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3 Xa.moillQ IT0TT3.
Etabuhed leTJ.
K rtHK, T.. lilt. IV !.
; further aotir be riven iln Prt ..te Office
1 li-lrt of 1-ainolile m til be hk-ld at
!4u la llvW Park, In room, heretiiiikre
v-d bv Uie County lerk, here Probate
ill'be held in llOMlAY of each week,
imitnr business may be there attended to
r ilo ' froaa lu.JU to U.W A. M. awl (runt
.-.So I'. M.
K Park, Jan. lit, 17.
i mar F-aL
J 1 mrgn.
Train moving Weal.
I Wnl. Ki m
i p B. m. a. m.
f 7 4 Johmiok. 7 M mi
I 7 4i IItiik Pimk. 7 IS IO
; M Mohhisvills. 7 bi
) I 10 dm rr. 44 it
f iS llakuwicK. t K IS
In order to enlarge our
cription list we ofier the
ws to new subscribers at
rate of $ i .00 per year.
Essays For Publication.
T fiieoiimge contrihttitor., we offer to
nt .-ril)fi who shall favor us with
thn !; t original essay for publication,
.if! i'l cash; 2 J best. 83.00; 3d, $2.00;
4 f i i n. Tlie essays are to be read and
ii'.i lid upon by the discretionary com
j r. t- of the Lamoille County Agrlcul
ji il Nx iety at their annual fair in 1881.
i:--e article, must not exceed one column
a: !"i -.jrt.li. must be furnished within one
yt :;r fioin September 1. 1SS0. and must be
.r.irn on (lie following topic: "In what
.i I ,- cm our race best succeed In their
. .'-r-tl bouorahle and commendable uii
, i. u.iiigs?" The names of the writers
( : i-snays will not be made public un
. ! r the committee has decided upou
asonablc question : "How much
r pig weigh?"
ary Clement of Ilardwick, 1ms
Snged bv C. S. Page as book
Kind "For Sale'
in another col-
);(!. A good chance to obtain good
s , or a farm, or both.
'jbinaon the Morrisville piioto-'..-r,
has a nice assortment of llol
: ;ods. Go over and see thetu.
ettling up time is drawing near,
you wish to collect jxmr bills
and promptly, order jour bill
at the ews odice.
Don't forget, young ladies, that
- leap-year, mid why not leap
i ) home one's nUeetions? Only a few
!-;-; longer for the leap.
-The shortest day of the year will
l.Veember' 22d. After that the
' s will begin to lengthen and the
cold to strengthen perhaps.
The Christmas tree, with appro
priate exercises, will be held at the
'j i u Hall, Friday evening, Dec. 24th,
1 ). , Everybody is iuvited to be
, lit.;
V. I. Doty is spending a week in
;i viMting relatives und friends.
ii, engaged for the second year
: jk-keeper for lumber-. firm, at
,'iiveton, N. II.
AiUiurSherwiii, who has been eu-
ji d in a bakery at Munsoii, Mass.,
! o pMt, six or eight months, has re
turn i to Hule l'aik, where he will
isttfii J school this winter.
It. D. Pierce, of Johnson,
jm uohed in Union Church last Sunday
r irtiing, the pastor, Uev. Mr. lhish
i II, being at Georgia, assisting Miss
;iison kJ8 in evangelistic woi'K.
A. A. Adams, former book-keeper
ft f C. S. Page, started Monday
motmusi for Colorado Springs, Col.,
his snf place of business. A large
number of friends were at the depot
, to gti Win oh".
-A. Parker Smalley and family
left town yesterday for Philadelphia,
v, l ie they intend to spend the winter
;th fir. J. W. Grant, son-in-law to
Smalley. The West End will
K'il Verted.
Cafu, announcing the annual ball
at the Aine..,,, non8e are out. The
f iti.u will tah, pace Fritay eve.,
Uec. 31st, atid l proprietor, C. F.
ilan.lull, will spare" (, pai,)9 t0 make
tl.e event pleasant to mj.
There was zero weatur all around
Fj ;,!a.3and Friday night wi the cold-
t- of the season, the thermometer
i ' iiig 18 below zero earlv Saturday
ng. .The weather, howeveKhas
ited considerable since, v;
,;rhaps the following hint from
j exchange is not so inonpoi'tiine
light be : "The columns of a
are the publisher's stock in trade,
e parties who ask to use them
:ir special benefit must expect
V for the same."
- correspondent writes : "Hines
has a temperance lecture under
-pices of the W. C. T. U., on
jning of the fortir-wmtray- oi
month. Cannot Hyde Park
' and rescue' by the help of our
i mperance laws ?"
e have received a copy of the
ee (III.) Courier, edited and
f ed by Chesley Brothers, one of
, M. A., was formerly connected
tie News establishment. The
's a six column quarto and is
'ed with local and miscellaneous
e result of the count of mail
om the Hyde Park post-office
first week in December, shows
uwing figures : Whole number
:1s sent, 3,946. Of the above
' 637 were sealed letters ; the
or was made up of postal
'jwspapcrs, circulars, &c.
Butter Market.
Albans, Dec. 14. Attendance
receipts light, market firm.
te winter butter 20 to 24 cents
; selections 25 cents per lb,
tie fall butter offering.
-iond, Dec. 13. The market
. Butter sold at 18 to 22 cts.
cr make, and 25 to 27 for Oct.
sold at 11 to 12 cents and
the hog 6 to 6 1-4.
Latiolllo Count Court.
The only case remaining on the jury
calemlar.Wednesdaj roorniuj was that
of Perkins r. West, Aplt., which wm
The divorce case of Browo Brown
was taken up and a bill granted.
Wednesday afternoon the petit jury
were excused until Monday morning.
The grand jury rose Friday morning
and presented five true bills, and re
ported ou the public monies, and the
condition of the jail. Judge Powers
congratulated the jury on the expedi
tious manner in which they bad takeu
op and completed their work. Two
of the bills found were, one against
Dr. Smith, of Johnson, for manslaugh
ter, Ac, and one against Burt Mars
den of Stowe, for forgery, both of
which were put over until the April
Saturday morning the new docket
was called and gone through, and like
the old docket nearly the entire list of
causes was disposed of, either by con
tinuance, settlement or otherwise.
The Court thereupon ordered the clerk
to notify the jurymen that they were
discharged and adjourned the court
until the second Tuesday of January,
Vermont Roads Again.
Editor Lamoille News : We are
pleased to notice that our communica
tion on the subject of country roads a
few weeks ago, has attracted the atten
tion of a very sensible correspondent,
who made a good suggestion in last
week's issue, and hope he will favor the
public with moie of the same kind.
The intelligent people of Vermont will
find a way to remedy the evils of the
present state of things, if they once go
about it in earnest. We will lay down
our pen just as soon as others who
feel an interest in the subject are wil
ling to take it up. Our self appointed
task is done, just when the attention
of the public is aroused. We should
be ranch pleased if others equally sen
sible of the condition of things and
more competent than we are would
handle the subject in a practical way,
and show us what can be done to im
prove our roads and how to do it.
Whether for instance the State would
be likely to hel i the project of macad
amizing our main thoroughfares, by
appropriations, or by any kind of leg
islation, or what would be the most
effectual means of bringing the towns
to act in the matter, or what experi
ments might be tried on a small scale :
these and other topics might be
handled with advantage by competent
writers. Our own suggestions upon
any of these themes might be very
crude, but we shall offer them unless
abler hands are put to the work. We
hope to hear from those who are inter
ested. Viator.
Mr. D. G. Holmes has engaged
Mr. Fay as blacksmith.
Mrs. Taylor, of St. Johnsbury,
is risking her sister, Mrs. J. Bixby.
Kev. J. II. Pierce went Wedncs
aayio atiena a missionary niceiinjj nt
The Green Mountain Gleaners
met with Mrs. Parmalee on Saturday
Messrs. O. & A. II, Buo': have
engaged Mr. George Clerking as as
sistant miller.
Mr. N. L. Merrill, who has been
for the past month in Waterville, has
returned to Johnson.
Miss Mary Cadv, of St. Albans,
is spending her Holiday vacation with
her sister, Mrs. 15. L. Austin.
Willie Baker has moved into his
new house, Mrs. B. returning from a
visit to bet lather's on Ihuisday of
last week.
Roswell Bradley, who has been
employed by D. G. Holmes, intends
this week to open his blacksinith-shop
near his residence.
-Mr. Crippen, of West Rutland,
brother of Prof. W. C. Crippen, is
employed by Buck Bros, as engineer
in their new steam mill.
Miss Nora Putnam, teacher in
Mr, I. Patch's district, was, on ac
count of diphtheria, obliged to close
her school for a few weeks.
The Holiday campaign has now
fairly opened and Carpenter -Bros,
swing into line with a finer stock of
Christmas goods than ever before.
It is expected there will be a
union Christmas in Normal Hall, on
Friday evening, Dec. 24th, of which
notice will be given in next week's
, Mrs. Jaqneth, who has been
spending the fall with her sister, Mrs.
T. J. Baker, returned to her home in
Kansas on Harvey's excursion on
Tuesday of last week.'
Benton, daughter of Col. R. C. Ben
ton, of Minneapolis, Minn.,) are stop
ping at this place, visiting at their
grandfather's, Mr. Charles Leland's.
Mr. Sturdivent, of Fairfield, is
boss of the section lately vacated by
Mr. Frank King, who was ordered by
roadmaster rarnham to take the sec
tion extending from Swanton to Ma
quom. Mr. Chas. II. Bradley, who has
been engaged to clean the walks and
street crossings from enow, has just
completed a plow which does fine
work. Our citizens should encourage
the enterprise by signing the subscrip
tion paper which is now in circulation
' Donation party at the M. E
church on Friday evening for the ben-
etit or Rev. A. Scnbner.
Mrs. G. W. Houston and daugh
ter went on Harvey's excursion Tues
day to join Mr. Houstan and son at
Livermore, Iowa.
Parties sick and afflicted run no risk in
buying D. R. V. G. Guaranteed by your
own uruggist to give satisfaction, or mou
yrefundod. Try it.
Noble Webster and family have
moved to Ilardwick.
Rev. E. W. West preached at the
Christian church on Sunday afternoon.
Rev. W. II. Walbridije, of Stowe,
preached in the Universalist church on
Sunday afternoon.
The scholars of the Academy held
their usual rhetorical exercises ou Fri
day afternoon of last week.
The Congregational Sunday-school
gave a very interesting concert at the
church on bunday evening.
B. W. Green has a large force of
men getting out timber for a new mill
which will be raised as soon as possi
ble. The Morrisvillo House team ran
fro n the depot to the barns on Satur
day morning, but no damage was
Prof. Ober, the singing master,
held his second school on Friday eve
ning last. Nearly 150 tickets Lave
been sold.
Tom Belville has moved bis family
to Green River, and Mrs. Laraway
has moved into the tenement vacated
by Belville.
The Methodist people made their
pastor, Rev. N. W. Wilder, a dona
tion party on Wednesday evening last.
About 40 was left by their presence.
Simonds. the five and ten cent man,
has decided to remain here until Christ
mas. He has replenished his stock.
Call iu and see the bargains to be
The Reform Club met at the
Methodist Chapel on Friday evening.
As but few were present, on account
of other entertainments, the club ad
journed to meet in two weeks with the
same programme.
The ladies' circle met at the Con
gregational vestrj' on Wednesday af
ternoon. The young people met at
the same place in the evening, and
organized a society with Prof. Dustin
as president, Miss May Noyes secre
tary and Miss Lilla Noyes treasurer.
This society will hold sociables at the
vestry on every second Wednesday
evening during the winter.
The entertainment given by the
Industrial Society at the Congregation
al church last night was a very pleasant
and enjoyable affair. The tableaux
were very artistically gotten up and
were highly appreciated. The collec
tion of antiquities was a rare sight,
comprising gome articles that came
over in the Mayflower. The commit
tee on this department must have ran
sacked the county to procure such a
collection of articles altogether too
numerous to mention. Dr. Dwight's
Turkish collection of curiosities added
much to the interest of this occasion.
Refreshments were served in the ves
try, and we did ample justice to thein
at that time, and cannot attempt to do
90 again, but we think Morrisville
ladies know how to get np a treat.
The society certainly must feel grati
fied at the result of the entertainment,
both financially and otherwise. , , ...
Mrs. M. R. Ilubbcll goes to Cabot
this week to go into business.
Squire E. B. Walsh's health has
been failing for some time past.
Lumbering is very lively, teams
are in good demand, and every one is
in a hurry to get the most work done.
Benj. Bedford has rented the
water power at Potterville and con
tracted for twenty thousand logs of
Cornelius and Henry Reed, which
will make business lively in that direc
tion for some time. They have en
gaged 20 teams to commence as soon
as there is snow enough.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitemore started
for Morrisville the other day. When
they got on the bridge near Mr. Bug
bee's, the horse fell down in such a
manner that it tipped the sleigh over
into the brook, throwing Mrs. White
more and a grandchild out into the
water, and on to the hind parts of the
horse, tangling bis feet in her clothes,
and nearly tore them off" from her as
they lay in the water. Mr. Whitemore
managed however to place the child
on the bank, and keep the horse's
head out of the water until his wife got
over the horse into the road, without
receiving any injury. The only dam
ago done was a broken pair of thills.
James Ryan lost a valuable horse
last Monday.
Miss Helen Northrop goes to
Iowa this week for her health.
Hay is in good demand here, $15
a ton being paid by the pressmen.
F. M. Northrop writes from Sioux
City, Iowa, that his prospects are
lnnltnflf np , TtiiQina la impi'nvinrr.
A. G. Soule and John Rooney
very luckily escaped what might have
been a serious accident last Mondav
As they were driving through the
covered bridge, their horse gave
sudden spring for some cause or other
and landed plump. into the mill-pond
some 15 or 20 feet below. The men
were tumbled out as the sleigh took
the railing, and were just saved from
a ducking and perhaps some broken
bones. It took a dozen men nearly-
half an hour to fish the horse out of
the water. John has lust taken to
himself a better half, but we don'
think that had anything to do with the
accident, for he has no insurance on
his life 1
Lost. On street and in halls
pocket books, umbrellas, valises
gloves, hats, handkerchiefs, &c. ; also
in wash, ladies' and gents' clothing
Mark everything with Howard s rubbe
name stamps, complete, 50 cents
Business stamps for printing advertis
ing cards, wrappers, bags, envelopes
merchandise, &c, at Id cents per
three inch line or less. Prices free
H. H. Howard, Baxter Block, P. O
I Box, 412, Burlington, Vt.
The weather oq Friday morning
stood at 20 0 below zero, the coldest
day of the winter.
Singing school under the conduct
of Albert Cheney is announced for
this week Wednesday evening.
The members of the II. II. Smith
Post of the G. A. II., bold their annual
meeting, for the installation of officers,
on Wednesday evening of this week.
It is expected that Col. Hooker, of
Biattleboro, will be present.
"Josh Billing" spoke to an audi
ence of about 50 on Saturday night.
The price of admission, 50 cents, is
said to have frightened thousands
away, and left the enterpriser, who
got him here, about $11 out of pocket.
His subject was 1 he probabilities of
life" and he convinced his hearers that
irtue of everything, lectures included,
were "migltty onaartin-."
A harvest gathering for the bene
fit of Rev. Mr. Smith, will be giveu at
the vestry of the M. E. church on
Tuesday evening of next week. It is
to be hoped that there will be a large
turnout of the friends of Mr. Smith
and family, coming laden with the
fruits of the field and purse, in fact
bringing everything that may be con-
ertable to their ue". Come and nil
the bouse.
Mr. Byington, who has been can
assing this town in the interest of the
church, distributing Bibles, &c, spoke
at the Congregational church on Sun
day evening last, and reported but 25
per cent, ol our people who attend
ehgious services ou Sunday, 16 fann
ies without Bibles, 9 of them being
Protestant and 7 Catholic. This report
is in keeping with our sparsely atteuded
About two months ago, Mr. Ly
man Buzzell, wishing to send about
$18 in money to J. C Grings, of
Waterbury, placed the same in an en
velope and handed it to our stage
driver, II. B. Faunce, to hand to
Griggs. The envelope was neither
addressed or stamped. Mr. Faunce,
upon arriving at the depot at Water-
bury, m a hurried manner, took from
his pocket a package of letters and
Iropped them in the depot post-box,
and among thein was Buzzell's envel
ope containing the money. Much
worryment has been occasioned by this
supposed loss, but minds are now
greatly relieved by the return of the
money from the dead letter office.
Col. Bailey gave one of his annual
oyster suppers to his many friends of
Stowe on luesda- evening, Dec. 7th
No one knows better how to cater to
the taste and pleasure of a social
gathering than the Colonel. Things
are always as neat as wax and orderly
to a fault around his hostelry and
he takes evident pleasure iu enter
taining those who may he fortunate
enough to partake of his hospitality.
1 lie large dining nail was lull or those
who knew right well how to do justice
to his ample board, and through the
Hon. George Wllkms, expressed
thanks for the rich entertainment
Bprcaa nerore Mienw. The. fw -
plicd in his happiest mood and gave
assurance of his kindly and social
feeling towards every one. -
The Rev. Mr. Smith has had sent
him by the publishers a prospectus of
Ilolmau s illustrated and comprehen
sive tamiiy liioies.- ims extensive
work of biblical knowledge contains
among other things Ciuden's complete
concordance, chnfnological and sta
tistical tables, biblical sketches of the
apostles and evangelists, extensive to
pographical views, a fine pronouncing
Bible dictionary and many other things
which are' indispensable to the Bible
student. Accompanying the above
was a concordance and pronouncing
dictionary in a separate volume. These
works are to be seen at the parsonage
and to those who want them, Mr.
Smith would be very glad to extend
his fl'd in procuring tliem. It is the
most comprehensive work ever pub
lished. EDEN.
W. W. Smith has contracted to
deliver Buck Bros.' logs, included in
the Ferry job, about 8,000 in number,
on the bank of the Gihon.
How the hearts grow young as
the Holidays approach 1 At the pleas
ant gathering at the Corners, last
Thursday evening,- to make arrange
ments for the Christmas tree, the aged
and middle aged composed the major
ily of the company, and the fire of
youth lit up the eyes of age as the
protect was discussed. It is decided
there will be a tree at the Mills Friday
evening, Dec. 24th.
Be Economical.- Iu order to uti
lize our present prosperity, we must
not run into extravagant notions
about our houses, or our dress, or any
thing that. is merely ornamental.
Many young farmers and mechanics
find it easy now, to sell their produce
and wares for "cash on the nail," and
the temptation is greater to indulge
in costly luxuries, than when money
was scarce, but "don't you do it" boys.
Just sit down with your wife, and talk
up general matters, and see what your
united wisdom thinks it is best to do
about this, or that outlay. Ten to
one she knows just as much as you do
about all theso matters, and will feel
better in practiceing economy that
she, herself helps to dictate. First
pay all your debts due, whether it bo
taxes, or store bills, or interest.
Then see if you can afford the substan
tial comfort of a new buffalo robe,
warm cloak for your wife, or a heavy
overcoat for yourself. After you make
another sale perhaps you can afford to
add another article of comfort, or util-
ty to the house, barn, or wardrobe
Go slowly in these matters, and don't
spend all your spare cash, but keep a
little for unforseen emergencies, even
if you do wear a well patched gar
ment Sub.
Some one calls cider "The Devil's
kindling wood."
The following is a list of magazines
and papers with the prices at which
they will be furnished in connection
with tlio News. Parties who wish to
subscribe for several will bo given
prices on application. The first col
umn of figures gives the regular sub
scription price of the periodical, and
the second the price iu connection with
the News. The price on papers
marked with a star () applies only
to new subscribers.
Harper's Magazine 14 00 14 35
Harper's Weekly 4 00' 4 35
Harper's Bazar 4 00 4 35
Harper's Young People 1 50 2 35
Scribner'a Monthly 4 00 4 35
St. Nicholas 3 00 3 55
Peterson's Magazine 2 00 2 65
Godey's Magazine 2 00 2 65
X. E. Farmer 2 15 2 80
The Nursery 1 50 . 2 25
Youth's Companion 1 75 2 50
Our Little Ones 1 50 2 15
Dcmorest's (premium) 3 00 3 65
Demorest's (no premium) 3 10
American Agriculturist 1 50 2 15
Good Company 3 00 3 55
Rural New-Yorker 2 00 2 86
Scientific American 8 20 3 75
N.Y.Time8(semi-w'ky)2 50 3 35
X.Y. Times (weekly) 2 00 2 00
X. Y. Tribune (weekly) 2 00 2 00
Country Gentleman 2 50 3 16
Christian Union 3 00 3 65
Independent 3 00 3 65
Household 1 00 1 75
Messenger 2 00 2 40
Congrcgationalist 3 00 3 65
Methodist 3 20 3 90
New York Witness 1 50 2 40
Andrew's Bazar 1 00 1 90
Frank Leslie's Weekly 4 00 4 35
Appleton's Journal 3 00 3 40
Subscribers will bear in mind that
the above prices include the cost of
postage on publications, which is paid
by the publishers. We cannot take
any subscriptions for the above pub
lications for less than one year, and
the money must in all cases accom
pany the order. After receiving the
first number of the magazine ordered,
subscribers will know that we have
fulfilled our part of the contract, and
any complaint of non-reception, or or
der for change, should be addressed
to the publishers of the periodical in
question and not to as.
That's a Fact. A man can't work
unless he feels well. The hard times
have made plenty of people sick simply
by worrying thein almost out of their
wits about money and business. Trou
ble of mind has brought ou trouble of
bony. There Is Indigestion, heaviness In
the head, and all that. Are you alllicted
in this way ? Go and Invest One Dollar
for a bottle of Dr. David Kennedy's Fa
vorite Remedy," and it will make a new
man of you. It takes the bile out of the
blood, and is worth a trip to Kondout, X.
V., the Doctor s home ou toot, it you
can not get it more easily. First, how
ever, see It your druggist hasn't got
it. I'jzwa
The Toledo Weekly Blade say they are
personally acquainted with the managers
of the Day Kidney Pad Co., whom they
know to be responsible and rename men
J. S. R. Scovill. Morris. III., say;
Whon - only jl...,. pn,l" mime to
hand, my son count not raise lus u,or)
lie is now up and gaining every any,
See Adv.
Old Winter has come with his great
white cloak, and his roistering son, Jack
Frost, Is creeping in at every crevice,
even into our systems", and sowing seeds
of death. Do not neglect a Cold or a
Cough for one day even, for It maybe too
late. Dr. IN . U. White's f ulrnonary n-nx
ir is for 8ile and should be on the medicine
shelf of every family; and used as direct
ed, has already saved thousands ot lives
and will yet save thousands more. u
rOSTKR In Hvdo Park, Dec.
13th, 1880 a son
o Mr. and Mrs. Perry luster.
NORMS In Ilardwick, Dec. 13th, 1880, Ida, wife
ol wm. Rorris.
WALTON In Ilardwick, Dec 13th, 1880, Lillian
daughter of Geo. Walton, aged 15 years.
BAI.CH In Johnson. Dec. 6th, of diphtheria
Edna Way, eldest daughter of Almon aud Mury
j. iiaicn, agcu s years anu e mounts.
WiikreaS, mv wife, Mary M. Hubbell, has left
my ueu anu nonrti, tins is iu luiom uu pei-noim
shall pay no debts of nor contracting alter this
ilsie. M. It. HUHMEI.L.
nm-oorinir or irustinir ner on inv account, us i
Wolcott, vt., Dee. 15th, imi. nwwa
The undersigned offers for sale the following
stock, ull of which is in nrst-class condition :
Ten good Cows (coming In early),
Three yearling Heifers,
Six Calves,
One yearling Durham Bull,
One sucking Colt,
One 2 years-old bay Colt,
One 9-years old Horso,
One IB-years old brown Marc,
One sow Pig.
I also offer mv TWO FAKM9 known one as the
old Hadley larm (US acres), and the other as the
Fred Ilium farm (83 acres). Iloth are in good
condition, nre situated one mile from Hyde Park
Street on the Perkinsville road, and will be sold
either singly or together
TERMS : Easy terms of payment will be given
on good security, tun on or atiiu-ess
Holiday Goods!
Buy your Christmas and Holiday goods at
ROBINSON'S Photograph Rooms
Morrisville, Vt.
Ho has a flue stock of Framed Pictures, Chromos,
pliotogiaphsnud Statuary, Panel Pictures, Ease
Cards, Pauscpa touts, Albums, Stcrescopcs, Stereo-
scopio Views, etc., which he is selling cheap
the cheapest.
Thn Stockholders of the Lamoille Countv Na
Bank of nydo Park, are hereby notified tht.t their
annual meeting for the choice of directors and the
transaction of any other business thought proper
when met, will nc nent at their iinnittng House in
Hyde Park, on Tuesday, tho 11th day of January,
A. D. 1881 1 at 1 o'clock in the altemoon.
Psr Order op thk Directors.
A. L. NOYES, Cashier.
Hyde Park, Dec. Jd, 1880. td
Special ITotico.
All persons Indebted to me are hereby notified
that tliey must, settle the same with 11, C. Latipher
on or before January 1st. All accounts remain
ing unpaid at (hut time will ho sned.
lllltct Fit A Ml P KEELEH.
Eatato of E. N. Bennett.
coifuissioxenr otice. '
The niW-r4rml, havlnr been apimiaied hr the
Htworatil t'nbale Imirt for tlic IH-tnrtuI La.
title. lomniiMtuorr, to rrreive, e&atulue. and
l)iil all claim aixl demand of all lnuat
( I the elale or t. . HrnBett, Ule
auihrulre. la aald IM.lrt.H, Itimwil, ami all
claim rk.hliiU.il in flet 'hereto, bervh, aite no.
Ui-e Uial we mil meet for the iirrHXM- aloreail.
t Uie 4wihu bona or lrr r. u-nneu.
tlie SAlki alar f liniri, 11. n l Hie Bah
Amy f S am), 1N1, next. Irvra 10 o'clock n. m.
iui 4uviuta u. ai..eaiH"i mii-i'iar. aui mm n
month frai Uie Mb dac of Urcemlier A. 11.1-. l
Uie time llmiu-d hr said Court for aaid creditor
to prevent their claluu to ut fur exainiuauou and
Iiau-d at Cambridge, till th Lit nf December
U. 1SSU. II- -M. t I MOM.).,
lWw! CVnajMiMtoaert.
Estate) of Llvermor W. Langdell.
Statt of Ytrtmul, Dittrict, of Lamoille $$ : In
Probate Court, held at Hyde Park, in aaid lllatrlct,
on Uie 4th dar of Dei-ember, A. D. 1SS0.
Klxanhan I. IanedHI, executor of the estate of
LiveniKre W. Laiiffdell, late of t'ajnuridre. In
iid district, deceaMed, preaenla In adiiiiiiiidra
n account for eamiimUon and allowance, and
makea applicaUon for a decree ot dilributinn ami
partition ol the a.une ot nall neceaMi. w here
upon, it I nnlered hr aaid Court, Uiat anid ac
count and Mill application lie referred to a session
thereof, to be held at tlie Probnte OHloe in airi
Hyde Park, on the 31t lir f lpecBMlr,
.U. 1H0, forheurilif; aud dii-Uion thereon : Ami.
is further ordered, thai notice hereof lie riven to
II persons lnlereled. lir the nuhlicatiou of Uie
same Uiree weeks sucnesivjty in the i.AMi)!M.E
Ntcwa. a newspaper published .t Hvde Park,
previous to said Utoe appointed for heanne, that
they may arqar said time ami place, ami snow
cause, if any Uiey niay have, why said account
should not be allowed, and such decree made.
ltv the Court Attext,
lOiwJ KL'SsEL S. PAGE, Jude.
" Estate of Ell B. Rand.
Statt of Vermont District of LamoiUe,u.: In
Probate Court, held at Hyde Park in said District,
on Uie 6th day of December, A. D. 1S80.
J. S. WniTStr, Administrator of the estate nf
li U. KiiipI. lute of Hvde Park, in said district.
deceased, presents his admiuiHtrution account for
examination anu allowance, ana manes applica
tion for a decree of dinti-ibulion and partition of
the Chtate of said deceased, vi rereupon, it Is
ordered by said Court, that snid account aud said
application be reierreu to a session therein, to De
held at the Probate Office in said Hvde Park, on
the 3Uih Hut of llncrmlirr, A. I). lMu, for
hearins; and decision thereon : And, it is furUier
ordered, that notice hereof lie given to ail persons
interested, hypuiHicauonor uie same uiree wevkB
successively in the Lamiiili.k Nbwa, a newspniicr
published at Hvde- Park, previous to said Uine
appointed tor heariiifr, that they may apiear at
sain nine anu pmce, anil snow cause, n auv uiey
may have, why said account Bliould not bo allowed
iu such decree niaue.
By the Court. A ttest.
It. C. FISK, Register.
A Premium Annual to Every Reader
not UNEii;Al.i.KD, for the Amount and Variety of
the Practical Inlormation it contains, ami lor uie
Ability and Extent of its Correepondeuce-Mii the
mree ciui'i uu-ccuous ut
Farm Crops anil Proceae,
Horticulture) and Fruit-ftiroMlny,
Ure Mtock and Dairying-
while it also Includes all minor departments of
rural interest, such as the Poultry aril, lvutotnoi
ogy, Bec-Keeping, Urecnhouse and Grapery, Vet
erinary Hi-plies, Farm Questions and Answers,
r ircside Ilcammr. Domestic r.cononiy, ami a sum.
niary of the News of the Week. Its Market lie
ports nre unusually complete, and more informa
tion can bo gathered from its columns than from
any oilier source with recant to tno rrospcew oi
the Crops as throwing light upon one of the most
important of nil questions IFAen to liuy and
When to Sell. II is lilwrally Illustrated, and con
stitutes to a greater degree than any of iU contem
poraries A LIVE
Of never-failing interest both to Producers and
Consumers of every class. ..
'1 fib t;ouNTiir men tlkman is puntisncu vt oca
ly on Hie following terms, when atrickly In ad
vniiee: One Cotiv. one venr. IrJ.&Oi Four Conies.
sIO, and an additional c.py for tlie year free to
tne seniu-r ot the e.iiih; Ten t;opir.s, mid nn
lll$ttowlc?V)-Hwyvl),ctnse to the sender of
For the year 1HH1, these prices Include a copy
Kttrai Aiiairs, toeai-ii
of 144 pages and about 120 en-
gravings a gift by the Publisher:.
3- All New Subacribcrii far lani, pauina in
aril ante now, will ueceive THE I'Al-nt WEEK-
lit, framreccipt of remittance to January iu, 'HI,
wrritoiT chaiigu.
HUEB TUCKER fc MOX, 1'ublMtrl,
ALBAX1, IV. 1l. 184
Everybody reads THK SrN. In the editions of
this newspaper throughout the year to come every
body will find :
I. All the world's news, so presented that the
reader will get the greatest amount of information
with the least unprofitable expenditure of time
and eyesight. THE Sun long ago discovered the
golden mean between redundant fullness and un
satisfactory brevity.
II. Muchot that sort or news which depends
less upon its recognized importance than upon its
interest to mankind. From morning to morning
The Sun prints a continu .d story of the lives of
real men nuu women, nim 01 tneir ueeus, piling,
loves, lintes, and troubles. This story is more
varied and more interesting than any romance
that was ever devised.
III. liood writing in every column, and fresh
ness, originality, accuracy, and ducoruin in the
treatment of every subject
IV. Honest comment. THE Sun's habit is to
snenk out fearlessly about men ami tluuirs.
pnrtv, and eaiiuel readiness to commend what is
praiswerthy or to rcbuko what is blanmble in
v. m tun can nil- in ilea i n wiiu emu ooihh.iii
Democrat or Kepuiiucan.
VI. Absolute independence ol partisan orgnni
zatious, but uu wavering loynluy to true liemocratic
nrinciitlcs. The Hun believes that the Govern
ment which the Constitution gives us is a good
one to keep. Its notion of duty is to resist to its
utmost power the cnoi- soi men in the Kcpuiiiican
party to set up another form of government in
place of that which exists. The year 1HH1 and the
vears immediately following will probably itueide
this supremely important contest. The Sun be
lieves that the victory will be with the peoplo
as against the Mings for monopoly, the Kings fur
plunder, and the Kings lor imperial power.
Our terms are as follows !
For the Dally Si,N, a four-page sheet of twenty
eight columns, the price by mail, post-paid, is M
cunts a month, or . a year; or, including
the Sunri.iv uHnnr. an elirht-Dace sheet of tllly-r,ix
columns, the price Is OS cents a month, or i
a vear, postage paiu.
The Sunday edition of The Sun Is also furnished
aenni-fllitlv ni Sil.lZtfft a vear. nostAire uaill.
Thn nrli-e of the W l.r.KI.V SUN. eixht nnges, fifty.
six columns, is $1 a year, poetago paid. For
clubs of ten sending iflO we will send an extra
copy free.
It)lw6 Address I. W. Enot.and,
Publisher of The SUN, New York City.
or TUB .
The Leading Family Newspaper
of New England,
Will ha sont by mail, fves of postage, to any
auniess uunroj iuu muiim vi nw.ymi,
$1.00 will pay for a Club of Ten
for Five Weeks.
tains!!! Long Columns of tho Choicest Matter, the
Cream of the Daily. It is Delivered throughout
New England every Friday Morning, and in its
Columns can be found the Latest News, Vt Hours
in Advance of Uie New York Weeklies. Addicss
,liUU IHIlTt wanted
TT7T . Z'V-n vrtimiiLi sicniii
This surelanl article is compounded with the
(Tea test carre.
Iu effect are as wonderful and aatitfactury ss
It restores gray or taded hair to its roctbful
It remove, all eruption. Itching and dandruff ;
and the scalp by Us use becomes white and clean.
By iu tonle properties it restore the caplllary-
(Unds to their normal vgrur. preventing baldness
and making tlie loir grow Uii'k and elrong.
Asa dressing aoUung has been found so effect.
nal, or desirable. . .
Dr. A. A. Hayes, euu Asmtrrr Tf Maasacba
aetU, says of it: "I consider it the farsl f reform,
tion fur iu Intended purposes."
Fr Ik Wklaker'a. ,
This elegant prcparnUoa may be relied on 10
change the color uf Uie heard from gray or any
other undesirable shade to bmwn or black, at dis
ereUon. It is easily applied, beiug in oaf prepar
ation, and quickly and effectually produces a per
manent color w hich will neHhor nib aor wash eff.
R. P. HALL A CO., Nashua, N. H.
Th Jlsil Mnreeaafnl Ilenteidy everdl.
eovered, as it is certain in it effect aud does not
blister. A Isocxr.'llent for human flesh. ItKAD
From a Prominent Physician.
. Waslilngtnnville, Ohio, June 17th, 18).
Dr. R. J. Keniiai.i. A Co., Grnla : Itendingynur
adverisemeuliuT-irf.Fieldand Farm.ol Kendall's
Spavin Cure, ard haring a valuable and speedy
Horse which had hen lame from spavin eighteen
months, I ei,t to you for a bottle by ex pre.,
which in six weeks removed all lameness and en
largement aoi! a biriee splint from another lierae,'
and IhiI h home are to-duy as sound as colls. The
one bottle was worth to nie one hundred dnllflrs.
Respectfully yours, H. A. UkRTuUTT, M.D.
Kendall's Spavin Cure
JlnkersfleW, Vt., Dec. 23, 187$.
B.J. K KM A IX & Co., I.KNTA : I wish to adtl
mv tCfHiiioiyy in invor ol voitrinvnlimLile liniment,
"Rendall'B Ppjivin Cure." In the Spring of Itifii
I slipped on tlie ire ami sprained my right lirobat
the knee Joint. I whs vwy lame huH at tmm suf
fcreil tlie mort excTuciating pain. I wore a hand
age on it for over a year, una tried most overthhig
iu my rciu-li, but coulri find tilhing that wrtsk)
f;ive uie permanent relief. When I overworked,
t would pain me very much. In April 1878 I be.
gau to tliink I hIioiiM be acripple for life ; buthtv.
ing some of "Kendall's Spavin Cure" thought I
would try it. I uned oue-tnird of a bottle, and ex
perienred relief at ouco. The pain left me and
has not troubled me since. J feel very gratelul to
you and would recommend "Kendall's Npaviu,'
Cure" to nil who sutler with sprains and rbeiima
tism. Yours truly, lit3. J. DoutkIX. .
Kendall's Snavln Cure
Is sure in its effects, mild in its action as it does
not blister, yet it it penetrating and powerful to
reach every' det-p SftHed pin or to remove any
bony growth or other enlnregment, 8urn tts
snavina. Snlints. etirbs. eaHoiio. sprains, hwellinirs
aud dy lamencs and ami nil enlargement of the
joints or limbs, or for rheumatism in man and for
iv purpose lor wmcu n iinmieiu is useu lor man
r beast. It is now known to be the bent liniment
for man ever used, acting mild yet ccrtuiu iu iu
senu nuuress mr unisiraieri circular wnien wo
think gives positive proof of its virtues. No rem
edy has ever met with such unqimlilled success to
our knowledges for beaut as well as man.
rnee 91 per oottic, or six nnuiea ror .". ah
druggists have it or can get it for you, or it will b
sent to any addreHH on rectipt of price by th
Falls, V
proprietor, VH. is. J. aekdai.l & to., iMiosuurgu
soi.n rrr all nnnOGisTs.
Established i) 1S6S by 27. if. Mask.
Sets Annually more First-Class
Work than any other shop in North
ern Vermont.
Attention is called to hit large slock
now on hand, which he offers at very
low rates. liQ
Daily Circulation Over 11,000.
Fivo lines or less in Daily or Sunday one time,
25 cents. One inch 13 times, bj.
i asm snouiu nc
company order.
Wheh Ton Go To Bostow, '
WT" i sf"V 1 TUT IT
V lSlX VSUiii. AitU
For Men's. Youth's and Children's Suits.
the Cheapest place In New England. Write for.
Samples and Rules for Belf-measurement.
EVERT DAT" SUITS for children Wlntef
Bults for gentlemen English Dressing Oowns
Blanket llath Wraps Driving and Walking
Gloves Rugbv Foot Balls Leather Jackets.
Bicycle Uniforms. Everything worn by men or
boys can be bought at OAK HALL.
The old Viattablt Pulmonary BnUam,
" Best Cough Medicine in the World.",
, Small old style, 35o.
Cutler. Bros. & Co., Boston.
" kr "ilr J
3ty matter is al-
.i.J few hours whfn,
itSangupon the surface of the
".'quid, it is gathered in casks.
There are about 100,000 Chinamen in
the United States.
g)V f 'ton
jjrant fmZ! icord
tf? : ioacid
j btained
. is then

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