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Hannibal journal and western union. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1851-1852, October 02, 1851, Image 1

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( Editor auil l'ubllsliev.
1IANNII3 AL,- MO., OCTOBER 2, 1851.
VOL. 2 NO. 5.
-. . - ...o.,
11. F. LAKtJNAN, o
Attorney at Law," and General Real
Hannibal. Mo.
Office on North side of Hird, between 1st ami 2d ts.
WILL attend to tilt collection of debt and other
- professional business entrusted to bis care.
He hai complete Abstracts of Title to all theranl es
tate in Hannibal, and will ftitnitb. to those desiring it,
an abstract of all the Conveyance, on record, of any
lot in the city.
He is commissioned to take Depositions, Acknowl
edgement of deeds, fcc, for the States of Virginia and
Kentucky.'' , i
II t f ranees: '
"Messi. Woods, Christy t Co., St. Louis, Mo
Messrs. Doan, King 4 Co, "
.Me.srg. Collins KelloRR, ' "
"u sucr, i'riieK Co., ftiiilui'l'hiq, 1-a.
Alorrii U Hallowell 4r co.
" Atwood & Co., " . " ,.
- " Mollr-lt, Hawes Sl Co., Hannibal, Mo,
"Mr. TVK. Selmes,
tMivCeorge Seliroter,: foct 31-lyj "
lievcrthelc's, all Una claims of Magnetism you
liuve ever heard ol are perfectly just, as. well us
many which have not yet been advanced on
your earth. It in this wonderful power which
, -1 c has shown me tho circumstances utoye stated,
f (Continued.) us totlie situation of my wile find fami'y, ns
' In fact, the entire social and political organi- ! w-cll ns many other things I have not named to
zation of this people and empire is dependent you, ami which wilt Rtillenablc me-to know nil
upon .the sciences of Phrenology and Animal , it occurs in the land from whence I came.
Magnetism, lly the first, all the processes of Trie luiur. whom von have iust seen, is won-
education anions all classes nr'n conducted, nnd 'derfully devoted to this div'mes'dSnWr,''nil lrS
every individual is wilh the greatest certainty greater fiortion of his time is employed in the
.appropriated, by parental and governmental an- investigation of its mysteries, lie has an Im-
tborilv, t tfnf s.v''TV.rr whic his rtlirrrlofr- me:ie ' y-Wwr. .alWL'i0 Phreno'cff-Mir- ' j. . - 2 -. . ., -'.V .... ...
developments declare bun td be best f.tted. ;nclic College, with many Professors am many co,mnon rmnent: l)iat thi.
jTh. regulation ,, law extend, even . to the high- Sll,j,.cts oawl 4ha science in .1 its .different Co.lstitution nud the law? oT the United State,
icst offices of Mate, not excepting that ol chief branches is" there undcrirmng continual iwnrove- t--. r ...i ,.n .....: i..
: nil it iliir. tit ulnr1i 1 i : T ni'rsmi is n wavs I'll'- ..,.,,.) ' 11, ,4 ,,,,. u .!, ,,;,,l,i .,,M ,l,..1
' . - ; J iiii,iiv. a , 1 1 I . V) , .iiv u'ii, J ..v.. n,,i,v,u,
Resolutions adopted by tho Whig State supremacy of Democratic and Free foil coalition !mnd maintained, under the Messing of Provi-
Conventlon of Hassachusetts.
1. Resolved, That the Whitrso Massachusctti,
unwaveringly hold to the patriotic sentiments,
expressed by llieni in the-lgishtturo of 1833,
and whicla they have ever firmly cherished, and
now solemnly re-ntlirm as the cardinal princi
ples of the political faith in tho word then used.
That the ConstHullon of .tho United Stated of
America is a solemn social compact, by whicl
i,he people of the said States, in order to, form a
more perl eel union, -establish j nut ice, insure
dence. bv free labor. You hare heard of ont
Resolved, That Mnssachusctta owet it to its .free schools, where inffenloua youfb ittauphtt
own character to rebuke uch a prostitution or isusuun me iaw ana me iimuiuiioi.a wnicn ura,
llithority to tho vilest purposes of bargain and
corruption by a prompt dismissal form office of
all concerned in it, . c.
lO.-j AVWwi, That thc'arrognnt pretension
of the self-styled Democracy of jMassachusetts,
'undrits procnt orgouization. to be theue
jlUnion and National pnrty when they lniVe just
, nided in sendintr to the Senate of the United
domestic traiKiuillity, provide for the commch
defence, iiromote ttie general wellarc, and ac.
cure the blessings of liberty for themselves and
o or. Smith S. Allen,
Attorney at Lniv
T7IU. promptly attend
r a 'ihc niwit is well advanced, i .i. ii...: e .1 .. .i.
.11 i i i i .1 . i ... . , S . iiiiutr iiiu nuuiiu ii v ui aiic nauii:, uic iiic buimuuiu
vatcd whose head indicates the greatest conioi- we will co un into he obscrvatorv. and from i r .i i i .1 .i ..-i
.. . - i1 "'" s" "I' "LU 'i-nuiuii, "u "' law of the land, nnv thincr in the constitution or
nation ol ab.iitirt lor govcrn.ngw.it. wisdom, them you will see the heavens under a differ- laws of B11V Slu'te (0 Uie )fltrarv IlMlwml,u,ld.
iou nave no uouui Pnt iisnect from nnv voti have evor vet behld." : i n.' . :.: ?, ,.. . ,i.
, , . 1 , . , , , 9 . , ri'i; unit inai iiu uiiieii, nuucvur oilier iiicuiuer
p.i r' i i;.' , I. ? 1
lias a Tigiu, in any snapc, or
to annul or prevent the exc-
said Constitution, law or treaties,
Imoderation end finnnesi'.
COUNTY JIISSOUKI yvursuli: remarked thec singular formation o .Saying this, lie led me to'a broad flight bf Avind- !0f t'he fiodv' politic' h
to all professional hus.nes, jhtad l.rescnted by 4hc Emperor and some, of his gteps which seemed almost interminahle, but I onI)rctext,' to
ni the counties of .Marion, jelne.f officers. oThis development is not only the finally conducted us to an area upon the roof of cutiolJ oie s-a;j
nere i was insiun uy s.rucn wun . or artv of them, excentinir ineh extreme cases
snfria1(l lf Ilia r-Hfll."
Halls and Pike. cHe will eive particular attention to Itest ol abililv, hut is regarded as uic standard olo (,. ,wac(!
the securiiiK and vlleclion of debts n any part of the beauty, the Emperor being considered the hand- Ithe remarkable aonearanco of the heavens : di
4. . a- a ... u;...l, ilmsl fniir i rt nra nhnv thp . n a,' I ' I - . r, . . '
JlolC. -J Ull niisVniKti, iv... anmnv ns tr,pn . o . o
Kirti-trret.four doors above the V r . w . I , . . " i . o ... .' : Jly v'"1 l" u,c UiK
iornerof Bird and M.W,, iu front of the M.rsha.and ' "' AttSnl r ,M. iTl": " .Ji. """ .iVi..;! ;tl,e prim.!e of the natural and the indvfcMsib e
U nutter-'
Uorr,lor nffip O o o oi.JHunioi ...iasiiiiiiu .uajp IHIr IUOOII,
T1EKAGE Dea Laines,a newstyleof goods for la-i .extensive or wonueruii. u is0 universally em- to ft wlien at tlig lull, lixcd my gae,
XJ dies' diesses, o h apr.-1 ployed in the invesiigaiion nnd ireaimcni ol ois
o COLL!S & BKe-ti h.; ,.iVSLr. It furnishes" the most. nerfect svslcnr of 'srivii-, immimf. ..r'lifihe. to I had triveii no rre
o: prerogative of self-defence nghiiistoiiiolerubie
able, se'iisaliotmof astoiiislime.it, awe aijl horror I L , ',,e(i. That tho Nlnirs of MassacJiu-
p p. STKVKNS, opposite the City Hotel, has just jby
X". received, ill. acfditioiio to,: his form-r stork, the" f '
, n .... , . . o. . - . -. . i ' . . . , , sciui uucur linn u uiuiicr uucutwuu iu luui-iait:
Tercgraphj Us possible to conceive, in a great ,lencc ,afeveC to the stones mrcon.pan.on had !,ho,elllinlBnU thVy fiweat all times, cherished,
u-grec oo..aung- i.ic m-ceny o, W10"" e all l nau wunesseo i nau oeen 1(, hhyo lorrtofore-cxprc.cd, viz: that th
system lor me tommunicauou.oi nuuuc aim pri- ah e to. reuunci e to mv notions ot wtial miirlil t'..:.j:. .1 : ..i.. i... t iv...i.: . . i
1 i v-.ifn mlol1ifvin.r. If ul s, :i nsivprs f nr u mil ice. lor. : .V-.4...1.1., r...,n it,.. ...rlft l,,t . 1 . n s . ..
T I, u.,j, tA1.,v .(j,,,,. ... ,v, ids qo-pat riots, gie louudatipn ol all our pra.s
.argest asso.lment of Jewelry ever brought to Haiini- Elnni iF()r tl,e9C purpose there "are tft tile Llst 1,,, m.rthlv With tlii
DSI. JIB IUVIIK8 1113 iwiuim.. . , ,.
different cities,, towns uud v;tlares
where.il, is the overw
ITkiis or col- luini;i
. ... . . l .1 ...111 , tUa r'.ttn.f
.i.hitEitmnn, ui pm inrv will ama, u ,u iivm... i
.nli mast extensive assortments of Watches and Jew- deemed'- import ant, resiieeliyu
cln-,S.rver and Plated Ware.consisling in part of CSold ,li.ges, w4fich are in connection 'W.itll tlm Uoncfal
and .Silver 4.ever vraicnes, Breasipiijs, r.niiuies, rm- i
iter IUiies, Pencils. Lockets, Gold Fob, Vest and Guard " e.
Chains, Bracelets, Gold and Silver Spectacles, (a
fMiea, Silver Combs, Tea Pots, .Castors, Candle Sticli
Aceo.deonsj Guns, hhot JBjg ana l'oucncs.
Tjj(iood Watches of every description carei
Uy all lip- v n'ml luiu-pr llip mill; itiimiti4 nf Kiciirili(r
once convinced me n 'M.ii;,.,,:,! l.l...ii,. ...l i.wriiiw Xniwnutl
unisariiity. ni n uus cnnvicuon, unu cviis(iie SUrest euaranty of the continia.nce ofH
vhcbnyig consciousness that 1, a living 1:11:..-. nir 0.1,, fr tl10 nnst. our strenwh
humaH being, was thus. exiled from my, native in tle j)rcseilt, and our hope in the futufc. Its
piauei, an inieiise sickucss uihi j .11111 hcss ai-icu ijceservatMrn tr.in
;uetions, and as elitive fe-
fathers, so we will perpetuate
to uie laiest genera' ion:
That the Vhi(rs of M issachu
aithfullv perform every dutvim posed
1 liy the Constitution, of the tnited
States an agitator and abolitionist, and while not
a word of disaprobation or disavowal of that ex
traordinary atvrwu uttered at their late Cotl-
veuWu, kv ir..pry 1 1'.iiuui'jui, and fchoiild ue se
ceived everywhere with the scorn they merit.
1tfho is Nathaniel Greer, of Iowa?
This noted nrrsonntre, whose identity is aa
difficult to be ascertained, as tht of the celebra
ted Junius, hns last turned up and ojaims to be
nn actual boon fide uizt-11 of Iowa. Vie find 141
tho New York flrrald of the 16th the following
letter froinulX'ar Greer," explaining how the
celebrated correspondence of ojthe0 DtTOOcratie
IS at 1 on ,u (Joinmittce got out of his possession.
lie says they were abstracted from his valise
and threatens to sue all the papers that .have
published the correspondence. JNathamel ought
not to have carried such precious documents,
in so unsafe a place. St. Louis Intelligencer.
0 Focrteexth Street, Aug. 22m.
t,. r.i;i nr 11, -, v..t Jt,nhi
In looking over your paper f tljis date, I find
a number of my private letters.
In .justice to myself nud the Democratic Na
tional ComnHtee, I shall request you to publish
the lollowingj statement.
i here, by which a. System is- formed, co- upbii Iue 'an j I should have fallento the roof, had "j o(ll(,r poitiPal
ril. ixieiiKivc wilh iuu jftinpuiui a uuiiiiiuuiv, uui jioi my coiliianion,. poservin; uie piiweriiu ei- L.(,VCij jf from the
is, ' similar totho oost office syst'lns 61' other cou'n- rfoet i,c Ovulation upon me. ifjpi)rtf,d.,me in ;t (o cl,i,irel,
triPs- We avjJI Vim:. :ne vyiiege ucre 10-nior- his anns. -feeing Unit 1 was not liltcly to re- 1 2. 'Hi'stHved
, Tor row !'"" i'. Wlil u W s',.l"""tu in.ii- .yive imineinatcly, h bore me lrom uie rotil, and ttj" ...;i r
I caineliere at the retiucst of 'the Hon. (X II.
Djiialdson, in the early part of June, for3 the
SET1 10 ke"" ,iW. 'f 'Anjnud Magnetism, yhvU,( .wif some .ssisance'he summoi.d,; conveyed
1 .?'-J.. - idernled, Is worthy l ue. iuiiesi.uein,i au.i uie nic to, my. foom, wpen, by tlie aid ol areslora- jjt.ltt,s ,mii tliev '
.. . TIIOS. S..JMILLEU, 0 ,iost erlectmimralion. -o . " ..live, 1 was soon revived, He item with many ' very-State in.the U
. .. " . .. v !.At Lst 'hn immire.l . if I knew ill -what kind expressions, bciran tiT soothe mv Icar and !.,ii-;,.. ..,..;. ;.,i .
successor to ,,ijter 5 ' f ' ' eoun.ry I hud InnMeJ." ' I .old liim I W .f..t know, 'mitigate llic horror 1 t-xrienced. lleU ma f?.
fjuvv aium,, awu uiuiuivu ,iir. , .resumed 1 w is in tll. interior ol Asm. liral ullluiuirn 1 was so inany,inousan(i mue iroiii
call upon their brethren m
uion o respect and observe
of " -.v. : Mi e via!, '
c . . ' V .., ' lIANNJHA I., MO.
.iwal CimA 'ancc tnu'ie o Conitiimnii.
nov7lf . 2.
That tho Whigs of Massachu-
aMf.1 .r.ti,,1lT utiitf, i.rl 1 lli K iilllll 1 A ll 111 1 1 1 1 st 111-
..,...! iii .1. . : i .i '.i .1. ...i.: i. i i.i.i ;.. ,1... . . ' . . . . .
Un tins laugmv iieanny, us nm uie ouiers, we cuiui, h iuui iunK .umiuiu .1... ........0- tj m in :,lst nrtd patriotic measures, in its
when informed or my reply. .. lie told 'me allot ble arch ot Hoavcnand resembled- only a vast Onerous . aympathv witho oppressed nations
.1 .iv .1... f . ... I li il.:. 1 r.... 1 I.. M. ll.n ;-.,' dill mil. imnnetililn .. k . 11
Minn 1 was 111 uiu .noun . -t.-. iiu iii"ni" u ,1 ...I..,,,, in ..... 1 " . ....,. , giTugsiiinr lor. liberty in every pari 01 uie woriu ionof Hieir Idlers
iiurn: auurepiKKi jcs.ingi, iii.n.a was u- t- 1 nyKnv ...1111 i. u... . -.....v.. -iin its abl and vigorous management or our
i prised to find myself -ilici e' than .to find' that the' at all more improhnble tliatyou couhLbe conveyed lror'c;,rn an-rirs In its unwavering purpose to
jMoonitcs understood l-'reur-h. He aid I might irom this to .tho earfli, thnu ffoio that planet to ntxiaitiii 11 inviolate our public faith with all na
be hard of belief, but when night come he would the .MoonV I am convinced from' the many dis- (jj,,,,! m ;,s sworn re'Solv. to vindicate the
'show ma that ho' was really ii cirnest anil 'as covejiesl have nu'de ui science j si nerj I became ;.jIllc.rify 0f 'this' Union ag-.rinst all assaulu from
(for the French which- he un lerstood, he had tho a. resident here 'thaUhe means, of transit lrom ! wi,:ltu,.er q'artcr. .
best reason in the world for doing so, as he had 'the one body to tlu other iire altogether practi- 5 flow., That-the name of Daniel Web
lived ten years -in Paris," arid hail a family there cablf. .There Is a certain" altracti.m- and.repul- stpr lis CUgraven'.aliko upon the pillars of the
at that moinent.- All thrs was said in .a serious . sion existing between the two orbs, some ol live 'CBiwtltution, and the hearts of his countrymen,"
tone" and with a grave Jivc'e, aiid I became some- effects of which yoi are. aVarc 'have been long !an(j 'ye j.(ke s occasion, in view of tlie proir?i
whaUi'iettJcd at the attempt to' nas..sucli ail ab-. observed upon the earth'. That this uttxiictiyv .; neIlt position he has occupied in the Adininis
sunlit v'imrm me.- I nruservi'd the iiUDcaraiic'e nuwer is nossessed bv th Moon. in a powerful -,',;, " . mm ,, ;,,wl,i., I ,,n('iili.iir-c
L A W, Lf ncrl'ect L'ood humor, however." and siiid.'a'He Mcirrce, is 6vir1enced Cy the fate. of: our balloons. i,u'I1,,,nri..,.ns;ve ahilitv'mid statesmansliin.
naCRJlMENTO.ClTY, CJUFORyU. . Jl inA-ia, or the. Moon, or any other ftrru utotig- , 1 Ins. attractive power -only eMsts during t-eriain . j t iR,.ir teslimohv to the wisdom of his court-
prJ-6m ' ; ' . . ita, I itm still possessed of a very.inundane up- tunes, .when :r nuinbiT .ot- the heavenly bodies,. tses .in,l thevalfieif hN services. . .
J. . ! ! ,.. 1 1 '( 1 ..1. -im.a .. 1 r. 1 ... I. . ...:..I1...I... l?.,rl M.w.n .,f.l" i. . ...... . , .1 . ..'
tii'Vi.VU Fieurh Worked Collars and peine, and snouui asuy ime a uowikiui. hi "'":"'" uiu ,;ti..,.. , y,....i,.v f. jiesolved, .thai the-memucrs ol mis-coiv
purpose of attending to certain matters set forth
in tlie published letters. After Mr? Donaldson's
departure forTexasI was induced to show the
correspondence to a mcnifier of the Democratic
Gener.rl Committee of this city. Some few
day after this, the letters wcri?abstracted from
my valise, 'and a package similar in size and ap
pearance was substituted, f liad, of course no
suspicion tliatthis was done, iind was creatly
surprised on opening the Herald of this inorn
Inir, to see that the whole of this correspondence
was p'libiis.lied. o 0
I merely make0thi stalemeut, ii order to
how rav f ollow. coniiuiiiUeeiiien, that I have had
'neither part nor lot in the yialtcr of the publica-
the foundation of our well bein afitl of our safe-, "
ty. Yon know of the existence of oiir charita
ble Institutions, where the care-worn end Wv-.
ry sons and danghtert of men find repot B1 0
comfort which should attAd old age.
We bid you welcome to our State, and trust
that in your tistt, you wiH irecriv , as yon will
give, the highest satisfaction. Y,our visit M pe
ciiiarly pleasant tons at this time, bectfrtse, as yon
are aware, we celebrate the completion of a sy-
jtem of railroads, which connect our State end
prinwp.-tTyrwitfc--vh- -wwjerf ...f.. ..td.'. .:.
which will serve to bind us together In a firmet .
Union. Tliis system also conneota us with the.o
Canadas, and it is gratifying to us U.at ftrangere
from theprovinee will be present on thjs occa-. .
sionio witness the reception which we rejoice .
to give you the peace and harmony which pre-, .
vails, arid toJe enabled, by whnt they shall ae,
and hear, to enjoy ouj institution!, shhld they
ever cast their lots with ua.
Permit me, in conclusion,' to offer you e reaw
K'ctful and correal welcome to the State of Ma-, .
sachusctts, and to assure you of the personal re- ,
gard and good wishes which each one of the
Committee entertain towards you. - .')
10 which the president replied as follows-- '.'
THE MIEglDTtJfr SrEECR. :.. 1 . ,
Mr. Chairman and gentlemen of theXximmit- 0,5
lice this unexpected and cordial expression of .,
your kind feeling toward me is deeply epprt. ,.
ciated bv me. I know that this enthusiastic weu . .
come is not intended for me, hut to do hpnor. trj '
the office I fill, and as suh I receive it. 1 re-0 ,
grot, gentlemen, tliat this is the first time I have
ever visited this place. All this is new to me,
and thfs beautiful city befope me is the product
. ii- ... fii.
01 I ne intelligence ui ustiiiiciis. aiieir juirr-,
otism and faithful observance of law and order
I know well gentlemen, and "I appreciate the :
character of the people of Massachusetts. I
know what they Juiv done for the country, fo&
libcrtyoand for civilization; ar no where i
there a deeper conviction that the blessing we .
enjnv are owing mainly to the Constitution unde
wnicn wc live; and no where is tliere" deeper. -determination
to be faithful to tlie Constitution. ' ''
It was with great reluctance that I at first declin-.,
ed the invitation to vii"h IVtifon this ooraision. f
but having now accepted tlieoinvitation, end.
feeling grateful to you, gentlemen, for the w.el- ,
come' exteuded to me on behalf of the State,
now proceed with grealt pleasure to accept the
hospitalities of the citT6uf Boston. Permit ma, .
ijite of iuinry, 111. " lite ol Hannibal, Mo.
A T I u it :n j r o i a
Imperative oblg:itious compel me to leave tlie Jagain, geijtlemen, on behalf of myself end those,"
c!y lor tlie West to-morrow morning; but 1 lassociateu with me in the Ooveriunent, to thank ,
shall place fullopower in tub bands of p.ny legal
.advisers to prosecute the Ilerak and all other
papers giving publicltyoto this correspomlence,
as well as toerret out the means of its being
placed in youi0 hands, o 0
Iowa is a young and gallant Slate, Democratic
to the core0, and will pledge herself to stand by
theposition it is &ell knownshe now occupies.
As one of her citizuns, I shall be found ever
.true to her, interest, and determined to oppose
you for the cordial and courteous greeting yoi
nave given me." ' Y t n '
As soon as thascavalcade arnved'at the ciUf
f?imits,the PrVsident was welcomed to Boston by.
Mavor Bigclow, who addressed him in the fol-.
lowing or-ds: '
ma to, bioelow a sriEco.
Sia The people of Boston now crowd her.
gafes, to receive, with tokeus f honor, the great
head of the llcpiiblic, and in uieir0 name i bid
BLACK l.ace Veils, French orked Collars aim
Capes, a very large lot, selling awful -cheap at
spr24y , :'.. "COLLINS fc. BKKK.IJ'S. ;
.'...'..- ' i Bovs'-ClothinK.
llereiveil this dav. a lame addition to our.stock
. Boys'Clolfi'mg, all si.esjconsistiiig of Scks, Jackets,
- svliite and brown, Drill Taut?, Cottojiade. ditto Vests,
iiC, iiC ' . imaj ioJij.
. ' HIRAM McVElGll i; Co.
rasher. of bacon hain and some little u'pcAmflani- .cupyo a certain' relation tu each other; and on j Vt1itirii have witnessed with unfeigned safistac-
.ments, as 1 believed 1 nau mane a-scriou jimr- iiie cuu.iary, ui.urni.-r hhht, .1 n.. uuj ,.v ........ (,()n t. snorts which Jiave recently .been imuie
. ney, at all events, since I had Itroken iny last.-' is reversral, the attracJioiL is lowarn iue by tf)t. higs of.N'W York to bring about "an
I My -ri-ijuest .was. received 'with'oa smile,- and Of this I have c'ljiivineed iny self in the' follow- intelligent, holiest and cdrdii.l eo-operafion among
f,i 1:1.. ....... ..1... 1 .,.,.1 u.iiiifft .. iit,, it-nit. 1 -111 intr imiiuivr . .vixcv p in- 11 v iitiiTii-r inu- uiisi-. .1. . 1 ..1 ...:.i.i... t'i.;, ..t -i ,n. t-.,u
w- TC.ltlllV .ICCtTlll-U l", ..UN. ""'Stv -...-,.., ...... .. .... - -- r-- , c- 1 ' 1 Ill-IHSl'IVCS. Ulllt Willi ailC Tillies ULll,-t l...
- . , ' . . . . . 1 -... 1 - . . . .. .i n .1.. ... 1 ip.... ...-:....... ... ' .. . . . ....
.1:1UI 1 111ICI1 rt'SCllUJlCU VI 111. Ml, II1MI oillllili.iiLi,
tintr-effectsh We are dcjTewonian Democrats
Hoping yni'i will publish these few lines as a
matter of public uud private justice, I remain,
. Your. &.C.,
Nathaniel Caeca.
Bennett sayshe has been laving by for sne
me, expeeung uie ltireai oi a suit against miu
' nLKACHKO and Brown "Muslin
J Checks.-Flaiinels, Tweeds, Cassinets
' ..... . ,1.. i i 1
upi'24y . al IULiIjiwa.
irnnr rnv .I llnnluare. an 'aisortinet .interpreter.
for sale very cheap by ' - v :pEJi lo aiwthcf part oi'lhe
. . :!.. 1 - 1
111 appearance and ihsiciikc ureau, wimwnmn,
excellent fruit, and some pure-, and ' plensant
Ai'ter 1 had satisfied mv
. U,, 1,A i.nt iii i.vinrtitinn: but 11s the matter seems
....... ... . v ... , , - . ine-ii i on. Auai.wu rcioicu unii uicsc u- , , ., - ,, .. -
ed-with b!jlloo.ns,anr have alw.s .found thafat f((rts ,,ave bc orownt.j wil1, success, and have ! Iav.escai U.e reco. eeuon or ,ir
certai.vti.nes, provided the- ascent wa Avelfef- ,lie-u.iversal nm.robation of the Whig par- publishes the above letur with a
feeted. .and.' the balloon attuned an unusual lv; ,i,rnu,rlim,'.iH, ,,,- ,ul heartily JgSHf5. memory.
.0:1:. J Tn . ' .. , . . '
'concur In the sentiments, which have been ex
id by them us the result of they- coiumlta
tlie extension of slavery, now free from its bins'- tyou welcorrrc tpthis metropolis. We regard it
as a happy omen, that we receive you on uie
spot wnere our fathers gathered to hail the com-
. ir 1 . ! .C . . . 1 - . i ft
nig Of tinsiungion, in uie nrsi year 01 iub rres
idency. The contrast exhibited between that
period and this, ii striking and instructive. The
salutations extended to tlie first President we(4
;ths offering of only 18,0yy iiilmbitnnts, while
the welcorar proll'c red to his successor, liiis day,
Greer, ! the voice of a population of 150,000. The,
. 1 1 .1. : 1 .i : .. 1 11. '
View ol Tiller who was mcu rcveivcu, uuiuiuisiercu ui
lafTiirs of less than four millions of people, who
thud lately emerged from the smoke of buttle'
General Scott cannot call out the enthusiasm land were but beginning under tlie influences of
able' i "aseer-
of ll Whig0 party. There ore thousands of
apr3 Jy
. .X. B. 'SELMEs.
nalace. and enteriu'ir u no- 'the tartlu'iior have l ever been ;
ble "apartment, furnisliud in ii(t j.O'.iiluwns tain thai apy.' ot theso balloons llius acted iipon.rextrl J? mociif,,tion, wlmrR we are donipeJle
styp.'lold lliu 11 was appropn.rieu .10 tuy um-( u.n u-nrr inni ,.Ka u 1 .,...,,,..,. ..... , ul.i,w at the head 01 U'iairs, 111c ranuiuaies ' . . f , , ;i;,..r,.;,.. " n,l,,.,
. , . 11 ' v-ii.. ? .1... if c. .. A11.1I..A tf.....n .w..uir. o . . . r .1 . enthusiasm for mere military renown, ondno
and tha .ervjuw were cojii " 1 J 1 " , . .1 : . : J .ZZZ Z '. Z 1 ,C "Fa l'-V;. comprising u smau m ..oruy 01 u c , . Jg or - ise measures.
ami as the basis of their future action
Rtwlitd, That wc turn. from the admin
istration, oMhe Nation lothat ot, our suae vyiin ; ; , , ' ' .conr, oth-J
" .1 -, . -i-. i . m:.j 1 k ll... 1
erinan miiuary ruie, or a uuuu au nmi
bars in the Union, friends of Mr. C lay, w ho
claim, to-be guided by jirinciiJc, who still prefer
A Fine lo.t of G inglia.i.s for 1 sale onreasonable lerrn -. w,o woul(, )m, t(j w.uit .,r "..othing .to cffecl.this, end,, is to cNperime.irt vhen "t
. V4y . by CQLLIab K Uit.i.u. .. J iinntrv . lllRiriI,1(i. miu lso-informellMni! Heavenly bolie' are-in thrs peculiar 'relation.
. -1 1 " I C .. k . . I.i . 1 0 It iJ it... r,i,i-,i l,..rt iVk'. :..,'..l. V.il,r- 1,,'wl In irivii tlm liallil.in S hitfller ele.
.3"c. . DUthAnfl . .1 IU1I 111S lV II illiai IIUC1U3 la V. lit f 1 w p...... ....... v.. m.-. ,'... - a C . . - u )
D.'tuient of spring adit summer Bonnr 'lance, and thflt at all.tiiries he would teady to yatiou. than is common,. by . ineans ot, U.iepis, I
' IU It. . 1 V TIH. A' o, ,,l.v. -v-
inafeiial "a(lraet.ion,.4iy
J. Kibbouj also, Satili and
1-l.M. asso
. IK-r ..'... I , I,.,.. Il nl lKHITS
.1 f,r n finaiitif..:' amone whicli Vou will liudoiue .,,,(1 inform
beautilulexcsUier U"id ties for the l.a.li esat ' ivt:., ,lverwhc
..: '.'. '1VL1'- 1 - : "AW-k-ltN-V- "iwhich had occ.
t a n.irtw coinprisintr u small
ncoiilb, who have, .sjiceeedod in obtaining pqwer
liily by the? mtist profligate bargain and corrup
tion. .. ' '
51 C J . ,0wO
8. Rcsnlvetj, that up to thtf ownincnceji
1 ienrese.it noli deal vear, "ll.e ion e:
ri .i -r . 1: . ..0
I lliu. iiuuisoiuaii. Q .
lien. Scott is not our favorite candidate for
... the Presidency, but wc can say for him that he
iiiimvj.iuii ui, . , -,. . , iv-.i ,.f tl. f.lllr,ir(imise measures, whost
"ffr'l- C. 'a friijtid'who earnestly advoc-ided their passage, UnOe, is derived fr'o thai great compact
liberty and union, to take rank among the na
tions of the earth. You, sir, we receive a the
Executive Chief of e population of twenty-four
millions, living in th$ enjoyment of an amount,
of prosperity and happiness, almost unparalleled
: i1,a l,tul,,pv ..F tl.M Wftrlil Tv m rnmnrlntilii
coincidence, which doubt Ws has occurred to,
yourself, you visit us on the anniversary of the
completion of the Federul Constitution. It is a
ulay peculiarly fitting for o'ir reception of him.
W nose auuioruy, as 4 cuci m tuiet iuaia-
TEPin andexamine tiros tine Blaiiketi
J. w .P11.BISU, A a., .,....
ciua.. 'jiiiaiLDisa,
'inMMIsil(l and InrwaidiiiL" Merchants, ileal-
I .7 " , 4!...".. f ... .1 1-1,1 l-l
Alaiuua niDDoiu iur uu ,...,;i i,,.,iti mv nleabiire: I lai-me i.inir,.uau o.- wnicn seems iu-ccs.iiy
i,uL.i,i.u- ui. ....... c. , ..,. .,,,,i.,h ,,,,, in n nnr me everv ai--Tcni;-me urn einit- .or iii;ur.i.n aiimuumi.nj i-...i ..... 1 ...,, i ih
s. i-J .. i." .":,.?"' . . , . . ti-V'-. :'. t i. .. l. V " J' i - , ,. , mmsI v advrxules the policy ot pre- 'day has also a special imeresi ior uus cuy, lor
and SHOES, tendon, Wpontlns 1 desir.eo. mm w su -ig;V 'Wl'ieu every in.ng. is ,u,a .aIllft ,n Jieallhlul-action the general in.tusiry - 1 ,,,,, l,;a" n.tli mS it . H,. .KnrsOv of its settlement. whi,h ihi
me truly where 1 was,s I was ut-- body, iis is.glten Mic.easv fu niaUers; 01 i'niiooa !inuloVari,!(l interest., of the Commonwcdth, iiot- V T , .. .,"Z 1 " " V- .K.VM.:,.ltl.Tn.nplzAirJ
hnea vith ustoftiU,,uh,t;at ,1 11 , phy- J a hB.ler.S,.s. la bnut :W.ht Ullhs,aJ.dlnthe manild -embarrassments ere- T. ,7 lie b3 dis in- IckvVw I die Pilim a,my. 'lirZZy
urred: fo i,ie ami all I had si,, d - fl,r ,,ngtdar fu; ' J ? T' Lheimi in the United Slates, a man who will recognize inU.e ehetlrof our peonleeml
wi uay. aud hciiru.- .xpon .uus, .'".- i"v j--r :.'r.7 i.J onminssiereu . pure hwmoi m. 1 si...,!t iv.ti.ti-'.v a,,,l thorou--h v. the r rrsiitutiims. tlie hunmlv Wended inttuencee
by the niost irpeat protestations maiii.yt. ani classes - ' f vallKlbUr and of the puritan and, the vutrU. Ymu Uv re-.
y. ai-posUlo.. to. decease me, and , elect. -.uity or mt.ghet.sm w hu I, l.lb; U e. U..'jthe"cjiecuUUn yt thalaws had been impartial and .; ! ,L l.wlc,lW tha.ftni.Y oUn-r. L-enlly 'sir. visited' Vii-fnia, a.-i now stand up-
iHaUll.he had already Joht me was s.nei .rue, atmiut .1... an spai en, . u ' hjust; nowhere had the ruuuU v m persons ami - Africa.-Louisville journal, ' onthcsoilpfIassaehuseti..- " Tlie niine. oj' thoie.
he nroeccded with tho ussuranec that w.e were it probably. -opemt.es, upon the atmos iliere a.jd : . cufi,v f thir rights" lren practically i'""1 u 'v'"-,"T.lii ls....A, w,..:.H .tnrv f the R...tio2. . end
the Moon-i'Jie only two. bemg-V oUproduees currei.U -which sCt. toward sUic . out . ea( tho .....uai 0f wah.,of knowdedtre T,,R nQSTON RAILROAD JUBILEES. I the noble nurt sustained bv each in that treat'
iohud ever reached Uiere.--lie body jlt IhfV .other as the .neaveniy .uiiiuence . , ,. ol.., fO,eu to nil ; edilcalion in . 0 I.
made clotliiiiff at the stor;of ''" -aiid beginning
. ' ' Wn. HAWKINS.. tTi-.it lso lni.il n
1. ,,
jealiy 111
, . . ..i 1 ...i
earlliiy nrouui wi
V-fers 111 star cann.es. fc.arcn, oou., tj.;i"'., ' saiil hi 0WI aciveniurcs. wore, pi uimuij. .iu.y ui hj umii 1... t - . . . 'njl Us granciu
Bn'ttr. Fertile. No. S3 Coinmeicial W. nearLosusi.. . . .( 'i.:,,!. 1 iuui. oarfully de-'j. ' . '. . nJ'j..,r. .I.M.w U.. 1- -.'. '- !..rv'.'lass. nnd
' ' nUnAU'T:. 'la c U tha KnA ,1'iatMie.hudVcn rri.l" ., ' . V ' ' iKoM wh.
.-..."l, "x?wi.ii..1. Itarrisou" & Hooper, S...S, fnmi Chilli while v.isUintliat .cpu'h''y. ol ''icli., . ..... '. ';-. . .1 . ' . , .' ''.'. . Ipcnse;" whit-
Rowe ( CeshVr), CUriuuutii I. H. Stmi Co., J.'J- .1,,1 '.e "Was unal'ivD' sumo four years ago, " ;KkTift0! oV ycsifyres.-r! he sugge.yoii. ifuHvuetTogl
Ailanu, frcvi OrUann Loker Iteniclt.k Co.. t IwMW .. i)'.jimm u,ul! had exneruM.ced t he.:ime sen- f putting out,-? A esnvmsf lvy a- giguticta-.liHjKU
Valle. Win. M.Morrison. W.iouui. i- ''. ; ,M . ,1, :, l, h ,d lii'en t irowmvillr .,,1 f,:,, l,.-cn acted noon. . ".A i-ouipaiiy has been 11, ,J,aI.
ConNtie York. . .' . .' . 1... .. .r,ir..r..n! niirftnii ol1 Uui Mruiii's ,i'.h-.i'ii..I '.siM-itioslv eiiuiiifh:-for the.nurnose of ex-
- . n" o . - vnm-ncc ciiii"ii 11 ....... 1 , - - -. - .. ; - - . n . " , ' 1
' BENTON SALOON TO 'RENT.' ; surface, and bee.i much injured,, but alter being tiiigiushfng tlie vol.n.no; .the speculators hoping
mins u the laret and best room for Halls,' fubl.c k.lHulIy treated upon: -."'.. j.u... - 10 r-v , . J r; ? ''.. ,
l 'L?f..r.' T.ei..re.. Political and ot her Meetings 111 ;r Animal Mi-netism, he. hill surprisingly re? 0I land on the -elopes ud in the.vieinit Hi"
Inih.l 'To rent kv the day orweek. Knq.iire ot; ...,., .....1 heen broti'rhl to the Iving's eourt.JVole.iri,). Tlie coinmiilee. of. management havu.ap
' 1 . ,1, 1, Wl.M iVIk-V v-- - . . , , , 11 -t .. ' . ... ., I l" . .1
in wi.." 1. 1 i.:...i ii, n.riiiin, in eraii v wen. 1 ,., 1,1 1 n K in i ianies lor uie- nei si
v i.,,i t.i.i.l imiHirlant n.isi in the Kint Hire-, 'alifluirizttioiis. 1 his Helorm AgricoUs a i rem-
..,...,... . - 1 1 . , 1 i... .1...1 i. 1 , . .1 . .1 . : ... : 1. ....,: r
ne saiu uiso, uwi lournal uevoieu iu uje iiiivh.-i.iiiuu
.1 .. -v- 1 . V . .1 - - ' I i. .. ..U ll,
. .Hannibal.
. - .fliiinnpc
" ..... , . :T-. ,.--rvfi i-, le imlJfimj-Mil"netie Co e;-je. lie saiu uiso, ,111.11 -piurnal, devoieu iu uje viniisivit-i .. n.u . .p.
.-...pAUCOBli olfr 7ttil! :otonlv-satiM',eiriH..happ.V.i his ex-",,,,,. with the Woil, itafs tl.ut the,m
W0J?nZZl- -n ile -the more, especially, since. lie had thsOv- ;.it.onsillutioiiM (as it calls tt).ol the laml
irr,.. mi, lor sa e unusually 1 .1.,,, 1.: u if,,, in 1'uris. suimosinir linnsiiii - v csiivius is a L'll iranice lor liiucu uu iman- .m..
. IJWr..l9-"w V-7 ri .vTtUKK0. llccVr " 1 " .,' 1 ..; ' f.,1 .. v.": ...:...:,.i.. ,.;,T I, ..nrtuiii for
.XJow by aHBy . f. ' dead was on me pnun 01 uvni i- - uk-mi.uimiu"- hi... ., v ,
'.. ' ;. - ' ..... .iil... ..n i well calculated to il... lw 1 will stoon to (rather them, tho mini
5" . - '. '- Fresh Teas! . . r01,1 K. ' i.' t. a , lL .,i I il.i.. I noticed that ',..i.;..l ,...,,.ent4 of the soil beinir proof
0 IUT.B?r ttCiA,rTLC 1 e closelv and with apparent curi- ,cu.t for uiaindiluing such a conolus.o.u . K
1. ; .i . foct24 l. K. ai l""---
,. i""-i 1 -
nower haa been ot;
s had becn-Jully iinparieu to cve
the funutionsof erovern.ncnt had
re fulfilled and sustained at less ex-
h satisfactory state of ullairs was
lized bv' the, present executive 111 his
ral address. '" ; . " "
That up to the tune whti tho
n 1 1 -i . 1 . .1 .1.
coalition leaders 111 January iai miu m-- i-i"
of government, iic Massachusetts, our . ancient
Comniiinwea.lth had maintained its pristine i har
acter for purity, and honesty in its political
councils, fund utliirtlcd a bright example to all the
world of institution, free from corruption, bri
bery or intrigue and that wc have witnessed
UI uiiut.
1 Yvur receptiiW in the Ukl Dominion indicatee
li 1 1. . .1. . i'..: 1 t,. n.k.'..
v o . . . , ;ner ieanv 10 uie vni'-ii, out Bvtt..ttttt.tt. i
. u.miif.ii,uAKriiir. of the i-r..idtc I the principles iif olher times. ITus day wiQ
D " 5 0 Jfunush evidence of the regard of the Bay State,
SPEECHES dF Mft.,VERSTER, MR.C STEWART, or tlsmt Union, end tjiosp principles", by the"
0 AND MR. CO TCHAD. manner in wliisii iwr peupie m wsuiy mcir
00 " respect for the faithful administration of the
OTOE REVIEW, ETC., ETC. jtjoustitution atfH lhealwe. U.heebeeuthe
. 1 T , r , Icustom of war, sir, for the inhabitant of csp-
By Telejraph to the New V. EpraO . . F -
... mv ...... . V . 77 "1 " 1
!to vou. tlmn was ever tendered to me conqueror.
. r' . " .
certs ot our people are nera, 10 greet you
The President and his Cabinet arrived here
this morning, but before giving you an account
ol tl.eir reception, 1 auau rrj.v in.t - , . .- ;.,, .ln,.,iM mmA
U"t with the dee.K-st humiliation the spectacle w hud, the time they left Newrt. . Iwa yo weloome to our homes. .
m rias'since btVen tfx'ibiwd of Free rf Senators, f 6Qn thweBrival i j -R!er; MJe.r LJI .. TUX!V.9,BE!,T'B..p,1c-
tlllal- -1 ;
iml"'anil llcprcsent;ilive!i rov:rlil ly Ute executive lurreeted with u vUonul sal
Willhini Hawkins
stoi k of iiTAri.K
'AXC'' IH GOOUS-li'-aiiy inmiu ..u;
ki Boots, Shoes, ijueenswaie ami u,mn,..,
Cnd examine our .,.s-we Hunk on. pries will ...
O , , f It, i ' 1
you ur" J
H ........
TTI ASinst opened Ins
11 Vi
n-MIIf' miWii'.i-l li.- I.' ' "!
X daily rei-i-ivmu i,.- l!
sorted stock of titKH'S. : "M.-Me :'
l. I.t ... V..rll,..r,. ,Ml-Mll,ll. II
viuiikiii lu j.v, ....... - --- .
.'.,.,-r- . iii.i.L.u r..r .lie until in? support he
wavs received, and no orfort shall b ""'?.
1.1 -III .1 It
'.i tiiit r.aiiiit
riliiiiis hi in-.
Iia. al
, 1 1 .. .1.1.... ... 1 ,n ,,i., it r n..i .1.,1., ,i. Mt.iii.il lit nun iu.ciLiit.u
ositv 1 ti'UtU, not. atom la'v."1" " ucers in I'tn-mni
1 ile intelli-enee from Talis, just received by my nothing would bo easier than to toriu a ca
1 ri.Mi.T. at the court of the F.uiperor of the ,nat t, waters of whifh should put out the vol-
Moon "'Hi. s-iys he. no ways tust-iNMp.isuu t,urt. uie wennj i-ii .
1, v 1....... ..,,1 t,.1.ii .11-
niv rudeness, -j n.nu ""'.i r"'
of the !''!- ol winders, iviore idic;
.) 1 uv?rli at any Ihiii wonder! ul,
j., nj., ,du not-un lerstalid it.
,',ll o. ' ninial Alignetin :rtul
vo.ir .111. i-v " I replied that 1
J looked unini ll as one ol Hie
ginmu '
yo.l ni.
will ha nwful-
Weckly News.
Mr. Filbuore? ' in reply, mle the following
response : ' 1
and Representative, appointed too.lic-cs of profit . l
and tTUst in eiHiitidcration ol their having u.dcd Mr Pre.ideut: tho Legislature or ai.uati 1 k ji. with i,,ofomid eretitude end mo
in the election of a Free Soil United Stat A Sen- !sctls, at their last session, apposed a commUtee igX, U?e 'fact that this i,'
or. ' . i U'nder you a welcome oi, M a.' :f the Stat 1 J " of on hich the Con"
KM, That as tho legitimate fruits oi the Un ca.e you uU visit ,t , U co nr e of he "ItZUl also allu
unprincrpled edition, we have .een a protrac- year and , t ded to the visit Jf General .V.abi.Hjtoa to this
tod session ol.lhe legislature, 111 an i-if reasei. t Jliri, lliu ormll !,-ity. What e change uqmUuj HmewtienHo
r... il.i, v...... l,w which he. was elevated to the 011 behalf of the LTeirisIaUve Comiiiiut-e, auuict..-
Chief Magistracy, id of Democratic Senators ed Mr. tillnioro as follows:
...r.. iia session 011110 it-irisiaiui c. ui .tit ni, im...i . . . ,,iiv iVhat a cm
, 11 ,r.f,- - - v ..-....":...... 1... 1 ,.:.i .
ItUft- previous ten years, resulting in a cru.1,0 mass ol mat tiiiiKiuiun , , jj f
1..' ; ,.-r.... ..,,.1 ., ,r. !.-. ii.-ts uiul resolves, illl our fun-', uui
ui hum 11-1 ni.'i .. ... ' . -ii .1
I I . . . , t I,.ti.i,t.li,l .r..,tl
...... .-..-....- . ,
... .1 . . . :. :.,, l... .1; !ceiMim the cordial
in nnr TMaie- unu iu tciiucr tu t wt ti ...v ' - - .
t y, not fur the purpose i-J
uongrudilutioiia of theciti:
1. ..1 r..- .1, a Liiri-tftnA .tf ftpfeiiiluL!f ber akfainst this
. - .. i : i '.1 ;....n...rr.., ,.,.,1 ha, timriiis'.ied ireutlemen aceomiwiiying ou, uu a'" I " ' 'r i....Ji.
Tho flection returns, ihoug.i one ui w ...tu e...ua.. ,l..;.alilies of the whole m-onte of tho Common- tyranny auif opptes?lu. .... .
,lK..i...,lW Kuthent o to show ardous proiecvoi a cmn "J ' "e ! :.',., , .1...., " , l" '
:.l, l!
.1.; v.
humbug of
credence la
but little
tin- diy,
its claims
11, if in 1114 i r....i. ,., r itrv
Kt.LMES. ,yr."r .Z.SJ sliiru and full- M
111, 1 nan L'Hi n
1 see," said he, '-that
ft (11.1 11. und that ot
I-'uom Tkxas.
t, v..
nan to ment its contiuuani;t; 4 - ft
f r-. : . -
sen gsiei .11 p.-ii.v 1

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