ul, wl.irh cur host ca
hiend 'o his ' m;ietVrdece. Ujon ' the
onching ufn spring, rut-.ld the' door, 'the
bed was so acted upon by ft pulley, that it
iscended slow v and smoolhlv thii.uizli the
four posts,' until It came within two ir
three ee of the ceiltng. The snoring ol
the Scotchman fat the kignni for tnuchiilt
he pi inf , and he was aoun at the proper
altitude.. ..' - .
TIm servants required no instruction how 4a
act- le one momiit the house we in an tlprour;
cries f "fire I aire I" were heard in different
lireetions.. A pile of aliarins was set in a
Slate opposite the WHidoar where poor S.iwney
lept; J Tim Jtndl.ird's voice -was eontintially
heard, ecl.iimiiip, "Goml heavens! ive thii
poor Scotch gentleman, if piwsible) h fljtae
have got into the room just tin ler him 1" '
At this tnommt, wo heard him full, ami bel
low out.: A ewliien aitcnee took pl.iee: every
light wa es.lingtiihed, and the whole hr:!r.;
seetned to be buried in the most profound re
pose.' . The Scotcliram'n voioe cotttd alone be
searo, roaring out. In the high dialect of li
country, for aitance. ' '
At length, two of the men erviin'.' in their
shins, entered the room, with a candle just lit,
and yawning, as if just aroused from their fi r i
sleep, lliey fouoJ him sprawling on the fljor.
".u, dear, ir, wuat is the matter with your
'.'Metlerl'V says he ; " why, isn't the house. on
fire'?''"''"'' ''''! 'r'--if- -'
--Not, at all, lr.' ' :-' ' : V "' ' :V".:
MVliat was the reason of the cries of fire.
then?" ; ; ;' " V ' ' .. . .
"Blcs you, sir, you m tt have been dreim
ing; why, there' not o much as a mouse stir
ring, and hi lutior and the whole fuily have
been ashrep lhee three hours."
' The Scotchtiiih now g ive up all credit in the
tcs'lmony of hin own senrs, ' ' . ,
?'I must, ha' been dreaming, indeed, and ha'
hurt myself by falling out of ihe bed." :
"Hurt yourself, sir I not much, I hope, the
pany have secured the entire quantity of land
to which the roid is entitled under the Congres
sional grunt. This fact renders, the construc
tion of the roa'd sreure,
, Weafesnsioutto know what ia doing on the
route of the Great We,tern Haiiway from Mer
doia west to Quiney. The tircenity of, a
connection of the Great Western Railway of
Illinois and the St. Joseph nisi Hannibal Kail
road, muts be appHrent to atl. - The interests ol
ihe cm r d portion of iliis Stats and the interests
f the whole country demand it, and tltal apead
ih . I sprinenelJ Journal.
inat ea eousi as the rare resell Mercdreia ea
the Springfield siae or the river, neighbor I run
cisl Von ciui'i get up the steam too soon. Lay
down ihe irons I Put on lhecr ! Fin up ami
blow your whistle 1 Vou will her a responsive
cream from Ihe other side of the river. There
is nothing tike pushing matters, nml Me hull
ihe pushing will not be Confined to this side of
the river. Quincy Whig. '
in the above there isan evident mufaftt. The
general tenor of J he articles woiifd convey the
hnpreiort that the finishing of the Northern
Cross R .ilroud wou'd give a connaciioii with the
ll.tnnirmi un.l 8t. Joseph ' R iilroad ; when in
truth the terminus would he oulv sixteen miles
nearer Ifannib d limn iT the tom stopped at N i
pies ; showing tJ in t it will ike sixty miles of rail
road to obtain sixteen in direct dislHnue.
Further we woul I (ike to know when the pro
jected Northern Cross road became one wiih.ihe
ureut Weetern Ilailwnyi' O her trrort on the
An accident happened last SaiarJjy week on
ihe Baltimore and 6'iio Railroad, by which two
cars, containing invent) -four psengers, went
ov a precipice." "Oi:e eT thm ears In' going
down the em&nkmetrt, wwsch was a gradually
sloping, not perpendicular one, made four revo
lutions, and fim.lly Lmded before reaching the
f MODiriCATIONt t . . '
We understand tiiat modifications of the ordi
nance lately passed by the Ci') Council relative
to the liipmr Iraffic.'ure talked of i Some people
think thai licenses and fines are too high, and
'that there should be provision made for ont
foot of the hill, on a atrip of nearly level ground, ldrimxlmp and on grocery. It is to be pre-
'y, twelve ef, the passengers ,weie able le (0 turned thut the ol Ject of these high licenses mid
through' to Baltimore! llie otheri being loo b.tdry flncs was to' Stop ih t thing ultogelher.jrhe
injured to be taken farther than Cnmarlanrt.ji,talute of the State ''maleslhe"pcnajiy of a vio-
RIis. Ueise act eat most nobly. Mie wes Uctw, ution ef 'heliw egMiist soiling liquor on nun-
ted badly, and one of her children was instantly a fmt ,f ftny dollars. To lower any of the
kilted-, an I with her face literally covered wilh licenses or fines would be lo encourage ihe li
blood, picked up two of the children in her urm,L,,or ,r,jni;. This, no man who has P''d any
and went to the creek near by,, and bathed end uttentiun to public sentiment in this city cm
believe for a moment would be sustained by
Ihe people. . ,
As lor permitting one man tn sell liquor and
prohibiting all others,' even the liquor sellers
themselves w.tuld not tolerate such partial leg-
It would in its operation give rise to,
i road,
Ureat Wretern llailwuyr U tier trrort
part of the friends of the Northern Cros
sre noticed in an article published this
"The tjuinry r raivluleul Alap, ' from the
I.inuibil Joiirn l.l Mid we now siy to the
friends of the Great Western Railway, and, lo
capitiilit, that ir thry wail for a connection
wilh the II iiitiib.il ami S . Joseph R jilro.iTTiii"t II
ihey get it by way of Quitiry, hv the N infiern lowed on the lirl $100,
Cross road, thev Ii.mI Iieitrr tr.el Kutiis rorter to , . , ,i .
' - . . r . - m . - T.i.it lv u niktiof ai'imi w itrnrifc mi Hill street.
binlil litem an rcrtal connection ; lor U woullic- ' ,,i i
decidedly the less windy of the two. There ; lden with tobacco from Hl.iominglon. His
must be a connection. ind will be. wlien necdcdi comini in every wrek Irmn Unit e(jtin. .
but it will be a road thiriy-six miles lung instead
washed them so thai they soon revived.
A griat m my carpenter and umsons are wan
ted in S n?a Fe. New Mexico. The wages arc
high and no diffic.il y In gelling Ihe pay.
TCtaw i?n!sa fm.
A bill hti pns-til Ci ni'iess rrculntlnrf ihe.''1"'""
cninnge ol the h:tif dollar, cpjitrter ihdhir, encourage and foster, disconten s and bud feel
dime and hulf-iliine, nnd prur-Htflg r the ings between one citizen and another, Thesu
coiiiiige id three dollar gold ieccs, ; preme lol'y of sikIi n course would fully pre
A n act' of cmgresi was passed'on ihe 3d of j ' it'e"' lI,e P1'0!'1'- c"1IbJ "P
M .rch last, fixing ihe following as the commia-! " 10 designate the uccesslul candiJate lor pul
sions of Ihe postmaster afier the first of litis ' 'jc ror. Besides, in obedience to the Uw, end
m,.r,.1,. ' in compliance with Ihe wishes nf n m ijorily of
We take the following extracts from Mr.
Crockett's last letter to the St. Louis Intelli-
genccr-daied TcV."28iTi5" '
For! the fast few 'weeks ihe papers frorn the
interior have been filled with accounts of nume
rous murders and robberies, committed by a
Mexicsn bandit, named "Jotuin," who is said
to be the chief of a band or desperadoes of sixty
or scveniy, who have Infested Cahivcrps county
lor several months; " 'They fob and murder in
lite rooal open end ernel manner, and their Irtt
exploit ;w.is the attacking f a Chinese cuinp, kil
ling scleral Chinamen and fobbing them of a
lare sum of in uiey stated in the papers at
$30,000. "Juuquiir is said to be a young mn
of about nineteen, and rumor has il that he wenrs
a coat of mail Mid Is therefore bullet-proof..
Ureat efforts have been made to capture him and
the Governor has offered a reward of $1,000
for hi apprehension, 1 - Tints far, however, he
has eluded pursuit and is yet at large. The re
sult will probably be, that before many days
clapie, hi., li; cir.as body will become an opperiduge
to the limb of a tree. If ho is raptured alive,
such will doubtless be his fate. . . ,
A correspondent of the UeialJ of .this city,
writing I rum iloiiolulu, gives some very interes
ting statistics concerning the Sandwich Islands,
aiiJ which are ihe more deserving of at lent ion,
From the Tad that very shun ly these islands must
of necessity be "aaneXed"' lo the cmifcderaey.
From a censua lalely taken, it appears the total
popu utioii ol ihe inlands i HO 041, of whom'
S.So4 are native, am tho remainder foreigners.
On a sum exceeding $100-50 per cent. ' .' " nh.p, tl.e county court a nine ' years apo u.e.e island.
. ! - - r . . . ' '1 1 . ti.tt.t-.tl.fWI tl liillllll.ll lull Sll dlHlllllfl nA .1 ' l
betVrn $100 in.l $400 40 per cent.in.s maite uii uriier to supeul ihe (framing of ; " " , wmcn
license, for iwelve mon.hs-.md this Order ia cun..derable number In 1836 the 'mire poptK
irrevocable, nnd fellies ihe question of ilself. .,tion was 108,57;!, so that in the last seventeen
In other kinds ol Unities there u cum.net i'
" ' : $400 and 'J-tOO-SA per will
" " exceeding $2400 15 per cent.
Where tha in ill arrives riyular between 9 at
night am! f in the morning, GO per cenl, is ul-
of seventy-two. Pitisiirld Free Press.
JUt irienu, j. j. loNCRAT, t,-q ,
tion the more cumpetiiioti the heller.. If li
quor selling is recognized as a business which
ouj;ht to be permitted among us ul all, why draw
a line between it ami nil oilier sorls of Ira flic, by
cutting off the free right or one man to do that
which the L.w permits his next door neighbor to
'do. Liberlv riehllv understood, is "ilm rio-ht
Froin a Ohio Or.'aii or TiMnneiaace.
We in'eii'led to have noticed this beautiful
of the snecimenof molernhe lation in detail, but un- t" do whatever tl.e laws permit" and if the
Virginia IIoue 'requests us to su gct to the I " rurllier r -tlection we have com Imle.l th it it law permits 1 homas Julinson to buy end sell, no
Ci.y Council that, a. they have commenced reno-, '"'J T1 uT J' Tnwn oau bo ',,nwn il ,,ould Pr,,,,ib-
. worth more than the game. It is a disgrace lo ;, t i . ti r i in-
vaiing the morality of the city and improving its 1 iti ,,,, bu, MlprM,r,,, an ( j,,,, U ih0 " Jo1'" Thumpaon Trom also buying and selling.
respectability, they might with much propriety ; iruell.geriee of Ihe people of the Stale. We kmJ of huainess is this, which can only
go a litlle 'further and reduce the amount or sincerely hope that the friends of temper tice in Le sustained by partial and unjust legislation?
i. - j c i .. v . .t .. i . u. i Indiana will not be deluded into the bi lief that ...
draj-dr v.ng on Sunday. U terday, hetell. n be Tlie Col,n(y Cimrt of Marion coulllv llas
ua, he shut up his house, in obedience to the late. ;,,.,,.,. ' passed an O.d.-r under which the granting of
orJina'iee on Unit suhject; relnsed lo sill any Wo hope they will let theliw and the Leg. : dr..m-hop licenses will be suspended for twelve
the prospect of quieily enjoying a Sabbath. He ' TV ' . "a . ,,' . only licensed dram-shop' in this cily ! It will
viUt Hrri. aid on itnK lrm u h '"'!
thitk nectisry t omnplele the Job.,..
hed is so low ;' end by this time il hud been l" ira)
m irte to descend to Its first level.
.'The poor' Scot was quite confused ; quite
ashamed at disturbing, 'lie family; brtrired a
r;Foa' CiilrosMi i i.--Several California ' teams
passed through here this morning.1 -
Blessrs.T' W Bunberrf A.' J. Brice and
i i .
lftrht 'waffon and f jiir Yoke of fine looking oxen.
The' eteri will douhtls's stand the trip easily but
they '"ought io,' for the average feost was eighty
dollars yoke. ' Oxen can hardly be bought at
alt now', it! the'eonntry abohf here. 'The whole
oitfit for the three ydltn'g gentlemen cost betwet
fiT"arfd sltiSundred ttollari ,J ' ci -l"
i 1 ! 1 ! '" ' t-i '
tle Auditor .of ha. city of Hannibal j . v
I herewith report ,to jour honor a statement
the. whole' amount of monies collected by me
f or "and on account1 of the city for the current
Woiith of February; 185J. i ' '";"'
fVr-Ltecneaii J ' '' $103,00
I Wharf ace si" " - 40,5a
the door, closed it after them, and was once more
left 4n the dark
liquor, and sat down wilh a book, pleased with j iiainre die together. I he enemies ol temper- ! m,,nl),h jt Mpi)e,rs that Mr. BuTord's is the
' ane nul I noi nave construct-a a oetier dead-1 , ,. , , , .i . i
r n ftr.i i. . ;n .. ...i. , :i 1 1 .1 only licensed dram-shop in this city 1
, . . . , . . , .1 . I'll, .m UIV9r n I'U .1 VllllllVil U lillJUIC 141 I - - "
wakdi.appo.nted in this respect by the constant-..1., L.rislilfre i. .:, th- he expected, however, that the County Court
iuc o i j . : . .. -
lo thuds of the friends of decency a little switch ; will grant uo more tavern licenses to dram-
to imiIi wlucli to attack a skunk, and torbiddrn 1 s
"tlirm to use a deadly weapon. Il is not d.ni-
racing and rati ling of drays through rg ' ti,.
ami now ho cull for a Snnrtav r J 'Here It
V larger irim-
. l..rt AH.
i., tov is not nar-l' c''h foretell who will get Worsted in the un- Tlie PrcsiJenl has not countermanded the Ja
, ,i. '"ve '4"dconiiici. pan expedinon, ns has been reported. ' He was
I lie Ltgislaturc had the same pious streak ., ,,. , , ,, . . ... .i :.,
, , . . , p , . ,, , , ' . ... Ithoiurht lo lie lienl on oretlmw on a war. and in.
'r. !.:ct; Ui J.:..r..cU , .z-. , n..l preceueu il, " " '
Twhen providing Tor tlie lepal sale f whiy, I tended on that uccount to keep all our war ves
, viz: "N'o lioimr must be sold on the Sabbath." sils ul h.'ine: but it is hoped he Iras too much
ftir lONCRAT
" 't a kicui uc,i jM.iininoin Stove S ore
Suudav than ia ner" the genuine Piaina State
t "n j ist'a'- ' "ave also a Urge as
ved. sunnv; ,,'r (he latest patterns, frooi everv
a l. i. . L. fT..:.a a. t . - h. t.:-,. I ...:n
I nrUounuiy in ilia vui.ru oiairg, 1111:11 1 v, 111
' "1 . II - I . n . I 1. a .( n.a.. Mian . I tl Fir . I f I I . 1 1 1.
; But llu last act of the pantomime was -l conner ware, all of which 1 sell fifteen ner
'"' j formed. Tlie spriiiK had been irnovfff A I) VI cheaper than Ihev can be hail in tins cily; fur sale,
tn'd d upon closing the doo- " 'i i i.' 1"! "wDta"hh''tf""n.0"l.Slo.V,'.?r'' c""" "
"n,Jw.'.f- ..... ... . i.arruosl... . Weonuld hear) .. . . Je. WilJ Corn
him groping about, and tillering frequent Cjaou- ,,;Tuc CacaT WcsrcaK Hai'lmosd. The1
(aliens of nstonishment..; .He easily found the name of this road heretofore known as ihe Norih-'
hed-pnsts, but il was in vain he eon hi endeavor! eru Cross railr.mil w is chaii(ed at the last sessioiu
to get in
I its left was
....... ..v... uu uc- .....we ui ....u m.s... .l ....... - witch 'Cre 0 ,C, person until lie snail he aide, willi
and I Ou! no, it would be awful lo keen a bar onen sin.nlo inv u1v ihn.oniiulrv in onv unnecessary
cenl. I i,mi, l.i ,... Ti.;- I... ii4
I , . : 1' " , contest.- . . . . i
".r''ii It a it or ScLMiR. nitre was a shower
onsly violated, and it always will be. U e were 0f riljn iutl nil .mJ rooming we observe
.. I.' ..:.i. .1.. I .i r .... i t. ; o ' n
BirnuH Willi me iiiiiii.iiin v uni p.nivy ui 111c i Lii i ti r .1 . n JQm
.. . . I V, f , , considerable quantities of a substance reuem
evV'UMI tu lilt iiiuiiiiis) .ivn eiiMssawimjr-, I.. . .
"See. 7. Anv ncr,un who .hall, bv the re. W'nR sulphur HI appearance. iliis was lying
Ho moved his han la' up anl down. I of the Illinois LeisUiure, to the Greal Western tailing of spirituous liquor, cause ihe inioxica- on the surfi ce of the ground, near the margin
s piten liltei ty way ot steppm in,- Uailroad. 4n order to ad.pl it; to ihe ereaier im-Mj,m 0r Iinv person, shall board, keep and take f puddles, and floating on the water. Some
carn ik i.a uii.ii.-.kiicm iit-.ni ao.viuu. i.a8t
year, ihe deaths were .7.243.. whii.t.lhe. births
were only 1,478, and from these indications it is
evident enough tlie native population jvjl.-Vry
soon be extinct. lloiiolulii, toe "c'urf town,
con ains about 9,000 inhabitants, of wiom 63
are foreigners. It is Ihe chief rendezvous Xor
"whalers" in the Pacific, and is a place of con
siderable trade. Tlie . mortality amongst the
population is not imputable to the climate-;
(which is healthy nnd delicious) but to certain
loathsome diseases wilh which almost the whole
nal ive population is 'iifected. . ,
Tiie sickness on the Panama steamers recant
ly, has been truly appalling, On the Golden
IJateon her last voyage, there were 23 deaths,
and on the Winfn'ld Scott about 40, chiefly frem
yellow-lever. When it is remembered that
these vessels were at sea only about 14 days,' it
is not difficult to comprehend how very distres
sing must have been the condition of even thoso
passengers who were not sick. The voyage to
California, on the crowded steamers, through a
tropical climate, is indeed a serious and some
times a most perilous undertaking. Asa gene
ral thing, tha voyage uround Cape Horn in a
clipper ship, is much to be preferred, especially
for families. ' ; '
. Late advices stale that tho pence of all
Europe is threatened by the prospect of
war between llussiaand Turkey. The for-'
mer will have the co-operation of Austria,
whila Turkey it is supposed will be defend
ed by the united forces of Great:. Britain
scent. He u tere.1 exclain ilions ol surprise not completed. It is now stated on good MUlhorilv
loud, but dorp, fr fir of ngkin disturbing I lie that tho loan for the completion of that pari of
family. . lid conclu lod himself to be in the pos
session of some evil spirit.. .
In short, whoit it w.ii foun t, by hia silence.
ntlt utnliil-ilirtis :tl'lv- fit rstllilt tt 111 SI liomi'? tantl
an failure to do so. il shall, be lawful for uiiv' "'"etf llf sulphur.;'
other person lo do so, or caiie the same to be
'one; w hich prrson sh ill have an ac'inu against
sai'h retailer, for reasonable compensation for
' such service, and fifty per cent, dam ges there-
persons -thought they could very plainly detect
Mjlsvy Scales t,D h j( "v
jo.50 ;
m I 4. - - i: , r
Total am'f ' ' , . : $154 .00.
JJ. M. JJ A WKINS, City Collecior.,;
.l!w ,w. li . t t.i '; i.. i ii
Ta tbe, Ajditer of tha , Cilrxtf Hannibulr.' .,
'l herewith report to your honor, slaleinBl
ef the amount cf moiiiea collected by mr, 'lor and
en accmrot cf the ei'y during the current month
.fMlaeensasaiot.:. !,.;"! .:$1390
" Wharfage 1 29 00
Hay Seales , 10,50 '
a '. i v .
i :
ynif.f TolaLSMX eiieoai .s.: r -oot.w
mm ,o I B, M,,HAWst:iyS. City Collector.
-Ta the Honorable ; flayer and City Council':
I karewilh report the sale of tbe remains ol
Work House t $40,74.
, j B. M. HAWKINS, City Collector. n
aarfii k : ftttllT tr A WV0llT. ' ' !" ' ' '
. .o i-i :' "ij- '1 ui ii a . .'?'. i-j-.'i 1- ' '
W'ai s. I hava seen jour friend; and find
him t exactly what ynu desc.i ix-d Jiitu
s bk"mg "it Humorist, "lie ae'ems li have
imparted much of that chaiacter -to every
th'ft skrosi liian.' H'h set vault are ia! ad
mirably disciplined loserond his vvhiim, eal
bis fart luruitura is lor tne most, ; pJirr,
Mooted to the snine purpose. 1 lu put me
uwon ttir zuard ; a l there, was luudlv
anvthirm iu tlat room that I did "not touch
wilb apprabjensioR. ... , No trick, however',
waja praciiuai upou me; ano a J found auh
sjtauenly," 1 indebted for. such iu Jul-
treiice to ane mhicb wa le.-eri'td lor mt ni
iiik-lit.1 and which rs tuck as perhaps nil
my JlgFKlibtY"'KnW0U'c' ' no ',!ve t'
bled in C to bear1 wltrT patience,, i esoup'-d.
however, being put to ine pnot, Ly r thv
rneffst icHtdenv-tlift nr rival of nqor
Scotefc "un'eyor, who was th'oalglit o fit t ej
auhjVctfor ihe ol'tei, 'repealed expejiinerit.
The ScolehiriHif was trenVed whh ex
lien hospiittlity i he wai I,c1'ptd to every,
thing taWce",' hia glass never allow
ed lolud lull or utipty fnypne. iiiiuiiie.-.
Th potation weio su.-pt nded nm ueiiil.
and only while, the rloili wjh hiving I'oi
aupper'j during and utter which i!iev,vven
retrtd wltlwrenoi'ated ruPrgy; 'sr en
tei lalner vas lilfo the !iindhid .ItsV-i'l ed hv
AddifliMi the Ihjfiitr ' feirYicd to hfive 'iic
other effect uion ban thai, uron anv othei
vessel in thc.hsil.; Kwas not auuithl
the roid helween Decatur and Meredosia if.'
beeneireced in New Vork, wilh Messrs. Ketch
urn, R igersand benneti.on very favorable terms.
that he hid given up th? tak as hopeless, and The lo ti is for. the amoiiiU of $1,000,000. the
U..A .K.n.J r l.;.i.lr...n - ..r ,i i. , ..r .1... . :i t r
...,. unp.-ri, ... M..H-.GM ..r..,i ,fii5 ii, ii, c kjuiiirp, -Bkiiii.i.i7i ki'pi ur v..iki..uu ti. iiic r.itnoatj i.nm- q
the bed w.vs Hilovvei to slide down again, siiil in sprtngticld lo Ueca'ur, and lo relay the road
ino morning awney cmlid not but express hts lroin bpritighelil tu JNapIes wtin 1 rail. liie;M,fpeci that Mime or the members of the Gene
- -. .1 .. t..,: 1.1 r. .1 ! .i. l. t . . i i . I.... i- ' . i . . . . . .
nuiii,iiinriii Wk u i. uuiu iktf it io mm h in wie umiun were ten. prr ccm.. ooinn, out we learn ral Assemlvy had hul a biiter experience on
dark. Extract of a leller written in 1792. Uiave been jsegotinled so as tu draw interest at . this point, by being kicked out of it village bar-
leven per ceul. . ! room drunk some night, or thai at a day, not fur
The completion or this part or the road will '. iure, when they had but a single dime left.
This phenomenon has been noticed recently
at New Orleans and ul Louisville.
Havana news to the 311 ull., states that Mr.
King's heahh is failing rappidly. His ph) si
lt" it would not be uncharitable, we would cians entertain no hopes of his recovery.
. .1.... r .1' ' . ... I . r .1... r I j ' - '
Santa Anna has been elected President of
Mexico. Ho will de inaugurated on reaching
the Capital. ' '
We are glad to find that river men will
have no occasion to speculate longer tchttluv
the caloric engine will do on our rivers.-.
Messrs. Gaty, McCune & Co. have prepared a
large diagram for the lecture to-night, lllus.
tr.ding the application ot this power to the
Charles Belcher, now in port, the Kate Kear
ney, and the St. Louis. It is said that tho
caloric engine occupies but about half the
room of ihe steam engine. We shall see fgt.
Louis Republican.
Cincinbati, April 9.
The Enquirer this morning publishes a cum
mimical ion from Cassins M. Clay, extremly se
vere upon Ex-Secretary Corwin, called out by 1
abusive remarks of ihe latter in relation to Ab- .
uliiionists, and published iu the Southern Patriot.
- ' Hannibal and Paris Plank Eo4.
a vug nm c tu ikcu in ojuv in luuuroe ........ i. . ....i ..... ,.. ... . i . c... - . . ... - . . . o t -.i v ir .t .
...Uii.. .i-i...ii ' ki.n-c iney migiit go to a lavern, gel iiruuk.iinu sponge . .-n ikti.io .imDr.ii. i iieitrw i ork papers old nullinn will hwmJ ; -
county. on a proposition to nubsciibe 810,- line m ihe easl.and to the Mississippi on the their boar I for a few day. Il would certainly, contain tho parlicnbrs of a in.nl shocking tnur-' r .,'., ..s.i Re",n6 Watson
i (K) ;. the nboveroad This Is 'the 'amount lwe"' 1.hl r"",e ' ""'u,le' soon de.nned to h- very pleasant for a oor devil, when out of der, commitie.l there on Monl.y night hy alc,iiirn.et Wats.in with be in? w i!"
w,.). l.rni. .nH Jf...i.i. l.,,i ii;. ' R"u c ' " " "P""'1" i "r". en mire, iu hii round a bar-room in some Kind mm n mien iMeary on ine person t ins wue. ' ,,.i ,;n f .. "-.'j.
VOted on befOie nnd dercated: butltlsaup- national thoronp-bfare. of anv in lh l!..i.rt :,...i i:. 1 .1 ... Ti,; I. ;.. ' wl11 opP" 'IS ConfirmaUon on that
posed the vote this time will bo favorable. land there will soon be found no ditfieubv in tret- I,;.., l .. !...,, ,.,i ...i (.., il.. i i h.i ir ... v pt.ii i..i..i.; . '..-,n i i,.,,V:,r. i .
It U niiw exper.ted lhat Florida will be!linKc"Pili,,i,l,,",ll,"l,,,r,"k" ihe conMruuiion of Section 17 irovide that, nil' houses where li-
1 . . . . ih. I 1. ...... k... el.S. ...1. ..t.. Ji a A f t. . ... . .
ninde a i-oint. On the dividing ridge bo . . r m ' " "I'"-quons sold in less quatinty ii,n a qnar , w. u-
' - " ' " . SUIITII1C l Ills. 1 jour. . I i ill ' l,rt i.lllalllll.n II..I.M uro. illl.l nil:, II III,
In 11 ii "cominon .-lid public nuisances." and places, and she was rendered senseless, in which
I wei-n North nnd .Middle foils of Salt river.
from Paris to Florida a road inuv be fun
iaie ir.igo iy a' riui iiieip ma. icary ii .liinears, i - , i . ,
. . . , , ,, . i , i ! Dii piitc nes from Iew Orleans in Ai.rii
while in his sober senses, deliberately beat lusj 1 """'i to April
wire ahi.nl the head wilh n stone cutter's mallet quote Mess Pork at $13 Q 14. ;
ami chisel until her skirl was crushed in several
A vprv imnnrl:int nrnivrAnli lint nlknk- i t
m -,i vr iv hii. proceeded aifainsl as such. What siuhitiinl ion ! state she remaine I until she died. The murder
without encountering man v difUculiica from , . ... . .". ' . A license desiroys a nui..iice!! Oal Iluisitr-j w: s commit'c. I in the presence of her three chil-
r U V P r ' , I I lei,r" 'hal 4,16 SPrin",, ' N'ple. road is to j,irn. whal b ,ck w ,rJs J . dren. the eldest of which a boy 15 years of age,
hills. iJetweert riolida and the pruirM un te rclai l with T rail an 1 that the prospect is" soj Tempermce men of Indi n i we beseech you testified i.pa:nsthis father iu a firm, straight for-
inis wue, n ois i a nte ti inree nines, win ie ta r for the e.trlv extension of the Great Wes. ,n 'he irienN ol sii.iia monster sustain il 1 ward manner.
ern R.ilr.Mdto the I i li ,n. stale li.ie on the east, j TreH' U ""V"' ('"r " ""t
. , .. . .; ... than a nullity if you i.ltemiit its enforceintnl, )
In the present pos.i.on or matters it may he an- , orgIllM ut UIKV , eUcl JiiTereiit men next
licipaied tint at Jacksonville this great thorough.! winter.
fare will sen 1 oft" x brunch (prt or the-old It
to Urkaiifll 1 iiAnrnv.--A nnn st (low-
the worat part of the mnd. A bridge over
orlh Fork, a very good one, which has
jiiit been finished at a t;ot of 8 1,00;), takes
olfsomeof the labor on this part of the road.
Fruin the d;e of ihe prairie referred to, a
gooJ rouie.cau be found jhenceto the Ixiun
dn'ry line of I he county af the point of iti
te seciiort with that part ol' tho r:id now
being .coutiucled by Uuniiibal and Uull
touutyv ' ' ' " " " ' '
! Crsat Wsstsm tslia ar and Esnnibai sad It. Jo- .
, jk Eailr. ad CdcatsUc.'
tVe sr gtid io lin t ihat the people of Spring-
kild,Ul are btgiui.il g tosnutiifr! llteir nppre-
einiiea of the sasl irnporiiiiice to tlirmsi ivrs, el
euimrcting us soon i s possible, the Great Wts'-
arn Railroad of Illinois with the Hannibal un
St. Jiaepb- iUilroad.. . .
-. Ah uf title tniii'g the isnpnrtance ef ihia tn..
ter, lately uppaartd in he Spririgfltdd Juurnal.
The Quiney H'ng lie.a the iii.bluhing rifront
ery, oflcr publishitig that article, lo tulit aLoui
railroad lhr(iiigh-Mcriuia to 4iuiiii-y mi-coir-plialiing
this grand result! We like the wi)
our' neighbor of the Pitt s field Free Press take
oir ihe I'Aig. ., 'Th.fiillowing iire the ar;icle
from the snyeral papers referred lo above ;
'' 6L Joseph and Uaantbal Ratlrosd.
This .set'liiiu oi I he . country indeed tin
win leVesli-have a deep interest in the cerlan
-u)ipil completion of this road. It will h
'he great toire'of trevil from lim east lo th
western buniul.iry of Misiciin. : .Nature point
oil! li.lHir.il couurpiion between timl rool an
itle F.isterir iiaprovt m.-iit Ly the Greal We
ifjll K llfay nl I'liM'
tti e .i.- . 1 l . j m ,
up warn tfoiii tn vir'ii i iviver i mo
Clironicle, that the St. Josrph and ' Haunib I
'Northern Crots R.ilroad'M which is to eo
Quiney throu4!i M.redoeia the M.tin Slew 'af j ,inS "" Ohio, named Valentine Sage,
lhe"Gr.vJ Western Railway" will be continued j ""se mln,l n "'eilleil inrongh
rroaa Naples to I1.snatb.il. thence to the Pacific. 'fi"'1" ph-'eiisv, alter perlorming some
' . : t - , . acts ol mudness, seized one of his children
-n Elilor soiV Ms Uorrws. The editor of i ''.v lhe l"eel and dashed its b.ains oof on a
'Canton Report er since Fhclns and Lamb's let. w"0' wli.ijWas ill, leiped Irom
. I. 1 .1 . ! I I .1 I . I
larlu Italian mitlaiia annearanca beholds! .I,t ,,e "cu' " m...w. oowii oj mm,
il... ...!, I...,. ......... ...! i i . :
t'li t ine ii.ii kiwi a k..i iiic- in uii-i attuicu JJlill
He is now a raving maniac.
this Scotch gutwt, who was, by this lime, Company lave adopted for Ihrir road lut n
fill a vikion. wa minntM) i1 " Ititnlon'a brail rnll
(rum t!i flashing knife of the guillotine which
he erected and baptised in an ocean of human
blood1, nnd piled wilh a hecatomb of human
Thero now ! ui nt that "piling onihaagffn"
..Tksbauraie won It $3 tii.fr in thi inaskVt.''
I'on CaLitonNiA. .Vlcfksrs. Roht. Eucltilon
LicFV-iR on No-LicEMtK. The Macoupin
Statesman says thai the County Court ol
that County has refused three applications
I tn grant l-i en-c to retail ardent spiuts.
jln tli itities of Springfield and Alton, the
.rates of license have . bee a .established at
J3'Jv). Tliii, however, is only half way
ilKllon Tli.. "".!., P..i.,.;l l' it. nt
anJF.noch L. luaslsjft, train llEsst. have er- ,,, take es;, fr ,he County Court
Jacks nvillf (IU.) Journal,
sjmized a company roratnp ucros the plains.; c,f Macoujiin.
Ofour citiz -n tlu-ite will gi out wi ll (liieom-; ' -
pany, Jesrs. Stephen Mefjinnics, Win. Curt, (1. G. Dtivenpurt hai be.en appointed
E Iward Stephens, and Eekiel Hagan. j Ciiifcfjuti$e of ew Mexico; Kirhylene-
Part of ihe Company start this evening, -the; diitl A-iu'iaie' JiHtice ; Clinics u. Unntsnv
bahiiif e will leave to-morrow mornir.g. Mar.,li!il of that Tin imi y. - Ttiese apnoint-
They will lake out about 1 ,5tlf" head of .hrep,' u.ntS hav k evQ CMifii hied.
yj!J hea 1 of ctltle, und horses ynd mu es. '
From thr AI'isettQtr.
Court of Common Pleaa. '
S lilnrs of (he Mener j'er; "
irTiU'.MeAN'or;T. k... win con-
etij tohtiiimeacfiu'ltdale for the idfi 'e pf Judge
ifthe Court of Common Pleas, he will be citp.
;1 , Waiiixto. April 0,
Tlie Keiuite nppointed n rimmitteo to
wait on lln President, sviio irvistifl I l-e
kSenatu that he Tiad'no l'oitlier criinmunhT
linns to make. It was then resolved I hot
'.e President pro tem. ndjorirn'the Senate
finally on Monday, at t o'clock.
CmciwirsTi, April 9.
Van Lent, Ihe barkeeper on the Buckeye
Stale, was shot dead to-day at a horse auction on
on Fifth street, by a man named Harret, The
dispute arose about a woman. , . , , ,
Wasoisotok, Apsil 9 r. m.
It is rumored this evening, that Marcy must
leave the Cabinet. There is no reliable authority
for. (he report; but for some reasons the Scn t.e
hesitates, to fix any day for adjournment, and it ia
not believed lhat minor appointments only would
keep ihem here another day.
TI iere are three dollar counterfeit bills out on
the Oneida valley Bank of New Vork. ,
The M aine legislature has passed a most
stringent law to slop the crevices in lhe Maine
Liquor Law, by a vole of G'3 lo 43. This vole
is pretty conclusive evidence that the Unuor
T : - l : ii .:
mw i popular in mains
Quiney has outraged tin's county , and this coun
ty will endeavor to requite Quiney for the wrong
uone. mo "onycana rtankroad is but the
tirst instalment Pittsfield Free Press.
Gold mines of great value have been discov
ered in Oregon. . . a
A letter from HaAana says that over 1,500
slaves have landsd on the Cuban shores within
a few days, from Africa. .
Austin Brooks cf the "Herald" ia the
new postmaster at Quiney.
PaoviDzycE, April 7 p.'.
The returns show fi00 majorityln favor of
sustaining the Liquor Law; the Assembly, how
ever, is opposed to it. , t...-
Hawthorne, the riy minister toEnrland was
Pierce biographer. . Su he gets $ 10,000 year
or ins pail)
such pay,
Who would ri&t write shook for
rjCT'WV learn thai a most brutal mur
der occurred esterday morning, on the
farm of Mr, Nathan Newby, about five
miles from our city, in ihis county. Mr.
Newby had occasion to putisli onti of his
negroes for some act ol disobedience, but
the negro resisted, when , Mr. A'evvbv called
another negro to his assistance, who com
ing up behind seized the relraciorv negro
around the waist;. the first onedrew m
knile from his coat pocket, and with a tin
gle back-handed blow, gave the ona holding
him a latal stab in the groin, severing an
artery and causing almost instant death.
He then struck at Mr. Newby but inflicted
only a slight wouud on his arm. The mur
derer then fled, but was soon arrested. We
don't know wlwt course hu been taken
since his capture. Wetorj lUporter.
Two students of Masonic College, Lixl 1
ington. Mo., made iwo attempt Utely to
burn the edifice, and came veiy near auc
ceedintf. iking arraigned before the fac
ulty, they conUasei their Cuilt aui were
-The "Die." "K tuJ "iwnift tro
splendid boats; lhe olfireu are enertk
and attentive, and passengers an j thipper
will find this line we-ll worthy their liatroft-
age, Quiney Whig. ....
Thavia their reputation in this q-jartar,
' ' ' '
r0?" V lfnneJ lfa Convention
of he friends of Lexington and Hoonville
Railroad will be held at Mamhall, Saline
county, Monday the 9th day of Mav'
next. ' '-: ,.'. ' - ; . . f
A full delegation are Invite J from the
counties of Jackson, Lafayette, Cote, Mo-'
iteau, Cooper, nnd Satiue; Speakers are ''
expsjetej from these and some of the adju
cent counties. Uruna wicker. -
There is trouble ia the Presidents Cabinet
to the
and he
ad bin
ten I
in bee
bis ti
as i
a s

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