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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1852-1853, July 28, 1853, Image 2

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lIANNinAlVJOUIiNAL:-TULY28, 1853- jr. T
J- i
. -f T". ' : : r "
r.Di-rmi asu cjiopiubtou.
e. ri.KMRWH.
rnr We! ei .' eelhied' to; anaonnce- WM. m
Y'i 1 ) canilnla'0 fof reeln-lion to (hi; otlice of
nii'ir Anpnsi election.
T It will be perceived, iy reference la the proper i
a candidate for re-election to the office of Clerk al the I
County Court (rr Halle county. W hay km! long
peraduai acpiinlance Willi Mr. Voting, and know him
lo fcra &rt late mi taxi icel le.it Clerk. - If indi
vidual mril, or.d, the requisite qualifications can eon
stiluU tit pmiwtf rersnimendulioits fort cand cfete
Wtr.u Billy O. Young, ci.M fc bmS'u .vwii i
(CT We are authorized to nnnounco'Mr
THUS, li. IJATCllMIt; 'acan!iJat0 fol
. reflection lo Ui; office of 'Cj.i:rk of the
Couhty Coi)RTrf Marion County, wtd..,
' TO" We are nuthorizcd to innonnce Mr.
THUS. E. TUOMl'tSOiNra V candidate,
for re-election 'o.tfie cilice of Ci.f.Iik it
Tifc Ciueti-f Cuuht; lor Maiion Couuiy. '"'-
i , ' , ' " " . 1 Wll1
nTf We 'are' 'authorized to Announce
'Cpt. S. A. COWEN; as a candidate 4 for
Clerk of the Court of: Com jsojT Firu
Llectiou next August.!:. wtd'
" VCT W are authorized ' to" ' anho'ince
CHARLES U. liOURNE,:ag 4 candidate
.for the office of Cikkk of u , liAS'sinAi.
Cot'ST op Coswjsoh 'uua, at the next Au
gust election, ; ,-, .r -... -m-.-'
' '" Tt erw ' VntartitWI la' announce Mr.
'jLtVwis dicxersqn r,r r?my. ou,-
"did.ts forthe office if . Clerk .of the Circuit
Court, t Hie' ensuing Aiigut'electioti :
Ju!r7. 1853 wtd',' -"; ."'.'V ;, -,Ti
Among the proceedings, of the ll.tnnibal jPalacs. A beautiful little ; model of lj;
City ()uncil, nt llieir mfetin held to day
wastho following:
Waf.rks, the City Conoil of the City of
llsnniba bein informed that the Direc
' tort of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Ilail:
road are now in Seuion id thi City-,;;
Reso'ved, That xye have the utmost confi-
dencein the skill and management of the said
Directors of ti raid Ro.ld anil that we wtll
co-operate with them to further the p"roe.
cution of said road in every way we canf
and as weake a deep Interest in filling the
vacancies now about to be made, and as the
f oancies occurred' nt Eastern 'end of the
line o' said liotiil, we in our capacity as
stock holders, yettturejhist .respectful! to
lecommtnd to the fuvotable, consideration
of sukl HourOA.G, Cano and Wji.P. Sajs
a suitable oerons to liU said vacancies
i Hs'Antd, That tl rMeyor Uy these pro
ceeding befoie the Hoard of Directors, .of
the Uannihal und St. Joseph Railroad Coin-
pany,' now in session in thUcityJ .'
' Gkt LionT is iuTfci The Quinoy Whig
Heart that a definite nrr.in-ement hi been made
between the boiiffKctors" of the Qniney Gas
Liht Company and gentlemen of St. Louis for
cootruoting gat works In ttie former j)lace.
The necessary building are l be comcaenced
this fall and eopltei in tit spring.,'! , ... . r
, FOR CONfiRESS-8rf DUtriei,
-h. Forty .(dUcsa ef staging would pleee North
Mioouri in elos connection, threiigti Hannibal,
. winter, and summer, with 3.dut Loui, Chicago,
t and Pit through Uiateily, Louiiville.Mad
t Uon, Cinciniuti, Wheeling,. PjlUbtirgh,! Cleve-
land, New .-Orleans, &o.; In Uort, l iwoutd' be
' 4he favorite rente ot travel for prt-sohs going to
er coming from any section 'of the Union. ' ' f
Aw EltlCSaOM's li.HO I NR AT, Til K CnVHTAt
ilacs. A beautiful little ; mode! oflj'?
Caloric Engine, Captain Eiicssorf.lias had
unstructed for exhibition an the Crystal
Palace. It is no more than four feet high,
and two and haif in diameter, mflJfl f pob
ished Steel, and far better' fitted
;Hit.niW aa3t, Joirph Ballrnd
Invtho afletnoonof yefcterday the Uoaril
of Directors proceeded tfl fill the vacar.cios
occasioned b'tbe resignation , ,f Rfcss.rs.
holmes find MoffiSit Which fesiil ted in
- . f i . ".S . 1 '
meni a siumg room inan manr ot irte sioves r: ;"7rrT "T TrT' ; ;r." - frru
... e . , s . . ,. , appointment ot Col. John Graves, of Liv
ly to illustrate the mode ihhich the cal- ,nRMon C0Un,7n4lJ JohirD.
Swan LasDSin PiaaCooavT. The Pittf
fitli TJaioa contains an adrertiMment ef the
safe, at public auction, of the swamp and ever
flowed binds in Ptlfe ceunty ,, The list embra
ces about 20.000 acres. , i ! ', f "
TIM Mlota( tit?th bat Hat t El, XiMll : , t.
itnttmt WIm sualng to El, Isolt, Auft UA auk
a sri f baUos-aiM!w. ....
' The two wretched men, Dodge and Shawn'ey,
were launched into etcrnitv ut hnlf nast ' one
o'clock yesterday afternoon At 12 o'clock the
crowd commenced lii Sfseiiibln n Cliesnut anil
Sixth' Vtreetaj ouliitlo of tit jrij(a WQtl-v and
coiilir.uiil to crow :lurs;er,'evn until uilef the
The amount of .travel over sucTi pt'horoiLhfeJ'of Um allocking scene.. At one time
Rafter it became known , liat'a"uVily line of flagiis
..was in, operatlcnl.frem Ilaunibid, o ,ii aplB,
H would very materially. lec( lUa( wliicli;thr(ngs
r. atx daily packets, tw efi-whiell pass Hani.ibal
every day, besides the transient bouts
: Portion of these taseners' is composed of per
ns going 10 anu reiijrning If0" l"o u
ast J. in
xr -
.1.. : . .,i t..v u.i.. .!.:
g,t luf vy, ui mmu pit .wutui..yt 9 wbv
-r to a 7 eat extent. 1 . Every year adds to the list
of merchants who go East'te'purclnise their
goods; e very yea increases the; number of pco-
pita who come west to. settle," er look Cor homes ;
vary year 'adds to thsi length of the long, ser-
1 pentine-Iron track',., that -iscreeping' steadily
.s f rtna the western, shore , ef, jllie Allantio, to the
asterp oaok nf 'the 'Mississippi ; and no insig
nificant amount ot the current of travel that has
been borne upon the ioora of the Ohio, Is being
diverted t tlut Illinois, riyer, and the AJtcn and
( Chscage--vailread. it In few words, the! tide of
X travel is rnere and more setting east and west,
instead of north 'end south, and' adopting the
shortest, pot direct routes, in preference to
lhns "more round about and tedious. The fa-
'"yorite rouie'jfor Nortliern Wusouri io New
York, Boston, philauelphia er Baltimore, is t"'
r Chioaeo. '.To. accomplish this, the traveler must
i ' go ta Sl Leu!, fctid thenoo up the Illinois river,
, ct by raijrond from Alton. Tjie tfm.6 from St.
r Louis to Chicago Jy 'the' fuller" route, is' 'two
'c .dsysj if there wereu line eL.sUgea iroin II ui-
nibal te Naples, the . time f roiri Hannibal to.Chi
X' eago would be about o day and a half.7 Persons
from the interioruafiJeven from points borderiug
e en the Missouri riveri would prefer this route
s -the trip from Glasgow to" Hdhnibal is preftrable
1 to that from Glasgow fo St. Louis, even in good
. atagas of water : sd when the river it'Jw or
froaen, there could not bean uistaiit's hesitation
t about crossing at this point, it there were a daily
c '- line ef stages to Itaple. ' There is now a rail
road in peration nf rem, 'Naples to Springfield,
;.,.8M fnoUtor frpn) bpringheld to Uucsgo, with
A lite; xeeaufln- tl &!tf mile of atarina;.,, The
eonneotron 4y railroad over this fifty sailee will
be cosnpletsd By peeember next.
J,'l 'i in winter, the traveler who start! freaa Han
' '- nihal for St. Louis; may calculate en a tlisasrree
't"h!e trip, bcc:pying art indefinite length ef time
' eay fretn two days to ten, according te westher
' end rivers. With aline of stages te Naples,
V the trip, would be made in' fourteen 'or sixteen
tiours, or lcs than the average time of the steam
boats in summer. ;- -: '' 'v.'-;
Vl Vftsetiaf 'etae ftirastarr! 1 '
. , : AO 'fte 7fors'of , t)ir llanuioal spJ St
loseph llailroad have-niiivud, A iueliii
:, -wm htU tbia monuirgnt which iho miis-
"v'trtee were ret, atJ after sone dicii'ion
ii motions to correct, ati odjouiiament was
. till this afternoon look place.
Welook foeweia in lull confidence to
; skscS acsiou of the Hoii as va ill nt t rap-
' fdly forward the. construction of the Uoud
The Directors arc all nble men : ond doubt'
lees al! devoted to the intenusls of the I!oad,
. and most earnestly desiringiis prosperity.
Dwelling houses tp reut, are in demand It
would be a great, advantage to th city if more
were outtt.
There is a lone, unsierhtrf pile of roeh ryuis-
. (jon Fourth street, which We nnderstand has been
lying there, two yesvs. 1 It is a source of great
inconvenience to the people of (Mint street, and
. . . l ,
9U la oo uacu or rcmoriii. t
Om bndrad d taat4iM cium U Moatos aociaty
fca Aprt tkair saaMi I a UtUr f faistwUoa lo Col. tv
Sua, addrsa fas saafw al Paris la rafrrooo lo the Paaie
Bilra4, Tht 0lwl rlUi taat aa aUI aonpl mhk UWir
. rrf Mt at tka inl prtk-U bwomc. kal iom aot Is aer
there could have been no less than lVu llioiif.iiul
Tnmend buys -who.. ltlliAl the-, streets, all seeking
Some -point from' which they -could wiintls the
exeo'ulion. ;l The acaQoU. vVds almost eutirely
Concealed from view, however, by the siu rmipd
ingprUon and oriminul;iourt buildings. AVuh
in the yard there were two hundred and fifty, to
three hundred citizens, policcinctt and o'.Jier of.
ficer. ilThe two : Catholic.. cleremen piss.
ed . the greater portion oC. the morning- with
the convicts. ..-At a quarter past cue o'clock, inll
the raebincholy prepurations. having been oom
pluted, Dadaro and Shawncy made llieir appear
ance, ailended by U. S.. MarsiiiiJ Baber,the two
clereymen, the prison keeper, and several po
heraen. Btth convicts were, neatly attired in
suits ot black, anu the binding ot their arms on
either side did not prevent them holding a cm
cinx in their hands, on which they kept their
eyes lined as I hey issued from the passage be
tween the old and new jail buildings. Dodge,
who pad a comely countenance, wore a content
ed smile at this time, and indeed to his last mo
ment. shawney was pale and aerious, endeav
ring, as it appeared, to fix his attention upon
(he .terrible change which awaited him. The
sten of both was firm, and while about to ascend
to the gallows they stopped to shake hands with
several friends who had 1 beTore visited
them in prison.;.' They Were -preceded on the
platform by the Marshal, ana followed by the
olergy men and a police olacer.- Having seated
orio engine , works, Its. pewer Is a matter
of nd consequence, . though .We believe it If
about equal to one half a single horse po wer
In the lurnace, bcneai'i the cylinder, were
t (Mtrtot m sWill conl. maklrtri. scarce.
i.. i . i. i - . i - . .
ly neai enougu 10 roasi an egg, auu yei u
drove the piston at the rate' of about ISO
strokes a minute, Besides this little engine,
Capt. Ericsssoa iutendrf to have a larger
one, of greater; power, qIho in. the, Exhibi
tion. .So save the Nj Y. 'finies. , v-'
' " : '
"TSibb ooNtaJsuioiai. sisxejox.; '. .
Ku D raoorauo eaailidwa bas yol came f jiwai J la thil dii
trloi, i.cl t it now u Ut fur any ona to do to, u tb tluia
of ol.ci.iB U so ar. "Hi Diiwwy oill thrrre'b
ohllKl t ohonsa hatweae Llndlay, a Wktg, anj.Jacktoo, a
NalliCer. We pre.miaa n lum liico!rat (an hrtiia;a a
motnait In makiun that eboloa, . Every friend if B:ntt'0,kal
of iti 8 'o. hu a duty to perfurni, au.d tbai is to dafekt
Ja-k-oi. ' lo former numbirtuf nur paper w menttosfci aa
ny of tba ohjtatioaa lo btu aa a KjpreaanUUipa in Co ierri
tu pspaat Sbbia ito a,nroprM outnanW,i'Woali ail our
wbnla ahet. Wa will vnly add here ona otber important dis
qnitliflcaHcn : Jk n ctnrot bonMtly take an oath to rup
pitt Iba CViVVti4n of too Umied State until ha reeaab bit
trainable dojttinw of nullilk-aiijo, with liicb U dirooily
ooi B'o t. lie o mtwid. Ifwl tha people of a State- tmre. the
right to ait la Judgment apes the laws of C-jngren, an 4 to
roiat and nnllifr tbrrahy armed foroe. whatkercuta ItuiUmal
or not, if, la the bpiniaa ol lb cuieeon, tboee- leva coi.fliot
vita taair peoaliar latereaU. ale smanvl atar to tupaort,
oader all airoomauuieea, a oooatitation which; frm taali a
oetrtwe, s impliedly defecilee.' If aa 100014 do ti It
oald be aa act of bypoeriar, and aeaomcanied wltk U anvu
of ineatal raserratioBt. A asaa wkesnoid doaota anttuba
la Coacrass. ' No boaeet and latetlifoat Daaeoerat who lotaa
UieOoaavaHiie aa i atao, aaa eonaia teat ly voU for
Omjiinci o the' t'lRsr' lUlUoAO i:t
Arnica. AccounUfrprri Alexandria, tjjypt
of June 21, state that the Cairo and Alexan
dria Hailway had ttn partially opened. , A
lettef of that date aays:: , ,.
Tha first railway ever, constructed in
Africa has been, for twenty-five miles from
Alexandria, traversed this day by locomo
tjves.,oudJn the lands of the Pyramids one
moro, flionuwent las been added to the
aJjiding spleudor of the. pastj There is to
.ben.juore formal opening in a, So-w months
when ljtj firt sentio.a . ot the t Ulla is com-
pMui. . . :, . ( .-, :;,t
Ddwling, V
of this citv
Bobr jfjeie sin jlcjiieii .KaysJ sj'ver bdjer thai
lkmuuwavaiiug.-XutaaJa.Jie oad. and
advocates of irompt,aiid epecdy construc
tion. , Wills n nerseiio, united and bar-
mopious Directory, we fuJIy calculate upon
a railron4 trija 10 Saint Joseph, in lest than
lieo years aitrl a half,
Pol. Graves' name is In the original char
ter, and-, from lh beginning he has been a
wheel lioisc" iof the enterprise, never stop
ping ojn account of difliculiies, or hesitating
a.bout sj eodinp;; (ime and. labor, or sacrific
ing money. . lie was. a Director .fiptn the
original organiAtioa until last November.
,, A majonly nf the Board of Directors was
in. favor of the election of JuJe Draper,
but he declined, serving.
exceeding twenty-five dollars, id1 he recovered
bufore nny Justii q of the Peatfi, ct the coniify
or which he is nn iahubitant, and shall inoreo
Vdrielinble to thenrtion of the purly apgrieved.
" 3. The 'said foinpnny shall huve powcf,
from lime to time to borrow such sums of money
ts si raoy be; necpssary, sulrjcet to J lie prior lien u
the Rlnti for eompletintf and fiftishing, or epcr
aling their railroad, anX-lisue aiul.dispoba.uX
their bonds for tny amount so borrowed, Mid to
ihdrtgnge,' if necessary,' then corporate property
and franchises, or any part thereof, to secure lb
payment of any debt contracted by the company
tot the purpose aforesaid, and the directors of
lhs eopany-may-aonreon any holder- 01 any
Hardwaro and Cutlerv
O ! B i 1 f et. . '
or 1 n hi 1 z r it I o 0 ke
IB 1 a.' lss s a sMsa '
We.t a;;;
prcrarpd to
4Hiil our, .
cmt oiners . S
wuh all ar- NaUJ
i a j ; , 1 . : - r '
! J 1 11
Da. Ausrt son's -DutOi Sroat i excellsntly
fitted up everything "bran new", and of Ihe
best qnailityv. It is en Main street, opposite the
City Jlote'.;, .Sue his advertisements. . ' ' '
Mr."'D.' K; Garraan advertises
books Into-dny's paper. ' '
Sickness,' absenteeism and .job work, have
Combined to lessen 111 amoUnt 'Of mallei1 in to
dnyV paper.,; ' k
Restitution. The ,' Washinctoti
CiNciNxvri,.July 21, p. m. A fire broke
out in tho edge-tool factory, cprnerol'B.i'oadp
way and Eighth sireet.t' Mot;ol the houses
on the blouk between ( Seventh and .Eighth
streets. Mere .burnt. A . strong. fi wind, was1
blowing at the time, and with .difficulty., the
Humes were prevented : froiw, i flpreadiug.
The Catholic chuich. ,on :Syca(inoi street,
foursquares distant, Was at one tirW.bOn
(ire. Tha buildings' destroyed ;aie mostly
framed. . ;. , , . .... .. .
, l'lTTsni itGti. July 21; p. m. The death
warrant.of Jewell, connected with the mui
der of . Mitchell on the din. of July, 1852,
was received this morning , unexpected by
the prisoner. He will be hung on Friday, the
2d of September next. ; t .', : :;; ,
A Neat' Ihvektiok. eor Tailors. At the
Dublin exhibition, an ingenioua English inven
tion is ort view in the shape of an arm pad or
artificial knee, for tailors to rest their arms on,
lo work while sitting upon a chair, and superse
ding the necesaily for cross legged sitting. .
Dimensions op Heaven, The following cal
culations, based on a text of Revelations, 'is con
tributed to the Charlottesville (Va.j) Jeffersoui-
Post says, a chap in a certain village, with whom
'they are" well acquainted; having' had sanded
sugar sold to him,' Inserted in the weekly paper
the following; " -:'-
' Notice. I purchased of a eroeer in th;s ci
ly a quantity of sugar, from which I obtained
One Pownd or San.d. , If the rasoul who cheat
ed me will send lo mv 'address stven pound
of 'good siiiir (scripture messnre of restitution,)
1 will UesuUsiied; it not, I eliaU epj.-e him.
r Ofi the following day nine seven pound pack-!
uges of sugar, were luft4ut his residence, from hs
inany. dilXcrcjit, dealers, each supposing himself
Ihe person, intended, : . 1. : ..
Acoeptsncs of.Ue. Anlcndmeuti to the Charter of tha Han
nibal and St. Joseph Rai road Company.
, Yesterday afternoon'llie'Board of Directors of
the llilnnibal and St. Joseph Railroad company,
passed the following resolution : ' '
ftctolveJ, That the1 Act to Amend tin Act en
tilted "Art1 Act to Incorporate ilfb lliinnilnil 'innd
St. Joseph' RaTilroud company," npprovel Feb
ruary 1, 1853; and the Act entitled "An .Act
Supplementary, to. an Act entitled 'An Act tp
Incorporate the Hannibal and St. Joseh RuiU
ro'id company,' " approved February '24, 1853,
be accepted by this company. ' .t
Here follow the amendments, as adopted by
the Board J ' c . - 1 ,1 ' ;
AN ACT To amend an. act entitled "An Act
' to incorporate the Hannibal and St. Joseph
Railroad Company." .'-
Be il tnaclid, by ihe General Jlssembly 'of the
Slate of Missouri, tu' follows.
1. It shall be lawful for the County Court
of any county to subscribe to the stock of the
Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad company, and
it may invest its funds in tho stock of said com
pany, 'and isue the bonds of sutsh couiJy to
raise tunds to pay
A Drscaipi-io or Heaven. Revelations,
S-Kl.ltt. Alld Kl. mftnailrprt ilia r-itv u-ilKli
themselves, they joined lho;r .spiritual advisers! reed, twelve thousand fuvlontrs. The Icnpth
m prsyer; after which Dodge rose, and advan- d the breadth und the height of it are equal.'"
oicg, so us to be in full view of the spectators, . Twelve thousand furlongs 7,920,000 foct,
sbid in substance:. , - . t .' which being cubed, is 842,088,000,000,000,000
i i hat lie -was there t, answer for an awful i . 1 fi. i..ir .1 ,.,V:..t. ...:n
crime; but that he hoped he was properly pre- for the Throne of'Cod andlh Cpurt'of Heav-ia"J "cditof the county- ony incorporated eity,
ptreU to meet tho. ruvior, and he submitted to en. half of ihe balance for streets and divide town, or incorporated company, may subscribe
the remainder by 3,095, the cubical feet in 'a' to the stook of said company, anil it mny invest
room 10 teet square and 10 hich. Will be iiO.-' U fundi in t'n ulnnli nf an'nl Mmmnv. n i.siin
Ii'm fata -willi nclv..' He trusted in the Lord.
Then rhntiking the citizens who had heed so kind
t r him liBwliiis Ilia liiiiirimiiiniiil ' Im raminiMl 1. i . 1 L't '1 t sine nn O 1
seat, wl.ild'.SIiawney. follywed , U uddress' the A We will noW siipoose the World always did ! H9 7 ' '
crowd, i .tiltawuey .repealed in substaliee tHejaMd always will contain 000,000,000 inhabitants,' "bscubed, and such city, town, or corporaUon,
ivordoiDodgvw Both sp.keiualow loueandti,d a generttlion will last tbirty-lhrco and a j may tke propur steps to protect, the interests
The.M.rlu!l jlvcn read to. the convicts, first
ihe death warrant ,'iindnexf the respite of Ihe
Preiident, AfUrwurds,. having explained that
the term of the respite had expired, and no or
der of continuance been received, the sentence
should now by law be curried out, he proceeded
with the preparations. ' Tlia convicts' cravats
were removed, and after they had shaken hands
with the clergymen, (lie Matahall and other of
fieers, they walked unassisted te their places un
der tha fatal noose. The cap was drawn ever
their faces, the ropes fixed, and a spring started,
when the platform en which they sat gave way,
and they fell distance of four or five feet.
The struprle was short but hard. - After havine
remained suspended the proper time, the bodies
were taken flown and placed in neat coffins.
About half an hour elapsed, when a hearse ar
rived to convey the remains to Rock Spring
Cemetery for Interment. The crowd outside
of the prison yard dispersed only with the de
parture of tlie hearse. ;
... . A CAllD. - .j.
The fjiends of 'i'neuieiain'e are fauuested
to jiie-tt al Philadelphia, iu.MiUaitii -aiuu(v.
third years, 700,000,000 every , cantury, and : and credit of sufcll city; town, or corporation;
that tho world wilj stand lOO.OOO years, 2,700;. iutU c6uuty, city, town, or incornatcd company
000,000,000 persons, . .Then suppose there are ' ' - - , , , , -i , ,
11,240 such world, euual . to Ui. number of Woint St.lo represent s .merest.,
inhabitants and duratiou of years, then there j 8lve ,ls volc ana "-eceive its dividends. .
1 e rw 1 1 111s
1 ne saia company snail nave. power, Uy
bonds issued for money borrowed ns aforesa
the right to convert the principal due or owing
(hereon with slock of said company, at any time
not exceeding' ten years from the dalo of 1T10
bond, under such regulations as the directors may
see fit to adopt. ' : ' . : ' ' 1
$ 1.' None of the provisions nf the first article
of the act entitled "An act concerning, corpora
lions," shall apply to the Hannibal and St. Jo
seph Railroad .company r, exqe J1 goc-liou four,
five, six, seventeen nhdlwehty-threc of said act.
Each Stot kliclilrr of the said company shall be
individually liabjis to'thfi creditors of the compa
ny, to' sn nmouiit rqiinl- lo the'armunt unpaid
on the stock held by him, for nil the debts and
liabilities of the coiitpuuy, unUl the whole nmount
of the cnpiial stock so held by him shall have
been paid to llie company." ' ' '.''' '.'"
J 5. Said company shidl have full pnWer to
survey, mark out, locate and construct aidiiv,i!
road, und' for thai purpose inay hold a strip' of
laud not exceeding one hundred, lc.i t. widi'j ex
cept where il riiay be necessary Tor' turnouts,
embankments or excavations, in which case they
mat hold a sulltcient width I6r such purposes,
for the preservation ot Hie road, liiid may. also
hold. Sufficient land for the erection and inuin-
taihance of depots, landing places or. wharves,
engine houses, olliccs, machine shops, ware-hou
ses, and wood and water station
6 0. In all cases weresubscriptionshaveliera
lofor'e been made by the county courts of any
counties, the common council 01 any nicorpora-
ted city, er the trustees of any incorporated.
town,. such subscription shall be held valid and
binding unoh "such counties cities or towns, if
approved of hereafter by the said county courts,
common council, or board of trustees, as the case.
may be.'. . 1 . : i .
, 7. Nothing in this act shall be construed to
authorizd the said company to change ihe route
lor saiu roau ro as 10 nvoia passing cy 1 aunyra
in Marion county. : , nso ,. . ". ..
8. llercultei, 11 parson who. holds an pffice
in. saui. company, eimer uy appoinuncni 01 me
directory or otherwise, shall not be' permitted
to net ns the proxy' at any stockholder at-any
cleutiort held. by- thcrri under .the provisions cf
this charter, aud no person shall acl us proxy d
more linn one city, or,6 town, tin's county, one
corporation, or of the-individual stockholders
of any ope -county. . . .... ., , r,
, Approved,- February 23, 1853. ; . ,'
MISSOURI, ' - . '. f! .
' OrricE or Secheiart of Statk: . ,
I, John M. llicba.rd.-on, Si-crotury, or Slate,
certify, the foregoing is a correct copy' of the
6Tiglnal roll 611 tile in my office, of 11 11 act passed
by the General Assembly of Ihe Statu o Mis
souri, entitled "An acl to amend an act entitled
'an act to incorporate the Hannibal uud St', Jo
seph Railroad Company.'" !
' In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed the seal of said office, this 25th
April, 1853. JOHN M. RICHARDSON, .
' J ' '" ' ' Secretary of Slate.
' ' 1 1. - ...
An Act Sapplementary to an act, entiled "An Act te In
corporate the Hannibal and St Joseph. Railroad Com
. pany, -
lit it enacted by the General .4$scmbltj of the
Mate of Missouri, as Ji.tlow:
1. Il shall be lawful for the said Hanni
bal and St. Joseph llailroad Company, to
extend, construct, maintain and operate
their llailroad to any point or point west
to enter
tlic interests ! into contracts Tor that purpose.
2. The said Ifauuilul and St. Joseph
llailroad Company are hereby authorized
to increase tlicir capital stock to fie mil
lions of dollars, anything in miM act of in
corporation, to the contrary in' twiihsland
ding. .' ' ,
3. .Tins net to by iii form froiij an'J af
ter its passage.' Approved I'Miruarv 2 111,,
153. : " 1 ' ' " ' :' '"' -
ilmu...iaivi.;,: ... ,1,
tides in our ling nt St. Louis pr'ces. Our itoek Ihonrk
trot so rxtensivex!Oinbins si groat a variets'gjl?!
store of a simitar, fharaater in ihf Btata ,HiH 7
largost Whol?aleKotsblilhineilUn St. iLoiii, wi all
eualllcd todrry comretition either In priee, J,,anlii?
or quality. We ran iurnish Merchll1rrr6aVllirJiB',
try a! SLVlm's Wholssals rrlces,, which will rluZ
thctn from the payment of freight, insurance, comT7
tioii Mnons our extensive atocg of Hardware win
De iluiiu enn iokowius inicirs ! ' i
rasitain isjaslemcnts.
the stock thus subscribc.l. (,t uoumiary.ol tins ."btalc, and
would be s room 16 feet long, 16 feet wide, aud
16 feet high for every . person, and yet there
would be room.
' Akotiik Stbamboat MustDBR.-r-On Sat
urday last the steamer Empire, on the Hud
son, cam in collision with a sloop about six
miles above Poughkeepsie. .The boilers of
the Empire exploded, and ' sii or eight
persons were instantly' killed, and some
twelvn men were badly wounded. The
boat was crowded with " passengers. Had
the catastrophe occurred, says the Herald,
at any other lima than when most of those
on boars! were asleep, no doubt the loss of
life would have exceeded that pioduced by
any similar disaster on the same river1 for a
number of year. " ' ,
on tiie 1st day of fciepteui'U.v i'xf, nt 'J
o'cl'k,. ts , la orgatiiae aCouuiv Tempe.
ranee ctociety, to meet ipJurteiTy ut the
diiTerht raitsol' tlf rouiuv, Ut wit: The
City of Hannibal, West LVy, Warren, tittle
Union, llousfcsn, Taylor's Mill, Paliinra,
S. ' 1". -I 11:. I ' .1 .
,., it'i 'lie j'uinii; iiicussioia 'l I lie Juillt
Lnpnir Law, and all either subjects con
nected with the cuu-e ol Temeiuuce which
flow aiti.L lllas t'liion.
lL,IiAMJEIli0. ...
, Juna 2d. '.r'J. ' ., Couiinittee.
. faoratao Taacaur The LTDohkarc Viretniaa of the dih
mat , give, tbe Mlowiw rariieu'afs a keck toe tragedy la
Baoklogbam eoanty 1 4 W, fr, f.., ft g.nileosao who
H a-rnaj aigui'i seeaet, taal a BMiot
awfal uag,dy, auultirg la the daik of we brotbera by the
kaBdaof a third, ie-mrre4 la aWkingbam Soniy oa Wad
aeeday or Tbareday. Tbe oareutawtaneea ae aaar a they nan
he gathered are ae fitllewa 1 chelum Varrer diapleeerd la soa
way oae oi bis eoaa, who iuoiediaiely eeiaed a duuble-barral
IwHled gun aad atuupted to antw biu. A broiHar laun
fefed and undertook to wiret the gaa lr-Kn hiia, when be
wee shut duwa. Aootber bmtbar aoade a rescues t-rl to
etip tbe uaduua, wtiioh reaulud la the aaoe wa -ba aaa
Inacaotl; killed." .
'Ja'p.is.' A letter froitv Iter. fr.
(mm Arnuricuu iai,i')nai v, dattid at Canton,
iAprii aiUHi. and pulusne mi the New York
.Juuuial t'l Couiiiieicc, says: "Coujniodoie
Perry is here, und from what I have seen
The ' 'l'll,e uud l:gird of his plans, you may, I
111111K, expect . mat perinanent relations
will tel'oi! long be opi.-ued yitli Japan. '
WriniTAL Ci i gnaaeiuw the Fotem.;
Tlie Spiritual" celebration at Mount Jlojif,
Mass., wns a slim affair, only son eights; or one
hundred persons being present. Tho bloomers
were well represented, and took part in the ex
ercises, which consisted, ia part, of reading "4"
declaration of independence, a declaration of
Brotherhood, aa oration by Rev. D. J. Mandell,
and addresses by Mrs. Mury King, a Wilbruham
Bloomer, and Mrs. Dr. Brown ot Ware. ' The
oration was delivered from the top of a large
rock, am the audience were seated upon the
surrounding stumps and stone. It is claimed
by the participants in the exeroises that the
whole proceedings were dictated by ihe "spirits."
Springfield Rep. .
Aloogflde of the New York Crystal t elaee, where tbe ran-
prulng u
ihiipa aad gaoibllrg kuuaea hare located tbtiaaelaee, aatawr.
ba opened a ready made fewbuloaa uo-
ruiiiK iudi'iduall
A pr- r Jej'aw,tk.
,5 2
themselves or agents, to enter and take from
any land in the neighborhood of the line of this
railroad, earth, gravel, stone, wood,' water, or
other materials necessary for the construction
and operation of said road, and for the purpose
of procuring water for their uses, may lay
pipe, erect pumps, dams and reservoirs, and
may maintain and keep the same in repair, pay
ing, if the owners of the said land and the com
pany can agree, the. damages they shall do to
said land or its appurtenances, or if they cannot
agree the duraagss shall be ascertained by any
three impartial and disinterested freeholders,
who being appointed for that purpose by any
justice thereto required by cither of the parties,
shrill' be -sworn by him, and shall then ascertain
the compensation, npbri their own view of ihe
ground and of the wpod, earth, stone, or gravel,
which may have been taken therefrom, and the
injury done in taking them: TrwlUd, however,
that it shall be the duty of. the party making the
application, to s!iqw tho Justice of the Peace
that Uuduys previous notice of the time of ma
kiojf the atone, has been given to the other par
ty ot te some one of them, mid no award which
may be given under any appointment, without
siiclt notice, shall bo obligatory or binding on the
other party, and either party not satisfied with
the award may appeal to the caunfy court of the
county hi which such lands may lie, which muy
al its discretion confirm the said award and sui
ter it .011 record, or, as often as they may deem
it necessary, may supersede the said viewers, or
any of them, appoint others in their stead, and
direct another view and award to be made in the
manner aforesaid: " If any Justioe of the Paace,
6r any freeholder shall refuse or neglect to per
'form tha duties assigned to them, respectively,
as prescribed In this section, upon being thereto
required by either party, as aforesaid, such,
justice or feholder shall', forfeit and pay
10 the party making the application," a sum not
'' Office op SucnrcTAit y or Stats:
1. John M. Ilichardson, Secretary of Slate
certify the foregoing is a correct copy of
the oiiginal roll on file Sn my office of an
act passed by the General Assembly of
the State of Missouri, entitled "An net sup
plementary to an act, entitled "An Act to
Incorporate the Hannibal and St. Joseph
llailroad Cnmpnny.
In testimony whereof 1 have hereto set
my name and affixed the seal of said office,
this the 26, April 1S53.
John M. Iliehadson,
Secretary of Stale.
Fatal Accids.yt. A number of boys at
Uuena Yita, lows, on the 4th,. while firing off
an anvil, which they had loaded, communicated
the lire with a quantity of powder in the hands
of one of (he boys, svfiich .levy him literally to
pieces.. Two others, were very seriously in
jared; ono had his eyes blown out. The acci
dent was attributed lo the recklessness of drunk
en men and boys, 'lie citizens became ery
indignant towards those who had furnished I lie
liquor, and drove them from the place. f Qnin
ey Whig. 1 , L
If a man or boy sits uboiitainrcs hour after
hour, when he has buainess, there, i danger of
his becoming a loafer. If he Mies aCout Directs
and is frequently seen on tho corners, lie
ia in danger of becoming a loafer. If he puts
off work that should be done nt onpf, of runs
with the girls when he should be at study or
business, he is in imminent danger of becoming
a uafer.
An old Dutch ludy m a religious mee
ting beenme Very much concerned lor her
soul, and went about sighing nnd sobbing,
and would not 1 comVortcd. Upon
being asked by the minister, what the mat
ter was, she replied "That nfie could'nt
read English, nnd she' wtti afraid -tht Lord
could'nt indersiand Dutch!" ! '
Brytlies, re, liay-loika. grain eradlea. e.n.
siieads, hoes, spadts. shovels, bay, ,law taA ' "
knives, Ac. ' 1 ' ' ' : f. -7
CntjWroiiRtil and horse Nails. Collin,4, tTunTs 1 TvL
p.ncors' ana Simmons' axes b es, rasps.iistli.':.
ei. lock, latches, rolls, lutts, hlliccs and ...i..?
Leg. trace, hatter and baea chains.- . -. , i
Uiiusiniilis and 4 Mgiseiilcrs' Tools.
Gun bauels, Iocks, iloubble" Iriegcrs.' ribt' bull
nieces, iriinrila and boxes, and a
tools and. trimming!-. , , " n
1'lainS and saws; eVe'ry vsrMy,' "iitM, hatnine
bstcbels, and ether articles in tha Car pen tor ' aline
, ... Cutlery.
rineiprfrUct and tabls callery,razirs,aliars,.,1fcher
kioyes, vC. . ,
, V. c also hpve the P.4Tr,!T C 1 1 4 1 ll'!tf fi
mIh bi.9 will ilisposa nl ,kiwer,lksntbey can pe ak.'
tun-e-l nn v l,eie,iu Jhe .State. , ,
We inv ite a call1, ssonr store fs Id's largest end.uil
iii.1Unnitsl.ris nil iooKs to be. !, ( , J
iN. li Wa have removed. "cur store from' its' f0mr
irtfation. -which wnsiiearths City llotil, (a the tnk
laigo K;w JlaiMuig, lately ereete'd by Mr, H. W, ggji
Iil-s on Ihe south east Corner of Main and Birdstrteta
Hannibal, Juns 3, lS5i. (wly)
S1NCF. my removal to the House 1
nnvr oeoupjr, (Upposite the City
Hotel,) my sates huve so tar exceeded
my expectations, thnt I have keen
obi iced to make considerable additions
to my etocK received within the fast
lew aays, a goon s-soninenr or 1 J
Boys' Coats, Pants & Vests.
Also, a ijood assortment of ,rtltM-k.
Satin, watered satin, black figured; silk,' black llilit,
cioui, nuu, wiiiie, aim ngureu iiei$eilles Vestt extra
superior and rnedlnm-fine linen boom shirts; drawer,
blaca satin and fancy, colored siIk sitjiislinj stwul
sup. bliii-K sain, ciavafs; fancy si! tc cravali; uuJH
shuts, &e ,&.c; w hich in ailditon to the stocg oa hand,
iuskcs the nssurlmenl veiy complete, and which for
Cat-h, thall he sold at a small profit. J know ihi
lonrr G'OODH are sold, ihe latfrer ih. .,u :u k.
cos-rqucntly both seller and purchaser bentfited-aji
1 -k is a lair chance, ...
tf My'rofdi ( if now, wiHeempsre favorsHysrlt,
nv in the City, .1 . HI l AM. AltYEUiH, Atcat
ITanmbai, June Tt, l!53 (II ) . '
" Cheap Rents,' 1
QhIcU ShIh mid siniaii rroUtsi
, - A l' THK O.M-: VIUQK sTOUK, ,
On rili.l, n-lwffH .irnlii nn.l Thlrtl Ntrrela,
wCLTja.- B'JyL-,J'a.H.JiiSS.a.J5
Tliehrst ami most favniite llrsnds' which sre ce
hruied lor eliganca ol ifeyle, futt and durable oitofi, it
Oto 13,-. . '
I'ainfcd I.nwna mill Jaconets.
An eli-uaiil assortment of the most lufliionable, froa
into 40c. .!;, f : -.'
feilk Iicrngcs ami Tissues,
Wliich are not snrj o-iscd in any maiket iri beauty
and elegance of style, from 33 Io55q. .... ....
Il.ru.. Ilu r. I .... a '
iA beautiful celeolion, which has uiutersally mettkt
wi.-hes of those in want or this ityle of eoodl, at H
to 33e. trorf' dtle. ' . .7.-
kui.iu m. a h uul gffeaVASaaB. '
Pink, blue, Mo-le and Black, at 65c . , . . - ,
Black Gro Des Rhine, at $1.10, $1.15, ll.SOjrora
inch Black Watered, $10, worfA $2 A beautiful se
lection of Fancy Dress Silas, chtap Florehce 6ilki,aH
colors at 3oc; Crapes for bonnet linings, at 30c.
An extensive assortment or fashionable Petstrf
French worked Collars, chemisettes, underaleein,
Haiidkercliiel's, tc, &.C II lack silk face' veils, a
$.Sl), chtap ! Gauze, '20c ; green and blue berage; Zaale
and linen edgings and lace; Swiss and jackonet MMr
tings and edgings; til kliiiijrit; gimp triminingi; braids,
tie., tc. '
A couinlute block iiln.iys 011 hand.
KixniciFM. :
I1VI1 end pillow case linen, bleached linen clolhi,
ini.kii,s, tc; Uussia linen sheeting 9-4 at 70c; MeacM
ffu-:tircs 1 lo 3 yards widet bro. sheetine 4-4 SI Hr;
line fh nine Itlto lur, bleached do, t l8c;4-4 Egl
tickir;:,at 'docjI-K al lo, good; collonades and ae-
lnln-. Hlav litin. kr i..
it a nt ami tooth nnt siii:s.c
F'lio Ivuiy combs; Ki glisk redding, pocket, hick
f':o,lmtl, i'litl aml M ises' round combs; diei out
loi.". pi-il wliitoand fancy colored agate bnttons.Sdit
!-r'.: ;" - erf. brated P.lman mid Tdjnisnt needleii ill
s. o -; V. worsted ut 1 cent per skein, workinf
-an a-.-es, n-rlorated parer, parasols at reduced pri
c s. iii.-l allir t-yrtlotev, al bt per gloss, together with H
tlieiit;ivi,etlHiiiually sept inal-'aucy Variety Store,
an ' ai.'e I d 'i'y by' ever.v family. Handsome Sala
rtriped siiiritncr yes a. ol f-5s lo $li a small lot sf i""
I'jjured a. Inter -!, will be closed out at 7a:, a"
$12j. ' ' '
Ladies' iMifgfa and ChiMreti'S ,i' , rr.'; !
.: Shoos and Qaiterii .
From Hie mpsl common to the most tidy, tb hlet
stylen, infanta' solt morocco; youths', hoys' aad swrt
calf broganii . - . , , - , ...
A liberal discount made to those buying to sett sfais
'Hie citizens ol Hannibal, and Marien and las a
joining counties, are respectfully solicited te an esse
iia.i iu ui my biuch on vtsuing tne cuy. i -i,
self that the style, elegance, durability sad arete)
tlie goods will meet the aprobationef all. . .
fcrUEMKMBKH THE SIGN. Birdi street, P
Staim.4.t (m12'5.'ly) & M. WOOat
(Roccesfors to Tr-os. 8. Miller,) '
Wholesale Grocers t General Commission Merhu!l
- Ko. 3 ievee, Hannibal, Ma-
"Co Partnership."
rpilK nmtersigned havi entered Into co-matm
JL fliip lor itie purpose of .transacting Ihe Sirec?
and General l't mmissjoii business, under the niiseta
style of Mll.LKH ft. I'OGUK at the eld steesatfl
i. Millor, io.3. Lsvee.
G EOT B. roGl'I-
flannihal, Jnne TO, 1RS2. (jelWO,
IRO.M the subscriber, living in Howard
ly, Mo., near Fayette, on Saturday Dig"
the ijlh of this month, a black man nam
JOK. Ho was heavy set, about fiy,,j
ton inches high ; rather round-shouldem
or stooping in his walk ; about twlf
three years ohl ; jel black ; weighs sW
100 pounds. He was formerly owned k
Capt. Stone of this county,. nnd it li P
bljt that , lie may be lurking obout,1?
neighboihood. I will give SOresV "
him if found in this State, and secuw '
that 1 can obtain .Jiim; or what t'l4 '
requires, which $100 lleward, h'
out of tlie State. : .
July 21st, 1853:-w4l ' 1 Jl?
nftErARlDlUUer'sTsaU, sn ese-lleal arltJa '
I and lender in plea, fu sale al tbe Icu hu rt '
Jul; ?, lW3 4iSui It. N. AV

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