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Hannibal journal and western union. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1851-1852, October 23, 1851, Image 2

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lMntsai, Ml octh r a lMlT"
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. ... . ,., , .
If not paid within 6 Honthi, $1 SO
If not paid within 12 HonUu, $2 00
Tb follow ine are tht rates of Advertising in th
Jlannibal papers: -
AlvrTiiNa. On square, of It lint or le, one
Insertion, on eollai each eiibstqnent Inkjet ion 25
cante. Cards not eseeedinf; six lint, ptr jrtir, $5.
One square per vear,wilhout alteration, tWion roortti
I a column, half a column. $20ia whole col.
All notices, eteepl marriages ani death, will h
icharfBsodVeitiseaients. . '
' iLgtnts for tho Journal and Union.
' - c
' , St Louia Agent
V pyn No. 127, N. Fourth.,
St, i-ouyi, Mo., ii our authorized Agent to ob
fcwa Advertisements and Subscription, collect
JLccounts, &.C.
E. Storer, Memphi-. Bcollin.l Co., Mo.
, H. Bueherren and Jalia A.O..1m. a' rfericU
ThoinM R. Thornpton.ol, Jalmyra.
Wn.O. Yonng, ol iNtw London.
J. L. Crfieibury, of Mexico.
. Mr. Gongh, of Clinton. e
Wa. N. Pan and M. l. Blakejr, of Ijs.
. . W. B. K iser, Houston.
Andrew IX.Ian, Bowline Green.
?;on Yate3 Iiladeliihia.
McVeigh k. Mai low, Santa F.
Poelmaater are requested lo allow us to aJ. them
to the list. : . p,
Tii above named gentlemen are authorised lo give
receipt! lor money due this Olhce. .
k7W are authorized to'annotince D. F. JACKSON
ai a candidal lor bherirf, at til ensuing election. Id
We are authorized to aononnce B. M. HAWKINS
(imiKiiu lor id omc ot uity Marshal at the an.
. wm.IiIii. I .: . ...
r i "uvii. sep j lid
' We are authorized lo innmiikr. tl mm. m.t A
CUKTS a a candidate for th oMra or City Marshal,
, .mv .jiivaiiiug ciceiiou.
Hahhijai., Sarr. ICtli, J51..
" Tt U Editor f the Union.
If JOSEPH DUDDING will consen? to b a can.
did ale a second time for the c trice of' City Marahal h
will receive eery gratifying evidence of the esteem bis
past services have won from
We are authorized to announce R. J. BRADLEY
a candidate for Sheriff of Nation county at the ensuing
, August elect iou. teplStd
W are authorised to announce I. L. HOI.T a can
' aidalefor th offie of Recorder at the er. juiiij election.
.We are autluvrixed 'orik.ihc WM. A. MADDOX,
a candidate for Sheila" of Marion county at the ensti.
ing election. td '
' . are authorized to annoiii.ee O. W. CAPMNG
ER a candidate for Mayor at L.: ensuing election.
.....:.. ..... ... ... . " -
'"W are su) horiiej lo announce' J. H. TR I PLETT
a a candidate for Recorder at the approaching elee
tiM. ;
Te th Vttan of th City f Haaalbal,
QisscarL .
Fsxr.ow CiTizzm:
I kara Seen called nnon throueh the citv r,ii-r. and
In pertOH. by many of any personal friends to permit
ay asm lo be used as a candidate for Mayor of this
city at the ensuing election. I am well satisfied that
the generous partiality of ay friends, and not any real
merits of my own, have had much influence in this so
licitation. M interest is cloely identified with the
prosperity end ultimate destiny f Hannibal. A reii
dence of eight years anong you has given us an op
portunity to be vell acquainted with each other. I
bar endeavored, durir.g 31I the time I hav been here,
te attend well lo all the business which my duty
ailed ate lo do, and if you, in your widom, ahould
think proper to honor me with the office of Mayor of
ur young and growing eity, I certainly shall do my
best 10 sttend to the duties pf Ibm Plfire, and do all in
my power for the prosperity of the tty ani tb wel
r of all her citizens. '
Retpectfully yu,
D. JDOVVLING wilt eonsent to run, they will
receive the votes of the
. oct9
and WM. D. MARMADUKE will consent to
run, they will be supportei for the City Council
ia the 1st Ward, by
oeiQ j) 1 ANY VOTERS.
jAlN P. RICHARDS. G. W. RHiPr tvj
and JOS. DAVIS, are respectfully called upon
to run, for the City Counctl from the 2d Ward,
oot9 . VOTERS.
Response- to Hfflany Votori."
fctww C.ruiis;-.Seing iu th Jourual or last
week a call for the undersigned to eminent to become a
candidate for the office or Recorder of the city of Han
aibal, all I have tossy in reply, ii, that if my fellow
citizens think me a suitable prrMNi, and elect me to
said office, I will serve them the best I cao. 1
Ever yous. .e.,
Hannibal, Oct. 6. JNO. B. LEWIS.
DUKE, and THOMAS JACKSON, will consent to
run as candidates for Couneilmen pf the First Ward, at
the ensuing election, they will be supported by a host of
voters, and, espaeigUy, those ol
4 . o ..... ... . THE GULLY NATION.
ft' ai utliorUea io enoouuee HARVEL JORDAN
a candidate for tU office of City Maisbal, at th n-1
Mb. F.DiToa: You are authorized t an.
ttounoe the following gentlemen as candidates
1st Ward V
1 ' A. S. Robabds,
W. D. Ma
' R. Q. Rurrata '
i -ji
Ward - . '
Jos. M. Davis,
: Wm. P. Habbisoit, .
Joan L. Lact. . .
O. G. Sthoo, '
J lJ.uDso Mabtim,
Kam'l D. Mabmadcke.
We are authorized to announce THOMAS
N. WARREN a ctndibitj fpr Councilman from
the Third Ward.
Cattle ap IIuos. No traniations worth
jaotioing no aUerations f ro,m last week's fig
ures $1 tor Hogs weighing" 200 j (2 25 for
j pitik' weighing 600 net.
. To Batlnoss Ktn,
. F.very business mnn shoulJ advertise, be hit
pursuit professional, mechanical, or mercantile.
It ia flying In the face of all experience, to
maintain thnt advertising does noextend man's
1 business. When ot.e man advertises, every
other in the same Tine of business must advertise
also, or lose custom.
Men should advertise, not only for their aep-
arate, individual advantage, but for the same
reason that they contribute money to lay off a
public square, grade a street, or build levee
because it is public benefit. People tbroad
judge of the amount and condition of business in
any town, and the business character of its In
habitants, by the appearance of its newspapers.
r or instance, you take up a paper published in
some inland town, and find but two or three
columns ?f advertisements in it you naturally
conclude that it is a shabby sort of a town; that
there is nothing in the place worth advertising.
On the contrary, if you see a newspaper well
nllen with advertisements, you suppose there is
a large number and great variety of employments
in mat place that trade thrives J that the bus
iness men are energetio, because you see that
they are endeavoring to push themselves and
.:. I ! e . . . .
vn-.Nr iwucii wwiro, such ft community is
most attractive to enterprising men. In short,
.. . ,
newspapers are looaea upon as mirrors, re
flecting the business features of the place
whence they emanate. o -
So far as we are individually concerned, we
are not prepared to assert, positively, that our
circulation is larger or better than that of &Xy
paper published in this section, for the sjmple
reason that wereal)y do not know what the
circulations of the other papers are. We have
never examined the publishers' books, and it is
therefore quite impossible for lus to tell how
n-wny papers they send to tuWriuers, or when
they send them to. But we know" something
about our axon burintsi ; we know that our cir
culation was good before annexing the old Jour
.nal list j that upon the addition of that list, it
wus large ; and that since that tine it has been
constantly and rapidly' increasing, partly from
unsolicited subscriptions, and partly from the
assistance of local and traveling agents. At
considerable expense, we have had four travel
ing agents in the field, and they have added
largely to our subscription list, in this and other
counties ; so that we are now prepared to say,
sincerely and truly, that we believe this paper
has a larger circulation than any paper published
in this section, and we foiow that it circulates in
such localities, and to such an extent, as to ren
der it a profitable medium for advertising.
n. n We nave the LARGEST and BEST
JOB OFFICE in this section j can do work as
CHEAP, and eleven years experience and
ptuuT mi iiaixi, authorise us to say BETTER,
tlian any other office in this section. See Shoot
& Davis' lurge fancy card, and Webb & Kun-
kle a cards, as samples of different kinds of
printing. Wt can print better looking cards,
but, tmrfer present circumstance, no other office in
this section can beat both of them I leaving the
decision to competent printer., of course.
To EoiToas aho PuaLisiicaa. The Com
mercial Herald, a weekly paper published at
New Madrid, Mo., for sale, with everything
Belonging to the omce. The paper has an ex
tensive circulation, which is increasing; a large
amount of advertising and job-work, and has
commenced its third volume. We learn the
press'and material are nearly new, and in com
plete order. Business at the East, which will
detain the editor an unknown time, is the cause
of his exposing his office for sale. We think
this a favorable opportunity for a person wish
ing to engage in uewspapci' publishing, as the
office will be sold at discount.
Ihs bvavcTS. Majoa Bcckmk and as
sistant surveyors, returned to the city on Tues
day evening, after having completed the survey
o- ine viear ureelc route, as far as Palmvra.
No estimates have yet been made, on which an
opinion may be grounded, as to whether or not
this will be tho route chosen. Yesterday morn
ing, MAJoa jjucxLiir commenced the survey of
L n t u
uie iear ureeic route.
AHO lIIIAF LAMF Wis hnve Keen
presented, by the inventor, Mr. James Kiwgs-
let, of this city, with a lam, which, for
cheapness, convenience and utility, deserves to
oe nighly recommended. To set it going, noth
ing is necessary but a strip of cotton cloth for a
wick, and lard, or any kind of grease, for fuel.
With lard, it emits a light aa clear, and brighter
man a sperm candle, while it is as cheap, if not
cheaper, than tallow candles. The one we are
writing by has been burning six hours without
Deing trimmed. These lamps may be had at J
C. Waugh's tin store, on Main street.
Ciac eg. Don't forget that the Circus will
be here to-morrow. We guest it is considerable
of an affair. Wallet, at least, has so far met
with approbation in St. Louis, aa to receive
complimentary benefit from the Mayor, and
othar noted personages. Speaking of circuses,
we will here intoduce some statistics whioh a
friend handed us yesterday, about a very re
markable circus in the East. Mind, now, we
don t endorse the story;
Mr. Editor:
says he saw in New
circus which container) upwards of
,uw uorses, :ao wagons, 1,000 men daily
.trk sr va . i
expense, j Jours? n haste,
e." II. B.
II ankhai., Mo., Oct. 18th, 1851.
Editor Journal and Union:
Dear Sir. Tbe answer (o the enigma in this
mprning's edition, is the letter M.
Very Respectfully.
7unTf Merchant' Mngatint, fur October, ir
received. Contents: 1. Merchants: Their du
ties, dangers and advantnges. 2. Internal Im
provements in the Slate of New York. No. X.
Railroads. By Hon. A. C. Flagg, late Con
troller of the Slate of NeW York. 3. The Cul
ture and Commerce of Cotton in India. 4. Com
mercial cities and town of the United States.
5. A National Currency, 6. Smyrna as it Is.
Journal of Mercantile Law; Commercial Chron
icle and Review, etc.
Attention, tvery body! 1 o
You havn't stcn Coin us & Bacto'a new
goods, have you f A great many of you have ;
those who hav not, had better go immediately,
or they may miss some tall bargains. Collins
Sl Bmeed's new and large stock has just been
received, direct from the ' East and they .are
determined not to be surpassed in the amount,
variety, excellence or cheapness of their goods.
The ladies, especially, will be delighted with
their Ribbons, Silks, Wool DcLaines, and other
dress goods.
PaTtitT OrrtcE Refobt. We are under ob
ligation lo Hon. W. V. N. Bat, for a copy of
the Agricultural Report of of the Commissioner
of Patwf for the ver 1250,
See advertisements of Dr. B. Moreb ach,
J. Ballabd, and B. H. F. Tacc.
From th Syracuse Star, of Octo. 3d.
e Tbe Syracuse Outrage. c
The Late DisonActruL Riot. That the
city of Syracuse was disgraced on Wednesday,
by the occurrence of a riot, during which the
authorities were paralyzed, or refused to perform
ineir aviy, is uy mis nine a mauer or notoriety
in every State and every city in the Union. The
fact no one but a traitor or a knave will have the
hardihood to deny. r.
For the outlines of the affair we must refer to
our paper, of Thursday. In that report we find
nothing that requires alteration. c These outlines
we how purpose to fill up, to reader the picture
of their infamy more complete, who, occupying
a respectable station in society, incited, by the
basest means, a horde of ruffians to desecrate the
temple of justice, and to violate a law of the
United States.
The riot commenced in the commissioner's
office, in the second story of the Townscnd
block. The principal instigaters of it were two
physicians and a clergyman of this city. The
fugitive was seize'd.by a negro carman of this
The fugitive was recaptured and consigned tb
the police office. Then the abolitionists renewed
the excitement, and their orators, by inflamma
tory appeals to tho crowd which collected in
front of the omce, strove by every means in
their power, to incite them to an assault upon
the marshal and his assistants.
This disgraceful state of affairs continued from
3 p. sc., till the rescue of the fuiritivn at ft 1.9
a.m., and all this while the mavor made ho at
tempt to disperse the mob, or to restore order
and obedience to the laws, further than to' ask
...C notci'i liu.iv tuuuuy lo uo home. He never
addressed the mob ; never read the riot act ;
never, in a word, exercised so much authority
as an efficient magistrate would have done in
the case of an ordinary affray among two or
three persons.
The sheriff being called upon for assistance
by the marshal, very promptly requested the
commanders of the Citizens' Corps, the National
Guards, and the Washington Artillery, to order
out their companies; This order was as
promptly complied with, and the companies were
assembled at their annories ready for duty, each
man being supplied with three rounds of ball
cartridge. Before marching to the sheriff's of
fice, however, Colonel 0. J. Vandenburgh, the
commander of the regivunt, issued his order to the
captains, of the three companies, forbidding them
to turn out He did this at the solicitation f
Charles A. Whcalon and other ' leading aboli
tionists, and in accordance with his own personal
prejudices since he was heard to express a
desire that the law should not be executed, and
his own determination to do all in his power to
prevent its execution.
Having received ah order from their Colonel
to disband, the commander of the companies had
no alternative but to obey, and the trooDS- were
accordingly dismissed.
yvnen u oecame Known to the mob that the
troops were dismissed, they renewed their me-
naccs against the officers, and the black and
Wh'to scoundrels who addressed them redoubled urcs. us occusion migm require. ihe an
their exertions iC JnJlBme them to the point re- : "ouncement," says one report, "was marked by
quisite for the accomplishment ot their infernal 1 ""d ppli.e. .Without attempting to chron.1
ESS, Jre-sSS KStSi:. ? V."
1 " .u. .uuuci uuu ilia win-i
dows broken, until it bec.im imnn.il,l I
inft pjiftn. U'a asamlnri uritli .Inn a 1 ... '
ceed with Uie case. An hour and a half af er I
j .1. ' " V r "r r "
no (iiiwi-nisiuiu ut lirciei
the adjournment, the doors were forced in. and
I were forced in. and
mo lugmve rescued
2?"The Pittsburgh Chronicle, gives the fol
lowing list of Eastern Banks, which have recent
ly failed or become doubtful. As bills of these
banks are in circulation to a considerable extent
in the West, it would be well to preserve this
list, as a convenient reference. c ,
Bank of Chemung,' N. Y.
Commercial Bunk, Friendship, N. Y.
Commercial Bank, Whitehall, N. Y.
Farmers' Bank, Mina, N. Y,
rutnam County Bank, N. Y.
Mclntyre Bank, N. Y. 1
Hollister's Barjt, Buffalo, N. Y.'
Oswego County Bunk, N. Y, '"
Drovers' Bank, N. Y.
Bank of Water ville, N. Y.
Silver Creek, N. Y.
' Palmyra Bank, N. Y.
Bank of New Roschelle, N. Y,
Dutchess County Bank, N. Y,
New York Stock Bank.
.: Camden Bank, N. Y.
James Bank, N. Y. - '
Lumberman's Rink, N. Y. '
t , Phcenix Bank of llroinbridge, N. Y,
Genesee Valley Bunk, N. Y.
Citizen's Bunk of Watertown, N.Y.
' Suffolk Coutity Bank, Sag Harbor, N. Y.
Commercial Bank, N. J.
Northern Canal Bank, N. Y.
Eagle Bank, Bristol,. R. I. 0
Immiobast. We counted some six carihuro.
the other day moving a family connection from
Fayette county, Ky uo to Buchanan countv
in this State, followed by thirteen wairon load
of negroes and "plunder." , Every day more or
less immigration passes; and we think there ia
much larger population coming into Missouri
this fall than we have seen for years before. i
Extraordinary Theory.
The Baltimore American snj s : "The follow
ing article comes from a respected correspond
ent. Perhaps the senior editor of tin! National
Intelligencer may be able and willing to furnish
the informntiou to which he refers, respecting
Slmms and his Polar Theory."
GtsTLExea : Your readers have doubtless
been generally interested with the recent return
of the exploring vessels in search of Sir John
Franklin and bis missing crews. Your paper
or me 4in instant, nns an article irom tn iew
York Journal of Commerce, containing the fl -
lowing extract:
C'ltis supposed, however, that a little nortli
of this ice-bound region, nod in the sea that
surrounds the Pole, culled the I'olinar sea, the
winter is more open. Capt. Penny (referred to' ,.asier, r.
in Lady Franklin's Mter, published yesterday) I , In the first place, if you want to be miscra
states thathe proceeded with sleds in another ie oe selfish. Think all the time of yourself,
meridian over the intervening ice to that sea DUi 0f vour owtl things. Don't core about any
which he found open. - j)(Kiy eisei n ive no feeling for any one but
many navigaioi nciieve uiai sucti nn open
a DAiBio, auu lire omcers 01 me cxpennion Jilsi
returned, concur ia suiting that with a North
wind the thermometer always rises, and falls
when it is from the Southward. Whether the
missing expedition reached those waters, or was
caugnt in the .intermediate ice, is a matter lor
conjecture." ' 1t 0
. ,i tiuiy reminded the writer of Lieu- walchf ul against it, and if any va "JOiKei ."ear he Jol t, and no other male person; that abort holf
tenant Slmms theory of the formation of the jyour thigs, snap ot him like a mad dog. Gon-;nn hour "afterwards the prisoner took his rifle
earth, published in all our papers, and much lend earnestly 1W everything that is your own, und ent in the direction of the woods where
talked of, nearly thirty years ago. J. R. Rey- though it may not be worth a pin ; Tor your theVody of the deceased was found; that" about
nolds, Lsq., ofTsew 1 ork united with Simms in r,i,ts" are just as much concerned as if it two o'clock the report of a rifle wus heard in the
lecturing on their theory, in Washington, and were a pouud of gold. Never yield a point. i direction of the bark-peeling, and, as Mrs. Pal
most of our large eities. The . writer thinks j Ba VCry sensitive, and take everything that is mer testified, a cry of murder, and as Mr. Raf
(for he depends only on his memory about it)'Sili(1 lo you in pl.iulness, in the most serious ferty says, a shriek; that the prisoner informed
that in consequence of these lectures, two ves- manncr. ' Be jealous of your friends lest they Mrs. Palmer, when he left the house, that she
scls, the American and engui.0, were sent out ,,muld no, think enough d you. An! if at any ,cd not call him to dinner, and that he return
by ourfeovernment m 1826-7 to make discover- time they should seem' to neglect you, pul the 1 ed to the house about five o'clock from the di
1J, ?? !i ho,rt',,Fole'an'. .J- Reynolds wort construction upon it you can, and conclude rcction of the woods in which the body was
Went With them. file PVIHmIiIWIII wn nmlo .1 . .1 i . ; . . 1 . . . J.
failure, the country was then too much absorbed
with the election of Gen. Jackson to attend to
Polar discoveries, and "Simms" Tlieory" seems
io nave ueen auue lorcouen. exnent h nn
? I !? M"' forgotten, except as ar, CCa.
Clonal kubjccl f or jealing a'uoul Simms Hole.
JZJlr h t i i, P
l lie writpr nuard np. nr imp liotnrrsa s
whi..h h tl.i I, ih 4i,nnr . i. . Ji
Z dec,,! v eited ft J Upl!
is deep y indented at both he 1 oles, and proba-
ii , ... ..
my noiiow entirety tnroucrii ;
; and that this inner
rcgion'is lighted by the same sun, and may yield .
productions of the same character as our outer j
surface. Some 6f their proofs were that the
magnetic needle loses its attraction entirely, at
mo laiuuue 01 , wnere, as lliey. argued, the
curve commences, leaving an opening aronnd
.1 i 10.10 l- . "
1 e P01 . ot.'s diameter a hole of some mag-
nitude this!
That he reindeer, and other am-
mals.wrll . fl, u.4ih1.mi ' in ikn.. t.:t. i..:
itudes. at the annrh nf , I i "
run directly northward ; and trecc and shrub.
' . : -w ......
bery, such as are known only to tropical climates
are brought by northerly currents to the coasts
of Spftzbcrgen and Greenland. Navigators
Were largely cited, and geological questions an
swered in proof of thoir theory. One naviga
tor is cited as having reported the appearance of
immovauie clouds
in iliA flintnnnA cmnnfA I...
mem to De the oppi
posite side of these opening;
and they may have used the fact above stated ! Vlligs r that city are alone responsible lor the u,estcr. coty. I ennsvlvania, bv Geo. Pharoah,
(thmwh the writer does not rancr.ibu- it) with ! attempt to punish the late infruction oi the fu.'.- w'" ,.r",'",l n. ,h "rr h? he eiroi'.rp-tance
reg:ird to the rise and fall of the thermometer. I tive slave law. Of this we can have no doubt, that ,h.e Y:'dd'ne'0wa.s fo,lnd to be part of a news
There must be deeply interesting mysteries ! wnen we know that the Democrats of Syracuse fl'J'P" ,n his possession.
connected with this subject. Can't vou. e-entle-1 have made a mayor of Horace Wlieaton. a tho. .
men, or some of your contributors, interest your''
readers by furnishing some account of Lieuten- !
n. c: i l. ; - . i. i ni . .. .
um. oiiums uuu iiis uieoryr lino can tell whe-
thcr Sir John Franklin may not still be exnlo-
...w i laiiniiu uiav iiuv Bllll ue exnio-
ring these open Polar e,and may yet reUim
to the joy of his most interesting kiily, and give
to future generations a name far more honored
for discoveries than that of Columbus.
From the Washington Republic.
The) Twin Miers-Democracy and
t reetoiliMU.
The last mail from the North has put us in
possession of details of the proceedings of the
twin conventions of the Democratic and Freesoil
parties in JMiddlcsex county, Massachusetts,
wincn resuueu as ine reader is probablv aware
-ui uie lorinaiion oi an alliance
p i ii- '
war on the Whigs ond the Fugitive Slave Law.
" The Free.il Convention, at a very early
stage, appointed a committee to nominate Sena-
tonal caiWidatcs, and "confer with such com-
mittceus maybe appointed by the Democratic
Conver.ticn.'f The vote had scarcely passed
when a representative of the latter bndv nn-
P6"1 to announce that a Democratic Commit
tei ad been choscn.Mo make or receive over
.n.nrfit; n Is
j t
and succeeded m poncoc.:.- "i oi nenaioriai
... -, , j-. i ,
candidates, three of whom a."? reesoilers, and
f..ll 1.1 A r. i
. " - . . :
three full-blooded Democrats ; and t, list :
was unanimously ratified by both conventions. ,
The coalition ticket then stands thus: Freesoil'
ersn. Wilson, or XSatick; A. Hurlingame, of
Cambridge; S. E. Sewall, of Stoncham. Benin-
crats (J,C. Hazewcll, of Concord; J. A. Beard,
ui wuwcn, j. ruui-r, oi rraminenam.
Mr. Adams, of Lowell, fa FrPo8o;i,.r
f II. T C,..ll -e T. 1
'spoke strmigly in favor of coalition:"
"lie did so because he believed it would be
the means of promoting the irreat nhipfiin which
trave to r rrpRtiiiism nn itKim.tito i...rnntu.
a II ! . "
He stigmatized the Whig party as the support-,
ers of the Fugitive Slave Law. ne :
was in favor still of the principles of the Buffalo
nlnlfnrn ,, l,,oK -.,!. I . 1 r.. nn
the Buffalo platform goes down, all that i
t-"-1"""'. oiaim lurcver. yiien
: ir. r
human rights goes down with it.
i icn in .
Mr. Dodge, of Cambridge, ubused the Whigs,
and chaunted the praises of the Democratic
party, whose past was described as bad enough,
uui who nave -uiueu in rieoung i;iiarlc Siun
ner," and are now "moving in an opposite di
rection to the Whigs." The Whigs, we know,
adhere to the Compromise, and we have Mr.
Dodge's word for it, that jn Middlesex, Massa
chusetts, Uie Democrats go against the Coinpro
mise. . . .
ColtcBEVE Rockets. These destructive im
plements of war, were iijventod in 1803, by Sir
Win. Congreve. On a certain occasion, when
visiting Westminster Abbey, in company with
some ladies, his aUentien was directed by one of
the party to the inscription on the ureal nnum.i.
u a U.H.....I I iiiiuilliniinl ...U.. 1.... . .1 .
. - ii. . . .. . o I
.1 i ...i v.: . . . ' ...
1 "-cu " iiiuiiunn.m . HID ua LTOlie IO IliLL
pu.ee wncrr un.y ma imisio can oe excelled." !
'There, Sir William," said the voum? lad v. "l
......1 a : 1. r .
"kiiusuiuie iiri i,y(ir ior music, and that epitaph
will answer for yourself." Cin. Non.
Hakd-wbitino on
the Wall. Cut th.
word or words to be shown, out of a thick eard
or pastclioard, place, it bei'oru a lighted inmn? anH
the writing will b distinctly seen nnon the wall
of the apartment,
How to be Miserable.
fcllow to be happy," is a very common head
the vounz. Ilmv
1 1 IV IU nil s " ' , , . 1
seen it in the papers so often that I should not
think of writing upon it. But I believe that 1
have never seen anything in print to tell young
people "how to be miserable.' V
'How to bi miserable! Well I guess we
don't want to be miserable."
Don't want to be miserable t How so ? Then
why do you take so much pains to be miserable!
I n,.nnnt think how a child or a youth who is
free from car or trouble, and full of buoyant
spirits can
liurd to be
be miserable, without trying very
so. llul as 1 nave seen a irruuv muuv
young persons, who not only seem determined
I rm,nd them also, I thought perhaps they would
! thank me for telline them how they may do it
to make tlieinsetvcs miserauiu, uui evurj uuuj
' y0UWelf. Never think of enjoying the sntislac-
jjon 0( aeeing
ooinrr ntlipra linnnv : hut the rather, if
.. gCB a gmiling face, be jealous, lest another
i,nA .nir.v wW von bavo not. Envv everv
;one wj10 j, ucltor ,r ; any respect than your-
gelf think, unkindly toward them, and speak
ightmgly of them, lie constantly utranl lest
soviic o:ie should encroach upon your rights ; be
In. ' . 1 1 C . - .
i . ' . .
mat inev WISH 10 cia vour ucuuaiiuance; una su,
tle next tim
ul,d g10W a ,
et r;d 0f th
me you meet them, pul on a sour look
ti proper resentment. You will soon
,wni ,! llwtm nt.rl rDieu I Kn miih.i.f iih
lriel)ds You will have the pleasure of beine
'"'t up yourself.
, " . i .-. n i.- , .
loucny 'nu ,rr""u,e' "'"Vaio a
,0Ur' Cro58' 8""l'lish lP-tion. Never speak
iri .od ature if you can help.it. Never be
niisfiPJ with nnvtliintr. but alwavs be lrr?ttiiiir.
. j c ' r
Pout at your father and mother, get aitgry wiih
your brothers and sisters; or if you are ulonc,
fret at your books, or your work, or your pLy.
Never look at or admire anything ihut is beuu.i-
f ul or goodj but fix your eye on the dark siuc ol
cvti viiune, fumiiiani ui luutii 111 uie u.si 01
thino-s. nml be alwavs on the lnnk -nut !nr w!iat
.....0:; r.VT " "i '
c V "-" "K'J ' ' , aj ,
- ,tUrn "P 0Ur nose.,ft.,t- "?V
.r v,. : . e
0r iiiese iiuiiu-s vou win ne misera t muuivh
JV. Y. Observer,
From the Washington liepublic.
The Syracuse Out rage-Wui- Fidelity to
In la
y ing before our readers ihe following copy
ndbill recently printed and circulated iii
of a handbill reet'iitiv printed
SvrumiRP. in tlii Kiuli nf Nur VrL ua .-mitl
! call their attention to the fact it states that the
rough-going Democratic Abolitionist, who has !
always been identified with the slavery agitation, I
w """c "aoruu iiieiucieucy- is owing mat
'Uie late forcible resistance to the law in that citv.
""' ..imiiwi m me law 111 U1UI Cliy
was successful, and whom they yet propose to
elevate to the office of canal commissioner:
To the Whig Orr.cut. or SvaacusEIf
, the Whig party attempt to enforce the fugitive'
' i..... i...? A.....' o 1 . .. . e u 8
.i-.. i. .i i ' .. ....
iavc uiw uuuu avrucuse nv me law ot trrnsnn.
I The penalties of the fugitive slave law are badi a Ii, f, npl,t'a,r s,ar!'lnK 1,l't it is true.
enough without adding to them the infamous' " at 1 l,llallelP'a lome
; death, penalties of the law of treason. If this islK T' ,5,e wcnt UP in B "oon, so
' done tu a'-mmoilate the party -in power the p18' ,llat ot or near a certain height
WhiK Party- which alone can do it, becouse it is terra fir ma I t 1 ,1," r,y ,a,Klud ul0,,
in power then let every iriend of freedom, of
wnutever party, denounce agsunsl the V lug par
1 J l,,e peuauy oi ueatn. 11 is
I ... 1 1... 1....
i Bnd ,1,e country. The President is a WW: his
' "'n' here, v ho have clmfge of Uiia matter in
M U Parl. re Whigs. The Whigs of this ciiy
only are responsible for any attempt to stretch
the necks ol the people for resisting, eflbrts io
cforce this hellish law upon us. The President
'nas Put his commands on them. We ls,, ..
. s'"
our comminulH on thi-m: un iv i. Ti -
hair of any of our heads for treason in this mat-
ter, then let every friend of freedom hate th
Whig party; and hurry it to infamy nd the grave! I
a ne leading n lug paper ot this State The
s r
aucouy sounueu me note ol u-
larm. lie uvi the utteinnt tn nm.dr.i . ;
- . ii .
- I .ituaun
Lruci i reus mi .
""noe a "cer m.,Ucrpti..g to j
T ' K'ffve law lias a f;y wa.
ttefcree of that law
the reaction
on nas com-'
ana aaa;
"The Philadelphia offioia
s who
made the I
, .
blunder are rather sick of it
iillicl....!:... !...: . -.1 .1
n.i.iimuii unir uitss wun me grand turv.
that eycry chance is adverse to a emfvipti,.,, .''"
lne crime they have thought proper to charge in
ll,e indictment; and they far, as we Jo, that the'
cowardlu murderers of Gorsuehar lil.h, ,i...tj
L M . J -
vunisnnieiii in cause mm, re it i.. i.
tflat their line of action had not been more advi.
adopted, or could nut even yet be abandoned "
Ve publish this bill because we learn th'uti
Inmn U'h;,. ,.ffi..;..L :.. ,1 .:. . .
K uUm m uui cny are attemut iur
to nronurn tho iu-r...t .r " .... r B
i pretence of treason
r - u. Dumc oi uurci'tzens on
Iue Enemies or the Fucinvs Slave B,ll,
without Distinction or Pabtv.
Eaulnoctlfll St Arm a
opposite di- -. , r 'nUl .M,? a.1 A",anJ'' nV the Ci,
.. . L...... ').imi, Gazelte ot the American AsBor.iii.. r.
the advancement of Science, Prof. Loomis read
a paper on Equinoctial Storms, in which, aftar
col aling the meteorological statistics on the sub
lect. he eami' n tli .. I, .1.. . .1 r
" , . - "-iuiun uiai mere was no
tV '"ul ln''i and that there was no
week. . th. KViinacim weck hn in other
iVr "0 change in the
' u,c common opinion on the sub
ject 1. a common error, a superstition ur.wnr.hv
01 me uge. .
It will never do to give up the time h
J. 1 1 1 I . . 1 1 . 1 .
if.. ...1 ' . . h".icri, UUVOtanrl
''"'Ul.lllu ao UUU SO Lllllllrrlit If. rt .
''urlT w" Bl"elc by the storm and eont..n,l,I V
louietfy. Prof. Guvot alluih.,1 . " . '
seasons of the Sontliem v' ...". ""r."",,a,ny
.. .
of our Pacific coast as sho wrT"' and
non or something analogous to. if- ind ft"'
traced it to a possible o? wlXtl Z
The Monticello Watchman contuins the pro
ceedings of the trial of Wm. R. Palmer, charged
with the murder of his brother, Timothy Pul- ..t
mer, in the. town of Mamakating, INew lorlc, in
May kst. There was a quarrel bctwn the
brothers as to the title of certain lands, and WiU
Ham had threatened many times lo kill deceased,
if he persisted in cutting wood, peeling baflrf
eve, on tha premises in dispute. One witness :,
"William said that Timothy was destroying
his wood; he did not like to have him there, and
would not have him. and would fix a ' plan that
he should not stay there; thnt in August, about
the time his mother died, witness asked him how
his mother wus he suid she was not well, that
she had been a mother once to him, but now he
wished to God she would not live two hours;
she was no mother to him, she turned fr.r "Big
Thunder."1 William gencrnlly called Timothy
by that name." To another witness he said if
he had put a ball through Timothy two years
ago he would then havo had his just dues; wit
ness told him he would be hung if he killed a
man; he said he did not think it any more harm
than it would be to shoot a snake."
The testimony showed that deceased waa alive
Rt noon of the 15th of May last; that about one
, o'clock of thnt dav he left his home alone for
the woods, in which his body was found, to peel
bark; that the prisoner was home about the time
. . .. . ' .. 1 .1.1 . 1 le
lnimi . . T iir n trri unnn tha ImmIv. an
placed as to give the idea of accidental death by
ua fall; but an examination showed a buckshot
1 j '
1 - .1.- 1 . . . I . . L I .
' resembling aom in noB.ea.ion of lh boowH;
and the wadding extracted from the wound,
which it had penetrated two and a half nches,
wa. found to be a part of the Albany Evening
Jollrnal f Anril lf It ,. i..i .3
i,i i, ,.i 1 i,i .1
wuiw v i cwu. ah ivoucu pun ut me urisoiirr
was dischtirged the next day on the coroner's
inquest, and found to contain a wadding which ,
wug part 0f ile Evening Journal 0f th
date, of like type, 8tc., presumtively t'
naner. The jury returned a verdict
v lien asked it , he hnd nnv thim-
, .,i:,..i. .
f'Tu Teu' . ...
i nave, i he reason is that I i.
guilty of the crime, and it-ha. not been ,ro
..(t.r.. a. i . i .t
. oiiiii-ini-ioniy. icmi i iiuiik uie eviueace
was altogether circumstantial ond prcsumptive.,T
' Judge Wright, after an impressive exortationr
sentenced the man to be hung on the 29th No-
l vember next. The evidence showed a maligni-
;iy ?nd baseness on the part ol the prisoner,
! wmch h? seemed to have festered, tin, from step.
10 step, it reacnea murder. . it will be reoollec-
l that tlle shotinl? nf " Miss Sharpless,
, Ballooning.
Our citizens last week witnessed two bcauti-
f..i uUm u ,i, , CI.
L ",e. (l'sUd A-
, m,.-i,.,in ,.,,., nr. l'- i T) I .
-C0"S wiil. .1 ; ii PennI,',v"I,I,-I ln, '
fn l Z V ,"llt',.nan h" remarked
r"1 ; " PPreh"" whatever of
i f n ."ce",lun,t' at Icust no mo
he does m walking about the 8trpi.f Tu.:n.t...
i , P "
ne i
l"e PurPose ,ot We
1 1 , , tlme wely.
... ,. a4C1j,, x.ngnsu pa
pers under the head of "Miraculous Escape"
have recently commented on a balloon ascension
m England during which an explosion took place
, ', , . . l JU0" "lal lhfi utmost surprise ia
1 ",,,"l'steU V"'1 the ttronaut was not instantly
"t l u r Plecs ,nstead of which, he escaped
a itw slight bruises."
,,,; .Aln"ica,n writer remarks, the only
".. ."""'ous about the matter, is that he
" lnJurcd Ht Bursting balloons in thia
rrt itt .r . .i. i . .
w J J 11119 wvn reuiicetl to a rcipti' eJ
Corf'n' . Mr' Wise, the best informed aeronaut
! PernaPs,,n the world, ,, attended with no more
tg drinking ginger nop. mat make
cause of its being unattended with danger, anj
that is the great altitude at which it takes place,
While an explosion lour hundred feet from tha
earth would probably be attended with one uni.
ww4uu wirit-ui lllirM(!lllfill. " la Ikn
i , , uuc uiu
vt-r:ti nn 1 a amti cmni h . .
Denimt n " .V"? '" aCC,U?nt haP-
" " V ; . "i-, " " ' V W0V,a ,et yU
. "" V1 -niuoer halter.' For
. a second or two alter the fustificatinn. .n
, h P'3r but the moment the col-
lapsed baboon begins to fet.d the
. l i "otoiniivc OI (DC
atmosphere, things become as steady as Uie trade
IVItlr ami i:.l .1 1 . ""uc
u,;,l. .i .. r i i , . " u,c iraao
;uue u
Fixdiwo a Seat ik Cnrjani v
Kan 1 1 . 1
Ul iu nave ncaM nr nn nuin i .
, , ; v micia
ole confregation was disconcerted, ond an el
""l111'"1 discour,e very near being spoilt thus-
A "range gentleman, respectable, but of rath
Cr rnilirh nlul...: ' . 4 "ll
, .B"r,v"t",, "I'pcarance, entered a up a
church, riiinnc i . r . nv"
asjing up an aisle, and seeing 0 pews opened
for his recent on. nothing ,i;.i.k.. L . PVne.a .
n '(.iiuiuiance 01
I'M I...
J. retired s .ouldered TZlr'.
e.l. and while doors were flying open, placed hU
Mock in the centre of the ajsfe, P.c. ed hS.e f "
with imperturable self possession, and then f!I
e ngthe minister, gave him marked, but 5
anmjingatterd.on to the close of hi. diiooSJ-
thele',aph.lhhre U K?
there ; and when service was over, like an
InVT' he d?'ba'!y tookup hi block Lab"
nd returned it to it, proper place. H
JHm Tho
first aocounls of th .v .r
that has broken out in th
t Sr. ih. r .""""cuon
our border led to the belief that
xican tais on
citizens had takm. " ,7" " "'7 enoa.
V."'' " . ", il v. denned muSml V.
oy ouize,,, or Mexico.. VafiVa Inlet,

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