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Hannibal journal and western union. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1851-1852, September 25, 1851, Image 1

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Editor aud l'ublislicr.
VOL. 2 NO.' 4J
Attorney at Law, and General Real
". . , Hannibal, Mo.
Office on North till of Bird, between 1st nil 2d ts.
WILL attend to the tolleetion of debts and othrr
professional bonnes entrusted t his care.
He ha complete Abstracts or Title to all Niereal es-
late in Hannibal, and will fu.Digh to tliose desiring it,
an abstract of all the Conveyances, on record, of any
hit in the city.
He ie commissioned to take Depositions Aphnowl
eilgcmrntof deeds, kc, for the States of irginia anil
Kentucky. c
- Messis. Woods, Christy U Co., ft. Louis, M
Mes.rs. Doan, Kins; 4 Co, " "
Messrs. Coilum 4r Welio s " o
" Kiter, Price Jc Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Morris b. Hcllottell 4 Cp. " "
" Atwood A. Co., w "
'K Mulled, Haw It Co., Hannibal, Mo. ,
I Mr. T. R. Belmes, o ,' " '
Mr.Ceorge Scliroler, "octSMy " "
Smith S. AUfen,
Altoi uc) a( Lnw,
"hannibal, "Marion county, Missouri,
IT7'ILL promptly attend to all professional business ;
II entrusted to, nis care in ine counties 01 iiiaiiwu,
Ralls and Pike. He Will give particular attention to
the securinr and collection of debts in any part of the
Stale. CJ-Olfice on Bird street, four doors abovo tbo
. corner of Bird and Main, in frout of tbo Marshaled
Recorder's office. $
BERAGE Dca Lniiies, a newstyle of goods for la
dies' dresses, ., y apr24y
IVENS, opposite the City Hotel, has just
A. in addition (o his formr stork, the
0 largest assortment of Jewelry ever brought to Hanni
"bal. He invites his customers to call at the above
establishment, where they will always find the r&hest
-and most extensive assortments of Watches and Je,w-
-elrv, Silver and Plsted Ware,conMstirfg in part of Gold
aad Silver I ever Watches, Hreastpins, Euiring, Fin
ger Ring", Pencils, lockets, Gold Kob.Vest ami Guard
Chains, Bracelets, Gold arid Silver. Spectacles, Card
Cases,Slver Combs, Tea Pots, Castors, Candle Sticks,
Aeaordeons, Guns, Shot Bags and Pouches'. "
ICJ6ood Watches of every description carefully re
parted ahd warranted to keep lime if well used or
the money returned. " mai20lf
(Sticceutir to JIi lltr Sf Bou.tr ,)
Forwarding and Commission merchant
rp - B. 8TE
X . received
Liberal Cu'i
..fruncc tuuiie on ConsignmaUi.
iSI? CS) IS S3" IS iT .&1' IHj-s
Late of Quincy, III.
ae of- Hannibal, Mo.
& st oi:iii..ii,
AT T 0 R N E Y S c A T LA W,
prJ-6in g
LACK Lace VeiU, French Worked Collars and
Capes, a very large lot, .elling awlul cheap at
pi2ly COLU.NS 'At BKjit.U'S.
Judje Catron's Charge to the Grand
Homo little regard is, yet jxud in this country
to tho opinions of men occupying eminent judi-
ciul positions, mid to their interpretntion oj" the
luw. They deservo.Rt oil events, a little more
consideration than is given to the opinions of po
litical adventurers and demagogues the Ryn
dm of the stump and of the'iircHs which
source has been prolific in interpretations of the
law aid of existing treaties, pinc the com
mencement oCj the late invasion of Cuba. rAn
uuXiiuiizcd txinikiiion of the hf.v, an. ?& '.'i!
treaty obligtuions tf this government, from such
a source as Juge ''atrok, associate justice of
the Supieme Court of the United States, ought,
therefore, to be regarded as very opportune and
satisfactory, to all good citizens ; and we Jake
pleasure in laying before ouncaders trie charge
of the Judge, as recently1-delivered before the
Grand Jury of the Circuit court at Nanhwllc:
St. Louis Hep.
GiiUknu-n of the Grand Jury : 0
From the limited criminal jurisdiction of this
court, and the gratifying fact that it is not often
required to exercise that jurisdiction", it is sel
dom that we feel ourselves culled on (o address
the Grand Jury upon being empanneled, except
on offences lor the commission oi: winch par
ties are in custody." But recent acts and dem
onstrations, too prominently notorious to have
escaped general attention, Iwve been committed
in this city, and which acts Were professedly
done in violation of the treaties and laws of the
United States. Our streets have been paraded
by military music, accompanied with bowlers,
if or the purpose of exciting the vicious, the idle,
the young, and the thoughtless, to enlist as sol
diers, for the pilrpose of invading the Island of
Cuba, and aiding there, a portion of its popula
tion to overtiirox the present government.
1 his Island is a colony oi CMwin, and has been
governed by that kingdom, ever since its first
conquest from the natives, three hundred and
forty years ago. We" are it peace with Spain,
and bound by several treaties to maintain peace:
and Congress ahas enacted stringent laws to se
cure an obsft-vance ol our treaties with ?paiu, ana
other nations. By the act of 1818, it was pro
vided : 0 o o
'Skcv. 2. That if any person shall, within the
i territory or jurisjaicuoitoi ine oiiiieiliiLUcw,
rtnlit .! i.r lii:nenlf nr rt linvnmt f lip limits
or jurisdiction of thrL nited plates, wjth.mleiit
to be enlisted or entered in the service of wiy
forcitrn Drince.' state, colony, district, or peoiile,
Cj I ' . 11
as a soldief, or as a marine or seaman, on board
of any vessel of war,letler of mar((ue, or priva
iteer, eVery jierson so oirending shall bo deemed
irttiltv of a hiirh misdemeanor, and sluill be lined
clothes, of arms, or munitions of war, and the1
1 rans portal Sort of troops by steamboats, or other
vessels, ore all indictable, and punishable by a
fine of $3,000, and by imprisonment in the com
mon jail for three years.
r.ii C' .1,
ine law governing you as me uranu Jury is,
that you may indict on the knowledge and infor
mation ot one of your own body. Such is the
rule in the State Courts, nnd your powers and
duties are the same. And it is your special du
ty to act on the indictments and evidence to sup
port them, sent np to you by the Attorney iif
the United States as on him devolves the one
rous duty of causing the laws 'to be executed.
Another circumstance will b brought to your
i.o'.kc. lVi'iviv rr."Y "..ipnt to von w:ho will
refuse to testify because their evidence might
tend to criminate themselves. Against giving
such evidence a witness is protected; but he is
bound to- testify against all others, fully and
lairly, regardless or his own opinions or wishes
oi tho subject and should a witness refuse, you
will report the fact of his refusal, and the rea
sons assigned for it, to the Court through your
foreman; so that the Court mny;0tkcide to what
extent the witness" f n boirttf to answer, and how
far he is protected. Under no other circumstan
ces will you disclose what is said or done in the
jury room. Mioulu a witness state facts Wat
implicate nunseii , uisrcgaruirtg ine consequences,
it is your duty not to disclose the facts lie may
tatc, r.cr to use thcra to nis prejudice in any
It is proper t remark that, although the idea
of invading Cuba may be discouraged just now
by the reported nevs that Lopez and his follow
ers have been taken, and most ot them destroy
ed; still, this country has no security against a
recurrence of ether attempts similar to that,, of
Lopez and his associates, "u it is generally be
lieved that no power to punish exists iji the
President, or courts of justice. Had this for
eign advent urer and his confederates been punish
ed as they- deserved, for the first invasion of
Cuba the late invasion and the' unfortunate sac
rifice of human life, inflicted on men, (most
crucdly and basely deluded,) and the recent inbbs
and unlawful proceedings, would not have oc
curred, l heir leading cause nas oeen immunity
of punishment, and the consequent belief that
iionu; could be nillicted. Disregard altogether,
gentlemen, the present slumbering condition of
the excitement, and indict for crimes already
committed, ;uTyou Would do, if the excitement
was in lull lorcc. It you do not. -re may soon
see our country again agitated as it recently has
j th- hv.vs f urthcr st t dc!tc.
Ours is a government of the people; "it is self
government."" On no other pcopleV'of the earth
lis the duty so lii'li to mamtan the uws, as on the
'citizens ot the L nited States. The government
is in their lnuids, and depends on them for its
iMife keeping; and if the laws arc not ttphld, it
must fall, and be remembered in history as a
I signal failure, and be held up by kings and cm-
Ftmn the Washington Republic of the WA.
of Lopez, at Narrated by his Followers.
Extract from dispatch to the Nary Department,
from Commander Charle T. Piatt, Command
ing United States ship Albany, dated Ibivana,
Sept. 1. v . .. , o
The followers of Lopez having been entirely
dispersed, and a number of prisoners reported
as brought to this pla'-o on the 27th ultimo, I ad
dressed a letter to tho Captain General request
ing ciiermission to hold un interview with any
Americans who might be among them. This
permission was readily accyrde4 in a reply,
which is enclosed. The interview . was post
poned until the morning of the 30lh, the prison
ers having in the mean time been transferred to
t he castle of the "Puntu" and '-soine accessions
having been made to their number. ' The com
maii(l;it of the castle informed mo that the
whole number of prisoners is fifty-seven, of
whom about thirty w thirty-five were Ameri
cans, as we learned from themselves. This of
ficer was pvecent throughout the interview.
Another gentlemen, who Was introduced as in
spector of prisons, came in during its oontinu
auce, and remained until its close. The priso
ners were heavily ironed, were clad, in a pris
on uniform, and had their hair closely cut. They
were confined in an arched gallery, to which ac
cess was had tlirougli two grated doors, the in
ncr being entirely- ot iron,
rV9n between the two doors lay the garments
worn by the prisoners ut the time oi their coa
I huld have stated that my first lieutenant,
Mr. Taylor, was with mo during this interview.
The whole number of prisoners, including those
not yet brought to Havana, is officially stated to
be about 130. ,
I have just learned that Lopez, who was cap
tured on Friday last, (August !ft)), wm froiight
in last night, and publicly garrotjd at seven o'
clock this morning. '
We learn that, upon receipt of tlese dispatch-
e, the President directed copies to be sent to
the Spiu'sho Minister, the further to enforce
an appeal already made to the government, now
since the leader of the expedition has been cut
o(F, to deal mercifully with his deluded followers,
...lS" ' L'..: vi.-- ..,,... ... ,.. . L
who were ruiietru iiuu mo mvai'iui uitv..
belief that the.people of the island we're already
in a state of revolution, and desired assistance
to establish a republican government a state of
facts which, had it existed, could) not have jus
tified their conduct, either in the View of our
own statutes or of the law of nations; but the
expectation ot. which gives them a strongclaim
to pardon. 0 e
is ineapapabie cof "self -government.
i morbid dreaming, hut an undeniable
Beys' Clothing;. r
Received this (lay, a large addition to our Stock ol
Hoys 'Clothing, all sines, consist iny of Sacks, Jacket;',
white and brown, DriU 4'aiits, ColtooAle. ditto Vests,
' ' " fmavlft'ol t
not exceeding one thousand dollars, and inipris- 'perors, in future time, as conclusive evidence
"... ' 1 l.i.. ...... i . I .. '.. p .
oncil not exceeding three years.
'Si;c, G That if any person shall within the
territory or jurisdiction of the United States,
jbegin, or set on foot, or provide, or prepare the
means' for, any military expedition or enterprise
to be carried on from thence, against the territo
ry or dominions of any foreign prince or state,
or of any'' colony, or state with whom the United
Suites arc at peace, every person so offending
that man
this is no morbid dreaming
fact, requiring deep consideration at your hand.
Where do Men find their Wives?
:- Where do men usually discover the women
who afterwards become their wives? is a oue.s-
l 'tion we have occasionally heard discussed: and
the result invariably come to, is worth mention-
shall be deemed giuliy oi a nigh miiuiemcanor, nig to our yoimg lauy rcancr. cnancc lias
shall be lined not exceeding three thousand dol- much to do in the aff.iir; but" then there are im-
liu-s, u and imprisoned not exceeding three portant gvn eninijf '.circumstances. It is certain
years." ' that few men make a selection from ball rooms,
...ri rt.i.i'-. i . i .... 3 i ,
In open violation ot uns i.iw, a targe iiiiuiie cir any onier piace oi lniuue gaieiy ; nnu nearly
meeting has benn held in this court house a few as few are influenced by what may be called
weeks since; prolcsseilly aa notoriously, na snowing on in ine streets, or ny any allurements
ing for its principal object, the raising money 'ofdrcSs. Our conviction is, that ninety-nine
!by voluntary contributions, to equip men and .hundredth of the' finery with which women
jscnd.tliem off in detailed numbers, to be after- 'decorate, or load their persons, goea for nothing,
I wards organized at New Orleans, or beyond 'as far as husband catching is concerned". Where
'then', into companies and regiments and to act and how then do men find tbeir wives ? In the
'in militurv 'nriiy, iii conjunction with others, : quiet homes of their parents and guardians at
'thus tvL : '.-! -4-Sa, overthrow its governmenl, the fireside!, where the domestic graces and feel-'
Vina lul of liiiii'hains lor sale onreasoiiable terms and
LKAC1H9D and Brown Muslins of all kinds,
Checks, Flannels, Tweeds, Cassinets aud Jeans,
apiity 0 al COLLINS 4 BuEEU'ti.
c QADDLF.RY and Hardware, an assorting
fur sale verv cliean b
0l,r3 fy ' T. R. SKLMKS.
Ribbons. ,.
A FINE assortment of spring adn summer Bonne
Hibbons, also.eiatiu and Mantua Ribbons lor halt
a.r24y by COLLINS it UKKLO.
1 UST opened Mine lot of BOOTS and SllOtS
J of all tjualities, among which you will hud some
beavt ilul excelsior kid tie lorhe Ladies at
'.foreign iiatii with
They stated that the expedition sailed from
New Prleans in the steamer Pampero. They
were not sure of the exact number composing
it, but thought it was four hundred and eighty
seven; that it certainly did not amount to five
hundred. Before landing in Cuba they anchored
near"' Key West, where they remained several
hours, and were visited by some citizen ot that
place. They landed in Cuba about two o clock
of the morning of the 12th August, Their first
figlit took place on the 13tfi. From that period
they, had lost all recollection of dates. They
had five engagements, but could nut tell how
many of their number had been killed, o They
were armed with conuemned muskets had no
rifles but many individuals had revolvers and
knives. .1 hey brought with them eighty thou-
nnd cnrlridws. nnd cantured many mnre nl'ter
landing. They had no artillery. Soon after
landing tlu?y found they Ijad been deceived,
md became anxious to return home. I hey ban
been informed, before sailing, that fourteen
towns 'were in possession of the "patriot," (4o
use their own language,) and that the wholejs
land was in a state of revolution. a c
They suppose tho fifty men captured with
Col. Critteuden were endeavoring to make their
escape. They so infer from the fact that they
were all dispirited by tlie reccjit ion they met
with, and disgusted, they said, with the "lies and
deception" practiced towards them. The coun
try people generally lied at their approach, and
none joined them. Worn cjut with hunger mid
fatigue,, the men composing this body threw a
way their arm.s a week or ten days previoils-2-'fhejf
could not distinctly remember when. They
had not at that time heard ofthe-offer of life 4o
!such as" would give themselves up, but their inv
tcntion was to throw themselves on the mercy
ot the SKimsh Government. Thry did not
come in all together, but in small parties, and at
difl'erent times. They had subsisted chiefly up
on fruit, and tfie last meat that some of them h&d
eaten was their General' horse. There was no
lack of nmnrUuition when they threw away their
arms, though much of what they brought had
been damaged by rain. Lieut., Grider stated
that he "carried a musket, though an officer, and
thaj, he had '2S rounds of cartridges in his box
I when he threw it away. 0 ,
Capt. Kelly stated that the editor of the New
Orleans Delta, Mr. Sigur, was instrumental in
OTEP in and eiumine those fine Blanki-tn, and Keady
meTCP, and a deep interest to maintain peace.
In all our relations with Spain, lor more than
thirty years, she has fairly and fully observed
'the faith of her treaty stipulation with the, Uni-
ted States; nor can we viol.Ue these treaties
! without national disgrace. On their observ
ance depends, our honorable
'civilised nations of the earth.
clothin? at the store of
v r w in .
her. This was done in con,- -ings are alone demonstrated. These are the
jr. ..i ...... ...m, ., !...,.,,,., .. I.;.. I, ....n , .1... i.: i. ....
'li;illkTiiu ui uni uiiiina nil uiLiuiia in, n inv.n, (.inn, uiiitii;L mr iiiiru us t , . ... :i 1
th which we have much com- iwrll as the humble. Against these all the fi- P"sua ung nun to join uie expeu.uoiunav.og
nerv and airs in the world would sink into insig- "ca Pso.umy upon u.e suojecr. xic
nilieanee ' " nad ruson lQ believe that he persuaded many
We shall illustrate this by an anecdote, which, ?,h"S ttU Tlle,whle manifested much
though not new, will not be the worse for being jd'guat,on toward. Gen. Lopez and Mr. S.gur,
. t t Id . anJ niany of them asserted that it would be
"""in the "year 1773, Peter Burrcll, Esq., of !,worse f" ie Ut? lC)' ?loMt l". r1
standing among I Buckingham, in Kent, whose strength was rap
II is idle to up- f idly declining, tyus advised by his physician to
i pose, that other nations Will respect our iustitu- 'go to Spa for the recovery of his health. His
''lions, if our government is so. weak, that our I daughters feared that those who had motives cn-
CHiaLta uinxrK,
lu.n.r Vuim &.c. No. Ktt Coiniueri
tit itl.
Springer Jl Whiteman, Harrison & Hooper, S h.
Row (Cashier), CihctmmuIi; J. H. Stmges fc Co., J. !
Adams, Aft OiUant; Loker Keliick it. Co.. fbotiteau &
Valle, Wio. H. Morrisou, St. Low; It. U.Btidel
Co..A'iTk. , , , uiarJ7 It
1IAIII11! I- 1,1 f .,1. ,,.., I,,r 'tipulu mnptatmvtr. iirniil.l I, ll,..(
, LUWa lllUV UU UISI 1 1111 UVU afc Ifiw'lik., ui .iin.il in,, i uni nuiiKi ii. I'll? lint mill, ciiivil-
' I.. .. . . .1.1 . . . I'll 1. ii . t I
.lerly ami lawhs mobs ; thai solemn treaties may ition which ne migni expect irom tnose wno irom
. . ., . i , i r .. . 1 . 1. . 1 il" . . 1 1 i 1 . 1
uiuy ninb ueoiion uuueu, wouiu icei ine great
est pleasure in ministering to his ease and com-
lort; they therelore resolved to aceomjmny lain.
They proved that it was not a spirit of dissipa-
j. w, irniiiMi la.!-,,,. " . i. i . i r .1...
uniiiinumo. 'i" ue violated, loreign consuls uc urivcu irom mc
J. W. SPALDINO ft CO., Icoiinlry: and the subject, of ijoreigu nation re-
-tOMMlSSlON aa4 SbrwaHiii.R'- Me;';J Ludina in our sea-ports under express treaty
Vr til btar uaiirtie. hurcn, Hmp, "' '"": :l(ins. be m.,1 bed. and their i.roiertv des-
troveu. 1 uni tucu nas occn uio caite ai new
fTMHS is the larg
W.nnibal. 'To rent by the day or week. Knijuire of
,7 , T. R. SliLMfcS.
of allroluia and descriptions, for sale
fapr2lyj CDLL1NS& BllBKU.
OrWas within a few week paU, we all know.
There, the law i trodden under fogt and that
is the head quarter to which our people are invited.
It is the imperious duly of our federal coJirts
d thq district attorneys representing the Uni-
in the several districts to act to sup-
uon ana gaiety, mat ea mem o pa, lor they Ar durinff lhe war with Mexico.
were noi 10 ue seen in any oi me gay ana kjsii- ,j .,, aMnli a
ted State
irgeit and best room fot Balls, 1'uUlic lprt.ss crimes arising under the act of lSlS. J
ures, l'olilicai and other Meetii.Ks in fuij to ,)t,rrorm this duly, as part of tl
nart ol the
irovernmeni, iiiiio can uc uum uy uw i u-siutin,
as no jKjwcr to punish rests with him.
That tlte i"i-esldent lute- not iihmi enauk-u iu
J cheap by
TinisivvrtJ Coiiur olTfast and (
U)w by api'.' ly
tale uiimually
Fresh Teas!
htut : i ih rpli'hraterl lea Uis
Juo i iiuw rricivcunvui i
tiitt. Povaiie Hho. also aome of Linn FoftN choice
Imperial, Ate. oct24J.
William Hawkins
T 1 k m.l nnened his stock of 8TAFL.E
tl'l'AXCW 1HIY OOO US Keady made cloth
T. u,...i Kl,p. Uueeusware and liioierifi. Cal
ami examine or good we think our prices will suit
oct. au. r. w. ii
home. On being told that Gen. Lopez was ta
ken prisoner, a cry of joy and exultation ran
through the crowd. " r,
They stated tliat Lopez was chief of the ex
pedition, r.
Col. Dowseman was second in command, and
was killed on the 13th, ,,
Colonel William Scott Ilayiies, of Tennesee,
was another leader. According to their best
belief he was still in the mountains.
Col. Crittenden had been an otliccr in tho L'ni-
The following statement on this subject,
made at the recent annual meeting of the For-'
cign Aid Society, by two distinguished men, are
full of interest to all who love the truth, and
long for it triumph in the continent of Europe,
l)r. firandnieire. fSocretarv of the Soc&te
In the little ante- Centrale Protestante of France) addressed the
meeting in the French language, and said:
Mr; V resident, Ladies and gentlemen, we assure
you that on the continent the Roman Catholic
faith is on the decrease, ami is losing more and
. .1 . I .! ... ; c
more us power aiming uie population aim in
many deiiartmcnt there are entire population
who demand to be introduced into the evangeli
cal faith. My friend have given manvrroof
of this in their departments, and I can also bear
thesame testimony. In La Charcnte, between
Augouleme and Jarrnac, YXyj person signed a
petition last week to the-'Consistory of Jarnac
that tliOy would send a minister to instruct them
in the religion, of the Gospel. This case is rot
a solitary onc there ate many sucli oases the'
C'onsistory told mc I must prepare myself lor
many such demand in me department ot
Aisne, near at vjucntai, in lour localities, there
was not a single protcstant two years ago, yet
there arc now four consreiritioitt. The origin
of this change was-throrigh a poor weaver, w ho
.IT 3iiir'it v tn tc " . t i v. ...
Tf oaves. He had once possessed a Bible, and
he wrote to a Protestant clergyman in Paris, and
asked for a Bible, o Ay copy of the Bible was
sent to him, ad he was awakened ;t U made
known the content' to hi fellow-weaver, and
afterwards through his means the Bible wa ex
tended throughout four large villages, where now
ati four great coiigregnjfons. 0 c
At ht. Opportune, near t.lb;ur t department
of Eure, during tho space of two year they
were without worship, without a minister, no
baptisms, no prayers, and j they were come to
that want of religion, that they agitated the
queslioiiamoiigdheinsclves whether they should
not worship uie sun. ine xisiup oi r.vrecx
had devastated their alt.irs One of their inhab
itants was by chance going to Elbeuf ; he heard
of this pure worship, and came back to St. Op
portune and said: "I have found a very good
religion ;" they then asked for a pantor to come
and teach them no less than sixty-five families
having signed a letter in order to have a church
established at St Opportune, A minister has
arrived tjieri hut when Chat minister first arri
ved, m leaving the cabriolet he was searched by
two geusd'armes, who were going about from
house to house to tafce away all the Bibles they
couhE find. However, ultimately, the 0 pastor
has conquered : the gensd'armes who had orders
tq attend his preaching to ascertain if he really
were a isocialist, went up to nun nimaiier near-
ing hi discourse, and taking him by the hand.
said "There must be some .misunderstanding;
we do not know why we, liave been.ent here,
but we are ctad there ha been thi misunder
standing, for, without0 it, we should not haye
had the happiness 8f hearing you preach."
More than that - the srensu armes have had or
dors to restore airthe bible they had taken
and the Oonseil Municipal have decided that the
church which was devastated kluiUhe given up
to the Pretestant. We lu've scot a minister to
Continent, so that it may not cro thi channel.
Protestant you must hold fast the Bible; it i
not only the foundation of your faith, but the bul:
wark of your national prosperity, your national
liberty, and the tandard of yonr freedom.
Irish Miionary neraiu, juiy ioui.. ,,,
MatoraIty or New Oai-rAN, ,J
27th August, 1851. J .
Sir : I have the honor to call your attention -
to a proposed Convention ol thev outhern and
Western State, to be held on the first Monday
in January next, in New Orleans, for tho pro
motion of the Railroad enteTprize and yteino
of these Slates, in which they may be seppoeed
to have a joint and common interest. ,. , v v
The call of the Convention and it purpose
being fully ct o'iik "iii the accompanying pani ' '
phlet address, my 1 Dcnuowea to express ine
hone, that you will if favorably impreed .
bring the subject before the people of your city,
and appoint a delegation of it citizens to attend
the meeting of aid Convention. , ..
The aembling of uch a body, representing
the interest of many'State, ana informed a tq
their wants anu achievement, inusi nave rot
influence ia developing their resources and ex
tending their enterpwRe. ' 'a
A pnckageool The aiiures win oe sent iq you
for distribution among the delegate . and other
leading citizens.
I have the honor to be, wry respectfully,
Yonr ohl ervt, ' '
A. P. CRQSSMAN, Mayor;
: Mator's Orricc, ,
0 St. Loui, Sept. 13, 1851., ... J .....
A.D. Crossmar, .
Mayor of the city of New Orleans j ' '
Sir : I have received your communication, daW
te 27th August, with a package of pampWet
in relation to the Railroad Convention to be held
in the Clly Ol new wrieana, in January nexu
Copie haye been placed in the hand of the ed
itors of our public journal, with a request thai
thev will call attention thereto, and I shall take
. . . ! :i I .1
pleasure m rorwaruing your wisim w u mo
city of Sjt. Lotti represented in the Conven
tion. . 'tt
It seem to me that tha interests of our city
are closely identified with those of the South,
and especially with those of New.Orlean in
alt matters of improvement calculated to coofen
trate and preserve, a far a possible, the trade
of the great valley in the channel by nature pro
vided for it, and within our own borders. , And
I trust the improvement of the mighty riyer
Anthony, bv the General Government a sub
ject so vitally important both to St. Louis and
I New Orleans will receive due consideration, jni
vour Convention, and uch a recommendation
Lhat Congress will no longer neglect it,- Lf th,
Des Moine and Kock lfcna tuipaare proper,
ly improved, much of the trade that will other
wise inevitably find its way by the railroad
from the Mississippi to the Lakes, will continue
to pas through St. Loui and New Orlean, en-
nchtng our mercharas ana carrier a n now iq
it natural channel on the bosom of the Great
Father of Water. But when once diverted in
other directions, it will be difficult-nif nt im-
posible ever to reclaim it. . ' '
. Trusting that rou will ee thi matter in the
ante light that it appear to me, and ue your
endeavor to have it noticed in all quarters like
to effect our object before Congress, 1 have
ie honor to remain, '
Verv respectfully, your most obT servt,
" 3 . L. M. KENNETT.
ionable circles; they were never out of their fa
ther's company, and never stirred from home
except to attend him, cither to take the air or to
drink the waters; in a word, they lived the most
recluse life in the midst of a town then the re-
resort f the illustrious persoinijes of Eu
rope. - i
This exemplary attention tg their father, pro
cured thou; three unliable sisters the admiration
,uf the English at Spa, and was the cause of their
iclcvatioit to that rank in III e to wAK'h their mer
enforce the net of 11S at New Orleans, up to I its gave them bo just a title. They were all
TtHE subscriber lias now on hand and is
jL daily receiving the large.! and best as
rtil stort of HOODS, suitable for this ma
inni'lit InN'urllu'rli MibfOliri. lie lOtUl 111
Incur thank for lb untiiinir (i)orl he' liau alj
toy received, and no etlort khall be wauling on h,
url to merit it couluiuauee, , T. B hELMES.
Hub tU
our last aeeouuts from there, li too manliest lor
contradiction, there the law tii ls unexecuted;
mid the question for our consideration is, wheth-
... 1 ii.. i..o
er we hero, aro to treat it a a ueau leuer uiso r
So far in the history of Tennessee, a deservedly
high charucter ha been maintain! for the cer
tainty and case ilh which we have administer
ed and executed the criminal laws, both in the
Stale and the Federal courts and il is our duty
to act as wo have always previously done,
and firmly punish as criminals, nil ijinso who
have done act tiiut are m.uio irimuuii uy uie
standing lavr.
ve who it is that luis Argun" or "set on
f,H,t" or "jirovided lueun or prepared tlie
means, for use or transportation, when provided
tff Jlilh traspoiieu nii-ii ui iHn.iim iui mig
,-nterpriso uf invading Cuba, and iudi' t them.
Tho Attorney of the I' idled States will aid ou
in reducing your presentments to the tceluucal
form. . .
The providing eof iuouey, .of pruusiuiis, of
married to noblemen one lo ine tiri ol liever
ly, another to the Duke of Hamilton, and after
wards to the Marquis of Exeter, and a tjiird to
thu Duke of Northumberland.
And il if justice to them to say, that they re
flect honor uu their rank rather than derive any
from it.
Wilkie'b Simplicity. On the birth of Col
ins' first son, the painter requested Sir David
Wilkio to become one uf tho siHiusor for hi
child. Tho great artist lirst criticism on hi
,r,,,lv,ui is vviirlh rivnnliiiir. fruiu il OliiT-
i u. i: i j,"" r ' 1 ' ,
inaliiv. Sir David, wliose sliidies of nature cx- wr
tendeil lo ever
had evideull
the oci-asioi
A Ilutiirarian named Pragay, who acted as
! Adjutant General, was mortally wounded on
the 13th.
j It is a matter of regret that o imperfen4. a
,1'Mirralive hii been obtained from these unfortu
nate men. In the" excitement of th'iiioment
many would speak ot once, mid ' to onie ques
tions it was dillieult to get a satisfactory answer
on account of the eagerness ot all to give it.
At the request of the commandant of lhe cas
tle, the prisoner were asked if tluy lvvd had
,tlits benefit ol medical uUuuuunce uuiiiiii ttivir
'confinement. They replied that they had.
i'l'hey were also asked if they had been provided
! with two meal a day, and whether they had
bread and coffee for breakfast. Some aid they
had ; but other replied that they had no cof
fee. " '""iieeoiumaiidaiit immediately inquired the
i reason of his subordinate, who stated that those
! who had been 'con finciT there on the previous
'eveuing came toil,vte to be provided for on that
morning, but that they would have their allow
'ance of collee for dinner, llo stated that the
'other had been provided for according to or-
TheHorniiifsfLifs. ;
Dow Jr. describe life at twenty ia the fol
lowing unique manner : .'; f. ,.i
"Friends, at twenty we are wild a part
ridges, l here no sucn iiiiik a umiw us, n o
ride that fierce, fiery, headstrong annual, Paav
sion, over fences, ditches, hedges, on to the dev
il leap the five barred gate ot reason without
touching tlie curb of destruction or pulling hardy
er than a titmouse ujion the strong rein of judg
inent. O, at twenty you. are pcrtect locomo
tive. going at the rate of ixty mile an hwrt
your heart the boiler, love Uie steam, which you
sometimes blow oft; in sign; ana nope, tear anx
iety, and jealousy, are the train you drag. . At
this season ot lite, you arc filled "jrlU? t&C shiU
irating ea, Romance, by pcll even a jaokasa
iiluloi.lui.hiz over a barrel of vinegar. You-
'I (both boys and girl) now read novel till your
take cure ot that Sock a pious ?eMous young ;iaarus ave ftened into perfeet jeUy, ud U
I'rytlillij; but Jiuani niuniu iiaiurn,
V been refreshing hi faoultic for
by laving hi boyish recollection
of puppies und' kilt ens; Tor after looking intently
into tliH ohild' eyes, a it was held up for his
insH-ction, ho exclaimed to the father, hh c
rious astonishment and sal isf action, "Vhy, he
It mav be urouer to add iliaX the prisoner
appearuil to b iu good health, and by no mean
no reduced as their exposure aud hardship
woidd eem to warrant. They even appeared
to bo cheerful, which may have been the effect
lof tlmir relief from a alaU of far greater anxie
ty and suffering experienced during their wau
'dering upon tlie Island.
In the department of the Seine et Loire there
are five evangelical congregation, whilst three
years ago there was not one rrotestant. i nave
preached there many tunes, panic-many in nie
zicre and Gomecourt. In .Mezicre the Cor.
seil Municipal and the Mayor have all embra
ced Protustantism. 1 he Prefect accused them
of being Socialists"; but some week after they
were re-elected by the commune. The Mayor
of Mezicre take a great interest it our school ;
he examines the scholars and instructs them
himself in the art of composition. I must tell
you one fact which occurred m the department
iif La Manche, to hov how a simple mind may
often receive the truth of the gospel. A jioor
wwnau wa ou her dying bed ; her friend cut
for a priest J the priest cyme, and during a tem
porary insensibility he administered the extreme
unction ; when bhe awoke she said What, do
you do? 1 am sealed, for the eternal life I do
not neml vour oil. oil cannot pardon my in;
God alone can pardon them." Your eg'it there
i a Converted priest it was he who had given
a copy of the New Testament to this poor wo
man. 1 could add niauy more detail to show
the favorablo result of your labor ;bfit in town
the work is more difficult than in smaller place
because in the former there, exist a strong prej
udice against changing their religion. In villa
ge it i not so I they find their own religion Iwd
e . . : . , . i ..i .i i . ...
not done gJWM to Uieir 0Ul iuey uiereiore t-v
it aside, and take another for themselves and for
their children, and the first thing they ask for
is a christian teacher for their children , they
say, "We will have no more priest for our
elve or for our children, 6 they have left u w
We proy you to hid us in Ibis good work.
You have already done much we ask of you to
do more, for we purpose ta make war unto
the death with superstition; and with the help
of God, we will kill Roman Catholicism on tho
tlod rhto the verv pit of your stomach. On, 1
know how .you feci ! you feel as if you would
like to soar from star to star I kick little planet
aside, take crazy comet by their blazing tails,
puH them into their r;gut course, sit npoi
highest peak of the thunder cloud aud dngl th
red lightning between your thumb and finger, as
a watch chain, and then dive into the gulden,
sun-set sea and port with the celesta! eypfKS
speed on, pull the nose of the man in the moonv
ransack all creation, knock a few pain out of .
tlie heavens, and then flutter down a gentle a,
a breeze and find the darling object of your love,
mending stocking I That' how you feel.?' r
Ci'bed or Error. The Morning Star my
an intelligent man of Boston, Mas., who had ,
repudiated the doctrine of human depravity, and.
held that no uia delighted to do wrong bit
was pressed to it by influences and temptations,
avows himself completely cured, by e reoeu,
trip to CJu'oi nia. He saya that, th fVks
ues, oruolly, iuhuiuau avarice that delight ia
tlie misery of other that money may be wrench
ed from the victim, or tliat drag a dying mm ia.
thejttreet to avoid the expeuse ofburial, which.
he wot with on hi route, conwnceu nun uw,
there wa ome mighty wrong in man s natuMy
or he would never sink so low in the blackneaa
of crime a tht. lw saw wany men who w.er
apparently respectable, honorablu, manly H
houie, who were ueuu wm-rj ffvi
mercy or munlines in the "far off lund," andj
were ready for aiiy deed of darknes which could
feed their avarice or bae desires.
II 11 m . . ,
A Riddli:.-. tinker ar.d hi wife, and a,
nlwr and his mother had thret ilxs. dollur.
Uiroe hidf. and three qju,ut didlar to d:vid.
equally without breakinj; a' v vl '" -
How were they to do it?
A pocl down east, indeser bi.- heaveu,wiy
It's a world uf Hiss fenced. iw w 11b. jjirU' '
' t
i I
" f
W ! II II llll HI 1 VMT
i -

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