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VoX I. No. 17.
Screen Doors
Screen Windows
Children's Garden Sets
Garden Sprinkling Hose
Imported German Granite
The Finest Ware in the Land
Gome and See for Yourself
Has Not Raised the Price of
Our Goods. They are as
CHEAP as they Were Be
fore the War Began.
Cor. Ninth and Front Streets,
i\U. G. W. HOXSEY,
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Smith's Block
I>avenworth. Washington
JJ. KING • •
, Attorney at Law.
General practice. Prompt attention
to collections, legal papers carefully
drawn. Contests, and ail business
before local and general land offices.
Lkavenworth. Wash
Attorney at Law
Leavenworth, Wash.
Attorney at Law.
Office in Residence. Telephone 4G.
Lf.avenworth, "Wash.
ijk. H wultaker DENTIST.
graduate Pennsylvania College Dental Surgery
Office: Columbia Valley Bank building.
Hours: 8:30 to Hi 1 t0.i:30
Evenings by appointment. Phone 116
Wrnatchee Washn
• Lawyer,
Practices in all Courts.
Lock Box 23
Phone 55. Wenatchee, Wash .
Attorney and Counsellor
(Prosecuting Attorney,"Cbelan County.)
Wenatchee, Wash.
(Office In Court House)
Attorney and Counselor
Court Commissionei Chelan County.
Wenatcfiee. Wash.
.'!oiiry to Loan AbMrarta nude
Notary Public OMtlflMH
Local Manager for the Wenatchee
Canal Company.
Office: Corner Mission and Palouse Streets
Phone 318
Wenatchee Washington
Livery and Feed Stable
with one or two horses
L. H. TURNER, Prop.
< Leavenwdrth, - - Wash.
Leavenworth, Wash., Friday, May 13, 1904.
a. O. U. W.
»\WW/// Tumwater Lodge No. 71, A.
<^Sy43m//Ss/' °- U W. meets the second
vS^J^LHOgg^^* and fourth WedrifMluy €V«*n
in lheir hull over .the
poatofflce. Vlslttn? brethren
•^^sfSSnw^^? are coralallv invited to nt
•^^^Tlli^C tend " 1.. H. I'"1 *?'1- M.W.
vvJjg^JEtfKV* John W. Laden, Ilecorder. .
Degree of Honor
A. O. 1. XV. ■ ';
Leuvenworth Lodge No.
.. *- miL S3. Decree of Honor, meets
ff\oFj^^ every first and third Wed
#U\*J3w^ . nesday evenings in Fr»tftr«
liS^J^Prfl n:il Hull, over the post office
ISaSSi"! Visiting sisters,Hnd brothers
V^J^iCS^-' l£g cordially invited to attend.
VTPftpjaffjy Amanda Martin. C. of H.
' Lottie Doyle, Rrrarder.
Louise McGulre, Financier.
I. O. F.
in. -y Companion Court inde
ATOP/ pendent Order ol Forrest
(> Viii^/ /^» en» me''la every ttr-tt and
\ £--/\teT\..-iii third Tuesday in Frater
li"!'i<!i*/ftSl\*iil ":" Hull, over the post of-
IVijlSjUjJlgilffl flee. Visiting F. rresters
'*=i'\OS3*/'t*i arecordially invited to at
® /r^ETrX^* Mro.'o. English, C. R.
fe.n " ,^ Mrs C. B. Turner. K. S
Imp. O. R. M.
j^tSl^. Tumwatcr Tribe No. 71.
// l/T^r^K Improved Oner of Ked Men
(I JL/% \ meets every Snturdav ni(<ht
I ■/ £&&■■;'*?■-' 3 in KrnUrnal Hall. VisiiiuK
II <RJ!mx? X brethren cordially Invited to
>\^ \Xuff~/J A X Downfnr. Sachem.
—^r W. Walker,
Chief of Records.
The issues of life and death
depend oh the potency of a drug
sometimes —of tener than we are
apt to think. When your phy
sician prescribes a remedy he
expects certain results; if reme
dy supplied be lacking purity or
strength it may fail in its pur
We think of these things. We
take care to see that every drug
.we use in prescriptions is abso
lutely pure and of standard po
tency. We are careful about the
compounding also. We have
had long experience and can as
sure you that if you permit us
to fill your prescriptions you can
feel secure about them.
City Drug Store
E. A. KING, Manager.
ttuii'k Arr«-»t
,1. A. GullcHk'6 of Verbena, Ala., was
twice In the hospital from a severe case
of piles causing 24 »iinu>-a. After doc
tor.-and all remedies failed. Bueklen'i
Arnica Salvo quirkly arrested further.
LaQamatloo mul <-iircd him. It con
quers ache* and kills pain. . S."»oat the
City Drug Stoio. r ' > .
George Therriault, the man who cut
his throat and swallowed carbolic acid
in Weuatchee last week died Friday
The school board has disposed of the
$10,000 10-20 bonds at 8 per cent., which
were issued ten years ago, and have re
ceived in return other bonds for the
same amount, bearing ■"> per cent.— We
natcbee Republic.
Kirk Whited arrived in Wenatchee
Sunday after an extended tour in the
east, having spent last summer in Ann
Arbor.Mich., and the pa*l winter In
Lincoln, Neb. He thinks he will locate
here. —Wenatchee Republic.
A Badger mountain correspondent in
the Wenatchee Advance says the snow
In the Big Bend section is pone and
farming is progressing rapidly. He
says the ground was covered with snow
flom November 11 to April 20.
E. T. Trimble, "f Waterville, prose
cuting attorney of Douglass county, has
announced himself as a candidate for
district Judge for the four counties of
Douglass. Chelan,Oknnognn and Ferry,
subject to the will of the republican
district convention to be held on May
11th at Tacoma, in connection with the
state convention.
Lakeside is now an incorporated
town of the fourth class. The ejection
held on Saturday for the purpose of TO
ting on the incorporation being almost
unanimous, the vote standing: for in
corporation, 35; against incorporation.
1. The ticket nominated at the citi
zens' caucus was e'eeted by a large ma
jority Joe Darnell was elected major.
—Lakeside Light.
On Sunday last, John Jackson, a ty
phoid patient in a hospital at Anaconda,
Mont., crazed by the fever escaped dur
ing his delirium by jumping from a
aeeond story window, veiling to the
startled attendant that he was pursued
by devils. All night long Jackson
eluded the vigilance of the guards who
searched for him and fi.ially some time
duiing the early morning hours hi'
wardered upon the railway tracks
where he was struck by a freight train
and killed. Jackson's body was fright
fully mangled and was cut almost in
Tho announcement is made that all
Northern Pacific lands in Washington,
Oregon and Idaho, have been with
drawn from sale. This is thought, by
some, to follow the recent heavy tales
of timber lands to the Wcyerhuuser
syndicate, but by others it is thought
that the Northern Pacilic will wait for
the inevitable rise in the value of their
holdings, which will amount to an enor
mous sum in a few years. Washing
ton is a great state and is rapidly tilling
ap, and the Northern Pacific people
know it. Land values are bound to in
crease steadily each year.
A goodly number of citizens met at
the court house to discuss ways and
means to protect the crops against the
ravages of crickets which threaten to
devastate the crops in the vicinity of
Badger mountain. These pests lirst
appeared two mj;o and the farmers
made a very good defense fcff&lntt them
but last year they reappeared in such
numbers that the citizens called for aid
which was extended by tho county
board of commis>ioners and this year
they are hatching out in countless num
bers to such an extent as to arouse gen
eral alarm which resulted iv a public
meeting last Saturday. Vnrious sug
gestions were offered for repelling the
devouring army, but nothing mi ac
complished further than to appoint a
committee to exaniine and report on
tho fence last year. It is likely the
public will be called on to contribute to
the cause as it seems thf county com
missioners are powerless to appropriate,
public money for the cause, were they
inclined to do so.—Douglass County
Bids were opened by the county com
missioners Friday for the buildiDg of a
bridge across Ihe Wenatchee river one
mile above Mis-ion._ There were three
bidders in all but only two were consid
ered, as one was not accompanied with
a certified check for one-tenth of the
umount bid. The contract was let to I.
J. Bailey, of Wenatchee, for $4,283.
The contract calls calls for a combina
tion How.' truss bridge with two spans
120 and 100 feet respectively. Work
will bpgin M soon as the water goes
down sufficiently to permit it/—Wenat
,chco Advan"". n .••■.•
The city council met in regular ses
sion Monday night, nt which time it
was arranged to settle the question of
accepting the contract of Geo. H. Gray
& Son to furnish electric light and pow
er to the city. C. E. Gray was present
at the meeting. The matter of the com
pany giving the city a bond for $700 was
brought up and aftfr some discussion
Mr. Gray preduced a bond with Messrs.
Howe, Carpenter and Matthews as se
curities. The miiyor questioned the
bond and a cash Kc'nd was offered by A.
E. Case but after some discussion it
was decided by the council to accept
the bond presented by Mr. Gray. Pe
titions signed by nearly every business
man in town were presented asking the
council to accept the proposition of
Messrs. Gray & Son. Messrs. Gray &
Son are expected to have the power
here by the first of October. The ma
chinery has been ordered and will be
shipped about the first of August and
unless something happens will be in
place before the time required.—Big
Bend Empire.
Carl Luncford, manager of the Ad
ams County Electric Railroad Company
yives out the statement that work will
be commenced on the line from Daven
port to the Columbia river this sum
mer. The company's engineer has left
Chicago and will be here in a few days.
As soon as he completes the survey,
work will be commenced and officers
of the project expect to have cars run
ning this fall. The route of the line as
now planned is as follows: Commenc
ing at Devil's canyon on the Columbia
river in Franklin county, thence north
ward to Ftetclier and llk/.ville in Ad
ams county, thence to Mohler, Har
rington and Davenport in Lincoln coun
ty. From Davenport the line will con
tinue eastward through Eeardan and
deep creek to Spokane. From Deep
Creek it proposed to run a branch line
to Medical Lake. It is also proposed
by the company to ultimately run a
line east from the main road through
Snrague. From Davenport the line
will run north to the Columbia river at
a point two miles above Miles. From
this point a sjstem of boats will ply 60
miles up the river as fur as Eureka rap
ids. A system of of steamers will also
be put on to run down the river to Hell
gate, 20 miles below. Flatboats can be
drifted down the Spokane river for a
dUtance of 20 miles above. The power
will be developed by a dam across the
Spokane river one half mile above
Miles at a point called the Narrows. It
is claimed that 20.000 horsepower will
be developed.
Jiidsr Martin Grant* Wife of Promi
nent Lincoln (omit)- I'liiMriiiii
a Divorce
A tragic story of a brilliant mind
wrecked by the use of drugs was told
in Superior court at Davenport last
Friday, before Judge Martin, of Wenat
cliee, who was setting as special judge,
when the wife of Dr. B. F. Vaunt was
granted a divorce.
The court room was crowded with
spectators as two life tragedies were
unfolded in the course of trial.
With his muscles twitching and his
mind wandering under the influence of
powerful drugs, to which the well
known physician had become a slave,
the defendant in the action paced up
and down the courtroom and tried to
talk to his lawyer, his wife and the
judge all at once. Mrs. Vaunt, who
shows the marks that trouble made up
on her brow, sat silently throughout
the proceedings, occasionally giving
vent through tears to the grief that was
tearing heart.
The history of the case would serve
as a warning to those who allow them
selves to become addicted to some de
stroying habit. For the past 20 years
Dr. Vaunt has conducted a medical
practice from Wilbur that extends for
miles in all directions. His skill as a
physician and a surgeon is well known
all over the Big Bend country. During
his residence in Wilbur the doctor has
accumulated a fortune of 830,000.
Fourteen years ago the overworked
physician began the use of morphine. i
This became a habit and to-day cocaine :
and chloral hydrate are required to sat
isfy that habit.
About three years ago the conduct of
the physician became such that his
friends persuaded him to go to a pri
vate sanitarium in Portland for treat
ment. While In Portland and while
on the ••■ay Im es.-aped and storied for
$1 00 Per Year
home. On ths train going to Spokane
the aftlieted man began to shoot with a
revolver from the car windoW. He said
he was practicing to kill semi of his
enemies in Wilbur.
He was picked up in Spokane and*
taken to Davenport. Here, but for the
pleading of his wife, he would have
been committed to the asylum at Med
ical Lake. Mrs. Vaunt came to Daven
port and pleaded to be allowed to take
her husband home. Her request was
granted, and later Mrs. Vaunt took him
to Portland, where he again refused to
enter the sanitarium.
Afteward the doctor became violent
and was committed to the asylum.
There, where the drug wastlenled him,
che patient became rational, and
through the Intervention of Spokane
friends he was released on a writ' of ha
beas corpus.
After a time, according to testimony,
the doctor took up with other women
and his faithful wife finally sought a
During the progress of the trial the
doctor left the room several times to
take an injection of the drug. He be
came violent and offered to fight his
attorney, H. N. Martin, in open court.
While upon the stand the husband ac
cused his wife of immoral conduct. The
neighbors of Mrs. Vaunt say that she
is a noble woman and a devoted wife.
The charges of the defendant were not
supported by a single witness.
Judge Martin, of Wenatchee, who
presided at tbe trial, granted the de
cree and gave the mother the custody of
the only child. The father is required
to pay $20 a month toward the support
of his child nntil it is 18 years of afe.
Mrs. Vaunt was given the farm, con
sisting of -V.'O acres of land, estimated
at 113 an acre. There is a mortgage of
$5000 against this property. The plain
tiff was given four-iiftbs of the 160 lots
of Vaunt's addition to the town of Wil
bur and also the household furniture.
Dr. Vaunt was granted one-h'fth oT the
addition lots, the balance of the city
property and all the personal property.
It is estimated that the plaintiff recived
more than one half of the property.
The Spartan character of the Japa
nese father may be gathered from two
facts mentioned by Consul Diagoro Goh
in the admirable address on family re
lations in Japan which he delivered be
fore the Japan society.' The Japanese
chiH calls its father ''Gemou'" and its
mother "Jibo" —which mean "strict
father" and "benevolent mother'"—and
Mr. Goh quoted 3 Japrtntse boy who
classified the Japanese father as one of
[the "four fearful thiftgs of t*he world—
earthquake, thunder, conflagration and
father.'"—London Truth.
The bark of the chittim tree
has proved a considerable source
of revenue to the people of Wash
ington. The bark is used in the
manufacture of a valuable medi
cine called carscara segrada, en
tering largely into the treatment
where there is chronic torpidity
of the liver and bowels. In the
vicinity of Kalama, this state,
chittim trees are begining to peet
and several gatherers are pre
paring to go to work. A dis
patch from Kalama says:
"The chittim bark business is new on
the Kalama river, only small amounts
having been peeled in former years.
The supply is limited and will rot last,
more than two or three yeai*9. (
"A great deal of hark will be peeled
this year by linns and syndicates hav
ing sufficient capital to hold their pro
duct until the price suits them.' Chit-'
tim bark cannot be used for medicine
until it has been peeled two years,
hence it will enhance in value by keep
A Sure Thing
It is said that nothing is sure except
death and tuxes, but that is not alto
gether true. Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consumption is a sure cure for,
all throat and lung troubles- Thous
ands can testify to that. Mr/. C.B.
"I bad a severe case of Bronchitis and
lor a year tried eveythlug 1 I heard of,'
but got no relief. One bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery then cured me
'absolutely." It's .infallible for Croup,'
Whooping Cough,Grip,Pneumonia ana
Consumption. Try it. It's guaranteed'
by City Drug Store. Trial bottles free.
Reg. sizes 50c, $1.00. ' " .',"
Take your watch ami jewelry repair
ing to F. S. Taylor A Co. dealers in
clocks, watches and jewelry. Po»%
Office building.
•\ . . .;■

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