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County Commissioners Proceeding
Cancellation of tax against lot 16,
block AA. Prosper, for the year 1 900,
Rebate on personal property tax
to l>. H. $8.46; ordered.
Rebate on personal tax to C. S.
King, $5.1 fc; ordered
Order for establishment of county
road near Kennewick by reason* of
Order for establishment of county
road near Kennewick by reason of
Order for establishment of county
road near Badger by reason of
Fin'ey Drainage District hearing
postponed to 1 0 a. m., May sth, 190 S.
Richland Drainage District estab
lished and W. Li. Muncey appointed
County printing contract awarded
to Republican-Bulletin.
Tax assessed on lot 22, block J,
Rich Addition to Prosser, ordered
The following polling places in the
voting precincts of Benton county
w-re designated:
Prosser precinct, old City hall.
Kennewick precinct, Commercial
Club hall.
Wellington precinct, school house.
Exoansion precinct, postoffiee, Ply
Rattlesnake precinct, school house
District No. 5.
Faterson precinct, Paterson Land
Co's ball.
White Bluffs precinct, school
Kiona precinct, M. W. A. hall.
Hover precinct, opera house.
Fiulcy precinct, Valley hotel.
Richland precinct, Benton Water
Co.'s hall.
Cade precinct, school house.
North Prosser precinct, Buena
V't.! schcvl house.
Fas 4 Piodsei' precinct l Spekker's
West ~>i osser precinct, old Ward
school house.
Horse Heaven precinct, school
Hearing of surveyor's report on
O. W. Baker road postponed until
Tuesday, May sth, 1908, at 10:3 ft
a. m.
Formation of school district 29
within the following boundaries ap
Commencing at a point where the
north line of section 10, Twp. 13 N..
R. 27, E W M.. crosses the Columbia
river; thence west to the NW cor
ner of section 7, Twp. 13 N.. R. 27,
E. W. M , thence S to the NW corner
of section 30. Twp. 13 N., R. 27, E.
W M., thence W to the NW corner
of section 29, Twp. 13 N., R. 26, E.
W M.; thence Stc the SW corner of
sec tion S 1 2-26; thence E to the Col
umbia river: thence along said river
to the place of beginning
Formation of school district 3ft
vi'hiu the following boundaries ap
Beginning at the SW corner of
34. Twp. 7 N., R 21 E. W.
M.; tlience east to the SE corner of
section 33. Two. 7 N., R. 25, E. W ,
M.; thence north to the NE corner of!
section 16, Twp. 7 N., R. 25, E. W.
tar, J. E. TULL —»
I Back Comhx | The Busy Corner
We Invite Inspection -
of the following recent buyings of seasonable merchandise
Ladies' Oxfords Straw Hats
and Low Shoes in tans, patent leather A big and entirely r.ew line of this
and black, $1.75, $2.25. $2.50, $3.00 , , , .
seasons shapes tor men at prices that
Men's Oxfords wiSkwpyoßCooL
in latest lasts and shape, extra quality, ■ - • tr> t• ±
$3.50 and $400 Men's Shirts
_ The biggest line of fancy and work
Puritan Hosiery shirts in town. In this line we quote
For Ladies Misses and Children temptingly low prices.
We have the prettiest line of samples for men's M ADE
TO-ORDER SUITS in the city. We guarantee our
measurements to insure a perfect fit.
We carry the "AMOCAT" brand of canned goods, the
best in the Northwest, in our Grocery Department.
The Busy Corner = = KENNEWICK
AL; thence west to the NE corner of
i section 15, Twp. 7 N, R. 24, E. W.
M.; thence north to the NE corner of
section 10. Twp. 7 N„ R. 24. E. W.
.M.; thence west to the NW corner of
section 10. Twp. 7 N., R. £4, E. W.
M.: thence south to place of begin
Final resolution in the matter of
•ho state Aid road passed.
Formation of Carlev voting pre
inct ordered as follows:
Beginning at the township line be
tween townships 5 and C on the west
nundary line of Benton county, run
ning thence cast to the NW corner of
section 4, Twp. 5 N., R. 25, E W.
VI.; thence south on section lines
to the Columbia river: thence south
westerly following the meandering
of said river to the west boundary
line of Benton county; thence north
on the boundary line to the place o:
Taxe*s assessed on the east 1-2 o
Sec. 26-14-26 for the years 1905 an;"
1906 ordered canceled.
Hearing of engineer's report on
road petitioned for by Clyde Robin
son to be held at 10;30 a. m , May 5
Hearing on the report, of the en
gineer on road petitioned for by l T
S. Case to be held at 11 a in., May 5,
Hearing upon the report of tin
engineer on road petitioned for b v
Thos. Hickman to be held at 11:45
a. m,. May 5, 1908.
Petition for road by Willis E
Washburn referred to county engi
ne°r for examination.
Petition for road by A. .T Merri
I field referred to county engineer fo
Petition for road by J. W. Field
referred to county engineer for ex
Commissioner Crosbv and county
engineer ordered to view pronosed
improvements on Benson road.
Transfer of $1,000 from the Gen
eral Road and Bridge Fund to Dis
trict Road and Bridge Fund No. 2,
Liquor license bond of Dew &
Lokan. Richland, approved.
Official bond of N. E. Palmer, road
supervisor, Kiona Road District, ap
Old traveled road from
Springs to White Bluffs established
as county road.
Report of R. B. Walker, county
treasurer, for the quarter ending
March 30th, 190S, showing cash on
hand of £58,323.43, approved.
Replat of tract 21, White Bluffs
City and Orchard Tracts, approved
Plat of Harris's Addition to Rich
land approved.
Cancellation of taxes for the year
1907 on the following land ordered:
S 1-2 N Wl-4 and W 1-2 NE 1-4
of Sec 24-8-24.
F 1-2 SW 1-t of Sec. 24-8-24.
SE 1-4 of See. 24-9-24.
NE 1-4 of Sec 4-8 25.
NE 1-4 of Sec. 6-7-26.
SW 1-4 of Sec. 14-7-26.
Lots 1 and 2 and SE 1-4 of Sec.
1 2-9-26.
E 1-2 SW 1-4 and lots 3 and 4 of
Sec 30-9-26.
SW 1-4 of S'-c. 2 7-?7
NE 1-4 of Sec 24-8-27.
PE 1-4 cf Sec. 28-S-27.
X Wl-4 of See. IS-9-27.
E 1-2 NW 1-4 and S\V 1-4 NW 1-4
of Rer. 32-13-27.
SE 1 4 of See. 24-8-24.
SW 1-4 of Sec. 8-8-25.
E 1-2 SW 1-4 and lots G and 7 o r
Sec. 6-7-26.
NW 14 of 10-8-26.
Lot? 2 ard 3 of See. 10-13-27
E 1-2 NW 1-4 and SW 1-4 NW 1-!
of Sec. 32 13-27.
.T. H Kennedy appointed tempor
ary fruit inspector for Benton count:
for 30 days.
Petition of T. H Kennedy fc r va
cation of part of Main street of Kio
na, granted.
Fruit Diet Makes Clear Complexions
Fruit* have a value winch we nil
admit and, like succ'.ilent vegetables,
give tiie proper elements for nnr
blood. A clear skin and bright eyes
are tiie reward of the fruit-and-veg**-
tahle devotee, but do not make the
mistake of eating fruits ti»o sweet,
sa3 T s the New Idea Woman's Maga
zine for May.
An enormous amount of time can
be saved in summer by substituting
fruits for hot desserts, tlius saving
the weary housewife cooking over a
hot stove, without undue sacrifice
on the part of tiie family, for noth
ing is more refreshing than fresh
fruit prettily served.
From the Commercial Club Booklet
Kenncwick, Wash., Jan. 18. 1908
I came to the Kennewiek Valley
two years ago with just $:J2o 00 in mv
pocket in search of a place for a
home. 1 bought a ten-acre tract for
$110 an acre, on terniH. Today I
have it all paid for. have a nice little
house and a good sized barn and can
live comparatively independent. 1
have live acres In alfalfa, and 200
peach trees and 200 grapa vines
which will be in bearing this year.
I raised the finest potatoes onions,
melons, turnips and almost any
thing I want to plant that can be
raised in the ground. I also have a
good span of horses, wagon and har
ness all paid for. How did Ido it?
All the time I could sp;ire from my
place I have found plenty of work
among my neighbors at good wages
a nl 1 sold some of the things I rais
ed at a good price. Yours sincere! v,
.1 W. Hose.
For Men Only.
I)r. Bancroft will speak to men only
at the M. E.Chruch Sunday afternoon
at 3 o'clock sharp, subject ' Man's
llell." A free will offering will be
taken at the o'ose of tbe leeturp. No
boys under 12 udmitted. Sex problems
wiil be plainly discussed.
jgj H.A.Howe, Furniture S
l|x >> T_T AVE you noticed the beautifying !p|
hgl £ X X and fix=up spirit our city author- * |g|
||g? ities are showing us? Let every lot own- |||
I® er and housekeeper emulate this example. ®kM
We can help you by selling you the grass
tml seed, lawn mowers, hose and fencing. M (kg
®| Then make life worth while by adorn- o Egfl
|g| c 3 ing your home with some new Furniture! ® |||
Wi A good Gasoline or Oil Cook Stove, a Re- ts
(fls c frigerator and all other accessories to (|||
|p| comfortable housekeeping. We have ?|||
US <d it all at our Stores. w
|p| We also have a complete stock of o ?§|)
Farm Implements, Buggies and wagons, fffj
ffi| Hardware, Paints and Oil, window Glass &s ?||j
@ a etc. Be sure to see us before you buy cL ||f|
pi) that Mower or Hay Rake; we have agood US
Ssa m one want to sell to you. -s
HI H. A. HOWE *if
Kennewick, - - Wash. SESfI
g You are welcome to Our Stores. ®
Columbia Clear to Big Eddy.
The Portland contractors, Wake
field tfc Jacobsen, who have been
dredging and otherwise clearing the
narrow channel of the Columbia at
what is known as Three-Mile rapids
near The Dalles, Oregon, have j
completed their work and taken the
dredge to The Dalles where it is
now moored. The removal of the
rocks and reefs from this portion
of the Columbia has cost the gov
ernment about $iOO,OOO, and has
occupied several years, tho it could
have been finished sooner but for
the fact that it could not be carried
<>n the year around, on account of
high water. The Columbia is now
free from impediments to the big
eddy, where it connects with the
Portage Road.
Call of School and County War
rants • Benton County.
S 1> No. 2 All warrants registered.
S I) H All warrants registered
prior to Fehv., 1908.
S I) 6 All warrants registered
prior to Dec.. 1907.
S 1) 8 All warrants registered
prior to June, 20th, 1907.
SI) 9 All warrants registered
S I) 10 All warrants registered
prior to Nov., 20th. 1907.
Si) 11 Warrants 16, 17. 18.
S I) 12 All warrants registered.
S D 13 All warrants registered
prior to Apr., Ist., 1908.
S I) 14 All warrants registered
Mar., Ist., 1908.
S I) 16 All warrants registered
Fel> utli., 1908.
S 1) 17 All warrants registered
prior to Oct. 7th, 1907.
S I) 18 All warrants registered.
S I) 19 All warrants registered.
S 1) 21 All warrants registered
S D 22 All warrants registered
prior to Nov., 20th., 1907.
S 1) 2."» All warrants registered.
Current Expense Fund— All war
rants to and Including No. 24.">0.
(Jen. Road & Bridge Fund — All
warrants registered.
Road Dlst. 1 All warrants regis
tered . ,
Road Dist 2 All warrants register
Interest on the above warrants
will cease on April 20th., 1908.
Dated at Prosser, Wash., April 14,
1908. R B. Walker,
County Treasurer.
Try the fancy dipt nuts at Reeves'
Post Office Tobacco
Furnished BILLIARDS and POOL and
Roon " C. E. TRIPP & SON, Props. So" Drtak '
Of fancy SEED Potatoes, including some of the Until Burbanks you ever taw.
| See Our Stock before Vou Buy \
Ol PEED coming within the w««k. YOUR TRADE SOLICITED.
The Finest Assortment of Feed and Garden
Seeds, White Star, Early Ohio and Early
Rose Potatoes.
Hamilton Supply Co.
Church Seed Co. Spokane Bontledge Seed Co. Denver
Hurry Work on the Celilo Canal.
After a great amount of prelim
inary work, revised plans of the
government canal between The
Dalles and Celilo, have been com
pleted and forwarded to Washing
ton for approval. Government en
gineers in charge of this important
work have assurances that the re
vised plans will be immediately
taken up by the government au
thorities and if approved, a sub
stantial appropriation for continu
ing the work will be made. The
Celilo canal is the only really im
portant work to be done in order
to open up a channel from Lewis
ton to the sea, and it is hoped that
the revised plans will be approved
and the necessary appropriations
made. Within the past year num
erous obstructions to navigation
in both the Columbia and the
Snake rivers have been removed by
government dredges and unabated
energy. The rapid dev% fc j?
of a vast area of country ttyXtary
to the Columbia and Snake rivers
with the increased traffic incidental
to such development, makes it im
perative that an open channel to
the sea be constructed as quickft af
Auction Sale.
Ttie undersigned will Hell atau«;il«»8
to the highest bidder, Tuesday, April
2lßt at one o'clock sharp at his place
In the Garden Tracts 5$ mile west «>f
N. P. depot:
1 horse, bujrgy, harness, full set of
garden tools, and household goods,
carpets, two stoves, two beds,
sprinps, mattresses, chairs, dresser,
kitchen safe, kitchen cabinet, table
and other articles too numerous to
mention. Term —cash.
H. W. White, H. J McXkel.
Give the new butcher a trial.

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