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ir* invited to come in and
see the fine line of goods
at the gift soore
Alchohol and Gas Stoves
on which you can prepare
a meal on the din
ing room table
Diamonds set in Rings
pull Line of Earings, Lockets
. jyji line ol the leading makes
o* watches from the Dollar Ing
ersol to the finest w'tch
in the world
The Howard
Cut Glass and Silverware
Jewelry Store
A full line of goods for Christmas
{people You Know#
>iday, October 29, 1909
I v\ - 'k v } -r
i itUHf.
Wheat at $1.85 per sack.
Hamilton Supply Co
Beste has the nicest linn «>f lap rol>es
erer shown iu Kennewick.
A nice lap robe will warm your
heart, ulee bright patterns at Beste's
For Salt—Hack and wagon, cheap.
Will take cow. Inquire at this office
Always on hand Fresh Baked
Goods at the Twin City Bakery.
Lost —Pair of steel rimmed spectac
les. Finder please leave at this office.
S. D. Lynch made a business trip
up the river this week on Tuesday's
b >at.
Attorney i!. L. Holcomb was In
Seattle the first of the week on legal
Hello! Where did you get that fine
bread? Why at the Twin City Bak
ery. Give them a trial.
The other Bridge Club met with
Miss Perry Saturday aud will meet
this week with Mrs. Wuth.
Build up your city; boost a little;
smoke and tell your friend 9 about
the Kennewick Cigars.
P. C. Palmer, audftor for the Cas
cade Lumber Co. was in town Wed
nesday on business with the local
H. A. Ilowe has established a
branch hardware store In Hover in
connection with T. 11. Dry's general;
store and report a good trade.
The St. Katherlne's Guild of the
Episcopal Church will have a sale
of fancy aprons and home made
candy, the first week iu December.
The freight charge 011 the two
North Coast engines from Schenect
ady. New York was a little over
$400. They weigh about 100 tors
For sole—As I am going aways
I waut to sell two Jersey milk cow
aud one work horse.
Mrs. F. .lorgcnsen.
miles east of Keuuewlck
For Sale — Three sections wheat
land "JO 111 ties above Pasco on the Co
lumbia close to river transportation.
Thirty bushels per acre raised there
this year. $11 to 115 per acre. Ad
dress H. It. Vibber. Kennewick. Wn
TbePresbyterian C. E. Apple Social
that was pospoued will be given on
a it Friday evening October 29th at
the Presbyterian Church. All young
people are invited to come aud have
a good time.
Strayed—Black and white pinto
three white feet, right fore foot black
white spot on left side of neck, whitt
le, knock-kneed In front, had a
'ope on neck. Finder please return
or notify J. T. F. Gladding aud get
rewari. 303
L E. JOHNSON, Pres't
all local capital
' 'I- Thou Bhnlt not ask for reudced
prlceß for thine Mnfcnence", for
Kulle Is in thy lieart and the Ab
stractor rea<U'th it like an open
book. He lnugheth thee to scorn
find Bhouteth to hl.s clerks Ha!
Records Complete-
Work Guaranteed
ricM Alwa >s as Low as the Lowest'
Mrs. William Stletfer is B | C k.
[t Ho™, blankets and ,ap rob™ a ,
Leave special orders at the Twin
City Bakery.
Both Hardware stores close at Sli
First cla3s baker from Spokane
employed by T. A. Warner at Twin
City Bakery.
{' L ,' Perry en tertalned the
High School teachers at a 1:00 o'clock
luncheon Saturday.
The Ladles Literary Club will
meet Friday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. C. O. Anderson.
The Ladles of the Altar Society,
will meet uext Wednesday, Novem.
her 8, with Mrs. J. M. Hawkins.
For Sale—so year-old S. C. White
Leghorn hens. Wycoff strain.
B. G. Zwauzlg, Sec. 7
The Presbyterian Ladles Aid So
ciety met Weduesday to do work ou
the articles and make plana for tlie
annual pre-hollbay sale.
V\. E.Campbell has the contract
to excavate the basement for a. new
residence on the lots back of W. It.
Anion's own residence.
LOST— Telescope grip between S.
P, & S. depot and G. S. Stuart's
plare iu Section 17, Sunday Oct. 17.
Fiuder please leave at this offiee-
Tne i iiiiuble <mb met Tuesday
afteruoou with Mrs. C. O. Audersou
aud the meeting was largely attend
ed and a dellghtfnl afternoon was
spent by all present.
I'he Ladles of the Christlau Church
will hold a sale of cooked goods,
baked beans, pies, Dutch cheese and
other delicatessen at Moraln's store
tomorrow afternoon.
The Hanford Flyer now carries the
mall on alternate days with the
Mountain Gem aud thus gives the
people up the river daily mail ser
vice. The service starts from the
Kennewick post office.
The Keunewick Club Is to have a
new electric sign, first of Its kind In
town. It will be seven feet by 24
Inches and coutalu thirty four lights.
The" word "The Club" will blase out
on It so beautifully that tbe passerby
will be Irresistibly drawn Inside.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Amon entertain
ed last Sunday at their new home In
Horse Heaven. Those enjoying their
hospitality were Mr. and Mrs. I. N.
Mueller, Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Will
lams, Mr. and Mrs. Will Amon and
Ed. Sherman. A fine time was had
by all.
W. W. Angell has installed a new
Bridge-Beach Sand Oven in his home
bakery and making other Improve
ments In order to handle his steadily
increasing trade. He Is making a
specialty of home baked pastry and
! the demand has exceeded his facilities.
C B. Mc Alpln sustained a fracture
of one of the bones In bis fore arm
last week. The accident happened
at his ranch where he was cutting
out cattle and was chasing a steer
at full speed when the pony stepped
lu a badger hole and fell throwing
him heavily. Mr Mc Alpln went to
Walla Walla where the Injured mem
ber whs placed In a cast.
A lady, no matter where, went to
a store for a peck of apples, taking
what she supposed to be a newlj
laundered flour sack. She held the
sack and the clerk poured the apples
In when they streamed out the other
end. On examination It was fouud
there were two holes in the bottom
both trimmed and embroidered.
The young man gave up the ghost
and the lady saut a small boy for
the apples with a—basket.
Mrs. E. J. Waldron, mother of Mrs
Mary Croft and grandmother of Mrs
H. M. Ashbaugh came over from
Oregon City, to visit them the first
of the week. Although she is 81 years
old she is a delightful companion and
tells many mose interesting remini
scences of the early pioneer days.
She came to Oregon City in 1852 and
has lived on the same farm ever since
or 57 years. She was enjoying her
trip and visit immensely.
Mrs. M. Bjowd who recently vis
ited hera with O. W. Rich, her son-
In law and family writes that the air
of Kennewick was so favorable that
she breathed better and felt better
when here than -she did In Seattle,
Los Angelos, California, Albuquerqe.
New Mexico, or Fort Collins, Colo
rado. The party arrived at Atlantic,
lowa, Wednesday. Little Louise
sends word that she wants to get
baby and come back to papa and
[the boys.
W. L. Rowan made a shipment of
Rhode Island Reds to Winnipeg, Man.
Tuesday. He has a shipment to
make to Hanford this week and
another to Hood Rlv»r, Oregon.
Mounsey Bros, bblp some Leghorns
and Rhode Island Reds to Hanford
and B. O. Zwanzlg ships twenty Ave
Leghorn pullets to the up-river town.
All these birds,spring pullets, bring
from fLOO to f2.50 each showing the
advantage of pure bred stock and
the demand for Kennewlck birds.
Mrs. W. L. Rowan in 111 this week.
The best of verythlng to eat at
the Twin City B ikery.
Mr and Mrs. M. C. Stringer Sun
dayed at the parential Perry home.
See those hrlirht patterns of lap
robes at the Kennewlck Harness
When passing the Twin City Bak
ery stop )n and give their Pies and
Pastry atrial.
Ed. Layton came down from Han
ford the first of the week to look
after business matters.
For Sale—2 horse power gasoline
engine in good shape, running every
day. Inquire at this office.
Mrs. George D Hunter is very sick
at the hospital, having been taken
there Tuesday evening.
The North Coast surveyors have
been working this week on a Hue
indicating that an overhead crossing
would be made over the Spokane,
Portland & Seattle tracks near the
pumplug plant on the Putnam land.
L. W. Brown bought two lots
numbers 1 and 2 block 2 lu Stanton's
addition to Kennewlck of the owner
this week, Mr. Stanton also sold lots
13, 14 and 15 to J. Rombough 16 and
IT lu the same block to Lois F. Stock
and lots ly and 20 to J. Pierson.
George Morrison, assistant to the
chief passenger rate clerk from tbe
N T . P. geueral offices at St Paul, was
in town Thursday visiting Richard
Mounsey and other friends aud look
ing after business matters connected
with his ranch up the river. Mr.
Morrison Is an exbert in bis depart
ment of railroad work. He reports
that passenger earnings have Increas
ed rather than diminished In those
states where two ceut fure has been
put in effect. This Is due to Increased
travel and to the fact that ranch
"deadhead" business has been cut
out by the roads. The travel to
theSaattle Fair over the N. P. execcd
ed all expectations of the railway
officials. Mr. Morrison has been in
Seattle wt-ere he visited his brother
James H. Morrison and took his
annual vacation and returned by
way of Portland where he consulted
with A. D. Charlton, assistant genar
al passenger agent, on matters In
connection with passenger business.
Heavy tourist travel to Washington
and Oregon is expected this fall aud
Efectrlc lighted, hot and cold water
$2300. will handle this deal. S. E.
Walker, Kennewlck, Wash. 389 tj
Ernest Koger left the first of the
week for I,emar for a short visit
with friends and relatives.
Erwln Chilton, of Stovensville, Mon
tana vtslted with F. B. Smith and
family the first of the week.
S. H, Godfrey Is enjoying a visit
from his father and mother from
J. A. Farthing of Walla Walla
was a visitor at the Koger home a
few days returning home Monday.
Prof. Miller went to Kennewlck
Monday evening.
Miss Martha Williams spent Sun
day at home with W. A. King and
L. E. Johnson was In Fluley Sun
A. H. Sasse left Monday for Cle-
Elum and Seattle on business.
Mrs. M. E. Lewis and son John
came home Saturday from Kenne
wlck. John has been 111 lu Kennewlck
for some time with the typhoid
fever and all friends are glad to
know he is able to be brounht home.
E 0. Brown was confined to his
bed the first of the week with rheu
matism but returned to his work at
Kennewick the last of the week.
While playing In a game of foot
ball at school last Friday Ray Fisher
of the 10th grade had his knee quite
severely injured. Dr. Farmer took
him to the hospital In Kennewlck
where he remained until Monday
when his knee was put in a cast
and he was brought home.
Mr. and Mrs. Altrogge are enjoy
ing a vHlt with Mr. Altogge's sister
Mrs. Miller from Rltzvllle, Wash.
The two sons of Mr. ('has. Stevens
came home Wednesday to visit their
parents. One son comes from Walla
Walla and one Is from the U. S.
Naval Station.
Department of the Interior, U. .8. Land Of
fice at Walla Walla, Wash., Oct. 27. IGO9
Notice is hereby given that Lewis H. Ed
wards, of box 19. Kanr.ewick, Wash., who, on
Dec. 1.190*. mads Homestead Entry No. 13573.
Serial No. 020 A3. for Township A. N,, Range 28
E.. Willamette Meridian, has filed notice of
intention to make final five year proof, to es
tablish claim the land above described, before
the Registrar and Receiver U. S. Land Office,
at Walla Wall, Washington, on the 17 day of
December, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses: A. A. Ed,
wards, H. D. Clodfelter, W. M. Butler, all of
Kennewlck, Nash., S, A, Tucker, os Kiona,
Not coal land. A. J. Gillis,
Miss Byrl Fronfelter has resigned 1
her position with H. M. Ashbaugh &
Co. and has gone to Spokane
Mrs. H. 11. has returned from an
extended visit with relatives at Col
fax aed Attorney ('ole has quit the
quarantine bunch and returned to
the realms of domestic bliss.
Rev. C. VV. Dußols, the new Epis
copalian Hector, will arrive hern
with his family the last of the k
and will occupy his pulpit next Su
day morning for the first time uudri
his call recently extended.
Nels Swanson was down from
Spokane yesterdav on business.
He Is tie inspector for the Great
Northern. Business is rushing In his
line as much of the track is being re
laid. The Company has a "tie treat
ing" plant near Kalispell where the
ties are treated with a salt of zinc
which Increased their life In road bed
for a couple of years. Heretofore
this plant has shut In the winter
but will operate straight through
this season. About 200,000 ties will,
be required for the winter run The
friends of the family will be glad to
know they like Spokane as a home
and are doing fine. The eldest son
Arthur has a good position with
John W. Graham & Co.
R. E. Roberts and T. W. Trimble
of Waupaca Wis. arrived this week
and will make their home here for
the winter at least and will engage
in the real estate business. They are
experienced in the business, Both
are very agreeable gentlemen to
meet and additions to our good
citizenship. i
Mr. Mlchner, pus tor of the Presby
terian Church at Hover, was cccom
panied by his brother aud slster-in- j
law Sunday last.
H. S. Hughes and Mrs. E. E.
Toothaker went to Kennewick Sat
Miss Ruth Toothaker was serious
ly injured Wednesday while placing
blttckmau. She stumbled and fell
and her collar bone was fractured.
Her father E. E. Toothaker came as
quickly as possible and immediately
took her to the doctor at Finley
who set the broken bone and the
Injured part is doing nicely.
The Ladies Aid met Tuesday at
Mr«>. Stretchberry's. Refreshments
were served. i
Mr. F. (J. Stretchbery and family
will move to Keuuewick Saturday,
Angus Hay. was down to Hover
Sunday for a visit with F. C. Stretch
bery lie Wtui back MouUay
The County Fruit inspector has
been In Hover several days this week
transacting business connected with ;
bis office. He reports tie fruit trees'
of this section free from ail diseases
aud that the probabilities arc tuut
next year tUe Jrlover oicum uk-.» will
have au exceptionally nuecrop.
Dr. Win. Dutchcr has beeu vioiuug
his wife at this place for the past
week. He returned to Walla Walla
last Mouday afternoon, his wife and
Mrs Thos. Dry accompanied him as
farasfasco. Mr. Dutcher will spend
a couple more weeks at Mrs. l>rj
and then will join her husband at
Spokaue then thev will go to Boston
to spend the wiuter. ,
The U. S. 8. Umatilla has been tied
up at Keunewick for the past week
waitiug for repnrs, it will then pro
ceed to liulsh the big wiug dam here.
The wild geese have made their
appearance and all that is needed is
tt good, strong south west wind to
give the Hover hunters a chance to
show their skill. We hope those
violators of the law iu Walla Walla
county just across the river will be
run In soon. Shooting on the river
over there is common now,
A freight shipment was recently
received by one of the citizens of
Hover, shipment has beeu 25da v \s
on the road from a place near Port
laud. The R. K, Company should be
compelled to deliver freight more
promptly. Last winter another
freight shipment was 14 days on the
road from Kennewick. via Pasco to
Hover. This Is certainly "going
some," (somewhat slowly).
Miss Georgia Farrell of Kennewick
was visiting her friend Minnie Mc
Guire last Saturday.
El. Johnson who has been running
the Marshal livery barn has gone to
Peudleton to visit his folks.
The ranchers have just finish d
harvesting their fall crop of potatoes
and all report a good yield of first
class potatoes. The patches of H.
C. Graff and F. D. Parker are the
largest in this vicinity.
Miss Hamilton visited with Mrs.
Mills Saturday. Mrs. A. It. Rishtan
of Seattle is staying with the former
at her home in Horse Heaven.
H. A. Hover has a large force of
men clearing up the debris on Main
atreet. He is also having the old
Hover land company building paint
ed aud the glass put In.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cash accom
pauled by two brothers of Mr. Cash
arrived Monday mornlug from Dia
mond. Washington, where Mrs. Cash
has been spending the summer witn
her relatives.
Da Saftee Raz' Tl _ C|S*a
We don't claim 1 h , ad 3 gooda cu " omcr ', , I"C CIIIC
Coipe tree time wtk lor shave: _ _
to be the au- Bimeby he gatta een hees hea-J |*|)0|"
Idea (or wanta save.
thor of this poem, 'Can't pay for shave t'ree time a week. (tIA VI
. One day to me he says: J !IU|J
Dllt it seems that week w'en payday com' I gat Closes at 7p. m.
For me do saftee raz ."
it expresses our He no com' een my shop I theenk, except Sat., IU.JO
For one week, maybe two;
sentiments; SO we 1 thenk I 'osa heem, I || || I#
Eor which i hata do. I I 1 I I IK
pass it along to Ba y? ause ** barber LUU 11
» © ben summer time ees bum;
you. for Electric Pole
_ . Oie day my custome» com een
Head care- An' taka heesa chair; Are You Next?
Hees face look iika scratch weeth cat, If ~ . t . . v t
fullv" for here is An'scratch you call "for fair." " Not * Uet >eXt '
y, o nee is Bayforc , for heem he say> —-
amoral "Don' ask. for eef you do. ELITE BARBER
I breeng da saftee raz'een here CHAD
An' try for shava you !" 3IIU«
8 It's Very Shocking B
M That's what it Is, to hear the way some men we know of HH
M cuss their bad luck In buying lumber and building lumber aud gfl
H building material. Bad luck, nothing! It's just carelessness. BB
Ml Just plumb, unadulterated carelessness. That's the matter with KB
H people who get the worst of It in a lumber deal. pB
Bn Never heard anybody kiekiug about the lumber they bot HH
S of us, did you? Not on your life. And you never will. Not while H
B we rfin tills place We select every item of our stock with per- H|
SB feet knowledge of what onr people require, and we see to it that Kj
H we get that kiud of lumber. Try us the next time you buy lumber BE
H "The Crab Creek sells for Less" fin
9 Crab Creek Lumber Company B
fl M. N. HUDNALL, Agent Z. E. Scott. Agt. Kiona H
TX7e are pleased jj£
3g to inform you that on Oc- Jg
2* tober 15th, the following 2^
>• reduction in the price of
Tungsten Lamps will go in effed:
5 100 watt—Bo c. p. $2.00 $1.50 3k
60 watt—4B c. p. 1.60 1.25 J?
40 watt—32 c. p. 1,25 1.00
25 watt—2o c. p. 1.00 .75 jp
This reduction in price we
believe will place the Tungsten Sj
iSg Lamp within the reach of all, while JG
i* ..... . 2e
<5 still maintaining the reputation of JS
H 3 times the light for jl
'||j the same money ! s=»
j§j Yakima Valley Power Co.
; Phone 682 - y

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