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Hannibal journal and western union. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1851-1852, October 09, 1851, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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1 Ao i . i
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A, i
, Kow lo Cftsct CoMtcrfo'ts.
'-. 1 E:iirin the i!)M -nruncc oC a ' The
fywirn Kivf p-ncra! 3irk noalajiponrmcS.
2. ' IK.iuiiiiff ilia itftit-Uc, or picture in llie
miiMle of liic t;: specif the kv or Wko-rotinil
limits r!iir and
null. Kllll
end not 'Ta(i!iv
3. LVunin wiOl tlie face, so if (he f ftprct
'i.m iliUnrt iud cnny, natural and lifelike.
IViicuUrljr the ryes. '
4. See if the draprry or lrrn fit well,
lil nalurakaml allows the folds Sistiiict
ly. -
5. Examine tlie meilallion rultojr, and heads
ml circular ornaments around the iicriires. &c.
Sets if they are regular, smooth and iiiiiforin, not
scratchy this work in the genuine, looks as if
rxid on the paper, and cannot be perfectly im
6. Examine the principal line of lettera or
name of the hank. See if they are all upright,
perfectly true and even; or if sloping, of a uni
form slope. -
7. Carefully examine the shade or parallel
ruling ttti the face or outside of the letters, Sic,
ifit is clear and finks as if colored with a brush.
T'te ufric bq.1 f-rBr lhie in the jr?nuin arc of
0 iu.d size, smooth and even; counterfeits look
as if done with a file.
8. Observe the round hand writing encrraved
on use Dtu, which aiiMii.l be Mack equal in size
and distance, of uniform slope, and smooth. This,
in tannine notes is invariably well done, and
--looks very perfectc In counfesfeitsit is seldom
so, but often looks stiff as if done with a pen.
9. Not ice the "imprint," or engravers ruime,
-wl tick is dwavs near the border or ra& of the
note and is t;!ti alike, letter small, upright,
and engraved perfectly. Counterfeits seldom do
0 this well. .
Note. It wrs remarked by "Stephen ' Bur
roughs before he died, that twoThingsouldn't Be
pcrfsetJj ?TrfitiN nn was the dyke work,
or portraits, medallion heads, vignettes, &c.,
and the other shading or ruling above the letter.
Bunk Note Reporter.
"A Rose by any otherjffame, &c."
Nnmes do make a difference Sn things, no
doubt. At least most people think so, and act
in accordance with the supposition. Certain de
, fects and diseases have been rendered "quite
rented" for a ttinefby d'utt of elegant, naine
Even a "cold in the head". the, most provoking,
yulgar, and disgusting disorder' possible to hon
t people, can be qualified au'd palliated a little,
calling it an "influenza." '
We once called in upon a gentleman and his
W"? the former a nluin. blunt mart thn latter
"ftnteel " affected woman both thoroughly I
tck yith a cold in the head. The man was ta-1
In2 nMtirally. and hard. The woman was
jr"in rather 'a showy, carefully made dti
habule, Vnd was clwly doing her beet to make
handsome thing of her uncomfortable situa
tion. ' - v - ,
"And how is madarae, to-day 9 " said we, a'd-
ilrcwainir UmUIw
' "Oh,s1iocliiigly ill," replied the1 womAMry
mg to look intresUng, in spite of hw swollen
eyes and red nc, "I am afllictetLwith tlie pre
vadtng influennJi."
- And she pronounced the two last words as if
she were establishing her character as a fashion
able woman, by hqr elegant manner of havinz
the "influemraA." v ?
, . you Ere S1CS too," said we, addressing
the husband. ,
"Yes, sir," said the man, with honest empha
sis "Yes, sir, I'm having this dd horse dis
ttnyr that's round here 1 "Boston Post.
, ' ? Last week we traveled through tlie west
ern part of Marion county, and portions of
Shelby, Knox and L-'wis. We were sorry to
see such bad prospers for the farmers. We
run no risk of exaggeration when we say that in
no instance did we see Corn that will yield more
thaa half a erop, and in m neighborhoods tlie
crop is almost an entire failure. For miles in
some of tlie prairies, the tall grats and yellow
weeas were far in advance of the corn, which
sioou in tne helus scattered and withered. The
Wheat crop is quite as slim. Oats appear to be
Elenty. Those farmers who have hogs that will
o fit for market this fall, wiH ,10t have com to
fatten them sufliciently to command a good-price.J
We imagino there will be quite an increase in1
the number of "mast fed" hogs offwed at the
river Uu'ii Winter.--Canon Reporter, '
t i Ia" Good C01 Gkiddls Caris.
Take a pint and half of boiling sweet "milk or
water, stir in meal enough to make a thin batter,
cool tins by adding a little cold water, then add
table-spoonful of yeast, a little flour and mo
lasses if you like it sweet, then again stir m
meal, eH W1, ut the consistency of thin bat
ter, let it stand fifteen minutes in a warm place
io rise, and when light stir in a tea spoonfull of
alaratus, and bake quWkly. Try for yourselves.
Olaa Cultivator.
t iir .
There is a plant in the Island of Sumatra tie
circumference of whoe fully-expanded flower
' is nine fxithe nectariunj is calculated to hold
K"" "f F" are as large as cows'
horns, and the whole weight of the blossom com
puted to be fifteen pounds.
Uatvirr tuc Son or Wit. In the briefest
.ruou.ujuce known, only two figures were
,ZX"'. coiiwinea a note of interrogation
IF), implvinir "is there unv n,.,.9' ti
cleveP, but neighbor Shultleworth in Notting
hurn market-plaee, beat. it. IIe ha, 011 tf,
, f'"nney two large T's one painted black and
the other green, to imitate that he sells black
ana gren teas.
The National Intelli
week, savs: . mvj..g
Mr. D. W. Ferral, of Bladensburg, on Mon
day last, shot pn ou tide, on the lUils of th.
astern branch of the Potomac, J ortolans (so-
- - - - . uxi usvuuu 4 piovers.
CAaTio Lm on Vessels A notice
Jrora the presidents of0various insurance com
paneu is pubiUhed in tl,0 Philadelphia papers.
They decline insuring veSel that carry Urn e
either on or under deck. The frequent 'losses
by (ire wujd by lime on board of tessel. ren
der tfy ittcjj tbs'jhuely imperative,
i "" ouiilrf6it ji20 bills on
the Mat Uauk of ludwmare in circulation out
cm the abash.
ie Whig
vnvBiiuon or isconsin unanimously nomina
ted Leonard J. Farwell for Governor, Col. Jas.
;,,U"..T.' ?f St Croix for Lie,,t- Qivernor, It.
W. V right for Secretarv of Stf. .! r..,.,
Standard .Vediclnes. q
Mi4r&r mf 4rprAr4
lAt ataxfl Tkrp knt
tk apprbl' A tf pkf- 0
O r rtttmmtndtd bf mil
wA ktt mttd them
tmpwriT It ' Of
n fmilj wtditintn Smiim.
Ther twn tirrnr ibr Publle
During vhlch liot mora thin S.Ono certlllram htr kni re-
: cmvd from piuinpni ptiituc men and oflipra, nnd
- are itw on iMr ai rh ffimitanv'a Oflra.
I lie y are c ompounded . e
Willi the utmf.Mt care anil alittl, and llie liifrnlienta
rr 'l.omnjl.lr imed be aciin'iiie cliemiila, au c
thai ntrUu-lne m..m-m Slut rt-lia'r.'f
qualll? nil pitaranKK-d In all caara. '
The Oi-iriiifii-t "
v ugoiaoie ring, ci
Are parrlm ar.y Tiluahlf forth- arirvenllon a nil
cuia i ivvera in geueral,alL U IPiuui and Llr.
r Cuini.laltita, Jaundica, ucneral llrblllly,
Couuunn SR S'S Headache, tWfiae. $
Uean Burn, rnllvn, (Trp-
trie, I'nnarjr jiiNaM, Otlruc
tluue of lhr3t!HMe, lnHu
cuaa, Aetlium. and fur
A variety of oihor -Chronic
Uiaea 9
' ; In flue,
forallof dtnsry familv neea.
Full Direct lona Tor the Tarifiua HlacvAaen eevompa
LMfhhnt. lrlr rraua box.
0 o Dysentery Syrnp.
A apdy nnd Infielhle remedy In Dlnrrhaa, Oyaen
ttry, UHmiy Flux, 1,'hok-ra Morbut, Cholera Ulan
urn, and the Aaiano l !.. If i;iken wlili
in. Aral lyinlumi, vli: vouullng and dlar
tbOja. H never fane tora-urv tit wurat '
: jMaila caaea of bun-el coinplainM
O fenerally In a Itw hmim, ael
doin beyoud a day. It la
end taken In almoel
0 any quantify la o -
perl.-clly hannle. ,
o Green Mountain Ointment
Invaluable for Uurni, Wound,, fipraina, L'hllblalnt,
Come Horn, Btvelllnira of all klnde, Hhcuina
liem, Kryelpelaa, llronehllii, Scrofula, Ul
rta, l ama In the tilde and Hack irnine
o . . t e dinlely relieved, Inttaniniallnn of the
Bowele, and for all caica where
Uiere la Inflammation- a
Uterine Catholicon. o
A certain cure for Prolapfua tlierl, end for moat of
the dlartitaxinf enmnlnioie iucldrnt t Femalra.
I'rrpared by Dr.THKiO. i'UMErlor,l Uti t,
cao!fly rr the Uraefenbeni Company.
The other Graefenbrrg JUtdicinet are:
Eye Lotion.
Health Bittera
0 Consumptive Balm.
Children's Panacea.
Fever and Ague Pills.
Libby's Pile Ointjncnt. -
- Sarsaparilla, Compound.
A Complete haad-book of medlcina (tor raatlles. - rtlcs any
VHlke 14, r.aJy, JV. r. '. '
. C A VTIO N. '
7 ' i rtfuisttd CacSeer ia mimd Hat nmUju sreaar
tdif U Or.etntrrg (,.,, kmt Unr eeai ufn .
Sfuruu mrtultt aaaa eeca tned tlvrlf niemUmf Uu en-
.Ii,J,iTr ""' ! Mai, a Ui vuaealeare
eaouM a eaerard arr aarcaaeiaf.
tl. K. WoolJWAry, Uenaral Ant, S. Cnit. ,
. ,. Local Agents, '
J.h. MATTHF.W8, Hn,ial ; A. Uueaenberry, Hemphla.
Jamee Sear tt Co., Newark; Kiclia'd B. Foeler, 8helbyville '
niaaeiy ; Lesley, rinmeraet; Lewellen k. BiolUer, t'rankforat
Geo. . Maaca. faiuiyra. (m,r6J
.v;ii no oust
ruui having tun to gives full description of tll
. i ami greaier aitrBctious oi ineir
' present stock of
Would wsnectlully invite the attention of their old cus
tomers and f i lends, and the public generally, to their as
sortment of Spring and Summer Goods, comprising al
most every article ntcessary for the comfort or conve
nience of JLimanity.Mn attestation of which they hold
themselves in readiness stall times to exhibit to the
puouc ineir splendid slock of Staple and Fancy
ntuc u u u M"'" 'treet, Hannibal. Mo.
rpHE subscriber has permanently located in this city
-a. and u always nrenared to renaiauairi.. hr.b.
jeweky, tc.in the most worktnaiilike manner, and on
the most resonable terms. He has now on hand, and
cointantly receiving f.esh supplies of the finest and
most lajhionable Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, fcc, from
.... tt .u-jiuiutig nouses in the east.'1 His stock Is
unaurpassed by any other h.use in the city, and those
wi.u giveuiio a can win o satmhed with his bargains;
aa tie oners great inducements to purchasers.
The citizens or Marion and Ralls counties are re
spectlully invited to give me a call. Store on Main
street, opposite the "Great Western fseptSl
Just received in addition to his foimer sleek, a aup-
v, ?' .; ,unR tlM' fcc- AUo very fine lot of
rM '"S,newsiyie. Mnith'.Kew York Gold
Pens warranted a very fintr article. Vt ?4.
. . LAWNS.
A Iairee lot. taut rnL.r r.v-.i l..1
lm - c t - w 1 ivi RBin uy
1 aa am') lu nnr . ..... J
MO I Aacerel,the best ever brought to Hannibal,
mat received direct Horn o.Hn in barrels, half
wairna anu amis lor sals oy x.' K Bl)LillE.
T) AHASOLS A very large assortment from the low-
-a. eat price to me finest, uiiich we araaelling remark
ably cheap. pr2jy COLIINS k BREED.
;T1 I I'm. HuirkinH 0
TJAS oJned bis CA It PUTS and
X ane door north of Alellon ai,d Hawkins.
Qi) i )()() hutc,'.?.f 0"' Wlu,,ed fur bicolhe
AJiyjyj esh will be paid by
oct 21
V. . SELME8..
NEW si
ore and new Fashionable Read' mad
me. 1 ottie and aaa haw w ... ,,.-. .k.
loct4 T. II.BELME3.
NewOoodifl o
r pHE Umesl and beat aiuort.d (okof Faaliiun.bU
J. Goods of every description ever brought i Han
aibal.Bowopemng at the Boston Wholesale Ware
house. Walk up Ladies and Gei.ileuen, we are re.dv
and nappy to show our goods. oct 24j
T. It. 8EI.MES.
Wb. 94, Main st St Louis,
GAl.h the silent ion of the country merctinnli to tha
IsiCtt Stock of rootle ill Dili line!, to ha fnnnH in
ths market, part of which will, be found, enumerated
. Iat antf'CapB.0
Men's fashionable 4 B.B.silk Boys' fancy aid plain soft
' beaver, angola, brush and wool hats.
mink hals. Boys' fatiey and plain
Mens' toft blk, white If fMt . soil fur hall.
Jenny Lind fi Parotli bruah InfaiiU' fancy jihtsh, eat.
.hits. in and fur bats.
iHcna' exngrea. Kostith and Mens and boys', cloth
artists' solt wool hats. raps of various patterns
aien a ana anu Moliair piusn CUiliIren'l silk velvet and
"!' . other fancy turbans.
Boys' silk and mohair plush t& V 0
caps. -
T.arlies Floienca braid, fh straw, silk, satin and
vei-.n mttllteia,
Fancy and Variety Goods Dress
Goods, &c.
Mock miilteoni luMringj'm f,f Rl.jav j'V mrhontri
silks; chuneoahle plici,liigh colored, slripri and Ian
cy silki, Konnct silks and satins, tloiences. fic.i
Also, a general stock of cubruercs, de l.iines, velvets,
iiiauen, iniicy inuwia ana worsiru aim ans emoroiuer
ed inerino robes
White Goods.
I uniluirs,' jaconels, mull and wi,sf muslins, satin
stripe, lace tripe ami taps check do) victoria anrl bisli
op lawns; plain and fan cy bobbinets, patent spot and
Shawls and Handkerchiefs
Fine colored long; sliawh,blarkd.5-4,8 4.7.-1. 8-4,
anu ID 4 plain ana emoroinered American cloth 'lo, A-
mencan, Scotch and Kngltsh plaid ilo plain and eui
plaid and net wool fca'k'fsj fancy merino aca Is ana
ud'k'le; ladies' fancy dress htrk'fs; plain and fancy silk
scans. r i
j Cravats and Handkerchiefs ,
Gents' blk lustring cravats, blk, Italian, plaid and em
b4sed, and cameleon do; fancy neck ties.
Pongee, Shanithair, core, bandana, embossei) and
8pittlelield silk pocket hd'k'fs: ladies' and gents' linen
cambric do. v
HootU comforts, coats, Ijtces and ederinat. veils.
Shirts, drawers, liosieiy t Giipps, fringe., dress trim-
gloves, c niuigs,
SusiK-nders, buck mitts. Ribbons and artificial;
Umbrellas, combs, buttons, Woolen yarns, carpet bags
i iireau, neecies, pins, a jjanu ooxea, Deaus and
lapes, Bindings, brusnes,
Purses, pocket-books,
Razors, scissors & shears
Soaps, perfumery, hair
Steel purse trimmings,
Beai-bag,lookingglasses k
Mahogany frame mirrors,
Wall and window paper,
Wrapping and writing do,
Gum whips and over shoes,
Crapes, crape liase, collars,
Lace capea and berthas,
oil' and colognes,
Music! instruments,
Whalebones, spectacles,
Gun caps, powder flasks,
inKStauds, cedar pencils.
Razor strops, slates and
steel pens. $
We are prepared to show to our old customes and
merchants generally, a larger stock and ereater variety
of goods than any othor house ia our li'Ht in the city,
which we otter upon the most liberal terms, f jep4 2m
1U, 11W
600,000 DOLLARS II
We have this fall, tha largest and most' magnificent
Ever offered by any hous. As regards the slyles and
make of our goods, it is useless to speak, as we have
a rrpuiauun tar anu wige, oi Keeping me
Best Made Clothing in the Country.'
And from the many advantage s thai we possess In im-
porting anu manuiacturiug our entire stock for cash,
u pcuiug in nunc urn prompt men, and lurtnerroore,
the Iremendoiis amount of Goods that we sell, it must
ue eiipareui to every one, mat we can sell at lowar nri
MS than any other house
O0n the 15lh of August we will open our ENTIRE
STOCK for inspection. All we ask is for you to call
in and examine, as we are fully satisfied you will pur
chase. In addition U our large stock of Staple Goods,
v mb,v m llC U9BUI IUICIII UI V'
Very Fine Clothing.
ftTMotto "Large sales snd small profits."
fVo. IIS, Main St., St. Louis, M
Martin & Brother.
xno. i ij, Broadway, N. York. ,. au;7-5
rnHE seventh annual term of this Institution, u ill
X commence on the first Monday, the fllh o October
Rev. f. L, p. SHAVER, A. M., Praident,
an V,,I !!iJ'lo"A ad '"tellectusl Philosophy.
wSSoS;! Na,ul, &ience-
Professor of Modem i.aaguages. '
o Adjunct Professors in Preparatory Department -
illavinir procured a very sunerinr Aiu,.i. ....i
excellent Library) the corps of Instructors be'irg lull
and perfectly organized; and intending .Mo have the'
bailding, its fixtures and nremiaea nut ini. nmnu...
psi, we presume to solicit a libaral oatronap-e fram ih
community. And, if the proper, parental discipline,
and the giving of a thorough instruction in every branch
oi Kuny, consliiute.claiim to public confidence we
none by all due diligence to merit this. '-' ' "
The nnsurpassed healthiness of the city of Lelm.
ton, the refinement of manners and high standard of mo-
.... loaning amung its citizens, render it a very desi
rable location lor the voumr. '
TermsPayable always in advance.
In Me Collfgiate Department, $15 ui-r sessio
oi 5 tiionths. ffil ner session lor rm,i
In the Preparatory Department, $8 and 10
r.er "e.8S'on of 0 montlisj 1 for contiien-
to $22S pfr"k' r"I,ec,ttbU f"n"'e' at tl 60
For rurther information, apply to the President, any
member o( the faculty, or iWd of Curatora. y
F. L. 11. SHAVER, PrenJvU.
iexington, Mo., August 7, 1851. .epj i.5l
w. a. Morrarr, a. i. jTinwaLr.. o. a. eaacN
i Ko. it, I.ociiBt st , (ip stairs,)
Ol. MU1. MO.
JttHurtiHce. '
rT fcWM1?t'"n"''ii Ohio, is prepared to
ake tire and Marin. 9kg upoD the "t 0
terms in this well known and popular office
Hannibal, 8ept. 26th, 1850-tf
W alll(.AHrtl)l Jual rtwtivtd aud ll' aale luw by
t. B eemej
Af,L those indebted lo the sfiliVcrilier, are most po
litely informed that 1 now, this day, commence
a new set of books, and that all old accounts must be
settled up to this date. Now face the music, and I
am truly yours. T. II. SKLMES.
January 1, 1851-tf ' O
True Digestive Fluid,
PrepairH Irom Rnntl,or the Fourth Sloinkcl. of (he
Ox, after directions of Baron Liebie, thegteat Phy
siological Che miM, ay .
nilllS It truly wonderful remrdr rnrln1ifffvtluii,r-pfH
X Jnundice, Llvrf Complaint, nrl DrbHIty and crvoa
C'onnumpiion, ruling anr Naiurea own method, ly Nature's
own agt-nt, tlwUaMric Juice.
Half a teaipounful of Hits Fluid, nfnm4 tn water, will dl
geat or dlaeolve r pttunds Htxt Bff 4- ttfrnl ftM kourt,
out oT the atnniach. ' $
PCIEN I1I IO EVIDENCE! Baron UrhTf In his cf Irhrntrd
work on Animal Chvnilitry, aayr 'An An tlic In I .igesttve Fluid
analofoue to the Gaetrlc Juice, may be readily prr pared fmni
the mucue memhrana of the etnmarh of the re If, In which vn
iloua antrhn of food, a meat and esaa. will he $9ftrmrd,
cktmgtd audti ''Ktrdt imttn fA f m mmuner t9 tkff would e
in the human tttmtuK.
Ir. Inmbe, In hie vaiual.19 writ Inge on the 'Phyniotoey oj
piie'Mtfii,' oberrved that 'a ditninuiion of Hip quniniiy of the
GMstrtr Juire prominent nnd M-nrfvaMina caiiie of Py
ps pifi, nnd he aiatee that 'a dmtinf mihim H mi t of invrt"
rin? In t ondnn. who wii eevprely aftlii it it Uti thin rn:n)i:iia '
Ahding evrryihing to fall, had rwnnnej t t'tr (.'.i-t--'" JuW
.MHii'"t ttt.u, ftrri-ii.?.frivm ciiiua!!, wliu. . iniv.l
complcttiy uct --(nl." ' - !
Or. Graham, auUior nfthe fhiniiu worku on ' Vpffctnhle, i
Diet," eat: 'It la a r-inarklM tart in l,hylu,.iy, tiiniinjohi j
atomayrh fan 1 map, macerated In waiet, luii-nct 10 Im fil l tlic f
ffoif ty of diemilvtug varltiu tan left nl tixl, and of 1. cling t
a kind of amAclal digrtaMnn of thna In no wine diilWcm from '
the natural digrMivi procim.' A i
Dr flmon't grtat work, (he Tlifmtflry of Man (Lea at
tlaachard, I'lnla. IH4A. pp. 3:1-3) -ny: 'The ritrovfry of IVp
in rfrinra nir era in lie f hemaaC hlitory oiJ)isMiion. Front, ,
rorent eipxrimenta, we anow tnai hhmi n oifNinvca ni riipuity
ln aa arttArial dtgeetive fluid prepared from Pepiiii at it isin
the natural tinitiric Jtlce ItMlf.1
ProfcitDir DungliRon. of the JelTcraon CoIIpcp, Phlla.. In h it
great wark on Human Phyelolocv.tlfvotea mm a timu fiCty. .pa
gpa in the exainlnntloii' of ihia nufc ct. Ills exppriincnu with
Hr. Reaumnni, on the CiantHc Juica , obtnined from the I i fluff
human atmitach and from animate, are w U known. 'In alltu
aoe,' he tiyi 'dlfnitlon occurred a perfectly In the arttliclal oa
In the natural dimtlon. 'J
For further nrwofol the reflitirkahle merlia of thie dlacoverv.
call at the following g I In Uiinntbal and get n dcfcripitve
vueeiana wnere me article con c mu: i. r tfriuinciiain ir
S.s,,?;. T. Kunk!c 9. V H. Hlnknk-v St. 119 .
boots; shoes and hats,
No. 95, Main st, St. Louis, Mo.,
HAS just received by recent arrivals, and now ab :
in store, a large and desirable stock of vRI
goods in the above line, well sdopted to the fall wl.
snd winter trade, embracing all the newtind fashionable
styles, to which constant additions will be made during
the aeason, all of which have been selected with great
care and will be offered to the trade at a very small ad-'
vance on manufacturers' prices.
A large assortment of Rubber Goods7 consisting of
Mer.'s, loaches', and Misses' Uvershoes, boots, Buskin,
and Sandals. '
Merchants visiting the cily are respectfully solicited
to an examination of my stock before purchasing, as I
am determined to sell very low, and feel confident that
from the vsriety and completeness f my assortment, 1
will be able to ofl'cr greater than Hsunl inducements. ..
Aug. 20, 1851. ang2$.6t
No. 144, Main street, St Louis, Mo., op
posite tne Ban.
.Saddles, Harness, Trunks,
Carpet Bags, Buffalo Shoes, Saddle
Trees, &c. Also, ,
augS8-12w -
Boots,'1 Shoes, Hats and Caps,
No. 101, Main street, St Louis Missouri,
ARC now receiving their fall supplies of the a aaiJt
bove goods, embracing a greater variety of
qualities and slyles than Ihey have ever before offered.
Many of theirgoods have been manufactiireii, to their
order, and esecially for the St. Louis market, in w hich
special attention bas been paid tosizs,as well as qual
ities. ' ' f,. . ; , . ' r
It is their design, at all times to have the most com
plete slock in the market, and sell to prompt men on
the most accommodating terms, flattering themselves
that they can offer inducements to Western buyers, e
qual to that of an Kasiei H market.
; . Rubbers.
I neir arrangement with a very large eastern manu
facturing company, for a heavy stock of Men's, Ladies',
and Miss's Rubbers, will enable them hi sell at the
very lowest prices.
Purchasers will certainly find it for their interest to
gt our stock an examination.- .
P. S. Special attention paid to orders. au28-6t
C A K P E TS;-
FALL TRADE, 1851!!
I.. C, TOPM'M.Va. 4 CO.,
No. 158, Main street, St Louis, Mo
LIAVtin stoie, and are constantly receiving their
-"- "u neguui sioca oi t aipeungs, Oil Cloths,
fcc, consisting in part of the fol lowing varieties :
. Rflyal Velvets, Wiltons, Tapestries, Brussels, Impe
rial 1 hi ee Ply's, Fine and Superfine Ingrains, Scotch
and Venetian. .-, ' .-.
Oil Cloths, Huffs, A'c.
Every variety aud at vie nf v l..nr nil rtth. v
2 to 25 ffet wide; Chenelle Rugs, Velvet and Tufted
uo. inuis, rioor Kochiugs, Table and Piano "Covers,
fctair lloila, , , i '
We would also call the attention of merchants to our
large slock or Wall Papers, Window Curtain Papers,
1,000 paUs transparent Window Shades
Which, we olfcr at Wholesale at extremely low
prices. -J '
Having imported and puichased our goods fron,' the
most celebrated Factories, and being of the
most improved styles.oiir Inendsa. stiangersvisttinjt the
..... ........ ,u uirir uuvaniage to examine
p. w.w.v f v.. v. uaa iuK .
auif28Jt ' T n tih unv. .
, W. W1 I JiV..fli til
For Seat!.,
rpHE Store House at the corner or
X Front and Bird streets, in the city or
Hannibal, will be for rent on the 10th uay
next month. Apply to
THOMAS MnnKn. i.
Hannibal, Aug. 28, 1851. aug28tr
A large supply of Groceries, Queensware. Harriwar.
uyestuds rvails. Window Glus Cotton V,rn, fcc.
H. GEST, fc CO.
Fuqua Buildings, Hill st. ,
t.toi.p Shoei Oaiteri.
Jru.eKid Jenny Litd Excelsior Tiea, CSSm
Plain and Fancy Gaiters for Ladies, ' at
. COLUN8 fc BREED'S. 1
LV.S tbscks, Brown Linens, T
Towelings, Cotionades and Urill
Gent's wear, Tor sale at
Table Linens and
ings suitable loi
fanrfiv 1
Ji'i'i 7
wAtTrtt rAtnwKLt.
i - , i t
West l!e of Main tt., In the lio use or
marly occupier! by II. Wlckeraham.
PHE undersignei have rerchased from Mr. H.
J. Wicksrsham his entire stock of STOVES and TIN
WARE, and in future intend conMantly to keen on
hand a Wall selected stock of COOKING and HEAT
ING Stoves. O
Our stock consists iipart oflne f .Howing articles:
Prize Premium, Cook's Delight, Bucks' Double Oven.
Empire Mute. Ohio Premium, Irving's Air-Tight, and
Pit A I RIK STATE Cook stoves.
We will slso have, In time for the foil trade, a good
aorlmei.t of the latest and most approved style of
PARLOR and Heating Stoves. ,....
many of our citizens are now Using the Prairie Mat
Cook Stove, and all agree to its superior advantages
nter all others in point of durability aad speed and ex
ceiiAtttt Hll!!l.!.i"-"-' K
We Ssve on hand and will continue lo Manufacture
all kirda of wares belonging; to the Tin Business,
which we sell st St. Louit Wholttalt ana Retail
Prieet. We are prepared to do all kinds of COPPER
SMITHING. Persons wanting work done in that line,
wiHdo well to give us a call, ns they can save the
linnhleiMt evnenaeof GoillZ toSt. Louis.
Old Stoves, Tin and CoppM Ware repaired at thei
shortest notice.
N. B. Old Stoves taken in part pay for new ones.
Hannibal, August Olh 1851.
To the Farmers the 'only true
"XrorI of the Soil."
WJ E have just received, and are now selling very
V V low, a superior article or Grain Scythes.
2 ; do do Grass do r
do do Sneads.
c. do English steel llr-y Forks.
- do German do do do
1 Also, Sugar, Coffee, Rice, fcc, fcc.
I'Wqiia Buildings, Hill ft reel.
c J. H. GEST & CO.
Uj"AII kinds of Produce taken io exchange. Je2K
Hannibal Stove and Tin Store,
. 1 Main Street, Hannibal, Mo.
The undersiened would respectrully call the alien-
tion of t he public In general and h is old friends and cus
c jmiuiic ill v-iici ai aim ins um n iruus aiivi uija-
particular, lo his well selected , well assorted
:ook Stov-s,and especially the
toiners in part
stock of Cook
Empire State,
which is the same pattern or the
.Prairie State, '
(if not the original) which has been so very highly and
deservedly recommended by some or our most respect
able and worthy citizens, and also to the Heavy Furnace-Made
Premium Cook Stove, at least one-third
heavier than any stove offered on the .Mississippi, and
will last as lone as two of many or the light foundry
made stoves. This is no jest it i i downright sober
truth and should be interesting to those wishing to pur
chase a stove Tor service. His stock oT tin ware is com
plete and will be furnished to dealers at St. Louis prices,
and be will have also in season a fine lot of Parlor,
Box, Coal and 'feu Flute ato.yj, al! cf which will
soldas low as any other house can attard (hem.
But while so much issaid about stoves, &c, the fine
stock of. r.
Iron, Steel and Hollow Ware
Must not be overlooked, to be found at the eaaaaav
old stand on Water street. Do not forget Tthyr
the Hannibal Stove and Tin $S3fkLsi
Store, Next door Jo Block's Clothing Store, Main st.
. J. C. WAUGH,
. my22 Successor to Waugh fc Pogue.
AT Sausser's old stand, where he wil always be
found iu person, ready to wait on his eustumers
E r. 1: A3 '..till f.-..v.iyi' :-i;..-VB
and purchasers (renerallv. The five venrs' h,lnel". V'" l"Pf-. Uo Window Paper.
generally. The five years' business!
which he has done here has now proved that his one 1 ' r i 've6ordy ' ' ? nd go not away dissat
price cash system has met with universal approval, en-1 ' 1' Je26 J. H. GEST fc CO
fobDBgBil!eiBXttto r';ar,CM:, Rff LsfJ "d "nd. ol Produce wanted at
which no one believes, but will simply announce that
mv newly flui d up CliMliini Room la now filled with a ntw and
ample assortment ol Seasonable Clothing, and
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, .
Too numerous to be here detailed. The attention
which lias.been'givento style, cut, quality and variety,
will not permit either to be surpassed. 'As for my
prices, I have always believed- that the best place to
prove if I do sell cheap is right at my counter, where
ray customers and
I misers cenerany are respectlullv
d judge for themselves. '' fapi24 1
invited tocome am
. A Further Supply of
T N consequence of our sals far exceeding our ex-
pectatations, we have been obliged, within the last
week, to add largely to out stock, which addition was
selected by our senior partner in person, trom extensive
slocks direct from the manufactories in
asHJ-mWsss "SfcT
Our assortment is now large and complete, and con
sists of every variety of Goods for the Uentlem-n. from
the mest silk hat, taper crown down to the feet.
Or every description-a large assortment mcWs, boy's
and mlMit's hats; leghorn. Panama, palm, wool, and
rough and ready Air, silk, fcc, fcc. C-eutlemei.'.'.ilk
under shirU, cotton and wool ditto. iadie silk vests,
trunks or every quality, from $1 25 to $15. Saddle
.If'' ex,rnt common mixed and bro cotton 1 hose;
extra quality red and yellow bandanna hi,r.
squarej a large assortment of 1 '
. Boy's Clothing,
TS,f c''arette, English and French
silk and worM h".'" ".T.u.c:Vcl y.a'moni
uiiiiiw tlL'HCl. rill anil IrimM In I a -:.. r i
,. - u :i , - j " "jr -"ciuaioB,
hear in miiM
Ifftltuaa e.n.1 l.. . ;
mm.f nnu III4U priCe Dill
tliut price but a small advast on first cost,
vf w d daBe A' """'e P'nny is better
alii in? '
uviteving lip IfiC old 1
tlinn IMa, sjl.iii:. .
"""" '., mya
mnAiu mcvfclUH,fc CO.
WHOES snd Boots or all kinds, frTSThTT
' UP lo the softeat Kid Leather at
aid J'ot
oct 24
DRAN Rr nAT)TVn?rivn"
HT.l.l. "".mi on me shortest tlolice.
maww mmm ccc; Kino i'arlur.nn,!
And every othi
Larje Stock! Lateat Style! LOW PRICES'
Ureal Uaryalns! Vuprrcedcotcd
THE proprietors of the Slur Clotliin
Emporium, have removed their 8toi
V the west side or wain slreet, next
door to the "City Drug Store,' and
respectrully announce to Ibe ptib.
lie in general snd every body In partic- .
ni.r thai tha hv now on hand the
largest and most complete assortment
FR-litonable anil Durable t lolhlm tl
C lolbing. Hats ana i:np, i m
Trunk, Carpet Bags, fcc,
er brougbt We fl
wliich they offer at prices eelnally eheapet then the?
imaeination can conceive. This is i blarney, believe
it, friends, those who are skeptieaJ Im thfsuoject can
call and see for lhemselves, and If we eartt sell them
clothintt a leetle cheaper than the; cheapest, Ihey can 1 '
take our head for a foot-ball. We ate ns1rlly of a
sympathetic temperament, and that is a sirflieient rea
son why we can sell clothing cheaper lhan amy of our
comiicsjtors. This fact is self evident, and abwndanfif
provrt by every dav occurrenacs. .....
Hi. "Temnle of Fashion'" Bray he Biitiy styled the
"Ouk Hall" of the West, on the same prinnpte it is '
dapted for business- quick sales, small jnwms -geoa
bargains and exceetlini.v low prices.
Ti.v. Ini if tie hersl.lwl to llie woW at srrrrtnat the.
clothiers or" Western Oa;. Kail" ol a spleudid srt; .
ment or every kind of j
Keep it ': ttri ore the People!!
that the mamwclh Star Clothing Emrroriom, alia (he-
Western Oak Hall, located on main street, HanniDai,
is acknowledged by gentlemen of the most fast idiotic
sTid infinite taste, to be lhetae ilus nllra clothins, house"
or Northern Missouri, and' persons by"callit:j ii t.li's"
sign or the SWTC'yiaa. JB.taVr can readily perci ne
that this Is the tratli, the whole truth, ud nothing: but'
the Irulh. "
ORemember, we have but one house in this City.
It is the three story brick store house, situated on tho
west side of main street, at the sign of the
o MUG S T.I II! '
d"Bear in mind our motto 'Bound to sell twenty
per ccr.t loirer thn any other house!
We remain, Callow-citizens,
with sincere regard, yours,
iov28yy - MARENTHAL 4 BLOCK.
Commission Merchants, and Wholesale
Dealers In Liquors.
superior article of Double Rectified,
i Whisker, of the celebrated 'Black
i Horse Brand' alwsyson hand.
Also Agents for Seitz fc
Green's Clarified Cide
Splendid lot of Dress Silks. Call before they are
For sale by ,
GENTS' Congress Boots, Jersey Tip,' kip, calf and
goat Bootees, also, Gents' fine cair Boots, wsrrant
ed aood, apr2!y by COLLINS BREED.
PANAMA, straw, leghorn, palm lear, silk, ft,
rough and ready, Ociiny Lind, Kossuth and &
o'.he'r new styles ot Hats for sale by apr24y
A Lot of Ready-Made Clothing.', .
A lot of Readjr-Made Spring and 'Summer Clothing
of the latest styles, just received and for sale 'cheap.
Kuqua Buildings. my22yc. J. H. GESTfc. CO.
QUEENSWARE, glassware, stifrar, coffee, lea,ff
commmon and sugar bouse molasses, rice, sa-ViV
laratus, indigo, madder, 4c, for sale at the lowest W
prices and warranted good, by spr24y
To uF.rrriihinlti .' iirr t
JUST RECEIVED, a large and various supply of
at I Wslll lana. T lit- J T '
QUINCV FLOUR, the best and purest always"
Kly . T. R. SKLMKS.
GOING o(T fast, and for sale tinsually low, by
THE firm of Saul & Dean .was dissolved on the 12th
i7 m ?,ci0er last' T1" unle''Bned still contisues
...c u.a.uic uuKiuesaai meow stand, lormerly ,
. r . w . lwo ooors easi ot l , K.
"belmes' Buildings." He has on hand . i
assortment of Italian and American marble! and holSi
autaose wisning to purchase wU call and se fne
sod ntWea? wUir" ch"J,er,bM ever been
sold in the Weat, and his work cannot help pleasing,
for cheapness and style. - P A raiti
mar20-6bv A" OAVU
1 000 Bp.SHELSofgood STONE COAT for
I i wl"ch we W,U PI ,he h'Pht market
" "The West Triumphaat" ,
a-iflany's Mineral RAZOR STROP PASTE, war-
thin .nv S!h! ' ""I ,hrp ,dB',t0 ' nzot in
man anr other nasU evau- mmuirii,,...! u:p,
just received and for sale by J. H. GFST i rn
Fuqua Building,, Hill steet. scHy gJl. Ag?nU
THPh I I0?1 f0T W01'
THE highest market price, iu cash, paid for wooh
: seplly v W. A LIn'dsLEY,- ,
t Ihe Great Western, '
QUINCY extra superfine fiour, just vui- iaj tTF
a splendid lot for' sale cheap by T""" gUfl
mch27-y '
Cash for NetrroAa
I TAKE this method of informinc too
people that I am nrena,.,i T.
times to pay the highesf cash prices for
ami ran at all l c
II r p p. . " 'OUIIU still
stable of Shoot fc Davis.
Hannibal, August M, 1S5I.
augU 7t.
"" " ' -- ' I. R. GARNJ3TT
""c- '"yhav
ve now on Land a good assot
Stands; Garden Vhs.w"i, , raies Counter aod Wash
to description of M A R BLR ORE at low ' T,nb StOllCs; .
, Hannibal, Mo. fr c. tnr
orsuy nous.

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