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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1852-1853, August 25, 1853, Image 4

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iniiin fi.x. ion imntw, t.tioin,
Corwr of Main and Ttiddl l reels,
St. Louis, Missouri.
MANUFACTURERS of lfim Michlnery, .
rfreWie PrrtsetOil and Tobacco Screws, Mor-
Patent Siw-Duil Biiman, Pag A. Cbldi Pofmf
CtrraJxr 5m- .Vif, for horse, steam or water power,
and all kind of Mill Work, Ac , lie.
JTjTTIify would InviU the attenlion of Millvrrihta
to their new and large stock of Patterns, for every varie
ty of Wheels liiti of which will bt furnished! whta
desired, by mail or otherwise.
Their extensive Boiler end Sheet-Iron Works, nnder
tho control of A. Crosier, afford I aril it in, for Manu
facturing and Repaiiing BOILF.R AND SHIFT
IRON WORK, In Ihe most improved wanner.
Good Second-hand Boiler (racially on band.
August 16, '53 ilfcw
Interesting to Sawyers I
WE with to dianuM of an interest one-fourth
one-third, or one-half In our New 8'eain Saw
Mill f upright taw) en Salt River.
Tina Mill has as fine a location as any Country
Mill in the Slate; being on Bait River, at Ilia point
at which the Hannibal and New London Plain
Road crosses it. It is surrounded by a fine rich nigh
borhood, improving rapidly, requiring a vast amount
of Lnmber j and then only 7t miles from tlannioal.
from which, large bills can be had at rood prices.
Our facilities lor obtaining the various Kinds of logs,
Blaca; walnut, Maple, an Brim 01 wak.&eere
carcely equalled by any other Mill. Salt River for
W mite up, abounds with the timber just named,
which can be at moderate prices,
i To first rate practical sawyer, on immediate ap
tiicution, w will self an interest as above, on terms
vary accommodating. No other, than a thorough ex
perienced sawyer, need apply.
New London, Mo., Juff 13, 185J. (jy!3wtf)
WTbo Quincy Whig pleas copy to aui't of $3
and feud bid to this OlSce.
NOTICE Is hereby given to the creditors end all others
Interested la the sttet of GILLIAM KINO, deooved,
f tat tbs andenlgned administrator of ft id estate, on the Jrt
day of the axt November term of the Ralls County Court, or
a eooa Uwref.r as said eoort will hear the tame, will make
anal setueoieat of Bis administration or said e tt.
JOHN ROUSE, Adm'r of
Aagmtti. 18M-4t GILLIAM KINO, dei'd.
Clnvemook, by Alice Carey j
Fresh Leaves from Western Woods, by Miss Fuller
' Gems from Cable Land
Wary to do Good, by Abbott j
Corner Stotte, by C. B. Taylor 1
Queer Bonnets, by Mrs. Tuthili
For sal at th New Beek Store, by
JyHwtf 1). K. GARMAN.
. Smith & Dick's New Family Grocery,
- - on market street
THET take this method of informing the r.lizeni
of Hannibal and vicinity, that they have opened
new family grocery store on Market street, immedi
ately north of the market house, where they intend
keeping all kinds of Groceries suited to the retail trade.
We. intend keeping on hand all kinds of marketing, and
Will b pleased to se out friends at any time when (hey
rant anything in our line. We have, and will conti
neu to keep Fresh Meats on hand during the winter
season. As we have the best opportunity of purcha
sing Fowls, Vegetables, &c, it will be to every man's
interest to call and examine, before purchasing else
where, as we will have everything that ran be ob
tained at th market bouse during the day.
aov27(f SMITH at. DICK.
ir ivn cm in? I? ,
mil iii i a i iii in
Erring end Summer Styles 1
Main Street, llnnnltml, MO.,
Call th attention of purchasers generally, to theit
carefully selected stock of fresh and fashionable
ID Hi "St EtDU8
Which are jvnt now received. Tbey refer particularly
to their stock of
EMBROIDERIES, of renl French Work
Collar, with and without points Under Sleeves La
dies Kmbroidered Handkeicheifs i l.ileines and Inscr-
titusi Tisnsfemiur Band.. Chemisettes i 'aps: also,
some beautiful Souta'-h Collars. This stock is one of
(he most complete ever brought lo this City.
DRESS GOODS. rrinti Ginghams ; Jao
uneti and I awns Barege d lvalues 'Tissues i Plain
and Figured Bareges ( small Figured French Chintzes
for Children) Summer de Laines) Alpaccas) Poplins,
DRESS SILKS. A selection of tlie most
elegant Fashionable Styles, among which at the plain
colored Poult de Soies, so inncn in 'Icrnsnd ; also, a va
riely of Black Silks, of all widths and prrr.vs.
or seleclion, and cheaper than the same styles wer
ever sold before.
Linens, Drap d'I'.le j Vestitigs and Cotlonailes. of the
newest styles j a'so, a fine assortment ef Children's
Goods, such ss Ca-hrnerettes Tweeds, tc.
Checks, Hickory) Charnbraya j Nankeens i Curtain
Muslins j Mia wis; Handkerchrirs Cravats; Hosiery
FlanneN. Swiss and Jaccnet Muslins ; Irish Linen
Ladies' Skirts) Filet Mitts and Gloves, Tarasols and
BOOT3 AND SHOF.S. We wish to call Iheatlen
lion of the Ladies to our Slock of Ladies' Shoes. Ws
have some of the finest and the latest styles custom
Made. We have also an excellent stock of Men's and
Children's Shoes and Boots, lroin the finest to the coars
est. HATS AND CArS-Gents' fine Silk Itats.all prices
and Spring Styles, Panama, Leghorn, Citizens' and
Palm Leaf Hals, (Cents' and Boys'.
Newest Pa'terns and Styles.
CARPETS We hve a lot of Ingrain, three-ply
and Slair Carpeting, which we will sell at St. Louis
LINERS. Will find in thia stock many styles
not to be found in Wholesale Houses, and as they were
all selected from the importers, in th East, will be
sold at such prices as cannot fail to give entire satis-
ty Call and examine the Goods before rmrchasine
elsewhere even if you do not buy.w will he pleassed
to show them. ' COLLINS & BREED.
(epr-7-1853 w-ly)
I most respectfully call the attention of (he citizens
ef Hannibal, and the stirrourditig country gmetal-
ly, to my new and etrnive stock ef
Theological, Medical, S an
dard and School Books ) Blank
Boeks, Music Books, letter and Cap
Paper, Maps, Ice, with all sorts of Station
ery in general.
Direct from the eastern cities, I feci confident that 1
have th largVst, best selected, and newest stock ever
offered in this city. ,
Wholesale end Retail
Also, a splendid variety of
Borders, Decorations,
Statuary, Chimney
Screens, Window 1'nper,
Transparent Window
Shades, with fixiures, ic, tc.
Merchants and others from the interior wiihing to buy
at wholesale or retail, will find it to theiradvaiitage to
giv me a call, fur I can and will sell cheap.
Commercial Row, next door lo Collins' new build
ing, Hannibal, Mo. July 7, 1853 If
" Cheap Rents," 1
Quirk Sulfa mid Pinall Protl.tR,
On til ill. Tletwren Ml) 111 mill Third Ktrreta,
5Varjsl.- ?um.JBCVsie5
And all other diseases pertaining to the reclam
. annes, such a , 6ic.
DR. G. M. KIGIITLEY, of Ky ha located
near New London, Mo., at which place he
ean be seen at all times, except when ab
sent on professional business. He treats
without the use of the knife or lance, lie
will also practice upon the principle of no
cure no tay, and with little pain to the
patient. All persons desiring to see him,
had better write to know when and where
he can be seen. He will treat all cases
laced under his care at St, Louis, anni
al or New London, and if he does not
give perfect satisfaction after undertaking
the case tie will aeliay all expenses incut
red. Letters post paid or personal appli
cation to Dr. G. M. KIGiTLEY, New
London. Mo. ap-23 w-Gm
No. 42 Main street,
It. Louis, M o . ,
IMPORTERS and manufacture of Gain, K not, Pistols of
th varlooa dwertp turns. W would raf pelf ully say, that
w ha v th largest and nest general assortment of firearms
b4 their equipments that ean ba found in any house in the
t'nlted Stat. W do not think it necessary to enumerate
ertiola, bat ws w 111 eav if w ean not f urniab the right sort of
articles, there is not much eVianoe of getting thrm of our
NKIUUB0K3, tiunmakm material, wholesale and retail.
N. B. the power and aoeuraey of our arms tested by Tac
tical xperimaU to th satisfaction of th purchasers.
Mo. 41 Main street, Bw Luuis, Mo. (nuwly)
And Negroes for sale.
"TTILL contrnue to purchase Negroes, always pay-
V ing the highest cash price. He can be found
t the city of Hannibal, or at his residence, one mile
eoutb ef the city, en the etd New London road.
. He will always keep on baud a lot f Negroes
Which he wilt seU on accommodating terms.
juneao-wtr T. D- REED.
Commission and Forwarding House,
(Late Twitchell & Mogridge,)
No. 33 Commercial, Below Pine street,
CONSIGNMENTS and Commissions will meet with
prompt and personal attention, and liberal CASH
ADV ANCKS will be given en Corisiirurrienls or Bills
of Lading IN HANO.
The forwarding and receiving of merchandize and
produce will meet with especial care and.dUpalch; the
lowest rates of freight will always b procured, and
the expense or storage and drayage as much as pos
sible avoided.
Orders for f urchasing filled at the shortest notice
and lowest market prices.
Pag k Bacon;
Charles!, Blow &
Choteau it Vatic; )
Doan, King &. Co.;
Blow to March; )
Frost Jr. Forest; ) New York,
Charles A. Mei
T. C. Twichell t Co.. N. w Orleans
I have an open policy of Insurance, hich will
cover all shipments to my address, when advised by
letter per mail, or wheu endorsed on bills of lading
before, or at the lime of shipment.
8t. Louis, August 8, 1853. Oyw)
Groccra nnl licnlt'ia lit Liquors.
Wll.l) CAT rjrjKNKK,
Sign of tho Grand Oriental Klurk Rooster,
Main Street, Corner of liird Street.
WE would call the attenlion of our patrolnto (he
fact that the year 1H52 has closed, and that the
time-approved custom of commercial transactions is,
fo clou the accounts of th Old Year, at as eaily a pe
riod in the New Year, as practicable. Will our pat
rons bear this in mind, and act pbomptlv upon this
We give below, for (he benefit of our old customers,
and also for that of as many new ones as feel disposed,
to deal with us, a list of our BRANDIES and LIQ
UOIiS. Give us a hearirg, and be vour own iinlgp
200 BBi.S. RECTIFIED WHISKY, Black Rooster
30 BBLS. OLD BOURBON, imported from first hands
in "Old Kaiutuck."
Otard Br'y Jamaica Rum,
U. P. Vin'd do, Santa Cruz do,
Ras'au do, New England do,
Morceau do, peach Brandy,
A.Seignelledo, Madeira Wine,
Port Wine, sherry do,
Malaga do, Holland r;in.
All of which we will sell at wholesale or retail
cheaper (han St. Louis prices, for CASH ! '
The Shady Side.
DK. GARMAN, Commercil Row, has jut re-
ceived this most dcligtf'ul little book, which is
having such a remarkable sale. The many readerers
of "Sunny Side," Peep at No. 5, Hector of St. Bar.
dolphs, &c, &c, must not fail to read the "Shady
Side." For wirm weather especially, and as a book
for traveling reading, nothing better can be f'o iiid.
Not merely is it highly bewitching and entertaining ;
but "true to life," and the reader may learn from its
lessons of wisdom and profit. Well inay it be termed,
as it has been, a "gem of a hook."
CLOUI S AND SUNSHINE, a new work by the
author of Musings of an Invalid, Fun and Earnest,
Fancies of a him? icai Man, lie.
j-orsaieDy D. K. GAKMAN,
jylSdtf At the New Book Store.
The best and most favorite Brands, which are cele
brated for elegance of Style, fail and durable enlon, at
9 to Me.
I'aiiileil J.nwns and Jnconeta.
An elegant assortment of the most fashionable, from
10 to 4()c.
Silk ncrage and Tissues,
Which are not surpassed in any market in beauty
and elegance of style, fiorn 33 to 55c.
ucrage lie s. nines.
A beautiful selection, which has unixersally met the
withes of those in want of this style of goods, at 20
to 33c. worM -lOc.
Pink, blue, Mode and Black, at 5dc.
Black Gro Des Rhine, at $1.10. $1.15, $1.20; for 38
inch Black Watered, $10, uoilr.$2 A beautiful se
lection of Fancy DiefS SiIks, chtap Florence Silks, all
colors, at 3ac; crapes for bonnet linings, at 30c.
An extensive assoitinent ol l'ahionahl Pointed
Fiench worked Collars, chemisettes, undemleeves.
Handkerchiefs, &e., &.C. Black silk lar veils, at
$1.50, chenp! Gau.e, 2Hi'; green and blue beiaue; Lisle
ami linen eilirinirs and acei nwiss nnu lacKouei inser
ting and edgings; silk fringe- gimp trimmings; braidr,
iiosiritv AM) ;i.ovi:s.
A complete stock always on hand.
Irish and pillow case linen, hlearbed linen clolhs.
napkins, ice; Russia linen sheeting 9-4 at 70c; bleached
r-hcetings I lo 3 yards wide; bro. sheeting 4-4 at fjc;
fine ihirtintis lOto Hie; bleached do,9to 18c;4-4 Eagle
ticking, at 25c; 7-8 at 18c, good; coltonadcs and Ue
lums; Klavs linen, fic.
Fin Ivory combs, Engln-h redding, pocket, luck
side, shell, Putt and Muses' round combs; dress but
tons, pearl, white and fancy colored agate buttons, 3 doz.
forSr; (he celebrated Pitman and Teiment needles, all
Nos. oc; Zephyr worsted at 1 cent per skein, working
canvasses, perforated pater, paiasols at reduced pri
ces; metallic eyelet s, at 5c per gios, together with all
the little notions usually Kept in a Fancy Variety Stole,
and wanted daily by every family Handsome rat in
strined summer vesls. at e5c to St: a small lot of silk
figured winter vests, will be closed out at 75c, troi4
Ladies' Misses' and Children's
Shoes and Gaiters.
From the most common to the most tidy, the latest
styles, infants' solt morocco; youths', buys' and men's
cill brogans.
A liberal discount made to those buying to sell again
The citizens ol Hannibal, and Marion and the ad
joining counties, are respectfully solicited to an exami
nation of my stock on visiting the city. I flatter my
self that the style, elegance, durability and prices of
tne goods will meet the nprohatinn of all.
U-REMEMBER THE SIGN. Bird street, Up
Stairs. (mym.'wly) S. M. MOOUE.
C. W. 15 It Y AN,
Stoec Dealer, Sheet-Iron Worker, Coppersmith, and
Main Street, Two Doors North of "Brady House,"
Sells at Wholesale Prices,
1 INVITE particular attenlion tolhe
Prize Premium Cook Stove,
which has given universal satisfaction to all who have iisdd it. I warrant all my atoves for twelv ,-.,.
and if any ol the plates break during that time, I furnish new ones free of charge. """"i
As I d'esi-n remaining permanently in this place, the public are sale in taking my guarantee for Iha
b of the stoves kept by me.
nerlo'inance of the stoves kept liy i
All my stoves are uianuiacruren "i ,
ar.d for goodness of metal and beauty of rasting, they e eel any stoves made in th Western eorj(
I?" The man who moulds Hollow-ware tor u. r. run y . luiiMiiereu uic uesi workman In lb IIBjij i
Slutes, and this iirconnts fm onr Hollow-Ware and move vcseis oeing so mucn smoother and b!ttertsia :
any others you w ill find in market, whether made East or West.
1 have coiist.uilly on hand, a supply of TINWARE, to which I particularly invite the attenti I
of the country trtde, as the quality or my ware, and the prices, shall be such as to indue there tactile) '
me ajain. i
I will wholesale to merchants living in the country at five per cent, less than St. Louis wholesale prita.
I will sell at reiuil, Cook Sloves from two to three dollars cheaper than you can buy til saiae for is J ',
Louis. All order" fiorn a distance promptly attended to. k
Give me a call, if you please, and 1 will do my best fo render saiislaction.
1SEA8) TlfllS!
THE introduction of
nto Northrrn Missouri, to any extent, has been in the last thren years; since which lime they hive ben
gradually in-creasing the lnanulactute and sale of them; and although, owing to their being light H
smooth, and something new, some little dilliculty attended the sule and use at fust, yet by always makiif
stoves and castings of the best quality of Scotch Pig and Msuuri Mountain Iron, they have proved tj
withstand fire better than any other Castinc made in the Western country. The Furnace Castings and HU
low-Ware particularly, have been superseded by it, wherever has been brought into use, aiu always pm
satiffaction. Having lived here a nnmber ol years, and t ung permanently located here, purchasers cn
lelv on our guarantee as lo the quality of the articles sold by u-; and as to the operation of our Cetebralt
Prize Premium Cook Stove, just lead the cei tificates of those who have used them, and are using them sow
Anil uaotner advantage a purchaser win nave in iniying a i. j.oiiis siove oi us, ne wouiu not only be r.
tine astove made ol the best material in the woild, but lie can at any time get an odJ piece or plate willi
any charge, liy letting us know that such is wanted, as all our stoes are wan allied, and, in case of la.
which he will not find Iha case .ik
Co.: St. Louis.
"5 )
5 Nc
New York.
SU Louis.
Wkolcaalt) Jrocr and C'oiuiiiitbiou
Ifovenber 15, 1852 4
aVltssouri State Mutual Fire and Ma
rine Insurance Company of St. Louis.
. . Capita $400,000, and couatautly
," lucif UAiug.
OPEN fir Policies issued, and Term Policies for
any period flora 30 day to six yeais.
,B. D. Pge, 8 M. Edgell, J . McCune,
C. 8. Greeley, B W. Alexander, E. Wyinan,
. W. Hoit, C..H. Peck, 1). A. January.
8. M. EDGELL, President.
If. 9. BACOj,Tie)str r.
V. B. Homes, Secretary.
ff 1HO. 8. MILLER, Agent, Hannibal, Mo.
IS AgaTit for the Pbienological, Water-Cure, and all
other publications of Messrs. Fowlers at Wells, and
wilt procure theirs or any other work on accommoda
irtertas. Ciders respectfully solicited, (rny 1 4-ru)
fpiIE second year of the Hannibal Feinule
JL Seminary , w ill commence August 22 J, in
the basement of 111 baptist Cliurcb.
Misi M. M. SMITH, Principul,
Mist II. A. PATRICK, Asiis't Teaolicr.
" Hannibal, August 16, J 853 15t
w n . II A W H. I N 8 8 A' O K 1'
fit'liool Hooka!
JTJST arrived, a full supply of every kind now in use.
Also ew Phrlosophiea, various icn-aJs ; Cheiuis
trier, Botanies, Bi ewer's Familiar Science, etc., with
atationery for school purputes. ('ticap at
" ' . , l. K. G A It MAN'S
, (auIOJlf) w JUeuk More.
FALL OF 1 S 5 3.
This old and well eaUblubtd bouse, of twenty years Stand
ing, will have the large! and rmt ooiuplete a."fnrlm. nt ut
this fall ever brought to trie St. Louis market. We Hatter
ourselves that we are now tuo mutt extentive Clothing Munu-
lauiurera in viio
and with oar long axi erienoe in manufacturing for this, and
foreign markets, we feel fife in saying tbat this fall will far
surijars any previous sewnn. We will have every stylo of
cloths, veilings and oauirnores, both uf European and Auieri
oan Dianufaoiure and made ap in rbe very latest fashion and
In much larger quantuiej, so as to bo enabled to tutply the
entire demnud ihruughout ihe
Tall and Winter Trade.
Our orders and omrse'.s with ih manufacturers of Kurnpe
wore uiadu long bufors the rice in Wuulens was anticq atej,
and as we have procured tbem full twenty to tbirty per cent,
cheapor than tbty cau be bad for at this time, we feel aetured
we can (.tier you, this fall, goods at y rices to itinfy the entire
wants, and at piioes that will defy all
We have d tucr .oared time or trouble In endeavoring to
get a Hock tbat will surpass all previous efforts, and as we
hare labored to pleats our old, a. well as our new euttomers,
ws trust the indueement we em effor wrll be such as to ulesse
We have mad arrangements so as to have our stock her
much earlier than former seaeons, by adding a lag additional
fore of hands to supply the extra demand made of us for
elothine, by which means our suk will b ber by tbs twen
tieth of August
When visiting thin eity of New York, we should be pleased
to have you examine our !a-ge aud extensive aworlment:
when, ws ars satbBtd, you win b eonrinoid of facts we have
stated, and astonubed at the low prloes tbat we are ofleriua
good- aL B
No. 113 Broadway, I f Xo. 113 Main street,
Newlork. J augS-wly St. Louis.
THE undersigned proprietor, would ropeclfully in
form the public, that he has i list nnened in p i em
Main street, Hannibal, Mo.
nHE subscriber has permanently localed in this city
-L and is alw ays prepared to repair watches, broken
jewelry ,4lc, in the most workmanlike manner, and on
the mostiesonahle terms. He has n ow on hand, and
distantly leceiving fresh supplies of the finest aud
most fashionable Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, fcc, from
the best importing houses in the east. His stock is
unsuipassed by any other house in the city, and those
wbo give him a call will be satisfied with his bargains;
as he oilers great inducements to purchasers.
The citizens of Maiion ami Kails counties are re
spectfully invited tc give me a call, ijtoie on .Mam
slreet, opposite the "Great Western '''pl.i)
Jul received in addition to his foi mer stock, a sup
ply of Ear Kings, Pins, &.C. Also a very fine lot uf
Jet Ear Kiiigs.new style. Smith',,- New Vork Gold
feus warranted a very fine articte. Oct 24.
CtORNEK of Hill and Fourth Sticets, Hannibal,
The subscribers beg respectfully fo inform fhe in
habitants of Hannibal and vicinity, that they are pre
paied lo enter into contracts to any amount for t he
erection ol chinches, tluvllin-rs, Stores, lie, or the
superintending of the eiec'inii of th same, &c.
N. H. They are alo tin-pared to supply plans and
specifications of every description. Piiildings erected
on moderate terms. Property taken in pait lia ment.
Reference T. McDaimold,
J. Fry,
F. P. Manlier, Architect. feb3Ti3-y.
I'lioH. a. MiLi.ua.
uan. a. roiit a.
(Succesfors to Tl'os. S. Miller.
Wholesale Groceis& General Coiniuiasiou Merchau's,
io. a i-evee, riauiiiual, Olo.
rpilE undersigned havi entered into co partner.
X. ship lor Ihe purpose of transacting the Grocery
and General Ci ininissiou business, under the name and
style of MILLER at POGUE at the old stand of Thus.
S. Miller, No. 3. Levee.
Hannibal, June 10, 1852. (jetj-tl)
Iruiirovniif nt in Antagonistic Dentistry,
liU. S. II. ANDERSON would respectl'tiliY
U inforin tins citizens of Iluiinibul anil country
especially, that lie is inserting teeth on an im
proved plan, winch, for its adaptation to the
functions of mastication, cannot be surpassed.
Dr. A. will guarantee to any person who wauls
a set of tooth let their juw be ever so irrej;-
and elegant style, the above house ; and knowing the u'af or badly deformed from the loss of ihem
aulicipalioni f his fiUnds, he assures them and the and absorption that he will make them a set
,.,, , ,,,r ,. mnoi on .nan ue saiisneu, m, will uiitaL'onize or shut together as retrular
not only by keeping a much better house than has evei 1 i .? . t-feniui
been kept in this city, but that none shall excel him in 7 anu a , PurlVt;Uy Ule ,irV lll,le ll'' are Pl 'n
the State
This is a tall pledge, but try him arid you thall bi
ialinjie.1. WM. SHOOT.
N. B. Shoot, Jordan & Davis, in connection with
Ihe house, have the largest and most splendid Stable
outside of St. Louis, in the Stule, wheie the public can
be accommodated speedily wi'h .ale and fast horses,
hue buggies, carr ages, r hacks, for any destination
Also the best feed and attention to horses or mules, all
al fair rales. (nyliwtl)
JACKSOlt &. HANCE, Proprietors'
r 'HE CITY HOTEL is located in the vsty centre"
X of the business poition of the city, one npiaie
from the steamboat landing. The building is the most
commodious in Ihe city ihe roeww are uuy, and pie.
tenia dtgiee of reinUit not surpassed by any heiis-e on
Ihe upper Mississippi. 'Hie proprietors pledge them
selves lo spar iienfier pains mil expo ise in their en
dravou to meat the wan's of llieii guests, an 1 render
all-faction. The table will a' all iim-i he supplied
I'linflerted uilh the above etblihuieiii n i. (-,,.
eial Stage Office, also one of Ihe i.ugest and best live
ry stables north of St. Lduis.
II i ;;;ti,' (alien to and limn boat lice of chime.
lUiiinbal, Mo-, June 2H, ly. "
the inoiitli, wilhotit any grinding or ullerin, an
their natural teeth ever did. Any person rush
ing evidence of this, if they will call on Dr. A
lie will tjiow them several entire upper and
lower sets rt'ht here in th city, and let them
Jtnlge lor themselves. Particular attention
given to (he trmitment of all diseases of the
mouth, and the nuil-positirm of the teeth
All operations warranted, and charges reason-
auiu. v
im. J. 1 ersons lrom tho country wanting
work done, nnd being unacquainted with the
true merits nnd skill of ihe Di-utisfs in this city,
would do well to imiuire here in the city, where
tiny ure uoin Known.
OHice over jlnttingham'a Drugstore
ruuMJlf b
JUST !ceived and fur sale at the New Bosk Store
by 1). K. G A It MAS.
Putnam's Mmilhly j
i-citTson s ue.
Harper's do.
G.idej's do.
(.riiihiiiu's do.
hnirkeibueker do.
. llhij'tated M.iaiin of Alt,&.c.
ting astove made ol the best material in the woil
peifection. the articles will be promptly made good to the purchaser,
Ciririiirurd, t luateo, J'ittiburgh, uml Ltutrm mmk S 1(1 I.S, as you cannot get any odd Pieces. Era
u iney ere w an anted, it would lc nnpossiuie io gei uuu pi.ui-s iiuiu aucu u uisiuuce.
We, the undersicueil, having used the St J .oi.it Stoves manufactured by G. F. Filley, of St Loiu
and sold by Cuter W. Hryan. at Hannibal, ,Mo.,takt pleasure in recommending therh to the public as lope
riur in point of draft, durability, economy, convenience au.l ease of regulation, io any stoves which wi
nave ever ii'-eu :
New difar nnd Tobacco Store!
IEER & ARHOGAST hereby iiifonn their fiiends
J and '.he public generally that tuey now occupy a
room in SHOOT iv. DAVIS' new building, where
they are prepared lo fill all orders in their line, as (heap,
if not cheaper, thi.n any other house in the city. They
have a choice seleclion of lobaceo, Ciums, Snulls,
Pines, fee. &.C.; and they can tiuly say their stock of
goods is the laigest, best and most complete a-sort-
uient ever ollercd in itannitial.
The following comprise a part of their Brands:
10,(1(10 El Sol Regalias;
ri.lilKI La Paloma do.
5.(1110 La Normas;
211.000 Justo Sanz Piincipes;
S.tMlO Cazadoras;
2.000 Plantation;
l'),f)IH) Common Itegalias;
10.000 Half Spanish;
20,00(1 Melees
Virijinia Cliewinjr Tobacco.
Win. Hare's. Jesse Haie's, James Thomas', and Seth
Halsey's Tobacco.
Missouri Tobacco.
D. J. Garth's No. 1; lleiiih rson's No. 1; Burkner's
No. I; Jamison's No 1; Dansiiian's Cherry Juice No.
I; Mn!!ett .V Hairis' 5 Lump.
All of which we will sell low for cash.
I'mchil-wtl J LEER & AUBOGAST.
Received A new lol of Impel ial Cigars.
1UU just now arrived und for sale wholesale
(right cheap), by T. R. SELMES.
Now Coot and Mioo Mantifactoi) !
riMIl-: IS 1JKRSH, M l) takes tins metiiod
-L ol iuliinniiig his old customers, friends
and the public I'eiierallv, that I have again
commenced the manufacture of Boots and Shoes of (lit
very best material. Persons wishing articles in my
line will do well to give me a call, beloie purcha-ing
elsewhere, as my stock is well sellerted, comprising
the best article of Fiench and American c.ill kins,
ditto kip, ditto upper, nil of which 1 will uiiike. to
older at the shortest notice.
(J"Shop on Hill street, a few doors east of Sdrnes'
P. S. I will keep conslsiilly on hand an assoitinent
of line calf boots, kip boots ; also, aoare hools and
shoes, which I will warrant to he of the veiy best
rpiahty. f mchlb-d linwtl J R. y.
John I. KIM,
George C. Foster,
Dr. L. T. lliittinghain
Charles W. Mills,
Henry Utlerbuck,
Win. Hawkins,
A. Ingiah.im,
Thomas Coverdall,
It. Gunter,
Jesse Wright,
W. F. Kerchtval,
Win. Logan,
I-rnel Johnson,
dm Fagan,
M. F. Rohinelte,
William Shoot,
J. Fiasl.er,
Orion Ch mens,
John Hixon,
M. ( ateron.
r J" I want it
T. U- S-lines.
J-hn li. Chesley,
Win. I'. '.lv,
Cyrus Wallers,
T. R Sp'hcci-,
Geo. A. Sluutridge.
f nionmiiigton, M'. ,
.1. C. Ogdeii,
D. W. While.
John McGlanghlin,
lliiain lllaiicliaid,
Ir. N Nelson,
B. K. Brj an,
John 1.. jSlatlhews,
John Paitndge,
P. Il-aty.
J. Anderson,
li. S Young.
A. J. Pickcrton,
Washington Movers,
H. H ling,
W. L. Lacy,
J. It. Hayden,
II. P. tiivgory,
Oliver Te'riili,
James Kinison,
E. Tlliett.
T. It.illaid,
I. Tuf s,
L. Lyle.
Daniel Forcl,
A. M. Ila kins,
James Tlioinjison,
J. P. Clark,
G miner Shiill.,
W. P. Owsley,
Pi tei Snider,
Dr. C. F. Clayton,
W. R. Davis,
.1. Armstrong,
Wairen Finley,
J. C. Henderson,
Win Masey,
A. tireenlee,
John. II. Lewis,
Levi Baikley,
K Leonard,
Hooper Mitchell,
John Short,
J. Msley,
Win. Kidd,
F. FiauUiu.
John Withers,
Or. M. F. Browq.
E. C. Spence,
T. Bane,
John 13. Helms,
aj. B. PR(
ecaiies, C
BROWN k CO., Druggists and
ty Hotel building, Haninli.,1. Mo JTi
Kei ji constantly on hand, a lull and carelully si lecied
Slock of Drugs, Medicines, Proprietory Medicines,
pure Wines and Brandies for medical purposes, Reme
dial instiuinenis, Paints, Oils, Brushes, Varnishes,
Dye-Stuffs, Window Glass, Glassware, Spices, Per
fumery, Fancy Goods Jtc., wild every thing usually
found in a completely furnished drug establishment.
Our Medicines uie selected with especial regard to
freshness and puiity, and are all WARRANTED gen
uine. 13 In making our purchnses fiorn abroad, we deal
only with respectable and responsible men, and aie
governed in our selections, by the (QUALITY rather
than by the price of articles.
(inclril-'ad-wly) J. B. BROWN & CO.
distinctly understood tint fhe Sr. Louis Stovk Stork is (he only place in H.innibal
where FILLKVS cctebiated stoves are to he had. I have the exclusive privilege of selling the different pat
terns uf stoves in this place, w hich Filley makes, including all his pa'ent Staves, and no one else can r
any of Ihem ; consequently, they have not got them to sell. If any one wishing to buy Cook Stoves will come
in, I can soon show him the dilleience between Filley's Pieinium Conk S ove and other St. Louis S'oves,
I have some of them on hand which 1 intend lo keep for that purpose. I can also soon show them lbs
dilleience between a Piaiiie Stalo and a Ch;.rtei Oak Cook Stove. jr dec lo'jj-lf,
51M of .,i!iev'si Vii-hriilctl
f PHF. SUHSCRI HER takes this method of inlonning his IrieruU and the public in general, that he hu
L the largest stock and gieatcst v.ui - ty ol Slmei ever bionghl to Hannibal, which he is determined lo l
low fur cash. Persons wanting Stm es w or! I do wt T to call and examine his stock, pailiculaily his new
patterns of Parlor Stoves, among which are Ihe G.eciau Pallor and Mound Parlor,
t f His iii'jtto is " ti'lick S ile an I Small I'mli s."'
Main street, two doors north of the 3Ionroe House,
Hannihal, Mo.
New Cook Stoves!
ITjI'SONS wishing lo buy stove, should give us a call, and examine our new pat
terns ol'
JUST ft eeived snd for fale at the New 11 s k Store. AXTI
FANATICISM, a 'laic of the Suuth, by 11m AIurtLa 11.
Butt, ju-t puliliihcd.
Coustar Hosi'iTALiTirs, or Loi-d asd Linr IIahcoi rt, by
Cutliurine SinclaT.
Iha It see for Riches; and some of tho Tits into which the
runner fait; applying lh Word of i.l l the Irnllio of men.
XUa D ml. ting Cc aiuiunicanl Encouraged; by the late Chap
lain of r he l ui'cd SrnUis St-nute:
The Wide, WuU World;
Q rcechy, by the ssmo authnr.
ihouias llood'a 1'ueios and Whimioalitics. j)3lUr
10 llUMBUGEUY!!!
rl W. STEVENS, nppusile the City Hole,has just
X received, in addition lo his foiui-r stock, Ihe
largest assortment of Jewelry ever brought to Hanni
bal. Ile invites his rustomers lo call at the above
tab!ihiiiiit, where they will alway. find the nehest
and most extensive assoitinent of Watches and Jew
vhy, Silver ai.d Plated Ware, consisting in part of (told
and Mlver l ever Watches, Breastpins, Earrings, Fin
ger Kings, 1'eiicils, Lockets, Gold Fob, Vest and Guard
Chains, Bracelets, Gold and Silier Spectacles, Card
Cases, Silver Combs, Tea Pots, Castors, Candle Sticks
Accoideons, Guns, Shot Dags and Pouches.
SJ-Good Watches of eyeiy description carefully re
paired and warranted lo keep time it well used ur the
money relumed. iriariutl
lilt. M. F. 15UOWN.
I") RAC I ITIOM'.R of Medicin in all ils branches.
O'lu-o at the Drug Store of J. 11. Brown it Co.
Residence South-west Corner Bud and 'Third Streets,
Hanmbu., Mo. (uuhi'PiH-wlyJ
t Wholesale Groceries (riglit c leap.)
CKS of 1'ltlME lilO COI'H.E,
Oil HOt.:
Oil 150 S
just uriivtd
Tlie Charter Oak stove posssesse aiivautaceJ
oyer common Stoves, in thickness or the Piute, and improvement in tlie Draft, hit
given up by all stove dealers and manufacturers, to be the best Pattern for a descend
ing Hue, ol any stove now made Ivist or West.
This Stove was patented September, 1S.")'., ami wherever they have been used hav
given genera! satisfaction. This stove weighs some 10 pound's more to the number
than any other stove ever brought to this c'uy. The plates in them are from to J of
an inch in thickness. 'o. 1 weighs overall pounds. We warrant them all ngaimt
(ires. These Stoves have a Patent Hot Air Flue, which carries the heat that if
generated under the fire-plate down the front part of the Stove between two illicit
plates to the draft nt the bottom of the Stove, thereby adding great heat to bake wilb
on ihe bottom, and remedying that which has always been a fault with stoves of I
descending Hue, heretofore. Tim Charter Oak has one Hue and cue plate more than
any Air i ight stove yet invented. They will cook with one-half the fuel which on
ol the ordinary stoves will, an I will last lor twenty-live years.
li'rimiifu " iUmk Stove.
as to
Ihe M
, ... PA TLX TIM), l-s.il.
Tins superior article has only I n m use since January, ls.il, and since that they hare given suchuni-
veisal satislactioii Hut I hey uie now (lie pi mcipal f toi e sold up the Illinois, Missouri and JM isniiiippi
men. 1 lie ale iinproieineni made Ly lilley. by pulling division tn the dialt below, divides the heat as it
passes under tlie oven, and prevents it Horn all couceulialn d,i the centre of the lie-plat, as it does in oth
er s'oves ol similar lorm. 1 '
Another great improvement tit the P.eu.iuiii Stole isthe Paleut D.iinpei,hich is s ocoaslrucled
ZL ! ill? Ten "In"?? i''y . ."",'"'"). V t.n.ii.i5 II inper up a little, you can throw
------ v. fc 13 KliMIK, US oOlllH no.
t have j.iht made another glial improvement in F.lley's patent Psie Premium stove, by adding I H
ante, heaiy Grate, lor the wood to rest on, which not only aids the draft, by keeping it always clear, buttl
keeps the wood liom breaking, and burning out the boltoin of the stove. 1
ins t.iate li inude so as to pieveut the woad from falling a-ainst the doors, and binning them t li ror ijrl ,
is tlie case with stoves that have no grate,; and as we have Ihe only Piemium Cook Sloves that have Cirate
in lliein, we hesilato i,..t in saying l,at wo ean sell a cheanei ami belter stove than can be had eUewnW
tl.e uesleii. eountiy. i'eiso.i, wishing to buy sloves Would do well to call before purchasing.
Ihe dilhrence between ey's !!,,,, Piemiu.n ind other stoves of the same foiui in use,
in lii si place, the improvements made i the Di.,1'1 Damperj and secondly, a contraction of the snioks fluMi
" "'"' WUIMH-11 Oil. II "l I III
suifs llm stoit (o tiiaw well
( ) 'H heal .tr il ninr r imtar hihI iinirLtr. A lid "
in uttv i)nrti ti.;.!!.. ti... t ! . . ... .i :.. tHiirfl
and having the Hue coi,t,acted to Ihe wUil of the boiler in lio.il, it bring, all Ihe heat ill use. Four'''
, , ? " ' llU'K''r ,l,u v "f H'os' slm" 4il'"e " P'"''"--"1"'.''!
t Hit ii tun stoves, as the ovens a,e very Harrow and less useful. In all sizes of the Pii.e Preininrr. Uf
fc ove i the npei.ings in Imnt und hack are the s..,e siw-so that you have two oval openings, the Wash
e. I. ing eilhcr. or jou cau make four round holes of a sue and any of (.he linn:, u.gs will lit .
All ol Lie above tluvus may he jirocord at (in ' b
Hf. liouis Stovo Store.
JMalu etieet, two doois noith of tho " Monroo IIoubo."

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