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Hannibal journal and western union. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1851-1852, January 22, 1852, Image 1

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Editor ftiid I'tiTOllsUer.-'
HANNIBAL, MO., JANUARY' 22. 1852.:
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the way i Made my, fortune.
t a ci-bevaih ctt.m,
. Three of us wera sitting m a small room, and
complaining of the hardships of our destiny. . -
Without money one can do nothipg, ' said
Georg " were I to hil upon a speculation llui
vould have done honor to a Rothschild, coming
from a pauper like myself, no one would think
U worth attending to. "
I," toid Albert, V have actually finished a
work which would establish my reputation as an
muthor, if I could only And a bookseller to buy
it" 'V i-- ' " -
" have petitioned my employer for an. in
crease of salary," I exclaimed, unxiou to con
tribute to the cnorua of lamentation; 'nnd he told
U I ha! for fortj lotus a year he could get more
clerks than he wanted." , " .
"It would not so much matter," said George,
thoughtfully, "if besides being poor, we did not
seom poor. Could one of us only bo thought
rich " . ; ; ,.' ; , v :
"What is the use of the shadow without the
substance ?" I asked.
"Of every use," said Albert., I agree wiih
George the shadow some i;nc makes lie ul
stance. The next best thing to capital is ere lit."
"Especially," returned Grorc, "the credit
of having a gooa tortune. nave none 01 us a
rich uncle in India ?"
"A cousiu of mine went to Jamaica or Marti
nique, I forget which," 1 said, iunocenlly, "and
he never came back."
"Capital 1 tluit is all one requires," exclaimed
George "we will conjure up this cousin of
yours or could we not kill him ? Yes; James
Mcran, of Martinique, deceased, leaving a sugar
plantation, a hundred negroes, and a fortune of
a hundred thousand loius to his well beloved
cousin, Liouis jvieran
of my legacy had reached Paris so that when I
puke of 'funds,' it wus evident I meant a con
siderable sum. This was proved by the follow
iig letter: . : '
'. Si a: We are in receipt of your esteemed
favor of the lih current, which rcncl.cd us just
after fclie conclusion of Ilia last loan negotiated
ny the Uortcs, in which our firm has an interest.
Desirous that our friends should have an oppor
tunity of participating in an investment which we
consider profiiablo, we have taken the liberty of
plucing twenty .housand piastres to your credit.
Should that amount appear too considerable, the
rise of those securities admits of your selling
out at a premium.
We remain, Sir,' ' ' '
'. - ' " Ysurs, to command, ? '
" . ' "FA-ors Co."
To this was added a postscript, written by the
head of the firm ; " 1 . ' '
We have heard with pleasure of the recent
good fortune that that has lallen to the lot of our
old friend and correspondent, and bca: to oltcr
:him our services, as occasion may require."'
Twenty thousand piaslres! I let the letter
fall in sheer amazement. What would have
been my astonishment, if, more conversant with
terms of commerce, and more attentive to the
account current, 1 had seen that what I took
for the principal, was only the yearly interest ?
I lost no time in Writing to my correspondents
to inform them that the sum was much too large.
" I have received no money," I said, M from
Martinique, and it would be impossible for me
to meet my engagements."
An answer came by return of post:
" We le; rn with rceret. that vou have mis-
We laughed at the joke, and, I thought no more givings with regard to the bpanisli loan. Ac
of if, but George and Albeit slightly excited ,coriing to your orders, we have sold out h;.lf
by lie fumes of a bowl of pu'ich which 1 had 'the siocit unsigned to you, wnicn Drings you in
ent for to do honor to the testator lost no time already net profit of eighty thou n I franc?,
in concocting and uftcrwurds publishing, a full j Willi regi.rd to your property at Mart nique,
account, in a local newspaper, of the fortune ; we tire too well acquainted with the delays
that had been left me. 'which bequests ut such a distance must neeossa-
The next day, sundry friends dioppel in to rily involve, to think for a moment that you cin
compliment me. Of course, I endeavored to be immediately put in possession of your iuheri
undeceive them, but they would not take a dc- taiice; but your simple signature will suffice to
nial. In vain I assured them it was a hoax it procure you all thu money you may require in
was of no use. Sev eral people remembered my the meantime. We take ihe liberty of remind
1 .m. vrrv wull. and had seen him a', inar vou of the advantage of making tim ly in-
Nunlcs, before he embarked in 1783. Amomr visimtnts; Its', when the legal arrang, men s
others cuna my tailor, to whom I owed a smill are ended, you should find difficulty in petting
turn which it was irM t"v't -nvpnii.ii for nieo a-ood interest for so large a c.pitid. With the
pay a' thvt inon e .t. o doubt tlu tumor t f iry lio-e t you may entcrttiin a be te." opinicn of
cousin's decease had sharpened hit memo y. 1 German securities than you do of Sp; nish, we
wished my two friends ut a placa thut shall be JiatyoaML pros pectus for esUtblishmg a bunk
named u id Grut.ningen. You will please to observe,
"Good morimit', Mr. Mayer ; I suppose you Sir, th. t no deposit is required, and that, calls
are come for those fifty francs ?" are only made at long intervals, it will be easy
" I hope sir, you don't think I came tor such for you to sell your ..hares, should you change
' '.i... v. r ..nnn-'to take vour vour mind, without your having occasion to
a inns uiu . - j . -. , -
i . ..i- ,.;n' make unv nuvment. We have ulaced lilt
oraers lor a sun "i mum , , ; ; . ' , , .
"A suit of mourning ?" your oredlt und huve the 1,onor t0 remaln
"Yes sir ; cousin's mourning. Dark bronze i . . .
frock for morning wear, black trousers audi Eighty thousand francs ! The amount was a
wais'coat " perfect mystery to me ; no douot the c erk l ad
"At the present moment, Mr. Mayer " made some mislake in the figures. My pos tion
ul l,nnP ir. I have done nothing to forfeit was becoming embarrassing. Congratulations
your patronage ?"
"May I hope," added the banker, when it rose
to take leave, "'that our firm may be favored
with the continuance of your patronage?" '
'Certainly I replied. !
There are few moments of my life on which
I look back with more satisfaction than on those
occupied in my interview 'with M. Berecrct. I
doubt if I should have believed in twenty thou
sand trance a-ycur, a it had not been Rr tin lif.y
napoleons. '
in the meantime, my two friends were shock
ed ut the success of their story, and were not a
little Alarmed at my sadden journey to Fans;
which was attributed by others to legal business.
George and Albert then benn to icar tt a'. I
really hclicved in the authenticity of the inven
tion they had concocted.
Three days oftcr my return, they ame to see
me with lonjr faced. . . ...
"My dear Louis," , said George, "you know
your cousin is not dead?"
"I cannot be sure of that," I replied, "for I
am by no means convinced of his ex's enee."
"Well; but you know that this inheritance is
or.ly a hoax?"
"To tell you the truth, I think we are the only
people wiio are of that opinion."
'Vc have been very wrong to originate such
a foolish invention, for which we are sincerely
"On the contrary, I am much obliged to
"But it is our duty to contradict it, and to
confess how foolis-h we have been." ,
Truth on n nut remain long concealed; people
began to wonder that no news eame I'rom Mar
tinique; the wise and prudent, shook their heads
ominously when my name was men loned.
the most ludicrous ealure in the case is.
said one, "that he has ended by believing in the
tru'h of his own invention. For my part,' I
must a.'.y that I was always rather sceptical ubout
that inheritance."
"And I also," nid Mr. Felix, "though it has
cost me fifteen thousand franc."
On seeing a dozen letters on my table one
morning, I guessed that the bubble had burst.
Their contents were much ulikc; for instance
"Mr. Mayer's respects to Mr. Mcran, and
having heavy p:.yments to meet, will feel obliged
by a check lor theumount of the enclosed."
My replies disarmed ull doubts of my perfect
"Mr." Mcran thanks Mr. Mayer for having
allaiiicnl in his account, and incloses a cheque
for the amount."
My cool and unconcerned demeanor kept
cm i witv alive for a few davs longer. ,
'What a lucky fellow'" sr.id one
"Luck has nothing to !o with i'," rejoined
another; "he has played his c-rds well, and h:.s
Once or twice, I confess, I fell compunction of
conscience; but a moment s reflection convinced
me that my own exvrlions had no idiare in my
eood fori une, und that I owned it nil to a uni-
l'l7 Vjjvcrsal p.ibiie worship of the Golden Calf, anl
e" Ito the truth of Alberts axiom; "tho uext best
thing to capital is credit.'
"But, I repeat, I have received no money iA
"" . u .,
"I hope, sir, yon won't mention such a thing;
there is no sort of hurry," exclaimed the tailor,
who busily employed himself in taking my
measure with slips of paper.
After til, my wardrobe did want some addi
tions, and 1 said notiung more
poured in from all qu.urters ; especially when I
ina le my appearance m blact iroin uea'i 10 ioo'.
Tiie Journal tie GoLbmoit thought it right to
publish a biographical sketch of my cousin, and
the editor wrote to ine, requesting further par
ticulars. Ladies connected with all sons ot so
cieties begged that my name might be added to
their list of subscribers, and the money I had to
'pay for postages wus something alarming. To
tne avaiancue oi inquiries, mumy "
obberi hut he Kfasped his' pistol firmly, "and
walked slowly towards his Coalhole. ' ' '
U is astonishing how the coo, air e ol a man
Ov-u age. At every Rtep, Mr. IMic ,b.'ck took,
he devoutly w.sheU ha was safely back in bed.
11 Was so cold that it made his knici totter und
hi hands trcinb.c, so that ho' had almost made
ill) his mind io go buck, when a figure lushed
quickly out of the coal-hole, and jumped ut the
van. Air, Jeremiuii started buck u s.ily; his
pistol 'went off' somehow;' there was u wild
shriek; t .o figure thnw up hi arms and sprang
uigii in ine air, und il.cn droped dewn u corpe
at his toliering feet.; II j would have liked, to
run away, but was glued to the spot; he dare
not call out, uhhough he heard the whole of the
women in the heue in full cry. Ho l a I, as he
thought, committed murder, tn l he felt a thok ng
,ji!a.ion that-most horrible. ?.V& iaus
he do? Mrs. P. making teiriblo lamentations,
was already half way down ho staircase, fol
lowed Dy ll: whole household.- tin re Was Jio
time lor deliberation. An old well was close
agaiust him; So, t.king firmly hold of tho rough
coat of the murdered man, lie pushed him i:
toit.r , , ' x.r . ' - 'r
When I.e got un in the n o-ninff. he went iii-
sa.n ly to the fatal spot. ? Tlicre were no traces
of the deed, und having put the top cf the well
pn, ne reiirei with a caurter inmd 16 m .Ke prep
arations for an immediate flight. . The terrible
shreik he heard the night before still rarg in
his cars; he tried to shave ' himself, and made
live tearlul cu!s before he had proccided far.
His wile notice I his discomposure, and nslifd
U.e Cause. 'It was nothing, ho said, 'but he
should like her to pack a few things up, cs he
intended tukirg l:er and the chi drcn on a visit
to his uncle's lor a few days.'
He now began to be very anxious frr a star!;
his conscience tortured him drea '.ful'y; he was
fearful of being taken; and the terrble words of
the extreme sentence oE the law were continu
ally li igine in his ears. Ho had to get some
thing out of a cupboard, when his eye fell upon lou
a bottle, labelled in his Wife s handwriting,
'Poison.' His heart beat violently; here was
relief; one small portion of this, if he were ta
ken, would save him all the degradation of be
ir.g dragged through tKe streets to the courts of
justice. Me seized the bottle (and if Wis a
very larjre one loo,) una carried it off to Lis
room. When he got there a d 'eadful sight met
his view. Coming down the hill, about half a
mile from his house, were a hirge party of men
among whom were two constables mid three
others, who from their dress appeared to be
.lv.J K .din., f
The party were led by Ihe bloodhounds; at
sight of whom Mr. Jeremiah's hc;.rt snnk whh-
Jin him, and he dropped on a chair. The bo:t'e
;of poison was s! ill iii his Imnd; he he ird tho noise
lof ihe crowd coming into his yard; und then
brca'l ing a prayer for forgiveness, he rcso'lutc'y
swallowed the poison, lie thought it had a very
curious taste; in fact, it looked and tasted very
much like preserved gooseberries; however, it
instnnMy took cnct, and he felt very id, so he
rang the bell. His .wife came into the roam,
and finding him lying on the bed, r.skcd what
was the matter.
'I confess all,' murmured the murderer; T shot
him, and threw him down the Avcll. Send for
the hangman, if you like I am prepared I
hive taken po'son, and '
But his wife went screainirornwsy for help.
'Yes' said the poor man. "'What is it?'.' ' " "
'FrciierYed (roos'-bcrries,' she said.' laughing.
"that I labelled 'Poison,', to frighten and prevent
that little rascal Adolphus from stealing them.'
Mr. Pinchbeck heard , this to the en, and
then roso un Irom his bed ' without' Bsshtiinre:
ne, ir you please, saiU J'aul, sujressing na
clerk of the iirt apothecary shop he came to.
1 lie clerk eved Paul, then asked il he wauied
It himself.' ' '"-.' ' .-.;..;''--..!..,.,,
Yts drink rfahf down in dreadful Tiaim'
Paul's, inOut h v:akr.d, and Us. eyes bright
l v . i , , i i ; '
It was surprising hoW rapidly the sickness h id lened, as ho s the murkv red liauor gurgling"
g me iiwiiy..' Thedoetor laughed and put up ihe ;from the mouth of the tincture boille into the
s.oinath-pump. , The men laughed, and put some
silver in their pockets, which Mrs. P. had given
t'icin; and Mr. P. laughed when he saw ihi dead
monkey, atid thought of his own fright, but re
solved wnhin hinise.t never to do anything in a
hurry again, whether it was shooting a man or
a monkey, or taking poison himself. ,
" r Or Pni PirrynliTtl'1, tit Class. " '"
ii ;'-" '-' -! . h ,; ' si a s-.if.
i .,.. ,v , far rALcoBKioac. r j.-, , i .,
Tlic force of 'circumstances' lias often fed
men into" most desper.te measures; the fatuity
of some under the infljmce of Jove,' has fur
ni.l;oti i endless , fvundatn?n - for -- the roman
cer;,, but the live of ardpnl spirits, the in
sane j assion und mad infatuation for Rum has
inveigled more bipeds into worse ttupidity and
more extravngunt nonsense, than all other evils
in the catalogue of human existence. -With
some, the infatuation for liquid perdvon assumes
a very serious, yea, tregio aspect, while In O'.h
ers it takes such a broad, emphatically comic and
ludicrous ground, that the pencil or the carica
turist, end pen of the humorist, Clids endless
hcaies in depicting the gyrations, genufiuctions,
'flip-flaps,' &c., of a human critter under the
force of aqua arditrU pvro! .' .
Such a sublcct as the latter comes under otlr
noticejn the persan oT Paul Perrywinkle, of
Pipkinville, in the State of Maine. One morn
ing, Taul entered Bangor, after driving his
s'ape-coaeh all the wav from Pinkinville with
out a drum ! Such an cxtrao'ruinarv feat wes
! - .11 :M i 1 nn..l. 9 n.A-,yr. a1 nf
Ulllul till .u tli I. is uiiiiai ui ii atiiuiivin '." v.
course he was a lectle of the darndest thirsty.
. .. .
Nar a drop in my house sir ! '
Paul looked, then looked again at 'bonifacc,'
oradilatimr e-lnss: " " ' ' .'" f ,''A.
O C . ..
VM thut a ilojer says Paul, holding the to
pering glass between lus fingers, r, , ,; , , ( '
Clerk ta'id Yei find it strong, sir, too. - '"
" Down it went it was strong; Paul' ihroaf; ,
Used as it was to scathing ckvlss, couldn't g,,
the pure paregoric, real Essence of alcohol ane? V
various bitter compounds, loudunum, &oe. ; h
gT'ped, laid down atiinepcncc; 'all right,' said '
the clerki Paul looked at him in horror, rushed )
out, grasping his , stoma if he feared it,
would leave bun, and mounting tus caz.ee crovo ,
back to Pipkinville. Hasn't drank a drop since
shuns a drug store with the same horror a dog '
avoids a pump, suffering from an attack of hy-;
drophobia and was proposed as a patriarch jn t(
one of the lending order of Temperance in Pp4
kin, last meeting .''igiit. ' rj : : i : :
Paul Perriwinkw's -first address will be ded
icated to the peeps down to Augusty," whont
he now considers the greatest body politic, mot
al and religious, on the face or creation 1 '.',, .t
-My near sir, saiu uio . - - - -. n;'I . il,rr. I culled
vcrv ereat Tavor to request ot you. uuy my pun w ""'; i
housed g You are very rich; you must bo on the ;on my bankers, by whom f we. received as heir,
look-out for safe and lucrative investments, to a largo property generally are.
look oui lor suio una , "Sorrv thut vou have such a poor opinion
S rZ of the Uh .took," said M.onur Bergcret;
lit Mr. Felix had made up " Uiere lias ueeu a gre.u rise j i
1 i..ia 1...U . .... .... .nI.l if
et ine know
nder might
raoM a ins woaTn'n magazine, Foa ov.
Tho traveler who, in the good old coaching
davs. m::v have iourneved from London to York,
will most probad'y recollect, near the village of land her alarm that her husband had taken o:son,
Peppercorn, a preity little villa which Hie coach- brought the two constables up into, his, chain
man would point out to him by the name of La- ber.
ilybird Lodge, tenanted by Mr. Jeremiah Pinch- j 'Have you found the body?' asked tho dying
beck, his wife, two children, and a variety ol mm.
servants. Every one was satishcd with every- 'Yes, ztir; Ranger and Rover soon tracked
thinjr, excepting the coal-hule, und that gave him down; but it's a sad pity he broke hi ne -k
Mr. Jeremiah finclioecK geat uneasiness, r or idown your well we hoped to luvo taiion him
'Ah!' thought Jeremiah, 'seme esceped con
vict, douh'.less. Constable,' ho said algud, 'I
is different
i i none?
1 !.! ... U. . tlio ..nuni n,i nmu hfjr sum UUl HUH VUUl la
Ills inui'-i -o yuitiiiiBs vi'-"""'" l -Br . , - , . i . i
! , j i.:.!..:' 1V1..1 i. luwnmn 'Would vou have the goodness to 1
ne lies cuungeu ins iiiiriuiuiu .... . i ,l
of me? I huye heavy demands to meet, and don't .what the present value of the rema.
"I buv four house ? Why, it would bo mad
. ft ' ? -e 1. . .1.: n
nessiomin oi suc...K. , , k t ciim hcUw
"Madness? no such thing; you cou.u not . n rwl h ih m
nveslment anywhere. In two j '"J ' " ""' "V" T
' Certainly, sir, ten thousand piastres stock at
,RCVt;il IIIW UIUI c u.a a. ...v -j
the fact was, that the coal-hole was built about
ten yards away from the house, und the Pip
percornites took advantage of this circumstance
to supply themselves with coal at Mr. Jeremi- Imvo taken poison!'
uh s expense. It he put locks on ine door, iney i vcil, men, sena
picked them; if he put man-traps, they never sharp!'
walked into them, but somehow or othor cither 'Doctors arc of no use,1
he. or Mrs. P.. or the children did, so he give 'cmnlv: 'I'm past all heln.'
up. There was some coal fetched away j 'Oh. don't, don't say so, Jerry, dear,' sobbed
every night; out of five tons he hud in last week; hig wire. . . , ; . , T .?
for tho doc'or, Jem
said tho -victim, sol-
' .1 .
hiir liivesunum uuvwi
., 'n: : j.. it ...iii ,.fti ii
years, wiui iriumg reruns, ...
double its present value; you will never see
such a good opportunity again. Say done,' and
I'm off." " '".
He was off without leaving me time to put in
ane word.
Two hours after, in walked Mr. Felix, evi
dently not in the best of tempefs
ceedsoflasts.de, have from two hundred und
ten thousand to two hundred and twenty thousand
francs. " .
j "Very well. You said something about a
German bank, I think?"
j "Yes; the Government made some difficulty
about granting a charter; but it is all set Jed now,
anl tho promised shares have risen consider-
i , t... 1 M It .ft. t...rn 4fiL-on in -B01V. . .
''Iteaiiy, ne , J vu - t:c j u ut?
quite by surprise That We is indispensable .V, ' have fiXty. at four hundred
lZZ " thrill bring you in a-
iy uuti" "-j - l-i.i bout sixty thousanu irancs.
ner is embarrassed, and I feltsurethat he would (u T ,. ,
.! -ui:.i (l.rm. W th von. s r. the V tll0lU. any caiis wpayr
case is different ; so I come to ask if you will let
. ,nt,K it for seventy-five thousand francs."
FifteenJhousand francs, dropping all at once
'! cmnot give you an answer jusi now, ir,
Heaves in Horses;
It has often been remarked to us thai the dis
ease in horses called the "heaves," is more pre--
valent now ! thftn it wa formerly. We canaot
say whether it is a fact that there are mors
ses troubled with this ciisoraer man mere useu
to be, ot whether, as there are more horses new
in existence, there are consequently more ccri'
troubled in this way, while the comparative
number of diseased ones may be the same. . We
have never been fully satisfied in regard to tha
real cause of this disease, or the real seat of it '
Every one71iOwcTef," can sffoff disidrrghisft the
symptoms; It consists in dithcuuy ot Dream
ing, the flanks, or respiratory rauscics, com
to do the whole work, and that, too, tery Iabo-; 1
rrously. The air is diawn into the lungs wnerr
Uie muscles at the flanks begin to draw in as if f
pushing out the breath, and alter pressing ut
wilhapood deal of action, thev drop suddenly
as if ft catch or spring had let go of them, aw;t;
ihey fell by their owu weight, mere is aiso ;
dry, hacking cough attending the disease, and f
on driving the horse quick, the cough is oftcai
P-rmtPft. and this laborious breathing is brought ,
on very severely. This would seem io nx uio ,.
e-it Af fltadise ss ia the lunes.-. WeJiave HOi. . .
liced, however, that heavey horscs,as they ai'e "'
ca.Icd, arc generally enormous uers, auu u ui-,
fered to eat as much jbs they desire, will fill
their stomachs to a most uncomfortable extent,
and when thus distended, are much worse troub
led than when sparingly fed. . . ! . j- ; z
i Many causes have been alleged as producing
this prevalence such as feeding more freely
- a I l - ..1
on clover hay than formerly ausiy nay, cm
by. the smother of the mo'erri horse power
thrashing machine, in barns' where hay is kept,
&c., &o. It would seem, from the fact of an in
creased or morbid appetite in the horse, that
the stomach has also taken on ar,easea kuuh.
Various remedies have been proposed, and
some of them relieve or palliate the disease for
a ti ne. We believe that cre and attention in
feeding is of great consequence. JJon t let tum
fill his stomach too full With dry food. Let his
food be moist, and of a nature that contains much,
nourishment in small bulk. You do not find
,- lmr. imuhled muck; with, till com?
J . .. J I'M. lV,i-
plaint while, they are at grass. .... ........
food approximate as nearly io the condition ol
grass as you can. , t-ui me naj ,
sprinkle on meal. , ' ' - ,
A writer in a reeem numintr m -
Xete Yorkrr, (J. Lnbbey; of Eagle Harbor, N.
Y.,) speaking of this" disease, attributes it to
feeding on clover hay that has become- dusty in
consequence of being badly cured. He says be
treated a horse that he owned, and thut had the
heaves, in thti following tnanuer: he tooKUia
hay entirely away from him, and fed liiin with
slraw, mr.l.feed, (shorts, etc., we suppose,) and
He thinks if he had cut the straw and
Now here was a temple of Bacchus jwet it with oat or corn meal, it wouldhave beeir
and us he looked, his broad and perfectly Rood
naturcd counienar.ee lookedvery humorous, his
cunning grey eyes twinkled, and his large and
Uexilile mouth lairJy ran over with numor,
1 EuL rot them peeps who set in the Lcg'a
turc down in Auusty ; for to make 'aws for us
as itoesn t need 'em, continued faul. ' ripes,
hnnd mil lit R. (. I'm drv as powder horn;
drove clea'n in from Pipkin this morning, with
out a dram.'
' ' Nar-a drop in my house, sir 1 ' rgain res
ponded the ex-Publican. " ,
Sho, Pipes, how you talk; tell you I'm dry
as a powder horn.". . , ,
' Perrywinkle,' solemnly replied Pipes, 4 1 tell
you il s against, the, law, to sell, a, drop, of,
r. . . V. . . . , i i
liclccr, m Uangor, ana ratner man lose my nca
er, 1 f nt
and it's in
'Not a drop?. ' . "
' Well, as I suid afore, I've been around here
forty years, and I've been up to Boston two or
throe times,' said Perrywinkle, 'and I reckon
I've seed bout as many elifin'.s asany other man,
but I guess you couldn't git me to swo'.ler that,
nohow: aet out the ootue, xnajor, ory as a
powder horn, I tell you.' '
'Tiu:'s the BOTTLE,' re'.urr.el Tipes, vulgarly
called M jor, wi.h a scr. of melancholy gaze at
tlin niece of srlasi.
J. . . . o ... . ... I
Bottler says ferry wmkie, trying io iook
funny and force up a chuckle, ' why tnar ain t
unyilung in Ut , ,,
Nar-a drop ! calmly and solemnly responded
' IJj you really go to say,' saia rerrywinx.e,
XJsillUI Ulia I ante l mini iujv in v va-
, it up to Ponland last night by express,
ny opinion you won't find a drop in
; '.'th. t you haint got a drop of licker in your bar,
M ajor that them Augusty peeps have shut you
Nar-a drop in my bar 1 ' - :I - ,
Down an ailcy-wuy pops Paul, in a titter, at
the idea of a man eoius without hi bitlers in
V J. " , .7 . , ' : ' -, ; , , y . Baneor. Now here was a temple of Bacchus Wet it w th oat or corn meal.it wouianavr ueea
they had .to en two an4 a u If ; t was getting 'I must-it's ihe truth, and constable, Ja k t I hnd fe h tKe beavei dLd Isot trouble
too bare! acad, and he would stand it jio longer t0 what I have to say. I confess that I shot the J r..r . . ' , r: ' ,
i i i. . hi. i .. .. i , , . 1 i un walked Paul. . him much. :: ,...!. . . .
ti.-:norrow he would see what could be dom to
siou it; anl murmuring this, Mr. Pinchbeck
turned i.n Ids sid and dropped eskep.' How
lonsr ho slept ho did not know, but he was a- you have found in the well.'
wakened by a inosttremcnuous ciaiiering among 'We am r round no m-n tit all.'
his coal. , - 'Pjliceman! as sure as I have taken poison,
Mv dear," Mr. Jeremiah whispered, Riving a-ul am now on mv dea'h-bed, I am sneaking
his wile a lialS-"my dear, they i.re at il ujiain. the truth, said Mr! Pinchbeck, solemnly, us the
And upon mv word, u 1 see Uiein 1 II shoot cm. doctor entered the aoom.
By Jove, I wonder where my pistol is; do you The baboon has evidently been killed by a
"None whatever
"That seems strange; but you are ni doubt
well informed. I should like to una a secure
investment for those sums, would jou have tho
or i . . . II 1. .. ...l.l l.i. I Ka 1...-M
have anything better than our
nwn nva ner ceins. i
n answer just now, s r, of Ul.d ,,ock t
said I, " but if vou can take tho trouble to can a- , . r I can easily un-
Fifteenthousand francs, dropping all at once -v ,
to the lap of a poor fellow who had to work iimi-mtnt t r 1 1.
I'rd to gafn .rifhn.lrl franc, in a year! ; I
mid hMuly believe my ears. I five ce.
man, and may the Lord have mercy 1
'ot man, zur.-" . , , . - ... .
'The m m who came to steal my coal, and whom
.rain at five, I'll see what I caii o. 'i.rni,t voii should be worried by such
At a quarter to five, Mr. F elix made his ap, . detail, as these; you will soon huve more
nearance. 1 .poke to mm wun cnn.u.r , tu l00t 0fter '
. -InliooldoM yw, a'.;rf ha't w .?";' ,.Theh. if.i invest tho ea.nbii.ed wroduw of
o German and Spanish st cks in the five per
cent ...what shoniu i gei a yeorr
of buvinK the house, till the owner prevailed on I .
v . . a r... ..,. li lw,ii! nnv
me to do so. i ou . yu
other will suit me equally s well, so i aoeaao J jee. . xhrce llimired thousand francs
to your terras." . n.. ." funds 'at eighty eighteen twenty yes,
You .hall have a draft o Pan. for the a- !
mount, in a fortnight," replied Mr. 1 0'ix, who j u thousand rraiic. a year! And
bowed and withdraw, apparently enclmntod with iwhen le fnveunenl be made?"
my way of doing business. . o j mortov .noaning0 that i., if you will
AMraft upon fun. 1 me circumMaueo ... , wf firm to coldut.t the transaction.
nonnul Sit HUUSUItl IO II1U. Ullll lllvt" n"w
to send it to P.'i' to PBt ' cashed. I wrcte ac
cordinglyto Measrs. flung & Berret, the
i.. t iinatu iii., I rwan in the habit
n,...,M. tn. (ntr?t of a small
sum that had jsien
formed them that
.vesting them,. The signification of the wOr
funds' varies very much according to fho najua
pud position ia lift of .tjje spetltcr,.' Jhe rumor
'Certainly; in whom eould' my oonfidence be
better placed?' , o ..' -.t '.,
The biuiker maile a polite xW' i
"And now,' 1 continued, ' suouifl leeiouugeu
( I l. . ,ti 4 a J l 1 1 m A h I
. - - -.1- , 1 In. -ir VUU iuum n - ' --. . .. i
lei .C pip , uit. as 1 am rather short of cash. "
, having fund, at m-y" ajPoaft' 1 1" , a.., .ir. M the cash I possess is at your
U-l In V.o.l 'mJ 01 in- I . t J ..... .f lu. Vnnitr! Ih.
I ' 11 ..MB MAI1.F1 fin I' nil u a fc w . M WW. I v
.... 'i ; '.'.
know, mv love?
Mrs. Jeremiah did not know, but there is lit
tle doubt she had put it somew here, for Jeremi di
had only one, (an old flint-and-steel affair,) and
she liau an idea in her head that il was left lying
about it would go oT, which was very like'y, so
sho wasalwitysl idingu. Mr. j ercmian gropeu
ubout in a drawer where he thought he had seen
it tbout lhrc- month, before, and by some ex
iracrdiiu.ry circuinbtan'se found it. He got the
powder-flask and put a clurging in, when it
suddenly occurred to him that lie had not any
bullets. Av this moment uie noise in me eoai
hole was renewed wiih great vigor.
' My dear, ' said he, trembling vioieiui), "i
ink they have a presentiment that I am com-
Ljng, ud jojire juniiing o"..
Poor Jeremiuh, how he wished they were. ,
"Jeremiah, do go and look out tho buck w in
dow," said his wife, (she was beginning to be
iVicrlfMifd now: 'do ifo and see what they are
doing. I'm sure they aro breaking into the
house.' ' o !
' 'Yes, my love, I'm going,' was the reply, 'us
soon as I can jet something to fit in tho pistol
for a bullet, . . . ....
And he tried to cram all sort, of things in,
and at 1 ist .ucceedod in getting hi. knife and a
mull Vev down the barrel. Themoon wa.
shining: bristhtly, but ho could see nothinjr. ' So.
having3 informed the people in the yard (if there pouon was fa,t m
wtro m ) that U 'w-a. coming,' and, moreover, -d jnt arranged hiv.
that he should .hoot the first man he saw, ded, Jeremiah excUuined
gunshot w ound and ihen thrown into the well,'
remarked the uoc'.or to tho consiuuie who came
in with him. . ....
'Doctor, I did it," snid Mr. Pinchbeck; "but
don't Callafesow creature a baboor; it's unchristian."-
, ... . . ..
. '-Fellow creature, what do you mean?" asked
the coetor. ,.
Wheereunon Sir. Jeremiah narrated how his
coals had been stolen, and how he thought they
were stealing them again, and how ho had gone
out. and seen a man who tried to escape over
die wall, and how ho had fired at him with tho
pistol loaded with his penknile an l a, key, and
how. thinkinsr he would bo accused ot the mur
der und hung, he had ihrown the Lody into the
well, BUd-uifcen MN.aiU.I.rw!ir.af..:..v-a
The doctor left the, room for a minute and
came back to the dying man with tho knife tni
kev in his hand.
. .. ....
My de..r ttnchbevK," nesain, -you ve maue
a mistake. It's a pity you havo taken poison,
for you have only shot -" ;
VVhalt" gasped the uryortuna:e wrcicn,
- KJl large memkry. that, it appears, escaped last
n'urht from Mr. Vvombwcll's establishment, and
whom these people tracked down horo by their
bloodhounds. - . " . . ,-.' 1 -
Mr. Jeremiuh groaned awfully, but lie tidings
seemed to make him better, although, a. be said,
the poison was fa.t doing it. work. The doctor
tioir.aca-puuipv wucu 4ir.
in walked Paul.
' Mornin',' says Paul 'Captmn John, how i
ihingsi" r , -,
'Oh, workin, workin:
' Phew wU is hot; gus:s, Cap. John, I'll take
a siit li, of your sweet majorum, my old boy,
'Umph!' said Capt. John
4 A little live
'Jji- oaJt.-" asks the Cap:.
'Y-e-e-s, vou understand,' said Paul
Those who have good horses tliat aretrouoiea
with heaves and most heavey horses ore U.o
which are naturally most strong and tctivc--shoudd
furnish themselves witH a straw euttsr
and a mash tub, and give them cut and moisten
ed feed. They will thus not only keep their
llv. hut will improve hi
oak,' said Paul, fumbling for the health and keep him in a comfortable oonJiUonr
...... for any kind ot labor Maine Farmer.
The stranecst disposal of a wife we have
read of, occur, in the history or a very pro-
flieate nobleman, who uvea cetera rcuuu
Uevolution. lie is reuing u vw j,
thus he concludes: i ' ' '
But now the Snly treasiue tliat remains to
me is this," pointing to a ring on his finger, "a
treasure which no earthly power .ball prevail
on me to part with. It enables me io Dear up
with all misfortunes it is my consolation; tlu,
sir, is my wife my beloved wife!" ;
I thought of the refuge for lunatics, and my
countenance probably expressed my feelings.
4 No, sir, I am not mad; this ring, or rather'
rt nf it. was niico a beautiful and amiable wo-
lu:i vc
That's the idea,' says Paul.
'But you know'
'Oh sho! I understand'
The a'
'Exactly, Capt. John.'
Things ha. s -
'Ho! bat res,
yea: .
Run John into the ground, Mr. Perrywin
'You don't pretend to say,'
4That' . -
.'.! eftn't'. -
No sir! Kotadropin
rirtlaid hv cnrew.
. l ...... ki hi v 1 m I it m Miirht
. . . ' . ) ..j. .,,.!. knnntv l.nnl.l not becoma
Paul rerrv winkle was naggcrcu, coiiioujiucu, .luiueu. ivv ,7 v 7
..tuiid. 'After living around for forty year., the prey of vile reptile.. I applied to anden.
and indulging in his billers it too bad 1 burg, tho chemist, who having placetf the re.
. .o o , .... .. . hi I ... . .!.. f .A.ii(i: it wi Mimmiuea t
,m&in iu bucii fcw.-.-, .-. -
1 tpart of it, was once a beaimtui anu amiaoje wd.
n'my'EouMnTiiall Tman'F' renoered tne, daring her iulimu.
, yesterday eould not Ithe happiest of morUds; and v. hen her soul w ing
,ibitity.' . ed its flight to the celestial regions, I was deter-
friend in the street, ho was tuld
' 'Thsnl ou, fifty will be euite suffioisnt.
undid the bolts of the back door, and stood . 4 Why, my goodnefs Jerry, Ii4 you nice too
n the open air. He had never before noticed lpouon from there)" ana sne poinwu m uie auto.
t 7 . . ii i.ma v.Ai. t s w a .f K Ktn ; . -:
Aftl ilfOng ICfCmi'Jf uco every wm uvi- -v m iu m c -' . .
n.1 ,-at i nr li
the t.rtic!o certainly was fotoieJ, none sold at ; the flames, : and reaucca ov violent iwj.
ntf nh.ee. exceDt Uio 4,drurists," and then and small quantity of powder, which siterWds, by
there, only iu cmcs, of sickneis. The Wend !ooe chemical pjwparation, was eonmM ilitiy
scvid people uouM pet sick, and cW get ick, nd ! blu petrified suVtxu;ce-, here it is, sir,- t in
went ti tie S!ru?ei.t aul got medicine. ia gaJdr if ring, tii fcry umtartacM ' tt af
Well,- says Pan!, Tia sick whatf dn they wilo'
askforr "'-. I
'If you vunt g'.tt,' says tho friend, you ask fori Soejitt s Tusto. O. O. f
stoaiaoh HUra, for biandy, you ask for a due ,0n Ut Thurwky- aveainsj a L.go o tw l
U wraeorio, and 0 oa-' I tt - pteV Older ot Odd I allows wa org vnm 4 ia
ec paragoric, aww .,, i . , . . , . styled the Grand River Wgs No.,
irn ' i s .shmnI strorts? tot of tour wteat.' '62 I. O. U. F. Trsntcn PiocttrM ,
' . - . ;, .., ; i . , . '. ......
! r
"ry amy"-- wn
t :
' ,

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