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Hannibal journal and western union. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1851-1852, October 09, 1851, Image 1

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Editor and 1'iililislier.
VOL. 2 NO. (J.
II n.y- "
iy .....
1 :
Attorney at Law, , and General Real
Offic on North tide of Bird, between lit am 2d sts.
WILL attend to '.lis collection of debts and olhrr
professional business entrusted to hit care
Re hit complete Abstracts of Title to all there.d es
tate in Hannibal, and will furnish to thosa desiring it,
an abstract of all the Conveyances, on record, of am
lot in I he city. S
He ii commissioned t take Ik-positions, Arlt,,owl
edjrcinentof deeds, tc, for the Stu'es of Virginia nm'
Kentucky. v.,
'' ti nfrnitm
Messrs. Woods, Christy k Co.,St. Louis, .Mo
Messrs. Doan, K ing 4 t-'o, " '
Messrs. Collins Kellogg, ' "
" Siter, Trice fc Co., Philadelphia, Ta.
Morxis L. Hallowell 4 Co. " "
" A'.ttd"! it t'C.y" - .
" MofTelt, Htwe I . Co., Hannibal, Mo.
' Mr. T. R. Selmes, ,.
Mr. Ceorge Schroter, foct 31-ly ' "
-, l v Smith S. Allen, 6
Attorney at Law,
WILL promptly attend to all professional business
entrusted to his care in the counties of Marion,
Ralls and Pike. Ho will give particular attention to
the securing and collection of debts in Any part of the
State. fEfOffice on Bird street, four doors above the !
corner of Bird and Main, m front oy, the Marshal and
Recorder's office, o c,
BKRAGC Dea Laines, a liewstyl of goods for la
lies' Jesses, - " apr24y
., 1 f
rn B. STEVENS; opposite the City Hotel, has just
X received, in additionflto his 'form'r stock, thu
largest asMrtment of Jewelry ever brought to Kanui
bah He invites his customers to call at the above
establishment, where they will alway find the richest
and most extensive assorlmenti of Watche and Jew
elry, Silver and Plated Ware, consisting in part of Gobi
nd Silver Lever Watches, Breastpins, Earrig, Fin
- rer Rings, Pencils, Lockets, Gold Kob, Vest and Girtrd
Chains, Braeels, Gold and Silver Spectacles, Card
Casts, Silver Combs, Tea Pots, Castors, Caudle Sticks,
Accordcons, Gun?ySiiot Bags and Pouches.
HJ-Good Wtchcs of ewery description carefully re
paiied and warranted to keep tinje if well i!ed or
the money returned. o o mai20tf
( Suecttior to Miller 3r J5otctr.)
Forwarding and Commission merchant
BY miss rmr.BE carkt.
Yes, my lip to-rtight h.ive spoken
Words I said ty fhould not speak;
inl 1 woii!i I i"" i d Mjcall tlicm
1 W oi.l I I ii. .V i. -,i tg6u8owink. q
Ut, t'i! Mir u ! mideJ :.ioineiitl
" W i" il mine to live again, ,
j, All tlie rtre'.g'n oV its temptation
Would appeal t me In vain.
'True, my lips have only ill lured
00 What is evtr in mv heart:
I am happy v iieh beside him,
Wretcfted when w arr apart , 0
Though I listen lo his praises,
Always longer than I should, o
v Y4 my Jieart can never hear them
Hall as often as it would!
And I would not, could not, pain him,
Would not for the world offend,
1 would have him (mow I like him,
As a brothter, as a friend ; c c
But I meant to keep pne secret ,.
In my bosom always hid,
For 1 never meant to frjl him
That I loved Uim but I did.
tinuingto let off occasinnnlly a porffon of the maY iloptcd a the most advisable at the
pa, I succeeded in making a safe descent. preein point, of our engineering knowledge,
lVheni reaclicd the eartli I could not refrain """ mine ioce oi tnese rcporti, it is evident
ifrom casting mycl down upon its Burfwce, an 1 that, be)ond exploding an illusion, nothing lm.
.cinbr.icing and Liaaing it with the greatest ar- ecn acwrnplished or attempted. We would
dor, as though it were a mother indeed. From not 'or foment undervalue the pirit and en-aom-
country people who soon came, up, I erKv gallant little band winch has aue-'.-
-rii 1 that I was upon the coast of England ofully carried through this remarkable enter-
D r), Trig upon the strait of Dover, an I with- ;Prlse- nave iniriy put ut to shame. It
on any further event worthy of relation I soon
uiior iinvoil nt4nv own liuuie winch is about
isix leagues from Paris, having been absent pre
ivist'y lour months. I urn now enzaifed in nrtv
paring from the manuscript s given me by Kien ferms
On Fee ding Anlmali.
The following is an extract of the address of
Wra, Little, which we extract from the fifth re
port of the Ohio Stat board of An -culture:
And now, having, I hope, erur&ired your atten
tion to the necessity of providing suitable food
for dumb animals, let me auk you the question
how -do your feed your animals? Jt mattery not
how perfect the form, nd how pure the blood
your con or your can may oe, u uiey are noi
pcrly fed and sheltered during the winter
months. By this I do not mean that they should
Dressing t n.n.A.-i ..j ...tr..A i- i. r i.;.
In a question such as this, however, it constitutions, f the sake of havin? the fattest
will remain an rnd:rii,g blot in the history of i0f
Gnglish advtnlure tlmt so noble a ft as this
has been nceiinplishcd without ouraid.nthonli mot
ni ii
was usk?d from fas in the most
Long, (s the Chinaman was called,) and from 'a necessary U discard all gusts of sentiment, and largest yearli ngs in tK neighborhood $ but
the result of my own observations, a book for iand to coimuV the question from a more pracU- 'J mean jhat all ?.r.im1, of any ae. rour
ipubUwrtion, vrh'cY J im well satisfied vri" ort- f3"Vyi I. i,c..ti.raMwiy spv-nking, :farm, ought to have a shelter in which they, may
ate a greater sensation, and contain matter, the ot mue myoriance wnemcr a company or wni abide during the severe storms or ouryorthcrn
knowledge of which will be mor beneficial to
ths human race, than any work which has been
published for centuries. I had hoped to have
had the work ready for the press by this time,
but I find that, the manuscripts, which were
ted States or British merchants were thff first to winters : and I mean that all animals oueht to
send a steamer up the river San Juan. Free have a sufficient quantity of food, to keep them
acoess from ocean to ocean isTbf the last impor- in a healthy, growing condition, all through the
Ion? season when winter reigns supreme. It
tance to the interest of all oommercial nations,
It is clear tiat, whether arrangements may fihal-
will not do to say you cannot afford it. As I
said before, on another subject, you cannot do
leonied from the oriciruil Chinese intn Frpnnh. at ,h be decided upon, the key of the Pacifio can
jmy request, abound in inaccuracies, owing to his jnot De entrusted to the keeping of any single !0therwise for just sov certainly asyour sjocjt is tion of the Benton party hz Wen
j imperfect .-knowledge of the written language, : Power. In point of act, negotiations have been jneglected, just so certaiuly doyou losemoney. anr their adherence to the man
anj these require much more care and attention i'onS Washington ana in London to bring r How many oftyou have experienced the fact that we must s&'e more conclusiv
'Maria's like a clock, they say,
Unconscious bf her beauly,
n8he regulates the live-long day,
Exact in every duty. 0
If this be true, such self-command,
Such well directed powers,
Oi may her iiitle minutf hand,
" Become a hand of ouns!"
to correct than I had supposed would be the 'aDout so e"auie a result, the energy and
case. As 1 am anxious to present it as perfect P'"" l'IBw uanoiis coum noi oe uirecia
as possible, and to have it easily understood, e- to a nobler object than the union of the two seas
ven by the simple and uneducated, 1 must still
idevote some further time to itsf revision, but I
can safely promise that in a few weeks the pub
lic may confidently rclyupon its appearance;
e o 0
From the Jfatioiiala Intelligence 'a London Cor
by the most rapid and direct channel of which
circumstances will admit. The trlory of having
practically proved the possibility of success will
femain forever an honorable distinction of a pri
vate company in the United States." o
So much for the cause of progress, as evi
denced in man's victories over physical obstacles,
his triumphs over the material impediments to
social and commercial intercourse. What has
Concluded.) .
fBLONPER'.- A mistake unfortunately occurred
last week, in the translated article, entitled
HiTTA,rt wAiwlprful i!l " v lInK I
I -1-"0,V "' ," 1 f
lagraphs were transposed, making the reading
(confused. We regret this veryimuoli, as it de-
fj tracts from the interest of a well 'written article.
JH. "GME'ti.Y, J, Ed.0
Liberal Caih 'Jltances tuadt oi ConsijrMmciUf .
nov7tf '
Late of Quincy, III. . Ijiie of Hannibal, Mo.
apri-6in &
This discourse r wakened within -me a hone.
wild and irnprobable, that I wa's not utterly citf..
oil' from all communication with my native earth,
and I earnestly, implored the interpreter to aid
jmc at tife first favorable conjunction to make the
'attempt. IIj assured vno that lie would do so,
'if 1 was resolved to run the hazard,' and in
forincd mo also, that no constraint 'would be put
iupou me by any one in the Moon. IIeaddedliat
las some weeks would chips before the favyra-
e, 1 would see many
an insight into
Londot, September 4, 185.1. been done in mechanical invention and mfftiufac-
It must bo0 obvious to the most superficial ob- turing skill will be abundantly shown by the
server that two great principles are now at work jc'ounters and glass-cases extending through ma
in the civilized world: that of iprogr,es.or im- jny a mile in the Crystal Palace. In the ma
nrovcinent among the masses of the people the chinery of England ati'l( the United States, in
nfi.nr; that or despotic rule among the governors (the agricultural implements of 'those countries
or would-be governors of those masses the few. Jand of Belgium; in the broadcloths of Saxony; in
These two principles are decidedly antagonist!- ithe muslins and ribands and laces' of Switzerland,
cal to each other; thry are now; and have long and, above all,'in the exquisite watches and oth
bocn in silent conflict; they must soon come into er horological machines of that countryj1 in the
open0 contention. It cannot be doubted to 'multifarious productions of German, Prussian"
Which side victory will ultimately incline; lo have jRussiun, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese skill,
a single misjnjst upon the question would be to , in the contributions from Persia, Turkey, Egypt,
deny flic power'of truth, of justice, and of right, jand Tunis; in the silks, the carpets, the jewelry,
lo suppose that the victory will lie achiovcd 'and the procelan oi r ranee; in tliebeautuul stat-
withoul a long, an arduous, and it may beterri- Juary of Belgium; Saxony, Milan, and Verona;
b!'. zvA :pr:d and.ss.nguiuary cuntunuuu, puu, uiuiu imL 1m uuuiuiliuii, ji'uups first in
would be encouraging hope almost agamgt con
viction.. The press, the platform, and tlie-pul-pit,ill
declare the steady march of the cause of"
progress and improvement, the advance of the
mind of man in all the great and higher demerits
of its beiner, 'and man's moral existence. In
The St. Louis Times, of the 4th inst., coru
kaint a long and well writtten article upon the
subject ot a ro-union or uia democratic party, jri
which the ground is assumed that, inasmuch as
Col. Benton ha left the State and taken tip l,i
residence permanently at Washington City, the
principal barrier that separated the Two wings;
of the party has been removed, and that they
can now unite and act as harmoniously together
as. they did prior to the disorganization in their
ranks occasioned by the ex-Senator's firebrand
"appeal." We confess that this projiosition of
the Times takes us a little by surprise, and that,
we are not at present prepared to view it in a
If r.ixi.VJiiIii. a! we h?Iiee. rajrrj',i'5ltsi-
ihe ovracv 0 Livingston will ponder lonir
and well before n.c, . v,e induced to sanction
the proposed coalition. 1'licy !-1r,t the lata
battle on printiple and ''nothing else;" and tliev
must bo fully satisfied that tno Benton jsty ,
have cut themselves loose, entirely and forever,
from their "idol," before they will consent to
go into convention with them, The oryaniza-
o complete,
so tenacioiil,
evidence of
that you have been offered more money for an repentance on'heir part than-they have yet man.
animal in the fall than the same aninaal would ifested, before we would trust even a moiety of
nring in me aprintr.. as iuo DMwunio preaon itn pniittcai nnrrer vl tr.e State Jatr.sir a
anytning wmcn i uo not practice, l win ten you
my own course. My calves are provided with
larga airy shed, in which they nave plenty
of room to exercise. This shed i well bedded
down with straw and kept clean by the addion
of fresh straw every day. Ihe best ot toy is
given them, as much as they will eat, and, in
addition, about a quart ol meal or chopped teed
isViven io each one every day. The result is
that I can realize in the spring, from $15 to $20
per head for my yearly heifers and steers.
Now, what is the difference between the cost of upon the Slavery question; and Ve are free to
keeping calves in this way and the more usual confess that, iit.the present posture of our Na-
There is an old Spanish proverb which (pad
thus : "If ian deceives you once, it is his
fault if a second time, it is your own." The
Stat-rights portion of the democracy of Mis,
soun have been wofully 'deceived by Col. Ben-
ton and his 'Strikers" onct; and untiPthey "bring
forth fruit meet for repentance," we opine that
it will be a long time before they will have an,
opportunity of deceiving us a second time. The,
great battle for ie preservation of the Constitui
ition and the Union is eventually to be fought
arts, science, and literature, m comjnerce, in
correct religious preceptions,in improved moral
and social habits, and in sound political knowl-0
eilgi;, this progress is almost univcrssally admitt
ted. Travelers' observe it, philosophers ac
count for it, the p'recs and the pulpit proclaim it,
p!;'riv'.s, philaolhrophists, and the truly religions
o. every sect and mme rejoice m it. To cnu-
inerate tho steps tvhich science and art have
!.-"My daken for in tho progress of humanity a
l century is a very brief space would be to
tr nseribe the entire cyclopaedia of knowledge
Received this tay.a lar(
addition to our stock
Boys'Clothing.all sizes, eonsisi mg of Sacks.. Js. 'f
white and brewn, Drill Pants, Cwtonade, ditto W-t
tc.,ic. - fmaylS'Mi
, ' HIRAM McVKUill i Co
TJLACK. I-ace Veils, French WetUe, o liars s.u -ukJ r(,ceive S() .al
XJ Uapes, a very large ioi, kimi .. I u ' ... .-.1 I .hi.. l.,a,l T r, ;., M.l.;.. ,;. f tK. . "
kUliliMl Dlir.Ki .... i , ... ., . . ., , o i t.
reach the earth in saictv, lot wmcn lie nau in- gre-is siriKinsiy visiDie.' nun lias almost lite-
jlo doubt.) to delig!i'-vi I biMiplit the human race rally subdued the earth; his steamships, his rail-
with my discoveries. I lo then leu me to my roads, jmd Ins tclegrapli have nearly annihilated
' renose," promising to call agiiin whun I was re- time and space. One day it is gravely proposed
freshed, and shjw me i lie wonders of the place, to unite the capital of the British Empire by an
and the people among whom I was placed. This .iron banljwith CalcutIa, ir. order tliat the dis
h did not t'nil 1o"-!o. nvl f"r week I revelled ttir.ee betvrccn"tho two p!ao may 1e passed
BLEACHED and Brown Muslins of all kinds, in the gratification of a s.iti iled curiosity. But ,over within a week; and, in the language of the
Check, Flanuels, Tweeds, ' Cassinets and .leans, us i js m design to publish tin uecount of all jTimes'-to enabele a man to shave on a Monday
apt2ly COLLINS 4 BKEKD1. c( tjlat j saw an(j iearBej) in oininection with a 'mornin in the midst of London fog, with the
77, . . I Journal which the interpreter presented ne, of quicksilver in the thermometer nowhere. On
CADDLERY and Hardware, an assortmet QpK ',lis four yeari resi(lence there, ami liis.scientific Axe following Monday he may be languidly strip-
rr sale very cheap by r SEl investigations, I will withhold any detail at the ping for a cold bath in Calcutta, his limbs e-
aprd ly prcscntl " n 4 taxed with heat, and with" the quicksilver
C-- OINQHAH9, ' I Durinz this time, however, the desire to re- where you will."
inghams for sale treasonable terms turn to earth reigned predominant,. wild I failed I o The next day our attention is called, "not to
v by COLLINS U BREED. in()t j.,;., 0 rCniind the interpreter of his prom-, the promise.-but to theaccomplisluticnt of anoth-
" - i. i i ii" . . i :.:i : t. . ...i i. i
lse. At lengtn, one nay lie -ioiu me nun ino er iasK suiuewnai mmihui iii uuurucicr, n iiieu lias
tiine had 'conic, the position of the heavenly been taken up, discussed, and abandoned over
bodies was mot favorable, and if 1 still persist- and over again any time during the last two cen-
ed in the desire, wo would prepare for the as turies." We allude to tho project for joining
cent. The King and many of his courtiers en- the two great oceans of the world by cutting
dtavored t uersuado me to remain at least for .through the Isthmus of Panama. Tins was a
some time longer, but my impatience could not project ef the greatest importance to the whole
bo restrained. Mv ascent was to lane piace ;civiiizeu-wJi in. n was no mere ruuionai con-
ino element ol locamy couiu not enter
it ion respecting it. Its comple
, Canton as much as Liverpool,
intimately as London, and yet un-
which had so well proved til the hist few months what had been done to-
efully preserved. At- wants lU completion Kival schemes crudely
excellence, the incomparable Grreefc Slave of Hi-
k am i'ower; in tho metallic castings of Berlin,
and'Munich; in the jewelry from France, and
Spain, and Russia, and Hindostan; in the won
derful mosaics and cameos from Rome and Flar
ence; but the enumeration prove this portion
of bur position would be almost endless, and
iHjight be gleaned from every page of the cata
logue of the Great Exhibition. In Literature
what really practical and advancing treatises.
upon almost every portion of attainable knowl-
eage, are aauy issuing irom me press, notwith
standing the restrictions which the Governments
of Italy and Austria, and we are grieved to have
to add those of Prussia and France, are almost
continually placing upon it.
In moral and social habits we think the effects
of progress are visible in the increased tempe
rance of all ranks throughout Europe; in the im
proved habits of cleanliness, industry, and order
in the lower classes; in the increased liberality,
urbanity, and humanized feeling oT the higher
ones. In the establishment of peace and arbi
tration societies, in " the simplification of legal
plan ? Each of the calves will cat in the course
of the winter perhaps $3 worthof hay, and, in
addition the chopped feed will cost about one
cent per day, or about $1.50 for thewinter in
all $4,50-in the spring they are worth $20
each. In the other place, the calf is fed on
straw or refuse hay, and at three years old will,
if a steer, bring perhaps $20; if a heifer, $12.
It requires no great skill in arithmetic to tell
which is the most profitable.
The same, observations will apply to all other
stock. Mt. own practice is lo have a stall or
shed for every animal on the farm ?and my own
.. . , . - .
opinions is lin.t no larmcr ougai to a.eep ne sin-
r t .i k. - ..i.. ??
gie animal more wag ne can accuuuuouiuc.
JiUcnigan tatintt.
A 4
tlonal affairs, we would much rather coalesce
with the State-rights whigs than the 'so-called .
Benton democrats. Could we believe that tha .
eighteen thousand democrats in this State,' whq
Sustained Col. Benton's "appeal," were influ-
enced more by personal, devotion to the man
than a belief in tne opinions upon the suhi'ect of
slavery which he advocated, we might be uim
posed to forget the past, aniirejoice to see them
return to the democratic fold and act in concert o
with the opponents of the ex-Senator: but, until
convinced, to the contrar. mm must h laav .
to dissent from' the 4elief 'expressed lay the,
Times, that "there are not two hundred free-i
-t aoiiers in the State outside of St, Louis coun
ty." ,
We shall recnr to this subject again. In the)
mean tune, we are inclined to concur in the
views expressed in an article we have copied
from the Bloomingjon Gazette, and which will
be found on the first page qf this week paper,
C'iiillicoUie lhron.
0 From ihtjiloomington Gazette.
The SUam Wagon, No. 3.
It is not necessary for us to say any tiling,
concerning the accounts immediately connected j
with Hailroads, further than the matter ol trans
portation. That, has already been submitted to
your consideration, by abler hands. We have
but one qustion more; to which we wish to call
your attention; and then we are done, n
What !nrtnoAmnt. have rcniLalists. In imnrove
, . iJ ,i. f-.-i. ices. Mine is, tf vo
tne lnianu couuues ut iiAissuun. uy uic eamu- i . , . . .,1 , .
.. , wu ... , S 1 . , o oats and barley stubble plow as soon as you get
hshment of manufactories, and by such estalH 1 a, 4 . . ., . . , .
J!""'. .. ., ' ... J0 un. ithe irrain off and tliat very tlua so that the stub-!
lisnmenis, 10 ubikiii uw ciuAcu.r " U, iill iim I. ( Unrs uvW
you get ready for sowing, say from, the first to.
Wheat Cu.li.ut.
Messms. Editobs: 1 wish to say tome few
things in your paper on the culture ot wheat,
in the ways and manners of different experien
ces. Mine is, if voti want to sow wheat after
j ' wn ithe but of Senterar, whinh I lwv f.!ul to
" ic !be a eood time for seeding, take a one norse plow
is not sulfi- !.. jLi . i 1 rL...
A Fine lot of G
apr24y ,
x . Ribhons.
A FINE assortment of spring adn summer Bonne
Kibbonsj also, Katin and Mantua Kibbons for salt
-apr24y by COLLINS it BREED.
1 UST opened a bne lot of UOO'1'8 ami ttllOKS
J of all qualities, among which you will hud some
t...ir..i lui ! foi the ljtdies at -
..UUlU........v. . ..... ,1.,1-l-IVC
ducement to erect flouring mills? None. What,
to erect tobacco factories? None. And why
noli Because Uiere are no facilities
. 1 .I. j 1.... :
ponation-.anu u,e in- nu , .!if " lands be in good order, and Lvy off Vouf
cient. I ave we goou uouring m,s uwr ..uv - and j,,,
one. A Lour supplies of fine flour are from , w- nj f u'fow . ordinj
Hannibal, or other places, on, or near the Mis- F -r -rur. let tl. full-wWtK th-
i:FFi K-.vcr. star ire csa very c-y . . f - . wat ms &t fjlU in from
"e'.i..u. JiUi. .,n,i
t . LI IV OIUU U4 Uiuni MVH 1lWlf lilt; IJ M
for our . .... ,. i,. r.,,1 f:,i,lL . ,k;..t:
-. . , , 1 r. HI UUlll! It.lVM AC.V u.w aula rj ...... Ii Vl.U Ull
wb hv riRtter jinn limn inev. mil .
proceedirurs, in the diminution of capital punish.
laeiiis, ..2, above all in the nfiMj-ineriip-'f t ;
attrition to the education, the period I comfort 1 need not dd on the River fl
and the correct moral training or the children of I. . ... .1 0 ...
the pour, hj far the larger part of Europe ap- r.Ts.LtaTan
' w r.Tniriiiii'H .: 1 1 1 1 ). inn iiuu ill 1 1 r- 11 1 irRfzinir.
.nJ KimI.1 - n,11, Ki.v nhout mt 7t nonta I ' . . .... ..... .
- -,..- - - oneiura less will freeze out m Uiis way. Sow
or $1 per bushel; irrind it out, and haul it to Han
nibal, at a cost of one dollar per barrel; and can
c v.- - WM. HAW Kina. jbo restrained. My ascent was to take iilace jcivilizea worid.
6 2. : i , , . .i i)..,!. from tho flat roof of the palace, upon which tho .'corn. The elcm
" Win. HAWKINS, to witness it. Thousands of spectators were turn concerned.
r- r rr- - " 'also mounted uro the roofs of tho houses a- .New York as in
pears to be actuated more or less by these prin
ciples,"and, so far as they are applicable to the
Lulled States, they have there obtained their
full operation. We are no flatterers of the ar-
istour.icy, but we think we can truly say respect
ing that of England that it is dignified in the
eyes of jhe world with tho possession, of some
thing better than coronets or hereditary titles,
since it can boast of names distinguished in sci
ence or literature like those of Bohse, Caelisle,
. ill. 11. mT
,, politic .those of a PALMH.TOB.and a Sta- and more extensive hi. operations, the great
LET, and thatof the late lrl t.arv. Nor would I the loM WhereM if ourxailroad were com-
.1 uc ca, v .u. ' I plcted, transportation would be easy, cheap, aad
chivalrous devotion in the cause of the Pole:)' . ' , h.rtntar. AnnA,L nr. rntin.
of every clime. 1 , . w ,, mhl
your wheat, harrow in, and it will come up in.
I rows equal to tem drilled, I lie smoother thej
realize the interest of hi. money? Never iurfgoeth je8, 1 to freeae out. Roll you 0
..w . ; 1 - - 'ground in tne tall, and ir you find it necessary
was made, has iuSt cost him nmetv-five cents . .1.- -i:.i .
. ; - . . j. .0 'in ine
per bushel. , Now what is to pay gim
cost of manufacturing. And farther, w
!he ever, a this rate, be re-pid the money spent
in the erection of his establishment, rou will
for the i ;'?lZV . " " v..i T.t.r rr: .
1 it xruuuu im w itctt id lean i'-vi ( Aictrtc um
here will tb' n r
; I lAfki aC M- Br irC .
M.UIS.I.ALD1... I ,., f
cniml' "J::;."" round-
CO., 1 its qualities, had boi
My bat:.
terpreler and all who had treated mo kindly, to tlie public, each urging if superior facility of
1. the cords were cut and the balloon sluwly as- 'completion, its overwhelming totality ot advaji
'Who could
1 .... .. .. ..... . ..
nMMIsKION mn,i lorwardinir Merchants, deal- tor maklilfl: secure cverytnuig uooui 11, wc pio- ciauuuiw, .u uuui v u u hiuii wi
!Uers in Btar Candles, Starch, Soap, ,Lard Oil, Cheese, cccded to inflate it in the ordinary manner, and upon facts, more upon speculation than upon
Butter. Efics 4ic. No. 83 OmmerciBl St. near Locust Lr, takiiv solemn leave of the King, the in- knowledge, were, from time to time, submitted
Bl liUHU) 4'vi
: r. . ,1 c c
Rrr neer at W lineman, Harrison . nw iri, - - j , .
n'Ir..hi.r 1 h si,,,, fa Co.. J.J. PPiuh.,1. nmi.l iliH cheers ol the vast asscmbhiire. tunes; and yet nothing was done!
Adams, AVis Orltaiu; Iker Keaickfc Co.. Chouiiaiivt jt rosa higher and higher sounds became indis- have supposed," says the journal from which we
Valle.Wm. M.Morrison, Sl.Louin H. R.Budell itjnc, .sti ,ij,iu.r) ttni the appearance of objects quote, "that the dilhciilty to be overcome re-
CoNneYort. .. 'grew more confused. I 'began to experience solved itself into a pleasant steam trip through a
mTMTfVJ SALOON TO RENT ! sensations similar to those I liad before felt. lovely count rjv which ngy be aecimiplished in
mH l th. larsesn InVbestroora for Balls, Wblie Mv breathing was oppressed, and the sense of jubout twenty-four hour, when the machinery
' I . . " . r u..l.i;.l nlh.p Mrml nir III on I.I mims riilnimr lllicnse , 11 uililioiicss Biumru Rliaii iuivk urea .i:v luuv 111
10 rem or w vl .",,'i""'" sieannir over me, imiv - 1 . :
Sowing Wheat13
eeney. as llnnirs are now, tne man wno voiua
j improve th inland tunties by the establishment
The season is now at land for puttinsr in the.Jof manufactories, sees no prospect of being able
seed for the com ine crop of wheat. A few ot ito compel with those, who are near the mar-
the last years have proved by bitter experience jket, or who have facilities for for transportation;
a numbness seemed 'shall have been set fully in motion? Such,
I did not lose all con
T. R. 6KLMES. L-i-,,.,,,-- ,,,,til .nine time after I discovered The announcement of the absolute accomplish-
that tho balloon was receding from the Moon incut of the transit from ocean to ocean, by the
1 tf.Miy I Ji.isnbd tn- jwy oT IV 1 k i ricaagua, in about-ltiirty nve
'to a state of total insensiMiilv. ;iiour, una ui iwreu caa r ramimo auu aouuou
Calicoes of .u. description., tor ,ai. -
VJ ebop by rpryj ""-"' i'" T Vl Z t a ed. I know not. hut af- in forivd.ree days, inclusive of four days' dc
r an inturvftl of uncertain duration, sensation lay at New York and considerable delays on tin
. - 1 1
niSNETS-Goim off fast and lor sale umi idiiy
lowbv anr2fv ' COLONS BRKfcU.
rrsih Teas!
imisuaiiy ter an intitrvftl Of uncertain iluralion, sensauon my at lew 1 ors. uuu eouniucriiuie ueinys on ine
KKKU. jlinj onspionsness again slowly returned to me. Isthmus, Us filled tho commercial and the polit
it did so. I discovered that my balloon wus ,ic;il circles of England with much matter for
JUST now receive from that celebrated Tea Di
triet, Poyang Hbo, also soms of l.inn a0 c!j 01
IiperiaUc. ' o'ctSf T. K. 8F.I.MI..S.
William Hawkins
HASiust opened his stock of STAPI.E SU
FANt UHt Uli-neady mad clplh
jt.KBoots, Shoe., (iaeenswsie WHl Uioeerios. fall
inVaiamiii. our gooasws thmk our pnpes w" toil
oct. 3d.
riis- 'sailing alonff ove a narrow arm uf the sea, at conversation, and sun more Willi lood lor prop
ice the elevation of ubout a mile, l pon inis, nere lauio reueition. ino 1 cone.iuuea u pow-
iund there, and sailing in various directions, erf ill article upon the subject With the following
iweremany vcsssels, some of them large ships, observations:
and others smaller and variously rigged. By the
jaspect of these, I he flying clouds, the char.iea r
'of the shores, and the appearances thereon. I
!was sntisfi" ! that I wasr.g.in .p,n..obing lh
'Earth's surf ;e, and 1 remhred lu.-.irJelt thinks
),.. P-.iri.r whicih had thus ituicled niu inroiiL'li
W. H
l'liis is of course but a first practical expe
riment. The transit across tho Isthmus
cepuhlo or iwlt'fmile improvement. W hen wo
. 1, i. i. i
riieiu.jr?r trio -rai oujec.ions uiui were ot
ievel when.'v.r 1 1 10 'project
l itl.iMis by the w: y ul 1N1
the necessitv of nrenarini? the BTound and put
ting in tlta seed well. The ground should be '
well plowed ; if flat it should bo well prepared
with drains; the seed should be well harrowed
in; ond afterwards the ground should be rolled
and made somewhat compact and level ; especial
ly should the last be the case if the coming crop
is designed to be cut by the reaper.
The late Col. John Dawson never failed of
firocuring a crop of when t when he rolled the
and after it was sown. This rolling prevented
the wheat from freezing out.o The old saying,
that "what is worth doing at all is worth doing
well," can be applied to notiung more peruueni
ly than to farming.
But our sbjeot at this time is to speak, pf the
importance of obtaining suitable wheat for seed,
Oil aoeouut of the wet weather after harvest
much of the wheat was grown. This grown
wheat is unsuitable for seed. Mr. William. P.
Griins'.ey, of thaPhenix Mills, designing to set
tle tills question for the benefit of the farming
interest has tested it fully and satisfactorily.-
Ho placed a quantity of wheat in a situation to
germinate the jrrown wheat rotted, and the
qthcr sproiitcd. So that if a man sows gro n
wheat, he is sure to lose Ins crop. It
THE subscriber has now on hand and U VTjl
daily wceivlng ths largeil and heat as- p&Jl
tu u.ni ro.lm nf unknown space and restored is 110 unreasonable to suppose uuu me uiiueui-
mo niruin in safety to mv native earth. ArJi-r i .1 o her routes may also have taken a lively
ome time, 1 found ttiai tne uaiun h u'" - u i i m u.i; ui-.ii.uii huiiiuuuu. u nvy
is true
The t iv.nsit across tho Isthmus is sus- Ul,nt among the grown wheat there will be grains
uninjured by being grown, and suc! will sprout,
but ull which have grown will fail, Thern has
heretofore been a diversity of opinion on this
subject, but Mr, (irimsley't experiment here
seliles the matter,
llliuois depends upon ajrricui'ure mainly for
prosperity and it is to the interest of every ono
for crossing the
iuaraguu was named, it
"j a ( - - -. ...v I 1 1 1. a iflllll I 1 IliL
crt.d stock of GOODS, suitabls fortius maikut,evr i... ..:., ,1 I had now an- 'lor. TI1.1 nroved rxuinrerutiun in the one case fur am .nwnitilo. to eontriluita to that ProsDCri.
h'ZZL ZZTIZ ha."l rd nTr to the shore, 1 let off some por- make, one 'autioipato jio.sible exagerution. in :t), Ye,,hu,.k Mr. tirimsley in behalf of the
lll.i iwauski w r , . , .
Wsys rscsiysd, an4 np stfort shall ' "nii':f, " .tion of tha gas. The bi
part to aunt l(s coptipuapes, T. Jt,IM. t wnet) jt hung
over th thore, by con-
lairrioultural interest, for wlult he has done..
ideration the route by way of lk9 Nicaragua ISpriiign.ed Jour,
The balloon descended grada- others. But, even admitting that 011 ma'ure con.
and thus you see. if our country is not iinproyed
we remain in the back ground, as 10 tne man
ufactories and trade; it is our fault, and ours a
lone. Let us only create the means of trans
portation, and they will be eazcrly applied, by
those who hive the will,and capital, ta place this
section in the position which she is designed
to occupy. Tkn instead of having your cars
daily and hourly pained and disgusted with the
stale slang wnicn is now being uuereu, oyyqur
young sister Iowa, and responded to by all the
States of East, and North, that "Missouri is
fiftv vears behind the atre her people without
energy or enterprise, and her territory without
improvement" you will see the meed of praise
awarded to herhioh she deseryes. And in-;
stead of being passed by a unworthy, you will
find the tide of imagination, which has been ris
ing, and flowing, far and wide, over the Statei
of Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin, change its
course and flow in like a deluge, upon the wild,
but fertile Unds of Missouri covering all her
borders, and filling up the whole of her territory,
with userur, intelligent, ana wurpr.ing cm
zens. Her local institutions wi!l improve. Uer
manufactures iyill increase; her trade will in
crease, and the fo of the country will be grad
ually improved and, beautified, until the twine
of Missouri, will be registered high i;p 3u the
catalogue af States, .
A soldier, many years .igo, was sentenced (o
have ht eM cut utf. At:er undergoing the brutal
ordeal, ha was tacorttd out of the court yard to
the rogue ac march, lie then turned, and in
mock gravity thus adiressed the musicians t
"Uentlcmen, than you j nut 1 nave no tur
thcr heed of your sernces, for I have no ear for
music," ', 0
Railroad. -
The Boston Mail says that by the 4th of Ju-t ..
ly, 1852, there will be an almost uniuterrepted
line of iron road from the capital of the Staid of '
Maine to the Mississippi river a distance ofo
lb)0 miles and a person may travelthe whole,
distance in a littl more than three days and; (
nights. p
This line will strikea linnibal, and intersect
with the St. Joseph line. This line will then be.
the longest, most isnportant and profitable on,
the habitable globe. The citizens are beginning
to see and appreciate the importance oi the,
great Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad. It is,
destined to." be 'the ereatctt thoroughfare in
Christendom. It is burn time to feel thus con-.
euentiul about our own true interest. In two,
years from this time ymmt land will be scarce
and other lands will command higher prices. r
Land is now held about here ut from ten tq
twenty dollars. Bloomington Gazette
i 0 . ,
j-"Wo understand that a German woman ii
this vicinity, on 1 uesday last, was supposed by
hor frivtnds to have died. A messeiifeer wa.3
sent to tovlrt to obtain a coflin, but, on his arri
yal forgot the dimensions. He returned and
unwrapped the body for the run-nose of cer-.
tiiuiiig the dimensions for a ttomn. Upon taking
otf the clothes, the woman was c.scovered wida 1
awake. She is now, as the doetors sav, doings
well, and in a fair way of recovery. 1 1 aJmyra
OOffieers of Palmyra Division Swt of Tmn
Iterance, for the quarter commencing October lst(
Rev. John Leightcn, W. P.; J, Creth Myers,
W. A. R. E. Anderson, R. S.5 II. W. Hoirin?s
worth, A. R. S.; Milton Brailley, F, S.; R. P.
Beadley, T.J Alex. I.eighto.i, C; Ihos. P hiew
art, A. C; W. . Hudson, t. SoJno. '
O. S. Ja. F. Mahan, W.
-f Palmy in Whig.
W. Hain.
P e-olhYio.
Q004 Advice),
Pay the Priuter, end you needn't lear tha
2"JThe wife of the Hon. Joha J. Ch-ittende
died a few days since at Frankfort, Ky, ,
"I 1
. - "" -v , . , .
' .V --. i 'Z..'.'.-Jt". "4- , - ' - ,nT" l.wwi, I''
"". .

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