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a i ii.ii i w i . iu .
O. CLT.MKX, t DH'Olt AM PUOPHlttTitt.
" 1 1 -"'; j
Thf. (.Wit .tjfuii , It seems liot entirely iin
. probable that tlie Vui'cJ States nmy yet take a
part in the war that seem certainly approaching
I - in Europe.
In the rttrtioon of tlie 2lt June, ISM,
Martin Costa,' a Hungarian refugee, was set
Upon In Smyrna by oine fifteen rufH in Greeks,
all armed, said ti have teen emloyed Tor that
' purpose ty the Austrian consul ; and, after
having been, treated in tlie most brutal manner,
was thrown tit'o the sea, where a boat was wait
, irg to receive an J conduct him to the Austrian
! brig Hussar, where be wai confined in double
' irona. .
' " Although he was not a citizen of the United
Stated, (till he bud made hit decluralion of Men
Hon to apply to become such, dipt. Ingraham,
of the United State ship Ft. Louis, knowing
' that certain dcarii would await the man it he
should be cai ricd to Austria, determined, if pos
sible, to save him, if he could do it without com
. promising our Cag.
, ! ' A private letter to the editors of the National
'intelligencer, dated July 7, from an cflioer o(
'the sloop-of-war, St. Louis, gives the lolluwing
.detailed, and, the. Intelligencer presumes, faith
ful account of Opt. lngral.ain's courte, and its
results V 1
Orders had been Issued by the Austrian con
sul to carry the man away on lite M'JAi of June.
Capt. Ingraham, hearing this on the night of the
J8th,'eut his protest that the man must not be
carried away unt'1 it was fully settled whether
or not Martin Costa was an American. Uu the
morning of the -Jlli our ship made sail and bore
jdown towards the Austrian bri, and anchored
near, to we could watch and see that the man
was not carried oil". The Austrian, thinking
that we were going to lake the man, made every
preparation to receive us. During the morning
' the Austrian captain sent word that the man
would not be sent away. Letters came the
arne day from Mr. Drown, the Charge d'Af
f aires ad interim at Constantinople, sliding that
Kosta was a citizen of the United Slates, nud us
such was entitled to protection from our country.
Well, os things stood, the Captain was in doubt
how to act, but asked that farther time might be
allowed,' so as to hear from Mr. Marsh, who
was daily expected at Constantinople. Tht
Auslrians gave until last Saturday, the 2 J of
July. Uthtr letters come lrom Constantinople,
but slill Capt. Ingraliam was in doubt, and alter
a tittle conversation vviui me consul, ine cap
tain and Consul went on board the Austrian
Lrig-of-war to see Martin Kosta. After some
conversation, Martin Kosta demmded protec
tion fiomthe American flag. .Capt. Ingraliam
then told him he should have it. The Captain
and Consul returned on- board of our ship, and
the Captain sent word to the Austrian that he
demanded Martin Kosta by four o'clock in tho
evening. After this was known tremendous
excitement -spread throughout the ship; til I hands
were called to quarters to make preparations for
action the big" gun were loaded, cutlasses,
small-arms, boarding-pikes, and everything ready
for an engagement. The Surgeons brought out
their instruments, rady to cut ulf legs, patch up
wounds, etc. The shore was crowded with
jople to witness the engagement, ns they
thought bloody work was going to take place.
The news spread like vvilJtira throughout
Smyrna, and the people were us muL-h enciled
as we were. Delegations came off to the ship,
to see if something could not be done to prevent
an action. After four or five hours happily
for all parties-the American and Austrian
Consuls came to a compromise that is, the
Austrian Consul, who had full control of the
man, consented that Martin Kosta should be
delivered up into the hands of the Freuch Con
sul, who consented to take charge of him, until
everything was fully settled by the two Gov
ernments as to who had claim to the man. Well,
after this was settled, of course we all breathed
much freer than we did before. No doubt but
many lives would have been lost on both sides.
Although our guns arc much larger than the
Austrians', still at the neer quarter we Intended
lighting their guns wouid have been just as
destructive a ours. The Austrian force con
isted of one brig of sixteen guns, one schoouer
f 'en guns, and three mail sieamers, which
would no doubt have assisted iu the engagement.
So yon tee their force was much larger than
Tclegriphic dispatches to the St. Louis pil
fers give the following additional particulars by
the America :
FaASaronr, 30tl. It is said that Austria
inttnds not only to demand reparation from the
United !t.iti for tl Smyrna affair, but insists
lhat the Forto shall immediately procure the
extradition ol Kosta. St. Petersburg Idlers say,
that when he tVir hfnrd of the Kosta atl'..ir, he
adised .Ausiru to settle the tlitlVcuhy easily, it
Cossible, and to do anj thing rath, r than give the
'idled St'atci a pretence lo interfere in tlie af
fair of Europe.
Dl-sjwtol.es under dale of AiigtM I4di, from
Washington U the New York Herald, state
that the Secretary of Stale has committed him
self to the position that the filing of a declaration
tif an intention to become a citizen of the Lniled
Slices, ti.titles tl individual to the protection
of this government. Mr. Murcy, it is said,
takes the ground lhat ihey ure in the samo po
silion as children born jiere, who although thej
cannat vote or hold pnqserly till they are twenty-one
yevs oil, are still, during their ndnorify ,
unquestionably entitled to the protection of the
Vnitcd Slates. Should this position be Ukm.
Ihe ILrahi's correspondent thinks lhe release ol
Kusta will be imperatively demanded by our
governing nt. Thus the Kosta quest ion is likely
lo assume u more important character than was
first an'icieatcd. w . .
An eiliipuAe oii the 10:1 of Ju'yat
r4..... ''r.iTii..r. Is rptin-KI'lltl'll Uil Oll'l of
y ' ' , ' , . i v ..)
tho uiostd.sa.lrous that ever occurred in South
America. J he , lirsl sliocn was so viuiuui mai,
although it continued only two niinutes, it des
troysd every house but one in the pi -insipid ju.rl
i.f lhe city. Ciima;,a is a ci.y of ahnost t.)ght
thousand Snhabitnnts, r.nd is the oldest 1'uropean
tily on the continent, having been founded in
Mr. lTm, Stewart, of Tayson. III., sent us,
this morning-, a lot of peaches and apples which
we hove never seen surpassed in quality iH any
market. I le hat. over seven: v-fii varieties, f the
apple. Among those we received this morning,
were the Maryland Codlin, Summer tVrmain,
Jersey Sweeting, Sfinincr Queen, Maiden's
Blush, lW,i and While gh ccpnose. There
were also some fine large specimens of the Bart
lelt Tear. Among Mr. Stewart's varieties or
Teaches are the following: Early ork, Early
Rose, end Red Rare-ripe.
Those who want Some of the best flavored
apples and peaches, they ever tatcd, should pay
a visit to Mr. Stewart' wagon before the pres
ent load is all said out. If you should be too
late, save your dimes till he sends over again.
Extra fine fruit is one of the advantages we
are to realize Trom opening communication with
our Payson neighbors.
It may be well enough to call to mind in this
connection, that Mr. Stewart has a large and
valuable nursery.
Death or a Sis-vta or Charity. Ano
ther of the Nisi era of Charity has fallen a vic
tim to the prevailing epidemic. Sister Fere
grina, lifted twenty-two yearn, died on Tuesday
night at the Charity Hospital. Another of the
Sisters is sick, and is not expected to recover.
New Orleans Crescent.
It is remarkable that the Sisters escape so
well as they do when there are prevailing and
destructive diseases. At such times, when dis
ease and death ure spreading terror through a
community, u is their mission to hover like min
istering angels around the bedside of the sick
and dying. Vi'hcn the cholera raged so fear
fully in St. Louis, their self-sacrificing, patient,
untiring devotion to the cause of humanity ex
cited gratitude and general admiration. Vet, as
if providentially protected, few if any Sisters of
Charity fell victims to the prevailing disease.
rViMis or the Sfibits i.h Stria. The
Sheik Mivhir is a personage of acquirements ;
he has a store of history and literature ; his con
versation is superior to that of his countrymen ;
and he has, to complete the superiority, the fame
of n wonder-worker, and the advantage of inter
view with the spirits of another world I Who
can resist such proofs of power as these? lie
will jili.ee a jug between the hands of two per
sons sitting opposite to ech other, which, on
the recital of certain passages taken indiscrimi
nately from the Koran and the Psalms of David,
will move spontaneously round, to the astonish
ment of all beholders. A stick, at his bidding,
will move unaided from one end of the room to
the other.
A leV Tihf:iinpnt. n.;rvni,i P.n
a key by a string, will turn violently round of
iiii. .in r, voning m ine saucepan, will be
made tu spring suddenly out of the water, and
be cr.rriod to a considerable distance. A double
locked door will unlock itself. But the follow
ing trick seems to us the strangest of all : On
two earthenware jars being placed in opposite
corners of a room, one empty and the other
filled with water, the empty lar, on the recital
of certain passages, will move across the room ;
the full jar will of itself pour its contents into
tho empty one, which will return to the place
from whence it came. Churchill's "Mount
The Rlcent Fatal Dui:l im South Caro
lixa. Our c.rmiiuenls on this uffair, so far,
have been the means of gelling us reliable in
formation concerning its particulars. We have
been thus favored with a sight of reliable letters
from Charleston, from which we galuer that
Mr. Legare was engaged to a young lady in
Columbia. Her fi'ieiids inquired of Dunovan
what was the character and habits of L ? This
coming lo his cars, he inquired of D. what he
had answered, und found that he had spoken
favorably of him; but no satisfied with a ver
bal statement, lie demanded H in wilting, which
was refused. Li ''.ire challenged on this refusal.
The distance wi.s twelve paces. Legare tired
at the word "one," and missed; Dunovan fired
at tlie word "two," mid killed his antagonist.
Tho survivor was wholly unskilled in the ue
of lhe pistol, having never before had anything
to do with a duel. Legare, on the contrary,
was notoriously a crack shot, having, a few
days before the n flair came olf, in praclisinfr,
placed forty-eight out of fifty balls ii. a card at
the word. He became very nervous on start-i""4
nig lor the ground, and remarked that he felt a
presentiment that he wnnld fall, notwithstanding
his skill with the pislel. He was formerly in
lhe navy as a midshipimn, from which he was
ili-misM'.l, it is sail, for running a sword
through a marine. Washington Slar, Aug. 14.
How quickly laniiliiii ity breeds contempt.
We ft se.l over the Hudson Iliver Ituilroad
the other day nt tho rate of forty miles an
hour, ;i gull lhat would have commanded
tli9iulniirali.nl of the vvin lJ lorly years no.
it will not now com-. mud the admiration ol
a trawling linker. Ju.-t this side of Pecks
kill vvu met a boy (i-dui'' for 'shiner,' He
sat within fil'lci n feet of tho track, and
vviiuhl on U lieve it, he ni vi r once look his
eye liom Ins line, or g.ivc us the least hint
that we were ia-'kiu any splmle that
would at a'! '.I'.uriiit a straw hat in jjoing
into il.c most low resuie of hazards.
Ibid he u.t v,i ii"g on tlm leri 'motive, lie
could not have Ut'iUeil us with more rut
ting contempt. As we said before, thiiij;
soon grow rnmtiiiiii. Shoot mill from
town I y moriart, und m less than a week
it would become so common-place lhat a
p nlliiii.ili taking his siul on hull a keg of
powder, would exi:ite but little moit ut
tciitioii lliaii a ilactuation in tho liitd j'ie
market. (l"x.
Singci.au Cast. Miss Read, oT West
Holiou, look chloroform a few dsys ngo, lor
the purpose of having a tooih exlracted, mid
tiller the operation was performer!, she was
uttiK'Istd with severe pain in the head, became
uuroQicioiiH, and uppari nlly died. Her friends,
Slijiposing her deaii, h id her out for burial, mid
began tu prepare for lhe funeral ceremonies ;
but (lit ir cue! was unexpectedly turned lo jny
and astonishment on finding that lhe supposed
dead bei'iii to revive! Shu eventually recov.
lrii lhe full possession of her faculties: b
Ml Jo ( ia Uf y
are tol l, she sullVrs violeiil pains in her, head as
regularly as eveniieg appru.icln s, and nt length,
and iihotil the suiiib hour rac!i night, falls into a
Swoon very similar to that which iu (he liral
instance was supplied to have been the sleep of
death. This :ase certainly (tfeseiilt a must rc
iiiakablc tc:ip from premature burial.
Worcester Tiani.
O Havana, August 0, IS53.
The Uritish Hoyal Moil steamer Clyde
Arrived on the 7tli inst., from Vara Cruz,
bringing' any tiling but encouraging ac
counts Ironi the Mexican Republic. Symp.
tomi of discontent (brderiug close upon
pronuncimuntot) have already mnde their
appearance in several of I lit States.
t ew Ouliasj, August 17.
Deaths yesterday 218, of which I'M were of
yellow fcer.
Markets extremely dull. The accounts of the
crops are favorable.
The yellow fever is at Mobile, but the Board
cf Health says it is not epidemic.
BurrALo, August ID.
The Convention of the Episcopal Church of
the Diocese or Western Ntw York met to-day.
An animated discussion arose on a proposition
to efer a portion of Mishop Delaney's address
in regard to the apostaey of Mishop Ives to a
committee of high and low Churchmen. Finally,
on motion, postponed. 1 he standing comini
ti. .,...i;.,
v,... w
was elected, and the Convention adjourned.
Nrw Orleaks. August 18
Deaths from yellow lever, 175.
Boston, August 15.
A terrific thunder storm cccurred in Essex
county, in this Stale, yesterday afternoon, in
the towns of Georgetown, Kytield, Haverhill
auu Liawrence.
Pi... :.. it t.iit a .. i
A . . V uillllMIIB 111 J la , CI 111 II , lUlU III &lIIUVll,
one in
Lawrence, and one in iiiadlord were
struck by lightning.
In Georgetown, Mrs. Russell, wife of the
Baptist minister, Was killed instantly. Her ill -
nun, miiuu was in iicr anus, escapeu uninjured.
From the Macomb (III ) Ind.ppiiilfht.
By an article iu the Hannibal (Mo.) Journal
.. ..a.,., iiit w. I. a i... ....I.,
determined, notwithstanding the drawback and
disappointment which hns attended their efforts
'1 ...... nii.
iiiii, live uiiinv jiiuiius urc
iii tin construction of railroads, that they at J
least are determined lhat should they fail in one Valuable DocoMrNTS. We are indebted
they will have the other to fall back upon.'(o . jj s Gev f , , vojulnc con.
I hi is commendable, and Messrs. Donaldson, . . " , .,
Brown, Kein, and other citizens or Barry and ,a,,"K a "Communication from the Secretary
Kinderliook have been deputed to the above i of ''ie Treasury, transmitting, in compliance
place, to ascertain tlie feeling and sentiment in'
reference to the project of establishing a daily ;
line oi coaencs irom j.apies, on me Illinois
, i ! i ,i 'r-
river, to Hannibal, on Ihe Mississippi, running
through Florence, Pittsfield, Barry and Kinder-
hook. We are familiarly acquainted witn the
people and business transactions in those sec-
lions and are satisfied that a similar enterprise
has been called fur years ago, and the rapid
growth and wants of the community 0iy de.
mands such a step, passing, as this road will,
through a di'liso'.V populated hnd wcalthv conn.
try, which for enterprise und energy eumiot be
J,, '. , .... , . , .,
The cost rnd out lit of this road would com-
paralivcly be nothing, when compared to the
increase of travel which wcnld find an outlet on
riLiirr iiiiiiii. iiiiii limn infill' ii ii iikf r vf r i rt '
Cliionfri) und piKtwurit. As tin. nlMnif ni tin, i
proper time will come before Congress, we have!
no hesitation in believing that, with the aid of
.1 : t n"i itr t, , I
.j-W. w
uie ciiiciciu services oi voi. v. v. lvicuaruson,
Senator of this district, that the measure will
receive ravorablc attention and due consideration
at the hands or Congress.
Whilst upon the subject of Stage Lines, wei
would slate that a similar effort is being made '
by our Clinton friends for the establishment of
. til- t i p i . w 1
a tri-weckly lmeof coaches from PeKin to War-I
saw, passing through Canton and Macomb; jn :
which enterprise we assure the company they
have the hearty co-operation of tho entire people
of this section. ; .1 c, i i- .i . . i 1
m muiui, (,rs , 1s Mute, requesting them to take up
A Siamisian IsvtsTMtT. About three 'annu.d collections on the Sabbath immediately
months ago a gentleman of Caddo Parish, La., I preceding or following each Fourth of July. Al
left, among other personal property, to his two'circulur i1M uho Lct.n a.l.lresscd to the free!
sons a valuatile slave named Jim. Jim was a'
"ill" u vuiiiaino Plinc lianiL-u a nil. .Mill w as 11'
r .. .:i r ) l :., . i -.i i i
favorite of tio. his masters, and neither would ,
sell his half or Jim to the other ; but about the j
lirsl or tins month a gentleman ol this city who;
has a plantation in Louisiana, and in whose ser-
vice.lim was hired, informs us tlmt imp nf I , w
owners, finding himself insolvent, resolved to
.... , , .
j s,'u "'('"'' the slave at unction lor-cuvi, and
did not wish his brother lo get him.
Til. In.v Jim Imil nr.,.i..,.,.t l, n .......
, , .. ' V'V
lie was put up in auction in the slave market at
New Orleans, Jim bought one half of himself!
Well, time wore on, Jim working faithfully for:
me man iu wiiiioi nc wus nircu, ieccning one
hair his earnings Jiimself, until uhout the first of
"'""th, when, in. swimming a bayou, he
became weak, and fearing thai he should drown,
tried lustily lor help, and offered his hall' of
1iin..tr i.. ...... I.I ...-o A
' . ""J , r"" """,
man standing on lhe shore shoved ofl in a skiff,
and got to Jim i list as he was about to en under.
I .- II 'I i- ii. . , . ... .- ,
and unotlier, a small pile ol money, ami when . American Colonization Society, a little more
and pulled him in. Jim now, like an honest by popular suffrage, and is essentially modeled
fellow, offered to give his o'Vn half ol' himself, ail. r lhat of the United States. The nationality !
i-i - . ill,.,,,,,-,, ..... J I
whi. li h a miignai.iinous preserver declined ol the Republic has been recognized by Lng-1
taking, when Jim imploringly held up his hands land, Fiance, Ilelgium, Prussia and Urazil.l
and exclaimed: "If ebber Jim gils any more
money, massa, fy' God, he'll nebber inwest it iu
jint nigga stock widuut he insured.
Dis sort o'
slock is berry uiisaitain, sure."
NtW OllLrANS, AllUst If.
Dcillis reported to-day 21 2, iin huliiiir T1 of
' jeliow lever a large increase. Distress try
L-reat. 1 he
llowaru .'issociation are opening
ispitals, and making ajqn-als for
IT I .
lour new h
further aid.
Cl' MBtBLANP, M l., Allijllt L'U.
The cholera broke out here on Wedues.hiv ;
since then fourteen deaths have occurred. Il
has now subsided, and there are very
!ew cases
under trealnieiit iierfcclly munia'cahlc. The
disease was caused by the overflow of a small
canal running throiiirh the lower part of the
. I. . .
town. Many families left houseless.
Tvr I'emesnc at Ntw Ohlia.ss.
be seen lhat the fever nt New Orleans coutinues
A ! lll
w ithout abatement. Tiic I...-.', tu'.egiaplnc des
patches sluvv an increase of deaths.
The sci lies nl the graveyards ure aaid to have
been of n shocking character. The True Delta
speaks of " lights there over iiiiburicd bodies,"
in which whisky seems to have had its due
share of influence. "It is a fact equally dis
creditable and notorious, that people who have
the bodies of their deceased friends buried at the
expense of the corporation find funds enough
to purchase whisky, which ihey dunk to ex
cess." The ('rosctitit has drawn a pit-lure of the:
scenes ur uiese ceinelenes, in Us " Vulks down
among lhe dead men." St. Louis Intelligencer.
Nsw Clothim;. See H. McVeigh's adver
tisement. His stock of clothing is the largest
and best he I.us ever had.
Kemuhv LtcistAicki. The Sejaile will
stand 2- whigs to 1G democrats. Tb House
will stand 51 w hig lo lt ikiuocrals, w ith three
to hear fium.
A Discovert. We have been a good deal
puzzled to know what office certain ministers
alluded to by tho Courier, could be after. It
has just leaked out that oYie of them intends be
coming a candidate for the cilice of Chaplain of
Me next Cahrlfoit ! It has also been darkly
hinted that the other ministers, when the pro
per time arrives, will suddenly throw off their
hypocritical masks, and come out boldly as can
didates for the office of Chaplain's Mate! a
new office, immensely lucrative, to be created
by a corrupt Cotlricil, secretly chosen for that
very purpose 1 1 Dut for the Courier s timely
hinls.this dark plot against lhe welfare of our ,
glorious country, might never have been discov-'
, ,
rrc 1 '
My the way, as the Courier has established
the principle that none but office-seekers have ,
. "... . .
a right to publicly express nn opinion on public j
matters, vv e should like to know what office the ,
editor of that paper wants ?
Again, we want mine good reason for the
Courier editor's opinion that the destruction of
! the lienor traffiie would ruin the Democratic
. ..
w" 1 . I
parly f
ifii:ivi' i:ii rii'i vir n i-nttv iti n nfvrtnmr
nf i i i.
J " ' 1 -
published at Quilicy, by Messrs. Gibson & t0 ajj.,, ,lr wHl N,r,. M. C. Strv & Co., ol
Warren, of lhat city. It is well edited nndiH,,w York. The contractors furnish 70 per
'verv handsnnulv printed. "Tho Western Pa- i.int. ol flu- nntirr ninnimt lifcessnrv to coiisl i-nt-1
(ri0i' j.
independent in politics.
Hkrr DniEsuAcn & Co.'s Menagerie com-
bined with Mabie & Co.'s Circus, will present j
' , i .. i . i i..:.,. : .. . i . .
an uuiaoiic iriiitrrLiiiiiinuiii in uus cuv next ;
Saturday. The latter particularly has attained1
' i i i -. i
i,,rn r-pU'lirilv.
with a resolution of the Senate of March 8, 1
IS51, the Report of Israel D. Andrews, consul 1
r ,, -, , c, , , , , x.
ol the Lulled Stales for Canada and New
Brunswick, on the trade and commerce of the
British North American colonies, and upon the
trade of the great lakes and rivers; also, notices
r lhe illU.rnul mprov:m,llts j,, e; ch Slate, of
, ,P .
U 1 cl McxlCu allJ Stra'ts or Florida, and
a paper on the cotton crop of the United States."
The book bears date. 1S53. Acccmnanvin'
it are four large maps, otic of which represents
all the railroads in the United States, in opera-
. ,
t,on anJ rroKre5S- "e nut"-e 111 lt the tircct
of the "tiuincy Fraudulent Map."
Fasiiioxadli: Hats asd Cats. J. McNeil,
, , , ...
lt anu tmi sireet, is wen Known as me ;
best hat manufacturer in St. Louis. It will be
. ... . ... .'
seen lrom his adveilisement that lie is j.rejiarcd
,0 furnfsh wholesale a large variety of the latest
; . , . . ,
stlcs oE llatla,,J f'j
Lidibia. I'hilanthrnpy calls (or aid to the;
Colonization Society. It is hardly necessary to'
..,ri. ,,,, ,i,. r,r ,,i. . : i i v.- 1
remark upon tlie tint orlunate social and political
,. . ' , . . , , ,
condilion or the Tree people of color both in the
free and slave Slates. The Missouri Coloniza-j
lion Society has addressed circulars to preach-'
, - ...... .....
, P , , . , . , , ., . ,
people of color, w hich il is Imped that white
1 ' 1
persons will exhibit or read to them.
' ' e nave one copy ol the circular, which is
t v,.rvi.-o r i.i.vli,,,!,. ),,. ,,.! ; Tl a
. ...,, , . .
loiiowmg extracts wilt prove lhat, comiin.red
with what the
I... il...;, ...,.i;.;.. :.. .i.:.
..v....v.. ........
; country is extremely unfortunate:
: Tl,.. ,...!.. ..I' I ;!...;, .,!...! 1...
: . ) "' """'-''.' " -
than thirty years ago, and coiilihiicd under the
supervision of that body
t body until the year 1S-17.
when a convention cf delegates met at Monro-
via, aim lormeu a consiuui ion, repuuiican in us
lorm, which, with an accompany mil: declaration
of independence, was submitted to the considt
ration oi the people. Koih were adoi'ted, r.nd
a government was shortly afterwards estab- -
i:.t....i : l :,i .1...:. 1
" . . ' 1" nippies uuu
provisions. It is now composed of a President,'
Senate, und Hnup of HiMireM-nlnl iv p. (Ihwimi -
None but persons of color are admitted to c
zenship, and none hut a citizen is permitted
hold re:. cstat
.. i-.l ,.
lhe jurisdiction of the Re-
public extends 500 miles along the coast, ov er ,
tn 1 1 U n;s ol acres ol the richest hinds, and a pop-i
illation id" tTiO.l'OO S.000 of whom arc cmi-
grains I'ium lhe United Slates.
.Monrovia, lhe capilal, ami principal town, is L,
Ii. 11'Uomrly si'uatcd on the coast, and contains a In
pcpuh.lioii of l.fiOO iiihabilalits, and is a very
nourishing place, town lots ol one quarter of
an acre, sell for .5(10 each, llassa, C recnville, '
and Hilina, are nourishing villages. The riv ers
St. Paul's and St. John's, travcrsini; the conn-'
try, afford avenues lor intercourse and coin-
mercc with the tribes of the interior, and a ma-
j'ri'y of lhe settlements and finest plantations', '
"... ... 1 .. .1. i ..i. " i
are found on (heir hanks. ! M
.1 ji in, .-...Maui. VI 1'IU.IIil, 1 IUI
Tin Riiinir.i'r or ilrv si:imn i.f T.ihnri-i '
much warmer than lhat of the I'nited Slates.
The thermometer, in the whole course of lhe
year, rarely lulls below u.i degrees, or rises
above 1)0 degrees. I h soil of the interior
very productive; heavy cropa oi corn, roflVe, ' t,"'li''"' The faun i w.-ll uaiend. It h sun-eji;ibl
sugar cane, cotton, and hemp, ure raised will,!?.' '"j" 'p'' '.""''' " ''' oM
,i i i " i in a bouy. P,i.-se..-ioii in be "nea on Ihe hr-l t.sv
ease. Oranges, limes, lemons, and many other 1 ol M.ncii next
. p r..:... .1 l iu. . ..I .. . ' . ...
jiicn s in irons, uoouun. i ue country is well
walered and timbered, niul the rivers aford a
plentiful supply of the finest fish. The forests
are stocked vi (he colh-e tree, roscwood.cam -
wood and (he dyes ol commerce. '
ralm oil is itianuliictiii-cd extensively, and
I ... . , . . J '
exporieu wiiu prom, in Ins lasl annual messa"e
to lhe Legislature President Kober.s saj . ;
"Ihe i.griciillura dcparlineids cf the country
were never move em o.iraging than at tha pres.
ent time i commerce is also rapidly incnas in-, !
both i the variety and quantity id lhe articles of
export. Indted, every inndaniental interest of
the government and M!ople seems (o bear the
impress or thti Divino lavor and iippn-bat nsji."
llicre i,re well-regulated public schools hiiJ
phu-es cf religious worship in every district (
h ,.,,.,,.., r
lhe country.
lhe Mlssouu Statu CuloUU4ioil Sucit-lv has.
during the last three years, sent out several em
igrants, letters from some of whom hav been
received, in which they slate that tin y are en
tirely satisfied with their new homes, and have
flattering prospects of future comfort and Imp
pines. To facilitate Ihe emigration of those in
needy circumstances, the Society affords them a
passage to Liberia free of charge, with subsist
ence for six months succeeding their arrival; lit
the' expiration of vvhkh time, if industrious,
they are in a position lo demand no further as
sistance. Five acres of land, with the privilege
f purchasing more at ! 1 per acre, arc granted
by the government to every settler, with the
privilege of accepting instead" a single town lot.
Ample ir.rormatien will be furnished to those
desirous to emn'ra't. or interested in the pro
gress and welfare of the Liberian Republic nn
their addressing the subscriber at Feefe, M '!
souri. V . D. Sim matt.
1en! .Missouri Culonimlwn Soritfy.
..... , ,. . ,, .
W r. Miuma.e purposes t.eiiv enng an ai.urt .s
beUa Uie I"'1"L' "l c"
, snoritv.
The str.ging between Springfield and l'doom-
ing.on has been reduced to thirty miles, ly the
completion of the Railroad from Springlield to!
I ;11C0ln.
Iso.ana am. Illinois Cmral Raimioao.
. l't- .1 lil.l a 1
Jji-Ciuur, li.mom, tn nie nu in suju, an 1
cunfirmcJ a conlracl lor o.nilrm;it'M tuni
...;..,.... ,.t ..r it.,. ,.,.iir.. tin.. iv,n
and equip the ro;id, only requiring the company
to raise HO per cent. Twenty-two thousand
dollars per mile includes cvcrylliing except Lial-
lasting, and the work is to be completed by the
ii (ii iiri'i'm irr. 1.-..1.I. itt'iori1 inn wor . rui
i. i i - ..i.... d.'iiti nun . r
- -
uu coiiiiOL Mi ru , mi.vi vi i, iiuuni ipi'y' " 'yj in
additional stock imiiil he raised at home.
The bells of the St. Louis Cathedral are toll-;
ing mournfully as we write. The funeral of
Mrs. James Ch-mcns, Jr., is the occasion. She ,
was a cheri-hed member or one of the oldest mid ;
wealthiest families of Si. Louis, and idiku h -'
serving of honor as a Christian, wife and mo-
ther. St. Louis News, 2
-. ' - ..."
ll;i!in:hal Wlioloalf
Hanmaki.. Mj.. An,1
PLnrR lit c fi;- i I.
Su i i-i liiip, $ I if
wiii-wr .-.i-',1 ii'.-ii. i-s.)
r 17, IijX
$t "
lul .f i
I -('UN --' '"'c V lilicl.
OA 1 S J'.'c ,-' b.ul.el
II KM I' t; .hi.! 1 ,'
I ()!t At'l'd-Mi'-- $5 00 ',' cvvt.
HAY 10 '.'M)e V t-ui.
Al;-K.o,.e.l,.l. A:c; C. A. $ I '
t)' ' "r ', '
' 'OH n MI'AL-
i VL 1 XSKI'.D "
; w-t)i
J .!(,.'(,.h'1
V lin-li. 1.
-''' 'r1
l)i ii-.i, SI 10 : Cop. ii. ;'0
I ' i : a ( 1 1 i:s 1
J j0 1 (- ! n.'iii'
sl ,; i;.r, ., -. -;
ll:,v.V.l sTi r' 1 '"' '' -a11""
CI I 1 h 1 . 1 0 , 1 1 c . ' !'
por VKr-l , , o -i 0-
MNS--.:o ' 0. bu-l,. l.'
; HACOV ; c
SiV-r!. SI iO.
willMiY t'ii'v l! ah.!"
HlDKS-!rv '; -.
K.V 1 NS-J t :0 $ I.
, ,-. , .1 w
ib A 1 " 1 t' !,e-
H-.NJCY-k ' KH,.
" " "
vviioi.lsali; ami ui taii. bL.M.i:ns is
- - .
11 3, X Cl V SLT C cLIlQ U U t 1 G 1' Y
t'OI.VIN-' M: v 1,111. DIM;,
S ' " " . J' 'JL':.!''.'? La 1 c k'
t. ii.ia.uu.u,, .rr.
' ...
, We are now
...,.,1 , J
, ol f
. rust o mei s
wl '' a
'" "' "lr V'
I.'!-!. , ilimuli
imt so rxn-i---n
h'-s a-; iiri'ut a ari-lv it" aev
s'cieoi siuniai n..ir::ei
i in llie S'-iti. l!a !.' !!.e
. ... .. , I,. I
tal'li.liiite;.! in M. l.oiiis, t ,uh
I enabled to OH
f' I inn ilhcr 111 I Iff, (jllhlllv.
1 01 OHal Ity. V. e cm 1 1.1 l,l-il M.'lcllJI.t- li.-lu II
- il.e. .l. I.l'i.i n null v:i' lliee-. ll;'ll win i'!;i.-vi'
tliein p-oin the paueeiif (' Iteial.t, insmaie". eomiii"-
.!, Va. St. 1.01. is Wl
1 1 i i I, i
sion .Manns oni i ', i .-n,- :i ck ol J lai w an: wii:
bl" l-'"id the i.iliown.i ,ii:iel- :
r. ., I'iiviiuiii; ti.iplc
iti tuts.
Sr 'ho.
I., i.'i
Limn eiii'i.
'I .
Fi.eiiiis, bo
kiuvt, ki'
it's. ;le.
hay, sliaiv
M i f'l limroii -'.
Cut,wroi:-'it ai.d l.nse l'.. Inns'. II -i
l'i'-r"t'''. ai -t Sm inun n.-; li'u. ni-ps. ci.i
eis, locks, l..t'li. s, t.dN. l-.i'!-. lor ies am!
U, in
aliil e!c ... o
L, ..;., 1, 1 1. r aial l.a.-K chains.
l.iuiKiuiili' and t ai n(ci' Tools. I
llun Lun-U. Ink,. iI.ii.I.l.h iii.-.w rl.. Ih.h
pieces, gnanls and boxes, ai.d a geiai.u a-oiiin. iit ol j
t0,;!14 a'"i ,,i"",,i"!' . , , ,
I luuis iiial sa. i'Vitv vanrtv .!.... hiiiiii.er', '
hilclicls, ami other aiiu-U-s in ihe C'.iui' ii.ci 'aim.... ;
4 ullci y. I
Fin' pocket a:
1 table i iiih i) jiui'.ois, shears, bub-he
knives, ,vo.
in-flnJiu.'-iiii'l II1..1I I ll.ll.l n.ll'.,.
.!,., .,. i i,,.. .... ii,,.,,.,- ....... i ,. t
ii- i ii n ..,'. r. ii ............. t
taii.i-l an ulim- in ihe Sia'e. ' I l'l
We imile u call, a- our utme is the hiiiiest an I '
ill Hannibal, is all it lo.-u s lo be. t
N. II. ' l,.,i. r.-inov. d i ur s'nic rvem its foil, ,ti
lucatix.'i. wl o b a-..e.ii lhe CiH ll-i.-l. i, ii,,. r, ,,. I
i;.. i.i-w liuil'lit-i.'.
-.ell llie .'ll! Il I J.!
llai.inbal.J in -
l.lli-ly l lei
coil er el
1 1,
.11. II. V. t -cl- '
on Ai.d Jill I bin d
Xl7'V Jlli: "'!' ig'i-l ai'.miiiistiat.ir 9!!
, ! ; ! c J) s i 1 1 ) a i ( .. i . ,,, ... ,, , , , Tt.-f.r-r.i
ait-ell to t'lH 1,,,.,, bl,!c,.S,i. !
,,'i-i; occiiine-t fc,- u'. , ,;'i ,u. i' i.'.'m f'"""' J
- . ' . " ' """e tuillliv,
irtouii.i a mil,., ..,( tf Clinton, on lt.
Ilea.l , .i;,... i,..,,. p i.. n.i . . ..
. . . . w... ... .. ... 1 mi'ij I Bl,i, I1,U).
uai.iiMu.. ,,,; .i.i, u,.ies. -Jell ol wlncli is unJer lence.
Hen's iii a l.icli ti,lc i.f i.-ulln alion, and (he
e ol tlitf taii-t i.i well limlieied. . .-
I i i ...ii-ii.'i-on-'u
l.tte i. r.n t L i til mi i ..... n i.n ,1 ,1 .-. . A' .' . l-..r I
f.l'u, ill 0 o'I.el l.rc
aiy 1 1. 1 bundiuc,., with a pood
leiuno1. II. sale, w ul be one hall uf tl, pun lnsi!
' !"01"') " i.r"1 d Maich m w, :1(., dul'i
"' Mt,h" mc"',hs ''"' of sale ; bond in d uu-
I p iso Wl , u u. ,,..,, W11 'i, Silllu.
li".nelie ,., il.c uu.lei ,icti,.,i a.iiiiun-iriior. Inn. z
I in !l, I I ...I. ... I .. I ii i . . i i 1 &
'i-'""1 """ " '"" ine ian,i,
Al,B, 8!, UA'N.
- - S - L
''I '' '"" k. a. u k. b r so.s
U()W ) JJf (JAlill ifc CO.
Washington Foundry, Eugino and la-
chine bhop,
C'irit-r of Sccoi c iiikI vioiau kUeels,
5Y. iLQL'Jj, 1J1U-.
) N'l'l'CH i:t its ( . , t.:i", .j j, n,,., s
l'j'k ,'.,V ? V?' ci' L' '!', ,,J''' ' ",ld '""".
, h-j'U.'fctu..iS.,r.,arii:aw. W.i rd.it M.-
tL j p4tellUJimlt Al4t.llU)Ni jtuiMlIlt, ,.lu J,, io.
" , Af-uu -r tlv vl Jjuia.tlt A Uj.'j .uiri. r iu-
k.L ......
it S'. I. 'iu!' pr'iTf.
a ciai ri.K
Copy of a letter l'riin Mr. Tliimpjon. Cticinist, Liv.
eip'i.d. ttated Aiifiisl 2uth, 1852.
ToPloffi'ni H'lII.nWAV,
Ufah Sit I sm enabled to fun'sh yon wilji a mns
x' i nr.nl ii. uy cue ell', cted hy your invaluable (lint.
- ,,,, jt, ,.,te,rr. Aboiit 10 vers ism "lit
! e i an i n.i; winch ns asiiiiu.iiej every person I
. IV. t i,iinnii,s. of Saliney Sireet. in tins town, lv
ibio.Mi from his bnrs", wber.-by lie lereivetl very seris,
I nn oi' lies i lie toil the best mHicM sdire ai th
, ,llm, 1(1 wa, afl(.IWifjs nn inin.aic of dillerent i.
linr.aiit s, vet 0' rp-w nor.-", iinil a( a malig
..u.t nn tiMtir ttl'Tf grilled in llis I, in. u-ki,.!. u
! t(, ,',., !j c"if ltd liim, tliat lie could not n,ov willt.
tZ'i vMX!l n'ffi
.K Ftrni;ilii-i:cl tiis Inn1), end enabled liim to
i "'-i ''' -' a f"1" "" so iii.il I"1 ran m w,n
j tli -rcatp-l hup, and witli reuewed t.ealth and vigour.
j A .Str"", I K AORniWRy' ItRK ' o'k'a
......... "
m-.d;l.j- aim n v i- ailki),
Ccpv ol a f. It' r I-in )lr. Ifir l, Diaper, nf Ksaiir.
ico i c;.i.-i-!no?, dated Alaicli 1st, Ibb'i.
T" pi' !'- '"r II ii.i.-nv.vv,
Sm -Si -ine time since, one of my children was f.
rliet.,1 w cli ilieadlid rnf tioi.s cer the body tnj
limb, 1 olitained the sdiice of seveial eminent Siir
ueoiH nud I'hvsieiaiis, by- all of whom the ens wis
er-t.si -lercd hopeless. At letitfth I tried your Ointment
an I l'.lls, mid w ithout rxaeratiori, lhe effect wssmt-
rin-nlons.' lor bv nfrsverimr in thrir use. all lli rn.
lions i'iiikly disappeared, and the child wj restored
Itcl head).
previoiHly lost n ehild from a similar comptainf.
unit 1 tun lv believe, bad I in her case adopted your
ineilicinej she would have been saved al.-o. J sIm, be
li.i;.y to testily lhe truth of Ih'i3 lo anv eiiipiirer.
(SiaM'd) J. IliKI), Draper.
-AM) AN AS'I (l.VISlIINt; fl'Iti: Or' AN"
(if A UAH I. KG. i
Co; y cf a Letter from Me
is. Walker and Co.. Clioin-
I is's,
j To 1'iof -s-Ot H'll.l.OWAY,
Pi ut SiSi-Anim a 111" nmneroMs cures elTeeteil by
lhe ; -e ol our v. lii. .:.'.e tin dii-nn'S in tlie m iejibor
' Inn il f t y in- i '.en. thai of an old lady living in
j the Yiil :n of i'leslon. aliiiut live miles from (bit
I C.'i!;.'. M - bad n'cera!i-l w-oii-uls in tier fci many
I u a;-, .-n ! 1 -. 'U tii -v incri :i-e I to such an alarming
ex'-!.' a- ' 'efv all ti.e ns'ial r-nn-lie-; her health
r-'pi i.y c I way u:. lei lli s'lllenn she endured. In
lb s (!i."c -.iv' rui.t'itien s!ie had ri-eoiuse to your
Oii.'mei.l n;.d I'iIIi, and by tli -is',ir:ce ol her
1 1 n mis, was ei. allied 1.) persevci e in then Use, until she
ieccicl a p-itect cine. S'e hae oinehcs been
grea'ly .-""'"ni-li'-d at the e'teet upon so obi a person,
she I i r. n aiio.e 7o r.m of au'e. We shall be happy
to s.itisty any en piii ies n to Ibe autlienticity ol ibis
really w oi deif-d r.:-. ei-ln-r p'T"nally or by'leil..
A pi iva'e in the lia'li Police l-'oice, alio.' has been
pi i. iti, c .re! l a:i old sroih-.tie slieelioii in (lie
l,:"e. at . r ,-,! o'l ei n eaiH had t.iile !. . Hi! sta'rs that
ii is ei.r.e'n- I , ih- u-o of our ihi.tta. nt, and sneaks
I l.''..:ly I', i'- J'l.l! .
I e iei:..ii'i. Dear Sir.
Jouis, l.t.'hi l
I April :!i.s.-;.'. (s-.-l) WALK Lit, & CO.
j Tue Till' sh.MiM be ':-.d e..:,.oii-tly w ilhthe Ointment
in ll.i's' ol the loiltw it-.i' rase!
I Ha
I T.'
I Hi
( Ik - ) f..ot l-'is'ii'ai
I loin .-.Hi. ioi:t
t 'li.tpj-i Inn. Is (il.'iinlul.u swc'iliiig
Coins (Sol;) ''I.uird: j
Cancers lib-s
Contrac'ed and Itiieiinial ism
Still Joints Scalds
Liepliantiasis Sue .Nipples
JJile of Mos-cheNii-s
Suiul Flits
CiH-o-t ;iy
si-!'1 iiui'ii'i rv.tn ni-ea-es i-urvy
S -iv-hi a. is Ti.inouis l lceis
W.lll.ds dS
i Sdd at the r.-t.ililisliinent pf Pi nfe-sor Ibdlowav,
i '? H. : .-.ml. f i.e.u 1 . iiipl,. l,-r.) .omtoii, and by all
V. !;'.. ns c! I-uii'ini - t Ii: ou''oi il tne I'nited Stairs,
in I'nts at ;e . S7c.. an I rl.'tv. each. Wholesale
bv th" pi iinii.il Dfni hoine m the I'nioii; by Messts.
j A I! -s 11 MM.-, .N i -,v Yoil;.
j " .- ib-H! is a coiindeialik' suviiig by taking Ibe
j A II f) lections for !tn' .uhlanee of p.itien's in
Sei v ili-ii'rei' iie i tr.xi-d to each Lot. (j-ITwIy
C I. O Till . U !
O T 11 2 ?Mr
'i'lie s'i!)-ciil' r is now n ,-ei- ii.tf Jirrcf
"'" I'l'll.l'lelptlla. the laics' ailj UlOSt
c mi le e assiitluieut of
Clothing and Furnishing
;i I a' he I be. n co, i.eeie.t rt ,tl, since
in II i.il..,i,uh el, 1,,., l,,... ,rcliasl
I v l is Mm, a u -i lent , ' l'lula-Vlphia,
'i I our eMiciiei.ced Ve..lern
11 .
S t ;
A Ii. '
.-' 1 I ' 1 1 I v
h-VVf.t II ices. lb., .'.rk cm.
- I . - f nl 1.1 !
hi 'M.-k 4-i, ilie? COATS, va i ions prices, do:
' Ii ,ll--.i-. K. do Ill
b -rs. do.
ol in"iit ol" ov..rcati and Pants of every prailf
s' le, jimoi,!; uh.cli ure some ex ra si'ipeiliiie
oo black f.itin, black Haliau ciglll,
ai d
I I. i-
f -' '-i and oilon phisti, jiUid xaVnria, ilo. '
' I...-a-.-onment of boy,' coats, pants and vest. fine
I'.en looin shuts, do.
''; asortuieiit of net under shirts :
bi.uM -r. :
i a--. mere, oiaeK UII 1 blue satinet tesli.
i I.e.!
wool 1 hoe. a fine asirt uiorit :
and small wool coinloils :
oo! net .Moi Key Jackets, (a good aiin le for laljuiinj
men :) Vehet do;
i i clil'a, do :
(.'..! eo. clp ei; ; ij. hickoiy ,hii !s :
'' ii! i" !.ir:s.
A l.i -oitn .-i t of nim's lii.i',1 n..it;-i ,lriiini fur.-
ill. I
iy, Chamois, diab lined buck and -leg skm
..ies :
p., i
iii.cii. Co :
llne.d. .l.i :
It. .is, i.':-.nr strops, boxes and hrudes, sliaving sojpsi.
lii.ick I li:;.iie I satia self a.lju-.ing .locks, itli and
w i' h int bo-ui:is :
I Ijla.-li l!.ii.n ciavats. plaid silU, its :
! Ve.io'.v lia-idaima, tule anj punte poCKet liamlksr-
White ai d fancy bold. red 1 men cainbiic liandkw
I a l.es' m I net veds;
l..el.es ft.ik'!;i i-,, a l.o
Tiat.Us hum r- lo j.1 I,
iisoitniPiil :
l.:J" ba -s.cal'.iel baj, (iOBH
'M l sliiiel-ane , l.'.l.,
I'llil lell.is, .OL-e,1SM.tll.el.t ;
lU's, IcacK silk, libek and .Iru l r.nsd.t fur, black nJ
wbi-e hoi. I, mIi, ami uoisic.l J'.u-li caps - (liieu'S
ami boy..',) npi ifine utti r, seal an i inn iat,(litlj
and inolidii caps, lancy flayed navf cap. Iilacliai"
crab cnile.; bum lia;s.bo.' biai il and iicuil awl
I..US .Ve , r
A In e ii-Mni,,ei,t of Ci-lii. timid Ii eol.ir'. ic.4-?'
All ol ubi-li. si, all It sold aschenii as llie cliejiel,
hit ca-li '
'i be h h i i!s of ill,. I.un-e and pnbbc jeienally, "
H-snie 1 1. al, m,.l lt., ,, .din Willi ail wliu jiatros-
111" Inf.
1 pie-i nt stock of toils is fa'iiion ably anJ " O
1 1'lli .u in mind I h ue but one pine, ami
stneily cadi bn-ines. j
I ie-ie, ti'dly Kk cull. fiOinoi and all, I'"?
makii j; llieii puu-luses. f,
(J pesit tin. City Hotel next door to sj
licit i'.Siiekn.ill.)
IIIUAM iMcM'-Kili, Agflit
Hannibal, M , Au'id ;", IhjJ vvtf -
7 Wink.
I' m. l'l 1". rt. jo,, rrv, MaiU.r. Claict and Mtslap "JJ
fur ni'imiu o'al mid U, JUi. si i.a:ijtv'. o.svua"
si llif lJri'; Si..r . ..f
df '

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