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The Kennewick courier. (Kennewick, Wash.) 1905-1914, April 02, 1909, Image 6

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f Do You Need an Abstract $
J fl]T e have just completed full photographic rec- 'i
> on Is of the original recordsot Klickitat, Kitti- i
f tas. \akima and Denton Counties and cj;n furnish «,
* abstracts to any real property in each of t liese coun
m tics. Our Prosser office attends to all al stract work
}in Menton county. < >r«lers will have piompt atten- >
f tion. Price's reasonable. I
> Consolidated Abstract Co. \
Hamilton Supply Co.
For fresh Feeds, Seeds and Poultry Supplies
Ilay and < irain it is THE ONLY PEACE!
"Tin: AMERICAN WONDER" are 15 min
utes earlier than the famous "Wiiitk Stahs"
prrTE \ r ALLEY j
. Livery and Transfer <
| and Exprt ss J
[) Enclosed P>n- Moot nil S. P. and S. Trains and all l><>ats. jj
For Prompt Service call up 142
"Z am sending you two views of my exhibit at the luewisfon-Clarlc
(■*'..! Fair which took first prize. ITo;>o you have road some of the nice
about the display. T.'o took first o& Orv'dcu Truck. No
doubt Mr. Newton, Secretary, has so notified yo*\ I made a special of
nil aero exhibit. I can safely say that it tr.kes a lr.t of my time since
tho fair showing the many that come how I hare my acre planned. I
had your card en n:y exhibit, thowinp that the seeds c::me fron: you.
"i.'ours tn:ly, .T. V 7. LIPE, C'flrketon, Y.'ashington."
THZ Off AS. K. LILLY CO., SEA TTLE, Wa SHIHGTttM Cm'rlog fro* -
\- _ j"> -. /
est Bound East Bonn.!
No I—l _':'") p. in. No. i'—r»;:{T» a. 111.
No. :{—i:!<t ;j. ni. No. 4—o:.~0 p. in.
No. ,"i—;i. in. No (!—a. in.
No. l.">—l():iO p. in. No, lij—l:ls a. in.
.No. ! and 2 do not .^top.
S. I'. & S. a iLAINS
N<>. i T ij 1 ''"'!"'!'! l':Ti a, in.
No. :: To Portland 10:20 p ir.
No 4 To Walla Wnlia aSU p n:
No. 1 To Spokane 1:04 u. in.
Steamer np-river 7:30 a. in.
Tvefld «y. Thursday and Saturday.
T';VI:! OiTY rUP.KjTL'RE Co.,
| Are ow ready to meet the de '
j m ind of the Public for new, as j
well as second hand furniture,
stoves :ind everythii in house
hold jr km] nt the most reasonable
prices. investigate our stock he
lore \I OUV. \\ e also I li: v Sec
; ond 1 ia:; 1t; ;oil- of a!! kind-.
Front i".., i Door from Yakima i
(iennineol 5 ' ishioned Koslyn coal
1 li.it bums. per ton at the St.
Paul "I'aeom.a Lumber Co.
nun I
*| s. . . . « IIJ I ui. U
U >. r. WWLKF.Ii, I'rop. g
rs "• i"' .un '' i; " ' |i
P* \ .. r «
h N>:vly Furnished ®
f\■ jJav, \\ ee iv or Month. §
1y £
I Kennewick |
I Blacksmith 1
1b nop *
I have returned and taker v[
possession of n:v nil s.;op &
and am prepared to do
All Kinds of Work &
iAnd Guarantee It V,
A. B. French, Prop. |j
B drawiiisr orpaoto. for expert seareh and free report, fl
S Free a-1 vice, how to obtain patents, trade marks, nj
| Business direct zvith Washington saves iime y Eg
| Patent and Infringement Practice Exclusively.
Ativone sending a sketch and description BIJ
Calv-kly HjOertum «.1 r opinion free wiietlipr mi
i is prohnbiy ruteTituhle. Conirar uica
ti. Tix u riot iy confidential. HANDSOCK on Patent!
t ; i 1 ■«. oldest agency for securing patents.
1' t ! :ts taken tl.r. JMunn & Cu. receive
t,' ■ u noHce, without cuarge, in tho
Sckntific Jitticricsii.
A r nndsomely illuptrnted weekly. T cir
culation of any st'ien t,H c Journal, 'i ernis, $3 t
ye:ir : .our months, J : uld by all newsdealer®
BIUNN & CO.SG.broadvvay. J^W
■I'l.-irV, Officfi. pis V c. _ ■'
Single comb white leghorn cocker
els for sale Improve your llock by
letting one of these birds from prize
winning' stock. jlouasey Bros.
LAUREN W. SOTH, Editor and Proprietor
Issued Every Friday from the Courier Buildiog, Second St., Kennewick, Wash.
One Year, $1.50 Six Months, $.75 Three Months, $.50
Entered. March '.27. as secoml-class matter at Ketinewiek, Wash.,
,V« tot Congress of Mareh :><l. 1 sTy.
The enormous deficits which all
the g -eat powers are facing, mainly
as the result of the vast expendi
tures for naval and milt iry pur
poses, will probably do more than
any tiling else to secure an agiee
ment for partial disarmament. It
is clear that in Germany, Great
Britain and France the limit of tax
ation has been nearly reached, and
that t<» go l.evond it will invite re
volt by the masses, with whom dis
content is already smouldering.
Nations may borrow hut that affords
only temporary relief and ihe inter
est on the debts ultimately increases
the burden.
Married life would be happier if
people just beginning it would, in
many eases, be more considerate of
each other. Sometimes the young
wife com menses with being a do
mestic tyrant, and while at first the
tyranny may be good humoredly
I'i i*ll■ * it soon becomes distasteful
ind unpleasantness follows. And
-ometinics the young liushand is in
ault in being too "lordly" and in
nterfering with the legitimate
-phere <>f the wife's domestic life,
"nope rat ion and consideration will
prevent friction and make for hap
Walter Well man says a combinat
ion has been formed in the senate
> put through a high protection
leasure and that President Taft
:li be forced to veto it or submit it
t. e passage of a tariff bill which
•'OS nut carry out party promises.
When asparagus is laid down
lie water the tips cook to a pulp he
>re the lower ends of tne stalks are
ender. Cut the bunches level acn>-~
lie bottom and stand them up in
" t of boiling, slightly-salted wate\
which reaches not more than half
vay up the stalks and cover closely.
Have some buttered toast in a h"!
dish; lift the asparagus out to drain
<m this, and serve with a little melt
ed butter.
Bread puddings may be delicious
or otherwise, just as they are made.
Fsually they are too stiff with bread,
or baked until the custard breaks
into whey. They need only a cov
ering of buttered bread, sprinkled
with sugar; or are better if made of
cinnamon buns, which arc already
sweetened and contain currants.
For the custard use three eggs to a
quart of milk; do not make it too
sweet. Bake only until the custard
is set, not a moment longer, or it
- ill be watery and spoiled.
Keep a soft cloth always at hand
to wipe boots and shoes carefully,
and a brush to remove the dust that
I accumulates between sole and up
jpers; also around the buttons, laces
'and Hap. Before putting them
| away, rub them all over with a thin
| coat of vaseline. Then put them on
I - hoe trees and let them stand there
I until they will have thorough ven
! tilation. This will preserve the
leather indefinitely. Before wear
i ing them again, rub ofT the vase
; line with a soft cloth and add a
| little polishing cream, followed by
i brisk rub, sufficient to remove all
:;se. Buy new insoles every few
; v ceks. 1 hese the cobbler will paste
in for you while you wait, and they
will keep your shoes always dainty
e.nd fresh.
Vinegar and salt will remove
stains from brass it' made into a
paste and rubbed on with a piece of
flannel. Benzine for cleaning i !<•.'!)
is best applied by means of a tooth
brush. Yon know how didieu!t ii
is at times, when rubbing with ;
cloth., to avoid showing where von
have cleaned. .Soak the bru di i;. !
the benzine. Never open a bottle of
gasoline or naphtha in a room in
which there is a light or lire, or
even in a room communicating with
another in which there is a naked
light. 1 have taken grease spots out
of a cotton frock by sprinkling th< m
with fine .starch, covering with
brown paper and ironing. Lemon
and salt will remove ink stains from
white materials. Cover the stain
with salt and then squeeze on the
lemon juice. Milk is said to take
the ink out of colored clothes. Boil
ing water will usually cause tea or
fruit stains to disappear from linen.
If this is not effectual, whisky usu
ally is, even in apparently hopeless
cases. A teasp >onful of oxalic acid
dissolved in a bucket of warm water
will take away the stains from floor
matting. After you have applied
this, follow with clean water to
which a handful of salt has been
added, and you will be surprised to
see how fresh the matting looks. Of
course, you know that turpentine is
necessary to take off paint. French
chalk rubbed on at once will often
dissipate grease spots. Damp may
be removed from mirrors with a
flannel damped with spirits of cam
The housewife who has never used
an apron made of table oilcloth has
something yet to learn. Get the
oilcloth used for table or kitchen
purposes, either white or colored, at
a cost of about twenty cents a yard.
It is quite wide, and a yard of i'.
will make a good apron. If no pat
; tern is at hand, take a newspaper
iand fit it to the form, likea circular
I skirt pattern, and when snugly and
I smoothly fitted about the hips with
i plenty of flare at the bottom, the
pa-tern should be all in one piece,
with a few small darts to be taken
up over the. hips. In cutting out
.e a pro r. re will he a few scrap,:
h ' '.y Ir used for a bib portion
n for r< ir.f .reing the front l> lu
ll. v..v '1 he binding and strin*
mr.y •of i uslin, and thee arc p:e
-.l'!'' to b .'tons. The edges of
the apron : h'>uld he neatly be; m 1
= »}• •• ! ,!tt colored cc.'ton
slot . > ".!! a • ai
it may be supplied wifK patch
poek< s ..i which dust clothes, hand*
kcrehi.holder:-, or kite! en ru.
es-iiiiv may ! e carried. For v/a. •
day, or for dish-wnshirg or r
ing, these aprons are real labor sav
<ts, as they can be wiped oft with
a damp eloth and are as elean as
ever. With eare in hanging up when
not in u<e, they last a long time.
Table oilcloth is excellent for bibs
for the small children at the table. I
Good clean beds at Hotel Leard.
To Trade—A first class piano for a
l team of horses. L. It. Whitelock.
White Leghorn eggs for hatching
by hatching; or incubator lots. Also
While Leghorn pullets for sale.
B. G. Zwanzig, sec 7.
For Sale—Tract No. Kennewick
Gardens 5% acres. I'artiy set out to
trees asparagus and small fruit. Ad
dress owner, F. Segessenmann,
!527, Frederick Ave..s pokune.
Lodging by day or week at reason
. able rates. Hotel Leard.
j Richardson's slioe shop removed
i two doors north cf Post Office.
A good relinquishment close In. for
j sale cheap. Inquire tit this office. 4
Eggs for Hatching—l'ure bred Ply
mouth Hock, B'ne Andalusians, ILose
■ Comb Rhode Island Reds, S. (J. Buff
Leghorns, Rose Comb White and
Brown I.egliorns. Mammoth I'ekin
Ducks, from birds of careful selecston
and bets strains and at prices that
are right. J. A. Jones. R. F. I)
Everything in the feed line at the!
Hamilton Supply House is sold by
weight. We do not sell a ."01b sack i
of I.ran for n COlb sack of I.ran. nor a
TOlb svek of barley for an SOPi s;u-k
of b;u! -v. nor a 11., IT) sack of wheat '
for ;i !&')!?> si-ek of wheat. Xo guess- !
work hciv. tile scales are right b\
thu Uii the t"ii;• j
Ilaiailtuu Suppy Cu '
St. Paul & Tacoma Lumber Co.
Have the BEST Cedar Fluming in the city. We also
carry a nice line of Fir Elumejstock. In this stock \v e car
ry l|"xI2 n which makes much better bottom as the nails
hold the sides firmly, never loosening. We have always
been headquarters for Good Fluming and will not be
dersold. Fir Fluming sells for less than <"edar and when
price is considered, is cheaper for certain kinds of Flumes.
We also have material for collars and blocking to be used
under flumes that we can furnish much cheaper than regular
stock. It will certainly pay you to see us as we have lived
the last six years continuously in an Irrigated countrv and
have been selling fluming all the time. €J Our experience
costs ycu nothing
H. E. BALDWIN JI. \\\ Xl;ls< ,\ "
Local Manager Fin lev, \V ;b i,
IMadsen & Christensen
Now in charge of the
City meat market
Both members of the new firm are experienced butchers and
meat cutter*. They have purchased the shop fixtures and
taken option on the building and will conduct a fine market.
We Keep In Stock
Fresh and Cured Meats of all kinds
Fish and Game
Sauer Kraut and Pickles
Extra Special "Home Made Sausage"
irmjxaarumn mniuinnj
? Grain & Feed \
W ushxngton p
At least not. In the night-patrol line. $t/'{
It's as easy as failing off a log to get lv" ,Y i ;
the baby to ulepp without doing Rett* Jf
try-mo on the '.;p£-ro«::n carpet. Come 1
to ns and we will wa.sper tlie secret ( v Ifc
aloud to you—"Paragorie." It is a 'WwßffrJ
soother for the restless, teething ba- i.'Sf'
by, an«l insures rest for you also.Not V-5/
a particle of danger in it. 1 AH our /'
drills and niediciues are guaranteed
pure atnl fresh. Prices are popular. !:<' ;j?\
11 / ■ dm ] '\
EdvvsrJ Shoppard, P;;p.
0 '
| Kennewick Transfer Co. f
§ Livery and Feed Stable
* Dray and Express. Baggage a Specialty. ®
I Prompt and Satisfactory Service.
J In The Big Red Barn, Phone 252. &
I $
MOW is the to build your !
- new flumes anc! repair the oiJ 5
ones, before the rusii of spring work
is here. Come in and inspect our
&ock before buying. Our prices
are always right....but it is the grade
we want you to see.
Lump Coal $3,00 per ton i
n i t i
Cascade JLumDar L.\
I3L to /•-> «. I- -. ■
. none /.-tL . .. C. -ii-

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