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Hannibal journal and western union. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1851-1852, October 02, 1851, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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HibtoTj Hd'a us l!,t l. tr-vu',od from fhi'-tdcl-1
phi hsra in ,e;'rn dujs, and on lift arriv'. the
good ciliaons of Watrrtoi, in your vicinity,
R ithered to.Tolhef and Mo Tatwlatod him on the
jve I of hi journey J Wint has brought about
this chat)? ? Yhy U it that the distance which
tank lam eleven days, and too after
th Battle of Bunker Hill, which urged
. h'.in to use the sp.-ed of An express, has
njw bsen trvele by ma, a a matter of pleas
ure, in almost a many hours P It is owing to
tho intellect of your cilizetiit, who liave opened
tho Bven" of comme rce to the Westorn World,
an I p.vired into y our lap her rich treasures. You
have ntr"f!oJ your Jbiirean Arms to l!ie Cap
itol of my own S.'ate find laid her under coutri
b'l'ioru VVi lmvo also stretched to the Capital
of tins Cinndas, nl laid her under contribu
tion. , r , '
Tliaso evidence of civilization BiiVy ntclli
, g.jiieo which all Boston gives, cw-nce me, and
I cann . doubt th&l if tho ciUZ'im cf Boston greet
we as I have boon greeted ever since I crossed
tho lino of your .State, that the constitution
whioh it received a the hands of Washington
this :!.v , v.ul be maintained at all hazard, and
at cvary.auorifice. (Loud, long continued and
emunniaVUb ohtswisu.) i e it Wily in
in'.clfrg'jnce of your citizens, and the moral pow
cr, but 1 tee in the troops, before mo tho physi
cal forca t.i accomplish this purpose. Boston
may bo proud of a militia which makes a disnlav
like this. (Cheers.) It Sidy.. remains for mc
lo repsamy profound thanks for tho kind and
flQtering reception you have extended to me and
my associates. - -
". Tits rnoc.io and welcome.
Tlic procession, civil tad military, was then
farmed, and proceeded to the Rewre House,
where the President and Cabinet were received
by tho Governor. From thence, Mr. Webster
aciOTipanying them, they proceodeJio the State
lij.nc, where the eeremonyof a public recep
tion w w pdno through. The h ill was crowded
to overflowing. ( Among tiiose present were.ie
n ival and military officers,. and a large number
of distinguished gentlemen from Canada, who
wer invited to the jubilee. .-. Sir. Fillmore sat
on a eh lirrju front, facing the audience, and the
Cibint were on his lft hand, the State and
o city authorities beir on the right. .
As so.xi as silence was attained, Gov.5ut-
well artsso and adddressed Mr. Fillmore in sub
s'.an'ially the following words : 0
o n: oov. nouT well's srrrcu. 0
In aecirdance whh the unanimous vote of the
Legislature, and in tho nains of the people of
oMysaohi?etts, W3' tender yon a cardial . and
generous welcome to this Stale, and to the hos
pitalities of this CvnmAiweallh, and equally to
' these gntlein?n, (referring to the Cabinet,
t citizens of other Slates, who are connected witfi
'l- V3U in th administration of tho Government
we "WMtld tender a most cordial welcome. Nor
" will Vrtf,?r Hhss wioa,. .forget Jiim whom
O MissaehusotU hs, for a, lougporiod of her con
stitution v! history tleliglited. to honor. (Vocif
e"row cheering.)-.. This -word of welcome are
from my lips, but the sentiment isoin tho hearts
' " oT-tw-jMCJT'Xil5t;"e. . Wo invite
you to a moro. iatiraits acquiiintauce ""with the
people of MiSBichiscttl to examine their ine
ohauie d and nunitFaeturin skill and success;
t tuk( a near -view of her commercial and ag
ricultural power and resources. We shall glad
ly open to you, on this occasion, our institutions
of divers km Is for tin reformation of the guilty.
Our nsyluns0fof innocence, as well a those
for the doaf and dumb. We shall gladly open
to 'your inspection our sehoojs, auadcmies and
colleges, established for t'ia benefit of this State,
and for the education of all our ' people. On
this occision we shall likewise take pleasure in
directing your attention '-'j our system of rail
roads. 'whose not-wo has been gnre.ul ovnr
but ft an evidence of tfielr duty to the Constitu
tion and our glorious L nion, and their determin
ation to sustain no'h,
Mr. I 'ilhnose ngnitMjmiikcd tho Governor for
Ids kind ysoepUnn and sut dowru
H'jn. Daniel Wetbscr was then called upon
and spoke as follow: '.. -ku.
"May it please yoiir Excellency : This occa
sion is not mine lis' honors and its dill ies are
not due to or from me. The State tho great
Statethe old State the old patriotio Busker
Hill arid Fare uil Hall State of; Massachu
setts, has invited the President) m the United
State within heV border. To your honored
person and to your honored office, may it plciue
your Excellency, this visit is paid. Sir. I am a
good deal touched with the kind, the too kind
reception which you hwe given us. A I have
aid, sir, the oeooion belong to the prefilcnL
and to those of his Cabinet who are traneer.
f I I. K.JI '. . V 1 s.
num. uiiui i am no siranevr nere i yvp
ptause.) I am of Massachusetts. (Hear;
hear.) Bjneof her bone and flesh of her flesh!
(chocrs,') and I would rather rpjoice in taking a
part wtth you, may it . please your Excellency,
a tho Coventor of the State, and mv fcllow-
-CJ'Jena.iyho urround yon, inTpayinir honor to
mo rresiuem oi me I U..C Ijiates. lC.:.?"?T. J
than in acting any part, or in demandinir anv
! part toward myself. And niav itnleaievour
Excellency, I wish, in the first glace, to say
thU, from the bottom of my heart, I wish entire
success to your administration of the great af
fairs of this State. In whosoever hands those
alToirs fall if they are fairly andoimpartially ad
minisfered, ,liy shall have m hand in their
snpport. (Sensation.) In the next place, I may
say, that I devoutly wish the whole interests of
thi'Cotnmonwealtn may prosper, .Ouynterests
are varied they are complex V, o have a mil
lion of people hvfiig on a very small surface
on a stewl soil, and beueoJh an iiioleiiYcntky,
and yet we tre full of happiness, and all, us we
say in the country, "well to do in the world,
and enjoy ingijieiglibor,i fare' (Cheers.) Now
that must be owing to wise legislation. It must
be owing to great prudence anjl economy among
ine people, it must be owing to a system ot ed
ucation. It must be owing to something that is
not in the carih or in the sky, bu in the soul
anl heaR of man, s.nl woman, and child.
(Cieers.) And these, I hope, will prosper. I
hopoj too that every concern of this great Com
monwealth miy prssnor under yodr administra
tion unu tiiose of your successors j and abovo all
a sentiment I can never repress and hardly post
pone : my ardent prayer is, that this wholesoun
try, bound togetlffr by ini crest of allinity, of as
sociation, may continue to bo bound forever
unut that thing shall happen,dwliich 1 know will
(Renewed -cheers). I telt that the very fact
thai they looked upon, not the Chief Magistrate
of Massachusetts, lull upon tho Chief Magis
trate cf this broad Confederacy, extending al
most over this broad cBntinent; wow 51 teach them
to raise their eyes above the horizon of Massa
chusetts; so a to take in the interest, and the
honor, and the" glory of this great RcpVibli,
f Cheers). Si'tiny iriend said to us here to
day, that this was not a ihiy devoted to liim, that
it was devoted to strangers. Sir, if he intended
to allude to me a a stranger, I deny the appli
cation of the term. (Applause). Sir, it is true
I never before stood upon the soil of Massachu
setts; but, sir, can Massachusetts be a stranper
to Virginia? (Enthusiastic applause). No,
sir, I feel ithat as a Virginian, as a sun of that
old glorious Commonwealth which stood side by
t uiiusnciiuseua in me usiraesi nour ot
the Revolution, I am no stranger within her1
borders. ( Loud fheer). When I saw these
evidences of prosperity, and of your advance
ment in everything that promotes national hap
piness, I felt not one sentiment of envy. No,
sirJ felt, that while all these thing belong to
Massachusetts, they belonged, also, to tho Un
in they belonged, aiso..to me. (Sensation).
Sir, I shall go back to Viriinia, as I said before,
instructed. I shall bo able to teach my venera
ted old mother ome tew lessors f -the titj'Jp-rn.
mode of growing into prosperity. I trust, sir,
that the few hour I have spent here have not
been uselessly spent. But I must acknowledge
that I did feel something like humiliation when
I contrasted the condition of my own common
wealth with that of Massachusetts. Sir, bp
has a cljmate superior to yours. SliCj has
population, aye, many of their traits your equals,
(applause), butvshe has not understood the true
lessons 8f practical economy. You have taught
her a lesson. I will bo the bearer of it to her,
when I return to" my home. (Cheery). But
while I acknowledge our inferiority, toujour,,
whole State in many things, there ar$ others hi
which 1 fel she is your Tqnal. If you have
your Bunker Hill, we have our Yorktuwn?
(hmid applause). If you have your Ai'.ims,
President, the oftioer of Hr Majesty' troops
in Canada, Governor Bout well, and many others.
The President and suite, and tho distinguish
ed guest, will go on an excursion to-morrow,
ihrougli, the islands of the buy, in several steam
ers. : ' - -' ' - ,. . J ,;
Firework of 1116 90031 beautiful dccriptinn
were let otT to-nipht fropi ilic Tremont House,
the Reterean 1 other hotels, and in front of the
establishments are splendid gas star, which il
lumiHate the whole street. o
The English officer here were amazed at the
evolutions of our citizen soldiers. In fact, all
' from Canada are bewildered, so cliflrrciit'i.0 they
ti!.l 7 . I, I 1 I f . .1
unu i hi.kcc mn'j unu i aiiKf.'es ironi wool ini:
expected. o
Hannibal, Mo., October 2, l.H.M.
O o O
If not paid within 6 Ilonths, $1 59
If not paid witbin 12 rianttt;, $2 CO
' We do not hear of any twitracls for Hogs
Laving been dosed. The view of feeder eem
to behove tho-w- f b.tyer, llie former are
asking if , hflc the Httw do not efTfr higher
thun Tli market will proboUy open at
.fa W lo.fl W. Some choice lot may brinfj
tho latter figure; Int tlie rrmof wiJi probably
be tiio ruling rate Tor romti.on Hogs.
As some indication of prospect abroad, we--insert
one or two extracts from exchanges: j
Ve:5teit Pobk TRAO:,r-Tlie IxifayeU, In- ,
diana Joiini.il, of 11th tilt., contained the follow
ing article :
PimpecU fur J'ork Ptt'fiuiitg. WJ hue niadu
some inquiry iu rclatimi to the number and qual
ity of hogs in tiiia sectioii; and from all lliat wi"
:n learn, the eroi) of fliivr season will be snbe- '
irior to that of last, both as regards quantity, and 'i
quality. It is Ihoilit Hurt IK-gfn ill rj heavier
it uK more plenty. 4,As to pri cs, however, tiio '
prospect does not look as llattert'rit'af lat jfr,
,.s.iecially ut the principp hog Hilling jiofnls on '
(b,. Ohm river. I he pru-es will rule higlij-
Rcsolutiotia of tho Massachusetts Whig
State Conventioa
We publish ihese admirable resolutions on our
first page. It is imiuzinghatthc Courier could
havfl hod the hiir.hhood to denounce such reso
lutions us uiipritriotii!, jion-committal patchwork !
The Massacliusott Whigs express enthusiasm
rorhe'Conslitution anJ Union; thoy pledge
themselves distinctly to perform rtwy July im
posed uiKjn them by the Constitution; that no
national law should he annulled, lr its execution
prevented tbey announce that tftey will "cor
iliuUyl'' support the National 'Administration;
they tell us that their confidence m Da.'iiel Web
ster. is undiminished.. We ask if the endorse
ment of the re-union of the New Yerk i'hig,
by a convention proclaiming as theirs sentinu',it
siijuli as these, docs not strengthen the position
we -have assumed 'i though the I'uitriir is
nnxion lo liianufae! lire out of this endorsement
an excuse for doubting the sincerity of the Mus-
sachuirtts Whigs; and from this and the g,",T.d)11((1,j1- Iimi 01ir frtmcn generally my count
St. Louis Agent
Louis F. Payson, No
we have our Jefferson nnd our Madison. f In-. St. Louis, Mo., is our authorized Agent to ol
you nave your
The following are tUe rales of Advertising in I lie
Hannibai papersi "
AovaRTisiNO. One sijiinre, of 12 lines or lejs, one
rrnt4. (!ai-ila nnl pvfpliiiir bi if lint., nop n . IilamiU'JLh
E, I ' .
One square per year, williout ulleration, t10; one lom lli
oi a column, $15; half a column, $-'0; a whole col
tenor of the resolutions, to ilr;tw the baseless
conclusion that the Whig party in the Northerti
Slates is no' fiiend to the Compromise, and U'j
I part of a friend,' How ii.vih vv-vJJ!ii)iv
blind is our ncighbvll- So sharp sighted to hunt
j imaginary blemishes in pntrlotic, Whig resoln
'tious; tiut blinder than the eyeless fish of . the
Cave, and dumber than an oyster,
when the Democrats of Massachusetts united
with.the FrecsoilcrSj-nnd by n foul system of
All lioficcj, except llianiaees and dcalln. will bn . K:irra!n mut enrrimfinn. plnvntPfl ."in rirritnlnr nnd
charged as idvertiseinents. - j ? .. 1 . . TT ,
u abolitionist to a seat in the Senate of tho I niled
Agents for tho Journal and Union, i States a man pledged to procure, if possible,
Ike repeal of the Fugitive Slavt Law! This silent
f ' commendation of the latter, and onen censiiro of
127, N. foijrth st., .. .. ,n,v 1, fPnlv tr, tbr. nn,.r ,
: " v j " ..j ,
creased applause). If
oonstitutisn of the country shall prove a curse
to it. (Prolonged applause.) NcVer, never,
r.cver 1 Why. what is it that support these in
terests P Wliat is it ? Here is a mas of com
merce who protects it? Its vast interests in
manufactures who protects itt Ih-re is a
ceasjing traSfe running from Newburvnort round
to California who protects st? What Jaws
what irovemmmii.? ! .J..irt. trVrri"w w
lurn our eyes we see mar. uu Slate is
not art agricultural State, hut a commercial wie
a manufacturing State, a State mixwl up with
all the interests of society aftd beyond all these
v isible and demonstrable interrsts and a vast
.Hint it im ilwlnvnllv in imp I nnm ntirl iln I ,mn.
iiifl '. tarn AdvertUfVinunLft nnd Siisnrintinns. onWYwi: . ... .. . v'
Webster, ('reiteried annlanse. W e have Im.l a o 01 promise. It is a bitter commentary upon the
our l atngk Henry, (M.rnng0 applause) and w M
Win. N. PSlin and w. H. Twyaian, ol I'ariH, JIo.
It. 11. Muchniidn Mid John A.tjuarles, ol Kioi iila.
Thomai F.. Thompson, ol Palmyra.
0 Wm.O. Vniuii'. ol New l.ondju.
in true devotion to the Constitution and the Un- J- L Cauleibnryj of Mexic
ion, you may rely on it, that Virginia has no L ' 2 '. Z ,n ..... ,,.
superwrf. (Hear, hear. She will stand by ' ,0 ibe list".
them tj the last hour of her existence.0 She The above named gentlemen arc authorized to gie
will neither repudiate the guarantees. of theT:'ceiP's lorftiowey due this Ullice.
higher than all, vm have tur nnd your Y.';.sh
ington! (Irrepressible enthusiasm.) Sir, there
is one more thine in which I will not vield the
palm 'even to Massachusetts. Sir, in loyally 1
I .. ! : 1 1
Terhps what offends the Courier, in the res
olutions, is the denunciations poured cut by the
Whigs of Massachusetts, upon the Democrats cf
that State, for their unhallowed alliance with the
Constitution, nor will sfic do aught to weaken
never happen under Uou s blessing until thci the bonds of our glorious confederacy." Pardon
i ji. . i i it L'n i i i . . . -
me, sir, lor navtng ceuuned you so long, and ac.
cept the Sincere expression of my thanks.0
Mr. Conrad, Secretary of 'War, spoke as fol
lows: o
Mr. Governor, although'' .he remark, of my
friends ind fellow-laborers who have just ad
dressed you, might seem to render it 'Sjapcrflu
ou. I cannot, nevertheless resist the tcmptarfon
to offea also the feeble expression of my c
knowledgments for the cordial greeting which I
have received from you," and from the citizens
of the State of which you are the organ, fronUhe
momeni mat we entered its border. I must as
New Political Party. The Germans, or
j a portion of them, at least, are engaged in move
ments that may yet ''result in the formation of
as a candidate lor Sheriff, at the eniuiiig election.
another Native American party, a Wc imblish
Z on our lirst page, an article from the New York
rj-YVe are authorized to auuoubce- D. F. JACXSON . ..,,. ,i. i ,i f p .1 . .
! or part of them, rre onranizhur a new nolitical
We ate authorized to anno'.inc2 B. M. IHlVKIXi! j,j.,oim, :p i i . u ei
...,- ,. . . . , , i Prty, which, if wc had not much couhdence m
a candidate for tfae ofljee of City Ialnl, at the an- , .
preaching electiont- 0 plltd ! t,lc mils of001,r CjC'rl;m population, wc hould
n iijjun us mc KLi ui ot uantrerous political
The ymirs of human life wear away.
Sir. I sha1! ncrform such servicna fnr nn
roads, 'whose not-wo has been spread over , such other leneihauf time, but wiih'everv in-
Massachniett and N w England within the creasing year and day end hour the more I con-
win ue. template the history ot this country, lle great
videncis . destiny of this country :he more I see of it I
many Yankee notions besides. We liva under !au,.e yol,r i-xcellency Unit I liave not the vanity
the law of the General Govcrnmanf, and Jhould i to immito this warm, and I might almost say,
perish' if those law wer) abrogated.0 (Ap-j this enllmsiasYic, greeting at your hands, to ony
plause.) Sir, you have alludedto the period in . personal merits of my own, associated a I am
which I have passed some partof my life in then the Cabinet with men far abler and far older
aominisiraiion oi mc auairs oi me
last fifty year, and v.-j trust thatoyoh wi
nble to see in thtbsyslia:,. not only the Vvidi
Of iho v.st aecumulatr.-'i of wealth, but of the contemplate it, as stretching from a to sea
i5'.5rs sum prospuriiy ot ine common- j and from the river
Wealth. Nor will we oek to gnceal f rcVn vou ;
on me, present occasion inci;irK side otdhe pic
ture; lor the wrnoranl and .vicious are still
amongst us. Vie ncsiro, most particularly to
'usauro you, that Mssssehusett is true to the
.Cniu,ion and the Union; that in the future
a I hone I may ay she has been in tho past
" she will know" no North, no South, no East,
no est; only the Republic, one nnd ?"pvuib!e,
' ... , A . 1 I
rivers to mc enas or the earth.
The more I co'it exhibiting tho American ge
nius at Jiomc and abroad 'Jie more I ee what
exhibitions of $kill have astonished Europe in
this oone summer, (sensation, the more I am
diddle lor the oriice of Ucrouier at the ensuing election.
than inysolf, having at its head your illustrious
fellow-citizen, (turning towards Daniel Web
ster) a man who combines theologio of Aris
totle with the eloquence of Tully I feel that
while I am ready to take my full (.hare 0f all the
responsibility that jnay attach oto the statio n
which I have the honor "to occupy, I can clai m
but a very small portion olany merit that bclontr '"g election.
to it. - ,
u V . . , . r i r authorized to announce G.
ui, it, i view tne nianiwstation as simply ; 15 a
uemonsirations tor the olhce -which 1 have the
kpnor to hold. Viewed in that light viewed
as an indication of the attachment of0the people
: clan ot" foreign agitators ; a new clement of dis
Icord; aticvy source of dangerdo their adopted
country. . rhere appears to bc-onc ot similar
."character in St. Louis, and one in New, Orleans;
I If tho devil is ever allowed to intermeddle with
didale a second time for the ctllee ol C.ty Marshal he politics, ha is handling some political wires in
Will receive very gratifying evidence of (lie esteem his j., - XT .. . c,. A .' , . .
patt crvice have won I'roiii these United States, just now! J5ocrnstein,.the
h editor ol the Anzeigcr des Westens, iu St. Lou-
IsUADMvY : Isi lnc organ ot the uerman t rcctliinkcrs, dare
the as-
CUltTS as a candidate for the elHce of City Marshal,
at the approaching election.
n Hannibal, Sift. 16tl, 101.
To the Editor . the Union. , -, 0
II JUSbPll DUDD1XO will consen to be i
Ye are authorized to announce R. J
a candidate lor Sheriff ot Ma. leu county at tne ensuing uot peril his character for vcracilv bv
. " . I seftioJi that ho dislikes the smell of tn'uviiai tt'on of its advocates, that it will produce a sen-
Wplirn mitlini-I-7i.il In ..i.n..n.. I 1 HOI T' t in- .. ....
.. u...v..,v.... n.,. v--" tlo room! i' ..riiltiv.. n.l h.u 1
upon .air aim remunerating pncri-ior tneir
Imifs. .Some contracts liavo already beerr made'
at ('incitii'tati and Madison, at il and $i 50Je'
livered, bill these prices may bo regarded a ul1
.W'r'hrr iib.ivc the views of buvcrs, nrcnerallv.
Such bills invj 'i?ryit','4 .i-lai V. ta&i-v
than a fair criterion as to what may be the pre- -
vailing prices.
The' prospects; for tliRmanubctiircil article
next year look favonijile. In the South and
West the stocks lire small, and very litl'e oil
will remain over. The supplies of Pork, boili
East and West, arc. inadequate to the demand,
compared with last Jfttr, and the market augurs
a good and prohtablo business lor toe ensuiivjy '
season.' - 0 e
Preparations arc making at this point for the
usual extensivo business in the Pork 'trade. ?
The price of pork is very uncertain ; sales '
have been make at $1 50, and some at .$4 gross,; ..
and the crop of hogs, north of us, is said to be "
large. Clarksvillc (Tcnn.) Chron., 20th.
Flour'. Mr. Thomas Jacksox advertise
Flour which can be recommended as the wry
bfit. ' '' t. 0 . i
Mississippi Uapius Cos vln tio.v. The cit
izens of Missouri are invited to attend a con
vention to deliberate in reference to the improve
ment of the Rapids. The convention will mccj,
r.t UurHngton on tho 23d of, October. We nre"
glad to see this movement. It should have been,
made long ago. - 0 . .- " !- ,
rhlllip's FIro Annihllator. 'c . '
We may with great propriety class this among
the most wonderful discoveries of the age, and
il seems to combine in a remarkable dqgree the
advantage of simplicity and'ecitnty. They
appear to have given perfect., satisfaction, and
iiic uuy IU..J pis;L'.y be V.-A f:r distant, when
to bo without '-Phillip's Fire Anniiiilator", w ill
be looked upon as inexcusable negligence. The
prospect of the ''Company" arc fluttering, and !
they have entered into arrangements probably
sufficiently 'extensive to meel thc wants of the
community. It appears luore tlian probable,:
should the invention alf all meet the untieina-
I lowers to an act of violence to the religious fcel-
XVe are authoiized toannouuee V.M. A. MADDOX, ,nos o1' x-c whole community, by a military pro-
.' And for yourself, ir, alloy mc to hope that your
puunc services may De agreeuoietoyourseit and
' beneficial to the country, nnd that, in the day
of yoift retirement, you maynjoy the usual rc-
suits of a virtuous public and prjvate career.
' In the nam'.' of the people of this Common
0 wealth, I again bid you wclcomo to Massachu
setts o
. ; THE PHESlrffcsT'i 8PE1.CH.
a. i , Mr. Fillmore 'responded in the following
-. words: ,
'Governor of Massachusetts under no oir
1 cumstances could 1 have received audi a wed.
- come a this, through the Executive head of this
great State without Uie depest emotions of grat
' itulo. From the moment that I crossed tho line
; of this great State, it has been onetocnu of wcl
' coin. Vou hav said that your institution of
every kind are open to be inspected by myself.
' ' and those aktDoiated with mc ; it is gratifying to
bs permitted to look into the institutions of this
State, which i perhaps the most flourishing in
the Union. . You have aid, sir, that your State
i prepared to sustain the Constitution and the
' '' Union. Sir, a I passed through this city, I saw
' your streets lined for mile witli multitudes of
p')to witness tho extreme order that pro
' vailed, I eould never for a moment conceive that
tin community could be brought, uuder any cir
' ' ' etitnstanee to eoiamit treason against tho Uni
ted Slates. (Cheers and ajiplause.) Sir, it is
my duty, and sometimes it has been a painful
o one, to execute tin laws of this Union against
- those who did not approve of them. This must
' ' . t the eae with fell who ooeupy the position I
naw tlowbat I eemuj.fesjt in tlii community
evidonco that a far as this city "anof'Surfe'a'ra
" eonoerned, thi duty will hereafter b jierforin
ed with ease and satisfaction. Sir, I oongratu
; ' ". late you on the prfrud eminence thi State
' ueupie in the great work of internal improve
" -- ment. Voir' have spread your railroads, and
' 5 ; invited the coinineroc of the West and North,
" ' a:id you rdw are pouring rich tributes into the
' lap of thi great Stale, May fjouund those
associated with you long enjoy these blessings.
'; You have Uuiglit your sister States lhat, al
r ' though you do not posses the pow er" of inviting
commeroe by canals, yet that there is another
iuol of atretahing forth your Briarean nrms
' y ' to the farthest part of the land, and bringing
Chef ri.:hes into your S'ate. Sir, it doe not be
coma me to expres gratitude for the reception
v of thoss aonia-od with mo. They re rnort
x ciptbie of doing it for themselves than 1 am
' ' (waving his luind towards Mr. Webster.) Per
mil me, however, to say that I receive the les
tiinoi:'. K)f the inhabitants of lioston and Mosaa
thulu nut as a persons) respect for mystU
surprised and gratified. Why, sir, tho bitterest, of this great commonwealth to the Union, and to
the ablest, the most anti-American press in all the country, I assnrctyou most sincerely that
Europe wlUun.ft fortnight ha stated that in they were far, very far more gratifying lo me,1)
everyinmjr vauiauicy in evcrytninir mat is lor iiinn vieweu us manilestations of anv regard to
j human improvement, the United Stales go so myself. 0 However gratifying that -may have
jar aneau oi cveryDony else, as to teavo no Doily oecn, iur. uovernot, my Iriend whelms thus
else in sight it is like the position of'JoVe a- addressed you, disclaimed for himself tjie title
mng the gods: Jove is lirst, aitu there is no ot a stranger. I think I may with equal right
secouu. Ana in another paper liiuueniiai in
thefucouncils of Great Britain, the editor says
'lie might almost have said, and the timo now
is when America shall command the ocean and
both oceans and all'voeana." This results partly
from flw skill of individuals, antf partly from
yhe untiring ingenuity of the people, and partly
irom those great events which havfe given us
Uie ocean of ono world on one side, and the
ocean of the other eWorld on the other. They
a candidate lor She. ill' of Marion county at the en-u
candidate for Mayor at the ensuing election.
We are authoriztS to announce J. H. TRIPLETT
as a candidate for Ueeorden at' Ihe approaching election.
sible effect upon the rates of 'insurance. If tho
Annihihitor is a safety-guard why the necessity
of a policy? But it is merely our intention to
cession on the Sabbath, maintaining that it is; record our conviction rather than enter into th
nothing more than right that foreigners should! merits of the question at present. A
o Hannibai., Sept. 30th, ISol.o
If Mr. JOHN B. LEWIS will again become a can
didate for Jhe rtice of Recorder at the ensuing elc-
tion,jie map lety on the suppoit ol
y Hannibal, Sept. 3()tli, 1851.
If Mr. r; It. SELMF.S will consent to the use of
his name as a candidate for the office of Mayor, he
will be supported by
appear to have filled the minds oi the people witn
asbmishment; and, it brought to my mind a story
told of a gentleman not miv living it was re
lated to Mr. John Lowell, About 30 years npo,
returning to Europp niter the peace of 1S15,
the gentleman to fc'liom I have referred wus
spoken to by some onc'bf the great personages
of durppc, who, alluding to tho naval power of
the United States, said that he hoped the Eu
ropean powers would now be permitted to tra
verse the oceans quietly and the response was,
"Yes, with our leave." (Applause)..
May it please your Excellency, I hope that
all health, happiness and prosperity will attend
you, henceforward, through life. (Enthusiastic
Applause)'.' O -' Un
mb. Stewart's speech, '-.
The following is Mr. Stewart's Speech: 0
The very complimentary terms on which you
have been pleased to allude to my friend on my
left, and myself, seems to demand a word of
response nn j Uuinks. I tender to you. sir, my
most cordial acknowledgments for the welcome
yoy have-given us. . TJiia, sic, jslhe.first time
tha my foot ha ever rested on the sou of New
England, hut I trust, sir, it will not be the last.
(Appluuse). I have seen many things 4o ad
mire, and which have ufTorded me instruction.
I jiave seen the net work ol railroads to which
you have alluded, which are now penetrating to
the remotest part of our country. I have seen
to-day, sir, as I traversed your territory, the
hardy yeomanry of this country, arid here, sir,
permit mo to say, that iu all my travels through
out this broad confederacy, I have never yet
seen the same evidences of intelligence, prosper
ity, of indutry, and of everything that renders
tho condition of man delightful in this life.J
(Applause). I have seen, sirband of children,
who have seemed to me to line the way for miles,
r.nd who hud come from your glorious Comnioti
Schools to tender their welcome to tho President
ut the United Slate. I felt, sir, that it was
well that they should bo there. I felt that they
would learn the lessons of naturul patriotism,
au4 bay t)i deeply implanted in their hearts.
msoiaim that title. ( Applau) I have not,
it is true, the honor of coming from a Slute
which, like Virginia, has been a partner in the
perils and dangers'!' our revolution; but, sir, I
oume from a State that numbers among her best
a. a most virion. ,aml enlightened itizens, many T the Voters Of tho City Of Hannibal.
Iff in KlTTIA I rnin Hiitl At I men Utntnu I tl...,l. 1 '
awit uuiii vi- ni-fiw UlOIlP, X V 1 1 1 aJ H a. ' yj j
(sir, tliat a citizen of New Orlcan mav well i'lissuuri.
claim some acquaintance 'with the citizens ofi Fi;tL0W Citizens:
Boston, connected, as they were, not only bv ! e -See" called "pon "o"?'1 c'ty papers.aiid
preserve their nationtd customs, as well as form
separate, political organizations. The (iermans
wrote tu (Jov. .King for arms to be used on that
occasion. The Governor refused permission for
such a purjiose, and recommended them ohc
comcJmrricanizcd. To this Boernslcin re
plied by publishing an insulting article, which Circcla
he termed an open letter to the Governor. of
Missouri, in which he assures the Governor,
that lie is no more; an American than Germans
just arrived from " Faderland;" the only differ
ence being that the ancestors of the former ar-
bus been formed in this' country for the sale of
Annihilators. At the head of this company is.
l'.lisha Whittles)-,- ami the getwral manager is P.
T. Barniun. Ve find in the New York Tribune?,
the circular of the company, which contains
much tliat will interest the public;, 1 .
linLLirV Usitld States Fire
Anmiulator Agency. - ' ',
The undersigned respectfully announces that
he is the authorized Agent for the English pat
entee for the disposal of Phillip's Fire Annihi
atorn in the United States. His agency will
uc coniuiciea m connection with a 'company 'of
leans: V e tin hard v believe that the mass of
our foreign population will beguiled by 'argu
ments so void of common sense. , Because some
wild man of the woods one hunted on a farm
the ties of common kindred, but by the so'oi iil Perso" b' Bay f my peoonal friends, to permif: that I havo paid for, cidtivaled and improved, I
.-uu u uuu commercial reunions inai oina - .-...........,.,. ; am to be told it is not mine I because nomadic
us dmlv more and more together. I cannot feel. C1,y st e 'nsmng election. I am well satisfied that 1 T , ,. , ... .
When f tread the soil of Boston, that I am on the I generous partiality of my friends, and not any real : tnbeS f A,d 0,,ce r,,a,netl over the w'lller
soil of a foreitrn land. Neither is this in v visit ' icerits of my own, have had much influence in this so- i nes of America, we are to be told that the
to your city, or to your Slate. I have hereto. ' licitation. My interest is closely identified with the proud Republic of the United States no more
rived here a few decennaries before the hitler;, operation, to le known as ''Phillips' United
that the Indians and Buffalo are tlu? true Ainer-Plat-'s Fire Aonihilutor Company,',', of which
fore,' on one or two occasions, as a privave indi
vidual, enjoyed the hospitalities of her citizcns
aim i assure you that every visit that 1 make t
prosperity and ultimate destiny of Hannibal. A resi-.
deuce of eight years aaiotig you has given us an op '
portunity to be well acquainted with ejeh other. 1 1
belongs to those who made it what it is, than to
the Chinese or the Germans!
your Stale, to her beautiful capital, is a sourc , havo endeavored, during all the time I have been hw, ' Germans are a thinking people, clwr.
of pure pleasure nnd satisfaction. At everye'lo attend well to all the business which my Uilty . actL'"stieally honct and straightforward. We
nev visit that I make to both, I perch-v a new I called me lo do, and if you, in your wisdom, should ' ,rusL 'h'T will fairly reflect upon and discuss
evidences of that industry, that enterprise, that j lliink p.oper to honor me with the office of Mayor of' these matters, and when their eyes ar opened
mir viiui.K nrnuuiiff Aif.i I I . . I .. .l.,.ll .1 'j i a
--.b-.-- B.--.s ...a., my.to ine true nature of the nonsensical political
bst lo ittend In ll.a ilnfipa nf ntftrt. ....I Jkn ..II :.. . 1
- - " ' " " " " " J HI.U ... .11 II.
my power for the prooperity of the city au.l (he wel
fare uf all her citizens.
' ' Respectfully yours,
1 -. : T. It. SELMES.
public spirit, and that philanthroiiy which
may bo said to be her peculiar characteristics.
I see, also, new indications of continued and in
creasing prosperity. I need not say to the citi
zens of Massachusetts, and above all, Mr. Gov
ernor, I need not say Jo you, and to tho enlight
oned audience which I now have the honor to
address, how much of this prosperity is due to
the preservation of the Union w hich the Com-
. B I ...
uionweauu or :uassacnuseus nas contributed so T,lere wil, bo pr0UL.hlng on next Subblltl b
powerfully to establish, and which I am sure r n . u i i ,
she will also, ut all times, be as ready powerfully UeV- Mr CK URA ut t"' S"J Presbytery
to assist, to preserve, and maint;
impraclicabilities of Boenwtein, we believe he
will lose more adherents than he will gain. 0
' Boston Railhoad Jubilee Wp r.,.il,I
t Hon. ElisUa Whiltlesv. First P.nntvrtUo
United States Ireamiry at Washington, is the
President, and P. T. Barnu.n Esqr., is tho Gen
eral Maiwger and Secretary.
- Tl. :.' . ..mr ! ' . . t
..c j.,u:i- n luaenines and ot Charges, are as
follows: " ' . c- o ,' ' .,
'j Price r
including one chugo
. . cVlO-
- " '20 :"'
Size of
No 1. -
No 2.
No 3.
No 1.
No 5.
s ready powerfully I
tain. (Applause.)
All that I can now do, 'Mr. Governor, is to
express, as 1 do, the sincere wish that this pros
perity may continue as long as the Union con
tinues, and that both may be perpetual.
The President then reviewed the troops on
Boston Common. This evening he dines with
the Cabinet, including Mr. Webster, at the
Revere House, but, lis th Corporation of the
city thought proper to exclude the press, no re
port of the sayings and doings ut the dinner can
Lo given, y
A general review of a division of the Masa
ehusetts State military, under Miijor General
Edmunds, took place on Boston Common. The
troops consisted of Uie First BostMl Brigade, one
regiment of infantry, und one of Artillery, un
der Brig. Gen. Andrews, and a brigade of coun
try troops under Brig. Gen. Wilson, consisting
of two regiments of Infantry and a batallion of
Rifles. The review war witnessed by the
l . . i i
vnurcny ai il o clocK, A. M, ,
Tho Rev. E. MunroaD, a Universalist, will
preach in this city on Tuesday and Wednesday,
the 7th and 8th of October.
Gooey, for October, comes to us with more
than his usual excellence of matter and beauty
of illustration. The fashion plute is in the best
style of engraving. One prominent character
istic of this periodical, which should especially
securf the interest of our lady friends, is the
larga number of female contributors. Godev's
name is n sufficient guaranty for all literary
dcrtakincrs. e v
Farms rn. Sale.; -We, refer to the adver
tisements of two farms, one in this counly, near
West Ely, the other la Ralls count y .
refrain from furnishing our, readers wiili the
speeches delivered on this occasion, entire. In
all of them wo observe a noblo patriotism, coin-
I pletely exempt from small, sectional jealousy.
ihey rejoice hi the prosperity T vvery part of
the United Statesi A splendid 'dinner ut the
Revere House, funned part of tho festivities.
Tho Jubilee continued three days, and the
processions,, with the incidents, speeches, deco
rations ol private residences, flags, streamers,
banners bearing weloome, nn 1 expressing the
esteem und affection for the President lie de
serves, and sentiments of the most trailed pa
triotism, are all described at length in the Boston
papers, and mark the occasion as one mo.l bril
liant, utij honorable to Boston.
o - - -
Ci rv IIoteLj This popular Hoin-e has pass
ed into the hands of Mr. G. Grimes, whose ad
vertisement wiTl be seeti in another column.
Mr. G hives comas highly recommended, ,
welt, prepared to add to tin- popularity of the
City Hotel. , '
'h-u-ges n,ay bo V , -
these mat hines lurni.h an infallible prole ion
"gainst the destructive consequence 'f 1 e "
I'.oy are always ready for constant use, a d con
w. ,u themselves the certain mean, of e ".
g..ng acchl hital fires, u, .. as di.oo "r
litis l ire Anniiiilator is mdo to cvoho a
"d vapor, und loe.nitit will, great cvpa lsive
,,, ,' ."- oiu wiiiio me vaiioren.it
l-'ruelive of lire, il is innoMous To Z .
V-tl, lends to purify an id,,,,,sphpre
w.tWmok.pmrdoe, it.j.,,-, i, r,,"i
Price of each
spare charge
; : 1 25
; ; 1 75
The Machines cm be made to order of any
size, at a proportionate price.
No. 1. (the smallest size) is valuable for ex
meutt S '""'mneyaond small apart.
No 2. is used with effect in large Imildines,
and at the outset of a lire, and luutfie advaL
01 Ol'lllfr the nwivt .1.1.. .1 . .
....si.ii v i"""""u me sizes deemed
availaMe for houses,
Nos.3,4?and5 are' Uie' hand machines 0f
greater power. No. 3 can be carried by a
a.l) . Nos. 4 and 5 can only be handl.Ml to i.d
12 T I 7 V"U"' ?wd "re l,refcWe for large
Iri addition to hand machines, there are street
:.r dis r.ct Annihilators, mounted upon whee s '
."lended.o bedrawn by firemen in the usua!
mT. These maehino. ure possessed of eon.
"",is power, and will emit through a hose a
stream ol Viipor uj.on u burning building for any
desirable length of time. , b y
4 hc j.,.r,auie mai nines arc so simple in con
struction that they are not liubU, to get out of
order, and O.eir application is so easy ,lat M"l
person may el ecluallv n tl.. n ,. ,
, i,. " , J -......I.,, i ue tnemical
4M"wr1MsMyKr rsa

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