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The Kennewick courier-reporter and the White Bluffs spokesman. [volume] (Kennewick, Wash.) 1938-1939, November 24, 1938, Image 8

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Miss Nelson to
Wed Yakima Man
RICHLAND—Mrs. Vic Neison re
turned home from Yakima Sunday.
While there she attended a bridge
luncheon at which Miss Hazel Nel
son was hostess. Inscribed tallies
revealed the ‘be'throthal' of her sis
ter Georgia Nelson to Wayne
Thompson of Yakima. The wedding
will» take place De mber 2in Pasco.
Miss Nelson. “cream
Nelson at Richland. was graduated
from the Richland high school. She
attended Washington State College
and was also a graduate of Kinman
Business College of Spokane. Her
fiance, son of Mrs. Laura Thomp-1
son of Yakima. attended school in
Yakima. He is ‘ now employed by
the Pacific Power and Light Co. in
lYakima, where the couple plan to;
we. 1
Mr. and Mrs. George Wright of
Kennewick were Thanksgiving din
ner guests at the. J. C. Johnstone
Thanksgiving services were held
at the Methodist church from
seven to eight a.m. Thanksgiving
morning by the Rev. Danials.
Mary Jane Griffith, Shirley Pet
erson, Lorraine Bolt, and Betty
Schiffner, Richland high school
student accompanied by their ad
visor, Mrs. Dighton, attended a
meeting of the Girls’ League held
at Waitsburg Saturday.
Word was received this week that
Ethyl E. Mann. youngest daughter
of Dave Mann of Richland, was
married in Spokane to Keth Rush
ton of Grand Coulee dam. They will
make their home in Mason City,
where the groom is employed.
. Mr. and Mrs. James Hearty and
son Dick of Amberg. Wisconsin, ar
rived in Richiand Saturday to make
their home. Mrs. Hearty is a daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Redman.
Dave Mann received word this
and Mrs. Harvey Mann of Spokane.
.;Ja Warden arrived from Cutbank,
Montana Saturday to be with his
wife, who is ill at the Pasco hospi
Francis Kindney is m with scar
let fever.
Mr. and Mn. Ed Peddicord and
daughters spent the week-end visit
ing at the home of Peddjcord's sis
ter and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
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mproper‘h eatlng’, cold - ,
.' . .' .
floors dead sta nant alr
’. . 9
1 . - - ..
ack of warm alr clrcula- "
tion: are the causes of many winter-time ills.
The. new Coleman Heater protects health and gives
morecomfort because it has a two-way heating service. ,
When Heat-Reflector Doors are open, heat radiates into
a focused-comfort zone. When doors are closed heat cir
culates. throughout the room.
This’rwarm air flow is 35% greater than'formerly.
Floors and_¢orners are kept warm. Cold air layers and
stagnant dead. air pockets are broken up. Huge quan
tities of freshly warmed air circulate through the house.
The temperature is kept uniformly warm and healthful
from floor to cealing. ;
Protect the health of your family with a Coleman
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Furniture Department
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Chriskmas Merchandise
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to see our many lines before
you complete your Christmas
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Certificate Store
and Furniture Co. —.
Robert Ross. Mr. Ross is postmast
er at. Grand Coulee and was the
former editor of the Richland Ad
The Richland boys basketball
team played Columbia here last
Friday night. the local boys lost by
a 17 to 22 score. It was a. fine game
and the local boys have the makings
of a good strong team for this sea
son. eledese having brand new
suits, it was the first game to be
played in Richland’s fine new gym.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Muncey and
daughter, Kathleen, were Prosser
visitors Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pugh ‘and
children of Withro are spending the
holiday at the home of Dr. and Mrs.
Lemon. Mr. Pugh was the physical
education teacher in the Richland
high school last year
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Berry are the
parents of a son born last Wednes
day at the Pasco hospital.
The county nurse visited the
Richiand schools Wednesday.
Vern Wetherite, former Richiand
resident and Miss Anderson of Cor
fu were married last Tuesday. They
were visitors in Richland Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Coats and Mrs.
Coats, sr. of Kennewick spent Sun
day visiting at the home of Fannie
Lewis. . ‘
Claude Wetheral of Carson is vis
iting his brother. C. Wetheral.
Mr. and Mrs. Creamer and family
of Yakima are spending the week
end at the home of Mrs. Creamer’s
father, Dr. Lemon.
Gus Long and son Art spent Sun
day' at Corfu visiting at the home
of Mr. Long’s daughter, Mrs. Lynn
The first play to be given in the
new auditorium at the grade
school will be given tonight by the
grade pupils. The play is entitled
the “Indian Princess.”
Mrs. Roy Allen, Mrs. Meredith
and Mrs. Ford Hutton were dinner
guests Sunday at the home of Mrs.
Ora Ford.
Mrs.'Stairet and daughter, Dorcas
and Mrs. Ruth Carmichael drove to
Seattle Wednesday to spend the
Velma Meredith and Milo Mc-
Clendon drove over from Seattle on
Wednesday to spend the holidays
visiting in Richland.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Lowden of Yak
ima were guests Sunday at the Vic
Nelson home. Mrs. G. E. McClendon
and sons Milo and Earle spent the
Thanksgiving at the home. of Del
bert Avery in Pasco.
Guests at the home of Mrs. T. A.
Meredith for Thanksgiving includ
ed her daughter, Velma of Seattle.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Woods and
family of Yakima and Ford and
Dick Hutton of Yakima.
E. Wilman, Mrs. Peterson and
daughter Shirley drove“ to Spokane
Wednesday to spend the week-end.
Mrs. B. E. Koontz, Mr. and Mrs.
Millard Grogen and Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Derrick, all of Freewater,
Oregon, spent Friday visiting at the
home of Rev. and Mrs. Danials.
Miss Holn'is is spending the week
end at home in Prosser.
Guests at the C. S. Billington
home on Thanksgiving day includ
ed M. M. Billington and family of
Yakima, D. S. Billington and fam
ily of Sunnyside and Mr. and Mrs.
Pete Hanson 'of Richland.
The Kennewick Richland Tur
key Local met Tuesday evening at
the C. J. Barnett home.
The Lutheran ai'd met Tuesday
at the home of Mrs. A. Willmsen
for an all-day meeting.
Paul Draper, who is working at
'rieton, spent the week-end at the
home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Alfred Draper.
Friday afternoon Mrs. John Erick
son entertained Mrs. .Bert Gray,
Mrs. George Krohling, Mrs. Antone
Norling, Mrs. Satter, Mrs. George
Schemitzki and Mrs. Arvid Kron.
Mr. and Mrs. Antone Norling ac
companied by Sari Erickson drove
to Seattle Thursday, where they will
spend the week-end.
Helen Erickson of Yakima is
spending the week-end at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Erickson. '
Francile Fletcher who teaches in
Vancouver is spending the week
end at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. F. Fletcher.
Grandma. Deitrich, who has been
confined to her bed for the past
month, following a. fall dawn the
cellar steps at the home of her son,
19219919 $9-109 up- MIS- Deitrich
is 92 years old and makes her home
with her son. L. G. Deitrich.
John Deitrich of Wisconsin is vis
iting at the home of his brother L
G. Deitrich.
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Hull and son
of Lebanon, Oregon and Mr. and
Mrs. Sam~Hull of Crane, Montana,
spent Thanksgiving at the home of
Mrs. Ora. Ford.- Friday they all left
for Lebanon, Oregon. _
Melva Hartung, who is attending
business school in Yakima, is spend
ing the week-end at. the home of
her parents.
Mary'Cheyne, Gertrude Hackney,
Lyllian Carlson, Geraldine Dam, all
of .who are students or Cheney, are
spending the week-end at their re
spective homes.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben McGhan and
daughter Ruth are spending the
holiday visiting at the home of Mc-
Gran’s sister in Homedale, Idaho.
Mr. and Mrs. A. s. Murray and
son .Brainard left Wednesday for
Wenatchee, where they had Thanks
giving dinner at the home,of their
son-in-law and daughter, Mr. arui
Mrs Donald West.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Burgen 0! Ida
ho were Wedensday night visitors
at the Harlan Burgen home Thurs
day morning, Mr. and. Mrs. B. sur
gen and Mr. and Mrs. Harlon Bur
gen drove to Camas to spend
Thanksgiving day at the home or
their parents.
Glen Richards drove over from
the coast the first of the week to
visit at the home of his sister,.Mrs.
Marvin Skeen, Tuesday Mrs. Skeen
and small son accompanied Glen
Richards to Spokane, where they
spent Thanksgiving at the home of
their mother. .
Leone Skeen of Kennewick spent
Thanksgiving at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Skeen.
. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Vandine were
visitors in Spokane Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Sonw were
visitors in Roslyn the first of the
week. _ _ ~
The Nig Vandine home was the!
scene of a family reunion Thongs:
giving—Wrié'fi‘thé'fil’t. Viiiidime~ ram
ily,'Mrs. Idabell Hess, and family,
Jess Millard and family,» Ray Reed
er and family,"all of Richlan‘d, Mr.
and Mrs. Leslie Lewis and family
of Kennewick and Mr. and Mrs.
Orin Robinson and daughter ofl
Pasco, spent the day there. 1
Mrs. Hugh Vandine and Mrs.
Ada. Dickerson were visitors Sun
‘day in Walla Walla.
‘ Anna Lee Hughes of Yakima is
lvisiting to-day at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. John Erickson.
Highlanders to '
Cuoperate With
Woman’s Club
HIGHLANDS All” Highlanders
_ and friends are urged to help the
Kennewick Highlands ‘Woman’s
Club by collectingand saving sales
slips, to help them win the “First
Award of 375': in the new Kenne
wick Courier-Reporter campaign
Contest? ‘ " ‘ ~--- w" -_
The Highland Woman's Club will
meet for their regular meeting De
cember 2 at the Highland clubhouse.
Roll call will be responded to by
telling “What Christmas Means to
Me." Hostesses for the day will be
as follows: Mrs. N. L. Foraker; Mrs.
Smith, Mrs. Burdette Boles, Mrs. W.
Moore. . -4 ‘ ' _
Scouts to Collect Tcys
Members of the Highland-Box
Scout'Troop 29 will pick .up bro
ken tgys and' glazed cqvered magg
~zines Safur'dé'i,"Dfiéfi'fief'fi‘ffihiéne
having either or both to donate.
please have them ready.
The M. N. Hudnall family are
Thanksgiving guests today at the
Ray Kelso home in Walla Walla.
Mrs. G. Leber and infant son,
left the Pasco hospital Saturday
and were taken tn the home of Mrs.
Leber’s parents, Mr and Mrs. M.
Kippes on the Riverroad.
Mrs. B. H. Calkins of Alburquer
que, New Mexico is a. guest this
week of her brother, C. H. Meyer
and family.
E. J. Brand attended an irriga
tion meeting in EllenSburg last
Mrs. Fred Giles and son, Berg
man, are spending the Thanksgiv
ing holiday in Spokane with their
daughter and sister, Miss Lorraine
Giles. They will return home Sat
urday. _ .
this week of her daughter, Mrs. E.
J. Brand.
Mr. and Mrs. _W; Felton left on
Tuesday for Seattle to make an ex
tended visit with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank White left
Friday evening for an extended vis
it in the Southern States.
Mrs. W. (Grandma) Foraker has
been a guest at the home of her
son, Lemar Foraker and family.
C. C. Doering and daughter.
Bertha. and son Paul motored last
week to Ralston, where they visit
ed at the John Kine home.
Mrs. Allan Moller, who has been
a guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
N. L. Foraker, left this week for
her home in Hogtiam.
Mr. and Mrs. allace Preston en
tertained with a dinner party at
their home Sunday evening. Covers
were laid for eight Two tables or
bridge followed with high score go
ing to Mr. and Mrs. Willard
Campbell, second high to Mr. and
Mrs: Harry Benson and consolation
prize to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Bishop and
family were Sunday visitors at the
home or Mr. and Mrs. Herschell
Smith and family. .
W. 3. Green attended Masonic
study club in Grandvlew Monday
Mr. and Mrs.éc. Wiggins and
daughter. Roxey, have recently
moved to the old McElroy blue on
the South Highlands, owned by Mrs.
Minnie Owens, recently vacated by
the Ted Davis family.
Miss Betty Jean Rutherford ts
making her home this winter with
her uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs.
E. P. Story. while going to school.
Mrs. Herscheil Smith and infant
daughter were brought from the
Pasco hospital to their home on the
Smith Highlands Saturday.
Miss Louise ~Simsen of Yakima is
spent Thanksgiving at the home of
her mother; Mrs. Bertha Simsen
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Christensen
and son. Chas... were Yakima visit
ors Monday. -
Henry Pauisen and daughter.
Beatrice and Harold Lahti, motored
to Spokane Monday with a load of
Arthur 'Peterson arrived from
Oregon and is a guest at the home
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Bill Willia'ms left Wednesday for
Yakima to- spendlthe holidays with
his father. Wallace Williams.
A shower was given honoring Mrs.
Harry Higley at I’her home Friday
afternoon. About forty ladies were
present. Refreshments were served
at the close of the afternoon.
Ted Watkins geturned to Toppen
ish Tuesdayevening, after spending
a short time with home folks.
David Tweet, W.S.C. student is
spending Thanksgiving at the home
of . his parents, Mr. and .Mrs. E. C.
Tweet. John Tweet of Pullman,
went to Seattle to visit friends ov
er theholidays and will attendthe
U. of'W. and W.S.C. football game
next Saturday.
‘ The Highland Bridgetolub will
meet next Wednesday, November 30
tor 3,1:30 dessert with Mrs. Art
Slmsen as hostess. ‘
~~--Mrs.—-Frank Lampson and Mrs.-
Ted Watkins assisted with the 4-H
Achievement dinner at the school
cafeteria 'Saturday‘.‘ ‘ ' ‘
Forrest Gragg of Toppenish risitf
ed Sunday with his family on the
South Highlands. ‘
Mrs. W. B. Paulson and Mrs. Del
mar Pauison were .Yak'ima visit
ors ‘iast Thursday: '
A Thanksgiving dinner is being}
held today at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Harley Peter. . 'Covers were
laid for Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mis
ner' and family, Mrs. Don Peter and
children of Butte, Montana and Mr.
and Mrs. Bruce Lampson and Mr.
and Mrs. Harley Peter and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee ‘Boiltelle and
son Billy were 8 day visitors at
the William :3 home in the
Horse Heaven. ‘
“Mrs:Clufs"'9§fa:k£:'l 3216365111011;
ard of Chicago, al ved last Sunday
to visit at‘the magic of her- parent-$-
Mr. and Mrs. W.- B. Paulson. Mr.
_Warter will arrive later, coming to
spend/Christmas here with his
family. ' .
A fami‘y dinner was held at the
Ted Watkins be e on~ Tuesday.
Covers were laid or’Mr.,and 2.11.5.
Joe Watkins and daughter, Kaye.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed atkins and her
daughter, Martha, and son Darrell.
and Mr. and Mrs. ed Watkins and
daughter. Rose and Opal.
Bridge followed dinner.
Kennewlck _ d 8 grange will
hold their ' meeting on No
vember 25 ' of usual date.
' The mung omemakers (:3
club. hela th , meeting“ it
’Wobds on Homage:- 3. The cooked
food sale was discussed and was
given at the Red and White store
Saturday. November 5. The High
land Homemakers room improve
ment club. will not enroll again for
the coming year.
The Highland Homemakers club
held their usual meeting November
10 at the home of their leader. Mrs.
Woods was presented with a gift for
her fine leadership of the past year.
The demonstiztion for November
wasgivenont eselectionoi'shoes
by Verdine Poraker. Madene Shields
giving a demonstration on “Press
ing Wool Garments." at the No
vember 17 meeting.
Extension Office
Offers Savory
Meat Dishes
‘ One of the many problems facing
the average housewife today is that
of trimming down the ever-mount
ing grocery bill. Modern packaged
and ready-to-serve foods. or foods
requiring a minimum amount of
time or skill for preparation, have
an inviting appeal to most of us.
says Miss Helen Ssieiner. Ass’t Coun
ty Agent in Home Economics. and
sometimes they have an uncanny
draining effect on our pocketbooks.
The most effective method of
conserving the family bank roll is
to stop the biggest leaks first. Or-:
dinarily, a check on habits of buy
ing and preparing meats will solve
this difficulty for a large number;
of families. Expensive cuts are less
nutritious than some of the norm
inexpensive cuts of meat and with
a little time and thought can be
made quite interesting and flavor
ful. Old world countries have their
favorite wayagolmaking tough meats
tender by long. slow simmering.
Witness. Irish stew. Hungarian
goulash. tench ragout or fricasse.
and Russion mm. For many Am
ericans. however, time is a a plan
ium and they are unable to prepare
the tougher cuts in this way except
for special occasions.
The quick-cooking ground meats.
products of the machine age. are a
convenience to the homemaker who
is either employed or assisting with
the necessary work on the ranch.
They are a perennial favorite with
the children. and have endless pos
sibilities in combination with other
food stuffs.
Ground meat is a broad term in
cluding ground veal and lamb pat
ties as well as hamburger and pork
sausage. Whatever the kind.
ground meat should he kept very
cold and for only a short period of
time. Spoilage organisms develop
meats with less surface exposure.
A combination of two or more
kinds of ground meat often makes
a pleasing blend of flavors. Beet
selections. Milk. salt pork, diced
and tried until light brown and
crisp. gives a distinctive flavor in a
beefloaf. 'l‘hetattriedoutotthe
celery. onion, parsley. or other lea
sonings in the dripping to develop
their flavor. and use in a sauce to
“bind” the loaf during cooking.
or egg for a binder.
crate heat in the oven that keeps
meat from losing its Juice too rap
idly, browns it without burning and
cooks it evenly from center to out
er edge. Shredded raw potato add
ed to meat loaf serves a double pur
pose, that of making the loaf less;
compact and of holding the juices
within the meat loaf or meat bails.‘
A medium raw potato. one egg. 1,5
tsp. salt, '1 tablespbon of lemon
juice, a few grains of nutmeg, add,
ed to one pound of ground sound
L steak will make an interesting and
new inexpensive meat loaf that will
assist 'materiaily in helping out the
family food W and will also
please the family. These may also
be rolled into individual meat balls.
Gravy-to be served should be made
with a tomato or milk base as the
miee-i§:l3e.l9lyithin-£h¢ meat and s
consequently there is no juice to
use as a base for the gravy. }
Thank you for the fine vote‘ you
gave :_ne and I hope that. associated
with your Mn. Moulton. we may
work together for the good,ot the
district as a whole.
Notice of General Election
Notlce 'ls hereby given that on
the 6th day‘ of December. 1938 a
general election will be held in the
city of Kennewick. state of Wash
ington; for the election of the 101-
lqwing city officers; May”. Cit):
Treasurer; City Clerk. City Attor
ney, two councilman. first ward;
unecohnclh'nnn. second ward: one
councilman. third ward; one coun-
cuman'at urge. ' -_ -
The election will be opened at 8
o'clock in the morning and will con
tinne until s-o'clock in glue evening
of the wne‘day. - ' ~
The polling booths will be at the
following places: firsg ward. -city
hall; second-ward, Kennewick Auto
company; third ward. Standard.
Lumber company‘s office.
Dated this 24th day of November.
1938._ _- '
Wampbeu. city clerk.
Order YOUt Ph'isfn-pc hinfi“-."
mm now so that you mu m.
m}. 3494““
your friends who live afar. ”T
Locust Grove
; Grange Guests
: of Valley Grange
mum VALIEY—Veuey
grunge will put on the nut and
second degree: at the regular meet
ing Friday. December 2. Locust
Grove grunge will be the guest of
Valley on December 16.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wagner end
Mr: J. E. Odom of Freeware:- were
guests My at the Ram home.
madamwentontoslrokme for
a visit with her doughters.
Mr. and Mrs. Bmm returned on
Sunday otter amending the No
tion-. 1 Ounce convention 3t Port
A goodly number “tended the
meeting of the Fourth Frldey club
Friday at the home of Mrs. Ernng
Berg. 'lhe moving picture put on
by Mrs. Ethel erkle was very much
enjoyed. Hrs. Sandberk end urn.
McClure were esslstent hostel-es.
me next meeting the Christmas
partywlllbeheld atthehomeof
Mrs. umpson on Tuesday, Decem
ber 20th.
Hrs. w. H. Witt spent two any:
last week with her daughter and
son-m-hw. Mr. nnd Mrs. Mike D:-
vis nt wan W 311... Then they
left Wednesdny to at WV
lnz dinner with her dnughter. mu
Isobel Witt a Seattle.
mu Evelyn Sandbag rammed
mmmm. In. B. A.
r ' S3O,
£2?“i§ 2",".'.' «k - ‘ " 'l'“ "
Wr" .3 o o.‘ b ' ‘
§§ 133771.15, ' 'o‘ ‘o‘ 3 ’
.3 o'o 4 755*
4s 336‘.
=-::5-=;s;3§t?§&;. ‘“ o o o o ‘
‘ '-.§ 139:3»: ‘‘ ‘ ‘
%‘&z3.§az"'+f ' ° 0 ~ ’
33,30” ‘ ' ' ' 4
"'-'-'~,__.,_g;;e,§E-ié=~"“ .‘.’.‘.‘.
afiyj'; 3' 1 .’.°.'.‘.
33‘: “’33?
.7, "12.3
g ' '
‘: _ '
‘s2 "'. . f
. x "
Mutt: (Mi
5.5-2.3"- , ’g“)\ V , ,
,:;-;2..:.: , - .é _ 4* ‘
J / 5”" = “ch-QM >
. ’ f { . ’ ‘ 5 ”-.f ‘s‘!“ a
‘ / ‘u; a: 4W” A “D“
, . 4* ' = 1%?“ " 7:335} 'l/ \
, ' Gl iii-~35?“£573"??? 1% ’ l“
~ I if .' fl >V§xfi§3ty 3‘
1; , -. v‘ :1 h;
‘_‘ ‘bVA g £55? ~.;?-.:-I:::i: 0”} €s9}
1, <4l: '«
‘ ‘ 2:2" ._ ._ ‘... ~'t-:- I‘h' '/
.. 'll zzz== ‘ 1 V, ' i
r a ' w. ' ‘\\s’ '
‘ ’ a. '. .é§33‘;ll§¢- .: \ ‘1:- _» 1“ ‘1 /, .'l
‘ . ‘ w v- H‘Ygtfifi")? fifir J. (
‘ A" ,r’ 3%: v, ""r 3’
t. w r," [I / \ \.' "it-5:. Y‘ KK“ \ ‘l‘
‘ g “H .1 K .~ V k . \ “ ».
”PW "' i ”\fyg XE‘E 3‘
A \ \ ' "
‘ . \, ~-. “, \ f'
. \ ‘fl. . 'x '
‘‘ _ ‘ .A ». "H"
v ‘. . , > \. n ,I’ . \ ’fl:
.\%'w I. ' \\ J/rfll
‘ _ - . > \ . . 1' " ‘ "». H
'' ‘ \\. s‘. I Hr4(‘‘~ \. - fiq‘l’gggfi
. "\g . A ‘3l: "\ ' i*s ~;
_ - , N???" -, '. ‘ "‘\ t m ‘x 1"”?! 7:": ' '
. \\ | \ ‘ g \ ,r‘ .V' v. :1. .6" ' "“5
-, A.‘ .. , \\; V,. ‘. V htk /’.I ‘ Z ’ll '- nip. r'mm'-.,..a‘w
fl um...mm,..52475
' -' H NEW and “USED ‘ ~9
. ‘ "‘s-‘ia’.
DAVENPORT V - s ‘ - $ "
SETS 20 to 98‘
..BADIOS.. cleétric or' ' , $5 $75"
,battcry5e15.................... ’lO w;
Breakfast, Dining or Bedroom Sets '1 "
~ W W
Bargain in New or Used 01’! 110910138 h
Spring .Filled Mattresses ‘T 5;
Durocher’s Bargain Store“ 3,
5' ' _ KENNE’W’I'C‘KT” 1:. .
-‘'‘ . . v i
fihvs.,. Saissshns 3W This sm
Mma,_i“;_(bttlfrca "Slim! " d
Thursday. November 34, n.
Word has been receim ‘”I
birth or a son to Mr. m We. Il
mer mwlaer at the Paco m
Born to Mr and Mrs. Inga h
meroon a son on Sunday, Nov“
20. Mrs. Kemp! is the a“.
Hon. Knuw Hill was an 0".
night guest at the Mrs. Lg. 1.”.
son home Sunday and left “on“!
morning for Washington, D. c.
Mr. and Mrs. Ford Gumm «154
Icon were week-end guests It W
home of Mrs. Gumm's parent; If
and Mrs. Leslie J. Smith. a"
wene on their way home from It.
tending the National Cam “I
vention at Portland. Mr, N “I;
Smith accompanied them hm ~
spend the Thanksgiving ham”.
Miss Billy Markham 0! Dim
was a. week-end guests at the In”.
con home.
Correction “‘.
In last week's pnper the m d
the Withers tire on the m‘
was given as defective M
reflection upon the Wm. 9".
apparently. was not the M
ther it was defective “MM
'me Withers Wish thll m
nude in fairness to the meow
who did the wiring.
Schubert Club
Follows the recall: rem
Tuesday or the Schubert Club, a.
bond met and decided on an m.
for the annual Christmas m
The date set. is Sunday evening,“
camber 18. The 32 mm In
working hard with their cm.
Chet-lee Asbury in W m.
this concert. ‘
.0000!“ 0! TIM! . . . I'M
_-_ A, ,I. ’‘. ' "..' ’ ‘
. ' ' n' .31; ”I“?

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