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Hannibal journal and western union. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1851-1852, October 23, 1851, Image 1

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E4llr and Publisher.
VOL. 2 NO 8.
1 '
e3 d fca a
KB ,
Attorney at Law, and General Real
, Hannibal. Mo. ,
Office on North side of Bird, between 1t ami 2d sts.
WILL attend to :lie eullection of debt and other
professional business entrusted to hii care.-'
Ha has complete Abstracts of Till to all thereat es
lata in Hannibal, ami will fi : niwli to those desiring it,
an abftract of all the Conveyance!!, 00 record, of any
lot in the city, y . -
He ii coinniisuined, to lake Deposition!, Acknowl
edgement of deeds, fee, lor ibe States of Virginia anrl
Kentucky. c
- R e fa r e n e ea
Mama. Woods, Christy ft. Co., St. Louis, Mo
Mestri. Doan, King 4 -'o, , p "
. .". Meeati. Collins Kelloeir, - : " "
" biter, I'rwe ! Co., PliiUutdjiiiia, Pa.
t- Morria I.. Hallowell 4 Co. " "
1 i t A I wood ft Co., " " "
Mortelt.Hawes ft Co., Hannibal, to"
Mr. T. H. Selmes, , aJ
Mr. George Schroter, foct31-ly
1 Smith 3. Allen,
Attorney at taw,
WILL promptly atiend to all profensionat business
entmeled to his care in the counties of Marion,
Ralls and Pike. He will give particular attention to
the securing and collection of debts in any part of thai
'State. O"O0ice on Uird street, lour doom above the
corner of Bird and Main, in front of the Marshal and
Recorder's orhre. r.
IERAGE Dea Mines, a newstyle of goods for la
dies' dieates, ' aprv-iy
B. STEVKNS, opposite the City Hotel, has just
-J- received, in addition to his form-r stork, the
i,ri" assortment ol Jewelry ever brought to Hanni
bal. He invites his customers to call at the above
establishment, where they will always find the richest
and most extensive assnnmenia
cea. taatilvr Combs, Tea Pott, Castprs, Caudle blicks,
fic-JaaideoBs, Runs, Shot Bags slid Pouches .
- irjsiood Wattf'iaa of every description carefully re
tnaieda warrantee! to keep ttime if well used oi
'tin money mturned.
mirjtitf ,
( Successor to Miller & Bjvr;)
'70rwartUBf ui Commlnion merchant
.V.3 E,ElEFi '
m . hannibau mo:.-
Tifceral Cai'i drnwrea wit Cotkiget
hov7f . . - ''..
aT4y .
j jj 1 1 tK? aiaS mm mmm if JLW a . fV 0
MVCU W M. M A W H. I . M T U E.
tftXXN.B AI., MO.
. H. RAL3TOK, '
Late of Quinrv, HI-.-..BAI.STO'a
- Ijite of Hannibal, Mo.
k. 8l4Ui:ilLASID,
TLAC; Lace Veils, French
Worked Collars
Capes, a very large lot, selling awlul cfteap al
,pr24y. . COI.Ll.NS BKf.r.Lr
Boys' Clothing. ' J' '.;'
this (lav. a large, addition to our stock .of
rs'Clothing.all sizes, consist ing of Sacks. Jackets,
,te ana Mown, irm loV""u7""',V5, .' '
c- . .' ' h IT? M MeVPiGlt Co.
"tRAM MC ' V
rimwm i- Dn.in Muclins of ll kinds.
M.Atnr.u ami inv . -- - -- .
Checks. Flannels. Twewls, imsiis arm Jna,
QADDLERY and Hardware,
an assortu
.t aa.
lor sale very cheap bs
lUSTopeiieaaitne lot ol UU I
.1 r .11 nnaiitieu. fnnnir wliieh vou will iiad some
baautifulexceUiot kid tiei tor llie Indies at -
WM, HAn JvlNa.
TKPinandexaminetaosefine Blankets, and Ready
) made clothing at the tire ef ;
,. , ' .. .,' , Win. HAWKINS,
'I;"im "i.ri. bt.obh. i-isi-issati.
C0MM1SSION and forwarding Merchants, deal-
era in Star Candles. Starch, Soap,I.ard Oil, Cheese,
Butter, Kgp&c. No. t& Commercial l St. near Lo-ust
.. .. 1 . . ais.i.nrNK.
. 1 "'nppfni'Krc? '
um.;i.' u.nn At Mnnwr. S S.
. OpriliKei a i. iiiirwaii, ii.i.iivh w f - -.
1. 1 ,11 .. . i. l-. t I.
Howe (.Learner;, 1,'indiinuni j. n. aiu(cs
Adams, A Oriaw; Uker Renkk Co., Chouteau &
)!XMorrl,0n, ""i"- '-""r
Co.. Hr for. iu.i n
' tXHIS is the lamest and best room for Balls. I'ublic
' -
X Shows, Lectures, Political and other Maetii.gs in
To rent by the day or week. Enquire of
5 - i. w. r.i.iur.a.
'" ' ' '
- ,
riALICOKS of aufo": descriptions, for ,.1.
V-' cbean br fanr24yj COLLINS fc BUEl.O.
' : -
ONNETS Ooinr offfatt snd lor sale unusually
low by
spi24y COXLINSsj BKKr.U.
Tresh Teai!
TDST now receives from that celebrated Tea Dis-
J trict. Poyang HhV, a Uo aome of Linn Foo's choice
Imp.ri.Ue. , octia T- K. SELMV.h.
7777 T- '
William l.flWkinS
i i iiikiiii iiiiiiiiiH"
TTASju.oeued I... tock of ST 41' I E AMI
l-l .... . , .w. .. ,, 1 1. ..im
A.XB A.yt.B vasa twiia-arw .. s.w...
nc Boole, Shoe, stueenaware and tiiorerif .-. Call
7l rxiuine our eooua we think our nriren will suit
oct. 3d. W. H.
THE subscriber has now 011 hand ud i
daily receiving the lurgc.it and best as.
sorted stock of GOODS, suitable lor U111 market, evtf
brought ta Northern Missouri. He returns bis inoi
sincere thanks for the uutiriiir anpport lie has ali
Neaya received, aud ne effort shall be waul ins; or. ha
se4t awril its eaatinuanee.'' T. K. M'.LMt:?.
K fab 18 ,P . n ' -
atrv. Silver aud Plated Ware,consistmg in part of Oold .j,est
' Silver Lever Welcnes, tireanpins, r.arrmg, m-
CTtCnVJ-m,v-it l.nrketn. Gold fob. Vest and Guard In
'TIia Cnl.l n,l Silver Snectncles. Card lit'
f " " - -.J-J--"!".!. . 'jnusical murmur 'among violet covered 'upon the'silence. of the-eeeoe, a-silence'truly far lT1TiAsrn' m? A niCTitvnmcRrn nu 1 young girl and a young man. They had both,
ATWCIRAS8. and bowers, where the rose entwined its -more, affect ing .'than- U the. eloquence ol 'Tully ui,4tfl ur A Ul 111 KiVlb Mull UXUt . ne said, promised, under the most solemn oaths.
"J Tina lot of Ginghams for eaie onreasonable terms i.-.'-iritr blossoms with the paly gems of ' the' or Horten-jius-lhan all the inspiration of U.inte'". . . .,-, . . " ! inviolable fidelity. " The young man, 'Whose pro-
Jl apraty by COLLINS BREED. K'rjf I in-its vale were dispersed or Byr.6.1. . And ;our- travelers, abandoning ull " ,.' ''ovv;,n?.,,,1Portant r .P11! JV58 , Y-C ifession obliged him to travel, once mado a long
" ,Vv T-T- sofa.;.rnidns, awaiting for a little du- hopes.' of .recovering their errant mule. unlii -clip irom the Lou.svile papers of the lltlu We labse flule he was away, lie received.
HibbOHi. , . fiF'MiliMe .Vr they ahould re- Wning, suffered themselves to be lulle to rest re extremelx prat.t.ed.At;the course the Pres.- bu . .
A FINE assortment 01 spring aun summer oonm .rauuii m nwiui i. - -, .. ' i il. Kliv!,in pmlir ecu of- nnimv.ui...i'li.l uem naa anoptea in reierenee 10 uie Syracuse l . t Ti . i- ii r u
n!i.kMi ,Ji i.nt Uihhons fors.lt L... . .-!.. ,J ir tdr'somc and perilous in the obltytou embr.ces 01 poppy -w rea. bed ,, her feet. But on presenting hunself before her.
aiav niuuwiii, bibv, -....... (iiv,, in imi.iii.1 w.iiin, . . , c riouT, uiiu Bibo 10 inc recall oi uwcii uur von-
apr24y . ; by CQLlilNa cl cKr.EU. piIgrimagc. to lho promised land V neir ue- . ; ' , v ,ul at Havann.S
S E L E C T E I) POET It" Y.
Krom the Home Journal
- o If AtlCI CAREY. i' ' J
The lumps are all lighted, how brigh'.ly they gleam,
The music is flowing, loft atream upon stream.
While youthi and fair maiden, untroubled with care,
Half blush at they whisper, bow happy we arel
Wall, braid up your tretaei with gems as you may;
Fly light through the dances, and smile and be gay)
The glow of the roses, the flow of (he wine,
Are not fur a boann as weary as mine.
-' .- o '
O give me a cottage balf hid in the leaves,
With rinea on (he windows, and birda on the eaves,
And a heart tbara) wheaa, warn tide ahal flow like the
But gcvar, O never, for any but mel
A Glimpse of the Elephant.
Slowly and gloomily" n the luoiher of the
ant brood to the incantations of Odin did
parson arise from his recumbent position ; doub
If ncavv were the mileJiclious leveled at the
oflendiri liony ; triply louder wcr the jeenngs
of the Hidalgo's around. -But Roney little cared
for Mr. Waller's wrath, nor did he trouble his
poll concerning the perdition of Tophet to which
his irate denouncer so summarily doomed him,
for he trotted off at a turtle's mm rul puce, ( lii
gait,V snorting as if vaunting Sjtiw cvor-
;lorious exploit. And well iniglu he bjast, lor
vcr belore, either in the ei.niuence ol the
pulpit or the mysteries of the g.nne, where jaik
Jtakes the;tife, horse-racing, psalin-singing, cock-
flgJ'tiDg,, or Vtlcctioneering,. had.Sykesy beeji
overthrown." . - V
Greuf Cwsftr fell. ond 0. what' a. fall was thefe4-
1 nc reverend was .bedraggled in the mud, with
none so poor totlo'him:reverencc. . Reuben in-'
.deed, by way.ol consolation,-saiu,
but tlte. driver ointm-rated,'as iiis .private, o
pinion, that.. it was: old Boney that had 'turned
lnk. tlnwn. Hut- -thvif -Wen- tinneV-hf ih'einliv'-
la verv pleasant humor. nd their wit was great-'
lJ Ulll-t-UrCU W IL1 UUfllll 4.' 1UI. !UliV IIIHII,
t nansever, omnvcq JOfn
mounting, the; procession
.4 ray,', passing Uie little
j. Ina short' time the.-bcautif til
rolling nrairui
i .f1ii..li -in I Iia emstirn 'ifprare Vif 4lii r'renl :Pl.i ins'.
i....... ... - . "
" 1 -' ""1
.extended bet ore tlieni.. 11 1 h
c Khine, the Rhine,
'our own imperial' river".'cxchuml .Clialoner;
oncsoC'the knights-e.r'rant; ' ;lmt there liyas' no
broad stream tolling its -blue etirrent "along' in;
majesty,' hut the wide stretching prairie , was
spread as a verdant vol vet carpet, and the bloom-
ing petals of numberles. wild floWers-lifted;
their uny. nuns ana commingled ineir monesj;r
lieaufy-with the vivid lustre ot-'the prairie eras
prairiC grass.
loy swelling hillock, clad in all the genial A est
ments'of. the earlv Mavt- diversified'thc surface
.0f tlici panipaj and licre and there the rude cab-.
irw of the Sliawncc crowned the Vising mounds,
'he blue smoke curling from their ample hearths,
.'To the right of the: road, amid a leify groVe a-
.1... ..u;. r .r.iiln-l...v.. - o'...l :..
se ommu.iwn, kiii.-jc inuuuge un oiu ;no .bc'iirlviSabie : to -venture. ' - .. Tum'demum
piougn norsc yii, . ucn.ye.. waiu to svop, test '.whlwuvl wfll von little 'd v IT vnu won't Pandnnter
i ... 1 1 1 I mm EirmiT. " v mi . umiwi. nn cull thi. . l.-, ."ir. ...... - , ..
lllage.or-V eSI1)0rt. soflness'bf a rural ottomaii:"until. concentr.ifinw- 'iiiIset.tn Reuben, for.-at, the crank of the ri- I
he blue smoke curling from their ample hearths, tie 1
"o the right of the: road, amid a leafy grove a- .of 1
ose the white apire of a little' chu'rcn.'a'nd in- .nrcl
lead of the mighty rivers of the old Fatherland, 'lslu'11
ir our own magnificent Futher of Waters, a" litiers.
. . . ..... 1 .it 1 1 .1 .
.nc iuc w imc .me in u-iiuiv ...... L ... ......
. . f rivrr, of the old Fatherland.
iead nf the miirhiv rivers of the old Fatherland.
or our own magnificent Futher of Waters, a
:t i ntirlinsr brook wit 1 the ercen willow uena -
tie purling brook with the green willow "bend-
ing over its tide and the lordly Cottonwood tow-';lea,
- .. "ivi.-a er mr imon t. l.'inks snorted downward-wit h uncoum sympnuny .oi uie.iuneiui cuuoies clasne I ,.- .e .jtkuii ..-n. nisto s. lie beonn by narratinor the lovea of a
)"" .
Our iicfO 'and his comp inv
from the road, and coiner some two miles down
I,'.. ,imm tlu.v fnnnit nlent-int retired snot
'th6 stream they found a
j where a mossy fountain welled forth its .:JUld
(crystal, and prepared to pitch camp. The gear-
ing was thrown off the mules. tle animals piek-
!eted, a blazing fire was kindled,' and they pre-
i T. r- . . v
'pared to enjoy a comfortable evening. Marry
jChaloncr fried the bacon, and as it was unatu-
monsly voted not to task the skillful Reuben's
lrK)we, aRain in the bread lini, an 1 the virtuous
. flaniilck. not havin? nroven deeided-
llv palatable, a' young man named Tyndall was
urM.u.l Iiit.i the serviee. and sueceedinrr to a
.... . ' n
1 . 1 ..1. ... . .1.1. ..
imiraeie in prouueing an aumiraoiy roitiiv com-
I ,,. ..rn-laiined Baker General to'tho ex-
r . .. ,, ,, ,
pfJIIslll'M. I
Slowly set the sun behind the western mound, .eieiit gemleinen?
Ii is last glorious beamings lighting up the sur- lieuilics, and by
j r. .... .
.rounding heaven as a vast enKiuuiuig dome, ami
all Nature's fair domhjon exulted in his parting
mt,mm Meantime our hero, not to be outdolio
. . .I: .... t,. :.', ... v,, ..,...,1 u,nUt
1 1 I It. 1 1 t W 1 1 iiiiimrs, - w I v"
. IC.t .......
I . v , i ii .i. i.. 'i...i.
ttn.,m i i,n im ...ninn iiiiii.. 11 iiiiti'iiiiiiii m :. a urn.
'and drew fro,,, .bis pocket a short pipe of pecu-
.liarly dirty appearauer.
4 ..ii .ii .i 4 i Ji u I r-: 1 !.
1 "Hallo' mv honest and true loved friend, is
liauu; iiiv iioui nv uiiu u ui iv i in iiii-uu,
;(nal ,ju, p;pp 0f peace?" inquired Tyndall.
"No. sir," quoth Reuben, '-this is tho piece
of nine ''
u a ic, . c
Ho charged his fascinating engine with a
of and placing a coal upon the
, he immediate, ,e'emBd f0 enjo unan0Ved
bliss from its odorous fragrance. But the heart
'of man .. ever doomed to remain tho mockery
, .
.or t ortune -ever liable lo l.e ovc, iKituo uy uie
I i.. .v.. ,. a , ti,.rt-
crucim .....Hi...
ling Tyndall und overwhelming the parson to
such a pass that he emptied hia bowl of bean
ioiin down hi boot leg and stumbled baokward
into the fire, shaltorcd lho blest rcerptaele of tho
herb ftf Nicot to the four winds, and' left Uie
long lantern jaws or Ml. Applcface sticking
lout in the air at a langent, hia eyes peering a
bove in the wildest manner, whilst his tightly
compressed teeth yet grasped tho stem in un-
l daunted guis. Hut there was no great harm
't5ne tne,ruin .f tne enp'on of our res-
pccU ble hero's solitudes and the damago to
Sykescy aforesaid. Reuben, like many other
greenhorns, carried his percussion caps loose in 'rubies ln'tho verdure, tna.de a horrible inroad
jhta pocket with his tobacco, and from one of upon their innumerable hosts. For two long
jthese sprung the disaster. jhour did the incomparable Reuben labor with
The low, mournful, hut incessant w i'ings of jUnimpaired activity, und tooth to say, unabated
.the prairie wolvrs now smote upon ' e 'y-np - i.ippelite, w'ici), rising to renew the attack un
Inums ofourvomruii-s.mikiiignigh !iij' ,s. with jd'r rt .ro lavm !;' atsj)iccs, his keen grey eye
jthcir yelping melo.Iy. In tJoth, illusirt t per. ! V9re4 two wiM luuking horsemen upvn a
formeri were they; now their wild w n n.r' di.v mt ride, driving ac.ibailuda . ot' Iikisb ani
Ichortissed a strain of growls anJ 'snap.., ;,s ,ne m..s Wore them, :ifid galloping; as fleetly as
ofthe performers favorwl another wi;h u fac jfushes the bruol of the untamed courser beside
simjte of his rows of polished ivory; uul anon itlic Puerco. But an instant elapsed, and our
jtheir dulcet neals waxed fainter os though pi- jliero wrs prepared for any emergency a second
pins a "tbrw'j- pv r.lie wnunnVd. jglance convinced him that they were Indiana,
) r-Unfortunately, a little imp" of a "mute, wit'",'.)-! away spcjjl our g!'irjt voyaeft as raptliir
bout naif Ina pack vet on him. came rusliin?
a kicking into camp with sundry pans imlus-
iriousiy 'lumping against jus sine, sykesey
bounced into the tent an 1 hid himself under
ro.l of blankets, and the war-horse of the pots
Jwcil fl Hinting knd leaping in his frantic career.
The entire c.tvaliard of our fellow sojourners
w?rc stricken with a mnic picket pins drew
' up atil 1 iriats snapped in'a mote truly disas
trous faint glimpses of heels twinkling in the
twilight were visions not consolatory to the as-
jtoumlcl owners, and it rushing sound as of
mighty wafers marked the exit of the bouro
(brood without applause. The mischievous sa-.
jUio of a donkey which had originate I all this
ru'Tiptis in the wigwam, now apparently sated,
wiin .me trotiDie ne nai
al causea, stonneil to
milneVl n fpw tnnrlor mnrnla nP rve.ca HPIia
valorous SvUnsv sallied fnrth wiW ;..;.;i .t.i..
ardor to apprehend the delinuuent. He ap-
0proachel bin near enough to grasp the broken
riata which (railed in the dust, and seized it
with tho avidity rf a miss in her teens culling a
,liearfse-ise. .But woe is me ! Ho effected the
manucaption too violently : a corollary evinced
bv ti ierk of the mule's head which br.rn r',. tl.n
worthy parson to his knees a result n i e!orq,
attained for twen'v-six full moons. T!i.-mnV
,rel;dering his l'ore-leet an axis, . thcrciia.in re-
volved with- ipere iiblc" facility, 'hanJlin-j Ids
,heelsin an e:
.kie!Tng'as i
xccedtngly. formidable man.;,. an)
f,or.:awajrerr.-.' Fain w'mii Mr.
sounded-a. retreat, shurn ;' all tlte
ntjsed ij
laurels;' btit lbose lerrlble' hoofs inter-
circle inv'isibK'; but bv''" meajis iin ie-
lid ;
ot or lony horse engine in i nil blasty
.'V'Voj sir! : we. sir !' be'rquie.i
' '..B.ii.1
C..VwiBV--A..'--t .'Ai'iV. 'v'.. '--' -1
I n.n s;v n,ni...e. ln 'nr .-;jiS...i i...
iall his efforts fof 'a' fO' lie tnain-ii (riffAii'Ie'ti?
I -.7., ..It. -.0 (-i.t;f:t.v-t'. 'lv-l. i u i .i. " J i
yui uit -uciy u- vi. iiici vijiuii nu k)vn. k i k ia t :i.v an. i
munviiTa- or. iiurupiuiiy: no uroua ine tanal an t
; . '. iinury, beyond wlnclv prudence, dictated it won
like'a sky.'rock- .the sun of
.insnitcri ai-poriineni;, wonut not liearken .to his. nv to' vtnera-c trom its aurkness. Hint verv
trap nis pone) , ana re- rehsoliatdo reuufcst. sykeseyl waa ooc;isiiHially .bullel. which so lriglitcned luiil, and to a certain
joggqu on in tusmai ar ,q h,s (ect but ortencr levant, .and .tesjng the. , extent overturned. his.cenfre of gravity, was a
'.n:- ;.,irii l..?., . . . ; .. .-. . . , ......... . j
jwenf : bicif ward, 'Inning like'a top,'- t'ull twenr'everyvd;reitiof,',:. aftd' the incdntihent usuedk
jty - feet, and in
the- micut ot ' Ins VAgjriijs he
'sJ10ued, -
'"Wiiil. nn' tinu. ' iiliii JT;nle.lU..T .!.! A . i
'p-m(,--" ;. . , . .vvv i
:K v.l't'rt'mW !r'V" l," nd'.-tV r,7( r'
And Donkej potkeledhia adv'Ko, Tor he scud,
- i"" rc" uJ. ' V
..... .... ; .. ,.',J. ,. ' .
uxprssive iiiusiraiion, ; iiie.a:.sireaK tu Krvi.seuT
lighinin). in i stumPy:field,: r;v'..f;v ' u-i:
w ? ' , .
The, waxing. crescent . Cymhia w-,: now
orignr no mowm ujcieaycnsanj ine paly lit.. :.
tie stars flickercdccoldly: in the:.darkened yniiU;.-
of night, twinkling.eheerily ;i,x,he rof4,und
'nreh of tin firmament.-ha "sentinets'irii Le.limr.tlie
ht no moroJn the heaycnsfunj the 'paly lii.
'Islu'inbcr of FaUli?s'iil)abiUitits;; . Weary wnder-V
-.1 .... r- .
'Islumbcr of tarlhr inhabilatiU;; ; Weary w.uuler-t
lit-ierer stk-kinse'pwe?". pif terj;.thc to'ils. of he
- 'uayjusUorover gone,iiot ze)hyr. sighed overthe
- ""y
dis Jirb'uig.Uie4uiet midnight; and only the-
jjV'ailing search loi strays, and the Hi. die ttieieot'.
I j,, . .-nureaver niiortuig the prugrens of the expedition.
The easiest dapliugs of Aurora pencil
wCre yet scrc:'W enlightening ihe gloumy lior
rizon, the faint "alrgglmg rays ol the advunc-
ing luminary
werc xi fwictij iiitu.iiiig me
;'stantiiil u.'u'ht, when Uiid-
1i1.ru iliiounions ni in.1
- .... 1 t. .,,1.11 (..b Uiemse.yes
the task
llllll III 1 .1 ll.lilll .,
m-v iL-niiiir their eoinikiiiions. And "my I
say unto you, this was no light mutu
subdue ihe Neinean lion; cleanse the
. till,
stables; defraud Ccrebus
and carry otf bodily,
the cuala COMlUX
the dread sovereign
... . . .1 1 . . , .
11..!.. Il.nn ii..itl tlimi Im llllillllllill to ::U:il.'pn
uii n"-" " - i- --
the sleepy Rvilben. Perseveranee, imiIoo-
'pUers say -and who dare impugn these ..ntiis-
.,.;. .., ..mpny eveiitua v overcomes a II till
dint ol perscveratu-e
, I , ;.,.. n ..HIT. ill mi u'tn
su.. . 7 . "
lv apitlit d, Mr. Aiiph'faco was aroused to, a stri-
king ..ppreeiation ol his sililation. tJur wortliy
triend was nersU.ided lo urme, uivl as no nress
....... .,,,..11.1111
he sturied off at a very slow
in. nu-i iiu.i.i.v.
(rate indeed, to search tor the .uie f P.- : '
mm u .u f.iii . . .
w1f n .i hi li.in. Not ranociallv admirins- the
wolf on .. hilltop. Wot especially admiring tne
w . - - r j
companionship, he deemed u pruaent to oeat a
,hasty retreat, and tljerelore the valiant knight oi
our annals slam neded wit h quite as mucn veioci-
. i , ,
iy ' ' c -
g Appletaee retreated, the wolf retreated with
' grwt Pe'l,Uo- .
1 Fortunately our hero discovered the crimson
limit of the strawberry strewn thtckly around,
. , . , I i,, , ... i,. .
(ana jt.W. itiau... v - h,. ...... - ... ...
mr sum.. o!iu r Kea-iiort. he devoted his uialUl-
he devoted his lualivi-
- . 1 .. ; ,
ded attention to the useful and commendable
task 0!' devouring said fruit . Beyond dispute
there is no quality.of like intellect so highly val-
. J 1 '- 1 1 .
uable to its poessor0 lis energy, rr aoinir.iuiu
n4.iribute,'Vith which Mr. Applefaee demons- townrwitUuut eartng lor anything put wteir pev
Uated himself to be endowed to the degree- of sons, ta suoh an extent Uutt they even forgot the
surplusage. He wagged his long ex-en led
Philutine slavers in a fashion fearful in ,hd ex-
treme, and yet bearing upon his Adonislilie fea-
Hires an expression of the most intense ratula-
Ition. Hia long, boney fingers extending among
the luxuriant herbage of the gentle knoll, ever
'grasping the lucious berrlca that blushed like
las hii lomr snindle shanks could earrv him.
Away o'er hill and valley, as sweeps the wind of
ft-inara amnl llie Darren
regions or
N urn id it,
a ,Q irieu me iiiuomiiaoie
i . i i
Reuben. His
r lised a demonlike shout of triumph, and press
ed on with nearly superhuman celerity. Their
steeds snorted as the charger e'er" the opening
of the fray their unshod hoofs clattered down
the descents of the mounds, now they dahed
through the tiny waterbrooks at the base of the
hill side, now they trampled in the dust the wild
flowers of the prairie, whilst the? prairie owls
tumbled Into their holes with nrodicrious alacri
jiy, wondering what the devil was to joy, among
tlie lords of creation. The chase seemed tor
iife or u:utln ud u tiiA el r.mt cimiiiiuiuf Ap-
ip eiacc could not Bay With Cnatterton a heroine.
.'K'l'n unit ult I'l I a minrt.ia T mnrm lm A ',A nmnla
iimtii.p in ilip.imnrir.nr nfiU ii.n.i,.i:An
His ayes were slraioing and bloodshot, big drops
or perspiration started from his heated forehead,
' his tongue cleaved to his mouth, his breast
ftruggling for a r gasp' of breath, heaved as in
llhrohbinir convulsions, and the. white frwim crath.
ered about his lins. . '-Oh find, heln me. lie
claimed in an arronv of terror, nnd then he mved
as a maniac. At 'length the distant camp be-
c nne visihla to his lniio-iniT eves, tmi it nnri.irH
to him a farewell elimnsc. 'Still he strained
jevcry nerve until the s'liarp crack of a rifle and
- JiUaet scemingly whistling cbout his cars,
plunged him into new horrors. He pitched
hcadlonsr. full two rods down the slone of a
jmojiml, Yeltgiously obclieving his descent to be '
an unceremonious departure for the unknown
fanu of shades where . "
horrisone stridentes cardinesacrae
porta;. .. . ' .
ere the clouds wjiicli overshadowed
Applcface, heavy were the fogs ob-
lseunnr its
s, out tue ouirt una caliimiuaieU
l:idl who turns the ever rnvidviTitr leirnle. tlmt
if i. . i. i
L;. 41 .a i, ..r t.:
'.flei thn lierd of 'loose' anim:ds'whieh his nnrsi!er
.-' .-. ' ' a il ' i. i. .
w er
; werc.-anvincr. 'eiopea in aoume quick time
jlaking an air line., made off for camp, at a grcat-
(lv aeeeleroled rati-'forgetful of the maxim of
'returning e-ood f or 'e-il. as he :did not so mueh as
'offevto-.cohdoldAvith his chasseurs under their
- 'jcumulatca'inisfortuhes,"of .which he evidently
w4 V ... . ...', . 3
':''" Maintiine.Ir.' Waller was taking a most cu-
rlous and' accurate -obacrvation of surroundintr
- . . . . ,i,
initrlif. nut horn s -ilptiinnsiral ion From . n inr niT
llC bawled biit to Flint,' the remaining member of
ihc,yuic troop,' iu thik' classical ph'rase
.. ' -. v-- . 77,' fc.'-innYi'ii unt V
' ;.-'' . , T h- '"eJ-)
r 1 " "" .
,s n t n n ci m n i- - n S tt m if
Jl U IX U.K. D ' I U. d U o o. U X II
- ' - .'.-'' . -' . '
. . KCCEU Ot Owen, Consul at Havana.
r . . 11.
Louis liitrUieenctr.
' t ashisgtox, Oct. 9.
The President has given orders to the naval
stations to tire salutes and extend all military
honors to Kossuth, at New York and other
places, on his arrival. A grand dinner will b
given him at the President's house.
The ruuiored. recall of Consul Owen, at Ha-
yana, is confirmed, A letter from the President
informs him that his defence is w holy unsutiv.
factory. . ,
Bets are offering largely on, the election of
Sumner the -Whig cauJidatc for Governor of
Secretary Stewart says his election is more
than certain.
Tie President has sent instruction to orrest (pondcnt of Uie Washington l uion comments
all persona engaged in Uie Syracuse i:t ,uj j very freely upon the Syracuse outrage, and ex
urges their couiiniiial for trial, on the charge cia;ms ' . : J
Com.'nylore Warrington vet lives thounh there
is but faint hopes of his recovery
Tlie venerable Francis Doitge, of George
town, millionare, and extensively engaged in
mercantile utlUirs at liie North, died last uight.
Th Fltftj. Ii tht Oantry Itlautds.
ihe Havana correspondent oi Uie XNew ur-
leans Picayune sends- the ioiiong aocouiu or
the terrible mortility prevailing at the Canary
lajanda. and wluoh is suptwaea lo be tne plague.
,. ' -e , i. '.. i.i ,r
it ta icrruic itrjuim iniauiir, , u " J"l '
H,1ua ira Uur ul that it will be brotlght to
that c.ty by the slave dealers: .
History doe. not record any h,g so sad as the
specter,. which the Island ot Orand Canary has
nnHi.iiu,l. n.l still nresonta
The best directed
r- - - . 77 - r
P it alteiap.s in vain to reiai
P11 i'ltempts in vain to relate sucK misfortunea
,., e - ,.,.,1 i. ,:.l.l Ku ..,?.
ana horrors, una worns woum no ne
lo dfpiot their intensity. 1
Tho epidemic now raged with such fury that
. u - :..i.ui.:i....,u :.. . ....... ...,...... .,i......l,,,.,l l,d
um uinuimiur.iu ii.iuii.huu iiuii
ties or t:ood. weain surprised uiem iiiinemiuat
of their flight, so that the roads were covered
xrith corpses, over which not a tear orrnendslup,
.or of (Uiul fralernia love, was shsKltleWMWattct-.
ror had smotherM every sentiment except that
ot sot-preservation. As was to be expected,
the fugitives, carrying with them the fatal germ,
infected the country, which became the theatre of
tne moat horrible scenes. c '
The beasts, abandoned in the city, perished,
for want of food, and the decomposition of their
bodies, together with those of the human corpses
which remained unburied in the afreets', vitiated
the atmosphere to such an extent that any un-
lonunaie person Who might return to the city
ieu ueaa aimosi aa soon aa ne entered a house.
However, this new cmUrettmpt was stopped as
soon as possible by the energetic measures taken
by the worthy Military Governor, and by the
humanity of tho second alcade of the Corregidor,
various vour.a Bicn, many of humfeS vic-
tiroe to their heroism. ' - n
At last the supposition was confirmed that the
epidemic was not the cholera, but. the terrible
plague of the Moors, it having been ascertained
that it was introduced into the island of Grancf
Canary by thefishing vessels which frequent
uie western coasts oi jviriea. i ne persons in
the island devoted to, this traffic, numbering a
b'out 1,800, have almost all perished, as there re-
jmain only enough to man a single vessel. Ac
cording to the declarations of the misters of the
sail vessels, on all the western shores of Africa
there rcigna a deathly post which carries off the
inhabitants, . Uie mortality being so great that
corj ses are strewn tipon the earth in incredible
numbers, 'ir.d their decomposition augsicsis the
influence of the corrupted atmosphere. c
As soon as the Commandant General of the
Province lettrned of the "abandonment of the
city of Las Palmas, he sent a portion of the gar
rison of the capital to bury the dead," but the
greater portion of the soldiers were attacked by
me epiuemicana uiea. in short, in order to
give un idea of the ravages of the pest, it is on
ly necessary to state that in two months 6.000
persons died in the city Las Palmas, and 16,000
in Uie whole island. Un to" the last dates the
plague had spared the towns of Aeaete and Fe-
The bishop is oncof the persons in Grail'J'
Canary yho have contributed most to the allevi-'
iiuii ui Buttering humanity. This holy prelate
and worthy pastor, with a resignation tuly evan
gelical, displayed the utmost charity, zeal, and
interest in oenaii ot me unhappy people, lie
was, anasuu ib, untiring in traversing the streets
opening his purse, giving spiritual Consolation,
establishing a hunial in his own palace, and in
ministering to the unhappy victims -with hia own
hands. The Brothers of Charily and Uie youths
. ...... ... . .
;tr.:.."..;,t ..cro, ,. ..o lts ix-
quirea eternal glory, and who appears a messen
ger of the Most High, lentall Uieir efforts to as
sist the alllicttd.
At the last "dates, Aiigust 12th, Uie epidemic 4
.-1 t I :.l 1.1.. : . l .1 l .mi
ruuuicu uuiimuci uuiy in ijic City, UlOUgn 11 81111
raged in tne country. .
Singular SoicidA. 0
One of the Paris journals contains the follow-
!ing-.-'-0 . ; - 4 ' '
"A commercial traveler, whose business fre
jquently called him from Orleaiia to Paris, M.
; Edmund J was accuslotned to go to an
j hotel with thedandford of which he was ac
jqiiainted. He arrived a few days ago at the
hotel where he was in Uie habit of staying.
On Thursday evening, after supper, he invited
: the people of the hotel to go to his cliamber to
take coffee; and he promised to tell them a tale
full of dramatic incident. On entering Uie room
I his guests saw on Uie bed, near which he seated
himlelf, a pair of pistols. 'My story, said
he, has a sad denouement, and I require uie pia
tols to make it clearly understood.' As he had
always been accustomed, in telling" his tale, "to
jindulge in expressive pantomime, und to take up
anything which lay handy, calculated to add to
jthe effect, noosurprise was felt at .his having
l,n 1 .........1 .1: . L - 1.
no ivouicn, uidi in uvuiifiiuutx mill iire n laim
1 P i f ' t 1 1 . , ...
or tier farrtilv. slii li:ul uist mnrneii a u'nlths
(merchant. The young man thereupon took "a
j terrible resolution, 'lie purchased a pair of
pistols like these, he continued, taking one in
jeach hand, theo, he assembled his friends in hia
chamber, and after aouiu -onversation placul
j one under his chin, in this wnas T do, savinsr
jin a joke that it wuold be a pleasure to to blow
j out his brains. And at the sumo moment he
j pulled the trigger.' Hare the man discharged
j Uie pistol, and his head was shattered to pieces.
iPiecea of the bone and portions of the brain fell
;oa Uie horrified spectators. The unfortunate
man had told his own story. .
As we ExrscTED. Tho Nw York corre
! "'"What exlubltion of the fruits of higher
law Whiggcrj', aa expounded by Uie, Tribune
and its other organs I v m
He then attributes tliis and the Christiana
tragody to the fact that Whig Governors pre
side- over New York and Philadelphia, points
out what they ought to do, and ends with say-
"Tliis is what would be done vtere they pre
sided over by Democratic Exeeuiives ; and this
is what Uiey will, in any event, be able to do if
they art ttp0to thtmtttvt tit tht coming tUc-
tiont. a . , r
Here we have you! Here we ptu you,
man 1
The Mayor of Syracuse, through whose want
of vigor, if not want of heart, to execute the law,
this outrage occurred, is lluraet Whealun, whose
name will be found in every Democratic paper
of the State as ihe Democratic candidate for C
md Commissioner, for whose sueeess Uia Wash
ington Luion is most anxious, and every ether
paper of that school in the slavehoiding slates.
Wash Republic.
In Ilindoostan. unmarried females, more titan
sixteen years of afro, are regarded as infaniQUs.
moat tbe EDiToa't niLior thi khickcii-
Bocara. roa octobe. I ,
"Lawyers are a grave, sedate race when "oii
duty," but "out of court" we know, of no claaa
who cultivate the humorous more aaairfumtsly,
and we may add, more effectively. Read the
loi lowing, tor example, sent us by "one of cm: '
In one of the western counties of the down
cast State, there 'waved' many yeara age, and for
many years, an artillery company, fammta in all
the country side for its parades and sham-fights.
ao see me rans artillery ol a train -day wit
'an aim and an achievment.' In the time of the
last wr with Jngltr.i its .preprints w?rc frctrnmt
and exciting. Lieutenant J rt, remembered
for his love of liquor, hate of the 'federalists
an habitual use and misuse of tho word 'busi
ness,' was 'balmy' beyond question, when, late
in the afternoon f training-day, he was invited.
by the captain, in accordance with the usage or
those days, to take command of the company for
a short drill before breaking up. Bracing him-
sen as well as he could against a large elm, he
commenced giving orders: 'Fellow sogers, p!ise
swoard'.' said he. After some litt'e lime he roused
himself and repeated, pie swoard! ' 'Why,
iiciiiciiaiii ns: uvcii y i?t:u iur live ininutea,
exclaimed one of the sergeants. tAVell, the bis
ness ia, keen p'ised!' hiccoughed the lieutenant.
U " 'It was in the Same! eoiinlv. in Out iimm tJL
Uie. old Common Pleas Court, that an elderly and!
garrulous female witness was called to give-
her testimony in a case before the bench. Her-
answers to., tne counsel were so confused and un
satisfactory, that at length Uie judge (afterward!
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) interfered,
and inquired who she nad been talking about.
'IMancy Kneeland, now in divine presence, was
the prompt rcpTy.
" 'At a recent term of the court in an eastern
emnly, J a II n, or 'Lncle Jemmy, as
he is familiarly.called, was a juryman. Several
actions of II , a"clock-yt-nder, came on for
trial. All Uie cases, good and bad alike, going
against the plaintiff, some one asked 'Uncle
Jemmy' how it happened: 'Why said he, '-Votf
all of tfi Jury hadtomt of Vttm clot is' There
was 'retribu ion' moral and legal" i
... u . . ,
'-Duriiiir Uie war of 1812. it hapnened th-f -
an invasion was expected in the fown of Lyrme,
situated at the mouth of the Connecticut river.
The 'spirit of the times' had previously manifes
ted itself in militia gatherings and organizations;
nnd the; individual who had undertaken to duatn-
line the rustics in the act of war was one Cap-
tain Tinker, who had advanced hia company to a
high state of 'theoretical practice, through the
aid of broom-sticks and corn-stalks, interspersed
here and there with a rusty old 'Vrteen a arm.
Well, several ferocious and determined 'parades'
were executed, in anticipation of the encmy'a
advent Balls were cast, guns scoured, flints .
picked, and the troops' were set to work in
digging a trench which should command the en-.
trance of. Uie river, under Uie -supervision of Col. .
, who was a veteran of the revolution. n
was not long before some gunboats were seen ap-
preaching, closely followed by two English frir-
ates; and ai they came within, fange a shut or
two was tired, ibe 'troops' were all duly en
trenched; and thrust through their embankment,
the muzzles of two culv.enns, fully charged with
death-dealing material, stood, 'grinning grist daw.
nance to foreign invasion, and awaiting ths,
charge. But at this juncture our doughty cap-.
tain was not to be found. The valiant colonel
had ridden up and down the lines in vain ini
search of him; but at length he espied in Uie dis-
tance a dirt-covered head hobbfng up and down i
occasionally from Uie ground, wnove continuat
ions' were evidenUy busily engaged in finding
the bottopi of a deep hole. In the summit-tide o
of patwion, the colonel rode up to the spot and J t
exclaimed: 'What Uie devil are you doinir in that .
hole, Captain'Tinker? Why are you not at the
head of your troopsr ' i roops be d d! replied
the captain; 'it's their business to take care of,
ihemsdee fliis is my holu: I dug it last night;
and the cussed crittishers can iut me if they kin
let 'em shute! Let the troops git under fAerr-
sand-bank if they don't want to git hit; thrs got ;
one!' Wasn't this an exhibition of the 'better.-
part of valor' in a commanding officer?'1'
1T3 Friend J., well known ana man of b! ens
ure, and co extravagant as to have seriously in-
volved hunself, was lately married to one, who k
report says, gave hjm but little pece-w utet. :
Talking to him Uie other day reUUve to his af- j
fairs, we remarked, "Vell J., you must husband 1
your resources in f uture.'f, "No!" he said,a'I've .
had enough of that, I'll never husband another.-
thing while. I live."- ,
"In." Time of Peace Prepare for War."!' ' I
A young lady of wealthy xirentuge, a fledgling
from one of bur fasliionable boarding sehoola, a
type of modern elegance, w.s recently united by
the silken Ue of matrimony to a gem of bcauv f
Thcmaranuef and papas on both sides-being -.
surrounded by all Uie concomitants of luxury,
and the many agreeable little paraphernalia be-,
speaking the possession of "Uie dust," delermin-
ed to get a line csUbUshmeni lor the young.
couple, and accordingly, they were "fixed in
mansion out Waluut street, on "the West End."
A few days after this, a school companion of
our heroics celled upon her, and waa surprised)
to find so many servants about the house. 6 ! ?
"n hy, fllary, saw! she, "what, in the name.
of sense, have you 19 many people about you
"Oh!" replied madam. "e havut say more
than we want. There is but one oookone cham
bermaid, two house-girls, one house keeper, and
a rAiU-siurse. I n sure there art not to
"Hal ha!" said her friend, ''what do you war!
with a child-nurse? Oh! thai ia too (unny.
"Well, we havnt any immediate, iu for Ae .
but then, when we were married, Charles said
that we would want one, and you know s7 nor
au-qya beM to Ualt tkingt U wid lit Itut wH
tntnt.' t- ., .-.i
O- "Well, Ctiarley," said act anxioua parent
to an urchin of three years, tut Christina sirt
"wliat did you and in your slocking this nsoro
ingt'" "Uiul, tailier, replied the hopeful
lyouth," " why, I found a bit' Jm!e.1' x Ti ; Ia l.ef
jv Uie boy one cent
-" ' -ssa. v
" 1 -

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