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Hannibal journal and western union. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1851-1852, November 20, 1851, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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0 ', V .:' i trsr! rat purifier! yeare of It
u. .',..;. .wed passions of tlie human brea.it!
At ).t"i ilifi gfiide rahi upon the thirsty enevl,.
givir nvv uie t the parched m l uro.
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Arvl v rtnnotni wrr tlvy f..'.".lty;. At the
pari.-M!y-or"-p.cd door behind her, liuh hati
iiel. Ljth to go, f.ir it had been their first
quarrel; unl raw. in the lofty mirror beforo her,
h in Urn rcCcttioo ot ir faoa the lurrow
UssS h ftit. :, " -. i A -. , , r.-,-s- .
SU'tUinff in rerirrr, ttill nwrer, he suoeeevled
t lei'h ii reaelii'i hit vacatit chair without a-ru-jii.
fisiucrI-rjrevciie, II sit divxn
cauiii.nf . Slw was ttiil unaware of hi pre.
fw, t le a.e-w one dclicue eiove irum ni
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m!. turmr ttrt tetrtiaiir around, watched
, . . , ' , .1. . u,
' 1 ne ra3,u,T onTH " ,"P"4I tale of Marion eewirty, that baein? beea appointed by
hprifiet.li.; i eoonty eoert for aH eeony a oooipi(oijer to aq-
Ireiv anrana tit her fret quickly. The atom- dit and eeltle all drniajKla arniDst th oid estate under
c, her far-, leaving it M haul- HondreJ IDoiU.i, I will attend, at my Ae in
... , ; tbe eitf of Annibal, In aaid ttfacty of Marion, on
tnul e im lh-mri . ' . t IIIhumUv. tbe ta day of October. A. D. 1S5I. be-
AnJ n-w. wluii tuueawao oat nm n tffft(iM Mill Ittnttriawena m i n (bt tfts-!
riW ilvsi 1isl W, Wttvn. h4 4v tcw,tl-'
artjly hy h-.J teen tiiuing! lie neelini mit ta
enlain tii ranm of Li irtrrrimPrit. for tLe
rhir, 1" k to hark. revcli the whole.
r nt in vuln iliJ ITagli ue again for full fend
f r" !f,i;iitin ipt thn Hnnremwiiuttmi ainot uie
vc! iv hrfrr; nor in rain did he ek to clp
tLrt r'.!- p iv.i nowy ha ad which had once that
ewiMiiK iea urawa i peUlvhlv from Lira..'
' 'ir wwtheir itirst and hurt "tiif" before the ho
j .ri--nnnf npi'f thein BK, klan! tlier
uftpr 1 cannot speak a ' favorablT, for, althtmrh
tli h-ptuc4 uuuiy? many long Jreara ago,' hu
uua iinL.iro was the aasie lln aa now, and the
fclmi Is which to oftfTi ouur the happine9 of do-
.. tueatic Lie Wire oven in Uio&e days ae frequent
ftn.1iiTtetiTlv Iadn. ! ' ' ' ' 1
.... Ik it .Kiia, tliough, io Irene'a praise, that
whenever she found herself to blame, the wa
ever quick t--k ft reconciliation tor did the
n!Tir her hnahand'a trivial errors to etraift
"taern.' The mi!e of fergivenena often shone out
4ujon her, beautiful face, before Hugh had op
portunity, cither by wor or act, to make inani
Iet his eonsciou5ieis of error... v
' ' And did such a ttate of thing exist alway in
married life, how moch mitery would hare been
rjared t? heart that too often have been crualw
cd by Uieir aelf-infiicted aorrowa." - -j. '
A Rk!tisccB or Kosiuth. Whoever
taw the tun-burnt facet of iho warriors who sur-1
-:couaii,d the bc&ding form of Kosauth, j when he
(pronounced hi Jure well words in the barrack
of Shumla whoever beheld the hot tear court
' tn down the cheek of .Li bearded Hunvcd7
"-when K os with bad&- them iao"' adieu will
... have Lees reminded by the incident of the "Old
i! Guard,? who maintained their uniwerring de-
votion i'i JNapoleon to Ui . cry latest moment.
... kTmt tnnwiaar anenoao oftou 4-aareaented in uo-i.
kUI 4TV ' a10IVlvVll m UUtwi I fttf UlaT AaVfttValft tAla Vft f '
' itn tf 15th of Febuarr, l.H;10. rcliearscd before
7, rtjs,cyc iu . living coIots. They hung in i
y . leiie on hi every word, that the echo of those
wil-bcloved end ionpiring l ne might linger
- kmg in their soul. Nor ilid Kotsuth forget
. -'to' gazo' . lonjrtnivl.'' intently tipoi; the couo-
tenno of each brave comrade there, to fit the
feature on hi, memory.'' Profoundly agitated
at hewas. with a trembling vice, he spake tiiese
words ''Brothers! the first hard necessity of my
: life for me wa that to which I was subjected
, r. when constrained to abandon my native soil and
ttobl nation; tlie second meet me to-duy, when
I behold myself "obliged to bids long farewell
: to von glorious reiunaiils of the, brave Iluntrari-
an army, and compelled; by force to depart from
ir. ,; uroe to a place where, thru grave yearns for
mv Ye are atill strong and cilliuciii ye are
- permitted to bear arm Jot our fatherland, and
. . Io ilyuple Tor itir t reedom ft boon no longer
J s. "' erantcd to me, for I feel my strength fading me
with every Jay.' J yield to the unalterable le
" ; , . crc of destiny, and see myself doomed to tlie
lVriami sad lot of exile which, wns, meted out to
.- toy i predecessor,.-, Kakoezy..' , Brothers ! ye are
yet young enouglt to see our .fatlierlaod in the
. ' K'ory of her reUration to' frcilom. Should ye
-Ui: ud blest as to witness this, (wear to. me tliat
,,. vt will not leave rov bones to moulder in. for-
' 1 r,'Jn rt the land of the. barbarians -, Thi
j" 1 "ye will promise me, and this I am ooaviueed y
viv'm fulfi!." Here Coaat Ladlslaua Vat; wit
l hi
uncovered head, stepped up to Kossuth and said
i 1 : . : ..-i. . .1 . . 1
Blmul in a. ntrnrus ami uuuilv vnie: 4if.rcfift man !
- -' w!m tUnde&t there pttf,UMl jtle before the
eyes of Uiu world-; thou whoin 'tha Hungarian
nation honours to day as it honoured thee when
CJ!bT.U chose thee for rgent 4hou wilt, thou shalt,
tlicu jrnwl live J , Not thy bones, but thy living
self, .wilt tv bear back in, triumph to our father
land I Thia-'we swear by Uie Almighty God."
And ail tired tlit-ir livada while they uplifted
. . tU.ir 'Lvr.di ta tpkc oath, and tvlcntniv repeated:
"i?tA-irftiJH"--Wo rweiir iW I.Kosaulh kissed
and embrace ti those who - itood nearest to him.
Ail pressed toward him to grasp his hand, and
bathe it in tears. The Old Hussars strove once
more to press the Linn of hi mantle to their lips.
,Thq whole proli ne wi heart-rending to look
upon; tveu the, Turji. ud, thi is saving much
were moved to tear' at the tight. The train
s theo repaired to Couat Cttsimia Buthyan, to bid
him also a heartfelt jfartwell. The count left
i.wiiy beautiful reflection of hi noble soul in
tlie remembrance of th emigration. Kossuth
i mounted hi horse and win borne- awuy., That
briliumt star of the firmament of Hungary from
J wlilch the nation had rsceived it greatest light,
graduidly disappeared, until it could no longer
Le een jn thu whole circuit of the horizon,
f Thi) tvavei of the- l!laek Sea onoe mold gave back
' a "rei1)ctlti of its splendor, and a' long night
t-l.e J iu upon that too brief day. ketches of
. the Magyar,' &.c,; by Von Kopa.'" ' ' .
v" , "Tho Wst Triamphant." ' ! 1
.r.V.Tifrwy' Miner! ftAXOR STKOP- PASTE, war-a..-
i jaiiUJ lo give a fiue sharp ei!pe to raior in !er lime
"-1 1 .4Uu any ii Iwr nite ever arjaiiufaetnred. Fitly decea
..' J'.t icttiirU and loi te by . J. If. GF.ST fc CO.,
- -,'."!" Ea'ldings, Hill street. septSy ' Sol Agents.
Wi LIGllTCAP. Manufacturer of every
it i.vieJy t CijiiuH Furmun) of (he latitat Frem-h. Pt-
; ' cfl. Lo5vMo..:.a,..-v.. . -
" -'ill. IHt.lKE .V CONN, mt s3
" 1 -' ' . Lou., jlIo, . ,
4,Vuwel la latest Aw y0)k i:d Euk,-,,
iVlt Ol! LA 11 fill Alt. ilia tlA left a..i... WUb
awt w - -
' ' - w w - -s(iMa m K'MXlm.
SUBSCMSE .2 r ,p.VE!l
i . . r , i ; i, ,. . in i
-A I ' II V V ... II V fit V ... 1 I i " f
I-:. z vvl u ; ncnoniAL ; rosea. -;
To !" ted netni-wen-blf, the turrit om J
rvn ' c IM tfty, ire iU cvr t ttWITb b tbe ( ;
LarguA Engraring Printed in Cuioritf
A A r"l tn 1 li MrtnAfw wnrtrl Kilhrii nnhMiJ nf
Tnf ry fawity ia tba Wnrf o bare on, 1-t
n pnce f uniiar-MKT year.
the 12th of
A dime n.Wrr.;tK ael eomiauaica-
Edilom Pictoriat Tivne, N. . C'rlr. -
tier (
aix FounT; Wt and S"6 a-roM atreet,
Haanfte'nrers ef Pip-'a porfat'ie Sew ;i!a and Hon
IVnren, fifrfbioe Wathinre, Swh, Ca.tirnr Cn
Siieilen, Ptowe and Mill Maibioerv of errrf drrcrijv
taorv . ax9y . WartboaM 2U2 Main at.
: ' -' . ' ' J 7' . ' i !
AiLninittration ?f otfc. " ' I
"VTOTICK b twreby gitf U the AdministraWx and j
J.1 Aodi.ort ol tne mite ot baml. 1. Walere, dee'O,
a a ami
Mtofceftbsa Aay.la awnrt iwi tettie denasoe acnat;
ine aaia esiaic ovcami. I mrv Hro, rimmw oa
that day. :16-Xt . ISAAC i- HOLT, Com'r.
w. a. aiorriTT, a. $. aT.tLWELt. c. . oatra
" "TS: 11, lAtutt t., f tp Stairs,) v
ST.LOCISMO. NF.W aitwe aud taw Farbionabie Eearfy cade
Clothing. ' Come and tee bowwe ren beat tbe
T ;.!.. t.oct 24 1 T. R. STXMES.
1 s :
TJT AS opened hie C II PETS Mod
1 1 one door bortb of Melton and Hawkina. ' f oeU
Cash for Wool,
at the (ireat Western.
LA.ND K M G HT N ER, Kneioe Builder, and Mahn
factnrer of Boilers, Sheet Iron Work, Mill Machinery ,
Parkert and Johnton'e Reaetioa Water W beets. Oil
and Tobacco pienes, HjUianiic Aaf lioj and Bnst
Cattinp of every kind. ... . .... , oc9r
. . . . Su-Loiiis, Mo.'-'-' -'
UEARD & BU0.S. Patent Premium
Pump Manufactorr, No. 66 Laeost street,
' rt. Louis, Mo.
Coastsnlly on band,. Force and LiU, Beer, Lard Oil,
Mining and Air Pumps. ' pmnjx foe deep wells war
ranted. Ptirone ef every deecri nl ion otaite to order.
Lightning iH.auciora eo anew and improved plan.
Giua Elastic Uoee for sate. -
A. REINBOLD, Manufacturer and deal
er ia Masonic, Old Fellows. Sons of Temperance, and
si! other kinds of Jegslia, Csjs, Robes, Cottuiars, &.
Also Emblems, Jewels, gold snd silver Lace, Stars,
Fringes, , at 43 Cbeinut ret tstwecn second and
third ttraels, - ., . OC9y
" ' ' St. Louis, Mo. ' r -
St. Louis, Mrt. v 1 i
aaaahtft, dftftS ka-g, - . r
Operator! will find 4ier the Jtrgest and bent assortment
of Cameras, Plates, Cases, Chemicals, and all other ar
ticles used in tbe business, 1 Patent Rmhts of Cravon
Daguerreotype' for' UliOoM and Missouri, for -sale at
this gallery, ' t. - .. ' . . . oe9y
A.B. L ATI UiOP,; 6t CO., Manufactu
rers and wholesale dealers in Tninks, Valises, Carpe
n . -f . r : : r . . :-r r-.. - . . . ' .
iiwciii uepoiii jnira si, orancn,
No 34 VinejUreet.. i; ., u ,t,. ,..',., pc9y . .
ft. Louis, Mo.n:.
saotb Furniture Halls, So. 60, Washington Avenue, be
tween Second and Third streets, '
..,,,,, -ftr. Low Mo - -
Manufacturers and dealers in Furniture, Mattresses,
Bedding, Transiiareot Shades. Venetian Blinds- Look
ing Glasses, Clocks, Willow Wagon, Shower Baths,
Ice Boxes, Rocking Horses, Valocipede. Veneers,
Mahogany Boards, Cm led Hair, Hair Clotb, Moss,
co , " 1. , ., . .... 1 .. .- .... ocsy c.
" S.. oTiLLWELL, successor to S. Riilg.
ley), Manufacturer of Spirit Gas, Chemical Oil, Alco
hol aiid Pur Spirits. . Sign of tlie Golden Barrel, at
No S3 Cdive, between 2d and 3d streets, oc9y
: St. Louia.Mo. ' "
S. F. SUM ME late vf -i Philadel-
phiaV Wholesale and retail Trunk ManufacturerNo
49, Chesnut st.; - - ' . ' .--fr. . ...
-. . . , - -gt Louis,Mo;
where may be found every variety of Trunk 'manufac
ture at very low prices, (of rash. ocy "
-II. E. DIMiCK & CO., a;42, North
'. Main street, St. Loois Ma,.;;,
Importers, Manuraelrrrers and Dealers hi-Guns and
(porting ipparatus of all, kimls."-Rides from tb most
celebrated factories ia lb U. 8. as well as of our own
make. Gnnmaker' materials and all articles connect
ed with the trade; wholesale and retail. Also whole
sale dealers In Etna Safety Fuse Rifle and. Blasting
Powder. ' .. ..;,ii y. , - cy
- D. T. CARD, Carriase Manufucturer
and Dealer, No. 6 Third aire!, opposite tbe Tbealre,
, , : 1 l. LOOIS, Mo. oc'Jy
THE (ubicriber deems it proper to say to his old
friends aad the public geurtaliy, that bis connec
tion with Ibe lata jirai of IIa.- McVeigh C has
been ibtupilf dissolved, but tbat he will iu a few days
uuuw nay again, wan a une assoruneni of ' .j
. Readu-Jtfade. Clvthinx, & c&c
And bie frieads will do -weii io delay tbeir purchases
w awi 1 4iimv. ocuil ( t UC1. Oin,"!!.
... lIlliAM MoVPIGH.
V tt L. MELVILLE, Fashionable Hatter,
opposite Planter House, No. 43, N. Fourth at. oc
- , ' M, LOUIS, Mo. ' v
BUCK- & WRJGHT Wholesale Deal-
ers la all kinds of Stove and Hollow Ware The ai.h.
seribert have now on hand tn assortment or the Bucks
Patent Cooking Stoves, snd can tnpply those wishing
lo buy cooking stove si wholesale or retail, with the
most perfect article in.tke West It hr.t all the advan
tages of any other ttovet now- in uae. with at least one
third movsu, whici is betted with uniformity in
very part, , Ju the ov are flue so constructed a to
carry off steam, arising from cooking meats, into tbe
pip, thus preventing tbe mixture or flavor. The e
conomy, convenience and desirch in eookiag opera
tious, render this alove preferable to any other baler
the public. Sold as above at No. 209, Main L oppo
site Missouri Hotel,-0 . . oc.9y
Wholsealt? Oroeer and Commission
of Groceries iich' h.'w . 1 "A'.?',"?
ftH;ii. 1 .. ... 1....;..- . ..v.. :. "-"r-
, r j.j wcu ov n.e wnulalp ai fc;
IpM,tie,fcasBdiod. -w,l al cfrehi;
prraeial aliaalioii to it,,, eeiwrni-s.w. t.vn. ,5 j .J-
mahe tibrral .HTVaiuvt on eoMslg'hme.itsJ tiif
IRF..Hiiraliioiwble Spring good just received
iiiltoisal.tery cUapby T 1(. eXLJILS,
..i.:-i.'..-;.iilH,H.I,l ,- ' .
aviv f .n tu w .WOODEN
it r i it tr tm 1 mm i-'-; 1 1 1 lastaaas awasii 1 1 1 t
trrrin ........ r... i..' '
a b
Ifa 94, Mftin st. 8t Louis,
CALL (be at'f n!ioe of the eirmTry Bertbanltte the
hTtp-t (ok tf fooU in line, to be fwoad in
the eiaiket, part of which will be found eneiaereted
bljiw: . . ..... ,
Hats wad Caps.
)';v; uonneta. ":
riofenee bnid, fancy ttraw, ailV, Htia kad
Tir berrneft. . . .
Fancy and Variety Ood Dress
- " 3rOOdS, &c'',-1i
Blark niHront lottrirn, Gro 4e Bhiee bih! emboefed
ilks( cbeneeable flwi, higli colored, ilripee and fas
ci ullu, bonnet ailka aad aalins, Soreoces, ke.i
AIM, a (nienil ttock ( caabmercf, de laioee, relreli,
lunrta, uscy piajut an wereted asa auk embroider
ed merino T-.brr. f
CmbrfM, iukt, BnU and 8 vena . naMiaa, tatin
tnne, Uce auipe and Upe rbeck do eirtoria and bub.
op lawns plain and fence bobbiaeUi patent apot and
iaotjr laco nete. - ' t 1
Sbawls and Handkerchiefs.
F:ne colored lonj Mi !, bUrk do. 5-4,6-4, 7-4, 8-4,
and 10 4 Plain and eoibreidered American clotb do. A-
meiican, Scotrb and Engtish 'plait do plain and eta-
broiderrd casrinere do
duhi and pnnted taerino do
bd'k'f ladieV fancy erna mrkta plain amttaneyailk
Icarfs.".- -' ' ' "'-1 b
Crav-ats and XIandkerchiefs "
Gents' b'klMstrlne rraTaU.blk Italian. Maid aadem
boused, and casnejeen dofaocroeck tie. . ,
Pot:)te, hnarinaif. core, amnnana, enoosaea ana
Spittleaeld silk pocket bd'k'f .tadir,'and geots' liaen
cambric do.- " Av! -lii.
. .wi'. ,.Ji it lao
We are prepared to abow- ia-onr old costomet and
awrabants eeaanuir, bnrer stock ad ereater eanetr
of goods tbaa atiy olhor bouse ia ev line ia the cite,
which tkeeir upoe the atoat Liberal teraa,, itpi 2ia
JJ SluLAStS jut raolved aa KM aalrtof kr
T. ft. eEthPEa
Ltxj.Ma, pi ,t anna street, opposite i"ianicr House
i. ,. " . bU IjOUIS, AlO.
Ialiet and Gentteanen visitinf St. Louis are invited to
call and bare their likenesses takes ia a styi equal
to that of any in the world.- - . ',', ocSly
; 8. & Mbachaw, Artist Js Sup'L
"eUVVARIIERS, . Ipaporter . and
Dealer In Groeei ies, Liquors, Wines and C if art, and
Commiasioa and Forwardinj Merchant, No. 173 Main
Street, - - " !.- -. oc9y
bt." Lout, Mo. - -
4rf .-the audersigiied oners bit farta for sale,
t. situated in Kalla county, Jfb., lying directly
A-'I'J on Ihe main county road, about three miles
j front Hanaibal, leading to Matsoo's Mills,
ia fike county, and to Jtew London. Tbers are two
hundred acres in said tract 6f land, td it is well .lim
bered and 'watered, for raisinrstock. U has Uiree
tages of Uie rivet and markets and is in every condi
tion situated for health and advantage for trade. It has.
also a good School House oa.oaa end .of it, in one
quarter of a mile of tbe dwelling. There are about 40
acres of cleared UBd on it that is adapted for tb rais
iawof bm iwtm tobacco end wheal. . "
CfThosewbo wish to do well, will please' call sol
view tbe land for themselves, before pit. chasing. Pos
session eta be given at any time to suit the pmcliaaer.
arpiza ocu-im , utu. w. (iUAbuuia.,
'. '.n : .'. 'mi, ,.. 1 Proprietor
:;n Who wants a gonuina article of ,
JUST drop in at the'E tIX
POT," on Hill street, near the
Jveel snd ysu will get Quincr
Floor what i QGINCY FLOUR; manulactnred at
the celebrated "Eagle Mills," in the city of Quincy,
-Jia no iiununigi jia ecorw nana tuiney
barreh filled wiih other Flour!! ' seu2a
Wholesale ff ft , .. and Retail
Main street, Hannibal, No.
A RE now onering Drags cheaper than ever offered
in Hannibal, snd will sell lower than any other es
tablishment in tb City. : We ask ihe citizens and coun
try merchants to call and examine our drugs, and see if
iney win nor. compare wiia any in any city jaod cheap
er than tbey can buy tbera in St. Louis. ( t
Linseed Oil' J 1 'V ' ' - f I - l 00 gal
White ad; Poee,"
1 65 keg
..... . jo.i
Ctlomel, Mandr, Wii'- er's, Ihe bet tlut
1 40 do
. . 1 aad tu tat wotUa -.-'-'..'....' " 7
Caiomel, English, , . ., . .
Quinine, . , - , '.' .'-','. .
Salaratiu - . .. .. , . '
Ink, Black - ' , " .' ' . . 1 '
Mustang Liniment,
McLain's Vermifug - -
Blue Mw, good .-v"-'.- r,:-j'-. .
Indigo, a first rate article, . 4 . . . 1
totla, anp, Carb., tor Bread, ' - -Ext
ogwood, 1 ,.:.
Cochineal, .
Knlnhiir per 100 lbs - . .
Madder .'- - . . -All
other article tn proportion to the above.
S 00 lb
I 75 lb
5 00 6s
25 doz
1 2J do
I 25 do
I 00 lb
d 10 do
.7 do
IS do
1 50 do
6 do
14 de
Fr sals at ""JR."." M? X. Ti.G S dollart per
Box, by myly L. T. BRlTl INGHAM ft BRO-
Wall Paper. i .
160 PS. extra fin Wall Paper, for sale by
afty iv J - M. A. LI.VDSLEY.
neJwS store:
nHE subscriber would call tb attention of bis for-.
A. met eustomsrs, and Ik public, to bis large and
well aelected slock of dry goods, boots and ahoea, bats
and caps and groceries, which be is now receiving aad
opening at bit old stand, the Great Western, well
known to lb public in its former days for good and
cheap foods, and solicit a share of custom. -aufitfitf
Palmyra Avenue, Hannibal, No.
MAKCFACTVaERS of Evginrs, taw 'and
Flouring Mill Machinery of every de-l
' di f
,4-C. iJ
script 100, lurautg Lames, ( hoe so power).
All kinds of repairing and job wore don ia bra as or
iron. All Uie above work will be executed with dis
patch and oi as accommodating; terms as esn be bad
m tbe western rouutry.
try. B. Old cast Iroc, etir, and brass bought at
the Foundry.' . ' -. . - . eurfStf
6...-AI-, coveted Soxrs, Kr.ilettAj.. tcel J:t8 7"'
e,,d .,,ga, buckets, K,ubbi.g brusUiplTw l,. a
cords; blacking br.i l e.; n.alches; fta ,Vll of LTZh VI
ctrered to tb. dealer, at SI. Low. prices. ok6
1 . 1 , J , " Ju efi'l oa eoiw. gnmut
J. slctol woodeo. air fce, coi.si.f:,,, of tuba-b, k
eta, thurns; half t,,,he,; wash board,
Jar faureL;vrocdnei,oona.wti.r,.....t:i V
' IlLHR YEMIKAU YE! till mi
IXthoM Icdtbted to the auberriber, w PJ
l. litett infornjvd that I o
iKla dav. romaienr
. new erf of book., and that aH ftU
ttlrd op to tbif dale.
am initr voure.
.lunwi 1,1851-tf
No. 144. Main atreet, St Louis, Ma, op-
aiirricrirti Ar wHOUliit rLls I
at ft i
Sailil es. Harness, lranks,
r.nrn.t Rno;s. Buffalo Shoes, Saddle
; Trees, &c t Also,
laroarras ai psLk I"
aogaiZw .... .. "
.nWriWr la fttnnanentlr faceted in thii city
1 And iel allaTl fltTcrvd to rVPl'tT Wtbc bfoWB
iewcliTf lc, m the mott woHcmanlik nne.M1 on
J J 11. A LI. I Km.r.A .aul
' w laju't mo- trftecfi ftrt :rntisft 9w 'ftp IirkTM Sl'Ai
moM fasbiooabie Jewelry, Wstcbes, Clock, c, rrtom ( -
the bett iinportin bouses In We- ea. nit siock
nnturwi'sed by tny othef hew m the city,1 and those
who give bis a call will be satisfied with his baruns;
as be effert great inducements to purchasers. -
Th cilisput ol itlanon ana nans counim
nx-irultv invited to rive ace a tall.' Store' e Main
at!. ODDOsite the "Great Western.' ftept5
- Juat leceited ia addition Jo his roimer ftork, a tm
ply of Fr Ringt, Pme, 4kv .1 Also a my fine led M
Set Ear Eii;iw sl. " Senior iV Votk0Gold
Jet Kbt EioM.netr style.
Pen warranted a very fine arficte
rviu I Jfackerel, tbe bet ever Drougni to nannioa-,i
IN juet received direct from Boston in barrels, halff
barrels and kills for sale by
Of i bushels ot 0tt wanted tor which the
oct 24,
1 N a w unadill
THE largest and beet assorted stock of Fashionable
Goods of every description ever broughMo Han
aibal, now opening at tbe Boston Wholesale0 Ware-
honse. Walk np Ladies and lienuemen, we are reauy
and nappy to show our goods. 1 oci n)
. T. R.
T li E 31 ENDOUS
500,000 DOLLARS ! I
We have this fall, lb largest and most magnificent
stock of - - . . ... , , :. r.. . t
Ever offered bv anv Ifouse. As retards the stvles and
make ef our goods, it is' useless te"speak, j- we fcave
a reputation tar and wide, tl keeping tne
Best Madfi Clothing in tije. .Country.'
And from the many advantage s that w poett id im
porting and manufacturing our en'ira stock for cash,
aiid'selling to none but prompt men, tod furthermore,
tbe tremendous amount of Goods tbat we sell, it must
be appareat to everyone, tbat we can sell at lower pri
ces than any other bouse
tJ-On the 15th of August we will open our ENTIRE
STOCK for inspection. Alt. we ask is for yon to call
in and examine, as we are fully satisfied vou will pur-
chaw. In sddition to onr large stock of btsple Goods,
we have a large assortment of
very Fine Clothing.
T Motto "Large tales and small profits."
' No. 118, Mam St., St. Louis, Mo.
Maxti 4 Bsothe, , ... - r, . l-y
No. 113, Broadway, N. york, j : auj7-J
rlAHKsubscnbers would respect- ) -"SfI
X. fullv inform the citizens of jf-rj-'i-nA
Hannibal and country merchant
doing business tbroueh Hannibal.
mat tney nave oyened a wholesale and r eta u Tobacco
and Ciear esUblichment en MAIN STREET. NEXT
DOORtothe POST OFFICE. . They will 'ensure those
wno wiu laeor inemrwun ineir patronage good bar
gains, for cash, aiid in every ease will give satisfactory
uivmmtiQ uuiieiu uoes not tuK litem. I bev
u 1 1 . . .. r r ...
uii u.uu m vaiiciy i iacy articles, sued as
snun ooxes, cigar cases, pipes and every other thing
belonging to such an establishment. Tliev will h.v.
imported as well as American ciearat and ! h. k
Chewing and Smoking Tobacco.
CTAII orders will be attended to if lh mnnev ;
I b7 m,,, or otherwise.
u8oii n. tt,t.K t A K BUG A ST.
fpAKES this method of tendering hi most
X grateful acknowletlgmenta to his eity and I
rotintry friends, for the very liberal manner in I?
hicb tbey have been pleased to patronise him, for the
tart eighteen months, and still solicits tbe patronage of
all who may cl.ooaa lo call. It will be bis pleasure to
Uy t pleas the most taaty and fastidious. -'
Cutting done so the ladies cannot easily be mistaken
in putting the work together, and warranted to fit if
properly made.
Ilia abop it on Main ttreet, two door north or Met
srs. 6'hoot at Davis' livery stable, and immediately up
po.ite S. i. Zowe's store. ' tep22m
A Splendid Farm for Sale.
AN excellent opportunity, on accomoda
ting Iff nil.- fat tor on who wiha a
handsome residence and a good farm in a
very ueaiiny ans rrnpecTSDie neighborhood,
ItHftteH nv W..I VI.. n :r- t.
r to
:":;; nd a bait uiies
r V v" " "'" coniaiiiing .so acres, 25) of which
Is in a high state of cultivation, the r.m.;.,.i " n
supplied with fme timber such., the v.rion. kind. of
Oak, Elm, Hackberry, Wild Cherry and Puiraw A
good portion of this land is first rate Hemo land Th,
residence, or Farm House, is one of Jhe best planned
ro,.XT;x.s,m ,h'
, Tr l?dB U rfot,t on 1h B1"'IT leveled road
i!,SJ"' nd Centr?ville' ,he no
cointy.- 1 V00 f l0",i M 'D '-Marioa
,rLf"' ,0 CaP'' ' A- Bobards, T. 9. Miller
qGec-rge Schrofcr, Esot Haiiniba Mo.
f lSJ lin.y Rni.kll..... Hl. ....
j , I"-v, . T. 1 "P7 weekly three
v.r., mu aauu uiu 10 ini. omce. 0c2tf
, tt. ii. C. TODD, 217 North Main street,
j I . ' 45 L Louis, Mo.
Importers and manufacturers of Mill M,t.,;.i. c "
Wire Spindles, Iron Proof WufTs, Cemented tnd rivet-
... .., .u u.-r oMimg, (machine vtietched)
! lftW nd e'v sslisfaction. JUitf
m ewiM.ii ,,y for CUMoeia.
I A.i eV, r kuvi.r .ml ki.. i r
, . rl, w,nllUjU anj oicirr 4U0
Toi!d t Portable Crain Mills. . ''
11EMUV AllLIJrUt. Whnl..ia
t. Loiij t, Mo, , . . t r : 1 ; ;
Ql'INOY etra siipertiue flour, :u
splendid lot for sU rhean kg
imu, rV j. . . r-- .
it T ANCFACTCRERS sod Dealer. In Ttallsn and Am.ri... Marbla. Tbey h.v. no, hand a food auo
iVlnent, snd wUl fumfah on tbe ahortsst r.otks, ' !''' t ' A,i't.f and Wllik
MaMe Mantel Pieces; Fine Parlor, and Chafer Grates; Counter and Wast
Dianas; UWUni TaS
And ereryotber description of MARBLE WORK at loftprice. ,
Brady House, Htnnibai, Mo. - u-t. ' - '
a OOABI.C. WAtTia CAlDWftlX.
Treat aide f Tfialri st.. In the lioase or
tnerir eewpled by HL Wkktkia.
inHE nH.mim have Berchaaed from Mr. H.
X WiekeT'aain his entire stock of STOVES snd JV
WARL. aiid in futurd intend constariTly o keen on
nnnr, .u ... , onniii vft an.1 H F AT.
band a well selected stock 01 COOKING and HKA1-
or stock eonaists in part of Ibe following articles!'
Prise Premium, Cook's Delight, Bucks' Double Oven.
i-a.;-i-,;.. !-;,.- A r.Tiht, and
PRAIRIF. STATE Cook" stoves.
We will also have, in time for the fall trade, a rood
assortment of th latest and most approved styles of
PARLOB and Heating Mores. "...
many of our citizens art uow using toe rrairie aiaia
Pook Stove, and all teres to its superior sdvsntages
over sll others in point of durability and speed end ex
cellence in cooking. ' j
We have on hand and will continue to Manutacuire
all kinds pi wares belonging to the Tin Business,
which we sell st St. Louu HTkortas wi Httau
P.irti. We are prepared to do all kinds of COPPER
SM'THINU. Pertont wanting work done in that line,
wiildoweUio give im a call, as tbey can save tbe
lionble sod expense of going to St. Usui.
Old Stoves, Tin and Copper Ware repaired at the
shortest notice. "
N. B. Old Stoves taken in part pay for new ones.
... .. QUARLEd ft. CALDWELL.
Hannibal, Aog'l9th look
Hannibal Stove ajid Tin Store,
Main Street, Hannibal, Mo. .
Tbeundersiirned would resnectfullv call the' ttten
tion of Ihe public in general and bis old friends and cus
tomers in particular, lo hie well selected ,well assorted
stock ui cook aioves, ana especially in
Empire State,
turn ico is lue same pattern ui lue
Frane States
f if Dot the original) which has been so very highly and
deservedly recommended by some of our most respect
tbletnd worthy citizens, tnd also to th Heavy -Furnace-Made
Premium Cook Stove, at least one-third
heavier than any stove odued on tlie Mississippi, and
willlast as long as two of many of the light loundry
made stoves.' This is.no jest it ii downright sober
truth and should be interesting to those wishing to pur
chase a stove for service. Hisatockof tin war ia com
plete and will be furnished td dealers tt St. Louis price,
and he will have also in season s fin a lot of Parlor,
Box, Coal and Ten Plate stoves, all of which will be
sold as low as any other house can afford them.
But while so much is said about stoves, ate, th fine
stock of 1 .
Iron, Steel and Hollow Ware
Must lint be overlooked, to be found at the
old stand on Water street. Do not forget
the Hannibal tjtve autet Tin
Store, Nextdobi to Block's Clothing Sto re. Alain si.
my 22 Successor to Wau'gh It Pogue.
AT Sautter's old stand, where he will always be
found in person, ready to wait on bis customers
and purchasers generally. The five years' business
which be baa done here has now raovxo that bis one
price essh system has met with universal approval, en
abling him to sell cheap while it attracts regidar cus
40.O. Believing the truth to be tbe better policy, I will
not resort lo flaming piifTs. and extravagant promises,
which no on believes, but will simply announce tbat
mjr tirwrr (tiled ap rtoililns Rnnm to new Ailed nil fa a taw aad
ample assortment of Seasonable Clothing, and
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods,
To numerous to be bere detailed. Th at teat ion
which bat been given to at,U, cut, quality and variety,
will not permit either lo be surpassed. As for my
prices, I have always believed that the best place to
prove if I do sell cheap is right at my counter- where
my customers and purchasers generally are respectuillv
invited to come and judge for themselves. s fapi2tl
For Rent!.
THE Store House at tbe corner of
V""1 nd B,rd llnt, n Ihe city or
Hannibal, will be for rent on th I0!h iity
next month. Apply to
THOMAS WTllKLi..",."
JUnib Aug. 2S, 1851. -
QUEENSWA REput up in packages to suit the trad
just received by oc24y T. it. SELMES.
SHOESand Boot of all kinds, from tbe bard Pot
metal un to the softest Kid Leather at
l" -J T.R.6ELME3.
J. H. LIGIITNEll. 1SS, N. Main street.
Obio Hot Blast Pig Iron.
... ... . v. . .. , VJ I 1 1,1.1 U Ilnllni. U;' - .
. m... .. : ' o , . niir. ana
St. Louis, Mo.'
Main, near Hill street,
. ' HANNIBAL, M0.,
ttia tb. rormVcusmerVo. 10
on my part, shall U,t,HKf Tnion.'
far. and comfort of uvw. "uT.l ? P ""a wtlJ
patronage. I trut, bVvin. y f? ,a ' '"
tb. want ot Kby, "1 ?y und!l kltentioo to
. 4-3at
a ..oal, M.., October l.t ii M"IES.
. 9 "iri
t Law,
V sTkaawas.
AVIXG loctled
buuaelfat HANNIBAL, Mo.,
win Dtacucn in thar l'iiurt of tAimtAoii P eat
ruimitial, Ik Circuit Courts bald at Palmysa, Paris
Sr.u. Vyi ritMDi "nulactured to order, Beam
Scales of Iron or Biesa, and Platform (of all tizeit
Counter, Druugists, Flour, Floor, Hay ..id Car ScaUt
lint s loots of everv tuii . -
' ' j ocy
, . V k "'till VIAIST IwltiftftT . . v-IIVaTMI Irlrl
- ul; . - -,7 . . . Y.rd.nnotit Utft'
Xdvertisem'ent 1 '0
Standard' Medicines. '
0 Tkt ftlUrng aarfaallMl hamUft
. JWnlwtaM star V
liu alfM( cfJHme- T' '
""- tAf eaawetaliae A J - Tl
aicuana ta nntrm1 an , ,
mrt rttmmtn4t4 y aI ,
ta ated lint ...
, ,. . tuptrimr tt
' ' ea a''r '4tinr aaaa.
' Tftejr kav hrm before the Pnklle
DafMil whlcb lime more Ihari S.nwi cerilBViir. bar
i aieea re
mvn .M ."--- r - - - - '
re new on Bie anna unniany's utnee.
Tney are fjonipouiiae. 0
With lha utmnsi care and skill, and M Iniredientt ;
ra Iborouarilr lesied kf Kteotific chcaiina.so
Uial tni dleiaaa of a unilutin and reliable
eukliir are (uaraturrt) In an caaea.
TfceOraefenbei-ai t
Vegetable Fills,
Are panlruiany eiluable (or Iht preveniioa aad
tuic "f Fevers la feneral, all Bllliau an Lie.
, cr C.Hiialainu, Jaundice, Cenaral Uebimjr, ,
, Coaiaion an HlfS HraUache, Ojrriep
,la, Heart Bern. Csnlvenn.. liflo
. In. Urinary liiwwca, Ulwir- ;
t liona of Ihe Meanes, Infill-
cilia, Aachnia, and aw
a variety er nilter
Chruitic Diere-
0 aaa; aa Ine,
. for all ordinary family ttw-s.
Fall Dlrcetiowe far the vaiiuna Dieeaaea aeeattaapaai
ytackau. Knee . rraua Ms.
Til feS tillAKFK.NBKHO
Dysentery. Syrup.
A (needy and Infallible remedy la tJiarrfta-a, Dywa- 1
lory, Bloody Klntvt.'holera Morbus, t'anlera tniaa- .
luni, and Ihe Asiatic CnoLatA. If lalirn wlib
tbe Snd nymtaame, via: vuatiiinf an Hiar--
rkoa. U aavar falw 10 cure the wprsl
poaribie eases of bowel cainplatms
fraerallr In a few li
o .. , dnas beyond a das. It is
lew MMI
ri'BKLY Vanrraai.,
and lakett in anuaal - . .
, any tjwaniiiy is ,
perfectly harmless. ' '
,- : 1 rm GRiEi'E.fPEft'j . : ..
' Green Mountain Ointment. ,-,
. . ; lavatantic for burns, Wounds, Hproiiii, Chilblains,
Corakiy Horaa, BweHlnsa of nil kinds, Uneuma
lism, Krystpelaa, tlriMWIiilis, Mcrofttla, Ur
ccta, fains in iki-jiide and Back Ininie '
diataly ralievi-d. laltsnintallntinfilM .
Bowels, and for all eases where ,
Uiere Is iiiftainmailon.
MA HA HA 1.144
Uterine Catholicon,.
A earuin cure iur frolapsua fieri, and mr most of
Hie dlslresslng; ciunplaitlia Incident I Females.
I'repandliy Dr. THEO. HwMtOROT.nrHU. - .
ca, amely fur Uie ttraefruueri Company, v
Tht other Gratfenberg JUtdianef are:
Eye Lotion.
Health Bitters.
' Consumptive Ealm."- ' '
Children s Panacea.'
Fever and Ague Pills. '
Libby's Pile Ointment.
Sarsaparilla Compound.
A LomplaU) bnad kouk of aicdkiae for faaiilies.
rtlce dfty
Otf.ce Hi, Br.ulw.,, A, f. r'
.' C4 VT ION.
Tkt pattu is rf aailsd ta tsar suad U4l savryUiae arsaer
d y IAs OrmttmttTf sataaay Alt (aste .! .... ,t.
Vne.sas artua aaas M issacd tUnlf rss.sUtise lis rtn
".".." v"3' ""eee ""P IA ssat, aad Us Mausl'are
AraM as esseeer ktjm narcAanaf.
a. WOOIJrVAKII, Uenvrai Ajcnt, St. Laai'r.
luteal Acente,
J. L MATTHEWS, Hmmmbrnt ; A. Uneseaberry . Memphis .
iV, ." -i.aewfkj kicliard f. toster. taelbyville
? . V"!? ''"Br"" i Uwellen ft Broioer, Frankforat
Oao. O. Maliaa. r.Unyra. . (,,,,
: J. A. INS LEE & CO., ,,
Commission Merchants, and Wholesale.
. Dealers in Liquor.
A irriL rt,cle r Uoub' Rctifii
"tuaey,.ottli, celebrated Black
Morse Brand' atwavs An hand, r .
sftdba. a . . "
Vine ir 8 Gren'l Claritetl Cid
QUN.YuL0UII ,he bMt Pfretl always ke; tv
ca band by. f . Sr;S.MES.'
T"? Hrm ?f aul k Dean was dissolved on tb T.K
,Z. u'lZT l"1' . ? "iBned Kill continues.
1 i ! D",mM,t hld st.nd, formerly
pled by Beebee, two doors east of T. R.
assortment oflnlian .d A ui'eric.i iaerbl, and boTSS
,s,nnS P'!h- tt call and .e'for
uiwm ulllltllllEi.-. H. n.i ah.n.l . J
He win Mitvah..- 1.:: v " ,Dr
M in th. West and ki.rkT.unot uTpVTea
awftlasii'UlH 1 l;, - .. m
Sole leather.
1'iaT.h; Kpnih Uathee, fo,
Th? kno"'nS theniselve. IndebUd lo Mellon A
,JZl "a"1!" bynote "ount, will pleas,
torn, forwtrd and pay up immediately, a I am thi only
one atithonxed to receive and receipt for th. same. 7
COOK & CO., 41 Market SlrTrtiv
sid, near Main, )- .,: """
' , ' St. Louis, Mo.u '
Dealers in Watches. Jeurelr. w.t.k -
Cullwyd fancy good ia'
FHA.NCLS, VALXl.Strtel,Nopl
. Druggists, snd Impo '
emicalt. Perfumerv.
Dealers in Paints, Oils. L, , I ,
lo Mam ,tre.t, hetwe, , "rts, Cloek.
m u , Sl" r
!7LT0N & CO.. Whol..
' f-
- j ft I laj 1 . ' . J
!"Vrlh.l..e.t ;t;."vlira;,.n? 8u' Clothint
I. . J
' ' '
a 1
' 1
T. It. ftELm..)..
;.af vwr'.'r
d. .1, i.vi(Lt; Ji. CO.
' V'

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