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The San Saba weekly news. (San Saba, Tex.) 18??-1???, October 30, 1891, Image 2

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Sail Si In
The rich manr sons have como
Into prosperity without having
worked fur it and unless they
havo on inherited aptitude o the mi
clous uso of wealth ore pon < rtii
incidental control of clth is pioti
sure to make them worse than the
would otherwise have been
t Since tho ito authorities havo re
bw how an army
had struck it perhaps they could do
nothing better than pronounce in favor
ot guns that do their shooting with
groat precision and yet pile up their
slain compactly and decently If tho
projectors could manage iNo to pin
bouquets on the bo oins of tho coats of
those whom they havo removed
AmsTOTix maintain d frit all hurry
Is undignified uni dte to a defect of
moral charac u ihis ratios the
question wheth r hastj hurry
have not a direct relation > ho morals
of a community We are r e istomed
to speak of th fai yoif man and
the fast hants of c jta n cases of
society but the < uetion it > s deeper
ut least if we roiy go to to Japanese
tor an opinion on the su ijef The
Japanese cinim Unit 1iore i > an inti
mate connecti in b t7ran r iiroadsaad
Immorality l i or iutaco the
Kokumin Shirai n uys if we ask
thopeopto of SinYoldo about the re
sults of the intr dotjn o railways In
tbetr district tliey reply that the ex
tension of the r7i lines brings lm >
morality and indecent bibits on the 1
partt i lhe narvies ftaudalent practiees I
by cray tradesmen and examples of I
extravagance > puin e f < m tho cap
ital Everywhere tnoo complaint
are to be heniit Jveryvh > re people
lament th irt j Ition cf railways
from a nior 1 naihl S view
Til nc
taken un u
re vrm movement
tit It has been
iliua indorsed by
Miss Wislarl i 11 tt > e Wonm s Clirb
tian Temp rne i nion ml ia other
ways demiitratis that it i eonserva
jlively plaatte It noitbor
bloomers vidu sut ur other
anomalies Jt is limed i tiie coro of
prevailing u
It taboos tl
iality niut
war on ski
these shail <
triumphs i >
It Is the
success fc i i i
inent Ana
taught < r
body the
are to be In
clothes a
maker a t
with an
Michael A
counterpart ia m
t and
It do
t it d
ful at
in f
io Ih
i rr
ImwpH by a Relative and
Marched Bjck Heme
the Girl
Mrt Guthrt Seventy Years Old Falti Inta the
Fire it Elgin an4 Dis from the Shock a
Fev Hours Later
Ilaxo Tex Oct 24 A runaway
couple va3 interceutcd hern Thuisday
night by tho arrival of the wouldbe
YEABbyyear as the oensus shows a bride s brother about ten minutes be
steadily larger proportion ot tho peo foie tue tram WIli du0 on wnIcn tncy
ploaro found crowded Into the cities intended to skip to Dallas Tho young
and if it wore possible to make a cen iauy a buxom louking lass of about
sua of mens desires it would pretty jg years was escorted back homo to
certainly appear that it is tlio earnest icr mother who is a widow and ob
wlsh of nearly all the rest of tho peo jeeted to tho match The names of
plo to Hvo in town
Primarily the introduction of man
ualtraining departments in all the
schools Is intended especially for such
boys as do ect take readily to intel
lectual ork at first Many such aro
brought in under tho compulsoryedu
cation law But tho maiaal depirt
ments nro merely ono elas of means
to a common cud They would encour
age a genume ai jmon to school
llfo beside thilr iutiins o valuo as
primary eilnei nrs in the useful arts
the couple aro ltobert Richarason and
Miss Lulu Duncan who rcBido near
Bict PatUi6 Pag
Eagle Pass Tex Oct 23 Cant
Jones of the stato troops Wednesday
night captured livo of the train rob
bers who hold up tho train near Sam
uels stations somo weeks ago Tho
ltador of tho band was wounded and
to avoid being captured billed him
stilf The other four wero taken pris
oners and brought to Comstock yes
j terday Tho capture was effected be
tween Comstock and Lacgtry on the
jected the plaajjfci ingenious mt t3tmtH > Tgt2i riS
fcar re ro
TaTCwhooJfapb wards were offered for thoir capture
might bo chloroformed at its guns and by lhe 11 express companies
taken prisoner before it knew what particuiars 0f tho capmro of thtr
train robbers aro Deputy Sheriff
Joe Sitter in charge of a posse of
citizens struck tho trail in Crockett
county at Grierson spiings and left
one man to notify tho rangers in
charge of Cant Jones who wero to
meet them there and follow close on
their trail When tho rangers re
there would be nothing more to be do j ceivod the information they hurried
xe forward and overtook Sitters party
Now it muk i no manner of differ
ence whether a doctor < m rend a
Latin loveletter or inc It is enough
that the Latin n v rite i elearly and
definitely inteliaible to tle tuuggist
I on a hot trail The robbers were
taveling leisurely toward tho Texas
and Pacific road when tho two posses
camo in sight of them and the Lrst in
timation the robbers had that they
who wero lein l > r ° d was by their pack
makes up the prcsc iitioa Tho j
Latin of prescriptions i u technical
medium of comrm licntioi between
doctors and dniiiiit B ih under tluIU
stand l > arte3 Wils tnfn onl v ahoM C0 ° ard
it pe tl J it i u more cer 1
tain medium thru liiigtih would be
In nny cnc a preseript nn eoisists j
mainly of the nanci u dings and
those names are nil Lat n for a per
fectly good reaim unraely that they
may be equally understood by scienti
fic men Of ditlercu countries
OCB point of i w bitu of nature
and of life shift eiisiantly from ono
generation to aiiuiii r nud the popu
Ur poet is be vi j > idealizes his
ages thought and aims It i easy to
eoo how the motcreents of the nation
al life and tuo awakenings of intel
hotse which was following behind
getting frightened and tunning into
The distance between the two
and a running fight ensued This was
iu tho afleenoon Three of tho nc
cusod were captured nn tho first
charge and one of them ran toward the
mountains and his horso wis shot
under him Flint was chafed ten
miles lighting as he ran but was
finally shot ihtough the shoulder rnd
fed from his horse He immediately
sat up on the road took out a book
and pencil wrote his will bequeath
ing all his property to his brother
took out hh > pistol and blew out his
br Ins Tne rangers started back
with his boly but afterward buried it
leetual activity a generation or two The party arrived at Comstock this
ago gave a particular power to tho
New England group of poets and how
the newly aroused interest in the
beauty of rural nature gave to thoir
landscape poetry a freshness of valno
impossible to their successors They
mainly addrJtwd those familiar withTJ
nature and those also to whom the
spirit of humanity was strong
nrrsansM is a mystery
it has any tea existence is
U4 yet into whicli wa have
SO far as a finger s length
which if
all about
not seen
As with
electricity e cdl it by name and
handle it ith temerity without know
ing what it is madu of but unlikoelec
trioity it has not brought us any great
gain so far and ha < bean the instru
ment of deceit and robbery rather
than of good of any kind Its tool
are people of woak nature an J yeu
llar temperament blameless as mur
derers or thieves perhaps but tonls
at the best The hypnotlzer who de
sires the death of another does not
pick out a man n much mental force
to do his will the weaker the agent
tho more likeiy he is to do tho work
evening with tho prisoners and
will take tho west bound train for 1
Forest V res
Husk Tex Oct 24 Forest flies
aro Vco0tt on < idcrabe t mago near
the Angelina river inthis and Nacog
doches counties Tho winter range
for catilo on tho Angelina is generally
good there being much switch cane
upon which cattle keep in fair order
through the winter but everything is
so dry and the fires so extensive that
it is feared the rango n that vicinity
will be destroyed for tho winter Dr
A II JlcOord had hard work Thurs
day to keep the fonces around his
farm some eight miles from Husk
from bciog burned
A Xudtiy < oirse
El Paso Tex Oct 22 The mud
covered body of a murdered man was
washed abore early yesterday morn
ing near tho waterworks The body
wa identified as that of John Jilliam
better known as French John tho
keeper of IIeco tanks Ho has made
many enemies among the rancumen
who stop to water their animals and
the suppostion is that some of them
had Jilliam killed Several men aro
in jal on suspicion One of his ears
in cit off and the body is horrioly mu
In a Pitiable C miltfun
SEfiiis Tex Oct 21 JIii3 Kunda
of this county has been an Inmate of
the CDunty jail for nearly a year bhe
was ad edged insane in November
lblM and there has been no vacancy
in the a lum since that time which
the officers havo been able to secure
for her She is in the most deplora
ble condition and is a pitable object
During tho coldest weather last winter
the officers were unable to keep cloth
ing on ber and she is at all times a
raving maniac
6a clde In u StoicjJ
El Paso Tex Oct 20 A young
man named Frick shot liiinelf in tho
head yesterday morning while stand
ing iu the store of Ueitzcllman
Turner where ho was trying to pawn
his watch Ho had formerly been a
deputy marshal but was dismissed
and going to Mexico passed himself
off as a United States marshal Yes
terd ly a iter raising money in various
wnj s he began to drink heavily and
finally committed the fatal act indes
lcltol AMli SiieA
TtMlLC i ex Jol 19 When the
train wbich ieft hero Satur
j passenger
n a dross j j crcillng 01 tile slm Angelobranch
> moko
ds thnt
ti ituros
1 jlOVO
n to be
not Parisian
Ill of the
if the mind
alerMi by tho
Tin dress
> > o an artist
Jiaphael and
i have their
that will
of tho Sonu lc road reached a poiut
six miles on Ihis sido of Lampasas
Krons from the bushes by the track
threw stones nt it and struck tho en
amec Henry Itnyd orcakingsoveril
< f his rius He was brought hereyos
i idaj for ttvatminU
Hiten by a Vail >
PlL < T 1OINT Tox Oct St Ml
and Mrs Elijah Eirberson received
some very frightful bites from a mad
dog Tney at onco uroeured a mad
soue vhieh aubc ed ccieiai ttnes
This dog bit > mc stock oforo kitfl
Saa AntuSIO
Tex Oct 20
B S W0JSB UTiBir m U
f tb r orninir a e rei uawe Cur i
rlo Jactrson went to a Cbiaeso restau
rant and ordered breakfast from the
waiter O Surpus She owe 1 him for
a former meal and they got Into a dis
pute over it when ho seized a bread
knife and slabbed her twice once in
tin stomach and onco in the back
lioth wounds penetrating tho perl
toueeum and severing the intestines
Surpus ran and bid in a back room
wlere he was found by the policeman
wlo arrested him He told tho latter
that ho had acted In selfdefense bu
wt en he stabbed the woman sho had
hepur o in oilo hand her handker
ch ef in the otuer and was on tho poin
of paying for one of the moals in dis
pu M but sho refused to pay for tlv
otl er Suraus was lodged In jail ti
await ho result of tho woman
injuries Tho city physiciar who at
tetded her says tho cannot live Sur
pui has been in a number of difficulties
and was convicted of breaking a botfe
ovf r the head of a customer who di
puled a charge made by him for a
meal sovoral months ago
Ar Cnkiicwn Man Ground to Piece
by a Train
ltolSOX Tox Oct 21 Ono oftbi
mHst revolting sights that has beei
seen in Deuison for many days war
that early yesterday morning of thi
reziains of an unknown man killec
the night before near tho southeri
limits of the city by an outgoin
frcght train on tne Houston ant
Teas Central Tho man was evi
dently asleep on tho track as ho wat
not seen until the engino was wlth u
a fe w foet of hli body Owing to thi
heavy grado at that point the trait
did not stop until it reached Sherman
whin tho occurrenco was rcportec
hac c to Denlson by wire Tho yar
engino and a crew went out to tin
place indicated and lying near th >
rail > wen tho mangled lomains of
mac There was scarcely a whoh
Lonu iu his body and strewn alon
the track a number of yards wei
pieces of mangled flesh and clothing
The substance was gathered togethu
as host as It was possible part of l
having to bo scooped up with a coi
shot el and idaced in a box and brought
bacS to tho city
A Brave Grl
KsssrrviLm Tex Oct 21
New s reached here yesterday of an as
faul made by Jo Hall famlllarh
knotru as Jo ltttoxer upon tho per
son of Miss Whedon a white gir
about 11 years old living thiee mile
east of Kenncyvillc Sunday at oat 1
or 2 o clock It seems there was i
tegro frolic in Keanoyville that nig nl
and i tcr tilling his hide with whisk >
went to the house where ho knew th
little giri was alone wth a vory tma
brother Ho went into tho house an
caught bod of tho girl but fortu
nately the was telfpossesed am
screamed for papa which seemc
to frighten tho black demon and a
soon as he slackened his bold sbi
turned a sixshooter loose on hiu
whici mado him rack faster thai
PjttxsnSE Tex Oct 19 T j
Barnes of McAIester L T who ha
been stopping at tho Steam for tbt
psst en days was found dead In bo
yestcday morning when a porte
culled to wake him for breakfast Hi
was i waiting a position in the Interna
tlona and Great Northern genera
olficei where he formerly worked Hi
is about 85 years of age Tho left arm
had teen cut o3 next to the shoulder
Ho hud been accustomed to taking
morpainoto ease its pain and the
supposition is that ho took an over
dose Ho leaves a wife in McAIester
The remains will bo held for orders
from relatives
Stint and Beaten
Tiaarrox Tex Oct 20 Chariet
Banku a young man from Monks
town in this county who has beet
picking cotton in this vicinity wat
shot tnd almost beaten to death hen
Saturday by an unknown person The
ball sntcred tho lower part of th >
chin coming out on the right sido t
tho n ck The right side of his fac
and head was loaton into a pulp
Banks and the unknown man went
into die brush a short distanco from
town j to gamble A dispute arosf
with tho above result His recovery
is vcr doubtful
Treasure I outiit
Wao Tex Oct 22 Wlllio Haig
and Arthur Gwyn while playing in a
back jard on Austin avenue March 22
last rolled rxi old lock and key iron
safe V hlch had been nbaoduned over
and on doing so they heard metal
rattle iusido and on opening it they
found 235 in gold sliver and notes
The iiioney wjs put away for safe
keepingondnseveral claimant arose
Suit w s brought in tho county court
and the jury Tuesday gave a verdict
for the boy J finding that neither of the
claimants had proved property
iaaoert Scut bente ccit
TkxiKKAna Tox Oct IS ltobert
Scott Jno of tho negroes who escaped
from tho Bowie county jail at Ball on
Friday night ivas captumed while
hiding in a corn pen tbrco miles north
tf thor3 yesterday morning and re
turned to jaiL He had a supply of
promDns with hm and had been in
the per with the door fastened on the
iisido three weeks
IIr < l from tlm Stii ek
Euots Tox Oct 24 Thursday
night about 730 oclock Mrs Guthrie
the mother of J G Hanson aged 70
jears vho was just recovering from a
severe spell or typhoid fever in wash
ing her hands by tho tire fell therein
She mil at once rescued but ncvei
rallied rom the shock and ded a fow
hours later
llli Bjc Knocked Out
Tkixity Tex Oct 22 Tuesday
evening nn employe on the Trinity
and Mano railway urn working on
the section when a piece How oJ the
s eel put n r io was using stritf
ii ia ia tho c c knocking it out
Ho was tarried from here to the hot
rutui uv PaloiViue for treatment
AAb blAib iU > b
Ctioice Clusters of Crisp Culins Condsntet
from Daily Repots f
A Rare Brolary of Items of Interns OaUitrtC
from Erery Portion of tho
Empire State
Frost has appeared In Wilbarger
Cottjn pickers are wanted In Cray
on county
A race course will bi > establishedj at
Iwo killing frosts havo visitod IlaV
or but with slight damage X
Tho young men of Vernon havo sor
janized a military company > p
Thero is talk of an evening paDor
> eing started at Wentherford soon gi
Capt Tom Sheilds hx been arrostod
it Vernon charged with swindling >
The compress at Terrell closed down
ecently on account of the hands stfik
Napoloon Ford k lied thirtyseven
makes near Marshall in ono day re
Hamilton has shipped this season
> ver 100 car loads of cattle to eastern
Ixmardo Diaz lately appotnUtf
onsul at Laredo has taken chargT sr
lis office
Eight persons have been arrested at
iorbam charged with stealing a bale
jf cotton
A colony of nice Gorman families
lavo purchased and located upon Clay
ounty lands
The venerable banker and Toxa3
Patriot John Twoliig of San Antonio
lied recently
During tho past week sixteen cou
ples havo been licensed to marry iln
Dallas county j
William Loifler had ttfo fingers
sawed off by a buzz saw at San An
tonio recontly
The town of Cbi tSress has been In
corporated Tto vote resulted lourjto
mo for inctvporation j
A light frost Is reported from the
viciitty of Helton but not enough jto
ujure vegetation
Tho city officers of McKinney hnyo
impelled tho saloonkeepers to re
poet the Sunday law
Tom Black engineer at Scales gin
near Paris was killed a few days ago
jy the boiler exploding
The tailors of Galveston went out
on a strike recently A reduction in
wages was the main cause
iiurglars entered a hardware store
it Mexia a few nights ago und stolo
County Treasurer McKinney recent
ly brought into Vernon a beet from
nis garden which weighed toil pounds
Slock to the amount of 70000 has
oeen subscribed by the citizens of
Pittsburgh for a cotton and woolen
Marion Bugley a farmer living sov
eral miles north of Greenville wts
severely cut a few days ago by ono It
his tenants I
A brakeman named Hammond fell
from a car recently near Hanger and
received severe contusions about his
head and body
The Sam Houston normal of Hunts
ville has over 340 students enrolled
This is the large t attendance the
scioo has over had
Mrs Leonard Burros of San
amlo was drowned recently by
i jg into an open cistern
J It Milligan a young man of
JenLon was arrested a few days ago
marged with tho false representation
Df an insurance company
Joe Smith of Cleburne a ed IC
while pecan hunting n few days
since feel out or a tree sprain ns hH
ankio and breaking his leg
3 Richmond is to have another news
paper which will bo named the South
icxas J Henry is one of the
iromoters of the enterprise
Mrs B Smith of San Anonlo
poisoned a few days ago by
dently taking boracic acid a medicine
for destroying screw worms
John Bloton shot and killed Dan
Uardman both colored on the Mc
Knight farmer near Milford recently
A woman figures ia tho ease
J L Parker a highly respected
citizen of Kosse committed suicido a
of tue ot
mociiy i 1t > t nC
tiio s ouJi a w d stampsde among
the darkies aud only thirteen wero
Captured Cotton pickers aro now
scarce in that locality
White cleaning off the mote board
of a gin roently at Klce George 1
Johnson had his hand caught by tho
saws and tora so badly that amputa
tion of all tho fingers was necessary
Recently a farmer whilo on his way
to New Braunfels with a wagon load
of cotton hd tho misfortune to set
lire to tho bales four being badly
damaged Tne fire was caused by his
own pipe
Coton Is turning out much better
than wa3 oxpoctod around Lawroncc
An average of ouehilf bi o par aero
will be gathered Eightyfiva oenls n
hundred pounds 1 being paid for cot
ton picking
At Waco M as Geneva I < jo Sadler
was recently arraigned on a charge ol
hono theft Her bond was fixed at
200 which sho gave Sho had on
male attire when arrested but after
ward disclosed he sex
The little daughter Car Inspector
Nast of tho International and Great
Northern railroad company met her
death at Tyler a few days ago by the
accidental discharge of a revolver in
tho hand3 of Perry Allen
John Fields u negro was recently
lined j and costs tho whole amount
in to 37 50 by Jufco Kstelt of lie
ton for violating tho separato coach
law Ho redo in that part of ths
coach set asidt tor tho whites
W IL Parsoas brought from his
farm into Gainesville n few days ago
tho largost watermelon teen ic
that vicinity tnts season It measured
two feet ten inches around and
weighed seventyseven pounds
A consciencestricken citizen o
Houston recently mailed to the Fr l
National bank of that city iOO in 10C
bills stating that twelve years ago
during a uuancial tranact on with the
banks cashier ho hai paid him 500
too much
Two children 11 years old belon
ing respectively to Mrs Leo and Will
Chancellor of Wortbam woruposoned
a lew days 6inec by eating tho beam
of a species of acacia an ornamental
yard shrub They recovered afte
vomiting the beans
While Vonduclor Wilson was ia
charge ol n oastbound freight train at
East Bernard a few days since he be
came involved in an altercation with
a woudbe passenger who stabbed
him twice once in tho loft sido and
ouco in the arm
Upon opening iho will of the lat
John Twohig banker of San Antonio
it was found that with the exception
of about 12 0J0 left to his sister and
t lerefrom about twenty pito s j other relatives he had bequeathed all
his nnn n in bulk tho ruii
property to Catholic
church The estato is worth nearly
Tho East Texas Piess associa lor
convened at Nocogdockes a few dayj
ago with an attendanco of twentytwc
members Tha address of wo cjmt
was delivered by Mayor G A Math
ews P A Caraway of tho Austin
rIitesman was chosen temporary
Farmers aro busy sowing wheat In
nail county A largo acreage ill bl
planted tills fall iho crop for tbt
present season was such a fine yield
it has encouraged many to sow large
crops who havo heretofore beet
doubtful ibout the plains as an agri
cultural country
I Mayor Bridges oi Bonham had be
Iittlo Annie the 2yearold daughter
I fore him recently a cittten chargol
with drunkeness The prisoner
claimed that ho had became Intoxi
cated from an ovordoso of Wizard
Oil but tho inexorable mayor assessed
an extra 5 to his fine as a reminder
against indulging in such beverage
Contiblo a W Eubaik with th
assistance of five citizens brought E
T Davis a farmer residing in the
western portion of Dallas county to
Dallas recently and placed him in con
finement The unfortunate man is a
raving maniac and it rojuired the ser
vices of five men to ho d him When
arrested he strugglod violently and
was succeeded in getting the arai of hi
acci little sen in his mouth which he lac
erated terribly with his teeth
II C Holson who with bis family
resides near Paris was awakened on <
morning recently by tho ec earns ol
his 14yearola daughter Upoa en
tering her room ho saw the figure of a
man crouching tn a corner Seizings
slick of wood ho approached and
few days ago by taking strychnine j struck him The negro
No cause assigned for the rash act proved to be sprang at
Plans and specifications nre beingi
or such it
Holson and
then ensued a ternblo hacdlohand
prepared for a threostory addition tof strjgg o i the dark room While
tho Weatherford college which willf struS5lin3 with tho P ° crful uegro
when comi his wife brought him a shorthandlt
be quite an ornament
Dieted vxa wn wkich ho brained tho burly
A chambermaid died In Fort Wortn
recently who asserted upon hcrj t l rcd
death bed that sho was tho lawfull n li
Perkins of Paris had
an amu3
time with
wife of of tho most lawf nlhts aK ° r ° r
vers In Mississippi
Young Henry Beckman aged o >
years was rescued from drowning in
tho upper labor ditch at San Antonio
a few days ago by his companion
John Street aged 8
O W David and tho buggy in which
ho was riding collided wita an electric
car at Waco recently His horse was
badly bruised buggy smashed and his
shoulder dislocated
William Stuart a carpenter had
his arm so badly mangled iu D B
Thomasons gin at Thornton a few
days ago that it was necessary to am
putate it above tho elbow
The celebrated scout and Indian
fighter Capt John T Uullls of tho
United Suites army was married in
San Antonio reoentlv to Miss Joso
phino Withers of that city
Prisoners confined in tho city jail at
Greenville wero liberated recently by
a former prisoner who had been re
leased jVU woro recaptured but tho
party who aided them in cscapng
Tho officers of Forney havo for
some time been on the lookout far ne
gro crapehootists Their vigilance was
rewarded receatly by tho location of
about ISO of thorn in s thiuket ccar
wood thief a fen
somo time ho had
been missing wood so ho prepared s
way to catch tho robber About t
ocock tho alarm devico ho hod ar
ranged was sounded Graspng hii
shotgun he cautiously stolo out tc
whJro the pile of wood was located
and tbero oun 1 a negro slinking be
hind a huge armful of nicely cut sticks
He mado him drop h s load and then
commanded him to cut a nice pilo ol
stovo wood The negro obeyed and
for three hours ho toled manfully
and finally agreed to never come back
again if allowed to depart in peace
Mr Matey Isbell and Miss Laura
Snider both of Mes uite fell effusive
ly In lov > with each other while tholato
spring blossoms wero shedding their
tendor petals So a few days ago thoy
resolved to assume tho matrimonial
yoke Miis Laura being only II was
thought by her parents to bo too
young for such a mission Tho
daughter thought dfferentlyhowever
and with joy listoned to the
young btvains plan ot elopement
tho result bjing tho neighbo hojd
awoke one crisp autumnal
morning and found that tho happy
pair htd down They were married
as Kaufman lhe Jrato father swoara
Put on Fool at s Convention of the Alliance
Men of Kans s by Which
j nd Place toe Allianoo in a Position toa mtrol
Absolutely ti > e Grain Business
of tot State
Sauna Kan Oct 21 It has been
settled that the Kansas Farmers Alli
ance will becomo a part of tho Na
tional Union company of New York
capital stock 3000000 organized
for the purposo of monopolizing ev
erything in sight For six hours
Thursday afternoon nnd again yes
terday morning tho gigantic coopera
tive scheme was before the conven
tion The committee tippoiined to in
vestigate and report upon the schema
reported Thursday iltcrnoon unfavor
ably The report was not accepted
by the convention G W Sandusky
secretary of tho Alliance Exchange
company which does 5000000
worth of business a year in the state
says it will be easy to throw all of
the business into the new organiza
tion In addition to this the Alliance
is in position to control absolutely the
grain business of the state Mr San
dusky will be made general manager
of all tho cooperative slprea in the
state Kansas City will Ysfinade the
distributing point and all will bo pur
chased direct from the manufacturers
Iu every county whero the Alliance
will pledgo their support to a storo a
manager will be appointed and goods
supplied by tho National Union com
pany for a charo in tho profits
Tho National Union company is
an outgrowth of tho Ocila con
vention The sebcino was sprung
then and approved by President
Polk Ttiree months later a meeting
of capitalists was held ia New York
city and a company was formed and
3000000 of capital stock was sub
scribed It is probable that the work
of appointing agents will begin imme
diately and tho first stores will bo
established the first of next Janvnry
AJealou Lover
CoLlMurs O Oet 22 About
o clock yesterday morning when a
protracted wedding parly was stiil iu
progress George hnyder shot and
kiiled Oilio iianu Tho tragedy was
duo to jeaousy on the part of the
murderer who bourced next door to
the house whero the wedding guests
wero assembled He had been paying
attentions to the landlady Mrs Cor
bett and to keep her from joining tho
party a sccoud time firod a pistol shoi
in the air and carried the woman to
the rear of her house She called for
help and Ilann with several others
attracted by her screams wont to her
rescue Hann took hold of Snyder
when tho latter pulled hii gun and
shot the ball taking effect in the left
temple of tho former Tho murderer
took advantage of tho excitement that
followed and made his escape Hann
win taken to the hospital and died at 0
oclock yesterday morning Both men
Kre laborer vnd neither is over 5
years of age
Tint tVa es ol Siru
Tellckide CoL Oct 23 A muv
der and suicido was enacted here
Wednesday night The principals
were Mrs A E Watson formerly of
ltico and J A Mercer express mes
senger of the Denver and Rio Grande
bouthern Mercer although married
nnd having two children at Colorado
Springs has been living with Mrs
WaUon he e Wednesday night they
quarreled and attracted the attention
of neighbor Thtce shots were
heard On forcing an entrance into
the boiiso Mrs Watson was found
dead on the Coor with a bullet hole
through her breast and Mercer was
unconscious with a bullet through his
abdomen and anotner through his
head and he will die He mado tho
statement that Mrs Watton shot him
through tho abdomen and sho shot
herself and then took the revolver and
shot him through tho head Tbo
statement is doubted however and it
is thought that Mercer did all tbo
A Prisoner sjutciilcs
Lake Ciiaisles La Oct 21
About 8 o clock Monday night Dr
James M Caley aged about 5 4 years
committed suicide hero in jail where
he had been confined nearly two
months upon a charge of incest An
unloaded repeating riflo had been left
in tiie jail He somehow obtained a
cartridge laid down on his bed with
tho muzzle of tho rifle near his templo
and literally blew tho top of his head
off A few years Ego he was coroner
of Calcasieu parish
Jiir ilostou Faturc
Boston Mass Oct 10 The greaf
shipbuilder firm of Harrison Long
Co proprietors of tho City Point
works South Boston assigned Satur
day afternoou to oxAlderman Charles
H Allen of Boston and Hon George
W Quintiirio of New York The lia
bilities aro stated by Loring to bo
375000 whilo tho osselts aro nomi
nally put at 800000 whicli includes
every dollar s worth of personal prop
erty owned by the individual members
of tho firm
1 hun tiers truck
New Yoisk 0 t 22 Sylvester
Franklin Wilson tho projector of fe
male baso ball teams who was con
victed of abdiloting a 15yearold giri
Libbie Sutherland was sentenced yes
terday in tho general sessions to live
years in the state prison and to pay a
fine of 1000 or stand a day committal
for oach dollar until tho lust dollar Is
paid Wilson was thunderstruck
when he heard tho sentetico and was
unable to speak
Natural Gas Cut On
IIJIA O Oct 21 Manufacturing
establishments have been notified that
the supply of natural gas will bo cut
off the tirst of next month owing to a
decrease in the flow
Died uf friKlir
Omaha Neb Oci 20 Georgo
VmTth the colorsd raps > fiodd who is
generally supposed to havo beet
strangled to death by a mob of Infu
riated lynchers died from fright At
least that is what the assistant coro
ner Dr Allison declared tinder oath
yesterday and on tho strength of It
County Attorney Mohoney asked for a
continuanco of the preliminary exami
nation of tho alleged lynchers so that
he could amend his motion to suit this
phase of tho situation The court
granted tho request and continued tho
caso until Friday Dr Allison m ide
a post morlom examination of Smith s
body and whilo thero wero sixteen
wounds and bruises on tho head and
body and his back was broken in three
places tho doctor testified that tho
contracted condition of tno heart and
its appearances indicated that death
resulted from some great mentul emo
tion and he was satistiod that Smitu
died of fright
Taken from Jail br Determined Citi
zens and Strung Up
SrAuvros Va Oct 19 A set of
colored men engaged in mining hav
ing been pad Saturday appeared in
Clifton Forgo during iho day under tho
influence of liquor nnd wero boisterous
and disorderly threatening to tako tho
town A posc under the command of
tho town sergeant went to arrest them
Thoy resisted and went in the direc
tion oflros Gap The posse followed
when < fheregrBe tttrTfod and com
menced firiug Tho
were re
turned P A Palling a white man
was instantly kiled while a man
named Wilkinson was seriously in
jured and one negro dangerously
wounded Four of
the negroes wore
arrested and taken to Clifton Forge
About 2 o clock yesterday morning 100
men determined to take the men from
the jail and hang them By use of
axes and crowbars
the doors were
opened and tho negroes taken out A
boy 14 years old was released and
the othor three prisoners wero
taken to a tree a short distance from
town and hanged Great excitement
Ilia na lteaily for Work
Boston Mass Oct 23 Secretary
Blaine was met yesterday
inorung at
Youngs hoiel and in course of con
versation remarked that he had en
joyed more than four months absoluto
rest something that ho had not had
for many long years before Mr
Blaine said that it was nearly a month
after reaching Bar Harbor before lie
began to realize an improvement in
his health but that from then on the
gain had been greater than ho hoped
for He addod I suppose some of
tho worthy correspondents will keep
up the old story of exhausted nature
shattered constitution eta My ttppe
tite is vigorous almost inconveuioitly
so Now there is nothing so exhaust
ive to tho average man as travel
Well I havo done a great doal of that
in my time but this summer I did
mora and found that the rest from this
alono was highly beneficial
Train Itoubers Caught
ForT SMfTIL Ark Oct 21 On the
nisht ot Juno 10 1688 titS midnight
passenger train on the Missouri Kan
sas and Texas railway was held np
two miles from Gibson Station I T
by four men who robbed tho express
car but secured ouly 8 and a gold
watch Two shots were fired by one
of tho robbers one of which wounded
the nowsuoy in the arm and killed a
cattleman named B C Turver of
Koseoud Tex Alex S Lewis who
lives near Tulsa I T was arrested
but managed to escape Hoafterward
was captured and lodged in jail here
Ono of his pals has confessed and will
testify against Lewis in the case which
is now in progress in tho federal
court About fifty witnesses aro
present and tho case is attracting
much attention
Avenged Her Vrf > iis4
New 1okk Oct 22 Carrie Bow
ers a pretty blonde shot and morlaliy
wounded Walter Foster who had de
ceived her and refused to right her
wrongs Fosters wound is in the
right breast and physicians say his
lung is perforated and thnt he cannot
live Tho girl was arrested
Heir in 8000000
Butte Mont Oct 19 Mrs Ann
A Dodge nn inmate of the poor house
in this city and SO years of ago re
ceived notice Saturday that she was
heir to an estate worth eight millions
Her great grandfather on her mother s
sido owned a vast estate near London
A IVoinan Disfigured
Chicago I1L Oct 20 An un
known man threw nitric acid in the
face of a handsome woman Mrs
Fakunz Sunday night and disfigured
her for lifo She is tho wife of a
traveling man and was just entering
tho door wheu the acid was thrown
Blew Out Hie Gas
jKew lorK Oct 23 Two un
known Bussians recently arrived
wero found dead in bed at No 112
Eldridgo street yesterday morning
smothered by gas
Corros Middling
Wueit Xo ireii
Cuux No
Corros MiliillioE
VtucaT No red
Cuas NoS
Cattli T aas
Hoos Pruic paiiners
biictr Tei aaa
Coax N oi
Poiut New mess
Kaccx abort rib
XJUD aTirie steam
Cattli Stc era
Hoes wOcsat
Wuij1 Noi
Coies Nci
COTIOS Middlinj
u vVi ai > N
Conox Mioailos
Cattli Steers
isous CooiCv
Himr Vr7t4 I
6 llli
i 13
2 TO
4 50
i 10
0 27
i SB
4 35
4 CJ
1 Newsy Collrc t n or Worlds Fair
rjjri vnoN L ivokk
Now that the se ls aro organized
re i rust lhat lie t uehers will at onco
ucain to dis wh tho eut d en the
iptostion of iae World s Fair Lotus
oot forge the wiii that the associa
tion he i i e iho orlu is expecting
li ill
the si i in11 tir if SI
Tne Texas World s I r nc30cl
umoiig numerous other 1 ri s offt
to teachers and p pi s uo i the mda
iictve work in eolei fn su Smrit onj
or tho World lar h maucthe fol
lowing niapniticetit o
To ihe male and fiui i > pupts in
the tati i
rcron s ri
la ued o j
in arn i i
thc m i
Which te tea in
gaged e e lt
cloes on Nov I
lhe euii of tl e ll
June IS
t Oiiiei ors f r
test may i s j j
pils ni is 1 l
bv air
h lib Ml t
pttjill 111 i i en l
O lies 111 tt 11 n
credit nii ii i
ihose on J ft a i
s liet ni n li i
whiteer j nii
to thein By tip 1 ing to the Worlds
Fair ofiic ii 1 ui t orth tney will be
> uiuisheu sU
they mut i
soon is it
issued lo 1 i
toi k goin i
io lhe on i
No dc i
the apin
ue l <
the bet individual
of vibs uptions ob
s seholnishio each
a the I nitcd States
e all others in
ud pumis tiro en
v ird i ontes whch
l il will i lose at
ul cioliMti > term
> sehoiuhip con
t er bt the pu
e r H iihers or
i o dt sir s to place
i e eie lit of any
oit thev must bon
that the proper
the contest may
uhcripUons in
o moi convenient
i t on blanks but
1 collections as
it sti ck moy be
no s lisn he tho
bcri > t nnd not
it tin ess s d T
i be
rn t3
tia al onnt tlllt
will be epi te lolltit in outer to
seeuie one of tliee iiihcisity scholar
hips Jhey v I 1 lie exjeetd to COl
cct all I hey e
ilications this
nu from present in
iest will be very
The award will lie made as soon as
the returns can lie canvassed after the
close of the eintet ui Jt ne 1K2
Jn uil of t e WXria s irnr contest
tho money must be i eut in as collected
o that stock iDy be issued as the
money is sal scilled and tne money
s nt in for thee iitels must bo so
designated to insire proper credit
The as9csiiicnt of 1 > rents per
capita leid s i tolitnfary contribu
uon upon j iriite TcMins for a
World s I air tln ut is exceedingly
inideiite coiniiiril wth nat is
sked float ot er state Joi exam
ple in ArKiin a uneivont 100000
is to be ras u fr an exhuit at the
World s I ir tue state board has
nxed the a emcit at 1 mill upoa
assessed tallies Si ch au asessment
as Ibis would iuso in Texas Xi0000
or over twee I lie amount sought to be
aised for tne purpose 1 ion the
basis of asesed values tho amount
that tho state aoiidion hopes to
raise in Teas would le less than a
tax of a ha i in1 u about 14 cents
upon tno > lo io hen it iconstd
sted thtt this 1 i iliit i nsked and
that i eter eri < u in Tc as who is
issesed ut H I or upward would
ontrioute bt 11 n nts for ciry 1000
of values rend i by him for taxes
the entire nnio r c io dun would
be ra sed t lo s
difUeulU siii d
rasmg this inn i
evi ai i e o
values w i ii i
upon mum ii
ble of nk a
trial el n
WltICsc I
The i civil i
Texas Ho i
ch e e n i I
poni o
pa t i
m that very little
i pe ienccd In
tit iic almost ist
iiby itugmented
years atcndnnt
as Teis tscapa
gteitest indus
ie wod has ever
promotion of the
r iUon in
S H ruy is ap
r cam as s in all
s lc funits for
the Texas buildii i d < h bit cq
operalng with loci eetnmitto
rue hiiudred cutis i ac to
woik at one iie cjn
paid good conm sio
bo recommended and J
Capt S J 1
has been <
agent for th
citation to a
of counties
Worlds Fa
through the d
to the nonoint
iisouol orsicuno
ined a ireneral
Vol i s lau asso
ho oigauizatior
OL ini td foi
and to alenu
nt of pioiuot oi
o cn ussi i
jo i eeotnrae il
tioa ot tint iKji votuuii tee

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