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Vol. I. No. 37.
Now is the time to have your house fit
ted up with a bath room
We are prepared to supply
you with bath tubs, closets
and sinks in any style
All kinds of shelf
and heavy hardware
Cor. Front and Ninth St.
Leavenworth - - Wash.
j Grain and Feed Stuffs, Flour, Meal and 1
i Breakfast Foods i
S Agents for Wenatchee Milling Cos. "Peach Blossom" Flour. §
1 We buy feed stuff in car lots and can *
* meet all prices 5
2 Leaven worth, ram Washington *
r Attorney and Counselor
Court Commlsslonei Chelan County.
Wenatciikk. Wash.
Notary Public.
Attorneys At Law
Wenatchee - - - Wai«h.
Attorneys at Law,
Wenatchee, - - - Wash. ■
Practice in all Courts. j
nil: G: W. HOXSEY,
Physician and Surgeon
CJStc/s in City Drug Store.
Lea veil worth, Washington
nit. W. M. m^coy,
Physicittff and Surceon
Office at LfHveu*orth Hospital
Leavenwokth, - ■ Jjs WASH.
" j
J,T. KING, Attorney-nt-L.w,
«l. and Notary Public.
Lepal papers carefully preparid,
and all business before local
«nd general land offices, and
Secretary of the Interior
Leavenworth, w/sir.
Attorney at Law
Attorney at Law.
Office in Residence. Telephone 46.
Lkavknwortii. Wash. j
• Lawykk,
Practices in all Courts.
Lock Box M - -
Plionc 53. WIi.VATCIIEE, W.VSU. I
Leavenworth, Wash., Friday, September 30, 1904.
Crank reeves,
* < :. • Attorney and Counsellor
(Prosecuting Attorney,' Chilian County.)
. Wenatchee, Wash.
(Office In Court House)
A. O. LJ. W.
•o\mi///, Tumwnter Lndpo No. 71. A
■^vvNwK/yyJ' °- vw- mi'elS i"l' second
am* 'ourth Wednesday even
i^sK*^**33f^^i"K s *" 'heir hiill tiver tlio
postoitU'c. Vifiiine hrethien
£535fKfffl§5~-? art curuiallv invited tit nt
■^^SflU^Sr tend. 1.. 11. 1..,1 en. M.W.
V^KLLaBBufVV* Jobn W. I.iMten, Kecurder.
'•'/IfixYVv' O. Oi Bjoik, Financier.
Degree of Honor
.1. O. I . U.
Lp»venworth I.orlge No.
i i ?*}. Decree of Honor, meets
/fftOr/^, every tir-t and third Wed
/A*'!74 4 ni'.sday evenings In Prater*
fw^' v*^v n "'*' ll.ill over the Ilisl "lli(-("
IJlV}«)%'.t*J Visit .sisters iind brnltiers
vSi^-^k^f cordiully invited lo attend.
\&&3**r Amanda Martin. C. of 11.
Lottie Doyle. Keronler.
Louifiu McUulre. Financier.
I. O. F.
#^ f* i'orpp;mfon Court in»V
VIOP/ pendent Order of Korrpst
f^ 3^"—"NC J& er« mpfts every lir*t and
l-'--/W^7\,.^*/T third Tueßd»y in Fritter
il?!.\«.a» IG«*i2 ";<1 Hall, mer the post of
r.''^*^^3in! lii*'- VNiTintr F. rresiers
iiij. Oss*>'4| coruiallj invited to at
/T^rr*\^* Wiw.'g. Knallxli. <Mt.
i&Jtß^lZfa . Mrs C. 11. Turntr. K. S.
Imp- O. R. M.
>^sJ*^ Tumw atiT Tribe No.
/7 f'SSu Improved Order or Hf.l Men
if Er"/7a » meets every Saturday nt^ht
If /•^V^-" 1 i "' Fraternal Hall. Vi^^lim.•
II gLjftftl^ A brethren cordially inviteu to
ip£p~/J A. K. pownln*. Sachem.
><a—^^ W, Wiilker.
Chief of Itecordn.
Westward the orb of glory takes its
Wisconsin is the state.you hear every
body say,
It's tnuiii' itself famous by one great
Rooky Mountain Tea dm mnue In
r.aiiic World wide. City Drujf Store.
Republican Nominee for Judge
Of the Superior Court
Of thr DlHtrlil t'^iiironod Of DotuHaa< Okanogsa« I'orr.y mid < hclun «'oiiiHie»«
H ■'
JOHN D. DILL was lorn July 19,1884,atCrawfords»lllo, Washington county.
lowa, and later nioved witl*"his parents onto v prairie farm in Louisa county,
lowa, where lie grew 10 manhood. He worked on the farm and attended the
public schools until he was eighteen years of ape, when he moved with his par
ents to the stati; of Kansas, and there look up t lie study of law. and was railed
to the bar in May, !S1»O. After pntttielog there oik' year he returned to his na
tive state and opened a law oillce in Winfieltl, Henry county, lowa, where he re
mained in the active practice of li s profession until he removed to the slate of
Washington in May. 18'.)S. stopping: for a year and a half at Spokane, when he
moved to Wenatohee, Washington, and lettled permanently; Mr. Dill ha
been in the active praotiee of his profession for fourteen ye irs and has been en
trusted with many important eases, both civil and criminal. He was elected
mayor of Wiofield, lows, three successive terms, resigning that position when
lie removed to Washington. He was elected mayor of the cily of Wenatehee in
the fall of 1009, and resigned that position to accept the olliee of corporation
counsel of the city of Wcnatchee, which olliee he held until after he was nonii
nated for jmUe. Since coming to Chelan county Mr, Dl 1 has acqutted B large
and lucrative practice and it was with considerable saeriliee to himself that he
gavo up his practice to accept the nomination.
It will bu readily observed that Mr. Dill is a self-made man, with all those
wo' da imply. Prom a poor fanner boy at the age of eighteen, with only a com
mon school education, he lias risen step by step In Ilia clioseu profession until
to-day lie stands as the representative of a jjrea'. party as its candidate for su
perior Judge, honored and respected by tho liar ami tlie people.
Mr. Dill came to Wenatehee from Spokane in the ye it- 1000 and at oneo took
rank us a vigorous and conscientious! lawyer and progressive citizen, and his ac
tions have been such as to command and gitber about him a host of friends who
now rejoice with him in the honor with which lie lias ju.-t bjon vested, and who
will give bin their earnest support at the polls in Norembar.
A more impartial lawyer could not have been nomiiia'r.l for the position,
he being strictly honeat and conscientious. If be U elected, and he certainly
will be, every attorney at the bir may rest assured that Irs rulings will no ab
solutely fair and impartial and his decisions in accordance, with Uw law and the
evidence in ail cases.coming before his court. ____^_____
riic Jewel of <:o«t*i»leii<\v l» Larking.
We would like to have any reason
able mini inform us what influence the
Spokesman-Review can possibly exert
iiuiong the intelligent voters of this
state by charging that the railroads es
cape tneii' just proportion of taxation
in the face of the struggle the Spokes
man-Review ha* recently mncle lose-
Bare a reduction of a*»es*inonl on it*
own property, says I hi' Loom is Pro
pector. Thu »ii«ko»uian-BevifW was
Assessed for $4:2,000, and succeeded in
bavins that mwo^sraeut cut down by
ilio board of eqiißlizatlon n> $21,000.
Now murk iUIh stickler lor honesty and.
i.qui table taxation— when bouw one else
is to |»iy the la\ps. Tlie SSjMiUesnian-
Reviow chHi-sif-t thAt Ilia mltroad*arc
not ussot«"(i ut one-liflli lhel« actual
value. Tho Spoki'.-inanltt'Vicw has
hem offered and refused $4iH»,i!oo lor
Ih's liu«*p«p«r property. ll.iu-c the
assessment is about 0110-twemieth the
value of the pn»|>erty. Can miy man
bo Influenced by a ne»-»ii«por that
pioai'hes taxaiiou to tin limit [orothers
while openly and Ua = 'rautly loil][iag :i
fair taxation itself?
Nellie Fuller, Denver—-'.My face was
full of pirn pi and black-head*. 1 J <i
lister's Rocky Mountain Tea b>* driven
them away. People hardly know me.
I'm looking line." S5 cent* Tea or
tablc'D. City !) ■'■"-' Store.
Ilr|>iil>lii iin VI Deuiocratlc Pulley
Organizilion doe* much to maintain
the wages of labor, but organization of
wage-earners does Dot provide consum
ers. Consumption of lo.lis greatest
when mills and factories are running
full time, It is the policy of the re
pub lean party to protect all industries
by wise and benelicent laws, while it
bus been the policy of tlio Democratic
party, ah evidenced by ihe hut Cleve
land admlnUtrHtlon, to provide, :i<
much work as possible for ilie artisans
of ether countries by removing the pro
tection the tariff alloids American
workinj-'ini'ii. ;
Trust WntWtlHl ««r J'arkcr
A billionaire club will ral*« a l'arker
ami Davis fill; campaign banner at
Great Neck, N. Y. '1 uo club is com
poseil of Wall btrcet and trust mag
nates. Cord Meyer, chairman of the
New York Democratic Stale Commit
tee, is a resident of Little Neck.
Mary— Sponge iho pimples with
warm water. Vim need a blood tonic,
would HdvUeyou to take HollUter'i
Kiicky Mountain Tea. . It- drives uwh.v
all eruption*. 35 cent*.' Tea or tablet
' form. Cay Drug Store.
$1.00 Per Year
Attracted liarge nmmta In Which
li'riivrtiH'orlli W»« Well
A great many more Leavenwortl(
people attended the Cbelan County Fair
this year than in any past year. A
great many went, with the double pur
pose of seeing the lair and the Wenat
cheo valley and also noting the many
improvements that our county seat is
making ami marking its growth. \
So far as we have been i<ble to learn
all have returned well satisfied with
their entortainmeiit. The fruit and
vegetable exhibit, while it WH admit
teilly tine, WM perhaps not as large as
in former years, but this was satisfac
torily accounted for when we were told
that the fruit and vegetable growers
hail almost exhausted themselves In fjr
uishiiiK their very best anil choicest
specimens every week since the season
opened for shipment to the St. Louis
Exposition. The good this will do in
attracting attention and emigration to
this section of the state is confidently
believed will justify the trouble and ex
pense, and will !>'e accepted by the visi
tors to the fair as a satisfactory reason
why this feature was not quite up to
the past.
The live stock an^ poultry exhibit
was larger ahd better ih'an in former
yeais. Indeed, it will Cbntinue to bo
belter and larger ev< ry year as the
country tills Op and develop*.
The racing was much better than last
year. There was more of it and there
were also belter horses.
There were not so many side show
attractions and lliinible-riirgers as last
year. This was not regretted t!j dcj
one in partieulr.
The attendance on Wednesday, the
opening day was not particularly large,
and on Thursday it rained quite a bit,'
so that the attendance was not very
large on this day. and the track was
heavy and the racing consequently
slow, but on Friday the sun mine out
bright and warm, the roads dried up,
the dust was gone aitd the track was in
perfect condition. A largo crowd turn
ed out, most of the ;?tor£s'closed up.and
every body who could get away went to
the fair. The racing wiis very good 1
and gave general rtvtis'faction.
Much credit is due to ISlesars. D. A.
Heal and Ira D. Edwards, the president
and secretary respectively of the fair
association. They Were untiring in'
their efforts to make the fair a success.
The best of order was maintained at
the fair ground! and down in the city.
Many of the larpre busirtess houses of
Wenatehee had large and creditable
special exhibit! on the fair ground.
The Wenatcheo business men are
putting on city airs sure enough. Tho
sliow windows in the department store,
Wenatehee Hardware Cu'i. store, Wells
& Morris and the Kllis-Forde Go's. bi(f
store attracted considerable attention
and elicited favorable comment. Tho
fruit display in the window of the Ellis-
L'\inle Cos. store was very fine. It was
up in the size and quality of the fruit
to that exhibited at the fair grounds.
. Tho Weuatehee Electric Company
hud the most noticeable night attrac
lion in the window of Arthur- GunuV
real estate office. Tlio bright; showy
electrical fixture*, many-colored elec
tric lights mill the electric fan blowing
a current of air against a knot of rib
bons caught everybody's attention. i
' If you don't think those Wenatetiee
business houses know how to adVertise
effectively you make a mistake.' We
autcliee business men have made it tliu
b;st town between' Scuttle and Spokane.
In live years' it'will have right or tetf
thousand inhabitants., Mark the pre-,
diction. Pitt the sunn' class of business,:
men in 'Tie poorest town in tins statu'
and I hey will in a few year* build up a'
town tDitt will attract attention.
The Wenateheo hand was by r.o
means tho least attraction at the fair.
Their conceits at tin- grounds ainf
down town always brought out a round
of applause.
Too reunion of old soldiers was a fent-,
re of Thursday's attractions at lbe (
fair pr'junds that,was enjoyed by them'
mid iheir friends. O. M. Ci»njfilon, t iir
the linn of Crass & Coagddfa, delivered,
the address to the veterans,', and while
wo did not hear it,' we hoard it highly
lir.iired by those who were present as
one of tho most eloquent that had been',
delivered on the grounds. Wo have
not the spare to pivo tho names of all
tlie grand army men who attended, but
let it sullU'C when we say that all from,
; Cli'elan and surrounding counties weio
present and spent many happy hours
going over their war experience • with.
each other and talking of thtiryouthlul'
| day**

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