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Great Northern Time Table
Arrival and departure of trains.
vent Bound: Bast Hound:
So. I ' No 4
ArIWH Dpi-1 55 P* to saw Depts sum
So. 3 - No.
Art 45 Mil Dpta 2 90mi Ar 1 35« M Depts ilO »
Blewett mud LeaTenworth lM(r.
Leaves Blewe't ever; Monday, Wednesday
and Friday at 7m ■'
Leaves Lnavnowortta every Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday at Hi*
Carries pas-">nK»ni»n<l express.
H B.IRWIN. Prop. Stage Line
Town and County
j; Notice
Mrs. Del McCoy and Mrs. A. J. Mar
ti d have opened dressmaking parlors at
McCoy's home, north side of
track, aDd are prepared to satisfy the
public at reasonable prices. 2t-d3
Fresh sweet cider at Pendle ton's.
Fresh eastern oysters at Pendleton'.s
C. G. Hall, state license embalmer
No. 78, Wenatchee, Wash., 'phone 442.
A first-class Esty piano for sale
cheap. Inquire of F. Weltstein.
On sale at Geo. Blocksedge's old
stand, all kinds of fresh nuts.
,i i, . , .... .
■ I , Do too Want m Home?
'T have some (rood residence lots for
gale at a bargain. Come and see me.
i ■ N. M. Sorensen.
Christmas candies in all varieties
and kinds for sale by Geo. Blocksedge
Fresh chestnuts at Pendleton's.
•Farina breakfast food, equal to cream
of wheat. Wholesale and retail.
D. M. Thomas & Co.
? Frest white ami yellow meal at
D. M. Thomas & Co,.
A Snap for Renter* '
Two houses, freshly painted and pa
pered, furnished or unfurnished, in
good location. Inquire of Mrs. L. W.
Bloom. 471f
9llUlnery Store
The finest underskirts ever offered for
sale In this town, golf gloves, corsets
and new hats at Mrs. Campbells. .
Dancing Lemon*
* On Saturday, Dec. 17, I will teach a
children's class in dancing from 2:00 to
#80 p. m. at Leavenworth.
■ &'. ;/"'. "■■ Jas. McDaniel.
■ >-„. ■; —r — ;■--j -
*; . Card or Thank*
: We desire to thank our neighbors
and friends in Blewett for their gener-
Jiis e«utributions for our benefit after
the lire of Nov. 20.
|* ; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Itesburg.
Prof. Jus. McDaniel* of Cashmere
will open a «lam ing- .-chool here next
we k, . beg) .iiing on the 17'n inst.
T;<-■■« »•! ') ; classts for old and
.you i '.
***"'* '(.", Annount*?
** The undersigned, while thanking his
friends for their favors, announces that j
he is about to severe his connection
with the Mercantile Co., and will soon
be found in the building now occupied
$y Dr.' Shore and P. H. Graham & Co.,
where a general and complete stock of
merchandise will ba found. Yours
truly. R. T. King.
Attention Ranchers!
■We will print for farmers ani
ranchers 100 of the best grade envel
opes, with name, name of ranch and re
turn instructions to postmaster for 75
cents. The return of one letter, if it
lias not been delivered, may repay you.
be plain envelopes would cost you 60
<jr 60-cents at a store.
* Letter of Thank*
* We, the undersigned, wish to • ac
knowledge our sincere thanks to the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
for assistance and kind consideration.
Also to Dr. McCoy, Dr. J. E. Shore and
other friends for their favors and
kindness extended us through our
trouble. William H. Doyle,
Lottie Doyle.
I.,.,™worth. «Mb.. »*♦• »*< >»»4
A ■ the Lord has been with me and
' his mercy »nd power have raised me
from, a bed of sickness, and has healed
me complete, and a* He showed me
many things concerning myself, also
His church, I believe He wants me to;
luft ke .them known to the people of
fceavenworth. All are cordially in
Jiedto come to the church next Tues
day" evening, Dec. 18, at 7:80. Your
Bryant. James A. Wright.
Mrs. W. P. Van DeGrift has a severe
attack of gastritis.
;..-. r Alph. Messerly of\VenaU:hee visited
our town this week. ;
_ Mrs. Jno. Combs, of Peshastin, is re
ported on the sick list.
;; Prof. Paul Buck spent last Saturday
in the Cbelan county hub.
Ray King madVa* busing trip to Se
ullk-'tlio iii=l Un» week.
D. M Thomas made a business trip
to Wenatchee the tir*t of this week.
J. M. Duffy was up from Wenatchte
yesterday to note our improvements.
Prof. Buck's room at the public
school was closed yesterday on account
of sickness.
The Foresters held a special meeting !
last night to arrange for their annual
ball on January 1.
Mrs. Shortly left last night for Ana
cortes where she will in the future j
make bar home.
Reserved seat tickets for the opening
night, Dec. 13, of the opera house on
sale at the postoffiee.
Miss Matlie Kawlius came up from
Wenatchee Saturday night and spent
Sunday with her mother.
Dan Chisuolm is in town with a se
vere case of neuralgia. He is logging
up near Lake Wenutehee.
The popular and centrally located
Elberta hotel is the favorite stopping
place with the traveler when in Wenat
We often miss an important item of
local news, of general interest to the
community, because we are not mind
E. W. Morris came down from the
logging camp on tbe Chewawa with an
abcess in the ear which will lay him off
for several days.
If you know an item of local news do
not hold onto it until it becomes stale,
but 1 ell us about it, or better, write it
up and send it in.
Louis Hauck who spent some two
weeks in the Lea veil worth hospital has
so far recovered as to return to his
ranch on Beaver creek.
Dan De Long and Chas. Faulkner,
two mill employees, are in the Leaven
worth hospital. The latter has been
sick for the past two weeks.
Dr. Hoxsey was called up to the wood
spur above Chiwaukum, one day this
week to attend the wife of L. C. Mc-
Clure, who has been quite sick.
Mrs. Frank Gerlik is over from Se
attle to spend a week with Engineer
Gerlik, her husband. Mrs. Gerlik is
stopping with Grandma Glaeser.
Jay Adams has so far recovered from
a recent siege of the fever to be about
again. As a result of the fever one of
his leps is effected and he is compelled
to go on crutches.
J. L. Wheeler, jr., is closing oat liW
business here und has his goods adver
tised at cost und below cost. This
ought to be ■ picnic for people who are
in need of g.xkls in his line.
J. M. Ellis, one of the proprietors of
the Wenatchee eteani laundry was in
our town this week for ibe purpo-e of
making arrangements with M-. Itarbs*
U< take orders for hii laundry.
Several members of the family of R.
tt. Meat-ham, tbe se.-tion foreman, have
had the diphtheria the past two week.-.
They have all recovered and Dr. Hox
sey has raised the quarantine on the
The children on the north side of the
track have organized a Napoleon so
ciety the object of which is to help the
church, the poor or anybody else that
needs and merits aid. At least this is
what Itose Goerger tells us.
Tom Grant met with a painful acci
dent near SkikomUh last Wednesday.
The water glass in his engine bursted
and in trying to shut off the stream his
hand was very severely scalded. The
injury will keep him out of service for
several weeks.
Rom iwwri ■-• .< . /
flattered hou»», yrlth four nice,
targe room*, wmfr. porcelain Sink
coSneef* Ivlth wmatm lit house.
•'"• '"• **+,%. JACOBBON.
The ladies' leap year ball, which is
advertised for Monday night, promises
to be a success. The ladies are meet
ing with good luck in selling tickets
Rememlier. every gentleman is ex
pected to act the lady, or there will be
something doing. -,-..:• .... ..■ j
Engineer H. D. Abbott returned the
first of the week from St. Paul, where
he has been in the service of the Great
Northern company . for the-past two
months.' Business having slacked off
in the east lie was again transferred to
this division. . ...
The many,friends of Tom Henry are
glad to see him out again. He re
turned last Friday from' a Seattle hos
pital where he underwent a successful
opeiatiim for appendicitis some two
weeks ago, in which Dr. Hoxsey as
Wells & Morris, of Wenatchee, who
lately bought the stock of hardware
and implement business which Walter
M. Olive had built up in the town of
Cashmere, 'will, with that energy arid
push for which the firm is noted, make
their Cashmere store the equal of the
one they have established in Wenat
I have done business with the people of this vicinity for fifteen years. Since I have
been here merchants have come and gone, others will come and go. .My busi
ness is like the house that was builded upon a rock, time nor adversity cannot shake.
it I want your business and promise you fair treatment and good goods at a reas
onable pricey ,l " ; " Yours for *^ggg^
» :a r^ :; , - SILK DRESS GOODS ,
■ ■*.. • ,- li Jv' 'v -' and Japanese silks. Trim- - Imported and domestic
Serges, cashmeres,, flan : itming ri lks-in all shades and , hams ; percales,
and an. endless va- .patterns; ; , - ' - ȣ and P prints at
rie.y of new and^ popular I DRESS TRinMINQS prices Uiat'defy competi
dress goods m all shades Persian braids and all other ion
and styles. ;i '■' ' . suitable and appropriate
„;,.••.; rv,,"- trimmings. .._,.._,-_..' W.x
- - - ■ °- , This is where we shine. Our stock is
The Largest, most . complete and-, the _ be St -grade and most corn
cheapest line of granite and tinwate ;. plete in this part of the country. 1 buy
ever offered for sale in this or any other in : larger antics than any other house,
town between Seatle and Spokane. If . for t cash) get the lowest ■ price and
you want anything in this hue we can _ am in a positioa to save you" money on.:
not fail to please. you. -^ ..- .-, ; g iapl^or fancy goo d s . >--:f-f _;, (
; ... -■ .. - ..... ■». _i ; V.»... \ ■ -I.» ■ ■ ■ ■ , , • ■ t ■■„,.-j
iif&;:<iv&i;f'i>uti\i™-. ...*:-->•-' «- ■v:- 1 •■ ■■■■- ■■- ::- ■
.. . „..;;,/; 1- l-''- ■ '• ' -. -■■ -.-^^ „.„...■,. „;.,-- - ":f ;
-;,.'/',.,.. ;^i«t We have such Holiday Goods as cheer the .i ; . '*,"'.
r ; ss-\.i heart and make happy the giver. „, ._._-. ~7^Lk
3" ",j •■• v.w^j We hold and deliver selections, or ship, as ,3 ' ,'■ .. "^^v !i-!-"
■-'■■'■'■ ■ .. •■'.).- !:»>,'!
, --„'-. bzi. ...•■•••• desired. .; f - '^Tl??*%- \y \[/:. /....,,*■..,/ ...-.^j.v -^U^» inf sc.
■ „-,; _■ . :.:*,.ZVjrJ>\..- ,■.:.■■■ 7TT^ ' '''' ■ ==^ . ■*•■"/
, ..... „v- . , ; •■ ■ .. ■. ■■■:■.•■... --. *:■::' ha
i- -. .tv, .«*;iifi'on •"!■.•■■.• '*" ./: --..»■■ 3t" _.•-
.■■/ *•:• -.il.>\ ■-■■■nr-: itilil ioi)rf &a' rri« 4? :• ■- •*■>■' :;f; "^^ _ '''^^^V ■«>:».*■■ ..■-!• ;j ;^ p#i "
; ; '-: 'I \■* I. -r; . . j .
"! ■ .
, . .^...i.WLnijT „ ■■1: .- - --• : ■••-■ --■ >' ;■■"•■■ •' ■ -•■■- ■■'-■-■---- ■ _ -' ' .
■ ■■ - I**— ~ j^-r^-p* =— -^
: ■ A man', was killed near. Weaatcbee I
Wednesday by. a log- rolling .no! him.'
He was haulUig logs from- 1 be' mrtuU
tains to one of Ihe box factories- and a I
log rolled off llie-wa>?oii irndfe lon him. i
When found he was dead but the body
was si ill warm. We were unable to j
learn his name. ■■?.■.- .;,>.':^': vv j
A car load of Igorrotes. "which, we j
might state byway of explanation, are j
a "branch of , pur,, Phllli tie brethren,
passed through on their ..way hpme
from the St. Louis exposition this
week They had their summer clothes i
on, which is a breech clout, and were a i
little chilly, in our atmosphere. ,
J. H. Miller, manager of the Wenat- j
chee Warehouse Co.. made a business j
trip to our town Tuesday; i.There is no j
reason why Mr. Miller and other We- j
natchee business houses should not get |
business from this town. : Sentiment !
usually cuts no figure- with a merchant, j
I If Wenatchee can make the price she
I ought to sell goods here. : The dealers
iin meat products who buy in ear lots I
| ought to compete with Seattle' and save
i them at least a quarter of a cent on the
jpound. ..,,(_, '.-.
The bill .which the ,:.Wenatcheo
Dramatic company will present to : a
j Leavenworth audience in opening the
! new opera house „on next Tuesday j
night, Dec 13, is favorably commented
on by the Wepatchee Republic of last
week. The bill was presented to a full
house. and was entirely satisfactory 4q
the audience. »•«' < ■; ■
At the city election in Wenatchee 1
last Tuesday the following ticket was j
elected: O. S. Sampson, may<>i". Arthur j
Bousquet, clerk; F. D. Case, treasurer; j
W. O. Parr, city attorney, and the fol j
lowing councllmen: J. H. Miller, U. P.
Lilly Wm. Goggius. E. A Nichols, C.
A. "Harlin and G. H. Wilson. '
The sale of the Ladies'. Guild .is in
progress in Fraternal hall as we go to
; press. The display, of the handiwork o'
! the women embraces many articles
i both useful and ornamental. !If the
I sale does not turn out satisfactorily it
will not be because the women have not
exerted themselves to make it success
ful. •■., ■-: - ' "■■', ■" '
The academy of danclrj* will be open
every Saturday evening, commencing
Saturday. Dec. I", frout - to 3.30 p. in..
for'children. For afternoon 4 class *60c
per lesson^ - Evening leasou from 8 to I*
o'clock'," to -'be fol!o*ed* by a-* Not'tal
dance from 9 to 12:40 o'clock.: 5 At the
evening lesson I will , introduce the
primrose two step. Evening lesson anil
social dance $1.00 per couple. .. ,
..... „,..,.. Prof. Jag. McDauicl. .
s On Tuesday of (his week .7oh Bjork
closed bJs restaurant which has been
successfully/and i profitably run ever
since last spring, just after the Over
land hotel was bnrned. ' On the site of
the Overland hotel Mr. Bjork tins sum
mer erected a magnificent brick hotel
in which are thirty-two well finished
and' comfortably furnished j sleeping
rooms,' a large dining room and kitchen
and two large store rooms. He leased
the whole block to Messrs; Tom Ar
mour & Co., who opened their dining
room Tuesday evening. By the ' terms
of the lease Mr: Bjork agreed to clo-e
the restaurant a* soon tur' the lessees
opei.ed theirs- iv -the new Overland
hotel.■•••'- Jvc; ■".' Tij * ' -f-] >~
': TJucle Dick Giblin, the unterrified
democratic " sage " from Clmvaukum
came down to our town last Tuesday.
He was on his way to Brakabeen, New
York, his old home, which he has not
visited for over fifteen years. He will
spend the next two or three month's, in
the east. . Hi's many friends here wUh
him good luck and a safe return. >
' a ,Toe wards, the plumber for • the
Wenatchee Hardware . company, .< did
one of.the-besUftodmost complete
of plumbing for Tholin & Smith., that
has ever been done in this or any other
I town. : The basemcut immediately un
der the bar is a network of pipes,' cocks
and air gauges., There are several
' \ i Of Taking Lessons On the^^^^— j
lam now making t*o trips. 10 Le;ivonworth ; * •'■ Ofl :i
*'' . .'" f.acb week on Tuesdays and l'Vi.l»}» and will - ■ «*•!
~ lie glad to disoussthc best melhodb with in
tondlDg; (.Uldf.Dls
fondurtor of »•«<■ W«»»»«-ht» ■■« l*»vriiw»r«l« Hr>» B.nd.
Leave orders with au.v memlier of the Lc»vf.nworlh band _ _ _ *^
drainage^,-, pipes, .hot. and geld awiAet
pipes, two beer pipe* and .a number©!
other devices,'ah for. convenience aocl
to ■ promote • sanitation. «s When you
want scientific anil thoroughly sanitary
I plumbing done consult Joe. ' •■■#•' ■ >
.. While do Wenatchee i recently the
| writer hail occasion, to call on the firm
!of Martin & Thomas, one of the new
and leading law .firms of Wenatchee.
, The senior member of the tirm, Judge
Victor C. Martin, who has just retired
• from tuo superior court bench, to "be
succeeded by Judge W. C. Brown of
Republic, who will serve until January
1, 'and. then be succeeded by Judge R.
, S. Steiner,* who was elected for the long
, term, does not neod an introduction to
the people of • tins'county.: Mr.- Ira
j Thomas is a lawyer of ability, who set
. lied in the valley of the big red apple
, the past summer. The firm occupies a
, suit of three rooms over the Columbia
i Valley bank, which are handsomely
j . furnished, but what is more important,
the rooms are well filled with those In
dispensible tools of the lawyer, law
books. The firm bas one of the largest
: and best selected law libraries in cen
tral Washington. ' j i Clj »ct*
.- ; --.;.-.dT
' ' New Hu«lm-M Firm [ j STJT.f.
A new mercantile company has been
formed and will open their doors for
' business within the next ten ~ days in
the bulldinjr now occupied; by- Dr.
■ Shore and H. H. Graham. The'busi-
I nets will be under the; management of
„ Mr. R. T. King, who, hag for several
years had charge of the dry goods de
" partment of the Leavenworth Mercan
' tile Co. Mr. King is a good business
■ man anil lias a large circle of acquaint
ances r among whom ■ he ■is deserredly
| popular. , We bespeak. for him »"euc
-1 cessful career. .. '- :

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