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@ll2 Kenmmirk = @nutf%?s7£2pnflvr
an]; Women Ask
City for Walk to
‘ Columbia Bridge
~ petition Counci} Remove
3 Danfer on nghway;
,j, P edge Support
5 ..‘ .fe walk fmmththe foot 0!
M , mu street to e bridge was
ma by a committee from the
“M Women’s Club to the
5* ”men Tuesday evening. Cit
; _m deer): on the highway 9.
2mm ago as the dangoe‘that
'* for pedestrians from speed
' ‘- our! the women petitioned tint
, ”mp-hennde safe particul‘nrly
‘the children who must traveu
~ match to ow to the bums
w a: the other side of the river.
the women also pledged their.
.M to any project which the
tjv.‘mj‘h¢ adopt to beautiiy the
(m m particularly their
“a" to improve the condition
a“ the highway paralleling the
river bank. ' t
m Behrman explained to the.
hdiuthat the city had already had
that project ready to go, but budget
11mm prevented its comple
too. However, some work was
promised this winter and the city
um: complete a walk along the north
,1“ a the pavement as rapidly as
am will Permit-
Nun. Carol Pratt. president of the
'mn’s Club. Mrs. E. A. Siliimnn,
ma 1. N. Mueller and Mrs. A. 1".
town were the representatives irom
111 club, with Mrs. Mueller as the
{Qty Gets Cut
in Fire Rates
‘ finer four years of work on the
' or the city officials. the nre‘
'mmt and other civic officials.
In iire insurance rate has been cut
an percent, the rate to be re
‘lpnetive for two months. This an
moment was made the first of
In week i'ollbwing an inspection
node by Inspector Brawn.
lope: protection iacilities. the city
‘6. on thevverge of having its rates.
liked. The insurance underwriters
M certain requirements to be
unwed with, following which the
at. could be lowered. Those con-
Ited of changing the location of
"attain hydrants, the addition of
«mi. provisions for having a
“ton fire fighting crew sleep in
the fire station, more convenient
lining for the tire engines, etc.
Recouncil has made all the re
nted changes and the council has
waived notice that the changes
Ive been appmved and fire in
maee rates reduced as of Septem
llr first.
Ordination Rites at" ' ' -
'St. Paul’s Impressive
m the occasion of Dr. Frederick
E lfichilling's ordination to the Dia
m, the first of the Holy Orders
5 like Episcopal Church as well as
C 0! historical Christian Church.
a Pflfiy, October 28th. in St.
M's Church. many out-of-town
him were in attendance.
Mop Edward M. Cross, of Spo
hu. preached the ordination ser
‘ 111. stressing the necessity for
Mister: to serve the physical
‘ Rd! at the people, and not only
2 M spiritual wantp. He ordained
a“! candidate also, and was'the
i Mt in the Holy Communion.
; can 1:. Pizion. of St. Michael's, at
Villa, read the historic ordina—
h‘ntany; while thev‘RevyMesln-a‘
1.0. Settle, or at.- Paul's, Walla
VIDA. and Spence ‘Olmhar- o’t- at:
Ilka-s, Spokane. were theme:
{gum theeandidate; - In‘at
“no: were alsoThe‘R-‘ev. G. Ar-‘
2;. «00am «Alene..and'-'the~nev.j
l ‘ line number as law
.. _Wdh- Walla were attho cerv
a; .’ .menm. ud‘un. Nes
‘. It Annny, than Hrs. L. I'.
"new. Miss Nettien. Galbraith.
[ ilk-and Mrs. H. _3. NMfiWu‘nd
h E P. .Lsnchester. firs. Camp
“. Hrs. Bendix, Mrs. Jones. Mrs.
“mm and others. including a
M of Whitman College students.
”at! ladies were also present iron
the church in Prosser, and of course
be. Echmlng's churches in Pasco
ind Kennewick were present in full
, The combined choirs or the two}
Mes sang the Choral Euchar-F
"null Mrs. R. 3. Glen of Peace.
‘5! the oftertory solo. The church
“I Med to its capoelty. end the
Nauru Episcopal ritml. the col
‘l‘lnl vestments or the elem and
Mr, as well as the significance of
succession combined to make a
W-to-be-forgotten impression on
"1 tho were in atten‘dance.
“tar the service, a. luncheon was
and for about 25 guests in the
“In parish hall. Mrs. L. B. John
'“o and Mrs. H. Calvin were in
“he. assisted by Mrs. Joy Perry.
"*1 3. Barr and Mrs. E. Godfrey.
Need Shades
Urglng our county's school bosrds
to take action, Miss Diets, county
nurse, stresses the need for window
shades in all schools where the
problem or glare has become a men
ace to the comervation of sight.
During her rounds of the schools
Miss Diets found several school
of thedsy, the sun shone dinotlyh
the desk 15093. Neither chills. nub.
tnins. blinds. nor awnings m in,
use to prevent children from the
strong glare. _
Sounds Bad, But -
Really Its Good
It's against the Jam toleme 11-h.
yet halt a dozen ruminant young
businessmen at the district were
seen by the me protector doing
that very thing. During the noun-1
the more than 2500 young hound
crapples were taken, to 'eny noth
ing or the hundreds o! carp. met
ers, etc. The game fish were unc
ernngs stranded in the pot hobo
along the flats near the Yakima
river and they were put beet 'tnto
that stream to provide sport in fu
ture years.
The sportsmen, who were enm
_ed in the wet'dlrtyJob‘mElma
Olson. Carl saunter; Walter
Knowles. Joe Martin, Hugh Cope
land and Howard (Fibber) 110009.
Other setnlng operation: this sum
merhasbroucht thetotoltomore
than five thousand baby fish that
have been salvaged. The jobs have
been in charge of Game Protector
Dennis Huntley; _ . .
Mr. Huntley says that while the
take of game birds this fall has
been no more than average per
hunter. there are many. more birds
than have been seen in recent yeare.
Sales ‘or hunting licensee topped all
records this fall, and this is par
ticularly true of the big game.
Newlyweds Entertain
at Spook Party Monday
Mr. and Mrs. Ottar Brue enter
tained the Luther League with a ..
cial at their home Monday ”nfxt
There were sixteen guests present
who enjoyed contestsand games as
well as Halloween pranks during the
evening. Prizes for the evening were
received by Mrs. Floyd Hutchins,
Mrs. Lewis Tweedt and door prize
was given to Lauren Tweedt. The
Haloween motif was carried thru
out the evening’s entertainment and
refreshments. Mrs. Ole Brue was
the assisting hostess. Mr. and Mrs.
Floyd Hutchins and Mr. and Mrs.
Ottar Brue were also presented with
gift showers by those present.
F; F. A. Boys-Dads Will
Attend Yakima Meet
, The ET. A. bOys held their reg
ular meeting Wednesday evening in
the high "school building. They de
cided to go to Yakima November 10
to attend a joint dinner and initia
tion with the other schools of the
Yakima valley. Thirty boys are
planning to attend from the local¢
school and their Dads are being in
‘vited also. The entertainment for
the evening was provided ‘by Viv
Kippes, who gave some accordian
selectidns and the sponsor, Victor
Rogers showed pictures of the school
track meet which were 'taken last
spring and also or the stock show
in‘ Portland. Following the meet
ing a basketball mm was
held in the gym with the eighth
graders, after 'which refralhments
were served by some of“ the bbys:
The agriculture classes have: been
practicing the Judging ”of ,potfim
this'eek. rour‘or‘flVe ofthe boys
‘vv'illhechmen-toatten‘dthe prici
the at Granger Saturdaygwhich is
preparatory-Ito the mm
will _he held 111 W soon.- ~49”
iWamen‘sClub 1W1?
Because o!an mmeefi
ing‘ot'the'mwick _ I “‘st .
bah: scheduled ‘fa‘ ~m‘f"
wnucnz-w. Ammuyth‘e ¢-_
tag has beenpostponeauntn I'o3.
vember- 30. Watch-f this '- z{u'siueu' if)!
further announcements. ’ f 1
Test Hearing
A stop-watch or definite loud-‘
ness has been obtained through
county nurse's office for .use in the
schools. This watch will be used to
detect units of hearing loss among
school children. It is hoped that
several students can be found by
this means in order to make use
of the traveling speech clinics
sponsored by the University of
‘Washington. The Clinic dates for
our Benton County children are No
vember sth at Walla Walls. and
November 10th at Toppenish. Every
child attending these clinics should
be referred through his school. Al
though they are called traveling
speech clinics. they will have equip
ment and personnel for diagnosis of
speech disorders, hearing disabilities
reading disabilities.
"It—Wl K,, A THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1938.
”Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide!
m. ii. u
A‘Gob of Carrots
; Will Buy a Ticket
; to KiWanis Show
Soupßenefit at H. S, Fri
day; Clubmen Promise
Much Entertainment
According to report of Kiwanhns,
ev ‘ is in readiness for the
‘ maria)? Show to be given in
r , . school auditorium Friday
Waning, November 4th, at 8:00.05
i'l'he' first act of music will offer
special and interesting arrange
ments of old favorite songs sung by
Kiwanis Men’s Octette and the Ki
waniannes Ladies Trio. In a setting
of an old-faShioned garden, and
costumed in keeping with the 'ilpirit
of the songs, these two groups of
voices win offer a varied program
ranging from the lively ‘Bicycle
Built for Two’ to the rich and.love
1y sentiment of ‘Loves Old Sweet
Song.’ In this act also will appear
two of the cOmmunitiee outstanding
pianists,‘wss Eva Eleison and M:
Edwin Neuman, who are presenting
and outstanding two piano number.
:“The Funeral March or a Marion
iette,” and others.
.The second act is a smart and
sophisticated story of a modern
married couple 'and their inevitable
arguments over the wife's ability to
play bridge and the husband’s in,-
ability to make even a decent show
ing in the same game. Mrs. Bentley
Galligan is‘directins a cast which
includes Mrs. John Vlbber. Walter
Knowles, Bentley Gallim and
‘Hugh Copeland. -
tickling the runnybones of the and
lends with vaudeville mints. and
will include some interesting tumb
linc'demonstrationsby the school
6189' ML] , edbywnm. " '
Pryceed‘soi the showgare _ior the
Kiwanis‘und'erwrltinc “tree-guilt
ed to under-privilegeduchildrep.‘
and W” 3,108.91“! fruitilrefielns . "
aceepted‘and solicited ‘mexchhnce ;_\
for tickets to the show. ‘;"j;'__ ' ' 5
’.- 7’ -..f .‘i, :7me murday
anerba‘tfiomr 2m Wit
1 2““ .. “$59. .I.- .. -
fr- aim arm am an;
m. ' new mnwg.eanmi;i:,,tf¢e via:
= , . She mmmmu
“comittee, who were on their way
to Colin for a. meeting this‘eveninc
stopped in Kennewick this uter
noon enroute to their destination.
Foods Leaders to Meet
Miss Rae Rusell extension nutri
tionist from the State College will
he in Benton County November 7
and 8 to assist Miss Helen Steiner
Assistant County Agent in meal
preparation work. Project leaders
in foods and nutrition will meet
with Miss Russell and Miss Steiner
on Tuesday. November 8. to begin
their first project work for 1939.
Members of the Walther League
enjoyed a Halloween party in the
church Sunda'y evening. Twenty
guests were taken through the
“chamber of horrors" during the
evening's entertfilnment.
and The Whitglilyfls Spokesman
No. P.-T. A. School
'l'hc P.-'l'. A. school which was
the high school building has
”Whine tonne-M
Yunnan, whomto'eonductthe
Pioneer Farmer
Dies After Long
‘ .. Illnessmt Home
W. H. Witt, Kennewlok pioneer
at his home in the valley Monday
morning following a several months'
mness. -
William Hopkins Witt was born
January 29 1860 at Georgetown,
Tennessee. On Jan. 8, 1902, he was
married to Hattie M. Crowe at
Georgetown and tn 1908 he came to
Kennewlck, whet he has made his
home 'since that time .
He is survived by his widow, Hat
tie M. Witt; three sons, W. 'l‘.
Witt. Reseds. Marnie; Owen
Witt. Georgetown. Tennessee and
Natt Wit-t” Ream: four daugh
ters, Mrs. L. E. Stuart, Gladstone,
Oregon; Mrs. Glen Mitchell. Eliens
burg; Miss Isabel Witt. Seattle; and
Mrs. Myron Davis. Walla. Walla. He
also leaves a, sister. Mrs. W. W.
Beard, Chattanooga. Tennessee.
Funeral services were conducted
at the Funeral Chapel by the Rev.
B. B. Holden Tuesday afternoon.
The Masonic dodge of which order
Mt. Witt had been a'memher for
man than 50 years, had charge of
the sauces at the cemetery. Inter
ment was made in the Rivervlew
Retail “Stores to '
r --Cldse-atsNow
: Wham-5.1 of Kenhewlck end
Paco yin close-1t me o’clock‘ever
Inc the M M 0“! Cm»-
oat-dink to on went _noched to;
.M:m up: “1'! o.l.lan
"ond' with! why-mum
:Weot_«flrlit o: autumn:
tea they-.thmcht the-hemim
time wouldmot prove o W}:
it» mumuch u mama-my
er the o’clock tn the em has
‘hccn humble airing the m
mthsond thot very few mama-I
would hedlscommoad by the earl
ler closing.
The petition lined by the
merchants asks that the mayor or
der the closing siren at five o’clock
meteod‘ot dx.~ The new resino
Similar action is being taken by
the stores in Pasco.
All High School Play
The date set for the all high
school play is Friday, November 18.
The play is entitled. “Spring W
and launder them of man
KatherinePontl. There are twelve
Win theplaylneludlncm
dents fromoall three classes of the
senlor high school. '
fificiais Expect
. Large Vote to
Be Cast Tuesday
.Hold City Primaries Also;
Commissioner Race is
Still a .Doubt
With the largest: tlonever
listed upon theflfige‘rgandthe
large number ad since the pri
maries leads officials to believe that
Tuesday's election will be one of the
tion, save a couplegmcloee contest:
between 'the cahdi . The na
tional situationis ' the in
terest between and Hill and.
the race for co ner between
Hudnallandedh isawarmone
Most observers predict that Mr.
Moulton will be one of the repre
sentatives selected from this district.
selection of his running mate. In
this end of the district it seems to
be generally thought that D. W.
member of the legislature, while
the county that Coe is favored to
Polls will be open Tuesday from
night, at the three regular voting
places in'town andtheaameplacea
The city primaries will be held
tion for the city officers early in De
cember. It is maimed that A. A.
date for mayor. with C. A. Craw
ford on the Citiaen'a Ticket andA.
E.HoweontheNon-Partiaan Tick
et. The only contest remaining on
either ticket. then will here: the
ottiee oi' colmalman-at-large, lil
«initiatives 3 , . _,
mem be m
at the printing mummy”...
ninr'as mint“ ..,.._ .- ,~
made "ammo
L m. 33% Eqamuesdayi
.' .. nwm'fifihew' _‘
§ cw. VM’ °
‘ mdflrnetm 11!, ..
- ' mm. we: Mn!
o'clock. An mwhenm unwed-to
At mryhm u s Stonehenge.‘
the Stonehengeonsnbburyplun
mEngland. Itmdedcnedmd‘
built by the late Samuel am. good
roadsenthusust sndrukoadmn
‘m m-thomuethcmmrysuu
'sumehence. ;
CLOSE macs
www.mmm. 'lbe
quetmtheevenmsut the hull.
monthttdny. , ‘ ‘
musteamreottho any inno
nu- :3.me cluaenamoanoomnd.
will be the annual team! name
schools. mmmhmedon
Amen to Head
C. of C. for 1939
0; premium of the Mot
gins up ohm ever time. This
office. with Walter Knowles .5 vwe
preddcnt.Alltheranunm¢ust of
Htpvehbreuons terminator
required. mmmwment,
{or the ammunmnxtppro
‘cmuon for the services an. An
mmunlty. On behalf or the
membership. Mr. Powell MM
the retina: pmddent with t beaut
iful boquet of yellow chrysanthe
mums. .
Washburh Files for
Benton P.U.D. Director
Roy Washbum tonight filed his
petition to become a candidate for
the office of commissioner from the
Kennewick district on the Benton
County Public Utility Distriotmd.
His name will be on the hello.“
along with that of Guy Bm. in
cumbent. The election % he;
,oounty-mmrumw field the
:mi 01' December.“ Any registered
special election.
Get to Vote for
Two Representatives
attention is being called to the
thisdistflct. Thedlstrictcommsea
represmwuve and e fourth of e
senator. Semsmofhscou
On the republican ticket. M. M.
arethepafiynomlneu. Voteuue
omee. »
Home First Aid
doesnot need, to Batman or
emanate. EmanueJhouldhnvc
m,md cm m at tbs
formula; - -
..l-hchoolnpnuanulhdu In
Fm an: ..33 mm. pct
:r'risurn Wu 5 par
oontunnlcnddjouy. . --
Aromatic Spirit of Annual... 1
mutant-nun». ‘
mall'- _ ‘
l-Inch and a-lnch roller bund
eyes. Mahmudbestewe; my
:mlxup withyourflmudm
[Wmmmmuct poi
lsons. skin lotion which are no:
Boysbflnz van-Madma
quet at the Christian church Wod
Anderson Sells
, Auto Business
to Pasco Firm
Chevrolet Agency to Be
Continued Here; Sell
Shell P roducts
‘ Several business chem have
‘teken place ln Kennewlck in the
put few weeks. chief of much will
;A. 'A. Anderson Chevrolet 00. to
In. Fred Huber 0! Pan». Other
gunmen lnclude the chance o! lo
the Reed hulldlnc at. the toot'ot
Kennewlck avenue to the bulldln;
next to the Kennewlck Implement
00.. the maul or Wink: Auto
Parts Co. and them Shoe
Shop. the latter two' movlnc to
The announcement at the clas
lns out of the clothing business op
potable utter the first of the year
to 111 mm several locations for
the umbnlhment o! e W bul
lneu on the coat. 9 ,
‘Mr. Uta came to Kennewlck to
button in Procter for several
lax-macaw. Hannah-sheen
While the den 1: not yet closed.
menthuMenx-eached fox-tho
chance of ownership or the Arrow
arm. 'Tmnster of ‘the 110 cm 13
away afternoon the tins! de
tells of the den! between Mr. An
deuon and Mr. Huber were com
pleted. Mr. Anderson is selling his
Chevrolet sales and service business
pd has entered into a deal for the
parakeets. of a Chevrolet and Olde
gnob e agency at “We. Ore
gon» Helene-fin . ‘6! the
week to take over his new humus
next Tuesday morning.
Bowman Crawford Donahue will
inove to Mr. Anderson's new busi
ness location. as will also the fore
msn or his repair department. It
is possible also that Miss Tillie Kuh
will also continue to be employed
by in. Andemn at. Molilinnville.
decibel: m Kcnnewlck math.
\ The Kennewick Chevrolet agency
ihss been one o! the outstsndinc
successes. both in that line end
among Kennewick business institu
tions. In the.flve end s half years
Mr. Anderson has owned the bus
iness he has crestly eniuced his
facilities. purchased the building
and the three lots adjoining and
hes msde sn envisble record in as:
3318. ‘ , u.
The new owner. Mr. Huber of
Auto 00.. and has already named
his new business venture the Ken
newick Auto 00. While under his
direct supervision. the local agency
will be under the W or
01.. Hodge.
‘ineu mono! Peace endheebeen'
‘ieenunoa with may or the civic
eptivitiee on tint side at the rim.
He be! M Joined the Km
wick—chem ot-eommemeenqvln
one east we mean (with
betterment at. the local comma».
ity. InPeeeohe home-mm
the chemlet end Old-noun .ee
prom.m.dietribntouhipot the.
mun-r '. --, “
The weather
m-W'm axe-pa: m an ;
been norm-alum 'm o! m;
WWM‘ "ream
Im= _
l 1937
Out. 27—76-51
Oct. 23—72-55
Oct. “-51
Oct. ao—a-u
Oct. 81—58-36
Nov. 1—66-8‘
Nov. Hl4O
Momthmmty membersottho
son ninth with ‘2fllm.
N 6. 31
60-0 '
174 -
- 5'48 .

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