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O. (1.EWEXS,
Editor and Publisher.
VOL. 2 NO. 1.
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Second 'prize itory from Sartin' Magazine.
On the subsiding of a full freshet in a small
river in the then solitary wilds of the Far West,
but now a well-settled and highly cultivated sec
tion of the country, a group of the migratory in
habitants had assembled on its right bank, and
were impatiently waiting to be ferried over.
Among them were two horsemen, unencumber
ed with families or household stuff, who, on that
account, were the first to obtain a footing in the
rude and unwieldy scow. And as some "fix
ing" for the debarking of wheel-carriages had
to be attended to on the opposite landing-place,
Iho sturdy ferrymen pushed olT with their scan
ty freight.
"the two strangers, for such indeed they
seemed, as well to each other as to all around,
'after paying their fare, mounted and rode oil to-
irether alone the only path they could discover
'over the rolling prairie, which extended its des
ert loneliness in all directions, as far as the eye
'could reach.
"Do you think .tho Winnebagoes arc
out?" said the foremost of tho two travellers,
carelessly, after riding some time in silence, and
now only asking the question to break it ; but
not receiving an immediate answer, he turned
his head to scrutinize more minutely the ap
pearance of his unsociable companion.
In his figure he was tall and thin, but athlet
ic withal. His eye, which was deeply sunk in
his head, was dark and lowering, with a subdued
fierceness in it. which once might have been
fearful, and whose piercing and stealthy glance
conveyed a feeling of that disliko which is near-1
ly allied to hatred and disgust, as it gleamed ra-j
tlier than flashed upon the speaker from beneath
its shaggy brows. His face was of a pale and
ghastly hue, and the wrinkles upon it told more
of care than years.,
He was, in short, a man whose scieloy would,
be rather shunned than courted, even in the
The young man of bold and reckless bearing,
for such ho seemed, who-asked this question,
which had been superseded even in his own me
mory by far other thoughts, was instantly im
pressed with the idea that he hail seen his sullen-looking
companion before. When, or where,
or under what circumstances, he could not tell,
and a chilling sensation of horror, which he
could neither define nor repress, seemed inti
mately connected with it.
. And they rode on together for some time be
fore any iurther attempt was made by either
party to renew or rather commmence the con
versation. There are two (there may be twenty) extra
ordinary contradictions in human nature, both
of which were exemplified on the present occa
sion. The one is, that when a man feels it pe
culiarly incumbent upon him to be silent, he
. ',1 .1 .l 4 1 . :r .1 I.. l...t
must lain: uie piner, inai 11 mere uc um mie
solitary subject upon which prudence forbids
him to touch, this very subject, when he docs
speak, will inevitably be the topic.
Instead of answering the question put to him,'
the elder traveler asked another, evidently orig
inating in his own absorbing reflections.
"Arc you from Galena, may I ask'r1"
"I iim," was the prompt reply from his asto
nished companion.
"And may I inquire, in return," he continued,
"how you came to ask the question, since I do
not appear just now to be coming from that di
rection And he turned upon him, as he said this, a
more searching look than he had yet bestowed j
unon him. from which his companion seemed to.
shrink, but soon regaining his self-possession,
he replied with some commonplace remark a
bout the public attention being so entirely en
grossed with the rich lead mines lately discov
ered there ; and then another long silence ensued
which neither party seemed at all anxious to
Th sun hud iust set. and the last titurc of
gold and puipio upon uic ugiu iieuiy ciuuu ..,
the west had no sooner given piaco 10 a somore,
gray, than one star after another began to pep
forth in quick succession, and to shed upon our j q t)C jl(ui mornig in question, while it w
lonely wanderers a feeble and flickering ray J t jiiriii xhcy were both busily engaged in the
and it was niL'ht darkness was around them 011 ln()lloimolls ..'mnlovment bv the lit:ht of the .
the wild and pathless prairie. If they felt an
inveicraie, uiougu uhucinuuio """ "...
ach other in the daylight, it was mingM with
fearful imaginings now ; and these iiu n-asod
with the euthennc gloom. Iho sudden appear
ance, however, ot u twinkling light lrom the
hut of a new settler, was hailed bv both alike,
,, fi Vi.iiinv r.dii-f from nn ovcrwhcliniliir iec.lllu?
..- . "
OI oppresmuii, niiim .......
lomrer emiureu.
HosmUilitv. in all new anil tliinlv peopled
countries, is as striking a characteristic as it is
amiable and convenient. The honest and indus
trious inhabitants evidently remember that they
themselves were once pilgrims and sojourners
in a straturo land. Hence, food and shelter is
freely afforded to any wayfarer being ilea nearij,
their dwellings, not us a boon grudgingly and.
niggardly bestowed, but as a tax upon tiiem to,
wlm-n tney cneenuiiy """. rau.v-r .
debt they justly owe, una wlucii moy winmgty
and glaiUy pay.
Our wayworn travellers, well aware ot tins
kindly feeling among the new settlers, especial
ly in that part of tho country, hesitated not to
consider themselves at home for the night.
On reachint tho hut. their horses were
n..riu mH r, n.l n nlunt iful Minncr was,
prcpurcd for themselves. It consisted of IndU.
an bread and steaks from a newly killed buffalo,;
broiled upon tho hot embers, to which, as huu-
gry men, they did ample justice. Dried skins,
of the same animal, or rather or the same spe-'
..i I ' L L I . ir . . I .1 1. ... .J
Cits US tnai W iucn nan uuorucu inem so nearly
supper, were men sprcau upon mc rune noor oi
.1 - 1 .1 - 1 it .
the hut, near
tho fire, and they betook them
selves to repose for t!ie residue or the mglit.
'To sleep : perchance to dream !"
leep: perenance io ureaiii ;
Fatigued and weary as they were, a deep and
refreshing sleep soon fell upon them both. It
Has not, however, enjoyed lor any great length.
of time, ere it became disturbed by mysterious
and frightful dreams, bearing a confused, but
decided affinity to their waking reflections du-
ring that long and silent ride of theirs through
the prairie together, the evening before, and
claiming, doubtless, a closer, though less stri- dim. The blue tinge upon the far-olT nioun
king connexion, with their hot and hearty sup- .tains seemed to gather blackness as they looked
.per. " at it : ell things, in short, that they fur years
Among other wayward wanderings of his had looked upon as bright and beautiful, were
dreaming thoughts, the younger traveller fan- now changed, as in a moment, by some magic
cicd himself swept down by the current of the spell, and seemed to have assumed 'a dark and
river they had lately crossed, till they came to .sombre hue.
a fearful cataract, when, just as they were on
the very brink of the fall, the scow struck up-
on a rock, and remained stationary.
A change came o er the spirit or his dream;" gross or mat deadly struggle in the troubled wa
and anon he was on horseback, breasting the ters.
surging rapid galli ntly, und evidently gain- It were hard to tell how much longer this
ing fast upon the shore, until a. dim light from state of partial paralysis, into which the two old
a small window on tho farther bank led him to people had fallen, might have endured, had not
turn in the darkness to the very edge of the : the spell been broken by the sudden entrance of
precipice again, when he saw his danger, and a neighbor, who came lor a live coal from their
obtained a firm footing to avert it. .Ho then fire to rekindle her own.
suddenly became so paralysed with fear, that he They both started from their kneeling posture
could not move a step ; for, at that instant, he (at the window it was too low to admit of their
percieved his father's murderer at his bridle- jsecing the ford in any other and the woman
rein, who turned upon him one fierce and with- thought she had distuibcd them in their morning
eringlook, and then hurled him headlong into the
foaming abyss beneath. Down, down went ,
horse and rider ; but ere ho reached the boiling j visit as unseasonable, she made it as short as its
waters at the bottom, ho awoke. While en- .object would permit.
deavoring to shake olTthe effects of his oppres- The, moment she' was gone, they began to
sive nightmare, and congratulating himself that ponder and deliberate upon what they should
it was not an awful reality, he was again conf us- :do. .
cd and bewildered, almost as much as ever, on j To alarm the neighborhood was their first and
hearing his name distinctly enunciated by his .best resolve. But the dreaded vengeance of
companion, coupled with muttered, but exulting those fearful Dobsons frightened them lrom pur
exclatnations. : suing this right and proper course, and they de-
"No, no!" he said, "you'll not find mc now! tennined at last, as tho safest plan they could
I'm safe! I'm safe!" ' adopt, to say not a single word about it. .
Then clasping his long and bony fingers tight- They could manage to live with the guilty se
ly together, and extending the nalms of his crct on their souls, and did so for a Ion? time,
hands as much as possible, so as to form a cav-
ity between them, iuto which, between his
thumbs slightly separated, he blew with all his
might, and produced a sound exactly like the
hooting of an owl, exclaiming, when he had done
so, "Ah! there's the cursed signal again,"' and
then was- still, save the contort ions of his fea-
lures which, in the leeble and fill ill light emit-
ted from the dying embers, were feurfully. vis-
ible to his awc-slruek companion.
"I have, found thee at last," thought the aven-
gcr, as he listened to the renewed mutterings
and broken exclamations of the disturbed sleep-
rr by his side.
"fto, no!" the sleepr said, "down him your-
self! down with him! that's it! hold him
there! If I touch him, there'll be a mark of
blood upon. him. Don't yc cc that my hands
are bloody P"
And he held his outspread fingers forth as if
to show that there was blood upon them. They
certainly had a blood-red hue upon them, or, in
that dim light, they sevmed to have, and his com-
panion covered up his face in fear, lest those
vulture-looking talons should clutch him in their
bloody gripe.
tii.U'TEii vu.
T 11 E A V E N O E II .
To account for this extraordinary rencontre
between young lieunet and his larther s mur-
derer, whom the reader, ere this, will have
identified with the two strangers it will be
necessary to refer again to the morning on which
Tom Smith was found drowned below the "force"
at lloscgill ford.
A short distance, below Dobson's shop, the
rivulet takes a sudden and abrupt turn to the
right, just where a beautiful cut stone bridge
now enables the benighted traveler to cross
with safety this mountain torrent in its utmost
fury. On the outs id 3 of this elbow of turn in
the brook, and consequently on its left bank,
there stood, at the period referred to, a small
lone cottaire, thatched with heather, with its
narrow and solitary window looking directly up
the stream, thus commanding a full view of the
cataract and the ford so often mentioned in this
true and faithful narrative.
T ., . .. ,. , , . .
In this cottage there lived at the time tv"
or old people, Richard Langley and his wi,,
poor old peonl
-hn m.TWKrl'fl. with II IU'l:is 1 wr mdiistrv IllHI 11,irr
chins' fruiralitv, to ckc out a scanty
hy (he i,,,,,,,, occupation of peeling
.j,,, arc still mUPil usej i,., ,1C
noorer flat
cs tjlat part 0r ,), country, for candles.
turf ,-irCj jut as the day began to daw, 8?
Ul(.y thought they Heard a strange noise, and 'aio
ROm, to tic wijow to look out for the cause
;t tlu-ir attentiim was din-eted w ith lenrful ami
intense interest to the ford.
Thev saw two or three men on
foot and one
. , . . J , i ... .
i nev uppcareu 10 uc eii?uicu in a vioiem con
(uuj ft.
ion, nicy saw me nore ganop on
.1 .11 II IV
without his rider ; yet still the sculle continued.
The gav lijint of the morning had now suffi
ciently advanced to afford them a more perfect
view of the fray, when they recognised the two
oldest of the young Dobsons, and their brother-in-law,
and distinctly saw the latter and the
younirt'st of the former, with each a hand upon
. (hu I)ersol, wm,m (hl.v aid
. ()(. (.(HlU, m)t rt.t. ,uist, ns Lis back
towimllt tlum After a furious struggle they
; , .. ;,.,;. jowll ,lltt) waler, and as it
- , , . , , . his ,t tin hu
drowned. They then saw them relinquish their
grasp upon his ankles, and the body ! the mur
dered man was hidden for an instant from their
view. In another moment, a dark object swept
down the foaming cataract, und ull wus over ill
iLli,.t-liie limn limn it I1114 tiiLpn inn to tell it.
T io poor old counle ot tne cotuicre were so
terrified that they knew not hat to do. Their
rushes lay neglected on the old settle in the
chimney corner. The preparations for their
simple breakfsst, in which some progress had
been made, were forgotten, und the oaten cake
I ,,nli.i.iliil nn li. ii-iil,tlu "
u was uui um ,nn- ..-.-. - b-
! . . . r .1
i roaring oi me
force," which from their
i'mitv to it for more than half a cen-
turv. lliev nau never in-.nu m-iuiu,
., t i i i i..,r..
now came
I down upon mem in me imiuiy i.rc-iuii oi
j ' . . . , i i i . i .
that beautiful morning, ami s.ruck loudly und
painfully distinct upon the ear; and wailing lor
the dead and unearthly oii en, too, in their ex-
'cited imaginations, were mingled in fearful con
.fusion with the sound.
The bright and cheering sunlight, when it
first gleamed upon the clean-swept hearth
through their solitary window, was pale and
They neither spoke nor moved, but continued
their fixed and unswerving gaze upon the ford
,nnd fall above them, as if watching still the pro-
evotions. And as they appeared, from their
absent and confused manner, to look upon her
but they could not, they dare not, die with it.
.Its weight, they thought and felt, would sink
ithem to perdition. They might, however, put
i off the evil day on which they must divulge it,
and they did so, for a score of years. They
were now becoming very, very old. The grave
was opening before them. Yet, as the "silver
cord, although attenuated and stretched to its
utmost length, did not break last year, it might
not this. Thus they argued, and still they put
jit off, and might, perchance, have continued to
ido so till it would have gone down with them
into that land where all things are forgotten,
had not an accidental circumstance Lioiiglit u-
jbout what the old people considered even now
'a premature discovery.
I One day, as the old man was out on his
monthly round to sell his rushes and supply his
regular customers, as well as to hear and tell
the news of the parish, for he was the greatest
'gossip in it, he was asked by almost every one
.if he had heard that the Dobsons were going to
! America.
Now, the impression of some vague idea of
blood-guiltiness lying at his door, if he allowed
'the murderers thus to escape, or the annoyance
jthat news of such importance should have been
!so widely spead without his instrumentality, or
perhaps both circumstances combined together,
elicited from him, in an unguarded moment, the
assertion lhat he knew something, if he choso to
tell it, that wouid stop them
Two days after this, Sir Frederick V ,
the most active magistrate in ull that ncghbor
hood, was observed 10 cross the brook at Rose
gill Ford, and his servant was soon seen walking
to and lro before old Langley's cottage door,
with the reins of two riderless horses in his
hand. And that self-same evening one cf the
Dobsons was apprehended for the murder of
Tom Smith, some twenty years before, and
forthwith sent with a strong guard to the coun
ty jail, to await his trial at the next assize.
The brother-in-law would have shared a sim
ilar fate, but he was from home at that time, and
never came back.
The eldest brother was missing too. Wheth
er to get away from the poverty and distress co
!ming upou the family, or from his own guilty
'conscience, or from a fear that something might
irans lire ai 111s urouier s irmi or execution, u
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AiCCjl.-f l I
A comiy01.
I Willi a ci r nun
iislaiitial account of the trial, i
lo or nothing that occurred i
jii to all cases of the kind. 1 ;i
there was litt
i w hut w f.ftmi.wm
inuillon, now t tr,
how confident and bold, und
sure of acquittul the prisoner appeared when
first brought to the bar J how he wondered what
'the old Langleys could possibly have to do with
the case ; and how his surprise was turned into
ihorror and dismay, when they gave, as eye-wi -
nesses, so clear una succinct un account ol llio
whole transaction.
The prisoner, with such evidence ngaint
him, I need hardly suy, was found guilty und
paid the penalty of his crime blood for blood.
When on tho fatal scaffold, he acknowledged,
with every mark of real und sincere repentance,
the justice of his sentence. He guve, ulso, at tho
sumu time, a short account, not only of his own
other crimes, but those or the whole lamily, es
pecially of the murder of Jack Bennett by his
eldest brother, whom he stated to be, at that
precise period, wi
(ruleua, in the Illii
working m the lead mines at
inois Territory of the United
States, where, he doubted not, he said, but thut
a just aud retributive punishment would sooner
or later overtake nun.
These, his last words, were truly prophetic,
i' li i I-. .. II . r i.'ii
una nwiuuy una iitcruuy luiuueu.
Jack Bonnet's son, now a full-grown man,
though quite a child at the timo of his father's
murder, was present at the execution, in hope
of hearing something that might lead to the dis
covery and conviction of the perpetrator of that
fearful deed, or at any rate to afford some clue
where-with to unravel the deep mystery in which
it was enveloped.
.Saw the fciaia of llliaoi.
Within three weeks from the time of Dob
son's execution, it might have been a duy or
I .s o more than this ; and, when I reflect upon it,
'I see it must have been, as lie was twenty days
at sea, and there were no steamers then, and as
it must have taken him one day at least to go
home from the county town wnere the execution
took place, and another to go to Liverpool to
take his passage in something more than three
weeks then, allowing for a little margin after
this event, young Rennet landed on the shore of
.1... ' 1 . - T l T I. 1 .? I- . I
its sway, and at no distant period, over the whole
icarth, and in less than twice that period more
mui iniginy empire wmcn is uesuneu 10 exicnu
he was at Galena in search of his father's mur
When he arrived there, he could not find him
He thought that, perhaps, he might have been
so changed by labor and poverty,' by age and
sickness, and more than all, perchance, by the
ceaseless gnawing at his heart-strings of that
never-dying worm, a guilty conscience, that his
victim had been so much altered in hia. external
appearance that he could not recognise him, es
pecially as years on years had passed away since
Ir t he had seen him ; and he was quite correct
in his conjectures.
But fear and apprehension for his safety gave
to the guilty one a more accuto perception. He
saw and knew the av enger at once, and fled.
Young Bennet, after a fruitless search for
him among the mines, did not long remain.
It appeared, from a subsequent account of their
respective movements, that on leaving the mines
thev had taken different and circuitous routes.
both of which led to the ferry already mention
ed. They did not, however, arrive there to
gether, nor within a week or more of each oth
er; but James Dobson, who reached it first, had
to wait so long before the flood sufficiently sub
sided so as to enable him to get across, that by
that time young Bennet was also there.
Here Dobson, from some cause or other, did
not again immediately recognise his persecutor,
although he had certainly some misgivings about
his identity with his fearful avenger. Hence
his impolitic question, dictated by his grovelling
and cowardly tears, "JIrt youjrom ualena ! '
A few words will serve to wine up this fear-
ful but faithful history.
r rom the log hut of the new settler in the
Far Vt, where we left him, James Dobson
went out at break of day into one of those forest
patches with which those widely extended prai
ries are thinly dotted, and there shot himself.
The fatal shot brought yountr Rennet and his
host immediately to the spot, but loo late to hear
a single wordot conlession or repentance. I he
vital spark in the poor victim ot a guilty con
science when they reached him, was quite ex
tinct. Tliev buried him where he died, and as they
turned him, uncoffined, into his rude grave, they
could not help observing, at least young Bennet
could not, that his hands were bcsmeaied with
blood ; but now it was his own.
The youngest of the Dobson family, the
first sentinel at tho old Abbey, as the reader will
recollect, on that ominous and eventful night
which formed the culminating point in their fear-
lul history, who had been guilty ot no overt
act of felony, emigrated to this continent, and
became a successlul settler.
His poor old mother had long ago been hap
pily numbered with the dead. And his father,
bowed down with age and infirmity, and left
alone in his poverty, when ho saw that every
man's hand was against him, determined to come
to America to his rich and favorite son, the pet
of the family, to ask hiin for a morsel of bread
during the short time that, in the course of na
ture, he had to live.
He sold his idle looms, and did so. Rut the
sordid wretch refused to grant the trifling boon
he sought, and therefore he went home again,
or, rather, back to where alas I lie had no home
now no house to shelter him, even for the
short remnant of his days.
This cruel and unnatural conduct of .his son
had a serious effect upon his health, and he did
not long survive it. But how or when he diod
no one ever knew.
Long after he was missed as a wandering
(mendicant in the neighborhood of his former cx
j ploUi M ft molealcer and poachcr a dead
jbody, supposed, from the clothes upon W, to have
'been that of old Dobson, was found in the only
Imnislniniv unit ft'iln nwlnt 1 flmmlipr tf 1 lie ruin Ml-
""6 .-i.. .. -
jrcady more than once referred to. The face,
11 single leaiuro or u nau oeen mere, wouia
havo been quite sufficient to indentify it; but
no! not a line was left that was mutilated or'
destroyed, as if by some bird of prey, which
lall the country around believed to be no other
than Tne Old UWI or tne ADDey.
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own aieni, me uaairie Juice.
Half a leaipovnlui of Uila Fluid, inruard in water, will dl-
fei or diaaolte fin f Htit Oct la ( ! -,
out of lha itoiuaet,.
HCIENTIK1C EVIDENCE! "aroa I.irhlc in Mil c If brand ,
WOlkoa Aaliaal CbsBtUUV, 'Am Artificial Dtfntivo Fluid j
analog oua to the Gaatrlc Juice, nay be readilr pre jarfd from
Iho uiucua DH-mbraite of the atoniacli mf tb Calf, in wbieh vn- j
lloua article of food, aa nient and egg, will ti tejtcnti,
..,. . ,f.t,4, U. .... a..rr a. I.. .
it. combe, in btvtuau wriiins. on the 'Phynioioey i
Oaatric iutee It a prom mint and allwrrvBillnt mm of rw- i
cine .14 London, who was tcverely aiflicied with ihi complaint I
flndinf everything to fait, had rreourae io the Gaatrlc Juice- I
ocMia.' and tie atatea that 'a dtitinanifilted nrnCraaor of mdi I
obtained from the a torn ach ol living auunala, whicU proved
l)r. Graham, author of the famoua work a oa "Vecetable,
Diet, aaa: lt ia a remarkable fact ia Phyainlogy, UmhikoIii
prouerirof diawlvinc variou. amcica of lu.. and of rdmim
tmnavRn tanimaa, macerated in water, HiifKtrt to be Aid Ihi
a aiod of artiftcial dignnoa of ibim la aowiae d.ffeient lrom eery rticle of French, German, British or Amerkari
DrD,oa:rgr. "wlFix 'Cbml.try of Ma..' L. it ' uiauufaclure which the necessities of tbe trade retjuiwi
Blaachard, rhiia.lUl. pp. Ki-)aarK 'The diacovnrv of Vrp , Kspecial attention Sas been devoted to the selectM
ain formi a mw era la Uie chemical hiatory of Uig.io u. From ladies' dress good, and merchants Vlaitinr this city may
recent eioerimenu, know Uiai Hiod ia diaioived a rapidif iv UDOn . assortment eanal to anv in the Uiihjb
io an artificial digctivo fluid prepared from Pipaiu aa it U ia !?y , j .f ,u , ! j , , ' r .w . T
tbr natural uaatric J-iic. iueif.' . i They i lite ad that the extent and elegance f thur stock
frofrawr liungiiaoa, of too Jeffcrana College, thlla.. in hia shall hereap.er command the attention of aaerchanU via
great work eu "..man PhyiiologT. drvoiea uior. ihao Sfty pa-. itinz St. Louis, and they will obligate themadvea lo!
m to the eia.uta.iiun of mis .abject. Hi. .iperiiar.t. wlUi kXI -ooa. as low at they can be borugtil frMi Nw Vrk
Dr. Beauuiont.oaiae Gantric Juice, obuined Iroui Ilia living -T? . . . . . rn. 1 .,, . . . . -
human Moaiarh and from a.im.la. are well know.. 'In .Ilea- or Philadelphia, fhey Will duplale any bUU whick
ha ay. 'digntioa occurred a. perfectly la the amocial aa may be made in Um Eastern Cities, adding only thf
in iir hwihi .um.,
For further prwof of the remark able merfie of thia d ben very.
call at the follvwini plaeea io Uanmbal and gel a aVacriptive
aheetand where the article ean be had: T. B. RriLtingbaai tV
Bun, N. P. kunkle t Co. II. Blak-lev,, Ar.
1ALICOKS of all colors and de-tcriptiun., for sate
V cheap by
fapr2!rl COLLIN b Jt BREED.
JJONNETS Goine oTft an! for til uf ul',
-Ulow by api2ly
1 10
MANUFACTURERS and Dealers in Italian ant! American Marble. They have uow on hand a joocl asaoc
meut, and will funii.b on the shortest r.otice,
Ilarble Mantel.Pieces; tine Parlor, and Chamber Grates; Counter and Wash
Stands; Garden Vases; Statuary; Tomb Stones;
And every other description of MARBLE WORK at lowprice. ET CaU at their Marble Yard ppoaits the
Brady House, Haunibl, Mo. aprM-ly
I WISH lo sell the farm on which I resicie, situated
in Pike county, 4 miles south-west of SfMticeraburg,
'24 mile, from Hannibal and 22 miles from Loiii.iaua.
Tbe tract contains six hundred acres about as equal
-r ...A I, . ...,t &r,
qiiaillllj Ul lilllim wmwi, Mui.u.vu iuu nn
acres unuei rencc,uiia iiuikiivu ui wuiiu is ,u cuuiva.
tion. There ia a comforUM. brick d-ell.nI bouse
good hni, . stables, com cribs c, a spr,n ot
situated on the edy- f the ( Ur.i.d Prairie it v. oul3
make one of the bjsr slock Urnu u . th. eutry
ba made to ma soon, ou the prem'iMa.
l Will SCI! a Kreav uaif;aiu iu hiu iaiiu,!! aiiuiicaiivu
jeiatf JOHN II. DAVIS.
BLACK Lace Veils, i'reuch Worked Cullars aud
Caries, a very large lot, tellint; awful ch-p at
apr24y COLLlNtJ k BKliED'4
CANDLES -Bparw.Bur It Uouid Caadlua,UBl cuutlautly ou
h.ail at Uw Cheap tiuua.
a. w . i AriiKUE..
rpHE subscribe, ba, permanently located in thi. city
main srreei, iianntoai, aio.
anil is always prepareu t repair waicnea, nrukan
Uovetr. tc.iu the moat workmanlike mamier.and
ineiuo rewnauie .erm i.su aow oo nana, ana
constantly mc-iv nR freah .applies of the hnest ai.d
most faahiotiable Jewelry, Watches, Clock, he, from ;
. i . k. . ; . L. i .. .... . i I j : - 1.
tua ihjpv,4( hvu iu mw va(. Alia a.vi k
unsurpassed by any oilier house in the city
wbo .ive him a call will bo aalialicd with h
oilier neuse in the city, aud thou
as he otters graat imtucemeuls to purchgaer..
Tlie ciliwus of Marion and Raits couMies are re-
rpecvtulty invitvd to (ive me a call. Store on .Main
street, opposite th "Great WttsleiB.1 xptij
Jual received la addtliou to his foimer stork, sup
ply of tar Kuigs, run, etc.
jet Ear Rings, uewstyl.
ru warranted -a very Cue i
And New Spririg and Summer Good!
ruqua Building. J "
4U"u jjuui iiuui u-. -7 - -
fPHK subscriber r now ieiine, ana
JL 1
. opened. 'rf nd lable llggh of
Groceries, ljueenwre. c, lie., which toejr eta an
will sell as low, if not lower, than they cn bo borurM
in tliia inaikrL The miblie are respectfully invited W
way ry J. 11- uca
Fresh Teas!
"IUST now received from that celebrated Tea.. Dff;
J trict, Poyang Hbo, also tome of I.ina FoVaehoiea
Imperial, tc. oct24 T. B. SELMES.
To the M'arinern the omit true
Lords of the A'oil."
WE have just received, and are no selling very
low, a superior article of Grain Scythes,
do . do ' Gran 46
do do StuHkdi' .. . '
tto English iteel Hay Forks,
do Geiman do do do
Also, Sujar, Coffee, Rice, lie., e.
I'uqua Uuildlngs, Hill If reef. -3.
mAII kinds of Produce taken in exchange. je
Boys' Clothing.
Received this day. a large addition lo our stack ot
; Bovs'Clothing,all sizes, consist ing of Sacks, Jackets
' 1 1 Tiii a 1 . . 1 1 j 1 . I 1
wmie aim urewu, snu rams, imuuue, vcki.
, ditta
fee, ke.
fmavt5'5l I
FRESH and fashionable Spring goods just reeeW
and for sal very cheap by T IU IELHES-
B LEACHED and Brown Muslins of all kinda
Checks, Flannels. Tweeds, Castinets and Jeans,
api24y at COLLINS BREED'S.
' O ADDLERY and Hardware, au assodmct Ay
for sale very cheap br iB
j apr3 ly 4" ; T. B. SELMES;
Eissolutto&t "
THE copartnership heretofore" emitting nnder the
name and firm of Jaa. A. Quailes, Co.. is this
' day dissolved by mutual consent. H. Wiekenbaai is
alone authorized to settle and adjust Uie business of tbej
same. JAS. A. QUARLE9;
aug4-3t ' a. VttCKESSHAM.
' .
Whnlp;n1p Dpnlpr in FnrPliTTl AT( Diri
" .-3ESTIC DSt fiGODS,
115, Main ttrtd. Si. Louit, Afutouri.
MOKCAN, WCLUNG, k. CO. will hav rcsjy for
exhibition br 1st SrnKmber. tb not mtenaiv
stock of Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, tliejr hart)
ever offered in St. Louis
li is unnecessary 10 specify.
roods .uuautitiet or Dlieei.but their stock will enbraca)
cost oi iranaponaiion. etc.
To cash or punctual dealers, unusual inducnaenU
will be offered, aud all Ibey ask ia that their stock anay
be examined, to convince merchants of the foregoing
farts. au7w
.fi. i. anr.t:jv,
Attorney at Law, and Ocnaral fttal
I .r
i um
Ranaibal. Mav
ice oa ISorlB iue oi mru, Deiwee i suta xa vav.
ILL attend to the eolleclioa of debts and M
pnTessional busiuesa enlruded lo kit care.i
i y
hleoBlpte(. Abstracts of Till, to aH there eV'
! .""H.mbal, and will fu..i.h to taoM d,r,ng iT;
ir olnmlMlon.d to uU. D.po.i(ion., Acknwt,
j f (ot ,h, f Vir.ii.ia aJ
,.,.!. '
Messrs. Woods, Christy , Co.,8t. Lole, HM
Mesars. Doan, Kin C-, a as
Maori. Collins ellog, "
Siler, Prtce , Co., Philadelphia. Pa.
Morris U. Hallowell Co. "
Atwood k Co., "
MofTelt, Uawe at Co., HaaniUaJ, Mo,
tU. T. R. Belmes, .
Mr. Ceorge Schroler, foct Sl-ly
Administratror's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given to all parsons interested in
tbe estate of Samuel M. Waters, dCitatd, that
alters of administrate! have been granted U the tw.
, . . - ... - r u;, . i .
, rVuiuT TlbTTsir All U.
, - " " , i..i i i i..iiii,
on ! " "T"" . r'T.
nersous navuur ciaiuva aiainai aata amaiearef-
- - ,,rM.ul the, properly .utbentieeJ, with
9U" 'rlMB,b, o...Vf Hdletler. and if M r-
sented wttbia three years they will be toreva boed.
; analA lit
I "
PHE subscriber kuaN luiU aa4 U "2Hi
-- "'jr vmg ma irw . aa- rj
sorted stock of GOODS, suUhN for thuv aaaiket, ever
i brought I Northern MUeouri. II. nIwm til aaii
ulohtatoimer slock, sup- stnceiv inaiiks lur in aunriiij supHn n a ai
c. Alto a very line lot o 1 ways leceived, and ao efiort aiail be wautm bt
. Smith's New Yoik Culd part lo merit Us contiuiiauce. T. R. (t.Utl1
Cue article. Oct 2. 1 leb 39
- stnceiv thatiks iur th autirinf supHNrt he a al-
aia.rjijsjjt9iwV,-"''''k x

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