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Hannibal journal and western union. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1851-1852, October 16, 1851, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Editor mitt rutollklier.
iVF. LAKENAN, i ,.,
Attorney at- taw, and General RC3i
k" r.STATF. .tCfiNT,
' ' 1 " Hum-ibid, Mo.
Office on North ride or Bint, between lt ami 2d fit
WILL attend to the collection oi deb's und eii. r
professional biiHiiivsv entniJlotl in In v
He hat coiilete Abstracts of Title' io all thereat -lute
in Hannibal, ami will firinisli to Urns, ib-iiiec u.
en abstract of all tlie Conveyances, on recot ol auv
lot in t)i city. O . . '"' ' -
He it commissioned to take Deposition. A' Vt uiv..
edgement of.deeds, &c, for the State of Vii-tiii aut
Kentucky. ' I
Itefeetsnc it
f. Mesr. Woods, Christy & COit. I.onn,
Mea.rt. Doan, Kin4 'o,
csMe-i..Vdij' 4 jii'ji.-gg,
Siter, Price fc Co., Philadelplii.i, I'a.
Worria L. Hallowetl Co. " "
" Ainood & Co., .'? "
Motion, Hawea k. Co., Hannibal, Mo
Mr. T. It. Selmes, '?
r Mr. George Schroter, foct 3t-ly - "
Smith S. Allen, '
Attorney at I.aw, '
WILL promptly attend to all iprofessional business
ntiusted to his care in the counties of Marion,
Ralls and I'iks. He will give particular attention to
ihe securing and collection of debts in-any part of tils'
. . . , , - -
State. a-Officeor. Bird street, fom door, above the!
corner of Bird and Mum, in front of the Marshal and
corner of Bird and Mum, in front of the Marshal and
Recorder's cif.ca.
BERACE Dea Laines, a newslyle of goods Tor la
dies' dicsics, . " pr2ly
ril H. STEVEN'S, onnoaite the Ci'v Hotel, ha lust
JL received, n auiiiuon io
bis forinr stork, the
, . . ... i.. i,i 4. u..,i - j j- 1 . r- n-iaviuua imuuvu, w iiu. 11 iimsi nc eoiuesseu. j"iviiik aviuvv ii tno 1011 iou "I UIHI'llJI u H IC
bT hVTS 100 Prolie t0 cxogger.ti.mj. in sorrj-jaid of the prophet's mantle, had discerned the
stablishrnent, where they will alwy find the richest Jterly Jailed in my aitempts to discover the pre- Uruth. a liar of the first magnitude, for as honey elegance of his carriage, .when he wrote his.in
and most extensive assortments of Watc.bes and Jew ,cise dale whereup-m the aforesaid luminary idistilled from the lips of Pindar, so fell falseitable description closing r ,
elrv, Silver ana I'laieu yt are,consiSung i . pauoi. .u.u
Cer m PencT s Locked. Gobi 1 snd (Ju-i
per iiingi, 1 en n , 1 1. . , . ,
i'lmins. Bracelets, tiold Eiid Mlver tuectaclc, l.aru
Cases, Silver Combs, Tea Tots, Castors, Candle Sticks,
Accoideons, Gi;n,Sliot Basai.d Pouches. ,
O" Good WaU'lies of every d-seription carefully re
paiied and warranted to' keep lime if well used nr
the money returned. :' mar2'lti
( Su ccts s or. t o Miller V Bower.)'
Forwarding and Commission riercliar.t c
0 i ' f H VNNIBAL, MO
Liberal CiwA Jt.lttu.nca wide on Cbnsinnnenl s .
liov7lf "
Of e( w h . u w iv i .V ii 1 m;i 1..
11 a. it r,, Mt-'. 1
Late of Quincy, III. ' Hri .:.
JaprJ-Bm j ., 0
T)LACK Lace Veil
French Worked Cu'Its i i
Capet,' a wry large lot, telling awhii ciumj) at ..
,pr24y ; C(JLL1S & Hltl-.I-.U'.s
. : Boys' Clothing. '
Ueceiveif tbis day, a tara addition to our - ol
Boys'Clotbin, all sizes, consist ing of Sack. Jaok"t-.
white and brown, Drill Pants, Cotlonade. ditto Ve-t .
fcC.,iX. . imayu.M,
, tlllt A M McYtlUIl i
T? LEACH ED and Brown Muslins ef all k...d.,-
aj liihki. Manneia. lweeos. tassii eis ami jrans,
- . ' ' . . .
SADDLERY and Hardware, all aasoitmet VyT
for sale tery cheap bt ' 'Ifet;
apr3 ly
Ariueioioi u ingnaius iur nuic uiiiraauu.uic ICiiu
apr24y by COLLINS & BREED.
. w . ... i' kl- .
c Bivi,,.. ,.
luuuviu' -
A FINE asso.-tuient ot spring aiin summer Bonne
Ribbonaj also, Satin and Mantua Ribbons forfait
JUST opened a tine lot of MOO IS and SIIOKS
of all qualities, among which yon will find soint
beautiful excelsior kid ties for the lilies at ..
STEP ill and axamiiie those fine Blankult, and Ready
..! i-lnthino t lh alnnt of
o ni- HAWKINS, i0lty i,.culties ol Ins intellect, and ennobling at-
. - r- t - - tribu:cs ot his soul ; II (.hall therefore leave his
W '""Ts'. j B '-' C eHLv.rrH,"riTl,'.'Cbarac:er to fare for itself, as evil weeds grow
toinaaia SPALDING & CO., 'apace, to meet unassisted, tlie tender mereies of
COMMISSION and forwarding Merchants, deal- ihe world, that great tribunal without law or
Wers in Star Candles. Starch, Soap, Laid Oil, Clieone,
n...... Vmm . V" '! fn,rr.iiiri:.l St. CSH !.t-USi
duuci, -6b" " f v.,-.- -.--
M. Louis, 9Iu.
Springer & Wbitemau, Harrison St Hooper, S S.
Rows (Cashier), Cincmuuh; J. If, Stuiges ,v Co., ) J.
Adams, Acw Oiknnt; l.oker Rciuck X Co.. Clioutrail fc
Valle, Wm. M. Morrison, SI. touit; H. Jl.Budell
Co., Arm Fork. - iuari7 if
nHIS is tile largest and best roiraa for Btls, I'utiiic
JL Shows, Lectures, F.ililical and other ijeeui es n
llanuiDal. 10 rem oy ine uy ui ter. r.nii'iio
j,17 T. R. SRL.ME
tALICOES of all colois snd description, fo
cheap by fapr.4yj COLLINS at BKlitiU
BONNETS Going ofTfast and for talt unuan-dty
low by apr24y COILINS i BRfcKU.
Fresh Teai!
JUST now reeeived tiom tliai celehratod loa Dis
trict, l'oyaug llbr,alo kiiiue Ot I ana Koo'schuid
Iiuperial, be.
WillhnV Hawkins
T 1 ASiiut onene-1 his
XT -'At lIC i;lM Ready made
in Boots, hruiei. Uueeutware and l,rocene. t .0'
and examint pur gooa--w tjiinlt our rice w.ll
fPHR tubsairibcr hoi ou hand 4d U , j
.1.1, f PWHk! . .,;tnt,l Ti.k- till ITtMi L I em
" l...iiBlil la tVrtrthwrK HI 1. -.-mil i. H rIliltlti t,i- tuot
incm-t tbtukt fwr lb uutlrinjr Mipport he b
ieb 28
0 li j (j i - i ii S 1 0 II Y .
.. u c -
1 f!l!miM11 ! tU ;w,,u.t
A UlUll IbC 01 lllO HilC PIIiUHi
Wr.ITT.lt I'ur. TUB JnUHN U. ..ID UMo
' tl II A V 't't I. 1 i .
Coiituiii iu ''ii i xukIi ail Hoitliy ol the uLicct, ftlid ol-
io ClJi laiiin.'
an t: .'Oiiiit ol a certain bruaklast,' ami
!; TriE glorious orli of day arose briirlitly oil
iiuiiiiinsf when fn al vii'ai the leant v erjjnnrm
, V?iiCi.iiiii 'y"ui preai-rved "to tlie world, of the
never to bo - forgotten hero whose illustrious
11, ,uf..i..,..
ucluev incuts it is my enviable lurtune
cle. 1 am one ni ilu.fj dull, plodding histori
...r; '.: '
tins, who, dcleslirig ull embclushinei.t save
are coiuei.L wich iiarraiuif tacts ns thev have oc-
currcd, and spurn all the airy ornament, of fie
lion, remitting no toil to arrive at the verilv of
,llie moi.1 trivu4 incident they relate. And when
1 first undertook the lubof the Hcrculian trav-
iuI (lor gigantic, it is to me, although veracious,
and eke voluminous historians uro, in thia rge
of brasa, as plentiful as owls are at Athens, or
. r ... ,
g0a is Ilol iu El Dorado;)! firmly resolved to
., n.,f ' j n."'.i, . ,.;
jret-.ise n'j toil to collect and collate such maici i-
'als as best I might, hi order to compose an ati-
I not
porae.l a huge pile ot original documents, ap-
u.ui"lliy uausiuiutj in muii; niiJiuiiuiia iil
i;braic or Sanscru characters, and consisting
ii' or, i.inrn.i a. vf.. .vc. sill in l ie iiniinic
n,us smiled so oriuiaiiiiy ana ooneiu so com-
'y "u i 01 "r
lneiid and irost.li), 4Mr. Apnlelacu. 11ns much,.
lneiiJ and uossip, 4Ir. Apnlelacu. tins miiL-
UuHLVcr, 1 have uscc UiiucJ, that it was in liic
- .1 i f I '111 .' .1"
merrv nvoiiili ot Aiay anu iiiid.iie por 14011 mere
of, in the year of Imr Lord IHV.t, and lhatilie pi.rl
of-this evil I'.-rresiii.il sjihere ai thai lime lion-
orel by iho presence ol our hero, was the beuu-
tiiut and nourishing town ot independence,
'i ho inuiiia ior croaatiig the vast western pra-
rn s anu rugre 1 eliains 01 sieriie' imniiuain pi-aks
lie ulterior V iUth Miicj troni
... ,.i' .1.., v.
tb 11 Joa;iiun and tor uulcrgoiag ivuvis.iips and
enduring perns 01 every specie, luvr-.) loa'.unn
a 6.141.1 of thai, reinarkaoie I an us ualuticuv liie
aiuiud kiug 'oni. ;he elephant, as iiuiiy hut e pro-
o their cwii aii'stivo dolor, then raci:
i'.: eJ supremely, becoming tanlainoaiit to ev 1 ;'
.jii.er e.tiisideraiijii, and feading i:s vie iie- a
lianee to Winch t ie uj romajltic g ..iiuu! the ..ivti
wiaf I blaster Mfchael Saot' inilieied upon hi;.
I'i'imiea bucame,'' o use the eio.fi eat la igunge
the worljiy c"Va!ti r .11 Lu.Muir-'lia's nu iess vor
1 : I'juire, b'i: ft :.ii .:u l elnvsecaAes. iu com
pirisou. . " . -.
n unforiun ,vi'ht .was sirieken wi:h tlie
tii.lornia i'ev.r; itn n diutely he was 'aifand
awa," and the j.i tee tliai had known him kii' W
1 1 1 1 a not mure. , -Ver ttvrc pilgrims iu the old
en times uf clnv-: y ..nd suiiersii'iuii niitreJ'.ieni
lip ''1 bowing belore (he ulur mar M.irinh Ka ;
tin? gold hunters of forty-nine in their idou. ry
to Piutus, bearhy .1 their Jislr;ed imagination a
marvelous rescinu.imee 10 a ing uiuiiih, 01 mat
11UI..I wtneti opens every uoor anu overcomes
opens e cry uoor aim overcomes
every dilhciil.y; whi. h certain chunk was sup-
pos.dby each individual adventurer to lie : hi .-
den .v in h some o! the towering summits ol
. I. . C ..... lT.,i,...l . i.n.vi'innt iLU'ralntr. llin nit.
r- .3., 1 , a .... r -...... j . ...
vein of hn fortunate self, to draw it from its
niio iiicinoii ui uic vvonuentu buvciilui t ami twino, in default of straps, completed the loui gry brow did the driver mount his seat, branrt
..ble performances of the admirable Reuben ni..,W, ' . iishinv his tano- lnshed whin, r.nrtotit direful to
Appleiace. Nevertheless, although in further- "YoU infernil l'azv cusses, ain't you goin' ttj jthe ill-starred inules;and impatiently did the re-
ance Ol my o uruui result e.i navu uiiigeiiuy to frit lin to-f lav I lore v 1iipii ii ratlin' '
ts and Jeans, (j r covt.rt unJ expose it to the light of (lay.
BRELD'a. - whu1e nation was infatuated; every pers
i. ,...,., .....i pvivkh it in iiip luriir ni nnv.
. 11. v.vj... ....w- .v . o
was f se.nated, and cuch one shared in tlie intox-
ication, drawing no,, inconsiderable satisfaction
from the cherished assurance of fingering a
rrratii'ving proportion of the ore.
Such beiiur the universal passion, need it crC-
' t '. - r .
ate ainazeineiu inai me lnaucemenis 01 mam
ou cxoilej tie strongest pulsations in the bo-
sum of our hero. He uiiclaucd to go, with
1 . . . , . , 1 ,.-1 . ,
v-n.u. ,nv Umv, .., .... .. ,
manner hereafter fully set forth and exemplified
the following pSges
Reuben was a case, , and, moreover, a very
liar I one; lie Was like the Erench Andy who de
clared she was an abandoned woman and had
lost her character', save that had never one
.' '')sC
or rattier, 1 Will say .. .iu my powers
:. I .. .1... . !.( .1..,.' it...
Itialeuuale to IhO last Ot depicting ma
. ,m ... .- . .- .,
justice, before which we are all arraigned, and
. i . . . .- ...I '.I ' I ..-l.'.i ll
ine ueerees 01 niiieu, 111
howsoever arbitrary they
ni;iv " 're Una! anu without appeal.
. 1 1
I i i.j-reinrn to thnsi" aforementioned sun
(b :auii of'a M .) inoruin , 'which iilutniimte t 'he
iotvit i Iudonen lenec, iind truly they wore
"bright; They streami'd' through the opun ease
jinents oi Uie village and depie'ed their quaint
devices upon the walls, gladdening the h"an of
th iii iia c. Tliey waked ihe li t'.c birds in the
ii. i.'hb'K.nr grov.-s, uid lell warm and joyous
;,Uion inii crys al W.eers of the nils which
trickle in the woods armud, Bil t'u-y did
rja.ir than all ilns; they ditnc-'d si.ir'.:vi upoa
a ten: p Cc.ied upon iho ou s-ir's o. the town
an l I a 11 much al raid they lomu lis oeeip. nts
;as:eep. 1 fan al least answer lor 011 iiiem ;
jlhat one was Reuben Applefaee, an l he was
tat touud as Uiu most, sleepy of the seveu chain
' pious of Chriktouduin iu the donj m ki'p
ih taeii .ntuj casile.j f front of ihe wx- -r
swo.l .1 'argj .wo-aji'.- wagon, ci'iiptic i . ,. i
coutrei iu iho most' .prove I s.y'.e. an I io i s
wli''.:!s were pieKe'.el Mie !,m j-.-ayt i geu.i),
wb $! felicitous .lestiny tf tv t t I'urnisli the
mot 1- itlft''- iV V '' fl eiKi'i ,! iar of Apple
if...;, v. Co. II :l'e si :.rid bilslle i.i' the risoe.'
' ; v. .ha roll of ihe wheels
:ii one
leiously la-
id '1 S nu a Fe wa rm,
the lou I lour wlifniiw-
lib vocal tuici. -nil. V of ii ai er tig.tew
,f 'vi.-aii!: n n ill'' uinl eh r iiu.; together,
ri . , . ' , , , ,
ill" Oi lllllll.., t i-.-.. - -
a? 1km tilled !l
illlicel bti'.uu ailiniiMbiy eaicuiaien
.J.. n- nik. Afiir uhiMlii lUIUtfCla. IToVX MIS (j.T'l
ben, At least, it awake ni Iiu mo 1 rri ex.-nv
Iplar, JReuben, no lest a feat Uvm tho former.--
' I This lt named disfinguUbed geu'-le,.au aiose
liANNIBAL, MO., OCTOBER 16, 1851.
UJ'! 'Wi10'1 llllr-ll n g-irbago highly credit-
ilblu lu ''" fancy ol a petite miilre wyageur.
yiwncl, shook himself with exceeding non-
oUlcuce, ..d proceeded in the most business-
.i moae 10 awiiki n uia communions. ' Our Jws-
ro. was a
personage' of about twenty yr
r.jwm, ana lie Had certainly mailo good uso of
" "B 111 ulJl " wa, oi towering alti- icollo pot and threw its contents upon him, but
tilde and yiihal as gaunt as a mountain pine. a second, yet more liberal, besprinkclad hiifi
His liair was of that peculiar degree ot black- wit'i the remainder of Uiematerials of the "siap
ness which seems the cdnceiitration of the d.vk- jacks.0 The Kov.Thomas inquired how the
lu'ss'ol! cverv raven deceased from the
' which plucked out the eyes of the Gallic enemy
' ' ,oi" Rome to this r,r?.cnt day ar.,1 general ion; his
'r'?uA ','-'S;f-'KWr
be; his forehead neither ample iu length or
I I. ! .... , .
. T " 11 8 nosc ? u,e P?nu.g rc P1" PSi 00(1
lwl;c.a loo, c S1UC. ,or,1's oroaa countenance,
P13 n,T,. a',-V" , ',?n7 y'""1? ns 11,0 Mn-
n-rv aws of DeatKr Ms honA -,t ,l,.fnii,lr.,l l,
,a,...i i,i. V.. " X V:
.'V o IM.T MH
Z L" P t It'
dress, a nuir of hpavi-Honn nnn(,,lnn. ;,i ..r
ter the fashion of the holy man of yore. wiih a
leathern girdlo about his loins, to winch said
leather belt were attached a butcher-knife of
'formidable dimensions, and a revolver of tlie
lurinuiau c u inensions, ana a revolver ot tlie
pr-pper-box pattern of contracted aDnearanee.
1 V1 P coiurciou appLaranepSj i
nnia pair of very foxy old boots, harnessed to
the antagoiiistic pantaloons by about 8 inches of
for three hours, an' not the fust devil of you've
lunied OUt J'lt.'
Thi sneeeh nrocccded from the llus nP tbn
. i. i r i
io,MIs from the tongue of the immaculate heir of
'Apple ace. Thc.nnfoniai cusses' thus abjured,
iiirnLrl i.m nnxi.ni mn tv,.i,t AT r.
of tJie ue
Fori line.
nniiied pursuers of the gossamer of
." ,-, .
Lie lii'sl ol tliese respectal)le gentlemen was
.1111 . if' t 11 f . .
a rj 1-1
;n iv j
a ieu, romi:i-ngurea, ciocn-iuce.i, diriy
1 lividiial.
I'Kwonn ' to the .name 'ol . Thomas
W' uier. or uure familiariy known, by the cu-
ph mio.w d 'sign i'i.ih of Svlfesy. Svkes had
lv.. ,, h
ygotu lirrK-s a most venerable preach-
er, a pjw. ruil . dissemm dor of the crumbs of
lire, but alas, tor.lhe vani'y ol worldly profes-
1Si. - ns. ,u ha fallen" from
grace most lamenta-
hjy, .
tvo 0e the b-vs set about fwdin? the mule.
all hi;r rolled up ihe blankets, Reuben presided
.i r .In; culinary department, and !ykes, pla-
1 k.
iiinselr upon the loot board, bejaii to wins
Ji l D.m Tucker" most vigorously.' Ve
slinf.'s of nil cooks and bon vivants, from Mar-
e is Apicius toDartaneuf! what diabolical mess-
es Ii ! our hero concoct. 1 lis . first evolution
iv as to ra'.ce together some loose straw r set it on
lire an I place thereon his skillet, lid, and a eaufp
kettle full of water, lie then proceeded to es-
s iy his powers for making bread'but the dough
j iliered to his hands', the saleratus would not
absolve, and his grease burned. Meantime, his
fire hurinvl . out; here was a fix for a young gen -
" rn in of Reuben's sensibilities; a dismal com-
V linn of tlisasters and his natifnee well nitrh
evaporated. Sykesey advised him verv coolly
to go and get some wood, and after maturo de-
nijfrUion, HeuDen put that happy expedient in-
(0 client
t0 ohVol. I- inallv, the breaklast was announced
be. done, and it really was done up brown.
The .proclamation was hailod'with great ap-
pl.alse, the fallen angel hushed his music, and
.1... . P .1... - . i . .1 1 1
,,, resi 01 me itiny cioseu round wiin lniinue
.delight. Mr. Waller applied himself to the cof-
r.. .....i 1...T i 1.: ir
icl- mi uiiu iiL-iouu iujuuii to u icncroiis nor.
tion of one of the vilest admixtures human a.-l ever
"prepared. He drank but 'one sip the nectar
)Wes dashed 'from his lips, and with wrathful
;visaL'e he arose to examine the contents of the
kettle., He inspected with curious ere the
ul MMininnr lifiiiid. nr.rl llien irwiiiiriiil'
.."'. " t .-- 1 -
What the thunder do you call this, Reub,.
any how?" ' a 1
"Coffee, Mr. Waller," said our hero, senten-
tiously. c "
. But Mr. Waller was not disposed to take
him at, his word, for he grasped a fork, and
plunging it into the kettle, he drew forth a dirty
piece ni cloth. '
-Ti- m cioiii.
"Coffee the devil and Torn WnlkT, you say,"
(i uoth the irate ex-niitiislcr. '-it's the d-
Iust curious cotlee 1 ever did uiuu up.
...i , .,J 1 .r
. .j f
r , ( huur was exnlained l ie mvti'rv siuvw :
Reuben had boiled the dishrag and left the cof-
fee in the mill. ''
' ReaJeast thou ever beheld a cowed bull
iu tliw, tf del TorOs,; surrounded by a half
'dozen drunken matadors, e;ich striving to.deco-
rate his neck with their little Haunting b irbs
i I .
as such was our hero among his jeering com-
patiions. But Sykesy did iiot unite in these
taunts, not entirely from condescension to pity
the butt ol these sliarp-shooting witlings, but that when he does mortify himself for the good
thought loo migkty lor utterance swapt o'er his of the community,, he does it to some purpose,
soul; his bosom heaved as oft the rugged summit A lenten fast, or a penance of parched pease in
itf E.ua quakes, and the fierce voleanicdircs glew his shoes, would ho a mere bagatelle to him.
hotly wi'.lmi, w hen the lame Lemuian stirs up We have seeitn fuqueer whoWas never "known"
tha i rubers of his gigantic furnace. But sud- to eat at all. Ho carried a small black stone a-d'-n'y
lie btii sl forth with an impetuous torrent bout with him, which had been presented to his
01 t .oqii 'iiee, con! oundiug the youthful scion uf .mother by (i holy man.' He pretended thtt by
ihe .iiu ri'us House of Apphd'necwiih the biting ;sueking his stone, arid without tlie aid of any
dull ol ironvi mil thi rude, invectives of dec- !sort of nutriment, he had arrived at the mature
, tarnation, as a llood of lava from the aforesaid 'ngc of forty; yet he had a nest of supplementary
i .nioiin uin rolls over the onoe verdaTit vaMpys of chains, an.l a protuberant paunoh, which certain
; Tiuaci ia, burying alloopposing obstruotions in My did grrikt credit to the fattening powers of the
iiiiilisliiiiruishable? ruin. Tho huiurrv and disnn-
noimed amateurs of camp life luraeil away
J ioini t ie delectable beverage to wreak their Scottish gentleman who wat continually begging !iug the nervet in tuoh a way at few people care
m agea ice upon the iiuww substantial viands, brimstone, thev were "pot for his&el, but for 'to try, and which none are capable of voluntari
"('.it alack! tlitirciko was literally all doui-'h, ) neebour." When I taw Mm he was toileting ly enduring eeyond a ftw aecondl.
,1, I us soggy as tho fouiine niarthex, so thai oHVrings of rice, milk, fish, and ghee, forthe ben- The fuqueer teemed rather amused al the
cairich, not fnud, but heartfelt, wete bestowed letit oi hi patron Devi. These offerings were queer-looking iinpleraenU on the table, tyit th
,i'i.ii!uioii!ily upon the devoted caput id'vur hej nightly laid upon the altat before ihe Devi, who (erwise maintained a look of lofty ttoicisui ; nor
1 .. fl.e hut gospeller volnteored iiis sirviees in was supposed to absorb them during tho night, did he teein in any way alarmed when I ap-
pi 'paia' iuti ol a miss ot klapjaeks, 1. e., -an
anv.uole compound of llour and water, fvied
,in melted lard, whii-h ware received v ith
. : . 1 , . . . . ...... . . 1 .,i.. i. r .
- i r-', - -
hum 1 1 11 uii'u3 pxi'M'i ims tn rut-it uuy, i v
,atoiil is iiltoiv i i.-isk w uh meritorious dispatch,
(Mr. Ap.ilofai-. advising him not to hurry the
.. . . ...... . I. .. .1 .1 I I 1. .
eurpse, reoiu inui ine tveainif vooi, out
weather a vooi, but ho
wis una' rewurueu
a contemptuous gtunee
iJ an injuuction to "clap a atopncl on his b!
tm ine new voury ox tae culinary art oun
kuA hi butter, and goiiijjtoth waou, he left
jthc frying pan in Reuben's bauds.
catching the flume, lie jerked it o;
'a little trm much vigor, whereby th
(was nil bespattered over hit breai
Hut the lard
: oil" the fire with
vhereby the liquid grease
!He dropped tlie pun? j.iped up a doleful howl,
and stepping LaekwurJ he planted his. foot in
the batter. One of his companions seized the
jlhaf now since ReuT)t
basted, they had bejt
i roasted M'f '. Applefa,
.... s
ter birbecuejum. but thev
Applefnce unmereifu'lH'
n.u iiu
There was no breakfast in that catup that
morning ; the early rays of the fcun were Aut de
jlusive prognostics of the brightness of the com-
ing day, for though no tmsecmly cloud obscured
j.r. .... o , , . ,. ,
,"" y. na oi rouo in ins gouu-n cnarioi as i
r 1 , " if ' " , " ' f
there was no sunshuie upon the countenance, of
any of jlhat company, which had pitched in to
partake of Heuben s delicacies.
r. cninn it.,"
Over the line. The charms of camp life. Cleaiing out
. In a hurry.
Soiaowriiirv f!id H"ih"n A-.;c3r.cn
'self .with galled spirits'and feverish blisters
uinid the blankets .in the wagon bed with an-
'.maining inomhcrs ot the little troop
no less impatieut, Rozinantes. ' JIr. Waller
imiirht have sat for the nortrait of Hudihras
!nav. it amounts to a moral cartaintv. that Butler.
I i I f ri.,.,i,. v,., ii,.
' Thus armed and fortified, Sir Knicht
Left peaceful home for troublous hrhtf
Svkes was idaccd aloft UDon a bucuhalfis.
'which of yore waa wonf to drag the plough'
through the fertile fields beside the grand Chari-1
'ton. a 'gaunt, tleshless, one-cved devil ol the
: . " ' . i- r . .
ircal tariar - species
perfect incarnation of
Wickedness, and, bv no means accustomed to
Uhc "gnaflle, sword and spur." This gallant
'charter no sooner felt the tickling of his ribs,
than he snorted, twirled his respectable heels
J.t xr.bicnt atniicphcr, and tit H.t. lotucua
Jshins of Sykesv, in a most truculent manner.
The divine aforesaid, alternately cursed, pray-
e l, spurred and kicked, and his horse im
him conscientiously, as far as the kickin
, 1 , r 1 . .1 1 1. 1 f J
it-rued, and then witlyiinazmg placidity, lai
11 in the road. The" furious Waller swore
harder than ever, and proceeded to kick at a
redoubled. nullaV of letr wear. But old Bonev.
Iforgelful of the text worthy of all acebptance,
"hov beautiful are the feet of the watchmen
upon Zion," incontinently twisted his side upon
one of those classical appendages of his holiness
the rider, and then rolled laid rider in the mud,
ltd Lis heart's content. Truly he "rumbled his"
bellyful" like Lear's winds, he dyed him with the
1 black loam, the red clay, and yellow' ochre of
'the soil, jn a mole so charmingand picturesque,"
'that the tastiest walk-in-thc-water, who ever
tested the beautifying qualities of Vermillion,
!mtiht iv well his nrtistie endowments: he was
a huckleberry beyond a'per-immon of all the
artists of the wilderness, Some, there are, as
lwelll ken, who refuse to attribute
any taste,
'i In tbp m:itnr f ,n A , ,l,...
merely to flatter mortal vanity, hut I ever will
maintain, when and where it may behoove, that
!this instance of old Boncy's skill in illustrating
I . . . J-- . .a .
the constituent elements ot the soil of Indepen-
Idencc. is an indubitable fact, highly creditable to
.... -
his ganius.
to be continued.
Among the many strange objects which an En-
ulishmau meets with in India, there are few
i which tend so much to upset his equanimity as
'a -sii frmn a wandering fuqueer. f
The advent of one of tliese gentry in an En-
'glish settlement is regarded with much the same
(sort of feeling as a vagrant cockroach when he
makes his appearance unannounced in a modern
jurnwing-ronm. 11 w ceuld imagine the afore-
urawimr-ronm. it wp coma imagine ;iic ai ore -
said cockroach brandishing his horns in the face
inf lln. linrrlfii.,1 inmate. pviiIiiit in ll. .?iriil
kvhieh his presence creates, nnd mtimatimr. 'with
i - ' . n'
'n ennei. t in,riT. t at. h virtue of h ,, .
'ness, he cousiders himself entitled to some cake
'and wine, perhnps the analogy would be more
'complete. 4
j The fuqueer is the mediant friar, of India.
He owns no superior; wears no clothing; performs
no "work; desuises everybody nnd evervtliine;
. ' e"! !
sometimes pretends to perpetual fasting; and
.lives on the fat of the land.
, There is much, however, to be said for him,
black stone. Oddlv enoiich. his business was to
collect eatahlm and drinkables; but. liko the
considerately leaving Hie fragmeiitt to be dis
tribiito.1 among the poor ml the Paris
til, IlltgUU
ship was very discnniiiWtiig in the goodness and
m irruiicH ut uii'ita tlitt rliiiff lur no rrjcvioti vuuii
e 1 ..... .1 ii i- " r a .1 .....i.
---n-. - ; '
as were stale, to bo returned next morning, wiin
hi malediction, to the fraudulent donors.
I c- . . . r ..-II .1. . I... 1
no poiacuuie a iuqueer win iue u mio i iiwtm
- that the community will be. bert'titea by his
trundling himself along, like a our-wheel, for
0011 pie of hundred mile or io. tte uei
JwvwU to bit ankles, gtta lire, composed
chopped straw, mud, and cow-dung, kid along
the ridge of his backbone; a bamboo staff passed
through the angle. formed by his knees ajid Ms
elbows, by way of an axle, and off he goes; a
brazen cup, with a bag, and a hMh-bulblc?i:n
jlike tassel nt the two extremities of the nxel
thus accoutred, he often starts on a journey
which will occupy him for several years, lije
Milton's fiend,
"O'er boy, or steep, through straight, rough, dense, or
With bead, hands, or feet, Or ing, pursues hi way."
On arriving in the vicinity of a vilLize. the whole
j population turn out to meet aiij escort him with
UulYATTofS'WPttiS ViVrtiitC well or tuuV, Ahe 'ni'eTflgif'buni!, as if not quite sure that tlie jborpbla
beating drums, and the women tinging through
their noses. Here his holiness unbends, washes
off the dust and dirt acquired by perambulating
several miles of dusty road; and, alter partaking
of a slight refreshment, enters into conversation
with the assembled villagers, jus(, at If he were
and old ordinary mortal- making" very particu
lar inquiries concerning the state of their larders,
and slight investigations as to their nwrals. Of
course evefy one is anxious to have the honor
of entertaining a man so holy as to roll to their
presence doubled Hip into a hoop, and disputes
get warm as to who is to. have the preference.
tVherupon the fuqueer makes a speech, in wheh
he returns thanks for the attentions shown
him, and intimates that he intends taking jip his
quarter with the mat' who is most capable of
testifying his Appreciation of the honor. After
some higgling, he knocks himself down, a deci
ded bargain, to be the guest of the highest bid
der, in whose house he remains, giving good ad
vice to the community, and diffusing an odor of
sanctity, throughout the whole village. When
tlie supplies begin to fail, he ties' his hand to
his heels again, gels a fresh tire put on, and is
escurled oul of the village, with the same formal
ities as accompanied his entrance.
Likef'other vermin of liis clast, he is most apt
to attach himself to the '"weaker vessels" of
humanity, with whom he is generally a prodi
gious favorite. He is not, certainly, $udebted to
his personal advantages for this favor, for a
more hideously ugly race of men is seldom met
with. As if nature had not made him sufficient
ly repulsive, he heightens his hideousnesscbv
encircling his eyes with bands of white paint;
daubing nis cheeks a rich mustard yellow: a
white streak runs along the ridge of his nose,"
arid uiiuuict xumitt a circle round his month; his
ribs are indicated by corresponding bars of white
paint, which give a highly venerable prost-bones
effect to his breast. AVhen I add that Jie wears
mo clothes, and that the use of soap is no part
of his religion, some idea may be gameu of the
effect the first view of him occasions in the mind
of a European.
On the afternoon of a very sultry day in June,
I had got a table out in the verandah of bunga
low, and was amusing myself with a galvanic
apparatus, giving such of my servants as had the
courage a taste of what they called Hulaiee
boinjee, (Eftglish lightning,) when a long gaunt
ngure, wiin nis nair nangmg in aisorucrca mas-
ses over his face, was observed to cross thedzee, (tailor,) who had just come from the vil-
lawn.' On arriving within a fe,v paces of where
I stood, he drew himself up in an imposing at
titude oue of. his arms akimbo, while the otlief
held'out towards me what appeared to be a pair
of tongs, with a brass dish at the extremity of it.
"Who arc you?" I called out.
"Fuqueer," was the guttural response.
"What do you want?" a
"Bheek," (alms.)
"Bheekl" I exclaimed, "surely you are jo
king a great stout fellow like you can't be
wanting bherk?" . "
The (uqueec paid not the slightest attention,
but continued holding out his tongs with the
dish at the end of it. '
"You had better be off," I said; "I never give
bheek to people who are? able to work."
W do Khooda't work," replied the fuqueer,
with a twagter.
"Oh! you do, then," I answered, "you bad-better
ask Kliooda for bheek." , .
So laying, I turned to the table, and began
arranging the apparatus for making some expe
riments. Happening io look up about five min
ute after, 1 observed that the fuqueer was
standing upon one leg, and struggling to assume,
as much majesty as was consistent with his e
miilibrium. Tue tongs and dish were still ex
tended, w hile hii lcl hand sustained hit right
j1 - '"""' -;" 6l
H1 ucro ,lU abdomen. I turned to the table,
alld tried tO gO OU " With BIT WOrK, OUl 1 OIUU
dered awfully, bfokn a glass jar, cut my fingeri,
, , .r . 1.1 . i .1
anu maue a mess ou uio luuie. , 4 iw co"-
sciousness of the fuqueer'a staring at me with
his extended dish, and could not get the fellow
out of my head. I looked up at him again.
There he was, as grand at ever, on his, uuo lug,
laud with his eye riveted on mine, lie con
tinued tins performance tor nearly an hour, yet
lthere du' "l eem. 10 tna taiulesl uuticatr
J0f his unfolding himself ; rather a picturesq
ornament to the lawn, if he should take it li
there did not seem to be the faiutesi. indication
his head as these f ellowt sometimes do to re
main iu the. same' position for a whole twelve
month. "If," I sud, "you stand there much longer,
I II give you such a taste of boiniee I lightning)
as will toon make you glad to go." ,
The ouly answer to tint threat wat a tmife ox
derision that tent his 'mustache bristling up a
guinst his nose. t o ,
'Iichtninir'" he sneered: "vour litrhtninc
can't touch a fuqueer the gods take are oi
hun. " '
Wiihout more ado, I charged the battery, and
connected it wiih a coil machine, which, as those
1 who have tried it are aware, it capable of rack
I U..J M. .i.
priinuucu Tvit viiv vvuuuuiui.
boine oi my tervantt, who baa already expe-
;nenced ttus procctt, now cuue clustri:ig about,
iDith . v. . 1 m .r til xir-.rvBuiL iu.i murriinaiii to uii
iuuai v ii-ui hhi w w
nest the fuqueer' ordeal. I fastened one wire
tq bit ttill extended tongs, and tho oilier to tho
loot on the ground. 5' -
A me ooi macnina waa uo. yet iq action, oe
a yond dueoncertiug liini'i bttle, the attachment
bit M m wiret um not oinerwise aueoi nun. 1x1c
olj when I pushed the magnet info tlie coil, end.
VOL. 2 NO.,. 7,
'v 'l'm the full strength of the battery, he)
j howled like a demon; the tongs to which his
hand Wa, now fastened by a force beyond his
will quivered th his unwilling grosp at if it
were uyromg me nesn from his bones. J fa
threw himself on the ground, yelling and gnash
ing his teeth, the tongs clanging an irregular ac
companiment. Never waa human pride so ab
ruptly cast down. He was rolling about in such
a frantic way that I began to fear he wmdd do
himself mischief ; and, thinking he fiad now had
as much as was rood for him, I stopped tha
machine and released htm.
For some minute he kj- uUvrldr- 'on'tha
spell was broken; then gathering himself p, lie
flung the tongs frm him, bounded, aerost the
lawn, and over the fence like an imfi.rm
When he had got to what hej-eckoned eiminir
distance, he turned round, shook his fists at me,
and fell to work pouring out a torrent of fm.
prceations shouting, screeching, and tossing
hit arms about in a manner fearful to behold.
Leaving then to rot and wither from Rie
face of the earth, and consigning all my female
kindred to titter and inevitable death and de
struction, he walkedoff to a neighboring village,
to trive vant tn h f-elisgs sad vwuuum hit mf.
fleddignity. o . . , - , .. . ,
o It so happened, that a short time after the fu.
queer had gone, I incautiously heldmy bead,
wljite watching the result of some experiment!,
over a dish of fuming acid, and consequently be,
came so ill 8s to be obliged to retiro to my bed.
room and lie dowu. In about an hour I called
to my bearer to fetch me a glass of water, but,
although I heard him and tome HI the other ter,
vants whispering together behind the purda, or
door curtain, no attentio$was paid to my sum.
mops. After repeating the call two or tltfe
times, Vlth tlie same result, I got ut to sea '
what wa the matter. On drawing aside the .
purda, I beheld the whole establishment seated
m full, conclave on their haunches round the
door. On seeing me, they all got up and took
to uicir necis hkb a cov$y or frightened part,
ridges. The old Kidmudgar waa too fat to run?
far.o I seized hira just as he was making hia
exit by a gapoin the garden fence..- He was, at
first, quite incapable of giving any account of
himself, so I made him sit a minute among the
long grass to recover hi wind, when he broke
out with "Old r-hnh-i" MM.
blujbbcr, as, only a fat Kidmudgar can, imploring
me to send instantly for tlie fuqueer, and make
him a present; if I did not I would certainly be
a dead man before to-morrow ' tun. "For, he
said, 'a f uqueer'a curse is good as hismut-kt-lat,"
(a matter of fate.) Some of his fellows, now
seeing that the murder was out, ventured to
come back, and joined in requesting fcio to 3Ye
my life while there wa? yet time. -
It wa to no purpose that I told them I wa0
now quite well, and endeavored to exnhiin th
cause of my sickness. They would have it that
I was in a dying state, and that air onlv nlv-
tion lay in tending off a messenger with a kid
and a bag of rupees fo the fuqueer. The durd-
lage where the fuqueer had taken refuge, told
me that as toon at the fuoueer heard tht I
ill, he performed a pas mJ of a most impressive
character, shouting and threatening to curse ev
erybody in the village as he had me and mine.
The consequence waa, that pice, cowries, rice,
and ghee, were showered uponcjhiw with over
whelmisg !ibcri!ity. --- .ftp : - ' .
Without laying a wordaftnedMyielf with -a
horsewhip, aei out for the Village, and found '
tlie fuqueer' turrounded by a dense crowd f
men and women, to whom he waa jabbering9
with tremendous volubility, telling them now
he had withered me up root and brunch, and ex
pressing hope that I would terve at a lesion to
tlie other children of Sheitan who ventured to
take libertiea with a fuqueer. The crowd Lid
me from him till I broke in upon hia dream
with a alight taste of my whip aero hit shoul
der. His eyet nearly leaped out of their sock- .
tt when he turned round and tatv me. Anoth
er intimation from my thong sent hun off with a
yell, Waving the rich spoil he had collected from
ihe simple villager! behind, . What became of
hun 1 ennnot tjjll. . I heard no more of liim.-
Household Word. '- . -
P'Connoi's Tacii at Cross Examination.
. He wat once cxamininir a witness, whose in
ebriety at the time to which the evidence refer
red it was essential to prove. He quickly dis
covered the man'i cliaracter. ' He was a fellow
who may be deieribed at "half foolish withe
roguery." vWill Darby, you told the truth to.
this geutleman'r"' "Yes your honor, Counsellor
O'Conncl.", "How do you know my name?'"
'Ah to be sure every one knows our pdlhrioi."'
"Well, you are a good humored honest fellow;
now tell me, Darby ,'dii1 you take a drop of any
thing that day?' "Why your honor, I took my
share of a pint of tpiritt." Tour share of It,
now by virtue or your oath, was not your share
of it all but the jjnrirf" "Why then dear
knows, thjd's true for yon, Sir." The court
was convulsed at both question ami answer, It
soon? step by step came out that mun was not,,
therefore a competent witness. Thus O'Cetmell
won hit case fov hi client. ...
Here it another instance oi his ready tact and;
infinite resurce in defence cf Jbi sHeut. In at.
trial at Cork for murder, the principal willies
swore ktrongly against the pristsiier. He partie
ularly swore that a hat had been, found near the-
pla&s of murder, belonged to the pruanei, whoe.
name wa James. "By virtue of vou eath arta
you ture thia it the tame htlY" "Yea. uDiA
you examine it carefully before you twore ia
your information that-it cwas the nritoner ?"
-1 did." ?row, let e tee," said U"ConncU
at he took up the hat, and begat, to, examine it
carefully in the in.iia. He dien spelled, aloudl
the tuue ol James, alow iy Utue; J-a-m-e-t
ow, ds you soean those word were in it when
yoo found it?" - "I do," "Did you tee tl-.eja
ihere?" "I did." "And t)iU UUietama hti'
"lt i," "Now, v lord,,v .aid U'Coftnri
holding up the hat to the Unehvutheie it an JnJ!
of the case, there ia no uuiud aMever iuscruVi
in the het." The result wat on. iuntanl u'iiu
23Wm. Ilourk, well Inown at a boto-fi'ay,
er in the "Suble iramii)!!-!'' bunl of (eg(
Miai-U&ls, died in Cinciunuti,' on the UtS uI'-U
mo. '
o e
. .. ...
! I I. ,m
r . s jwti

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